Following the Eagle's Flight: Understanding the books of Carlos Castaneda

Introduction Summary of the Sorcerer's Way Part I. - The Nature of the Universe and Ourselves Part II. - Why Can't We Perceive The True Nature Of The Universe? Part III.- A Strategy for Perceiving Our True Nature - The Sorcerer's Way

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Introduction: Following the Eagle's Flight - A Conceptual Guide to the Books of Carlos Castaneda. Ever since I could remember, I've had a vague awareness that the world was more than it seemed. As a child, I often felt surreal, like life was a play and everyone else pretended it was real. Growing up, this feeling mainfested itself into passions for science, literature and metaphysics. I began reading anything that helped deepen my understanding of life's mysteries.

The first time I read Carlos Castaneda, I was in high school. The book was Don Juan: A Yaqui's Source of Knowledge and to be honest, it didn't impress me. While the book was entertaining, I never gave any credence to Castaneda's experiences and considered them only as drug-induced possibilities. How could anybody turn into a crow? Instead I read: Watts, Rand, Kerouac, Keats, Pirsig, Jung, and anyone else who I thought had legitimately glimpsed into the human condition. I went to college, traveled for a few years and tried anything that could turn my vague awareness into a conscious knowing. I took a job teaching science but I was more interested in the metaphysical universe than the physical one. By that time, I understood that all humans possessed the ability to experience something greater than themselves. In fact, I would argue that the themes of most books deal with a person's experience of trying to tap into a greater power. The problem for me was that neither science, philosophy nor religion had ever explained that "greater power" in a rational, causual way. A few years later, I came across The Art of Dreaming and after only a few pages, I realized that this book was attempting to explain in detail, the metaphysical universe. I wondered whether I had missed something in Castaneda's first book so I immediately bought the entire series from a second-hand book shop and started reading. The more I read, the more I realized that Castaneda's books were not about drug-induced fantasies but about a system of knowledge (Toltec) that explained the nature of the universe. To understand that system, I knew I had to pluck out all the important pieces from each book and try and put them back together like a puzzle. After initially reading the series, I reread it again, this time marking each important passage and typing it into a computer. Having no idea how the pieces of knowledge fit together, I began organizing each idea conceptually trying to understand the main themes of Castaneda's writing. Finally, four years later, I put the last pieces of the puzzle together and stepped back to see what had been created. I wasn't disappointed. Castaneda had managed to weave into his books, the Toltec's entire system of knowledge. I was amazed at the simplicity behind the knowledge yet the thoroughness to include everything in its description. I no longer scoffed at the idea of someone becoming a crow, in fact, it seems very rational to me now. To ensure that I had left nothing out of the Toltec system of knowledge, I read the other books written by other members in Castaneda's group. All books verified and repeated what Castaneda wrote with the exception of Taisha Abelar's The Sorcerer's Crossing. Her book not only verified the Toltec knowledge but enhanced some explanations that were vague or incomplete. Her writings are included along with Castaneda's work.

Three themes emerged from Castaneda's work: First, the description of the universe and humans as energy. Second, the description why humans fail to perceive the universe and themselves as energy. Third, the description on how to perceive the universe and ourselves as energy via the sorcerer's way. See the summary of the Sorcerer's Way. To truly appreciate the core ideas of the Toltec knowledge, the work was designed to be read completely from beginning to end. Through a series of questions and answers, each Toltec concept is built upon each other thus enabling the reader to move deeper and deeper into the knowledge as they read. Each quotation is followed by the particular book's intials (see bottom of page for key) and page number. Finally, I would like to caution those who wish to understand Toltec knowledge through academic means only. You can't. This intellectual organization of knowledge serves as a starting point for people to question their reality but does nothing to help you experience that reality. To truly understand what it means to stop the world, to slip between its cracks and to follow the flight of the Eagle, you need to put away the books, stop talking about it and act. And you might, if you maintain your actions, (intent) and act impeccably, you just might be lucky enough to verify for yourself some of the concepts of the Toltec path. Jay French Guide to the books:
DJ - The Teachings of Don Juan SR - A Separate Reality JTI - Journey to Ixtlan TOP - Tales of Power SRP - The Second Ring of Power EG - The Eagle's Gift FFW - The Fire from Within POS - The Power of Silence TAOD- The Art of Dreaming TSC - The Sorcerer's Crossing (Taisha Abelar) Back to the main page.

Summary of the Sorcerer's way I. What is the true nature of reality?

The universe and everything in it is made up solely of energy. There are no objects, just energy. This energy emanates from a force (The Eagle) and radiates throughout the universe (The Eagle's Emanations) as an infinite number of energy fields. Humans are energy bubbles (luminous eggs) that arise from one of the 48 energy fields associated with the earth.(Great Bands of Emanations) There are other non human bubbles arising from 7 different bands called inorganic beings. Humans begin perceiving when a vibrating portion of their emanations inside the luminous egg matches a vibrating portion of outside emanations and fixates. The place where fixation occurs inside the luminous egg is known as the assemblage point. The assemblage point is where perception takes place. The position of the assemblage point determines what a human will perceive. o If the assemblage point is fixated habitually on one spot, this is called the first attention. (tonal) o If the assemblage point fixates somewhere other than the habitual spot, this is known as the second attention. (nagual) o If the assemblage point fixates on all spots at once, this is known as the third attention. (fire from within) The purpose of humans is to enhance our awareness through our life experiences then be taken back up into the Eagle as food.

II. Why can't humans perceive the true nature of reality?

When humans are born, their assemblage point is very fluid and babies perceive many different things. (including energy) As babies get older, the assemblage point begins to fixate habitually based upon what people teach the baby. (tonal of the times) The habitual fixation of the assemblage point is reinforced daily so that all of our available energy is

used to keep it there. (ego) Our perception of reality therefore becomes fixed for life. III. How can humans perceive the true nature of reality? (The Sorcerer's Way)

To experience the true nature of reality, a person has to move the assemblage point from its habitual position. (called stopping the world) To move the assemblage point, humans have to free up some of the energy keeping the habitual assemblage point in place by o impeccability, recapitulation, not-doing, gazing, tensegrity, right way of walking, dreaming, etc. (This is the bulk of the Sorcerer's Way) o being frightened, scared, starved, anything where the ego doesn't concentrate on itself. After enough energy is freed up and the assemblage point is becoming fluid, the person then tries to permanently move their assemblage point into a different position. (losing the human form) After a person loses the human form or moves the assemblage point permanently, they are making decisions about their life based on reality as energy. They are in flow with nature and act accordingly with it, no matter how strange their actions may seem to a "normal" person. They are considered enlightened beings.

What is the ultimate goal of the Sorcerer's Way?

To enter the third attention which would allow them to bypass being food for the Eagle.

Guide to the books:
DJ - The Teachings of Don Juan SR - A Separate Reality JTI - Journey to Ixtlan TOP - Tales of Power SRP - The Second Ring of Power EG - The Eagle's Gift

FFW - The Fire from Within POS - The Power of Silence TAOD- The Art of Dreaming TSC - The Sorcerer's Crossing (Taisha Abelar) Back to the main page.

OUTLINE - Following the Eagle's Flight: Understanding the books of Carlos Castaneda
Part I. - The Nature of the Universe and Ourselves. A. The Universe B. Luminous Beings C. Awareness and Perception D. First Attention E. Second Attention 1. Inorganic Beings 2. Totality of Ourselves F. Third Attention G. Sex and Children H. Death ---> back to main page Part I. - The Nature of the Universe and Ourselves.
What makes up the universe? What is the source of the universe's energy?

THE EAGLE • • • • • • • •
Why is the source of all energy called the eagle? Do we really "see" the eagle? Is it dangerous to see the eagle? Does the eagle really look like an eagle? What is the eagle's purpose? Can you pray or ask favors from the eagle? What does the eagle respond to? How is the eagle's energy dispersed throughout the universe?


What are the eagle's emanations? o Why are the eagle's emanations also called the eagle's commands? o What do the eagle's emanations look like? o How are the eagle's emanations arranged in the universe?

How would you describe the great bands? Are they really bands? How many great bands are there in the universe?

What do the earth's 48 great bands of emanations produce? How are the earth's 48 great bands of emanations divided?

What does the organic being band produce? What does the organic being cluster look like? How are the organic beings aligned on the band?

What do the seven inorganic bands produce?

What are the other 40 great bands like? What do these other 40 bands look like?

What sustains or controls the eagle's emanations? What is the difference between will and intent? What is intent? o What are the different names of intent besides will? o How does intent appear to people? o Can intent communicate with us? o How does intent communicate with us? o What is the voice of the spirit? o How do we understand the voice of the spirit/intent? o How can we hear the voice of the spirit? o How does intent affect us?

What is the rolling force? o What makes up the rolling force?


)LUMINOUS BEINGS/LUMINOUS EGGS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • What are all living creatures really? Does every creature have a body of energy? What are some other names for this body of energy? What exactly is the energy body? Does our energy body belong to the physical body? What is the real division in humans? What separates the physical body and the energy body? What does our energy look like? What determines the luminosity of a living creature? Are the emanations inside the bubbles the same as the eagle's emanations outside? What do you call the emanations outside the physical body but still within the cocoon? What do you call the emanations outside the cocoon? What shape do the emanations form? o What do sorcerer's eggs look like? o Were our luminous shapes always shaped like an egg? What is the purpose of the luminous egg? What are some chacteristics of the luminous egg? Are men and women's eggs different? What causes the intense shine in the luminous egg? What is the assemblage point? o How big is it? o Where is the assemblage point on the luminous body located? o Where is the assemblage point on the physical body located? o What is the assemblage point's purpose? o What is the glow of awareness/man's band of awareness? o What does the glow of awareness look like? o Where is it located? What is the purpose of the egg's long fibers that come out from the navel are? o What kind of fibers do people have? o What can you tell about someone from their fibers? How do the eggs move? Does the egg has any weaknesses? What is the luminous gap's purpose? o When does this gap open? o Are all gaps the same? o How does the egg protect itself from the rolling force? o What is the front plate? How do people see the luminous eggs? Analogy of the luminous ball: a ball of jack cheese How is the double divided/how does the energy circulate in the energy body? • • • • • • • .• What is the tumbling force? CIRCULAR FORCE • What is the circular force? o Why is it called the circular force? o Are they really circles? o How do the two forces hit us? B.

o Where are the energy centers in the physical body?  First gate  Second gate  Third gate  Fourth gate  Fifth gate  Sixth gate  Seventh gate o o o o C.) AWARENESS/PERCEPTION • • • • • • What is the definition of awareness/perceiving? How does the eagle give us awareness? How does the eagle give us awareness through it's emanations? How do we perceive the 3 giant bundles? o What is associated with each bundle? o What is the amber bundle like? How is the energy of our world arranged? o What determines the cast/color? How do living things perceive? o What happens when the emanations at large puts pressure on our emanations? o How does our assemblage point help us to perceive? o What are some ways to refine our perception? o What determines what we can perceive? Can the assemblage point move? o What moves our assemblage point? o What happens if the assemblage point moves? o What kind of movements can the assemblage point do?  What is a shift of the assemblage point?  What is a movement of the assemblage point? o How do we feel when the ap moves? How do we know what we experience is real? o So then.. what is reality? o What is the criteria for a real perception or a real world/how do we know what we experience is real? When does awareness begin? How does awareness or consciousness begin? What determines how much awareness each creature will have? Do creatures perceive the same when the emanations at large exert pressure on the same emanations? Does awareness grow? How does consciousness grow? • • • • • • • • ..• • Lower section Upper section Right section Left section How does the double perceive? o How does the double perceive energy in dreaming? o What things can perceive the double? o What can the double do? What is the physical body? o Where do men and women store their energy?.

) THE FIRST ATTENTION • • • • • • • What is the first attention? What are the other names of the first attention? What is the first tonal? How does the tonal make the world? What position of the assemblage point does the tonal result from? What great bands does the assemblage point assemble in the first attention? Seeing people as a tonal: types of tonals o What is seeing people as tonals? o How do you see people as tonals? o What kinds of tonals are there?  Proper tonal  Right tonal  Average tonal How does the first attention correspond to the luminous body? How does the first attention corresponds to the physical body? What are we capable of perceiving in the first attention? • • • E. emphasized emanations.) The unknown proper.• • • • • • • • How do we increase our awareness? How does the glow increase? There are two types of awareness: right and left side What do you call awareness that has matured and developed? What is attention? How many types of attention are there? o the first and second attention are found within the human domain  what is the human domain?  The human domain is further split into:  1.) SECOND ATTENTION • • • • • • • What is the second attention? What are the other names of the second attention? What is the nagual? o How does the nagual work? o Is the nagual god? What bands does our assemblage point assemble in the second attention? When do we actually perceive another world? How does the second attention correspond to the luminous body? Where is the second attention assembled? . used emanations in man's band of awareness)  what is man's band of awareness?  2.(second attention. unused emanations in man's band of awareness)  3. beyond man' s comprehension) The third attention is found outside the human domain or the luminous cocoon How do we enter into an attention? D.(first attention.) The human unknown .(second attention.) The human known .

• • • • • • What causes us to perceive the human unknown? What kind of shifts are there? o Shallow shifts  What will you perceive in a shallow shift?  Where is the shadow world located?  Heightened awareness  What is heightened awareness?  Descriptions of being in heightened awareness  Shift along the midsection  Shift in depth/to the left  A lateral shift  The mold of man  What is it?  Why is it called the mold of man?  The shift below/place of the beast What causes the human unknown proper (no human traits)? o What kind of movements of the assemblage point are there?  Deep displacement. deep left side  Barrier of perception  What will we perceive there?  On the other side of the wall of fog/no-man's land/limbo/area between the parallel lines Descriptions of the second attention General sensations entering the second attention o Hearing o Vision o Dualism of perception o Colors/lights o Images o Clarity of thinking o Details o Weight sensations o Tickle on the head o Time o Emotions o Anything Descriptions of being in the second attention o Bubbles o Voices o Seeing in the dark o Cavern/Sponge World o Dome o Other Descriptions o Sensations following the focus of the second attention o Why do we forget experiences in heightened awareness when we are in normal awareness?  Where are the memories trapped? o How do you act in the second attention? o What happens to the physical body in the second attention?  What would someone see if someone disappeared into the nagual? E-1. INORGANIC BEINGS • What are they? .

• • • • • • • • • What does the cocoon of an inorganic being look like? How do inorganic beings interact with us? Can inorganic beings hurt us? How do we perceive them? Types of inorganic being The inorganic beings realm/dark regions o What does the inorganic being's realm look like? o How many levels in the dark regions? Other places/Anywhere/Waterholes o Sponge World Getting an inorganic being as an ally o Calling the inorganic beings Communicating with the inorganic beings o Why do we seek each other? E-2.) SEX/CHILDREN • • • • • What is the purpose of sex? What happens to women after sex? What happens when we have a child? What happens to your luminous egg when you have children? How does a black spot develop in the egg? H.) THIRD ATTENTION • What is the third attention? o Why can't we perceive in the third attention? o What happens to us when we go into the third attention? G.) DEATH • • • • • • • • What is death? Where do we find death? Dying How do you know when someone is close to dying? Why do we die? How does our cocoon become weak? How does the rolling force kill us? What happens to us when we die? . TOTALITY OF OURSELVES • • • Where are the tonal and nagual located? Totality of oneself What is the totality of oneself? o Diagram of the totality of oneself o Drawing the diagram o Another example of a diagram o Meanings of the diagram F.

.) THE UNIVERSE • • What makes up the universe? What is the source of the universe's energy? THE EAGLE • • • • • • • • Why is the source of all energy called the eagle? Do we really "see" the eagle? Is it dangerous to see the eagle? Does the eagle really look like an eagle? What is the eagle's purpose? Can you pray or ask favors from the eagle? What does the eagle respond to? How is the eagle's energy dispersed throughout the universe? THE EAGLE'S EMANATIONS/LINES OF THE WORLD/EAGLE'S COMMANDS • What are the eagle's emanations? o Why are the eagle's emanations also called the eagle's commands? o What do the eagle's emanations look like? o How are the eagle's emanations arranged in the universe? THE GREAT BAND OF EMANATIONS • • • How would you describe the great bands? Are they really bands? How many great bands are there in the universe? THE EARTH'S 48 GREAT BANDS OF EMANATIONS • • What do the earth's 48 great bands of emanations produce? How are the earth's 48 great bands of emanations divided? THE ORGANIC BEING BAND • • • What does the organic being band produce? What does the organic being cluster look like? How are the organic beings aligned on the band? . Part I.Jump back to the top Back to Overall Outline Comments? Questions? e-mail me.The Nature of the Universe and Ourselves A.

.THE INORGANIC BEING BAND • What do the seven inorganic bands produce? THE OTHER 40 GREAT BANDS OF EMANATIONS FOR EARTH • • What are the other 40 great bands like? What do these other 40 bands look like? WILL/INTENT • • • What sustains or controls the eagle's emanations? What is the difference between will and intent? What is intent? o What are the different names of intent besides will? o How does intent appear to people? o Can intent communicate with us? o How does intent communicate with us? o What is the voice of the spirit? o How do we understand the voice of the spirit/intent? o How can we hear the voice of the spirit? o How does intent affect us? ROLLING FORCE • What is the rolling force? o What makes up the rolling force? TUMBLING FORCE • What is the tumbling force? CIRCULAR FORCE • What is the circular force? o Why is it called the circular force? o Are they really circles? o How do the two forces hit us? • • • • • Jump back to the top Back to Part I Outline Back to Part II Outline Back to Part III Outline Back to Main Page Comments? Questions? e-mail me.

Part I. .The Nature of the Universe and Ourselves B.)LUMINOUS BEINGS/LUMINOUS EGGS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • What are all living creatures really? Does every creature have a body of energy? What are some other names for this body of energy? What exactly is the energy body? Does our energy body belong to the physical body? What is the real division in humans? What separates the physical body and the energy body? What does our energy look like? What determines the luminosity of a living creature? Are the emanations inside the bubbles the same as the eagle's emanations outside? What do you call the emanations outside the physical body but still within the cocoon? What do you call the emanations outside the cocoon? What shape do the emanations form? o What do sorcerer's eggs look like? o Were our luminous shapes always shaped like an egg? What is the purpose of the luminous egg? What are some chacteristics of the luminous egg? Are men and women's eggs different? What causes the intense shine in the luminous egg? What is the assemblage point? o How big is it? o Where is the assemblage point on the luminous body located? o Where is the assemblage point on the physical body located? o What is the assemblage point's purpose? o What is the glow of awareness/man's band of awareness? o What does the glow of awareness look like? o Where is it located? What is the purpose of the egg's long fibers that come out from the navel are? o What kind of fibers do people have? o What can you tell about someone from their fibers? How do the eggs move? Does the egg has any weaknesses? What is the luminous gap's purpose? o When does this gap open? o Are all gaps the same? o How does the egg protect itself from the rolling force? o What is the front plate? How do people see the luminous eggs? Analogy of the luminous ball: a ball of jack cheese How is the double divided/how does the energy circulate in the energy body? o Lower section o Upper section o Right section o Left section How does the double perceive? o How does the double perceive energy in dreaming? .

For registration information.The Nature of the Universe and Ourselves D.• What things can perceive the double? What can the double do? What is the physical body? o Where do men and women store their energy?.. The content of this chapter is skipped. o Where are the energy centers in the physical body?  First gate  Second gate  Third gate  Fourth gate  Fifth gate  Sixth gate  Seventh gate o o • • • • • Jump back to the top Back to Part I Outline Back to Part II Outline Back to Part III Outline Back to Main Page Comments? Questions? e-mail Part I. This document is created from a CHM file automatically by an unregistered copy of CHM-2-Word.macrobject. .) THE FIRST ATTENTION • • • • • • • What is the first attention? What are the other names of the first attention? What is the first tonal? How does the tonal make the world? What position of the assemblage point does the tonal result from? What great bands does the assemblage point assemble in the first attention? Seeing people as a tonal: types of tonals o What is seeing people as tonals? o How do you see people as tonals? . please register CHM-2-Word to get full features. please refer to: http://www..

The Nature of the Universe and Ourselves E. Part I.• • • What kinds of tonals are there?  Proper tonal  Right tonal  Average tonal How does the first attention correspond to the luminous body? How does the first attention corresponds to the physical body? What are we capable of perceiving in the first attention? o • • • • • Jump back to the top Back to Part I Outline Back to Part II Outline Back to Part III Outline Back to Main Page Comments? Questions? e-mail me.) SECOND ATTENTION • • • • • • • • • • What is the second attention? What are the other names of the second attention? What is the nagual? o How does the nagual work? o Is the nagual god? What bands does our assemblage point assemble in the second attention? When do we actually perceive another world? How does the second attention correspond to the luminous body? Where is the second attention assembled? What causes us to perceive the human unknown? What kind of shifts are there? o Shallow shifts  What will you perceive in a shallow shift?  Where is the shadow world located?  Heightened awareness  What is heightened awareness?  Descriptions of being in heightened awareness  Shift along the midsection  Shift in depth/to the left  A lateral shift  The mold of man  What is it?  Why is it called the mold of man?  The shift below/place of the beast What causes the human unknown proper (no human traits)? . .

• • • What kind of movements of the assemblage point are there?  Deep displacement. deep left side  Barrier of perception  What will we perceive there?  On the other side of the wall of fog/no-man's land/limbo/area between the parallel lines Descriptions of the second attention General sensations entering the second attention o Hearing o Vision o Dualism of perception o Colors/lights o Images o Clarity of thinking o Details o Weight sensations o Tickle on the head o Time o Emotions o Anything Descriptions of being in the second attention o Bubbles o Voices o Seeing in the dark o Cavern/Sponge World o Dome o Other Descriptions o Sensations following the focus of the second attention o Why do we forget experiences in heightened awareness when we are in normal awareness?  Where are the memories trapped? o How do you act in the second attention? o What happens to the physical body in the second attention?  What would someone see if someone disappeared into the nagual? o E-1. TOTALITY OF OURSELVES . INORGANIC BEINGS • • • • • • • • • • What are they? What does the cocoon of an inorganic being look like? How do inorganic beings interact with us? Can inorganic beings hurt us? How do we perceive them? Types of inorganic being The inorganic beings realm/dark regions o What does the inorganic being's realm look like? o How many levels in the dark regions? Other places/Anywhere/Waterholes o Sponge World Getting an inorganic being as an ally o Calling the inorganic beings Communicating with the inorganic beings o Why do we seek each other? E-2.

The content of this chapter is skipped.• • • Where are the tonal and nagual located? Totality of oneself What is the totality of oneself? o Diagram of the totality of oneself o Drawing the diagram o Another example of a diagram o Meanings of the diagram • • • • • Jump back to the top Back to Part I Outline Back to Part II Outline Back to Part III Outline Back to Main Page Comments? Questions? e-mail me. . please register CHM-2-Word to get full features.macrobject. please refer to: Part I. For registration information.) SEX/CHILDREN . This document is created from a CHM file automatically by an unregistered copy of CHM-2-Word.The Nature of the Universe and Ourselves G.

A. .• • • • • What is the purpose of sex? What happens to women after sex? What happens when we have a child? What happens to your luminous egg when you have children? How does a black spot develop in the egg? • • • • • Jump back to the top Back to Part I Outline Back to Part II Outline Back to Part III Outline Back to Main Page Comments? Questions? e-mail me.The Nature of the Universe and Ourselves H. Part I.) THE UNIVERSE .) DEATH • • • • • • • • What is death? Where do we find death? Dying How do you know when someone is close to dying? Why do we die? How does our cocoon become weak? How does the rolling force kill us? What happens to us when we die? • • • • • Jump back to the top Back to Part I Outline Back to Part II Outline Back to Part III Outline Back to Main Page Comments? Questions? e-mail me.

but because it appears to the seer as an immeasurable jet-black eagle. A second blaze of lightening reveals the flapping. which is like a bolt of lightening. its height reaching to infinity..In the universe there is only energy.TAOD....172 the old seers in the few glimpses that they could sustain. EG. FFW.. wind-creating blackness that looks like eagle's wings. The power that governs the destiny of all living beings is called the Eagle. The first blaze.everything is energy..248 THE UNIVERSE HAS EXITS AND ENTRANCES IN IT'S ENERGY FLOW There are entrances and exits in the energy flow of the universe.172 . The whole universe is energy. TAOD..55 FOUR BLAZES REVEALED WHAT THE EAGLE IS LIKE TO THE OLD SORCERERS As the seer gazes on the blackness that the Eagle is. saw it as something that resembled a black-and-white eagle of infinite size.3.. helps the seer make out the contours of the Eagle's body. TAOD.149 THE EAGLE WHY IS THE SOURCE OF ALL ENERGY CALLED THE EAGLE? OLD SORCERERS DESCRIBED IT AS HAVING THE APPEARANCE OF AN EAGLE It is called the Eagle not because it is an eagle or has anything to do with an eagle. With the third blaze of lightening the seer beholds a .in the universe only energy exists.inconceivable dissolving force (Eagle) in the universe...239 . four blazes of light reveal what the Eagle is like. standing as an eagle stands.WHAT MAKES UP THE UNIVERSE? THE WHOLE UNIVERSE IS MADE UP OF ONLY ENERGY Universe. and energy has only a here and now.. EG. 22 WHAT IS THE SOURCE OF THE UNIVERSE'S ENERGY? The Eagle is the source of the emanations.58.. TAOD.. TAOD. an endless and ever present here and now.. FFW. there are patches of whiteness that look like an eagle's feathers and talons.

. FFW.because man is composed of the Eagle's emanations..but there is no Eagle and no Eagle's emanations.58 .191. What is out there is something that no living creature can grasp.. DREAMING AND ONE'S INTENT HELP PROTECT YOU . WHAT IS THE EAGLE'S PURPOSE? THE EAGLE'S PURPOSE IS TO CONSUME THE AWARENESS OF ALL CREATURES . inhuman eye.the technique of dreaming can be used as a shield to protect themselves from the deadly blow of the Eagle's emanations. it is his awareness that becomes entangled and confused... but that always happens when impressionable people learn to perform acts that require great sobriety FFW.piercing.58 IS IT DANGEROUS TO SEE THE EAGLE? THERE IS SOME MORTAL RISK.. And the fourth and last blaze discloses what the Eagle is doing. FFW. DOES THE EAGLE REALLY LOOK LIKE AN EAGLE? MAN'S AWARENESS HAS THE PROBLEM OF TAKING SOMETHING INCOMPREHENSIBLE AND MAKING IT COMPREHENSIBLE The problem arises with man's awareness.58.there is no way to see the Eagle's emanations without running a mortal risk...173 DO WE REALLY "SEE" THE EAGLE? WE CANNOT SEE THE EAGLE BUT OUR BODY SENSES IT .58. man's awareness is compelled to interpret. FFW. The entire body of a seer senses the Eagle.58.The key to withstanding the Eagle's presence was the potency of one's intent... It is called an Eagle because it is simply a case of something unknowable vaguely resembling something known. man need only revert back to his components.there is nothing visual about the Eagle. The result is a vision of the Eagle and the Eagle's emanations.EG.. FFW. FFW. EG.. There is something in all of us that can make us witness with our entire body..243.

only the terms Eagle's emanations or emanations will be used. THE EAGLE'S EMANATIONS/LINES OF THE WORLD/EAGLE'S COMMANDS WHAT ARE THE EAGLE'S EMANATIONS? THE EAGLE'S EMANATIONS MAKE UP THE UNIVERSE . in order to extract the same lent awareness which organisms have enhanced through their life experiences.The Eagle is devouring the awareness of all the creatures that. to meet their owner. for awareness is the Eagle's food. like a ceaseless swarm of fireflies. lines of the world or the Eagle's commands. for man to pray to the Eagle. There is no way. The Eagle disentangles these tiny flames. (The Eagle) which makes organisms live by lending them their awareness. to ask for favors. the Eagle only responds to energy. therefore. WHAT DOES THE EAGLE RESPOND TO? Since the Eagle is made of energy. alive on earth a moment before and now dead.173. have floated to the Eagle's beak. The human part of the Eagle is too insignificant to move the whole. To keep things simple. That force also makes organisms die. and then consumes them. EG. lays them flat. TAOD. These energy lines are known as the Eagle's emanations. their reason for having had life.149 CAN YOU PRAY OR ASK FAVORS FROM THE EAGLE? THE EAGLE REFLECTS ALL THINGS EQUALLY AND CANNOT BE MOVED The Eagle reflects equally and at once all those living things. See Intent. to hope for grace. EG.173. as a tanner stretches out a hide. HOW IS THE EAGLE'S ENERGY DISPERSED THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSE? The Eagle's energy is released as lines of energy.. For a creature to have an affect upon the Eagle that creature must posess an excess of energy.

FFW.54 light that was alive and resemble ordinary light but ordinary light has no awareness. FFW. but a universe of the Eagle's emanations.Essence of the universe resembles incandescent threads streched into infinity in every conceivable direction. FFW.. FFW...13 there are an infinite numbers of lines that joined us to things... WHY ARE THE EAGLE'S EMANATIONS ALSO CALLED THE EAGLE'S COMMANDS? THE EAGLE'S EMANATIONS ARE ALSO CALLED THE EAGLE'S COMMANDS THAT NO ONE CAN DISOBEY Eagle's commands .everything is made out of the Eagle's emanations. FFW. 5. each one of them is a source of boundless energy. POS. luminous filaments that are conscious of themselves in ways impossible for the human mind to comprehend.. forever in motion.63 . that there are so many of them that numbers have no meaning and that each of them is an eternity in itself. the knowable and the unknowable FFW. and yet unchanged.JTI. making up everything in the universe.... The Eagle's emanations are an infinite amount of lines of energy emitting from the Eagle (source of all the energy in the universe) which cover the entire universe.. FFW. FFW.59 there is no world of objects (existing by themselves and as themselves just as we perceive them).112 the filaments are aware of themselves. eternal.49. FFW. .although DJ disliked calling the emanations commands.. which engulfs everything that exists.67 what's really out there are the Eagle's emanations. fluid. WHAT DO THE EAGLE'S EMANATIONS LOOK LIKE? THERE IS NO TRUE VERSION OF THE EAGLE'S EMANATIONS there is no pat version of the emanation .193 the Eagle's emanations are more than filaments of light. . 57 THE EAGLE'S EMANATIONS ARE AN INFINITE NUMBER OF ENERGY FIELDS RESEMBLING THREADS OF LIGHTS THAT HAVE AWARENESS AND ARE ETERNAL the universe is an infinite agglomeration of energy fields.. alive and vibrating. (Eagle's emanations) resembling threads of light. POS...59.126 the Eagle's emanations are an immutable thing-initself.. as there is of the Eagle. TAOD.92 Seers who see the Eagle's emanations often call them commands. that is what they are: commands that no one can disobey.62. These eternal threads of light are alive and aware. FFW.

strings of light which were like nothing that had ever entered my thoughts. 16 HOW ARE THE EAGLE'S EMANATIONS ARRANGED IN THE UNIVERSE? THE EMANATIONS ARE GROUPED IN CLUSTERS CALLED THE GREAT BAND OF EMANATIONS the Eagle's emanations are always grouped in clusters . Suddenly.. compelling fibers of light. or to describe it..110 almost instantaneously I saw a most brilliant array of live.filaments of light began to radiate from everything on that prairie. almost a mass of sorts. FFW.what he had seen was intent. a seer must witness them .) they are a prescence. At first it was like the explosion of an infinite number of short fibers. FFW. Although they sprang. then the fibers became long threadlike strands of luminosity bundled together into beams of vibrating light that reached infinity.the old seers called those clusters the great bands of emanations. TAOD. except as filaments of vibrating light. the force permeates everything. . FFW..FFW.THERE IS NO WAY TO DESCRIBE WHAT THE EAGLE'S EMANATIONS ARE THEY MUST BE WITNESSED AS THE EAGLE WAS WITNESSED there is no way to describe what the Eagle's emanations really are. There was really no way for me to make sense of what I was seeing.. as one can only catch a glimpse of the Eagle itself. and yet all of them were inextricably bundled together. 57 I saw the lines of the world. a pressure that creates a dazzling sensation.. and continued to spring... I actually perceived the most extraordinary profusion of fluorescent white lines which crisscrossed everything around me. THE GREAT BAND OF EMANATIONS HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THE GREAT BANDS? .I was seeing the Eagle's emanations POS.emanations are something indescribable. . going everywhere..and for an instant you were dreaming the filaments of the universe. FFW. Bright strings of light shot out from everywhere....63 One can catch a glimpse of them...JTI.176.243. in every direction. each one seperate.I made your assemblage point shift.. ..... FFW. 57 . The filaments were not intermingled or entwined.110 and the force that keeps them apart and bundles them together.240 I thought I must have fainted or that the blow had made me fall asleep. 57 DESCRIPTION OF THE EAGLE'S EMANATIONS (Description of EG. I was looking at something literally beyond words. POS..252.

FFW. Thus. but necessary to understanding. There are 48 types of organizations on the earth.that in the earth there are only 48 such bands. 48 types of clusters or structures. but indescribably clustered together.177 THE EARTH'S 48 GREAT BANDS OF EMANATIONS WHAT DO THE EARTH'S 48 GREAT BANDS OF EMANATIONS PRODUCE? Each of the earth's 48 great bands of emanations produces numerous bubbles on each band. Seers have found out. there is no real order to the emanations. FFW.THE GREAT BANDS ARE CLUSTERED IN NO REAL ORDER. These bubbles are like containers that are filled with a portion of the band's emanations. FFW. LIKE A PILE OF HAY HELD IN MIDAIR..176. which is held together in midair by the force of the hand that pitched it. HOW MANY GREAT BANDS ARE THERE IN THE UNIVERSE? THERE ARE AN INFINITY OF GREAT BANDS IN THE UNIVERSE There are an infinity of great bands. The great bands are neither flat nor round. to say that there is a central part or that there are edges is misleading. Each bubble may represent the emanations or energy associated with a living creature. Organic life is one of them.177 THERE ARE 48 GREAT BANDS IN THE EARTH. .180 ARE THEY REALLY BANDS? THEY AREN'T REALLY BANDS BUT THE NAME STUCK They aren't really bands but the name stuck. FFW. like a pile of hay.

a peculiar energy.178.TRANSPARENT. lucious fruit there is. They are transparent and have a a unique light of their own.177 organic beings belong to the great same band. FFW. yet only eight of those trees bear edible fruit. All of them bear fruit. one band called the organic being band that produces bubbles that represent creatures called organic beings. 7 bands called the inorganic being band that produce bubbles that represent creatures called inorganic beings. they produce containers filled with emanations.177. second.think of great bands as being like trees. HOW ARE THE EARTH'S 48 GREAT BANDS OF EMANATIONS DIVIDED? The earth's 48 great bands are divided into three sections: first. WHAT DOES THE ORGANIC BEING CLUSTER LOOK LIKE? THE ORGANIC BAND IS FLUFFY. that is. and finally. THE ORGANIC BEING BAND WHAT DOES THE ORGANIC BEING BAND PRODUCE? THE ORGANIC BEING CLUSTER PRODUCES ALL THE ORGANIC BEINGS There is an immeasurable cluster that produces organic beings. WITH A PECULIAR ENERGY the emanations of that organic band have a sort of fluffiness.177 HOW ARE THE ORGANIC BEINGS ALIGNED ON THE BAND? THE ORGANIC BEINGS ARE BUBBLES FORMED ON DIFFERENT PLACES ON THE BAND: SOME IN THE CENTER AND SOME NEAR THE EDGES . bubbles of awareness. but edible nonetheless. Seven have sour fruit. FFW. That's the reason why all organic beings are filled with a peculiar consuming energy. FFW. FFW.. they jump. They are aware. and one has the most juicy. 40 bands that produce bubbles with emanations that produce no energetic awareness.

