the new rays of the sun shone brightly into a classically decorated room, indicating the start of a new

morning. the walls were painted cream color and the funiture were of exqusite taste. the owner of this room, lee minwoo, stirred on his bed as he slightly opened his eyes. blinded by the strong glare of the sunlight, he closed his eyes again and groaned. he rolled onto his front and buried his head into his pillow. "damn! morning again!"he thought to himself. how he wished he could sleep again but guilt came over him. no matter what, he still had to attend lectures at the university today. he pratically dragged himself out of his bed and started washing himself up. as he was choosing which shirt to wear, he heard the doorbell ring. "who could that be?"he asked himself as he hurriedly put a shirt over him and rushed down to answer the door. the moment he opened the door, a young girl with big round eyes greeted him. "ahnyoung!"she loudly greeted, her sweet voice reverberating throughout the house. minwoo, taken aback by her loud greeting, awkwardly bowed back slightly and murmered a greeting. he had never imagaine himself getting such a hearty greeting from a stranger the first thing in the morning. minwoo slowly glanced down at the girl. then his eyes stopped at what she was holding. two big baggage was in her hands and he immediately shot his eyes back onto her face. unfortunately, she was smiling brightly at minwoo. "sorry! i don't need new baggage." he was about to close the door when the girl shouted, "wait!" by then, minwoo was irritated. he had to go to school! "what do you want? i told you i don't need any new baggage! go to the other houses!"he scolded loudly. the girl flinched frighteningly at his loud voice and minwoo immediately regretted yelling at her. after all, she was just a little girl. she could be a just a poor girl trying to sell baggage to earn money to support her family. "is this park avenue 3 number 4?"she suddenly asked, her big eyes even bigger. however, minwoo's small eyes had became smaller as he scrunched up his face. "yes?" the girl broke out into a grin. "yeah! i have finally found this place!" he scrunched his face even more. "what the hell are you saying?" "i've been trying to find this place for days! and do you know that-"the girl blabbered but stopped as she saw minwoo's eyes glaring at her. she decided to come straight to the point. "i am here to find my parents." minwoo's eyes almost bulged out of the socket. "look, this is not some orphanage or charity organisation. if you want to find your parents, maybe you want to check out the nearest police station." "no! my parents live here!"she retorted back. "and you must be my oppa!" feeling exasperated and confused, minwoo held up a hand to indicate her to stop talking. "all right! all right! i'll buy one of your baggage! please just leave me alone ok?"as he said, he reached into the pockets of his baggy pants and took out a few hundred dollars. he reached for her hand and stuffed those notes into her palm. "take it and leave." however the girl stood still as she looked down at the notes in her hand.

"hey! you have the money! and i don't even want the baggage! shoo! go!" just then, the girl looked up and minwoo was shocked. her big eyes were now filled with tears that was ready to drop any moment. "no! no tears!!" minwoo groaned inwardly to himself. he couldn't stand girls crying in front of him. "all right. i lose ok? what do you want?"he asked the girl nicely and more gently. "oppa! how can you chase me away like that? i have been searching for you and father and mother for so long!" as she said, a tear fell down like a rain drop. he brushed his hair frantically. "i have no sister at all!" "i am your sister."the girl said softly. "what proof do you have?"he asked firmly, crossing his arms. the girl immediately took out a piece of paper from her wallet and handed it to minwoo. "i have always been living in the countryside since i was born. father and mother left me at a orphanage and they sent money to me every year. however, the money stopped coming for the past two years and the orphange kicked me out. they only gave me this address and they told me this is where my parents live." minwoo carefully took note of every word on the paper. indeed, it was the address of his house that was written on it. he carefully folded it again and looked up at this stranger that was supposed to be his sister. "but i have never heard from my parents that i have a sister and i never have any memory of a sister either. you must be mistaken." "please! don't chase me away! you can ask father and mother now!"that girl begged. minwoo snorted and replied, "my father and mother are currently travelling round the world. and please! i'm not your oppa and they are not your parents. stop calling them father and mother." that girl suddenly grabbed his arm tightly and said, "but they are my parents and you are my oppa!" "i'm not your oppa!"minwoo yelled fiercely at her, finally losing his patience. "are you crazy or something?" then he glanced at the clock hanging on the wall and realised he was going to be late for the morning lecture. he reached for his car keys and turned to the girl with a hard stare. "i have no time to deal with a lunatic like you!" as he said, he closed the door behind him and walked towards his car. "no! no! please believe me! i'm really your sister!" she cried out and followed closely behind him. however, minwoo ignored her and was about to go inside his car when he felt a tug at the end of his pants. he looked down and was shocked to see that young girl hugging onto his leg. "what are you doing!!????"he exclaimed and tried to get free of that girl but she held onto tightly. "please don't leave me alone..please..."she cried pitifully. minwoo rolled his eyes and mused at how unlucky he was today to encouter such a lunatic. "get off me!!!"he yelled and kicked her away. "don't ever let me see you again or i send you to the asylum!"he shouted to her before turning on the engine and drove away. minwoo rushed down the hallway and finally reached the venue of his first morning lecture, which he was already late. he was glad to escape from a certain lunatic claiming to be his sister and it was totally absurb! how would the hell a sister suddenly pop out of nowhere? he immediately pushed open the door and was aware of the hundred of eyes looking down at him. he bowed to the teacher and immediately caught sight of his good friend, junjin. he hurridly took a seat next to junjin.

"you're late."junjin murmured under his breath. "you're going to exceed the quotoa soon by this rate." both junjin and minwoo were both football players and they needed to attain a certain quota in order not to be banned from the team. minwoo didn't bother to reply. he reached inside his bag and was surprised to find it empty. "damn!"he cursed under his breath but junjin heard him. "what?" "i didn't bring any pens and paper!"he told junjin. "thanks to that lunatic."he added silently to himself. junjin immediately lend a pen and some papers to minwoo. "what's wrong with you today? you are normally not that forgetful."he whispered, afraid to alarm the lecturer. image of that crazy girl came to minwoo's mind. "damn! i don't even want to talk about it." by then, junjin's curiousity had reached its peak. "what happened?"he asked eagerly. "some girl today came knocking on my door and claimed to be my sister! ridiculous!"minwoo blurted out his anger. junjin raised his eyebrow and grinned cheekily. "could it be your father's illegitimate child?" minwoo turned and gave junjin a cold stare and junjin immediately backed off. he knew better than to mess with minwoo whenever he gave those chilly stares. "how about asking your parents?"junjin suggested. "i would love it very much if i can ask my parents but they are currently travelling round the world. i don't even know where the heck they are now!" "well..who knows? she might really be your long-lost sister." minwoo gave a sickening look before saying, "and you must be my long-lost brother then! if everyone comes knocking on my door claiming to some relative of mine, am i suppose to treat them all seriously? don't be mad!" soon, the bell rang and the lecturer dismissed them. while junjin was packing his belongings, two girls came walking towards them in two different directions. "hi minwoo!" yuri greeted. "hi minwoo!"hyori greeted too. yuri and hyori immediately cast each other daggers. minwoo smiled weakly at the both of them and eyed junjin to help him with those two girls. "hey hyori and yuri! how's your day?" junjin neared them and hyori immediately pushed him away. "get away from me!"she warned loudly. junjin put up his hands in surrender and replied, "fine! i shall go!" "hey! junjin! wait for me!" minwoo shouted but his friend had already ran out of the lecture hall. the two girls each took one of minwoo's arms and cooed together, "minwoo! we have something for you!" minwoo gave a painful expression as he asked unwillingly, "what thing?" "i baked some brownies for you!"hyori exclaimed. "and i baked cookies!"yuri said loudly in order not to lose to hyori. they forced minwoo to sit down and took out their respective goodies and placed them in front of him. "minwoo! eat my cookies first..."yuri urged. "no! minwoo! eat my brownies first..."hyori cooed. yuri was angry and placed her hands on her waist. "why should minwoo eat your brownies first and not my cookies?"

"well..then why should he eat your cookies first instead of my brownies?"hyori retorted back, not willing to lose out. yuri stamped her foot in frustration. "minwoo shall eat my cookies first!" "why should he?" "because your brownies suck!"yuri yelled. "well! your cookies could be poisonous and i definitely don't want my minwoo to get food poisoning."hyori said bitchly. "what do you mean by your minwoo? he's mine!" "no! he's mine!" "he's mine!" minwoo looked up at the scenerio in front of him and groaned inwardly. this was not the first time yuri and hyori had quarrelled so childishly in front of him and he had to admit he was sick of it. he rolled his eyeball at the sight of them arguing and decided to escape. he slowly got up from his seat and took a few steps sideway to make sure that they didn't notice him standing up. when he had confirmed that they were totally devoted to their arguement, he immediately made his escape. when he made his way outside the lecture hall, he breathed out in relief. just then,he caught sight of junjin standing in front of him, grinning widely. "what a good buddy you are! running off like that!"minwoo said unhappily. junjin shrugged his shoulders. "i just don't want to see any ugly cat fights happening." minwoo rolled his eyes and walked off with junjin following. "you should decide quickly between yuri and hyori or else they will always be quarrelling over you. if you don't like either of them, just let them go!"junjin said to minwoo as they walked to the cafeteria. minwoo stopped in his strides and turned to his friend. "maybe you don't really understand the situation yet, jin. it's not that i don't want to let them go. it's them who don't want to let go of me!" minwoo had left the hall since five minutes ago and yuri and hyori were still aruging. "why are you always fighting with me?"hyori asked. "i do not!"yuri defended herself. "minwoo! no matter what, you have to decide between yuri and me today!" as hyori said, she turned to the seat where minwoo once sat to find it empty. "minwoo?"she muttered out loud and immediately swept her eyes through the empty lecture hall. "where's minwoo?"yuri asked frantically, ready to cry any moment. then she turned to hyori, "it's all your fault! he's gone now!" "minwoo!! where are you???" hyori yelled out loud. "i'm here!"minwoo said happily to himself as he drove up to his house. it had been a tired day and he was pleased to know he was able get a rest soon. he got off his car and walked towards the door. just then, he saw that young girl who claimed to be his sister sleeping in front of his doorsteps. ready to explode into fits any moment, minwoo stormed up to her, "hey you!" that girl blinked her eyes and glanced up at him. immediately, she grinned happily and stood up. "oppa!"she greeted happily. minwoo grabbed the sides of his head and closed his eyes to contain his eruptions of anger. "i-am-not-your-oppa!" "oppa!"she greeted again, still grinning. "ahhhhh!!" minwoo yelled out loud and scolded, "didn't i warn you that if you appear in front of me again, i'll send you to the asylum?" "i know you won't."she replied confidently. "i know you are kind hearted." minwoo rolled his eyes. "i'm getting you out of here." as he reached to grab her

arms, he was startled by how cold her skin was to his touch. immediately his anger subsided and he srcutinized the smiling girl in front of him. "you stay out here the whole day?"he asked concernly. she nodded her head and minwoo exclaimed loudly,"are you stupid or crazy??? today is damn cold and windy and you stay out here the whole day!!??" she nodded her head again and minwoo pushed her into the house. the moment she stepped inside the house, her whole face lighted up. she gave him a wide smile and twirled round once. minwoo ignored her and turned on the heater in his house. "keep yourself warm."he said in a commanding voice and disappeared into the kitchen. the girl sat herself onto the big couch and srutinized the house carefully. her parent's house. her house. she smiled warmly to herself as she indulged into her own thoughts. however she was interrupted by minwoo's voice, "don't think that i have accepted you as my sister. i just take pity on you and allow you to stay here for a few hours. after that, you are to get out of here, you understand?" then, minwoo handed her a hot cup of coffee. she took a small sip and placed it onto her lap. "but i'm really your sister. the address is right so this must be my home." "what is your surname?"he asked. "i have no surname. when mother and father left me at the orphanage, they didn't tell them their surname. the orphange told me that my parents would take me away once they had a stable life in seoul." minwoo thought carefully to himself. it was true that his parents used to live at the countryside too but he had no idea when they moved to the city. he looked up at this young girl who could only be fifteen or sixteen years old. could he really have a sister he don't remember at all? "but my parents never mentioned to me about a sister at all throughout my twenty years." however, the young girl shrugged. "maybe they forgot to?" just then, the phone rang and minwoo went to the far end of the living room to answer it. "hello." a buzz greeted him but soon a man's voice was heard. "my son! how are you?" relief and gratefulness washed over him. "dad! you called at the right time! i have things to ask you!" then another buzz followed. "what? what did you say, minwoo? i can't hear you very clearly! your mother and i are now in paris! it's enchanting!" minwoo rolled his eyes. he had no interest in where his parents were visiting. "dad! there's a girl today that claim to be my sister." "sister?" "yeah! do i have a sister?" there were a long silence. "sure! of course i have a sister! your auntie in america!"his father answered. "no!! i asked about my sister!!"minwoo shouted over the phone and the young girl immediately glanced strangly at him. he turned his back towards her and continued, "do i have a sister that i don't know of? "seriously, minwoo. the reception is not that good and i can't hear you well enough. your mother is urging me to take photos for her! talk to you the next time!" "wait! dad! dad!" then he heard flat tone. "dad!!!" minwoo angrily cursed under his breath and slammed down the phone. how he wished he could fly over to paris right away and confront his parents. as he turned, he

was startled to find that girl standing only an inch away from him. instinctly, he leaned away, making the distance between them larger. "is that dad?"she asked eagerly and leaned more forward to minwoo. "he's not your dad."minwoo said coldly as he walked past her. she angrily turned and followed behind him. "he's my dad! and you're my oppa! why don't you believe me?" however, minwoo ignored her words and stopped in front of the door. he opened it wide and turned to the girl. "please get out. this is not your house." droplets of tears flowed out of the girl's wide eyes. "why are you doing this to me? i'm your sister." "you are not my sister!!"minwoo yelled, pratically screaming his head off. his anger had rised to the maximum temperature. upon hearing that, the girl collapsed to the floor and covered her face, sobbing her heart out. feeling no pity for her at all, he walked over to her and pulled her up roughly."get out."he said coldly and pulled her towards the door. the girl shook her head stubbornly and tried to loosen minwoo's grab on her arm. "get out!"minwoo yelled as he pulled her towards the door even with more strength. "please!! i have nowhere to go!"she begged and tears streamed down from her face onto minwoo's hand that was grabbing onto her. when she felt that he had stopped pulling her, she plead again. "let me stay here. i have nowhere to go." a long silence passed and none of them said a word. all could be heard was her crying sound. finally, with a hardened expression, minwoo said softly, "fine. you shall stay here until my parents is back. by then, we shall know whether you are really my sister." he let go of her and closed the door. "what's your name?" "saeyun."she sniffed and replied, wiping her tears off her face. "oppa..." immediately, minwoo stiffled. "don't call me oppa." "then what should i call you?" he was stunned at her question for a moment and was dumbfounded. "call me oppa then. i don't think i want you to call me by name. follow me. i show you your room." with that, he walked up the stairs. saeyun nodded and picked up her two baggage up the stairs. however, the baggage was too heavy for a girl her size to carry up the stairs. at that momment, minwoo turned and saw her difficulties. he snorted and walked down to her. he grabbed the baggages from her roughly and with a cold voice, "babo! follow me." ring!!! ring!!!! minwoo turned his body slowly and murmured senseless things to himself. as his alarm clock continued ringing, he half opened his sleeply eyes tiredly and with a swift movement of his hand, he flung the alarm clock to the other end of his room. the clock immediately stopped ringing and with a satisfied smile on his face, he went back to sleep. after a short while, he suddenly heard a girl whispering to him. "oppa...wake up. oppa..wake up." "huh?" he muttered, his eyes still closed. saeyung chuckled silently to herself upon that. he looked so cute sleeping. "he looks so gentle now. so unlike him when he is awake."she thought to herself. "why is there a girl whispering to me? i must be dreaming."minwoo thought to himself in his sleep. "oppa! saeyun here. wake up to have your breakfast."

this time, minwoo's eyes immediately flew open wide. with shock spread across his face, he sat himself up hurriedly and pointed his finger at saeyun. "who-who are you? what are you doing here?" saeyun's jaw dropped and immediately explained, "oppa. i'm saeyun. you let me live here until our parents come back. remember?" minwoo put his hand on his forehead and nodded silently to himself. "oh yeah. you are that lunatic who claimed to be my sister." "lunatic?"she exclaimed in shock, her eyes even wider. "goodness! don't look at me with those eyes! it looks like it's gonna drop out of your sockets any moment. it's disgusting!" saeyun's face fell. she couldn't understand why he is always so mean to her. saying things that hurt her. "i have prepared breakfast for you."she said gloomily and walked out of his room. when minwoo reached the dining table, he was shocked to find a table full of food laying in front of his eyes. he turned to saeyun who was smiling brightly at him. "ah...are you inviting some friends of yours here?" she shook her head and minwoo chuckled sarcastically. "then do you expect me to eat all the food here? please think before you do anything!" saeyun bit her lips and decided to apologise. "sorry." he ignored her and eat the food on the table. "how was it?"she asked, her face bright again. minwoo only silently chewed the food and avoided eye contact with her. he had to admit to himself that the food she cooked was indeed delicious but he refused to praise her. he still couldn't accept the fact that there was a sister in his life now. he put down his chopsticks and stood up from his chair. "i'm going." he said without even looking at her and walked away. before closing the door behind her, he heard her yell, "i'll be cooking dinner too!" he shrugged his shoulders and walked towards his car. yuri saw a familier man with purple hair walking into the school and immediately rushed up to him. "minwoo!"she called out loud and he stopped in his strides and looked back at her. throwing a pretty smile at him, she rushed to his side and linked her arms with his. "where did you go yesterday?" "somewhere."he replied and started walking with yuri to their lecture. "but i spent so much time baking those cookies and you didn't even get to eat them."she said sadly to minwoo, hoping that he would comfort her. however, he replied, "i don't want those cookies anywhere." yuri stopped walking and minwoo turned around to face her. "what's wrong?"he asked. then he noticed wetness in her eyes. "no! i have enough of tears!"he thought to himself. "why do you say that, minwoo?" yuri asked saidly, her tears ready to spourt out of her eyes any moment. minwoo decided to escape and took a few steps back. "i'm going. bye." with that, he immediately turned his back to yuri and rushed off to his lecture. saeyun looked at the clock hanging on the wall. it was already eight o'clock and minwoo was not back from school yet. she sighed and looked at the food that had already turned cold. she sat herself down on the couch and sighed to herself. she had stayed inside the house the whole day and was bored. all she could do was to

anticipate the arrival of minwoo. "oppa....where are you? i'm bored..."she murmurmed to herself. just then, she heard the sound of the door knob being turned and she immediately jumped up from her seat. "oppa! you're back!" minwoo looked at her for a while and nodded tiredly. "oppa! let's eat dinner. you must be hungry by now."she said cheerfully. "i have eaten dinner."minwoo replied nonchantly and slumped down onto the couch. "what???" saeyun shouted, her face in disbelief. he narrowed his eyes at her questioningly. "what's wrong?" "i told you that i will cook dinner today!" "so?"he asked, feeling absurd that he was being shouted at. "you are suppose to eat dinner with me then!" she shouted angrily, her face couldn't hide the disappointment her heart felt. minwoo looked down at the floor, his hands clapsed together. he had purposely avoided eating dinner with her even though he knew that was not what she wanted. he brushed his hair and stood up. he looked into the eyes of saeyun which was trembling. "you just tell me that you will be cooking dinner. you didn't ask me to eat it with you. anyway i have always been eating my dinner outside. what makes you think i'll change my habit just because of you?" "i didn't request you to change your habit. but i spent so much time on preparing the dinner and now here you are telling me that you are not eating. do you know how hurt i am?" as she said, she couldn't stop the tears from forming in her eyes. all these were so famailier to minwoo and he recalled what happened between yuri and him in the morning. thinking of that, his felt rage burning inside him. "what's wrong with you girls arh? do you think tears will help you get what you want? do you think that by crying, i will be under your control? stop it! i hate tears! i hate girls who are weak and i despise you and your fake tears! cry and cry and cry! is that all you can do?" minwoo scolded without stopping into saeyun's face. without warning, saeyun hit minwoo in his chest. "i hate you! you don't understand anything at all!" she spun around and ran out of the house, her tears blinding her vision. "oppa, you don't understand and you don't try to understand me at all. i hate you. i rather be alone than to have a oppa like you!"she thought angrily to herself as she walked down the silent streets. minwoo stood silently at the same spot after saeyun ran out of the house. "good. minwoo. you have finally chased her away. isn't that what you wanted? but what is this feeling that is nudging me...." slowly, he looked towards the open door and without hesitating, he rushed out and ran down the streets. within seconds, he caught sight of a lone figure walking and sobbing at the same time. he silently walked behind for a short while before deciding to call her. "sae yun ah..."he called softly, his guilt now engulfing him. he shouldn't have throw all his anger onto her and he was prepared to apologise to her. she stopped upon hearing his voice and slowly turned around. when their eyes met, minwoo held her arm. he bit his lips and wanted to apologise. however what came out of hs mouth was, "let's go home. what if you are really my sister? i don't want my mother and father to scold me when they come home."

