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Dear friends: Just a few weeks ago, Holly and I took a walk in the Columbus neighborhood were planning

to move to later this year. It was the first beautiful day of springpeople visiting in their front yards, kids playing in the streets, car doors swung wide, filling the air with the boom, boom, boom of a hip-hop soundtrack. We visited with our would-be neighbors, exchanging hellos and waves as we walked north. About halfway up Sixth Street, Tyleah and Jaizion saw us coming. And for this brother-sister duo, seeing you coming is never enough. There is running and hugging and, Im so happy to see you dancing. Before long, a crowd of neighborhood kids had gathered around for loveTJ, Kejuantae, Tyshonne, DeVon and Lance were thereand we had ourselves a bona-fide block party. But what, exactly, are we doing here? In the hood? In a place where were in the distinct minority? In a community where only 36% of residents have full-time employment, 9% have been homeless in the past year and the public elementary school is performing so poorly that the governor is threatening to shut it down? The short answer: Responding to Gods call. This part of our faith journey began in 2009, when we sensed God nudging us to close the ad agency we founded and ran for nearly a decade. We had no idea what God was up to, and only one thing was clear: We needed to trust him to provide answers in due time. Little did we know due time would mean nearly two years of soul-searching and faith-building wilderness. That journey has brought us to Weinland Park, one of Columbus poorest neighborhoods, where well direct Urban Impact, a nonprofit organization focused on Christian community redevelopment. Urban Impact works alongside two partner organizationsThe Garden Church and The Better Wayand collectively we work to meet the needs of those trapped in urban poverty. The people were serving are the forgotten, the overlooked and the neglected of our society. Or, in the words of Scripture, the least of these. Their poverty is both physical and spiritualnot only do they need affordable housing, job training, educational assistance and safer streets and neighborhoods, they desperately need to know they matter to God. The work were doing cant continue without your help. Our family is committed to living, working and serving as urban missionaries; and as a result, were relying on your financial support to cover our living expenses. Will you invest in the work were doing? Your financial contributionmade payable to Urban Impactis completely tax-deductible, and weve enclosed a reply card and return envelope for your convenience. We look forward to partnering with you. God bless you as you give,

Brett, Holly, Cameron and Bryce Lawrence

The Lawrences Urban Impact, PO BOX 30747, Columbus, OH 43230 614.344.1222