Landscapes and Lifeskills Course 2011-2012

From the Western Ghats to the High Himalaya Course Details The Landscapes and Lifeskills Course is offered by Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary and Himal Prakriti in two different mountain regions of India, the Western Ghats and the Western Himalaya. The total duration is six months, however this year, for organizational reasons, it is split into two independent programmes, each with its own course facilitators and objectives. The L&L course ran for four years consecutively from 2005-2009. After a two year break, it is being offered again with some changes. Please see the online pdf file of the original brochure, which still holds.

This flyer introduces the 2011-2012 course, which will be presented as two main programmes (1 and 3) and a short linking segment (2), for those who wish to do the whole course. This year participants have the option of doing only Programme 1 or Programme 3, or the whole course comprising Programmes 1, 2, and 3. We recommend the whole course but it is not mandatory. Programme 1: Listening to the Land: Nature, Community and Action Hosted by Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary, Wayanad, Kerala. Dates: 26th December 2011 to March 15, 2012 (Dec 17th Intro week for foreigners)
Coordinators: Suprabha Seshan (Anchor), Stefi Barna (Dec), Lorenzo Castellari (Jan) Contact person: Suprabha Seshan Email:

Programme 2: Plant Conservation and Forest Restoration Internships Organized by Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary in association with Forest Way Trust and Vattakanal Conservation Trust Dates: March 16th 2011 to March 30th, 2012
Coordinators: Suprabha Seshan, Govinda Bowley, and Tanya Balcar

Contact person: Suprabha Seshan Programme 3: The High Himalaya Organized by Himal Prakriti, Munsiari, Pithoragarh District, Uttarakhand Dates: 4th April to 4th June
Coordinators: Malika Virdi and Ramnarayan. K

Contact person: Malika Virdi Email:
No of Participants required: 8-12 (priority given to Indian nationals) Enrolment by: 30 October 2011 Language – English, with exceptions (We could tutor language in the first weeks) Age - 18-25, with exceptions

Programme 1 and 2 GBS and Internships In country In country scholarship Out of country Rs 50,000 Rs 10-30,000 Rs 90,000

Programme 3 Himal Prakriti:

In country Out of country

Rs 42,000 Rs 60,000

Himal Prakriti is not in a position to offer a scholarship. Trips and treks will take up 10 days. The fees mentioned do not include fares to and from GBS or Himal Prakriti

Application process:
Fill out attached application form . Apply separately to GBS and to Himal Prakriti Talk to two of us over skype or telephone interview Provide 2 references

A Note on Housing
GBS: Manisseri valley: thatch housing, that the group will build together, or tents/hammocks with a thatch for cooking. Outdoor pit toilets. Bathing in spring water, or stream. The L&L group will have its own independent living arrangements from the GBS residential and working group. There will however be opportunities to work together, and other common events. Himal Prakriti : Participants will live in Family Home Stays in the village community, each home will be paid for food and stay and is included in the fee .

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