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comic sketch.Morton 5 Hunter of the Alps. J.. L. C. Morton farce. Jumbo Jum. C. comed'tta. Suler An Awful Criminal. drama. Joe's Visit.8 Hamlet. farce. 1 act. MoncrielF. farce. act. 1 act. melo drama. Andrews.. 5 acts. 1 intPd. W. Suter 6 Captain Smith. Vautrot 7 A Ticket of Leave. dutch farce.1 Deuce is in Ilim. comic drama. by W. comedietta. Suter 7 Beauty of Lyons. by Shakespeare 15 Handy Andy. by W. 1 act. 1 act. 3 acts. drama. play. 1 act. 3 acts. act. drama. Leavilt k H. by F. farce. Cutler. Berrie 3 Cheek will Win. 2 act. farce. 1 act.. by W. 2 act. 1 act. by F. M. Adrift. ethiopean farce 2 Give me my Wife.3 Kinnaman Arrah DeBaugh. 1 act. by C. farce. 2 3 7 5 3 6 2 4 3 5 A 3 1 98 113 86 14 22 84 49 72 19 42 60 27 13 117 50 24 G6 116 52 17 103 76 74 35 26 47 95 77 11 99 4 by Edward Sterling A Romantic Attachment. farce. Byron. Munsou 3 1 2 3 5 1 2 3 2 2 2 4 2 1 3 1 1 3 1 3 3 3 3 1 2 8 I How Sister P. 1 act. A. 1 act Killing Time.4 How Stout You're Getting. 1 act.. Cutler Lodgings fur Two. Suter 3 Hal Hazard. by F. farce. by A. P. Newton Field 6 Black vs White. Suter 3 Der two Surprises. by M. by J. 1 act. Dimond 9 1 2 2 2 4 3 1 In the Wrong Box. 1 act. drama. farce. temperance drama. by Watts Phillips 3 Aurora Floyd.. by Frank L. Williams 5 Black Statue. E. by farce. BaDeocU. 1 act.. military di-ama. by W. farce. — CATAL0CJUK3 FREE. by T. Suter 4 \ 3 3 \ Lady Audley's Secret. drama. "3 acts. "^^ 2 . Ames 10 Fetter Lane to Gravesend. A. Clifton . Griffin . etho farce. J. 82 9 3 farce. by J. 1 act. farce. M... 3 acts. Lady of Lyons. farce. S^-^-i 12 30 2 A A Capital Match. L. E. by J. by Geo. Hancock E. E. by R. by G. by J. 75 80 39 78 15 65 31 21 43 73 20 100 89 8 3 acts. J. 3 acts. Raymond 5 Did I Dream it? farce. E. the Dutch J. D. 3 acts. 1 act 2 Hans. W. by F. ethiop'n farce. by W. ACTi:N^a PLAYS. Bingham 11 Hints on Elocution and how to become an Actor. 1 act. got Child Baptized. 1 act.4 7 Life's Reveno. P. Cutler ^^~ Catalogue continued on next page of cover. 1 act. farce. tragedy. act. rom drama. Simpson. . by M. farce. Eagan 3 ^5 2 6 John Smith. 1 act. 1 act. 1 act. D. etho farce. ethiopean farce. .. Wooler 4 Domestic Felicity. 1 act. L. farce. 1 act. by W. by A. . Palgiave Simpson. by G. . A. H. by H. by 0. drama. 5 acts. T. by E. temp <Iraiiia. com' A Pet of the Public.3 Hash. I act. 4 acts.. . by Fred G. by Hattie L.AMES' SERIES OF t->~_<t PRICK riFTKKN OKNTS KACU. by W. Vautrot 4 Brigands of Calabria.!j. by Geo.1 A Day Well Spent. 5 acts. D. l)os{>erate Game. 2 How He Did It. 1 act. W. ethiopean farce. 4 acts. 1 act. NO. dutch farce. 1 act. S. P. Henri Wilkins 4 Henry Granden. by Morton 1 M. dom drama.o. 1 act. by John Parry 3 How to tame Mother-in-law. temperance drama. E. 1 act. by Wm. farce.. etho farce. An Unwelcome Return. by Bulwer 6 12 6 3 4 6 104 106 Lost. Lambla 1 Driven to the Wall. 1 act. M. J.ll Better Half. Clifton In the Wrong Clothes. drama.ly Suspicious. White 3 Bill Detriek. D Alarmin. 1 act. P. 7 At Last. by John Oxenfoxcl comic drama. comedietta. 1 act.3 An Unhappy Pair. by A. W. by Arthur Wood.