Their luminosity comes only from the energy of the encased emanations.177. bubbles that are close to the edges miss altogether the emanations that are in the center of the band. FFW. . (called vessels) . FFW. The product of the other forty great bands is not awareness at all..177. luminous strings with no end.vessels are rigid recepticles that hold emanations without being fields of energetic awareness. By the same token. Organic beings are bubbles that grow around a group of luminous filaments. FFW. FFW. but with a quality of opaqueness. FFW. the band is wide enough to aomadate every kind of organic being with room to spare.Think of it as an enormously wide band of luminous filaments. In such an arrangement. THE INORGANIC BEING BAND WHAT DO THE SEVEN INORGANIC BANDS PRODUCE? THE INORGANIC CLUSTER PRODUCES ALL THE INORGANIC BEINGS The same situation (as in the organic band) is prevalent in the inorganic bands.180 The seers counted 7 bands that produced inorganic bubbles of awareness.177.. Imagine that in this band of organic life some bubbles are formed around the luminous filaments in the center of the band.177 THE OTHER 40 GREAT BANDS OF EMANATIONS FOR EARTH WHAT ARE THE OTHER 40 GREAT BANDS LIKE? THE OTHER 40 BANDS PRODUCE BUBBLES/VESSELS WITHOUT AWARENESS There are 40 bands that produce bubbles without awareness those are bands that generate only organization. bubbles in the center miss the emanations from the edges.The three bundles of awareness produce specific kinds of inorganic beings in each of the seven great bands.. FFW. others are formed close to the edges.182 WHAT DO THESE OTHER 40 BANDS LOOK LIKE? THEY ARE OPAQUE AND DARKER THAN THE BANDS WITH AWARENESS The other bands are darker. but a configuration of inanimate energy. which are shared only by the bubbles that are aligned with the center.

underneath the dry leaves is the ground.237 . FFW..alignment is a unique force because it either helps the assemblage point... The intent and the effect are will. to command is what makes the world.... which is at the service of each individual.40. EG..the will of the Eagle's emanations or intent.what he had seen was intent. They decided then that intent was a more appropriate name for it than will.POS.148 it is present throughout everything there is. Will is a force which was the true link between men and the world. to make it do things. This is why it is called will. They saw that this force had total consciousness and that it sprang from the very fields of energy that made the universe... intent is everywhere . they are tied together..40. the enormous earth. FFW.143 Will and Intent are essentially the same thing.. SR. gives rise to the intent to direct the second attention.. That blackness. the force permeates everything.189. FFW. It makes the world happen. EG..WILL/INTENT WHAT SUSTAINS OR CONTROLS THE EAGLE'S EMANATIONS? WILL/INTENT IS THE FORCE THAT SUSTAINS OR CONTROLS THE EAGLE'S EMANATIONS I was seeing the Eagle's emanations and the force that keeps them apart and bundles them together.TSC.intent is the purposeful guiding of will......147 WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WILL AND INTENT? WILL IS THE IMPERSONAL FORCE OF EAGLE'S EMANATIONS AND INTENT IS THE PERSONALIZED FORCE will is the impersonal force of alignment which changes into intent. . or it keeps it glued to its customary position. Will is used when describing the force that is holding up the universe in an objective manner and intent is used when that force changes .FFW. Intent is the power that upholds the universe.... POS..the new seers took a close look and called it will..110 .113. the personalized force..114. intent is the principle underneath everything.190 they realized that will was the force that kept the Eagle's emanations separated and was not responsible for our awareness... and the aspect that makes it shift is intent..98 Without intent there was nothing.148 . FFW. FFW. but also for everything in the universe.. EG.98 . It is a force that gives focus to everything.243. EG.237.....the aspect of alignment that keeps the assemblage point stationary is will . that silence...the energy that comes out of of the alignment of emanations.. TSC.

134 it is an abstract force. Will is what sends a sorcerer through a wall. it is not a thought. something very clear and powerful which can direct our acts. there is a universal force which holds everything in place and that force can be manipulated.147 What you yourself call will is character and strong disposition. the meaning is the same.made up of pure energy. However. It is kind of a control over ourselves. ceaseless burst of energy that makes us behave in the ways we do. Intent is . 28). POS.FFW.170.intent has no desires of its own.148Will is what can make you sueed when your thoughts tell you that you're defeated.. WHAT IS INTENT? INTENT IS AN ABSTRACT UNMEASUREABLE.. And since it is a power it has to be controlled and tuned and that takes time.EG.. has no . indescribable.something that cannot be seen or felt. Will is a power. EG. or an object. should lose. Will is something unmeasurable. for simplicity we will use the term which involves personal interaction .. to the moon..the force that changes and reorders things or keeps them as they are (POS. INDEFINABLE.10. Will is what makes you invulnerable. TSC. .what a sorcerer calls will is a force that comes from within and attaches itself to the world out there.142. NEITHER GOOD NOR EVIL FORCE THAT YOU CANNOT SEE OR FEEL IT AND YET IT EXISTS. or a wish.. what a sorcerer calls will is a power within ourselves...139.. 28..... INDESCRIBABLE. will has also been confusingly described as also a personalized power... has to do with astonishing feats that defy our common sense.. POS.. . . However. Will was allegedly cultivated only by sorcerers. it came to the practitioners veiled in mystery and purportedly gave them the capacity to perform extraordinary acts. SR. SR. .97) force in the universe POS.. . if he wants.85 Everything in the world is a force.189 .. something that does not seem to exist but yet does.. Will is something a man uses.149.intent.. SR. POS.235). DJ said that will can be described as the maxium control of the luminosity of the body as a field of energy.. to win a battle which by all calculations. through space. Whatever term is used. indefinable (POS. . POS. prevailing (.83.due to some personal interaction. neither good nor evil.TOP. or it can be described as a level of proficiency..112 the nagual never ends. Will.. or a state of being that comes abruptly into the daily life of a warrior at any given time.147.. blind. a pull or a push. impersonal. SRP..there is no way of knowing what intent is...

limits..,TOP,138 Will is a force, a power. SR,148. intend it with your intent, which is the layer beneath your thoughts. TSC,142

INTENT IS CONNECTED TO EVERYTHING that absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link. POS,10,22... people and all living creatures are slaves of intent. We are in its clutches. It makes us do whatever it wants. It makes us act in the world. It makes us die. EG,148


THE NAMES OF INTENT .....Intent which sorcerers call the spirit, the abstract, the nagual.. POS, 28 .....the spirit is the force that sustains the universe (POS,114) Don Juan had explained the nagual to me as being the indescribable force, the source of everything... the nagual is in everything. SRP,198 The nagual is aware of everything...,TOP,129. there was only one thing which was indispensable for anything we did. He called it the spirit. ,JTI, the rolling force or the tumbling or circular force. FFW,241...the tumbler is the force from the Eagle's emanations..FFW,241. The left side, called the naugal, .states of heightened awareness, or the site of the second attention. EG,163. ....will is such a complete control of the second attention that it is called the other self. EG,144..will belongs to the other self. EG,143.......Powers that guide can be called...forces, spirits, airs, winds, or anything like that. ,JTI,86. Since intent is the undescribable force of the universe, it thus has many names. Everything is just an interpretation of that force.


INTENT MANIFESTS ITSELF DIFFERENTLY IN DIFFERENT THINGS it is an all-encompassing force that manifests itself differently in different things. TSC,83.



silent knowledge.. this is direct contact with intent. POS,115... Silent Knowledge has complete mastery, complete knowledge of everything.. but it cannot think, therefore, it cannot speak of what it is of course, intent- the spirit, the abstract. , POS,155 Everything has a form... but besides the outer shape, there is an inner awareness that rules things. This silent awareness is the spirit. TSC,83. This energy communicates with us. TSC,83.

ANOTHER NAME FOR SILENT KNOWLEDGE IS THE THIRD POINT silent knowlege is the third point because in order to get to it one had to pass the second point, the place of no pity. (ruthlessness) POS,242


Voice of the spirit


THE VOICE OF THE SPIRIT IS MORE OF A FEELING The voice of the spirit is an abstraction that has nothing to do with voices, and yet we may at times hear voices...TSC,85 ...don't expect a shout from the treetops... what we call the voice of the spirit is more of a feeling. Or it can be an idea that suddenly pops into your head. Sometimes it can be a longing to go somewhere vaguely familiar, or a longing to do something also vaguely familiar. TSC,84 If the spirit (intent) speaks to you, using its silent words, you will certainly know immediately what the spirit is. , POS,51 .It was not a voice it was lots of voices. TSC,85. ....will is very quiet, unnoticeable EG,143


INTENT CAN ONLY BE UNDERSTOOD THROUGH EXPERIENCE AND WE CAN ONLY TALK ABOUT ITS EFFECTS. there is no way to talk about it except metaphorically.. TSC,40 the nagual is only effect. ,TOP,138. in order to talk about it we must borrow from the island of the tonal(reason), therefore it is more convienient not to explain it but simply recount its effects. ,TOP,129. silent knowledge can't be reasoned out. It can only be experienced. POS,247 The left side is perhaps comprehended, if comprehension is what takes place, with the total body, thus its

resistence to conceptualization. EG,163.. By intending it, but not with your thoughts.. Intent is so far away from thoughts that we can't talk about it; we can't even feel it. But we can certainly use it. TSC,142

DESCRIPTION OF EXPERIENCING THE VOICE OF THE SPIRIT .... Taisha's experience description of.. (jumping and dancing to people singing in the wind)..TSC,84... When I finally came to sit down next to Clara, I was perspiring, but it was not a healthy physical sweat, It was more like the cold sweat of exhaustion. TSC,84...


WHEN WE ARE ABSOLUTELY QUIET AND BALANCED The voice of the spirit comes from nowhere.. it comes from the depth of silence, from the realm of not-being. That voice can only be heard when we are absolutely quiet and balanced. TSC,87.

INTENT ONLY RESPONDS TO POWER NOT PRAYER a force that has no interest whatsoever in us, but that nevertheless responds to our own power. Not to our prayers, mind you, but to our power. TSC,85 it is where power hovers, but that was only a way of alluding to it. By reason of its effect, perhaps the nagual can be best understood in terms of power. ,TOP,138. But the spirit is nobody's guardian.. TSC,85


Intent is continously being produced from the Eagle's emanations and is hitting us all the time. We are not aware that it is constantly hitting us but it is the force that gives us both life and eventually caries us to our death. That force is named the rolling force.



THE ROLLING FORCE IS THE INTENT FORCE FROM THE EAGLE'S EMANATIONS THAT CONTROL ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE AND DEATH FOR THE ORGANIC AND INORGANIC BEINGS The rolling force is an eternal line of iridescent rings or balls of fire, that roll onto living beings ceaselessly. FFW,243 The rolling force or balls of fire are expression of a force that pertains to all details of life and death. FFW,242. The rolling force is the means through which the Eagle distributes life and awareness for safekeeping..but it is also a force..that makes all living beings die. FFW,243

DEATH IS THE ROLLING FORCE. Death is the rolling force. FFW,245.


THE BALANCE BETWEEN THE TWO FORCES(TUMBLING AND CIRCULAR) IS A DELICATE ONE The balance of the two forces in every living being is a delicate one. FFW,248.

The tumbling force and the circular force.



THE TUMBLING FORCE IS THE PART OF THE ROLLING FORCE THAT RELATES TO DESTRUCTION AND DEATH the tumbling aspect of the RF relates exclusively to destruction and death. FFW,247. a ceaseless force that strikes us every instant of our lives. FFW,241.



THE CIRCULAR FORCE IS THE PART OF THE ROLLING FORCE THAT MAINTAINS LIFE AND AWARENESS, FULFILLMENT AND PURPOSE the circular aspect.. is what maintains life and awareness, fulfillment and purpose. FFW,247. it strikes all living beings ceaselessly, but for a different purpose. It strikes them to give them strength, direction, awareness; to give them life. FFW,248


THE CIRCULAR FORCE COMES IN RINGS, THREADLIKE LOOPS OF IRIDESCENCE The reason they call it the circular force is that it comes in rings, threadlike loops of iridescence - a very delicate affair indeed... FFW,248


YOU ONLY SENSE THE FEELINGS OF RINGS WHICH FIT ALL ORGANIC AND INORGANIC BEINGS There are no circles to speak of, just a circular force..the feelings of rings..there are no different sizes either. It's one indivisible force that fits all living beings, organic and inorganic. FFW,248.


THE CIRCULAR FORCE HITS US JUST BEFORE THE TUMBLING FORCE The new seers saw that both forces are fused but are not the same. the circular force comes to us just before the tumbling force...they are so close to each other that they seem the same. FFW,248.


ALL LIVING CREATURES ARE ENERGY BUBBLES MADE FROM THE EAGLE'S EMANATIONS living creatures are really luminous beings that look like bubbles of whitish light...sentient beings are minute bubbles made out of those filaments, microscopic points of light, attached to the infinite emanations... FFW,66,67 we are a feeling and that what we call our body is a cluster of luminous fibers that have awareness. TOP,94 (our energy body).. it is linked to some luminous lines of energy crisscrossing the universe. TSC,138 The double is nearly infinite.. for just as the physical is in communication with other physical bodies, the double is in communication with the universal life force. TSC,186 (the double) it is inherently the energy of a luminous being, EG,23 Luminous Beings ...the energy essence of human beings TAOD, 5 we are luminous beings. We are perceivers. We are an awareness; we are not objects; we have solidity. We are boundless. TOP,97. human beings are frail creatures composed of many layers of luminosity SRP,253 DOES EVERY CREATURE HAVE A BODY OF ENERGY? YES, EVERYTHING HAS A BODY OF ENERGY Not only living beings but everything in our world glimmers with an inner light of its own TAOD,175 All of us luminous beings have a double. TOP,58..the double is oneself and cannot be faced in any other way. the double is not a matter of personal choice..TOP,58

It is not clear if inanimate objects have energy associated with them. WHAT ARE SOME OTHER NAMES FOR THIS BODY OF ENERGY? luminous egg, luminous ball (the egg)is our energy self (which is our double). TAOD,11 ..cocoons and containers are fields of energetic awareness. FFW,182 energy body, other, double, self, (the dreaming body is known by different names FFW, 291) the energetic or nonrational side, which sorcerers call the double TSC,xii The ethereal body.TSC,114. The other is the self..the double is the self TOP,46 Again, like the term intent, the energy body has many names. The term luminous egg/ball is the energy body but is used as the container of the energy body. WHAT EXACTLY IS THE ENERGY BODY? PURE ENERGY Since it's pure energy, EG,23

THE ENERGY BODY IS PURE ENERGY SO HAS AN APPEARANCE BUT NO MASS A ghostlike configuration made of pure energy....has only appearance but no mass. EG,23


As far as I know, the double is the awareness of our state as luminous beings. TOP,60

THE DOUBLE BEGINS IN DREAMING, THE DOUBLE IS A DREAM ....the double begins in dreaming..the double is a dream..TOP,64.

THE DOUBLE IS THE SORCERER HIMSELF, DEVELOPED THROUGH HIS DREAMING. The double is the sorcerer himself, developed through his dreaming. A double is an act of power to a sorcerer, but only a tale of power to you. TOP,47. ...instead of eyes, the dreaming body has just the glow of awareness (two points of intense amber lights..FFW,197) FFW, the case of Genaro, his double is indistinguishable from the original. That's because his impeccability as a warrior is supreme. TOP,48

A 3-D IMAGE OF THE BODY WHEN SECOND ATTENTION IS FIXED a whitish, phantomlike emanation, which is projected by the fixation of the second attention into a 3-D image of the body. EG,23....

A PERFECT REPLICA OF THE DREAMER'S BODY ...the double is a perfect replica of the dreamer's body.(it looks exactly like oneself. SRP,176) EG,23

IT WAS TWICE THE SIZE OF THE PERSON WHO HAD IT they had always called that shape the double, because it was twice the size of the person who had it. SRP,199.

IT WAS SHINY ..It was like you, but very shiny.(may refer to Naugal) SRP,149

FOR A SORCERER THAT SEES THE DOUBLE IS BRIGHTER for a sorcerer that sees the double is brighter. TOP,46.


..there is no way of knowing what the other is made of..but it is real..TOP,46 It is not a ghost, but as real as anything we deal with in the world. EG,23

THE DOUBLE IS SOLID AND CORPOREAL..SOLIDITY, CORPOREALNESS ARE MEMORIES. (the double is solid and corporeal)..solidity, corporealness are memories. therefore, like everything else we feel about the world, they are memories we accumulate. memories of the description. You have the memory of my solidity, the same way you have the memory of communicating through words. Thus, you talked with a coyote and you feel me as being solid. TOP,51.

OTHER ALWAYS COME SHROUDED IN WIND Dreaming body or the other (this term belongs to the old gives me a feeling of darkness, of shadows...the other always comes shrouded in wind FFW,291).... FFW,199

How the energy body is described depends on the sorcere's interpretation.. in the end its just energy. DOES OUR ENERGY BODY BELONG TO THE PHYSICAL BODY? THE ENERGY BODY IS THE COUNTERPART TO THE PHYSICAL BODY Energy's the counterpart of the physical body. EG,23 The soft body is a mass of energy...we are aware of only its hard, outer casing.TSC,133 The double. The counterpart of the physical body, which by know you must know.. is not merely a projection of the mind. TSC,114. . ...the double is our energy source. The physical body is merely the receptacle where that energy has been placed. TSC,237. the double is both inside and outside the physical body... at the same time... TSC, 159.


THE REAL DIVISION IS BETWEEN THE PHYSICAL BODY WHICH HOUSES THE MIND AND THE ENERGY BODY WHICH HOUSES OUR ENERGY The body-mind dualism is a false dichotomy. The real division is between the physical body, which houses the mind, and the ethereal body or the double which houses our energy. TSC,62. but our division is not between the mind and the body, but between the body, which houses the mind or the self, and the double, which is the receptacle of our basic energy. TSC,43 Human beings are divided in two. EG,163.... all the faculties, possibilities, and accomplishments of sorcery, from the simplest to the most astounding, are in the human body itself. EG,163. The two sides of a human being are totally seperate EG,228. The tonal

and the nagual are the two inherent parts of ourselves.. they cannot be led into each other. TOP,244. WHAT SEPERATES THE PHYSICAL BODY AND THE ENERGY BODY? THE TWO SIDES ARE SEPERATED BY A MEMBRANE the membrane that seperates their two sides. EG,230 WHAT DOES OUR ENERGY LOOK LIKE? OUR ENERGY WAVERS LIKE A HEAT WAVE, IT SCINTILLATES . our energy wavers..TAOD, beings energy are more like heat waves. FFW,121...our energy scintillates. TAOD,175 WHAT DETERMINES THE LUMINOSITY OF A LIVING CREATURE? THE LUMINOSITY IS DETERMINED BY THE PARTICULAR PORTION OF EMANATIONS FOUND IN THAT PARTICULAR COCOON. the luminosity of living beings is made by the particular portion of the Eagle's emanations they happen to have inside their luminous cocoons. FFW,66,67

WE ARE LUMINOUS BECAUSE WE ARE PIECES OF THE SUN We are pieces of the sun. (we are all like the sun, but very, very faint) That is why we are luminous beings. But our eyes can't see that luminosity because it is very faint. Our light is too weak, but it is light anyway. SRP,123. ARE THE EMANATIONS INSIDE THE BUBBLES THE SAME AS THE EAGLE'S EMANATIONS OUTSIDE? THE EMANATION PATTERNS ARE THE SAME INSIDE AND OUT BUT SOME OF OUR EMANATIONS ARE LOCATED AS MUCH AS 3 FEET OUTSIDE THE PHYSICAL BODY. The emanations inside and the emanations outside are the same filaments of light. FFW,66,67 Human beings are also composed of an incalculable number of the same threadlike energy fields.POS,13, FFW,62 some beams of light or energy allegedly crisscross the earth... these beams do not fluctuate as everything else in the universe does, but are fixed into a pattern. This pattern coincides with hundreds of points in the luminous body...since the luminous body is quite big, some of the points are as much as three feet away from the physical body. In a sense they are outside of us, and yet they are not; they are on the periphery of our luminosity and thus still belong to the total body. EG,196. WHAT DO YOU CALL THE EMANATIONS OUTSIDE THE PHYSICAL BODY BUT STILL WITHIN THE COCOON?

THE EMANATIONS INSIDE THE COCOON BUT LOCATED OUTSIDE THE PHYSICAL BODY IS CALLED THE ETHEREAL NET The ethereal net is the luminosity that surrounds the physical body... TSC,134 WHAT DO YOU CALL THE EMANATIONS OUTSIDE THE COCOON? WE CALL THE EMANATIONS OUTSIDE THE COCOON, THE EMANATIONS AT LARGE ...emanations at large.. are called this because they are immense. FFW,225.. The emanations outside the cocoon.. are called emanations at large. FFW,141

WHAT SHAPE DO THE EMANATIONS FORM? THE EMANATIONS AGGLOMERATE INTO A GIANT LUMINOUS EGG These Eagle's emanations form an encased agglomeration that manifests itself as a ball of light the size of a person's body with the arms extended laterally, like a giant luminous egg. POS,13, FFW,62 ..human beings were, for those who saw, luminous beings composed of something like fibers of light, which rotated from the front to the back and maintained the appearance of an egg. SR,106 are fibers of light.. like white cobwebs. Very fine threads that circulate from the head to the navel. Thus a man looks like an egg of circulating fibers. And his arms and legs are like luminous bristles, bursting out in all directions. SR,23 When you see them, they seem to have fibers, but those fibers are really like layers, like an onion. EG,45 WHAT DO SORCERER'S EGGS LOOK LIKE? SORCERERS HAVE EGGS SHAPED LIKE TOMBSTONES Average human beings are like eggs... sorcerers are like tombstones; only we are round at both ends. SRP,210. WERE OUR LUMINOUS SHAPES ALWAYS SHAPED LIKE AN EGG? THE LUMINOUS SHAPE KEEPS CHANGING THROUGHOUT TIME, OUR SHAPES TODAY ARE REALLY MORE LIKE A BALL AND THE EGG SHAPE IS REALLY ASSOCIATED WITH PEOPLE OF ANCIENT TIMES. Don Juan had the impression that our energy shape keeps on changing through time. He said that every seer he knew, himself included, saw that human beings are shaped more like balls or even tombstones than eggs. But, once in awhile, and for no reason known to them sorcerers see a person whose energy is shaped like an egg. Don Juan suggested that people who are egglike in shape today are more akin to people of ancient times. TAOD,5 WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE LUMINOUS EGG? THE EGG IS A CONTAINER THAT HOLDS OUR ENERGY BODY

...the egglike shape is an external cocoon, a shell of luminosity that houses a most intriguing, haunting, mesmeric core made up of concentric circles of yellowish luminosity, the color of a candle's flame.... .EG,220.... the egg shaped shells were actually dull. the luminosity emanated from a brilliant core; the shell in fact dulled its radiance. EG,220... WHAT ARE SOME CHACTERISTICS OF THE LUMINOUS EGG? THE EGG IS MUCH BIGGER THAN THE HUMAN BODY, 7 FT HIGH BY 4 FT WIDE ...much bigger than the human body TAOD, 5... they were enormous, perhaps seven feet high by four feet wide or even larger. EG,41

THE EGGS HAVE A CERTAIN CONSISTENCY (DESCRIPTION OF) ... Consistency of luminous egg.. description. SRP,79,80,82 Zuleica ordered me to massage that place, to manipulate it by moving the fingers of both my hands right on that point as if I were playing a harp. She assured me that sooner or later I would end up feeling my fingers going through something as thick as water, and that finally I would feel my luminous shell. EG,253.

THE LUMINOUS EGGS ARE BRIGHT BLOBS OF LIGHT, VIBRANT AND FILLED WITH WHITENESS ....bright shapes that resemble giant eggs (a field of energy.) FFW, 115 The ones without spots... were dazzling bright... They were vibrant, filled with energy and whiteness. EG,45The double is white, yellowish white, like the sun. SRP,123 .....a blob of light FFW,270 ..the dreaming body is really just a blob of light. FFW,198

LUMINOUS EGGS HAVE SETS OF LONG FIBERS COMING FROM THE NAVEL AREA The most astonishing part of the egg-like creatures was a set of long fibers that came out of the area around the navel; those fibers were of the uttermost importance in the life of a man. SR,106 Then I realized that the energy to move them had come from a sticklike protuberance that acted upon them as a tentacle. It was balanced at the midpoint of my body.EG,155. everyman is in touch with everything else, not through his hands, though, but through a bunch of long fibers that shoot out from the center of his abdomen. SR,23 They are the tentacles that come out of a man's body which are apparent to any sorcerer who sees. SR,106.

THE EGGS SHOW EVERYTHING WE FEEL OR ARE IN IT'S FIBERS IN AREAS OF BRIGHTNESS ..we are luminous beings and everything we are or everything we feel shows in our fibers.. indications in the luminous fibers, areas of brightness. TOP,30.

239 HOW BIG IS IT? IT IS ABOUT THE SIZE OF A TENNIS BALL the size of a tennis ball. they grew inward from the place of the genitalia. WHAT CAUSES THE INTENSE SHINE IN THE LUMINOUS EGG? The assemblage point WHAT IS THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT? THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT IS A DOT WITH AN INTENSE SHINE IN THE LUMINOUS EGG. HIGH ON THE GLOW OF AWARENESS . FFW. had thick bundles of filaments that resembled a lion's tail. Assemblage point.13 a dot with an intense shine. That's the only way to tell them apart from other luminous living beings. TAOD. FLUSH WITH ITS SURFACE. ARE MEN AND WOMEN'S EGGS DIFFERENT? YOU CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE BY THE SHAPE OF SOME FILAMENTS CALLED ROOTS Our visions differed in that she could distinguish men from women by the shape of some filaments that she called roots.those roots were the givers of life.46 MEN HAVE SHORT FILAMENTS THAT ARE FLOATING ALMOST SEPARATELY FROM THEIR LUMINOUS EGG Men.... had short filaments that were alive and floating almost seperately from the luminous mass of their bodies. EG. EG.a round spot of intense brilliance. TOP.HUMAN LUMINOUS EGGS HAVE A BRIGHTNESS PECULIAR TO THEM ONLY Humans have a brightness peculiar only to them. POS.46 WOMEN HAVE THICK FILAMENTS GROWING INWARD FROM THE GENITALIA THAT ARE USED TO NOURISH THE EMBRYO Women..13 WHERE IS THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT ON THE LUMINOUS BODY LOCATED? IT IS LOCATED PERMANANTLY INSIDE THE LUMINOUS BALL.7. POS.30. TAOD. EG.46..7.. on the glow of awareness..

the glow is extremely dim in people who have been rendered unconscious or are about to die and it is totally absent in corpses. WHAT IS THE GLOW OF AWARENESS/MAN'S BAND OF AWARENESS? THE GLOW OF AWARENESS ALWAYS SURROUNDS THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT INTENSIFYING THE AMBER LUMINOSITY OF THE EMANATIONS PASSING THROUGH THE GLOW. makes us perceive...but it is part of the luminous egg. POS... TAOD.239 WHAT DOES THE GLOW OF AWARENESS LOOK LIKE? IT IS A SPHERICAL GLOW SLIGHTLY BIGGER THAN THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT Glow of awareness.239 WHERE IS THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT ON THE PHYSICAL BODY LOCATED? IT IS LOCATED ABOUT 2 FEET BACK FROM THE CREST OF A PERSON'S RIGHT SHOULDER about two feet back from the crest of a person's right shoulder blade. on that point. FFW.7..68 " called man's band of awareness" FFW. FFW..perception is assembled there.. flush with its surface.7. greatly intensifying the luminosity of the filaments passing directly through that glow..11 permanently lodged inside the luminous ball... POS. in the cocoon itself. (the glow of) awareness is a glow in the cocoon of living beings.the AP is not in the physical body but in the luminous shell. . (the glow of awareness) always surrounds it(the assemblage point).there is no trace of an assemblage point on a dead being..almost on the crest.. man's awareness is a glow of amber luminosity more intense than the rest of the cocoon. POS.. FFW...7 THE GLOW HAS MANY DIFFERENT SHADES OF AMBER is high on the glow of awareness. TAOD..136....... a spherical glow.7. TAOD. because the assemblage point and its surrounding glow are the mark of life and consciousness..179 WHERE IS IT LOCATED? .. 67.all living beings have such a point of brilliance..13.the glow of awareness has different colors.. slightly bigger than the assemblage point.13 WHAT IS THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT'S PURPOSE? THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT MAKES US PERCEIVE/IT IS THE MARK OF LIFE AND CONSCIOUSNESS BECAUSE DEAD PEOPLE DON'T HAVE ONE . TAOD. on the surface of the cocoon.. FFW.they are not colors but different casts of amber. has nothing to do with (the physical body ).. FFW.

perception is automatically assembled there. . When I did that I did not have to bend over to touch the ground.68. . .136.normally the glow of awareness is seen on the surface of the cocoon of all sentient beings. La Gorda signaled me to use my midsection.. or to be protected from.250 THE FIBERS JOIN A MAN TO HIS SURROUNDINGS AND KEEP HIM BALANCED AND STABLE These fibers join a man to his surroundings. which were not there to protect me. TAOD. EG.250 I had three thick tentacles in my midsection which I could use as crutches to lift up my whole body. IT IS SORT OF LIKE A FEELING. that through them I could perceive everything at once.THE GLOW IS LOCATED ON A NARROW VERTICAL BAND ON THE EXTREME RIGHT SIDE OF THE SURFACE OF THE COCOON.82. SR. THE FIBERS ARE NOT LIKE TOUCHING. One can feel it coming out (from the belly) SR. for there was nothing to protect. the will was a force that emanated from the umbilical region through an unseen opening below the navel.8 WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE EGG'S LONG FIBERS THAT COME OUT FROM THE NAVEL ARE? THE FIBERS DO NOT PROTECT YOU BUT INSTEAD THEY GUIDE YOUR NAGUAL'S PERCEPTION LIKE THE WAY YOUR EYES GUIDE THE TONAL'S PERCEPTION I had long. they give him stability. WITH THE FIBERS YOU CAN PERCEIVE EVERYTHING AT ONCE They told me that my fibers were all around me. FFW. There were no particular tactile qualities on which to base distinctions. but that they were there to guide my nagual's perception in very much the same way my eyes guided my normal tonal's perception.148 The energy needed in order to move and seek in dreaming stems from the area an inch or two below the belly button...TOP.. He called that energy will.. EG. But I could not tell what I was feeling.130 . it comes out through the belly. they keep his balance.the glow of awareness is always present wherever the assemblage point is. or the power to select. running along its entire length. TOP.23. FFW. RUNNING ITS ENTIRE LENGTH OR IT IS ALWAYS WHERE THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT IS. an opening he had called the gap.260.161. to assemble. The glow is on a narrow vertical band on the extreme right side of the cocoon. EG.. 67... TOP. there was something in me like a tentacle which I could feel.. powerful fibers.. and that one single fiber was enough for a leap from the rock into the ravine. or up from the rock to the ravine.. (navel area) where the luminous fibers are.

250 WHAT KIND OF FIBERS DO PEOPLE HAVE? WEAK PEOPLE HAVE SHORT. BAD OR GOOD OR CAN SEE AND CAN DEAL WITH THEM ACCORDINGLY Sorcerers act toward people in accordance to the way they see their tentacles. SR. The way they moved was not pleasing. TAOD.. making.106. or kind.THE FIBERS FEEL LIKE A LONG ITCHING a most peculiar sensation of a long itching. long ones SR... HOW DO THE EGGS MOVE? THE EGGS MOVE IN A UNPLEASANT.. as it moves.106 WHAT CAN YOU TELL ABOUT SOMEONE FROM THEIR FIBERS? WHEN A SORCERER SEES SOMEONE'S FIBERS THEY CAN TELL IF A PERSON IS SICK OR HEALTHY..106. ALMOST INVISIBLE FIBERS Weak persons have very short.106 . my fibers would have been agitated and would have interfered with DG.5 the luminous eggs did not walk.. EG. Their movements were stilted. almost invisible fibers. SR. just as if the luminous shape had a taproot that was dragging. yet they were grounded. a deep furrow in the energy of the earth. or treacherous. and jerky.JERKY FLOATING MANNER LEAVING A DEEP FURROW IN THE ENERGY IN THE EARTH . The result was a most annoying nervous shivering. or if he is sick or if he is mean.TOP.luminous shape that floats. SR.44. SR. You can also tell from the fibers if a person can see. DOES THE EGG HAS ANY WEAKNESSES? THE EGG HAS A GAP IN ITS COCOON JUST BELOW HIS NAVEL .giant. When they were in motion the whole egg shape became smaller and rounder. wooden. STRONG PEOPLE HAVE BRIGHT LONG FIBERS strong persons have can tell from the fibers if a person is healthy. They moved in a floating manner. Had I known (CC) what was going to take place. or shake up and down with great speed. they seemed to jump or jerk.107.

It is at the place of your luminous fibers (at your abdominal area) SR. a very frail vulnerable configuration.147 WHAT IS THE LUMINOUS GAP'S PURPOSE? EVERY LIVING CREATURE HAS A GAP. FFW.246. SR. Every living being has a gap.147 ARE ALL GAPS THE SAME? EACH GAP IS DIFFERENT IN SIZE AND CONFIGURATION The gaps are different.246 HOW DOES THE EGG PROTECT ITSELF FROM THE ROLLING FORCE? THE EGG HAS A PROTECTIVE SHIELD IN FRONT TO PROTECT US FROM THE TUMBLERS CALLED THR FRONT PLATE .246 MAN'S GAP IS A BOWL-LIKE DEPRESSION THE SIZE OF A FIST Man's gap is a bowl-like depression the size of a fist. some are stronger than ours and others are weaker. WITHOUT A GAP. a natural flaw in the otherwise smooth cocoon.147. FFW. WHEN DOES THIS GAP OPEN? THE GAP OPENS AS ONE DEVELOPS ONE'S WILL There is a gap in us. YOU WOULD NEVER DIE. but in his cocoon.245. It's not really below the navel itself. however.Man has a gap below his navel. If it didn't have one it wouldn't die. FFW. it allows a space for the will to shoot out like an arrow.246 THE GAP IS AN OPENING WHICH ALLOWS OUR WILL TO SHOOT OUT it's an opening. in size and configuration. OTHER ORGANIC BEINGS GAPS ARE SIMILAR TO MAN'S GAP BUT SOME ARE WEAKER AND SOME ARE STRONGER the gaps of other organic beings are very much like man's. The gap is more like a dent. FFW. at the height of his navel. FFW. this gap opens as one develops one's will. SR. like the soft spot on the head of a child which closes with age.

. my eyes went involuntarily out of focus.. FFW.... which seers call the front plate.the front of the egglike cocoon of man has a protective shield. you would have a perfect replica of man's cocoon. TOP. saying that he would immediately erase the division lines because he had drawn them only to give me an idea where the band was located in the cocoon of man... because I was seeing four of them... The chedder cheese goes all the way inside the ball of jack cheese. unyielding shield that protects us against the onslaught of a peculiar force (death force). the result of the merger was that I saw an iridescent being standing in between don Juan and don Genaro. was not a man as I ordinarily see men.217 ANALOGY OF THE LUMINOUS BALL: A BALL OF JACK CHEESE The luminous shape of man is like a ball of jack cheese with a thick disk of darker cheese injected into it.. FFW. He explained that the band was like a disk of chedder cheese that had been inserted into the ball of jack cheese. It's a disk that goes from the surface on one side to the surface of the other side. The AP of man is .240 WHAT IS THE FRONT PLATE? THE FRONT PLATE IS AN ALMOST IMPREGNABLE SHIELD ONE FIFTH THE THICKNESS OF THE TOTAL COCOON It is almost impregnable. . the left eye image of DJ became superimposed on the right eye image of don Genaro.FFW. They looked like white iridescent footballs with fibers. TAOD. 7 DESCRIPTION OF SEEING A LUMINOUS EGG: CC SEES DJ AND DG AS TWO BALLS OF FIRE WITH FIBERS As I kept staring at them. something like fibers of light covered it.141 . He drew an egglike shape and divided it in four longitudinal sections. fibers that had a light of their own. He then drew a thick band at the line between the first and second sections and erased the division lines. HOW DO PEOPLE SEE THE LUMINOUS EGGS? THE LUMINOSITY OF A HUMAN CAN ALMOST BE SEEN THROUGH LOOKING BUT THE ONLY TRUE WAY IS BY THE SORCERER'S SEEING Man's luminosity can be seen almost as if one were using the eyes alone...I was seeing two strange elongated luminous objects.240.seers see them (assemblage and glow) without their eyes. I knew I had definitly crossed them.238.. Now if that ball of jack cheese were transparent. The front plate is about one-fifth the thickness of the total cocoon. It was rather a ball of white fire.

these two energies become seperated in the double. this time down the center of the elliptical shape. Then he added a horizontal line that transected it midway.236 LOWER SECTION LOWER SECTION CIRCULATES ORIGINAL ENERGY WE HAD WHILE STILL IN THE WOMB In the lower one circulates the original energy we had while still in the womb.located high up. pointing to the two partitions. FFW.140. he stated. corresponds to the right and left sides of the body. TSC. causing weaknesses and unbalance in the physical body.236 THE DOUBLE IS ALSO DIVIDED INTO LEFT AND RIGHT SIDES WHERE TWO DIFFERENT PATTERNS OF ENERGY CIRCULATE He drew another line. which corresponds roughly in the physical body to the abdomen and chest cavities. which. TSC. three-fourths of the way toward the top of the egg on the surface of the cocoon. dividing it lengthwise into two. TSC. TSC. Two different currents of energy circulate in these two sections.. HOW IS THE DOUBLE DIVIDED/HOW DOES THE ENERGY CIRCULATE IN THE ENERGY BODY? THE DOUBLE IS DIVIDED INTO A LOWER (ABDOMEN) AND AN UPPER SECTION (CHEST) WHERE TWO DIFFERENT CURRENTS OF ENERGY CIRCULATE He picked up a twig and drew an oval shape on the soft ground.he explained that the double is divided into a lower and an upper section.235 WHEN THESE TWO SECTIONS BECOME SEPARATED IN THE DOUBLE WE BECOME UNBALANCED Usually.235 THE ORIGINAL ENERGY SINKS DOWN TO THE GENTIAL AREA The original energy sinks down into the genital area. in life. These two sides also have two specific patterns of energy circulation..236 UPPER SECTION . TSC.

