CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________  

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THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________    


                                                Thi s  b oo k  is   dedic ate d  to   YOU,   my  f ellow   tra v eler.                                                            

 if  only  we’d  see  them.  the  way  we  lose.   the  way  we  win.     Nine  potent  symbols.     or  else  the  judgment  makes  us  pay.  travel  fair.   and  what  goes  wrong  when  judgment  tells  us   we  should  live  a  certain  way.  they  just  light  up  the  way   the  way  we  are.     And.                   .   hold  on  to  your  liberty.   to  tell  you  what  you  need  to  know   to  reach  that  place  you  y earn  to  go.   don’t  try  to  control.   kept  hidden  for  ages  by  secretive  souls.  by  what  we  choose.     seeking  answers  day  by  day.4     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________               TRA VEL  O N       We  each  are  a  traveler  doing  our  b est   to  get  to  a  place  with  no  fixed  address.   and  how  our  feelings  and  our  minds   create  the  cycles  of  our  times     The  magic  of  numbers  has  seldom  b een  known.  as  you  t ravel  on  your  way.  their  faces  we  know.     LOVE  your  life  and  live  it  f ree.   Now  m illions  of  p eople  of  every  persuasion   are  starting  to  question  the  basic  equation     Millions  of  people  are  starting  to  add.   are  shedding  their  light  on  our  paths  a s  we  go.   how  we  y earn  to  be  ourselves.   It’s  all  in  the  numbers  and  magically  they.   Finding  the  answers  that  they  never  had.   We’re  all  on  a  journey  to  personal  freedom   with  signs  all  a round  us.   Millions  of  people  who  long  to  be  free   are  feeling  their  o wn  numerology.     Travel  on.   ask  the  numbers  anywhere.

  albeit   slowly.  and  that  the  world  cannot  sustain  itself  without  the  bal-­‐ ance   that   comes   from   feminine   energy.  o r  b eing  afraid  to  f eel  y our  feelings  a re  natural  initial   responses.  we  have  all  been  existing  at  an   evolutionary   level   of   inner   turmoil   in   which   Spirit   and   Will   could   not   understand.  This  includes  f eelings  that  we  have  b een  p rogrammed  to  believe  a re  ‘wrong’.  We  increase   out   p ersonal   power   by   openly   accepting   and   LOVING   spirit’s   feminine   counterpart.   tolerate   or   accept   each   other.  Until  now.  The  global   emphasis   on   freedom  is   part   of   that   trigger   and  is  why   life   has   b ecome   such   an   emotional   expe-­‐ rience   for   anyone  who   regards   freedom   as   a   p recious   basic  right.       Creative  Numerology  is  based  on  FREE  WILL.   the   2   energy   of   the   2000s   helps  individuality   to   expand   and   evolve.           Yes.     The  “war   of   the   sexes”  cannot   help   but  continue   until   we   realize   the   extent   of   the  sexual  war  going  on  within  us.  and  even  ‘unloving’.  And.   When   Spirit   and   Will   become   a   team.  It  is  therefore   up  to  you  to  take  advantage  of  the  information  it  offers  to  propel  your  life  in  the  direction  you  want  it  to  go.  but  it   does  describe  the  nature  of  the  various  cycles  through  which  you  are  traveling  at  any  particular  time.   Jeff  Jawer     This  book  is  designed  to  accompany  you  through  an  entire  12-­‐month  cycle  of  your  life.  Only  through  the  balance  of  power.  The  only   way   to  prevent  yourself  from   getting  ’stuck’   in  fear.  ‘negative’.   intellect  or  consciousness.   emotional   energy  IS  negative   energy.  there  must  be  dark.  and  so  on.   you   are   right   -­‐   the   very   darkness   that   opens   the   space   into   which   light   shines!  In  order  for  there  to  be  light.  He   is  realizing  that  this  is  not  meant  to  be  a  “man’s”  world.  masculine  without  f eminine.   This   is   a   dangerous   misunderstanding   which   is   being   rectified   now.  including  our  emotions.   by   the   added   intelligence  that  emotional   energy  provides.   o r   the   overpowering  of   your   feelings   by   the   m ind.  Attaining  Free   Will  is  a  matter  of  regaining  our   ability  to  FEEL  all  of  our  feelings  and  not  just  some  of   them.     Being  afraid  of   what  may   lay  ahead.   This   balance   will   bring   everything   into   loving   alignment   -­‐   otherwise   known   as  PEACE.   Rather.  will   we  b e  able  to   steer  ourselves  a way  f rom  the   war   and  aggression  that  a  predominantly  man’s   world   can-­‐ not  help  but  be.   we   become   freer   and   more   powerful.     The   emphasis  on  the  individual  -­‐  ‘I  A M’.  month-­‐by-­‐month.   is  to  understand   what  fear   is.     Our   feminine   emotional   energy   is   being   triggered   by   events   taking   place   in   our   personal   lives.  and   .  Your  WILL  is   the   f eminine   counterpart  of  your  SPIRIT.  Spirit  is  finally  recognizing  that  he  has  a  partner  -­‐  an  EQUAL.   as   well   as   in   the   world.  Now   that   the  “I   A M”   vibrations   of   the  1000s   a re   evolving  into  the  “WE  ARE”  v ibrations  of  the  2000s.  we  still  associate    the  words  ‘dark’  and  ‘nega-­‐ tive’   with   “bad”.   we   cannot  give  or  receive  LOVE.  It  is  not   mere   ‘positive   thinking’   by   the   mind.  and  your   Will  expresses  herself  through  your  feelings.   Now  that  the  feminine  vibrations  of  the  number  2  are  penetrating  our  conscious-­‐ ness.  Numerology  does  not  make  things  happen.  y in  without  yang.   which   we  need  a s  a  matter  of  balance  and   survival.  but  has  an  evolutionary   quality  t hat  connects  the  past  to  the  f uture.   without  denying  fear  completely.   During   the  last  millennium   -­‐     the   1000s   -­‐   Spirit   was   resonating   to   the   “I   A M”  energy   of   the   number   1.  week-­‐by-­‐week.  Your  spirit  expresses  himself  through  your  mind.  and  day-­‐by-­‐day.   We   cannot  have  day   without  n ight.  Spirit  is  a wakening  to  p reviously  unnoticed  realities.  and  it  is  important  to  understand  what  Free  Will  actually  is.  Unconditional  love  is  impossible  to  attain  when  we  place  conditions   on  any  part  of  ourselves.  If  you  think  that   emotional   energy   denotes   ‘darkness’.   H e   b elieved   that  he  was  all  that  mattered.   bringing  us  forward  in  t ime  and  in  spirit.   which   comes  from   the  number  1.  It  describes  the  nature  of   the  year  itself.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     5   A  QUI CK  WO RD  B EFOR E   YOU   GO…… …       Survival  is  not  about  the  continuation   of  what  is.  yet.  and  especially   when   we  ignore  the  fact  that  if   we   cannot  feel.  (equal  acceptance  of  masculine  and  femi-­‐ nine).  sensations  and  emotions.  does  not   end   with  this  change  of  millen-­‐ nial  energy.  positive  without  n egative.

 food  for  thought   is  no  different  from  the  food  you   put   into   your   body   in   that  it   usually   n eeds   t ime   to   digest.       Feel   your   fear.  h as  left  much  of  humanity  unable  to  f eel  and.   accept   its   presence.   “dumbed  down”  and  unable  to  think  independently.  including  the  laws  of  cause  and  effect  which  is  what  fear   bases  it’s  understandings  on.  If  your  intentions  are  loving.   We  must  expand  our   consciousness  by   moving  a way  from  this  ‘black  or  white’  thinking.   It  is  also  the  only  work   that  offers  weekly  and  daily  forecasts.   For  instance.   you   are   trying   to   avoid   having   to  face   a   potential   adversity   or   danger.  especially   in   this   age   when  the  emotion  of  fear  is  often  used  as  a  m eans  of  control.  in  order  to  keep  your  fear  in  a  healthy  balanced  condition.   Of  course.   they   work   hand-­‐in-­‐hand  to  keep  you  safe  and  promote  peace.   and   allow   it   to   move   through   you.  therefore.   but   only   CREATIVE   NUMEROLOGY   Your   Journey   Through  The  Cycles  Of  Time  takes  the  emotional  aspects  of  the  2000s  into  consideration.  your  reaction  to  fear  will  reflect   this.  a spects  that  were  being  h idden  by   the  stresses  and  distractions  of  life  become  illuminated  and  plain  to  see.   when   properly   understood.  Your   f eelings.  Pretending  you  are   not  afraid  does  not  make  the  situation  go  a way.  Acceptance  of  fear  is  courage.  a  deeper  un-­‐ derstanding  of  cause  and  effect  is  n eeded.  and  it  is  also  potential  intelligence.   There   is   fear   and   there   is   love   and.   Part  of   reality  is  our  emotional   energy   which.  b ecause   it  has  b een  d enied  to  an  appalling  extent.  senses   and  instincts   are   paramount   to   your   survival.  but  that  is  an  inaccurate  as-­‐ sessment   of   our   emotional   energies.  or  to  put  it  another  way.  denial  is  always  an  option  but.  Accepting  y our  fear  enables  you  to  find  a  solution  o r  to  find  a   way   through  or  around  the  problem.  and  offer   rich  food  for  thought.   It   must  be  allowed  to  move.  a  particular  forecast  may  trigger   immediate   recognition  and   emotional   re-­‐ sponse.     Some  people  insist  that  there  is  only  fear  or  love  -­‐  and  that  you  should  choose  love.  give  yourself  ample  time  to  absorb  the   information  here.                                     .   To  live  in  unmoving  fear  is.  These  additional  cycles  have  evolved  out  of  the  yearly  and  monthly  cycles   (cycles  within   cycles).  Therefore.   like   all   other   feelings.  By  denying  fear  when  it  tries  to  move  within  you.  frankly.   you  will   realize  that  d enial  of  reality  has  been  humanity’s  problem  all  a long.  as  your  journey  to  Free  Will  unfolds  and  you  gain  new  understandings.  there  is  also  much  energy  in  between.   On  the  other  hand.   This   process   develops   authentic   courage   and.  when  it   tries   to   move   you.       Of  course.  So.6     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   how   it   is   m eant   to   help   you.   the   ability   to   recognize   what   really   does   need   to   be   feared   and   what   need   not   b e   feared   at   a ll.   you   may   f ind   that  what   you  read   on  Mon-­‐ day  does  not  register  in  your  consciousness  until   Thursday  -­‐  and  then.   and   out   of   you.  Just  remember  that  the  insight  can  only  come  from  within  you.  to  live  in  hell.   Fear.  That’s  why  it’s  called  IN-­‐sight.   most   importantly.   must   be   allowed   to   follow   its   o wn   evolutionary   process.   you   eventually   become   paralyzed   by   it   -­‐   and   that   is  when   your   life   b ecomes   based   on   fear.       Denied  fear  is  not  courage.   By   stopping   fear’s   natural   movement  within   you.       *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *     Many   numerology   books   cover   the   personal   years   and   months.  Not  only  are   love  and   fear  perfectly  valid.  suddenly.

 For   st example.       4:   Throughout   this   profile.  no  matter   what  day  of  the  week  that  happens  to   be.  it   can  make  a  big  differ-­‐ ence   to   our   personal   numerology.   Not  only  does  the  day   itself  offer   important  information  which  can  help  you   with  your  h ealing  process.   whenever   the   day   and   month   of   the   year   add   up   to   9.  1987.   All   Leap   Year   forecasts   are   clearly   labeled   and   printed  in  grey.   causing   certain  forecasts  to  b e  repeated.  you  always  arrive  back  at  the  original  num-­‐ ber.  so  you  would  refer  to  the  9  Year  book.   month.  week.  Keep   adding  until  you  get  a  single  number.   2024.  (Monday  through  Sunday).   and   so   on.  in  2010.  that  day  marks  the  beginning  of  each  week  for  the  entire  y ear.  the  week  always  begins   on  a  Friday.  You  were   in  a  9  personal  y ear  in  1987.     3:  The  calculations  in  this  profile  are  based  on  what  we  call  the  ‘absolute  calendar’.       2:  Make  a  special  note  of  the  reading  that  falls  on  your  b irthday.  but  so  too  does  the  d escription  o f  the  week.  Then  look  up  the   th date  February  9 .   2040.  LEAP  YEAR:   When   we  alter  or   manipulate  our   calendars  in  any  way.     7.  2016.  Therefore.  This  means   st that  calendar   week   #1  starts  on  January  1  and.  just  add  1+1+2+7+1+9+8+7  =  36.   Which  book  do  you  need?  Simply  calculate  the  personal   year  you  were   in  at   that   time.   You  simply  have  to  know   whether  a  particular   year  is  a  leap  year  or  not.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     7               PLEA S E  NO TE     1:  These   cycles   cover  an  entire   calendar  y ear.  not  from   birthday  to  b irthday.  LOOKING   BACK:   One  of  the  advantages  of  owning  the   entire  set  of  CREATIVE   NUMEROLOGY   year   books  is   that   you  can   look   back   to   any   particular   day.  2020.  They  run  f rom  January  1  to   December  31.  This  is  because  when  you  add  9  to  any   number  and  keep  adding  until  you  get  a  single  digit.  January  1  is  a  FRIDAY.   This   book   has   taken   Leap   Years   into   consideration   and   the   necessary   calculations  have  been  made  for  you.  throughout  2010.  This   energy  is  likely  to  influence   your  life  in  some  way  for  a  full  12  months.                           .       6.   2036.  Leap  years  occur  every  four  years  as  follows:  2008.  2012.   o r   y ear   of   your  life   and   better  understand  the  emotional  and  spiritual  significance  of  what  happened  to  you  (or  a  loved   one)  at  that  time.   2032.   2044.   Example:   If   your   birthday   is   November   27   and   you   want   to   know   the   numerological   significance  of  what  happened  to  you  on  February  9.  3  +  6  =     9.   2028.    (Example:  August  10  =  8+1+0=9)     st 5:  There   is  a  natural  break  in  the  numerological  sequence  o n  the  1  day  of  most  months.   the   weekly   forecast  will  be  repeated  as  a  daily  forecast  on  that  day.

8     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                               .

  Only   then   will   you   know   where   you   truly   belong   in   this   rapidly  evolving  and  uncertain  world.   and  what  fits  snugly  today.   Experience   them.     Although  your  life  will  be  moving  slowly.   It   is   constantly   seeking   answers   to   its   steady   stream   of   questions   about   itself   and   life.  solitude.   you   know   you’re   never   going   to   get   it   unless   you   make   a   serious  com-­‐ mitment   to   it.     Instead   of  rushing   out   to   find   n ew   opportunity.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     9     Welcome   to   the   7   year   cycle.   in-­‐ tuition.   conspiracies.     The   need   for   you   to   slow   down   and   take   things   easier  cannot   be   overstated.   attitude.   Some   aspects   of   your   cur-­‐ rent   reality   will   feel   out   of   place   and   no   longer   desir-­‐ able.  so  are  you.   Have   faith.  In   the   7   y ear.  emotion.     When   deep   emotions   arise   feel   them.  If  ill  health  occurs.  It  could  take  the  entire  year  to  fig-­‐ ure  things  out.  the   reflective  power  of  7  will   ex-­‐ pose  an  empty  space  in  your  life  which  can  make  you   feel   quite   lonely.   Sally  Brompton   more   introspective  mode.   Very   little   a ctivity   is  required   during   the  7   year   cycle.   It   should   be   used   to   gain   the   mental   and   emo-­‐ tional   experience   that   will   make   greater   achieve-­‐ ment  possible  in  the  8  y ear.   No  matter  what.   its   purpose   is   to   shock   you   out   of   your   own   denials   and   force   you   into   a   quieter   and   TH E   7  YEAR  C YCL E     THE  INNER  VOYAGE   ~  A  YEAR  OF  LEARNING  ~     Life  is  a  process  of  growing  and  outgrowing.   if   you   do  succumb   to   any   k ind   of   ‘fall’.   You   are   not   sure   of   what   you   want.   research.  but  also  looking  at   everything   and   everyone   in   the   present   and   seeing   your   reality   being   mirrored   back   to   you   through   these   people   and   things.  you   will  b e  seeking  -­‐  and   finding  -­‐  a  direction  that  feels  right  for  you.     You  must  seek  what  feels  ideal  for  you.   this   is   a   year   of   learning   how   to   create   the  conditions   you   truly   want   for   yourself.   it  will  not  be  long  before  you  realize  that  it  was  not   only   inevitable   but   also   an   opportunity   to   move   ahead  in  a  more  comfortable  and  natural  direction.   fulfillment.   Being   lost   may   be   the   only   way   to   find   out   where   you   are   -­‐   which   is   exactly   where   you   are   meant   to   be.   wisdom.   seclusion.  or  belief.     7  emphasizes   introspection.  and  quietness.  “inner”  year   in   which   you   can   learn   the   answers   to   your   most   burning   and   often  avoided  questions.   In   the   process.   When   7’s   slow   pace   causes   frustration   and   worry.  remind  yourself  that  this  is  not  lack  of  move-­‐ ment.  This  is  not  a  time  to  do  -­‐   it  is  a   time  to  plan.  A   more   serious  side   of   your   nature  will  emerge.     However.   This   can   quite   literally   mean   a   physical   fall.  and  study   and   analyze   what   needs   to   be   learned   in   order   to   make  it  a  reality.   Accept   that   this   emptiness   exists.  Or.   Instant   gratification   is   not   on   this   year’s   agenda.  so  that  you  can  realize  just  how  perfect   and   satisfying   your   life  can   become  if   you   are  willing   to   make   the   changes   that   need   to   be   made.   and   perfection.   your   life   will   become   easier   to   under-­‐ stand  and  organize.     In  this   self-­‐centered  year.   It   is   seeking   truth.  it  is  an   .   but   a   chance   to   move   more   realistically   to-­‐ wards   greater   long-­‐term   goals.  One   way  or  another.   Be   patient.   secrets.  analysis.  Reflection  means  not  only  look-­‐ ing  back  and  pondering  the  past.   Do   not   panic.   7   energy   flows   in   an   atmosphere  of  privacy.   and   although   this   does   not   have   to   happen   if   you   are   cautious.   be   patient   and   wait   for   opportunity   to   come   to   you.   Everything   you   experience   this   year   will   be   influ-­‐ enced  by  7’s  power  of  reflection.   This   is  meant  to  be  a  quieter.   it  is  pos-­‐ sible   for   significant   things   to   happen.  the  ‘7  fall’  can   sweep   one’s  p rivate  life   into  the  glare  of  public  scrutiny.  so  don’t  assume  you  already  have  the   answers.   and  you  will  discover  the  fullness  of  your  true  capa-­‐ bilities.     Slow  yourself  down  and  admit  that  you  feel  lost  on   life’s  great  churning   o cean.   You   are   right   on   schedule.     and   FAITH.   Trying   to   force   yourself   ahead  will   result  in   the   same   old  feelings  of  dissatisfaction  you  thought  your  forc-­‐ ing  would  eliminate.   This   year.   reflection.   a   ‘fall   from   grace’   is   possible.   7   will   expose   you   to   aspects   of   your   life   with   which   you   have   become   dissatisfied.   dignity.   that   emptiness   is   your   own   unful-­‐ filled  potential.  be  it  an  idea.  you  will  be  made  aware  of  the  im-­‐ perfections   in   your   life   so   that   you   can   study   and   analyze  your  options.  7   is   the   number   of   scandals.  d enial   is  not  an  option   this   y ear   and.   and   even   if   you   are   sure.   there   is   a   tendency  for  people  to  trip  and  fall  if  they  are  mov-­‐ ing   too   fast.   You   see.   along  with   a   stark   awareness   that   the   status   quo   is   simply   not   good  enough  any  more.  may  be  e ntirely   the  wrong  size  tomorrow.  Once  this  power  is   recognized.   and   paranoia!  Where   one’s   pride   (feelings   of   superiority)   is   adversely   effecting   others.     No   matter   how   spiritually   or   materially   ‘advanced’   you  think  you  are.   but   these   ad-­‐ vances   should   be   seen   as   stepping   stones   to   the   greater   potential   that   will   present   itself   next   year.  No  matter   how   much   you   want   to   surge   ahead.   the   7   jour-­‐ ney  can  be  confusing  or  even  depressing.   Whatever   or   whoever   af-­‐ fects   you   is   your   reality.   without   knowing   its   purpose.   Do  not  deny  them.

  In   fact.   you   may   be   in   for   some   interesting   and   possibly   shocking.   along   with   its   beauty   and   its   horrors.   There   is   never   a   need   to   hurt   yourself   or   anyone   else  when   releasing   your   emotions.   your   magic   may   well   materialize.  Consciousness  must  then  plan  for   this   accomplishment   by   considering   and   orchestrat-­‐ ing   all   the   facts.  or  this  year.   Everyone  in  your  life  is  now  reflecting  your  reality   back   to   you.   rather  than  assuming  that  you   already  know   it.  and  on  this   planet.   excite-­‐ ment  and   its  m ediocrity.   Being   aware   of   the   dullness   that   sur-­‐ rounds  you  is  sufficient  for  now  b ecause  the  solution   to  this  is  not  immediately  apparent.   Realize   just   how   unique   and   gifted   you   are.   as  if  they   were  dark  secrets  you  were  keeping  from   yourself.  You   will  soon  understand  the  neces-­‐ sity  of  this  12-­‐month  cycle  of  deep  thought  and  me-­‐ ticulous   planning.   They   may   think   you   are   on   a   different   wavelength   en-­‐ tirely.   status.   This   year   of   in-­‐ trospection   and   soul-­‐searching   is   a   chance   to   redis-­‐ cover  yourself  as  you  are  now  -­‐  and  to  let  go  of  the   person   you   once   were.   your   total   p resence   is   required.  Their   behaviors   and   attitudes  can   teach   you   a   lot   about   yourself   and   provide   vital   informa-­‐ tion  as  to  what  is  happening  in  your  life.   Life   is   not   confined   to   one   field   or   locality.   magic.   Any   changes   that   occur   this   month.  physical.   .  with   no   distractions.   To   overanalyze   means   that   you   have   the   correct   answer   but   refuse   to   accept   it.   But   you   do   need   to  spend  time  a lone.   and   balance   can   be   maintained.   Recognizing  these  extremes   will  help  you  secure  a  balanced  position  for  yourself.   Accept   that   you   are   a   free   spirit.  are  for  the  purpose  of  position-­‐ ing   you   closer   to   your   true   direction   -­‐   your   heart’s   desire.   and   career.  Yes.   The   Will   must   determine   what   it   wants   by  the  way  it  feels.   Without   guilt.   finances.   The   secrets   of   manifestation.   In  fact.   and   may   do   so   in   the   form   of   what   we   erroneously   call   depression.   You   must   face   your   fears   and   let   them   to   move   through   and   out   of   you.   So   communicate.  your  reality   can   be   seen   for   what   it   really   is.   The   laws   of   abundance.   Embrace   the   diversity   of   life   and   your   place   in   it.     You   may   not   like   where   you   are   at   the   present   time.  and/or  emotional  h ealth.   Only   by   being   completely   present   in   a   situation   will  you  find  the  answers  you  need.     Life   stretches   way   beyond   our   own   private   envi-­‐ ronments.   George  Eliot     January   emphasizes   material   assets.   for   this.  seek  to  under-­‐ stand  them.  No  one   can  read  your   mind   or   feel   your   feelings.             JA NU ARY     It’s  never  too  late  t o  be     what  you  might  have  been.  Explore   every  aspect  of  your  own  reality  and.   (which   you   are.   Perhaps   what   you   once   thought   was   craziness   is  simply  what  it  takes  to  free  yourself  from  outdated   beliefs.   and   that   the   truth   has   a   tendency   to   drive   you   crazy   just   before   it   sets   you   free.   Acceptance   of   reality  is   the   key   and.   Remember   that   the   truth   for   one   is   not   necessarily   the   truth   for   another.   and   you   are   likely   to   experience   a   loss   of   enthusiasm   for   a   particular   ambition   or   situation.   it   is   suppression  -­‐  the  ‘holding  in’  of  your  emotions.  revelations.   confidence   and   expertise.   there  will   b e   no   doubt   as   to   who   and   what   you   are   and   where   you   fit   in   to   the   ever-­‐changing   kaleidoscope  we  call  life.   great   improvement   will   occur   in   your  m ental.  this   en-­‐ tire   year   will   be   an   exercise   in   self   awareness   and   looking  for  the  truth.     January   is   not   a   time   for   rash   decisions   or   impul-­‐ sive   moves.10     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   indication   that   a   buildup   of   unexpressed   emotion   is   bursting   to   get   out.     Use   this   year   to   gain   knowledge.)   You   may   be   difficult   to   ap-­‐ proach  or  comprehend.     This  is  your  year  to  learn  the  basics  of  magic.   Without   balance.   or   to   understand   your   moods   and   bouts   of   secrecy.   Instead   of   taking  your  relationships  for  granted.   what   is   happening   to   you.   Once   these   feelings   have   been   recognized   and   released   from   your   body.     Over-­‐analysis   is   a   form   of   denial.   January’s   vibrations   show   you   that   certain   circum-­‐ stances   have   served   their   purpose   but   are   now   re-­‐ vealing   their   imperfections   and   limited   long-­‐term   potential.     You   cannot   expect   others   to   know   what   you   are   thinking   or   feeling.   but   if   you   cannot   see   any   other   possibilities.  Then   you   go   on   searching   for   an   answer   you   would   prefer   rather   than   accept   the   truth.  The  7  year  enables  you  to  dis-­‐ cover   how   perfect   you   and   your   life   can   become   when  your  emotional  Will  t eams  up  with  k nowledge.   we   are   con-­‐ nected  to  an  entire  universe  which  is  brimming  with   life  and  energy  that  we  cannot  even  imagine.  but  the  insight  involved  will  boost  your  con-­‐ fidence.     Genuine   intent   to   succeed   will   release   you   from   the  bondage  of   guilt.  This   is   why  the  7  y ear  asks  you  to  plan  rather  than  do.     If   you   think   you   already   know   your   true   identity.   so  that  the   feelings   involved   can   be   given   your   full   attention.   Sometimes   your   feelings   may   take   you   by   surprise.  by  the   end  of   this   year.   Then   you   will   know  what  n eeds  to  b e  f eared  and  what  does  not.   Beyond   this   living   planet.   Get   reacquainted   with   the   “big”   world.   but   not   as   you   had   hoped.

  Stay   flexible   and   open   to   new   ideas.   The   answers   are   un-­‐ likely  to  leap  out  at  you.   Don’t   rush.  This   confu-­‐ sion  is  being  caused  by  the  disorder  in  your  life.   Notice   those   areas   of   your   life   that   are   be-­‐ coming   less  desirable.   There   are   no   short   cuts   here.   It  may  take  this   entire  year  to  figure  out  H OW  to  make  that  happen.  but  your  awareness  of  new   potential   can   evolve   into   solid   ambition   later   in   the   year.  You   must   get   organized.  but   there   are   barriers   to   work   through.   Do   not   discount   them.  and   that   nobody   owes   you   a   thing  when   it   comes   to  cre-­‐ ating   what   you   want.  is   going  to   take  t ime  and  d edication.  especially  where  career  and   finances  are  concerned.  not  only   in  your  immediate   vicinity   but   in   the   big   world   of   economics   and   poli-­‐ tics.  In  at   least  one  case.   This   year   of   self-­‐ discovery  has  only  just  begun.     This   month.   why  you  are  here.  it   means   noticing  just  how  important  the  details  are.  and  will  have  to  be  tackled  as  the  journey   unfolds.  and  those  that   remain  offer   less  and   less   long-­‐ term   security.   Patience  does  not  always  mean  put-­‐ ting   up  with   adverse  conditions.   raring   to   go   -­‐   and   anxious.       January  4:  This  practical   cycle   reminds  you  that  it   is   your  right  and  responsibility  to  seek  fulfillment.  you  seem  to  n eed   more   time   to   sort   things   out.           .   Your   potential   for   more   per-­‐ sonal   satisfaction   is   expanding   but.   Throughout   the   7   year   cycle.   keep   your   everyday   life   going.   Be   aware   of   the   instability   of   power   and   money.   if  you  believe   that  where  you  are  is  perfect.   Look   for   ways   to   balance   your   day-­‐to-­‐day   activities   with   your   growing   need   for   change.   As  humanity   continues  to   evolve  towards  f ree  will.   and   how   to   evolve   into   a   more   powerful   indi-­‐ vidual.   Take   your   time   as   you   assess   the   true   nature   of   what   is   happening.   too.   which   will   be   impossible   if   you   proceed  in  the  same  disorderly  way.   adventurous.   Stay   clear   of   ideas   and   schemes   that   have   outlived   their   effectiveness   to   produce  an  income.   Whatever   was  not  dealt   with   last  year   will  follow  you  into  the   new  year.   regardless   of   how   vehemently   others   may   deny   there   is   a   problem.   in   this  evolving  creation.   The   good   news   is   that   time   really  is  on  your  side  right  now.   This   means   retracing  your  steps  -­‐  back  to  choices  of  the  past  that   now   stand   in   the   way   of   your   future.   first.   you   will   be   exposed   to   your   own   unique   talents   -­‐   gifts   from   life   that   you   may   not   know   how   to   use   productively   -­‐   or   may   not   even   know   you   possess.   part   of   which   is   an   imbalance   of   power.  Approach  this  month   in   an   efficient   and   businesslike   manner   and   be   will-­‐ ing  to  learn  new  things.       January  2:  As  one  phase  of  your  life  comes  to  an   end   and  a  new  one  begins.   Be   patient.       January  3:  Your  fears   can  turn  to   courage   if  you  ac-­‐ cept   your   reality   exactly   as   it   is.  but  when  your  gift  becomes  fully  a ccepted   into   the   everyday   fabric   of   your   life.   it   is   necessary   to   face   new   truths   about   making   a   living.  On  the  other  hand.   we  are  not  on  this  abundant  Earth  to  labor  under  the   control   of   some   industry   or   other.  you  probably  feel  optimistic.   Something   needs   to   be   taken   more   seriously  -­‐  or  less  seriously.   the   more   aware   you   will   be   that   it’s   all   going   to   take   more   time   to   understand   and  transform.  You  have  a  good   idea  of  what  you  want.     As   more   jobs   and   entire   industries   become   obso-­‐ lete.   They   are   the   key   to   finding   both  the  security  and  the  satisfaction  you  crave.         January  5:  It  is  time  to   sort  things  out  in  your  head   and   your   heart.  Pace  yourself  sensi-­‐ bly   so   that   you   can   accurately   assess   where   you   stand.   especially   with   someone  else’s  feelings.   Give   yourself   time.  how  best  to  use  your  natural  tal-­‐ ents.  Be  prepared  to   eliminate  an  old  habit.     Week  1   January  1  -­‐  7   It  is  impossible  to  plan  effectively  if  you  do  not  have   all   the   facts.   you   will   have  to  face  and  work  through  an  issue  that  is  mak-­‐ ing   you   unhappy.  Perhaps  you  are  about  to   make  a  mistake  -­‐  or  p erhaps  it   would  b e  a  mistake  to   believe  you  a re  about  to   make  a   mistake.   and   spend   as   much   time   as   you   can   contemplating   new   possibilities.  Be  aware.   Remember  that  knowledge   is   only   power   when   it   is   correctly   understood   -­‐   and   it   seems  that  you  really  do  want  to  understand!     January   1:   This  cycle  emphasizes   who   you  really   a re.   your   “living”   cannot  be  far  behind.  to  evolve  and  create.  for  the  purpose  of  healing   it.  response  or  routine.   We  have   been  programmed  to  believe  that  our  gift  is  actually   our  curse.   Getting   inside   your   own  heart.   you  will   b e  exposed   to   n ew   and   unex-­‐ pected   realities.   This   will   enable   you   to   plan   your   way   ahead   in   the   full   light   of   reality.   We   are   here.  and  em-­‐ bracing  the  optimism  that  arises  from  that.  Be  aware  of  everything  that   is   going  on  around  you.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     11   stay  there  for  now.   For   now.   It   is   up   to   you   to   follow   your   own   Will   and   find   your   own   truth.   You   will   feel   it.   The   more   sincere   your   desire   for   change.   regardless   of   how   the   journey   appears   to   be   going.   But  don’t  rush.  you  may  not  yet  have   felt   the   greater   potential   stirring   inside   you.  Right   now.

  but   it   will   hold   you   back   until   you   recognize   its   existence   and   understand   its   cause.  and  the  question  is:  how  do  you   deal   compassionately   with   someone   else’s   feelings   when   yours   may   be   suffering?   Look   beneath   the   sur-­‐ face   appearance   of   others.   A   heightened   sense   of   responsibility   is   inevitable.       Week  2           January  8  -­‐  14   Lack  of  enthusiasm  in  one  area  of  your  life  is  affect-­‐ ing  all  areas  of  your  life.       January  14:   Determine  which  obligations  are  actually   yours.  Feel   your   true   feelings   about   this   situation   and   decide   whether   you   are   meant   to   stay..   Give   credit   where   it   is   due.  Observe  the  true  na-­‐ ture   of   what   is   happening.  a sk  yourself  what  you  really  want.   safely   and   successfully.   Adapting   quickly   to   a   new   reality   is   the   key.   and   makes   you  aware  of  how   certain   issues  have  b een  taken  for   granted.   and   on   your   personal   or   professional   home.  but  this  cycle  emphasizes  the  qual-­‐ ity  of  your  relationships.  The  various  ways   you   are   connected   to   others   have   created   a   unique   dynamic   in  your  life.   You   are   learning   why   you   must   develop   your   own   personal   power.12     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   January   6:   Focus   on   family.   biological   or   otherwise.   This   down-­‐to-­‐Earth   cycle   offers   deep   insight   which   can   result   in   a   significant   release   of   pent-­‐up   emo-­‐ tion.  Having  the  intent  to  heal  old  wounds  is   how  the  h ealing  starts.  and  act  for  yourself.     January  11:  Pay  attention  to  d etail  and  don’t  jump  to   conclusions   (pre-­‐judge).   and   how   to   navigate   around   those   who   want   you   to   have   no   power   at   all.           .   because   if   you   are   unsure   of   what   you   are   responsible   for.   and   will   highlight   your   various   dependen-­‐ cies.  the   sooner  a  change   can  be   made.  and  they  are  effect-­‐ ing   your   ability   to   experience   the   kind   of   love   you   really   need   -­‐   self   love   -­‐   which   is   another   term   for   self-­‐respect.   and   possibly   never   will!   This   particular   fear  is   valid   and   real.   How   you   express   yourself   now   can  have  a  lasting  influence.   To   lead   your   own   life.  the   impact   of   which   will   help   you   understand   what   needs  to  b e  done  n ext.  A  closer  look  at  the  circumstances  will  show   you  that  your  presence   really  does   effect  others.   or   simply   change   your   outlook   or   ground   rules.  The  sooner  you  accept  that  a   change  is  needed.   You   will   be   unable   to   see   what’s   happening   if   you   are   preoccupied   with   petty   woes.   You   need   to   go   back   to   that  point  in  your  life  in   which  this  fear   was  originally   triggered.   “being   responsible”   can   make   you   feel  guilty  about  something  that  you  cant  quite  pin-­‐ point.   respect   the   reality   of   others.   the   impact   of   which   will   help   you   understand   what  must  be  done  next.   As   you   pa-­‐ tiently   observe   the   circumstances   and   individuality   of  someone  else.   bad.   Something  is  either  being  avoided  -­‐  or  blown  out  of   proportion.   you   run   the   risk   of   growing   further   apart   in-­‐ stead   of   closer   together   -­‐   or   -­‐   of   staying   attached   when  you  need  to  move  in  different  directions.   The   wounds   that   really   need   your   attention   exist   more   deeply   inside   than  you  may  want  to  venture.   You   may   want   to   set   some   protective   rules.   So.   The   quality   of   your   own   life  is  important.  feel.   stop   trying   to   block   those   memories.   at   the   root.   chaotic.       January  7:  When   hope  comes   face-­‐to-­‐face  with  real-­‐ ity.       January  12:  Life  is  slowing  you  down  to  the  very  de-­‐ gree  that  you  are  moving  too  fast.  and  be  honest  about  the  effect  you  are  hav-­‐ ing   on   each   other.       January   10:   If   you   are   relating   to   someone   superfi-­‐ cially.  and   that   you   must  take   all   sides   of   the   story   into   account   so  that  peace  and  fairness  can  return.     January   13:   Life   is   making   you   aware   of   how   afraid   you   are   of   a   past   situation   repeating   itself   -­‐   or   of   something   that   hasn’t   happened   yet.   can   it   be   healed.  d ecide.  Observe  the  true  nature  of   what   is   happening.       January   8:   Lack   of   enthusiasm   in   one   area   of   your   life  is  affecting  everything  else.     January  9:  This  cycle  draws  your  attention  to  the  b ig.   Being   emotionally   honest   can   release   a   lot   of   pressure   and   provide   a   solution   to   a   problem   you   may   think   cannot   be   solved.   or   those  to  whom  your  needs  and  goals  are   irrelevant.   leave.  and  too  much  control  can  lead   to  extreme  behavior  which  can  make  matters   worse.   This   down-­‐to-­‐Earth   cycle   offers   deep   insight   which   can   result  in  a  significant  release  of  pent-­‐up  emotion.   Find   a   balance   between   these   two   ex-­‐ tremes.   rather   than   hold   on   to   some  outdated  belief.   but   controlling   the   problem   is   not   the  same  as  solving  it.   you   must  think.  you   may   wonder  how  to  take  care  of  obligations.   rather   than   hold   on   to   some   out-­‐ dated  belief.  The  sooner  you  accept  that  a  change  is   needed.   Be   fair   to   yourself   and   others.   material   world   out   there.   Let   them   flow.   Notice  where   your   thoughts   do   not   match   your   f eel-­‐ ings.   Only   there.   the   sooner   a   change   can   be   made.