saeyun's eyes looked away from minwoo as she followed him home. both were silent until they reached the stairs leading up to their rooms. "go up."he said in a commanding tone and released her hold on her. as minwoo walked away from her, she suddenly turned towards him and said in a determined tone, "i will be strong. i will not be weak anymore. you'll just see." her tone sent chills to minwoo and when he turned around, she had already went up to her room. "i'm sorry. i don't mean to."he murmured to the empty hall minwoo bent his waist down and rested his hands on his knees, trying hard to catch some breath. he panted heavily as beads of sweat dripped down the sides of his face endlessly. �hey minwoo!! what the hell are you doing?? run!!!� a loud commanding voice hollered throughout the school field. without even looking, minwoo already knew that voice belonged to his football coach. within seconds, minwoo immediately straightened up and sped down the field, widening his legs as far as possible. he ran up to the other side of the field where junjin was trying to keep the ball away from the attacker. �jin!� he shouted and the moment junjin turned, he motioned him to pass the ball to him. with one swift kick, the ball was soon under minwoo�s legs and he could instantly feel his attacker behind him. �such a strong opponent�. but i�m even stronger� a smug smile lingered on his face. stealing a glance at the net which were only meters away, minwoo confidently sent the ball flying in the air��.

�lee minwoo! that�s the worst kick i have ever seen from you! what the hell are you thinking today? where�s your concentration?� mr. ho, the football coach, reprimanded minwoo mercilessly in front of all the other teammates. minwoo, who had kept his head down the whole time, only pressed his lips together in reply as he listened to the lecture of his coach. after a minute of silence, mr ho sighed heavily to himself as he realised that his favourite student was not going to reply him verbally. he signaled the team to disperse but before he walked away, he said gently, �minwoo. you are the spirit of this team. if you still behave like this, i am afraid i have to disqualify you from this coming inter-school tournament.� however the only words that kept appearing in his mind was what sae yun said to him yesterday night. i�ll be strong i won�t be weak anymore you�ll see.

i guess i�m being too harsh on her after all�she�s still a small girl i hope she�s not angry with me anymore �hey minwoo! earth calling minwoo!� junjin waved his hand in front of the petrified minwoo. he snapped out of his thoughts and was displeased. �what?� �i�ve been calling you for the umpteenth time!� junjin blurted out unhappily and threw a towel over to minwoo who caught it quickly. minwoo roughly wiped the sweat off his face and laid the towel on top of his face. then he sighed deeply as he recalled the crying face of sae yun. throughout the football practice, that face just wouldn�t get out of his mind. however, the towel soon was snatched away from junjin who was baffled. �what the hell is wrong with you today? that�s so not like you to be sighing! and today, you are playing so badly!� minwoo mercilessly threw a cold look towards junjin and slung his bag over his shoulder. �mind your own business!� junjin backed off and this time, he sighed. with a nonchalant wave, he said aloud, �who cares!� he grinned secretly to himself when minwoo stopped walking and slowly turned. he knew his friend too well. minwoo would only say out his thoughts if he pretend to be unconcerned. �it�s just that lunatic new sister.� junjin raised his eyebrow in curiosity and ran up to minwoo. �what about her?� minwoo shrugged his shoulders, an unclear look on his face. �i�m going home. bye!� �not eating dinner with me?� �nope! guess i�m going home to eat. i don�t want another volcano eruption!� �huh?� junjin wondered aloud but minwoo didn�t bother to answer him and had already walked out of sports field.

when minwoo reached home, he was shocked to find the hall empty. he glanced up to the clock hanging on the wall and was glad that he had reached home by six. afraid that sae yun might be asleep, he slowly crept up the stairs leading to the rooms. as he was walking to his room, he past by her room. he stopped in his tracks and knocked softly. when there was still no answer, he turned the knob and glanced inside the room. he was immediately stunned when he saw two large eyes glaring at him. �what are you doing?� sae yun shouted as she threw a pillow aiming at minnow�s head. minwoo easily dodged the pillow. �i�m just checking whether you are asleep or not!�

�thanks for your concern!� she replied sarcastically. �why didn�t you answer me when i knock on your door?�he asked unhappily with his arms closed. �i don�t feel like. �she replied bluntly. giving a last stare to minwoo, she walked past him and down the stairs. he looked at her back until she disappeared out of his sight. he sighed frustratingly to himself oh god! why must you torture me this way? i have never asked for a sister!! why????

after taking a long fresh shower, minwoo jogged down the stairs and sat down on the dining table happily. however, when he saw that the table was empty, his face fell like a thousand miles. he turned to sae yun who was sitting at the hall reading magazines with furious eyes, fire burning inside it. �hey! where�s my dinner?�he roared loudly to her. she put down her magazine and looked back at him challengingly. �what dinner? didn�t you eat your dinner outside?� �what the!!�he stood up and stormed to her. �i�ve specially come back early and eat dinner with you. isn�t that what you wanted?� �why are you shouting at me?� she stood up too and crossed her arms across her chest, not willing to take any step back. �well! you know what they say! a hungry man makes an angry man! so now, go make dinner for me before i throw you out!� sae yun bit her lips. �fine!� she walked angrily to the refrigerator and opened the door. �there�s nothing inside!� minwoo gave a sarcastic laugh and scoffed, �yeah right!� he walked up to her and looked into the refrigerator. indeed there was nothing! �it�s your fault.� minwoo said coldly as his eyes remained still on the �contents� of the fridge. �what?� �you cooked so much things yesterday! what a waste of food!� he accused her. �it wouldn�t be a waste of food if you eat them yesterday!� she scolded back, trying to blink back the tears that were forcing its way out. minwoo let out a defeating sigh and suggested, �let�s not argue whose fault it is. we need to go to grocery store to buy more food.�

so the both of them went to the nearest grocery store. minwoo pushed the trolley while sae yun bounced from one corner to another choosing varieties of food. she was smiling from ear to ear as she threw all kinds of food into the trolley without giving any second thoughts. however� she didn�t realise that minwoo was putting back everything she had thrown inside back to the shelf. as minwoo was secretly putting back the hershey white chocolate, sae yun accidentally turned at the same time. just in time to catch him in the act. �what are you doing????� she screamed out aloud and snatched the chocolate from his hands. �i want that!� she wailed. minwoo put up his hands in trying to calm her down as he noticed the people at the store was looking at them. �shhh�shhh�.people are looking.� he whispered to her. just then, she looked down at the trolley and exclaimed as she rummaged through the stuffs. �and where�s my superpower crunchy bar?? my vitagen?? my strawberry milk? you put them all away??? i can�t believe you did that!� this time, more people glanced over to them and started to whisper among themselves. minwoo lowered his head and rested his forehead on his hand. �fine. we�ll buy those. just stop shouting and wailing.� sae yun grinned in victory and linked her arms with minwoo�s. �you�re the best, oppa!� minwoo laughed at this pitiful side of him silently. just then, something dawned onto him and he turned to sae yun with a serious look. �you�re not angry with me anymore?� taking back her grin, she immediately pouted at him. �well�i was�but not anymore! you�re my oppa! i can�t stay angry with you forever! but since you don�t like girls to cry, i won�t do that anymore. i don�t want to be a sister that you won�t like.� minwoo laughed. what a silly girl! don�t want to be a sister i won�t like? hahaha!! just as they were paying for their contents at the counter, minwoo noticed sae yun staring at something faraway. he followed her stare but found nothing interesting or unusual. �what are you looking at?� he wondered as he kept searching for what she was looking at. �nothing�� she replied sadly as she lowered her head. minwoo looked at the disappointed face of his sister and wondered what could be wrong. �just that those girls�they are students right?�she asked as she pointed to the two girls about two meters away. he looked at where she had pointed and indeed, there were two high school girls in

uniform talking and laughing. then, he looked down to sae yun who was looking enviously at those girls. �sae yun ah�are you very bored at home?� she tore her eyes away from those girls and turned to her oppa. �nope. very fun.� she lied. �how old are you? fifteen? sixteen?� �sixteen�.� she trailed off and looked down at her shoes. minwoo nodded to himself as he silently planned his actions quickly. after paying for everything, he grabbed her wrist and winked, �let�s go somewhere you�ll like.�

minwoo stopped his car in front of a large blue building that had four big words at the entrance. chang jun high school. �oppa�..�sae yun called, her voice thick with emotions as she saw those words when they got out from the car. �have you ever attended school before?� minwoo asked. she nodded her head and answered, �i had attended high school before i came to seoul.� he smiled satisfactorily, �that�ll do. i can assure you that you�ll have no problems enrolling into this school.� minwoo gave a light push to sae yun from behind, urging her to walk. hesitantly, she walked nervously inside the school with minwoo beside her. when they reached the office, the lady behind the counter exclaimed with delight when she saw minwoo. �lee minwoo! what a pleasure to see you again!� he gave her a smile back in return and laid his hand on sae yun�s shoulder. �hi mrs. huang. this is lee sae yun, my sister. i hope to enroll her into this school.� at hearing those words from minwoo, sae yun quickly glanced up at him with hint of tears in her eyes. �oppa�.�she lightly called and bit her lower lips. so oppa, after all�you did consider me as your sister�. �oh sure! did you bring her birth certificate?� mrs huang asked with a big smile spread over her face. at that, both minwoo and sae yun were stunned. he slowly turned to her and whispered just loud enough for her to hear, �did you bring your birth certificate?� �i have no birth certificate.� she whispered back, and wiped the sweat that gathered on her palms on her skirt.

minwoo silently hit himself on his head. however, he immediately came up with an idea. �er�mrs huang. we forgot where we had put her birth certificate. but my parents hope that we can enroll her into a school as soon as possible. is it possible that we give you the birth certificate later?� mrs huang thought for a moment before answering. �i think that�s possible. � she took out a form and a pen and laid them neatly in front of minwoo. �you just fill in this application form first, minwoo.� minwoo mumbled a thanks to her and filled in the form. while he was filling the form, mrs huang turned to sae yun and smiled graciously, �your brother is a former student here. he�s very outstanding and popular. i�m sure you�ll get accustomed to the surroundings here fast.� sae yun nodded politely back with a small smile. �there, mrs huang!� minwoo said after he completed the form. �so when can my sister attend this school?� �she can attend this school as soon as tomorrow.� �really???� sae yun exclaimed in disbelief, so excited that she unconsciously grabbed onto minwoo�s sleeve. when she saw mrs huang nodding her head, a big grin immediately appeared on her face. when they stepped out of the school, sae yun immediately jumped up in joy and screamed in delight. minwoo laughed at her as she crazed around. suddenly, she jumped next to him and put her arms around his neck and pecked him on the cheek. �oppa! i love you!� she laughed and skipped down the street towards minwoo�s car. minwoo smiled while shaking his head from side to side. maybe having a sister is not that bad after all� �oppa!! wake up!!� sae yun screamed on top of her lungs as she desperately tried to drag minwoo out of his bed. however minwoo still remained asleep with his mouth open, drooling. sae yun refused to give up. with more strength, she pulled minwoo�s arm and caused him to fall off his bed with a loud thud. sharp pain seeped through minwoo�s back as he hit the ground and his eyes immediately flew open. �awwwww!!� he sat up and rubbed his back , a painful expression on his face. �oppa! i�m so nervous! i can�t get to sleep�.� sae yun crouched in front of her oppa. �huh?� this time, minwoo�s vision was clearer and was startled to find his sister shivering in front of him. then he reached for the alarm clock on the desk and brought it down to his eye level. it was only��three o�clock!!!???? �what the hell?!!?� he yelled while his eyes were still fixed on the clock. however, his eyes soon became heavy again and he yawned heavily. putting back the clock in place, he started to climb up to his bed again, completely forgot the fact that sae yun was in his room. however, sae yun grabbed a handful of minwoo�s pajamas before he could lay on the

bed again. �oppa! play with me!!� startled by her words, his eyes enlarged and the tiredness disappeared. he slowly turned to her and asked confusingly, �play with you????�

�my turn!!!� sae yun exclaimed excitedly and rubbed her palms together. she gathered the two dices into her hands and threw them on the board. �ahhh!! i get to move ten spaces!!� she shouted happily. minwoo covered his ears, displeased by the loud noise sae yun was making and with his sleepy eyes, he turned towards the clock on the wall. oh my!!! four o�clock�..i want to sleep!!!! �oppa!! your turn!!� minwoo tiredly turned towards her and put his palms together. �i�ve been playing monopoly with you for one hour already. i�m really sleepy. please just let me sleep?� he begged, his voice dull. disappointed was clearly shown on her face. �but what about me? i�m so nervous about tomorrow that i can�t sleep.� seeing how disappointed sae yun was, minwoo softened and decided to give in. �all right. let�s play. my turn right?�

the hall slowly lighted up as light had forced itself into the house through the curtains and windows. beside the clear chirping noise of the birds, snores could be heard reverberating inside the house of the two siblings. with arms wide spread, minwoo was sitting up with his head laying against the top of the couch while sae yun�s head was laying comfortably on top of his lap. sae yun�s slowly opened her eyes as she felt the heat of the sunlight burning her skin. as if reminded of something, she quickly glanced at the clock. �oppa!!!!!� she screamed aloud and grabbed minwoo�s shirt and shook him. immediately he was shaken awaked. thinking that there was some emergency, he immediately put on a fighting pose and asked frantically, �what? what?� �i only left thirty minutes left to prepare for school! oh my gosh! what should i do?� at hearing that, minwoo felt silly for his ridiculous reaction and angry at his sister�s stupid outburst. but he was too sleepy to scold her. he slumped back down on the couch and closed his eyes, going back to sleep as sae yun hurriedly prepared herself for school. soon, he could feel someone tugging his sleeve. �oppa, wake up and drive me to school.� he tiredly forced open his eyes and sluggishly stood up. with heavy eyelids, he searched for his car keys and waited in the car for sae yun to arrive. soon, she

arrived and jumped in next to him. �i�ve cook your breakfast. it is on the dining table.� he nodded numbly to her and with the fastest speed he could, he drove her to the school. �enjoy your school.� sae yun smiled and jumped out of his car. �i will. bye!�

when junjin arrived at his lecture class, he was shocked to see minwoo already sitting there. he immediately made his way up to minwoo and nudged him on his shoulders. �yo! what�s up with you? surprisingly early!� junjin said in wonder. minwoo�s dead eyes only look straight, his eye bags heavy from the lack of sleep yesterday. junjin, who noticed that, immediately added, �and what�s with those eye bags of yours? where were you doing last night huh?� junjin grinned cheekily and said in a teasing tone. minwoo slowly turned to his friend and asked, �what do you think i was doing?� junjin shrugged and said playfully, �well�could it be that you are in some pub yesterday and you saw this..oooooo�.sexy chick and decided to get it on the whole night?� hearing what he had said, minwoo laughed out loud, totally amused. �i would really prefer that if i have a choice! but i was playing monopoly with my lunatic sister the whole night!� �what?? were you that bored???� junjin exclaimed incredulously. minwoo shook his head, as if pitying himself. �she just dragged me out of my bed and forced me to play with her the whole night. i only had three hours of sleep. gosh! why am i so ill-fated?� junjin stared at minwoo in shock for a long time before commenting, �your sister is a real lunatic.� �hi! i�m lee sae yun!� she said in a loud voice cheerfully in front of her class. the teacher, mrs kim, soon smiled and said to her, �lee sae yun, you can sit next to kim yoonjin.� yoonjin raised up her hand and sae yun immediately made her way. when she sat down, yoonjin looked interestedly at her. �are you lee minwoo�s sister?� startled by her knowledge, sae yun retorted, �how do you know?� however, yoonjin didn�t answer her but blabbered on, �oh my! can you introduce minwoo sunbae to me? he�s so cool and handsome. i heard that he is in daesung university. is it true?� sae how the can yun was speechless and could only stare at this pretty girl in front of her. could she answer yoonjin when she knew about her brother more than she did? in end, she only smiled politely and replied, �if you want to know my brother, i help you.�

�really??� yoonjin exclaimed and clasped her hands in delight. �then can we be friends?� �sure! friends!� sae yun extented her hand and yoonjin shook it.

after lunch, sae yun realised that almost the whole population of the school knew who she was. they all called her �minwoo sunbae�s sister.� wherever she walked, there was surely whispers exchanging and eyes glancing at her. people took the initiative to know her and within a few minutes, she already befriended countless people. embarrassed by this sudden attention, sae yun could only quietly accept everything with shyness and politeness. however, only one was able to leave a deep impression on sae yun�s mind. sae yun was buying her lunch from the cafeteria when she realised she left her purse in the class. yoonjin, beside her, playfully scolded her for being careless. flushed with embarrassment, she could only try to apologise. however, someone immediately stuffed money into her palms and she looked up in shock. a pair of deep eyes returned her stare and soon those eyes smiled. she smiled back and took a clear look of the face. he had clear complexion and white skin with handsome features. �hyesung sunbae!� yoonjin exclaimed in shock. sae yun looked back and forth at yoonjin and hyesung. she slightly bowed to him and said, �thank you. i�ll return you the money.� then she paused before continuing awkwardly, �hyesung sunbae.� he gave her a wide smile and replied, �that�s all right. there�s no need for you to pay me back.� with that, he walked off to join his friends who seemed to be watching the whole exchange. they slapped his back and gave him a thumb-up sign. sae yun kept on looking until he disappeared from her sight. hyesung sunbae�.. his warm smile is like sunshine so comforting� i wish to know more about him when sae yun arrived at home, she was such a wonderful day at school and at endlessly. feeling an urge to tidy up started cleaning up everything in the whistling to herself. happy that she had her encounter with hyesung, her heart soared the whole house, she took the rag and house with a grin imprinted on her face.

