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1. What is the size of the database in your project?

A) Based on the client database. say I don’t know exact database size. It might be in GB’s.
2. What is the daily data volume (in GB/records)? Or What is the size of the data extracted in the extraction
A) Approximately average 40,000 records per file per day. Daily we will get 8 files from 8 source systems.
3. How many Data marts are there in your project?
A) 4 Datamarts. Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR. In my module we are handling only sales datamart.
4. How many Fact and Dimension tables are there in your project?
a) In my module (Sales) we have 4 Dimensions and 1 fact table.
5. What is the size of Fact table in your project?
A) Don’t have any idea about the exact size of the fact table.
6. How many dimension tables did you had in your project and name some dimensions (columns)?
A) Product Dimension : Product Key, Product id, Product Type, Product name, Batch Number.
Distributor Dimension: Distributor key, Distributor Id, Distributor Location,
Customer Dimension : Customer Key, Customer Id, CName, Age, status, Address, Contact No
Account Dimension : Account Key, Acct id, acct type, Location, Balance,
7. Name some measures in your fact table?
A) Sales amount.
8. Why couldn't u go for Snowflake schema?
A) Snowflake is less performance while compared to star schema, Becaz it will contain multi joins while
retrieving the data.
Snowflake is preferred in two cases,
1) If you want to load the data into more hierarchical levels of information example yearly, quaterly, monthly,
daily, hourly, minutes of information. Prefer snowflake.
2) whenever u found input data contain more low cardinality elements. U have to prefer snowflake schema.
Low cardinality example: sex , marital Status, etc.,
Low cardinality means no of distinct records is very less while compared to total number of the records,
9. How many Measures u have created?
10. How many Facts & Dimension Tables are there in your Project?
11. Have u created Data marts?
12. How do you automate Extraction process?
13. How do you identify the changed records in operational data?
A) In my project source system itself sending us the new records and changed records from the last 24 hrs.
14 Without using ETL tool can u prepare a Data Warehouse and maintain?
A) yes u can do that.. using PL/ SQL , Stored procedures. When all the data should contain in the
databases. If you have source as flat files u con’t do it through PL/ SQL or stored procedures.
15. Aggregate navigation?
16. how many mappings r there in ur recent project?
a) 7 mappings.. which major mappings. Some small mappings I have created in the source to staging
process. I never counted those small mappings.
17. What was the challenging task u felt when u r working with informatica?
18. If u can’t find wat ur looking for in a lookup table, how can u handle?
19. How many sessions u can run?
20. How did u increment load?
21.Can u access a repository created in previous version of informatica?
A) we have to migrated the repository from the older version to newer version and u can use that repository.
22. what happens if Informatica server doesn't find the session parameter in the parameter file?
A) Workflow will get fails.
23. what is dynamic insert?