  that’s   how!   You   can   also   let   your   creative   mind   express   new   ideas   about   what   your   ‘right   place’  in  this  world  might  FEEL  like.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     13   Week  3       January  15  -­‐  21   A   change   of   priority   will   enable   you   to   conclude   something   in   the   right   way   at   the   right   time.   How   you   proceed   from   here   is   vital  to  your  overall  wellbeing.     January   19:   Something   you   want   to   ignore   must   be   dealt   with   now   so   that   order.  Be  patient  with  the  pace  of  your  p rogress.   Analyze   the   situation.   Restore   your   energy.   Slow   yourself   down   to   a   pace   that  enables  you  to  notice  more  of  what   is  happen-­‐ ing.   The   emphasis   is   on   your   own   Free   Will  and  the  power  of  choice.  Give  more  time  and  attention  to  the  de-­‐ tails.   If   you   feel   that   you   are   spinning  out  of   control.   But   the   pressure   of   all   that   old   anger.   Be  patient.   fear   and   disappointment   must   be   expressed   out   of   your   body   if   you   are   to   regain   and   retain   the   power   of   your  Free   Will.       January   22:   Slow   down.   this   is   an   impor-­‐ tant   starting   point.   try   to   understand   that   optimism   serves   an   important   purpose   right   now.  and  let  the  light  in.       January  20:   Wait  for   more   insight  or  information  to   surface.   Be   your   own   best   friend.  You  did  survive.   Try  not  to  impose  your   emotions  on   others.  but  first  you   must   trust   yourself.  and   how   you  want   it   to   d evelop.  You  can  no  longer  avoid   the  fact  that  an  old  habit.   Look.     January  18:  Recent  events  may  have  left  you  feeling   deflated.   and   this   cycle   provides   great   insight   into   these   aspects.   The   power   of   your   own   Free   Will   and   your   understanding   of   self-­‐respect   is   emphasized.   But   there   are   important   things   for   you   to   learn   before   you  can  go  any  further.   in   fact.  good  ideas  can  be  conceived  by   gaining  the  correct  understanding  of  knowledge  you   already  have.   How   you   proceed   from   here   is   vital  to  your  overall  wellbeing.   otherwise   you   can   never   really   know   who   to   trust.  It  may  feel  as  if  you  are  un-­‐ able   to   move   forward   but.     Direct   confrontation   is   unnecessary.       January   17:   A   change   of   priority   will   enable   you   to   conclude   something   in   the   right   way   at   the   right   time.  This  is  a  reality  check!     Week  4       January  22  -­‐  28   The   powers   of   patience.   especially   in  matters  you  have  b een  avoiding  o r   taking   for   granted.   The   answers   are   in   the   details   of   the   past   and  it  will  take  patience.  what  does  not.   and   right   timing   are  emphasized.   This   cycle   is  a   window  on   reality.  but  you  did  not  lose  hope.  behavior.  belief  or  fear  has   .   Your   need   for  construc-­‐ tive   change   and   greater   freedom   must   not   be   ig-­‐ nored.   this   is   an   impor-­‐ tant   starting   point.       January   21:   This   is   not   the   time   to   make   demands.   sadness.   Egos   can  easily  clash  in   this  cycle.   optimism   and   action   can   return.   and   feelings   can   be   easily   hurt   by   carelessly   ex-­‐ pressed   words.  and  make  your-­‐ self   useful.  persistence  and  courage  to   choose   between   what   is   vital   and   irrelevant.   including  those   feelings   of   hope   that   you   seem   reluctant   to   trust.   Love  and  friendship  are  all  around  you.   listen   and   seek   to   understand   someone   else’s   position.   and   stop  being  so   easily  influenced  by  your  fear  of  what   others  think  of  you.  or   go  out  and  look   for  them.     January   23:   Proceed   in   a   way   which   actually   gives   you   a   chance   to   succeed.   Draw  back  d enial's  curtain.  It  may  feel  as  if  you  are  un-­‐ able   to   move   forward   but.   They   are   trying   to   show   you   what   needs   to   be   feared   and.   You   can   help   yourself   by   helping   someone   else.   in   fact.   You   may   not   have   all   the   facts.  how  it   is  now.  Go   slowly   and   carefully   as   you   navi-­‐ gate   your   way   through   this   perplexing   leg   of   the   journey.  Be  patient  with  the  pace  of  your  p rogress.       January   16:   How   can   you   turn   this   tedious   game   of   ‘wait   and   see’   into   something   more   positive?   You   can  finish  things.   Take   a   break.   and   to   respond   more   realistically   to   what   you   notice.   but   you   really  do  have  to  find  a  way  to  let  those  f eelings  out.  and  then  putting  it  into  practice.  but  it  is  more  complex   than   it   initially   appears   and   may   take   longer   to   un-­‐ derstand.  but  it  is  more  complex   than   it   initially   appears   and   may   take   longer   to   un-­‐ derstand.   Regroup.  In  this  cycle.   Start   organizing   your   life   around   what   is   really   important   to   you.   But   you   must   trust   them.   If   you   find   yourself   thinking   the   worst.  remember  that   ‘spinning’   is   the  last  tactic  of  avoidance.   just   as   impor-­‐ tantly.   Don’t   rush.       January   15:   Assess   your   situation   honestly:   how   it   started.   Organize   the   facts.  tie  up  loose  ends.  so   wait  for  them  to  emerge.  And  you  can  see   this  as  a  period  of  freedom  before  a  busy  voyage  of   progress   begins.  A  previously  hidden  dimension  of  your  life  is   likely  to  be  discovered  now.  which  will  make  it  obvi-­‐ ous   to   you   that   you   cannot   possibly   plan   for   every   eventuality.   planning.  Your  feelings  a re  valid  and   real.  how   it   evolved  over  t ime.   Make   a   workable   short-­‐term   plan.  But  there  are  important  things  to  learn  before   you  can  go  any  further.

  planning.   to   hurt   -­‐   o r   not   at   all.   give   yourself   more   time   to   learn   what   needs  to  be   learned.   A   previously   hidden   dimension   of   your   life   is   likely   to   b e   d iscovered   now.   and   to   take   full   responsibility   for   your  choices.   Fear   and   anger   will   persist  until  you  do.   or   believe   that   a   certain   task   is   beyond   your   capabilities.   Notice   your   unvarying   daily   actions   and   what.   Before   you   can   move   forward.   adapt   to   n ew   realities.   or   pushing   you   further   apart?   The   emphasis   is   now   on   your   effectiveness   when  it  comes  to  making  choices.   you   must   determine   which   way   forward  is.  Do  not  use  a ggression   or   manipulation   as   a   means   of   defense   or   denial.   Guilt   and   blame   are   unnecessary.  do  not  take  any-­‐ thing   for   granted   or   succumb   to   hearsay   or   mere   wishful   thinking.  Or  perhaps  you  are  already  too  orderly  and   need   to   act   more   spontaneously.   Where   there’s   a   Will.   but   do   so   on   the   ba-­‐ sis  of  accurate  information.   there’s   always  a  way.  in  this  cycle.       January   30:   Your   mixed   emotions   offer   vital   insight   into  your  situation.   attended   to.   and   not   allowing   your   fear   of   making   a   mistake   to   get   in   the   way   of   an   excellent   opportunity.   This   is   an   opportu-­‐ nity   to   rearrange   or   change   things   so   that   you   can   benefit  from  an  existing  situation  or  talent.  there’s  no  time  like  the  present!         January   24:   Notice   how   your   presence   or   circum-­‐ stances   affect   other   people.   for   worse.   or   pushing   you   further   apart?  The   emphasis   is  on  your   effectiveness   when   it   comes  to  making  choices.  The   changes   in   your  life  are  affecting  others.   This   cycle   holds   important   lessons   involving   independence.   and   right  timing  are  emphasized.   You   have   to   want   to   know   the   truth.   is   gained  from  this  repetition.  and  to  respond  more  realistically  to  what   you   notice.   and  start  looking  at  life  through  more  mature  eyes.   This   cycle  d emonstrates  the  power  of  intent  when   one’s   true   feelings   are   felt   and   accepted.   With   more   effort   and   organization.   Know   when   to   rest   and   when   to   work   -­‐   and   when   to   turn   your   attention   to   what   seems   like   an   unrelated   matter.   the   feed-­‐ back  you  get  from  your  words  because.  The   changes   in   your  life  are  affecting  others.  Do  not  use  a ggression   or   manipulation   as   a   means   of   defense   or   denial.   fact-­‐checking.       January  25:   In  order  to   choose   wisely.  Be  patient  with  yourself   as   you   become   more   flexible.   With  the   emphasis  on   the  power  of  accurate  information.   to   heal.   rearrange.             .  and  this  cycle  provides   great  insight  into  these  aspects.   It  is  up  to  you  how  you  use   them   -­‐   for   better.       January   27:   Do   not   lose   hope   as   you   come   face   to   face  with  your  own  inexperience   (and  possibly  some-­‐ one   else’s).   Feel   how   your   anger   is   connected   to   your   fears   and   how   this   emotional   combination   is   making   you   more   critical   or   stubborn   than   usual.  Is  your  reaction  bring-­‐ ing   you   closer   together.   There  a re  no   guarantees  here.  Form   your   own   opinions.       January  31:  This   cycle   will   reveal  the   extent  to   which   you   are   dependent   on   or   beholden   to   others.  Slow  yourself  down   to   a   pace   that  enables   you   to   notice   more   of   what  is   happening.       January   29:   Your   impatience   is   being   triggered   by   the  d esire  for  something  n ew.   You   know   you   must   get   more   orga-­‐ nized.   life   will   be   easier   to   handle.  An  exhausting  routine  is   the   result   of   past   issues   that   have   not   been   ac-­‐ knowledged.   and   adjusting   your   expecta-­‐ tions  and  a ctions  accordingly.   or   concluded.   Rather   than   give   up   on   an   idea   or   goal.       January   28:  Wherever   you   happen   to   be   is   a   starting   point   from   which   to   plan   your   way  into   a   future   that   is   more   reflective   of   your   true   nature.  you  must  lis-­‐ ten   to   your   heart   as   well   as   your   head.   Try   to  deal  with  this  competitive  situation  in  a  more  ac-­‐ cepting  and  less  controlling  manner.   which   will  make  it   obvious   to   you   that   you   cannot   possibly   plan   for   every  eventuality.   You   have   to   desire   it.  and  be  determined  to   learn  it.   if   anything.   This   cycle   empha-­‐ sizes   your   power   to   change.       January   26:   The   powers   of   patience.   also.  but  you  have  to  want  to  receive   it.   and   choose   what   you   want.   Notice.       Week  5     January  29  -­‐  February  4   It   may   be   difficult   to   feel   confident   in   this   cycle.   words  are  a  gift  from   life.   but   when   do   you   intend   to   do   so?     As   the   say-­‐ ing  goes.   Try   to  deal  with  this  competitive  situation  in  a  more  ac-­‐ cepting  and  less  controlling  manner.14     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   been   preventing   you   from   taking   b etter  care   of   your   own   interests.   Know   the   importance   of   flexibility:   of   accept-­‐ ing   changing   realities.   Sticking   to   a   plan   without   noticing   how   outside   factors   are   affecting   it   can   leave   you   stuck.  Is  your  reaction  bring-­‐ ing   you   closer   together.       February   1:   Your   impatience   is   being   triggered   by   the  d esire  for  something  n ew.

  acceptance.   and   the   sooner   all   that   pres-­‐ sure  and  discomfort  can  lift.   along   with   the   feel-­‐ ings  that   were  buried   with  them.  who  can   you   b e   honest  with?   How  can   you   expect  others  to  believe  in  you  if  you  do  not  believe   in   yourself?   These   endings   may   affect   others   too.   Your   mental   dis-­‐ comfort   is   coming   from   your   resistance   to   facing   a   certain  reality  and.   nothing   new   can   begin   until   these   emotional   conclusions   take   place.   This   cycle   empha-­‐ sizes   your   power   to   change.  The  insight  you  stand  to  gain  from  the   past   can   change   your   whole   view   of   the   present   in   the   most   positive   way.   rather   than   how   you   think   you   should   be   feeling.       February   3:   This  cycle  will   reveal   the  extent   to   which   you   are   dependent   on   or   beholden   to   others.   your   mind   is   thinking   in   unfamiliar   terms.   Notice   how   your   current   situation  is  connected  to  all  the  things  you  ever  did.  on  another  level  entirely.   But  remember  that  giving  always   en-­‐ tails  letting  go  of  something.  t hink  again.   simply   for   the   sake   of   giving.  it   is  impossible  to  be  fully  in  the  p resent   when   half   of   you   -­‐   your   emotional   half   -­‐   is   stuck   somewhere  in  the  past.   focus   on   your   true   feelings   and   strive   to   end   something   that   no   longer   serves   a   purpose.   Your   memories.  but  you  have  to  want  to  receive   it.   in   February.  Could  it  be  that  they  are   merely  the  outer  edge  of  your  aspirations  and   that.   including   love.     Suddenly.   But  do  be  aware   of   the   different   forms   of   giving   that   exist.     Of  course.   must  b e  a llowed  to   flow   without   further   denial   because   they   represent   the  v ery  things  that  a re  now  t ripping  you  up  or  hold-­‐ ing  you  back.   when   your   mind   ac-­‐ cepts  your  emotions  as   its  natural  partner  -­‐  its   WILL  -­‐   the   answers  will   come  easily   and   an   obstacle   will   fall   apart.   not   be-­‐ ginning.   and   choose   what   you   want.   and   to   take   full   responsibility   for   your  choices.   generosity.  It  can  also   mean   giving  way.  You  will  not  be  able  to  look   forward   if   your   feelings   keep   dragging   you   back-­‐ wards.     See   your   life   as   one   continuing   journey   -­‐   with   a   past.   and   creative  output.   Next   month   you   may   find   yourself   plotting   an   entirely   new   course.   With   more   effort   and   organization.   things   are   ending.  The  key  is  to  let  it.  Sometimes  giving  simply  means  be-­‐ ing  yourself  and  encouraging  others  to  be   who  they   are.     .  you  seek   fulfillment  of  a  different  k ind?   Sally  Brompton     The   purpose   of   February’s   powerful   vibrations   is   to   wake   up   part   of   your   mind   that   is   asleep.  the  sooner  you  will   know   how   you   really   feel.  giving   in.   But.   But   don’t   jump   to   conclu-­‐ sions.   You   have   to  want   to   know   the   truth.  Fear  and  anger  will  p ersist  until  you  do.   time.  What  needs  to  end   is  your  reaction  to  something  or  someone  else  -­‐  even   to  society  itself.     Getting  your  feelings  out  is  the  most  needed  end-­‐ ing   of   all   right   now.   Issues   of   the   past   are   reemerging   suddenly   and   mysteriously   -­‐   triggered   by   events   taking   place   in   the   present.   and  how  each  of  your  experiences  automatically  led   to   another.   without   any  expectation  of  return  or  thanks.  but  first  you  must  let  go   of   that   defensive   or   offensive   armor.   A   sympathetic   and  compassionate   approach  will   bene-­‐ fit   all.   As   you   start   to   question   your   own   beliefs.   Feel   how   your   anger   is   connected   to   your   fears   and   how   this   emotional   combination   makes   you   critical   or   stub-­‐ born.  Think  about  this  carefully.   The   sooner   you  accept  the  situation  as  it   is.  or  giving   up.     February   4:   Your   emotions   need   to   be   healed   -­‐   not   hated  -­‐  or  used  as  weapons  against  others  who  may   be  having   emotional   experiences  of  their  o wn.   GIVE.   Today   demonstrates   the   power   of   intent   -­‐   when   one’s   true   feelings   are   felt   and   accepted.         Week  6       February  5  -­‐  11   Your  mind  is  feeling  the  fear  of  not  knowing  how  to   proceed.   life   will   be   easier   to   handle.   rearrange.   In   fact.  a  present.  Regrets  are  unneces-­‐ sary  because  whatever  happened  to  you  is  only  one   segment   of   your   voyage   into   Free   Will.  There   is  a  better  way  to  proceed.  and  a  future  -­‐  rather  than  an  erratic   fragmented   sequence   of   unrelated   events.   especially  your  resistance  to  the   feelings   being   triggered.  Or  perhaps  you  are  already  too  orderly  and   need   to   act   more   spontaneously.       FEBRUA RY     If  you  f ind  that  someone  is  holding  you  back   from  achieving  those  things  you  believe  you   want.   Release   those   buried   emotions   by   feeling   them  fully  and  expressing  them  out  of  your  body.   Only   you   can   determine   what   you   need   to   give   and  to  whom.   and   a   particular   event  this  month  will  h elp  you  to  do  so.   If   you   cannot   be   honest   with   yourself.   You   have   to  desire  it.   But.   until   you   finally   reached  this  place  called  NOW.   The   past   is  part  of  your  unique  journey.   Slow   yourself   down   so   you   can   better   or-­‐ ganize   and   comprehend   the   facts.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     15   February   2:   Your   mixed   emotions   offer   vital   insight   into  your  situation.   assistance.   and   then   another.   Guilt   and   blame   will   keep   matters   at   a   standstill.

  creating.   Pay   attention   to   your   physical   appearance.   exciting.       February  9:  When  life  makes  you  angry.  Your   mental   discomfort   is  coming   f rom   your  resistance   to   facing   a   certain   reality   and.   observe   their   actions.     February   13:   Slow   down.   you   cannot   help   but   prosper   from   the   experience.   and   SEE   all   those   dead-­‐ ends   just   hanging   there   and   waiting   to   trip   you   up.  and   know  that  there   will  always  be  differences  between   individuals.       February   11:   This   is   a   time   for   perseverance.   Think   before   you   act.   t ry   to   a ccept   the   fact   that  everyone   has   their   own   reality.  Allowing  this  combination  of  emotions  to   move   freely   within   you   will   help   you   to   understand   what   your   situation   most   needs.   when  your   mind   accepts   your   emotions   as   its   natural   partner   -­‐   its  WILL   -­‐   the   answers  will  come   easily   and   an   obsta-­‐ cle  will  fall  apart.  There   can  be  no  solution  until   you  accept  all  the  details  of  your  situation.   no   matter   how   tightly   connected   they   think  they  a re.   but   you   will   benefit   greatly   from   the   new   intelligence   that   this   cycle   offers.   toler-­‐ ance  and   gentleness.   and   mixed   feelings   are   therefore   un-­‐ avoidable.   but   be   careful   of   those   physical   and   emotional   stumbling   blocks.  But.     February   14:   If   you   feel   out   of   your   depth.  Live  and  let  live.   and   don’t   assume   that   you   already   know   what  their  reality   is.   Be   nobody’s   fool!   Look   deeper   into   what-­‐ ever  you  a re  d ealing  with.  The  reality   is   that   you   must   carefully   plan   your   ‘exit’.   arrogance.   or   intolerance   will   work   against   you.   Knowl-­‐ edge  is  power  -­‐  but  only  if  it  is  correctly  understood.   or   you   could   end   up   creating   an   un-­‐ comfortable   o r   humbling  situation.       February   8:   Your  right   to   live   how   you   want   to   live  is   emphasized.   Pride   is   a   liability.   It’s   OK   to   grieve   -­‐     it’s   OK   to   be   afraid   -­‐-­‐   and   it’s   also   OK   to   feel   those   rays  of  hope.   There   are   under-­‐the-­‐surface   details   that   you   cannot   see.   orchestrate.   expand   your   resourcefulness   and.       February   6:   Don’t   believe   everything   you   hear   and   see.  and   sometimes   love   gets   hurt.   Slow   yourself   down   so   you   can  better  organize  and  comprehend  the  facts..   but   it   is   you   who   must   make   it   work!   Stubbornness.   or   next   step.   agendas   and   interpretations   of   events.   especially   your   resis-­‐ tance  to  the  feelings  b eing  triggered.     February   10:   Notice   the   guilt   that   occurs   when   you   put   your   own   needs   first.   Keep   a   low   profile   and   spend   some   time   alone.   Your   stress   is   being   caused   by   an   unfounded   fear   of   losing   your   dignity.   let   love  express  itself  as  it  n eeds  to.   Whatever   the   case.   There   is   a   way   ahead   now.   You   are   where   you   are   and.  Communicate  with  the  right  person.   You   are   learning   to   juggle.   Their   v iew  is   what   they   see   from   where   they   stand.  optimism  and  excitement.   chaotic   and   confusing   place.  but   serious.   it   is   impossible   to   move   ahead   of   yourself.       February   12:   All   of   your   feelings   need   outward   ex-­‐ pression   now.  hurt..  Accept  in-­‐ put   or   advice.  A  way  forward   is   possible.   Take   the   time   to   notice   how   you   are   (and   have   been)   connected   to   others.  in  the  right   place.  Don’t  assume  either  that   your   own   situation   is   a   foregone   conclusion.   Proceed   with   cautious   confidence.   Think   about   how   you   will   feel  if  nothing  changes  and  you  just  stagnate  indefi-­‐ nitely  in  your  present  circumstances.   You   cannot  learn   anything   if   you   believe   you   already   know   -­‐   or  should   know   -­‐   all   the   answers.   especially   where   different   beliefs.  afraid   or   sad.  generations  or  cultures  are  concerned.  or  b eing  shown.   Shhh.   There  is   now  much  insight   to   be   gained   if   you   stand  in  someone   else’s   shoes.   the   ten-­‐ dency   may   be   to   cling   to   whatever   seems   to   offer   the  most  security  or  the  easiest  way  out.  Let  yourself   feel   it   all.   Feel   what   you   are   really   feeling   and   you   will   gain   great   insight  into  the  t rue  motivations  of  others.   life-­‐ styles.   Ob-­‐ serve.   and   in   the   right   way.       February   7:   Your   mind   is   feeling   the   fear   of   not   knowing   how   to   proceed.   Relax.   This   is   reality   after   all   -­‐   a   busy.  feel  them  fully.   widen  your  view.   because   each   of   your   emotions   is   an   ex-­‐ pression  of  your  love.   portraying.   after   analyzing   a ll   the   facts.16     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   February  5:  Stop  trying  to  control  things.   You   may   prefer   to   deny   certain   facts.   Be  friendly.   realistically   speaking.   and   also   the   appearance   of   something   you   are   presenting.   A   good   idea   is   trying   to   get   through  a ll  that  m ental  chatter.  Not  feeling  them   has   prevented   you   from   being   free   to   be   who   you   really  are.   needs.   most   importantly.  The  k ey  is  to  let  it.     Week  7     February  12  -­‐  18   Listen   carefully   to   what   others   are   saying.  to  b e  sure.   contradictory.  and   you’ll  be  less  inclined  to  repeat  an  old  m istake.   to   stand   on   your   own   two   .   at   the   right   time.   Let   others   relax   with   you.   Relax.  Provided   you  do  not  try  to  move  through  this  slow  and  delib-­‐ erate  cycle   more  quickly  than  its  natural  pace  a llows.   Check   the   facts   for   yourself.  Sometimes  love  feels  joy.   Make   yourself   look   at   certain   realities   that   you’ve   been   avoiding.  What-­‐ ever  feelings  arise.

 but   good   ideas  and  so-­‐ lutions   are   also   starting   to   emerge.  That  means  adapting.   Calm   down.  Someone  else   is   calling  the  shots.  since   the   unevolved   mind   prefers   not   to   know   how   hurt   the   feelings   are.   Observe   carefully.   pay   close   attention  to  what  is  happening.   Only   you   can   decide   whether   the   terms   are   acceptable.  the  more  chaotic  it   will  become.   There   are   no   rules   here.         February  18:   Until   we   learn  how  to  heal  and  evolve   our   emotional   energy.  and   trace   your   way   back   to   precisely   what.   hurt.  we   will   tend   to   hurt   ourselves   and  each  other   without  even   realizing  it.  we   continue   the   hurtful   b ehavior   as   if  it  is  “normal”.       February   17:   You   are   gaining   a   much   deeper   sense   of   who   you   and   others   actually   are.   You   are   not   powerless.  Do  not  assert  yourself  too  strongly   or   try   to   attract   attention.   and   why   you   are   connected   in   the   way   you   are.   You   are   on   sensitive   ground   and   there   are   potential   delays.   to   your   changing   reality.   eyes.  then  who  IS  that  person  star-­‐ ing  back  at  you?       February   24:   The   emphasis   is   on   change.  Be  practical.   Tolerance   and   attention  to  detail  are  needed.   Don’t   rush.  Oh.  And.  moment  by   moment.   and   the  need  to  be  ‘better’  or  ‘right’  cannot  coexist  with   creativity.   Well.  For  insight  into  what   is  holding  you  back.   you   were   never   able   to   deal  with.  but  probably  not  in  the   “proper”  or   “usual”   way.  Self  forgiveness  is  the  key  -­‐  not  be-­‐ cause   you   did   not   already   know   what   you   are   now   learning.       February   22:   You   may   be   dealing   with   restrictions   and  time-­‐consuming  details.  Just  be  sure  that  you  are  not  about  to  replace   one  bad  habit  or  situation  with  another.  negotiation.   freedom   and  gaining  personal  power.   Keep   your   ears.   Get   your   bearings!   Regain   your   confidence  by  staying  informed!     February  20:  You   cannot  see  all  the  details  because   you’re   not   looking   patiently   enough   at   them   or   for   them.  look   around.   Let   communications   flow   in   all   directions.   too.  Today  demonstrates  what   occurs   when   indifference   takes   the   place   of   true   feelings.   simply  recogniz-­‐ ing   them   can   take   a   lot   of   pressure   off   your   shoul-­‐ ders.   guess   what?   It’s   back!   Slow   down.   extremes.  any  coldness   or   indifference   you   experience   n eeds   to   be   accepted   for   the   heartlessness   that   it   is.   Notice   everything.   A   completely   different   approach   is   needed   now.     February  19:   When   considering   what   is  best  for  your   future.   rules.  look  in  the  mirror.   but   because   you   thought   you   should   al-­‐ ready  know.       February  15:.   in   the   past.   You   need   more   time   to   understand   the   new   reality   into   which   you   have   landed.  If  the  eyes  are   the  mirror  of  the  soul.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     17   feet.  In  fact.   is   the   big   long-­‐term   picture.   Don’t   assume   ei-­‐ ther   that   your   own   situation   is   a   foregone   conclu-­‐ sion.  observe  their  a ctions.   or   with   love.   You   can   .       February  21:  See  yourself  as  an  equal  no  matter  how   great   your   differences   seem.   This   is   a   chance   to   evolve   into   a   more   realistic   frame   of   mind   -­‐   and   to   start  building  a  foundation  for  greater  long-­‐term  se-­‐ curity.   and   mind   open.   If   you   feel   angry.   You   have   encountered   an   obstacle   that   can   only   be   dismantled   through   open   communica-­‐ tion.  Something  must  be  brought  to  a  con-­‐ clusion.  in  order  to  heal  your  heart.   led  to  your  current  reality.   A   little   friendliness  can  go  a  long  way.     Only   by   being   a ware   of   your   extremes   can   you   find   a   comfortable   bal-­‐ ance.  and  the  firm  intent  to  make  peace   -­‐   without   compromising   your   own   freedom.   and   you’ll   be   less   inclined   to   repeat   an   old   mistake.   Everyone   is   experiencing   life   in   their   own   way.  p rejudices  and  addictions  but.   in   the   past.   So.  the  more  you  try  to  impose  conditions   within  this  cycle.  and  don’t  assume  that  you   already   know   what   their   reality   is.  the  futility  of  guilt!     Week  8       February  19  -­‐  25   Recent   events   have   stirred   your   emotions   which.  notice  what  is  happening  in  the  present.   As   Einstein  once   said:   “The  significant  problems   we  face   can   not   be   solved   at   the   same   level   of   thinking   we   were  at  when  we  created  them.   The   details   are   important.  And.   misunder-­‐ standings   or   hostilities   everywhere.   are   waking   up   your   mind.  It’s   not  easy  dealing   with  your  o wn   ignorance.  and  there  will  be  no   need  to  b e  so  afraid  of  making  a  m istake.   or   frustrated   with   yourself   for   not   being   more   'in   control'.     February   23:   There   is   an   obstacle   on   your   path   which.  Feel  what  you  are  really  feeling  and  you   will   gain   great   insight   into   the   true   motivations   of   others.  Think  back  to  a  previous  situation  which   resulted   in   disappointment   simply   because   you   did   not   speak   up   or   state   your   needs   clearly.   Do   not   put   on   an   act.   Your  life  has  changed.   You  are  not  the   leader  here.  An  attractive  possibility   exists.   The   need   to   be   better   or   right   is   the   denied   fear   of   being   inferior   or   wrong.   There   are   under-­‐the-­‐surface   details   that   you   cannot  see.   in   turn.”     February  16:  Listen  carefully  to  what  others  are  say-­‐ ing.

  What  you   want   is  just  as  important  as   what   is   on  offer.   Slow   right   down!   Whatever   you   are   feeling   is   an   indication   of   what   you   want   -­‐   or   don’t   want.18     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   now   gain   valuable   experience   from   a   previous   mis-­‐ take.   Your   understanding   of   cause   and   effect   is   growing.   Your   Will   is   made   of   your   feelings   and.     March   4:   Being   able   to   love   yourself   is   essential   if   you   are   to   live   freely   and   safely.     February  28:  Surface  appearances  can  be  deceiving.  Sometimes.   any   coldness   or   indifference   you   experience   needs   to   be   accepted   for   the   h eartlessness   that   it   is.   emotional  and  down-­‐to-­‐Earth  vibration.   where   there’s   a   Will.  b eliefs.   taking   a   back   seat   can  place  you  in  a  more  powerful  position.       Week  9     February  26  -­‐  March  4   Leap  Year:    February  26  -­‐  March  3   Things   cannot   stay   as   they   are.   Ongoing   adjustment   to   your   plans   will   help   you   feel   freer   and   more   optimistic   than   you   thought  possible.  are  waking  up  your  mind.   and   this   is   a   chance   to   recognize   the   fact   that   reality   is  constantly  chang-­‐ ing.   in   order   to   heal   your   heart.   yet.   can   you   comfortably   travel   this   slow.   considerate.   and   trust   in   your   ability   and   intelligence.   considerate.   February  29  -­‐  Leap   Year:  Teamwork  and  cooperation   are  n eeded.   Only  by  a cting   in  the  best  interests  of  all   concerned.   and   that   previous   expectations   or   beliefs     are   now   unrealistic.   Sometimes.  however.   treat   others   as  you  would  like  to  be  treated.   If   you   think   you’re   lacking   good   ideas.  and  what  you   can  turn  it  into.    Only   by  being  aware  of  your  extremes  can  you  find  a  com-­‐ fortable   balance.   But   guilt  does  not  want  you  to  be  powerful  -­‐  just  guilty!   As   you   wait   for   a   deeper   understanding.   and   by   being   deter-­‐ mined  to  b reak  an  old  pattern  of  b ehavior.   A   piece   of   the  puzzle  is  not  in  place  y et.  you  must  rescue  this  power   by   recognizing   a   certain   mistake   which   you   are   in   danger   of   making   or   repeating.             .   taking  a  back  seat  can  place  you  in  a  more  powerful   position.   really.   which   will   be   impossible   if   you   are   blinded   by   old   judgments.   Be  kind  to  yourself.       NOTE:  The   daily   forecast   for   February  29   (Leap   Year)   is  a lways  the  same  as  the  daily  forecast  for  March  1  .   including  its  long-­‐term  potential.       February   26:   Guilt   is   telling   you   that   your   ego   must   be   kept   in   check   when.  a ll  you  can  achieve  is  standstill.  practical   and  humble  frame  of  mind.   Recognize  the  fact  that  you  could  not  con-­‐ trol   a   recent   situation   and.   or   cultures   refuse   to   accept   each   other.   Only  by  acting   in  the  best   interests  of  all   concerned   can  you  comfortably  travel  this  slow.   hum-­‐ ble  frame  of  mind.  but   you   will   only   be   able   to   take   advantage   of   this   through   a   patient.  Now.   Take   some   time   for   yourself.   there’s   a   way.  emotional  and   down-­‐to-­‐Earth   vibration.     February   25:   Recent   events   have   stirred   your   emo-­‐ tions  which.   Full   acceptance   of   the   situation.  The  first  step   is  to  genuinely  de-­‐ sire   a   solution.  will  bring  much  insight.  how  it  came  to  be.   so   stay   alert   and   try   to   picture   your   actions   from   someone   else’s   perspective.   But  you  can  look  back  into   the  past  because  present  time  is  a  reflection  of  how   the   past   unfolded.   recognize   their   long-­‐term   potential.   practical   and.       March   2:   Be   friendly   to   your   own   ideas.   This   form   of   self-­‐ respect  helps  you  to   make  moment-­‐by-­‐moment  de-­‐ cisions   which   serve   the   best   interests   of   everyone   involved.   h ere   you   are   fighting   off  the  weight  of  the   misplaced   guilt  it  has  produced.   One   such   barrier   can   now   be   removed   so   that   peace   has   a   chance  to  develop.  and  remember  that   if  you  hold  on  to  the  past  and  try  to  move  forward  at   the  same  time.   Issues   from   the   past   are   ef-­‐ fecting   everything   in   the   present   and   can   no   longer   be   avoided.   Be   patient.  in  turn.  a s  you  find  the   connection  between   what   is  happening  now.   all   you   are   doing   is   trying   to   take   back   some   of   your   own   power.   And.  for  b etter   or  worse.  You  have  a  right  to  be   who  and   where  you  a re.   This   is   a   chance   to   benefit   from   a   recent   change   of   mind.       February  27:  This  cycle  cannot  be  rushed  because  it   is  made  of  present  time.   it’s   because   you   are   shutting   them   down   be-­‐ fore   you   have   figured   out   how   to   make   them   hap-­‐ pen.       March   1:   Teamwork   and   cooperation   are   needed.       March  3:  Barriers  arise   when  different  ideals.   but   you   will   only   b e   able   to   take   advantage   of  this  through  a  very  patient.   This  is   a   chance   to   evolve   into   a   more   realistic   frame   of   mind  -­‐  and  to  start  building  a  foundation  for  greater   long-­‐term  security.

 reserved.   You   may   be   surprised   to   discover   just   how   much  f eeling  you  have  ignored.  you  may  be  feeling  with-­‐ drawn.   Joseph  Chilton  Pearce     The  nature  of  the  7  energy  is  to  rise  and  fall.  By  now.   that   you   have   nothing   to   contribute.   Don’t   judge   yourself   for   having   them!   You   need   to   know   just   how   independent   or   dependent   you  are.  you  are  likely  to  have   bouts  of  aggressive  or  submissive  behavior  which  are   unlikely   to   help   you   in   any   way.  or  secretive.   Either  way.  to  ebb   and  flow.   but   once   you   accept   your   fear   instead   of   denying  it.   You   may   become   cynical  and  pessimistic.  and  for  how  long.   March   is   a   time   of   originality   and   new   beginnings.   the   old   buried   emotion   still   needs   to   be   accepted.  you  are   very   much   m istaken.   Guilt   and   blame   will   make   the   situation   worse   by   preventing  a  clearing  of  the  air.  You  may  engage  in  episodes   of   egotism   and   intolerance.  The  push  and  pull  of  your  desires  is  making   you   aware   of   your   inconsistencies   and   inner   con-­‐ flicts.   recognize   where   guilt   or   stub-­‐ born   pride   is   preventing   you   from   healing   a   rift   or   asking   for   what   you   need.       Week  10     March  5  -­‐  11   Leap  Year  -­‐  March  4  -­‐  10   A   recent   jolt   has   improved   your   sense   of   direction.  analyze.  Confrontation  is  un-­‐ necessary   -­‐   but   you   do   have   to   express   that   deeply   buried   anger   out   of   your   body   because.  it  will  enable  you  to  live  as  you  de-­‐ sire  -­‐  perhaps  not  immediately  -­‐  but  if  you  don’t  start   somewhere.   only   part   of   you   seeks   quiet   spiritual   awareness.   No   one   else   can   give   you   freedom.  learn.  and  h eal.   Don’t   exhaust   yourself   looking   for   shortcuts.   Accept   that   it   takes   all   sorts   to   make   a   world.             .   the   understanding   that  makes  forgiveness  possible  cannot  reach  you.  Don’t  exhaust  yourself   looking   for   shortcuts.     However.   your   dreams   may   never   materialize.  and  how   much   you   rely   on   the   participation.   or   ap-­‐ proval  of  others.  or  by   the  emergence  of  deeply  buried  memories  and  feel-­‐ ings.   but   if   you   ignore   this   month’s  introspective  agenda.       March  5:   Love   is  finding  it  hard  to  express  itself  be-­‐ cause   it   does   not   want   to   set   itself   up   to   get   hurt.  tired.  A   recent  fall  or   ebb  has  altered  the  direc-­‐ tion   of   your   life.   You   may   wonder   if   you   are   drifting   away   from  what  you  want.  Others  may  see   a   strangeness   about   you   and   wonder   what   is   hap-­‐ pening  to  you.   You  may  wonder  if  you  are  drifting  away  from  what   you   want.   and   one   of   the   things   it   seems   to   have   given   you   is   an   increase   of   time   and   space   in   which  you  can  think.   Freedom   is   a   state   of   being   which   can   only   come   from  within.     March   6:   A   recent   jolt   has   improved   your   sense   of   direction.   you   will   realize   that   it   exists   because   you   have   been   blindly   moving   ahead   with-­‐ out  any  kind  of  map  or  plan.     The   power   of   your   o wn   t ruth  is  rising.  but  once  you  accept  your  fear   instead   of   denying   it.   such   as   now.   while   disguising  itself  as  love.   We   are   all   enslaved   to   various   situations   and   institutions  which  cannot   survive  if  we   start   to   really   think   and   feel   for   ourselves.   But  the   situation  is  not  simple.  plan.   or   have   nothing   in   common.  There  is  no  need  to  alienate  yourself   from   those   who   care   for   you.       March   4   -­‐   Leap   Year:   If   you   feel   that   you   don’t   be-­‐ long.     Even   when   you   identify   the   parts   of   your   past   that   need   healing.   and   expressed   out   of   your   body.  and  unable  to  a ct  d ecisively.   Remember   that   guilt   is   de-­‐ ceiving   and   often   expresses   itself   as   blame.   There   aren’t   any!   Real   plan-­‐ ning  is  needed.   At   this   time.   life  is   about   to   take   you   back   to   the   very  beginnings  or  origins  of  what  you  most  need  to   heal.   while   another   part   wants   fast   forward   movement.  you  will  realize  that  it  exists  because  you   have   been   b lindly   moving   ahead   without   any   kind   of   map   or   plan.   while   another   wants   all   the   material   rewards   it   can  get.  There  aren’t  any!  Real  p lanning  is  n eeded.     If  you  believe  you  already  have  Free   Will.  we  must   lose  our  fear  of  being  wrong.   Part   of   you   has   little   interest   in   material-­‐ ity.     It  is  time  to  get  to  know  the  real  you.   If   you   allow   it  to  flow  freely.  You  need  to  recognize  the  parts  of   you  that  you  have  b een  refusing  to  acknowledge.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     19   MARC H     To  live  a  creative  life.  rather  than   the  ‘pretend’  you.   The   circumstances   of   March  are  offering  you  a  taste  of  both.  how  free  or  enslaved  your  Will  is.     What  may  seem  like  a  distraction  is  actually  a  cata-­‐ lyst   for   a   much   needed   change   of   pace   and   focus.  afraid.   Or   you   may   become   timid.   opinion.   This   month  offers  healing  on  a  very  large  scale  -­‐  and  you   must   give   the   process   both   the   t ime   and   acceptance   it  n eeds.   until   you   recognize   it   and   allow   it   to  move.   no   one   on  Earth  is   free.  Much  of  the  healing   that  needs  to  occur  in  you  is  now  being  reflected  by   something  that  is  happening  to  someone  else.   and   the   same   is   true   of   peace.   It   is   not   theirs   to   give.

  this   cycle   brings   movement  to  the   stagnation.  The  past  is   a   deep   source   of   experience   and   knowledge   from   which   to   learn   and   grow.       March   12:   You  may   wonder   where   all   your  energy  is   coming   from   since   you   are   dealing   with   a   situation   that   is   far   from   settled   -­‐   dealing   with   it   every   day   -­‐   day   in   and   day   out.   Their   lives   have   changed.   they   were  not  failures  at  all  -­‐  just  ground  you  haven’t  fully   covered  yet.   Karma   is   not   punishment   for   previous   mis-­‐ deeds.  Facing  the  reality  of  what  has  gone   before   can   be   terrifying   until   you   accept   that   the   past  is  not  something  to  deny  or  discard.   feelings.   You   need   to   soothe   those   erratic   thoughts  which   tell   you   that   you   have   no   right   to   feel   anything   other   than   guilt.   The  enormous   power   of  communication  is  emphasized  but.  In  your  urge  to   keep  it  all  private.   There   is   still   a   barrier   between   you   and   someone   else  -­‐   or   a   situation   that   binds   you   too   tightly   together.   An   important   breakthrough   is   possible   if   you   let   genuine   friendliness   enter   the   situation.   mistakes.   the   problem   will   not   be   as   big   or   impenetrable   as   it   was.  your  cooperation  will  be   returned   to   you   later   in   the   year   when   you   need   it   most.   Facing   the   reality   of   what  has  gone  before  can  be  terrifying  until  you  ac-­‐ .   you   must   first   let  go  of  the  o ld  so  that  the  new   can  d evelop   its  o wn   characteristics.   The   extent   to   which   you   experience   this   feel-­‐ ing   of   being   judged  is   actually   a   m easure   of   how   you   are   judging  yourself   for   past   failures.   feelings   and   circum-­‐ stances.   Life  is  now  trying  to  help  you  reach   that   much   needed   inner-­‐balance   which   will   restore   your  confidence.  Many  details  must  be  considered.  It  is  about  sincerity.  Of   course.       March   14:   It   is   time   to   get   inventive.       March  13:  This  lesson  in  appropriateness  has  little  to   do  with   what  society  deems  to  b e  “correct”.   Of   course.   By   allowing   the   feelings   in-­‐ volved   to   move.   without   which   you   would  not  know  who  you  are.  yet.       March   11   -­‐   Leap   Year:   Guilt   is   making   you   feel   responsible   for   something   that   simply   could   not   have   been   handled   any   differently   at   the   time.  b efore  you  can   make  yourself   clear  to  others.  This  cycle  can  make  you  feel  that  the  ball   is   in   your   court   and   that   the   onus   is   on   you   to   per-­‐ form.  It  is  time  to  free  yourself  of  all   that  pressure  and  relax  with  who  you  really  a re.  you  must  f irst  be   clear   in  your  own  mind  as  to   what  is  happening.  breaks  the  monotony.  because   to   act   appropriately   is   to   do   what   you   believe   is   right.   and   problems.   It   is   the   learning   of   what   you   did   not   previ-­‐ ously  know.   Only   by   accepting   your   greater   potential   can   you   effectively   plan   your   way   forward.  And.   This  is  an  opportunity  to  take  responsibility  in  a  way   that  enables  everyone  involved  to  b enefit.   However.  assistant  or  friend.   and  clears  the  air.   They   can   only   read   you   as   they   see   you.   This   lack   of   bal-­‐ ance  confuses  us.20     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   March   7:   Don’t   take   things   too   personally   because   this   karmic   cycle   is   not   exclusively   about   you.     March   10:   Others   cannot   read   your   mind.  Something  that  appears  to  have  limited   potential  can   now   b e  combined  with   something   else   to   create   something   new.  regardless  of  what  others  think.  we  are  told   to  subdue  or  even  kill  our  egos!  What  makes  ego  so   difficult   to   accept   is   that   it   tends   to   fluctuate   be-­‐ tween   over-­‐inflation   and   deflation.   a   new   sense   of   responsibility  will  empower   you  -­‐  like  that  of  a  parent  for  a  new  child.       March   11:   Try   to   express   your   feelings   spontane-­‐ ously   and   allow   others   to   do   the   same.  This  has   nothing   to   do   with   competing   or   gaining   the   upper   hand.   Ego   is   your   sense   of   self.   too.   You  have  choices.   creative   and   resourceful.     March  15:  The  hard  part  about   leaving  the  past  be-­‐ hind  is  that  the  only  place  left  to  go  is  the  present  -­‐   which   is   the   result   of   the   past.  And  you   have  every  right  to  feel  the  optimism  that  is  trying  to   filter   its   way   through   that   wall-­‐of-­‐doubt   which   guilt   has  been  silently  building.   By   playing   the   role   of   partner.       March   9:   Ego   gets   wrongfully   blamed   for   a   lot   of   things.       March   8:   Proceed   with   friendliness   and   acceptance   of   other   people’s   views.  You  are  a  free  spirit.   Once   you   understand   the   chemistry   involved.  Peo-­‐ ple  already  know  you.   as   well   as   your   own.   It   is   about   other   people’s   beliefs.  be  sure  you  are  not  wasting  pre-­‐ cious  time  and   energy  on  a  needless   cover-­‐up.                     Week  11       March  12  -­‐  18   Leap  Year  -­‐  March  11  -­‐  17   The   hard   part   about   leaving   the   past   behind   is   that   the  only  place  left  to  go  is  the  present  -­‐  which  is  the   result  of  the  past.