This energy enters the body at birth with the first breath. CC TAOD.235 RIGHT SECTION ON THE RIGHT SIDE THE ENERGY CIRCULATES UP ON THE FRONT PART OF THE DOUBLE AND DOWN THE BACK SIDE OF IT In the right side. is an independent perception.he said that thought energy is enhanced by experience and rises upward into the head.236 HOW DOES THE DOUBLE PERCEIVE? THE DOUBLE HAS AN INDEPENDENT PERCEPTION/IT DEALS WITH ENERGY ..235 THOUGHT ENERGY IS ENHANCED BY EXPERIENCE AND RISES UPWARD INTO THE HEAD .that sphere is energy. TSC. although affected by our normal way of perceiving the daily deals with the energy in terms of energy. TSC.THE UPPER SECTION CIRCULATES THOUGHT ENERGY WHICH ENTERS OUR BODY WITH THE FIRST BREATH In the upper section circulates the thought energy.....its perception.. It has its own sphere.. 31. energy circulates down on the frontal part of the double and up on the back.236 LEFT SECTION ON THE LEFT SIDE THE ENERGY CIRCULATES DOWN ON THE FRONT PART OF THE DOUBLE AND UP THE BACK SIDE OF IT On the left side. and down on the back of it.. TSC. energy circulates up on the frontal part of the double.32 HOW DOES THE DOUBLE PERCEIVE ENERGY IN DREAMING? THERE ARE THREE WAYS IT DEALS WITH ENERGY IN DREAMING: . TSC.

TSC. anything we want it to do.237. it can jump over trees or fly through the air or become large or small or take the shape of an animal.. and off it goes with them. All it has to do is isolate them. or it can use energy to boost itself like a rocket into unexpected areas.There are three ways it deals with energy in dreaming: CC TAOD. 31. WHAT THINGS CAN PERCEIVE THE DOUBLE? ANIMALS AND INFANTS CAN PERCEIVE THE DOUBLE Animals and infants have no problem perceiving the double and they are often disturbed by it.32 THIRD: IT FEELS ENERGY AS A JOLT OR AS A SENSATION THAT CAN EVEN BE PAIN Or it feels it directly as a jolt or as a sensation that can even be pain.32...23 IT HAS INCONCEIVABLE POWER (when the double emerges) .32 TWO: IT CAN PERCEIVE AS WE ORDINARILY PERCEIVE THE WORLD or it can perceive as we ordinarily perceive the world. TSC. 31. 31.) CC TAOD. TOP.23 it can perform acts that are beyond the possibility of the physical body EG. CC TAOD. that I no longer had a body and was free to turn into anything I wanted. WHAT CAN THE DOUBLE DO? IT CAN PERFORM ACTS BEYOND THE POSSIBILITY OF THE PHYSICAL BODY Since it's pure energy. (It sees energy directly as a light or as a vibrating current of sorts or as a disturbnce.32 ONE: IT CAN PERCEIVE ENERGY AS IT FLOWS it can perceive energy as it flows. Or it can . EG..136 (The double can do).219. The double has inconceivable power. TDJ. 31.) CC TAOD.77 IT COULD TURN INTO ANYTHING YOU WANT/OR DO ANYTHING He said I must struggle to fall asleep. (it can use currents of energy that exist in the universe to propel is capable of performing inconceivable feats.

it is very easy for the DB to gaze at the Eagle's emanations interruptedly for long periods of time. FFW..145.171) EG.47).60 THE DOUBLE NEVER MAKES MISTAKES OR MISINTERPRETS THINGS/ALWAYS DIRECT AND TO THE POINT You said it to my double just a moment ago. It's always direct and to the point and since you have never allowed it expression.. but it is also very easy in the end for the DB to be totally consumed by them. you can appear in front of someone and talk to him as if you really there.199. YET IT CHOOSES TO BE UNOBTRUSIVE AND GENTLE it can do anything and yet it chooses to unobtusive and gentle.. if you know how to use it. (DG trying to eat desc. It's your double that's talking. TSC. or to any place in the seven worlds available to man. in essence.23 .become aware of people's thoughts or become a thought and hurl itself in an instant over vast distances...EG.222 THE ENERGY BODY IS RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR WELL BEING he said that perhaps our greatest human fallacy is to believe that our health and well-being is in the realm of the body when. THE DOUBLE CAN GAZE AT THE EAGLE The dreaming body is very strong.218. TOP.the dreaming body is a surge of energy that is transported by the movement of the AP to any place in this world.. it is full of hatred and bitterness. TSC.236 can even act like the can transport itself in one instant to the ends of the universe (the journey of the energy body depends exclusively on the position of the assemblage point TAOD.236 This fallacy stems from the fact that the body controls our awareness. TOP.. TSC.. TSC.. my double never ever makes mistakes or misinterprets things. IT CAN DO ANYTHING. TSC. EG.146 Example of .. the control of our lives is in the realm of the double.The dreaming body has a different intent from the intent of the physical body. FFW. THE DOUBLE CANNOT EAT OR DRINK The dreaming body cannot handle the intent of eating or drinking.146. EG.136 IT COULD TRANSPORT ITSELF IN ONE INSTANT TO THE ENDS OF THE UNIVERSE .

. chest and head. I had made that connection not as a thought or a realization but as a bodily sensation that suddenly became fixed and predominant. a container if you will. The physical body is a covering. . TSC.. She touched my stomach just below the navel. FFW. an endless run of feelings and images. WOMEN STORE ENERGY IN THEIR WOMB she said that Pablito was giving Josefina energy by placing his midsection.72.WHAT IS THE PHYSICAL BODY? THE PHYSICAL BODY IS JUST A COVERING OR A CONTAINER FOR OUR ENERGY BODY. EG. EG. He had always said that such a point is a true center of energy in all of us.71.55. THE EXACT MIDPOINT OF THE BODY (WHICH YOU SHOULD MEASURE) IS A TRUE CENTER OF ENERGY IN ALL OF US DJ had insisted that I measure my body to the hundredth of an inch and establish its exact midpoint. TOP. lengthwise as well as width.136. CHEST AND HEAD she went on to explain that the body is divided into three main chambers of energy: the abdomen. She explained that these three points are the key centers of the three chambers. WHERE DO MEN AND WOMEN STORE THEIR ENERGY?. where women store their energy. MEN STORE IT IN THEIR MIDSECTION. where men have a surplus of it. and the center from where all those changes radiated was definitely in my stomach. The fluctuations around me came from my stomach. then my solar plexus and then the center of my forehead.125 THERE IS A DELICATE GLOW AROUND THE STOMACH AND IS ALWAYS BEING PULLED AROUND BY EVERYTHING Human beings had a very delicate glow around the stomach and that glow was always being pulled by everything around. I was creating a world.133 THE BODY IS DIVIDED INTO THREE MAIN CHAMBERS OF ENERGY: ABDOMEN. TSC. over Josefina's womb. In a woman both the attention and the energy for dreaming originate from the womb. THE FEELINGS/WORLD WERE CREATED FROM THE STOMACH What was in front of my eyes was rather like a feeling or a mood.

TSC.159.232 THERE IS A CENTER OF PERCEPTION ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE CALVES human beings have a superb center of perception on the outside of the calves. EG.. the scope of our perception would be enhanced in ways that would be impossible to fathom rationally. at the base of the big toe. TSC.WHERE ARE THE ENERGY CENTERS IN THE PHYSICAL BODY? THERE ARE SEVEN MAIN GATES.. he pressed the round protuberance of my big toe at the sole of my foot.232 SECOND GATE THE SECOND GATE IS THE AREA THAT INCLUDES THE CALVES AND THE INNER PART OF THE KNEE The second gate is the area that includes the calves and the inner part of the knee. the first gate is in the sole of the foot.256 SKIN OUTSIDE THE CALVES RELAXED OUR PERCEPTION IS ENHANCED and that if the skin in that area (on the outside of the calves) could be made to relax or to be soothed. EG. OTHERS ARE DEEP INSIDE THE BODY Some (gates) are close to the skin. using his index finger and thumb as a vise.(see gazing) THIRD GATE . TSC. SOME (GATES) ARE CLOSE TO THE SKIN... FIRST GATE THE FIRST GATE IS IN THE SOLE OF THE FOOT AT THE BASE OF THE BIG TOE By opening our gates. and the toe joint at the top of my foot.159. TSC.. others are deep inside the body.. there are seven main gates.256..

.. including one's breathing had to engage this point of energy. TSC.He explained that just below the navel was a key center of power and that all body movements. the fifth is in between the shoulder blades.232. TSC.232. the fourth and the most important is in the area of the kidneys.232. SIXTH GATE THE SIXTH GATE IS AT THE BASE OF THE SKULL.232..TSC.160..TSC. I was just about to tell her that an enormous gate is in the sexual organs..THE THIRD GATE IS AT THE SEXUAL ORGANS AND TAILBONE third is at the sexual organs and tailbone. FOURTH GATE THE FOURTH AND THE MOST IMPORTANT GATE IS IN THE AREA OF THE KIDNEYS.. FIFTH GATE THE FIFTH GATE IS IN BETWEEN THE SHOULDER BLADES. SEVENTH GATE THE SEVENTH GATE IS AT THE CROWN OF THE HEAD. and the seventh is at the crown of the head.. TSC. JUST BELOW THE NAVEL IS A KEY CENTER OF POWER AND THAT ALL BODY MOVEMENTS INCLUDING BREATHING MUST ENGAGE THIS POINT OF ENERGY . TSC..232... . the sixth is at the base of the skull..132.. TSC.

TSC. it just intends down.THE HEAD HAS AN INVISIBLE LINE OF ENERGY COMING OUT DIRECTLY FROM THE TOP OF THE HEAD TO THE UNIVERSE'S ENERGY/ IT LINKS US TO INTENT She said that an invisible line of energy flows out directly from the top of the head.. If it wants to go up. . That line suspends and pulls the double whichever way it wants to go. all it has to do is intend up. It's that simple. Or it can flow from the realm of not-being down into us via an opening at the very center of the top of the head. If it wants to sink into the ground. 138. For instance a line of energy that extends up from the top of the head gives the double its purpose and direction. upward to the realm of not-being. you can call it the life line that links us to a greater awareness. If you like.. 114. TSC. D. he added that ordinarily our awareness is placed on the energy that circulates in the right side of the double..240 the awareness of our daily world TAOD. and described it as our awesome taken-for-granted ability to impart order to our perception of our daily world. which results in our ability to think and reason and be effective in dealing with ideas and people. The content of this chapter is skipped. please refer to: http://www..) FIRST ATTENTION WHAT IS THE FIRST ATTENTION? THE FIRST ATTENTION IS THE ABILITY OF AVERAGE PEOPLE TO PLACE THEIR AWARENESS ON THE ORDINARY WORLD OF EVERYDAY LIFE CALLED THE TONAL/ATTENTION OF THE TONAL the capacity of average people to perceive and place their awareness on the ordinary world of everyday life.236 .This document is created from a CHM file automatically by an unregistered copy of CHM-2-Word. EG. SRP. For registration information.. TSC.macrobject.18.. SRP. ? . please register CHM-2-Word to get full is the consciousness that every normal person has developed in order to deal with the daily world..

.The tonal is everything we know. The tonal is everything.. In other words. TOP. TOP. THE TONAL MAKES SENSE OUT OF THE THINGS/IT PUTS ORDER IN OUR PERCEPTIONS At this moment.124.where the first attention prevails.also called the first ring of power SRP. which has been developed. .121... which he called the tonal. EG.163 The new seers call the emphasized emanations the right side. encompasses everything the intellect can conceive of. And since the tonal is its own doings. this virtue of such an absolute rule over our lives. has to fall under its domain..122 the tonal is everything we think the world is composed of. SRP.255..122.what is engaged in trying to make sense out of our conversation is your tonal. as persons. that everything we know and do as men is the work of the tonal.121.. EG. TOP.9 normal awareness. It is not farfetched to maintain. like they had carried that table and bundle..order in our perception is the exclusive realm .. The personal tonal of each of us was like that table in the valley. and extremely fragile faculty that takes care of the day-to-day world in all its innumerable aspects. intricate. the first attention. but everything in our world. called the first attention TAOD. The average man calls it reality. into a complex.. rationality. TOP. the FA is the most valuable asset that the average man has.127. normal awareness.163 The tonal is everything we it!. common sense.240 a small one.199 The tonal is the social person.. FFW.83 the tonal is in everything. /EMPHASIZED EMANATIONS/THE KNOWN/THIS WORLD/ REALITY/ RATIONALITY/COMMON SENSE . then everything..120. The right side. obviously. it is everything we are as average men.anything we have a word for is the tonal. Perhaps the best way of describing its monumental work is to say that on its shoulders rests the task of setting the chaos of the world in order. a tiny island filled with things we are familiar with. without it there would only be weird sounds and grimaces and you wouldn't understand a thing I'm saying. FFW. EG. SRP.and that includes not only us... WHAT IS THE FIRST TONAL? EVERYTHING WE ARE OR CAN POSSIBLY THINK OF IS TONAL/IT RULES OUR LIVES/IT ORGANIZES OUR WORLD the first attention in man is animal awareness. it can be said that the tonal is everything that meets. through the process of experience.120 the tonal is the organizer of the world. ? the right side of man. TOP.WHAT ARE THE OTHER NAMES OF THE FIRST ATTENTION? FIRST DOMAIN/FIRST RING OF POWER/ RIGHT SIDE OF MAN/NORMAL AWARENESS/TONAL .163. TOP. The tonal which is in everything could be easily apprehended by our senses. everything that one can think about is part of the first attention.. the known. the tonal. TOP. FFW. TOP. the tonal was the order that we are aware of in our daily world and also the personal order that we carry through life on our shoulders.125 The important factor to keep in mind is that everything we know about ourselves and about our world is on the island of the tonal.

or unravel it. and there is a collective one for all of us at any given time. beyond the island. or how we do it.263.267.. but never could it understand it. no matter what we do with it. THE TONAL BEGINS AT BIRTH AND ENDS AT DEATH .. The very fact that we are thinking and talking points out an order that we follow without ever knowing how we do that. your reason. it cannot explain it..268. or what the order is. Last night you witnessed not only the indescribable nagual but also the indescribable tonal.123. TOP. there is still a core that you can claim as your own. Reason can only witness the effects of the tonal.. we are merely witnessing the effects of the tonal. If I would say. TOP.Therefore the view of the tonal is a tool. in the same way it cannot explain the nagual.263. TOP. All I can say is that there.124.there is no way of answering that. the proof that the tricking was successful is that at this moment it seems to you that in spite of everything you have gone through...124.TOP. Your precious reason is only a center of assemblage. Nothing. TOP. TOP.267 .268.the last piece of the sorcerers explanation says that reason is merely reflecting an outside order and that reason knows nothing about that order.. which we can call the tonal of the times.Genaro and I have laboured to give you the impression that only the nagual was beyond the scope of explanation.of the tonal. THERE IS NO WAY OF DESCRIBING WHAT IS BEYOND THE TONAL BECAUSE ANYTHING YOU SAY WOULD BECOME PART OF THE TONAL (what is out there beyond the tonal island?). and as such it is not only the best tool but the only one we got. THE TONAL IS BUT A REFLECTION OF THAT INDESCRIBABLE UNKNOWN FILLED WITH ORDER The tonal of every one of us is but a reflection of that indescribable unknown filled with order. There is a personal tonal for every one of us.127 ANALOGY OF THE TONAL AS A TABLE IN THE RESTAURANT (analogy of tonal as a table in a restaurant) TOP.267. TOP. I would only make the nagual part of the tonal. I've tricked your reason into believing that the tonal was accountable and predictable.. one finds the nagual.. only there can our actions have a sequence. TOP. I can add now that through the reason. That's a mirage. a mirror that relfects something which is outside of it. EACH PERSON HAS A TONAL AND THERE IS ALSO A COLLECTIVE TONAL CALLED THE TONAL OF THE TIMES The tonal is an island. TOP.

134. ASSESS AND WITNESS/IT MAKES UP THE RULES BY WHICH IT APPREHENDS THE WORLD the tonal is what makes the world. it creates the world. in fact.. and witness.122 there's no beginning.but there are certain instances when the tonal is taken by surprise and its shyness unavoidably makes it shrink. the tonal makes up the rules by which it apprehends the world. TOP. EVEN IF YOU ARE YOUNG YOUR TONAL CAN STILL DETERIORATE Youth is in no way a barrier against the deterioration of the tonal. In a very strange manner the tonal is a creator that doesn't create a thing.123. TOP.137. TOP.. or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that our eyes have been trained by the tonal. and assess.169 HOW DOES THE TONAL MAKE THE WORLD? THE TONAL CANNOT CREATE OR CHANGE ANYTHING BUT IT MAKES THE WORLD BECAUSE IT FUNCTION IS TO JUDGE. especially when embarrassed. its shyness is not really an issue.. TOP. SR. TOP.173 THE TONAL IS VERY VULNERABLE.. the beginning is only in your thoughts.The tonal begins at birth and ends at death. In other words. THE TONAL IS SHY AND SHRINKS WHEN EMBARASSED OR FRIGHTENED The tonal shrinks at given times. IT CANNOT WITHSTAND MALTREATMENT The tonal is very vulnerable. but only witnessed and assessed.. It cannot create or change in a manner of speaking.. it cannot withstand maltreatment. A sudden fright always shrinks the tonal TOP. OUR EYES REFLECT THE TONAL Our eyes are the eyes of the tonal.154. TOP.139. WHAT POSITION OF THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT DOES THE TONAL RESULT FROM? . TOP. the tonal did not create anything. I say that the tonal makes the world because it witnesses and assesses it according to tonal rules. therefore the tonal claims them. the tonal makes the world only in a manner of speaking. and yet it makes the world because its function is to judge. one of the features of the tonal is its shyness.

182 THE FIRST ATTENTION IS HOOKED TO EMANATIONS OF THE EARTH She said that our first attention was hooked to the emanations of the earth. or excusing him on the grounds that he is like a leaf at the mercy of the wind. That's the part related to action and acting. HOW DO YOU SEE PEOPLE AS TONALS? . the fringe. more delicate and more complex. one is the organic band. BUT NO AWARENESS The world that our AP assembles for our normal perception is made up of two bands.262 THERE ARE TWO SIDES TO EVERY TONAL There are two sides to every tonal. it entails seeing a man without thinking that he is hopeless or helpless. TAOD. the other is a band that has only structure. TOP.THE TONAL RESULTS FROM THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT BEING FIXATED ON ITS PRESENT POSITION the fixation of the assemblage point on its habitual position.TOP. In other words. the inner tonal. SEEING PEOPLE AS A TONAL: TYPES OF TONALS WHAT IS SEEING PEOPLE AS TONALS? IT ENTAILS SEEING A MAN WITHOUT THINKING THAT HE IS HOPELESS OR HELPLESS It entails to cease judging him in a moral sense. the rugged side. softer. the surface of the island. FFW. TOP. ONE IS THE ORGANIC BAND AND THE OTHER IS A BAND THAT HAS ONLY STRUCTURE.141 One is the outer part.141 The other part is the decision and judgement.134. EG. but no awareness. ? WHAT GREAT BANDS DOES THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT ASSEMBLE IN THE FIRST ATTENTION? OUR ASSEMBLAGE POINT ASSEMBLES TWO BANDS.141. TOP.

143. takes a gigantic struggle to clean the island of the tonal. (question. SHUT OFF THE INTERNAL DIALOGUE AND LET GO. you should be an impeccable tonal. balanced and harmonious.Whenever you are in the world of the tonal. WARRIORS COME FROM THAT STOCK one could turn a right tonal into a proper tonal. no time for irrational crap. MERGING WITH THE PERSON BEING OBSERVED He suggested I should relax. TOP. ...most were losers) AVERAGE TONAL THE WHOLE BEING MUST BE ON THE TONAL OR YOU WILL GO BESERK In order to be an average tonal a man must have unity. TOP. His whole being must belong to the island of the a tonal that is just right. at best. and to be a perfect tonal means to be aware of everything that takes place on the island of the tonal. Without that unity the man would go berserk. TOP.TOP.Why did all the warriors from CC's parties have lousy tonals? . TOP.170 RIGHT TONAL: AVERAGE MAN CAN HAVE IT and that the average man. For a proper tonal everything on the island is a challenge. Warriors come from that stock.. TOP. merging with the person being observed.136. ONE COULD TURN A RIGHT TONAL INTO A PROPER TONAL.189 HOW DOES THE FIRST ATTENTION CORRESPOND TO THE LUMINOUS BODY? THE FIRST ATTENTION IS THE GLOW OF AWARENESS DEVELOPED TO AN EXTRA SHINE BUT ONLY FIXED TO THE SURFACE OF THE COCOON.HE SUGGESTED I SHOULD RELAX.141.141.135 WHAT KINDS OF TONALS ARE THERE? PROPER TONAL: WARRIOR'S TONAL only a warrior had a proper tonal. shut off the internal dialogue and let go. to be maintain order is to be a perfect tonal.... could have a right tonal.. The proper tonal is a tonal where the two levels (outer and inner parts) are in perfect harmony and balance.136 A proper tonal. TOP.. TOP. TOP.187.142.

.226.60 PERCEPTION IN THE DAILY WORLD IS TWO DIMENSIONAL the world of daily life consists of two points of reference.the first attention is the glow of awareness developed to an ultra shine.... EG.18.examples are. up and down.. good and evil and so on. with no depth.84 HOW DOES THE FIRST ATTENTION CORRESPONDS TO THE PHYSICAL BODY? THE FIRST ATTENTION BELONGS TO THE PHYSICAL BODY the first attention belongs to the physical body. EG... WHAT ARE WE CAPABLE OF PERCEIVING IN THE FIRST ATTENTION? WE CAN PERCEIVE LESS THAN ONE THOUSANDTH OF THE HUMAN DOMAIN We perceive not all the human domain but perhaps only one thousandth of it. but it is a glow fixed on the surface of the cocoon.FFW..our senses perceive and differentiate what is immediate to us and not..225 .. to a minute fraction. TAOD...59..POS. 15 and that small portion is still further reduced. our points of reference are obtained primarily from the sense perception. Using that distinction we derive the and there....our perception is two dimensional. POS. it encompasses the awareness of the physical body.252. FFW. it is a glow that covers the known. in and out. by the constraints of our daily life .

9. FFW.240. WHAT IS THE NAGUAL? . there is nothing more horrendous.135. SRP.240 the altogether portenous ability that all of us have. to impart order to the nonordinary world... or the attention of the nagual. The second attention is the counterpart to normal attentiveness.all of us have to have two faces to fare well in both attentions.. SRP.13 WHAT ARE THE OTHER NAMES OF THE SECOND ATTENTION? THE SECOND ATTENTION/THE SECOND RING OF POWER/SECOND DOMAIN/ATTENTION OF THE NAGUAL/THE SECOND FACE/THE LEFT SIDE/THE SHADOW WORLD/THE REALM OF NOTBEING... If it is focused on objects. POS.279. SRP.274. the domain of what he called the second attention. SRP..E.) SECOND ATTENTION WHAT IS THE SECOND ATTENTION? THE SECOND ATTENTION IS THE AWARENESS OF THE NAGUAL/TO PLACE YOUR AWARENESS ON THE NONORDINARY WORLD AND TO IMPART ORDER TO IT the second domain was the attention of the nagual the capacity of sorcerers to place their awareness on the nonordinary world SRP. EG... the mysterious side of man.240 the left side.also called the second ring of power SRP. The Naugal told me that the SA is the most fierce thing there is.256.. or the attention under the table. every Toltec warrior had two faces and faced two opposite directions. but only sorcerers use.... the supernatural... The residue of consciousness. CC TAOD pg viii.112 the second face. EG.

. if my naugal touched one of them(sorcerers).273.The nagual is the part of us for which there is no description-no words.138. because to be in the left side awareness is a special and frail condition which has to be used sparingly.268. is a realm of indescribable features.83.84 THE NAGUAL IS BUT A REFLECTION OF THAT INDESCRIBABLE VOID THAT CONTAINS EVERYTHING the nagual of every one of us is but a reflection of that indescribable void that contains everything..198. no feelings. If your naugal touches us (sorcerers).124... It came out of your body and it was your naugal. It's a quagmire so complex and bizarre that sober seers go into it only under the strictest conditions. FFW.TOP. TAOD. The left side. EG. I would not get weakened. no knowledge. SRP. TOP... Probably refering to this as the energy body . EG. THE NAGUAL AS A LUMINOUS GOOEY SUBSTANCE and then you saw your naugal on her forehead. you pulled it back.198.THE NAGUAL IS PERCEIVED WHENEVER THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT IS FIXED INTO ANY NEW POSITION old sorcerers called the result of fixing the assemblage point on new positions the second attention awareness of other worlds. The nagual is not experience or intuition or consciousness . TOP.124 Soledad told me that the left side is the parallel line to the one we are living in now..TOP. as ordinarily be the case if my naugal touched an average man..16 THE NAGUAL IS THE PART OF US WE NEVER DEAL WITH The nagual is the part of us which we do not deal with at all. no names... a realm impossible to contain in words. your luminosity stays on the surface.. THE NAGUAL IS THE VASTEST FIELD ONE CAN IMAGINE The SA is also called the the left-side awareness and it is the vastest field that one can imagine. so vast in fact that it seems limitless. that substance was yourself. You can pick it up again and nothing is lost. THE SECOND ATTENTION IS EXHAUSTING AND IS NOT A STATE OF POWER I was exhausted.163. since all of us had the same luminosity. It certainly is not a state of power EG. called the naugal. SRP... by touching it.

the nagual is the only part of us that can create. TOP...174 THE ENTRANCE TO THE NAGUAL WAS NOT METAPHORICAL BECAUSE IT ACTUALLY APPEARS SOMETIMES AS A PLAIN DOOR. or anything conceivable. therefore..things that do not seem possible. the secret of a sorcerer is that he knows how to get to the nagual...139 ANALOGY OF THE NAGUAL USING RESTAURANT TABLES (Analogy of the nagual using restaurant tables) TOP.the nagual is not God.. a dazzling feels like one is doing something.. A DAZZLING LIGHT OR ANYTHING CONCEIVABLE to call it an entrance was not metaphorical because it actually appears sometimes as a plain door. But the extraordinary thing is that the performer has no way of knowing how those things happen. things that are unthinkable for the tonal. ..TOP. TOP. a black cavern. even a dragon's eye. A BLACK CAVERN. the metaphors of China's early sages were not farfetched at all.. God is only everything you can think of. The term nagual Is also used to describe the leader of a sorcerer's party as the nagual and the force inside us (energy body) HOW DOES THE NAGUAL WORK? THE NAGUAL CAN DO EXTRAORDINARY THINGS BUT WE DON'T KNOW HOW IT HAPPENS The nagual can perform extraordinary things.67.136. . he is only another item on the island.... this respect.. but once he gets there...THE NAGUAL ACCOUNTS FOR OUR CREATIVITY in the life of a sorcerer it was the nagual that was accountable for creativity. TSC. God has no more importance other than being a part of the tonal of our time. your guess is as good as his to what takes place. TOP.125. because God is an item of our personal tonal and of the tonal of the times.. IS THE NAGUAL GOD? THE NAGUAL IS NOT GOD BECAUSE GOD IS PART OF THE TONAL OF OUR TIME . properly speaking.

THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT CAN ASSEMBLE 7 COMPLETE WORLDS. deep enough to reach a crucial threshold. one for each band of awareness. but it cannot be talked about. FFW..the old seers counted seven. FFW.125. The nagual. EG.on the other hand. he can only be talked about.262 THE EARTH'S COCOON CONTAINS THE UNKNOWN EMANATIONS inside the earth's cocoon is.. at which stage the AP can use another of the great bands. There are other complete worlds that our AP can assemble. 5 OF THOSE WORLDS ARE DIFFICULT TO ASSEMBLE The other 46 great bands are not part of the world we normally perceive.182 WHEN DO WE ACTUALLY PERCEIVE ANOTHER WORLD? WE EXPERIENCE ANOTHER WORLD WHEN OUR ASSEMBLAGE POINT ASSEMBLES ANOTHER GREAT BAND OF THE EAGLE'S EMANATIONS In order to see another world I had to perceive another great band of the Eagle's emanations.. are easy to assemble.226 HOW DOES THE SECOND ATTENTION CORRESPOND TO THE LUMINOUS BODY? . TOP.183 THE SECOND ATTENTION IS HOOKED TO EMANATIONS OF THE UNIVERSE our second attention was hooked to the emanations of the universe. It can be witnessed. besides the world of everyday life.GOD CANNOT BE WITNESSED BUT TALKED ABOUT WHILE THE NAGUAL CAN ONLY BE WITNESSED AND NOT TALKED ABOUT God cannot be witnessed at will.175.. FFW. the unknown FFW. WHAT BANDS DOES OUR ASSEMBLAGE POINT ASSEMBLE IN THE SECOND ATTENTION? FROM THE REMAINING 46 GREAT BANDS. the other five are something else.a true change of worlds happens only when the AP moves into man's band. I'll add that two of those worlds. is at the service of the warrior.

FFW. such as fear and doubt. FFW. except for a slight vulnerability to emotions....The second attention belongs to the luminous body. EG. TOP....267.the dreamer is like almost anyone else in the street.252 WHAT CAUSES US TO PERCEIVE THE HUMAN UNKNOWN? The human unknown result from shifts from the assemblage point (See Awareness) WHAT KIND OF SHIFTS ARE THERE? SHALLOW SHIFTS SHALLOW SHIFTS OF THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT MAKE THE DREAMER SLIGHTLY MORE VULNERABLE TO EMOTIONS If the shift is a shallow one. THE SECOND ATTENTION IS A SPECIALIZED STATE OF THE GLOW OF AWARENESS The SA is a complex and specialized state of the glow of awareness. WHERE IS THE SECOND ATTENTION ASSEMBLED? THE SECOND ATTENTION IS ASSEMBLED ONE AND ONE-HALF FEET IN FRONT OF THE MIDPOINT BETWEEN THE STOMACH AND THE BELLY BUTTON AND FOUR INCHES TO THE RIGHT The second attention assembles itself approximately one and one-half feet in front of the midpoint between the stomach and the belly button and four inches to the right. WHAT WILL YOU PERCEIVE IN A SHALLOW SHIFT? .128 THROUGH THE WILL WE CAN WITNESS THE EFFECTS OF THE NAGUAL Sorcerers say that through the will they can witness the effects of the nagual.268.THE SECOND ATTENTION BELONGS TO THE LUMINOUS BODY .127..252.270. EG..

I could tell by the rhythm of your breathing that you had gone there. ) TSC.130. at night.. But I didn't want to frighten you then by asking you to look at your shadow. I could see everything clearly. creates totally isolated islands of perception. I could have sworn that they were agitated.70. TAOD. TSC.there was light but nothing had a shadow. POS. TSC. light becomes very dark. but there was no wind or movement in the room. in the worlds outside this one.. dancing.. TSC. darkness becomes twilight. A moment ago it was light. WHERE IS THE SHADOW WORLD LOCATED? THE REALM OF NOT-BEING IS LOCATED ABOVE THE HEAD AND SLIGHTLY BEHIND IT the realm of not-being. FFW.202. there are no shadows.201. there were no shadows.. SHADOW WORLD it was a new path. whose entrance hovers above the head and slightly behind it.even the most minute shifting. In the daytime.. what happened is that you entered into the shadow's world. A shudder went through me. for I knew the shadows were wrong. shimmering. The challenge of the shifts is that they are so small and so numerous that to maintain cohesiveness in all of them is a triumph.SHIFTS GIVE RISE TO MINUTE PERCEPTION CHANGES Shifts give rise to minute changes. (Emilito is showing a room to Taisha in the forbidden side of the house. DESCRIPTION OF SEEING NO SHADOWS However.245 CHANGES IN LIGHT THAT RESULT FROM A SHIFT OF THE AP a shift of the AP is marked by a change in light..140..265..115 HEIGHTENED AWARENESS .. when I looked closer I noticed something odd in the shadows cast on the floor. which are practically unnoticeable.. (entering the shadow world) something unnamed and unimaginable from the point of view of the normal world.

the room became energized and everything fell into place.WHAT IS HEIGHTENED AWARENESS? HEIGHTENED AWARENESS IS A SHALLOW SHIFT OF THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT WHERE THE GLOW GOES DEEPER IN THE LUMINOUS COCOON AND THE SHINE IS MORE INTENSE ON THE SURFACE OF THE COCOON HA is a shallow shift of the AP..a state of HA is seen not only as a glow that goes deeper inside the egglike shape of human beings. EARS BUZZED my ears buzzed POS.. SR.131. FFW..270..155. TAOD. . It was not painful or pleasurable or anything I could think of.FFW. HA is only an intermediate state... There is infinitely more beyond that....TAOD. IT IS NOT QUITE A PLEASING STATE It was not quite a pleasing state.24. I believed he had instantaneously put me to sleep and I dreamt.69.10 EARS POPPED My ears popped..132 DESCRIPTIONS OF BEING IN HEIGHTENED AWARENESS HYPNOTIZED/LIKE DREAMING . LIKE A JOLT then he bent over and slapped me on the belly. It was rather a jolt. FFW. 17 FEELING OF DRYNESS . (this is a recollection experience) TSC...166. but also as a more intense glow on the surface of the cocoon.I could have sworn that his touch hypnotized me.

There was no pain involved. TSC. the all-important factor. as if breath were the catalyst. LOSE SENSE OF SURROUNDINGS in HA one is minimally conscious of the surroundings... EG. FFW. TAOD. which I enjoyed for short periods of time and in which I could understand anything with minamal preambles. it seemed that everything in that state (HA) went faster. everything that had become hazy after the naugal's blow became crystal clear as I breathed.165. because one's total concentration is taken by the details of the action. EG.. such displacements meant that my awareness used to enter into a most disturbing state of unequaled clarity.. The closest I can come is to say that it created a feeling like dryness in me. 17 GREAT ALERTNESS I couldn't believe that I was listening to her every word.165. SPEEDING: AN INCOMPARABLE RICHNESS OF PERSONAL INTERACTION Another feature (besides clarity) of those states of HA was the incomparable richness of personal interaction. EG.. Every facet of activity was free of preliminaries or introductions. a state of superconsciousness... Then.13. It may have been that my reasoning faculties were numbed by DJ's blow. EG. TAOD.great clarity of mind. in these states of HA we had perceived everything in one clump. On the left side I could grasp the meaning of things with precision and directness. On the left side. yet nothing in the world had been changed. a richness that our bodies understood as a sensation of speeding. INTENSITY: CAN PERCEIVE EVERYTHING AT ONCE IN A MASS OF DETAIL intensity is the ability to perceive everything at once. transforming my habitual bored indifference into a most unusual alertness. Most of the time it was like a strange dream so intense that normal awareness paled by comparison. to la Gorda. POS.165. everything stood by itself.164. EG. Some major change had definitly taken place. I acted and rested. there is an inherent need for economy and speed..40. I went forth and retreated without any of the thought processes that are usual to me. 17 CLARITY .164. instead it brought on a sensation impossible to describe.. thus allowing me to perceive without their intervention.. The blows to my back seemed to dry out my lungs and fog up everything else. .165 From my experimental position. EG. Same thing happened on the way back to everyday awareness. one bulky mass of inextricable detail.10.

nothing was missing from me. But at a certain degree of depth..153 . when in fact every movement of the AP is in depth. FFW. FFW.)..FFW. SHIFT IN DEPTH/TO THE LEFT A SHIFT IN DEPTH/SHIFT TO THE LEFT WHERE YOU NEVER LOSE YOUR IDENTITY BECAUSE IT STILL USES THE SAME EMANATIONS BUT ONLY MORE OF THEM (for the old seers they saw that when the AP shifted it looked like it moved to the left but in fact it is a shift in depth..154 A LATERAL SHIFT A SHIFT LATERALLY ALONG THE WIDTH OF MAN'S BAND OF EMANATIONS . FFW. the transparency of the luminous egg creates the impression of a movement toward the left. FFW.68 SHIFT ALONG THE MIDSECTION A DREAMER WHO IS SHIFTING ALONG THE MIDSECTION BECOMES A BLOB OF LIGHT.FEELING OF COMPLETENESS I had come to regard those incomprehensible states as being my true self....on those states I felt complete.a shift of the point from one side to the other along the width of man's band of emanations instead of a shift in depth. FFW. the dreamer who is shifting along the midsection becomes a blob of light.but the new seers kept the name. There was one simple reason for that.Since the shift of the AP was always in depth. that such a directional preference is a natural reaction of most human beings. into the center of the luminous egg along the thickness of man's band.. SHIFTING IS ORDINARILY TOWARDS THE LEFT/A NATURAL REACTION FOR HUMAN BEINGS the movement ordinarily is toward the left.141 To see the glow of the AP moving inside that disk gives the feeling it is shifting toward the left on the surface of the cocoon.270. I was more aware than ever of the limitation of my being.. I had never lost my sense of identity in spite of the fact that I was always using emanations I had never used before. The anger and the sadness were a reaction to impotence.140.