after thirty minutes, she stopped and put her hands on her waist, pondering what else had she not cleaned. it was then her eyes wandered up to minwoo�s room. hiding back a grin, she went up to her brother�s room and started cleaning up. �he would be shocked to see his room so clean and tidy again.� she thought to herself cheekily. as she was wiping his study table, she suddenly took notice of a photo frame that was facing down on the table. she looked curiously at it for a while before placing the photo frame up again. it

was then that she saw the photo that was framed inside. wanting to get a better view, she brought the photo frame to her eye level and what came into her view was minwoo and a beautiful girl, arms around each other. shocked by her sudden discovery, she slowly traced the lines of minwoo�s face. he looks so different here�. he looks so�.so�.. so in love then she turned her attention to the girl. the girl had long silky black hair and beautiful eyes. she was smiling happily as if contented by the fact that the man she loved was just by her side. sae yun gasped as she realised� what a beautiful picture this is of two people that are truly in love she took out the photo out of the frame and turned to its back. indeed, there were writings inscribed on it at the right bottom of the picture. minwoo and dana always forever �what are you doing here?�a voice called out from behind her and sae yun jumped up in shock. she turned and saw minwoo standing at the door, looking curiously at her. she realised she must had been too indulged in the photo that she didn�t hear minwoo coming in. then his eyes slowly traveled down to the photo she was holding in her hands. noting that, sae yun immediately loosened her grip on the photo and it slowly fell down to the floor. minwoo�s eyes followed the photo until it landed on the ground, evidently showing the content of the picture. slowly, his face changed and hardened as he stared at the picture for what seemed to be a long time. the two siblings froze in their position for a long time. each second ticked by clearly in sae yun�s ears as she awaited his reaction. her heart thumped heavily against her chest as she waited for her impending doom. though she didn�t think that she did anything wrong, she felt exceedingly guilty. when minwoo finally lifted his head, sae yun involuntary clutched the sides of the table to support her weakened legs. when their eyes met, she was frightened at how empty his eyes were. there was no anger, no accusation it�s just simply empty�cold�. �i�m sorry! i don�t mean to look at your things. i was only cleaning your room when i came across this.� she explained hysterically, with all her hands flying around in the air making numerous actions. �get out of my room now.� he spoke through gritted teeth and his eyes silted dangerously. he looked like he was about to explode any minute.

she hurriedly nodded and was the most willing to escape before his temper flared. as she walked past him, he immediately added with suppressed anger in his voice, �and don�t ever come into my room again without my permission.� with that, he slammed the door hard with a loud bang and caused sae yun to flee down the stairs within seconds. when she finally calmed down, she looked up to minwoo�s room once again and sighed in relief. she could never forget that look on his face when he saw the photo just now. he looked as if he was about to kill someone� sae yun shook away her thoughts and swore silently to herself that she would never, no matter what, step into her brother's room again.

the next morning, with the notes of money in her hand, sae yun shyly walked up to the third floor of the school. seniors gave her smiles and acknowledgement when she greeted them. unknown to her, she was famous among the third year students too. one of the seniors stopped her midway and asked, �how�s minwoo hyung? is he fine?� sae yun slowly looked up to meet a pair of soft brown eyes. he had a friendly countenance and was tanned looking with a well-built body. when he saw that she didn�t answer him, he started to introduce himself, �i�m dongwan kim, your brother�s dongseng. however, i had lost contact with him since he went to university.� sae yun nodded and replied politely, �my oppa is fine. thanks for your concern.� she was prepared to continue walking but dongwan�s voice stopped her. �i was really shocked when i heard about you from my friends. hyung had never told me that he had a sister before.� she smiled and wondered silently to herself whether she should tell him about her background. however, in the end, she decided not to and asked instead, �do you know what class is hyesung sunbae in?� dongwan was momentarily startled by her inquiry and stuttered out awkwardly, �yyeah. he�s in class 4.� he then pointed to a class nearby and she immediately muttered a thanks and pranced away. dongwan�s eyes followed her and scratched his head. �what does she has to do with hyesung?�he murmured to himself curiously while walking back to his class. sae yun awkwardly stood outside the front door of class 4 and took a quick glance inside. she bit her lower lips worriedly and stood on tiptoes, hoping to see where he was sitting. she tightened her hold on the money in her hands, her eyes looking far. �who are you looking for?� a sudden voice called out to her. she was startled and immediately blushed embarrassingly. �er�er�i�m looking for

hyesung sunbae.� �hyesung! someone�s looking for you!� that student called out aloud and sae yun�s face turned into a deeper shade of red. soon, hyesung appeared in front of her and she bowed slightly at the sight of him. when their eyes meet, she hurriedly extended her hand indicating him to take the money in her hand. he smiled at that sight and said, �i thought i told you that there is no need to return the money.� under hyesung�s intense stare, she nervously tried to search for words to reply. she had stupidly performed in front of the mirror numerous times yesterday night but now, at the exact scene, she couldn�t utter a word. �i-i couldn�t. i must return you this favor.� with that, she stuffed the notes into hyesung�s hands and blushed at the touch of him. �i�m going.� she immediately said and bowed hurriedly before walking away. �hey!� she heard hyesung calling her but she didn�t stop her paces. however, after taking a few steps, she suddenly felt a hand on her arm that pulled her back. �i don�t want the money.� hyesung said determinedly and stuffed the money back into her hands before she could protest. �if you really want to return this favor, then have a date with me.� sae yun�s pupils enlarged at his abrupt request and she was flustered. hyesung grinned at her reaction and said playfully before turning away, �meet me outside the school gate tomorrow after school!� after he disappeared from her sight, she couldn�t hide the smile that crept up to her face.

when minwoo reached home, sae yun was surprised to find two girls behind him. the two girls were hyori and yuri. �who�s that???� hyori and yuri shouted in unison, directing the question to minwoo. he rolled his eyes and was about to answer when sae yun interrupted, �i�m his sister!� �minwoo, is that true?� yuri asked with her big watery eyes looking up to him. �minwoo, is she really your sister?� hyori pointed a finger towards sae yun and gave a warning look to minwoo, threatening him not to lie. minwoo sighed tiredly and slumped himself down on the nearest couch. �yes! she is my sister!�he replied, irritated by the two girls. he mused silently at how unfortunate he was today. the lecturer had decided to

assign a project to the students and he had expertly grouped minwoo with hyori and yuri together. both of the girls smiled in satisfaction at minwoo�s confirmation. they stepped up to saeyun and introduced themselves. sae yun smiled and greeted them back. �hi hyori and yuri unnie.� minwoo groaned inwardly as hyori and yuri sat themselves each by his side and linked their arms with his. �what are the hell are you both doing?� he lifted up both his arms and asked them frustratingly. �wow! i never know oppa is so popular with girls.�sae yun added with a teasing smile and sat herself opposite them. �let go of him, hyori!� yuri snapped. �you are the one who should let go!� hyori snapped back just as fierce. minwoo threw their arms away from him roughly and yelled, �both of you should let go of me!� frightened by his sudden uproar, both girls immediately cringed and didn�t stop him from walking up to his room. when sae yun assured that minwoo was out of sight, she immediately turned to the two unnies. �do you both know who is dana?� at hearing that name, both girls immediately removed their smiling faces and showed immense contempt and disgust. �she�s a bitch!� hyori replied spitefully. however yuri was kinder. �she is your oppa�s ex-girlfriend.� there was a tinge of bitterness in her tone. �so where is she now?� sae yun asked. both of the girls looked at each other before hyori answered her, �she went to america a year ago, which i think it�s for the best!� just then, minwoo came down the stairs carrying a laptop in his arm. hyori and yuri jumped up from their seat at the sight of their target and rushed to his side. �let me help you with it!� hyori immediately tried to take the laptop from minwoo. however yuri grabbed the other side of the laptop and said, �minwoo. i can carry it.� both girls glared at each other, refusing to budge. upon seeing this situation, sae yun chuckled to herself as the two girls kept squabbling over the laptop while minwoo stood there with furious eyes. however, the two girls who were eagerly trying to please him, didn�t realise it at all. finally, minwoo shouted out loud angrily as he hugged the laptop closer to him,

�am i such a weak guy until two girls have to help me with this light weighted thing!!!??� as the last ringing of the school bell reached sae yun�s ear, she jumped up abruptly and rushed out of her class within seconds. with her heart pumping hard against her chest, she couldn�t conceal the excitement that was showing on her countenance. she could hardly go to sleep last night with all her thoughts on hyesung sunbae, imagining the things they would do together. as she neared the school gate, she could see hyesung already waiting, leaning against the wall. his face was raised towards the sky, his eyes closed. her heart twitched funnily as she realised how angelic he looked at that moment. she slowly walked up to him with no wish of him to realise her presence. she carefully scrutinized his face after she quietly stopped by his side. she awed how at how long his eyelashes were and how pretty his nose was. her heart missed a beat as she thought of him as the sleeping prince that would wake up upon her kiss. however, she soon chuckled at the absurdity of her thoughts. hyesung�s sharp ears picked up the slight chuckle and he immediately opened his eyes. he grinned when he a saw a red-faced sae yun in front of him. �when are you here?� sae yun who couldn�t bring herself to look at his face, glanced down at her shoes. �a while ago.� hyesung�s grin became bigger and took a step closer to her. �why didn�t you wake me up then?� at his words, sae yun felt her cheeks burning. how could i tell him it�s because i want to look at his sleeping face? while sae yun nervously tried to search for reasons, hyesung playfully caught her wrist and pulled her closer to him. shocked by his sudden actions, she snapped her head up in shock and soon, found herself eyes to eyes with him. �let�s go. i don�t want to waste time.� he said with a smile and pulled her along.

when they stepped into the dark movie theatre, sae yun immediately was disturbed by the lack of lights in it. hugging the popcorn container closer to her, she strained her eyes to see the steps leading down to her seat. afraid that she might fall down, she unconsciously grabbed the arms of hyesung, who was walking in front of him. �what�s wrong?�he asked in a soft voice. still straining to see the stairs, she replied, �i can�t see the stairs clearly.� �it�s all right. i lead you down to the seats.� as he assured her, he placed his free hand onto sae yun�s hand which was grabbing his arm tightly. when they finally seated down, sae yun then realised how inappropriate her behaviour was. she then turned to hyesung who was sitting beside him and

apologised sincerely. through the darkness, she could still see his bright smile appearing on his face. �it�s all right. let�s watch the movie.� both of them immediately turned away and placed their eyes on the screen. once in a while, their hands would accidentally touch as they both reached for the popcorn at the same time. then, an embarrassed smile would then exchange between the two of them. sae yun was really glad that the darkness was able to hide her blushing every time they touch. as the movie was reaching the climax, both was so absorbed into the movie that they were no longer conscious of each other�s presence. before hyesung knew it, half an hour had past and the credits appeared on the screen. with a satisfied smile on his face, he turned to sae yun, preparing to comment on how good the movie was. however what he saw shocked him a great deal. �sae yun???� he exclaimed out in shock. sae yun glanced up at him with her big wet eyes when she heard her name. tears rushed out of her eyes non-stop as she quietly wept to her heart�s content. she immediately wiped her tears away as she sensed hyesung�s eyes on her. �heuk�..heuk�sorry�.but�.i feel so sad for the female lead!� she managed to say through her sobs. hyesung, upon seeing her state, had a sympathetically look on his face and gathered her into his arms. �it�s all right. you can cry all you want. there�s no need for you to apologise.�he said into her ears as he stroked her back affectionately. upon hearing those understanding words from hyesung, she immediately wailed out aloud, �she�s so pitiful! how could he leave her like that? she has given up everything for him�heuk�heuk�he�s so bad...� and so, she continued wailing in hyesung�s embrace, completely unaware of the curious stares she was receiving from the people who passed them.

�i�m so sorry!� sae yun said out loud as she bowed to hyesung apologetically. hyesung had walked her to her house and now, they were just standing outside. shocked by her actions, he immediately waved his hands. �what are you sorry about?� her face turned red as she spoke, �for crying aloud and embarrassing you. i shouldn�t have cry like that.� her eyes couldn�t look at his face as she recalled how she had behaved earlier in the theatre. he smiled cheekily and placed both of his hands at the sides of her cheeks, leaning closer to her. sae yun looked up at him in surprise as he came closer to her. with that smile, he uttered softly, �i like the crying face of sae yun lee most.�

�so don�t try to hide those tears from me.� he continued warmly and released his hands from her. without waiting for the shocked sae yun to reply, he waved his hand and yelled, �goodbye!� sae yun�s eyes quietly sent him off as she silently bid goodbye to him with her heart. hyesung sunbae�. how can two guys be so different? if oppa is the cold wind that blows during autumn [*minwoo] then you are the sun that shines brightly during summer when she opened the front door, she immediately caught sight of minwoo�s shoes lying at the side. she took off her shoes and stepped inside the house while calling, �oppa! i�m home!� soon, she could hear the shuffling sound of feets towards her and a guy with shoulder-length blond hair appeared in front of her. �oh! you must be that lunatic sister of minwoo!� the guy called out loud, laughing at his own words. �what???� sae yun exclaimed angrily, unpleased by the rudeness of this guy. �i guess the two of you have met.� minwoo said as he appeared from behind the guy. �sae yun, this is junjin. and junjin, this is sae yun.� junjin smiled at her. �hi. it�s a pleasure to finally meet you in person.� �hi.� she curtly replied, still unhappy that junjin had called her lunatic. she walked past them and went up to her room, slamming the door hard behind her. her eyes soon became wet again as she thought of junjin�s careless words. �is it you, oppa�who told him that i�m a lunatic sister? have you not accepted me yet?� however, the silence in her room couldn�t answer her question.

as the slamming sound of the door rang throughout the house, junjin was in awe and amused by sae yun. �wow! what a girl!� junjin commented to minwoo, who was shocked by his sister�s unusual actions. minwoo shrugged. �normally, she�s very gentle but just a little crazy.� �she is crazy for sure.� junjin said absolutely and sat himself down on the couch. �but she�s really cute!� slowly, he slyly glanced up at minwoo and grinned evilly to him. �you wouldn�t

mind if i chase after her, would you?� at junjin�s words, minwoo immediately strangled him from behind and yelled in a threatening tone, �don�t you dare!!! you pathetic playboy!!!� stirring the soup that was brewing under the small fire, sae yun heard the clicking of the doorknob. knowing that it was minwoo, she put down the ladle beside the pot and walked out to the hall that adjoined the kitchen. a bowed figure appeared from the corner and she smiled happily. �oppa! you�re home!� she called out. minwoo only gave her a slight nod of his head. immediately, another two girls appeared behind minwoo. �hi sae yun dongseng!� hyori and yuri both called at the same time. sae yun was surprised to see the two unnies again. the last time they came, they had amused her immensely. �hi yuri and hyori unnies! you both have come again!� both of them nodded with a smile at her words and plopped themselves on the couch while minwoo went up to get his laptop. a few seconds passed after yuri suddenly started sniffing the air. sae yun, curious about what she was doing, asked, �what�s wrong?� �are you cooking something?� sae yun nodded her head. �yes. i�m brewing chicken soup right now.� yuri clasped her hands together and her face brightened, �i am thinking of making something for minwoo. can i borrow your kitchen?� before saeyun could nod her head in response, yuri had already disappeared into the kitchen. hyori was confused for a while but immediately recovered and chased behind yuri. �now that�s not going to do. i�m cooking for minwoo too!� she stubbornly told yuri. �yunnie dongseng. do you have any potatoes?� yuri asked sae yun the moment she appeared. �yes there are. i just bought them from the grocery store.� with that, sae yun lifted up the bag of potatoes from the floor. �what are you doing for minwoo?� hyori asked yuri, her eyes glaring dangerously. �i�m making potato salad.� hyori then crossed her arms and smirked. �then i�m making that too and we shall see which one does minwoo like?� so the two busy girls hurriedly cut the potatoes into cubes and used up all the

newly bought potatoes. sae yun, on the other hand, excitedly paced up and down the kitchen getting ingredients for them. ham, mayonnaise and salad sauce. she watched amusingly as the two unnies compete furiously against each other, mixing the salad in an amazing speed, both unwilling to lose to the other. �i wonder which of the potato salad would oppa like?� sae yun thought to herself, exhilarated. finally, they had finished mixing each of their salad and immediately dashed to the hall where minwoo was typing furiously on the keyboard of his laptop. �minwoo!!� they both cooed together like birds chirping. at hearing that, minwoo�s fingers froze in the air and he immediately knew a catastrophe is arriving. he prayed silently, afraid to know what would come next. the two girls immediately sat themselves beside minwoo and brought their respective salad near minwoo�s face. �minwoo try this.� both of them said in synchronize. minwoo put on a fake(almost painful) grin and slowly led their salad away from his face. �let�s do the project now.� and immediately, his eyes went back to the screen and tried his best to ignore the two girls. however, hyori would not allow that and pulled his sleeve, causing him to lean back against the couch. �lee minwoo. i�m telling you this is very important. you have to eat this salad!� �minwoo. eat mine first!� yuri yelled and pulled minwoo to her side. �no! eat mine first. my salad is the most delicious salad in the world!� with that, she grabbed minwoo near to her. yuri was flustered by then and slapped hyori�s hand away from minwoo. seeing that hyori had let go of her darling, she hugged minwoo and yelled angrily, �minwoo is mine! he�ll eat my salad.� �don�t you get it? minwoo doesn�t like you at all! stop pestering him!� at saying that, hyori pushed yuri away and grabbed minwoo back into her arms. minwoo was so shocked and baffled that he couldn�t react to any of their questions. he sat still like a statue while the two girls pushed him left and right towards themselves. on his mind was only one thought, �i have to finish this project�� sae yun, on the other hand, was so shocked by the behaviour of the two girls that she just stood still with her mouth wide open. she almost burst into laughter as she saw the two girls fighting over her brother, as if he was a toy. �let go of him!� yuri yelled frustratingly and tried to disentangle hyori�s arms around minwoo. finally, yuri succeed by pushing hyori away. she immediately captured one arm of minwoo while hyori caught another arm of his.

