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Class: MBA Semester: Fall 2006

Course Code: BA423 Course Name: IT for Managers

Instructor Name: Zahin uz Zaman Session: Saturdays

Consultation Time: 30 Min after the
Class Timing: 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm (Room #21) class hours OR any time thru email

Contact Email: Contact Tel No:

Recommended Books:
Main Text:
Business Information Systems: Managing the digital firm, Mc Graw Hill, (5th Edition)

Supporting Text:
Kenneth C. Laudon, Jane P. Laudon ‘Mnagement Information Systems – Managing
the Digital Firm, 8th edition, .

Course Objective:
This course examines information and information technologies issues facing
today's managers. While the subject matter may include some technical material,
our perspective will be that of the manager. Through this course, students will
learn to understand and discuss various strategic frameworks, systems and
technologies as well as demonstrate an awareness of issues related to their
effective use and implementation. They will also be able to assess the current role
of IS in an organization, identify areas for the strategic use of IS, and propose new
IS to meet organizational objectives and/or foster competitive advantage.

Course Outline:
The course consists of lecture, discussion, and in-class exercises. A manager
typically spends a significant amount of time in meetings, discussions, and
interactions with people in the organization. Thoughtful comments from the
students add value to the class by bringing out a variety of opinions and
experiences with information systems projects. Class participation is strongly
encouraged. Class participation is measured by the relevance of the contribution
(whether as a question, opinion, or statement of fact); by the preparation shown;
and by “moving the discussion along” in a useful manner. Participation is not
measured simply by how often, or for how long, a person speaks.

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Zahin uz Zaman – Fall 2006
Learning Outcomes
At the end of this course, the student will be able to
1. Identify different types of Information Systems
2. Relate IT with a company’s strategies
3. Identify uses of IS in operations, management and decision making
4. Plan, develop and implement an eBusiness
5. Know the concepts behind ethical, effective strategies of eBusiness

Learning Strategies:
• Pakistan Market Case Studies
• Real World Case Studies presentation by 2 students in each class,
• Audio and Video presentations
• Continuous discussion related to the student’s industry sector
• Guest Lecture
• Quiz in alternate classes
• Final group case study and group presentation

Grading Policy
Marks Distribution Recommendation Weightage
3 Hourlies (n-1) 30
3 Quizzes (n-1) 10
Case Study Presentation (in each class) 5
Class Participation 5
Group Presentation 15
Behavior 5
Final Examination 30

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Zahin uz Zaman – Fall 2006
Week wise Course Distribution

Week Topic(s) Date Book

1 • Introduction to faculty
• Introduction of students
• Introduction to the course
• Course Outline
7-Jan-2006 Chapter 1
• Grading Plan
Foundations of Info. Systems in Business
1. Information Systems and Technologies
2. Business Applications
o Real World Case Study 1
o Real World Case Study 2
2 Competing with IT
1. Fundamentals of Strategic Advantage
2. Using IT for Strategic Advantage 14-Jan-2006 Chapter 2
o Real World Case Study 1
o Real World Case Study 2
3 The internetworked eBusiness Enterprise
1. The Internet, Intranets and Extranets in
Business 21-Jan-2006 Chapter 3
2. Enterprise Communication and Collaboration
o Real World Case Study 1
o Real World Case Study 2
4 HOURLY 1 4-Feb-2006
o Exam Discussion
5 Electronic Business Systems
1. Cross Functional eBusiness Systems
2. Functional eBusiness Systems 11-Feb-2006 Chapter 4
o Real World Case Study 1
o Real World Case Study 2
6 eCommerce Systems
1. eCommerce Systems
2. eCommerce Applications and Issues 18-Feb-2006 Chapter 5
o Real World Case Study 1
o Real World Case Study 2
7 eBusiness Decision Support
1. Decision Support in eBusiness
2. Artificial Intelligence Technologies 25-Feb-2006 Chapter 6
o Real World Case Study 1
o Real World Case Study 2
8 HOURLY 2 4-Mar-2006
Exam Discussion
9 Developing eBusiness Applications
1. eBusiness Planning Fundamentals
2. Implementing eBusiness Strategies 11-Mar-2006 Chapter 7
o Real World Case Study 1
o Real World Case Study 2
10 Developing eBusiness Solutions
1. Developing eBusiness Systems
2. Implementing eBusiness Systems 18-Mar-2006 Chapter 8

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Zahin uz Zaman – Fall 2006
o Real World Case Study 1
o Real World Case Study 2
11 Security and Ethical Challenges for eBusiness
1. Social and Ethical Challenges of eBusiness
2. Security Management for eBusiness 25-Mar-2006 Chapter 9
o Real World Case Study 1
o Real World Case Study 2
12 HOURLY 3 1-Apr-2006
Exam Discussion
13 Enterprise and Global Management of eBusiness
1. Managing eBusiness Technologies 8-Apr-2006 Chapter 10
2. Global eBusiness Technology Management
o Real World Case Study 1
o Real World Case Study 2
14 Group Presentations 15-Apr-2006
15 Group Presentations 22-Apr-2006

Course material is subject to change (Plus or Minus) depending upon the pace of
the class.

Lab Work Required No

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Zahin uz Zaman – Fall 2006