RELIGION AND GOD On the left edge we find spirituality. religion..143 ON THE LEFT EDGE OF THE BAND IS SPIRITUALITY. but the who-cares-to-know-it. an incalculable pile of human junk. FFW. FFW. for goodness. I wanted to be with them.ON BOTH EDGES OF MAN'S BAND IS JUNK on both edges of man's band of emanations there is a strange storage of refuse. Genaro and I walked your assemblage point to both edges. THE MOLD OF MAN WHAT IS IT? IT IS A HUGE CLUSTER OF EMANATIONS IN THE GREAT BAND OF ORGANIC LIFE . FFW..150 THE DARK SIDE OF MAN IS LOCATED BY SHIFTING THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT IN MAN'S BAND TO THE PLACE DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED TO ITS NORMAL POSITION some of the obsessive visions of is not only the unknown.. FFW... sensuality. so as to give you a complete view of the junkpile. FFW.I felt elated. 149.154... DESCRIPTION OF BEING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF MAN'S BAND . KILLING. to pray to the Lord. is a huge cluster of emanations in the great band of organic life. killing. those were visions of the dark side of man. coincided with a shift of the AP to the region of man's band which is diametrically opposed to where it is ordinarily located.154. SENSUALITY on the right edge we find endless visions of physical activity.278 . I was moved by profound love.. because it is somber and foreboding . I had the most wonderful. violence.. God. FFW.while I lay there. FFW. fulfilling thoughts of love.?? ON THE RIGHT EDGE OF THE BAND IS PHYSICAL ACTIVITY.. the ones that were almost impossible to conceive.

FFW. SRP.281. and by all of us for sure at the moment of our death. FFW.. a form. an entity which could be seen by some of us at certain times when we are imbued with power.278. since. .282. FFW. The mould is the source. FFW.THE MOLD OF MAN IS AN ENERGY PATTERN THAT SERVES TO STAMP THE QUALITIES OF HUMANNESS ON AN AMORPHOUS BLOB OF BIOLOGICAL MATTER/THE ORIGIN OF MAN is what puts us all together SRP.281.he talked about the mold of man in terms of a pattern of energy that serves to stamp the qualities of humanness on an amorphous blob of biological matter. or punish our wrongdoings..138 WHY IS IT CALLED THE MOLD OF MAN? IT IS CALLED THE MOLD OF MAN BECAUSE THE CLUSTER APPEARS ONLY INSIDE THE COCOON OF MAN It is called the mold of man because the cluster appears only inside the cocoon of man. but the pattern of every human attribute we can think of and some we cannot even conceive of.. there was no way for that force to assemble itself into the shape of man.281 We are simply the product of its stamp. that what we call God is a static prototype of humanness without any power.. FFW.138. we are its impression. or reward us in any way. SRP. The new seers are the only ones who have the sobriety to see the mold of man and understand what it is. the origin of man.282. EVERY SPECIES HAS A MOLD OF ITS OWN He said that every species has a mold of its own and every individual of every species molded by the process shows characteristics particular to its own kind. without the mould to group together the force of life.280.. IT IS A STATIC PROTOTYPE OF HUMANNESS WITHOUT ANY POWER The new seers have seen. He said that it was like a gigantic die that stamps out human beings endlessly as if they were coming to it on a mass-production conveyor belt. FFW. The mold of man is the portion of the Eagle's emanations that seers can see directly without any dangers to themselves.140.a pattern. a cast that groups together a particular bunch of fiberlike elements which we call man..280. The mold of man is exactly what its name tells us it is.. What they have come to realize is that the mold of man is not a creator.. For the mold of man cannot under circumstances help us by intervening in our behalf. IT IS AN ENTITY WHICH WE ALL SEE AT THE MOMENT OF OUR DEATH The mold of man was definitely an entity.

The fervor I felt on seeing that man was well beyond anything I had ever felt in my life. you can see it as a man or you can see it as a light. elation. I also realized it was not DJ's voice in my ear.283. And the image was man's image. ..288. close to my clavicle. What a gorgeous sense of plentitude! I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had come face to face with God. FFW. nothing. but it was sterile.. into a diaphanous source of the most peaceful and exquisite beatitude. villainous. The human mold glows and it is always found in water holes and narrow gullies. a sense of peace and rest. if the shift is in the midsection of man's band. understanding. I felt happy and strong. Without water there is no mould. love. but DJ intervened and whacked me on my left upper chest. He said that I had to go beyond the mold. FFW. FFW. I was left with a tantalizing feeling. It was a radiant.138. FFW. And nothing else mattered. I could not look at it. I did fall on my knees. I wanted to worship God personified. Then the idea came to me that its beauty t of a sense of harmony. of being safe at long last. Then I heard DJ's voice in my ear. the mold is a human being. sincerity. it sounded like it but it wasn't.283. SRP. delivered. SHIFT TO THE MIDSECTION OF MAN'S BAND IT IS A LIGHT There are two ways of seeing the mold of man. SRP.288. A man total of all that is good. static. But being in its presence was enough. It was simply a luminous human. a mixture of remorse. SRP.139. That depends on the shift of the AP. a stopover that brought temporary peace and serenity to those who journey into the unknown. mainly for myself. certainties.. The splendor of the sight was beyond anything I can say and yet I could not figure out what it was that made it so beautiful. DESCRIPTION OF SEEING THE MOLD OF MAN He hit me on my right side. if the shift is lateral. the light seemed to condense and I saw a man.. SRP. And I knew that God loved me.140.284. doubts.. truth. A shiny man that exuded charisma. luminous being. and I lost sight of God. I felt myself inhaling and exhaling in quietude and relief. It blinded me. of having arrived. God was love and forgiveness.284. That light was a haven.. FFW. Description of CC seeing the mould of man as a man. that the mold was merely a stage.284. The sight of that resplendent light made me feel unworthy.FFW. I saw that light for an immeasurable length of time.As I gazed into the light with all the passion I was capable of. FFW. THE MOLD OF MAN'S POSITION ON THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT IS CLOSE TO WHERE THE DREAMING BODY AND BARRIER OF PERCEPTION APPEAR The position of the AP where one sees the mold of man is very close to that where the dreaming body and the barrier of perception appear. That blow sent me soaring into a radiant light. It feeds on water. between my hipbone and ny ribcage. the mold is a light. an oasis in the blackness around me. The light bathed me and I felt clean. I wept uncontrollably.139. FFW.THERE ARE TWO WAYS TO SEEING THE MOLD OF MAN: AS A MAN OR AS A LIGHT IT DEPENDS ON THE SHIFT OF THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT: LATERAL SHIFT IT IS A HUMAN BEING. the source of everything. It was at the same time a flat reflected image in a mirror and the mirror itself.288. just being there was all I wanted.

155 THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT DOESN'T REMAIN THERE LONG IN ACCIDENTAL SHIFTS the AP doesn't remain there long. The new seers call that shift the shift below seers also suffer accidental shifts below.155 DOWNSHIFTS DIMINISHES THE POWER OF THE SORCERER CONSIDERABLY Everytime it occurs.154. FFW. IT IS NOT GOOD TO GO BELOW EVEN THOUGH IT IS EASY TO DO To go below is counter to our interest. FFW. because that is the place of beast FFW. one of the most grievous was moving their AP to the immeasurable area below. and that's fortunate.154. They believed that by moving their AP to specific spots they would acquire the characteristics of the animal of their choice. but that such a downshift becomes less and less frequent as their AP move farther to the left. FFW. It is a drawback that takes time and great effort to correct.FFW. its strength or wisdom or cunning or agility or ferocity.155 . FFW.. the power of a seer undergoing it dimishes considerably...154. They chose different animals as their point of reference and called those animals their naugal. THE OLD SORCERERS MADE THE MISTAKE OF GOING TO THE PLACE BELOW ALOT AND BECAME OBSESSED among the many errors of judgement the old seers had committed.THE SHIFT BELOW/PLACE OF THE BEAST A SHIFT THAT IS BELOW THE HABITUAL POSITION OF THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT/NOT A SHIFT IN DEPTH but there are seers who can direct that movement to positions below the customary spot where the point is located.FFW. DOWNSHIFTS OCCUR LESS FREQUENT AS THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT MOVES FARTHER TO THE LEFT/DEPTH .an unwitting downshift occurs periodically to every seer. however. which made them experts at adopting animal forms..154. although its the easiest thing to do.

183 THE SHIFT BELOW ALWAYS RESULTS IN A TOTAL TRANSFORMATION A shift of the AP to the area below always results in a total transformation FFW. ease. WHAT CAUSES THE HUMAN UNKNOWN PROPER (NO HUMAN TRAITS)? The unknown proper results from a displacement of the assemblage point (See Awareness) WHAT KIND OF MOVEMENTS OF THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT ARE THERE? .156 They can therefore.155 FEMALES HAVE MORE DOWNSHIFTS THAN MALES BUT CAN BOUNCE OUT OF THE POSITION EASIER.FFW.but they are also capable of bouncing out of that position with no effort at all.. FFW. FFW. Female seers have downshifts more often than males. and a matchless ferocity.183 DEATH IS MORE OF A PROBLEM IN A DOWNSHIFT THAN IT IS IN THE HABITUAL POSITION the only problem is that in those positions of the AP. a shift below allows the seer a detailed and narrow view of the world we know. SHIFT BELOW IS THE SAME WORLD BUT FROM A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE A shift below entailed a view. Men cannot. which happens even more brutally and more quickly than in man's position. reproduce an animal form with flare.. FFW. not of another world proper but our same world of everyday life seen from a different perspective. the vision of sorcerer becomes limited.156 He said that also women seers have an extraordinary capacity to make their AP hold on to any position in the area below.VISION BECOMES LIMITED IN A SHIFT BELOW when the AP moves to the regions below its normal position..156. while males linger dangerously in it..175. seers are plaqued by death. It is mesmerizing view that has tremendous appeal..FFW. So detailed is the view that it seems to be an entirely different world..168. FFW.minimal effort is required. FFW.

which is almost the place where the barrier of perception makes its appearance.302.65 THE TRANSITION PERIOD IS ALSO WHEN THE DEEPEST LEARNING TAKES PLACE the transition period is the time when the deepest learning takes place and that it is also a time when warriors must be supervised and explanations must be given to them so they can evaluate them properly. for I would unavoidably be struck at one time or another by gripping feelings of defeat.248 . that seems to belong to our perceivable world is just the force of alignment.279 THE WORLD DISAPPEARS WHEN THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT MOVES PAST THE MIDLINE OF THE COCOON OF MAN a displacement of the AP beyond the midline of the cocoon of man makes the entire world vanish from our view in one instant. it ceases to be what it is to us at man's level. FFW. FFW. they will be great sorcerers but poor seers. before one enters fully into the leftside awareness.. as the ancient Toltecs were. one is capable of tremendous concentration. ONE IS CAPABLE OF GREAT CONCENTRATION. but one is also susceptible to every conceivable influence.. FFW.DEEP DISPLACEMENT.. BUT OPEN TO EVERY INFLUENCE. FFW. BEFORE ONE ENTERS FULLY INTO THE LEFT SIDE AWARENESS. In that umeasurable area. in the intermediate stage.155 IN THE INTERMEDIATE STAGE. FFW. the substantiality. DEEP LEFT SIDE BARRIER OF PERCEPTION JUST BEFORE THE BARRIER OF PERCEPTION IS AN UNMEASURABLE AREA OF AWARENESS WHERE WARRIORS FALL PREY TO EVERY MISDEED . He warned me to be on the lookout and not lose confidence. warriors fall prey to every conceivable misdeed.65 THE TRANSITION PERIOD IS CALLED THE NETHERWORLD netherworld is (the region between our world and the inorganic being's world) TAOD.there was an unmeasurable area of awareness in between the customary position of the AP and the position where there are no doubts.. the world vanishes. . as if it had been erased-for the stability. He added that if the AP moves beyond a crucial threshold. If no explanations are given to them before they enter into the left side..

.291 WHAT WILL WE PERCEIVE THERE? A SPECIAL RECESS OF AWARENESS CALLED THE WALL OF FOG OR THE BARRIER OF PERCEPTION/CRACK BETWEEN THE WORLDS a special recess of awareness.276 (1) It could be taken abstractly as a barrier of perception. which was the site of the keenest form of attention.276 (3) or it could be seen as a wall of fog.. We experience it as a moment of perceptual blankness. FFW. POS.111)..FFW.154. IT IS A POSITION WHERE THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT CANNOT ALIGN EMANATIONS AND WE EXPERIENCE IT AS A MOMENT OF PERCEPTUAL BLANKNESS AND A BANK OF FOG APPEARS when the AP is moving away from its customary position and reaches a certain depth.RECOLLECTING THE DREAMING BODY WOULD PUT THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT IN A POSITION TO BREAK THE BARRIER OF PERCEPTION the recollection of the dreaming body would put my AP in a position to break the barrier of perception in order to assemble another world.276 WE NEED ONLY PART OF OUR AWARENESS TO GET TO THE FOG BUT TO CROSS BODILY INTO THE OTHER WORLDS REQUIRES OUR ENTIRE BEING . FFW.the crack between the worlds was more than a metaphor.276 THERE ARE THREE WAYS ON INTERPRETING THIS AREA OF NONPERCEPTION: CAN BE THOUGHT OF ABSTRACTLY. One of its main features. EG.276 (2) it could be felt as the act of piercing a tight paper screen with the entire body.. was that in that state we were able to perceive a colossal bank of yellowish vapor. it was rather the capacity to change levels of attention. IT CAN FEEL LIKE PIERCING A TIGHT PAPER SCREEN WITH THE ENTIRE BODY OR SEEN AS A WALL OF FOG There were three ways of dealing with it.the old seers called that moment the wall of fog. (Nonperception where the AP had moved but not far enough to reach and light a totally new bundle of energy fields. EG. THE CRACK BETWEEN THE WORLDS IS THE CAPACITY TO CHANGE LEVELS OF ATTENTION . FFW.244. it breaks a barrier that momentarily disrupts its capacity to align emanations. SRP. because a bank of fog appears whenever the alignment of emanations falters.. FFW.154.. called the wall of fog. FFW.

. as if it were struck to our right temples. while one is in a state of HA or while is doing dreaming... it was certainly out in the world..244.244.157 STOPPING THE ROTATION OF THE WALL TO ALLOW A WARRIOR TO GO THROUGH IT .157 WOMEN CAN RELAX EASIER IN THE FOG women have an easier time learning to relax in no-man's land.158.. A WOMAN MUST BE TRANSPORTED THROUGH THE FOG A woman has to be transported through the fog. ANYBODY WHO HAS LIFE FORCE CAN GIVE IT TO OTHERS BY BLOWING ON THEM anybody who has life force can give it to others by blowing on them. YOU CAN ONLY ENTER THE FOG WITH AWARENESS OR THE LIFE FORCE IS EXHAUSTED BY THE PHYSICAL PRESSURE OF THAT WORLD the rule says that one could only enter in there with awareness.241.That other side is the world of the diableros. dividing it in two.. And other things even more fierce... THERE IS A GREAT PRESSURE IN THE FOG . and rotating when we moved our heads....the heavier regions. ORGANIC BEINGS/DIABLEROS COME FROM THE FOG .To venture behind the wall of fog. EG. EG. THE WALL IS OUTSIDE OF US AND ROTATES WHEN WE MOVE OUR HEADS . entails only a very small portion of our awareness..He said that the wall was not inside us....105.182 Allies (or call them demons.come from that deserted plain.. EG. EG.. EG..158). TDJ. since without consciousness the life force is exhausted by the physical pressure of that world. EG.152. To enter without it brings death. EG. while to cross bodily into the other worlds entails our entire being.because one needs to be heavy to go through and a woman is light..the pressure would get so great that we would die. EG. EG.

EG.155)...104. to infinity. PIERCING THE WALL/EASIER IN DREAMING . It went from the ground up to the sky.. the axis of the bank of fog went from east to west. ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WALL OF FOG/NO-MAN'S LAND/LIMBO/AREA BETWEEN THE PARALLEL LINES the space between the world we know and the other world. But in order to leave this world and reach the other.The world was divided in two at a level my intellect could not comprehend. (the fog was extending forward to the horizon and up to infintiy. I was looking at the world divided in two by the wall of fog and at the same time I was staring directly at a bank of yellowish vapor.239.58. The division seemed real.. EG.. I was there twice. INTENT IS THE KEY TO STOPPING THE WALL I realized that intent was the key. I close my eyes and I see this wall.. EG.155). EG. Everything to the north of that line was the world as I knew it.154).. a special aspect of my intent because it was not my volition as I know it. DJ made me turn a few degrees to my right.105.. divided the world in two. EG.153. we can go to it in dreaming. It was three or four yards to my right (always to my right. EG.this enables the warrior to face the wall and give him the power to go through it anytime he so desired. Both times I had written off the experience because it had been brought around by the ingestion of hallucinogenic plants.EG... EG. EG. but the boundry was not on a physical plane..105 DESCRIPTION OF THE WALL OF FOG Earlier with DJ. It was a peculiar nervousness that made me shudder and then turn it into a force that did not really stop the wall. It's like a wall of fog. Or was it? EG... thus dividing the world in two. (The wall of fog would turn either to the right or to the left as I turned my head.153. The latter view gained predominance and something pulled me into the fog and beyond it. the one beyond the parallel lines. and I saw that the wall of fog moved as I turned my head.. was an accomplishment when the warrior had the serentity and control to stop the rotation of the wall.the half of the world to my left was intact and the half to my right was veiled in fog. the result was that for an instant I had two points of view.. It is the area between the parallel lines..... we have to go through that area with our whole bodies..... it had to be somehow in myself. It was an intense desire that was focused on the midpoint of my body. and it was an inconceivable bank of yellowish fog that.153 . ..It is easier to pierce the wall of fog in dreaming because then it does not move... so there was never a way for me to face it...

and I was looking at the desolate plain. And there stands a skin that seperates the two worlds.DESCRIPTION OF NO-MAN'S LAND BEYOND THE WALL OF FOG He pushed me into the fog. it seemed gaseous. EG. sand-dune-like mounds. one perfectly flat. it is windy. the world of the diableros and the world of living men.238. the crack is there.. whipping. It was very difficult to walk. they look and stand always to the warrior who journeys into them.182 It is hard to see the other side of the boundry. They seemed to be made of something that looked like pale yellow sandstone.there were low yellow clouds around us.152. which there becomes even more violent. EG. It is a plane above the ground. EG.238. The wind whirls around. There is a place where the two worlds overlap. THE PLACE OF THE YELLOW MOUNDS IS ALWAYS THE SAME IN PERCEPTION FOR ALL PEOPLE . and that that is the way. TDJ. it seemed that I was on a plateau filled with vapors of sulpher.. the sensation I had upon entering into that wall of fog was that my body was being twisted like the braids of a rope.130.238. TDJ. EG.163 . And what I saw was a cloudy.. roaring all around. it opens and closes like a door in the wind. the darker it got and the more difficult it was to move. The further we got away from the wall. They were all around us.153.. as far as we could see. (no-man's land) EG. TDJ.. there was the horrible desolate plain. I could see very well over the major part of a 180-degree range in front of my eyes.155.. banks of pale yellow vapor impaired visibility. and the other covered with small. in every direction. but no sky or horizon. A sort of lemon hue uniformly covered all I could see. EG. On top of that plateau is the entrance to that other world. pale-yellow horizon. I had seen at least two aspects of it.238. The sky was the same color and very low and oppressive. There were banks of yellowish fog or some sort of yellowish vapor that hung from certain spots in the sky. or rough granules of sulpher. she contended that those yellow mounds are present here and now.We were surrounded by small round mounds that looked exactly like sand dunes. EG.. it is possible to recognize it by the wind. like a sandstorm. it is possible to distinguish some of its features clearly.. DESCRIPTION OF GOING THROUGH THE CRACK BETWEEN THE WORLDS/FINDING A HELPER/DIABLERO the particular thing to learn is how to get to the crack between the worlds and how to enter the other world.182. EG. There is a crack between the two worlds.182After this journey the man arrives at a sort of plateau.. SR.

. EG.55 CLARITY OF HEARING I experienced an exceptional clarity of hearing. SRP. My ears were buzzing. DESCRIPTIONS OF THE SECOND ATTENTION GENERAL SENSATIONS ENTERING THE SECOND ATTENTION HEARING BUZZING INSIDE THE EARS I detected a noise that seemed to be a buzzing inside my ears. When that was done.FFW.. TDJ.96.. Description of ears buzzing at a mitote though not under the influence.57. The sound became louder by degrees until it was like the vibration caused by an enormous bull-roarer. there was a peculiar buzzing in my ears. JTI.55 . SRP. SR.. which he had not done. however.a warrior's journey into the desolate sand dunes is a preparatory step for the real crossing of boundaries. My ears buzzed and then they tingled.134 I experienced a peculiar buzzing in my ears as though he had actually shouted his words. FFW.134 OUT OF FOCUS .169. JTI. FFW. EG. (after seeing the inorganic being in the mirror in the water). 113. My ears began buzzing.TRAVELING THROUGH THE DESERTED PLAIN IS A MANDATORY AND A PREPARATORY STEP JOURNEY FOR A WARRIOR Passing through the deserted plain was mandatory for all travelers who journey into the unknown. there had been a metallic sound in his voice that was reverberating in my ears.55 VISION TEARING my eyes teared to the point that I could hardly make out the shape of the furniture. the reflection of DJ's face and mine became instantly took me twice as long to relax and stop my internal turmoil.112.

. One was extremely old. It enjoyed things with no expectation..being in two places at once was a milestone sorcerers used to mark the moment the AP reached the place of silent knowledge. there was crucial instant in which I was neither in one place nor the other.221. It was nervous.... was called the free movement of the AP. Two obviously seperate parts were within my being. THE THIRD POINT.. new. agitated. POS. if accomplished by ones own means. which had allowed him to be in both the place of reason and in the place of silent knowledge. not here and there.73.. Split perception.242..134 THE VISION CAN BE FLAT AND ALL AROUND ME I noticed that my view was not unidirectional and stereoscopic from the level of the eyes. fluffy.. a clear knowledge of a dualism in me.with a third point of reference.. POS. because it was equal to anything. It was part of me that did not care..his actions are tridimensional.THREE DIMENSIONAL the only way to talk about the perception attained in the place of silent knowledge was to call it here and here. DESCRIPTION OF THE EXPERIENCE OF THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT BEING ON REASON AND ON SILENT KNOWLEDGE the experience of feeling double..228. TOP..POS. but a sorcerer perceives his actions with depth.221. fast. It was heavy.this was also called reaching out for the third point.. but flat and all around me. FFW.251.My vision seemed to be totally out of focus.. I had. but I was rather in both places as an observer seeing two scenes at once. TOP. dark and connected to everything else.226 DESCRIPTION OF PERCEIVING HERE AND HERE I was seeing the desert chaparral and the tops of the shrubs at the same time. POS. . DUALISM OF PERCEPTION REACHING THE PLACE OF SILENT KNOWLEDGE YOU PERCEIVE TWO PLACES AT ONCE CALLED HERE AND HERE. either alternately or at the same time. The other part was light. when the AP had aquired sufficient fluidity for him to be double. at ease and indifferent...POS.... It cared about itself because it was insecure and did not enjoy anything.when we perceive two places at once total clarity is lost. order to reach the third point of reference one must perceive two places at once.225.

That is the rule. TOP. DOUBLE PERCEPTION DESCRIPTION.. on the surface.131.. and the sorcerer that finds himself face to face with himself is a dead sorcerer.the older side of man and what the older side of man knows is silent knowledge.this older dark side was a view of the antecedents of reason. That is the way power has set things up. recollects two seperate single instants..we are always one step removed and our experience of the world is always a recollection of the experience. the description of the world stands in between. In his awareness there is only a single recollection.TOP.) TOP. That was the part with which I looked at the world. just passed. however.154 WE CAN BE IN TWO PLACES AT ONCE.TOP..49. has to recollect the act he had just performed. It was alone. COMPREHENDING/EXPLANATION IN BEING IN TWO PLACES AT ONCE (he was aware that he was doubled but) no sorcerer knows where his other is. If our entire experience of the world is recollection..50. To be aware of that would be the equivalent of facing his double. a sorcerer..ALSO HERE AND HERE VISION. No one knows why.50... TOP..219.. like every man.291 Two different feelings at the same time in a dream example.we can be in two places at once..217.. vulnerable... The world doesn't yield to us directly. the event he has just witnessed. TOP.double perception description..153.. then its not so outlandish to conclude that a sorcerer can be in two places at once. But this is only bookkeeping and has no bearing on the fact that while he's acting he has no notion of his duality.. THAT WE CAN EXPERIENCE A PERCEPTUAL DUALISM . We are perennially recollecting the instant that has just happened. POS..) TOP.. FFW. (MORE ON THESE (LUMINOUS BEING)FIBERS AND THEIR MOVEMENTS. A sorcerer has no notion that he is in two places at once. EG. COLORS/LIGHTS .more on the jumping of DJ and DG. This is not the case from the point of view of his own perception. But for an outsider looking at the sorcerer it may appear as if the sorcerer is acting two different episodes at once.(more on these (luminous being)fibers and their movements. that we can experience a perceptual dualism.simply because it lacked the capacity to connect itself to anything.also here and here vision. .the experience he has just lived.. . because in order to experience the world.. SRP. POS. The sorcerer. So..100. It's a knowledge you cannot voice..219.because it is necessary to have and to use an inordinate amounts of energy.MORE ON THE JUMPING OF DJ AND DG... because the glue of the description of time is no longer binding him. A sorcerer may certainly notice afterwards that he has been in two places at once.217..

. Then it turned into something like a flat picture of a cloudy sky at night.. The illusion startled me.. TSC. yet at the same time it enthralled me so that I couldn't turn my eyes away. as if it were a moving picture.VIOLET LIGHT spots of intense violet light appeared. in the moonlight. conscious and aware that my attention was focused on it. the whole surface came into focus.150. moving clouds. There were streaks of chartreuse phosphorescence that illuminated dark. Suddenly the glowing sphere expanded to twice its size and became encircled by an intense purple ring.112. A COMPLETE IMAGE WOULD BE A BETTER DESCRIPTION OF IT. FFW. MEN'S FACES AS A PINKISH GLOW also faces of the men seen as brighter. FFW. Suddenly. IMAGES I HAD A SUDDEN AND STRANGE THOUGHT. I had a sudden and strange thought.134 DESCRIPTION OF LIGHTS IN THE SECOND ATTENTION a bright patch of light appeared. 113. VERY SIMILAR TO THOUGHTS THAT COME TO MY MIND JUST BEFORE FALLING ASLEEP. . TOP. I had the irrational certainity that the light was alive. SR. breathtaking view of the depths. It was more than a thought. FFW. hovering about two feet from me.134. The new sight was a three-dimensional. 113 JET BLACKNESS There were also spots of jet blackness.. a complete image would be a better description of it.pinkish glow. They grew large. IT WAS MORE THAN A THOUGHT. very similar to thoughts that come to my mind just before falling asleep.55 RED LIGHTS Everything around me was dark.112.

his seeing becomes what it should be. this renders us dependent and vulnerable.299.. THE NAGUAL IS A DISADVANTAGE BECAUSE IT ALLOWS US TO FOCUS WITH INCONCEIVABLE LUCIDITY ONLY ON ONE THING AT A TIME.210. THE NAGUAL IS AN ADVANTAGE ONLY THAT OUR GRASP OF THINGS IS ACCELERATED the left side is only an advantage only in the sense that our grasp of things is accelerated. AT FIRST IT IS EASY TO GET LOST IN SEEING In the beginning seeing is confusing and it's easy to get lost in it. FFW..151.151. TOP.he was convinced that it was seeing and not a hallucination because of the intricacy of detail. EG.299. THIS RENDERS US DEPENDENT AND VULNERABLE It is a disadvantage because it allows us to focus with inconceivable lucidity only on one thing at a time.CLARITY OF THINKING CLARITY IN THE SECOND ATTENTION IS USUALLY CRYSTAL CLEAR . I had been drowsy or absent-minded before because of my inner silence. a direct knowing. however.everything around me was crystal clear. TOP. DETAILS SEEING THERE IS AN INTRICACY OF DETAIL . As the warrior gets tighter. EG. it was a physical heaviness.134 . TOP. WEIGHT SENSATIONS PRESSURE/HEAVINESS I began to feel a strange pressure..

SRP. the warrior's shiver is infinite. It is as if one of the Eagle's emanations is anguish..82. I stayed on the hilltop in a state of ectasy for what appeared to be an endless time. which made it practically impossible for me to forsee beyond that moment. in all the states of nonordinary reality I had experienced. .166 being on the left side entailed that the primacy of the immediate took precedence. EG.134 TICKLE ON THE HEAD TICKLE ON THE HEAD/AWARENESS OF STOPPING THE WORLD Description of tickle on head. AWARENESS OF TIME STOPS In my experience with DJ I had noticed that in such states one is incapable of keeping a consistent mental record of the passage of time.. and that the only expression of anguish is a shiver that comes from the very depths of the universe.311. I was inside them. FFW. in matters of passage of time... however..body suspending judgement. TDJ. They had no sequential order. JTI. I took part in them. I had the impression that each one of them was like an isolated bubble. There had never been an enduring order. They were not. merely scenes to look at. yet the whole event may have lasted only a few minutes.252. He also said he had been trying to bring me back for three days and had had a very difficult time doing it.JTI. awareness of stopping the world. and my conclusion was that if I kept myself alert a moment would come when I would lose my order of sequential time. All I could remember was a series of dreamlike images or scenes. floato focus and then moving away.239. EG. He said the only interesting part was what I saw and did after he tossed me into the air and I flew away.FLOATING LIKE A BALLOON I seemed to be floating like a balloon.. TIME IN THE SECOND ATTENTION. I had a pang of terror. 83.311. EMOTIONS THERE ARE NO EMOTIONS ON THE LEFT SIDE/WARRIOR'S SHIVER on the left side there are no tears.

the house. They floated towards me.and it came to me. anything can announce its presence: a loud noise.38.while the first one had been yellowish and small.. It was as if it had stopped in front of my eyes and opened up.. as I flew past them. They were frantically bumping into one another. ta.they were the guage that assessed the state of being of the subject that I was were not facing your friend.102 DESCRIPTIONS OF BEING IN THE SECOND ATTENTION BUBBLES I remembered what Clara had said about the house being charged with an imperceptible energy.33...37. It looked like a mushroom. I hadn't been aware of it earlier because of all the activity. just like it had in the darkness of my room the first night I had slept in the house. a soft voice.37. TSC. but when a sorcerer was directly facing the person he was seeing. beyond the trees and the hills into a blinding glare.. But now. I distinctly heard a mild humming sound.he had already pointed out that what I called coloration was not a hue but a glow of different intensities.. its mesmeric purr drew me inside.. the entire house seemed to be charged with a subtle electric current that filled my very being. AN UNEXPECTED SURGE OF VIGOR OR WELL-BEING. larger and contorted. I had noticed that the air in the hall behind that door was bubbling. The room. the human quality was shown as an egglike cluster of luminous fibers. A THOUGHT THAT ISN'T YOURS... I had no control over my movements all I could do was shout Clara's and manfred's name. TOP. TOP. my ears were plugged and I had to swallow repeatedly to unplug them. giving off a buzzing sound like the drone of a thousand bees.ANYTHING ANYTHING CAN ANNOUNCE ITS PRESENCE: A LOUD NOISE. the air in the hall began to fizzle. I heard the mysterious sound again (moth call). a thought that isn't yours.. I heard a soft hum that reminded me of the sound of a muffled generator. TOP. in absolute silence. (seeing shapes of sorcerers TOP. disclosing a strange object.feeling was all that counted. TOP.39) .therefore he appeared like a mushroom. TOP.190. TSC. beyond the hall. an unexpected surge of vigor or well-being. like an electric current flowing through wires.tsc.not as flat specks or flakes but as spherical bubbles. and finally into an absolutely black stillness.37.. On the third shout.. TSC.. . the second one was whitish. Then I saw the minutest bubbles jumping all around the room at a tremendous speed..188. One of them burst open and revealed a scene to me.36. ... The mushroom like formation was the essential shape of human beings when a sorcerer was seeing them from far away. A SOFT VOICE.. Billions of tiny bubbles sparkled and glowed as if they had all lit up at the same instant.

TDJ. The thoughts were outside myself. intimately related to mankind. It wasn't my voice either. but the moment one tries to look at it. or the bloodvessels in the cornea of the eye.155. however. It flickered on and off like a beacon appearing and disappearing whenever I focused on it. because I could hold my own thoughts and the thoughts of the other at the same time. Its velvety walls enveloped me.. I knew that was so.VOICES THE VOICE THAT COMES WITH SEEING when seers see. It was perfectly clear. TDJ. . but a minature man's voice. Something was thinking for me. What I thought to be a voice was more like something whispering thoughts into my ear. what the seer is engaged in isn't seeing. but that seers had opted for using sound as a guage of a new alignment. doesn't have a voice. the new seers say it's the glow of awareness playing on the Eagle's emanations as a harpist plays on a harp.. I thought of a simile. It's a voice that tells them in their ear what's what. FFW. My breathing seemed to ... From then on I concentrated my attention on the voice alone. it is equally fallacious to say that seeing was hearing. But that was not accurate. The new seers found out that that entity.97. The voice was like the image created by dust particles in the eyelashes. My attention was caught by a luminescent dot. it shifts out of sight with the movement of the eyeball. The world changed from bright to dark to bright again with every beat of my heart.72. not a child's voice or a falsetto voice. something explains everything as the new alignment takes place. a protector of man. TDJ.. it subsided altogether or became vague and the scene faded.155..154. CAVERN/SPONGE WORLD I felt as if I were in a gigantic cavern. I presumed it was English that I heard. the voice of seeing is a most mysterious inexplicable thing. although it was a small voice. TDJ. a wormlike shape that can be seen as long as one is not looking at it directly. Whenever I tried deliberately to trap the voice.. If that voice is not present. SEEING IN THE DARK I was concentrating on my new unique ablitity to see in the dark. and I realized that the voice was the alien thought in my head. The old seers believed it was the voice of an overpowering entity. it was dark. Then the area in front of me became illuminated by an intense light. Then gradually everything became dark again. It seemed to come from my shoulder. which they called the mold of man. because it was infinitely more than that. VOICES HEARD IN THE SECOND ATTENTION Then I heard a voice in my ear describing the scene. DJ personal conclusion is that the voice of seeing belongs only to man.

I lay perfectly still and tranquil until the dawn broke. I remembered seeing a dark mass with myriads of pinholes. my legs seemed to weigh a ton. but you don't have any control yet in the new world you are perceiving. TDJ. TAISHA ABELAR'S EXPERIENCE IN EMILITO'S ROOM I found out it was almost impossible to walk. but it became more noticeable until it seemed that the floor was inclined at a fourty-five degree angle..171. the mass was a dark cluster of little holes. All my fears and concerns vanished so that nothing mattered anymore.190.214.. It constricted my larynx and subdued my screams.. that control comes with a lifetime of discipline and storing power.cease altogether and no thoughts or images disturbed the blackness. I continued to visualize it as a grease or an oil bubble which begin to draw me its center. I don't know why I thought it was soft.I was jolted by another blast of energy and I found myself drenched in perspiration.. just when I had given up all hope of pulling through. the whole tree house seemed to be coming apart..170. but it also opened my chest area so i could breath easier. It was almost as if the center would open up and swallow me.249.. above me was a white shiny. Suddenly an immense force sucked me in and I was no longer walking but gliding in space. the light was a heavy luminous fluid that fixed me to the platform by covering me like a shiny armor. I squeezed my eyes shut but it made no difference. i let out a scream as I felt the platform tilt even more.168.230 OTHER DESCRIPTIONS TAISHA ABELAR'S EXPERIENCE IN THE TREE HOUSE I began to feel the house tilting. My last thought was that I had dissolved. I grew calm. I saw the same vastness before me whether my eyes were opened or closed. it was barely perceptible at first. dark mass of pinholes.. inconceivably big dome.204.249.. FFW. DOME Description of the dome. It soothed my nervous stomach and stopped the shakings of my legs... A light spilled out from within me... I no longer felt my body. One element from the hallucinogenic experience with the mushrooms kept recurring in my thoughts: the soft. something inconceivable came to my rescue. it poured out through all the openings of my body. TSC. and for very brief moments. I felt the caretaker pushing and lifting me up. TSC. SRP. . TDJ. the light illuminated the entire room so i could see the door a few feet in front of me. As I basked in its glow.. for just then another surge of energy made me accelerate at top speed. In fact. TSC.. You are able to perceive as I do.191.. at one point the incline was so acute that I felt as if I were actually standing up instead of lying down. TSC.

... the noise of a brook or a river can trap a bewitched man who has lost his soul and carry him away to his death. (Clara says. I saw the whole scene myself. It was monumental in size. they saw a world of miraculous sights..not know you're too solid (??? reference to seeing death only in the second attention) JTI. for the duration of such states was increasing. ordinarily.DESCRIPTION OF SEEING AMBER COLORS OF SOMEONE As soon as DJ mentioned that he had "tossed me into the air" I had a faint recollection of an absolutely clear scene in which I was looking straight at him from some distance away.. I was actually there. In a time of sickness with the pleurisy. as if I had been watching a movie. projecting a sort of amber light.. It wasn't that I was remembering it..I wanted to tell her what I dreamt because I was certain that I had dozed off for an instant. DESCRIPTION OF SEEING THE SPIRIT it was at that instant that the spirit came to them.. It was flat and had an intense glow. TSC. I let whatever was in the valley carry me away. I believe sharply aware of the noise of airplanes. I stared at it so totally absorbed that I became drowsy.NOT KNOW YOU'RE TOO SOLID (??? REFERENCE TO SEEING DEATH ONLY IN THE SECOND ATTENTION) Let me see my death again. LET ME SEE MY DEATH AGAIN.. I was brought so near . and it did transport me..175.35. His hair was yellowish. For awhile. or flying with it.166. And the motion of those branches brought me back to my childhood.175..where everything was alive. TDJ.107. and it moved. bathed in light.they saw a vision of heaven. I heard the laughter of people..37.they saw the spirit.. the sound of their motors going overhead would unavoidably catch my attention and fix it...205. he (DJ) concluded that I was suffering from a loss of soul.. I was looking at his face only. TSC..76. leaning against a boulder. Each part of his face moved by itself... to the point where I felt I was following the plane as if I were inside it. TDJ. I was grabbing onto a handful of willow branches. I watched the swaying branches of the tree across from me. DESCRIPTION OF INCREASING DISASSOCIATION I felt that my condition was getting worse..108. TDJ. SRP..they could not hold on to this vision and soon forgot about it. (AP shifted back to normal awareness) POS. I felt I was at a picnic ground where a party was going full force. for a moment there I thought I'd lost you). I must have been four or five years old. There was something so exquisite in that hidden valley that it took my breath away...