�you let go!� yuri shouted angrily, her voice quivering. �you should be the one who should let go!� �no! minwoo likes me!� �hell no! minwoo likes me!� �he likes me!� �this is it! lee minwoo! today, you have to decide between the two of us! me or yuri?� hyori yelled at minwoo who was still in utter shock. �huh?� minwoo finally wake up to reality when he heard his own name. �do you like me or yuri more?� hyori rephrased her question. the two of them held their breath and waited in silence for minwoo�s impending answer . both wishing that they would be the one minwoo choose in the end. however, minwoo�s answer threw them off guard. �why must you two act this way? both of you are my friends since high school. i treasure the both of you just as much.� a long silence followed as soon as minwoo confessed his feelings. �w-wh-what? y-yo-you�re saying that we are just friends to you!!!???� hyori shouted out aloud in disbelief as soon as realization sunk in, her face beet red. minwoo put on an apologetic expression on his face. �yes. i�m sorry that i never treat the both of you as anything more than friends.� �it�s because of dana, isn�t it?�yuri asked, her voice tearing. at hearing the name of his ex-girlfriend, minwoo�s face immediately froze and turned to yuri who had tears streaming down. however, before minwoo could answer, hyori interruptted them and bellowed furiously, �and why have you never tell us earlier? you should tell us. we would then stop giving ourselves false hope! thanks for leading us on, you bastard!� with that, hyori walked over to the crying yuri and grasped her hand. �let�s go! i don�t want to see this stupid bastard anymore! and to think i�ve wasted so many years on him!� minwoo looked at them sadly as the two of them headed towards the door. he couldn�t help but feel guilty at his doings. i�m sorry. i just don�t want to hurt the two of you. as yuri approached the door, she slowly turned around with her tear-stained face. �minwoo. i love you.� and as soon as she said that, she ran out of his sight. minwoo sighed deeply to himself and buried his head in his hands. sae yun looked at what happened in silence and she felt an unknown sadness for the two girls. she sat herself down opposite minwoo and stared at his face in silence for a long

time, scrutinizing his every feature carefully. �what are you looking at?� minwoo finally asked after tolerating her stare for minutes. �i�m looking at what is so good about you that makes the two unnies like you so much.� sae yun replied with a straight face, still staring intently at her oppa�s countenance. �that�s not funny.� �oppa! you�re a detestable playboy!� sae yun blurted out her thoughts, her tone filled with contempt. �hyori unnie is right. if you don�t like them, you should tell them earlier.� he sighed and reclined on the couch tiredly. �i did try to tell them in a subtle way but they never catch the hints. i just don�t want to hurt them.� �oh! so you think you�re a saint by not telling them?� a flash of anger flicked past his eyes at sae yun�s words. �you don�t understand a thing. they are good friends of mine since high school. i don�t want to lose their friendship.� �oppa! you should forget about dana and move on. i think hyori and yuri unnies are both very pretty. they wouldn�t lose out to dana at all.� minwoo brushed his hair in frustration. �it�s not because of dana.� just then, he stood up from his seat and walked over to the balcony. taking in a deep breath of fresh air, he reclined his elbows on the railing. sae yun followed him to the balcony and asked, �then why?� �it�s because of me.� minwoo said softly, his delicate face bathing under the shimmering light of the moon. sae yun cocked her head to one side, trying to understand her oppa�s words. minwoo took in a deep breath before continuing. �your oppa has a problem. oppa is incapable of loving.� �how come that be?� sae yun immediately retorted, her eyes wide in disbelief. �i don�t understand love. what is love? being like this, i cannot and also unable to give any love to anyone.� then he slowly turned to sae yun and added honestly, �i am incapable of giving love.� without waiting for sae yun�s reaction, he turned away and walked out of the balcony. sae yun�s eyes trembled at the constant repetition of minwoo�s words in her mind. oppa� that the reason why you and dana break up? or is it because of dana�.that you become like this?

and a tear of sympathy rolled down her cheek. under the big tree of changjun high school, one could find a girl sitting there alone with her back reclined on the trunk of the tree. her eyes were cast to somewhere faraway, oblivious to her surroundings. with a concentrated and determined expression on her face, she plucked the grass one by one out from the brown soil while her thoughts kept revolving round the conversation she had with minwoo last night. oppa�.had you been so hurt before? that�s why you said those nonsensical words the night before how can humans not able to love at all? �ha!� she uttered out a bitter laugh. �despite the cool appearance you had outside, you are just a silly guy.� even her words were not able to convince herself. the slight hint of worry was still evident in her usual clear bright eyes. playing with the grass she had plucked, she wrapped it around her index finger and smiled at how pretty it looked on her. or�.oppa�.

those words you said are true? that you are really��


�saeyun?� a warm boyish voice interrupted her thought and she was startled for a moment. when she looked up, she smiled at the sight in front of her. in front of her was hyesung sunbae who had bent his waist so that he could meet his eyes with hers. �can i sit here?� he asked with a half-smile, pointing to the spot beside her. sae yun nodded her head with a quiet smile. it was so strange to her that her heart always beat faster than usual whenever that kind face appeared within her sight. and what the more, she welcomed that feeling of excitement. both sat silently, looking straight at what was in front of them. she continued to play with the grass while his eyes would glance nervously over at her once in a while. he finally decided to speak and cleared his throat. �you seem so preoccupied. what�s troubling you?� sae yun was slightly surprised by his sudden comment and turned her head to face him. seeing his pretty eyes, she gave a happy smile and replied honestly, �just something about my brother.�

at the mention of her brother, a glint of interest twinkled in his almond eyes. �minwoo sunbae? what�s about him?� sae yun was hesitant and debated with herself whether to tell hyesung. finally, she made her decision and shook her head. �sorry. i don�t think i can tell you.� he shrugged it off and assured her that he was not offended at all. �it�s all right.� another silence followed them after they turned their head away simultaneously. soon, a breeze blew past them gently. as if the trees had whispered softly to them, both looked up at the swinging branches at the same time. when they both realised what they had done, they exchanged an embarrassing smile. sae yun was about to look away when the soft sound of her name stopped her. she turned back and asked gently, �yes?� hyesung�s long eyelashes were slightly cast down as he looked down for a moment. she could see his lips pressing together in hesitation. �hyesung sunbae. what is it?� she asked again curiously, leaning nearer to him. just as she was nearing him, his eyes looked up suddenly and both of them awkwardly found them staring into each other�s eyes at close contact. sae yun felt the hotness radiating from her cheek as his passionate eyes bore into hers, making her dizzy and dazed. she was about to turn away but he pulled her back. �sae yun. i love you. will you be mine?� as his words slowly dissolved into her head, she could feel her the strong hammering of her heart due to his sudden outburst. her breath turned shaky and short and the touch of him on her arm was enough to suffocate her, making her breathless. she wandered her eyes wildly. she didn�t know where would be the most appropriate place for her to look so that her crazed emotions would calm down. however, she didn�t realise that no matter where she look, her heart had already chose the answer for her. �sae yun���he called again, an unconfident tone this time. a nod was the answer he got.

�oppa! can�t you help me with dinner instead of lazing around?� sae yun shouted across from the kitchen to the hall where minwoo was sitting comfortably with the daily newspaper in his hands. without having his eyes leaving the newspaper once, he shouted back, �what do you mean by lazing around? here i am trying to keep up on what�s happening round the world! so don�t you disturb me when i�m on such an important mission!�

�yeah right!� sae yun rolled her eyes and retorted quietly, no wish of quarreling with her brother. it wasn't that she didn�t enjoy cooking. in fact, it was her favourite task of the day. however, she figured out that it would be much more fun if minwoo joined her. she had proposed the idea to him several times, but he rejected her flatly. just then the doorbell rang. once. twice. thrice. sae yun put down the job on her hand and stamped into the hall and was frustrated to find her brother still reading the papers. �can�t you get the door? what�s the use of having two legs when you don�t even use it?� �you get it.� he flatly replied. �no! you go and get it! i�m standing here.�she crossed her arms and stood firmly at her spot. �well, what�s the use of having legs when you don�t use it? so go get the door now.� while they were arguing, the bell was still ringing constantly at the background. finally, sae yun threw her fist in the air angrily and stamped her feet. �fine! i�ll get the door!� what an idiotic lazy brother! refuse to cook and even refuse to answer the door! i wonder how he had live all by himself when mum and dad were gone. she turned the doorknob and flung it open. what was in front of her, had shocked her instantly. her jaws dropped and her usual large eyes were enlarged by two times �you!! you are��� a smile spread across the visitor�s face. �hi. is this the lee�s residence?� the shocked face of sae yun couldn�t disappear as she slowly drank the sight in front of her in disbelief. �you��you are dana unnie????????� �you know my name?� dana replied with wonder, pleased. sae yun could only nod numbly as her eyes fixed on the beautiful face that she had memorized by heart. suddenly, a gust of wind blew past her and she felt her body being pushed to the side. �what the-!� she exclaimed out with irritation as she staggered to keep her

balance. minwoo stared wide-eyed at the girl in front of him, totally oblivious that his sister almost fell due to his accidental push. �dana!!!???� �minwoo��she called out gently as her eyes watered at the sight of purple-haired guy in front of her. both of them stood at their spot for a long time, only silently looking at one another. their eyes spoke thousand of words and expressed thousand of emotions and feelings to each other. �minwoo!� dana called out passionately with tears in her eyes and flung her arms round minwoo�s neck while he immediately pulled her close to him by wrapping his arms around her waist. as dana rested her face on his shoulder, she confessed softly, �i miss you. lots.� minwoo only nodded his head at her words and hugged her tighter to him. sae yun stood at the side, looking silently at what was exchanged between them with a straight face. a tinge of sadness was what she felt then. �it must be because they have ignored my presence so conveniently.� she told herself.

sae yun involuntarily looked up towards minwoo�s room for the fourth time in a row. he and dana had locked themselves up in his room for almost an hour and she must admit that she didn�t like it at all. just then, the door to minwoo�s room opened and sae yun immediately snapped her head back down. she scurried back to the kitchen and started to set the dining table. dana walked in and offered her help. �is there anything i can help?� as sae yun turned to look at dana, she was once again startled by the extraordinary aura surrounding her. she was not a stunning beauty but she had this attractive quality. �yeah. can you help me bring this to the dining table?� she handed a plate of food to dana and watched her as she walked out. is she the only one that oppa will ever love? the one that can makes oppa capable of loving? she smiled to herself knowingly and took off the apron. she joined them at the dining table and ate with them. throughout the dinner, she surprisingly found herself enjoying talking to dana. dana was a good conversationalist and could chat almost about anything. her eyes would twinkle at every subject and showed immense interest in whatever the topic was. she had a generous laugh, which sae yun really admired and liked.

throughout the conversation, sae yun often find herself laughing aloud with dana. even minwoo, who seldom laughed heartily, joined them. sae yun could note an unfamiliar spirit in his, once, dull eyes. his eyes, swimming in laughter and gladness, shone brightly throughout the dinner. he looked exactly like what he used to be in the photo that sae yun had seen. the normal short dinner that had always last for less than twenty minutes had delayed to an hour due to the presence of dana. �so dana unnie, your family is back in korea too?� sae yun asked. dana nodded her head. �yeah. my whole family is back and we intend to stay this time.� �so where will you be schooling?� she smiled shyly and turned to face minwoo who was looking at her too. �the same university as your oppa.� �really?� sae yun exclaimed aloud and grinned slyly at minwoo. however, his eyes were too busy on somewhere else. just then, dana glanced at the clock hanging on the wall and exclaimed shockingly to herself, �oh gosh! it�s getting so late! i have to go.� minwoo immediately stood up and grabbed his car keys that was laying at the side counter. �i�ll drive you back.�he said quickly in an urgent tone, as if he was afraid that she would run away from him. minwoo placed his hand on dana�s back and led her to his car. �sae yun. i�ll be back soon!� he called out from behind him and disappeared out of the house. sae yun smiled brightly and waved a goodbye even though she knew that he couldn�t see it. she brought all the dirty dishes to the kitchen and started washing it under the running tap. she started to rub the plates harder and harder and soon, a tear rolled down her right cheek. oppa�.i�m so happy for you�. dana is such a good woman and i like her so much you have good taste i shall pray for the both of you every night that nothing will tear the both of you apart again.

it was purely coincidental when minwoo saw dongwan again. it was a week after the reconciliation with dana and they were shopping at the busy streets of seoul that evening. holding tightly to one another�s hands, they were walking down the chains of shops and talking happily to one another when minwoo subtly heard his name. he immediately turned around and searched for someone familiar. baffled by his empty results, he turned to dana and asked, �did you hear someone calling my name?�

she nodded and assured him that he didn�t hear wrongly. �i also heard your name being called.� �maybe it�s another person that they�re calling.� minwoo said and they both shrugged it off. just as they were about to take another step, the name was heard again and this time, it was clearer and nearer. minwoo turned around and this time, he immediately recognised the figure running towards him. �dongwan!!� he called happily and walked up to dongwan. dongwan stopped his jog and exchanged a high five with minwoo. �long time no see, minwoo hyung! how have you been doing?� �i�m fine. how about you?� �fine too.� just then, he saw dana walking up to them. they exchanged smiles and he exclaimed to his hyung, �wow! you�re still with dana nuna?� minwoo slightly turned his head to dana before replying, �yeah.� dongwan�s big smile slowly disappeared as he seemed to recall something. he started to frown and lines started to form on his forehead. �hyung. i got something important to tell you.� minwoo�s face immediately turned serious and concentrated on what dongwan was going to say. �what?� �i am really worried about this and i don�t know whether you have already known about this.� dongwan�s words only made minwoo more worried and impatient than he already was. �what exactly is it?� �it�s about your sister, lee sae yun.� minwoo unknowingly grabbed dongwan�s arms and squeezed it hard. �what about her? quick! stop beating around the bush!� �minwoo��� dana called out in concern at his abnormal reaction. �she�s currently going out with shin hyesung.� dongwan finally blurted out. �shin hyesung??� minwoo repeated the familiar name, trying to remember the owner of this name. within seconds, his eyes widened and he spat out angrily, �you mean�the shin hyesung?� dongwan nodded and heaved a sigh. fury burned in minwoo�s eyes as he muttered softly to himself, �shin hyesung�.shin hyesung�.� as the sun slowly set down to it�s horizon and as the pale moon slowing emerging out of the clouds,

sae yun looked down at the shadows that were forming on the ground under the gradually darkening skies. it was not only her shadow alone but also a very important person in her life. the shadow next to her�.the one that she assume will always follow her�. . suddenly, sae yun felt something heavy on her shoulder. she looked over and realised that he had draped him arm around her. she smiled sweetly at his gesture and snuggled up closer to him as they walked in the direction of her house. up till now, she still couldn�t believe the fact that a guy like him would choose a girl like her. i must be really lucky to deserve this�.

the car jerked harshly as minwoo stepped on the brakes hard to vent his anger. his face was one of an angry man, his eyes gleaming with danger. dana, who was sitting next to him, turned to him with a crossed look. �can you calm down?� she had never seen her boyfriend so worked up before and she was scared yet angry at the same time. minwoo stared at his hand that were grabbing the steering wheel with hatred and with a quick snap of his head, turned to her. �this is shin hyesung we�re talking about. how can i allow such a person to be with sae yun?� �oh com�on! we don�t even know whether sae yun is your real sister yet!� she exclaimed out frustratingly but soon realised she had spoke the wrong words as the expression on minwoo�s face froze. however, the frozen face of minwoo didn�t last long as his eyes quickly caught sight of what was reflecting on his rear mirror. his whole face and neck turned pink as his eyes burned into the mirror. �that bastard.� he said through gritted teeth and quickly got out of his car. he slammed the car door loud behind him and with fast strides, walked toward the couple who was talking to one another shyly.

�thank you, hyesung.� she smiled shyly as they reached the front of her house. hyesung grinned cheekily and reached out to embrace her hands into his. �what for?� she turned bright pink at his inquiry and replied slowly, �thanks for walking me home.� �isn�t that what a good boyfriend should do?� he quickly said.

however, before sae yun could reply him, a pair of hands pushed him away from her and punched him down to the ground. sae yun was shocked and immediately recognised her brother. �oppa! what are you doing?� she screamed out loud. at the same time, another female voice was heard from the back. �minwoo! stop it!� sae yun turned and saw a flustered dana unnie. but minwoo wasn�t able to hear any of them. he pinned hyesung on the ground and punched him on his face numerous times. hyesung tried to push minwoo off him but he was too strong. in the end, he was only fidgeting under the strong hold of minwoo. finally, minwoo stopped his fist and grabbed the collar of the shirt that hyesung was wearing. he pulled hyesung�s face nearer to him and stared into his eyes threateningly. �hyung. let go of me.� hyesung�s voice turned out weak as if begging. but minwoo didn�t let go. instead, he grabbed onto the collar tighter and whispered harshly, �you! stay away from my sister. or else i beat the shit out of you. do you understand?� hyesung hesitantly nodded and minwoo let go of him unwillingly. �hyesung! are you all right?� sae yun ran up to hyesung and helped him up. with tears glistening in her eyes, she turned angrily to minwoo and shouted, �oppa! why are you doing this? he did nothing at all!� minwoo pressed him lips together in disapproval and pulled his sister to his side. �from today onwards, you are not to see this guy anymore.� �w-what?� sae yun cried out in shock and was confused when minwoo pulled her into the house by force. she tried to free her wrist from the strong grab of her oppa but to no avail. she turned to hyesung for help with her eyes begging for help but he just stood there looking at what was happening silently. the door was soon slammed shut behind her and only then was minwoo willing to free her wrists. she looked up at him hatefully and screamed, �what are you doing out there? you had just embarrassed me right in front of my friend!� �that guy�.� minwoo slowly raised his hands to point at the door. �he�s nothing but trouble! stay away from him!� �you know nothing about him! how can you judge him like that! he�s the sweetest guy i�ve ever known!� minwoo snorted and laughed out sarcastically. �yeah�.that�s what he is. he�ll be all sweet, then make use of you and dump you as if you�re a toy!� shock spread across sae yun�s face when she heard what he say. �you�re lying�.�she muttered out in disbelief.

