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FOREVER SUMMER PINK Spiced Pink Soup Roast beetles, blend with lime juice.

Add cumin, coriander, stock (1 1/2 L). Slice spring onions lenght-wise and stick them in the soup to infuse flavor. Refrigerate. Remove and add sour-cream. Blend again. Rhubarb Fool 500mL whipped cream. Add: 1 kg rhubarb in a baking tray with 300g sugar, covered with foil and roasted for an hour. Strained into a puree. Reduced rhubarb juices from the baking. Serve in glasses. Bulgur Wheat Salad Bulgur wheat soaked in hot water, cover with a plate. Strain. Toss in: Chilli, spring onions, huge amount of mint and coriander, courgette (zucchini). Add 4 limes (juice), EVOO, salt. Mix with a fork. Strawberries in Rose-water Strawberries sprinkled with caster sugar and rose-water. Let sit for 1 hour at room temperature. Strawberries in Balsamic Vinegar with Cream & Meringue Cut strawberries, sprinkle with sugar and macerate in few drops of balsamic vinegar. Serve over cream filled meringues. Fragonard Blend strawberries with sugar into a puree and top of with a bottle of prosecco. Strawberries Ice-Cream 500g strawberries sprinkled with sugar, blitzed together. In a pan 1/2L milk and 1/2L cream infused with a vanilla pod. Remove vanilla pod. 10 egg yolks +175g caster sugar, whisk in. Add milk mixture. Back into the pod. Stir until thickened. Let cool. Fold strawberries in. Add juice of half a lemon.

GREEN Gimlet Lime, sugar, mint, vodka and sparkling water + ice. Squid salad

Mint + coriander+ parsley + 1 whole lime+ fish sauce+ garlic+ sugar+ green chili, blitz together with EVOO. Baby squid with EVOO into pan, until baby rose. Salad leaves, red onion cut into finely half moons topped with squid and dressing. Green salad with fresh mint & grilled hallumi Fry slices of halumi. EVOO and lemon dressing. Crunchy salad leaves. Corsican Omelette Fry chopped mint and butter. Add eggs and crumble in some soft goat cheese. Sprinkle with more mint. Courgette fritters Shred courgette and strain them till dry. Spring onions, chopped + mint + parsley, finely chopped + dry mint + paprika + 140g flour + 3 eggs + fetta. Make into patties and fry them. Serve with lemons aside. Golden jubilee chicken Chopped mango, chili, spring onion (finely sliced), lime juice, lettuce, coriander, chicken, oil, sesame oil, salt. Chicken. parsley & almond salad Chicken + flatten parsley unchoped + flaked almonds toasted+ salt. Mint julep peaches water + sugar + bourbon. Cut peaches in halves. Put cut-side-down into the syrup. Remove, peel and deseed. Reduce till heavy syrup. Pour over and sprinkle mint.

WHITE Ricotta Hot Cakes 250g ricotta +125 mL milk + 2 egg yolks. 10g flour + 1tbs baking powder. Whisk egg whites. Fold in. Serve with strawberries White chocolate & passion-fruit mousse 6 egg whites beated. 300g white chocolate melted + 6 egg yolks +10 passion fruits. Fold in. Let sit in the refrigerator. White lady lemon juice + cointreau + gin + sugar syrup + ice. Shake and pour. Rice paper rolls Bermicelli soaked in hot water and drained. Add soy sauce + fish sauce + rice wine vinegar + mint + coriander + spring onions. Rehidrate rice paper wraps. Put over a kitchen towel. Put filling in and roll.

Keralan Fish Curry Onions in half moons + salt + tumeric + cumin + 1 1/4 kg white fish with tumeric + salt (use gloves) + chili + ginger + coconut milk + 1tsp tamarind paste + 1tbsp fish stuck + hot water. Serve over white rice.