212. a laziness I had not felt until his eyes swept over me. I felt the feeling of seeing coming to the top of my head. SR.the gates of death that I forgot my name. SRP. SRP.(and that) meant no more than the death of my own will.. SR. if that's what you mean. Everything has never happened before. it was not as if the image had been superimposed on the scenery of the house I was looking at.209.277. Nothing is no longer familiar. the sensations started on the top of her head and then went down her back and around her waist to her womb. perhaps seven feet. which turned into the knowledge. I simply felt that I knew it.. FFW. SENSATIONS FOLLOWING THE FOCUS OF THE SECOND ATTENTION CAN'T TALK I was experiencing the peculiar feeling that seems to follow the focusing of the second attention. it was rather as if the noise was creating the image of a boulder rolling on its monumental sides... It was not the view of a real boulder either.M..160.. Example of seeing EG. Everything you gaze at becomes nothing. Things don't disappear. they simply become nothing and yet they are still there. I heard a voice say. 213 DESCRIPTIONS OF OTHER WORLDS Description of another world and being eaten. I could not talk. She felt it inside her body as a consuming ticklishness.159. EE.I knew I was seeing .. SRP.193..234. SR. John Woolman is dead.253 When you see there are no longer familiar features in the world.. or rather I could talk but I did not want to. They were looming over me like two gigantic earthworms..50 DESCRIPTION OF BEING SEEN I knew that he was seeing me.209. You're not . but long. less than a foot wide. Reality of dying and visions.. Everything is new.96 .37.I realized I was seeing energy.All of me saw.they retained their candle like shape. . the entirety of what I in my normal consciousness call my body was capable of sensing as if it were an enormous eye that detected everything. The world is incredible.. FFW. i was actually seeing the noise. DESCRIPTION OF THE EXPERIENCE OF SEEING For an instant I actually saw a boulder the size of a mountain right behind the house. SRP. and then I knew what I've just told you. I had not had a vision of their house. I felt a strange fatigue. They don't vanish.they were thin.. I suddenly "knew" where they lived. TAOD.

.252.(probably an early reference to the double and the physical body out of sync. such peace. SRP. SRP.278 CONTACT WITH STRONG PEOPLE/ALLIES OUR STOMACH GLOW BECOMES AGITATED AND WE USUALLY THROW UP In case of contact with allies or strong people..150.253.25 WHY DO WE FORGET EXPERIENCES IN HEIGHTENED AWARENESS WHEN WE ARE IN NORMAL AWARENESS? . 18 .) SR. STOMACH UPSET My stomach was upset. FFW.. (see sorcerers recollection) FFW. SRP.278 DIZZINESS I felt dizzy. I experienced an unknown flood of feelings.133. SRP.. It was so simple. but my body knew it.once I was back in my normal awareness. or even into thoughts.277..149.. one can remember anything that happens while being in a state of HA.solid yet. Never in my life had I had such a divine euphoria. JTI. such an encompassing grasp. and yet I could not put the discovered secret into words. I knew I had discovered a secret. the glow would become agitated. change colour or even fade altogether. FORGETTING YOUR EXPERIENCE IN THE SECOND ATTENTION .192 DESCRIPTION OF THE FEELING IN THE SECOND ATTENTION FROM THE BODY I felt something warm and soothing oozing out of the world and out of my own body. or the assemblage point isn't fixed yet. I found it impossible to remember not only that I had entered into the second attention but that such a state existed at all. EARS BUZZING My ears were buzzing. In such instances the only thing one could do was to simply throw up. Felt a strong religious love.

.70 MAYBE WE ARE PERCEIVING IN BOTH ATTENTIONS BUT CHOOSE ONLY ONE ATTENTION AND THEN UNDER DURESS THOSE MEMORIES FROM THE OTHER COME BACK AND WE CAN HAVE TWO DISTINCT MEMORIES OF ONE EVENT Perhaps all of us are continually perceiving in both fashions (with the first and second attention) but choose to isolate one for recollection and discard the other. or what you've witnessed. Without that emphasis whatever they experience or witness vanishes.203. the memories are not trapped in the mind. FFW. or perhaps we file it away. the spot where it normally sets.. THEY ARE TRAPPED IN THE OTHER AREAS OF YOUR TOTAL BEING No. You've forgotten what you've done. FFW...131 WHERE ARE THE MEMORIES TRAPPED? THEY ARE NOT TRAPPED IN YOUR MIND. ITS DIFFICULT TO REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED IN THE SECOND ATTENTION BECAUSE OF THE INFINITUDE OF POSITIONS THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT CAN ADOPT the difficulty in remembering what takes place in HA is due to the infinitude of positions that the AP can adopt after being loosened from its normal setting.. HOW DO YOU ACT IN THE SECOND ATTENTION? . to be using those areas is to see. on the other hand. intensified.WE FORGET THE EXPERIENCE BECAUSE YOU STOP USING THE EMANATIONS YOU WERE EMPHASIZING IN THE SECOND ATTENTION AND WITHOUT THAT EMPHASIS WHATEVER YOU EXPERIENCED VANISHES One forgets experiences because the emanations that account for greater clarity cease to be empasized once warriors are out of HA. FFW. a condition that meant that other areas of my total being were used. has to do with the fixity of the AP on one spot..240. the censored memory surfaces and we can then have two distinct memories of one event. Facility in remembering everything that takes place in normal awareness. because when you were performing what you've forgotten you were seeing. whatever you've forgotten is trapped in those areas of your total being. The actions of seers are more complex than dividing a man into mind and body. SRP.. under certain conditions of stress or acquiescence.. Everything forgotten had taken place in states in which my everyday awareness had been enhanced.

). UNDERSTANDING AND LEARNING IS GREATER to be in left side awareness does not mean that one is immediately liberated from one's folly-it only means an extended capacity for perceiving. TOP.185 WHAT HAPPENS TO THE PHYSICAL BODY IN THE SECOND ATTENTION? OUR WHOLE BODY GOES INTO THE OTHER WORLD AND BECOMES SECOND ATTENTION The body is the first attention. or even as some strange light.he would witness nothing..244. . EG.285 The passage from one self to the other had no physicality. The man would be talking sense.187. A STRANGE LIGHT BECAUSE THEIR EXPLANATION IS LIMITED TO THE TONAL'S WORLD What about someone who doesn't see?. MAYBE SEE A BREEZE. TOP.YOU STILL ACT LIKE YOURSELF IN THE NAGUAL MEANING YOU STILL HAVE YOUR FLAWS BUT YOUR CAPACITY FOR PERCEIVING. in this case the nagual might be interpreted as a breeze shaking the leaves.No the nagual will keep everything suspended.our whole being becomes second attention.305. a greater facility to understand and learn.156. After all.. SRP. nothing which the eyes cannot apprehend and the tonal cannot explain. it simply goes into the other world. the attention of the tonal. I don't know how. and above all.. If a man who doesn't see is pressed.(CC asks if they are in danger of being seen by people). being the eyes of the tonal they would have to be limited to the tonals world and in that world there is nothing staggeringly new. EG. When it becomes the second attention.. DISAPPEARING IN THE NAGUAL/THE NAGUAL TAKES CARE OF IT (CC asks DJ if people can see me disappear into thin air. This is only natural. a greater ability to forget. IT IS OUR PERCEPTION THAT IS LED INTO THE NAGUAL (rather it is the perception that was led into the nagual).188.176. perhaps a lightening bug of unusual size.That is taken care of by the nagual.. TOP. SRP. TOP. TOP. he would say that he thought he saw something but could not remember what.284... WHAT WOULD SOMEONE SEE IF SOMEONE DISAPPEARED INTO THE NAGUAL? THE PERSON WOULD PROBABLY WITNESS NOTHING. his eyes would have judged nothing extraordinary.. We interpret any unknown expression of the nagual as something we know. just the trees being blown by a wild wind perhaps..

com . you became solid again.182.. This document is created from a CHM file automatically by an unregistered copy of CHM-2-Word.280. please register CHM-2-Word to get full features.AN AVERAGE MAN WOULD LOOK AT SOMEONE EXPERIENCING THE NAGUAL AS SOMEONE WHO IS BECOMING DISASSOCIATED In your case. The content of this chapter is skipped. SRP. EG. YOU WOULD LOOK LIKE YOU CAME FROM NOWHERE LIKE PIECES OF FOG CAUGHT IN A WEB you came from were like pieces of fog caught in a web.. or you're beginning to become disassociated. when we poured water on you. TO INTERACT IN LEFT SIDE AWARENESS EVERYONE MUST BE IN THAT STATE interaction in the left-side awareness cannot take place unless all the participants share that state.all of you were like fog. I would say that an average man would think that you are disassociated. please refer to: http://www. For registration information.

this is the time to mention the source of everything that matters. they took me away from the taken-for-granted life that I had been born into and socialized for as a woman... The sorcerers' tonal says the opposite.11..128). They always manifested themselves as a jolt in my body followed by the sensation that I was suspended in something.85. At those moments the tonal becomes aware of the totality of oneself. he said reaching the second attention made the two attentions into a single unit..E-2.they seemed to be momentary lapses. OUTSIDE? NO ONE IS RIGHT IT DOESN'T MATTER the tonal and nagual are within ourselves.. everything is outside.. SRP. and that unit was the totality of oneself.133 (. but the triumph of a man of knowledge is that he has joined the two together.xii.. INSIDE. of course. your body does things now that your reason cannot comprehend.. The tonal of your time calls for you to maintain that everything dealing with your feelings and thoughts takes place within yourself.. This.what matters to a warrior is arriving at the totality of oneself... interruptions in my flow of awareness. is only a way of talking. but neither of us would be right. TSC.and they are not. impeccabilty. TOTALITY OF ONESELF WHAT IS THE TOTALITY OF ONESELF? THE TOTALITY OF ONESELF WAS WHEN THE MIND AND DOUBLE BECOME AWARE OF EACH OTHER The counterpart of my academic development was the enhancement of my capacity for awareness and perception: together the two develop our total being. TOP. Since you're not a man of knowledge.TOP. YOU FEEL A JOLT WHEN THE NAGUAL SURFACES FOLLOWED BY THE FEELING OF BEING SUSPENDED BECAUSE YOUR TONAL IS BECOMING AWARE OF THE TOTALITY OF OURSELVES I was concerned with those jolts you've had because that is the way the nagual surfaces. TOP. Our reason is petty and is always at odds with our bodies. Who's right? No one. Inside outside. a way of beating around the bush.256.. Working together as a unit. TOP. .) TOTALITY OF OURSELVES WHERE ARE THE TONAL AND NAGUAL LOCATED? THE ANSWER DEPENDS ON WHAT YOUR TONAL OF YOUR TIME SAYS. it doesn't really matter. to a new area of greater perceptual possibilities than what the normal world had in store for me.

WE NEED ONLY A SMALL PORTION OF THE TOTALITY OF OURSELVES TO FULFILL THE MOST COMPLEX TASKS ON LIFE the totality of ourselves is a very tacky affair. THIS OCCURS AT DEATH It is always a jolt because that awareness disrupts the lull.. in our back and shoulders and neck. TOP. The idea is that at the moment of death the other member of the true pair.96.. or of one's willingness to turning off your internal dialogue and letting something in you flow out and expand. just let the whispering of the nagual guide you.133.247. DIAGRAM OF THE TOTALITY OF ONESELF The Eight Points +---Seeing----+ /\ Nagual Will-----Feeling-----Talking---Reason Tonal \/ +---Dreaming--+ EIGHT POINTS MAKE THE TOTALITY OF OUR BEING/BUBBLE OF PERCEPTION The eight points make the totality of oneself.202. TOP. genaro thinks that your body needs time to let the whispering of the nagual sink into you. That something is your perception. Genaro and I have taught you about the eight points that make the totality of our bubble of perception..we need only a small portion of it to fulfill the most complex tasks of our life..131.. but don't try and figure out what I mean. TOP.whenever my inner voice told me to.201. becomes fully operative and awareness and memories and perceptions stored in our calves and thighs. begin to expand and disintegrate. Like the beads of an endless broken neckllace.arriving at the totality of oneself is not a matter of one's desire to agree... they fall asunder without the binding force of life. the nagual. I should return (to the totality of yourself). TOP. TOP. I call that awareness the totality of the being that is going to die..IT IS A JOLT BECAUSE YOUR NAGUAL AND TONAL RECOGNIZE EACH OTHER.and in the meantime I should try to assemble all the suggestions that they had made while I was split.. ... TOP....

THE CENTER OF FEELING: THE TIP OF THE STERNUM The tip of my sternum was the centre of feeling.. the nagual and the tonal.96. TOP. TOP.96. 6. TOP. TOP. TOP.95 EACH POINT IS A WORLD Each of these six remaining points is a world. TOP.96. he said that sometimes seeing and dreaming were on the right side. WILL: THE AREA BELOW THE NAVEL The area below the navel was will.258.. 7 & 8. THE CENTER OF REASON AND TALIKING: THE HEAD He touched my head and said that that was the center of reason and talking.These are eight points on the fibers of a luminous being. 4.TOP.96. .SR. just like feeling and understanding are two worlds for you.96. THE NAGUAL AND THE TONAL MAKE UP THE LAST TWO POINTS the last two points that make the totality of man. SEEING: THE LEFT SIDE Seeing on the left. THE EIGHT POINTS CORRESPOND TO AREAS OR TO CERTAIN ORGANS IN A HUMAN BEING The eight points correspond to areas or to certain organs. 1 & 2.. 3.. TOP.96. in a human being. that is the paradox of the luminous beings.268. I once told you that those two points were outside of oneself and yet they were not. DREAMING: THE RIGHT SIDE AGAINST THE RIBS Dreaming was on the right side against the ribs. 5.

TOP. REASON AND WILL The diagram in the ashes had two epicenters. not understanding.. EXAMPLE OF ONE DIAGRAM He then spilled some ashes on the ground by the lantern.. a diagram that had eight points interconnected with lines. did you get that?..95 THE DIAGRAM HAS TWO EPICENTERS. .THERE ARE PROBABLY ONLY EIGHT POINTS THAT A HUMAN CAN HANDLE as far as I know there are only eight points a man is capable of handling.these points represent a human being and can be drawn in any way you want. THE POINTS REPRESENT A HUMAN BEING AND CAN BE DRAWN IN ANY WAY The outer form is of no importance.SR. It was a geometrical figure. perhaps men cannot go beyond that.96. the other will.SR. TOP.. TOP. TOP.95 .258.258.most men know nothing about them. one he called reason. he had drawn a similiar one years before when he tried to explain to me it was not an illusion that I had observed the same leaf falling four times from the same tree. SIX OF THOSE POINTS HUMANS KNOW NOTHING ABOUT There are...95 DRAWING THE DIAGRAM ALL THE POINTS COULD BE MADE TO CONNECT WITH ONE ANOTHER INDIRECTLY He showed me in the diagram that in essence all the points could be made to connect with one another indirectly. six more points a man is capable of handling. And I said handling. however. covering an area about two feet square.don't call it the body. and drew a diagram with his fingers. TOP.95 REASON WAS CONNECTED DIRECTLY WITH TALKING Reason was interconnected directly with a point he called talking.

.258... and seeing..making eight points on the ground. WHEN HE JOINED THE OTHER POINTS THE RESULT WAS A LONG TRAPEZOID FIGURE THAT HAD EIGHT CENTERS OF UNEVEN RADIATION he then joined some of the eight points to the others with lines. dreaming and seeing but only indirectly to reason and talking. dreaming.97 ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF A DIAGRAM DRAW EIGHT POINTS ON THE GROUND AND CIRCLE THE FIRST CALLED FEELING AND IT MOVES BETWEEN REASON AND TALKING WHICH WAS A POINT RIGHT ABOVE THE FIRST ONE He drew. DREAMING AND SEEING BUT INDIRECTLY TO REASON AND TALKING The other epicenter.. DREAMING AND SEEING Through talking. REASON WAS INDIRCETLY CONNECTED TO FEELING..95 THE NAGUAL AND THE TONAL WERE CONNECTED DIRECTLY ONLY TO WILL. he circled the second. feeling. TOP.we are all here.258. he circled the first point. I remarked that the diagram was different from the one I had recorded years before. TOP. He pointed with his finger to show that they were isolated from the rest and from each other . this is feeling.95 WILL WAS DIRECTLY CONNECTED TO FEELING. it is connected only with talking. dreaming. DREAMING AND WILL And finally. which he had drawn right above number one. ISOLATED FROM EACH OTHER AND WERE MORE DISTANT FROM REASON AND TALKING THAN SEEING. SR.96. TOP. You are here.SR.TOP.The other two were connected only to will and that they were removed from feeling. the result was a long trapezoid figure that had eight centers of uneven radiation. was directly connected to feeling. will. at the outer edge of that world one encounters the other two. reason was indirectly connected to three other points. REASON IS A SMALLER CENTER THAN WILL BECAUSE IT IS CONNECTED TO ONE POINT ONLY This is properly a centre that is smaller than will.. and we move from here to here.THROUGH TALKING. and seeing and much more distant from talking and reason.

258. Reason is so far removed from them that it is utterly useless to try figuring them out. TOP.96. are known by everyone. a human being is reason. TOP. You've been doing that all you life. NAGUAL AND THE TONAL CANNOT BE REACHED BY TALKING OR REASON ONLY CAN WILL HANDLE THEM These two points will never yield to talking or reason.. . you've done nothing new.96. feeling. A HUMAN IS FIRST WILL BECAUSE IT IS DIRECTLY CONNECTED TO THREE POINTS AND THEN NEXT REASON A sorcerer says. seeing and will.SR. and seeing. reason and talking. To move between these two points you call understanding. because will is directly connected to three points..MEANINGS OF THE DIAGRAM MOVING BETWEEN THESE TWO POINTS FEELING AND REASON IS CALLED UNDERSTANDING he then moved his twig back and forth between the two points to portray a heavy traffic.dreaming. SORCERERS ARE FAMILIAR WITH DREAMING. Two of them. If you say you understand my knowledge.. .as you can see in the diagram. he placed his twig between points one and two and pecked on the ground with it. TOP. that a human being is first of all will. TOP. then next. SEEING AND WILL But only in the world of sorcerers does one get fully acquainted with dreaming.only will can handle them. Feeling is always vague but somehow familiar.the forte of reason is to reason out everything. This one of the hardest things to realize.97 WE ARE FAMILIAR WITH ONLY REASON AND TALKING AND HAVE A VAGUE SENSE OF FEELING everyone of us brings to the world eight points.96.

F. EG.a somersault of thought into the inconceivable which is the act of breaking our perceptual barriers.179 A SOMERSAULT OF THOUGHT INTO THE INCONCEIVABLE WHICH IS THE ACT OF BREAKING OUR PERCEPTUAL BARRIERS.122 WHY CAN'T WE PERCEIVE IN THE THIRD ATTENTION? BECAUSE OUR ASSEMBLAGE POINT CANNOT CLUSTER ANYTHING The unknowable is an eternity where our AP has no way of clustering anything.) THE THIRD ATTENTION WHAT IS THE THIRD ATTENTION? THE THIRD ATTENTION IS AN IMMEASURABLE CONSCIOUSNESS STATE the third attention. .EG. THE UNKNOWABLE HAS NO ENERGIZING EFFECTS WHATSOEVER/IT IS COSTLY TO EXPERIENCE IT . (that's why its unknowable) immensurable consciousness which engages undefinable aspects of the awareness of the physical and luminous bodies. IT IS THE MOMENT IN WHICH MAN'S PERCEPTION REACHES ITS LIMITS.18 THE THIRD ATTENTION IS KEEPING THE AWARENESS WHICH IS USUALLY RELINQUISHED AT THE MOMENT OF DYING that to cross over to freedom did not mean eternal life as eternity is commonly understoodthat is as living forever.142.178. What the rule stated was that one could keep the awareness which is ordinarily relinquished at the moment of dying. It is the moment in which man's perception reaches its limits. POS.

131. That is the moment when the fire from within consumes them. and also aware of the totality of the body.85. one enters into the third attention.. And in full awareness they fuse themselves to the emanations at large. It is not within human reach.178. therefore it should not be intruded upon foolishly or even prudentlythe new seers realized that they had to be prepared to pay exorbitant prices for the faintest contact with it.179. but rather to conceive that there exists such an awareness at all. FFW. Therefore the crux of the warrior's struggle was not so much to realize that the crossing over stated in the rule meant crossing to the third attention... the job of realigning all those emanations paves the way for the peculiar maneuver of lighting up all the emanations inside the cocoon. and glide into eternity.132 EVERY CELL BECOMES AWARE OF ITSELF AND WE BECOME AWARE OF THE TOTALITY OF OUR BODY at the moment of crossing. Yet it is nothing (the glow from a state of heightened awareness) in comparison to the glow produced by a state of total awareness. which is seen as a burst of incandescence in the entire luminous egg. ... EG.179. and the body in its entirety is kindled with knowledge.the unknowable has no energizing effects whatsoever. FFW.. FFW.202. WHAT HAPPENS TO US WHEN WE GO INTO THE THIRD ATTENTION? THE GLOW OF AWARENESS KINDLES ALL OF THE EAGLE'S EMANATIONS INSIDE THE COCOON WHICH IS CALLED THE FIRE FROM WITHIN Third attention is attained when the glow of awareness turns into the fire from within. EG. THE THIRD AWARENESS IS MEANINGLESS TO OUR COMPARTMENTALIZED MINDS BUT THE FOCUS WAS TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT SUCH A STATE CAN EXIST this kind of awareness (of the third attention) is meaningless to our compartmentalized from within.. a glow that kindles not one band at a time but all the Eagle's emanations inside the man's cocoon. Every cell at once becomes aware of itself.50.. FFW. It is an explosion of light of such a magnitude that the boundaries of the shell are diffused and the inside emanations extend themselves beyond anything imaginable..

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JTI. JTI.I turned and I thought I saw a flickering movement over the boulder. a spasm.JTI.) DEATH WHAT IS DEATH? DEATH CAN ONLY BE TALKED ABOUT IN PERSONAL TERMS death is nothing.. JTI. Death witnesses a warrior's last dance. it is the same for every warrior and yet it is not.(CC asks if your culture determines how you see your death. but the manner in which a warrior sees his death is a personal matter.33 DEATH'S PRESCENCE IS MARKED AS A CHILL and you felt its chill.a bird. Nothing! It is here yet it isn't here at all.. It has always been watching you. it could be anything. JTI. But one may also choose to say it is nothing and yet it is everything. a bush..35. a piece of always comes as a chill.. Death is whatever one wishes. made his life expand. POS. a light. or an unknown presence.... SR..) it doesn't matter how one was brought up. 157 .H. death whatever it is..195.157 WHERE DO WE FIND DEATH? DEATH IS ALWAYS TO ONE'S LEFT .156.. at an arm's length.death is the hunter and that it is always to one's left.I told you my son's life expanded at the time of his personal death. ..I cannot tell you what death is like. the muscles of my abdomen contracted involuntarily and I experienced a jolt. It is rather a presence.. JTI.. A chill ran through my body. DEATH IS WHATEVER ONE WISHES IT TO BE/DEPENDS ON PERSONAL POWER Death is not like a person. 34. DEATH IS A BLACK SPOT RIGHT BEHIND THE LEFT SHOULDER . One will be right on every count. Your death gave you a little warning. it always will until the day it taps you. I can't talk about death except in personal terms.33. a pebble.33 death is our eternal companion.. A man is only the sum of his personal power and that sum determines how he lives and how he dies.that our death was a black spot right behind the left shoulder. What determines the way one does anything is personal power. a person. But perhaps I could tell you about your own is always to our left..

but as his old age makes him feeble his will wanes and a moment unavoidably comes when he is no longer capable of commanding his will. and his life becomes like the lives of all his fellow men.245.212.DYING HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN SOMEONE IS CLOSE TO DYING? WHEN A DARK SPOT BECAME A MOVING SHADOW THE EXACT SAME SIZE AND SHAPE OF THE PERSON IT BELONGED TO . an expanding fog moving beyond its limits. He then has nothing with which to oppose the silent force of his death.. in sickness. If you feel anything. The tumbler hits us in the gap in the cocoon ceaselessly and this is where the cocoon cracks.sorcerers knew when a person was close to dying because they could see the dark spot. IF THE SHIFT IS SMALL THEN THE COCOON REPAIRS ITSELF AND PEOPLE EXPERIENCE BLOTHCHES OF COLOR AND CONTORTED SHAPES . FFW.. POS. you feel no pain. SR. the RF cracks the cocoon. FFW.34 YOU DON'T FEEL PAIN IN A FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE death is only painful only when it happens in one's bed. POS. In a fight for your life. WHY DO WE DIE? WE DIE WHEN WE CANNOT COMMAND OUR WILL ANY LONGER It is his will which assembles a sorcerer. which became a moving shadow the exact size and shape of the person to whom it belonged. HOW DOES OUR COCOON BECOME WEAK? IF THERE IS AN INVOLUNTARY SHIFT OF THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT THE ROLLING FORCE CRACKS THE COCOON AND THE TUMBLER HITS THE CRACK CEASELESSLY When the AP shifts involuntarily.245.198. it's exultation.

the cocoon collapses and curls in on itself..When it finds weakness in the gap of a luminous being it automatically cracks it open and makes it collapse. the crack also is extensive and it takes time for the cocoon to repair itself. In these cases men feel numb and cold. The first is a blackout. FFW. IF THE SHIFT IS DRASTIC BECAUSE OF TRAUMA OR DISEASE.245.. it soon . they have difficulty talking or thinking. it is a meaningless stage.243. FFW. in which one experiences a lightness that makes one feel happy. THE SECOND STAGE IS WHEN DEATH DISSOLVES US INTO NOTHING Death has two stages. the cocoon quickly repairs itself and people experience. complete. it is as if they have been frozen from inside.. which remain even if the eyes are closed.245. the RF produces a crack the length of the cocoon. HOW DOES THE ROLLING FORCE KILL US? WHEN WE BECOME WEAK..the tumbler then tumbles the creature into the beak of the Eagle to be devoured. FFW. .. as in the case of warriors who purposely use power plants to elicit that shift or people who take drugs and unwittingly do the same.245 IF THE SHIFT IS BIG (WHEN USING POWER PLANTS OR DRUGS) THEN IT TAKES TIME FOR THE COCOON TO REPAIR ITSELF THESE PEOPLE EXPERIENCE NUMBNESS AND COLD AND HAVE DIFFICULTY TALKING OR THINKING If the shift is considerable. FFW.. As the tumbler hits us over and over. THE ROLLING FORCE PRODUCES A CRACK THE LENGTH OF THE COCOON AND THE COCOON COLLAPSES AND THE PERSON DIES In cases in which the AP shifts drastically because of the effects of trauma or of a mortal disease. until the day when the force proves to much for them and the creatures finally collapse.Luminous organic beings meet the rolling force head on. But that is only a shallow state. THE TUMBLER FORCE TUMBLES THE CREATURE INTO THE BEAK OF THE EAGLE TO BE DEVOURED . FFW. WHAT HAPPENS TO US WHEN WE DIE? DEATH HAS TWO STAGES: THE FIRST IS A MEANINGLESS BLACKOUT STAGE. the crack is very small..If it is a minor shift of the AP. and that everything in the world is at ease. blotches of color and contorted shapes.245.245. death comes to us through the gap. FFW. very similar to the first effect of mescalito. and the individual dies.

the jolt is so great that the layers get loose and can't get back together anymore.254 . SRP. So it's easy for death to come in between them and push them completely apart. though.vanishes and one enters a new realm. We can see the luminous strings losing their tautness and vanishing one by one. and then you would notice that it began moving toward you is the real stage where one meets with death. Death was nothing all the time. And you would like a fog of tiny crystals moving.253 THE CENTER OF OUR LUMINOSITY (THE ATTENTION OF THE NAGUAL) IS ALWAYS PUSHING OUT AND THAT'S WHAT LOOSENS THE LAYERS Death pushes the layers aparts. or it was me talking.. SRP. You are strong.198 OUR LUMINOUS LAYERS BECOME SEPERATED PERMANENTLY BECAUSE OF JOLTS We die because our layers become seperated. it would resemble. and that's what loosens the layers. when we find that we are somehow ourselves again. As you watched it.. is always pushing out. like an onion.197 DEATH BEGINS TO ENTER US THROUGH OUR LUMINOUS GAP Death enters through the belly. Death is very much like this.254. Sorcerer have to do their best to keep their own layers closed. a face.right through the gap of the will. And yet it would enter inside you with uncontrollable force and would make you expand. but if they are injured they begin to peel. It is then that death smashes against us with quiet fury and power until it dissolves our lives into nothing. a realm of harshness and power. the center of our luminosity. moving away. you'd realize that it is a cloud that looks like a shiny whorl. jolts are always seperating them but they get together again. the face would enter inside you and then you'd know-it was the ally's face all the time. DESCRIPTION OF DEATH COMING AND SMASHING YOU TO EXPAND AND THE DISSOLVE YOU If you'd look closer. it is a brief moment. . Sometimes. after the first blackout. it was a little dot lost in the sheets of your notebook.. or you writing. it would pick up speed and in a blink of an eye it would smash against the windshield of your car. you would see it moving backward until it was only a brilliant point in the distance...253. That second stage is the real encounter with Mescalito. I'm sure it would take death a couple of whams to get to you...196.197. It is the area of the will and also the area through which all of us die. SR. SRP. right in the middle of the sky on front of you.113. setting its hooks deeper and deeper into his luminous fibers. it would make you flat and extend you over the sky and the earth and beyond.. We can see death whirling around the man. When human beings are healthy they are like luminous eggs. which is the attention of the nagual. SRP. SR.... SR. let's say. That area is the most important and sensitive part of man. Nothing.. Jolts of any kind seperate those layers and can even cause human beings to die. TOP.

.131. we die with the totality of ourselves. THE DOUBLE BECOMES FREE and the light part. . TSC. What floods them is the force of all the emanations that are suddenly aligned after being dormant for a lifetime. It is not the rolling force that has cracked their gaps..43 THE DOUBLE IS FREE ONLY FOR AN INSTANT BECAUSE IT WAS NEVER PERFECTED/WE DIE AN ORDINARY DEATH But unfortunately. The idea is that at the moment of death the other member of the true pair. the nagual. living beings at that moment become flooded by the most inconceivable force. begin to expand and disintegrate. then. TOP. before it is scattered into the universe. FFW. If we die without erasing our false dualism of body and mind. SRP. every experience and every religion strives to have contact with the double and because everyone's rational side interprets the double differently the experiences are different. if you drive this concept through all religions. we die an ordinary death. TSC.133.if we're going to die with the totality of ourselves. Our second ring of power. 7/18/94) . Like the beads of an endless broken neckllace. the double. the attention of the nagual remains hidden for the immense majority of us.. mystical experiences and sages throughout time.133 when we die. because that force never enters inside the cocoon. becomes fully operative and awareness and memories and perceptions stored in our calves and thighs.. they fall asunder without the binding force of life. There is no outlet for such a giant force except to escape through the gap. TOP..It is always a jolt because that awareness disrupts the lull.. live with that totality?.WE DON'T REALIZE THAT WE HAVE THE SECOND ATTENTION UNTIL OUR DEATH. it experiences freedom for only an instant.242 WE EXPERIENCE A JOLT WHEN WE REALIZE OUR TOTALITY AT DEATH At those moments the tonal becomes aware of the totality of oneself.. in our back and shoulders and neck. and only at the moment of our death is it revealed to us. since the double was never perfected. I call that awareness the totality of the being that is going to die.273. why not.there are no contradictions. if we die without erasing our false dualism of body and mind. we die an ordinary death. it only makes it collapse. TOP..43 (And here is the mystery of our being in a nutshell.43 OUR ENERGY FROM ALL THE UNUSED EMANATIONS ARE RELEASED (FIRE FROM WITHIN) at the moment of death is that all that energy is released at once. becomes free TSC.

at the moment of dying all human beings enter into the unknowable and some of them do attain the third attention. FFW. TSC.243 . With that incalculable force you felt in there..55.WE EXPAND AT DEATH LIKE A FOG OF CRYSTALS I shifted my eyes so I would see his personal life disintegrating. EG. but only for an instant. the Eagle will squeeze out of you every flicker of awareness you have ever had.131. FFW. expanding uncontrollably beyond its limits. EG. the heavier part.59 WE ENTER THE THIRD ATTENTION FOR AN INSTANT BUT ONLY TO PURIFY OUR AWARENESS FOR THE EAGLE TO DEVOUR US.. For registration information.247. at the moment of dying. There is nothing gorgeous or peaceful about death. upon dying our awareness also enters into the third attention. please register CHM-2-Word to get full features. but altogether too briefly and only to purify the food for the Eagle. like a fog of crystals. because that is the way of life and death mix and expand..90.43 This document is created from a CHM file automatically by an unregistered copy of CHM-2-Word.. The content of this chapter is skipped. OUR PHYSICAL BODY IS RETURNED AND ABSORBED BY THE EARTH At death.macrobject.) INTUITION • The nagual exists below the surface but we are intuitively aware of it . please refer to: http://www. because the real terror begins upon dying. TOP.85 The seers saw that the awareness of sentient beings flies away at the moment of death and floats like a luminous cotton puff right into the Eagle's beak to be consumed. the body returns to earth to be absorbed by it. as a purging action.. SR. all of our being disintegrates under the attraction of that immense force. just before the Eagle devours it. PART II: WHY CAN'T WE PERCEIVE THE TRUE NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE? A..

) INVENTORY AND SHIELDS • And by the time we our teenagers. the tonal begins to develop and begins to overtake the nagual Why does the tonal start to develop?        People start to teach us how and what to perceive We start to develop an internalized dialogue within ourselves which begins to take up all our energy and fixes the assemblage point into place We begin to think very quickly that what was taught to us and what we can see is our one and only reality and our perception closes.) THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT'S HABITUAL POSITION HAS CHANGED • • • • • • • • • • Has the assemblage point always been in its current habitual position? What probably moved the assemblage point to its current habitual position? Do we ever have want to return to the place to silent knowledge? What has happened to humans since they cannot get back to the place of silent knowledge? Why do humans think we are divided into opposites? Why do humans always make pairs? How do humans think we are divided? How does this belief of being divided hurt us? How are humans really divided? Why are the tonal and nagual really the true opposites? C. What happens when we take the inventory too far?  Reason Self-absorbed/Self-importance  Why can't we break from our assemblage point's habitual position?   • o o We are born with a limited amount of energy  What takes up all of our energy? This self-absorption is reinforced by the internal dialogue How does our internal dialogue and self-absorption develop? o At birth we are all nagual and our assemblage point is not fixed But after a short time after birth. We think that the world is solid and filled with objects and forget it is just a description pounded into us everyday since birth And what has been taught to us is based upon whatever society we are in at the time Our reality is continually upheld because we have all been taught the same to agree on what is real Our reality is further enhanced because humans can skim their perceptions D..) SELF-IMPORTANCE AND THE INTERNAL DIALOGUE • • • • • Why do we only perceive in the first attention? What determines what precise emanations will be used? What is the modality of time? (Tonal of the times) To keep a continuity of perception these alignments are constantly renewed which reinforces what alignment we habituate on What are the results brought about by us being on the habitual position? o Self-reflection o What is an inventory?   o Examples of our inventorys.B. society has filled us up with its inventory like an enormous warehouse with no say from us and it usually never changes .