AMES. Ohio. The Hominy Man. OHIO. AUTHOR OP. With cast of Characters. Entered according to act of Congress. etc. NEWTON FIELD. Those Awfal Boys. by A.SCHOOL.. Reversee. The New Magdalen. A. . in the office of the Librarian of Congress at Washingtoiu CT. The Yankee Duelist. as performed at the Opera House. A. in the year 1880. Other People's Children. Clyde.TT>B. 1878. D. AMK8. PUBLISHER. Entrances and Exits. D. April 12. . under the management oi the Author. Bill Detrick. An Ethiopean Farce IN ONE ACT.

H. stuffed club. picture book. jumping jack. in that peculiar sing-aong style ofLea heard in the school room. dunce block. Almanac is The recitations in this farce. at Clyde.— Desk. tin horn. April 12th. p^ Time of representation — twenty minutes. Arlin Will ReynoldH Scholars Com-pany for each scholar.f. Dunce Patsey Bolliver Fell A. Jfirge duiife PROPERTIES. Lcroy Stark Dinch Lon Jemmon Julius Frank Laiorence W. Roll book. 1878. Ohio.S t SCHOOL. large bell.. meal spoon. Newton Field W. should be rendered. TMP96-O0oo63 . tiu whistle. and the parts in which a dash inserted. Cast of characters as performed bv the Opera House Company. cap.

. is ! him to the mid- Teacher. you Dun. Patsey Bolliver? {grinning) Teacher.. and begin to studt/ from almanacs. crawling to a seat. Du7i. and h. 2 e. dar he Dunce. {taking him by the ear) I'se been outside ! Where have you been? What made you late for school ? Teach. Teach. Who knows where the dunce is? {holding up hnnls and snapping fingers) Tench.. {whining) I was dar all las' week. v. Teacher. holds book 1 close to his face. f- De-tk c. chairs from hack to front R. I seed him down back of de sto' suckin' 'lasses thro a straw Omnes. and you will have to stay there for the next five years if you are not a belter boy. back. — — Teacher.— SCHOOL. Teach. get up there it is good for you. Case I didn't want to come sooner.. come. e. Enter Dunce Omnes. teacher Dicn. {to Julius) Well ? Julius. him by the ear down front) What kept you so lat« ? "Where were you? . Teach. opens very large bock end commences Teach. I {Dunce Teach. seating themselves. discovered ringing a bell Scholars enter R. sneaking over to place R. Come. {goes to desk and gets a dunce cap) Here. the boys push dle of the floor all holding up hands etc.— Plain room. gets is up and puts cap on. l. {takes to study. for scholars Lo/i Jemmon. BOE'^'E. and L.) Get up there Dun. You shall wear it all this year if you ain't a better boy I {points to dunce block L.. 1 T have a present for {whirling) I wore dat all las' week I 1 Teach. sell to go to de shiow ! Where I seed him stealing nails to Enter Fatsey l. the teacher.