�i�m speaking the truth! i know him and he�s the worst type of guy in the world.� minwoo then grabbed her shoulders affectionately. �you wouldn�t want to be associated with him.� raising to meet his eyes determinedly, sae yun threw his hands off him and retorted, �you are then the worst type of guy in the world. a big liar! hyesung is not what you say he is! i know him better than you do! stop accusing him!� minwoo�s jaws dropped open in shock. �you rather believe that guy than your own brother?� �minwoo! maybe he�s changed! it�s been so many years! maybe he is not what he used to be!� dana, whom the two siblings had totally forgotten about, spoke. �shut up, dana! this is between sae yun and me! stay out of this!� minwoo scolded mindlessly without considering his tone and use of words. the harsh tone of minwoo hurt dana instantly. �fine! i am out of here!� with that, she walked out of the house angrily and down the streets. a lump formed in her throat as her heart softened. she crossed her fingers as she turned round to see whether he had chased out after her. but there was not a soul in sight behind her. as she looked at the empty streets, tears fell rapidly down. shaking her head from side to side, she said silently to herself, �lee minwoo. you�re still the same.�

back in the house, the two siblings were still shouting and screaming at one another. sae yun had tears sliding down her face as she insisted on her stand while minwoo�s face was all red with anger. �how long do you even know him, uh? what makes you think that he�s the goody boy next door?� �i know him long enough! i love him!� sae yun confessed her feelings out loud. silence followed after that and the two of them stood staring at one another. �you don�t.� minwoo started. �what?� �you don�t love him.� sae yun stared at him as if he was crazy. �you are such a lousy brother.� she claimed and walked up the stairs to her room. �you�re not to see him anymore!� minwoo commanded loudly. she stopped climbing the stairs mid-way and replied back calmly, �i don�t care about what you said and i wouldn�t do what you tell me to. i believe in my own judgement.� with that, she ran up to her room and banged the door closed loudly. deafening silence greeted minwoo the moment his sleepy eyes flickered as he felt

his room brightening. staring at the ceiling above him and recalling the argument with sae yun last night, he contemplated on how he should act in front of her later. sighing deeply to himself, he flipped the blanket off him and did his daily preparation. all the thoughts swarming in his brain was all about sae yun. he placed his hand on the knob of the door and hesitated for a moment. should i yell at her again? or maybe talk to her nicely? maybe she can see that i am really telling the truth. he shook all those thoughts away and told himself to act according to the circumstances. he finally took enough courage to open the door and walked out of his room. with slow and quiet steps, he browsed through his house in search for her. his forehead creased in puzzlement as he searched the hall, the kitchen and even the guestroom. she was not in the house. minwoo slumped down on the couch tiredly. disappointment was clearly showing on his face. he bit his lower lips and he felt a strange and unfamiliar tugging on the left side of his chest. �was i�too harsh?� he murmured to himself wistfully.

carrying a heavy heart, sae yun walked up to the senior floors with unwilling footsteps. she was really worried yet she felt compelled to do it. an apology was to be given to hyesung sunbae. she couldn�t act that everything is going to be normal after minwoo had acted so crazily. visions soon formed in her head and it was not hard to imagine a furious hyesung who refused to forgive her. as she was walking towards hyesung�s class with her head bent, she suddenly felt a hand land on her shoulder. she stopped her strides and slowly looked up to find an pair of kind almond eyes looking back at her happily. �hyesung sunbae�.�she called out, still shocked. his face broke into a big smile, obviously welcoming her visit. �let me guess. you�re here to apologize for hyung?� this time, sae yun got a better view of hyesung�s face. she felt her heart being hammered as she noticed those small white band-aids that were on his face. �i�m so sorry for yesterday. i don�t know what come over my brother to do those things to you. i apologize for his behalf.� as she was about to bow, hyesung�s hands immediately stopped her in the mid-way. sae yun slowly looked up in puzzlement and was afraid his gestures meant that he was not able to forgive. �i don�t blame hyung. he and i had some misunderstandings.� he explained a hint of nostalgia in his tone. she smiled out gratefully at his words and clasped her hands together delightfully. �that�s great! why don�t� we find a time and clear out the misunderstandings?�

hyesung agreed to her suggestion and before he walked away, he said out to her secretly, �let�s meet after school. i have something special for you.� sae yun smiled and nodded her head ardently. soon, she found herself skipping happily off.

kim dongwan looked upon the exchange between the couple silently. he had hide himself behind one of the door of biology lad near them and could hear every word that they were saying. after the couple separated, he came out of his hiding place and turned to direction where the girl had gone. she was skipping happily down the stairs with a grin on her face. a familiar scene was soon replayed in his mind and he sensed danger. �shin hyesung�.what the hell are you trying to do?�

lee minwoo and dana walked out of cinema silently, both deeply absorbed in their thoughts. among the many people buzzing around them, they sure didn�t look like a loving couple then. dana had agreed to minwoo�s date and didn�t seem to mind what happened yesterday while he seemed to have totally forgotten the fact that he had shouted at her. dana was the first one to snap out of her thoughts and turned to the stupefied minwoo. scrutinizing his countenance carefully, she almost knew what he was thinking about. it had always been this way. she had always known everything about him but he, on the other hand, always seemed so occupied by other things. she smiled bitterly at that fact and reached out to hold his hand. he seemed to be shocked, or rather frightened, by her sudden action because he immediately snapped back to reality and leaned away instinctively. however, when he realized it was only dana, he smiled comfortably and enveloped her hand into his. they slowly walked through the afternoon streets without exchanging more than five sentences to one another. both were silent and refused to take the initiative to converse first. suddenly, minwoo stopped in front of an ice-cream parlor. �do you wanna get some ice-cream?� the gentle tone of minwoo surprised dana for a moment. she nodded with a happy smile. just as minwoo was about to step in the parlor with her, someone from the side pushed him without warning. the impact was so great and sudden that minwoo lost his balance and dropped his book that he was holding onto the ground. he shook his head from side to side as that someone quickly mumbled an apology before rushing away. he bent down and picked up the book into his arms again. it was then that he thought he saw something familiar across the street. immediately, he took a double take and was shocked to see his sister with shin hyesung again.

�what�s wrong, minwoo?� dana�s soft voice interrupted his thoughts. however, minwoo didn�t divert his vision and soon, dana found herself looking at the same direction as him. she gasped out in disbelief as she saw hyesung leading sae yun inside a five-star hotel with her own eyes.

�sunbae. why are we here?� sae yun looked around the lavish lobby of the hotel uncomfortably. she hugged herself tighter and she had to admit to herself that she was afraid. hyesung smiled kindly and replied, �i just want to show you my mother�s hotel.� her large eyes quickly glanced up at him. �your mother�s hotel?� �yeah. i want to show you my �house� and my family�s business.� with a twinkle in his eyes, he led sae yun to the elevator and took her to the second highest floor. she slowly followed him through the corridor and scanned her surroundings suspiciously. she couldn�t help but feel an eerie feeling. on the door of every room, were a small sign that read, �president�s suite.� hyesung stopped in front of one of the many identical doors and proclaimed, �this is my room. every after school, i come here.� �you don�t have a house?� he shook his head. �this hotel is my house. my mom�s office is in the highest floor of this hotel.�he replied as he opened the door for her. she nodded her head in understanding and walked into his room. indeed, it could be passed off as any ordinary hotel room but the numerous family pictures placed on the side counter and the table proved otherwise. the room was large and it was almost like a house, like what hyesung said. there were one large sitting room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a study corner. sae yun sniffed the air comfortably with a smile hanging on her face. she felt relaxed then and was happy to know that hyesung had shown her so much about him. whirling round to face him, she mumbled a thank you to him. he took a step closer to her and asked, �what is there to thank about?� feeling him so close to her, sae yun�s heart missed a beat before she replied coyly, �thank you for letting me knowing you better. i feel so much closer to you now.� before she knew it, he was so close to her that she could feel his heat radiating from his body. sae yun felt her cheeks turning hot and she immediately knew she was blushing again. she took a step backwards but he immediately closed the gap again. �this is for you.� as he spoke, a bouquet of roses suddenly appeared in front of her. �how did you do that?� she exclaimed out in delight and took the bouquet into her hands. he grinned cheekily and was happy to see that she enjoyed the surprise. as he slowly drank in her beautiful face, he found herself whispering out her name.

she looked up questioningly and was soon melted in his beautiful pair of eyes. the passionate eyes burned deeply into hers and she soon lost herself inside them. as he leaned closer and closer to her, she instinctively closed her eyes dreamily. as soon as her eyes were closed, she could feel something soft pressing onto her lips. her heart beat crazily against her chest and she could feel his heartbeat too. their heartbeat had synchronized with one another as their kiss deepened. her mind was fuzzy by the passionate kiss that they were sharing and was totally unaware when she had touched something soft below her. she felt her body heating up with every little gesture he made and everywhere that he had touched. his lips slowly traveled down to her neck and she could hear him whispering her name into her ears. she called out his name mindlessly as he sent little kisses to her collarbone. she wrapped her arms around his neck and gasped involuntary as he left a hickey on her neck. she could feel his hands on the buttons on her shirt but she was too preoccupied and confused to stop him. soon, the first button came undone and he was working on the second button, as his lips were busy exploring hers. both of them were too involved in their activity to hear the banging of the door and the loud voices that were shouting. suddenly, sae yun felt hyesung getting off her and in her feverish state, she opened her eyes unwillingly. a mixture of feelings came over her as she recognized the figure in front of her. shock, guilt and embarrassment overwhelmed her and she quickly grabbed a handful of her shirt to conceal the opening of her buttons. she screamed out loud when she saw minwoo sending a deadly punch to hyesung�s stomach and throwing him onto the wall. she immediately got off the bed and grabbed her brother from the back to stop him from hurting hyesung. �oppa! stop! he didn�t do anything to me!� by then, minwoo was already furious to the stage of being insane. he turned to his sister and looked at her disheveled form. �look at yourself now. isn�t it contradictory to tell me that he did nothing to you?� �oppa! we were just doing what a boyfriend and girlfriend should do.�sae yun defended herself, her tone turned out confident even though she was a bit unsure of her statement herself. minwoo shook his head at her words in disbelief, his eyes squinting. �this is way too far. you were on the bed with him!� he said, emphasizing the word �bed�. �hyung. i really did nothing.� hyesung spoke up. hearing his voice, minwoo was infuriated once again and with a quick flex of his arm, pinned hyesung onto the wall. �didn�t i tell you to stay away from her?� �hyung! i really love her!� �bullshit!� he spat spitefully and mercilessly punched hyesung on the cheek. dana, who couldn�t stand the sight anymore, walked up to minwoo. �maybe he really meant it, minwoo. they are a couple in love. just stop interfering in their business.� minwoo snorted at her comment and grabbed sae yun�s hand. �you are to come home with me this moment!�

when they reached home, sae yun stubbornly turned towards minwoo before going up to her room. �i hate you!� enraged by her words, minwoo clenched his fist together as his eyes sent her to her room silently. �minwoo. maybe you�re overreacting. hyesung seemed to have changed. he�s not the same anymore.� dana spoke out her thoughts, hoping that her boyfriend would calm down and see the problem in a different light. �please do not think you know everything. i know him better than anyone else out there. it�s harder to change him than to tame a lion. you think he is sincere about sae yun?�he asked challengingly. dana crossed her arms and stood righteously. �from what i seen just now, i conclude that he is really sincere about her. leave the two little lovers alone!� �of course you can carelessly say such words. she is my sister!� she scorned at his remark and retorted, �is there any concrete proof that she is? is there?� minwoo squinted his eyes dangerously and pressed his lips together as they stood staring at one another. both were unwilling to back off. �if that is all you have to say, then please go now.� minwoo spoke out in constrained anger. dana scowled and replied, �i was just about to.� she swiftly turned and stormed out of the house. the clock�s ticking, which was always so insignificant, was extraordinary loud in the tranquility of sae yun's room. she had stopped sobbing and was silently thinking to herself. after a few minutes, she walked out of her room, only to find minwoo sitting on the couch, whose eyes were transfixed on the television screen. she sat herself across from him and asked after a long while, �oppa, why is it that you keep insisting that hyesung is not good?� upon hearing her voice, minwoo reached over for the remote control to switch the television off. the images in the box immediately disappeared within a snap of fingers. he slowly turned to her with a tired look on his face. �you really want to know?� he wanted to confirm with her. truthfully, he didn�t really want to talk about his past with hyesung. she nodded her head determinedly and urged minwoo to talk by pulling his arm gently. �hyesung, dongwan and i used to be really close friends. seriously, we all know each other inside out and hyesung is a player!�

sae yun frowned at his accusations and immediately opened her mouth to protest. however, minwoo raised his hands to indicate that he hadn�t finish with his story. �a few years ago, dongwan had a girl he really loved and cared about but hyesung just had to ruin it all. i bet his objective in life is to screw up all the girls in the world. he seduced his best friend�s girlfriend and caused her to be pregnant. dongwan was devastated when he knew about everything but he was willing to forgive if hyesung treated her good. well, we shouldn�t have put so much trust and hope on hyesung. he ditched her the moment he knew her pregnancy. what a damn responsible guy we have here.� sae yun listened to him intently and after a while, she said, �there must be some misunderstandings. hyesung said that you thought wrongly of him.� �what? he is not what he seems, sae yun. you cannot trust his words.� he retorted unhappily. he couldn�t believe that his sister was still standing on hyesung�s side. sae yun shook her head from side to side, showing great disapproval at what he said. �i can�t just listen to your side of the story. i�ll ask hyesung to tell me his story tomorrow.� he rolled his eyes in disgust. �yeah�and he�ll feed you with his lies again.� sae yun was insulted by his words but she finally chose to ignore him. she decided that she had enough quarrels with her brother and wanted to solve this problem as peacefully as she could.

the next day at school, sae yun was determined to talk to hyesung. however, she was occupied the whole day and had no opportunity to walk to the senior floors to look for him. it was only during lunch break that sae yun had the time. she knew that hyesung always sat with his friends at a particular table during lunch break. thus, she went the cafeteria in search of his presence. soon, she caught sight of his friends sitting at the same table but she didn�t see him around. feeling an urge to talk to hyesung as soon as possible, she walked up to his friends and asked as politely as she could, �may i know where hyesung sunbae is?� all of the guys at the table instantly stopped their activities and looked up at her shockingly. then they started grinning at her rather strangely. sae yun immediately felt uncomfortable under their stare and their not-so-friendly grin. �hey, lee minwoo�s sister! hyesung�s in his class!� one of the guys shouted rudely to her. sae yun opened her mouth in shock and was offended by his rude reply. what? lee minwoo�s sister?? i have a name! all the guys chuckled and exchanged high-five with one another as sae yun whirled her back to them and walked away hurriedly with big strides.

minwoo was talking to junjin along the passageway when he saw a familiar girl walked past them. he immediately diverted his attention away from his friend and was glad to see that it was dana. he trotted up to her and tapped her on her shoulders. the moment she turned and saw that it was minwoo, her face twisted in a mixture of hurt and shock. �what do you want?� her tone turned up harsher than she thought. �hey, what�s wrong? i went to your house to drive you to school today but you had already went off.� he replied nonchalantly, as if nothing had happened between them the night before. �do you really not know what�s wrong?� she exclaimed incredulously yet she had expected it too. minwoo had always seem to be clueless about hurting her and she had always forgiven him without an apology from him. he shook his head innocently. �want to come my house and watch a movie together?� he immediately suggested with a million-dollar smile. by then, junjin had already joined them and was listening to their conversation quietly. dana heaved a big sigh. she knew that she was going to do it again. she was going to forgive him without any apology or regrets from him again. before she knew it, she had already nodded her head to his date. it was then, she caught sight of junjin looking strangely at her. she knew that look he was giving her but she willingly chose to ignore it. sae yun was still furious over what happened in the cafeteria as she walked on the senior floors. she decided that she must complain to hyesung about his friends� unfriendly treatment to her. she could just simply imagine an enraged hyesung scolding his friends for treating his girlfriend rudely. she smiled satisfactorily at that vision and cheered silently to herself. �that will teach those guys a lesson.� she thought evilly to herself. as she neared hyesung�s class, she could hear muffled noises through the enclosed doors of the class. curious, she leaned on the door and pressed her ears near. there were giggles every now and then and a girl�s voice was soon heard. �sunbae. stop it. you�re tickling me.� a shrill high voice was heard speaking seductively. �what if others see us?� �they won�t.� sae yun immediately recognized the voice that spoke, and with an unbelievable look on her face, she swung the door open with such great force that it hit the wall loudly. she could feel the whole world crashing down on her as she saw what would be the most unexpected thing that would happen. hyesung sunbae was holding another girl in his arms. the couple looked over in shock at the loud sound and was alarmed to see sae yun standing at the door. hyesung immediately disentangled his arms from the girl and

whispered into her ears. the girl nodded and after giving a last stare to sae yun, she ran out of the class. hyesung swaggered up to sae yun, with an apathetic look on his face. his indifference to her discovery had only added more pain to her heart and she could feel a lump forming in her throat as he walked nearer and nearer to her. �why? why are you doing this?� she spoke first. she couldn�t bear to hear the sound of his voice and fear the words that he might say. hyesung chuckled slightly at her words. �why? maybe you haven�t heard clearly from your brother yet? i am just what he say i am.� she shook her head in disbelief, the tears were already welling in her eyes, threatening to fall down any second. �you�re lying. how can you be what my brother describe you as?� �i am just simply using you for revenge. didn�t hyung tell you? just because i had snatched a stupid girl from dongwan, he messed me up really bad that i had to stay in the hospital for a month. gosh! i hate your brother! and you�re a tool for me to get back at him.� he spat out all his words mercilessly at her, forcing her to retreat from him. the furious and evil face that he showed her was so different from his usual self that fear consumed sae yun immediately. the hateful tone he used on her had only disillusioned her furthermore. scorching hot tears streamed down her face as she realized that she had been played like a toy. she could imagine herself to be a ruined, used and unwanted doll in the dumps. distraught by the fact, she immediately spread her legs and ran off from the boy who had used and threw her away. hyesung silently looked at her retreating figure until she was out of sight. devoid of any expressions on his countenance, he walked to the pe storage room and pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his back pocket of his pants. he sat himself down in the pitch darkness of the room. with a cigarette between his lips, he smoked away nonchalantly. he thought of the past and the time spent with sae yun. he didn�t feel any guilt or regret. neither did he feel like applauding for what he had done. just then, the door to the room creaked opened and a tall figure stepped in, hyesung looked up in bewilderment and squinted his eyes to try to get a good look at the figure in the dark. fortunately, due to the small opening of the door, enough sunlight was spilled in to light up the face of the intruder. �kim dongwan�� hyesung uttered when he saw the face of the intruder. dong wan closed the door behind him and sat himself beside hyesung. both were silent and ignored one another�s presence conveniently, both absorbed into the past. after a while, dongwan decided to speak, �is it really just because of revenge?� hyesung took in a deep, long breath of his cigarette and slowly exhaled the smoke from his mouth and nose. �why do you ask?� �because you could do more than just hurting her like that.� dongwan spoke out his

thoughts truthfully and paused for a while before continuing, �you have fallen for her, haven�t you?� hyesung inhaled his cigarette once more and threw it onto the ground. he stepped on it and extinguished it as he twisted his shoes round. then, he turned to dongwan, who was already looking at him intently, and replied, �she is lee minwoo�s sister.� with that, he stood up abruptly and walked out of the room, leaving the door swinging in the air. she had not stopped her legs from running since the moment she dashed out of the school without any second thoughts. she didn�t know where she was going and she didn�t care. all those thoughts and memories flooded her mind solely belonging to one and only shin hyesung. her heart was choked with sorrow and her eyes glistened from the presence of her tears welling. it was as if her heart had happily soared up so high to the sky a few moments ago that, even minwoo had difficulties trying to catch her back to the earth. yet the same person who had caused her to soar without any worries, had deflated her heart so ruthlessly and brutally. all her life, she had never felt so foolishly invaded and used. she felt her heart being hammered repeatedly as hyesung�s words were replayed in her ears. she stopped her run and hugged herself tighter as if she was trying to protect herself from the dangers in the world. squeezing her eyes tightly shut, she silently prayed that those words would stop their haunting and disappear. yet, one sentence insisted to stay. �i�m just using you for revenge.� defeated, she felt her legs weakening and collapsing on to the ground. instantly, those tears that were swimming spilled out of her closed eyes. she had to admit the distressing truth and she knew she no longer had any more reasons to deny. shin hyesung had never loved her at all.