Disregard our interpretation system (stopping the world) to perceive things without interpretation: our reality as we know it is shattered • • • • • Jump back to the top Back to Part I Outline Back to Part II Outline Back to Part III Outline Back to Main Page Comments? Questions? e-mail me. we develop our continuity for all of our lives o What is continuity? o What is an interpretation system? What protects us and keeps us from experiencing the nagual? How does the tonal help protect us from the nagual? o The tonal uses shields to protect us o What are some examples of a shield? Does the tonal always protect us? What would happen to us if our tonal did not protect us? What are the drawbacks to being protected by the tonal? Why don't people break their self-reflection? Does the tonal ever notice the nagual? Is it easy to experience the nagual ? What do we do when the tonal experiences the nagual? o 1.) THE TRICKERY OF LANGUAGE Why do people think the mold of man is god? Why are many people who have seen the mold of man are wrong about what how they interpret it? • When the nagual is experienced. why is it so difficult to explain and describe? o Knowledge and language can exist independent of each other o o o • Why do people use metaphors to explain the nagual? Why will we probably never be able to explain the nagual? Which people are the closest people for explaining the nagual? 2. Revamp our interpretation system Coincidence Repairing the continuity    Create something our mind can handle o What happens when we revamp our interpretation system?   E.• • • • • • • • • • • And our energy field is constantly lessened and made more rigid as we get older and it becomes harder to change And so finally. .

please register CHM-2-Word to get full features.) INTUITION • The nagual exists below the surface but we are intuitively aware of it • • • • • Jump back to the top Back to Part I Outline Back to Part II Outline Back to Part III Outline Back to Main Page Comments? Questions? e-mail me.macrobject. The content of this chapter is skipped. This document is created from a CHM file automatically by an unregistered copy of PART II: WHY CAN'T WE PERCEIVE THE TRUE NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE? C.PART II: WHY CAN'T WE PERCEIVE THE TRUE NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE? A. please refer to: http://www. For registration information.) SELF-IMPORTANCE AND THE INTERNAL DIALOGUE • • • • • Why do we only perceive in the first attention? What determines what precise emanations will be used? What is the modality of time? (Tonal of the times) To keep a continuity of perception these alignments are constantly renewed which reinforces what alignment we habituate on What are the results brought about by us being on the habitual position? o Self-reflection o What is an inventory? .

the tonal begins to develop and begins to overtake the nagual o Why does the tonal start to develop?  People start to teach us how and what to perceive  We start to develop an internalized dialogue within ourselves which begins to take up all our energy and fixes the assemblage point into place  We begin to think very quickly that what was taught to us and what we can see is our one and only reality and our perception closes.. PART II: WHY CAN'T WE PERCEIVE THE TRUE NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE? D.) INVENTORY AND SHIELDS .  We think that the world is solid and filled with objects and forget it is just a description pounded into us everyday since birth  And what has been taught to us is based upon whatever society we are in at the time  Our reality is continually upheld because we have all been taught the same to agree on what is real  Our reality is further enhanced because humans can skim their perceptions   • • • • • Jump back to the top Back to Part I Outline Back to Part II Outline Back to Part III Outline Back to Main Page Comments? Questions? e-mail me.• Examples of our inventorys. What happens when we take the inventory too far?  Reason o Self-absorbed/Self-importance  Why can't we break from our assemblage point's habitual position?  We are born with a limited amount of energy  What takes up all of our energy?  This self-absorption is reinforced by the internal dialogue How does our internal dialogue and self-absorption develop? o At birth we are all nagual and our assemblage point is not fixed o But after a short time after birth.

Revamp our interpretation system  Create something our mind can handle  Coincidence o Repairing the continuity  What happens when we revamp our interpretation system?  Why do people think the mold of man is god?  Why are many people who have seen the mold of man are wrong about what how they interpret it? • • • • • Jump back to the top Back to Part I Outline Back to Part II Outline Back to Part III Outline Back to Main Page Comments? Questions? e-mail me.• • • • • • • • • • • • And by the time we our teenagers. we develop our continuity for all of our lives o What is continuity? o What is an interpretation system? What protects us and keeps us from experiencing the nagual? How does the tonal help protect us from the nagual? o The tonal uses shields to protect us o What are some examples of a shield? Does the tonal always protect us? What would happen to us if our tonal did not protect us? What are the drawbacks to being protected by the tonal? Why don't people break their self-reflection? Does the tonal ever notice the nagual? Is it easy to experience the nagual ? What do we do when the tonal experiences the nagual? o 1. This document is created from a CHM file automatically by an unregistered copy of CHM-2-Word. society has filled us up with its inventory like an enormous warehouse with no say from us and it usually never changes And our energy field is constantly lessened and made more rigid as we get older and it becomes harder to change And so finally. please register CHM-2-Word to get . The content of this chapter is skipped.

SOME PEOPLE CAN CONTROL THEIR DOUBLE BUT MOST OF US DO NOT EVEN KNOW IT EXISTS Some persons are masters of the double..155 THE PRESENCE OF THE DOUBLE INSIDE US IS SO SUBTLE THAT WE CAN THROUGH OUR ENTIRE LIVES WITHOUT EVER KNOWING THAT IT IS THERE The presence of the double inside us is so subtle that we can through our entire lives without ever knowing that it is there..human beings have a very deep sense of magic.159. For registration information.full features.People have no idea of the strange power we carry within ourselves..) INTUITION THE NAGUAL EXISTS BELOW THE SURFACE BUT WE ARE INTUITIVELY AWARE OF IT WE ARE DEEPER THAN WE LOOK AND HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OF IT . POS. iii.174. The majority of us.. TAOD.. please refer to: http://www. TSC. they cannot only focus their awareness on it but also spur it into A.macrobject.. however.that the human psyche is infinitely more complex than our mundane or academic reasoning had led us to believe. we find a sorcerer underneath.84 .)THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT'S HABITUAL POSITION HAS CHANGED .136. POS. at this moment you have the means to reach infinity.we are part of the mysterious.TSC. HE SAID THAT THE FEELING EVERYONE KNOWS AS INTUITION IS THE ACTIVATION OF OUR LINK WITH INTENT He said that the feeling everyone knows as intuition is the activation of our link with intent. B.. POS..rationality is only a veneer with us..31 and inside every human being was a gigantic. dark lake of silent knowledge which each of us could intuit. If we scratch that surface... are scarcely aware that our ethereal side exists. POS.152.

204. WHAT PROBABLY MOVED THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT TO ITS CURRENT HABITUAL POSITION? THE TRUE LEADERS OF MANKIND ARE THOSE PEOPLE WHOSE ASSEMBLAGE POINT IS SQUARELY ON THE POSITION OF REASON OR SILENT KNOWLEDGE . man's AP moved and adopted a new one called reason.. POS.243 . It must have been our sustaining force. 243.... POS. OUR ASSEMBLAGE POINT WAS NOT ON THE POSITION IT IS TODAY BUT RATHER ON THE PLACE OF SILENT KNOWLEDGE. The position of reason was clearly seen from the position of silent knowledge. SILENT KNOWLEDGE HAD BEEN THE NORMAL POSITION OF MAN AGES AGO .243. The rest of humanity was merely the audience. . They were the ones who had admired and sung odes to the heroes of either position.. although at one time we must have been close to it. In our day.POS.only those who were squarely in either position could see the other position clearly and that that had been the way the age of reason came into being..the whole of humanity has moved away from the abstract. POS..there had been one time when mankind had been on the third point...242 TO SEE THE POSITION OF REASON YOU HAD TO BE FIXED ON THE POSITION OF SILENT KNOWLEDGE .those who were on the spot itself were the true leaders of mankind. In the past.243 . they were the lovers of reason. they had been lovers of silent knowledge. Most of the time they were unknown people whose genius was the exercising of their reason.... This meant that the true leaders of mankind had always been the few human beings whose AP happened to be either on the exact point of reason or of silent knowledge.. And then something happened and pulled us away from the abstract..52 THE NORMAL POSITION OF MAN HAS CHANGED TO THE POSITION OF REASON FOR UNKNOWN REASONS but for reasons which would be impossible to determine.204. 244 THE ONE WAY BRIDGE FROM SILENT KNOWLEDGE TO REASON IS CALLED CONCERN .it was a general position on the AP that ages ago it had been man's normal position.. when silent knowledge was the first point POS. Now we can't get back to it POS..HAS THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT ALWAYS BEEN IN ITS CURRENT HABITUAL POSITION? A LONG TIME AGO.not every human being's AP was squarely on that position either.. POS. POS..

As the feeling of the individual self became stronger... POS. POS.. Man's error was to want to know it directly. 244 THE ASSEMBLAGE POSITION THE PLACE OF CONCERN WAS THE FORERUNNER OF REASON the AP position the place of concern was the forerunner of reason. the more ephemereal intent becomes.ancient man knew.167 HAVING A SENSE OF SELF DISCONNECTED MAN FROM SILENT KNOWLEDGE . POS.. an individual self which began to dictate the nature and scope of man's actions.. POS.167. POS. he succeeded in fixing his AP in the exact position to perpetuate his self-image. he lost sight of what he knew... POS. he started to develop a sense of selfness. 243. But... and how best to do it.. The more he wanted. what to do.. man sought solace in his selfness. . the way he knew everyday life. That was self-reflection that had disconnected man from the spirit in the first place.... the more ephemereal it became.. man lost his natural connection to silent knowledge...155 ANCIENT MAN KNEW IN A DIRECT FASHION WHAT TO DO BUT THIS DEVELOPED A SENSE OF SELFISHNESS WHICH DEVELOPED THE 'SELF' .POS. which gave him the feeling he could predict and plan the actions he used to performing.the one way bridge from silent knowledge to reason was called concern.. man gave up silent knowledge for the world of reason.Having lost hope of ever returning to the source of everything. And in doing so.204 SO AS SOON AS THE OLD LEADERS BECAME CONCERNED THEY BEGAN TO THINK ABOUT THEMSELVES WHEN MAN BECAME AWARE THAT HE KNEW HE LOST SIGHT OF WHAT HE KNEW BECAUSE HE WANTED TO KNOW IT LIKE HE KNOWS EVERYDAY LIFE Sorcerers believe that when man became aware that he knew.. And thus the idea of individual 'self' appeared.. because he performed so well.the more he clings to the world of reason. the concern that true men of silent knowledge had about the source of what they knew.158 SINCE MAN COULDN'T RETURN TO SILENT KNOWLEDGE HE SOUGHT SOLACE IN HIS SELFISHNESS AND THIS FIXED HIS ASSEMBLAGE POINT INTO PLACE ..158.. in the most direct fashion.

and two. of satisfaction... of attainment. He has turned his back to the world of foreboding and the exulting and has welcomed the world of boredom.243 GARDEN OF EDEN IS PROBABLY AN ALLEGORY FOR OUR LOSING OUR KNOWLEDGE OF INTENT .. FFW. was probably an allegory for losing our silent knowledge.DO WE EVER WANT TO RETURN TO THE POSITION OF SILENT KNOWLEDGE? WE LONG FOR THE POSITION OF SILENT KNOWLEDGE BECAUSE MANKIND HAD SPENT A LONGER PART OF ITS HISTORY THERE The naugal stated that mankind had spent the longer part of its history in the position of silent knowledge. he has no hope of peace. POS. which does two things: one. POS.114 WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO HUMANS SINCE THEY CANNOT GET BACK TO THE PLACE OF SILENT KNOWLEDGE? TO EXPRESS HIS DESPAIR FROM BEING AWAY FROM SILENT KNOWLEDGE HE DOES CYNICAL OR VIOLENT ACTS WITH NO HOPE OF PEACE OR SATISFACTION Modern man..modern man has left the realm of the unknown and mysterious. it gives man an inkling of his ancient connection to the source of everything. and that this explained our great longing for it. therefore finds himself so hopelessly removed from the source of everything that all he can do is express his despair in violent and cynical acts of self-destruction. our knowledge of intent. and that the Christian idea of being cast out from the Garden of Eden. Don Juan asserted that the reason for man's cynicism and despair is the bit of silent knowledge left in him. being heir to that development.. POS..167 IT HAS MADE US BECOME DIVIDED AND WE NOW WE THINK IN OPPOSITES/PAIRS WHY DO HUMANS THINK WE ARE DIVIDED INTO OPPOSITES? .. it makes man feel that without this connection. and has settled down in the realm of the functional..158 MODERN MAN IS NOW IN THE WORLD OF THE FUNCTIONAL AND BORING .

TOP. but we always represent them with items of the tonal. Or good and evil.126. We never realize..43 HOW DOES THIS BELIEF OF BEING DIVIDED HURT US? THIS FALSE BELIEF OF OUR MIND/BODY DUALISM KEEPS OUR ENERGY FROM JOINING TOGETHER This division keeps our energy in a state of chaotic separation and prevents it from coalescing. and the body is the concrete part.BEING DIVIDED IS OUR HUMAN CONDITION Being divided is our human condition.. TSC.. HOW DO HUMANS THINK WE ARE DIVIDED? WE THINK THAT THE DUALISM IN US IS BETWEEN THE MIND AND BODY Clara explained that we are convinced that a dualism exists in us. God and Satan. We say that the two parts of us are the soul and the body. Our mind and matter. TSC. the mind is the insubstantial part of ourselves. We sense our two sides..43 HOW ARE HUMANS REALLY DIVIDED? Humans are divided into the only true opposites: the tonal and the nagual WHY ARE THE TONAL AND NAGUAL REALLY THE TRUE OPPOSITES? . TSC. that we are merely pairing things on the island.43 WHY DO HUMANS ALWAYS MAKE PAIRS? AS SOON AS WE BECOME TONAL WE BEGIN MAKING PAIRS BECAUSE WE SENSE THE LOSS OF THE NAGUAL From the moment we become tonal we begin making pairs. however.

everything else you may care to say are only items on the island of the tonal. The discarded emanations are still within our reach but remain dormant.. (CC's arguement that the Transcendental Ego is the Nagual and the Empirical ego is the tonal.) TOP. because we have been taught that those emanations are perceivable and second because our AP select and prepare those emanations for being used. FFW. .138.ALL OF THE LABELS HUMANS USE FOR THEIR DIVISIONS ARE FOUND IN THE REALM OF THE TONAL.. FFW. never receives emphasis and is relegated to oblivion.127. TOP. First. FFW.) SELF-IMPORTANCE AND THE INTERNAL DIALOGUE WHY DO WE ONLY PERCEIVE IN THE FIRST ATTENTION? THE FIRST ATTENTION EMPHASIZES ONLY CERTAIN EMANATIONS TO BRING OUR WORLD IN FOCUS CERTAIN EMANATIONS MUST BE EMPHASIZED .136 ..127.I have named the tonal and the nagual as a true pair. WE CAN'T PERCEIVE THE NAGUAL BECAUSE OUR ASSEMBLAGE POINT CLUSTERS EMANATIONS FOR THE FIRST ATTENTION ONLY AND NEVER CLUSTERS EMANATIONS FOR THE SECOND ATTENTION the AP is responsible for making the first attention perceive in terms of clusters. and most important. That is all I have done.142 An example of a cluster of emanations that receive emphasis together is the human body as we perceive it.. TOP.. it has to emphasize certain emanations selected from the narrow band of emanations where man's awareness is located. C. our luminous cocoon..142 WE SELECT THOSE EMANATIONS BECAUSE WE WERE TAUGHT THAT THOSE EMANATIONS ARE PERCEIVABLE AND BECAUSE OUR ASSEMBLAGE POINT SELECT AND PREPARE THOSE EMANATIONS FOR BEING USED Human beings repeatedly chose the same emanations for perceiving because of two reasons. FFW. Another part of our total order for our first attention to bring into focus the world that we perceive. unknown to us for the duration of our lives.138(using the name nagual doesn't that place it on the tonal?) ..

8 WHAT IS THE MODALITY OF TIME? (TONAL OF THE TIMES) TIME DECIDES WHICH MODE OUR REALITY IS IN OR WHAT PRECISE BUNDLE OF ENERGY FIELD WE ARE USING the modality of time is the precise bundle of energy fields being perceived. out of an incalcuable number are to be used. The actual time decides the mode. POS..And handling the modality of time.WHAT DETERMINES WHAT PRECISE EMANATIONS WILL BE USED? OUR LIMITED ENERGY IS SYSTEMATICALLY DEPLOYED IN ORDER THAT IT MAY BE USED MOST ADVANTAGEOUSLY BY THE MODALITY OF TIME an energy that is systematically deployed. TO KEEP THE PERCEPTION OF OUR WORLD FRESH. the bursts of energy that comes out of those very alignments is automatically rerouted to reinforce some choice alignments.8 TO KEEP A CONTINUITY OF PERCEPTION THESE ALIGNMENTS ARE CONSTANTLY RENEWED WHICH REINFORCES WHAT ALIGNMENT WE HABITUATE ON ALIGNMENT IS CEASELESSLY RENEWED IN ORDER TO GIVE PERCEPTION CONTINUITY the new seers examined how the perception of the world of everyday life takes place and saw the effects of will... THE HABITUAL POSITION OF MAN'S ASSEMBLAGE POINT IS BROUGHT ABOUT BY HABITUATION/CERTAIN EMANATIONS WERE ROUTINELY ALIGNED . in order that it may be used most advantageously by the modality of time. the time decides which precise bundle of energy fields.190. selected energy fields.I believe man's perception has changed through the ages.takes all our available energy. FFW. beginning at the moment of birth. They saw that alignment is ceaselessly renewed in order to imbue perception with continuity. FFW.. THE BURSTS OF ENERGY FROM OUR HABITUAL ALIGNMENTS IS REROUTED TO REINFORCE OUR CHOICE ALIGNMENTS To renew alignment every time with the freshness that it needs to make up a living world. leaving us nothing that would help us use any of the other energy fields.190.. POS.those few.

92 inventory. 77.92 seers see the emanations inside the cocoon of man are not quieted down for purposes of matching them with those outside.. in whatever aberrant ways it can. Human beings do not do that. FFW. the first attention begins to watch itself. 76.92 WHAT IS AN INVENTORY? THE INVENTORY IS THE MIND The inventory is the mind.75.. except man.93 THE FIRST ATTENTION TAKES AN INVENTORY OF THE EAGLE'S EMANATIONS INSIDE THEIR COCOONS/ IT NOTES EVERYTHING ABOUT ITSELF/WE ONLY QUIET OUR EMANATIONS TO REFLECT ON OURSELVES instead. (old sorcerers saw children's AP constantly fluttering).the awareness of all living beings has a degree of self-reflection in order for them to interact. human beings take notice of the emanations they have inside their cocoons.. FFW.173. FFW. or at least it tries to. FFW. the moment the pressure from the emanations at large fixates the emanations inside. FFW..seers see the emanations inside the cocoon of man are not quieted down for purposes of matching them with those outside.TAOD. . that is all there is to our world.92... It notes everything about itself. their first attention takes an inventory of the Eagle's emanations inside their cocoons.303 WHAT ARE THE RESULTS BROUGHT ABOUT BY US BEING ON THE HABITUAL POSITION? WE BECOME VERY SELF-REFLECTIVE ALL LIVING BEINGS HAVE SOME DEGREE OF SELF-REFLECTION IN ORDER FOR THEM TO INTERACT BUT NONE HAS MAN'S HIGH DEGREE OF SELF-ABSORPTION . But none except man's first attention has such a high degree of self-absorption.. FFW...... No other creatures do that. FFW. human beings quiet down their emanations and then reflect on them.92 the new seers realized that all organic beings. POS. The emanations focus on themselves.the assemblage point's habitual location is not innate but brought about by habituation...Certain emanations are routinely aligned because of the fixation of the AP on one specific spot. quiet down their agitated trapped emanations so that those emanations can align themselves with their matching ones outside.

Contrary to men of reason.. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE TAKE THE INVENTORY TOO FAR? TWO THINGS MAY HAPPEN: HUMANS MAY IGNORE THE IMPULSES OF THE EMANATIONS AT LARGE (REASON) OR THEY MAY USE THEM IN A SPECIALIZED WAY (SELF-ABSORPTION) ...173. They may ignore the impulses of the emanations at large..FFW. or they may use them in a very specialized way. FFW.93 REASON REASON IS A BY-PRODUCT OF THE HABITUAL POSITION OF THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT Reason is only a by-product of the habitual position of the assemblage point TAOD. FFW. FFW. FFW. LITERAL-MINDEDNESS literal-mindedness is a major item of our inventory.92.93 EXAMPLES OF OUR INVENTORYS. Knowing the ins and outs of a particular inventory is what makes a man a scholar or an expert in his field.POS. TSC... who ignore the impulse of the emanations at large. and that we have to be aware of it to bypass it.. Once they are deeply involved in the inventory..KNOWING AN INVENTORY IS WHAT MAKES A MAN OR SCHOLAR AN EXPERT IN HIS FIELD Inventory.. WE MUST TAKE AN INVENTORY IT IS THE EAGLE'S COMMAND to take an inventory is the Eagle's command. the self-absorbed individuals use every impulse and turn them all into a force to stir the trapped emanations inside their cocoons.human beings are creatures of inventory.85....92 The end result of ignoring those impulses after taking an inventory is a unique state called reason. two things may happen.73.92 The result of using every impulse in a specialized way is known as self-absorption.. Human beings carry the command of taking an inventory to its logical extreme and disregard everything else. .

FFW. followed by long pauses of dullness.204... IT KEEPS THE ASSEMBLAGE FIXED DJ described self-importance as the force generated by man's self-image.93 .237. Seers see this as intermittent bursts of white light.. because by disregarding the impulse of the emanations at large. but that in actuality it is very rare... POS. POS.. MEN OF TRUE REASON LIVE LONGER THAN SELF-ABSORBED HUMANS The new seers saw that men of reason are bound to live longer.93 MOST PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE THEIR ASSEMBLAGE POINT SQUARELY ON THE LOCATION OF REASON the majority of people do not have their AP squarely on the location of reason. FFW.. reason in the human being should be bountiful. SELF-ABSORPTION AS SEEN ON THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT ARE INTERMITTENT BURSTS OF WHITE LIGHT FOLLOWED BY LONG PAUSES OF DULLNESS the majority of human beings turn to self-absorption.. but more brittle.a glow that makes the egglike shell become tougher. FFW. regardless of who we are or where we come from.. HUMAN REASON IS A DULL GLOW THAT MAKES THE EGGLIKE SHELL TOUGHER MORE BRITTLE Human reason appears to a seer as an unusually homogenous dull glow that rarely if ever responds to the constant pressure from the emanations at large .93 SELF-ABSORBED/SELF-IMPORTANCE SELF-IMPORTANCE IS THE FORCE GENERATED BY MAN'S SELF-IMAGE. but in its immediate vicinity.158..TOP. it is that force which keeps the AP fixed where it is at the present.OUR PERSPECTIVE IS FROM THE CENTER OF REASON ONLY REGARDLESS OF WHO WE ARE OR WHERE WE COME FROM We function at the center of reason exclusively. they quiet down the natural agitation inside their cocoons.

EG. it can only be turned off for a moment and replaced with the second attention..232... not as an average man. but because the average man lacks the energy to deal with sorcery.. providing the body has stored enough of it..141. that is.93 WHY CAN'T WE BREAK FROM OUR ASSEMBLAGE POINT'S HABITUAL POSITION? THE FIRST ATTENTION CAN NEVER BE COMPLETELY OVERCOME. use the impulse of the emanations at large to create more agitation. EG...8 .8 THE RIGHT SIDE CONSUMES TOO MUCH ENERGY On the right side too much energy and time is consumed in the actions and interactions of our daily life.sorcery is nonsense or an ominous mystery beyond his reach.. SORCERY OR THE MYSTERY OF THE WORLD IS BEYOND THE AVERAGE MAN BECAUSE HE LACKS THE ENERGY TO DEAL WITH IT From where the average man stands. WE ARE BORN WITH A LIMITED AMOUNT OF ENERGY HUMAN BEINGS ARE BORN WITH A FINITE AMOUNT OF ENERGY .. the attention that makes the world. cannot witness fields of energy.. shorten their lives. FFW... POS. POS.. can never be completely overcome.moving the AP or breaking one's continuity is not the real difficulty..SELF-ABSORBED INDIVIDUALS USE THE IMPULSE OF THE EMANATIONS AT LARGE TO CREATE MORE AGITATION SHORTEN THEIR LIVES The self absorbed individuals..165. FFW. IT CAN ONLY BE TURNED OFF FOR A MOMENT AND REPLACED WITH THE SECOND ATTENTION The first attention. and he is right not because this is an absolute fact.53. The real difficulty is having energy. WHAT TAKES UP ALL OF OUR ENERGY? .Human beings are born with a finite amount of energy.

. there is not a single bit left in us for any extraordinary perception. We look at ourselves already thinking that we are important. that there is no more energy for us anywhere and since our available energy is already engaged. sorcerers believed it was the . whatever our category our self-image falls into only matters because of our selfimportance.most of our energy goes into upholding our importance. That must be changed.57 the trouble with us is that we take ourselves seriously. SR. therefore had been how to vanquish my reason..You take yourself too seriously. TDJ.. Our puny reason deliberately makes itself into the monster it fancies itself to be.self-importance is our greatest enemy.250.81. it wouldn't matter at all which category we fell into.. on the one hand. SRP. and not one iota of energy is left free. TAOD.. and that fatigue will make you deaf and blind to everything else.239. your personal history...the new seers saw that the first attention consumes all the glow of awareness that human beings have. what weakens us is feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of our fellow men. That quantity is all the energy we have. FFW. JTI.. And therefore we've got to feel important..224.97. the issue. FFW.. and we train our eyes to look as we think about the things we look at.for the rational man to hold steadfastly to his self-image insured his abysmal ignorance.21.. We learn to think about everything. and we use all of it for perceiving and dealing with our engulfing world. Our self-importance requires that we spend most of our lives offended by someone. all that shame was caused by your misguided sense of personal worth. POS.97... POS. He ignored.27 the idea of personal self has no value whatsoever..37 SELF-IMPORTANCE IS THE SOURCE OF ALL OUR TROUBLES/ OUR PERSONAL HISTORY Those habitual feelings and thoughts are the source of all troubles. You are vulnerable because you feel important. ... Everything that makes you into what you think you are.the fact that sorcery was not incanations and hocus-pocus.. You're so damn important that you can afford to leave if things don't go your way.. and that I had to vanquish it if I wanted to achieve the realization of his teachings. TSC.ALL OF OUR AVAILABLE ENERGY GOES TO UPHOLDING OUR WORLD/OUR IMPORTANCE/ FIRST ATTENTION CONSUMES ALL OUR AVAILABLE ENERGY/ALL THE GLOW OF AWARENESS he added that we all have a determined quantity of basic energy.29. but everything else that was humanly possible. TSC.223.I'm referring to your barrage of habitual feelings and thoughts. not to what goes on outside you. Self-importance is another thing that must be dropped. TDJ. just like personal history.38. You're weak and conceited. He repeated various times. You are not used to this kind of life. TOP. He had said that my reason was the demon that kept me chained. a unique and special person.. therefore the indications (omens) bypass you. If we weren't self-important. We do confuse ourselves deliberately. You are so goddamn important that you feel justified to be annoyed with everything.52. POS.... That's the trouble.FFW. to emphasize it.. FFW. you are too damn important in your own mind.(TAOD.. but your seriousness is attached to what you do.The problem is that all the energy available is consumed by the first attention. And that produces a terrible fatigue. I suppose you think that shows you have character. but the freedom to perceive not only the world taken for granted.though.all of us are aware of our doings..51. ).selfimportance is not simple and naive.. Yet you are a serious person...100 . That's nonsense. such as dreaming.. It's too little for such a big mould. Seek and see the marvels all around you. You will get tired of looking at yourself alone. You dwell upon yourself too much. it is the core of everything that is good in us and on the other hand it is the core of everything that is rotten..

Don't you dare give in to self-pity in this's your old feeling of importance..POS... That's why men and women lose their minds so easily. There's no way to feel sorry for poor Manfred. However. this house will reject you. and because of that. but of very real cruelty and self-centeredness. For you the world is weird because if you're not bored with it you're at odds with it. man could not afford to be as self important as he is.. . mysterious..153. For me the world is weird because it is stupendous.Right now you're calling it "feeling sorry for Manfred" TSC. ..111... In other words.JTI. awesome. JTI. he's a warrior.65...80. POS. And it is this seemingly independent nature of self-importance which gives it its fake sense of worth...158 The position of self-reflection. once the force of self-importance is engaged..the mood of a warrior calls for control over himself and at the same time calls for abandoning himself.. it develops its own momentum. If you do.Without a degree of pity for himself... Self-pity. your life is as messy as it was before I met you. You have too much of it.forces the AP to assemble a world of sham compassion. JTI. as if you were the only man on earth who's wrong..81 SELF-PITY self-pity doesn't jibe with power.158 MESSY LIFE You always feel compelled to explain your acts. a being totally involved with his self image. it is a flimsy position at best. is inside you and expresses itself in different ways..position of the AP which made modern man a homicidal egotist. SELF-IMPORTANCE AND SELF-PITY ARE THE SAME THING . Self-pity is the real enemy and the source of man's misery. TSC. don't assume responsibility for your acts. No matter what form he's in. my interest has been to convince you that must assume responsibility for being here.. your not using death as an adviser..sorcerers had unmasked self-importance and found that it is self-pity masquerading as something else. In that world the only real feelings are those convienent for the one who feels them. you also have too much personal history. and above all. it'll spit you out.. you are too accessible.. unfathomable.158 THIS SELF-ABSORPTION IS REINFORCED BY THE INTERNAL DIALOGUE THE HABITUAL POSITION OF MAN'S ASSEMBLAGE POINT IS MAINTAINED BY THE INTERNAL DIALOGUE The position of the AP on man's cocoon is maintained by the internal dialogue.

Not only that. In fact we maintain our world with our internal talk. Everyone of us do that.23 HOW DOES OUR INTERNAL DIALOGUE AND SELF-ABSORPTION DEVELOP? AT BIRTH WE ARE ALL NAGUAL AND OUR ASSEMBLAGE POINT IS NOT FIXED BEFORE BIRTH THE DUALITY BETWEEN THE TONAL AND NAGUAL DOESN'T EXIST She said that before birth. TSC.especially those whose internal dialogue is repetitious. AS LONG AS YOU REMAIN SELF-IMPORTANT YOU CANNOT APPRECIATE THE WORLD AROUND YOU. man's imposed duality doesn't exist. two seperate entities. thus we repeat the same choices over and over until the day we die because we keep on repeating the same internal talk over and over until the day we die. we talk about our world. AT BIRTH THE TWO SIDES ARE SEPERATED BY THE PULL OF MANKIND'S INTENT: ONE PART TURNS OUTWARD AND BECOMES THE PHYSICAL BODY AND THE OTHER INWARD AND BECOMES THE DOUBLE . We renew it. two counterparts which became operative at the moment of birth. JTI. all you see is yourself apart from everything else. TOP. one was called the tonal and the other the nagual.43 BUT AT THE MOMENT OF BIRTH. and without any depth. but we also choose our paths as we talk to ourselves.119.173 WE MAINTAIN OUR WORLD WITH OUR INTERNAL TALK WE REPEAT THE SAME CHOICES OVER AND OVER UNTIL THE DAY WE DIE BECAUSE WE KEEP ON REPEATING THE SAME INTERNAL TALK OVER AND OVER UNTIL THE DAY WE DIE. FFW. You talk to yourself too much. we kindle it with life. You are like a horse with blinders.. SR. ALL YOU SEE IS YOURSELF APART FROM EVERYTHING ELSE As long as you feel that you are the most important thing in the world you cannot really appreciate the world around you.. you're not unique at that. we uphold it with our internal talk.218. Whenever we finish talking to ourselves the world is always as it should be. boring. We carry on an internal talk. THE TONAL AND NAGUAL BECOME OPERATIVE every human being had two sides.

43 AT BIRTH WE ARE ALL NAGUAL AND FOR A SHORT TIME AFTER At the time of birth.151 BUT AFTER A SHORT TIME AFTER BIRTH. So. FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. TSC. The moment we take the first gasp of air we also breathe in power for the tonal. THEN. The tonal is missing and that gives us. TOP. BUT FROM BIRTH THE TONAL BEGINS TO DEVELOP. inward and becomes the double. giving children a great capacity to focus on emanations that later will be throughly disregarded. IT BEGINS TO OUTSHINE THE NAGUAL Then the tonal starts to develop and it becomes utterly important to our functioning. From the moment we become all tonal we do nothing else but to increment that old feeling of incompleteness which accompanies us from the moment of our birth. THE TONAL IS MISSING AND THAT GIVES US.FFW. it is proper to say that the tonal of a human being is intimately tied to his birth. and for awhile after.126. THAT IN ORDER TO FUNCTION WE NEED A COUNTER PART TO WHAT WE HAVE. so important that it opaques the shine of the nagual. it overwhelms it. THE TONAL BEGINS TO DEVELOP AND BEGINS TO OVERTAKE THE NAGUAL WE SENSE.122 WHEN THE TONAL DOES DEVELOP. then. Our first ring of power is engaged very early in our lives and that we live under the impression that that is all there is to us. TOP. the two parts are seperated by the pull of mankind's intent.151 The fact of the matter is that many children can see.242 . and their AP shift everywhere in the band of man. that in order to function we need a counter part to what we have. FFW. TOP.. a feeling of incompleteness. TOP. the other.126.but that from birth on. and which tells us constantly that there is another part to give us completeness. AT FIRST INFANTS HAVE NO FIXED ASSEMBLAGE POINT AND IT MOVES THROUGHOUT MAN'S BAND The seers see that infants have no fixed AP at first. We begin to groom it at the moment of birth. One part turns outward and becomes the physical body.126. from the very beginning. A FEELING OF INCOMPLETENESS We sense. we are all nagual. SRP. Their encased emanations are in a state of great turmoil.

245 WE LEARN MOODS LIKE SOLACE. I've said that everything we are is on that island.53 THE ISLAND OF THE TONAL IS MADE BY OUR PERCEPTION WHICH HAS BEEN TRAINED TO FOCUS ON CERTAIN ELEMENTS I have called that view the island of the tonal.are taught by everyone around them to repeat an endless dialogue about themselves. fear. But what we perceive is not a fact of the same kind. FFW.. all of them are moods that you have learned without ever questioning their value. which has been trained to focus on certain elements and all of them together form our view of the world.. JTI. HAVEN AND FEAR Solace. The dialogue becomes internalized and that force alone keeps the AP fixed. The sorcerer's explanation says that the island of the tonal is made by our perception. because we learn what to perceive.ix. WE START TO DEVELOP AN INTERNALIZED DIALOGUE WITHIN OURSELVES WHICH BEGINS TO TAKE UP ALL OUR ENERGY AND FIXES THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT INTO PLACE AS INFANTS WE ARE TAUGHT TO REPEAT AN ENDLESS DIALOGUE ABOUT THEMSELVES AND THIS ENDLESS DIALOGUE BECOMES INTERNALIZED AND THAT FORCE ALONE KEEPS THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT FIXED Human beings when they are infants.. TOP.WHY DOES THE TONAL START TO DEVELOP? PEOPLE START TO TEACH US HOW AND WHAT TO PERCEIVE FROM OUR TEACHERS.26. EVERYONE A CHILD WHO COMES INTO CONTACT WITH IS A TEACHER He pointed out that everyone who comes into contact with a child is a teacher who incessantly describes the world to him.. TOP. WE LEARN WHAT TO PERCEIVE we perceive this is a hard fact.infants have hundreds of teachers who teach them exactly where to . haven.

but we use only one to create the world. Both have a description. however.TOP. because that position is an arbitrary one and needs steady reinforcement. Both descriptions have their rules . We make ourselves that way.. the child is a member.151 . that our reality is merely one of many descriptions.. reality. In fact.ix. We are all born that light and bouncy. the individuals who share a specific membership. but we become earth bound and fixed. the. which the reason learns to accept and defend. WE BEGIN TO THINK VERY QUICKLY THAT WHAT WAS TAUGHT TO US AND WHAT WE CAN SEE IS OUR ONE AND ONLY REALITY AND OUR PERCEPTION CLOSES. simply because none of us could possibly have had anything else. open to question. the reality of our day-to-day life consists of an endless flow of perceptual interpretations which we. which is hooked very soon after we are born.151 The internal dialogue is a process that constantly strengthens the position of the AP. it was created by a description that was told to us since the moment we were born.what I held in my mind was merely a description of the world. if ever. JTI. and his membership becomes full-fledged. I suppose. The trick of the sorcerer is the same trick of the average man. validate it. other upholds it with his will. That ring. the will. THE SELF-REFLECTED VIEW IS AT FIRST A DESCRIPTION BUT IT KEEPS BEING GIVEN TO US UNTIL ALL OF OUR ATTENTION IS CAUGHT BY IT AND IT BECOMES A VIEW That view is first a description. We are perceivers.168.. the average man upholds his with reason. FFW. So. FFW.The world we perceive though is an illusion. the reality of the world we know is so taken for granted that the basic premise of sorcery.ix. and its companion is talking.. when he is capable of making all the proper perceptual interpretations which.FFW. We the luminous beings are born with two rings of power. the world that your reason wants to sustain is the world created by a description and its dogmatic and inviolable rules. The idea that the perceptual interpretations that make up the world have a flow is congruous with the fact that they run uninterruptedly and are rarely. TOP.74. From that moment on. JTI.39. in essence. have learned to make in common. or the world we all know. a description that had been pounded into me from the moment I was born. which is given to us from the moment of our birth until all of our attention is caught by it and the description becomes a view.. could hardly be taken as a serious proposition. we were taught the means to dull ourselves in order to keep the AP fixed on one spot. He knows the description of the world. The secret of the luminous beings is that they have another ring of power which is never used. is only a description .the new seers say that when we were taught to talk to ourselves. by confirming to that description.we have no memory of that portentous moment. is reason. between the two they concoct and maintain the world.. For a their AP...244.. FFW. THERE COMES A MOMENT WHEN THE CHILD PERCEIVES THE WORLD AS DESCRIBED AND BEGINS AN ENDLESS FLOW OF PERCEPTUAL INTERPRETATIONS (CALLED THE INTERNAL DIALOGUE) WHICH IS RARELY OPEN TO QUESTION until the moment when the child is capable of perceiving the world as it is described.