Teach. I ? {gets stuffed club and applies the it vigorously to him. I will ask a few questions in History. I . Teach. — Pfltsey. Yes. Pat. Be<tnuse I couldn't get here later. What is a Riv— let ? 07nncs. It was Patsey Bolliver. and imitates Patsey's crying. Stream ulet. I was waiting for de third term. {marking time with his feet to blows) Dat's — good— for Teach. sir 1 did you not answer ? I called you twice. What \a the of the new scholar ? Jul. Patsey.^tamping foot) Silence you rascal (open^f book. and I must be Bill-ious. Do not abbreviate. Teach. {in chorus) A small stream^ Pat. A small hill 1 1 Pat. Paisey cries. no one ever accused you of discovering America. {sings) Dat's good for Patsey y Teach. I then. Why did you not get here sooner Pat. Paisey. A Buli^' bully bully y y Teach. twice three is six. Now — — — — Who discov- ered America ? Pun. ha Teach. Hill— let— Teach. Teddy Sly. What is a Mountain ? Then why Pun. Mount u let Teach. It was Patsey Bolliver r r Teach. name is Ju. I was washinpj mother's olothea. Shorty Jones. goes down front and waits for a whipping {comes and pats him 07i the back) No. I shall hear yoii recite in Arithmetic. Patsey Bolliver. Now answer all together. Pick Possuni. sir. Julius— -Gen*l Grant. {si/s down laughing) Ha. el his name is Ju. Pat. my My name is Bill. What is a Hill— lock ? Teach. all together Twice one is two. Take your seat. Silence! Now we will recite in geography. Now. — Dunce screams at every blow. Gen'l Grant! Don't you hear me. What is a Bull— lock ? Pun. Now. my boy.) No I didn't A — mount — te — mounte — te — mountain — m— —— — — — — — — — —— — — — bully— bully —y ? 1 {Dunce laughs. Teach. Pun. name Pun. Omyies. Come out here Patsey y Pat. calling names which are answered to by scholars) Mickey Free. — u— — — u— — —— Omnes. ha. twice two is four. sir Teach. Teacher. and you call him Julius. Fell Dinch. twice four is Teach.— — —— — — — 4 SCHOOL. take your seat Pun. Who said a Bulluck was a Bully Pun. {crying comes c. Your name is Julius I Dun. sir? Teach. I'll teach you to sass me. (puts Patsey in his seat) Now to call the roll. Teacher beats Patsey as before Teach. I (.

Dun. twice nine is eighteen. twice ten is twentT" Twice ten is twenty-two Du7>. twice seven is fourteen. Patsey.! — — SCHOOL. Dunce is just finishing the last strain and looks into the — — Teacher^ s face. did we. Fatsey. Tench. Dun. Fatsey is I {Patsey about to take another blow. ing jack. Teach. when the teacher moves him aside. twice ten is not twenty-two I Dun. I Teach. Dat's" good for Patsey. — • studies. {saying) Dady— ady— um— um— um ? Who It Dun. sir. Fatsey Take another blow. we didn't mean to b» bad boys. indeed. is about to blow. when the teacher puts him one side. {blows and calls) Patsey. Patsey I Fat.fis and takes jumptesquely around. {takes whistle) brought that to school ? 'Twas Patsey Bolliver. No I didn't Dim. {pulls out tin horn to and biotas) {comes out and is whipped Teacher goes back to desk Patsey. Then isn't Now I shall twice ten twenty too? go away for a while. takes horn Dun. ft eight. Come out here. come here ( I {Patsey comes over Dunce and they blow alternately three time* Dun. no. No I didn't {gets —goes to seat Dunce pulls out jumping jack worked by a string calls Patsey who Dunce pulls string and sings an Irish Jig. No we didn't Teach. Teach. Fat. Patsey Fat. Dun. Oh. Stop. teacher do vou make twenty-two out of twice ten Isn't twice eleven twentv-two? ' it is.. . remember your {goes to desk Dinice thinking he has gone. twice eight is sixteen. twice five is ten. I Who Teach. twice six is twelve. Dat's good lor Patsey. I suppose not. teacher. Teach. brought that to school was Patsey Bolliver. come and take a blow and Dunce blow in turn txoice) Take another blow Patsey. {looking at a book) Oh. Dun. brought that to school was Patsey Bolliver. Fatsey dancing groall the scholars marking time with their feet Teacher comes dancing to mu. Teach. Teach. Say. I Come {gets whipped Fat. see de horse ? — look at de dog whipped I Who It Dun. Come out here. out here. comes over laughing. Teach. Teach. I Yes How Yes ? I Dun. Pataey. {crying) No I didn't Dun. Dun. puts his hand under his pinafore and pulls out a tin whittle.

