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Hand-out for the use of IT-facilities of the TU Delft

Dear student, In the coming months you will discover that the use of IT facilities is necessary to complete your courses and projects on the TU Delft. With these facilities you will be able to use Blackboard (Blackboard can be used to look-up detailed course information, get access to course documents, do online assignments, communicate with students/professors, compose your timetable), webmail, using copiers on the TU Delft etc. This handout will give you a short introduction, and it will help you to get started. Activating your NetID and prepare your campus card You have been e-mailed a document on which you can find your NetID, one-time-key, email address and student number. You will need this document one time to get access to the IT facilities (if you havent done so already). The NetID is your username on the TU Delft. You will use it to access all the IT facilities on the TU Delft (digital Blackboard, TU webmail, login to scanners/copiers, login to any computer on the TU campus etc.). Follow the instructions in that e-mail to activate your NetID. Secondly, now you have activated your NetID, you must upload your passport photo into Osiris. You have already received an e-mail about this with instructions. Note: if you dont activate your NetID and/or if you dont upload your passport photo for your campus card, you wont be able to do exams! Blackboard Blackboard is a necessary tool to keep you up-to-date about important events, to supply you with course documents and to do assignments. The digital blackboard can be accessed at Login with your NetID and your own password. At the top you will see all different tabs: My TUDelft, My Content, MyStudentInfo, etc. It is important that you enroll into all courses that you are going to follow. When you have done so, you will be able to download the course documents, to receive updates about the course, to do online assignments etc. For some courses it is compulsory to be enrolled on the course on Blackboard before the course even begins! Therefore, we advise you to start enrolling as soon as possible for all courses that you are plan to follow in the future. To enroll, click on the tab Courses. On the left, you can search for courses by using the course code (AExxxx) or by using keywords. When you have found the course (check for the correct year/period!), click on its course ID, and then on click here to enroll and lastly on the bottom right corner on OK or submit. It might take some minutes to get enrolled, and after that you will find your course under the tab courses and under the tab MyTUDelft. You can customize the tab MyTUDelft, and I advise you to drag the box My announcements to the top of your page. That way you will always read the latest news about all the courses you are enrolled in when you login into Blackboard. Timetable To see your timetable, go to the tab MyStudentInfo and click on No upcoming activities yet, please go here to setup your courses. You will see a calendar. Firstly, set the year to 2011-2012. On the right, you will notice the button Add courses. After you have clicked it, click on add courses in the pop-up menu. Use it to put all your courses in the timetable. I advise you to use course codes here. When your courses still dont appear in the calendar, make sure the courses are checkmarked in the right menu. The location will be displayed in the calendar event. For example, LR-CZ C stands for the Luchtvaart-en ruimtevaartbuilding (that is the Aerospace faculty we are in now), CZ stands for collegezaal (lecture room) and lastly the C is the college room number. More building codes can be found within the Blackboard organization: Exchange AE. Readers Some courses require you to purchase readers. On Blackboard, click to the tab MyStudentInfo and on the right you will find the reader box. All necessary information for reader ordering can be found in that box. It comes down to clicking on the Order readers-button. For your convenience, select English from the menu on the upper right. Then, click on Faculteit luchtvaart- en ruimtevaart. Then select any reader you want (substitute a 1 instead of the 0 and click on update). When youre done, select view shopping cart on the upprer right. Then click Next. At the deliver at-field, you might want to select faculteit luchtvaart- en ruimtevaarttechniek. When you do that, you can collect your reader at the service desk at the entry of the faculty when the reader is ready. It will save you shipping costs also.

Course information You might find it useful to find general information of any course. For example, contact information of the responsible instructor might come in handy. Go to and find the course you are interested in. You can search directly by course code. Or if you dont know the code, you can select it from the curriculum. Click on Program; at Organization select Luchtvaart- en Ruimtevaarttechniek (in case you want information about Aerospace Engineering courses) and lastly select the desired education types from the other dropdown menus. E-mail You can reach your e-mail address at Some lecturers or other contact persons prefer to send important information to your TU Delft email address. Therefore make sure to check it regularly! It is also possible to automatically forward any e-mail, which is sent to your TU Delft e-mail address, to any mailbox you like (for example to your hotmail or gmail address). That way you dont have to check your TU Delft mailbox regularly, because you will receive those emails in your existing mailbox. If you want this, do the following: go to; login with your NetID; if necessary, click on the upper right corner on English; on the left, you will see a tree menu. Expand Data examine and modify if necessary and click on personal data; click on edit at the bottom of the page; Under the header send to you can click on to both addresses and you can specify a forward e-mail address. When you are done, dont forget to click on submit. After you have done this, please check if all emails really are forwarded to your specified email address, just to be sure. Enrollment for exams and projects 2 weeks before the start of the exam period, your subscription for the exams must be completed. Please dont be late with subscribing; it will get you into trouble for nothing. To subscribe, go to On the bottom of the webpage click on the English flag. Login with your NetID. Click on Register. Depending on the course, you might want to register for a course module or for a test. Click on Course module or on Test, click on the desired programme and look for the desired course. Alternatively, you can directly search on course code on the Register-page. The course code must be exactly submitted, otherwise OSIRIS will not find any courses. After you have registered for an exam or a practical, make sure the course appears in the Overview registrations. List of grades To check your grades, log-in into OSIRIS and click on Results. Wireless To connect your laptop or mobile phone to the TU Delft wifi wireless network, go to Eduroam wireless network Further reading select either connecting with eduroam through PEAP or connecting with eduroam through TTLS. After that you can find your way to the manual. If you dont succeed, please visit the Servicepoint at the entry of the faculty of Aerospace engineering. More information This hand-out describes the most important IT-facilities on the TU Delft. If you have more questions, please first consult the information on the exchange organization on blackboard (Organizations Exchange AE). If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at