. FFW..and the rules are perceivable. or out there.. .. forget that the description is only a description and thus we entrap the totality of ourselves in a vicious circle from which we rarely emerge in our lifetime.52. JTI.246 the conviction that there is a real you is a result of the fact that you have rallied everything you've got around your reason. TOP. JTI. But what man senses is such a small portion of the Eagle's emanations that its ridiculous to put much stock in our perceptions and yet it isn't possible for us to disregard our perceptions.122.. WE LIVE IN A BUBBLE OF PERCEPTION WHICH CLOSES SOMETIME AFTER BIRTH AND WE WITNESS OUR OWN SELF-REFLECTION ON ITS WALLS Sorcerers say that we are inside a bubble.74.. Sorcerers believe that reason is only one center and it shouldn't take so much for granted. as we believe it is...The thing reflected is our view of the world. it is a bubble into which we are placed at the moment of our birth. . but in this case it is an accurate way.. .244. but it isn't a mirage either.. We live in that bubble all our lives.. Our mistake is to believe that the only perception worthy of acknowledgement is what goes through our reason. At first the bubble is open. or rather our reason.267 WE REGARD THE VISUAL AS THE ONLY REALITY BECAUSE WE RELY ON LANGUAGE AND REASON . the basic premise of sorcery.97. That bubble is perception.Naturally. the world of everyday life is not real.. FFW. We. the bubble of perception.64. the world is not as solid and as real as our perception has been led to believe. . this business of calling it a bubble is only a way of talking.. That is our bubble.TOP. TOP.ix. We men and all the other luminous beings on earth are perceivers.60. If what we witness on the walls is our own reflection then the thing thats being reflected must be the real thing. TOP.TOP. TOP.TOP..human beings employ the Eagle's emanations and interpret them as reality. And what we witness on its round walls is our own reflection.The bubble is opened in order to allow the luminous being a view of his totality.we think it is a world of objects and its not.245 WE THINK THAT THE WORLD IS SOLID AND FILLED WITH OBJECTS AND FORGET IT IS JUST A DESCRIPTION POUNDED INTO US EVERYDAY SINCE BIRTH WE BEGIN TO THINK OF THE WORLD AS A PLACE OF OBJECTS AND SOLIDITY The world of objects and solidity is a way of making our passage on earth convenient.that for a sorcerer.244. but then it begins to close until it has sealed us in. there was no world at large but only a description of the world which we had learned to visualize and take for granted.Sorcerers call it the secret of the luminous beings and it is the fact that we are perceivers..To believe that the world is only as you think it is. FFW.. It is only a description that was created for us.. but the advantage of the sorcerer is that will is more engulfing than reason. is stupid.

and is stable and predictable. That I was not fighting my own battle. Yet in actuality. JTI. .26.. What we judge as permanent reality is only the surface appearance of an unfathomable force.. Can you deviate from the path that they've lined up for you? No. TAOD.. TSC. the nagual.viii WE ARE FIXED FOREVER IN OUR THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS TO FOLLOW THE PATH THAT HABITUAL MAN HAS LINED UP FOR US. it is elusive.216 EVIL IS A CONCATENATION OF THE MIND BECAUSE OF THE FIXATION OF THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT ON ITS HABITUAL POSITION evil is merely a concatenation of the human mind.. THERE IS ONLY PERCEPTION AND THE NAGUAL AND THINGS LIKE EVIL. WITCHCRAFT COMES FROM OUR REASON . the spirit. we do not have much say in the matter. That is slavery. not quite arbitrarily but laid down mandatorily nonetheless." EE.. but the battles of some unknown people.58.10.Because we rely on language and reason. THE DEVIL.239 AND WHAT HAS BEEN TAUGHT TO US IS BASED UPON WHATEVER SOCIETY WE ARE IN AT THE TIME THE PARAMETERS OF OUR NORMAL PERCEPTION HAS BEEN IMPOSED ON US AS PART OF OUR SOCIALIZATION It is a sorcerer's idea that the parameters of our normal perception have been imposed upon us as part of our socialization. POS.Turn everything into what it really is: the abstract. And since you are with them. it appears to have an order.TOP.and that in his world of precise acts and feelings and decisions was infinitely more effective than the blundering idiocy I called my life. Our fellow men are black magicians. TSC.M. There is only perception. think for a moment. you too are a black magician.. "All that we are is the result of what we have thought. no devil..our thoughts think us. temporary and ever changing.187. no evil.. There is no witchcraft. He said I was pimping for someone else. Your thoughts and your actions are fixed forever in their terms. our feelings feel. overwhelmed by the fixation of the assemblage point on its habitual position.11 OUR REALITY IS CONTINUALLY UPHELD BECAUSE WE HAVE ALL BEEN TAUGHT THE SAME TO AGREE ON WHAT IS REAL ..the Buddha explains. it is the level of the visible that we regard as reality.

JTI. but we don't have the power to protect ourselves from our own commands.. OUR REALITY IS FURTHER ENHANCED BECAUSE HUMANS CAN SKIM THEIR PERCEPTIONS SKIMMING MAKES OUR PERCEPTION EVEN MORE REAL THAN OTHER CREATURES The skimmings of men are more real than what other creatures perceive. Our rings of power are spinning this room into being at this very moment... for instance.. they are so real to us that we forget we have constructed them by commanding our AP to appear where they do. D. are hooked right now to the doing in this room.25.212 All I did was to hook my ring of power to your own doing.) INVENTORY AND SHIELDS AND BY THE TIME WE OUR TEENAGERS. SOCIETY HAS FILLED US UP WITH ITS INVENTORY LIKE AN ENORMOUS WAREHOUSE WITH NO SAY FROM US AND IT USUALLY NEVER CHANGES . our rings of power. not-doing is equally miraculous. our rings of power are hooked to the doing of the world in order to make the world. you yourself did the rest and so did the others. So every one of us is already hooked from birth and our rings of power are joined to everyone else's. yours and mine. and powerful.every one of us knows the doing of rooms don't have any idea of the power that that agreement brings it. We are making this room. FFW. JTI.158...211. cannot possibly be real to you. We have the power to skim the top off the alignments... we all have been taught to agree about doing.158 THE PROBLEM WITH SKIMMING IS THAT IS MAKES THINGS SO REAL WE FORGET WE HAVE CONSTRUCTED THEM BY COMMANDING OUR ASSEMBLAGE POINT TO APPEAR WHERE THEY DO that is our pitfall.... That little ring is almost immediately put to use. JTI. we have spent much of our lives in rooms. That has to be learned.. We forget they are real to us only because it is our command to perceive them as real.212.FOR THINGS TO BE REAL IN OUR WORLD WE HAVE TO AGREE UPON THEM Things are real only after one has learned to agree on their realness. let's say that when every one of us is born we bring with us a little ring of power. What took place this evening. FFW. TOP. in one way or another..but. fortunately. because no one could agree with you about it... In other words.

someone other than yourself has stored feelings. Huge portions of it become lost or entwined in other people's bands of energy. what sustains our world is the certainty that we are unchangeable. you can go in there and rummage around any time you want and use whatever you find there.. TSC. Since it is your wherehouse. but it also toughens the cocoon to the point of making it inflexible..WE ARE LIKE A GIANT WAREHOUSE THAT STORES OUR FEELINGS. we may accept that our behavior or our reactions and . WE DEVELOP OUR CONTINUITY FOR ALL OF OUR LIVES WHAT IS CONTINUITY? CONTINUITY IS THE IDEA THAT WE ARE A SOLID BLOCK AND OUR WORLD IS NOT CHANGEABLE continuity. Thus you are drastically linked in your selection of items. AND OUR ENERGY FIELD IS CONSTANTLY LESSENED AND MADE MORE RIGID AS WE GET OLDER AND IT BECOMES HARDER TO CHANGE THE WEB GETS PORTIONS OF ITSELF LOST OR ENTWINED IN OTHER PEOPLE'S BANDS OF ENERGY AND GETS TORN TO SHREDS This web of energy gets torn to shreds during daily living. in that wherehouse. for it was already established before you came into possession of the wherehouse.100 AND SO FINALLY. in our minds..the idea that we are a solid block. IDEAS. If a person loses too much vital force... MAN'S INVENTORY ALSO TOUGHENS THE COCOON TO THE POINT OF MAKING IT INFLEXIBLE Man's inventory not only takes it all.134...74..74. try to imagine yourself as a giant warehouse. TSC.TSC.. mental dialogues and behavior patterns.. BEHAVIOR PATTERNS ETC. ideas. FFW. he becomes ill or dies. she added that our lives seem to be an uninterrupted time line because in our wherehouses the inventory never changes. OUR PROBLEM IS THAT WE HAVE NO SAY OVER OUR INVENTORY AND USUALLY OUR INVENTORY NEVER CHANGES the problem is that you have absolutely no say over the inventory.

99.. we stifle its growth and prevent it from developing its full potential. it finally destroys us..viii OUR INTERPRETATION REQUIRES FAITHFUL AND BLIND ADHERENCE TO ALL ITS CONCEPTS/ NONE OF WHICH CALLS FOR THE POSSIBILITY OF DIRECTLY PERCEIVING ENERGY Our normal functioning within the social order requires a blind and faithful adherence to all its precepts. to the point of being someone else.TSC..120 .. TSC. whitish luminous eggs. we never pay attention to it or give the seer a chance to make itself heard. WHAT PROTECTS US AND KEEPS US FROM EXPERIENCING THE NAGUAL? THE TONAL PROTECTS US The tonal is rightfully so.. DJ maintained that it is possible to perceive human beings as fields of energy. Through a continual suppression.viii WE STIFLE OUR POTENTIAL TO SEE AND THAT EVENTUALLY THE SEER IS FILLED WITH BITTERNESS AND HATRED AND FINALLY DESTROYS US Yet in spite of the clarity and accuracy of the seer's assessment's. is not part of our underlying order of our self-reflection.viii WHAT IS AN INTERPRETATION SYSTEM? AN INTERPRETATION SYSTEM PROCESSES SENSORY DATA INTO MEANINGFUL UNITS AND USES THE SOCIAL STRUCTURE AS A WAY TO INTERPRET THESE UNITS which processes sensory data into meaningful units and renders the social structure as a structure of interpretation.opinions can be modified.a guardian that most of the time turns into a guard. TOP. a guardian . like huge. oblong.99. TSC. TSC. a protector. the seer inside us is filled with bitterness and hatred. For example. none of which calls for the possibility of directly perceiving energy.172 ONE ASPECT OF THESE MANDATORY PERCEPTION PARAMETERS IS AN INTERPRETATION CENTER One aspect of these obligatory parameters is an interpretation system. In the end. TSC. the ancient men of wisdom who invented the recapitulation believed that since we never stop subduing the seer. but the idea that we can change appearances. POS.

SPECIFIC TO EACH INDIVIDUAL Don Juan remarked that each of us was barred from silent knowledge by natural barriers. a complete change of attitude is necessary because our preconceived notion that we are solid is what keeps the double imprisoned. specific to each individual.. but really he was too lazy to do them. TSC.131 THE FIRST ATTENTION BLOCKS OUT THE UNKNOWN SO WELL THAT IT DOESN'T EXIST FOR US/WE NEVER BELIEVE WHAT IS HAPPENING TO US The first attention works very well with the unknown. he emphasized that in order to open the gates.55.being too rational is a handicap. Mr. It was stupidity that forced us to discard anything that did not form with our selfreflective expectations. 130. (Like things he didn't want to do were disguised as things he chose not to do. but the man was incapable of understanding the revelations. reason doesn't deal with man as energy.83 WE ARE BARRED FROM SILENT KNOWLEDGE BY NATURAL BARRIERS. the unknown doesn't exist for the first attention. FFW. POS..the world kept him so busy that he had neither the time nor the inclination really to examine the matter..174 Our great enemy is the fact that we never believe what is happening to us..) . and that the most impregnable of CC barriers was the drive to disguise my complacency as independence.we are not aware of being linked to everything else. Using an inner voice.. It blocks average men.224.HOW DOES THE TONAL HELP PROTECT US FROM THE NAGUAL? THE TONAL SUPRESSES THE NAGUAL The tonal's great art is to supress any manifestations of the nagual in such a manner that even if its presence should be the most obvious thing in the world.. POS. the spirit disclosed its secrets. TOP. to reveal their connection.... it is unnoticeable... FFW.POS.. POS. but he believed it to be his own feelings he was feeling and his own thoughts he was thinking.. Naturally he heard the inner voice. rather than any physical structure of the body itself. 23. the spirit tried. Abelar promised that he himself would guide me to deliberately open the first gate after I had successfully accomplished the abstract flight.POS... we were blind to the most crucial piece of knowledge available to a human being: the existence of the AP and the fact that it could move. TAOD. ONE OF THE SELF'S STRONGEST LINES OF DEFENSE IS INDEED OUR RATIONALITY One of the self's strongest lines of defense is indeed our rationality.114 . SRP.160.94. 62.. denies it so fiercely that in the end. uselessly.

because we have protective shields. FFW.. FFW. is not a matter whether you like it or yourself. what can you use as a shield?TOP.31... What matters is. they keep us from seeing it directly. PEOPLE ARE BUSY DOING WHAT PEOPLE DO An average man is equally surrounded by those inexplicable forces is oblivious to them because he has other kinds of special shields to protect himself.I was indulging in being broad minded and good. These shields..241 THE ROLLING FORCE IS LETHAL WHEN WE CAN SEE IT.241 AVERAGE PEOPLE HAVE SPECIAL SHIELDS TO PROTECT THEMSELVES.... SR.. but otherwise we are oblivious to it. DOES THE TONAL ALWAYS PROTECT US? .94 WRITING writing was the best protective shield that I had.. People are busy doing that which people do. Those are their shields. That is why the inventory came into existence in the first place. We are permantely worried about our station.THE TONAL USES SHIELDS TO PROTECT US SHIELDS ENGAGE ALL OF OUR AWARENESS AND THIS KEEPS US FROM SEEING THE ROLLING FORCE We have consuming interests that engage all of our awareness.It's lethal when seen. BUT OTHERWISE WE ARE OBLIVIOUS TO IT BECAUSE WE HAVE PROTECTIVE SHIELDS . our possessions.216. protecting us in this way from getting hurt from seeing the balls of fire hitting us.a warrior never lets his guard down.. in our ordinary lives..217. however do not keep the tumbler away. WHAT ARE SOME EXAMPLES OF A SHIELD? TAKING AN INVENTORY MAKES US INVULNERABLE WHICH IS WHY THE INVENTORY CAME INTO EXISTENCE IN THE FIRST PLACE taking an inventory makes us invulnerable. TOP.

173. so does the whole man. THEY GIVE US A FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY Shields are great help and a great hinderance to us. an inherent quality of the tonal is to be cagey and jealous of its doings. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO US IF OUR TONAL DID NOT PROTECT US? THE NAGUAL COULD DESTROY THE TONAL WHEN IT COMES OUT The nagual once it learns to surface. so don juan's references to the guardian was not the guardian itself but to the tonal in which it must be overcome before we can enter into the other side 10/23/94 SHIELDS ARE A GREAT HELP AND A HINDERANCE. EVERYTIME IT IS THREATENED . TOP. TOP.then. A THREAT TO THE TONAL ALWAYS RESULTS IN DEATH The tonal must be protected at any cost. our very a rule the tonal must defend itself. They pacify us and at the same time fool us. a guard is a vigilante. at any cost.. narrow-minded and most of the time despotic. TOP. They give us a false sense of security. TOP.157. that the tonal in all of us has been made into a petty and despotic guard when it should be a broad-minded guardian. but it must remain as the protected overseer. TOP. A guardian is broad-minded and understanding. And since its doings are by far the most important part of our lives. from a guardian into a guard. may cause a great damage to the tonal by coming out without any control..AS A RULE THE TONAL MUST DEFEND ITSELF AT ANY COST. And if the tonal dies. Therefore. I say.121. The crown has to be taken away from it. Any threat to the tonal always results in its death. (SEE HUMAN SHIELDS) WHAT ARE THE DRAWBACKS TO BEING PROTECTED BY THE TONAL? THE TONAL'S ORIGINAL FUNCTION IS TO PROTECT OUR BEING (MAKING SENSE OUT OF THINNGS) BUT IT EVENTUALLY BECOMES A GUARD BECAUSE IT LIMITS OUR PERCEPTION I would say then that the tonal is a guardian that protects something priceless.157.241 . so it is of no real consequence how the tonal reacts in order to accomplish its defence. FFW. it is no wonder that it eventually changes. every time it is threatened. in every one of us.

It is like the voice that comes from the depths.224. FFW. SR. the voice of the nagual. the tonal is the villain and it shouldn't be. but by keeping us pinned down on our comfortable spots of self-reflection. especially in the life of a warrior. Again you're not unique at that.. what people do is greater and more important than the world itself.. it took enormity of strength to let go of the intent of everyday life. something in the tonal itself becomes aware that there is more to us.. DOES THE TONAL EVER NOTICE THE NAGUAL? SOMETIMES THE TONAL NOTICES THE NAGUAL AND THE TOTALITY OF OURSELVES ARISES . WHAT WE DO AS PEOPLE GIVES US COMFORT AND MAKES US FEEL SAFE Your problem is that you confuse the world with what people do..219.. Our flaw is to insist on remaining on our monotonous. right there. but convenient island. PEOPLE ARE AFRAID OF FREEDOM OF PERCEPTION BECAUSE IT DISRUPTS OUR COMFORTABLE SPOTS OF SELF-REFLECTION AND IT REQUIRED A HUGE AMOUNT OF STRENGTH TO DO IT People might not appreciate that. .308. Every one of us does that.131. In fact I could say that for mankind.101.155...237. however. POS. tiring. TOP. and that's because they don't want to be free.WHY DON'T PEOPLE BREAK THEIR SELF-REFLECTION? THE THINGS PEOPLE DO ARE SHIELDS AGAINST THE FORCES THAT SURROUND US. or under certain special circumstances. And none of us wants to be. and there are moments. and topple our lives. but what is not easy is to convince ourselves that it is possible. what people do is rightfully important. TOP. At those moments one can surmise and assess what we really are.EG.the chains imprison us. POS.the average man trembles at the possibility of freedom. freedom is frightening.. when the totality becomes apparent. The things people do are shields against the forces that surround us. You see the totality of ourselves is a natural condition which the tonal cannot obliterate altogether. is our safety catch. but only as a shield. FFW. they defend us from the onslaughts of the unknown.. We have to be convinced. what we do as people gives us comfort and makes us feel safe. Cutting our chains (ego) is marvelous but also very undesirable for nobody wants to be free.on certain occasions.. There..290. We never learn that the things we do as people are only shields and we let them dominate..the strangest part of this mystery (moving the AP) is that it is so easy to accomplish.

(when we encounter phenomenom that is beyond our sytem of interpretation we have two options). Interpretation system. too. acts out..THE TONAL IS ALWAYS USED BUT SOMETIMES THE NAGUAL ACTS OUT AND TERRIFIES THE TONAL . a one-shot affair that has no significance whatsoever because it is the result of a random movement of the AP. PROBABLY EVERY PERSON HAS HAD A CHANCE TO MOVE THEIR ASSEMBLAGE POINT possibly every human being under normal living conditions had had at one time or another the opportunity to break away from the bindings of convention. TOP.not social convention.. a moment of fright..215.157. A moment of elation would suffice to move our AP and break our conventions. (see moving the AP) So.282.232. to a certain point and then they returned to normalcy carrying a memory that lasted them a lifetime.139. . either through discipline or accident...the tonal rules and yet it is very vulnerable.never.215 WHAT DO WE DO WHEN THE TONAL EXPERIENCES THE NAGUAL? WHEN AN INVENTORY FAILS OR WE ENCOUNTER PHENOMENOM THAT WE CANNOT EXPLAIN. an average person ends up performing it (moving the assemblage point and . it terrifies the tonal. MYSTICS all the mystics and spiritual teacher's had moved their assemblage points. SRP. or grief. health.Sometimes as a fluke.173. IS IT EASY TO EXPERIENCE THE NAGUAL ? FOR AVERAGE PEOPLE IT IS A ONE-SHOT AFFAIR THAT IS THE RESULT OF A RANDOM MOVEMENT OF THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT He called the mystical experience a chance seeing. but when it does.but the conventions binding our perception. the person either enlarges his inventory or his whole world of self-reflection collapses. THE PERSON EITHER ENLARGES HIS INVENTORY OR HIS WHOLE WORLD OF SELFREFLECTION COLLAPSES (STOPPING THE WORLD) when an average person's inventory fails. POS. FFW. POS... or almost never.. anger. the nagual. ill..242. Sometimes if we have enough personal power we can catch a glimpse of the mould even though we are not sorcerers. POS. when that happens we say that we have seen God.

the energy of a luminous being can be transformed through will into anything.. REVAMP OUR INTERPRETATION enlarge its capabilities. WHAT MADE THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT MOVE LATERALLY IN MAN'S BAND WAS A HUGE DESIRE TO RENDER THE INCOMPREHENSIBLE INTO WHAT IS MOST FAMILIAR TO US: THAT IS . since we can't directly perceive energy. WE CONFORM THE WORLD/UNKNOWN THINGS TO OUR THOUGHTS Your knowledge of the world told you that in the bushes one can find only animals prowling or men hiding behind the foliage... It is rather the habit of having the world conform to our thoughts.. When it doesn't.. This mold is the social part of perception.. .fixating it) and entering into another world. TAOD. The easiest thing is of course the image of the physical body.thus.27.. TSC. let's not call it thinking then. except that at the level of luminous beings the range is so broad that it is futile to try and establish limits. with which we are already thoroughly familiar from our daily lives and the use of our first attention.. But this is immediately explained away as insanity or hallucination.. THIS MEANS TO ENLARGE WHAT WE EXPERIENCE AS REALITY WHICH DOES NOT ENDANGER OUR INTEGRETY OF REALITY. What channels the energy of our total being to produce anything that might be within the boundaries were.23.reality becomes fluid and the scope of what can be real is enhanced without endangering the integrity of reality. since I was a Catholic (Taisha). TAOD. it deliberately reduces the scope of what can be percieved and makes us believe that the mold into which we fit our perception is all that exists. THE RANGE IS SO BROAD ESTABLISHING UNITS ARE USELESS BUT WE USUALLY TRANSFORM IT INTO SOMETHING FAMILIAR LIKE THE IMAGE OF A PHYSICAL BODY the second attention is unavoidaby drawn to focus on our total being as a field of energy. we process our perception to fit a mold. Revamp our interpretation system. You held that thought.85 . TOP. and transforms that energy as anything suitable. and naturally you had to find ways to make the world conform to that thought..Social part.190 1.97 CREATE SOMETHING OUR MIND CAN HANDLE WE CAN TRANSFORM A FIELD OF ENERGY INTO ANYTHING WE WANT. my own way of adapting my inventory would be to turn the spirit into a sort of a guardian angel.. TAOD. EG. a kind. REVAMP OUR INTERPRETATION SYSTEM 1... 3. protective male that watches over me. we simply make it conform.

216. SR. POS. It was the same case as seeing the barrier of perception as a wall of fog. WE EXPLAIN SHIFTS AS FANTASIES IF IT IS MINIMAL AND HALLUCINATIONS IF THE SHIFT IS CONSIDERABLE If the shift is minimal. or the work of the devil. to render the incomprehensible in terms of what is most familiar to us: a barrier is a wall and the mold of man cannot be anything else but a man. If the shift is considerable. When it shifts. or necessity.WHY WE SEE THE MOLD OF MAN AS A MAN AND THE BARRIER OF PERCEPTION AS A WALL OF FOG I asked him why it was that I always saw the mold of man as a male. belives that those forces can be explained or changed. What made the AP move laterally was a nearly unavoidable desire. anyone know?) THE AVERAGE MAN BELIEVES THAT THE INEXPLICABLE FORCES WILL EVENTUALLY BE EXPLAINED The world is indeed full of frightening things and we are helpless creatures surrounded by forces that are inexplicable and unbending. THEY THINK THEY ARE LOSING THEIR MIND when a person's AP loses its rigidity (shifts) then if they're not warriors.138 COINCIDENCE . the results are explained as fantasies of the mind. he thought that if I were a women I would see the mold as a woman.214. FFW. and shied away from it without examining it further. witchcraft.?? (missed one. The average man. if they're warriors. but they patiently wait. To be healthy and sane means that the AP is immovable.287.. incapable of finding the energy to perceive beyond his daily limits. FFW. the results are called hallucinations. FFW. called the realm of extraordinary perception sorcery... FOR AN AVERAGE MAN. he said that it was because my AP did not have the stability then to remain completely glued to its new position and shifted laterally in man's band. WHEN THE AP SHIFTS. but he expects that the actions of mankind will explain them or change them sooner or later. it literally means that one is deranged. he doesn't really know how to do that. in ignorance. they think they're losing their minds. THE AVERAGE MAN CALLS UNUSUAL PERCEPTIONS WITCHCRAFT the average man. they know they've gone crazy.

whenever we had a chance to move our AP we become frightened... EG. FFW.. academic.242. A man of knowledge could hook himself to everyone's doing and come up with weird things. Our religious. My explanation did not explain anything but seemed to keep my reason pacified. not really.215. I argued that in cases of severe stress.whenever we undergo an induced shift we are all experts at immedietely compensating for it.continuity is so important in our lives that if it breaks it's always instantly repaired. the return of our AP to the prescribed position of normal living. rather in terms of our attention having beckoned the event. EG. we talk about it in terms of accident or coincidence.140. the event was so farfetched for me that I could not even begin to understand it in any logical way. We rebalance ourselves constantly and activity goes on as if nothing has happened to us. I would lump them into an amorphous category of "perceptions under conditions of severe stress"... They are weird only to those who are trapped in doing.285. EVERYTHING WE DO IS REALLY A DISGUISE everything we do is in some way merely a disguise.232.) a function so taken for granted in our daily life that it has become backgrounds would come into play. They would assure our safe return to the flock. WHEN OUR ASSEMBLAGE POINT DOES MOVE ACCIDENTLY OUR SOCIAL BACKGROUNDS RETURN IT TO ITS HABITUAL SPOT But ordinarily. REPAIRING THE CONTINUITY IF CONTINUITY BREAKS IT'S ALWAYS INSTANTLY REPAIRED . if we encounter a fortuitous occurrence. is a matter of doing.WE TAKE IT FOR GRANTED THAT ATTENTION CAN BECKON AN EVENT AND WE TALK ABOUT IT IN TERMS OF COINCIDENCE But that was also the function of attention in general (the more it is exercised the better chance of getting the desired results. perception could be greatly distorted by the senses. Everything we do. As usual when things of that nature confronted me. POS. JTI.211 .139.. 176 WHENEVER THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT SHIFTS WE COMPENSATE FOR IT SO WE ARE CONSTANTLY REBALANCING OURSELVES AND GO AS IF NOTHING HAS HAPPENED TO US since the AP normally shifts during dreams.. POS.. But they are not weird.

and actually improvise a new name for it. WHY DO PEOPLE THINK THE MOLD OF MAN IS GOD? WE THINK THE MOLD IS GOD BECAUSE WE ARE WHAT IT STAMPS US WITH The mold is our God because we are what it stamps us with and not because it has created us from nothing and made us in its image and likeness. in the world that you call real..DJ thought it would be accurate to say that there is a force that attracts our consciousness much as a magnet attracts iron shavings.281 . You and I are right here. throughout the centuries... But these accounts. look at what some seers have done to us. are flawed by the gross and despairing mistake of believing the mold of man to be an omnipotent. omniscient creature.58. and so is the interpretation of the old seers. you may very well agree with the lax seers who called it the Eagle. JTI. simply because we both know it. a more accurate one.FFW.. on the other hand. a protector of man... Mystics. so when you see the that force (Eagle).. have given us moving accounts of their experiences. who called the mold of man a friendly spirit. FFW.137 WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE REVAMP OUR INTERPRETATION SYSTEM? PROBLEMS THAT SOME SEERS CAUSE WITH THEIR INTERPRETATIONS OF WHAT THEY EXPERIENCE/ THE MISINTERPRETATION OF THE EAGLE More important than seeing itself is what seers do with what they see.. you may resist the temptation to acsribe human attributes to what is incomprehensible. however beautiful.. FFW..WHEN HUMANS TRY TO FIGURE IT ALL OUT ALL YOU ARE DOING IS TRYING TO MAKE THE WORLD MORE FAMILIAR So when you're trying to figure it out.281 WHY ARE MANY PEOPLE WHO HAVE SEEN THE MOLD OF MAN ARE WRONG ABOUT WHAT HOW THEY INTERPRET IT? THEY BELIEVE IT IS AN OMNIPOTENT CREATURE/PROTECTOR OF MAN Mystics and old seers have seen the mold of man but could not understand what it is. You don't the world of power. all you're doing is trying to make the world more familiar.59. therefore you cannot make it into a familiar scene.FFW... our flaws remain with us even after we become seers. We are stuck with their vision of an Eagle that rules us and devours us at the moment of our death.

SRP.198. You want to take on the explanation of how all that is possible. FFW. until one props the other. TOP.. SRP. SRP. in the other you act. was a secondhand conviction that did not amount to we can talk about what we witnessed and about how we witnessed it...he said my belief was based on faith and as such.186 You know very well that we make sense in talking only because we stay within certain boundries. my belief in the existence of God was. REASONING STOPS IN THE SECOND ATTENTION . though and that is an abomination.. ALL PEOPLE'S BELIEF IN GOD IS BASED ON FAITH AND IS A SECOND HAND CONVICTION . like everyone else's. your nagual with actions.235.. WE REGARD THAT THE IDEA OF OUR GOD UNCHALLENGABLE one of the most sturdy aspects of our inventory.157..282.277 E.Anyone who sees the mold of man automatically assumes that it is God. I've never put a ban on talking.we can talk about the nagual to your heart's content. WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT TO EXPLAIN AND DESCRIBE? THE TONAL IS CONVINCED BY REASON/THE NAGUAL WITH ACTIONS YOU CANNOT EXPLAIN THE NAGUAL WITH THE TONAL Your tonal has to be convinced with reasons.. as long as you don't try to explain it. FFW.282 He said that if we call it God it is the truth. you should be impeccable.I said that the nagual is only for witnessing. Whenever you are in the world of the nagual.187. no time for rational crap. The tonal and nagual are two different worlds. FFW. in one you talk. The mould is God. based on hearsay and not on the act of seeing.TOP. FFW. like a powerful glue that bound the AP to its original position. You want to explain the nagual with the tonal. IT IS ARROGANT AND SELF CENTERED TO PRAY TO THE MOLD OF MAN in DJ's opinion to fall on our knees in the prescence of the mold of man reeks of arrogance and human self centeredness.) THE TRICKERY OF LANGUAGE WHEN THE NAGUAL IS EXPERIENCED. TOP..139. and those boundaries are not applicable to the nagual. .

81 One could come into it by changing levels of awareness.216.95. I was convinced that if I wanted to dispel the obscuring blanket. all I had to do was feel myself breaking through it. he would only trap himself hopelessly in words. TAOD. Their trump card as stalkers. anyone know?) WE HAVE NO WAY TO TALK ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE BECAUSE WE HAVE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE THE EXPERIENCE (THE WORDS ARE NOT PART OF OUR INTERPRETATION SYSTEM) My difficulty in grasping his concepts and methods stemmed from the fact that the units of his description were alien and incompatible with those of my own. One could only make use of it. I felt as though a dark blanket had covered me and obscured my thoughts. POS.198 emanations cannot be rendered at all in a language of comparisons. TAOD. My sensation was that I had reached states of perception for which I had no lexicon. that sorcerers consider it an intellectual experience.72.73 I became incapable of rendering intelligently what I saw . reasoning faculties ceased to function.once again.... I did not experience any fatigue. the sorcerers experience is so outlandish. Of course you cannot understand it. but I could not talk. though. don Juan told me not to worry. In other words.ix Sure I can explain anything. As long as you think that you are a solid body you cannot conceive what I am talking about.. In that state.10. I instantly realized that I had entered again into a state in which I could think coherently. FFW. I wish I could make it clearer. Literally. well-reasoned terms..10.. (?) (missed this one. he said. it's pointless to keep insisting on explanations when there are adventure with no end. set in motion. JTI.175 . he said that if he attempted to explain the perceptual bias of the second attention in terms of the perceptual bias of the first attention. But could you understand it? JTI. EE. EG.190. in which we risk our lives and much more for a few moments of something beyond words. no doubt. this is only a way of speaking... ii. but I can't.. TOP. Reason craps out in an instant when it is out of its safe narrow bounds.beware of the frustrating desire to explain the sorcery experience in cogent..cannot be an investment. not because my rationality was in any way impaired but because what had taken place was a phenomenon outside the parameters of reason. is that they remain keenly aware that we are perceivers. SR. and that . TAOD.. POS. you are trying to think about it and what I said does not fit with your thoughts. The speed and ease with which I could move elated me. the condition of inapplicability entailed the cessation of the pertinence of my world view. He said our speech faculty is extremely flimsy and attacks of muteness are common among sorcerers who venture beyond the limits of normal perception. I felt I was being propelled.82 What I perceived in those states of altered consciousness was incomprehensible and impossible to interpret by means of our everyday mode of understanding the world. therefore HA was an entrance.he warned me that it was not possible to rely on my rationality to understand my experience.. And I let go of my reason with the abandon of one who doesn't have a worry in the world. SR..but even the entrance could not be explained.9..97 Dreaming can only be experienced. . from the alien units of meaning with which it deals. Our difficulty in understanding (DJ's teachings) it stems. and use it to stalk themselves with.. SR. laughing.62 The journey (entering the unconscious fully aware) cannot be adequately described.. So.265. To explain what we are and what we do is the most trying thing in the world. beyond thoughts or feelings. TSC. Don't take that leap in the sense that you understand a leap. Freedom. Something was making me move physically from one place to the other. TAOD.iii.

.. miraculous accomplishment into something commonplace. (order in our perception) . or let you talk obsessively about them.174.. There is really no way to talk about it. the reason why I never wanted to discuss your encounters with power plants. POS. the unknown.the problem with words was that any attempt to clarify the sorcerers description only made them more confusing. in defining attention.. or does whatever it may do.. in this case.thinking is not the issue at all. TOP.perception has more possibilities than the mind can conceive of.. TOP. KNOWLEDGE AND LANGUAGE CAN EXIST INDEPENDENT OF EACH OTHER .7 EVERY EXPERIENCE CAN BE DIFFERENT FOR EVERY PERSON It is impossible to explain that knowing. FFW...FAIL US WHEN DESCRIBING THE NAGUAL .in the sorcerer's world there are only contradictions of terms. so I cannot tell you what it is like to the nagual glides. but simply because I can't.7 The danger of definitions is that they simplify matters to make them understandable.. POS. The two things don't jibe.TRICK. My tonal stops there.(seeing) SR.105. .. in order to protect themselves from that immensity. not because I don't want to.TOP. without enlightenment. or flies. or air.For awhile you were all nagual and could not talk.. and not the reason. 246. TOP. the search for total freedom. They always force us to feel enlightened. Those were true excursions into the nagual. in practice there are no contradictions.. TOP.238.because it is different for every man. TOP. TAOD. TOP.170. Seeing is very difficult and is not a matter of talk.The affairs of the nagual can be witnesses only with the body.189.155 WORDS ONLY CONFUSE. patience and sweetness.262 there is nothing of that sort in the nagual. in naguals time and that has nothing to do with tonal's time.154.. SR.. but because there is no way to describe it..nagualism..not because it is a personal matter.175.. or water..228. Whenever the nagual prevails. In the case of seeing.29 (See sorcerers way: action) Definitions change as knowledge increases.. knowledge..68. but when we turn around to face the world they always fail us and we end up facing the world as we always have. SR.sorcerers learn to maintain a perfect blend of ruthlessness..166. TOP. ii.iii That's the flaw with words... there was no point in elaborating about the unspeakable. The view of the nagual must prevail if one is going to use the nagual the way sorcerers do.263 I can't describe it. TOP.225 We always get tricked by words.. SR. cunning.82 WE USE MANY WORDS TO EXPLAIN ONE KIND OF EXPERIENCE .247 For the nagual there is no land.. even if it is only for an instant.86. POS.. one runs the risk of transforming a magical. there is no way of describing the feeling that the body experiences. POS. TOP.. witchcraft.POS. mastery of intent.

