once upon a time, in a small town, lived a six-year-old boy named allen.

allen was different from all the other kids in kindergarten. he never made any friends, he never played with the other students, all allen did was try to learn how to read and write. allen�s parents and teachers new that he was special, so they didn�t even bother trying to get allen interact with his other students. allen was happy with his life, but just didn�t have any friends. he never tried to make friends because he was always busy trying to read and write, during his kindergarten years. allen was especially happy because he had the greatest parents. they loved him so much, that they always supported him in everything he did, even if they knew he couldn�t do something, they always supported him and loved him. allen didn�t need any friends�he had his parents! allen thought that his parents would always be there for him�but one rainy night, while allen was sleeping in his car seat in the back seat of his parent�s car while his dad drove, and his mom sat right next to him�they had gotten into a tragic car accident. a drunk driver had struck them from the behind of their car. as allen�s dad quickly reacted to try not to spin out or flip over, they had already hit another car. the car flipped over two times before it had finally stopped. after it had stopped from flipping, another car had hit the front of the car while trying to avoid it. while allen was crying in the backseat of his parent�s car with a few cuts and bruises, his parents has lost conscious. a few minutes later, allen heard the sirens of the fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances and started to cry more. allen and his parents were taken out of the car, and were taken to the hospital. allen had survived�but his parent�s had not. his grandparents later picked allen up that night crying and feeling very depressed. they had told allen what had happened when they got to their house�allen�s eyes soon began to fill with tears of sadness. his grandparents hugged him trying to make him feel better�for they knew that allen was scarred for life�because the day allen�s parents had died�was his 6th birthday. 10 years later "beep, beep, beep, beep" allen�s alarm clock had went, one fall morning. allen didn�t want to get up, but knew he had to because he had to go get ready to go to the cemetery. it was allen�s sixteenth birthday, and it was also ten years since his parents had passed away. after allen�s parents had died, he started to get into poetry. he started to read poetry in the first grade�and then started to write his own during the third grade. allen wrote poetry because it was the only way he could express his feelings without having to talk to anybody. as allen was walking to the cemetery, he had started having flashbacks of the day he had lost his parents. when allen had finally gotten to his parents graves, which were next to each other, he laid down bouquets of flowers. then allen took out a piece of paper from his backpack he had brought. on the paper, was a poem he wrote for his parents�he started to read it aloud as if no one else was at the cemetery. " they say if you lose someone special in your life, they�ll always be with you, but i have found out that that saying isn�t true, if you lose someone in your life, they�ll always be gone, they�ll never come back, for they�re physically gone, and i know i�m not wrong, because i�ve waited ten years for you to come back, but you�re still not here, we�re not even close to being able to have any contact� but it doesn�t matter that i can�t see you anymore,

cause i can just remember the days that we used to have and adore, the days that i will always love, forever more� so until we meet again, i�ll just write to you through these words, words of wisdom from you one and only son, so good-bye, and i hope we�ll soon see each other again� together as a family� together as one�" right then and there, allen started crying. but then he knew he shouldn�t cry because there were other people there also�so he just left the poem under the bouquet of flowers, and started to walk to school. "good morning class�" allen�s math teacher said to the class� allen wasn�t listening to the teacher, he hated math. he just sat down writing in his notebook. "excuse me, i�m new here, and i just wanted to know if anyone was sitting here?" a sweet little voice came out of nowhere. allen looked up to see who it was, and was amazed at the person he saw. he saw a girl about a couple of inches shorter than him, with long dark brown hair, an innocent looking face, and the most beautiful smile allen had ever seen. "uh, no." allen replied watching the girl set down her stuff and sit in the chair next to his. "thanks, my name�s kristen. what�s yours?" "oh, uh, allen. nice to meet you." right then and there, allen had smiled. it was the first time allen had smiled in 10 years. allen smiled at the girl, and she smiled back. �love at first site,� allen said to himself. later on that day, allen walked home. no one knew it was allen�s birthday, because allen had no friends. well, except for kristen, the girl in his math class. "hey allen!" kristen yelled out from behind allen. allen looked back and replied, "hey!" with a big smile on his face. "i was walking behind you, and i didn�t notice it was you until i started to go up closer." "um, ok." "yea�where you walking to? where do you live?" "i live over on zin street." "really? i do, too!" "really? oh, you bought the old house next to that one orange house, right?" "yea, what a coincidence that we live on the same street." "yea." while walking on their way to their homes, kristen and allen started getting to know each other. "really?" kristen asked in amazement. "yea�but i don�t talk about it much." allen replied. "oh, i�m sorry�" "it�s ok. anyways�when�s your birthday?" "oh, on september 21, how about yours?" "�today�" "really? oh my gosh, happy birthday!" kristen said while stopping to hug allen. "thanks�" "are you having a party?" "no�no one else at school except the people who have read my files on the computer at school know it�s my birthday today. i don�t have any friend�s at school, well�used to not have friends before�now i have you!" they both laughed and to get to know each other more until they reached allen�s house. "well, here�s my house," allen said. "call me sometime if you want."