 Life  is  trying  to  h elp  you  expe-­‐ rience   the   joy   and   inspiration   that   occur   when   you   finally   LET   GO  of   who  you  used  to  be  and  allow  your-­‐ self   to   evolve   into   a   stronger   and   more   authentic   version  of  yourself.   or  sense   in   this  cycle   are  alternating  reflections  of  who  you  used  to  b e  and   who  you  are  becoming.   Knowledge   is  power  -­‐  but  do  remember  that  a   ‘point   of   view’  is   just   the   angle   from  which   you   are  looking   at  things.   no   matter   how   hard   you   try   to   hold   them   back.   finally.   A   release   of   emotional   pressure   will   change   your   direction   and   open   a   new   path   that   you  could  not  previously  see.   you   may   prefer   to   shut   them   down   altogether.  but  it  is  up   to  you  to  create  the  right  conditions  in  which  stabil-­‐ ity   can   take   root   and   expand.   but   fear   of   the   unknown   may   be   overriding   your   opti-­‐ mism.   and   the   intentions   of   others   may   be   very   different   from  your  own.   more   than   ever.  not  your  weakness.       March   17:  What   you  see.   the   more   intense   the   pressure   will   f eel   until.   You   will   be   unable   to   proceed   effectively   until   the   reality   of   what   you   are   experiencing   sinks   in.   you   will   realize   that   your   feelings  are  your  strength.  All  you  can  do  is  hang  on  and  ride  it  out.   The   past   is   a   deep   source   of   experience   and   knowledge   from   which   to   learn   and   grow.   It   is   a   warning   against   comparing   yourself  to  others  and  to  be  careful  about  what  you   wish   for.   Let   your   feelings   and   senses   guide   you   and   do   not   get   dis-­‐ tracted   by   other   people’s   opinions   and   judgments.   Your   plan  will  involve   a   series   of  changes.      March   23:   In   this   cycle   of   extremes.   and   you   will   find   that   a   deeper   level   of  commitment  and  compassion  are  the  keys  to  sig-­‐ nificant   forward   movement.     March   16:   Trust   your   instincts.     March   18:   In   this   hurry-­‐up-­‐and-­‐wait.  It  is   leading  to  a  more  comfortable  situation.   but  where   will   you  go?   The  way   forward  is   unclear   and   it   seems   that   you   must   wait   for   what   you   want.       March  20:  As  all  your  emotions  try  to  express  them-­‐ selves   at   the   same   time.   You   may   want   to   throw   yourself   into   something   new.  Your   f eelings  will   find   a   way   to   reach   your   consciousness.  You  may  want  to  throw  yourself   .  by  taking  charge   of.   The   real   issue   is   to   decide   what   it   is   you   really   want  d eep  down.   Progress   is   possible.       March  18  -­‐  Leap  Year:  A  change  in  your  daily  affairs   may   be   the   catalyst   you’ve   been   waiting   for.   But   do   watch   where   you   are   going   and   how   you  are  getting  there.   And   by   allowing   your-­‐ self   to   feel   at   this   depth.   you   let  go   of   the   belief   or   habit   that   was   causing   the   blockage   in   the   first   place.   in  the   right  place.  your  o wn  life.   A   door   has   opened.   The   insight  you  stand  to  gain   now  can  help  you  move  towards  it.   in   your   ability   to   learn   new   things  as  you  go.  It's  a  chaotic  world  out  there.   hear.  and  responsibility  for.  brought  together  at  the   right  time.   try   to   keep   yourself   in   the   balance   of   middle   ground.       March  24:  You  may  feel  ready  to  put  the  past  behind   you   and   move   on.   Your   plans   can   be   enhanced   by   a   temporary   diversion   or   clash.   Consider   what   you   want   for   your   future   and   start   organizing   your   life   a round   creating  it.   You   really   must   be-­‐ lieve.   Your   cooperation   is   now   indispensable   to   someone   else.   and   decide   for   yourself   what   is   best   for   you   and   your   situation.  and   patience  can   turn   into   a   relaxing   and   insightful   expe-­‐ rience.   but   you   will   not   be   able   to   sustain   this   level   of   d enial   for   long.   Only   by   accepting   your   greater   potential   can   you   effectively   plan  your  way  forward.   Inner   healing   is   the   most   important   item   on   your   agenda   right   now.   in  the   right   way  and   with  the  right  peo-­‐ ple.  Your  discomfort  is  the  inevi-­‐ table   response   to   changes   taking   place   in   the   way   you  perceive  yourself.  and  rarely  covers  the  whole  picture.   boundaries   must   be   respected.   stop-­‐and-­‐go   cycle.   This   is   the   only   responsible   way   to   proceed   in   a   cycle   in   which   responsibility   is   a   principal  theme.   Know   when   to   take   control   and   when   to   stay   in   the   background.   greater   independence   and  the  attainment  of  something  you  really  want.       March   22:   This   cycle  makes   you   aware   of   other   peo-­‐ ple’s   realities   and   tends   to   trigger   feelings   of   either   jealousy   or   relief.     March   19:   How   will   you   notice   immediate   opportu-­‐ nities  if   you   are   so   focused   on   the  long-­‐term?   Some-­‐ thing   tedious   can   now   be   expanded   into   something   exciting.       Week  12     March  19  -­‐  25   Leap  Year  -­‐  March  18  -­‐  24    You  may  feel  ready  to  put  the  past  behind  you  and   move   on.   but   this   can   only   take   you   so   far.   Face   the   facts.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     21   cept   that   the   past   is   not   something   to   deny   or   dis-­‐ card.     March   21:   There   is   much   reason   to   be   hopeful.   The   closer   you   get   to   it.  Mere  tolerance  can  turn  into  patience.   Be   aware   of   reality   and   stay   centered   in   it.   but   where   will   you   go?   The   way   forward   is   unclear   and   it   seems   that   you   must   wait   for  what  you  want.


CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________  

into   something   new,   but   this   can   only   take   you   so   far.  Inner  healing   is  the  most  important  item  on  your   agenda   right   now.   A   release   of   emotional   pressure   will   change   your   direction   and   open   a   new   path   that   you  could  not  previously  see.       March  25:  If  you  feel  you  are  being   stretched  to  your   limits,   slow  everything   down.   Be  gentle   as   you   make   your   way   through   this   cycle   of   sensitivity,   connec-­‐ tion,  relationship  and  cooperation  -­‐  a  cycle   in  which   impatience  o r  intolerance   can  backfire  on  you.   Other   people’s   circumstances  are  as   important  to  them  as   yours   are   to   you.   Cooperate   where   you   can,   but   do   not  take  on  someone  else’s  p roblem  a s  your  o wn.       Week  13     March  26  -­‐  April  1   Leap  Year  -­‐  March  25  -­‐  31   Slow  down.  Wait.  You  need  a  deeper  understanding   of  the  facts.  Your  ability  to  sense  and  feel  is  increas-­‐ ing   and   can   help   you   absorb   information   you   could   not   previously   understand.   This   slow-­‐moving   cycle   cannot   tolerate   force   or   indifference   because   it   is   seeking   truth,   and   truth   needs   to   be   felt   before   it   can   be   correctly   understood.   Don’t   allow   an   old   dogma  or  secret  to  numb  up  your  feelings  or  dumb   down  your  mind.     March  25  -­‐  Leap  Year:  As  the  focus  on  ‘right  timing’   and   ‘waiting’   starts   to   wind   down,   notice   that   you   now   have   more   time   and   space   to   call   your   own.   Allow   yourself   to   fully   unwind   as   you   finish   up   this   sensitive  and   cooperative  phase,   in  a   way  that  feels   satisfying.   If   you   rush   ahead   too   quickly   into   some-­‐ thing   n ew,   you  could   m iss   the   v ital   insight   and   inspi-­‐ ration   that   this   period   of   delay   was   all   about   in   the   first  p lace.       March  26:   You  have  every  reason  to  feel   confident.   You   have   the   potential   to   make   a   breakthrough   which   could   release   you   from   an   old   identity   and   help   you   move   much   closer   to   where   you   want   to   be.  Your  resistance  to  it  is  coming  from  unnecessary   self-­‐doubt.   Life   sometimes   has   uncomfortable   mo-­‐ ments  which  you  must  get  through  rather  than  fight   against,  and  you  couldn’t  have  a  better  vehicle  than   your  own  belief  in  yourself.       March   27:   Not   everything   can   be   settled   immedi-­‐ ately,   but   one   small   change   can   measurably   alter   your  course  and  place  you  on  a  more  realistic  path.   From  there,  other  adjustments   will  be   easier  to   iden-­‐ tify.   Do   not   approach   things   in   the   same   tired   old   way,   o r   with   the   same   old  ingrained   attitude.   As   you  

encounter   your   new   horizons,   notice   that   the   changes   occurring   on   the   outside   are   reflections   of   the  changes  taking  place  within.     March   28:   Your   sense   of   dignity   is   emphasized.   A   balance   of   power   is   taking   place   and,   although   it   may   seem   confusing   at   first,   this   change   of   atmos-­‐ phere  will   have  long-­‐term   benefits.  Your   f eelings   are   intense,  and  they  are  telling  you  -­‐  intensely  -­‐  to  deal   with   things   realistically,   fairly   and   patiently.   Don't   over-­‐react   or   over-­‐exert   yourself.   Drastic   measures   are  uncalled  for.  Effort  is  needed,  but  trying  too  hard   can  work  against  you.       March   29:   Your   feelings   may   seem   contradictory   or   unclear,   but   that   is   to   be   expected   when   you   con-­‐ sider   the   contradictory   and   obscure   nature   of   what   you   are   experiencing.   Total   confidence   would   be   unrealistic   at   this   stage,   so   there   is   no   need   to   play   down  the  fact  that  you  are  afraid  of  something  that   you   can’t   quite   pinpoint.   There   is   a   lot   you   want   to   express,   but   in   this   ‘waiting’   cycle   you   may   learn   more  if  you  just  listen  and  observe.         March   30:   An   ongoing   dilemma   needs   your   atten-­‐ tion,   and   it   seems   that   you   really   do   want   to   sort   things   out.   You   certainly   cannot   sit   around   and   do   nothing.   This   cycle   brings   a   surge   of   energy   which   will   not   eliminate   your   fears   completely,   but   it   will   help  you  to  restore  your  dignity  and  accept  that  you   have   done   your   best.   Progress   will   be   made   when   you   realize   that   something   you   sincerely   believe   to   be  t rue  is  not.       March   31:   Give   yourself   time   to   adjust   to   a   recent   shift   in   reality.   Be   honest   with   yourself   as   to   what   you   are   feeling.   Recognize   that   waning   sense   of   re-­‐ striction,   and   that   growing   sense   of   excitement   and   adventure.  If  it  feels  more  like  fear,  then  it  probably   is.   We  are  all  afraid  of  change.  But  you  have  to  admit   that   you   are   a   lot   freer   than   you   have   b een   in   a   long   time!   From   now   on,   it’s   all   about   the   power   of   choice.       April   1:   Your   feelings  may   seem  contradictory   or   un-­‐ clear,  but  that  is  to  be   expected   when  you  consider   the   contradictory   and   obscure   nature   of   what   you   are   experiencing.  Total  confidence  would  be  unreal-­‐ istic   at   this   stage,   so   there   is   no   need   to   play   down   the   fact   that   you   are   afraid   of   something   that   you   can’t   quite   pinpoint.   There   is   a   lot   you   want   to   ex-­‐ press,  but  in  this  ‘waiting’  cycle  you  may  learn  more   if  you  just  listen  and  observe.        

THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________    


APRIL     Rest  is  not  idleness,  and  to  lie  sometimes   on  t he    grass  under  t he  trees  on  a  summer's  day,  lis-­‐ tening  to  the  murmur  of  water,  or   watching  the  clouds  float    across  t he  sky,   is  by  no  means  a  waste  of  t ime.   J.  Lubbock     This   cycle   asks   for   patience,  gentleness,   and   sensitiv-­‐ ity.   It   is   a   cycle   of   intuition,   diplomacy,   teamwork,   connection,  diversion  and  understanding.  No  matter   what  transpires,  stick  to  this  simple   guideline:  don’t   force  anything.     This  is   a   t ime   to   assess   your  general   d evelopment.   Think   about   how   the   year   started   off   for   you   -­‐   and   where   you   are   now.   Patiently   observe   everything   going   on   around   you:   personally,   locally,   nationally,   and   globally,   as   you   take   new   developments   into   consideration  and  rethink  your  long-­‐term  goals.   Use   your  intuition  -­‐  your  feelings  -­‐  your  senses  -­‐  your  in-­‐ stincts   -­‐   to   direct   you   to   the   next   level   of   under-­‐ standing.     Accept   your   present   reality   just   as   it   is.   April   will   present   you   with   a   series   of   distractions   which   can   make   it   d ifficult   to   notice   how  everything   and   every-­‐ one  in  life   is  connected,  and  that  there   is  a  reason  -­‐   or   cause   -­‐   for   everything.   This   is   a   test   of   your   pa-­‐ tience,  courage,  and  tenacity  and,  at  the  same  time,   offers  you  the  opportunity  to  release  yourself  from  a   painful  part  of  your  past.     Make   a   commitment   to   p eace,   diplomacy,   and  co-­‐ operation.  By  relating  someone  else’s  circumstances   to   your   own   and   finding   the   connection,   you   may   also  find  a  vital   missing  link  that  you  have  been  seek-­‐ ing.   Stay   in   the   background   as   someone   else   takes   center-­‐stage.   Interact   with   others   deeply   and   genu-­‐ inely.   From   your   backseat   position,   be   involved.   Don’t  b e  afraid  of  what  you  m ight  hear  o r   learn.  This   year,  you   will   encounter   many  things   with   which  you   may  not  feel  comfortable,  but  they  must  be  faced  if   you  are  to  b enefit  from  the  knowledge  they  contain.     Your   intuition   is   working   overtime,   making   this   a   month  of  strong  emotions  and  heightened  intellect.   Listen.  Observe.  Feel.  Relate.  You  will  not  be  able  to   progress   unless   you   are   patient;   unless   you   wait   for   developments   to   happen   in   their   own   manner   and   time,   and   unless   you   relax   your   tensions   and   long   term   concerns.   The   present   is   your   only   exit   from   the   past   and   your   only   gateway   to   the   future.   The   present  -­‐  this  moment  -­‐   is  the  only   reality  and  it  con-­‐ tains   the  energies   of   both   the   past   and   the   future.   If   you   do   not   allow   yourself   to   feel   whatever   feelings  

present   time   triggers,   including   fear,   then   you   can-­‐ not  be  fully  p resent  in  present  time.     It   is   essential   that   you   feel   and   sense   your   way   through   all   situations,   instead   of   forcing   your   way   through,   becoming   frozen   in   fear,   or   running   away.   Your   own   needs   are   being   helped   along   by   this   proc-­‐ ess   of   delay   and   interruption.   If   you   do   succumb   to   frustration   and   force   matters   ahead,   you   may   find   yourself  in  the  wrong  place  at  the  wrong  time.     Partnership,   teamwork,   or   some   kind   of   group   situation  are  highlighted  in  April.  Relate  to  everyone   with   understanding   and   tact   as   you   continue   to   as-­‐ sess   the   facts.   Be   aware   of   how   you   have   helped   others   in   the   past.   These   favors   will   be   returned   to   you   this   month,   and   not   necessarily   by   the   same   people.   However,   if   someone   takes   credit   for   your   efforts   or   steals   the   limelight,   let   it   be.   As   you   face   reality   this   month,   listen   to   the   questions   you   ask   yourself,   and   the   judgments   with   which   you   reply.   Ask   yourself,   “What   is   really   going   on   here?”     Then   listen,  very  carefully,  a gain.         Week  14                   April  2  -­‐  8   Leap  Year  -­‐  April  1  -­‐  7   Your  view  of  reality  and  your  feelings  towards  others   have  changed.  The  way  you  think  and  communicate   have   changed   too.   YOU   have   changed.   In   order   to   feel   comfortable   a gain,   you   must   adjust   to   your   n ew   reality.  As  your  mind  expands,  the  confusion  is  tem-­‐ porary,   but   it   is   still   confusion.   Take   things   slowly   and  not  too  personally.  Be  patient.  Relax.     April  1  -­‐  Leap  Year:  This  is  a  chance  to  move  ahead.   Something   you   thought   you   were  in   danger   of  losing   can   now   recover   and   grow.   Long-­‐term   fulfillment   is   emphasized.   If   you   are   wondering   what   your   next   step  should  be,  slow  down!  This  opportunity  cannot   be  rushed  or  taken  for  granted.  It  needs  to  be  taken   seriously,   appreciated,   examined,   and   carefully   planned   for.   It   is   time   to   start   gathering   accurate   information.       April  2:  With  all  that  has  recently  occurred  mentally   and  emotionally,  do  not  ignore  the  physical  toll  it  has   taken.  Pace   yourself   sensibly.   A  certain   matter  could   be   rewarding   if   it   is   handled   correctly.   Do   not   drift   into  this  as   if  you  have  no   Will  of  your  o wn.   Granted,   there  are  some  aspects  you  cannot  control,  but  you   are   holding   a   valuable   card,   nonetheless.   Much   de-­‐ pends  on  your  ability  to  be  yourself.    


CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________  

April  3:  Your  feelings  a re  more  intense  than  usual  for   the  purpose  of  anchoring  you  to  reality;  to  stop  you   from  drifting  off  to  some  undesired  area,  or  back  to   unwanted   circumstances.   You   have   every   reason   to   feel   confident   but   remember:   in   freedom,   you   can   only   rely   on   other   people   for   so   much,   and   for   so   long.   Focus   on   increasing   your   independence,   and   recognizing  the  gifts  and  potentials  that  your  chang-­‐ ing  horizons  offer.     April  4:  You  have  outgrown  a   situation  and  you  need   to   focus   on   something   more   in   keeping   with   who   you  are  now.   Be  honest  with  yourself  and  others  as   to   what   you   are   truly   feeling.   You   cannot   expect   anyone   to   read   your   mind.   No   relationship   comes   with   a   guarantee,   but   progress   can   be   made   by   ac-­‐ cepting   your   mixed   feelings.   Apply   those   simple   things  that  a re  b elieved  to  h eal  all.  Time.  Rest.  Hope.   Love.       April   5:   Your   view   of   reality   and   your   feelings   to-­‐ wards   others   have   changed.   The   way   you   think   and   communicate  have   changed  too.   you  have  changed.   But  in  order  to  feel  comfortable  again,  you  must  ad-­‐ just   to   your   new   reality.   As   your   mind   expands,   the   confusion  is  temporary,  but  it  is  still  confusion.  Take   things  slowly  and  not  too  personally.  Be  patient.  Re-­‐ lax.       April   6:   If   you   feel   overwhelmed   or   disappointed,   take   some   deep   breaths   and   try   to   relax.   Perhaps   you   are   not   seeing   an   opportunity   because   it   is   so   different   from   what   you  expected  it   to   look  like.   The   finer  details  are  important.  This  cycle  is  exciting,  but   chaotic.   Get   organized.   Be   determined   to   complete   whatever  needs  to  b e  done.     April   7:   As   far   as   your   sense   of   direction   is   con-­‐ cerned,  the  information  coming  from  your  feelings  -­‐   senses  -­‐  instincts  -­‐   is  going  to  b e  indispensable   in  the   weeks   ahead.   Now,   as   things   start   to   shift,   shake,   and,  in  some  cases  fall  apart,  be  assured  that  every-­‐ thing   will   fall   into   place   again,   albeit   a   different   place,   as   a   new   situation   forms.   This   is   a   chance   to   stabilize  a  difficult  area  of  your  life  and   increase  your   long-­‐term  security.       April   8:   To   understand   the   changes   taking   place   in   your   relationships,   you   will   need   to   consider   the   people   involved,   and   how   you   have   effected   each   other.   Unless   you   are   consciously   seeking   a   com-­‐ plete   break,   it   would   not   be   wise   to   forge   ahead   without  considering   the   f eelings   and   n eeds   of   every-­‐ one  involved.   Yes,   you   do   need   more  independence,   but  you  also  n eed  balance.  

Week  15     April  9  -­‐  15   Leap  Year  -­‐  April  8  -­‐  14   Your   fear   of   being   seen   as   weak   may   have   caused   you   to   subdue   certain   feelings,   but   now,   if   you   find   yourself   laughing   and   crying   at   the   same   time,   you   can   be   sure   that   some   serious   healing   is   going   on.   Believing  that  we  must  always  be   in  control,  or  that   success  is  m easured  in  purely  material  t erms,  is  what   numbs   our   feelings   and   dumbs   us   down.   This   cycle   offers  sound  intelligence.     April  8  -­‐  Leap  Year:  Something  is  blocking  your  view   of  reality.   But   what  you  really  need  to  acknowledge   is  that  the  source  of  this  blockage   exists  within,  and   is   being   m irrored   back   to   you   by   what   is   taking   place   outwardly.   Everything   in   this   cycle   is   a   reflection   of   what  you  are  feeling  on  the  inside  -­‐  and  those  feel-­‐ ings  need  to  be  accepted  and  expressed.       April   9:   Don’t   isolate   yourself.   There   may   be   differ-­‐ ences   of   opinion   but,   if   you   stick   to   the   facts   and   handle   things   diplomatically,   a   favorable   situation   can  develop.   Remember  that  the  facts  are   constantly   being   affected   by   other   facts,   and   that   diplomacy   can  only  work   when  all  the  facts  are  on  the  table  and   are  being  considered  in  their  p roper  context.       April  10:  Other   realities  a re  effecting  yours  and,  until   the   outcome   is   clear,   plans   should   remain   flexible.   You  are  in   what  feels  like  a  state  of  limbo,  as  if  you   have   jumped   off   a   cliff   and   have   no   idea   where,   or   how,   you’re   going   to  land.   A ccept   things   a s   they   a re,   and   remember   that   acceptance   often   involves   the   fear   of   uncertainty.   Trust   in   your   ability   to   land   on   your  feet.     April  11:  If  you   want  to  feel  at   ease  a gain,  a ccept  the   nature   of   your   current   position.   It   is   restrictive.   The   stress   you’re   feeling   is   actually   your   own   resistance   to   facing   the   reality   of   your   circumstances.   If   things   don’t   happen   as   expected,   perhaps   your   expecta-­‐ tions   need   to   be   adjusted.   Start   moving   out   of   that   uncomfortable  box  you  have  built  around  yourself.       April  12:  Slow  down!   REST.  You  need  a  clearer  view   of  where  you  are.   This  does  not   mean   cutting  your-­‐ self  off  from  others  or  denying  the  intensity  of  your   experience.  On  the  contrary.  In  order  to  stand  more   firmly   on   your   own   two   feet,   you   must   rearrange   your  priorities  and  interact  with  others  as  an  equal.          

  bring   yourself   back   to   manual   control   and   notice   all   the   details   of   your   situation   or   surroundings.   Believing   that   we   must   always   be   in   con-­‐ trol.  There’s  no  going  back  to  the  “old”  you.   Feel   those   long-­‐forgotten   feelings   and   express   them   safely   and   privately   out   of   your  body.   Be   aware   of   what   you've   got.   In  this  instance.   When   you   realize   you’re   on   ‘automatic   pilot’.   It  is  how  you  let  go  of  the  past.   Be   careful   how   you   judge   others.   This   is   all   part  of  getting  organized.   Something   new   is   calling.  remember  how  you  felt   back   then   -­‐   and   how   your   feelings   have   changed   over  t ime.   hopes.   you   will   find   them   at   the   shallow   end   of   life.   Even   the   best   ideas   must   remain   mere   concepts   unless   they   are   taken   beyond   the   idea   stage   and   brought   to   life.   just   as   long   as   you   stay   aware.   Well.  In  order  to  stand  on  your  own   two   feet.   Wisdom  exists  at  all  levels  of  consciousness.  that’s  how.   It’s   time   to   sort   it   all   out   and   regain   some   stability.   Be   more   aware   of   what   others   may   be   experiencing.         .   discard   that   competitive   streak.  This  cycle  offers  sound  intelligence.   relationships.  and  don’t  push   ahead   until   you   fully   understand   them.   but   you   do   not   have   the   power   to   stay  afloat  in  an  old  situation  or  frame  of  mind.  Wisdom   is   not   handed   to   us   on   a   plate.   As   something   from   the  past  enters  the  present.   if   your   fears   persist.   or   that   success   is   measured   in   purely   material   terms.     April   16:   Just   look   at   that   ball   of   confusion   you’re   living   in:   thoughts.   you   need   clarity.  all  jumbled  up  together  with  no  separation  be-­‐ tween   pleasure   and   pain.   You  can   retain   your   confidence   and   walk   this   tightrope   called   life   without   that   constant   sense   of   urgency.       April  19:  As  your  mind  expands.   The   only  way   to   embrace   others  without   losing   your   precious  indi-­‐ viduality   is   by   patiently   accepting   them   as   they   are.   you   can   be   sure   that   some   serious   healing   is   going   on.   especially   if   you   feel   that   you   cannot   reach  them  emotionally  o r  intellectually.   look   forward   instead.   joys.   Even   what   we   call   insight   reaches   us   after   a   particular   experience   opens   a   space   for  it   to  enter   the  mind.   feelings.   Make   time   for   a ll   that   is  important.   memories.       April   20:   Look   for   ways   to   combine   the   needs   or   ideas   of   others   with   your   own.  do  not  cut  off  from   your  thoughts  and  feelings  before  you  have  a   chance   to  understand  them.   Their   purpose   is   constructive   -­‐   to   alert   you  to  potential  problems  and  improve  your  overall   timing.   You   must   understand   them   if   you   want   them   to   understand   you.   But   that   can   never   be   achieved  if  you  do  not   let  your  thoughts  and  feelings   complete  themselves.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     25   April  13:   You  have  a  long  way  to  go  b efore  you  reach   a   certain  goal.       April  15  -­‐  Leap  Year:  If  shallow  rewards  are   what  you   seek.  This  is  how  you  heal  from  the  inside  out.  Independence  of  thought  and   freedom   of   expression   are   essential   to   your   pro-­‐ gress.  Change  the   way  you   communicate.   So.   But.   but   now.       Week  16     April  16  -­‐  22     Leap  Year  -­‐  April  15  -­‐  21   The   more   you   accept   your   reality.       April   18:   How   can   you   proceed   with   dignity   if   you   feel  you  are  not  being  respected  or  taken  seriously?   With  great  patience.   Facing   reality  can  cause  us  to  grip  onto  whatever  seems  to   offer   security.   you   are   on   a   promising   path.   and   know   the   dif-­‐ ference   between   a   friend   and   an   acquaintance.   Don't   buy   into   the   theory   that   you   have   to   choose  between  fear  and  love.  or  to   the   old   reality   in   which   the   old   you   existed.  Your   success  d epends  on   whether  you  are  patient   enough   to  notice  the  various  details  involved.   don't   cast   them   aside.  fear   holds   important  intelligence   and   is   likely   to   b e  love's   greatest  d efender.   is   what   numbs   our   feelings   and   dumbs   us   down.   responsibili-­‐ ties.   disappointments.         April   21:   Think   before   you   act.   It’s   all   changed.   but  wouldn’t  it   b e   nicer   to   p roceed   at   a  less  stressful  pace?  You  can  do  that  now.   see   where   it   is   needed   and   prepare   to   offer  your  support  or  service  to  someone   else.   Reassess   your   position   and   your   needs.  This   major   crossroads   is   so   busy   that   you   cannot   back-­‐ track   without   the   risk   of   some   kind   of   collision   or   clash.   However.   this   is   a   chance   to   swim   further   afield.   if   you   find   yourself   laughing   and   crying   at   the   same   time.       April  14:  Your  fear  of  being   seen  as   weak  may  have   caused   you   to   subdue   certain   feelings.   In   order   to   stay   afloat  when   you   are   out   of   your   d epth.   the   more   able   you   will  be  to  appreciate  the  realities  of  others.     April  17:  You  have  the  ability  to  move  your   life   in  a   new   direction.     April   15:   If   your   feelings   of   enthusiasm   remain   greater   than   your   feelings   of   fear.   you  can  loosen  your  grip  now.  Have  patience  with  unusual  ideas.   and   don’t   let   the   unreasonable   demands   of   others   distract   or   deter   you.

  Why  put  yourself  through  that?   Acceptance  reveals  the  way  forward.   but   be   prepared   for   the   pressure   of   others   disagreeing   with   you.   What   do   you   really   be-­‐ lieve  about  your  ability  to  live  freely.  or   even  rivalry.   Be  honest.   See   the   end   result.   Fear   of   failure   is   inevitable.   to  a  tune  of  your  choice.     April   27:   A   certain   situation   may   seem   unfair   or   in-­‐ trusive.   They   are   meant   to   be   FELT   -­‐   as   sensa-­‐ tions  -­‐  within  the  physical  body.   Redefine   your  own  existence.   You   need   more   free-­‐ dom.  and  the  feel-­‐ ings  it  triggers.   but   it   will   subside   once   you   visualize.   an   old   routine   must   end.  at  least.   cooperation   and   peace.  (rather  than  just  pro-­‐ tect   yourself   from   it)   is   trying   to   push   its   way   through  the  false  belief  that  you  cannot  make  a  dif-­‐ ference.  If  you   want  to  experience  unconditional  love.  the   more   you   need   to   keep   things   friendly.   and   don’t   set   unrealistic   deadlines   or   conditions.  Feelings  of  expectancy  -­‐  or  uncertainty   about   what   to   expect   -­‐   are   signs   that   the   road   ahead   holds   many   options   but.   Your  d esire  to   live  more  fully  and  take  life  in.  Either   way.             April  25:   Those   intense  f eelings   can  help  you  b reak  a   barrier  of  denial  that  is  holding  you  back  and  keeping   you   confined.   Actually.   exactly   what   you   hope   to   accomplish.   and   so   does   someone   else.   and   your   desire   for   friendliness.   independently   and   lovingly?   This   cycle   exposes   old   programming   that   needs   to   evolve   into   new   understanding   and   action.   Change   your   focus   from   how   limited   you   are   to   how  able   you   a re.   Your   questions   may   be   profound.  you  must  let   all   your   harsh   feelings   and   judgments   move   into   love’s  light  where  they  can  b e  a ccepted  and  healed.   intellectually   and   emotionally.  but  your  acceptance  of  reality.   There   is   middle   ground.       April  24:   Keep  an  open  mind  because  vital   informa-­‐ tion   is   coming   from  someone   you   thought   had   noth-­‐ ing  to  teach  you.     April  22  -­‐  Leap  Year:  This  is  a  chance  to  opt  out  of  a   commitment.26     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   April   22:   Emotions   are   not   meant   to   be   acted   or   blurted   out.  If  you   want  to  experience  unconditional  love.   Don’t   take   anything  too  personally.  but  finding  it  will  be  difficult  if  one  is  trying   to  outwit  the  other.   You   can   gain   more   from   humility   and   a   desire   to   learn   than   from   any   form   of   manipulation   or   aggression.   first.   In  order  to  develop  your  self  respect  further.   In   order   to   develop   your   self   respect   further.   Be  honest.   and   you  will   know   that   tolerance  is  just  a  temporary  measure  of  how  much   anger  you  are  able  to  d eny  and  how  much  stress  you   are  able  to  endure.   Or   perhaps   a   responsibility   has   come   to  an  end.     April   23:   Feel   the   b eauty   of   your   own   innocence   and   your   desire   for   friendliness.  you  will   have   to   deal   with   a   cold   layer   of   heartlessness   that   you  didn’t  even  know  you  owned.  and  remember  that  it  takes   all   sorts   to   make   a   world.  It  is  frustrating  when   your   answers   produce   more   questions.   give   yourself   time   to   understand   what’s   happening.   but   they   have   simple   answers.   but   at   least   you’re  a sking  the  right  questions  now.  you  must  let   all   your   harsh   feelings   and   judgments   move   into   love’s  light  where  they  can  b e  a ccepted  and  healed.   cooperation   and   peace.  and   provides  incentive  for  you  to  take  a  freer  approach.       April   28:   This   cycle   enables   you   to   notice   where   guilt.   will  p rovide  the  soothing  of  your   ego.     April  29:  The  more  limited  or  boxed-­‐in  you  feel.   Feel  it  -­‐  and  then  work  backwards  to  see  how  it  was   achieved.   How   much   of   your   knowledge   -­‐   and   daily   routine  -­‐  is   based  on  other  people’s  opinions  or  circumstances?   Notice   how   much   happier   and   effective   you   are   when  you  are  dancing  to  your  own  tune  or.  understand  that  your  life  be-­‐ longs  to  you.                     .   and   the   information   you   need.   so   make   sure   you   are   prepared   to   receive   it.   Life  is  trying  to  give  you   what  you   want.   You   are   now   learning   about  the  power  of  words  and  images  and  how  eas-­‐ ily   they   can   distort   the   truth.   Speak   your   truth.  has  been  mistaken  for  love.   you   will   have   to   deal   with   a   cold   layer   of   heartlessness   that   you  didn’t  even  know  you  owned.       Week  17     April  23  -­‐  29   Leap  Year  -­‐  April  22  -­‐  28   Feel   the   beauty   of   your   own   innocence.   other   points   of   view   can  be  very  h elpful  now.       April  26:  If  aspects  of  your  situation  don’t  add  up  or   make   sense.   You   will   exhaust   yourself   if   you   feel   obliged   to   live  by  other  people's  rules  o r  expectations.