Come here Palsoy. moulh-fu'l of water and return humming. Teacher crawls through Du-re vho has club. 'E. three at two Dunce slips around in front of Patsey who gets the blow. w 1 1 M t u' ill Nvo pi a y ? Dun. {exit Teacher vi. Oh. tioo. I'. do now. av'I^Pdi.' Boys tt'-r all oDcr le"-' cr.ts around you. Dunce at other. And all go. {with book before face) It was Patsey Bolliver. W teacher. Boys Pat. Dunce {takes dunce cap takes Parsey's place. v. teacher? i iudicil. von teachor? Tiach. and whips hivi. And No WMii'i von piny with us. teacher. Now Patsey let him get on your back.'i's |)lav. one. rt-nrh . and all us fellers [r'">t'S out and when we comes in.her jianp-'i up nvf rlnron hnviminq — scholars rjo out L. roio. SCHOOL. he holds him betxoeen his knees T throws Dunce. Teach. Dnn. here comes the teacher Enter Teacher on block. — . — — — — — — — Tc. you are de ole kill!? l)oe. Teach. but shall give you ton minutes {all up Dun. dar'is Patsey! {points to block Teach. All riofht. takes club and whips them. scholars in seats studying. we have a litUe recess now. and we'll fix this rascal.. I ain't I'atsoy Dun. boys. Jul. b.) jnnipiiig lip and down sinjring hum ni ^jes like a bee. all sing ayid shout. 'lot er dv' and don you gets all de honey. you isn't mad. — — w Dun. all cej. ill Tench Yoii form issiori. I shall co and lay this affair before the Board of directJulius. I'm wet through I Dun. e. ioho takes club lohipping them right and blow ie/t.?y. viho calls. Who made all that noise ? Pat. (In. and sinks into a chair tired and panting. Patsqj gets at one end nf tvhen he gets to and applies club. you stand dnr (o. arher then calls them. I a[)poinl you monitor. I and hit Julius. vp'^. Mot— or fly' you see. cm n't play. 'let er . Teach. Forgive Dun.> 1 1 . (takes place at desk) AH right. Oil. . Trnrh. Oh. you sav. and play 'run the gauntlet/ v/on't you? Ilowdoyoii play that? fill stand in a row and you crawl through our legs. u. and crys. hum- minr/. Bolliver. you can have your revenge. and gets Teach. 1 E. taking short hops unfil theii x\irroui\ii tea^'her.ftr. rnn't flon'i. Well that will do better. Tench. dt-sorvo one. Never mind Paiaey. {Dunce pets on his back and Teacher counts.6 /)//». Sny foaoluM-. is Wo didn't mean to wet you »o much teacher. to order. Yoii young rnscals. Wo iis tcMcher. suni wo mto all de honey-gatherers. and we'll be I ^O'XI IpOVS. sir. Teacher takes Dunce by the ear down front. or".) Teach.

now I'll hav' Fat.< igoe^ over to r. by Patsey) Say. crt/s etc. Teach. Teacher goes to each . I don't want no revenge. cine. Pat. ('t-'s 1 1 sjiy i on his 'u- 'jcm Teach.•< ' •. we Then don't.-i - < we JS'o Dun. Dunce holds htm fast by the -pants . you slip off as he did. All right. ? nr -• -.) wlieii ^r(. come.two. {lautjhs) back.SCHOOL.scholar who takes Duyice last. Boys this is medicine day. Dun. . who knock vieal into Jus gardiesn: cu rtai:n. n {goes to desk ij t.sy k the bloio. you get on the Dun. Yee. medicine. we'll fix him. do Pat.