dana moved closer to minwoo in fear as the killer slowly moved towards the victim from the back. she cringed in anxiety and unconsciously grabbed on to the shirt of minwoo. displeased by her actions, minwoo immediately tried to disentangle her fingers away from her shirt. �dana, i never knew you are so timid.� he said sarcastically. all his life, he knew her as a strong-willed and independent girl. therefore, he was amused to see her behaving like any other normal girl out there. that was why minwoo was attracted to her. her self-reliance and outspoken traits caused him to realize that she was unique and different from other girls and he immediately knew that she was the one for him. thus, when she had left for america without giving him any notice or last words, he was devastated and upset. furthermore, he knew that no other girl would be able to replace her. �i am always timid. it�s just that you have never realize.� she retorted unhappily.

just then, a loud slam was heard and both of them immediately turned towards the sound in curiosity and shock. yet, no one had appeared after a long while. �who could that be?� dana asked with a hint of fear in her voice. minwoo furrowed his eyebrows questioningly and slowly stood up from his seat. he paused the movie with the remote control and walked towards the direction of the door cautiously, with dana following close behind. when he turned round the corner, he was surprised to see sae yun sitting on the floor with her back reclining against the door tiredly. without pausing a moment to think, minwoo immediately rushed to her side and asked worriedly, �what�s wrong?� she slowly rolled her eyes to him and it was then that minwoo noticed the wetness in it. he tore his eyes away from hers and immediately noticed the marks on her face that were stained by the tears which had dried. seeing her in such a pathetic state, minwoo could feel the fierce emotions inside him rumbling strongly as he could almost guess what had happened. he took her shoulders and shook her gently. �tell me, sae yun. what did hyesung do to you?� he inquired with his voice evident with worry and fear. at the mention of hyesung, she seemed to snap out of her trance and notice the presence of minwoo for the first time. gladness and relief filled her face as she slowly drank in the face of her brother, as if contemplating whether he was just a fragment of her imagination. she slowly raised her hand to touch his cheek and the moment she realized that he was really in front of her, tears once again burst out of her sockets. �oppa!� she cried and flung her arms around him for the hope of his protection. and minwoo willingly gave his assurance as he tightly wrapped his arms around her and spoke to her in a soothing voice, �everything�s going to be all right. you can tell oppa anything, sae yun. don�t cry. please don�t cry.� he slowly caressed her hair in a loving manner as he tried to calm her down. he was immediately in turmoil when sae yun started to cry. it only made him care and dote on her more when she presented herself like that to him. �oppa�you�re right. i should have listen to you. i should have trust you.� she cried in between her sobs and buried her face into his shirt. the moment she fell into minwoo�s hug, she felt that she had found and reached somewhere that was safe for her to show her weaknesses. she held tightly to that shelter and refused to let go as she poured out all her frustrations and sadness. minwoo only silently nodded at her words and patted her head lightly. he carried her up in his arms and brought her to the couch in the hall. all this while, sae yun grabbed onto him tightly, refusing to be out of his embrace. sadness engulfed minwoo as he witnessed this side of her that he had never seen before. �sae yun�.�he called softly and slowly pulled her away from him. she reluctantly let go of him as she allowed him to pull her away. his eyes scrutinized her face pitifully and he was seeped with a sharp pang of

pain when he saw how haggard she looked then. he tried to speak but his throat was choked, constrained by the sight in front of him. the only comfort he could do for her was to wipe the tears away from her face. �sae yun�� his voice was forced and rough as he finally managed to speak. he felt his eyes heating up and immediately stopped himself. just then, he remembered that dana was still around. he turned to her and said apologetically, �sorry, dana. i can�t send you home anymore. can you go home yourself?� dana could only give an awkward smile and cast a worried glance at sae yun before she left. dana couldn�t believe what she had just seen in minwoo�s house. after she walked out, she turned her head back repeatedly, still trying to comprehend what had happened. knowing minwoo for so many years, she had never seen him so gentle and kind to girls before. especially towards girls who were crying. as far as she knew, tears agitated and irritated him and he hated any girls who cried for the silliest reasons. even minwoo had scoffed at her when she had once involuntary shed some tears over a tragic movie. his hatred for weak girls were so evident that dana always forced herself to be strong and independent in front of him. therefore, she was so shocked when minwoo gently dried sae yun�s tears away. she felt she was watching a phenomenon happening and she was in disbelief. she also sadly realized that he would never treat her the way he would treat sae yun. she how had way didn�t want to admit it but the fact was that she was very jealous of sae yun. did such a weak girl like sae yun could ever win his liking and devotion? this always baffled dana to a great deal and unknowingly, jealousy had found its to her.

she could still remember the day she left for america. it was a painful decision but there were good reasons behind her choice. being with minwoo for so many years, she had never felt loved by him. his indifferent attitude towards her frustrated her and even when he had hurt her, he seemed to be clueless about it. she had even told junjin that she concluded that minwoo didn�t love her. she had hoped that junjin would rebuke her comments. however, he refused to confirm or deny the accusations she made and chose to be silent. at that moment, she was already disheartened and disappointed with everything in her life. therefore, she had gone to america without telling minwoo at all. even so, she had stupidly hoped for his appearance in the airport. she foolishly hoped that he would appear and told her to stay by his side. dana thoughts it was a good time to sort out her feelings for minwoo and maybe then, she would realize that she do not really love him at all. however, being away from him for one year only deepened her longing for him and before she knew it, she was back with him again. �but minwoo, do you really love me?� she silently asked herself as sad tears filled her eyes.

sae yun�s cries soon ceased and she was fatigued by then. minwoo had constantly stayed by her side, comforting her. her red eyes, which were puffy from all the crying, were heavy and sleepy. she tried to lift her heavy eyelids but it was a hard task. �oppa�i�m tired. i want to sleep.� a pair of strong arms soon went around her and she felt herself being lifted up to her room. feeling secure and safe, she leaned against his chest and immediately, she realized that she had done him wrong. she had trusted hyesung more than her own brother and now, she had her retribution. will oppa ever forgive me? soon, she felt something soft below her and realized that she was on her own bed. minwoo laid the sheets above her and tucked her in. �oppa! i�m so sorry. will you forgive me for not believing in you?� he smiled and ruffled her hair. �silly girl. i have never blame you.� then he paused and an angry face was soon replaced. �but that shin hyesung, i will never let him off.� hearing his threats, she was frightened and immediately protested, �no, oppa! don�t hurt hyesung sunbae.� one of his eyebrows arched up as he asked, �you still like him?� sae yun shook her head profusely. �it�s not that. just let it goes, oppa. i don�t want to have anything to do with him again. please.� she begged, her bright eyes pleading. he hesitated for a while and nodded his head, �if that is what you want.� then he brushed her hair away from her face and said, �good night and sleep well.� after she closed her eyes, minwoo was about to walk out of her room when she suddenly started talking again. �oppa! can you cook dinner with me tomorrow?� minwoo tried to hide his smile when he heard what she said. she had been trying to get him to cook with her but he had always refused to. �okay. we�ll cook together tomorrow.� through the darkness, he could almost see a sweet smile forming on her face before he closed the door of her room. sae yun inhaled the morning freshness of the earth deeply, quietly enjoying the tranquility that was enveloping her, warming her cold body. her eyes took in the breathtaking view of the crimson red sky as the sun crept out of its horizon, brightening the world slowly with its never-dying rays. how she hoped to be the sun! so that she could bring light and hope into her everyday life and into others as well. she stretched out her hand, wanting to grasp the sun, which seemed so near. yet the sun was so far away that no matter how far she reached out, she couldn�t seem to touch it. frustrated by the fact, angry tears had slipped from her eyes.

�sae yun!� at hearing her oppa�s voice, she immediately turned her head toward him and smiled brightly. however, minwoo didn�t return the smile at all. instead, he dashed to her side and pulled her away from the balcony. �what were you trying to do just now?� minwoo asked frantically, his eyes narrowed into slits as he noticed tears on her cheek. he saw her leaning too far against the railings and she looked as if she was about to fall off the balcony. �i was trying to catch the sun.� she answered innocently, perplexed by her brother�s reaction. at her answer, his tensed muscles immediately relaxed and he released her from his hold. �don�t be silly. the sun will hurt your eyes.� however she shook her head profusely. �no. it won�t hurt me.� �right now, it won�t because it�s still too early. but when it�s all bright and high up in the sky, don�t look at it again.� dumbfounded, she nodded her head slowly to his request. then she recalled something, �oppa, i don�t want to go to school today.� minwoo smiled and caressed her hair. �then don�t go. stay at home and rest. i�ll be back early today to fulfill my promise to you.� she smiled back with gladness and hopped back into her bed. �oppa, i�m still tired so i�m going back to sleep. goodbye and have a good time in school.� �goodbye.� �remember our promise. you must cook dinner with me.� he chuckled at her childishness and nodded his head to show her that he did remember. after he had assured that she had drifted off to sleep, he went to the sliding doors of the balcony and closed it. looking back at his sleeping sister, he then decided something. he took out a bunch of keys from his pockets and inserted one of them into the keyhole of the sliding door. he turned the key and locked the door to the balcony determinedly. sighing inwardly to himself, he then walked out of her room. after assuring that minwoo was gone, sae yun immediately opened her eyes and sat up on her bed. she heard her brother locking the door to the balcony and she knew that she was not able to go there anymore. she took a book and a pen that was lying on her nightstand and started writing in it. �why is it that the most beautiful thing in earth would always hurt you in the end? hyesung sunbae, you�re just like the sun. everytime i look at the sun, i feel like i am looking at you i love you but i must forget you� then she closed the book gently and hugged it tightly to herself.

�that�s it, class. you�re dismissed.� the lecturer finally said the magic words that brought the deadliest students back to life. everyone jumped out from their seat and gathered the notes that they had written and rushed out of the lecture hall within minutes. junjin stretched his arms and legs and threw a victorious punch in the air. �whew! i had survived!!� minwoo immediately looked disapprovingly at his friend. �yeah. i bet everyone in this lecture had heard you.� sticking out his tongue, junjin gave an apologetic expression. �well�i was just overjoyed that this is the last lecture of the day!� he then stood up and walked out of the lecture hall with minwoo. as if remembering something, minwoo suddenly glanced at his wristwatch and gasped. �gosh! it�s already six o�clock!!� �what�s the hurry? rushing somewhere?� �i promised sae yun to cook dinner with her today.� he replied grimly, with a worried expression on his face. junjin nodded his head in understanding and waved a quick goodbye to his friend. �give my regards to her. i hope she will get over hyesung soon.� he said before he was out of sight. from a distance, minwoo caught sight of a small figure leaning against his car. wondering who it could be, he quickly closed up the distance between them. as he got nearer, he immediately got a clear distinct view of the face. �dana!� he shouted and jogged up to her. �you want a ride home?� without waiting for her to answer, he had already taken out his car keys and was ready to unlock his car. however, a hand grabbed his wrist and stopped him. he slowly looked up, confused by her moves. �what�s wrong?� he then noted the serious expression, which he had failed to notice, that was on dana�s face. he was immediately concerned. �can you company me to the school�s caf�? i want to have a talk with you.� she said as calmly as possible, her hands grabbing tightly to the books she was holding in her arms. minwoo shifted the weight from one foot to another and frowned. �i can�t. i am really worried about sae yun. i�m afraid she�ll do something silly to herself.� �it�ll just take a while.� dana said in a rush. he was immediately in a dilemma and looked at his wristwatch again. he decided that he must take care of sae yun first. �can�t this wait? sae yun looked so depressed this morning and she almost fell

down from the balcony.� at hearing this, dana bit her lower lips and quietly shook her head in disbelief. a rush of mixed emotions flowed through her and she could feel her brain slowly losing its senses. before she knew it, she had thrown her books right into minwoo�s arms and tears had flowed down from her eyes. minwoo was startled and could only stood still, trying to comprehend what had happened. he felt the pain when the books slammed themselves against his stomach and arms and was aware that dana was not feeling right by then. he tried hard to recall the conversations they shared just now and what he could have possibly said that had upset her. �dana�.� he tried to reach for her shoulders but she immediately stepped away. �don�t�� she replied in a constrained voice, barely audible to the ears. �don�t act as if you�re sorry.� he was immediately confused by her words. he couldn�t understand what she was referring to. �dana. why are you crying? it�s so unlike of you to cry.� at his words, all those hidden feelings and hurt that she was trying hard to bury inside her erupted. �why can�t i cry? i love to cry too. i�m a girl, minwoo! why can�t i cry? i�m so sick of acting so damn strong and independent in front of you. well, i want to send a message to you now. i am just like any other girl!� after her confession, she covered her mouth to muffle her cries and tried to walk away from him. however, he held onto her wrist tightly and refused to let go. �let�s talk.� minwoo replied in an extraordinary calm manner.

the school caf� were moderately big and the air was heavy with the aroma of coffee. ten minutes had past since the two had arrived but not even a word was exchanged. dana stirred the coffee that was in front of her wistfully and observed the swirling steam while minwoo leaned against the seat with his arms crossed, with his mind and soul far away. finally, minwoo snapped out of his thoughts and broke the silence between the two of them. �dana, what�s your point in telling me those things just now?� her hand froze at the sound of his voice and she slowly raised her head to look at his calm handsome face. �my point is�you don�t understand me.� she then continued, �i am not as strong as you think i am, minwoo. when i�m sad, i�ll feel like crying too. when i�m scared, i�ll want someone to hold me and tell me that everything�s gonna be all right. do you understand my needs?� �i thought�..� his voice trailed off, his crestfallen face reflecting his distress upon learning the truth.

�or maybe you don�t love me enough to even try to understand me.� dana confessed the doubts that had been tormenting her mind quickly. a shocked expression was flashed on his face at her words. he shook his head and cupped her hands into his, �no, dana. i love you.� however, dana immediately pulled her hands away from his hold. �no, you don�t. you think that you do but you don�t. you think you love me because i�m easy to deal with. i�ll not cry and brawl like any other girl and you think this is the girl for me. but minwoo, you�re not in love with me.� minwoo shook his head profusely. �i am!� he stressed on the two words and placed his hand on his heart. �if i�m not in love with you, then tell me why did i feel so lost and upset when you left for america without even telling me? why did i feel so overjoyed when you come back?� a sarcastic chuckle escaped from her lips despite the sadness she felt in her heart. �minwoo, you were just upset because i hurt your pride by not telling you i was leaving. i hurt your pride so bad that when i came back, you felt that you have won me back. that was why you were overjoyed. it has nothing to do with your love for me.� minwoo closed his eyes, distraught by the sudden turn of events. he buried his head in his hands and tried to absorb all the unexpected happenings. �this can�t be true�.�he mumbled to himself, unable to believe. dana bit her lips to try to stop her tears and she quickly wiped them away. �minwoo, maybe you want take a good look around you and see who�s the one you�re truly in love with.� minwoo could feel a headache making its way to him as he could hardly absorb all the pouring information he was receiving. he messaged his temples and asked, �what do you mean?� �you love sae yun.� she blurted out without any thought. �what?� he exclaimed in disbelief , his hand gripping the sides of the table. �are you crazy, dana? sae yun is my sister!� �she might not be.� she retorted matter-of-factly. �nothing is confirmed until your parents come back.� minwoo couldn�t stop the chuckle that was forcing its way out. �damn. this is the funniest thing i�ve ever heard. all these while, i treat her only as a sister. nothing more, dana. is this why you�re saying that i do not love you?� however, dana refused to answer his question. �minwoo, you love her without yourself knowing it. you�ll realize it one day. and when that moment come, we�ll talk again.� fresh tears streamed down her face as she stood up and walked out of the caf� without looking back. with a heavy heart, minwoo drove into the compound of his house and parked his car in the garage. he leaned against the seat and uttered a long tired sigh. he closed his eyes and tried to sort up all his thoughts and confused feelings.

he didn�t stop dana from walking out of his life. he knew he couldn�t persuade her to stay if she was already determined to leave. after she left, he had sat alone in the caf� and thought about her claims and words. it didn�t make any sense to him that she would say that he was in love with his own sister. how could that possibly be? minwoo could swear that all this while, he had only brotherly feelings for sae yun. yet, something restrained him from calling dana back. one question, which even he had difficulties in answering it, was revolving in his mind. did he really love dana? if love wasn�t what he felt for her, then what was love? could it be true that he had lied to himself about loving her? minwoo grabbed the sides of his head and clenched his hands into fists. with a loud yell, he blurted all his frustrations and confusion. before he got out off his car, he sent a punch towards the steering wheel. when he walked into the hall, sae yun immediately stood up from the couch and skipped up to him. �oppa!� she greeted happily. there was no trace of sadness or depression on her face anymore. minwoo�s face lighted up when he saw his sister. all the frustrations evaporated the moment her cheerful face was in front of him. he was glad that she seemed to be recovering from her heartache and a smile soon appeared on his face. when he first came in, she could immediately sense something was wrong. she was worried about him, wondering what could have happened to him. however, the moment she greeted him, the frowning face immediately disappeared and was soon replaced by a happy one. she tried to sound cheerful and looked happy because she didn�t want him to worry about her. she had spent all day crying and thinking about hyesung. she was so ashamed of herself for getting so involved with him. whenever she recalled that day at the hotel room, her eyes would start tearing. she was really glad that her brother had interrupted them or else she would make a permanent mistake that she would regret forever.

as minwoo was preparing to cut the onions, sae yun asked a question that stunned him. �oppa. what is love?� they were some distance apart and were back facing one another. sae yun was tending to the soup when she asked the question. minwoo didn�t answer her. instead, he started to cut the onions to divert his attention away from the question. �oppa?� she called, wondering why he never answered her question. there was a moment of silence before he answered. �didn�t i say before that i am incapable of loving? how would i know what is love?�

�but you love dana unnie. so you should know love better than me.� she retorted bluntly without thinking. minwoo pressed his lips together and exert more strength into cutting the onions. sae yun�s words had triggered a side of him that he never knew existed. slowly, hot tears soon gathered at the corner of his eyes without himself knowing. concerned about the sudden silence, sae yun slowly made her way to her brother and stole a glance at him. �oppa! you�re crying!� she exclaimed. minwoo looked up in shock and he was surprised to feel something wet on his cheek. he immediately wiped those tears off with his sleeves and concealed it with a rough voice, �stupid! it�s just the onions!� however she didn�t believe him. she looked doubtfully at him, observing him carefully. �oppa. you don�t look right.� minwoo only remained quiet and kept his concentration on his chores. then sae yun noticed the bag of flour beside her and a mischievous smile slowly appeared on her face. making sure that he was not looking at her, her hand crept its way to the flour and grabbed a handful of it. forcing back her playful smile, she quickly smeared the flour onto minwoo�s face without giving any warning. �what the-� minwoo immediately exclaimed out in shock at the cold touch of her hand on his face. his hand flew up to his cheek and extended out his palm to see a patch of white powdery substance on it. his eyes darted quickly to the bag of floor beside him and realized what she had just did. he glared angrily at sae yun who was giggling from a distance. �sae yun�.�he drawled in a threatening tone, his eyes silting. with quick speed, he immediately gathered some of the flour in his hand and started chasing his sister around the house. minwoo, who was the star player of the soccer team in his school, was known to be a fast runner. therefore, he had already caught up with her before she could run up to her room. �ah ha!� he shouted out loud in victory when he had her around his arms. not wasting another second struggling with her, he quickly opened his fist and rubbed the flour onto her face. she shrieked and giggled at the same time, trying to escape from his clutches. when he assured that he had taken his revenge, he released his arms and took a look at her. seeing that her chubby cheeks had two white round spots, he laughed out loud while holding onto his stomach. sae yun, displeased by what happened, pouted her lips and shouted angrily, �you�re not much better!� minwoo stopped laughing and rebuked, �yeah. but i had my revenge!� soon, her angry face slowly broke into smile and both of them laughed heartily at each other�s comical face. after their laughter ceased, they both sat on the stairs in silence, both preoccupied by their own thoughts. after a while, sae yun slightly turned to her

brother and saw the faraway expression he had on his face. immediately, she felt her heart being pulled down by that melancholic face of his. she made her way towards him quietly, afraid to disrupt his train of thoughts. she sat herself down beside him and started to dust the white powder off his cheeks. he was startled when he felt a gentle touch on his face. his thoughts were immediately interrupted and he quickly turned to his side. sae yun smiled when his eyes met hers. �you look much handsome without these flour on your face.� she complimented while brushing off the powder from his face. she was about to withdraw her hand when he suddenly grasped it tight into his hold. �oppa?� she called, rather surprised by his actions. minwoo had involuntary grabbed her hands into his without much thoughts. somehow, he didn�t want that gentle touch to leave him and he found himself lost in her large innocent eyes. however, when she called him oppa, he snapped out of his trance immediately. he quickly released his hand away from hers and looked away guiltily. it was then that he felt his fast heartbeat drumming against his chest and he couldn�t tell whether it was because of his guilt or� �oppa?� sae yun called again, concern evident in her tone. �i�m feeling unwell.� he quickly muttered out an excuse and dashed up to his room without glancing back at her. he slammed the door behind her and was glad that he wouldn�t have to see her face for the moment. uttering a despairing sigh, he reflected dana�s words and wondered deeply to himself. could he really be in love with sae yun without knowing it? resting his head against his palm and holding a pen in his other hand, minwoo was lost in his own thoughts. his eyes stared far beyond the paper in front of him and the droning voice of the lecturer sound like a never-ending chant to him. unknowingly, his hand started to move and soon, he was scribbling on the paper. junjin, who was busy taking his notes, accidentally glanced over to his side and saw the words minwoo was writing. he frowned in confusion, puzzled by what he had seen. �minwoo.�he called out, still writing vigorously while listening to the talk the lecturer was giving. however, minwoo didn�t seem to hear him. he was still caught within himself and his eyes remained far away. when minwoo still didn�t react to his call, junjin immediately lost his patience and diverted his attention away from the lecture. feeling crossed at being ignored, he immediately nudged minwoo hard with his elbow and finally brought him back to reality. minwoo sat up with a start the moment he felt something hard hit against him. before he could apprehend what exactly had happened, junjin immediately asked a question that startled him.

�what�s that you�re writing? you got a question?� he looked down at his own paper and was shocked to see three big �why� staring back at him. he snorted and shook his head at the same time, unable to believe what he had done. he threw the pen out of his fingers and leaned back onto the chair he was sitting on. frustrated with all the confused feelings he was experiencing, he ruffled his hair and sighed angrily at himself.

junjin was quick to take note of the unusual behavior of his friend. after the end of the lecture, he immediately asked concernedly, �what�s wrong?� �arrggh! i don�t know.� minwoo replied distressingly while gathering his belongings, ready to get out of the lecture theater. his emotions were all jumbled up until he was tired of trying to analyze them any further. however, junjin didn�t divert his steady gaze away from him. he waited in silence for minwoo to open his mouth. without fail, minwoo did speak. �what do you think of my sister?� junjin arched one of his eyebrows in surprise. �i think she�s cute.� he replied honestly. his hand ran through his hair nervously as he pondered on how he should tell junjin about his problem. �do you think she is my sister?� minwoo silently slapped himself on the forehead right after he had asked that. how would junjin know when he himself don�t? junjin was bewildered by his question and chuckled uneasily. �i thought you said that she is your sister?� �well�you see. dana kind of told me that she think that i�m in love with sae yun.� he paused and turned to look at junjin, who prompted him to continue by giving him an encouraging look. his eyes slowly traveled down to the ground when he confessed, �and i�m starting to think that maybe i am really in love with her.� the atmosphere in the lecture theatre was intensified the moment minwoo finished confessing his thoughts. junjin appeared to be calm as he accepted the news with a straight face. yet, he couldn�t hide the fact that he was shocked as his breathing had clearly stopped for a second. minwoo kept his head down, as he was ashamed of himself. he felt that he had done something immensely inappropriate and unforgivable that he was going to be disdained by his best friend. after a long while, junjin slowly nodded his head in comprehension. an understanding smile suddenly appeared from his emotionless face. �there�s nothing wrong with that. sae yun might not be your sister.�

�but what if she is?� minwoo immediately stared right into junjin�s eyes and retorted demandingly. he pressed his lips in deep thoughts before replying, �maybe you�re not in love with her in the romantic way? if she is really your sister, then love her as one.� he clutched the sides of his head in puzzlement. �i don�t know. i always thought that i only treat her as a sister but after what dana said�..i�m not so sure anymore.� giving a few comforting slaps on minwoo�s shoulders, junjin stood up from his seat and was ready to leave before he spoke, �no matter where your true feelings lie, just don�t get involve too deeply with sae yun yet. if she really turn up to be your sister, the results would be devastating for you.� �thank you.� minwoo mumbled and gave a grateful squeeze to junjin�s hand, which was resting on his shoulder. then, they parted and continued their separate journeys. after minwoo drove his car into his house, he saw a postman slipping a letter into his mailbox from the rear mirror. feeling curious, he immediately walked over to the mailbox after parking his car in the garage as he wondered what kind of letter could it be. he opened the lid and peered inside the dark box. a small dark mass was laying neatly inside the box and he immediately extended his hand into it. when he felt the letter under his hand, he immediately clutched it and took it out. he immediately tore the envelope and unfolded the letter impatiently, wondering what the content could be about at the same time. could it be a letter of invitation to join the national soccer team? however, when he saw the familiar words strewn across the paper, he was washed with a sense of disappointment. yet, urgency immediately dominated his mood at the same time. the words were simple yet disturbing. dear son, right now, we are in japan enjoying the cherry blossoms. we�ll be back soon. yours truly, father and mother

he was filled with dread after reading the letter. with the return of his parents, the truth that he had been waiting for would be revealed. would he able to accept it then? the breeze blew lightly, causing the curtains to sway gracefully and gently. the bright clear sky indicated that it was already the beginning of summer. birds chirped excitedly, as if celebrating the coming of the new season. all these seemed to be promising a good day ahead but the gloom on minwoo�s face had never once left him.

unable to absorb the daily news efficiently, he put the newspaper aside and started to recall the letter he had received a few weeks ago. his parents were coming back but they had never exactly said when, putting him into an anxious and frantic lifestyle from then onwards. his heart was never once at peace. he anticipated his parents� return yet he feared it too. he was frightened by the impending truth, which could ruin him forever. there were moments he wished that his parents would never come back. yet, the desire to know the truth was so overwhelming that he hoped that his parents would come back soon. he had to admit to himself that these ambiguous thoughts were driving him to the edge of insanity. there were times he almost thought he would go crazy soon. however, something held him back. sae yun� how could he just lose his mind like that without knowing whether she is his real sister? how could he let himself suffer all these confusion and heartache without knowing the truth? he demanded to know but feared it so at the same time. he hoped and prayed that no matter what the outcome is, everything would end up fine. he didn�t want his life to end up more confusing that it already was. �oppa!� her clear, sweet voice vibrated in his ears. minwoo�s heart missed a beat as he turned to see her standing beside him. her bright smile had never failed to shine a beam of light into him. his worries immediately disappeared whenever she was in his vision. he had found solace in her. �you�re day dreaming again!� she teased gleefully and sat down beside him. �i am?� minwoo asked, a blank look on his face. saeyun nodded and reached for the remote control on the table. she switched on the television and �tom and jerry� was being shown. �tom and jerry!� she shouted excitedly, clasping her hands together in delight. normally, minwoo would scoff or frowned in disapproval if girls did that in front of him. however, when it came to sae yun, he would find it cute and delightful. it was a wonder to him that everything he liked about sae yun was what he used to hate most in girls. �i must really be in love to accept a girl that i�ll dislike the most.� he thought to himself. thus, the two of them watched the cartoon quietly, only chuckling and laughing at tom�s stupidity once in a while. while sae yun was concentrating on the cartoon, she failed to notice the loving glances that minwoo were giving her every now and then. her joyful face was so beautiful and radiant to him that he couldn�t tear his eyes away. unfortunately for them, they failed to notice the commotion that was happening outside their house right then. �gosh. help me with this, wouldn�t you?� an elegant woman in her thirties demanded

rudely to a distinguished looking man beside her. she was holding a large suitcase, which seemed to be pulling her down. the man frowned and took the suitcase away from her easily, while scolding lightly, �you shouldn�t have buy so many things.� unwilling to be blamed, she flipped her hair back haughtily and retorted, �well, look who�s talking? you bought a whole set of stupid computer from japan, including its software! i just bought a few light items back with me.� �that�s the latest invention in japan and it�s not stupid! and that�s the only thing i bought, unlike you!� �well, let me provide some information for your feeble mind. your stupid computer weighs at least 10000kg!� �eugene!� �lee ji hoon!� the two of them crossed their arms together, standing straight and unwilling to back off any moment. after a long while, the man decided it would not benefit either of them to have a war right outside their house. he uttered a long sigh and surrendered to his wife silently. he grumbled incessantly under his breath and unlocked the door to his house. his wife followed closely behind him, smiling triumphantly by the fact that she had defeated her husband. �i wonder what minwoo�s reaction will be when he see us.� she whispered to him as she took her first step back in her house after traveling around the world for eight long months. �i bet he�ll be shocked.� he whispered back, smiling. he had forgotten about the small argument that they had a while ago. both of them took small, quiet steps into the house as they crept nearer and nearer to the hall. soon, they saw the significant trademark of their son who was sitting on the couch, his back facing them. the silvery purple hair could not be mistaken for any other person. the two of them exchanged a playful expression as they silently read one another�s mind. �son! we�re back!� they shouted out in joy as both of them jumped onto him and hugged him tightly from behind.

�what???????� that was the first word that came across minwoo�s mind as he heard the two familiar voices shouting and felt four arms choking him so tightly that he couldn�t breath.

as soon as those arms left him, he immediately turned around to confirm his fears. �mom? dad?� he exclaimed out in shock. his fears were confirmed. �yes, son! aren�t you glad that we�re back? did you miss us?� the two of them said in chorus and hugged their son again. �stop it! you�re choking me!� minwoo immediately shouted and tried to push his parents away from him. he had to admit that he got the weirdest parents on earth. all they ever did to him was to physically �abuse� him. therefore, he was really glad that they had decided to be gone for eight long months. �aww�don�t say that. we�re just trying to show you our affections.� his mother immediately cooed. minwoo immediately shivered from head to toes. �you can save those affections for yourself. i don�t need them.� just then, his father took note of sae yun who was still sitting on the couch, looking up at minwoo�s parents adoringly. �son, is that your girlfriend?� his father asked. at that, minwoo then realized that he had totally forgotten about the existence of sae yun. he immediately turned to her and saw those dreamy eyes in her. he could sense something terrible was going to happen and that the truth was going to be revealed soon. �she�s so cute! eugene, look at her! isn�t she cute?� before minwoo could reply, his father exclaimed aloud. his mother tore away her eyes from minwoo at her husband�s call and looked at sae yun instead. �oh yes! she�s such a cute girl. i�ve always wanted a daughter like that.� minwoo could swear that his head was going to burst any moment soon. with all these chaos going on, he didn�t know how to deal with it. he took a few steps back, letting himself to fall on the couch while massaging his temples. his mother turned to him and grinned teasingly. �now son, how do you know this fine girl?� when minwoo heard that, he had never felt more devastated in his life. he shook his head, feeling sorry and pity for himself. among all these confusion, a clear bright voice was heard clearly. �mom! dad! i�m sae yun!� as if a spell had been cast, silence soon fell upon the parents and both of them glanced at sae yun at the strangest way. noticing this unusual tranquility, minwoo slowly looked up at them who were utterly shocked. �s-say again.� his dad stuttered in a trembling voice.

�mom! dad! i�m sae yun!� she repeated again, smiling happily. minwoo�s heart stopped beating at that moment. he had never seen such reaction from his parents before and he could feel the truth nudging at the corner of his brain. an ache was felt in his heart and his hand automatically flew up to soothe it. his mother slowly turned to him and a smile suddenly appeared on her face. �gosh! minwoo! she calls us mom and dad! are you both engaged?� his father started to smile too. �it�s all right, son. i�ll approve of this engagement.� �what?� minwoo hollered, standing up from his seat. he couldn�t believe how slow his parents could be. �that�s your daughter you�re talking about!� and this time, it was his parents� turn to shout. �what???�

minutes had passed since the parents remained silent. minwoo had told his parents about everything, starting from the day sae yun showed up at his doorsteps claiming to be his sister. �i�m your daughter. the orphanage gave me this address. they say this is where my parents live.� sae yun finally spoke and took out a torn and tattered piece of paper out. minwoo�s mother took a look at the words written on the paper. �this is indeed our address but dear, do we have a daughter we do not know of?� mr lee scratched his head in puzzlement. �i don�t remember having a daughter with you, eugene.� �i don�t recall myself bearing you a daughter either, ji hoon.� both of them turned to sae yun and scrutinized her quietly. �sorry, miss. we really don�t remember whether we have a daughter.� minwoo couldn�t hold the exasperation and anger he was feeling then when he heard what his parents had said. all those days that he had spent worrying was in vain as the answer he got was that they couldn�t remember. he stood up angrily, trembling from head to toe. despite his attempt to be sober-minded, he scolded, �what kind of parents are the two of you? you don�t even know whether you have a daughter? this is ridiculous!� hot tears swarm in sae yun�s as she silently listened to the conversation being exchanged. she tried to hold back those tears but they didn�t seem to obeying her. she had anticipated the meeting with her parents but now, they had denied her presence so easily. was she meant to be an abandoned orphan all her life? the hope of having a family was shattered. �but�but you�re my parents!� she burst out her distress as she bent down her waist to hide the tears that were streaming down rapidly.

minwoo�s mother eyed sae yun sympathetically and laid a hand on her back to soothe her cries. �i don�t think so.� she said with pity evident in her tone. with that, sae yun�s small cries turned into sobs as her shoulders shook violently while minwoo slumped back down on his seat, as if defeated. so this it is. the truth that he had been waiting for. she�s not his sister.

night had fallen upon the wide blue sky, spreading its darkness onto the earth. yet the comforting breeze remained, whispering gently to the world, as if telling a story that nobody would believe. minwoo cocked his head slightly towards sae yun who had her arms reclining on the railing of the balcony. the breeze caressed her hair so lightly as if it was murmuring something secretive to her. and he wanted so much to hear it too. maybe the breeze was telling her about him. his secret love for her. thus, he moved closer to her while his eyes remained on her. however, he was immediately startled to a stop when she suddenly uttered, �oppa.� she turned her body slowly towards him and silently scrutinized his face. the face that she once thought was her brother but not anymore. she wanted to capture this image and kept it in her memory forever. she wanted to remember everything about minwoo. even all those things that he had done for her. �now that you know that i�m not your sister, will you ignore me?� he was surprised at her question and quickly clarified himself. �of course not! i will never ignore you!� �really?� she asked in disbelief. yet, his words brought fresh tears to her eyes, as she was glad that she would not lose him. at least, she wouldn�t be alone anymore. she would have a �brother�. minwoo nodded his head determinedly and stretched out his hands towards sae yun. by holding her shoulders tightly, he tried to give her assurance that his words could be trusted. �oppa, promise me that you will always be my oppa? that you will always treat as if i�m your real sister?� she suddenly requested, her shiny eyes begging him to agree. however, minwoo was shocked at her request. he was preparing to tell her his feelings but what she just told him froze his body right at the spot. his breathing momentarily halted and he felt the earth spinning around him. was this meant to be a joke played on him? he knew he couldn�t take this tortuous path of emotions anymore. it was too winding for him to walk and he was going to give up any moment. just then, he caught sight of her eyes looking trustingly up at him, still waiting for his answer. he could see the last hope glimmering in her eyes. the last hope for her that only he could give. there was no way he would make her

miserable again. he squeezed his eyes shut tightly as he said in a constrained manner, �i�i promise that i�ll always be your oppa.� then he opened his eyes to see a grin spreading on her face as she jumped up and down with joy. she grabbed him into her arms and exclaimed ecstatically, �oppa! you�re such a good person! i thought you would ignore me once you realize that i�m not your real sister!� despite the painful aching that were devouring his heart, he managed to force a small smile out for her. he felt like crying as she smiled and pronounced, �i�ll always be a good sister, oppa!� he knew then, he was going to be suffering from distraught and torturing himself to sleep every night. he also sadly realized that everything wouldn�t be able to go his way anymore.