 but  more  choice  creates  a  greater  responsi-­‐ bility   to   choose   wisely.   Be   patient.       May   2:   Your   situation   is   like   that   of   the   aspiring   young   actor   who   moves   to   the   big   city   to   find   his   fame   and   fortune  -­‐   and   becomes   a  waiter.   It’s   OK   for   your   feelings   and   beliefs   to   change.  This   is  a  phase   of  development   in  which  to  analyze   what  you  have.   The  p ressure  you  think   is   coming   from   others.   it’s   because   you   are   changing   direction   but  are  clinging  to  an  old  approach  at  the  same  time.  Either  way.  and  your  full   mental.   pattern   or   list   that   can   lead   the  way   to   the   next   step  -­‐   and   then   the  next.       May  6  -­‐  Strong  feelings  may  arise  as  an  old  situation   gives  way   to   a   new   one.   Don’t  rush.   New  information   may  come  from  someone   else.   Sometimes   you   have   to   take   a   gamble.   your   aspirations   will   have   to   wait.  there  is  light  on  your  road  now.   and   let   your   true   colors   shine.       May   5:   Reaching   a   particular   goal   will   take   focus.   Find   a   more   effective   way   to   communicate.       April   30:   Your   situation   is   like   that   of   the   aspiring   young   actor   who   moves   to   the   big   city   to   find   his   fame  and  fortune  -­‐  and  becomes  a  waiter.  and  you  now  have  a  chance   to   make   a   “practice   run”   at   turning   a   good   idea   into   reality.   but   you   are   also   in   a   position   to   set   new   priorities   and   rearrange   plans   and   timetables   in   order   to   fulfill   a   particular   need.                                         .   it’s   be-­‐ cause  you  are   changing  direction  but  are  clinging  to   an   old   approach   at   the   same   time.  balance.   You   are   strong!   And   you   are   probably   longing   for  more  freedom  to  live  by  your  own  design.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     27   Week  18     April  30  -­‐  May  6   Leap  Year  April  29  -­‐  May  5     You  do  not  have  the  full  picture  yet.       May   1:   If   you   feel   stretched   or   squeezed.  blueprint.   This   is   a   very   creative   segment   of   your   journey.   perhaps.   These   are   the  ingredients  of  magic.   Sometimes   you   just   have   to   take  a  gamble.  The  at-­‐ mosphere  is  changing.   In   fact.   The   ques-­‐ tion  is.   you   need   to   catch   up   with   something   that   has   moved   ahead   while   you   were   busy   taking   care   of   other   things.   they   must   change   if   you   are   to   find   stability.   Be  patient.   too!  You   have   choices.           May   3:   You   need   someone   else’s   cooperation.   emotional.  and  devise  some  k ind  of  plan.   take   a   different   route.       April   29   -­‐   Leap   Year:   If   you   feel   stretched   or   squeezed.   is   more   likely   to   be   coming   from  your  need  to  please  them.   and   physical   presence.  pattern   or   list   that   can   lead   the   way   to   the   next   step   -­‐   and   then   the   next.   Either   way.   but   more   choice   creates   a   greater   responsi-­‐ bility   to   choose  wisely.  o r   the  best  actor?  If  you  put  all  your   energy   into   wait-­‐ ing.   Things   are   ending   so   that   new   beginnings   can   begin.   It   is   t ime   to   break   out   of   that   rut.   dedication.   Emotional  honesty   will  change  your  whole  view  of   life.   Don’t   rush.   they   must   change   if  you  a re  to  find  stability.   They   can   gain   from  this  too  -­‐  if  you  genuinely  want  them  to.  This   is  a   phase   of   development   in   which   to   analyze   what   you   have.   It’s   OK   for   your   feelings   and   beliefs   to   change.  This   is  a  very   crea-­‐ tive  segment  of  your  journey.   Don’t   let   guilt   convince   you   that   satisfying   your   needs   would   be   unfair   to   others.   blueprint.  and  there  is  reason  to  be  con-­‐ fident.   there   is   light  on  your  road  now.  or  from  deep   within   yourself.   The  ques-­‐ tion  is.  New  information   may  come   from   someone  else.   Emotional   honesty   will   change   your   whole   view   of   life.   Something   must   be   moved   forward   or.       May  4:  You  do  not  have  the  full  picture  yet.   correct   information.  do  you   want  to  be  the  b est   waiter  in  town.   and   devise   some   kind   of   plan.   The   pressure   you   think   is   coming   from   others.   or   from   deep   within   yourself.   which   includes   listening   and   taking   in   what  you  h ear.   too!   You   have   choices.  or   the  b est  a ctor?  If  you  put  a ll  your  energy   into   waiting.   In   fact.   your   aspirations   will   have   to  wait.   is   more  likely   to   b e  com-­‐ ing  f rom  your  n eed  to  please  them.  do  you  want  to  be  the  best  waiter  in  town.

  the   solution   will   be  easier  to  accept  by  all  concerned.   and   beauty.     The   change  you  d esire  to  your   status  or  conditions   may   require   you   to   learn   new   skills.   Now.  imperfections.   facts.  Thoughtlessly  expressed  words   can   create   havoc   in   your   life   this   month.   Communicate   creatively.   If   you   think   certain   events   or   circumstances   did   not   trigger   anger.   You   may   be  reluctant  to  return  to  matters  of  the  past.   your   (or   someone   else’s)   physical   appearance.   Con-­‐ frontation   is   unnecessary.   Learn  from  experience.     May  6  -­‐  Leap  Year:  It  may  seem  that  no  matter  how   hard  you  try  to  do  things  differently.  you  simply  end   up   repeating   the  same   old   pattern.   But.   in   turn.   Your   self-­‐consciousness   is   a   fear   of   how   you   are   being   perceived.         Week  19     May  7  -­‐  13   Leap  Year:    May  6  -­‐  12   You   are   experiencing   intense   feelings.  scheming.   but   its   opposite   reflection   is   that   of   plot-­‐ ting.  This  is  a  cycle  of   self-­‐expression.   you   need   correct   information   about   your  own  history.28     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   MAY     Real  knowledge  is  t o  know   the  extent  of  one's  ignorance.   Or.   criti-­‐ cize.   social   standing.     May  8:  Try  harder  to   relate  to  the  needs  and  feelings   of   others.   There   could   be   some   concern   in   matters   of   friendship.   and   you   will   realize   that   humility   enables   you   to   communicate   without   self   consciousness.   creativity.   creativity.   There   is   no   need  to  hurt  others  -­‐  or  yourself  -­‐  just  because  you   are   dissatisfied.   7   promotes   openness.  rather  than  doing.   Don’t   mistake   humility   for   weakness.   and   to   .     There  is  also  an   emphasis  on  innocence.     Friends   and   family   are   an   important   part   of   May.   so   don’t   become   too   withdrawn   or   reclusive.   communication.  or  superfici-­‐ ality  in  some  of  the  activities.   to  bring  yourself  down?     If  you  are  involved  in  a  serious  situation.  or  hiding  the  truth.  and  it   is   not   something   you   can   fake.   spread   gossip   or   rumor.   behavior.  its   vibration  is  so   light   and  carefree   that   you   may   fail   to   notice   it   or   take   it   seriously.  subconsciously.  The  7  en-­‐ ergy   tends   to   dull   the   gloss   and   glamour   of   life   so   that   you   can   see   reality   instead.  It  will   help   you   define   personal   happiness   and   show   you   how   willing   others   can   be   to   help   if   you   approach   them  in  a  friendly  way.   which   tells   you   that   you   should   already   know   the   answers  to  your  questions.   It   stems   from   a   reluctance   to   accept   yourself   as   an   equal.   one   of   which   could   be   hatred.   Confucius     This  month  emphasizes  the  joys  of  life.  acknowl-­‐ edge   it.   ac-­‐ cept.   By   creating   an   optimistic   atmosphere.  privately  and  safely.   Being   comfortable   and   self-­‐assured   in   foreign  or   even  hostile   surroundings   is  part  of   what   needs   to   be   learned   in   order   to   groom   yourself   for   the  opportunity  that  n ext  y ear  offers.   The   harmony   you   seek   can   only   come   through   cooperation   and   the   acceptance   of   differ-­‐ ences.   Allow   your   heart   to   sof-­‐ ten.  or  the  way  in  which  you  and  others  are   expressing  yourselves.  but  it   is   in   the   past   that   the   answer   you   currently   seek   is   stuck.   in   this   serious   7   year.  it   is  t ime  to  understand  how  and   why  your  pur-­‐ suit  of  personal  fulfillment  holds  the  answer  to  your   present  circumstances.   You   may   instantly   deny   this   -­‐   until   you   consider   that   hate   evolves   out   of   anger   that   is   not   allowed   to   move.   just   noticing   this   pattern   is   the   first   step   to   breaking   it.  is  it  you  yourself  who  is  plotting.   or   promote   only   one   side   of   the  story.   Genuine  humility  is  your   greatest  asset  now.     The  weight  you  are  carrying  is  made  up  of  all  those   ideas.   art.   Try   to   feel.   not   de-­‐ structively.   Remember   that   guilt   doesn’t   care   if   you   find   the   answers   or   not.   social   interaction.   It   only   wants   you   to   feel   guilty   -­‐   a   heaviness   you   can   no   longer  afford  to  b ear.   affects   your   behavior.   The   elements   of   social   interaction   and   secrets   come   to-­‐ gether   in   a   strange   way   this   month.  However.   Imagine  how   life   would  be   without  these  joyful   ele-­‐ ments.  people  and  things  you   thought  could  or  should  make  you  happy.  and  embrace  May’s  exuberant  vibration.   but   you   do   need   to   feel   and   accept   this   natural   emotion.       May   7:   A   delay   or   distraction   is   occurring   for   your   benefit.   It   would   not   be   worth   living.   but   do   not   use   it   to   trivialize.   then   the   guilt   that   is   causing   the   denial   must   be   addressed.   and   effects   your   inner   comfort   level   which.   Be  aware  of  the   motivations  of  others  -­‐   without  becoming  paranoid.   and  emotions   that   you   are   currently   un-­‐ able   to   process   or   express   -­‐   compounded   by   guilt.  This   can  result  in  an  un-­‐ comfortable   t ension   in   your   shoulders   as  if   you   have   been  carrying  something  alien  on  your  back  and  are   now   trying   to   shake   it   off.   and   allow   it   to   ex-­‐ press  its  way  out  of  your  body.   but   focus   on   finding   a   realistic   solution.     Be  aware  of  the  flaws.   And   remember   that   the   7   year   is   about   planning.  In  order  to  understand   who  you  are  and   why   you   are   here.   or   procedure.

 and  listen  a s  others   communicate  theirs.   Confrontation   is   unnecessary.  Communicate   your  needs.   It   will   unfold   in   its   own  way  and  time.   If   you   try   to   carry   more   than   you   need.  how   we  twist  words  to   obscure   reality.   prevent   something   from   happening.   and   allow  it  to   express  its  way  out  of  your  body.  as   well  as  matters  of   the   past   which   are   affecting   the   present.  Accept  that  oth-­‐ ers   know   more   than   you   in   certain   matters.   and   to   UN-­‐learn   some   of   the   things   you   thought   you   “knew”.   or   both.  Be  flexi-­‐ ble.       May   12:   This   is   a   cycle   of   deeper   understanding.  There   is  a  wide  array  of  feelings  moving   within   your   body.  indeed!     May   11:   Before   you   go   rushing   off   into   the   jungle.   gather   relevant   information   and   get   organized.   an   old   perspective   or   b elief   has   b ecome  irrele-­‐ vant.   but   you   do   need   to   acknowledge   and   accept   the   circumstances   that  triggered  them.   Who   are   you?   What   do   you   want?   Where  a re  you  going?  Why?       May   17:   You   seem   to   be   looking   at   reality   more   closely.  Speak  the  truth.   one   of   which   could   be   hatred.  It   is  power.   so   that   you   can   become   more   accepting   -­‐   which   is   very     different   from   becoming   more   toler-­‐ ant.   how   we   use   humor  to  deflect  seriousness.   Don’t   ignore   the   ones   that   make   you  smile.   patiently   and   intelligently.  They  are  a  potent  fuel.   How   you   are   being   per-­‐ ceived   by   others   is   not   as   important   as   how   you   per-­‐ ceive   yourself.       May   10:   It   is   time   to   find   the   connection   between   the   other   side   of   the   story   and   your   own.  You  n eed  them  and   they  need  you  -­‐  and  there  is  b eauty  in  this  balance.   and   you  really  need  to  accept  that  fact.   It  holds  many   clues.   You   may   learn   something   valuable   from   an   unexpected   source.  Conserve  your  energy.   so   that   you  can  become  more  accepting  -­‐  which  is  very    dif-­‐ ferent  from  becoming  more  tolerant.         Week  20     May  14  -­‐  20   Leap  Year:  May  13  -­‐  19   Slow   yourself   down.   Listen   rather  than  speak.   You  have  a  lot  to  learn  from  other   people   now.  Slow   everything  right  down  so  that  a  new  and   more   pertinent   understanding   of   your   reality   can   reach   your   consciousness.   You   have  a  lot  to  learn  from  other  people  now.  This  is  not  humble  pie.  Eat  it  up!       May  9:  You  are   standing  on  a  stepping   stone  and  the   resources  at  your  d isposal  n eed  a  friendly  and  hospi-­‐ table  atmosphere  in   which  to  develop.  If  you  think  certain   events   or   circumstances   did   not   trigger   anger.   Ask   for   the   help   you   need.   rather   than   as-­‐ suming   you   should   already   know   all   the   facts.   This   cycle   reveals   certain   prejudices  (pre-­‐judgments)  that  you  may  be  holding   inside.  or  the  quality  of  your   life.   Some   things   are   not   going   to   change   any   time   soon.  you  can   greatly   improve  yours.  Focus  on  areas  of   your   life  with  which   you   a re   a ctually   content.   Be   flexible.  and  use  that  knowledge  to   improve  a  relation-­‐ ship.  especially  with  yourself     May  16:  Whether  you  are  trying  to  make  something   happen.   You   are   holding   feelings   inside   that   are   bursting   to   get   out   -­‐   feelings   that   guilt   has   told   you   you’re   not   supposed   to   feel.  by  better  understanding  their   reality.  privately   and  safely.   learn.   Listen   rather   than   speak.   then   the   guilt   that   is   causing   the   denial   must   be   ad-­‐ dressed.   Don’t   stretch   yourself   in   all   directions   to   please   or   get  ahead.   but   you   do   need   to   feel   and   accept   this   natural   emotion.   Do  not  a llow   others  to  affect  your  d ecisions.   and   to   UN-­‐learn   some   of   the   things   you   thought   you   “knew”.   you   could   lose   the   sensitive   balance   it   has   taken   you   so   long   to   achieve.   willing   to   experiment   with   new   ideas.   But   you   ARE   feeling   them.   Communication  is  emphasized  -­‐  how  we  hold  words   back   to   prevent   personal   involvement.   Appre-­‐ ciate  them.       May   13   -­‐   Leap   Year:   Slow   yourself   down.  It  is  knowledge.  Be   patient.   and   how   we   form   opinions   without   studying  the  facts.   You   don’t   have   to   act   them   out.  Be  clear  about  what  you  hope  to  achieve   and  respect  the  hopes  of  others.  Relax.   Take   it   slowly   and   don’t   force   anything.   You   may   instantly   deny   this  -­‐  until  you  consider  that  hate  evolves  out  of  an-­‐ ger  that   is  not  allowed  to   move.   willing   to   experiment   with   new   ideas.   Listen.   The   closer   you   get   to   a   breakthrough.   This   cycle   reveals   certain   prejudices   (pre-­‐ judgments)   that   you   may   be   holding   inside.       May   13:   You   are   experiencing   intense   feelings.     May   15:   The   needs   or   circumstances   of   others   may   eclipse  your  own  but.   Look   realistically   at   what   you’ve  already  got.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     29   seek   the   truth   rather   than   merely   repeat   what   you   have  h eard.       May  14:   Do  not  judge  an  idea  before  you  are   more   aware   of   its   possibilities.  You  are  now   dealing   with  future  possibilities.   and   ac-­‐ cept  it  with  grace  and  gratitude.   the   more   confined   .

  make   careful   preparations   and   new   connections.30     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   or  ineffective  you  may  feel.   and   how  genu-­‐ ine   belief   in   yourself   has   a   way   of   smoothing   the   bumpiest  roads.  can  bring  the  rewards  of   partnership   and   the   merging   of   ideas.  but  change  can  happen  gradually.   Your  o wn   star  is  burning  brightly  and  has  no  need  to  outshine   anyone  else’s.  Let   yourself   adjust   to   the   change   of   atmosphere   that   recently   swept   through   your   life.  The  f eelings  involved   are   those   you   have   judged   to   be   unloving   or   ‘nega-­‐ tive’   -­‐   the   ones   you’ve   been   holding   IN   instead   of   expressing   OUT.   The   impor-­‐ tance   of   how   you   express   yourself   cannot   be   over-­‐ stated.   You   do   not   want   to   be   judged   any   more  than  others   want  you  to  judge  them.  Your  feelings   must   be   felt.  As  this   slow   cycle   proceeds.  but   more  time  is  needed   before  you  can  feel  t ruly  comfortable  again.   look  and  listen.  and  this  inner  struggle  is  making  your   life  heavier  than   it  n eeds  to  be.  How  relaxed  are  you   with  other   people?   Not  how   relaxed  are  you  able  to  appear.   notice   how   you   are   pushing   one   way   while   the   road   itself   has   changed  direction.  All  you  have  to  do  is  BE  yourself.  Don’t  assume  any-­‐ thing   right  now.     May  24:  Confidence   cannot  be  faked.   Use   words   that   heal.   no   matter   what   their   form.   and   this   inner   struggle   is   making   your   life   heavier  than  it  n eeds  to  be.   no   matter   what  their  form.   Now   is   the   time   to   release   these   natural  emotions.       May   19:   You   have   been   experiencing   your   own   ex-­‐ tremes   just   lately.   and   cause   you   to   turn  a  blind  eye.   “less   is   more”   in   this   cycle.  or  an  unfeeling  heart  to   a  very  real  situation.       May  25:  All  that  stands  between  you  and  your  'right   place'   in   this   chaotic   world   is   lack   of   experience!   If   you   feel   unable   to   make   a   change.   if   felt  at  the  emotional  level.   But   oh   how   stifling   ‘normal’   can   be!   Fear   of   your   emo-­‐ tions   can   stop   you   facing   the   truth.  and  enthusiasm  as  you  change   course  and  re-­‐ lease   yourself   from   an   aspect   of   the   past.   and   you   must   try   to   bring   yourself   back  to  a  more  balanced  position.   you   fight   with   yourself.  now  that  your  conscious  mind   has  been  stretched  to  new  p roportions.  but   how  do  you  a ctually  feel  around  others?       Week  21     May  21  -­‐  27   Leap  Year:  May  20  -­‐  26   When   you   fight   off   your   feelings.   and   notice   the   power   that   arises   when   two   seemingly   opposing   ideas   are   combined.   Notice   the   unnecessary   pressure   created   by  comparing   yourself   to   others   while   ignoring   how   much   you   have   pro-­‐ gressed  independently.   It’s  not  easy  trying  to  build  a  sat-­‐ isfying   future   while   matters   of   the   past   invade   the   present.   You   still   don’t   have   or   understand   all   the   facts.  However.  The  feelings  involved  are   those  you  have  judged  to  be  unloving  or  ‘negative’  -­‐   the  ones  you’ve  been  holding  IN  instead  of  express-­‐ ing   OUT.   Now   is   the   time   to   release   these   natural   emotions.   safely  and  privately.       May   21:   This   cycle   highlights   the   beauty   of   friend-­‐ ship   and   peaceful   acceptance.   not   demands.       May   23:   A   relationship   contains   potential   which.  Remember:   “a  bend   in  the  road   is   not   the   end   of   the   road   -­‐   unless   you   fail   to   turn.   Doing  nothing  is  not  an  option.   not   hurt.   but  ‘keeping   up   appearances’  is   an  impossi-­‐ ble  a ct  to   maintain.   Something   must   end   and   you   are   feeling   more   sensitive   than   usual.   Don’t   rush.   Stop  trying   to  compete.   But  don’t   give  up.  Notice  a  part  of  you  that  is  contrived  or  ‘in   denial’  and  wake  it  up  to  reality!  Or  perhaps  life  will   find  a  way  to  do  it  for  you.     May   18:   When   it   comes   to   communication.   cooperate.   As   you   evolve.”   We   often   think   of   change   as   an   abrupt   reversal   of   what  is.     May  20:  You  may  be  stuck  in  a  situation  you  think  is   normal   and.   expressed   and   accepted.   in-­‐ sight.  but  you  must   .  there  can  b e   no   going   back   to   what   you   are   leaving   behind.  Your   insecuri-­‐ ties   must   eventually   seep   through.   Make   requests.   Real   confidence   inspires.   should   not   be   changed.   Treat   oth-­‐ ers   as   equals   no   matter   what   sort   of   hierarchy   is   in   place..   Notice   how   peer-­‐pressure   (keeping   up   appearances)   makes   achieving   a   goal   -­‐   and   day-­‐to-­‐day   life   -­‐   so   much   harder.   therefore.       May  22:   When  you  fight  off  your  feelings.  safely  and  privately.   remember   that   you   do   have   choices.  a  deaf  ear.     May   26:   Realism   is   the   theme.   No   matter   how   scattered   you   feel.  too.   it   is   natural   to   wonder   if   you   are   doing   the   right  thing.  you  fight   with  yourself.   How   do   you   want   the   new   chapter   to   begin?   Be   aware  of  your   capabilities  and  visualize  -­‐   conceptual-­‐ ize  -­‐  how  you   can  best  put  them  to  use.   expressed   and   accepted.   Your  f eelings  must  b e   felt.   You   are  freer  than  you   realize.  Be  pa-­‐ tient  with  the  d etails  -­‐  with  others  -­‐  and  yourself.   An  old   chapter  of  your  life  is   ending..  Do  not  take  on  too  much  or  go  overboard  to   make   a   point.     May   20   -­‐   Leap   Year:   This   cycle   offers   courage.

  Your  options  a re  more  numerous  than  you  think.   Relax.   or   set   the   pace.   Discomfort   between   certain   people   is   a   clear   indication   that   change   is   needed.   disagree   with.   Therefore.   or   believing   that   “appearance”   is   all   that   matters.         May   27  -­‐   Leap   Year:   Don’t   make   assumptions   before   you   have   all   the   facts.           .       Week  22     May  28  -­‐  June  3   Leap  Year:  May  27  -­‐  June  2   Don't   discard   a   good   idea   just   because   it’s   not   hap-­‐ pening   immediately.  This  may  feel  ex-­‐ citing.    But  do  not  use  your  ‘not  knowing’  as  an  ex-­‐ cuse   to   stay   uninformed.       May   31:   Don't   discard   a   good   idea   just   because   it’s   not   happening   immediately.   The   truth   is   that   you   are   the   only   one   that   you   can   rely   on.   Judging   by   appearances.  You  are  deal-­‐ ing   with   true   feelings   -­‐   which   may   come   as   quite   a   surprise.   Take   an   independent   approach   to   ensure   accuracy.   Recent   events   reflect   only   pieces   of   a   much   larger   picture.   a   negative   response   from   a   particular  person  should  not  come  as  too  much  of  a   shock.   Quantity   can   be   burdensome.  There   is   no   need   to   be   so   defensive   now.  This  may  feel  ex-­‐ citing.   Patience   and   diplomacy   are   your  greatest  strengths  now.   Your   mind   is   being   stretched  by  the  new  and  untried.   Something   unproductive   must   end   before   anything   worthwhile   can  begin.   Communicate   openly   and   encourage   others   to   do   the   same.   Your   mind   is   being   stretched  by  the  new  and  untried.   Who   and   what   have   you   been   taking   for   granted?   If   you   are   not   aware   of   their   value.   issue   ultimatums.  This  may  feel  ex-­‐ citing.  Take   everything   in  your   stride  and  f ind  a  balance  b etween   wanting  too  much   and   settling   for   too   little.       May  30:  Don’t  be  afraid  to  hold  back  until  you  have  a   more   detailed   view   of   things   -­‐   or   to   say   “I   don’t   know”.   but   don’t   allow   anyone   to   lay   down   the   law.   Relax.   Information   is   available.   are   major   lessons   here.   Good  ideas  and  good  news  often  fall  victim  to  igno-­‐ rant   minds.   you   cannot   appreciate   them   -­‐   giving   rise   to   the   saying:   “you  don’t  know   what   you’ve  got  ‘til  it’s  gone.   Good  ideas  and  good  news  often  fall  victim  to  igno-­‐ rant   minds.   Patience   and   d iplomacy   are  your  greatest  strengths  now.   Think   long-­‐term.  Take  everything   in   your  stride  and  find  a  balance  between   wanting  too   much   and   settling   for   too   little.   Take   an   independent   approach   to   ensure   accuracy.     June   2:  Don’t   b e   afraid   to   hold   back   until   you   have   a   more   detailed   view   of   things   -­‐   or   to   say   “I   don’t   know”.     May   29:   You   may   be   shocked   to   know   how   much   you   depend   on   others   for   your   everyday   wellbeing.  or   it   could  feel  like  a  mental  overload.   so  choose  quality  instead.   Look   beneath   surface   appearances.”     This   cycle   reveals   a   stubborn   streak   and   involves   an   ad-­‐ justment  to  the  way  you  communicate.   Trying   to   hide   your   fears   of   rejection   and   failure   cannot   make   them   go   away.   revitalize.   Relax.   Therefore.   you  will  be  unable  to  put  things  right.  This   is   a   time   to   relax.   Your  options  a re  more  numerous  than  you  think.   expose   or   upstage   you.   Who   and   what   have   you   been   taking   for   granted?   If   you   are   not   aware   of   their   value.   The   truth   is   that   you   are   the   only   one   that   you   can   rely   on.    But  do  not  use  your  ‘not  knowing’  as  an  ex-­‐ cuse   to   stay   uninformed.   But   don’t  believe  everything  you  hear  or  see.   Patience   and   d iplomacy   are  your  greatest  strengths  now.  Be   yourself   and   let   others   b e  who   they   are.   Your  options  a re  more  numerous  than  you  think.  If  you  cannot  admit  where  things  went  wrong.   Pretending  they  don’t  exist  is  exhausting  you.   Information   is   available.   a   negative   response   from   a   particular  person  should  not  come  as  too  much  of  a   shock.       June   3:   Don't   discard   a   good   idea   just   because   it’s   not   happening   immediately.   Devise   a   plan   of   action.  or   it   could  feel  like  a  mental  overload.       May   28:   The   theme   is   lightening   the   load   and   simpli-­‐ fying  those  overly  complicated  areas  of  your  life.   Seek   more   information.       May  27:  Your  resistance  is  visible.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     31   exercise   patience   and   caution   in   the   action   you   do   take.”  This   cycle   reveals   a   stubborn   streak   and   involves   an   ad-­‐ justment  to  the  way  you  communicate.   Stand   back   and   carefully   assess   your   position.  We  are  so   easily  led  by  h earsay  and  m isinformation.  as  if  you’re  block-­‐ ing   out   anyone   who   could   distract.  or   it   could  feel  like  a  mental  overload.   and   heal.   you   cannot   appreciate   them   -­‐   giving   rise   to   the   saying:   “you  don’t   k now  what  you’ve   got   ‘til   it’s   gone.  Take  everything   in   your  stride  and  find  a  balance  between   wanting  too   much   and   settling   for   too   little.   Your   mind   is   being   stretched  by  the  new  and  untried.       June   1:   You  may   be   shocked   to   know   how  much   you   depend   on   others   for   your   everyday   wellbeing.

        June  3  -­‐  Leap  Year  -­‐   You  n eed  to   get  a  f eeling  or  sus-­‐ picion   off   your   chest.  detail  by  detail.   they   will   no   longer   place   such   extreme   pressure   on   you.   Are   you   denying   your   true   feelings?   Are  you  using  o r  losing  your  Free  Will?     7  can   make  you  think  the   worst  of  a   situation  -­‐  the   purpose   of   which   is   to   help   you   build   faith   in   your-­‐ self.  from  this  point  of  view.  even   the   best   laid   plans   may   need   to   be   changed   to   suit   changing  realities.   be   aware   that   the   hard   work   and  clutter  involved  may  be  more  mental  and   emo-­‐ tional  than  physical  or  material.   But   once   your   fears   are   expressed.   understand   your   op-­‐ tions.   exerting   effort   to   build   a   new   reality.   Concentrate   on   a   realistic   outcome.   we  cannot  see  beyond   our  so-­‐called  problems  and.   But   once   your   fears   are   expressed.   (we   all   have   limits).  June  offers  breakthrough  -­‐  not  breakdown  -­‐   and  the  precious  insight  of  what  it  will  take  to  build   the  reality  you  want.         .  detours.   Robert  Sheckley     If   you   sense   that   you   are   boxed   in   and   that   one   problem   only   seems   to   compound   the   next.   stretching  yourself  beyond  your  lim-­‐ its..   allow   someone   else   into   your   private   world.     This   month’s   events   are   also   pointing   out   that   your   plans   must   be   put   into   action   systematically.  Be  aware  of   how   your   own   stubbornness   may   have   contributed   to   the   problem.   and   stop   strug-­‐ gling  a gainst  a  situation  over   which  you  have  no  con-­‐ trol.  Visualize   and   feel   the   results   you  want.  However.   sorting.  which  means  that   you  already  have  the  answer  but  are   refusing  to  ac-­‐ cept  it.   On   top   of   this.   mental   or   physical   limits..  Stop  beat-­‐ ing   yourself   up   over   a   past  event   or   ‘mistake’.   June   places   obsta-­‐ cles   on   your   path.   you  will  b e   clearing  a  path  which   will  make  a  particu-­‐ lar   goal   much   easier   to   reach..   You   have   learned   a   lot   from   the   past.  along   with  delays.   one   step   at   a   time.     Feelings  of  restriction.  It  was   just  a  road  you  had  to  travel  to  get  where  you  want   to  be.   Approach   matters   with   the   de-­‐ termination  to  do   what  needs  to  b e  done.  For  a  moment  the   orderly  universe  is  disarranged   and  the  fabric  of  belief  is  ripped.   relief   can   be   experienced.   analyzing   and   prioritizing.  and  in   life.   Your  willing   a cceptance   of   what   ’is’   will   push   those   limits   away   from   you.  and  to  help   you   realize   that   you   are   not   as   limited   as   you   thought.   can   create  a  tendency  to  overanalyze.   But  t he  moment  passes….  doubt   his  very  existence.   Although   they   will   still   be   there.   Then   you   will   see  where  your  n ext  step  lays.   Openness   will  dislodge  the  d eadlock   that  has  been  weighing  you  down  and  blocking  your   imagination   -­‐   and   you   will   know   who   your   friends   are.     June   may   bring   you   to   what   you   believe   are   your   emotional.32     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   JUN E     Everyone  sees  one  or  two  t hings  in   his  life  that  make  him  doubt  his   normality.   Face   the   facts   you   have   been   avoiding.   and   being   unsure   of   what   you   want   to   build   in   the   first   place.   Hard   work   now   will   pay   off   later.   cancellations.   relief   can   be   experienced.     So.     The   restrictive   nature   of   June   in   the   7   year.   there   is   no   hope.   When   you   have   squarely   faced   the   facts   about   yourself   and   certain   others   in   your   life.  between  thinking  the   worst.  Life  is  trying  to  help   you  build  a  solid  base  for  your  future..  being   confronted   with  obstacles.   or   actions   may   be   compounding   the   problem.   Instead   of   hiding   your   present   reality.  then  you   can   regain   your   confidence.   However.   They   may   not   hold   the   solution..   Your   present   lim-­‐ its   a re   being  caused   by   an  inner   fight   you   are   having   with   reality   -­‐   including   the   reality   of   what   you   are   feeling.   but   now   you  must  have  faith  in  the  future!         Week  23     June  4  -­‐  10   Leap  Year:    June  3  -­‐  9   You   need   to   get   a   feeling   or   suspicion   off   your   chest.   The  situation  seems   'strange'  and  may  involve  a   real-­‐ ity  that  you’re  trying  to  protect  -­‐  or  protect  yourself   from.  loneliness  and  vulnerability   may  arise.   beliefs.   until  you  understand  its  healing  purpose.  Be   a ware   of   how   your   thoughts.   The   situation   seems   'strange'   and   may   involve   a   reality   that   you’re   trying   to   pro-­‐ tect   -­‐   or   protect   yourself   from.   the   purpose   of   which   is   to   bring   you  to  what  you  believe  are  your  limits.   The   answer   is   to  accept  your  situation  exactly  as  it  is.   Without  faith..  Sort  it  all  out.   do   not   deny   how   this   is   making   you   feel..     By   organizing.   Openness   will   dislodge   the   deadlock   that   has   been   weighing   you   down   and   blocking   your   imagination   -­‐   and   you   will  know  who  your  friends  are.   you  will   experience  a  strong  and  comforting  sense  of   accomplishment.   you  can  see  why  June  in  the  7  year  seems  tough  .   but   sharing   your   dilemma   can   give   you   a   new   perspec-­‐ tive..   Only  then  can   you   expand   your   belief   in   yourself.   decide   to   take   things   easier.   and   tedious   details.  doubt  his  sanity.

  but   what   caused   it   -­‐   and   how   things   are  likely  to  turn  out  if  you  proceed  in  the  same  old   way.   Be   aware  of  what  you  already  have  -­‐  what  you  have  to   work   with  -­‐  your   resources.   Certain   emotions   have   been   h eld   back   for   so  long   that   they   now   n eed   extra   attention.   but   it   is   creating   unnecessary   friction.   In   this  case.  crumble.   You   are   developing   the   power   of   determina-­‐ tion.   If   this   union   is   to   succeed.     June   11:   A   tipping   point   has   been   reached.   This   cannot   work   to   anyone’s   advantage   and   needs   to   stop.   your   physical   body   cannot   function   as   it   needs   to.   someone   (you   or   someone  else)  may  be  trying  to  please  or  cooperate   to  the   extent  that  their  o wn  n eeds  are   going  unsatis-­‐ fied.  The  t ide   is  turning.       June   5:   As   one   situation   ends.   To  ignore   reality   is   ignorance.   brought   about   by   old   beliefs   or   outdated   intentions.   but   what   really   matters   is   where   you   focus   this  energy.   and   if   you   see   yourself   as   others   see   you.   Your   sense   of   belonging   is   effected   and   may   involve   an   uneasy   feeling   about   loyalty   and   love.   how.  al-­‐ though   it   may   not   be   perfect.           .  develop-­‐ ing   confidence.       June  8:  You  can  now  complete  an  important  part  of   the   creative   process.   However.  losing  control  does  not  mean  losing  out.  not  against  it.   The  purpose  of  this   cycle   is   to   help   you   intelligently   assess   where.   If   you   cannot   feel.  blame  or  retaliation.   and   do   not   allow   your-­‐ self   to   be   overpowered   by   anything.   and   if   you   cannot   think.   and   with  whom  to  p roceed.  but  what  caused   it  -­‐  and  how   things   are   likely   to   turn   out   if   you   proceed   in   the   same  old  way.  This   is  a  cycle  of  connection.   Balance   is   the   answer.       Week  24     June  11  -­‐  17   Leap  Year:  June  10  -­‐  16   Try   to   accept   your   entire   reality   -­‐   not   just   the   pre-­‐ sent   situation.   and   allow   that   defensive   wall   you’ve  built  to  soften.     June  10  -­‐  Leap   Year:   Don’t  suppress  the  feelings  that   this   cycle   t riggers.   but   the   fact   is   that   you   n eed   a   friendly   and   cooperative   base   from   which   to   operate.   Recognize   the   extremes   you   have   reached.   fuel   up   with   wisdom   and   encouragement.  dignity.     June   9:   Recognize   where   you   are   unprepared   or   in-­‐ experienced.   However.   it   can   certainly   grow   stronger  if  you  act  with  fairness.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     33   June  4:  The  emphasis   is  on  resourcefulness.               June   10:   You   must   find   a   way   to   live   freely   among   others   who  also  have  a   right  to  live  freely.   your   cooperation  o r  contribution  must  b e  genuine.   A   new   level   of   responsibility   is   de-­‐ veloping.   another   is   showing   signs   of   growth.   Make   adjustments   where   needed.   Your  current  situation  is  temporary:  a  short  pit-­‐stop   at   which   to   unclog   the   lines   of   communication.   another   opens.  Then  relax.   Keep   your   deepest   principles  in  m ind  if  things  do  not  go  as  d esired.  Then  relax.e.   and   seek   a   more   bal-­‐ anced   approach.  but  what  really  matters  is  where  you  focus  this   energy.   Your   f ear   of   losing  control   is   under-­‐ standable.  Swim  with   it.       June   12:   Try   to   accept   your   entire   reality   -­‐   not   just   the  present  situation.   and   changing   a   habit   or   routine   -­‐   permanently.   re-­‐ move   an   inner   blockage.   i.   along   with   a   growing   need   to   openly   ex-­‐ press   yourself.   to   feel   comfortable   or     share   a   responsibility   that   you   can-­‐ not   handle   alone.  On   a cting   in   a  way   that   has   no   ba-­‐ sis  for  success?  Or  on  finally  accepting  and  adapting   to  the  truth?  Accept  your   life  as   it   was  -­‐  and  how   it   has  changed.  and   intelli-­‐ gence.  You  may   be   tempted   to   brush   off   whoever   is   involved   as   ir-­‐ relevant.   you   will   soon   realize   the   value   of   what   you   have   to   offer  each  other.   It  could   b e   that   you   have   something   to   learn   in   a   roundabout   way.  On  acting  in  a  way  that  has  no  basis  for  suc-­‐ cess?   Or   on   finally   accepting   and   adapting   to   the   truth?   Accept   your   life   as   it   was   -­‐   and   how   it   has   changed.  knowledge  and   balance.   you   cannot   think   for   yourself.  It   means  finding  a   way  to   release  yourself  from  what-­‐ ever  is  controlling  you.  and  fall.   Be   honest   about   what   you   want   and   don’t  want  -­‐  and  what   is  possible  and  what   is  not.   and   you  cannot  allow  ignorance  (yours  or  anyone  else’s)   to   determine   the   course   of   your   life.   but   there   is   no   room   in   your   life   for   judgment.  and  try  to  accept  different  approaches   or   opinions  with  grace   and   patience.   as   one   door   closes.   feelings   of   instability   will   be   felt   until   you   recognize   this   pattern   for   yourself.     June  7:   This  cycle   enables  you  to  better  understand   your  position  within  a   relationship  or   group  and.   You  are  developing  the  power  of  de-­‐ termination.   Only   on   a   more   level   p laying   field  will   you  be  able  to  make  the  right  d ecisions.       June  6:  Stop  trying  to  control  things  because  certain   information  must  fall  into  place  before  you  can  know   what   to   do   next.