drama. ethioi)ean farce. 2 acts. . drama.. farce.5 AMES' PLAYS.4 The Two T. play. P. farce. 1 act.. Field Outcast's Wife. De Treuba Cosio. by M. 1 act. 1 act. farce. military allegory. burl'sq. 2 acts. temp drama. P. temperance drama. Newton Field 5 S. by F. . by A. Marmaduke Dey 8 Poacher's Doom.. 2 acts. 2 acts. A. drama. domestic drama. farce. D. by James Pilgrim 5 Painter of Ghent. by A.7 4 2 ^. Somebody's Nobody.. 1 act. 3 acts. . by F. sketch. 5 ac's. White. temp drama.. 1 act. by Wybert Reeve 6 Obedience. 1 act Man and M. 7 3 2 2 3 1 2 3 4 1 5 2 2 2 2 3 4 4 2 2 4 3 3 6 3 1 3 1 3 2 102 54 Spy of Atlanta. Pringle. Webber 12 Michael Erie. 1 act. 1 act. Murry The New Magdalen. D. 2 Sport witli a Sportsman. by Colin H. Cutler 3 The Studio. ethiopean farce. . 5 acts. 1 act. tragedy. by Walter Gordon.4 No Cure No Pay. by Egerton Wiilcs 8 Miller of Derwent Water. Vautrot The Fatal Blow. Henri Wilkins. 3 acts. by G. drama. 1 act. & Mrs. L. by Don T. drama. 1 act. Cutler 2 2 That Mysterious Bundle. Lambla 5 2 The Bewitched Closet.. 4 acts. by H. ethiopean farce. H.. . by H. Somerset 7 Mother's Fool. 3 acts.-COIsrTI]N^UED. 2 Saved. 2 act. Stocks Down. Turn of the Tide. by C. by Geo.. H. farce. 5 sets. 1 act. 1 act.. by J. Gilbert 5 Reverses. by Barham Livius 3 Wilkins 1 The Coming Man. Hazlewood 12 Out on the World. comedietta. by S. Henri Wilkins. Ames 8 Rescued. L. by W. 2 Not so Bad After All. Talbot 4 The Sham Professor. 1 act. by Martin Beecher ^^ Catalogue continued on last page of cover. 1 act. by A. A. by W. 6 3 The Serf. bv C. by Edward Fitzball. ethiopean farce.5 3 The Reward of Crime. 6 acts. dutch farce. drama. drama. 3 acts. temperance 3 1 That Boy Sam. farce. 2 acts. Ames. 1 act. Maltby 3 3 Sixteen Thousand Years Ago. D. dramn. comedietta. bv Hattie L.7 1 9 4 The Gentleman in Black. 2 acts. comedy. by F..„ 2 Stocks Up. by A. drama.4 Mistletoe Bough. 1 act. 1 act. farce. 46 91 36 88 34 69 1 23 32 90 61 37 44 81 33 109 85 83 53 57 29 114 18 51 110 45 96 59 48 107 115 55 94 25 79 92 10 62 64 40 38 87 101 67 97 93 112 71 16 68 6 Wife.. by W. melo-drama. Cliflfion 1 School. W. S. pro 3 acts. ethiopean farce. 2 act. A. domestic drama. ethiopean farce. 7 3 Ten Nights in a Bar Room.8 3 Henri Wilkins. 2 acts. 1 act. by A. by A. drajna. N.Cook 6 Paddy Miles' Boy. by H. J's. Griffin. H. by W. ] -act. by W. 1 act. irish farce. L. ethiopean farce. by Douglass Jerrold 5 Passions.. 1 act. bv C. comedy.Newton Field. 3 acts. drama. 3 acts. A. NO. by C. Henri 6 1 The False Friend. comedy. H. Wooler 5 On the Sly. by E. Newton Field 12 Rock Allen the Orphan.5 Rooms to Let without Board. 1 act. ethiopean farce.14 3 2 1 Stage Struck Darkey. 1 act.. 4 My Wife's Relations. etho farce. ethiopean farce. Henri Wilkins 6 Mr. 1 act. ethiopean farce. M. L. farce. by R. by John Madison Morton 3 3' Other People's Children... 1 act. farce.. drama. temperance sketch. Lambla 5 2 The Biter Bit. 1 ace.7 My Heart's in the Highlands.3 Not as Deaf as He Seems. . melo-drama. Henri Wilkins. 5 Out in tl)e Streets. by W. 5 acts. W. etbo farce. Lambla 1 Old Phil's Birthday. 3 acts. 1 act. 1 act.. Fitzball 6 Mischievous Nigger. 1 act. N. . by Edwin Tardy 2 Schnaps. Pinafore.