"sure. or how about you call me sometime?" kristen replied giggling. "sure!" they both laughed and said goodbye. when allen went inside his house, he knew his life had changed. after that day, allen and kristen soon became best friends. they would always walk to and from school with each other, when it rained they would share the same umbrella, when one missed class, the other wrote down their homework for them, and more. allen loved kristen, and kristen felt the same way for him. but they had never really said they were boyfriend and girlfriend. they were to shy to ask each other if they wanted to go out, as more than just friends. until one day� "hello?" kristen asked answering the phone. "hey kris." allen replied. "oh, hey allen! wassup?" "oh nothing much, i just wanted to go ask you something. "yea, what is it?" "me and you have been good friends for a long time now, and i�ve been thinking�" "yea�continue." "and i was just wondering if you�d want to go out with me. like, more than just friends. something like, boyfriend and girlfriend, maybe. but before you say anything, i just want to tell you i love you, and no matter what your answer is, i hope we can still be good friends." "aw, how sweet of you allen. i love you too, and yes, i would like to go out with you sometime." �yes!!!!� allen said to himself� "really? wow. are you free this saturday?" "yea, i am." "okay, then�i�ll pick you up at, 4?" "sure! where are you going to take me?" "i don�t want to say�i want it to be a surprise." "oh, okay then." after that conversation, allen had stopped being so pessimistic about himself. he also started save up money for new clothes. allen was so happy that kristen answered �yes� to his question. he started to become happier and happier each day he saw kristen. then, saturday came. "hmm, do i look good like this, or should i leave the shirt unbuttoned?" allen said to himself, looking at himself in the mirror adjusting his shirt. allen was so nervous, because this was going to be allen�s first date. but he had everything planned out. after allen was done making himself look good, he picked up kristen in his car. while in his car, kristen was so excited. because this was her first date, too. allen started to drive towards the movies. "i was thinking that since you liked movies, we�d have the beginning of our date watching a movie" allen said while parking his car. "okay" kristen had replied. during the movie, allen and kristen held hands near the end. and walked out of the theaters holding hands. "well, there�s our first stop�now off to our second stop." allen had said opening the car door for kristen. "how many places are you going to bring me?" kristen had asked with curiosity. "three in all�just two more."

then allen drove to one of the finest restaurants in the state. they both had a good time there, and they both got to eat some of what the other had. "well that was some good food, don�t you think? well, off to our last stop�" during the ride over to their last stop, they didn�t talk at all. they just listened to the radio. fifteen to twenty minutes later, allen had parked the car in front of a couple of condominiums. "ok, i want you to close your eyes and just follow me" allen said helping kristen out of the car and holding her hands so she will know where to go. "um, okay� just make sure you don�t throw me off a cliff or something!" kristen said closing her eyes and grabbing allen�s hands. "this is going to be our last stop of the day�" allen said while leading kristen. "where are you taking me?" "you�ll see�just follow my lead." then allen lead kristen to a spot on the beach. "ok, you can open your eyes now!" allen said. "you took me to the beach?" kristen asked. "yea...now follow me, i set up a little spot for us to sit down over there" allen said pointing to a spot on the beach. "okay." kristen looked with a confused look on her face. she was wondering why allen had made her close her eyes just to go to the beach. then, when she saw where allen was leading her, her eyes began to tear up. allen had set up a little picnic area for them to sit and watch the sunset. no one had ever done something like this for kristen in her whole life. then kristen saw a bag of chocolate covered gummy bears in a basket on the picnic blanket allen had laid out. chocolate covered gummy bears were kristen�s favorite snack food. "oh my gosh�thank you!" kristen said while trying not to cry. "i knew you would like it" allen replied with a big smile on his face. "when did you put this here? how�" but before kristen could say anything else, allen pulled her close to him and kissed her lips. kristen smiled and hugged allen. all that night they had just watched the sun set on the beach eating chocolate covered gummy bears. "so how did you get all those stuff there, allen?" kristen asked while allen was driving her back to her house. "oh, i had asked someone who lived in one of the condominiums to lay out all those stuff for me for twenty dollars. "really?" "yea" they both laughed. "well, here�s your house, kris." allen said opening the car door for her once again. "thank you" then allen walked kristen to her door, and kristen said thank you, and they both said goodbye. then�allen kissed kristen on the lips again, and told her that he would call her the next day. then allen waited for kristen to close her door until he would leave. allen was so happy that he decided to save gas, and walk home from kristen�s house since he just lived up the street. after that day, allen and kristen were officially a couple (boyfriend and girlfriend).