 Making  mistakes  is  often  the  only  -­‐  and  best   -­‐  way  to  learn.   love.       June   15:   Try   not   to   be   inflexible.   You   may   feel   uneasy   right   now.       June   17   -­‐   Leap   Year:   A   decision   you   are   about   to   make   will   place   you   on   a   long   road   on   which   there   can  be  no  turning  back!  So  decide   carefully.   but   you   really   must   give   yourself   more   time   and   privacy   to   think.   Only  by  looking  at  your   differences   from   each   other’s   perspectives   can   you   reach  a  position  of  peace  and  understanding.  People  a re  who  they  are!             .  Courage  may  well  be  the  antidote  to  fear.   Do   not   render   your-­‐ self  helpless  by  giving  the  impression  that  you  don't   need  or   want  help.   and   by   measuring   our   “worth”   by   how   able   we  are  to  keep  up   with  or   surpass  others.   belief   or   past   mistake.   Feel   the   connection   between   your   feelings   of   sadness   and   your   feelings   of   joy   and   how   both   are   being   triggered   by   an   em-­‐ powering  sense  of  independence.  gratitude.   self   acceptance.   Let   this   happen   p rivately   -­‐   at  least   until   you   are  sure   of  what  your  true  feelings  are.   There   is   a   gap   between   you   and   someone   else  which   may   b e     very   hard   to   heal   b ecause  it   con-­‐ tains   every   unexpressed   feeling   you   ever   had   for   each  other.   and   that   you   alone   are   responsible   for   your   actions   and   wellbeing.   guilt   steps   in   and   makes   our   lives   miser-­‐ able.  This   is  a  chance  to  take  the  pressure  off  your-­‐ self   and   others.   will   reveal   your   next   step.  and  re-­‐ member   that   this   has   to   be   your   decision   -­‐   your   choice   -­‐   because   this   is  your   life.   The  desire  to  heal  this   rift   must  be  mu-­‐ tual.       June  19:  You  are  realizing  how  narrow  your  point  of   view   has   been!  Many   feelings   n eed   to   b e  expressed.   Embrace  those  mo-­‐ ments  of  joy.   or   paranoid.  And   then.   and   you  must  be  open  to   receive   it.  They  may   come  as  a   shock.   But   do   remember   that   your   decisions  a re  your  responsibility.  intellectually.   and   your   true   feelings   about   what   you   want.   and   replace   it   with   Free   Will.  and  optimism.  And  accurate  intelligence  is  of-­‐ ten   a   matter   of   fear   listened   to.   healing   and   hope.   It   is   time   to   shed   some   of   that   heaviness   and   excess   baggage.   Let   those   pent-­‐up   emotions   out.   and   what   stands   be-­‐ tween  it   and   you.  and  renewed  belief  in  your-­‐ self   -­‐   the  chemistry   of  which.  This  is   a  chance  to  experience  the  power  that  comes  when   you   stop   pre-­‐judging   outcomes   and   start   creating   the  outcome  you  want.   Cour-­‐ age  is  fear  accepted.   Do   not   take   an   extreme   position   because   it   is   impossible   to   see   the   whole   picture   through  a  tightly  held  view.  Advice  is  available  and  you  would   do   well   to   listen   to   it.  Your  feelings  must  be  allowed  to  surface  safely   if   you   are   to   release   yourselves   from   this   unneces-­‐ sary  pressure.   Remember   that   your   life   belongs   to   you.       June   20:   This   cycle   emphasizes   beauty.   and   notice   the   long-­‐term   implications   and   potentials   of   your   situation.  as  you  begin  to  free   yourself   from   a   long   keeping-­‐up-­‐appearances   and/or   trying-­‐to-­‐please-­‐everyone  phase  of  your  life.   unreasonable.  when   the   time   is   right.   a   decision   will   have   to   be  made.   On   this   basis.   constructive   ideas.     June   17:   This   is   a   chance   to   release   yourself   from   a   burden.   and   you   need   to   be   honest   about   your   feelings.     June   14:   The   emphasis   is   on   responsibility.   The   purpose   of   power   is   not  to  overpower  or  control.   understood.   and   with  the  pace  of  developments.   or   ignored.   hope.   but   remember   that   courage   is   not   fear   denied.   and   acted  upon.   Let   yourself  experience   those   sim-­‐ ple   pleasures   which   can   seem   so   impractical   when   dealing   with   extreme   situations.   not   blown   out   of   proportion.   Remember:   free-­‐ dom  is  the  fuel  of  an  evolving  creative  life  and  must   not  be  curtailed  emotionally.   study.   So   be   patient   with   yourself   and   others.       June  18:  Hurt  pride  is  a  form  of  pain  that  needs  to  be   healed.   privately   and   safely.   belittled.   when   we   cannot   live   up   to   these   impossible   standards.34     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   June   13:   You   need   to   simplify   matters   and   lighten   your   load.  or  physi-­‐ cally.   Do   not   rush.   and  strengthen   your  confidence   and   dignity.       June   16:   The   powers   of   discretion   and   right   timing   can   help   you   turn   a   'weak'   position   into   one   of   strength.   Do   not   let   guilt   (or   the   fear   that  guilt   hides   b ehind)   throw   you   off  course   by   questioning   your   right   to   personal   fulfillment.  but  to  empower.                   Week  25     June  18  -­‐  24   Leap  Year:    June  17  -­‐  23   Many  of  our  problems  are  caused  by  the  need  to  be   “perfect”.   Information   is   available.   your   sense   of   identity.

  and  strengthen   your  confidence   and  dignity.   It   is   not   a   matter   of   denying   or   holding   back   these   fears.  You  really  must  feel  them.     June   29   -­‐   A   change   is   needed   in   the   way   you   com-­‐ municate.   This   is   a   chance   to   take   the   pressure   off   yourself   and   others.   and   by   m easuring   our   “worth”   by  how  able  we  are  to  keep  up  with  or  surpass  oth-­‐ ers.     June  22:  Fear  of  failure  may  be  distorting  your  view.   until   you   let   go   of   an   outdated   perspective.   It   is   time   to   soften   your   heart   so   that   love   and   creativity   can   flow   more   freely.   Try   to   see   yourself   through   the   eyes   of   others.  Even   if  you  know  your  version  of   the  facts  is  right.   we   are   all   searching.  Do   not   act  impulsively  because.   There   is   a   simpler   way   to   get   your   point   across  -­‐  or  perhaps  your  point  has  become  dull  and   needs   to   be   sharpened   or   revitalized!   All   of   this   is   producing   a  change   in   the  way   you   see   yourself   and.  don’t  compete.   You   have   more   options   than   you   thought.  You   are   not   the   person   you   used   to   be   -­‐   and   neither   is   someone  else.   gossip   or   “ap-­‐ pearance”.   inadequacy.  These  are  old  feel-­‐ ings  which  could  never  find  a  way  out  of  your  body   before  because  you  never  had  acceptance  for  them.  and  could  be  preventing  you  from  openly   expressing   yourself.  your  success.       June   26:   You   already   know     how   deceiving   appear-­‐ ances  can  be.   This   cycle   offers   great  insight  into  your  future  happiness  and  security.  Making  mistakes  is  often  the  only  -­‐  and   best  -­‐  way  to  learn.   to   a   more   useful   level.  and  make  sure  you  express   your  needs  clearly.   reputation   or   good   nature   could   be   in-­‐ fringed  upon.   This   cycle   emphasizes   the   power   of   teamwork.   Remember   previous   encounters   you   had   with   hearsay.   or   have.   Be  prepared  to  learn   new   things   -­‐   or   to   bring   what   you   already   know.  Be  your-­‐ self.  you  want  to  get   things  right  this  time.  And  then.       .    Let  your  h eart  do  the  talking….  but  this  is  still   a  chance  to  set  your  sights  in  a  new  direction  and  get   closer  to  something  you  want.     June   28:   There  is   a   serious   tone   to   this   cycle.  and  we  are  all  learning  from  our  m istakes.   The   outcome   is   not   set   in   stone   and.   and  is   giving  old  hurt  feelings  a  chance  to  heal.   Take   responsibility   for   your   own   wellbeing.  is  you.     June  24:  Conditions  may  not  be  ideal.  deep  down.  so  catch  yourself  believing  something   without   checking   its   accuracy.   and   the   b egin-­‐ ning  of  the  “doing-­‐something-­‐about-­‐it”  stage.   Notice   how   this   person   has   changed   over   the   course   of   time.   Feelings   of   loss.       Week  26     June  25  -­‐  July  1   Leap  Year:    June  24  -­‐  30   Do  not  waste  any  more  t ime  on  guilt  and  b lame.  instead  of  making  the  same  o ld   mistakes.   frustration.       June   24   -­‐   Leap   Year:   You   are   now   dealing   with   the   limitations  of  your  own  belief  system  -­‐  an  experience   that   will   help   you   open   your   mind   and   widen   your   viewpoint.   your   “rights”.  Give  cooperation  where  it   is  needed.   The  release  of  this  old  emotional  charge  will  lead  to   real   and   meaningful   progress.   We   are   all   in   the   process   of   waking   up   to   reality.     June  27:   Don’t  a llow  yourself  to  b e  d istracted  from  a   matter   that  can   no   longer   b e   ignored.  Do  not   take   things   too   p ersonally   or  let   the   p roblems   or   b e-­‐ haviors   of   others   overwhelm   you.   guilt  steps  in  and  makes  our  lives   miserable.       June   23:   An   outdated   judgment   may   be   blocking   your  true  feelings  about  someone  to  whom  you  are   connected.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     35   June   21:   Many   of   our   problems   are   caused   by   the   need   to   b e   “perfect”.   or   resentment   are   a   reflection   of   how   much   you   have  been  resisting  this  tense  but  vital  expansion  of   your  consciousness.   You   may  even   see  b eauty  in  something  you  once  thought   was  u gly.   that’s   just   life’s   way   of   reminding   you   that   the   only   person   responsible   for   your   ac-­‐ tions.   as   you   make   an   effort   to   turn   things  around.   Just   accept   what   is   wrong   and   look   for   ways   to   put   it   right.   If   you’ve   been   feeling   cut   off   or   lonely.  you  will  b enefit  from  understanding   why  other  p eople  believe  as  they  do.  Devise  a  plan.   You   are   advised   to   write   important   things   down   as   your   memory   is   currently   working  overtime.  Be   genuine.  Notice  how  powerful  and  sooth-­‐ ing  the  word  ‘sorry’  can  b e.   when  we   cannot  live  up  to  these   im-­‐ possible  standards.   Do   not   expect   to   immediately   find   the   answers.   Ask   for   the  cooperation  you  need.  The  pressure  you  have  been  under  needs   to   be   alleviated   by   finally   recognizing   what   you   are   feeling   and   letting   it   out.  and  your  happiness.  Get  into  a  more  adventurous  frame  of   mind  and  take  a  chance  or  two.   and   notice   where   you   are   still   buying   in   to   a   false   belief.   and   discard   ideas   that   could   lead   to   self-­‐ sabotage.   Equal   acceptance   for   your   masculine   and   feminine   energies   (mind   and   emotion)  is  essential  now.       June  25:  Notice  how  the  big  picture  changes  in  rela-­‐ tion   to   how   the   smaller   details   are   dealt   with.  You   are   at   the   end   of   the   “coming-­‐to-­‐a-­‐head”  stage.

  You   know   that   a   certain   goal   is   not   going   to   happen   overnight.   Magic   requires   your   fo-­‐ cused   emotional.   know   what   you   want   to   change   -­‐   and   into   what?  You  will  certainly  want  to  create  a  new  situa-­‐ tion   that   is   more   acceptable   and   fulfilling   than   the   current  one.   design   or   pattern   -­‐   and   don’t   be   hard   on   yourself   if   things   don’t   go   exactly   as   desired.     You   cannot   move   forward   until   you   let   go   of   something   to   which   you   are   clinging.  In   fact.  you  would   be   wise   to   do   it   now   so   that   a   turn   of   events   has   some   space   in  which   to   materialize   comfortably.   This   is  a  good  beginning.  and  the   more  easily  you  will  be  able  to  “assess”  each  fear  -­‐  to   know   the   difference   between   vital   information   and   mere   distraction   -­‐   to   know  what   n eeds   to   b e   feared.  the  more  able  you  will  be  to  maneuver  your   way  through  this  strange  but  exciting   cycle.   Do  not  allow  yourself   to   be   distracted   from   your   own   feelings.   Think.   Stay   fo-­‐ cused.  You  have  more  options  than  you  thought.   but   a   necessity.   and   that   is   how   it   must   be   until  greater  experience  is  gained.   But   it   can   happen   by   magic   -­‐   if   you   are   willing   to   give   magic   the   time.  Allow  yourself  to  make  mis-­‐ takes   so   that   you   can   learn   what   works   and   what   doesn’t.     The  keys  to  magic  are  balance  and  your  complete   presence   in   the   situation.   Those   habits   and   routines   you   stick   to   each   day   are   the   rut   you   are   stuck   in   -­‐   and   a   measure   of   just   how   much   you   are   resisting   and   denying   the  inevitability   of   change!   Step   out   of   that   rut   and   experience   your   life   in   a   state   of   freedom!     Plan   to   do   different   things   or   to   do  things  differently.  Just  accept   what  is  wrong  and  look  for   ways   to  put  it  right.   reputation   or   good   nature   could   be   infringed   upon.  Figure  out   what  you   will  have  to  do  to   make   it   happen.   Put   your   pride   aside  and  be  adaptable.   Feel.36     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   June   30:   Do   not   waste   any   more   time   on   guilt   and   blame.   Stay   present.     Here  you  are  in  this  uncharted  t erritory  called  real-­‐ ity   where   nothing   and   no   one   can   be   taken   for   granted.   o r  what   pace  you’re  operating  at.   We   only   get   stuck   in   fear  when   we   resist  what   it   is   trying  to  tell  us.   we  are  all   searching.  you  are   learning  the  basics  of  magic  in   slow   motion   right   now.  Yes.   In   order   to   receive   the   messages   as   they   come   to   you   this   month.   And   some   sweet   relief   needs   to   be   felt.   Therefore.   space   and   focus   it   needs  in  order  to  work!     First.  and   start   to   create   a   new   reality   for   yourself   -­‐   by   your   own  d esign  -­‐  your  o wn  p lan.   and   evolved   into   a   new   way   of   living   that   makes  things  e asier.   until   you  let  go  of  an  outdated  perspective.  Some   eyes  n eed  to  look  at  life  through  less   clouded  lenses.   Carefully   craft   a   step-­‐by-­‐step   plan.   Get  into  a  more  adventurous  frame  of  mind  and  take   a  chance  o r  t wo.  Rather  than   getting  stuck  in  fear.   Frances  Hodgson  Burnett     A   significant   change   will   occur   this   month.  t hen  t hey  see  it  can  be  done   -­‐  then  it  is  done  and  all  the  world  wonders   why  it  was  not  done  centuries  ago.   the  more   you   accept   what   you   are   t ruly   feeling.  Think  things  out  carefully  and  practically.   savored.  There  is  a  simpler  way  to  get  your  point  across   -­‐   or   perhaps   your   point   has   become   dull   and   needs   to  be  sharpened  or   revitalized!  All  of  this   is  produc-­‐ ing   a   change   in   the   way   you   see   yourself   and.   intellectual   and   physical   involve-­‐ ment.   We   believe   we   are   loving   be-­‐ cause   we   are   able   to   love   our   nearest   and   dearest.  your  “rights”.   let  it  be  the  guide  it  is  m eant  to  b e  in  this  instance.   Some   hearts   must   be   soothed.   shared.  Take  responsibility  for  your  own  well-­‐ being.  and  not   in   a   superficial   way.         Week  27     July  2  -­‐  8   Leap  Year:    July  1  -­‐  7   Life   is   slowing   you   down   to   the   very   extent   it   will   take  for  you  to  look  at  and  a ccept  reality.   Sense.  Some  rules   must   be   relaxed.  or   when   we  allow  others  to  pull  us   along  by  our   emotional  strings.  you  n eed  a  clear  and  open  m ind.   and  what  does  not.  not  more  complicated.  then  they  begin  to  hope   it  can  be  done.       July  1  -­‐  Leap  Year:  The  emphasis  is  on  love.         July   1:   A   change   is   n eeded  in   the  way   you   communi-­‐ cate.  and  we  are  all  learning  from  our  m istakes.           JUL Y     At  first  people  refuse  t o  believe  t hat  a  strange   new  thing  can  be  done.   you   will   have  to  let  your   guard  down  -­‐  your  own  resistance  to   facing   reality   and   making   the   changes   you   need   to   make.  but  it  is  a  very   limited  use   .  That  feeling   which  is  so  frustratingly  holding   you   back   is   your   own   fear.  Do   not  expect  to  immediately  find  the  answers.  You  are  coming  very  close   to   a   wall   of   some   kind   and   a   change   of   direction   is   not   an   option.  We  are   all   in  the  process  of   waking  up  to   reality.   and   if   you  did  not  get  better  organized  in  June.     You   need   to   spend   plenty   of   time   in   the   moment   regardless   of   how   your   present  reality   feels.   It’s   perfectly   OK   to   feel   fear.   Some   lips  need  to  smile  spontaneously  again.

  from   now   on.   hopes.   This  does  not  mean  embracing  any-­‐ thing   you   believe   to   be   'wrong'.  but  this  can  only   be   achieved   by   accepting   people   and   situations   ex-­‐ actly  as  they  are.   home   o r   workplace.   an   intense   emotional   movement   can   provide   some   much  n eeded  clarity  -­‐  a  moment  of  truth.   h eart.     July   6:   The   feelings   you’ve   b een   holding   in   are   b eing   intensified  by  this  slow  and  uncertain  cycle  and  may   now  be  bursting  to  express  themselves.   but   on   terms  more  in  keeping   with   who  you  are  becoming.  Be  yourself  -­‐  as  you  are  now.     July  7:  The  more  pressure  you  are  feeling.  Not  all  rules   are   set   in   stone.  and  you  will   realize  that  the  details  or   duties   involved   are   not   as   daunting   as   they   once   seemed.   Pride   is   also   an   issue   since   you   do   not   want   to  explain   yourself.   Some   lips   need   to   smile   spontaneously   again.  Some   rules   must   be   relaxed.   Some   p eople   have   a   natural   live-­‐and-­‐let-­‐live   attitude   while   others   find   it   more   d ifficult   to   accept   d iversity.   Help   love   do   what   it   loves   to   do   -­‐   spread!     July  2:  Life  is  slowing  you  down  to  the  very  extent  it   will  take  for  you  to  look  at  and  accept  reality.  we  need  not  question  why  our  world   has  become  so  feelingless  and  loveless.   you   must   choose  what  is  right  for  your  overall  wellbeing.   adjusting   them   to   match   reality.   but   it   does   mean   accepting   its   existence   and   how   it   makes   you   feel.   savored.  Base  your   decisions  on  reality.  The  empha-­‐ sis  is  on  reputation.   but   an   unevolved   part   of   you   wants   to   do   what   you   believe   is   ‘expected’   of   you  for  fear  of  losing  approval  or  support.     July  9:   More  cooperation  is  needed.       July  8:  There  are  certain  rules  that  do  not  belong  in   the   life   of   an   evolving   soul.   Be   aware.     July  5:  You  may  feel  stretched  too  thin.   of  course.   loyalty   and   different   opinions.   You   may   think   you   are   losing   your   personal   power   but.   rather.   Some   eyes   need   to   look   at   life   through   less   clouded   lenses.  in  reality.   rather  than  who  you  were.  You   want  to   do  the  right  thing.  privately  and   safely.  relationships.   but   don’t   blow   things   out   of   proportion.   heart   and   mind   open.   and   know   why   you   are   making   the   choices   you   make.   This   does   not   necessarily   mean   abandoning  cer-­‐ tain   plans.  Letting  go  of   what   “could  have  been”  or  “no   longer   is”   will   create   a   starting   point   for   something   much  better.   Be   strong!   You   have   more  resources  than  you  think.   you  are  simply   gaining  awareness  of  how  powerless   and   imbalanced   humanity   has   allowed   itself   to   be-­‐ come   -­‐   by   giving   our   Free   Will   away   to   those   who   seek   to   control   everything.   not   more   compli-­‐ cated.  It’s  all  part  of  the   process   of   letting   go   of   old   beliefs   that   have   been   blocking   your   view   of   reality.  has  provided  a   way  forward.   it   is   seriously   so.   Your   life.   ears.   Now.   and   the   lives   of   those   around   you.   What   is   meant   to   stay   will   stay.  but  you  must  find  a  way  to  move   ahead  with  or  let  go  of  one  thing  without  jeopardiz-­‐ ing   another.   are   changing   -­‐   as   is   the   world   it-­‐ self.       July   3:   Today   emphasizes   power   on   the   material   plane  which  can  be  very  limited  or  dangerous  if  it  is   out   of   balance   -­‐   and.  not  wishful  thinking.  There   is  no  need  to  keep  up  appearances  or   put  on  an  act.  We   are   here   in   this   lifetime   to   restore   the   balance.  Once  you   discover   how   deceptive   and   debilitating   guilt   (un-­‐ worthiness)  can  be.   that   the   familiar   has   become  unfamiliar  and  a  little  cold.   and  evolved  into   a   n ew  way   of   living   that   makes   things   easier.  endings.   Make   your   choices   with   the   under-­‐ standing  that   where  you  are  now   is  the  result  of  pre-­‐ vious   choices   and   that.   Acceptance  of  reality  is  paramount  now.     July   4:   You   may   feel   like   you   don’t   belong.   or   ambitions   but.   no   matter   how  sympathetic  o r  hostile  others  appear.  emotions.   and   some   sweet   relief   needs   to   be   felt.   Your   thoughts   are  fragmented  b ecause  you  are  not  giving  your  feel-­‐ ings   enough   time   to   complete   themselves.   that   you’ve   outgrown   something.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     37   of   life’s   most   powerful   energy.  You  have   just  passed  through  a  storm   which  you  thought  had   knocked  you  off  course  but.     July   8   -­‐   Leap   Year:   Your   thoughts   and   feelings   are   constantly   changing.  you   will  no   longer   have   to   harm   o r   d eprive   yourself   for   the   sake   of  being  seen  as  normal  or  good.  and  find  a  way  to  unravel  your-­‐ self  from   it   without  d enying   its   existence.   Some   hearts   must   be   soothed.  or  that  your   options   are   too   limited.   shared.       Week  28     July  9  -­‐  15   Leap  Year:    July  8  -­‐  14   You   seem   less   inclined   to   take   things   at   face   value   and   more   determined   to   go   deeper   into   the   facts.  the  more   important   it   is  to   let  your  feelings   OUT.   Not   everything   is   changing.   They   are   never   the   same   for   long  enough  to  understand  what’s  really  going  on  in   your   head.   This   is   an   important   turning   point.   Keep   your   eyes.   Love   is   the   ultimate   feeling.   .  but  if   it  is  confined  to  little   clusters  of  fami-­‐ lies  and  groups.

  but   you   must   also   know   what   you   are   dealing   with.   and   what   you   could   be   capable   of   in   the   future.   and   where   change   is   needed.   Usually.   and   encourage  someone  else  to  do  the  same.       July   11:   You  seem   less   inclined   to   take   things   at   face   value   and   more   determined   to   go   deeper   into   the   facts.   Acceptance   of   reality   is   paramount   now.   empowering   it.   but  it   is  difficult  to  know  where  your  loyalties  lay  or  how  to   regain   control   of   something   that   seems   to   be   slip-­‐ ping   away.   and   then   evolves   into   rage   -­‐   and   then   hatred.   There   is   nothing   wrong   with   anger   unless   it   is   held   down   and   unable   to   move.   not   denial.     July   15   -­‐   Leap  Year:   If   your   freedom   of   movement   or   expression   is   compromised.   Remember:   you   cannot  change  anyone  but  yourself.   all   this   backed   up   emotion   finds   a   way   to   burst   out   aggressively   or.  and  how   little   can  be  achieved   when  power.   In   fact.   This   under-­‐ standing   will   give   you   more   influence   than   you   thought  you  had.  is  out  of  balance.  observe.   especially  an-­‐ ger.   privately   and   safely.  ex-­‐ panding   it.   When   anger   is   de-­‐ nied   like   this.38     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   Upholding   the   right   to   be   oneself   is   an   important   responsibility  for  all  of  us.  and  cooperate.   accepted.   This   cycle   has   much   to   teach   about   your   own   and   other  people’s  power.   and   a   breakthrough   in   terms   of   how   much   truth   you   are   able   to   handle.  but  you  must  find  a  way   to   move   ahead   with   or   let   go   of   one   thing   without   jeopardizing   another.   but   it   also   offers   insight.   If   you   cannot   physically   move   away   from   an   unfulfilling   situation.       July   12:   Something   must   be   faced.   Make   every   effort   to   under-­‐ stand  alternative  views  and  opinions.   You   want  to  do  the  right  thing.  what  you   were  once  capa-­‐ ble   of.   attend   to   others   after   you   have   put   on   your   own   oxygen  mask.   the   anger   you   are   experi-­‐ encing  now  is  more  likely  to  b e  an  expression  of  love   -­‐   love   that   wants   the   truth.   you’re  not  losing  your  mind.  communi-­‐ cation  and  openness  a re   emphasized  -­‐  as   well  as  get-­‐ ting  your  priorities  in  the  right  order.  Ask  your-­‐ self:  Is  this  how  life  is  supposed  to  be?  What  is  stop-­‐ ping   me   from   living   by   my   own   design?   How   am   I   connected   to   these   people?   Don’t   distract   yourself   from   reality   because   that   was   what   enabled   the   great  imbalance  to  d evelop  in  the  f irst  place.   instead  of  b eing  disappointed.   A   seed   you   plant   now   will  blossom  later  in  the  year.   it   accumulates.   Don’t   confuse   “peace   of   mind”   with   denial   of   your   emotions.   It   is   through   your   ability   to   feel   that   your   ability   to   think   can   evolve.   This   is   a   cycle   of   conception.   and   be   determined   to   do   what   you   believe   is   right.   Be   patient.  of  any  kind.  Others  will  be-­‐ lieve   in   you   to   the   same   degree   that   you   believe   in   yourself.   hope.  your  masculine  and  feminine.  you  must   choose  what  is  right  for  your  overall  wellbeing.   dealt   with.  from  now  on.   Free   Will.   So   why   are   you   feeling   so   guilty?   You   need   to   be   free.     July   10:  You   need   a   n ew   approach   o r   strategy.   your   positive   and   negative.       July   16:   The   emphasis   is   on   innocence.  your  electric-­‐ ity   and   magnetism.   It  is   your   responsibil-­‐ ity   to   be   kind   to   yourself   -­‐   to   take   care   of   yourself   first.   Do   not   push   yourself   or   anyone   else   too   hard.  This  cycle  shows  you  how  afraid  of   reality  you   have   been.  Do  not  confuse   anger   with   hate.   A   deeper   understanding   of   bal-­‐ ance  is  needed.   threatened   or   frustrated   by   them.   ended   or   completed   before   you   can   proceed   comfortably   again.  Honesty   is   your   greatest   strength:   about   how   you   feel.     July   15:   Let   your   true   feelings   express   themselves.   Just   as   those   airline   safety   instructions   tell   you.   it   can   develop   into   illness.   Ap-­‐ preciate   how   vulnerable   you   are.  abilities  or  faults.   Get   something   heavy   off   your   chest.   Make   your   choices   with   the   understanding  that   where  you  are  now   is  the  result   of  previous  choices  and  that.   who  you  once   were.  You  are  changing  it.   Be   honest   with   yourself.   if   that   too   is   held   down.   at   least   bring  something  new  and  pleasurable  into  your  life.   who  you  are  now.     Week  29                                                 July  16  -­‐  22   Leap  Year:    July  15  -­‐  21   Unusual   ideas   are   churning   around   in   a   strange   dance   that’s   going   on   between   your   thoughts   and   feelings.       July  14:  Be  willing  to  listen.     July   13:   Look   at   things   from   a   different   angle   and   you  will  be  amazed  at  the   insight  you  gain.   Consider   what   might   happen   if   you   were   to   accept   other   people’s   situations.   what   you   are   capable   of   now.   independence.   personali-­‐ ties.       .   it   is   the   result   of   not   understanding   the  importance   of   certain   d etails.   No.   and   remember   that   guilt   can   cause  you  to  suppress  your  emotions.       July   17:   Certain   facts   need   to   be   accepted   -­‐   not   ig-­‐ nored.   how   your  feelings  have   changed  over  t ime.   Recognize   the   guilt   that’s   keeping   your   feelings   trapped.

 The  emphasis  is  on  balance.   You   need   accu-­‐ rate   information.   But  times  have  changed  and  you  are  able  to  handle   things   differently   now.   you   are   in   the   process   of   growing   up.   it   is   because   we   human   beings   keep   repeating   the   same   old   patterns   and   behaviors.   The   training   wheels   are   off   and   it’s   up   to   you   to   keep   your   bal-­‐ ance  as  you  move  towards  a  new  reality.   or   do   anything   that   may   later   be   regretted.   But  remember   that   the  eventual   results   will  be  a  matter  of  the  choices  you  make.   in-­‐ stead   of   making   you   feel   constantly   vulnerable.   Break   a   monotonous   pat-­‐ tern   now.  your  masculine  and  feminine.     July   22   -­‐   Leap   Year:   You   may   think   you   have   out-­‐ grown   something   (or   someone).  and  leave  the  guilt  behind.   Relax.   or   beautiful.     July   24:   An   unexpected   situation   stands   to   take   the   pressure   off   another   part   of   your   life   which   was   in   danger   of   boiling   over   or   stagnating.   Life   is  handing  you  a  n ew  option  a long  with  the  power  of   right   timing.                       Week  30     July  23  -­‐  29   Leap  Year:    July  22  -­‐  28   A   change   of   scenery   or   habit   is   needed.   Let   those   shock   waves   move   through   and   out   of   your   body.   and   you   will   open   yourself   up   to   entirely   new  possibilities.   You   must  travel  this  ‘strange’  day  independently  and  re-­‐ sponsibly.   ideas   and   atti-­‐ tudes  change  as  they  need  to.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     39   July  18:  There  is  valuable   intelligence  to   gain  f rom  all   this   emotional   movement.   Don’t   confuse   “peace   of   mind”   with   denial   of   your   emotions.   but   your   feelings   are  not  consistent  enough  to  know  for  sure.   Accept   that   mistakes   were   made.  think  long-­‐term  rather  than  quick-­‐fix.   play   with   ideas.   It   sheds   light   on   something   that   happened   in   the   past   and   helps   you   accept   how   things   have   unfolded   since   then.   You  may  experience  a  delayed   reaction  to  something   that   happened   in   the   past.  Expressing  the  feelings   involved   will   enable   you  to  regroup.   and   be   prepared   to   give   and/or   re-­‐ ceive  practical  h elp!     July   23:   This   down-­‐to-­‐Earth   vibration   emphasizes   truth   and   facing   reality.   Through   your   ability  to  feel.  Pace  your-­‐ self   sensibly!   If   you   don’t   know   which   direction   to   take.   rather   than   push   blindly   and   ineffectively   ahead.   just   because   you   cannot   see   where  it  fits  in.   lighten   up.   don’t   fight   it.       July  25:   What  may  appear  to  be  a  problem   is  actually   an   opportunity   to  create   more   freedom   for   yourself.  but  when   this  natural  form  of  fear  is  shoved  into  that  vacuum   called  denial.   No.  and  you  will  be  able  to   deal  with  this  natural  evolution  of  events.   useful.  your  ability  to  think  can  evolve.   Do  something  different.   empowering   it.   you’re  not  losing  your  mind.   or  whether   you   have   a   new   vision   for   the   years   ahead.  Try  not   to   overreact.       July   19:   Don’t   jump   to   conclusions.   Allowing   these   feelings   to   move   naturally   is   the  only  way  to  heal  them  -­‐  and  healing  them  is  the   key  to  h ealing  you.   Observe   and   listen   care-­‐ fully.   The   question   is   whether   you   intend   your   fu-­‐ ture   to   b e   a   repeat   of   the   past.       July   21:   Don’t   wait   for   someone   to   prop   you   up.   blurt   things   out.   Let   those  inner   d efenses   down   and   b e   honest   -­‐  with  yourself.  Pay  attention  to  the  variety  of  details  and  look   at   all   sides   of   the   story.     .   Let   your   beliefs.   Some  disbelief  or  skepticism   is   inevitable.   but   rest   assured   that   it   is   part   of   a   very   intense   creative   or   healing   process.   If   so.   but   you   don’t   want   to   be   seen   as   obsessive.   Action   is   necessary.   Vary   your   interests  and  routines.  It   can   a lso   h elp   you   to   generate   good   workable   ideas   for   the   future.   but   you   don’t   want   to  inflame   the  situation.  move  on.   Face   your   past   honestly.  ex-­‐ panding   it.  your  electric-­‐ ity   and   magnetism.   Something   needs   to   be   said.   your   positive   and   negative.   No  matter   what  your  a ge  or  circumstance.   Don’t  impulsively   discard   or   destroy   something   vital.   Not   knowing   where   this   situation   is   leading   is   frustrating.  If  you   ever  wonder   why  global  history  always  repeats  itself.   This   gives   you   the   time   and   space   to   think   things   out   carefully.  the  lines  of  communication  get  b locked   and   simple   truths   become   unnecessarily   compli-­‐ cated.   You   cannot   rely   on   outdated   solutions   even   if   they   worked   in   the   past.       July   22:   Your   past   is   crossing   paths  with   the   p resent.       July   20:   Unusual   ideas   are   churning   around   in   a   strange  dance   going  on  between  your  thoughts  and   feelings.   We   crave   peace   and   personal   fulfillment   but   cannot   see   how   we   our-­‐ selves   are   preventing   it.   This   will   help   the   situation   evolve   in   a   more   balanced   and   desirable   way.   open   your   imagination.  You  are  changing  it.

 balanced  and  calm.   or   as   an   abstract   idea.  take   responsibility  for  it.   Stay   focused.       July  29:  A   change  of   scenery  o r  habit  is  n eeded.  Your  need  for  change  and  independence   is   emphasized.   and   you   will   open   yourself   up   to   en-­‐ tirely  new  possibilities.  brave.   and   heal  it.   Many   details   are   involved   and   you   will   have  to  make  the  time  to  put  them  in  their  order  of   importance.   You   know   there   are   big   changes   ahead   and   you   want   to   be   as   prepared   as   possible.  or  flash  of  insight.   or   flash   of   in-­‐ sight.   Trust   your   deepest   feelings   because   they   are   trying   hard   to  communicate   with  you  now.   but   don’t   let   the   suddenness   d ivert   you   from  reality.  this  is  a  chance  to  handle  it  differently  and.   but   to   help   you  feel  it.  Keep   these  words   of   Alice   Walker  in  m ind:  ‘The   most  common   way   people   give   up   their   power   is   by   thinking   they   don't   have   any.  Do  you  really  desire  a  peaceful   outcome.  However.  You  are  feeling  practical.   Operate  at  a  pace   that  enables  you  to  feel  and  sense.  Do  not  judge  by  ap-­‐ pearances   alone.   Your   need   for   change   and   independence   is   emphasized.   The   past   is   not   coming   back   to   haunt   you.  to  see  things  as  they   really  are.   Look   more   deeply   into   things.   untangle   yourself   from   it.  Keep   these  words   of   Alice   Walker  in  m ind:  ‘The   most  common   way   people   give   up   their   power   is   by   thinking   they   don't   have   any.       July   27:   Stay   alert   and   look   beyond   first  impressions.   It  is  t ime  to   remove   a   judgment   or   label   which   cannot   stay   on   anyone’s  back  indefinitely.   Confronta-­‐ tion   is   not   the   answer   since   you   have   also   played   a   part  in  the  situation.   and   resolved   to   finding   the   b est   route   into   the   future.   This   situation   will   change.   This   cycle   contains   d eceiving  impressions.       Week  31     July  30  -­‐  August  5   Leap  Year:    July  29  -­‐  August  4   Vital   information   is   trying   to   reach   you   either   di-­‐ rectly.   Operate   at   a   pace   that   enables   you   to   feel  and   sense.   untangle   yourself   from   it.   Many   details   are   involved   and   you   will   have  to  make  the  time  to  put  them  in  their  order  of   importance.   yet.   You   know   there   are   big   changes   ahead.   This   cycle   contains   d eceiving  impressions.  to  see  things  as   they  really  a re.   but   to   help   you   feel   it.  to  see  things  as  they   really  are.   We   crave   peace   and   personal   fulfillment   but   cannot   see   how   we  ourselves  are  preventing  it.         .  Do  not  judge  by  ap-­‐ pearances   alone.   or   as   an   abstract   idea.   Know   what   is   relevant   and   what   is   not.  and   connect  everything  together.       July   30:   The   emphasis   is   on   sight   and   insight.   The   past   is   not   coming   back   to   haunt   you.   Know   what   is   relevant   and   what   is   not.   your   determina-­‐ tion   is   impressive.   Many   details   are   in-­‐ volved   and   you   will   have   to   make   the   time   to   put   them  in  their  o rder  of  importance.  o r  flash   of  insight.   dream.   This   emotional   release  can   help   bring   a   tedious   situation  to  an  end  so  that  a  more  comfortable  real-­‐ ity  can  begin.  and   connect  everything  together.   Do  something  different.     July   28:   It   will   be   hard   to   hold   your   feelings   back   now.40     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   July   26:   You   n eed   to  recognize   and   release   the   pres-­‐ sure   b eing   caused   by   a   build-­‐up   of   anger.   If  something   is  your  responsibility.   What  happens   in  this   cycle  may  take  you  by  surprise.  Your  need  for  change  and   independence   is   emphasized.     July   29   -­‐   Leap   Year   -­‐   Vital   information   is   trying   to   reach   you   either   directly.  dream.  more  effectively.  or  do  you  just  want  to  be  proven  right.   willing  to   face   the   facts.   an   important   change   will   occur   in   which   everything   seems   more  friendly.   but   its   ef-­‐ fects  are  likely  to  be  long  lasting.  Break  a  monotonous   pattern   now.  it  is  because  we  human  beings  keep  repeating   the   same   old   patterns   and   behaviors.  in   the  long  t erm.       August   1:   Vital   information   is   trying   to   reach   you   either  d irectly.   and   heal   it.'       August  3:  This  restrictive  cycle  is  affecting  your  sense   of   identity   and   direction   and.  and  your  reaction  to  it.  or   let   off   the   hook?   Is   Love   motivating   you?   Revenge?   Fear?   The   situation   cannot   change   unless   you   change  your  perception  of  it.   dream.   brave.   Vary   your  interests  and  routines.   and   you   want   to   be   as   prepared   as   possible.   If  you  ever  wonder  why  global  h istory  always  repeats   itself.'       July   31:   This   restrictive   cycle   is   affecting   your   sense   of   identity   and   direction   but   your   determination   is   impressive.  If  it  feels  that  a  past   situation  is  being  repeated  now.       August   2:  The  emphasis  is   on   sight   and   insight.  and  connect  everything  together.   willing  to  face  the  facts.   Look   more   deeply   into   things.  once  the  air   is   cleared.  and  resolved  to  finding  the   best   route   into   the   future.  albeit  in  a  different   form.   Operate   at   a   pace   that   enables   you   to   feel  and   sense.   You   are   feeling   practical.   Trust   your   deepest   feelings   because   they   are   trying   hard   to  communicate   with  you  now.  o r  as  an  abstract   idea.

  you   must   accept   its   reality.   How-­‐ ever.  a long   with  your  a ccurate  understand-­‐ .  loving  and  controlling.   guilt.  There  is  no  n eed  to  b e  d efensive  -­‐  o r   offensive.   Wherever   there   is   judgment.   things   (and   people)   have   a   tendency   to   clash.   This   cycle   contains   a   vital   link   between   matters   of   your   past.  Dispense  with  all  that  need-­‐ less   distraction.   Relationships   and   responsibilities   cannot   help   but   change   as   a   new   phase   begins.   Know   the   difference   between   helping   and   interfer-­‐ ing.   Let   yourself   experience   the   satisfaction   that   comes   from   recog-­‐ nizing  a  m istake.   It   highlights   matters   of   the  heart  and  reveals  both  the  flaws  and  the  joys  in   your   life.  If   you  feel  anxious  about  something  that  has  not  hap-­‐ pened  yet.   Do   not   be   judgmental   if   you   do   not   wish   to   be   judged.   or   whose   viewpoint   differs   from   yours.  but  don’t  over-­‐ react   either.   Accurate   informa-­‐ tion  is  n eeded.         AU GUS T     To  err  is  human.   If  they  are  blaming  you.   Use   this   month’s   soothing   vibra-­‐ tions   to   h eal   the   LOVE   that   has   b ecome   damaged   by   the   weight   of   too   many   conditions   placed   on   it.  This   is   a   time   to   analyze   all   that   has   ever   happened  to  you  in  the  name  of  LOVE.   listen   to   your   thoughts.   one   in   which  a  friendly  and   workable  partnership  can  mate-­‐ rialize.   insist   that   they  be  responsible  for  their  o wn  a ctions.   Alexander  Pope     August   is   a   cycle   of   healing.   the  easier  it  will  b e  for  love  and  respect  to  flow.   feel   your   feelings.   career.   For   every   action   there   is   a   reaction.  Do  not  demand  attention   or   strongly   exert   your   authority.   Don’t  take  anything  too  p ersonally.  and  choosing  not  to  repeat  it.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     41   August  4:  Stay  alert.   No   matter   how   frustrating   it   all   seems.   and   your   per-­‐ sonal  power   in  the  world.   Peer   pressure   or   over-­‐ ambition   must  b e  seen  for   what  it  is  –  part  of  the  big   “race”.   whether   you   make   this   change   yourself   or   life   makes   it   for   you.  Only   by  accepting  and   loving  yourself  first  –   exactly  as  you   are   –  can  you  ever  experience  the  unconditional  love   that  is  now  t rying  to  reach  you.   blame   or   con-­‐ trol.   So.  or   even   with   people   you   don’t   know   well   at   all.   but   do   not   overanalyze.   Balance   is  the  k ey.  As-­‐ sess   what   your   responsibilities   really   are   and   carry   them  out  in  the  most  p ractical  way.   and   future   which   will  k eep  you  from  going  to   extremes.   This   month.  In  such  an  active  and  fast  mov-­‐ ing   cycle.   childhood   issues   –   maybe   your   own   –   will   emerge.   Some  issues  run  very  deep  and  are  likely  to  involve   close   relationships.   So   much   emotion   is   involved   here.   The   more   you   honor   another’s   reality.   For   every   cause   there   is   an   effect.  You  need  to  forgive  and/or  be  forgiven.  family.  or   if  their  dependence   on   you   has   become   too   much   to   handle.  health.       August   6:   Focus   on   finances.       Week  32     August  6  -­‐  12   Leap  Year:  August  5  -­‐  11   This   cycle   emphasizes   the   laws   of   cause   and   effect.     August  5  -­‐  Leap  Year:  A  situation  needs  more  time  to   unfold.   you   will   be   able   to   make   decisions   that   are   in   your   own  b est  interests.  Remember   that   intuition   does   not   come   directly   from   your   mind.   Accept   the  individual   nature   of   someone  who   may   be   criticizing   you.   you   will   still   have   to   deal   with   it.   Guilt   and   blame   a re   unnecessary.   Feel   your   reality   with   all  your  senses.   love   suffers.   August   emphasizes   responsibility.   education.     August  5:  You  may   experience  feelings  of  loneliness   or   isolation   as   life   pulls   you   away   from   something   familiar.   ask   yourself  how  you  will  feel  a  year  from  now  if  some-­‐ thing  doesn’t  change.   along   with   the   added   pressure   of   trying   to   hide   it.   the   massive   competition   between   people   which  is  causing  so  many  problems  on  this  planet.  home.   and   remember   that   you   cannot   change   any-­‐ one  but  yourself.   pets.   or   the   question   of  who  is  responsible  for  a  particular  situation.  to  forgive  divine.  don’t  deny  your  feelings.   present.   If   you   deny   that   a   situation   exists.  If  you   are   blaming   someone   or   depending   on   them   too   heavily.   and   you   may   want  to  avoid  a  flare-­‐up   with  those  you  care  for.   stay   patiently   focused   on   finding   a   solution.  possibly.   and   realize   just   how   cluttered   your   mind   has  become  in  an  effort  to  keep  the  t ruth  out.   A   certain   situation   may  need  attention  and.  cautious  handling.   take   responsibility   for   your   own   part   in   all   this.   With   the   firm   intent   to   get   to   the   truth.   you   can   create   a   more   desirable   atmosphere.   Change   is   inevitable   and.   and   the   question   of   duty.   The   truth   is   trying   to   push   its   way   through   some   clever   illusions   and   deceptions.   Analyze   everything.   by   changing   your   expectations.  but  from   what  your  feelings  and  senses   com-­‐ municate  to  your  mind.   Whether   children   are   involved   or   not.  in  a  year   when  you  are  looking  deeply  into  your   prospects   for   long   term   happiness   and   security.   avoid   hearsay   and   don’t   jump   to   conclusions.

