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GRUPA I ELECTROMECANICA-FR Well, first of all I want to say that I don,t have a lot of free time. But, when I do have some free time I like to spend it in my hometown, Cugir, Alba district, or in Sibiu where I live at the moment. I am staying in an apartment with rent. I am studying here in Sibiu and also working here. In fact, I am working in Miercurea Sibiului. I could, literaly, say that my only free time is on Sundays: only one day-a-week. Every Sunday, I prefer to stay at home and watch TV most of the day. Some times, I go out for a movie, for a walk or to have a beer with my friends. I very much like going to the cinema (in Sibiu, I go to Astra) where I have noticed that they rule a lot of great movies. The last movie I saw here was ,,Wolfman,, a horror movie. I also wanted to go see ,,Twilight,, but, by the time I got there to the cinema, all the tickets were sold. I had to go back home eventualy. I also have a motorcycle, wich I love. I dreamed about having one since I was a little child. I bought this one when I came from Germany. It,s a HONDA Dominator, and it,s red; red it,s my favourite colour. I couldn,t imagine my motorcycle beeing another colour than red or black. It,s a little old (the motorcycle) but it,s fine with me. I like it the way it is. As I was saying, on Sundays, when I have the whole day just for myself, I take long walks on my motorcycle. Sometimes, I talk my girlfriend with me, too, and we go outriding. I want to explain why I said in the beggining that I don,t have a lot of free time. Because I go to work five days a week and on Saturdays I go to school. Sometimes, going to work everyday it, s very exhausting. When I arrive home I am not in the mood for anything. I can hardly eat something or just watch TV. Sometimes, on Sundays, I just sit on the Internet all day long or just stay in bed and watch TV. Altough there are few TV shows, I enjoy watching. There isn,t much to see, I believe, only some interesting TV chanels like: Animal Planet, Discovery, MTV etc. The rest of the chanels are all boring, at least that,s my opinion.

In my free-time I also like listening to good music. I listen music when I am at home, or when I am at work on my Mp3 player. When I arrive home from work, while checking my email, I relax myslef by listening sme music after a stressing day at work. That,s about all I do in my free-time: I rest, I go out, I ride on my motorcycle, I listen music, I play, I watch movies. I consider myself a normal person that does the same things as all the others.