mrs, lee couldn�t get to sleep. it had been an hour since she laid down on her silk bed but her eyes couldn�t seem to close. she could hear her husband snoring distinctly beside her. she thought about that young girl she seen this morning and was baffled that an orphan would think that they were her parents. she sat up on her bed and shook her husband�s shoulders violently. �what?� he muttered under his breath, his eyes still tightly shut. clearly, he was not fully awake. �wake up.� she demanded in a soft voice. �huh?� he finally opened his eyes sleepily. �what is it? go to sleep, dear.� �do we really have a daughter we do not know of?� she could hear him groaning in frustration and replied gruffly, �i don�t know.� at that, he went back to sleep while she just sat down on her bed, thinking about the young girl. after a few minutes, realization dawned upon her face and her eyes burned with anger. she switched on the bed lights and slapped her husband on the shoulders so hard that he woke up instantly. �now what?� he asked, irritated by the inconstancy of his wife. she shakily pointed her index finger at him and stammered, �is-s she y-your illegitimate child?� �what?� upon hearing that, he exclaimed out in shock. �don�t be mad, eugene!� �no! i�m not mad! if she�s not, then why does she suddenly show up at our house, claiming to be our daughter?� �it�s a mistake!� he tried to defend himself. however, she couldn�t listen to any of his explanation. she grabbed the pillow behind her and hit him with it. �lee ji hoon! you are full of lies! you said you

love me!� he immediately grabbed the pillow away from her and shouted, �i do love you!� by then, tears had already filled to the brim of her eyes. �then why did you have an affair outside and even had a daughter?� �i never did!� he ruffled his hair roughly, frustrated by the tantrums that his wife was throwing. �you did! don�t try to deny that!� he finally decided that it was useless trying to explain himself to her at this frantic moment. �you�re simply unreasonable.� he blurted out angrily and laid back down to the bed again. however, she refused to let him go so easily. she pulled his sleeves as she shouted, �wake up!� when he continued to ignore her, she immediately jumped to her own conclusion. �so it�s true. you are ashamed to see me now, right?� but, he remained still and refused to quarrel with her or confess his innocence. therefore, all night long, she cried and said repeatedly, �lee ji hoon, you�re a heartless cad.� while, he tried his best to get a wink of sleep. minwoo walked down the stairs leading to the hall of his house tiredly, his eyes could barely open. due to the unexpected happenings the night before, he was not able to sleep well. numerous thoughts had run through his mind through the night and he was only able to sleep for a few hours. he dragged his weak legs to the dining table and found two sandwiches laying neatly on the table. he sat down and started to munch the sandwiches that his mother had prepared. just then, she appeared from the kitchen and was pleased to see him. �good morning, son. do you have a good sleep?� minwoo groaned silently to himself at his mother�s query. she just had to remind him of his lack of sleep. he kept his eyes down on the sandwich while he asked, �where�s dad and sae yun?� she sat herself at the seat opposite of him when he asked her. immediately, her smile vanished. �your father had drove her to school. actually, she wanted to leave this morning but your father insisted that she should stay in our house until her parents are found. i wonder what your father is thinking.� she said with a hint of anger in it yet minwoo was too shocked to note it. the moment he heard that sae yun wanted to leave, his body tensed up with shock and anxiety. however, when he knew that his father had persuaded her to stay on, relief washed over him and he was immediately relaxed. �that�s great.� he muttered out unconsciously. �what�s so great about that?� his mother asked unhappily, still angry with her husband. she was convinced that sae yun must be related to him in some way.

decided that minwoo must knew about her suspicion too, she leaned nearer to him and said mysteriously, �son, i have a secret to share with you.� �what?� minwoo asked, looking up at his mother. �i suspect�that sae yun might be your father�s illegitimate daughter.� she blurted out loud and clear. at hearing that, minwoo�s face slowly hardened as those words sunk into him. his hands slowly clenched itself into fist as he tried to control the rush of emotions that was threatening to fall. however, she failed to notice that her son�s face had darkened and carried on with her claims and assumptions. �i mean�how would a girl suddenly turn up at your doorsteps and claim to be your daughter? it doesn�t make any sense, does it? and your father�� before she could continue, she was interrupted by a loud bang on the table and a loud screeching sound produced by the chair being pushed back. �stop it!� minwoo yelled, his face red. he could feel his eyes burning as he shouted at his mother. �are you going to drive me nuts? do you want me to end up at the asylum? i had enough of all these!� then, he saw the shocked look on his mother�s face and he knew that he shouldn�t be venting his anger on her. shaking his head at the complications that had arisen continuously in his life, he walked out of the house with big strides. �what did i say?� his mother uttered ignorantly after he was gone. dana drove her new car into the entrance of the university carefully. it had been about a month since she had broken up with minwoo and she had to admit that she was still hurting. she had bought a car as she sadly realized that nobody would take the trouble to drive her to school anymore. most important of all, she also wanted to reassure herself that she could go on with her life without the presence of minwoo in her life. she parked her car at the school car park and immediately recognized the silver bmw convertible that was parked opposite hers. she could clearly see him as he got of his car and walked towards her direction. soon, a knock was heard on the window beside her and her heart stopped beating. she slowly turned to her side and saw him standing just outside her car. she unlocked her car and got out. �hi, minwoo. what�s the matter?� he gave her a lopsided smile and she could tell that it wasn�t a sincere one. in fact, it was a troubled smile. there was nothing about him that he could hide from her. she knew him too well. �i want to talk to you about something.� soon, she found herself in the same caf� where they had broke up. they were even sitting in the same arrangement on the same table. the only difference was her relationship with him.

he put down the teaspoon that was used to stir the coffee carefully on the saucer and crossed his arms across his chest. his face frowned as he thought of the rights words to say. minutes passed but still, he wasn�t able to speak. �let me guess. you�ve realize that you�re in love with sae yun, right?� dana, who was getting impatient by his constant silence, spoke. he was startled for a moment and nodded his head. �dana, what should i do?� he finally uttered desperately. �why are you asking me?� minwoo stared straight into her eyes as he admitted, �you know more about me than i do. i am hoping that you have some answers to my questions.� she chuckled at his words and shook her head at the situation now. she wondered if there was any guy like minwoo out there who asked his ex-girlfriend for love advice. furthermore, the girl was her enemy in love. her heart tightened as she mused over the irony of it. �leave her alone.� she muttered. minwoo leaned closer as he didn�t hear what she had just said. �what?� he asked. �leave her alone.� she repeated louder. �you won�t be able to give her what she need. being who you are, i know you will only bring her hurt and pain if the two of you are together. if you really love her, then it�s best you don�t tell her how you feel at all.� his face fell and he ran his trembling hand through his hair. frantic and confusing thoughts invaded his mind cruelly. �what are you saying? you�re so goddamn confusing, dana! you were the one who insisted that i love her yet now, you�re telling me not to love her? i don�t understand!� his eyes shined brightly as the tears started to gather. contradicting thoughts and ambiguous feelings were driving him to the edge of the cliff. �it�s the truth, minwoo. you know it yourself too. you�re not capable of giving enough care and love to another person. you are too conceited, arrogant and selfish to give. you�re such a person.� his heart was constantly hammered by every word that she was saying and he clutched his pain to lessen the excruciating pain. he knew that himself too and he had said it constantly. he was incapable of loving but he hoped that he could love sae yun. maybe sae yun would be the one he could really love and devote all his emotions on. maybe�.not� minwoo�s mother was shopping at the nearest wet market when she met a close neighbor of hers. �oh hi! mrs lee, you�re back!�

�hi, mrs jang! nice to see you again.� they decided to shop together and picked the freshest fish and the best vegetables. it was then that she decided to tell her about sae yun. �so is she your daughter?� mrs jang asked after listening to the story. �i don�t know. i am suspecting she is ji hoon�s illegitimate daughter.� mrs jang sighed deeply and confessed, �my daughter is missing. i can�t find her now. my husband and i wanted to bring her back home but she was not staying in the orphanage anymore. i wonder where she is now.� her eyes started to tear and she sniffed loudly. mrs lee raised her eyebrow at the coincidence. �orphanage? what�s her name.� she asked urgently. �why? her name is sae yun.� the basket that mrs lee was holding immediately dropped on the ground as she heard the name. her body froze as the name started to repeat in her ears, getting louder and louder. �i think i know where your daughter is.� when sae yun stepped into the lee�s residence, minwoo was already sitting on the couch with his dreamy eyes staring far away. �oppa.� her voice woke minwoo out from his trance and he immediately snapped his head up to see her beside him. �you�re home.� he smiled as he said. just then, a loud slam was heard, followed by heavy footsteps that echoed throughout the house. minwoo and saeyun turned towards the noises in curiosity and finally saw mrs lee running towards them with an excited expression hanging on her face. �sae yun! i know where your parents are!� sae yun�s parents were finally found and the reunion came right after mrs lee�s pronouncement. the sudden discovery shocked both sae yun and minwoo greatly. despite that, sae yun couldn�t conceal the anticipation of seeing her real parents. both mother and daughter had cried and hugged tightly when they finally met one another. later, it was found out that the orphanage had made a careless mistake. they had copied the address wrongly to sae yun and caused her to arrive at the wrong house. they had written street 3 instead of street 6, which should be the correct address. the revelation of this preventable mistake cleared all doubts and misunderstandings between minwoo�s parents. mr and mrs jang had allowed sae yun day. their understanding nature had dinner with the lee�s the next day. between minwoo and sae yun and even he could. to stay at the lee�s residence for one more also agreed to her request of having the last they noticed the strong bond that was shared invited him to visit the jang�s residence if

that night, he wasn�t able to sleep once again. two nights of insomnia were all because of a feeling that he couldn�t decide, of a decision that he couldn�t reach. the only source of light was emitted from the desk�s lamp, which was still lighted. questions ran through his head and dana�s words kept repeating in his eardrums. he couldn�t draw a clear line between his emotions and rationality. he got out of his bed and walked out of his room with silent footsteps. he made his way towards sae yun�s room and turned the doorknob carefully in order not to make any noise. he opened the door just wide enough for him to peek in and saw her sleeping soundly with a smile plastered on her face. at that innocent sight of hers, a smile involuntarily crept out of his face and his heart felt lighter then. at that moment, he had reached his decision. because sae yun was such an important person in his life, he knew that it was not an impulsive decision. it had gone through sleepless nights and serious considerations. closing the door as quietly as possible, he evidently knew what he should do.

the next day at chang jun high school, words spread fast and surprised faces were being exhibited every now and then. there was hardly anybody who didn�t know that lee sae yun was actually jang sae yun. this sudden change of event was of great interest to students who thought that sae yun was actually sister of lee minwoo. questions and doubts were raised but nobody was able to answer them satisfactorily. on the senior floors, one student with spiked blond hair rushed past the throng of people with great speed. he ran into one of the senior class and immediately slowed down his pace. he walked with big strides to the back of the classroom and stopped in front of a guy, who was sitting on the chair. �hyesung!� the student called. the guy who was sitting looked up and met his eyes. �yes?� �lee sae yun is not lee minwoo�s sister! her surname is actually jang!� disbelief spread across the angelic face of shin hyesung as he heard the news. the voices of his friends that were talking to him became unclear and indistinct. even his regular breathing seemed to stop as he tried to digest the information. he slowly bent his head down, his eyes transfixed on the table in front of him. a small smile slowly appeared on his countenance. �so�she�s not his sister.� he whispered gladly to himself. dongwan was reading his book when he felt a tap on his back. he turned and saw a girl smiling brightly at him. he recognized her as a classmate of his but couldn�t remember the name. �have you heard the recent news?� she asked him with a smile. he arched one eyebrow in curiosity and inquired, �nope. what is it about?� �lee sae yun is not lee minwoo�s sister. it turns up that her surname is actually jang.�

at hearing that, his face immediately froze for a second. the revenge that shin hyesung had taken was in vain. that knowledge caused a smile to appear on his face and he thanked the girl for telling him the latest information. �shin hyesung. what are you going to do now that you know she�s not his sister?� a slight chuckle escaped from his lips before he picked up his book to read again.

�hi, dana.� dana looked up when she heard her name being called and immediately saw junjin smiling down at her. she smiled back and moved over to provide some space for him to sit down beside her. however, junjin ignored her invitation and took a seat opposite her. they last know need were at the study corner of the university and the only ones there too. the lecture had ended for junjin and he had heard everything that he needed to from minwoo. he was determined to find dana to have a good talk while minwoo to reach home early to have his last dinner with sae yun.

junjin placed his books on the table in front of him and clasped his hands together. she could sense something was wrong from the strong glaring of junjin�s eyes. he held her eyes and tried to search inside those beautiful eyes of hers. �why did you tell minwoo those things?� he finally asked. �what things?� she asked with false innocence. she knew clearly what he was referring to but she didn�t want to admit it. �that he was incapable of loving and stuffs like that. you know how he is. he doesn�t know a lot about love but that doesn�t mean he is not capable of loving.� dana pressed her lips together as she pondered whether to tell the truth and her deepest feelings to him. �yes. i had made use of his weakness and manipulated him. i�m a bad woman. i won�t try to deny that. if i can�t have him, why should sae yun have him?� he gasped out in shock at what she had said and reprimanded, �dana! are you even listening to yourself talking? you�re just doing this because you can�t get minwoo�s love!� �yes! i am! i expected him to come back to me but he didn�t! i just wanted to reconfirm his love for me when i told him my doubts of him loving sae yun more than a sister! i thought he would realize that the one he truly loved was me but it turned up to be sae yun.� she shook her head and continued, �i�ll not allow minwoo to be happy when i�m suffering here. i want him to go through the pain i�m going through now. i want him to be separated from sae yun forever. he has no right to be with the one he love!� tears glimmered in her eyes as she screamed out her unhappiness and jealousy. �dana�you�re mad��junjin muttered, shocked to hear her confession. she covered her eyes as she tried to wipe those tears away with her palms. �i know what you�re going to do. you�re going to tell minwoo the truth right? that he is actually capable of loving if he really wants to.�

there was a long silence before he spoke, �no. i�m not going to say a thing to him.� surprised by his words, she immediately looked up at him in puzzlement. he then added, �if they really are meant to be together, they will be together in the end. no matter what you or i say and do.�

junjin had left dana, who was crying silently at the study corner. as he walked away, he couldn�t help but turn every now and then to look at her. there was no way he could bear looking at her crying. especially when those tears were not shed because of him. since she had been together with minwoo, he had lost count of how many times he had comforted her and dried her tears, urging her to make peace with his best friend. years and years of waiting for her to turn her attention to him had caused him to lose hope. he no longer wished for her love but just hoped happiness would surround her every day. for now, he could only hope that she would recover from her wounds soon.

sae yun had taken her birth certificate to the school today and re-registered everything. she had also explained everything that was necessary to the school administration. she would be jang sae yun from now onwards. she had look forward to the last dinner she would have with the lee family. yet, she felt a tinge of sadness too as she realized that it could be the last time that she and minwoo would be together. that night, minwoo and sae yun were exceptionally quiet at the dining table. both were preoccupied in their own thoughts and there were hardly any words that seemed appropriate to say to one another now. the only noise was produced by minwoo�s parents, who were constantly joking and chatting and totally oblivious to the silence of the youngsters. glancing at the two baggage that were lying on the ground, minwoo�s heart was tugged down by sorrow and longing. he sincerely hoped that this dinner would never end but he knew he couldn�t possibly stop time. he wanted her to be always by his side. he wanted her to be the first person he would see after he woke up and before he went to sleep. it was such a simple wish yet so hard to accomplish. his inability to do anything distressed him furthermore. the end of the dinner came sooner than expected and sae yun was ready to leave. with the two baggages in her hands, she reminded him of the day she first appeared in front of him. his eyes burned at that sight but he tried to control those unwanted tears. he walked up to her and offered his help. �i�ll send you to your new home.� he added after taking those baggages from her.

soon, they found themselves walking side by side down the dim streets. the light ray from the lampposts clearly refracted itself on the two silent faces. finally, sae yun spoke hesitantly, �oppa. do you realize that i�ve change a lot after i know you?� �really? you�re still a crybaby.� he said jokingly. she smiled and linked her arms through his. �i had learn how to cry less now. all because you said that you don�t like girls who cry. all these must be fated. i believe i am fated to know you, oppa.� he nodded his head to her words as he listened intently. she then continued, �and i�m really glad that i just going to live down a few streets away from you. therefore oppa, if you ever miss me, you must visit me. promise?� then, she stuck out her little finger towards him. �sae yun�� minwoo called and stopped his strides at the same time. he slowly turned towards her and looked deeply into her eyes. then he took in a deep breath before continuing with a determined tone, �i knew i had promised you this before but i want to say this again. i promise that i�ll always be your oppa, protecting you and caring for you as if you�re my real sister.� at hearing that, she unconsciously withdrew her little finger away and her eyes shone with tears swimming inside. she was touched by the sincerity of minwoo and all her life, she had never felt so loved before by anyone. she nodded her head to his promise and wrapped her arms around him. �thank you. thank you.� she mumbled those words repeatedly as tears flowed from her cheeks. this time she was sure that she was no longer an abandoned orphan. [2 years later] sae yun walked down the crowded hallway of the unfamiliar environment, trying to find her friends that she had made just a few hours ago. today was the entrance day of seoul university. therefore, it was her first day of school here as a freshman. everything was foreign and strange to her, as she had not accustomed herself to the new surroundings. �hey! saeyun!� she heard someone shouting her name and she immediately turned towards the direction of the voice. immediately, she saw her new friend, heejin, who was trying to get to her side. �where are the others?� she asked the moment heejin reached her side. �i lost them too!� �gosh! i�m hungry! let�s get something to eat.� sae yun said and dragged her new friend to the cafeteria.

when sae yun opened her wallet to pay for her food, heejin saw the photo that was inside it. �who�s that?� she asked curiously, still staring at the photo. sae yun looked down at her wallet and saw the photo that her friend was staring at. �oh! that�s my oppa!� without asking for her permission, heejin immediately grabbed the wallet and brought the photo closer to her view. �gosh! your oppa is so handsome!� sae yun laughed and nodded her head. �you�re not the only one who say that.� �can you introduce me to him, please??� heejin begged, her eyes couldn�t leave the photo at all. �sure!� she immediately agreed without any hesitation. and the two girls linked their arms together and walked out of the cafeteria.

�hey hyesung! what are you looking at?� hyesung immediately diverted his attention to his friend who was trying to catch his attention. he was a sophomore in seoul university now and he was almost certain that he saw a girl that looked uncannily like sae yun. could it be that she had come to seoul university too? he immediately took another look at that girl and this time, he was confirmed that that girl was indeed sae yun. he could not be wrong because there was a not a night that he had not spent dreaming and thinking of her. �sae yun�. till the day i�m ready�� he promised to himself in a soft voice.

�and the mvp of the year goes to�� there were loud cheering and shouting in the stadium as the announcer paused. �lee minwoo!� his name was blasted through the speakers loud and clear and the cheering got louder and crazier. the team immediately jumped up in joy and all of them tried to hug minwoo at the same time, trying to share the happiness. �man! at this rate, you�ll be in the national soccer team!� junjin shouted among the noises. minwoo laughed and immediately went up to get his trophy. his team had emerged as the champion and had done daesung university proud. he grinned happily as he lifted the trophy up in the air. as soon as he did that, the crowd�s cheer got louder and started to chant his name over and over again. soon, his teammates ran towards him and threw him up in the air in a victorious manner.

�boys! great work done!� the coach praised after the crowd had dispersed. all the players had already bathed and was gathered together to listen to their coach�s comments on their performance today. the coach scanned through the boys and stopped at minwoo. �lee minwoo! even though you are the mvp, you must know that soccer is not a oneman game.� minwoo immediately stood up and saluted his coach. �yes, sir!� the other guys immediately laughed and nudged minwoo with their elbow. soon, the coach dismissed them and all of the players decided to have a dinner celebration. minwoo went over to his locker to get his stuff. as soon as he opened the door of his locker, a junior of his immediately exclaimed aloud, �minwoo hyung! is that your girlfriend on your locker? she�s so cute!� minwoo looked at the photo that was pasted on the inside of his locker door and smiled. �nah. that�s my sister.� �your sister? i thought she�s your girlfriend because you both would look so cute together.� the junior blurted out honestly. he smiled with a hint of sadness and grabbed his things from the locker. just then he heard junjin shouting at him, �hey minwoo! hurry up!� minwoo immediately closed his locker and shouted back, �i�m coming!� and he immediately chased after junjin who was already a few meters in front of him.

nobody will know what comes next for them as the future of the two lay in their own hands�

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