This Mini-Test consists of 10 GRE-style Sentence Completion questions.

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1. Dependence by primitive humans on their environment would not have permitted them to be ------- the effects of the surrounding world on them. (A) intrigued by (B) protected from (C) indifferent about (D) surprised by (E) knowledgeable about

2. Shakespeare's ------- of Richard III is so ------- that it is difficult to imagine that the ruler had been dead for more than a century before the Bard cast him as the central character in one of his plays. (A) rendition..compelling (B) criticism..candid (C) caricature..inventive (D) portrayal..droll (E) depiction..vivid

3. When listening to a medieval Gregorian chant, the listener does
not encounter the composer's individual personality; -------, the chant merely ------- both the musical and religious rules of the period. (A) rather..embodies (B) in addition..conveys (C) instead..belies (D) in other words..repudiates (E) moreover..reflects

4. Even detractors who warn of its potential for abuse by powerful
despots agree that genetic engineering, if used -------, can reduce the incidence of the sort of physical and mental deformities that any society would want to eliminate. (A) premeditatedly (B) biologically (C) recklessly (D) discriminately (E) illicitly 5. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye, having become a manifesto for psychopaths and potential miscreants, is viewed by many highschool administrators as too ------- to be suitable for teenage students. (A) austere (B) insipid (C) provocative (D) aberrant (E) progressive 6.The high incidence of speech articulation disorders among young children suggests that such "disorders" are ------- developmental phenomena, since they generally occur less frequently among ------- age groups. (A) actually normal..other (B) relatively rare..certain (C) very serious..most (D) clinically acceptable.. younger (E) commonly misunderstood..older

7. Paradoxically, industrialist Andrew Carnegie gained his reputation for ------- at the expense of his own factory workers, who were oppressed by the ------- steel magnate to an extent that would be considered by today's standards of labor practice to be unconscionable. (A) efficiency..affluent (B) innovation..benevolent

(C) stinginess..entrepreneurial (D) ruthlessness..shrewd (E) philanthropy..cost-conscious 8.The fossil record reveals innumerable instances of environmental ------- by which one can draw an analogy between the evolution of life on Earth and the branches of a bush, a few of which ------- but most of which branch again and again. (A) calamities..end abruptly (B) adaptations..progress linearly (C) safeguards..wither and die (D) events..intertwine (E) changes..produce leaves 9.The government's ------- clinical study requirements for approval of new drugs do not ------- pharmaceutical firms when it comes to research and development, chiefly because of the profit potential afforded by patent protection. (A) official..permit (B) onerous..dissuade (C) extensive..motivate (D) unenforceable..favor (E) vague..prejudice 10. In the United States, the development of the field of sociology was not ------- controversies; rather, it burgeoned from social experience, which explains the relatively ------- approach among American sociologists to identifying and solving social problems. (A) impeded by political..academic (B) challenged by academic..theoretical (C) hindered by petty..controversial (D) stimulated by ideological..empirical (E) sparked by social..experimental

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