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Comm 101 Project 2 Part 4-Essay Questions

Corinne McAndrew Sara Beth Jones


How does nonverbal communication interact with verbal communication? There are five ways in which nonverbal behaviors interact with verbal communication. The first way is by repeating verbal messages, such as waving your hand while saying, "Hello." Another way is by using inflection to emphasize words. For example saying, "My cake is so much better than yours." The third way is that nonverbal communication may complement words, like saying "I really like that," while smiling. Another way that nonverbal communication interacts with verbal communication is that nonverbal behaviors contradict verbal messages. Saying "I'm great" in a hostile tone of voice is an example of this. The fifth and final way is that we sometimes substitute nonverbal behaviors for verbal ones, like nodding your head instead of saying, "Yes."


Physical appearance can be very obvious such as sex, skin color, and size, but how can physical appearance affect ones culture? Physical appearance makes others make assumptions, which differ by culture. For example, in America if you are a Caucasian and your physical appearance is not as perfect as models and movie stars, you are judged. This causes many healthy citizens to go on diets, making them unhealthy. On the other hand, African American women tend to weigh more than the ideal Caucasian woman.


Give an example of how environmental factors are determined in a specific situation. When designing where furniture goes in a room, or which order to place food isles in a grocery store, environmental factors come into play. This means that when we use environmental factors to influence mood and behavior, we choose colors, furniture arrangements, and other things to create the atmosphere we desire in our home.


Name, describe, and give an example of three principles of the definition of nonverbal communication.

Nonverbal communication is ambiguous which means that it is unclear; if you scratch your head but it appears as though you are raising your hand is an example. Nonverbal communication interacts with verbal communication by complimenting when saying yes and nodding your head. It also regulates interaction like when a speaker has finished speaking, they walk away from the podium. Without saying anything, the audience knows the speaker is finished. Nonverbal communication also establishes relationship level meanings which defines individuals identities and relationships between people. One example of this is power; we use nonverbal behaviors to assert dominance and to negotiate status. Nonverbal communication reflects cultural values because most nonverbal communication is not instinctual but is learned through socialization. For example, some cultures do not look each other in the eyes where in others that is a sign of disrespect.


Name and give an example of three types of nonverbal communication. Kinesics (face and body motion), haptics (touch), physical appearance, olfactics (smell), artifacts (personal objects), proxemics (personal space), environmental factors, chronemics (perception and use of time), paralanguage (vocal qualities), and silence all branch off from nonverbal communication. An example of kinesics is reading what a person is saying by their facial expressions rather than the words they are saying. Hugging a friend you have not seen in a while is an example of haptics. Without saying anything, you show that you are glad to see them. An example of olfactics is smelling warm cookies baking in the oven; this makes you feel at home and gives you a sense of comfort.