-ite —The fisherman's home—reminiscences of the wreck." The old man tries to drown his sorrow Pepper goes for clams-^Entrance of Lillian. and » 'nigger' who is very funny.. indeed it is the drama 2 Amateurs want. "Yes. Mother's Fool. I all to 1 •z. St. The Coming Man. Morris The combat Death of Clyde. Wilkins is at this time the moi?t popular writer > of plays for Amateur Dramatic Companies in the United States.. 1st. fully as funny as 'Pete' in Female characters are a fault-finding old woman. £ and a splendid comedy. Morris. Morris relates a story to Susie Love-making intercurls" dream rupted by the old fisherman His resolution'to reform Aunt Becky thinks — — — — 1 — — I — — — — — — — — — — — ^ . One year later Company expected Pepper has a "werry Capt. if not in the ^ world. St." The Colonel finds a daughtM-— He tells the story of his escape from the wreck Old friends meet The Colonel's proposal and acceptanca*»-JiJBxjesa.= that. . or I'll cut out your quivering heart and throw it to ihe fishes who sport in yonder deep" (vlyde's soliloquy "Ab. and 2d leaaina: men.— "Wait Fob Thk Turn Of The Tiok. yet notwithstanding all this. Act Third. See synopsis below. We take much pleasure in presenting now his latest and best ^ drains as above. Act First. Henven I am his wife." Tableau. all of which have been produced by nearly all amateur companies in the United States and Canada." . and tolls -." The meeting of Clyde and St. Capt." The pirates rob the house. Heavens! I cannot be "It's all out. with song and she is rives — Pepper takes him 'slurred. The :3 serious portions are balanced by the comedy ones. Those who have produced 'Out "^ in the Streets' will find 'Pepper' in this play. "Oh. p. Send one cent postH age stamps if possible. He is the author of Eook Allen the Orphan.. Thegath— Aunt Becky g eviiig storm —Reference to the money — Entrance of the § expresses her. two * ruffians. A. leading. W. opinion of him — Pepper his story — The sunset gun — The 2 storm breaks-^Susie's secret — Pepper struck by lightning — A signal of disa tress on the water — Clyde's proposal — "I have the power" — Li lian's secret —"Why can't diel He has forfeited claims honor or respect. aj 1 j5 SYNOPSIS OF EVENTS. pirate though you fire. gf 'jd « Clyde. The plot is simple.ikeu. cnt ! 3 THE TURN OR OF 7 " I I- WRECKED IN PORT _^ K There is no doubt but Mr.The characters embrace an old man. Price 15c each. Ohio.' — — — — — — chorus. villain." ideas and Pepper gives her a few more The old fisherman falls a victim to Intemperance. juvenile.— i 12 •g — - RECENTLY An eritirely P LIBRARY OF CONGRESS U-] Ti veioand oriqinnl Nauficnl and ntcur's favorite author. or 29 and 33. AMES.de Lawd. Pub. % ic 1 K 05 Act Second. and yet very effective.* though it break the heart of my child.— Frisky's communings She and Pepper have a little falling out Pepper's pursuit of knowledge under the table — Clyde shows his colors and plays his first card." mist-. and Aunt Becky expresses her opinion of "sich doins. ^ The Rewaid of Crime. Three Glasses a Day. a fig for your gilded castles built on air. I" ^ = hopelessly cast me off." Entrance of Clyde.q ^ ^ 2. I — — ^ £ ^ j^ g J? fc. knowing that it will invariably suit all who purchase it. "You here Begone and let your lips be sealed. and chieftain of the hunted crew. "Then my answer must be 'yes. D. Henri Wilkins. Lillian conihiunes with her own thoughts The Colonel arin charge and relates a wonderful whaling story Restoration of the stolen money "The same face. I love him." Happy ending. etc. Pir. Hove you still The lime willcome when you will find Aunt Becky relieves herself of a tew I am the triiest friend you ever had.

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