com/business/hr.html training site News URLs (Training News) anresources 1/index.htm Professional Bodies ASTD, National HRD Network, ISTD, NTL Egroups, Hrgyan,

Industry training reports 2000 010high.htm Institutes and Associations: Human Resource Management Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) The Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) is recognised as Australia's leading Human Resources professional body. It is a national organisation that contributes globally through strategic alliances with major international HR bodies, and has growing influence in Asia. Its mission is to provide professional development at the leading edge of human resources practice, to influence business and government as the leading human resources body in Australia and to forge strategic alliances with major human resources bodies globally. American Council on International Personnel (ACIP) American Council on International Personnel (ACIP) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to facilitating the movement of international business personnel. Through frequent meetings with members of Congress, testimony before House and Senate subcommittees, and far-reaching communications programs, ACIP endeavors to help shape immigration law to meet the needs of our over 290 corporate and institutional members. Human Resource Institute (HRI) The Human Resource Institute (HRI) is an academic-based, not-for-profit institute which provides cutting-edge research reports and educational services to more than 100 major corporations in the US. It is dedicated to

supporting managers in achieving their objectives by providing research-based products and services which promote strategic thinking on the major issues affecting the management of people both today and in the future. Institute of Personnel and Development (IPD) The Institute of Personnel and Development (IPD) is the professional body for all those concerned with people management and development in the UK. IPD's mission is to lead in the development and promotion of good practice in the field of the management and development of people, for application both by professional members and by their organisational colleagues. To serve the professional interests of members and to uphold the highest ideals in the management and development of people. International Federation of Training and Development Organisations (IFTDO) The International Federation of Training and Development Organisations (IFTDO) is a worldwide network of human resource professionals committed to identify, develop, and transfer knowledge, skills and technology to enhance personal and organisational growth, human performance, productivity, and sustainable development. North American Human Resource Management Association (NAHRMA) The North American Human Resource Management Association (NAHRMA) main mission is to encourage mutual assistance between member associations, provide general assistance to national associations of human resource

management, organize self-funding conferences and congresses, publish information, and represent the interests of North American human resource professionals in the World Federation of Personnel Management Associations (WFPMA). Professionals in Human Resources Association (PIHRA) The Professionals in Human Resources Association (PIHRA) is a non profit California corporation with more than 3,500 members representing some 2,200 firms. PIHRA is comprised of HR practioners, representing a variety of companies and organizations, who have an interest in acquiring knowledge of the most recent and innovative developments in the HR arena. recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) The recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has 7500 individual members (recruitment consultants / managers) and 5500 corporate member offices (recruitment consultancies / employment agencies). This site provides a business resource for existing REC members, prospective members, jobseekers, HR staff and others with an interest in recruitment issues. Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the leading voice of the human resource profession. SHRM provides education and information services, conferences and seminars, government and media representation, online services and publications to more than 125,000 professional and student

members throughout the world. World Federation of Personnel Management Associations (WFPMA) The World Federation of Personnel Management Associations WFPMA is a global network of professionals in people management. Its mission is to aid the development and improve the effectiveness of professional people management all over the world. Its members are predominantly the continental federations which are made up of nearly 50 national personnel associations representing over 300,000 people management professionals.

I missed this in the previous post. Here it goes, some more useful stuffs. People Management The official "webzine" of the UK's Institute of Personnel Development. It provides online HR news, legal updates, resources and reviews, top HR jobs and comment and analysis. HR Magazine From the SHRM, an excellent magazine complete with links. Human Resource Management Titles of articles from a US journal. Workforce Online (formerly Personnel Journal) Useful source which includes, amongst its services, access to a searchable database of hundreds of articles from Workforce magazine.

Personnel Journal Abstract from a US journal which discusses contemporary issues in Personnel Management with an emphasis on actual case studies. Human Resource Issues (from NewsPage) Daily coverage of news stories relevant to HRM culled from the US press. The Human Resource Network The Human Resource Network provides Internet services for subscribers to MCB human resources and training journals. HR Reporter "HR Reporter provides you with practical tips, ideas, solutions and strategies that you can put to work immediately; as well as news which has an impact on your profession". A subscription is necessary. HR Live A monthly digest of news, views, tips and trends. HR/PC from HRWORLD A quarterly magazine on using information technology effectively in human resources. There is a selection of articles on line. Human Resource Management International Digest Illustrative articles from a UK journal. Conspectus-Human Resource Management Systems Conspectus is a publication for management consultants and decision makers who are interested in current developments in information technology.

