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Personal Selling Exam 1 Review

Extra Credit: Define three words: 1. Capitalism 2. Socialism 3. Fascism 4. Communism 1. 2. 3.

9/14/2011 5:06:00 AM

Why is selling important in our country and who knows it? What functions do sales people perform? What do companies do to tell you that sales people are important?

4. How does compensation for sales people rank against other professions? 5. 5 statements about sales people tell me which one is wrong. They are the highest paid, you learn all the time, etc. (Which are True/False) Chapter 1. 6. What is the biggest problem face by sales people? 7. Characteristics of successful sales people (KNOW these) 8. Which of the following statements regarding sales as a profession is true? 9. Professional sales people that are successful have certain traits. What are they? 10. What is one unique feature of a sales career? 11. What is sales experience an excellent preparation for? 12. What advantages in terms of advancement will a sales career give you? 13. What are the advantages of asking questions and listening to the answers? What do you gain from that? 14. Why does a sales person have to know the features of their product or service? 15. What task do professional sales people perform? 16. In your sales presentation What should be your primary focus? 17. What did Deming say about where you should look when things go wrong? Most of the problem is here NOT here. (Define the here) 18. When a qualified prospect says no... What should a good sales person do?

19. Know the difference between features and benefits (in other words know the definition of each and know the difference). 20. When a sales person is dealing with others, who has the major behavior of dealing with others in terms of ethics? 21. Sales people in a company that only focuses on the bottom line. What actions might that make you take? 22. What typifies the laws applicable to sales? What is the common thread in law applicable in selling? 23. As a representative for a company, the salesperson has certain ethical and legal responsibilities. What are they? 24. What is the one overwhelming argument to do business ethically? 25. 5 statements about ethics. Tell me which one(s) are true. 26. Door to door sales people typically have to provide certain info to their prospects. What is this info? 27. How do you decide whether your actions are ethical or not? What do you consider good guidelines for ethical behavior? 28. What is the real purpose of selling? 29. 5 things which would be considered ethical by most companies? 30. How do you know when the sales persons message has been transmitted successfully? 31. What is the sales persons goal in communication? 32. Know the mannerisms of successful salespeople. 33. Know the body language that tells you that they are not accepting or understanding the message. 34. Know what proxemics are. 35. After the whole things has been laid out Who makes the purchase decision? 36. Powell will give us some things about proxemics you need to be able to tell which one is incorrect. 37. 5 statements about body language Which one is not true? 38. What is the most critical time during the salespersons meeting? 39. Know the difference between the body language of men and women. 40. Know the relationship between self image and behavior. 41. What is the foundation for a good long-term sales relationship? 42. What is the most common mistake when dealing with potential clients? 43. A behavioral style that is used in moderation is considered:

44. Know the 4 basic functions of human personality. 45. Why do we study behavioral styles? What is our goal? 46. What is psychological reciprocity mean? 47. In the social styles model human behavior is predictable because: 48. Three types of people Powell give a scenario and we will have to pick out what type of person they are. 49. What is behavioral versatility or style flexing and where is it most effective? 50. Statement from a prospect (customer) you will need to be able to tell what type of person they are?

9/14/2011 5:06:00 AM

9/14/2011 5:06:00 AM