1 year later it had been one year since allen and kristen started to go out, and allen wanted to show his love for kristen, so on their one year anniversary of being a couple, allen had bought kristen a 24 karat gold necklace with kristen�s birth stone. allen had not seen kristen for 2 weeks because he had to go take his grandparents to a nursing home because they were getting old and weak. so when allen walked down the street to kristen�s house, he saw a car in her driveway, which he had never seen before. he figured that their parents bought a used car because their old one was falling apart. so allen rung the doorbell, and waited. kristen had opened the door. "oh, hey. what are you doing here? i thought you wouldn�t be back for another week?" kristen asked nervously. "what�s wrong, it seems like there�s something wrong. and i came back early because i wanted to surprise you with an anniversary present." allen had said. "kris, who�s at the door?" a voice from the back of kristen�s door said. then a guy that went to allen and kristen�s school came up behind kristen and hugger her. "who is this punk? is he bothering you kris? hey man, you better not think about trying to go out with her, because she�s already seeing someone (going out with someone�boyfriend/girlfriend)�and that someone is me! so you better watch what you say!" kristen looked down at the floor and started to cry. allen didn�t understand what was happening at first, but then figured it out, kristen had been cheating on him. allen threw the box with the necklace on the floor and ran home. kristen just started to cry more. when allen got home, he slammed the door shut, locked it, sat on the floor, and started to cry. this was the first time allen had cried in over a decade�then allen started to become depressed again. so after allen stopped crying, he started to write a poem�a long poem. he started to only work on the poem for the next week...making sure it had everything that he wanted to have in it. when he finally finished it...he just kept it, and never gave it to kris. he never wanted to see her again. two weeks later allen had not been going to school ever since he found out that his first girlfriend was having an affair. he started to take drugs and think about suicide right after writing his long letter/poem to kris�he started to write about killing himself, and no one would care. he started to hurt himself because he would rather feel pain, then feeling the emotional pain of what kris did to him. then he started to think to himself... "why have temporary love with someone you love...when you know that they're going to die or leave you? is it really worth it? temporary love...for everlasting pain?" he thought about that a lot ever since he found out about kris and her other boyfriend. yet, he never did anything about it. all allen ever did after, was just getting hooked on drugs and started to drink.

one day, allen visited his parents at the cemetary. it was a rainy day, and allen was only wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and a jacket. when he reached his parent's grave, he set down a bouquet of flowers on top of they're graves. then, allen started to have flashbacks...of when his parents were still alive...and when he found out his parents had died. he broke down, and cried...he cried and cried. he looked up while still on his knees and yelled out..."why!? why me?! why can't i just die!?" then he broke down into tears again. after he had stopped crying...a started talking to his parents' graves... "i'll see you soon mom and dad...i'll see you soon..."

about a week later , kristen had found a letter in the mail from allen�as she read it, she started to cry. when she finished reading, she bursted out in tears, and called the police...something bad happened to allen...something that could never be changed.

the moral to this story is to never take advantage of your friends, because once you tell them you love them, it will hurt them even more than you think when you do something bad to hurt them. especially if you�ve taken advantage of your boyfriend/girlfriend or significant other. the power of friendship, can kill.

the letter i thought of you this morning, still wondering why you left me, we were so good together. i can still remember all those times we spent talking to each other, talking about anything for endless hours. i still remember the days we were together, reminiscing in my mind, those moments turned into memories, those memories turned into a dream, that dream�fading away. i keep telling myself that it was my fault, but i don't know what it was, what made you hate me so much. whenever i see you now, i just want to go over to you and tell you, i love you, but then i remember that you won't care at all, now i see you happy without me, so i guess i should stay out of your life, i'm just another boy who fell in love to soon, and has never gotten back up, still hurting from the pain of loss, never wanting to feel that pain again,

but it will always be with me, in my heart, in my soul� i guess i'll never be happy again, so i guess i should be leaving you alone now, since i'm without you, there is no me, you took my heart, and you've never given it back� so whenever i see you in the future, it will be from up above, that's where i'll be at, and i'll be able to live the life i've always wanted, to be able to watch you, keeping you safe from harm, even though i won't be there, i'll just be a spirit in the above, keeping one person safe, even though they had broken my heart� i'll always remember you, this is a promise i'll know i'll keep with me, always and forever, no lies� i know i've done a couple of things that hurt you, but i guess you'll never forgive me for those wrong doings, but i don't get it, this is your punishment for me? you hate me now? you never want to talk to me now? you never want to see me again? you never want to hear from me now? well you'll be happy, i'm suffering from this punishment, suffering from the truth that you hate me, you'll never see me now, i'll be gone for good, you'll never have to hear or do anything that involves me again, i'll be gone for good, you did this to me, even if you say you love me again, i can't change my mind, every time i change my mind about something, it becomes horrible� so now i'll be leaving, without a kiss or a hug, telling you only that you'll be leaving for good, not letting anyone else know how come i did this to myself, you are the only one who will know why i am gone, even though you hate me, i'm still writing this last poem to you, straight from the heart,

to my first love, and also my last, so remember, that you did this to me, but i'll do to you, i'll watch you from above, keeping you safe from harm, keeping danger away so you'll be safe� you ask me why this is what i give you in return for what you've done to me, it's because i'll always love you, i'll never hate you, i mean, you are you, the only perfect girl i've ever met� so here's where i have to say my real good-byes, to my first and last love, i'll always love you, so good-bye, farewell, see you from up above, and these will be my words to you always� i�love�you�

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