YELLOW Happiness soup Yellow courgette, diced. EVOO in a pan with the courgette, add lemon zest, until soft. Add turmeric, 1L stock, juice of 1 lemon and 2 handfuls basmati rice. Cook for 10 min. Serve. Lemon Salsa Peel a lemon and cut into chunks add juice of 1 lemon, chopped red onion and parsley and mint + EVOO. Lemon shrimp salad Lemon, garlic, spring onion, EVOO. Blend together. Pour over shrimps and lettuce. Lemon salad Peel lemons and slice thinly. Add chilli, parslay, salt and EVOO. Salad leaves and parmesan. Lemon drop Lemon liqueur, triple sec. Lemon peeled, pits out. Caster sugar. Ice. Blend together. Braised little gems Put little lettuces and put into a cooking pan + add chicken stock + EVOO + rosemary + salt and pepper. Cover with foil and stick into oven. Caramelised Pineapple with Malibu Chocolate Sauce 200 g chocolate + 125mL cream + 125 mL Malibu and melt. pinapple on presoaked stews, sprinkle with sugar and grill.

AMBER Saffron scented chicken pilaf Saffron into the stock. Butter and EVOO into pot. Toss in and stir through htill glossy. Add stock and lemon zest and juice and cardamom. Toast sashew and pine nuts + flaked almonds. Add parsley and pistaccios. Honey Semi-freddo

In a double boiler stir 100mL honey + 1 egg + 4 yolks. Fold into 300mL double cream, whipped. Serve with more honey and toasted pine nuts. Flatbread pizzas Tomatoes, chopped finely + haluomi + dried mint + EVOO over flat bead, grill. Sprinkle with fresh mint. Chili + ground coriander + EVOO over flat bread. Cacik mint, fresh and dry + yogurt + cucumber + garlic + salt. Drizzle with EVOO.

BROWN Fatoush Salad cubed tomatoes + cubed cucumber + pita bread, crisped + spring onions + feta + mint + parsley + garlic + lemon juice + EVOO + salt + sumak (spice) Figs for 1001 nights butter + orange flower water + ground cinnamon + vanilla sugar + rose water into pan. Cut figs cross-wise, cover with liquid, bake. Sprinkle with pistaccios. Soba noodles with sesame seeds sesame seeds toasted in a pan. Soba noodles cooked in water and strained. honey + vinegar + sesame oil + soy sauce ass dressing. Spring onions scattered over. Pepper seared tuna & gingery broccoli oil + mustard + pepper grounds. Sear in a pan. Add dressing: ginger + soy sauce + sesame seeds + sesame oil Chocolate raspberry pavlova 6 egg whites whisked, add 300g sugar 1 spoon at a time. Add balsamic vinegar and 3 tbsp cocoa powder, sifted with a metal spoon. Mount into a thin with baking paper. Cook for an 1- 1 1/4 hour. Splash with whipped double cream, raspberries and dark chocolate shreds.

BLACK Prawn (squid or avocado) & black rice with vietnamese dressing Poach prawns with hot water and lemon juice and salt. Garlic + ginger + chili + fish sauce + lemon juice + sugar + water. Stir everything together. ALWAYS stir rice with a fork.

Pasta with mussels Linguini a little bit under-cooked. Chili + garlic + EVOO + ALWAYS cook garlic into cold oil. Sherry + mussels let steam. Let pasta sit in the juices of the clams. Sprinkle parsley. Anglo Italian Trifle (Zuppa inglesse) Sponges with black-berry marmelade + crushed amarettis + limoncello. In a pan heat marmelade with lemon juice and fresh black berries. 2 eggs+ 100g sugar + limoncello beated. 750g mascarpone, folded in + whisked egg whites. Cover pudding with mousse. Sprinkle with sliced almonds + amarettis.

Potatoes with whole spices Chopped and peeled potatoes + chili powder + turmeric + black mustard seeds + fennel + cumin +

Nigella Feasts FEEL GOOD FOOD Shrimp and noodle salad Vietnamese Style Blanching bean sprouts and sugar snaps and drain. Dressing: ginger + garlic + chili + lime juice + fish sauce + water + sugar. Finely sliced spring onions + cilantro + cellophane noodles, soaked. Combine everything. Spinach, pumpkin seeds & avocado salad Smoked salmon topped with ground black pepper. Add lemon juice and zest + salt + EVOO + avocado + green pumpkin seeds + spinach Yogurt, figs & pistaccios Orange zest + red wine + honey + yogurt + cinnamon. Lace over ripe figs and sprinkle with pistaccios. Anti-oxidant Fruit Salad Mango, diced + pomegranate + lime juice

Caramel Croissant Pudding Water and 100g sugar into a pan. Never stir caramel. 125 mL double cream + 125mL milk + shot of bourbon. 2 eggs beated in. Pour over croissants. And into the oven.