Chapter 4: Social systems and organizational culture Incident Liberty Construction Company Social system is a complex of human relationships

interacting in many ways. Two points stand out in the complex interactions among people in a social system and one is that all parts of the system are mutually interdependent wherein a change in one part of a system affects all other parts, even though its impact may be slight. In the case of the Liberty Construction Company, due to the new assigned position of Michael Federico for the second newest of the company’s five backhoes, job conflicts arose. Due to a change in one part of a system, the other parts will be totally affected just like Pedro Alvarez and the other employees’ rebellion. Moreover, the company is in its disequilibrium because its parts are working against one another instead of in harmony. The conflict and the disequilibrium situation of the company started when Federico was assigned for the second newest of the company’s backhoes and Alvarez was reassigned for an older machine. Alvarez reason for his dissatisfaction about the changes with their positions is that about their roles and statuses. Status is the social rank of a person in a group and role is the pattern of actions expected of a person in activities involving others. Federico is a college student that had been employed by liberty as a backhoe operator for the last three summers and to his return, he was assigned the second newest of the company’s five backhoes for the reason that he had nine months of work seniority. Alvarez, on the other hand, is regular employee who had been with the company seven months and to be reassigned to an older machine, Alvarez was strongly dissatisfied with this new role because he felt that as a regular employee, he should have retained the newer machine instead of having to give it to a temporary employee. Therefore, I may say that this conflict between Alvarez and Federico is what often called Role Conflict because they have different perceptions or expectations of a person’s role. Alvarez believe that because of his status of being a regular employee, he must get the role of being in the position for the newer machine instead of giving it to an employee with lower status than him and being in the position of newer machine is a status symbol as evidence of his social rank. The other employees soon fell into two camps, one supporting Alvarez and one supporting Federico and each group seemed to delight in causing work problems for the other group. However, when an employee joins an organization, they make an unwritten psychological contract that defines the conditions of each employee’s psychological involvement – both contributions and expectations – with the social system. An employee then agrees to give a certain amount of loyalty, creativity and extra effort, but in return the employee expects more than economic rewards from the system. But if the organization honors only the economic contract and not the psychological contract, an employee tends to have lower satisfaction because not all their expectations are being met; just for instance in the case of Alvarez. For this reason, base in the case, in less than a month Alvarez left the company. Chapter 5: Motivation Incident The piano builder

Based in the case/situation, I can say that Bird really has the motivation to build pianos continuously. According to him, the most satisfying part of his life is his hobby of building pianos from the beginning. The challenge of the work is what attracts Bird onward. The fondness and likeness of building pianos and the challenges he will be facing off are what I may say the natures of his motivation.

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