Asia Pacific Management Forum A networking and information service for all those interested in Asia Pacific organization and management development. The site contains links to forums ,journals and newsletters concerning HRM issues in the Asia/Pacific region. Human Resources Edition of the BNAC Communicator BNA Communications Inc. is a subsidiary of The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (BNA) a publisher of print and electronic news and information services. What to Do about Personnel Problems in Connecticut A loose-leaf reference service on Connecticut and federal employment laws & regulations, area human resources practices, plus wage, salary, and benefit surveys. HR Today Journal from the Institute of Professional Management in Canada concerned with "Human Resources Issues, Plans and Strategies". FedNews Online This,US, site has a listing of HR publications, a daily government news feature, and two HR lists (majordomo) lists on general personnel and training for government agencies. UP-TO-DATE Library "The UP-TO-DATE Library is the HR Professionals solution to information overload. This site specializes in providing access to

every single HR article published in the top Human Resource and business periodicals from 1994 to the current month. The site is updated monthly, it includes a Top 10 Hits List (most frequently requested reprints from the past month), and complete article reprints are available by fax or mail within one business day." Alexander Hamilton Institute Employment Law Resource Center Includes a range of resources including free reports and an "HR Talk" discussion area. The Human Edge A variety of articles from KPMG Canada. HR Magazine-Belgium A monthly magazine for HR professionals in Belgium. Nonprofit Managers' Library The Nonprofit Managers' Library references a great deal of free, how-to management information. The library includes description of a model, "Leaders Circles," used to accomplish ongoing support, complex problem solving and continuous learning among members. The model is based on Revans' Action Learning model. Members can self-organize, facilitate and evaluate their own circles. Theory is included in this library. HRFocus Human Resource periodical from the AMA. Some information but requires subscription.

Quinlan Publishing Co. Publisher of HR materials located in Boston US. Some online materials but largely subscription based. Center for Human Resource Management A US site that offers some useful HR publications along with other valuable training information. Although it seems geared for government agencies, the private sector could apply a great deal of the information. Stern & Associates "This site provides, among other things, past issues of Stern's Management Review including numerous book reviews and editorials, sample of extensive glossary of management and HRM terms and acronyms, and a list of services. New editions of Stern's Management Review will be posted shortly, plus many additional reviews of current books on strategic planning, organization design and development, human resource management, motivation, compensation, marketing and sales, future trends, and many other topics. The site is a work-in-progress and with more non-commercial content being added all the time." Team Publications "Team Publications is the publishing company that designs and produces the innovative One Page Coach® & other material. Training Solutions is the learning delivery organization that provides highly practical training courses with offices in several countries around the world."

Research and Practice in Human Resource Management The Department of Organisational Behaviour, National University of Singapore, in conjunction with the Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI), publishes this journal entitled "Research and Practice in Human Resource Management". Incomes Data Services Incomes Data Services provide a regular series on the level of pay settlements, HR policies and employment law and other issues. Recent one-off publications include flexible benefits and pay in the engineering industry. In the next few months they will be bringing out new work on call-centres, disability and pay in the public sector. CUPA's Online HR Bookstore The College and University Personnel Association offers print audio, and video materials designed for human resource professionals. Many of the publications were developed exclusively by CUPA. Public Policy Update for HR Professionals The College and University Personnel Association (CUPA) delivers weekly updates on news affecting the HR profession directly from Washington, DC, USA. Participation and Empowerment Formerly Empowerment in Organisation, Participation and Empowerment has been published to increase knowledge of employee participation and empowerment and how it can be used to improve organizational and

individual effectiveness. Subscription required. Team Performance Management Team Performance Management is an international journal which aims to help the reader understand of Team Building and team development and improve team performance. Subscription required. Business & Legal Reports,Inc "BLR is a nationally (USA) recognized publisher of understandable, affordable regulatory compliance and employee training information. Our website contains a Resources & Document Center that contains an archive of very useful reports our customers find very valuable." HR-Expert from the Financial Times "HR-Expert, the radical new service for HR and Personnel Professionals" A subcription based service providing news, ideas and intelligence for the HRM profession. From the USA ,a subscription service which aims to be "the one stop site for HR news, primary source content, and on-line HR publications." Monthly Newsletters from Magenta Free, monthly UK based newsletters on employment law and management education training & development. is a full-service Web site for HR and employee benefit

professionals. It provides daily news and analysis, product information, discussion forums, online career services, training and e-commerce capabilities It is a full service website for HR People. HR Papers s-hr-bynewe st Personnel Review Subscription based, UK journal which offers a "detailed examination of current international thinking, and practice in the field." RRHH Magazine Spanish language HR journal offering a good range of free materials. HR-Now Sold as the 'home-page for HR managers in the UK' this site collates UK news stories, features and is backed by the largest continuously updated UK employment law resource available. Free trial available. Training " is an electronic magazine creating a buzz about learning. Published monthly, it features articles from leaders in the field of learning including Peter Honey." Benefits and Compensation Benefits and Compensation Solutions Magazine Online US magazine with featured articles available. Strategic Human Resources-Compensation News A Canadian Bi-monthly, 16 page publication focusing on the issues of Compensation, Productivity, Restructuring, Performances Management and Managing Change. Requires subscription. PAS - Construction Compensation Data PAS has specialized in compensation, benefits and related personnel information for the construction and engineering industries in the US since 1979. This web site describes the information available from PAS. Best Practices Innovative Practices Labs "IP Labs is an online learning center dedicated to innovative practices and recent trends in human resources". The aim is to provide a "a comprehensive resource to discover best practices in HR." There is plenty of useful free information but the full articles have to be purchased. HR Books

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