Setara had been investigating the acoustics in the mosque, at kind permission of the Imam.

She had been toning and listening to the space responses when the door had slammed shut. She stopped and listened for further movement. Setara was puzzled, as the Imam had assured her that no one would use the mosque at this time of night. She stood silently in the shadow of the moonlight, shining through the domed glass ceiling, and heard footsteps getting closer. Stepping back silently, a little more into the shadows, a figure appeared around the corner and walked straight past her. It was a man, or she presumed it was a man, from the stance of his walk. He was wearing a jalabah, full length and the hood was so long, it was masking his face. The stranger disappeared to the end of the mosque and she heard a door creak slowly and a few minutes later, saw shadows dancing across the moonlight. After studying the shadows for a moment, Setara realised this hooded stranger was practising some form of martial art, resembling capoeira and wu shu. Bewitched by the possibility of a movement partner, she dashed across the floor and in the darkness felt her way to the door that had been left ajar. She stopped before ascending the spiral stone staircase and wrapped her pashmina across her hair and face, in traditional female style. The partnership of a movement exchange was not about physical identity, it was about the weaving of space and time. She ascended the stairs, removing her shoes to keep silence. They wound upwards longer than she had thought, or perhaps it was the anticipation of where she was going. Finally, there was a shaft of moonlight ahead, and she walked ahead to the door, again left ajar. Standing for a moment, she gauged the distance to open it as little as possible in order to slide out, so that her hooded stranger would be no more aware than he was now, of her presence. She came out on the rooftop, and had to catch her breath in the beauty before her. The stars in the sky looked as bright as sunshine and were thousands over. The full moon was gleaming it’s light upon the roof and the shadows of the houses and other mosques were outlined all around her. There was a distant music coming from a house across the way, so faint it only whispered. And there, across the wall was the hooded stranger, jalabah no more, in simple black trousers and head scarf. Setara was still unable to see his face. ‘Good’ she thought to herself, he may be a brother of the space. As she watched the stranger, his moves were magnificent. They transcended the physical space, he would bound and spring up, somersaulting in the air, bringing himself higher with the turn, until he reached the wall, which must have been twelve feet high.

He didn’t move. She embraced the moment and took a running somersault which landed her exactly on the other end of the wall. They danced through the space for hours. arms outstretched and looked as if he were about to fly off the roof. but had no grace. feeling such an energy like never before. but this looked directly over the roof where her space partner was. Setara was transfixed. They walked slowly toward each other. out of the giant doors and turned left. Leaping back. not at all scared. but they locked eyes and Setara bowed with her hands together. Setara began. realised her feet were bare. she resumed the standing position. and she felt they were still confining themselves to the expectation of their physical body. then to her opponent. It wasn’t until the sun started to flicker in it’s rise. She had been of the opposite and had to train her body so that her over flexible limbs had some resistance in them and she had fast learned by her experiences. standing still. she brought her left leg up and spun around to flick the right leg above her opponents head. she ran across the cool temple floor. accepting her challenge. and left. discovering each others unique rhythm. facing the stranger. only an energy she had felt in herself. and not connecting with the space that they were truly inseparable from. for she knew she was about to have a lot of fun. in practising by herself. She had not seen a space mover like this. resting on one hand at the end. Flying down the stairs and missing her shoes on the way. One who was like her! Some of the space movers were fast. Her partner bowed back. and he started to walk with his hands across the wall. Her hotel was to the right. He spun in between her and as they leapt through the air. Her hooded stranger was at the end of the wall. never taking their eyes off one another. that Setara realised he may see her identity. Setara came to her bed and slipped off her clothes and just as she fell into a deep sleep. Instead. She stopped in a low leg swipe and glanced at the sunrise. the boundaries disappeared. and flashy. It had been like being with another her. he sprung down and suddenly his hands were where his feet had been.He balanced on the tip of his toes. She was excited. never taking her eyes off him. . until they were at arms length. She didn’t stop until she reached her room. no elegance. now on his feet. bowed.

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