 Communication  is  emphasized.   resources  and  past   experience.  This   means   making   decisions   that   originate   from   you.   do   so   in   a   way   that  causes   m inimum   offense.   Look   for   ways   to   transform   your   reality   and  keep  yourself  secure.  Pace   yourself  sensibly.   Realize   how   much   has   changed   just   re-­‐ cently.   Recognize   how   these   3   parts   of   you   are   effect-­‐ ing  each   other.   Cooperate.  Don’t  go   to  extremes.   but   if   you   simply   have   to   tell   someone   how   you   feel.   Taking   a   firm   but   reasonable  stand  b rings  positive  change.  so  avoid  hear-­‐ say  and  don’t  jump  to   conclusions.   Try   to   express   them   privately.   in-­‐ tuitive.  Act  responsibly  and  effec-­‐ tively.42     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   ing  of  it.   You  will   like  how  this  feels  -­‐  free  from  the  pain  and   pressure   of   self-­‐doubt.   under-­‐ standing   and   healing   that   follow.  Those   feelings   of   being   ‘tested’   or   ‘on   display’   are   the   re-­‐ sult  of  unnecessary  self  consciousness.  Be  friendly.   Your   dignity   has  taken  its  fair  share  of  knocks.   or   protectiveness   and   control.  As  a  result.   The   truth   is   trying   to   push   its   way   through   some  clever  illusions  and  deceptions.     Week  33     August  13  -­‐  19   Leap  Year:  August  12  -­‐  18   The   theme   of   this  cycle  is  dignity.       August  9:  Tolerance   is  simply  the  denial  of  the  feel-­‐ ings  that  a   situation  triggers.   Strive   for  independence.   and   that   you   came   into   this   lifetime   to   pursue   an   important   goal   which   is   yet   to   be   fulfilled   or   perhaps   even   recog-­‐ nized.   albeit   hardworking   cycle  in  which  freedom  and  responsibil-­‐ ity   need   no   longer   be   at   odds   with   each   other.  Let  your  natural  instincts  guide  you.  home.  and  take  a  gentler  approach.       August   14:   This   cycle   offers   the   power   that   come   with   gentleness   and   humility.  Feel  your  reality   with   all   your   senses.  your  p ersonal   power   is   on   the   rise.  pain  or  anger  you  find  so  hard   to  express  outwardly.  can  pre-­‐ vent  you  from  experiencing  the  relief  that  this  cycle   offers.   The   emotional   openness   and   peaceful   intent   that   this   cycle   emphasizes   will   give   you   a   much   clearer  idea  of  how  to  p roceed  from  here.   so   find   private   space   in   which   to   ex-­‐ press   yourself.   Its   slow.   Don’t   be   distracted   by   trivia.       August  15:  Your  thoughts  and  feelings  have  nowhere   to   go   but   out.   and   even   self-­‐sabotage.   a   fight   between   your   masculine   thoughts   and   your   feminine   feelings   is   occurring   within   your   physical   body.       August   11:   Prioritize   and   get   organized.  help   where  you   can   and  rest  when  you  want  to.  potentials.  too.   Originality.     August  12  -­‐  Leap  Year:  Rather  than  struggle  to  f ind  a   way   out.   A   fourth   part   -­‐   LOVE   -­‐   is   a lso   expand-­‐ ing.  but  what  happens   now  can   bring   you   to   a   new  level   of   self   a cceptance.   because   everyone   involved   needs   some   friendly  support  right  now.   and   is   heightening   your   ability   to  FEEL  and  sense.   sensitive.  with  all  its  problems.  Peace!     August   13:   It  is   futile   to   be   at   war  with   yourself.       August  12:  It’s  time  to  end  old  behaviors  or  circum-­‐ stances   which   you   believed   were   normal.  Be  thoughtful.  This  shift  will  enable  you   to  make   constructive  use  of  time.   There  is  work   to   do!   Get   organized!  Be   flexible.   There   is   no   need   to   be   defen-­‐ sive  o r  offensive.   Despite  seeming  contradictions.  it  may  be   hard  to  distinguish  between  responsibility  and   guilt.  Controlling  your  feelings  does   not   make   peace.   individuality   and   the   courage   to   try   dif-­‐ ferent   things   are   the   keys   to   a   successful.  or  duty  are   emphasized.   the   gray-­‐ looking   picture   that   your   life   recently   became   will   get   its   color   back   and   start   to   vibrate   with   realism   and  hope.   don’t   be   afraid  of  n ew  and  unusual   ideas.   deep   emotions   may   arise.  and   blessings.   but   if   you   feel   infringed   upon   or   unfairly   criticized.  your  ability  to  under-­‐ stand  (intelligence)  is  expanding.   Notice  the   extent  to   which   you   are   distracted   by   or   beholden   to   others.  Yet.   but   we   sometimes   have   to   learn   this   lesson   through   experiences   that   make   us   feel   undignified   or   indignant.   With  firm  intent  to  get  to  the  t ruth.  but  do  so  intelligently.     August   8:   If   you   feel   trapped.   It   is   time   to   remember   just   how   much   you   love  life.   seek   a   new   approach   that  allows  you  to  proceed  on  your  own  terms.  The  purpose  of  this  t rip  along  the  rivers  of   .  making  your  desire  for  peace  and  equality  more   intense.   That   old   phase  is  over  and  what  used  to  be  the  norm  for  you   is  now  the  norm  of  others.   it   just   covers   up   the   war   going   on   inside.  feminine  vibration   widens  your  view  of  real-­‐ ity   and   reminds   you   of   your   strengths.   you   will   be   able   to   make   decisions   that   are   in   your   best  interests.   As  family.   or   guilt   (a   judgment  you  have  made  against  yourself).   Then.  Appreciate  the   contribution  others  are  mak-­‐ ing  -­‐  or  could  make.       August  10:  Today  emphasizes  the  laws  of  cause  and   effect.  accept  yourself  and  others  exactly  as  you  are   now.   and   to   experience   the   relief.   Look   at   life   exactly  as  it   is.   focus   on   bringing  whatever   you   are   dealing   with  to  a  satisfying   conclusion.       August   7:   Only   pride   (a   form   of   fear).  and  can   leave  you  hold-­‐ ing  inwardly  the  fear.

  and   relaxing   in   whatever   way   you   can.       August   23:   What   appears   to   be   ending   is   actually   forming   an   ideal   environment   for   something   new   and  positive  to  begin.   and   duty   also   in   the   cyclical   mix.       Week  34     August  20  -­‐  26   Leap  Year:  August  19  -­‐  25   Since   you   don't   have   a   ready   alternative.   Being   able   to   appreciate   ALL   that   you   are   experiencing   will   bring   the   forward   movement   you   crave.   and   noncompetitive.  fairly.  Do  something  different.   and   with   freedom.  you  may  believe  you  have  to  keep  going   in   the   same   direction   until   something   new   comes   along.  cordial.   Now   is   the   time   to   surrender   to   your   imagina-­‐ tion.   Your   criticism   or   lack  of  knowledge  could  come  flying  back  at  you.   Stop   that   treadmill!   Just   STOP!   Do   not   go   through   those   redundant   motions   even   one   more   time.   step-­‐by-­‐step.     August   18:   Reality   is   the   theme.   You   will   like   how   this   feels   -­‐   free   from   the   pain   and   pressure   of   self-­‐doubt.   or   even   an   atmosphere.   at  last.   detail.   sex.   cooperation   and   team-­‐ work   are   involved.   a   painting.   be   it   a   child.   it   seems   that   you   are   about   to   “conceive”   something   significant.  If  so.   And.   Only   by   refusing   to   repeat   an   old   pattern   will   you   ever   know   what   your   options   are.   Nothing   could  b e  more   empowering  for  you.  you  will   be   unable   to   choose   between   the   options  which   are.       August   22:   To   appreciate   means   to   admire   or   be   grateful   for.       August   20:   Try   to   avoid   other   people’s   stress.  Keep   your   feelings   p ri-­‐ vate  -­‐  not  buried.       August   24:   This   cycle   asks   you   to   WAIT.   Your   optimism   does   seem   to   be   greater  than  your  fear.       August   16:   How   and   what   you   communicate   in   this   cycle   can   alter   your   course   considerably.   and   find   ways   of   your   own   to   loosen   up   and   unwind.  and  your  creative  impulse.  possibly  due  to  some   inspir-­‐ ing  information  that  you  recently  took  in.   but   what   happens   now   can   bring   you   to   a   new   level   of   self   acceptance.   whatever   you   create   must   be   allowed   to   evolve   as  it   needs   to   and   is   able   to.   and   what   your   responsibilities   actually   are.   Get   more   or-­‐ ganized.   mantra.   Deal   with   each   matter   sensitively.   a   situation.   especially   where   love   and   opportunity   are   concerned.  you'll  be  going  around  in  the  same  tired   old   circles   indefinitely.   a   common  goal.     August   21:   Your   masculine   m ind   is  engaged   in   a   bat-­‐ tle   to   subdue   your   f eminine   feelings.   Without  the  facts.   so   be   sure   to   consider   both   the   positives   and   negatives   in-­‐ volved.   No   matter   what   happens.   rather  than  taking   things   for   granted   or   pre-­‐judging.   Cherish   what  you  have.   significance.   realize   that   there's   noth-­‐ ing   left   to   do   but   let   those   emotions   out.   dogma   or   excuse.  There  is  work  to  do!  Get  organized!  Be   flexible.   It   also   means   to   recognize   the   quality.   A   relationship   or   joint   venture   will   benefit   from   mutual   respect.   you'll   be   going   around   in   the   same   tired   old   circles   indefi-­‐ nitely.  including  yourself.  Look   b eneath   the  sur-­‐ face.   when   you   find   yourself   repeating   the   same   old   affirmation.   you   may   believe  you  have  to  k eep   going  in  the  same  d irection   until   something   new   comes   along.   And.   but   you   do   know   that   responsibility.   Since   you   must   wait   for   further   developments.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     43   past   unhappiness   is   to   rescue   your   child-­‐like   inno-­‐ cence   which   became   lost   and   forgotten   in   the   pas-­‐ sage  of  t ime.  so   think   carefully   before   you   speak.  Be  patient.       August  17:  You  will  be  amazed  at  what  you  can  gain   from  observing  and  appreciating.   If   so.   or   magnitude   of   something.   what   you   really   want.   observant.   You   may   not   know   what   to   do   next.   One   obstacle  seems   more  complicated   than   it   really  is.  or  an  understanding  of  what  one  can   expect  from  the  other.   but   it   is   too   early   to   fully   grasp   the   scale  or  even  the  nature  of  what  stands  before  you.   you   will  benefit  by  taking  a  break  from  the  frustration  of   “not   knowing”.  starting  to  emerge.  Do   something   different.   Your   dignity   has   taken   its   fair   share   of   knocks.   Stop   that   treadmill!   Just   STOP!   Do   not   go   through   those   redundant   motions   even   one   more   time.  Pace  yourself  sensibly.     August  19  -­‐  Leap  Year:  Since  you  don't  have  a  ready   alternative.  You  know  there   is   no   going   back.   rather  than  lament   what  you   do   not   have.   Only   by   refusing   to   repeat   an   old   pattern   will   you   ever   know   what   your   options   are.   try   to   stay   patient.       August   19:   The   theme   of   this   cycle  is  dignity.  p rovided  you  do   not   aim   them   at   anyone  else.   and   even   self-­‐sabotage.   Life  is   urging  you  to  live  and  let  live.  Consider  the  details.   You   will   be   able   to   love   life   a   lot   more   fully   if   you   know   where   you   fit   in.   so   don’t   overreact.  (even   if   nothing  happens).     .   Remember   that   you   are   responsible   for   what   you   create.   but   we   sometimes  have  to  learn  this  lesson  through  experi-­‐ ences   that   make   us   feel   undignified   or   indignant.  See  yourself  as  an  equal  and   treat  everyone.

  There   is   no   point   in   resisting   this   ‘letting   go’   phase.  Correctly  understanding  it  is  the  k ey.   as   you   are   now.   Try   to   relax   whenever   you   can.       August   30:   You   need   some   privacy   in   which   to   let   your  feelings  out.   It   is   not   meant   to   dominate   your   life.     .       August   29:   You   can   accept   your   present   conditions   as  permanent.   that’s   the   ‘old’   you   you’re   t rying   to   protect.   and   get   back  into   your  own  unfolding  story.       August   31:   Strong   emotional   waves   are   forcing   you   to   look   at   yourself.   This   is   not   a   minor   matter   you’re   dealing   with.   Things   are   meant  to  be  moving  slowly  at  this  point  so  that  you   can  more  accurately  assess  what’s  happening.   Adventures   are   filled   with  unforeseen  ups  and  downs  and  challenges.  However.  The   wheels  of  balance  are   in   progress.   Accept   that   your   reality   has   changed   and   that   your   true  priority  right  now  is  to  release  that  overwhelm-­‐ ing  buildup  of  emotion  (stress).  and  some  time  to  think  and  plan.   and   you   do   need   to   be   more   patient  with   the  way  it  is   unfolding.  but   outcomes   are   not   set   in   stone.   You   see.   Study   your   existing   resources   and   be   willing   to   turn   them   upside-­‐down   and   inside-­‐out.     August   27:   As   a   different   side   of   the   story   unfolds.  Take  things   slowly  and  try  to  under-­‐ stand  the  cause  and  potential  of  a  certain  situation.   recognition   and   sympathy   are   emphasized.   Believe  in  yourself.   and   respect   it   needs  and  d eserves.   Take   the   time   to   figure   things   out.   freedom   and   the   unexpected.   treat   it   as   an   opportunity   to   notice   how   much   progress   you   have  actually  made.  Guilt  and  blame  do  not   want  you  to  know  that  what  you  want  will  take  more   time   than   you   think   you   have.  or  you  can  seek  information  that  will   help  you  make  positive   changes!   It  is  time  to  regain   your   composure   and   increase   your   power   to   create   something   new   out   of   something   you   already   have.   while  the  ‘new’  and  much  more   real  you  is  still  trying   to   emerge.     August   28:   There   is   an   inner   battle   going   on   be-­‐ tween   blind   optimism   and   fearing   the   worst.   There   are   no   guarantees   in   any   relationship.  ena-­‐ bling   you   to   release   yourself   from   an   issue   or   habit   that  has  been  dragging  you  down  or  distracting  you.   Don’t   stand   in   the   way   of   your   own   emo-­‐ tional  and  intellectual  growth.   You   have   survived   more   than   you   thought   you   could   and.   and   to   realize   how   much   you   and   your   circumstances   have   changed.       September   2:   You   n eed   some   p rivacy   in  which   to   let   your  feelings  out.   al-­‐ though  you  know  the  sands  of  life  will  not  be  stabiliz-­‐ ing  any  time  soon.   but   you  are  now  in  a  position  to  free  yourself  from   cer-­‐ tain  pressures  of  the  past.   Informa-­‐ tion  is  important.   If   something   slows   you   down.  this  cycle  of  communica-­‐ tion   and   creativity   is   also   forcing   you   to   focus   on   a   part   of   your   life   that   you   may   prefer   to   ignore.   Much  of  your  past  has  caught  up   with  you  now.   This   is   not   a   minor   matter   you’re   dealing   with.   Believe   in   yourself.   that’s   the   ‘old’   you   you’re   t rying   to   protect.   Don’t   stand   in   the   way   of   your   own   emo-­‐ tional  and  intellectual  growth.   Guilt   and  blame  do  not   want  you  to  know  that   what  you   want   will   take   more   time   than   you   think   you   have.   be   resourceful.   You   see.       August  26  -­‐  Leap  Year:  Today  emphasizes  adventure.  Focus.   relaxation.   A   certain   situation   needs   to   be   handled   quickly   and   responsibly.   and   you   do   need   to   be   more   patient   with   the   way   it   is   unfolding.   while  the  ‘new’  and  much  more   real  you  is  still  trying   to   emerge.  and  some  time  to  think  and  plan.   There   is   no   point   in   resisting   this   ‘letting   go’   phase.   Believe  in   yourself.       Week  35     August  27  -­‐  September  2   Leap  Year:    August  26  -­‐  September  1   There   is  an   inner  battle   going  on  between  blind  op-­‐ timism  and  fearing  the  worst.   your   feelings   are   bound   to   fluctuate.   Focus.   Much  of  your  past  has  caught  up   with  you  now.   In   fact.   revival.   or   you   can   seek   information   that  will  help  you  make  a  positive   change!  It  is  time   to   regain   your   composure   and   learn   about   your   power   to   create   something   new   out   of   something   you  already  have.44     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   August   25:   Acceptance.  ena-­‐ bling   you   to   release   yourself   from   an   issue   or   habit   that  has  been  dragging  you  down  or  distracting  you.   Information   alone   is   not   enough.  and  give  your  entire   being   the   rest.  but  understanding  it  is  the  k ey.   giving   you   access   to   information   which   can  make  things  less  complicated.  Study  your  existing  resources  and   be   willing   to   turn   them   upside-­‐down   and   inside-­‐out   if  necessary.   They   are   created.   you   must   now   focus   on   various   aspects   simul-­‐ taneously.   Things   are   meant   to   be   moving   slowly   at   this   point   so   that   you   can   more   accurately   assess   what  is  happening.  you  are  becoming  so  much  more   competent  at  surfing  them.  Take  the  time   to   figure   things   out.       August   26:   Being   able   to   see   the   broader   picture   is   giving   you   a   new   stability   from   which   to   operate   more  effectively.     September   1:   You   can   accept   your   present   condi-­‐ tions   as   permanent.   or   in   life   itself.

    There   is   so   much   to   look   forward   to.   rather   than  only  what  is  preventing  it.   You   can   now   empower   yourself   by   concluding   something.   and   let   the   dignity   of   the   7   energy   carry   you.   You   can   choose   the   intelligence   that   comes   from   .  Do  not  act  impulsively.   By   observing   your   own   reac-­‐ tions.  and  you  are   now  emerging  from  whatever  happened  with  an  ex-­‐ panded   confidence.   A   startling   new   awareness   can   now  shed   light  on  the  shadowy  or  dull  road  you  have   been  traveling.   within   the   next   twelve   months.   and   be   pre-­‐ pared  to  follow  it  -­‐  patiently.  and  September  is  likely  to  bring  information  or   insight   which   will   shed   light  on  important  facts  that   have  somehow  b een  kept  from  you.     You  have  traveled  a  long   way  since  the  beginning   of  the  year.  you  are   special   and.   7   is   also   the   number   of   FAITH.   Plan.   Your   intui-­‐ tion  is  extremely  potent  right  now.   and   take   the   direction   you   know   is   right   for   you.     Use   this   month   to   fine-­‐tune   and   perfect   those   plans   or   ideas.   should   something   of   a   strange   or   secre-­‐ tive   nature   be   exposed.   so   much   to   plan.   Prioritize!   Pay   atten-­‐ tion   to   detail.   Roy  Black     The  7  vibration  of   wisdom   is   surrounding  you  from   all  angles  now.   relationships.   in   safety.   your   ex-­‐ pertise.   rather   than   fall   into   the   trap   of   peer   pressure   which   forces   you   to   follow   the   crowd.   but   this   month’s   revelations   let   you  know  you’re   going  to  get  there!    The  plans  you   make   now   will   prepare   you   for   next   year’s   dynamic   activities.   yet.  Trust  it.   perhaps   you   are   still   unwilling   to   accept   that   certain   ideas   and   methods   simply  cannot  work  in  today’s  reality.  and  about  those  a round  you.   and   learn   how   to   stabilize   your   position.   Yes.   history   will   simply   repeat   itself.  Mediocrity  is  a  t ragic  loss  of  Free  Will.   or   promise   what  you  can’t  d eliver.         Week  36     September    3  -­‐  9   Leap  Year:      September  2  -­‐  8   You   will   not   get   very   far   with   your   mind   all  scattered   like   that.   Research.   ap-­‐ preciate   just   how   different   you   are.   This   does   not   mean   putting   up   with   unbearable   people   or   situa-­‐ tions.     If   things   are   not   going   well.   but   there   is   no   need   to   live   in   fear.     September   3:   You   want   to   move   forward   but   you   can   only   tell   which   way   that   is   by   thinking   and   acting   independently.     Be  your  own  best  friend!  You  are  unique.   Focus   on   your   ambitions.  and  is   revealing  the   extent  to   which   the  need  to  keep  your  feelings  secret  has  prevented   you   from   reaching   your   true   potential.   You  will   then  be  able  to   see  your  potential  for  success.   do   not   run.   you   will   a rrive   at   a   much   more  stable   and   pleasant   desti-­‐ nation.   Study.   understand   that   this   had   a   positive   purpose   which   enabled  you  to  learn   so  much   more  about  life.   Now.   Ulti-­‐ mately.     There   is   now   more   activity   than   usual   and.   and   you   will   be   unable   to   communicate   effectively   if  you  don’t  listen.   rather   than   cutting   yourself   off   from   your   deepest   hopes   and   dreams.   Others   will   react   positively  to  your  kindness  or  generosity  -­‐  but  don’t   attempt   to   give   what   you   haven’t   got.   Do   not   hide.   it   causes  you  to  have   more  p rofound  and  introspective   needs  than  usual.   Devise   an  achievable   plan.  It  means  paying  meticulous  attention  to  detail   and   denying   nothing   about   your   reality.   you   can   gain   greater  self-­‐awareness.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     45   SEP TEMB ER     The  will  to  win  doesn’t  mean  anything   because  everybody  wants  to  win.  Your  present  reality   is   constantly   changing.   Selflessness   is   needed.   Free   Will   is   ever   expanding   OPEN-­‐ NESS!   And.  Take  things  deliberately   and   steadily.     Secrecy  (which   you   may   be   calling   privacy)   is   of   no   use   to   you   now.   Your   anxiety   is   understandable.   you   must   realize   how   vital   your   emo-­‐ tions  a re  to  your  wellbeing.   visualize   your   goals   in   great  detail.   or   ac-­‐ cepting   a   conclusion   that   occurs   outside   your   con-­‐ trol.   about  you.   Patience   is   required.   It   is   your   very   differentness   that   enables   you   to   stand   out   from   the   crowd   and   reach   your   own   expectations   of   fulfill-­‐ ment.  and  with  flexibility.   Face   the   facts.  Review  the  past  and  express  the  strong   emotions   that   emerge   f rom   your   m emories.   and   your   renewed   sense   of   self-­‐worth.         September   2   -­‐   Leap   Year:   If   you   ignore   what   is   going   on.  If  you  experienced  some  kind  of  fall  this   year.   It  is  the  will  to  prepare  t o  win   that  makes  the  difference.  Are  you  refus-­‐ ing   to   see   a   new   potential   that   is   sitting   there   right   under  your  nose?     Analyze.   7   emphasizes   secrets   of   all   kinds.   and   this   is   a   good  time  to  remember  that  fact.  Things  may  not  be   exactly  as  you   want   them   to   be.   Do   your   home-­‐ work!   With   all   your   senses.  putting  the  p ieces  of  the  puzzle  together  and   finding  your  true  d irection   is   what  this  y ear  has  been   all  about.   to   a   new   and   more   fulfilling   chapter   of   your   life.   Simply   allow   this   natural  emotion   to   k eep   you   focused   and   realistic   as   you   steer   your   way   along   this   unpredictable   path.

  Depend-­‐ ence   vs.   Remind   yourself   that   healing   -­‐   making   things   better   -­‐   really   is   your   intent.       September  10:  You  are  evolving  rapidly  but.  Love  thrives  in  openness  and  free-­‐ dom   but.   In   order   to   heal.   In   the   words   of   Anthony   Robbins.       Week  37     September    10  -­‐  16   Leap  Year:    September  9  -­‐  15   Your   imagination   is   showing   you   new   possibilities.   and   allow   those   frazzled   feelings  (not  just  your  own)  to  calm  down  and  heal.   But  your  f eelings  have  been  t riggered.  reaffirm   your  belief  in  yourself.   you   can   gain   greater   self-­‐ awareness.  but  you  must  move  slowly   and   attentively   in   order   to   observe   the  ground   rules.   and   avoid   hidden   snags.   Family   vs.   Freedom.   Prioritize!   Pay   attention   to   detail.  At  the  very  least.   regardless   of   what   guilt   has   to   say   about   them.  but  it  can  only  be  uncondi-­‐ tional   if   you   fully   accept   yourself.  and  b e  p repared  to  follow   it  patiently.  get  a  realistic  sense  of  tim-­‐ ing.  At   the  v ery  least.  not  a  jailer.   albeit   discretely.   Lack   of   focus   or   preparation   can   cause   unnec-­‐ essary  p roblems.  If  your  mind  is  already  made  up.  That’s  what  stress  is:  the  in-­‐ ner   pressure   caused   by   a   build-­‐up   of   unexpressed   feelings.       September   11:   This   cycle   can   lead   to   a   positive   change  of  heart  or  direction.       September   7:   Responsibility   vs.       September   9   -­‐   Leap   Year   -­‐   Your   imagination   is   show-­‐ ing  you  new  possibilities.   There   is   something   you   don’t   want   to   face   because   you   don’t   want   to   feel   the   feelings   this   would  t rigger.   Positive   thoughts   and   images   can   now  help  you  sense  the  possibilities  and  draw  you  to   a  means  of  improving  your  situation.46     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   accepting   the   truth.   you   really     do   have   to   want   peace.  This  is  a  chance  to  look  at  life  in  a  more  crea-­‐ tive   light.       September   5:   Keeping   up   appearances   cannot   suc-­‐ ceed   in   this   cycle   of   transparent   and   open   communi-­‐ cation.   Old   circumstances  are   ending  so  that  your   true  desires  can  take  root  in  the  present.  Many  of  your  inner  battles  are   the  result  of  old  programming  concerning  your  right   to   exist   freely.       September  6:  The  breakthrough  you  need  will  occur   in   a   series   of   steps.   As   new   ground   is   gained.   The   power   of   intent   is  what   matters   here.     September   4:.   among   others   who   also   have   that   right.   for   all  that  faith  you’ve  kept.  Individuality.   Let  fear  be  a  counselor.   remember   to   reward   yourself.  Guilt  does  not  care   (or  even  notice)   if  anyone  suffers.  and  then  feel  your  strength   returning.  Lack  of  focus  or  prepa-­‐ ration   can   cause   unnecessary   problems.   guilt   and   love   cannot   coexist.   and   become   more   open   minded   and   realistically   attuned   to   your   own   power.  this  lack  of   flexibility   leaves   no   room   for   change   or   improve-­‐ ment.   Something   you   thought   was   necessary  for  your  survival  seems  less  u rgent  now.   The   drag   you   are   feeling   is   fear   of   freedom   which  is  actually  a  fear  of  the  enormous  responsibil-­‐ ity   that   freedom   entails.   Your   present   reality   is   constantly   changing.   Career.   especially   on   the   emotional   front.   because   of   their   vibrational   differences.     September  8:  Release  yourself  from  the  pressure  of   trying   to   control   things.   release   old   judgments.  since  it   often   seems   that   you   have   no   power  in   this  world.   and   you   need   to   find   a   safe   and   private   place   in   which  to  express  them.   Forgiving  yourself  is  part   of   the   equation.  albeit  discretely.  the  better.  and  avoid  hidden  snags.   The   key   is   to   know   what   needs  to  b e  f eared  and  what  does  not.  A s  n ew   ground   is  gained.   the   first   of   which   is   a   growing   sense   of   hope.  Experience  the   flow   of   ideas   that   a   little   optimism   and   belief   in   yourself   can   generate.   especially   on   the   emotional   front.   An   effect   you   a re   now  experiencing   n eeds   to   b e   recognized   and   healed   at   its   deep-­‐rooted   cause   in   the  past.   but  you  must  move  slowly  and  attentively  in  order  to   observe  the  ground  rules.   This   cycle   demonstrates   the   differ-­‐ ence   between   love   and   guilt.   Unconditional   Love   is   the  highest  power  of  all.   Love   does   not   want   anyone  to  suffer.   including   your   true   feelings.  and  learn  how  to  stabilize  your  position.   Independence.  for  all  that  faith  you’ve  kept.   September   9:   You   will   not   get   very   far   with   your   mind  all  scattered  like  that.  Cause  and  effect  is  the   theme.  and   with  flexibility.   or   the   ignorance   that   comes   from   ignoring   it.   remember   to   reward   your-­‐ self.   Release   this   heaviness.             .  and  you  must  b e  prepared  to   give   in  o rder  to   get.  reaffirm  your  belief  in  yourself.   The   sooner   you   let   forgiveness   work   its  magic.   By   observing   your   own   reactions.  it   may   be   difficult   to   acknowledge   your   positive   growth.  and  you  will  be  unable  to   communicate   effectively   if   you   don’t   listen.  Peer  Pres-­‐ sure  vs.   without   hurting   yourself  or  anyone  else.   get   a   realistic   sense   of   timing.   Devise   an   achiev-­‐ able  plan.

 un-­‐ derstand   why   a   particular   fear   is   unfounded.     September  16  -­‐  Leap  Year:  Once  you  have  a  clearer   vision  of  what  you  want  the   end  result  to  be.   Only   by   combining   intellect   and   emotion   can   we   ever   really   “know”   something.  You  are  dealing   with  the  sudden   emergence  of     a  “new  you”.   Pace   yourself  sensibly.   Of   course.   Take  a  back  seat  and  let  someone  else   lead.  but  at  least  be  honest  with   yourself   as   to   what   you   are   feeling   and   thinking.  resourcefulness.   accept   that   you   have   taken   something   as   far   as   you   can   -­‐   and    let  go.       September   15:   The   power   of   choice   is   emphasized.           .   From   a   non-­‐competitive   standpoint.   in   your   way.  Quietly   observe   and.   and   what   you   want   to   experience   in   the   future.   Look   at   what   you   have   experienced.   planning.   but   it   is   magic   nonetheless   -­‐   the   magic   of   leading   your   life   in   the   direction  you  want  it  to  go.  a  cer-­‐ tain   idea   can   be   achieved.   You   are   ready   to   take   on   a   more  responsible  role.  Know  when  to  rest.  without   judgment.   so   will   your   courage   and   tenacity.   Consider   the   feelings   of   others.   in   your   way.       September   14:   You   need   to   get   more   organized.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     47   September   12:   Respect   the   slower   and   humbler   pace   of   this  cycle.   Just   like   you.   Meanwhile.   and   what   you   want   to   experience   in   the   future.   but   there   is   good   reason   to   feel   pleased   with   your   progress   so   far.  realize  that  guilt.   Start   relating   intimately   to   other  people  again.  to  your  relief.       September   16:   If   you   feel   “damned   if   you   do   and   damned  if  you  don’t”.   you   will  be  able  to  avert  problems  or.  which  often   disguises   itself   as   fear.   you   will   discover   an   easier   and   more   peaceful   route   into   the   future.   it   is   frustrating   to   learn   the   fundamen-­‐ tals   of   magic   in   such   slow   motion.  imagination   and   a   sense   of   adventure!   it’s   OK   to   take   a   chance   on   something   ‘different’.   are   experiencing.   This   important   lesson   in   orchestration   can   lead   to   a   crucial   under-­‐ standing  of  what  works  and  what  doesn’t.   Notice   those   seemingly   random   details   which  have  not  yet  been   written  into  the  plot  -­‐  just   dangling   there.   Look   ahead.   is   preventing   forward   move-­‐ ment.    and  must  find  the  courage  to  let  your   light   shine   around   someone   you   thought   you   were   never   allowed   to   eclipse.   you   may  en-­‐ counter   something   that   will   slow   you   right   down.   You   have   a   labor   of   love   ahead   of   you.   You   will   have   to   put   the   pieces   together   yourself.  As  your  awareness  increases.   Look   at   what   you   have   experienced.   are   experiencing.   patience.   and   now   is   the   time  to  start  creating  a  firm  foundation  on  which  to   build   that   new   reality.   It   may   be   hard   to   communicate  right  now.   Accept   things   exactly   as   they   are.   This   important   lesson   in   orchestration   can   lead   to   a   crucial   understanding   of   what   works   and   what  doesn’t!     September   19:   Stay   alert.   Once   you   are   more  confident  about  your  ability  to  solve  problems   as   they   arise.     September   17:   Slow   down.   and   many   details   must   be   considered   before   you   are   confident  enough   to  choose  what   is  right   for   you.   and   notice   that   a   certain  phase  of  your  life  has  ended.   and   It   will   all   take   time.   because   no   one   can   define   freedom  for  another.   and   you   will   feel   more   alive   than   you   have   felt   in   a   long   time.   Look   ahead.   Notice   those   seemingly   random   details   which   have   not   yet   been   written   into   the   plot   -­‐   just   dangling   there.  If   you   push   too   hard.  with   no   definable   purpose.   This   cycle   teaches   you   how   to   avoid   causing   unwanted   effects.  You  still  have  a   long   way   to   go.   relax.   This   cycle   demon-­‐ strates  the   most   intelligent  approach  to  difficult   cir-­‐ cumstances.       September  13:   You  will  be  unable  to  separate  truth   from   fiction   if   your   mind   is   resisting   your   feelings.                       Week  38                               September  17  -­‐  23   Leap  Year:    September  16  -­‐  22   Look   back.   you   may   choose   to   do   nothing   at   all   if   that   feels   like   the   wisest   approach.   with   no   definable   purpose.   Look   all   around.   Yes.  and   let   love    play  a   greater   role   in  your  life.   they   must  keep  their  lives  moving  forward  at  a  time  in  the   human   journey   when   it   is   often   difficult   to   know   which   way   forward   is.   a llow   yourself   to   b e   inspired.   Look   all   around.       September   18:   Look   back.   Be   comfortable   with   who   you   are   by   unconditionally   accepting   who   you   used   to  be.

  Creativity  is  not  always  about  manifesting   something   in   the   material   world.   Something   needs   to   be   repaired   -­‐   crea-­‐ tively.   through   you   and   out   of   you.   or   even   ill.   and   “how   can   I?”   questions   which   are   the   building   blocks   of   creativity.   the   stronger   you   will   become.   and   the   intuitive   mastery   to   be   gained   when   we   respect   all   our  natural  instincts   (not  just  some  of  them)  and  pay   attention  to  what  they’re  t elling  u s.  It  is  time   to  reconnect  to  an  old  vision.   and   don’t   lis-­‐ ten   to   guilt   when   it   tells   you   that   your   needs   are  less   important.       September   21:   As   you   move   deeper   into   a   new   situation.   What   you   thought   was   some   kind   of   failure   is   actu-­‐ ally  an  important  piece  of  the  puzzle  which  can  help   you  develop  your  power  to   make  things  happen.         .   if   you   don't   re-­‐ lease   this   buildup   of   inner   pressure   (stress).   No-­‐ tice  how  powerful  you  can  be   when  you  have  accu-­‐ rate   information  to   work   with.   The   more   fully   you   accept   reality.   Whatever   is   capturing   your   interest   right   now   may   have   a   deeper   reason   for   existing   than   you   realize.   possibly.       September   27:   An   experience   with   suspicion   or   un-­‐ certainty   was   not   altogether   unwarranted   and   seems   to   have   set   you   on   a   new   and   more   deter-­‐ mined   path.  not  confuse.   Take   things   slowly!   This   week   demonstrates   the   immaturity   of   those   who   think   they   already   know   it   all.   This   is   a   chance  to  b ring  your  thoughts  and  feelings  to  LIFE!       Week  39     September    24  -­‐  30   Leap  Year:    September  23  -­‐  29   An   experience  with   suspicion   o r   uncertainty   was   not   altogether   unwarranted   and   seems   to   have   set   you   on   a   new   and   more   determined   path.   This   cycle   urges   you   to   make   an   idea   materialize   by   loving   it.   That’s   creativity   on   birth   control.     September   26:   Don’t   judge   things   in   an   extreme   or   uncompromising  way.   “why   not?”.   and   the   intuitive   mastery   to   be   gained   when   we   respect   all   our   natural   instincts   (not   just   some   of   them).  Use  persuasion  and   humility  rather  than  force  or  manipulation  and  find  a   form  of  expression  which  will  h eal  rather  than  hurt.   Start   asking   those   “what   if?”.   Do   not   hurt   yourself   or   anyone   else   when   expressing   your   feelings.   Patiently   observe  what’s  going  on  and  organize  the  d etails  in  a   way  that  will  clarify.   Remember:   while   you   are  in  the  p lanning  stage.  aspiration.   advanc-­‐ ing.       September  25:  You  cannot  move  forward   while  you   are  holding  on  to  the  very  thing  you  need  to  let  go.  and  realize  that  you  have   gained   much   experience   since   then.   and   believing   in   it.   but   your   understanding   of   it   has   expanded  considerably.  t ry  not  to  be  impulsive.   The   extremes   you   are   experiencing   are   the   result   of   old   beliefs   that   don’t   want  to  leave.  you  give   yourself   permission   to   do   so.   Listen  to  your  h eart  instead  of   an   old.   fixed   frame   of   mind.   and   the   only  way   to   proceed  is  with  peaceful  intentions.  Confusion  is   inevitable  as  you  attempt   to   weigh   up   what   you   are   learning   now   with   what   you  used  to  ‘know’.   but   you   are  in  it   together.   and   pay   attention   to   what   they   are   telling  us.   a llow   your   feelings   to   move   spontaneously   within   you.     Others   are   involved.   Problems  still  exist  in  freedom.   Take   things   slowly!   Today   demonstrates   the   immaturity   of   those   who   think   they   already   know   it   all.   ex-­‐ ploring   it.   respecting   it.   feeling   it.   Look  carefully  at  the  details  of  the  past   in  the  light  of   present  knowledge.   The   information   may   sound   the   same.  but  you  will  deal  with   them  more  creatively  because.     September   23:   Outdated   understandings   will   keep   you   locked   in   the   “idea   stage”.     September   24:   If   you  want   more   freedom.  evolving.  o r  situation.  This  is  a  chance  to  achieve  a  vital   balance  b etween  your  m ind  and  your  emotions.   Creative   living   in-­‐ volves   the   ongoing   spontaneous   expression   of   feel-­‐ ings   and   the   constant   learning   of   the   other   side   of   the   story.   Your   own   needs   are   important   but   the   need   for   diplo-­‐ macy   and   compassion   may   have   to   take   precedence.   How   may   they   be   feeling?   You   may  be  v iewing  the   situation  from  d ifferent  p erspec-­‐ tives.   It   is   time   to   expand   your   limits   and   start   thinking   not   just   ‘out-­‐ side   the   box’   but.   You   are   healing.     September   23   -­‐   Leap   Year:   Find   a   way   to   integrate   your   own   needs   with   someone   else’s.   a   whole   nest   of   boxes.48     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   September   20:   You   must   now   identify   part   of   your   past   that   you   are   refusing   to   let   go   (or   even   ac-­‐ knowledge)   because   you   are   afraid   of   change.       September   22:   It’s   time   to   stop   experiencing   the   adverse  effects   of   past   m istakes   and  start  empower-­‐ ing   yourself   with   what   they   taught   you.  in  freedom.   You   could   become   oversensitive.       September   28:   There   is   an   effect   (in   the   present)   and  a  cause  (from  the  past)  for  everything.  and  how   easily  power   is  lost  by  mindlessly  following  the  crowd.   you   must   believe   that   more   freedom   is   possible.

