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I felt something rip free in my chest, as if my heart had suddenly taken the sha pe of a bird and begun to beat

its wings against the cage of her ribs, as if it had been slee ping there until now, waiting for this moment, for those eyes. The worlds best moment: An insecure girl nervously asks her guy to describe her in one word..! She silently prays that he would say something nice like... Sweet, Cute, Beautiful, etc.... The guy looks up, meets her eyes and with a half crooked smile says..... "MINE".....!! Physical attraction is just an introduction. It s what says hey, I m here SHARE yours elf with me . It isn t just an end in itself, it s a beginning, an opening, a blossomi ng. It s a series of moments when your head and your heart seem to be working in p erfect harmony to say YES, give this a chance, be honest in what you feel, what y ou see, what he opens in you . That first phase is beautiful, gilded, untouchable. It s dizzying as if he d grabbed you by the hands and swung you around until your feet lifted off the ground and you felt as free as a child again, with the same sense of wonderment at the wor ld around you and for this person who has opened this world up to you again. The beginning is all rushing through autumn woodland in the crisp, smoky air bre athing it all in so deeply, as if you re afraid it might not be there the next tim e. It s opening yourself up to rolling down hills, dancing though cascades of burn ished leaves and watching your breath hover in front of your lips like a tangibl e magic, waiting to be given away.

It s a first step in the joyous running, jumping, tumbling dance of you and I. It s a glorious spinning pirouette, it s that ultimate freedom where your heart frees y our body and it transforms into pure beauty. We find ourselves entwined, intertw ined, and caught up. We become a pure version of ourselves, open, translucent an d glowing with an inner light. We arch under the touch of each other, connecting in ways we cannot fully know, for the workings of the heart are a mysterious th ing. Our sensory capacity is heightened, widened: we are more open. We become who we are and we shed our outer shell. It leaves us closer but vulnerable and yet we c annot help ourselves. Each touch is a thrill, visceral in its intensity and yet there is an insatiable need for more, a need to connect, a need to see deeper in side, to touch the places that remained a secret until you unlocked them. The sheer physicality of us is an artist s delight, and as artists we revel in thi s: the shape, shadow and texture of one another. It s a smorgasbord of sensory del ight but as is always true: art makes its demands. It requires truth and depth a nd sense of something greater. Art knows the truth of us, and of our beginnings: We can always be more, but after this, we can never be less.