    Approach   all   matters  in   a   businesslike   and   realistic   way.     Certain   actions   can   be   implemented   now.     A  new  approach  to  financial  and  business  matters   may   be   necessary.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     49   September  29:   Remember  that  appearances   can  be   very  deceiving.   You   know   that   a   significant   change   must   occur   in   the   level   of   power   you   have   in   the   world.   there   will   be   no   need   for   nervous-­‐ ness  or  ill-­‐timed   reactions.  and  instills  a  new  sense  of  ambition  that   is  based  on  realities  which  can  no  longer  be  ignored   or  d enied.   enabling   you   to   see   that   you   can.   Be   patient.   You   have   not   come   this   far   in   life   only   to   remain   unfulfilled.   expand   what  you  once  thought  were  your   limits.     This   year’s   journey   has   been   a   profoundly   spiritual   and   emotional   one   for   you.   But  there   is   still  much  knowledge  and  insight  to  soak  up  between   now   and   the   end   of   the   year.   It   will   not   be   too   long   before   you  will  be  using  all  this  new  knowledge  to  your  full   advantage.   contradictory   or   uncomfortable  they  seem.  Feel  the  dynamics  of  your   own   personal   power   emerging   from   this   year   of   learning.  The  mixed  messages  you  are   receiv-­‐ ing  are  the   result  of    your  mixed  emotions.   In   order   to   avoid   dis-­‐ appointment.   you   must   reacquaint   yourself   with   the  more   earthly   and   mate-­‐ rial  aspects  of  life.     Stay   alert.   indeed.   Your   intuition   is   very   strong   now   -­‐   highlighting   the   importance   of   a   bal-­‐ anced  coexistence  between  the  emotional.   On   an   inner   level.  take  yourself  se-­‐ riously.   but   be   willing   to  admit  where  you  have  gone  wrong  and  learn  from   your  mistakes.   the   conditions   in   which   you   live.   but   will   also   open   your   heart   to   the   needs   and   potentials  of  others.   I  know  I  never  did.   but   re-­‐ member   that   you   are   still   in   the   7   year   which   en-­‐ courages   planning   rather   than   doing.   or   all   of   these   areas.  The   t ide  is   beginning  to  turn  in  your  favor.   with   dignity   and   compo-­‐ sure.   no   matter   how   old.   you   may   want   to   make   improvements   to   the   work   you   do.       Week  40     October  1  -­‐  7   Leap  Year:    September  30  -­‐  O ctober  6   Both  your  mind  and  your  will  are  evolving  rapidly  as   they   push   their   way   through   the   numbness   of   old   denial   and   avoidance.   and   you   will   soon   feel   much   bet-­‐ ter.   b earing   in  mind   that  it  will   take   more   t ime   and   effort   for   the   b enefits   to   fully   materialize.   Feel   the   strong   magnetic   ‘pull’   that   keeps   you   focused   on   reality.   It   may  surprise   you   to   discover   how   you.  If  you   are   fully   aware.   Be   peaceful.   Have   patience.   you   will   also   reach   a   deeper   un-­‐ derstanding   of   your   various   relationships.   You   know   that   you   can   improve   your   life   by   improving   the   quality  of  what  you  contribute  to  it.   Feel   the   electricity   running   through   you.   That’s   your   feminine   emotional   Will   reminding   you   that   you   are   very   much  a live!       .   and  others.   try   not   to   push   too   far   too   soon.   analyze.   your   relationships.   study.  in   a  world   that   has   a lready   changed   drastically.   That’s   your   masculine   spiritual   mind   opening   up   to   new   possibilities.   Believe  in  you.  really  feel.         OC TOB ER     I  never  t hought  people  would   take  my  thoughts  seriously.   and  physical  aspects  of  your  life.  spiritual.   or   expect   the   cooperation   of   others   before   they   are   ready  o r  able  to  give  it.   This   recognition  will   not  only  open  your  eyes  to  your  own  greater  poten-­‐ tial.   Believe   in   life.   also.   Let   your   feelings   move   freely   within   your   body.   research.   As   you   realize   how   you   have   been   relating   to   others.   as   they   stand   now.   Continue   to   observe.     As   you   start   to   feel   next   year’s   powerful   8   vibra-­‐ tion   overlapping   with   this   year’s   introspective   7   en-­‐ ergy.   sharpen   your   focus.  This   will  broaden  any  nar-­‐ row   views   you   may   have.   Do   your   homework   before   making   strong  statements  or  taking  irreversible  action.   Express   yourself   with   confidence.     As   new   opportunities   begin   to   appear.     Opportunities  should  be  acted  on   decisively   and   confidently.   Many   o ld   b eliefs   about   p rosper-­‐ ity.  Not   only   a re   we  living  in   a   rapidly   changing  world   but.  financial  security  and  power  are  no  longer  valid.  This  is  a  chance  to  gain  some   independence   and   start   again   in   some   way   -­‐   with   a   new  and  more  realistic  understanding.   your   ability   to   communicate.  and  you   will   not   b e   able   to   think   straight   until   you   express   all   your   feelings.   and   learn.   your   horizons   can   certainly   be   broadened.       September  30:  Seeing  yourself  from  someone  else’s   perspective   can   help   you   better   understand   your   circumstances.   and   reveal  what  you  most  need  to  see.  So.   October   provides   a   glimpse   of   greater   possibilities.   Albert  Einstein     Much   of   the   knowledge   you   gained   this   year   can   now   be   put   to   practical   and   realistic   use.

50     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   September  30  -­‐  Leap  Year:  You  are  at  the  edge  of  a   new   reality.   Don’t   be   too   hard   on   yourself   when  you  realize  that  you  are  being  ‘led’  more  than   you   are   leading   your   own   life.  Comparing  your  reality  to  others   will   bring   disappointment.  disap-­‐ pointment   (pain)   is   inevitable.   you   must   make   simple   but   real   changes  to   what  you  a lready  have.       October   8:   The   emphasis   on   freedom.   As   Gandhi   said.   To   end   one   phase   and   bring   about   another.   are   coming   from   your   Will   -­‐   your   feminine   energy.  Learn  to   relax   with   inconvenience   or   imperfection.   Your   needs   are   simpler   than   you   think.  survival.   Understand   the  importance  of  right  timing.   today’s   problem-­‐solving   vibra-­‐ tions   urge   you   to   assess   the   true   nature   of   what   you   are  dealing   with.   survival.     October   7   -­‐   Leap  Year:   You  want   to   get   on   with   your   life  but  the  t ruth  is  that  this  situation   is  your   life  and.       October  6:  Slow  down.   Your   determination.       October  5:  Acknowledge  how  strong  and  purposeful   you   have   become.   as   old   memories   resurface.   compassion.  Accept  that  fact.  in  life.   treat   them   a s   an   opportunity   to   find.   personal   power   and   wisdom   is   making   you   more   aware  of  how   stifling  life  becomes  without   real  and   meaningful   change.   You   are   trying   to   or-­‐ ganize   your   own   chaos   within   a   chaotic   world.   You   can   now   be   there   for   others   without   compro-­‐ mising   your   freedom   o r  wellbeing.   So.  Impatience  is  understandable.   Tolerance   is   no   longer   enough.   humbler   and   slower  pace  is  needed  if  you  are  to  choose  well  and   adapt  comfortably.  That’s   how  powerful  your  feelings  are!  They  are  also  trying   to   show   you   a   better  way   to   proceed   towards   some-­‐ thing  you  really  want.   Acceptance   is   the   key.   you   must   form   a   new   intent.   To   get   a   new   result.   here  you  are.   and   are   growing   more   aware   of   how   easily   your   emo-­‐ tions  can  be  manipulated.   Your   needs   are   simpler   than  you  may  think.  Look  closely  at   how   you   are   living.       October  2:  You  are  at  the  edge  of  a  new  reality.   This   was  a  time   when  your  decision-­‐making  process   became  corrupted  by  a  judgment  that.  slap-­‐bang  in  the  middle  of  it.   and   heal   the   ORIGINS   of   your   present   frustration.   Be   patient.   As   you   reach   the   end   of   one   phase.   there   is   such   a   thing  as  “the  best  you  can   do  at  the  time”.  and   much  of  your   stress  will  loosen  its  grip  and  fade  a way.   you   must   make   simple   but   real   changes  to   what  you  a lready  have.  Face  the  facts.   To  end   one   phase   and   b ring   about   another.  Comparing  your   reality   to   others   will   bring   disappointment.   feel.   humbler   and   slower   pace   is   needed   if   you   are   to   choose  well  and  adapt  comfortably.  but  a  positive  change  is   brewing   from  which  great   possibilities  can   a rise.       Week  41     October  8  -­‐  14   Leap  Year:    O ctober  7  -­‐  13   The   emphasis   on   freedom.   Proceed  slowly.   It   seems   that   you   are   unnecessarily   swimming   against   the   tide.   The   slowness   of   this   cycle   is   helping   you   to   develop   authenticity   and   an   unpretentious   self-­‐assuredness.  com-­‐ passion.  It  tells  your  mind  what  you   will  and   will   not   accept.   This  healing  process  will  replace  an  old  sense  of  loss   or   failure   with   the   very   feelings   of   originality   and   optimism  you  have  b een  craving.   A   quieter.   you   may   not   receive   the   kind   of   at-­‐ tention  you  think  you  need.  You   cannot   accept   reality   if  you  are  moving  too  fast  to  notice  what   real-­‐ ity  actually  is!     October   1:   This   cycle   brings   you   back   to   a   place   in   your   past  in  which   you  experienced   disappointment.   and   all   your   feelings.  A  quieter.  Im-­‐ patience   is   understandable.   Some   rules  and  judgments  need  to  be  relaxed   so  that   un-­‐ conditional   love   can   work   its   magic.   and  without   their   problems  becoming  yours.   “You   must   BE   the   change   you   wish  t o  see  in  the  world”.   instead  of  m erely   hoping   for   positive   change   to   somehow   fall   out   of   the   sky.   and   gaining   the   insight   that   will   keep  you  safe  and  free.  You  are  slowly  unraveling   yourself   from   guilt.   instead  of  m erely   hoping   for   positive   change   to   somehow   fall   out   of   .   remember   that   al-­‐ though   things   may   not   be   'perfect'.   personal   power   and   wisdom   is   making   you   more  aware  of  how  stifling   life  becomes   without   real   and   meaningful  change.  You  cannot  accept  reality  if  you   are  moving  too  fast  to  notice  what  reality  actually  is!     October   3:   While   others   are   preoccupied   with   their   own   concerns.       October   7:   As   you   look   at   something   you   feel   ill-­‐ equipped   to   handle.  The  parts  of  your   Will  that  a re  free  are  t rying   to  rescue  parts  of  you  that  are  still  restricted.  calmly.   but   a   step   towards   a   larger   goal.   Devise  a   new   plan   which   is   flexible   enough   to   allow   certain   matters   to   unfold   naturally.       October  4:  What  you  are  experiencing  now  is  not  the   end   result.  and  atten-­‐ tively   enough   to   experience   the   sensation   of   your   mind   and   feelings   conferring   within   your   physical   body   -­‐   and   agreeing   that   a   certain   matter   will   take   longer  to   resolve.

  share.   Respect  it.   but   not   in   a   guilt-­‐laden   ‘bleeding   heart’   way   that   leaves   you   too   overwhelmed   to   be   effective.         October  14:  Notice  that   when  you  allow  yourself  to   feel   more   deeply.  There  are  definite   gaps   between   you.   or   admit   to   something   in   the  process?   Something  daunting   may  be   standing   in   your  way.   On  the  contrary.  Listen  to  it.   and   you   will   soon   find   the   next  step  forward.  and  you  are  more   likely  to   get   what   you  want  if  you   communicate  in  a  fair  and  unpreten-­‐ tious   way.   Guilt   and   blame   are   useless  now.       October  10:   Unexpected   circumstances  are  prompt-­‐ ing  you  to   let  your   imagination  flow  freely  and  take   some  kind  of  action.     .   Untangling   yourself   from   old   hurts   and   insecurities  will  take  time  and  courage.   or   the   fear   that   you   may   have   to   lose.  Focus  on  healing   what  has  hap-­‐ pened.       October   12:   Don’t   get   sidetracked   by   irrelevant   is-­‐ sues.   and   remember   that   this   story   must   be   accurately   read.       Week  42     October  15  -­‐  21   Leap  Year:    O ctober  14  -­‐  20   How   do   you   stay   independent   when   others   are   so   vital   to   your   goals   or   wellbeing?   Is   it   really   inde-­‐ pendence   you’re   worried   about.   there   is   no   such  word  as  should.  Relax.     October   9:   Focus   and   determination   are   needed   as   you   begin   the   process   of   finishing   something.  and  that  this   level  of   expression   enables   you   to   think   more   clearly.  Hon-­‐ esty  is    essential.  A  new  reality  or  frame  of  mind   is   exposing   a   broader   picture   and   is   finally   bringing   positive  movement  -­‐  not  that  you  were  standing  still.   This  cycle  contains   p lenty   of   criticism.   you   are   advised   to   follow   your   heart.   Whatever   your   situation.   That   sense   of   urgency   is   coming   from   your   fear  that  time  is   running  out.       October   13:  Don’t   p retend   to   understand   something   if  you  don’t.  Certain  things  that  have  both-­‐ ered   you   for   a   long   time   simply   don’t   matter   now.   This  cycle  reveals  what  really  matters  so  that  you  can   untangle  yourself  from  what  does  not.  your  mind.   you   are   not   as   overwhelmed   by   your  feelings  a s  you  once   were.  and  the  insight  that  is   trying   to  reach   you   cannot   do   so   through   those   tight   knots  of  resistance.   To   get   a   new   result.  which   you   will   be  unable  to  do  if  you  are  too  concerned  about  the   reactions   of   others.   rather   than  worrying   about  what   hasn’t.   In   this   instance.  and   the   emotions   it   triggers.   or   of   accepting   others   too  readily  and  then  getting  hurt.   Live   around   the   principle   of   truly   caring.     October   11:   Judgments   you   made   over   time   have   created  a  belief  system  that  affects  all  the  decisions   you   make   today.  which  may  feel  like  a  war  between  your  head   and   your   heart.   give   it   your   total   presence   and   participation.  and  your   heart  to  a  grand  opportunity  to  make  t hings  better.   Put   assump-­‐ tion   and   wishful   thinking   aside.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     51   the   sky.     October   14   -­‐   Leap   Year:   Notice   how   the   chaos     seems  less  frustrating  when  you  accept  the  facts  for   what  they  are  and  deal   with  them   in  your  own   way   and  at  your  own  pace.  This   cycle  reminds  you  of  the  incalculable  value  of  friend-­‐ liness.       October  16:  You   will  be  able  to   communicate  effec-­‐ tively   with   someone   on   a   different   wavelength   pro-­‐ vided   you   are   able   to   work   through   your   fear   of   people   who   are   ‘different’.   Love   it.   Be   aware   of   all   the   details   and   give  your  best  -­‐  and  the  reactions  of  others  n eed  not   worry  you  at  all.  It  is  not.  This   cycle  of-­‐ fers  an  exit  -­‐  a  way  out  -­‐  a  way  forward  -­‐  a  b reak.   but   there   is   also   common   ground   on   which   to   build   friendlier   relations.   you   must   form   a   new   intent.  you  have  been  busy  tying  up  loose   ends  from  the  past.  Accept  your  present  reality.   A   re-­‐ striction   may   turn   out   to   be   a   blessing  in   disguise.  Begin  with  a   judgment   you   have  made   about   how   a   certain  situa-­‐ tion   or   person   should   be.   You  need  p eople  to  t rust  you  now.  The  change  of   direction  you  need   can  only  come  from  a   change   in   your  priorities.   Your   heart   is   tired   of   bleeding!   It   wants   to   heal   and   be   strong   again   so   that   you   really   can   make   a   difference   in   this   tired   and  bleeding  world.   and   that   is   the   cause   of   the   confusion.  regardless  of  whether  they  are  coming   from  you  -­‐  or  at  you.   Judgment   is   what   guilt   and   blame   are   made   of   and   it   is   now   effecting   matters   of   love   and   loyalty.  and  it’s  name  is  PRIDE!  Only  so  much  can   be  accomplished  at  this  time.         October   15:  You   are  in   the   p rocess   of  changing  your   mind.   This   awakening  can  open  your  eyes.   There   is   little   to   stop   you   from   moving   ahead   just   as   long   as   you   accept   that   not   everyone   will  like  or  approve  of  what  you’re  trying  to  do.   and   not   merely   judged  by  its  cover.   In   this   cycle.   so   do   not   overreact.   Alter-­‐ natives   do   exist   and   must   be   considered   with   an   open  mind  -­‐   and  in  the  t ime  it  takes  for  your  mind  to   open.

  and   your   place   out   there   in   the   big  bad   world.   Friendship   is   a   form   of   love.       October  25:  Carefully   consider  the  possible   reactions   of  others.   if   you   don’t   understand   the   nature   of   what’s   happening?   Be   aware.  There   is  a  fine  line  b etween  d enial  and  ‘positive’  thinking.  If  you  are   confronted   with   a   reality   you   would   rather   not   ac-­‐ cept.   Appearances   can  be  deceiving.   And   remember   that   awareness   of   reality   (correct   understanding)   is   the   best  safety  n et  you  could  possibly  have!       October  19:  Something  that  has  been  draining  your   energy   or   dulling   your   senses   can   end   now.   You   certainly   won’t   get   very   far  splashing  around  in  the  shallow  end  of  life  when   you   know   your   real   fulfillment   is   out   there   in   the   deeper  waters.  but   we  a lso  have  a cquaintances   who   could  turn   out   to   be   true   friends.   you   will   be   able   to   move   into   a   f reer   and   more  comfortable   position.  Release  yourself  from  the  pressure  of  try-­‐ ing   to   appear   perfect.  a  fight  to   be   right.   or   admit   to   something   in   the   process?   Something   daunting   ap-­‐ pears   to   be   standing   in   your   way.   how   can   you   know  what   needs   to   b e   changed.   you   are   seeing   things   in   a   new   light   which   will   increase   your   power.   or   superficial.       October   18:   The   emphasis   is   on   your   fears   about   freedom.   you  are  currently  in  the  process  of  ‘making  contact’.  This  anxiety  is  b eing  t riggered  by  your   increasing   recognition   of   reality.   Relax.52     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   October   17:   How   do   you   stay   independent   when   others   are   so   vital   to   your   goals   or   wellbeing?   Is   it   really   independence   you’re   worried   about.   in   a   way   that   others   can   actually   relate   to.   and   that   is   a   good   thing!  After   a ll.   or   the   fear   that   you   may   have   to   lose.   impatient   or   unreasonable.   and   this   is   one   of   those   defining   moments   when   you   must   .   or   completely   avoided.   and   the   desire   for   truth   rather   than   denial.   but   when   it   is   expected   rather   than   felt.     October  20:  Be  aware  of  an  inner  conflict.   instead   of   denying   its   exis-­‐ tence   or   becoming   paralyzed   by   it.   it   is   finally   time   to   let   go   of   an   old   rou-­‐ tine.   genuine   friendship  can  form.   Today   provides   information   that   is   relevant   to   your   long   term   interests.  don’t   create  unnecessary  problems  for  yourself   by  spinning  the  truth  or  denying  the  obvious.   accep-­‐ tance  of  your  imperfections  IS  p erfection.   improved.   This   cycle   features   the   power   of  communication.   Be   real.   Communicate   genuinely.  and  the  insight  that  is  trying  to  reach  you  can-­‐ not   do   so   through   those   tight   knots   of   resistance.   Notice   the   expectation   that   exists   between   people   who   think   they   are   friends   but   are   only   acquaintances.   security..   and   don’t   be   pushed   into   moving   at   an   unnatural   pace.   As   an   evolving   being.  When  you  realize  that  you  are   equals   and   don’t   owe   each   other   anything.       Week  43                                     October  22  -­‐  28   Leap  Year:    O ctober  21  -­‐  27   As   you   dig   deeper   for   answers.       October   24:   If   something   seems   tedious.   you   will   gain   insight   that   can   affect  and  improve  other  areas  of  your  life.   for   the   sake   of   pride   or   convenience.   Be   prepared   to   change   your   mind   about   something   of   which  you  were  once  so  sure.  with  d ignity.       October   22:   Don’t   take   anything   for   granted.   There   is   no   point   in  subduing  your  feelings  or  avoiding  the  viewpoints   of  others.  Independently  check  the  facts  and   take  a  more  self-­‐reliant  stance  in  general.  Your  efforts  to  ‘go  for-­‐ ward’   and   ‘reverse’   at   the   same   time   a re   causing   the   ‘drag’   you   are   feeling.   Look   for   truth   in   opposing   points   of   view.  and  slowly   enough   to   notice   certain   details   that   will   help   you   make   sense  of  it  all.   and   remember   that  even  the  most  a ccurate   information   is  irrelevant   if   it   is   not   accurately   understood.   you   will   choose   to   remain   ‘safely’   in   the   dark.   No   matter   how   long   you   have   known   a   particular   person   or   group.   boring.  and  increasing   your   popularity.   Be   open.     October   21   -­‐   Leap  Year:  True   f riends   a re   n ever   plen-­‐ tiful.  By  focusing  on  what  really  matters  at   this   time.   Denial   of   your  true  feelings  could   cause  you  to  become  over-­‐ critical.       October   21:   It’s   time   to   get   down   to   business.   or   a   struggle   to   avoid   the   truth.  being  appreciated.   But   accepting   the  reality   of   your  emotional  energy  could   be   a   t est   of   your   self-­‐respect   -­‐   a   t est   of  whether   you   are  willing  to  receive.  There  is  a  time  to  exert  your  power  and  a   time   when   it   is   best   kept   under   wraps.  habit  or  frame  of  mind.  the  gift  of  wisdom   or   whether.   By  work-­‐ ing   through   your   fear.   Having   Free  Will  means  being  able  to  operate  in  a  way  that   feels  appropriate  to  the  situation.       October   23:   Let   your   heart   soften.   and   refuse   to   waste   time   on   irrelevancies.   share.   and   it’s   name   is   PRIDE!   Only   so   much   can   be   accomplished   at   this   time.   Incorporate   all   that   is   relative.   A   new   and   desirable   phase   can   now   begin   which   will   be   based   on   openness   rather   than   secrecy.   the   love  becomes  stifled.   right   now.

 Look   at   the   details   from   different  angles  and  understand  the  dangers  of  sec-­‐ ond-­‐guessing.  but  you  will  also   create  an  impressive  level   of   efficiency.  But  you  do  have  to  finish  or   end  something.  even   if  everything  is   moving  too  fast  for   comfort.   an   important   piece  of  the  puzzle  is  revealed.     October  30:  You  will  have  problems  if  you  are  more   focused  on  how  others  ‘see’  you  than  on   what  needs   to  be  done.       October   29:  When   facts   are  manipulated   o r   handled   carelessly.       November   3:  Be   a ware   of   the   time   you   spend   strug-­‐ gling   with   problems   while   opportunities   to   prevent   or   solve   them  go   unnoticed.  and  oth-­‐ ers  have  theirs.  but  guilt  is  trying  to  numb  your  feelings.   Be   patient.   Be   patient.  otherwise   guilt  will  use  your  de-­‐ nied   emotions   to   make   you   feel   unworthy   of   your   own   needs.   notice   how   your   freedom   and   wellbeing   are   directly   connected   to   other   people’s   circumstances   and   points   of   view.  Teamwork  is  essential.   You   are   now   in   the   right   time.   and   you  can  now  regain  some  ‘lost’  power  by  calculating   the  results  of  a  certain  move.   rather   than   judge   them   as  weak  or  negative.   enlightening   information   is   available.   for   the   sake   of   pride   or   convenience.   place.   all   you  can  do  is  hang  on  tight  until  you  land.  and  soon!       October   28:   H ere   you   are  -­‐   evolving   -­‐   in   a   world   that   often   seems  completely  crazy!   Be   honest   about   how   you  really  feel.  even  if  you  yourself  feel  a  little  crazy   at  times!  Your  f eelings  are  trying  to  steer  you  to  your   right  place.   an   important   piece  of  the  puzzle  is  revealed.   and   why   your   willing   and   egoless   participation   is   so   im-­‐ portant  at  this  t ime.  By  cooperat-­‐ ing   enthusiastically.  you  are   seeing  things  in  a  new  light  which  will  increase  your   power.   and   why   your   willing   and   egoless   participation   is   so   im-­‐ portant  at  this  t ime.   The  t ruth  is  h idden  under  layers  of  m isunderstanding   which  have  b een  slowly  unraveling  over  the  past  few   months.   and   frame   of   mind   to   help   yourself   -­‐   by   being   honest   with  yourself  -­‐  about  yourself.  and  the   importance  of  right  timing.   You   are   learning   the   differ-­‐ ence   between   mere   tactics   and   real   strategy.  Stay   centered  b ecause  the  answers   you  seek  can  only  be  found  in  the  seemingly  surreal   vibrations  of  present  t ime  and  current  location.   Be   prepared   to   change   your   mind   about   something  of  which  you  were  once  so  sure.   not   all   situations   have   clear-­‐cut   solutions.   enlightening   information   is   available.  the   gift   of   wisdom   or   whether.   not   only   will   you   gain   the   trust   of  others.   Now.  before  you  make  it.   not   only   will   you   gain   the   trust   of  others.  Just  imagine  the  power  gener-­‐ ated   when   mind   and   emotion   willingly   and   lovingly   combine  their  energies.     November   1:   When   facts   are   manipulated   or   han-­‐ dled   carelessly.   Your   masculine   mind   must   accept   your   feminine   emotions   as   its   true   desire.  You  do  not  have  to  lose  something  in   order  to  gain   something.   But   accepting   the   reality   of   your   emotional   energy  could   b e   a   t est   of   your   self-­‐respect   -­‐   a   test   of   whether  you  are   willing  to  receive.       October  27:  If  a  clash  of  Wills  is   going  on.   Know   what   your   role   consists   of.   you   will   choose   to   remain   ‘safely’   in   the   dark.   place.   Don’t   let   your   mind   race   too   far   ahead   or   become   stuck  in  the  past.   they  can   do   more   harm   than   good.   However.  You  have  a  specific  part  to  play.       Week  44     October  29  -­‐  November  4   Leap  Year:      October  28  -­‐  November  3   If   your   ideas   seem   exciting   and   ideal   one   moment   but   dull   and   problematic   the   next.  By  cooperat-­‐ ing   enthusiastically.  be  aware   of  all  your  feelings.  and  oth-­‐ ers  have  theirs.   Sometimes.  Accurate   information   and   correct   understanding   will   help   all   concerned   to   feel   more   secure.   Know   what   your   role   consists   of.   Clear-­‐headedness.   as   one   such   layer   lifts.  but  you  will  also   create  an  impressive  level   of   efficiency.   with  dignity.   There   is   a   survival   vibration   in   your   life   right   now   as   your   Will   continues   to   free   itself.   You   are   now   in   the   right   time.       October   31:   Be   aware   of   the   time   you   spend   strug-­‐ gling   with   problems   while   opportunities   to   prevent   or   solve   them  go   unnoticed.  Remember:  pleasant-­‐ ness  or  effected  b ehavior  is  not  the  same  as  honesty.       October  26:  As  you  dig  deeper  for  answers.   and   .   diplomacy   and   patience   are   needed.   as   one   such   layer   lifts.  None-­‐ theless.  Teamwork  is  essential.  You  have  a  specific  part  to  play.  Look   at   the   details   from   different  angles  and  understand  the  dangers  of  sec-­‐ ond-­‐guessing.     November  2:  You   will  have  p roblems   if  you  are   more   focused  on  how  others  ‘see’  you  than  on   what  needs   to  be  done.   they   can   do   more   harm   than   good.  and  the   importance  of  right  timing.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     53   choose   which   it   will   be.   Nonetheless.   The   truth   is   hidden   under   layers   of   misunderstanding   which  have  b een  slowly  unraveling  over  the  past  few   months.     October   28   -­‐   Leap   Year:   A   shift   in   reality   is   forming   and  you  must  meticulously  examine  the  details.   Now.   and   you   should   know   that   you   are   not   running   out   of   time  or  space.

  Sell   them   -­‐   or   barter   with   them.54     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   frame   of   mind   to   help   yourself   -­‐   by   being   honest   with  yourself  -­‐  about  yourself.   If   so.   Theodore  Roszak     By   the   end   of   the   month.         NOVEMBER     Nothing  we  ever  imagine  is  beyond  our  powers.  This   is   all   part   of   learning   the   vital   lesson   of   being   able   to   sense  what  n eeds  to  be  feared  and  what  does  not.   Some   endings   may   be   out   of   your   control.  and  you  could  be  feeling  vulnerable.  Not  all  of  them  require  sacrifice.  and  possibly  some-­‐ one  else’s.   Now   you   must   allow   all   the   feelings   involved   to   move  within   you.   The   more   you   resist   it.         Week  45                                   November  5  -­‐  11   Leap  Year:    November  4  -­‐  10   You   are   dealing   with   something   more   significant   than  expected.     Use   your   imagination.     November   4:   No   matter   how   indifferent   or   hostile   others   seem.  There  is  another  side  to  this  story  -­‐   someone  else’s  side  -­‐  and  it  needs  to  be   respected.   but   you   can   gain   something  wonderful   this   month   if   you   are   prepared   to  give  something.   rather   than   trying  to  ‘read’  or  judge  others.   and   they   will  attract  whatever  conditions   will  force  you  to  give   them   movement.  Don’t   engage   in  rivalry  or  try  to   take   control.   Any   major   decisions   or   ac-­‐ tions   should   be   given   careful   consideration   or   de-­‐ layed   until   next   year.   the   more   likely   it   will   be   that   a   situation   arises   that   will   bring   these   feel-­‐ ings   to   the   surface.   Your   best   approach   is   one   of   realism.  Remember:  pleasant-­‐ ness  or  effected  b ehavior  is  not  the  same  as  honesty.   and   a   softer   edge   to   all   your   relationships.  This   will  bring  heal-­‐ ing   to   your   heart   instead   of   more   heartache.   fairness.   Visualize   the   possibilities   that   a   certain   ending   offers.   Use   what  you  have  to  get  what  you  want.   life   will   require   you   to   come   back   to   Earth   with   both   feet   firmly   on   the   ground.   .   and   optimistic   attitude   will   at-­‐ tract  opportunity  to  you.   Look   at   someone   else’s   reality   with   caring   and   compassion.   Create   private   time   and   space   for   this   because   there   is   no   need   to   confront   others   or   to   hurt   yourself   or   any-­‐ one  else  when  expressing  your  t rue  feelings.     A   commitment   to   fairness.   helpful.   kindness.  and  this   is   a  chance  to  ease  your  own  pain.   Stop  worrying   so  incessantly  about  things  that  have   not   even   happened.   Life   is   just   too   short  to  a llow  ill  feelings  to  continue  to  go  unhealed.   But   notice   how   this   form   of   fear   is   expressing   itself   with   an   air   of   superiority   -­‐   as   if   it   is   not   fear   at   all.   With   your   mind   very   much   focused   on   next   year’s   financial   and   material   potential.     What   may   seem   like   a   new   beginning   is   actually   the  ending  of  something  that  is  no  longer  beneficial   or  relevant.     This   is   also   a   cycle   of   generosity   and   compassion.   You   have   en-­‐ dured   some   difficult   moments   -­‐   and   some   enlighten-­‐ ing   ones.   We  a re  all  struggling  in  this   chaotic   world.   There   could   be   an   uncomfortable   delay   until   you   allow  your  true  feelings  to  express  themselves.   this   is   a   test   of   friendship.   and   then  release   them   from   your   body.   This   is  denied  f ear.   Let   go.     Clear   the   path   for   next   year’s   dynamic   action   by   completing   whatever   you   have   been   putting   off.   Now   is   the   time   to   get   this   matter   out   of   the   way   once   and  for  all.     Timing   is   important.   Emotions   are   magnetic.   only  beyond  our  present  self  knowledge.   This   healing   process   needs   to   take   place.  This  conclusion   may  seem  to  b e  of  a  ma-­‐ terial   nature   but   will   effect   your   mental   and   emo-­‐ tional   energies   too.  emotional.   Let   those   emotions   out.   and   accep-­‐ tance  is  needed.     November  4  -­‐   Leap   Year:  Here  you  are.  A   charitable.     It  is  a  waste  of  time  and  energy  to  try  to  hold  on  to   what   is   leaving.   it   will.   There   is   no   need   to   compete.   the   vibrations   of   November  urge  you  to  give   in  some  way.   you   can   be   sure   there   is   a   good   reason  for  both  the  ending  and  the  time  at   which  it   is  taking  place.   Know   how   you   really   feel  about  things.  or  admit  that  you   cannot  do   it.  There  are   many  ways  to  give.     This   has   been   a   long   year   for   you.  Soon  you  will  be  feeling  and  sens-­‐ ing  your  way  to  something  n ew  and  exciting.  and  material  realms  simultaneously.   November   marks   the   end   of   a   deeply   introspective   phase   of   your   journey.   too.   and   will   prepare   you   for   next   year’s  dynamic  movement.   which  is  not  the  same  as   courage.   It   under-­‐ scores   the   preparations   needed   for   a   new   phase   in   which  you  will  b e  able  to  live  successfully  in  the  spiri-­‐ tual.   attention   to   d e-­‐ tail  and  generosity.   Ei-­‐ ther   get  it  done.   Meanwhile.  Things   that  are  of  no  use  to  you  and  are  cluttering  up  your   life   should   be   given   to   someone   who   does   have   a   use   for   them.   If   it   is   meant   to   stay.  back  at  the   same   old   roadblock   you   have   resisted   for   so   long!   Things  can   be   different   this   t ime   a round   if   you   focus   on   what   you   are   feeling   and   thinking.     Appreciate  the  blessings  you  already  have.   You   do   not   have   to   lose   some-­‐ thing   in   order   to   gain   something.

  with   so   much   going   on.   Do   not   be   sidetracked   by   irrelevant   issues.   Have   faith.  what  do  I  want  to  happen  here?       November   9:   The   beliefs   and   attitudes   of   others   have  affected  your  past  d ecisions.   from   past   experience.   hopefully.       November   13:   Guilt   is   an   impenetrable   wall   which   humanity  itself  has  built  -­‐  with  its  own  judgments.  logically.   But   notice   how   this   form   of   fear   is   expressing   itself  with  an  air  of  superiority  -­‐  as  if  it  is  not  fear  at   all.  because  it   is  ex-­‐ panding.   So.   you   may   be   unable   to   see   the   forest   for   the   trees.  Slow  down.   be   patient.   argu-­‐ ment.   sense   whether   your   presence   needs   to   be   toned   up   or   down.  It   stops   us   f rom   feeling   our   true   f eelings.   You   need   to   breathe   easy   again.   belief.       November   8:   If   you   are   too   distracted   or   self   ab-­‐ sorbed.   but   of   saving   it.   A  certain   idea   can  work   and.  Forgive-­‐ ness   of   yourself   and   others   will   help   you   find   your   way  forward     November   10:   Awareness.   or   whether   openness   or   discretion   is   needed.   which   is   not   the   same   as   courage.   Relax.   There   could   be   an   uncomfortable   delay   until   you   allow   your   true   feelings   to   express   them-­‐ selves.  so  b e   sure   to   ‘own’   what   is   yours.     November   7:   You   are   dealing   with   something   more   significant  than  expected  and  may  be  feeling  vulner-­‐ able.   This   is   denied   fear.   Old  guilt   is   surfacing   now   in   the  form  of  judgments  you  have  made  against  your-­‐ self.  so  do  not   be   impulsive.   not  for  the  purpose  of   ending  a   relationship  o r   situa-­‐ tion.   your  plan  must   change  shape  now.   most   importantly.   and   take   one   step   at   a   time.  as   you   travel   this   unpredictable   path.   determination.   take   your  own  steps.   more   specifically.   trying   to   wriggle   out   of   a   valid   responsibility   could  back  fire  on  you.  a sk  yourself.   However.   Be   guided   by   the   principles  of  p eace  and  compassion.   This   is   a   matter   of   priority   and   organization   and.   try   to   stay   alert   and   flexible.  It   is   sometimes  right   and   often  wrong.   With   each   situation.   peace   and   healing   really   are   possi-­‐ ble  in  your  world.  what  you  want  for  yourself.   Change   unrealistic   expectations   in   a   way   that   actually   gives   you   a   chance   to   succeed.   Moment   by   moment.   Con-­‐ structive   change   is   possible   once   you   take   a   more   positive  v iew  and  prepare  yourself  to  move  on.   How  can  you  accomplish  anything  worthwhile  if  you   keep  asking  the  impossible  of  yourself?     November   6:   Ask   for   the   support   you   need.  Your  expectations  a re  indeed  the  theme  h ere.   be   it   a   feeling.   and   independence   are   emphasized   and.   creativity.       Week  46     November  12  -­‐  18   Leap  Year:      November  11  -­‐  17   Feelings  of  frustration  and   instability  are  urging  you   to  look  at  your   situation  more   realistically  and  notice   the   long-­‐term   potential   involved.   Look   for   important   details.   Before   you   can  play  the  specific  role  you  are  meant  to  be  play-­‐ ing   in   the   lives   of   others.   in   so   many   different   directions.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     55   November   5:   It   is   obvious   that   a   complete   change   of   course   is   needed.     November  11  -­‐  Leap  Year:  Be  determined  to  lighten   your   load   and   simplify   your   life.   or   not   learned.   The   future   is   yet   to   unfold   and  it  is  b ecoming  apparent  that  by  treating  this  a s  a   matter  of  willing  partnership  rather  than  something   you   can   control.   of   letting   something   go.   Calm   down.   Standing   still   may   offer   the   best  chance  of  moving  forward  right  now.   you   must   decide.   and   let   yourself   feel   inspired   by   the   possibilities   that   are   starting   to   occur   to   you.  and  which  have  held  you  back  for  no  good  rea-­‐ .   but   make  sure  you  ask  those  who  are  actually  in  a  posi-­‐ tion   to   help.       November   12:   Notice   your   resistance   to   being   free.   conception.       November   11:   You   know   that   acceptance   is   the  logi-­‐ cal   next   step.   but   you   now   have   the   power   to   o rchestrate   your  life   a round   new   facts   and   opportunities.  Observe.   this   is   a   chance   to   state   your   case   and.   otherwise   you   could   become   over-­‐ whelmed   by   the   sheer   diversity   of  it   all   and   start   b e-­‐ lieving   that   life   is   giving   you   no   choice.   a   physical   or   material   thing.   and   the   only   way   you   will   know   which  d irection   is   right  for  you  is  to  stop  denying  the   facts   and   face   reality.   and   with   your   long-­‐term   security   in   mind.   regain   some   freedom.  You  are  being  noticed  and.   Stay   centered.   or   even   a   com-­‐ mitment.   This   is   all   part   of   learning   the   vital   lesson   of   being   able   to   sense   what   needs   to   be   feared   and   what  does  not.   No   one   can   tell   you   what   to   expect   because   expecta-­‐ tions   rise   and   fall   according   to   what   has   been   learned.  Look  beyond  the  pre-­‐ sent.   slow   down.   if   so.  you  may  not  recognize  the  relevance  of  cer-­‐ tain  communications.   think   for   yourself.   The   truth   is   that  choice  is  what  this  is  all  about.   You   may   f eel  responsible   for   something   that   is   not   your   responsibility   and.   feel   your   own   feelings.   and   how   problems   arise   because   you   expect   them   to.   A   change   of   plan   may   seem   like   chaos   at   first.  and  form  your  own  beliefs.  and  you  may  have   to   loosen   a   bond   that   has   become   too   controlling.

  courteous   and   caring   as   you   sense   your   way   along.   Slow   down.   in-­‐ cluding  that   which   was  formed   when  you   were  just  a   child.  even  those  you  deeply   care   for.   in   turn.     November  18:  Feelings  of  self  centeredness  and  self-­‐ preservation   are   inevitable.  facilitator  or  peacemaker.   or   beholden   to.56     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   son  other  than  that  is   what  judgment  does.   your   plan   must   change   shape   now.   someone   or   something   else   which.   you   must   accept   the   person   you   are   now   -­‐   someone  who   has   turned   a   corner   only   to   find   your-­‐ self   having   a   new   experience.   If   you   feel   drained.   otherwise   you   will   run   out  of  steam  -­‐  which  is  exactly  what  guilt  wants.   Your   life   has   changed   and.   but   you   also   want   seclusion   and   pri-­‐ vacy.       November   20:   Guilt   will   try   to   convince   you   that   you   should  have  been  more  patient  or  approached  mat-­‐ ters   differently.   or   effecting   yours.   and   it   is   important   to   recognize   that   others   have   come   a   long   way   too.   and   support.   (for   which   you   may   not   be   prepared).   logically.  You  a re  reluctant  to   raise  your   expectations  because  you  are  afraid  of  getting  hurt.   You   have   come   a   long   way.  from  time  to  time.   without   war   breaking   out   or   spirits   breaking   down.   ‘Sense’   (intelli-­‐ gence)   is   what  this   cycle  offers  -­‐  common   sense.   by  knowing  what  it  is  you’re  f eeling.  in   order  to  move  forward.  You   want  to  f eel  the  power  of  your   emotions   rather  than   the   weakness  you  once  thought  they   were.   in   order   to   feel   at   ease.  The  key  is  to  think  entirely  for  yourself.   Notice   how   you   are   connected   to   the   differ-­‐ ent   people   and   components   involved.   be   pa-­‐ tient.   but   you   will   be   amazed   at   the   strength   and   resourcefulness   that   develop   when   people   share   and   combine   their   efforts   and   ideas.   You   cannot   please   everyone.   It   was   not   possi-­‐ ble  to  learn  what  you  had  to  learn  until  now  and.   Others  can   ‘sense’   your  motivation.   The   main   purpose   of   this   cycle   is   to   increase   your   appreciation   of  love.   Look   beyond  the  present.     November   21:   A   struggle   continues   only   because   you  continue  to  struggle   with   it.   A   genuine   d esire   to   learn   how   to   bring   p eace   into   your   world.       November   17:   As   your   view   of   reality   widens.   Spent   energy   must   be   replenished.   Only  by   moving   away   from   guilt.   but   you   can   do   your  best  -­‐  and  you  can  feel  very  satisfied  with  that.   It   is   im-­‐ possible  to  change  your  mind  without  first  changing   your  feelings.  and  you  cannot  truly  'know'  something   until  you  f eel  it.  in-­‐ stinct.   and   you   will   more   effectively   fulfill   your   current   role   of   helper.  however.   But  you  must  start  believing   in  yourself  again.   and   a   deeper   sense   of   discretion.           .   because   it   is   expanding.       November  18  -­‐   Leap   Year:  Change  is  in  the  air.   Give   your   mind   time   to   catch   up   with   your   feelings.   blame   and   judgment.  A   certain  idea  can  work   and.  can   you   t ruly   appreciate   the  gifts   that   the   pre-­‐ sent  holds.  gaps   will  appear  be-­‐ tween  you  and  other  people.   friendship.   and   give   other   people   a   chance   to   catch  up  with  you!     November   16:   Feelings   of   frustration   and   instability   are  urging  you  to  look  at  your  situation  more  realis-­‐ tically   and   notice   the  long-­‐term   potential   involved.   rest.   healer.   A   change  of  plan  may  seem  like  chaos  at  first.   We   are   each  evolving   at   a   pace   that  is   right   for   u s  which   means  that.   Observe.  develop  your  confidence.   you   can   see   why   it   is   difficult   to   move   more   independ-­‐ ently   into   the   future.  Then   you   will   be   able   to   breathe   new   life   into   your   own   imagination.   but   guilt   is   wrong.  but  you   now  have  the  power  to  orchestrate  your  life  around   new  facts  and  opportunities.  Manipulation  or  p retense   will   not  work   for   you   in   this   cycle.   even   those   you   thought   were   on   your   wave-­‐length.   Don’t  d eny  what  you  k now  is  t rue.   And  you  k eep  strug-­‐ gling   because   you   cannot   believe   that   a   certain   struggle   really  is  over.   and   experience   the   rush   of   freedom   that   follows.   This   is   a   chance   to   let   go   of   a   dependent  frame  of  mind.   Be  tactful  and  considerate.   reduces   everyone’s   Free   Will.  you  want  nothing  but  the  truth.   it   seems   that   everyone   is   dependent   on.   Week  47     November  19  -­‐  25   Leap  Year:      November  18  -­‐  24   You   have   refused   to   think   certain   thoughts   because   you   were   afraid   of   the   feelings   they   may   trigger.   Now.  and   your   emotions   are   reacting   strongly.     November  14:  If  the  intent  for  peace  is  in  your  heart.   life   and   liberty   -­‐  for  all.  you  really  do  need  to  take  a   break   -­‐   from   guilt.   is   the   only   way   forward.     November   19:   You   need   social   contact.   intuition.   Even   if   you   feel   oversensitive   or   vulnerable.   Wherever   you   look.   today   will   enable   you   to   express   your   feelings   around   others   who   also   need   to   express   theirs.   What   do   you   really   want?     November   15:   Ease   your   concerns   about   the   way   others   are   living   their   lives.

  when   you   focus   too   heavily   on   one   area.   present   yourself.   If   you   are   presenting   patience   and   calmness   on   the   outside   but.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     57   November  22:  Since  your  very  understanding  of  life   is   changing   and   expanding   now.   Appreciate   the   people   and   things   you   care   about.  put   personal  concerns  aside  and  focus  on  joint  interests.  It  will  still  be  there  after  another  important  matter   has   been   taken   care   of.   It   is   impossible   to   change   your   mind   without   first   changing   your   feelings.   or  when   you   ignore   the   facts.   be   patient.   There   is   a   reason   for   this   apparent   mis-­‐ match.   you  may   be   deny-­‐ ing  yourself  the  very  knowledge  you  need.       November   27:   This   cycle   highlights   the   way   you   communicate.   friendship   and.   It  is   this   judgment   -­‐   the   attachment   to   only   one   point   of   view   -­‐   that   is   causing   both   the   imbalance   and   the   confusion.   Someone   else’s   cooperation   will  prove  to  be  invaluable  now.  This  is  a  chance  to  better  understand  the  art   of  power-­‐sharing.   Pushing   will   produce   results.   and  the  love  or  loyalty  that  is  all  too  easily  taken  for   granted   when   one   has   p lans   of   one’s   own.   If   something   has   to   be   put   on   the   back-­‐burner.   so   be   it.   Appreciate   the   people   and   things   you   care   about.  can  now  release  your  creative  spark.   Far   from   making   you   dependent   or   vulnerable.   If   you   are   honest   about   the   nature   of   your   frustration     anxiety.       November   29:   Tolerance   is   not   the   same   as   pa-­‐ tience.   and   you   cannot  truly  'know'  something  until  you  f eel  it.   possibly.  and  from  giving  oth-­‐ ers  their  due  credit.   A   slower   and   more   patient   approach   will   produce   the   results  you  want.   loyalty.   you   may   need   to   question   the   relevance   of   certain   matters   that   you   once   considered   unquestionable.   you   want   nothing   but   the   truth.   however.   the  way  forward  will  be  easier  to  recognize     November   26:   If   you   are   involved   with   people   or   circumstances   that   seem   irrelevant   or   hostile.       November  24:  Do  not  judge  yourself  harshly  for  the   mental/emotional  tug-­‐of-­‐war  that  is   going  on   inside   you.  and  your  apprecia-­‐ tion   is   all   that   is   needed   in   return.   deep   down.  and  all  of  your  feelings  and   thoughts   instead   of   just   some   of   them.   a re   frustrated   and   anxious.   empathizing.   forgiveness.   Accept   that   there   are   some   things   you   just   cannot   accept.   This   is   a   chance   to   start   living   your   life   more   fully   while   standing   more   firmly   on   your   own   two   feet.   and   the   love   or   loyalty   that   is   all   too   easily   taken   for   granted   when   one   has   plans   of   one’s   own.   You   want   to   feel   the   power   of   your   emotions   rather   than   the   weakness   you   once   thought   they   were.       November   25:   You   have   refused   to   think   certain   thoughts   because   you   were   afraid   of   the   feelings   they   may   trigger.  peace.   leaving  you  simul-­‐ taneously   drained   and   raring-­‐to-­‐go.       Week  48     November  26  -­‐  December  2   Leap  Year:      November  25  -­‐  December  1   There  is  too  much  going  on  for  you  to  focus  on  one   thing.  and   put  your  priorities  in  the  right  order.   and   climb   out   of   a   frustrating   rut   into   which   some   of   your   potential   became   trapped.   Evolutionary   movement   is   causing   you   to   surge  forward  and  then  hold  back.   It  is  time  to  heal  from  a  specific  hurt  or  deprivation   of   the   past.   .   Great   things   can   be   organized   from  such  a  balanced  position.   Much   can   be   achieved   in   an   atmosphere   of   respect.  partnership  and  right   timing.   Be  honest   with  you.  which  has  nothing  to  do  with  humiliation  and   lots   to   do   with   listening.  teamwork.   this   is   the   inspiring   experience   of   sharing   part   of   your  life  with   someone   else  without  feeling  indebted  or  infringed  upon.       November   28:   Pushing   too   hard   or   aggressively   in   this   unhurried   low-­‐energy   cycle   will   slow   you   down   to   a   pace   where   patience   and   humility   will   be   your   only   means   of   moving   forward.   Now.   But   that’s   the   old   you   thrashing   around   like   that.  Evolutionary  movement  is   causing   you   to   surge   forward   and   then   hold   back.  It  is   a   lesson   in   faith.   So.   and   inspiring   others.   The   new   you   wants   to  look  more   realistically  at  the  details  and  get  things   ‘right’   this   time.   or   operate   socially.   Patience   develops   by   accepting   all   of   your   reality   instead  of  just  some  of  it.   This   will   help   you   release   yourself   from   an   old   identity   and  allow  more  of  the  real  you  to  emerge.   We   tolerate   that   which   we   cannot   accept.       November   30:   Notice   the   imbalance   that   occurs   when   you   do   not   prioritize.  negotiation.   leaving   you   simultaneously   drained   and   raring-­‐to-­‐go.       November   25   -­‐   Leap   Year:   There’s   too   much   going   on  to  focus  on  one  thing.  and  cooperation.  No  one  can  win  if  they  ask  for  the  impossible.   You   will   gain   significant   in-­‐ sight   when  you  accept  things  exactly  as  they  are.       November   23:   You   need   to   be   alone   with   your   thoughts   and   feelings.   Resistance   to   fac-­‐ ing   changing   realities   can   cause   an   uncomfortable   drag   on   your   progress.   Take   a   flexible   approach   which   leaves   room   for   the   merging   of   needs   and   ideas.   Hu-­‐ mility.

  Recognize   areas   of   dependency   that  are  still  holding  you  back.   Pushing   too   hard   too   soon   can   create   a   lonely   feeling   -­‐   a   feeling   that   if   something  is  going   to   be   done.  it   may   take   the   feeling   of   lone-­‐ liness   o r   abandonment   -­‐   o r   the   f ear   of   those   things  -­‐   to   make   you   realize   how   you   actually   feel   about   someone  else.  so   be  it.  so  b e   patient  with  your  progress.     Be   patient.  Friendship   is   emphasized   and.  and  all  of  your  feelings  and  thoughts   instead  of  just  some  of  them.   b eing   yourself   does   not  mean  going  to  unrealistic   lengths  to  b e  different.   If   something   has   to   be   put   on   the   back-­‐burner.   You   are   experiencing   a   vital   course-­‐correction   that   will   change   the   scenery.  once  stretched  by  a  new  idea.  and  you  have  learned   a   lot.   Being   yourself   means   being   yourself.   and   moving   at   your   own   natural   pace   at   any   given   time   are   the   keys   to   making   this   cycle   a   successful   one.   Nothing   else.   you  will   have   to   do   it   all  by  yourself.   stubbornness   o r   the   urge   to   control  every-­‐ thing.   especially   those   whose  cooperation  and  support  you  will  need  in  the   months   to   come.   or  when   you   ignore   the   facts.   See   the   beauty   in   your   uniqueness.   Oliver  Wendell  Holmes     In   this   cycle   of   new   beginnings.   or   egotistical.   achievement.   remember   that   we   are   living   in   the   age   of   partnership   -­‐   an   era   when   much   greater   accom-­‐ plishments  can  be  made  by  a   group.   aggressive.   no   matter   how   the   world   seems   to   be   turning.  It   will   still   be   there   after   another   important   matter   has   been   taken  care  of.  Relax  with  your  plans.   Look  ahead   rather  than  d well   in  the  past   or  cling  to  traditions  that  inhibit  and  control.   can  never  regain  its  original  dimensions.     Look   forward   -­‐   and   see   the   potential   a waiting   you.  and  the   increased  personal  power  that   comes   with  accurate   understanding.       December   3:   Imagine   what   you   could   accomplish   if   you   let   go   of   the   ridiculous   belief   that   you   are   not   allowed   to   make   mistakes.   your   eagerness   to   surge   ahead   may   be   premature.   Don’t   obsess   over   your   weak   points.   Your   very   differentness   is   a   gift   from  life.   Patience   develops   by   accepting   all   of   your   reality   instead   of   just  some  of  it.  Use   a   friendly   but   practical   approach   and   seek   a  solution  that   will  bring   lasting   change.     Being   yourself.   However.   We   tolerate   that   which   we   cannot   accept.       December   2:   Notice   the   imbalance   that   occurs   when   you  do  not  prioritize.   But   how   can   you   be   independent   if   your   happiness  depends  on  factors  outside  of  yourself?     Consider   your   addictions   and   obsessions   -­‐   those   things  or  people  you  think  you  cannot  survive   with-­‐ out.   origins.   It  takes  time  to   travel  such  an  important  learning   curve  as  this.       Week  49     December  3  -­‐  9   Leap  Year:    December  2  -­‐  8   This   cycle   slows   you   down   to   a   pace   that   will   im-­‐ prove  your  timing  and  allow  you  to  notice  things  you   need   to   see.  or  you  believe  are  holding  you  back.  originality.  Commit  to   finding   ways   to   become   more   self-­‐reliant.     December  2  -­‐  Leap   Year:  Try  not  to  succumb  to  im-­‐ patience.   you   cannot  enter   a   new   cycle   of   time   until   it   actually   begins.   December   offers   a   chance   to   put   the   first   stages   of   a   plan   into   action.       DECEMBER     One's  mind.   or   that   you   must   turn   .  when  you  focus  too  heavily  on   one   area.   At   the   same   time.  and  clear  the  air.  satisfaction.  Accept  that  there  are   some   things   you   just   cannot   accept.  This  cycle  urges  inde-­‐ pendence.  rather  than  an   individual  -­‐  the  a ge  of  “we  are”  rather  than  “I  am”.  Don’t  worry  about  that  -­‐   focus-­‐ ing   on   you   is   perfectly   natural   at   this   t ime.   you   may   feel   overly  self-­‐centered.  Maintain  your   confidence.   It  means   recognizing  and  appreciating   who  and   what   you  naturally  are   without  putting  on  an  act  or  down-­‐ playing   your   talents   or   appearance.   The   plan   you   are   following   is   incom-­‐ plete   because   it   was   formed   when   you   knew   less   than   you   know   today.   creativity.   No   one   can  win  if  they  ask  for  the  impossible.   Whatever   you   have   learned   in   this   strange  and  introspective  year.   This   will   help   you   release   yourself   from   an   old   identity   and   allow   more  of  the  real  you  to  emerge.   yet.     Be   careful   how   you   treat   others.   However.   ac-­‐ celerate  the  pace.   Just   as   you   cannot   cross   a   bridge   be-­‐ fore   you   come   to  it.   change.   Accept   them   and   work   to   strengthen   them.58     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   December  1:  Tolerance  is  not  the  same  as  patience.   so   try   to   snap   out   of   the   ‘inner”   life   you   have   been   living   for   the   past   12   months   and   focus   on   your   current   physical   and  material  reality.  and   confidence.   hold   on   to   it   and   bring   it   with   you   into   the   8   year  of  transformation.   awareness   and   ambition.  Take  a  flexible  approach  which  leaves   room   for   the   merging   of   needs   and   ideas.     Make   a   constructive   change   or   move   closer   to   making   such   a   change   in   the   future.   impatient.  success.   You   will   know   that   you’re   t raveling   too   fast   too   soon   if   you   find   yourself   anxious.   Express  your  individuality.

  no   matter   how   vehe-­‐ mently   you   deny   your   feelings.   and   you   will   realize   that   you   are   more   organized   than   you   thought.   which   is   why  this   cycle   urges   patience.   You   don’t   know   what   to   expect.  considerate.   Remember   that   you   are   responsible  for  what  you  b elieve.   the   less   you   will   be   able   to   understand   it.     December  10:  You   cannot  expect  much  from  anyone   right  now  and.       Week  50     December  10  -­‐  16   Leap  Year:      December  9  -­‐  15   You   want   to   appear  calm   and   relaxed.       December   5:   Assessing   where   you   belong   or   know-­‐ ing   which   direction   will   best   serve   your   long-­‐term   interests   is   a   complex   procedure.   Patience   really   does   pay   off   when   it   is   used   at   the   right  time  and  in  the  right  circumstances.   Keep   your   ears.   Take   the   time   to   see   and   appreciate   the   beauty   that   exists   amongst   the   ugliness.   but   you   can   sense   that   things   are   changing.   It   takes   time   to   travel  such   an   important   learning  curve   as   this.   and   the   beauty  that  you  are.   Just   be   yourself   and   express   what   is   truly   in   your   heart.   information   you   chew   over   in   your   mind.   Whatever   you   are   dis-­‐ tracting   yourself   with   is   p rolonging   your   fear   of   free-­‐ dom.   but   you   know   that  pretense  is  no  substitute  for  the  real  thing.   accelerate   the   pace.   making   mistakes   is   how   you   discover   what   works   and   what   does   not.       December   7:   Being   at   close   quarters   with   others   is   not  always   easy  or  pleasant.   Feeling   optimistic   and   pessimistic   at   the   same   time   is   not   unusual   in   this   cycle.   or   the   way   certain   resources   are   being   eaten   up.   In   freedom.   or   to   feel  guilty  about  wanting  more  freedom.  But  you  do   need   to   get   more   organized.   In   guilt.   you   cannot   move   forward  until  you  admit  you  are  afraid  of   what  may   lay   ahead.   or   who   you   think   you   are.  your  concept  of  beauty   and   attraction   may   be   changing   in   a   way   that   sur-­‐ prises  you.   You   are   experiencing   reflections   of   your   various   dependencies   and.   friendliness   and   flexibility.       December   6:   This   cycle   slows   you   down   to   a   pace   that  will  improve  your  timing  and  allow  you  to  notice   things   you   need   to   see.   there   is   never   a   point   at   which   you   have   done   or   given   enough.   There   is   no   need   to   be-­‐ come   overwhelmed   by   the   intricacy   of   it   all.  yet.   You   now   have   the   freedom   to   place   your   focus   wherever  it  is  n eeded.   The   plan   you   are   following  is   incomplete   because   it   was   formed   when   you   knew   less   than   you   know   today.   but   the  h ealing  you  need  cannot  o ccur  until  you  do!       December   4:   Your   situation   contains   many   details   and   involves   other   people.   There  is  also  an  emphasis  on  what  you  are  consum-­‐ ing  -­‐  the  food  and  other  substances  you  put  in  your   body.  In  fact.   Feel   your   confidence   returning.  Even   those   who   do   not   seem   to  be  directly  connected  to  your  plans  may  turn  out   to   be   important   connections.       December  8:  This  confidence-­‐building   cycle  unearths   hidden   details   and   helps   you   to   release   incorrect   judgments.   and   clear   the   air.   The  change   you   want   must   occur   step   by   step.  Don’t  look  away.  the  potential  for  personal  fulfill-­‐ ment   is   starting   to   sink   in.  Think  carefully.   You   cannot   know   how   things   will   change.   Your   sense   of   identity   is   the   theme.   December   9  -­‐   Leap   Year:   This  cycle  illuminates   areas   of   your   life   where   inequality   and   imbalance   rule.   Feel  your   Will  v igorously  trying  to  free  itself.   slowly   and   surely.   Each   step   you   take   will   help   identify   the   next.  Don’t  follow  the   crowd   -­‐   or  someone  with   whom   you   are   impressed   -­‐   or   want   to   impress.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     59   your  own  light  down  low  to  let  someone  else’s  shine.  Look  d eeper.       December   12:   Take   a   look   at   other   people’s   chaos.   Choose  only  that  which  h eals  and  nourishes.   and  you  have  an  important  one  to  make  now.   You   are   experiencing   a   vital   course-­‐correction  that   will  change  the  scenery.   There   is   no   need   to   be   overwhelmed   or   intimidated.   Base  your  d eci-­‐ sions   on   what   you  feel  is   t rue   -­‐   not   on   your   n eed   for   reassurance  or  approval.   how   things  work.   so   be  patient  with  your  progress.   Connection   is   the     theme  of  this  cycle.   This  transitional  cycle  between  feeling  lost  and  find-­‐ ing  your  higher  ground  is  pointing  out  the  problems   that   come  with   that   form   of   fear  we  call   impatience.   so   be   careful   where   you   aim   your   criticisms   or   indifference.   and   the     disturbances   that   occur   when   stubborn   beliefs   are   challenged   or   when   words   are   used  to  control  rather  than  inform.  You   will   make   progress   by   communicating   on   the   basis   that   everyone   is   equal.   Be   ap-­‐ proachable.   Per-­‐ haps   you   are   allowing   something   to   consume   you.   Slow  down.   The   essence   of   independence   is   choice.  and  alert.   Guilt   tells   you   that   you   must   not   rest.       December   11:   The   power   of   communication   is   em-­‐ phasized.   This   is   a   phase   in   which   imaginative   solutions   can   be   con-­‐ jured   up.   The   more   you   try   to   rush.       December   9:   The   focus  is   on  work.   There   is   .   eyes   and   mind   open.

      December  16  -­‐   Leap  Year:  You  a re  an   important  part   of  a  team.   Don’t   rush.       December  14:  Love  does  not  hurt  but.  Find  it.   You   do   not   want   to   be   unfriendly.   some-­‐ how.  and  you  cannot  be   complete  while  it’s  not  with  you.   There   is   much   to   learn   and   experience   before   you   can   know   what   your   needs   and  goals  actually  are.   So   much   about   you   has   changed  and  you  are  undergoing  another  enhancing   change   now.   remind   yourself   that   there   is   something   important   to   learn   from   every   situation  you  encounter.  to  the  love  they  once  were.  It  is  also  the  only   way   they   can   be   transformed   from   what   feels   like   “baggage”.       December   21:   You   are   made   of   energy   which.   There   is   a   time   and   place   for   everything.  but  not  the  star  of  the  show.   Confidence   and   relaxed  interaction  will  come  back  to  you  gradually.       December   20:   You   are   on   a   more   creative   path   but   the  grief  you  are  denying  can  blind  you  to  your  pro-­‐ gress.  Look  d eeper.   Let   yourself  enjoy  the  love  and  affection  all  a round  you.   let  it   rise   to   the   sur-­‐ face   and   then.   You   cannot   switch   your   feelings   off   and   then   expect   to   feel  happy.       Week  51     December  17  -­‐  23   Leap  Year:      December  16  -­‐  22   Communication.   Loosen   up   and   encourage   others   to   do   the   same.  Look  for  it.  and  what  it  will  take  to  fulfill   them.   privately   and   safely.  A  switch  called  denial  does  exist.   No   matter  what  feelings  arise   in  this  cycle.   loyalty   and   friendship   are   empha-­‐ sized.       December  15:   You   want  to  appear   calm  and   relaxed.   so   try   to   create   a   peaceful   and   harmonious   atmosphere.   you   cannot   feel   alive.   got  left  behind  in  the  past.   beauty.  Creativity  is  not  just  about  the  arts.  must   k eep  moving.     December   18:   Emotional   honesty   is   the   only   way   forward   from   here.  You   will  make   great  progress  by   commu-­‐ nicating   on   the   basis   that   everyone   is   equal.   love   gets  hurt.   Instead   of   feeling   stuck   in   a   situation   that   is   beyond   your   control.  If  this  happens.   defensiveness   or   judgment.  or  already  has.  If  an  issue  is  boxing  you  in.  and  compassion  and   patience   are   needed.   but  you  know  that  pretense   is  no  substitute  for  the   real  thing.   and   relationship   can   be   easily   damaged   by   indifference.   because   that  is  the  only  way  they  can  heal.   Frustration   is   a   form   of   anger   and   you   will   need   to   let   this   natural   emotion   move   within   your   physical   body.   their   needs   must   not   be   allowed   to   eclipse   yours   indefinitely.  find  a  way  to  un-­‐ tie  yourself  and  proceed  more  independently.  Become  whole  a gain.  but  re-­‐ member   that   if   you   cannot   feel.   Cooperate.   you   cannot   think   anything   new.   but   you   are   in   no   mood   for   other   people’s   nonsense   either.   or   make   you   feel   guilty   for   wanting   to   move   on   or   for   wanting  more.   Your   f eelings   need   to   express   themselves   in   order   for   you   to   evolve   from   an   old   situation.  love  that  is  in  pain  does  not  al-­‐ ways   behave   or   react   as   we   believe   it   should.  all  too  often.   Stay   calm   and   be   considerate.   Worrying   about   what   others   think   is   unnecessary.       December   13:   Gaining   experience   from   mistakes   is   an   ongoing   way   of   life   that   helps   us   proceed   freely   and   safely.  And.  Be   alone   because  your  h ealing  concerns  no  one  but  you.  give  them  a   chance   to   express   themselves   unhampered.   Even   those   who  do  not  seem  to  be  directly   connected  to   your   plans   may   turn   out   to   be   important   connec-­‐ tions.   Be   patient.   Rescue  it.  You   cannot  experience   hap-­‐ piness   while  you  a re  holding  so   much  sadness  inside.   and   this   is   a   chance   to   heal   some   of   that   pain.   and   the   only   means   of   knowing   which   direction   forward   is.   Don’t   look  a way.   This   cycle   of   love.       December   16:   Sudden   developments.   a   self-­‐ protective   reaction   is   understandable.   If   you   cannot   feel.   let   it   express   it-­‐ self   with   whatever   sound   it  wants   to   make.   You   can   achieve   such   confidence   now   -­‐   the  feeling  that  you  are  in  control  of  your  own  life  -­‐   provided   you   don’t   give   it   away   to   something   or   someone   you   run   the   risk   of   becoming   dependent   on.   by   nature.       December   17:   It   will   be   difficult   to   prevent   emo-­‐ tional   movement   now.   delays   or   in-­‐ terruptions  are  to  be  expected.       December   19:   Only   you   can   create   your   life   as   you   want  it  to  be  and.   Everyone   involved   needs   to   be   who   they   are   -­‐   who   they   have   become.  or   if  others  are  t ell-­‐ ing   you   how   you   should   be   proceeding.   Connection   is   the   theme   of   this   cycle.   Keep   your   goals   safely   in   your   heart   as   you   deal   with   this   temporary   experience.   Others   may   feel   out   of   their   depth   too.  It’s  about   finding   the   right   chemistry   to   bring   about   a   desired   reaction  in  any  a rea  of  your  life.  while  others  must  be  considered.  Observe   the   principles   of   cause  and  effect  as  your  journey  proceeds  in  the  di-­‐ rection   that   your   senses.   desires.   and   choices   take   .60     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   a   strong   and   courageous   part   of   you   which.   and   this   is   the   time   and  place  to  use  the  power  of  gentleness.   You   are   on   unfamiliar   ground.

  1   soul   among   SO   many   others.   Con-­‐ sider   all   others   as   equals.   Not   even  yourself.  Admit-­‐ ting  something   m eans  letting   it  IN.   needs   some   peaceful   cooperation.   relax.   This   needs   to   be   acknowledged   now.   and   that   emotional   healing   is   taking   place.  An  effect  can  only  be  understood  by  tracing   its   cause.  given.   that   is   holding   you   back.   A   certain   idea   is   no   longer  'before  its  t ime'.   so  let  go  of  unrealistic  expectations  of  others.   The   merging   of   the   masculine   1   and   feminine   2   energies   is   affecting   all   of   humanity.   so   do   not   act   or   speak   im-­‐ pulsively.   Admit  to  a   reality  that  you’ve  been  denying.   and   insight   in   which   to   analyze   what   you’ve   got   in   terms   of   assets.   Know   the   difference   between   the   feeling   of   ‘belonging’   and   the   belief   that  we   ‘belong’   to   each   other.   Love  needs  to  b e  freely  felt.   But  remem-­‐ ber  that  your  goal  is  your  goal.THE  7  YEAR  CYCLE   ______________________________________________________________________________________     61   you.       December   29:   There  is   an  exciting   tone   to   this  cycle.   space.   So.   views.  and  your  responsibil-­‐ ity.   Watch   out   for   those   illusions  though.   resources   -­‐   and   situation.   talent.   the   more   complex   life   becomes.       December   25:   Try   to   balance   your   own   needs   with   the   needs   of   others.   Responsibility   needs   to   be   taken   -­‐   and   shared.   This   cycle   gives   you   the   time.  Do  not  b e  easily  fooled.   You   have   much   to   be   optimistic   about.  or  re-­‐ lease   yourself   from   their   expectations.   This   cycle   can   help   clarify   your  position  so  that  you  can  finally  r-­‐e-­‐l-­‐a-­‐x.   as  if  you  are  on  some  kind  of  'mission'.   connections.   or  intend  to  do.     December   23   -­‐   Leap   Year:   Families   and   groups   are   made  up  of  individuals.  We   do   not   own   love.   and  received.       Week  52     December  24  -­‐  30   Leap  Year:      December  23  -­‐  29   There  is  still  something  you’re  doing.   or   someone   close.  this  is  a  good   sign   that   you   have   moved   some   of   that   heavy   guilt   and   blame   out   of   your   system.   Ongoing   conflict   is   counterproductive.   When   faith   connects   with   reality   -­‐   not   illusion   -­‐   it’s   power   is   awesome.   but   you  must   b e   able   to   sense   when   enough   is   enough.   You   are   meant  to  be  healing  the  situation.   sensitive.   but   not   over-­‐sensitive.   What   you   have   achieved   so   far   is   only   one   step   in   a   greater   plan.       December  24:  There   is   still  something  you’re  doing.  and  they  can  be   very  convincing.       December   27:   Take   the   pressure   off   yourself.   Only   you   can   know   if   this   is   the   right   time   to   do   so.   that   you   are   just   1   person.       .   Judge  no  one.  This  needs  to  be  acknowledged  now.   What  do  you  mean  you  don’t  have  time  for  this?  This   is  what  t ime  is  f or!       December   22:   A ction   can   be   taken.  Use  your  light  to  help  someone  else  shine.   If   you   are   serious   about   bringing   joy   back   into   your   life.   Others   have   their   own   aspirations.   breathe  easy.  It  is  some-­‐ thing   you   run   to   every   time   you   want   to   avoid   change   or   challenge.   person-­‐ ally.   You.   Excessive   pride   is   a   form   of   fear   that   cannot   ac-­‐ cept  the  truth.   It   is   something   you   run   to   every   time   you   want   to   avoid   change   or   challenge.   Friendly   co-­‐ operation   and   acceptance   are   needed.  shared.       December  23  -­‐  If  you  find  yourself  laughing  in   what   may  seem  like  an  ‘inappropriate’  way.   Notice  how  it  is  reflected  back  to  you  in  the  form  of   forgiveness  or  a  willingness  to  cooperate.   And.   which   may   be   deeply   buried.   and   feel   your   focus   shift   from   all   things   pertaining   to   you.   What   seems   unacceptable   now   may  change  into   something  more   loving   o r   useful   next   year.  o r  intend  to  do.   and   that   sense   of   urgency   you’re  feeling  is  probably  a  d esire  to   conclude  some-­‐ thing   and   finally   put   it   behind   you.  and  make  yourself  at  home!       December   26:   Your   present   reality   is   your   only   doorway   to   the   future.   if   you   have   learned   anything   from   recent   experiences.   but   not   over-­‐emotional.   Let  the  truth  IN  -­‐  along   with  some  truly   exciting  ideas   which  can  expand  your  imagination  and  horizons.   This   can   lead   to   an   unexpected   and   much   needed   truce   or  union.  Excessive   p ride  is   a   form   of   fear   that   cannot   accept   the   truth.   You  are  able  to   give   without  stretching  yourself  too   thin.     December   28:   You   are   feeling   emotional.  not  controlling  it.  Life  is  full  of  them.   Admit   to   a   reality   that   you’ve   been  denying.  that  is  holding  you  back.   you   are   no   longer   taking   anything   too   personally.   ‘appropriateness’   will   have   nothing   to   do   with   it.   and   experience  of  life.   to   the   needs   and   circumstances   of   other   people.   Be   honest   about   your   needs   and   desires.   and   it   is   now   reminding   you.  if  your  intent  is  loving.   Ask   yourself   if   the  direction  you  are  taking  is  what  you  really  want.   and  wish  yourself  -­‐  and  others  -­‐  only  the  b est.   Love   has   a   sense   of   humor   -­‐   and   laughter   is   a   potent   medicine.  Admitting  something  means   letting   it   IN.   1   individual.   allow   happiness   to   express  itself  as  it  arises  and.  The  more  you  try  to  control   things.   Let   the   truth   IN   -­‐   along   with   some   truly   exciting   ideas   which   can   ex-­‐ pand  your  imagination  and  horizons.   while   you’re   waiting   for   more   understanding   to   come   in.

 If  you  can-­‐ not  feel  compassion.  it   is  a  very  special  day  as  far   as  numerology  is  concerned.  and  choose  to  do  what  is  best  for  you.       December   30   -­‐   Leap   Year:   Accept   the   fact   that   you   are  tired  and  you  really  do  need  to  rest.                                               To   order   CREATIVE   NUMEROLOGY   Your   Journey   Through  The   Cycles  of  Time  for  next  year’s  8   cycle  -­‐   or  any  of  the  n ine  numerology  cycles  -­‐  go  to:       www.   No  matter   what   is  hap-­‐ pening.  spirit.  correct  information.  it  is  only  because  criticism  and   judgment   have   become   mere   habits.  the  power  of  your  own  intuition.  heart.  There  is  also  a  daily  forecast.  From   a   relaxed   frame   of   mind.  It’s  only  guilt   telling   you   that   you  cannot.       December   31:   This   cycle   emphasizes   freedom.   and   an   op-­‐ portunity  to  d evelop.       Week  53   December  31   Leap  Year:      December  30  -­‐  31   With   the   emphasis   on   relationship   and   privacy.   Con-­‐ cerns   about  what   the   n ew   y ear   may   bring   are  realis-­‐ tic   and   healthy.   most   im-­‐ portantly.  In  fact.  If  you  are   too  tired  to  take   in  the  facts.  a cted  upon.   this   cycle   offers   a   deeper   understanding   of.   re-­‐ sponsibility.  one  of  the  most  p recious   ener-­‐ gies   you   will   ever   possess   -­‐   compassion   -­‐   otherwise   known  as  warm-­‐heartedness  or  kindness.com                                                 .  o r  p lanned   just  before  the   New   Year  b egins.  and  soul   is  ongo-­‐ ing  -­‐  the   work  of  a  lifetime.   experienced.           NEW  YEAR’S   EV E     Week   53   always   consists   of   one   day   (December   31st).  and.  body.  Taking  a  responsi-­‐ ble   route   does   not   mean   that   you   have   to   stop   en-­‐ joying  life.  much   enjoyment  can  be  found  in   testing   your   resourcefulness   and   finding   ways   to   solve   both   new   and   old   problems.    email:    christine@christinedelorey.   But   do   be   pre-­‐ pared   to   take   a   more   centered   approach   -­‐   and   that   means  staying  a way  from  anything  ‘extreme’.62     CREATIVE  NUMEROLOGY:  YOUR  J OURNEY  THROUGH  THE  CYCLES  OF  TIME       ______________________________________________________________________________________   December  30:   No  one  is   immune  to  the  uncertainty   of   humanity’s   evolving   journey   into   Free   Will.creativenumerology.   and   your   power   to   reinvent   yourself   when  you  feel  the  need  to  do  so.   Remove   yourself   from  the  fray.   No   matter  how  you   spend   New  Year's  Eve.   or   2   days   in   a   leap   year   (December   30th   and   31st).  making  the  very   last   day(s)   of   the   year   quite   intense   in   t erms   of   what   can  be  learned.   Accept   the   fact   that   the   healing   of   your  emotions.  a  situation   could  arise   that   will   make   rest   impossible.   Break   them   -­‐   and  wallow  in  the  h ealing  power  of  LOVE.   raise   your   expectations   and   allow   a   new   vi-­‐ sion  to  form.  you  will  be  better  able  to  tap  into  this  cycle’s   power  of   words.com     If   you   have   any   questions   about   purchasing   these   books.