9 .... TOP.. 7 Don Juan explained that the events unleashed by sorcerers as a result of silent knowledge were so simple and yet so abstract that sorcerers had decided long ago to speak of those events only in symbolic terms. When the deer came to me and did whatever it did..and then we begin to know without having to use words.. so ruled by our predator's perception.. That knowledge was there for everyone..52 USING FEELINGS AS THOUGHTS My reactions to his comments were not thoughts proper but rather complete units of feeling... Those are ways of talking about mysteries for which there are no words.. 52 ....... which had all the innuendos of meaning that I usually associate with thinking.. therefore my habits prevailed and were extended to the deer.. but at the time it was taking place I needed to make the world conform to my ideas. he was of course tailoring his description to fit my mentality. To say that we had a conversation is only a way of arranging it so I can talk about it... Everything one sees is so unique that there is no way to talk about it except by comparing it to something known to us.the crux of our difficulty to going back to the abstract was our refusal to accept that we could know without words or even without thoughts.7 . TAOD.had to conform . to be used.we are so visual. above all. that everything we must see must be rendered in terms of what the predator's eyes normally sees.we begin tosee .85....209. POS. POS. knowledge and language can exist independent of each other. I had been talking all my life.... TAOD. 61 I said that we talked. I was forced to understand it as talking. TOP.. they are seperate... I understood that that knowledge could not be turned into words. The world.. ii.... WHY DO PEOPLE USE METAPHORS TO EXPLAIN THE NAGUAL? SOMETIMES A SORCERER HAS TO CHANGE A DESCRIPTION INTO SOMETHING KNOWN TO HELP NOVICES UNDERSTAND AN UNKNOWN CONCEPT/USING SYMBOLIC TERMS .97 WE HAVE DIFFICULTY ACCEPTING THE NAGUAL BECAUSE WE THINK THAT WE COULD NEVER KNOW THINGS WITHOUT WORDS OR THOUGHTS that is to know that . but not to be explained. POS. POS.iii.KNOWLEDGE AND LANGUAGE CAN EXIST INDEPENDENT OF EACH OTHER Knowledge and language can exist independent of each other.and.. TAOD. POS. there is no way to talk about the spirit because the spirit can only be experienced. but that wasn't so. It (silent knowledge) was there to be felt. The deer and I did something.

something in the intensity of his eyes forced me to listen and follow his explanations.. the description reflected itself. TOP. . to at least yourself.. yet also familiar and believable. poets can explain what can hardly be explained. WHY WILL WE PROBABLY NEVER BE ABLE TO EXPLAIN THE NAGUAL? FOR ANY ATTEMPT AT EXPLAINING THE MOVEMENT OF THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT. DISREGARD OUR INTERPRETATION SYSTEM (STOPPING THE WORLD) TO PERCEIVE THINGS WITHOUT INTERPRETATION: OUR REALITY AS WE KNOW IT IS SHATTERED . they hit pretty close to it .220... POS. but that they were aware of it intuitively.. OUR INTERPRETATION SYSTEM COLLAPSES (STOPPING THE WORLD) AND WE PERCEIVE THINGS WITHOUT INTERPRETATION. I found what he was saying incomprehensible. POS.that is why their poems cannot really hit the center of true gestures of the spirit. Poets have no first hand knowledge of the spirit. 2. that is. for a movement of my AP to make other words.. THE PERSON WOULD HAVE TO HAVE THE ABILITY TO GO FROM THE PLACE OF REASON AND THE PLACE OF SILENT KNOWLEDGE AT WILL. the experiences from moving the AP can be described.another point. that was so because he was directly addressing a part of me that was not quite rational and had the ability to grasp things directly. Before that the experience is only thought of as a hallucination or a something that doesn't fit in with your rationality so it can't be thought of as something that makes sense. This occurs only when the person has enough energy to move the AP to that position at will. TSC.138.... the way to overcome them is to persist in acting like a warrior.was that we had learned to relate our selfs to our description of the world in terms of what he called habits. pragmatic way of sorcerers. WHICH PEOPLE ARE THE CLOSEST PEOPLE FOR EXPLAINING THE NAGUAL? POETS AND POEMS ARE THE CLOSEST PEOPLE WHO CAN EXPLAIN THE NAGUAL Don Juan said that poets were keenly aware of our connecting link with the spirit. not in the deliberate.121 2. especially if a sorcerer spoke to it its description. I would need to have energy to fluctuate from the place of reason to the place of silent knowledge. Paradoxically. only when the position of the AP has become part of your new continuity..28. 63..though. the rest comes of itself and by itself.. .

. the spirit resolves it.. The sorcerers don't resolve this problem with continuity.Disregard our interpretation system.. a sense of an infinite realness that is unreal or an infinite unrealness that could very well be real but is not. THE PERSON MIND COLLAPSES (STOPPING THE WORLD) The average person is willing to incorporate new items into his inventory if they don't contradict the inventory's underlying order.. POS. TAOD.97 IF THE NEW ITEMS OF THE INVENTORY CONTRADICT THE INVENTORY'S UNDERLINING ORDER... POS.173..that is why impeccability is all that counts.POS... and that seems to beckon a solution.173... the expansion of our perception is so gigantic that we are left with very few tools for sensory interpretation and thus..231. the person's mind is impossible to restore a shattered continuity...the new continuity does not offer the assuredness they need to function as if they were in the world of everyday life. .. But if the items contradict that order.the scope of what can be perceived without interpretation grows inordinately. IT IMPOSSIBLE TO RESTORE A SHATTERED CONTINUITY . Sorcerers count on this when they attempt to break the mirror of self-reflection. it is impossible of using the continuity dictated by the new position of their AP.


Sorcerer's Blow . Rational for Sorcerer's Way 2. Teacher's for the Sorcerer's Way C. Sorcery Explained 2.. Cleaning our Tonal 5. Sorcery 1. Stopping the World 3. Sorcerer's Way 1. A.Following the Eagle's Flight: Understanding the books of Carlos Castaneda Part III.OUTLINE .The Sorcerer's Way. History of Sorcery B. General Requirements 2.A Strategy for Perceiving Our True Nature . Power Plants 4. Teaching the Sorcerer's Way 3. Types of Sorcerer's 3. Entering the Second Attention 1.

Dangers on the Sorcerer's Path D. Dealing with the World .6. Making Decisions 8. Mood of a Warrior 10. Sorcerer's Recollection 12. Making Changes 4. Getting to the Double 11. Stalking 9. Entering the Third Attention 1. Warrior Emotions 11. Sorcery Passes(Tensegrity) 10. Strategy 5. Acting as a Warrior 9. The Mind/Rational 3. Seeing 14. Death as an Advisor 6. Unbending Intent 7. Dreaming 8. A Warrior's Life 1. Entering the third attention E. Losing Human Form 13. Path With a Heart 2. Storing Power 7.

The Sorcerer's Way A. Strengthening our New Continuity ---> back to main page Part III. HISTORY OF SORCERY • • How did sorcery start? What is a toltec? o What does the word "toltec" mean? o o o o o o • When did the toltecs exist? Where did they live? What kind of jobs did they do? What sorcery did they develop? What were the characteristics of the toltecs? What happened to the toltecs? Sorcerers of today/new seers . directions. earth and sun d. plants and trees b. TYPES OF SORCERER'S • • • • • • • What is a sorcerer? Characteristics of sorcerer's o Shine of a sorcerer's eye Types of sorcerer's Seers What are some other names of sorcery? What is the ultimate goal of sorcery? Is sorcery a better life than the average normal one? 3.) SORCERY 1. SORCERY EXPLAINED • • • • • • How do we revamp our understanding of the world? Why should we revamp our world? What is sorcery? Why is it called sorcery? Sorcery contradiction Sorcery's negative reputation 2. time. elements e. .a. numbers 12. animals c.

sorcerers learn to "see" o What does it mean to "see"? o o o How does seeing come about? What is the difference between looking and seeing? Do things change when you see?     Ultimate reality Everything unimportant Our new energy then becomes power Personal power   What is power? With that power.) SORCERER'S WAY 1. the sorcerer's needed a code or a way of life that frees up energy and can handle the dangers of the second attention How does the sorcerer's way/impeccability free our existing energy? o Good summerizations of losing self-importance How does losing your self-importance free our energy? o What happens when we free our energy? When sorcerers move the assemblage point enough. a sorcerer can accomplish their goal of regaining the totality of ourselves   • • • Flaws in the warrior's way Wings of perception/jumping into the abyss Overall sorcerer's explanation for the abstract flight (review) What else does the sorcerer's way accomplish? No final step to the sorcerer's explanation 2. TEACHING THE SORCERER'S WAY .o o • o What is the philosophy and characteristics of the new seers? How do the new sorcerers organize their lineage? Shaminism o What is it? Who practises shaminism? B. RATIONAL FOR SORCERER'S WAY • • • • • • How does sorcery teach us to reach this ultimate goal? What is the definition of the sorcerer's way? What are the other names of the sorcerer's way? What is impeccability? What is the rationality behind sorcery/sorcerer's way? What is the sorcery's explanation? o And that everything around us is only a perception o o • • • • • • The world is a mystery And this perception can be manipulated  Perception is controlled by where the assemblage point is fixed so manipulating the assemblage point becomes the most important goal of a sorcerer What is the purpose of the second attention for new sorcerers? o Why do sorcerer go to other worlds? o Where does the energy come from to move the ap? But to manipulate the assemblage point means to have freed internal energy Since all of our energy is wrapped up in dealing with ourselves.

• How is sorcery taught? o Sorcery is taught on two different levels o o The 21 abstract cores in sorcery are taught using stories and in different shades of realizations Sorcery is taught using concreteness   • • • • • What is concreteness? Do these concrete practices of sorcery have any real value? The warriors path Are people ever born as a warrior? Do we need help on the warrior's path? Why do we have to face the nagual alone? What are the steps on the warrior's path? o First: becoming an apprentice. TEACHERS FOR THE SORCERER'S WAY • • • • • • Why do we need teachers? Some people don't need a teacher Why do people have a hard time without a teacher? Some things that a teacher does How does a teacher decide on an apprentice? The nagual as it refers to the person o What is a nagual? o o How does one become a nagual? Advantages/disadvantages of a nagual . o How long does it take for an apprentice to finish their apprenticeship? Second: becoming a warrior            How does someone become an apprentice? What is a nagual's mark? When do apprentices usually drop out? Do apprentices ever go back to the warrior's way? How does an apprentice know they are finished with their apprenticeship? Why does one become a warrior? How are warrior's organized? What is a dreamer? What is a stalker? How does one become a warrior? • • • • • • During these four stages the warrior will lose their human form What will a person become after finishing these four stages? 5 attributes of warriorship o General description of a warrior Who makes better warriors? Men or women? o Men o Women Is it difficult in becoming a warrior? Length of time to become a warrior o Third: becoming men of knowldege What is a man of knowledge? Fourth: becoming a seer   When does a man become a man of knowledge? o 3.

C. rituals and habits . GENERAL REQUIREMENTS • • • Entering the second attention General requirements to get to the second attention o Completeness o o o Physical body Entering the second attention o What are some general ways that get us to the second attention? Is it difficult to enter the second attention? What is intending?    How does one intend? How long does it take to connect with intent? What can sorcerer's do with their intent?   o Techniques for intending Why is intent beckoned with the eyes?  Using your eyes as a way to move the ap How does a warrior get to the nagual through his will?      What conditions allow for the development of will? When does will come out? When does will not come out? How does the will work? How does a sorcerer use death to tune his/her will? 2.) ENTERING THE SECOND ATTENTION 1. STOPPING THE WORLD • • • What is stopping the world? What is the importance of stopping the world? How do we stop the world? o What is shutting off our internal dialogue? o o What happens when we shut off our internal dialogue? How do we shut off our internal dialogue?   • o Description of stopping the internal dialogue How does fixing our attention make us lose our self-reflection? What are some ways to help lose our self-importance? o General Technique/methods for shutting off the internal dialogue  Not-doings    What are not-doings? What happens when we not-do? Examples of not-doing  1. Changing routines. Losing personal history          Why do we need to lose our personal history? How do you erase your personal history? Is losing our personal history easier for men or women? All of our actions as normal humans are doings How do we establish new routines? How do we establish repetition in our daily world? What is morbidity? Disrupting routines 2.

CLEANING OUR WHAREHOUSE/TONAL • • • • • • What is cleaning your warehouse? Why do we have to clean our warehouse? How do sorcerer's clean their tonal? (called shrinking the tonal) You must talk to the tonal to give up control Is cleaning your tonal easy? Dangers of hurting our tonal 5. The right way of walking 6. 3. Gait of power              What is the gait of power? Walking the assemblage point: how the gait of power works Doing the gait of power What is the purpose of gazing? How long do people gaze? How do you gaze? Types of gazing What is the right way of walking? Why is the right way of walking so effective? 4. 3. Gazing 5. Sounds A few more other techniques of not doing.. POWER PLANTS • • • • • • What is the purpose of hallucinogenic plants? Who are power plants given to? What are the dangers of power plants? Did don juan need to smoke the power plants? Why did don juan use anthropomorphic qualities when describing the plant? Types of power plants o Mescalito o o What were the songs of mescilito for? Devil's weed (jimson weed)      What is it? What is its purpose? How do you get to know mescalito? How do you know mescalito accepts you?  What is it? Little smoke  What is it? 4. SORCERER'S BLOW • • What is heightened awareness's purpose for sorcerer's? How does a sorcerer go into heightened awareness? o What kinds of dents are there? o o What determines the kind of dent? How long do the cocoons stay dented? .

o From the earth o o o o o o o o o o From the sun From the wind Senses Empty gourd Jogging on one spot Walking in a power person's footprint Inorganic being world Sexual energy  Why do we need to save sexual energy? Gifts of power Power spots o How long does it take to find a power spot? Power objects        What are power spots? Types of power spots Colors associated with power spots Conditions for using a power spot Dangers of power spots Finding power spots 7.o o • How does the dent change our perception? What is the mechanism for creating the dent?   Sorcerer's maneuver/the nagual's blow Where does the nagual hit you? How does heightened awareness affect someone in the everyday world? 6. Passive witnessing 4. DREAMING • • • • What happens in normal dreaming? What happens when we are in normal sleep? What dreaming is not What is dreaming? o 1. Restful state 2. Practices to recondition our energy so that we can Increase our perception (move the ap) o o o o • o o o o o 2. Dreaming is a way to get to the nagual.. Being aware in our dreams and having control 3. Dynamic vigil 3.. STORING POWER • • • • How do we store power? How do we know power is being stored? How long does it take to store power? Ways of getting power. Dreaming is used to develop the double 4. Dynamic initiative ..safely 5. We are trying to find energy-generating items in our dreams Looking for inorganic beings/scouts in our dreams o What are scouts? Why do we want to follow the scouts? How do we find scouts? • Stages of dreaming o 1.

Stalkers learn to have endless patience . abandon yourself and let the powers guide us 5. Dreaming should be taught while in normal awareness because it is safer 5. In dreaming. Relax. Stalkers learn to never take themselves seriously o 2. Sweetness (not foolishness) but lethal o o o • o o o o o o o • •   What is ruthlessness? The seven principle's of the art of stalking (two #1s were given in different books) o 1. not-doing and recapitulation • • • • • Where to do dreaming? When is the best time to do dreaming? What are the positions of dreaming? What is the best way to enter dreaming? Setting up dreaming o 1. retreat for a moment. To do dreaming one needs to manipulate both the luminous and physical bodies 7. Energy is necessary to do dreaming o o o o o o o 2. Sustain the image of something in your dream o o 2. Warrior never pushes himself to the front   Why do sorcerers stalk themselves? Results of stalking Applying the seven principles brings about three results. Traveling to certain places while dreaming 3. Ruthlessness: the place of no pity/the second point When do you experience ruthlessness? 2. Getting the double to focus on itself/seeing  • o o o • • Oneself in bed/dreaming the double Gates of dreaming o First gate of dreaming: being aware when you are falling asleep and during dreaming Second gate of dreaming Third gate of dreaming The fourth gate of dreaming Experiences while dreaming Description of cc dreams 8. we must focus on dream items the same way we do in everyday life 8. Warriors stalk themselves How do stalkers stalk themselves? 2. Use all your concentration to decide whether to enter into battle. Patient (not negligance) but active 4. occupy their minds 6. o 1. Discard everything that is unnecessary 3. You must convince yourself you are a dreamer/which develops into unbending intent/persistence 3. Dreaming must be done with sobriety 4. (not cruelty) but nice 3. Warriors compress time even for an instant 7. the gait of power. 4. Cunning. Warriors choose their battleground 1. When odds are bad. A dreamer must start from a point of color 6.• What's essential for dreaming? o 1. Techniques to help dreaming: disrupting routines. STALKING • • • • What is the art of stalking? What is the purpose of stalking? How does stalking move the assemblage point? The four foundations of stalking o 1.

GETTING TO THE DOUBLE • • • What do we need to get to the double? How does a warrior get to the double? o General The gates of our body o How do we open the gates of our body? o What are some consequences of opening your gates? .HOWEVER THEY WERE REFERRED TO AS SORCERY PASSES) • • • • What is the purpose of the sorcery passes? How long do you do the passes? How often do you do the passes? Types of passes o Movements for keeping a young appearance o o o o o o Movements to help the physical body Movements for balancing our internal energy Movements for gathering energy Movements for directing energy Movements to bring out the double Movements for getting to the nagual 10. Stalkers learn to have an endless capacity to survive How do stalkers stalk? o General Some types of stalking Specific techniques for stalking What is the main behavioral situation that stalkers want? o What is a petty tyrant?   • What turns people into petty tyrants? What is the purpose for the sorcerer's use of a petty tyrant? How do stalkers handle themselves after moving their assemblage point? o What is controlled folly?    • o o o o o o o o o o o o What is the purpose for controlled folly? But does contol folly mean warrior's acts are insincere? Why does a sorcerer go on living if nothing matters? Recapitulation o What is the recapitulation? What is the purpose of recapitulation? How old is the recapitulation? What is the key to the recapitulation? How does breathing get back the lost energy? What are the results from the recapitulation? How long do you recapitulate? How long does it take to make the recapitulation list? What do you need while recapitulating or need to do? When and where do you recapitulate? What is the purpose of the crate? How do you recapitulate? What are the dangers of recapitulation? 9.o • o o • 3. SORCERY PASSES (THESE ARE THE FIRST DESCRIPTIONS ABOUT TENSEGRITY .

SORCERER'S RECOLLECTION • • • • • What is it? What is the difference between remembering and recollecting? What is the purpose for the sorcerer's recollection? How do we recollect? How long does it take to recollect? 12. LOSING THE HUMAN FORM • What is the human form? o What is the problem with the human form? o o o o o o o o o o What is losing the human form? Do warriors have to lose their form? When do warriors lose their human form? What happens to us when we lose our human form? Why is it important for warriors to lose their form? New position of the assemblage point • Getting to the totality of yourself o Detachment from the concerns of everyday life A warrior becomes impersonal and detached Why are warriors incapable of feeling compassion? Who can help people? Why is it important for a warrior to be detached?     • • • To be successful with other people Not waste their energy Can assess a situation See everything as it is How do warriors lose their human form? What are the consequences from losing your human form? Dangers of losing form 13. • • • • • • • Why do animals not like it if some of our gates are open? Experiencing when the double comes out How should the double be released? What happens to you when your double becomes free? The separation of the double from the physical body o What causes the cracking sound? What are the dangers of releasing your double? What do we do with the double once its come out? Controlling the double o What is merging? o o o o • • • Sound Casting energy lines Seeing energy lines  How could you feel these energy lines? How do you handle a double thats violent? Moving in the second attention with your double What are some techniques to get to the double? Sorcery passes 11. SEEING .

) ENTERING THE THIRD ATTENTION • • • • Is the third attention easy to enter? How do we enter the third attention? How do we see the force or experience it? Is it dangerous to see the rolling force? E. MAKING CHANGES . THE MIND/RATIONAL • What is the mind? o What does the mind do? o o • • • • How do sorcerers use/control their minds? Thinking Realizations/understanding new things o There are two kinds of realizations Learning Rationalizing/seeking explanations Wisdom 3. DANGERS ON THE SORCERER'S PATH • • • Dangers on the sorcerer's path Dangers in the second attention Is hunting power safe? o What can happen when someone has power? o What to do if you are in danger in the second attention  Defensive position    • Shields What is the defensive position? How do you do the defensive position?  o Why is the leg tucked? Really dangerous situation Why do we need shields? D.• • Why should we get to the double? How do we learn to see? 14.) A WARRIOR'S LIFE 1. PATH WITH A HEART • Destiny of a warrior/choosing a path o Choosing a path with heart o o • • How do you know it is a path with heart? Leaving a path The world of day-to-day life Living itself is sufficient in the journey 2.

Making changes in our lives


• • •

How does a warrior live? Availability of a warrior Inventories used as strategy


• • • • • • • • • •

What is wrong with thinking you are going to live forever? How is death related to a warrior? How do warriors make themselves acknowledge their mortality? Symbolic death How do warriors use death as their advisors? What finally happens between sorcerers and death? Old age: the final struggle of a warrior Sometimes a warrior can actually escape death Escaping accidental death Immortality


• • •

What is unbending intent? Why is unbending intent important for sorcerers? Waiting for your will


• • •

How does a warrior make the right decisions? Warriors need to be aware of everything that happens on the path.. o Use omens to guide you


Interpretating omens

When everything looks bad, there is always a cubic centimeter of chance... o Centimeter of chance


• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Acting as a warrior Responsibility for your acts Just do it/ a warrior acts rather than talks A warrior should be balanced Warrior's inner state should reflect outer state Well being of a warrior When we are agitated To relax Breathing Stretching Exercise Things in a warrior's life Apologizing Staying still

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Staying warm Eating Drinking alcohol Reading Wearing hats Poverty Secrets Mirrors Clumsiness Bewitching Shame Failure Defeat Quitting Intensity of a warrior's life Abandonment Passion Doing stuff Being cautious Taking things for granted Things to avoid while on the path of a warrior... Stress Indulging Hermit Injuring the spirit Fights Becoming trapped Getting lost on the path/pull of the daily world Dealing with people Speaking Promises/oaths Caring Malicious acts Interest in people Confrontations Possible danger to other people from warriors on the path Connecting with others Energy that affects someone else Categories of types of people


• • • • • • •

Mood of a warrior Sobriety

o o

What is sobriety? Why is sobriety important to sorcery?

Humbleness Wanting/need Control Being fluid Four reactions to difficult situations


• • • • • • • • • • • •

Emotions of a warrior Happiness Fulfillment Humor Clarity Doubt Worrying Fear Sadness and melancholy Anger Loneliness Affection


a. PLANTS AND TREES o Organic life

o o o

Plants Trees

• •

b. ANIMALS o Coyotes Crows c. EARTH AND SUN o Inorganic things

o o • o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Earth The sun

d. ELEMENTS o Fire Smoke/smoking someone Fog Water Weather Thunder Wind Opposites Above Below Loud and silent Moving and stationary Places Power spot Cave

e. TIME, DIRECTIONS, NUMBERS o Time The directions Numbers


Dealing with a shift in the assemblage point/keeping sane

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• • • • • •

• • • • • •

How does sorcery teach us to reach this ultimate goal? What is the definition of the sorcerer's way? What are the other names of the sorcerer's way? What is impeccability? What is the rationality behind sorcery/sorcerer's way? What is the sorcery's explanation? o And that everything around us is only a perception o The world is a mystery o And this perception can be manipulated  Perception is controlled by where the assemblage point is fixed so manipulating the assemblage point becomes the most important goal of a sorcerer What is the purpose of the second attention for new sorcerers? o Why do sorcerer go to other worlds? o Where does the energy come from to move the ap? But to manipulate the assemblage point means to have freed internal energy Since all of our energy is wrapped up in dealing with ourselves, the sorcerer's needed a code or a way of life that frees up energy and can handle the dangers of the second attention How does the sorcerer's way/impeccability free our existing energy? o Good summerizations of losing self-importance How does losing your self-importance free our energy? o What happens when we free our energy? When sorcerers move the assemblage point enough, sorcerers learn to "see" o What does it mean to "see"? o How does seeing come about? o What is the difference between looking and seeing?

• • •

Do things change when you see?  Ultimate reality  Everything unimportant  Our new energy then becomes power  Personal power  What is power?  With that power, a sorcerer can accomplish their goal of regaining the totality of ourselves  Wings of perception/jumping into the abyss  Overall sorcerer's explanation for the abstract flight (review) What else does the sorcerer's way accomplish? Flaws in the warrior's way No final step to the sorcerer's explanation



• • • • •

• • • • • •

How is sorcery taught? o Sorcery is taught on two different levels o The 21 abstract cores in sorcery are taught using stories and in different shades of realizations o Sorcery is taught using concreteness  What is concreteness?  Do these concrete practices of sorcery have any real value? The warriors path Are people ever born as a warrior? Do we need help on the warrior's path? Why do we have to face the nagual alone? What are the steps on the warrior's path? o First: becoming an apprentice.  How does someone become an apprentice?  What is a nagual's mark?  When do apprentices usually drop out?  Do apprentices ever go back to the warrior's way?  How does an apprentice know they are finished with their apprenticeship?  How long does it take for an apprentice to finish their apprenticeship? o Second: becoming a warrior  Why does one become a warrior?  How are warrior's organized?  What is a dreamer?  What is a stalker?  How does one become a warrior? During these four stages the warrior will lose their human form What will a person become after finishing these four stages? 5 attributes of warriorship o General description of a warrior Who makes better warriors? Men or women? o Men o Women Is it difficult in becoming a warrior? Length of time to become a warrior o Third: becoming men of knowldege


When does a man become a man of knowledge? What is a man of knowledge? Fourth: becoming a seer

 


• • • • • •

Why do we need teachers? Some people don't need a teacher Why do people have a hard time without a teacher? Some things that a teacher does How does a teacher decide on an apprentice? The nagual as it refers to the person o What is a nagual? o How does one become a nagual? o Advantages/disadvantages of a nagual

• • • • •

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• •

Entering the second attention o Completeness o Physical body Entering the second attention o What are some general ways that get us to the second attention? o Is it difficult to enter the second attention? o What is intending?  How does one intend?  How long does it take to connect with intent?  What can sorcerer's do with their intent?  Techniques for intending  Why is intent beckoned with the eyes?  Using your eyes as a way to move the ap o How does a warrior get to the nagual through his will?

    

What conditions allow for the development of will? When does will come out? When does will not come out? How does the will work? How does a sorcerer use death to tune his/her will?

• • • • •

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• • • • • •

What is the purpose of hallucinogenic plants? Who are power plants given to? What are the dangers of power plants? Did don juan need to smoke the power plants? Why did don juan use anthropomorphic qualities when describing the plant? Types of power plants o Mescalito  What is it?  What is its purpose?  How do you get to know mescalito?  How do you know mescalito accepts you?  What were the songs of mescilito for? o Devil's weed (jimson weed)  What is it? o Little smoke  What is it?

SORCERER'S BLOW • • • What is heightened awareness's purpose for sorcerer's? How does a sorcerer go into heightened awareness? o What kinds of dents are there? o What determines the kind of dent? o How long do the cocoons stay dented? o How does the dent change our perception? o What is the mechanism for creating the dent?  Sorcerer's maneuver/the nagual's blow  Where does the nagual hit you? How does heightened awareness affect someone in the everyday world? 6. o From the earth o From the sun o From the wind o Senses o Empty gourd o Jogging on one spot o Walking in a power person's footprint o Inorganic being world o Sexual energy  Why do we need to save sexual energy? o Gifts of power o Power spots  What are power spots?  Types of power spots  Colors associated with power spots  Conditions for using a power spot  Dangers of power spots  Finding power spots  How long does it take to find a power spot? o Power objects ..4. STORING POWER • • • • How do we store power? How do we know power is being stored? How long does it take to store power? Ways of getting power.. CLEANING OUR WHAREHOUSE/TONAL • • • • • • What is cleaning your warehouse? Why do we have to clean our warehouse? How do sorcerer's clean their tonal? (called shrinking the tonal) You must talk to the tonal to give up control Is cleaning your tonal easy? Dangers of hurting our tonal 5..

Dreaming must be done with sobriety o 4. the gait of power. You must convince yourself you are a dreamer/which develops into unbending intent/persistence o 3. notdoing and recapitulation Where to do dreaming? When is the best time to do dreaming? What are the positions of dreaming? . Energy is necessary to do dreaming o 2. Dreaming is a way to get to the nagual.) ENTERING THE SECOND ATTENTION 7. Passive witnessing o 4. In dreaming. We are trying to find energy-generating items in our dreams Looking for inorganic beings/scouts in our dreams o What are scouts? o Why do we want to follow the scouts? o How do we find scouts? Stages of dreaming o 1. Restful state o 2. Techniques to help dreaming: disrupting routines. Being aware in our dreams and having control o 3. Dynamic vigil o 3. Dreaming should be taught while in normal awareness because it is safer o 5. A dreamer must start from a point of color o 6.safely o 5. Dreaming is used to develop the double o 4. To do dreaming one needs to manipulate both the luminous and physical bodies o 7. we must focus on dream items the same way we do in everyday life o 8. PART III: THE SORCERER'S WAY C. Dynamic initiative What's essential for dreaming? o 1. DREAMING • • • • What What What What • • • • • • happens in normal dreaming? happens when we are in normal sleep? dreaming is not is dreaming? o 1. Practices to recondition our energy so that we can Increase our perception (move the ap) o 2.• • • • • Jump back to the top Back to Part I Outline Back to Part II Outline Back to Part III Outline Back to Main Page Comments? Questions? e-mail me.

macrobject. Getting the double to focus on itself/seeing oneself in bed/dreaming the double Gates of dreaming o First gate of dreaming: being aware when you are falling asleep and during dreaming o Second gate of dreaming o Third gate of dreaming o The fourth gate of dreaming Experiences while dreaming Description of cc dreams • • • • • Jump back to the top Back to Part I Outline Back to Part II Outline Back to Part III Outline Back to Main Page Comments? Questions? e-mail me. Sustain the image of something in your dream o PART III: THE SORCERER'S WAY C. This document is created from a CHM file automatically by an unregistered copy of CHM-2-Word. GETTING TO THE DOUBLE • • • • • What do we need to get to the double? How does a warrior get to the double? o General The gates of our body o How do we open the gates of our body? o What are some consequences of opening your gates?  Why do animals not like it if some of our gates are open? Experiencing when the double comes out How should the double be released? .• • • • • What is the best way to enter dreaming? Setting up dreaming o 1. please register CHM-2-Word to get full features.) ENTERING THE SECOND ATTENTION 10. The content of this chapter is skipped. please refer to: http://www. Traveling to certain places while dreaming o 3. For registration information.

• • • • • • • • What happens to you when your double becomes free? The separation of the double from the physical body o What causes the cracking sound? What are the dangers of releasing your double? What do we do with the double once its come out? Controlling the double o What is merging? o Casting energy lines o Seeing energy lines  How could you feel these energy lines? o How do you handle a double thats violent? o Moving in the second attention with your double What are some techniques to get to the double? Sound Sorcery passes 11. LOSING THE HUMAN FORM • • • • • What is the human form? o What is the problem with the human form? o What is losing the human form? o Do warriors have to lose their form? o When do warriors lose their human form? o What happens to us when we lose our human form? o Why is it important for warriors to lose their form? o New position of the assemblage point Getting to the totality of yourself o Detachment from the concerns of everyday life o A warrior becomes impersonal and detached o Why are warriors incapable of feeling compassion? o Who can help people? o Why is it important for a warrior to be detached?  To be successful with other people  Not waste their energy  Can assess a situation  See everything as it is How do warriors lose their human form? What are the consequences from losing your human form? Dangers of losing form 13. SEEING • • Why should we get to the double? How do we learn to see? . SORCERER'S RECOLLECTION • • • • • What is it? What is the difference between remembering and recollecting? What is the purpose for the sorcerer's recollection? How do we recollect? How long does it take to recollect? 12.

.14. Entering the Third Attention • • • • Is the third attention easy to enter? How do we enter the third attention? How do we see the force or experience it? Is it dangerous to see the rolling force? • • • • • Jump back to the top Back to Part I Outline Back to Part II Outline Back to Part III Outline Back to Main Page Comments? Questions? e-mail me. DANGERS ON THE SORCERER'S PATH • • • • Dangers on the sorcerer's path Dangers in the second attention Is hunting power safe? o What can happen when someone has power? o What to do if you are in danger in the second attention  Defensive position  What is the defensive position?  How do you do the defensive position?  Why is the leg tucked?  Really dangerous situation Shields o Why do we need shields? • • • • • Jump back to the top Back to Part I Outline Back to Part II Outline Back to Part III Outline Back to Main Page Comments? Questions? e-mail me. PART III: THE SORCERER'S WAY D.) ENTERING THE THIRD ATTENTION 1.

macrobject.. For registration information. ACTING AS A WARRIOR • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Acting as a warrior Responsibility for your acts Just do it/ a warrior acts rather than talks A warrior should be balanced Warrior's inner state should reflect outer state Well being of a warrior When we are agitated To relax Breathing Stretching Exercise Things in a warrior's life Apologizing Staying still Staying warm Eating Drinking alcohol Reading . please refer to: PART III: THE SORCERER'S WAY E.. please register CHM-2-Word to get full features.. UNBENDING INTENT • • • What is unbending intent? Why is unbending intent important for sorcerers? Waiting for your will 7.This document is created from a CHM file automatically by an unregistered copy of CHM-2-Word. o Use omens to guide you o Interpretating omens When everything looks bad. MAKING DECISIONS • • • How does a warrior make the right decisions? Warriors need to be aware of everything that happens on the path. The content of this chapter is skipped. o Centimeter of chance 8.) A WARRIOR'S LIFE 6. there is always a cubic centimeter of chance.

.. Stress Indulging Hermit Injuring the spirit Fights Becoming trapped Getting lost on the path/pull of the daily world Dealing with people Promises/oaths Caring Malicious acts Interest in people Confrontations Possible danger to other people from warriors on the path Connecting with others Energy that affects someone else Categories of types of people • • • • • Jump back to the top Back to Part I Outline Back to Part II Outline Back to Part III Outline Back to Main Page Comments? Questions? e-mail me.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Wearing hats Poverty Secrets Mirrors Clumsiness Bewitching Shame Failure Defeat Quitting Intensity of a warrior's life Abandonment Passion Doing stuff Being cautious Taking things for granted Things to avoid while on the path of a warrior. PART III: THE SORCERER'S WAY E. MOOD OF A WARRIOR .) A WARRIOR'S LIFE 9.

PLANTS AND TREES o Organic life o Plants o Trees b. ELEMENTS o Fire  Smoke/smoking someone o Fog o Water o Weather  Thunder  Wind o Opposites  Above  Below  Loud and silent  Moving and stationary o Places  Power spot . EARTH AND SUN o Earth o The sun d. DEALING WITH THE WORLD • • • • a.• • • • • • • Mood of a warrior Sobriety o What is sobriety? o Why is sobriety important to sorcery? Humbleness Wanting/need Control Being fluid Four reactions to difficult situations 10. WARRIOR EMOTIONS • • • • • • • • • • • • Emotions of a warrior Happiness Fulfillment Humor Clarity Doubt Worrying Fear Sadness and melancholy Anger Loneliness Affection 11. ANIMALS o Coyotes o Crows c.

I would have given anything to be crazy.•  Cave e.75.(when we move beyond our world) there is no sense to what we perceive . NUMBERS o Time o The directions  South  North  East  West  Clockwise o Numbers 12.. SORCERY EXPLAINED WHEN WE EXPERIENCE THE NAGUAL WE MUST REVAMP OUR UNDERSTANDING OF THE WORLD through usage this specific way of perceiving becomes a system of interpreting sensory data.) SRP.134.76. (after CC realizes that the allies were actual entities. it can no longer be used to interpret what we are perceiving. That would have absolved some part of me from the crushing responsibility of revamping my understanding of the world. HOW DO WE REVAMP OUR UNDERSTANDING OF THE WORLD? . STRENGTHENING OUR NEW CONTINUITY • Dealing with a shift in the assemblage point/keeping sane • • • • • Jump back to the top Back to Part I Outline Back to Part II Outline Back to Part III Outline Back to Main Page Comments? Questions? e-mail me..... A. TIME. (but our rationality comes back and takes a chaotic perception and makes it into a comprehensible world) TAOD..the new sensory data has rendered our system inoperative.77.) SORCERY 1. DIRECTIONS.

. by making us realize we process our perception to fit a mold and second. man needs now. facing his personal death.. HUMANS NEED SPIRITUALITY.. by fiercely guiding us to perceive energy directly.176 THE PURPOSE OF HUMANS IS ONLY TO LEARN . ideas pertaining to man facing the lives only to learn. to be taught new ideas that have to do exclusively with his inner world. 233 WHAT IS SORCERY? SORCERY IS THE PATH THAT TEACHES US TO FREE ENERGY. NOWADAYS MORE THAN EVER Nowadays.First.WE TURN TO SORCERY AND THE SORCERY'S WAY WHICH TELLS US THAT OUR PERCEPTION IS FIXED AND CAN BE CHANGED . FFW.sorcerer's ideas. sorcery was the act of embodying some specialized theoretical and practical premises about the nature and role of perception in molding the universe around us. not social ideas. humans must free their awareness from its bindings to the social order. And that is sorcery: the ability to use energy fields that are not employed in perceiving .. but he dares not use them. POS. TAOD. man needs to renew himself and experience emptiness and freedom.. PERCEIVE ENERGY DIRECTLY AND EXPERIENCE THE NAGUAL For don Juan. TSC...3 WHY SHOULD WE REVAMP OUR WORLD? HUMANS MUST FREE THEIR PERCEPTION IN ORDER TO EVOLVE in order to evolve.he needs to be taught the secrets of the AP. ... ALL LIVING CREATURES EXIST TO ENHANCE AWARENESS the reason for the existence of all sentintent beings is to enhance awareness. more so than the one used to teach us to perceive the world of daily affairs.. for good or bad. intent will redirect it into a new evolutionary path. Once awareness is free.103... I. TAOD...54..64. TDJ. more than ever... TAOD. And if he learns it is because that is the nature of his's predicament is that he intuits his hidden resources.

abstract.. A sorcerer doesn't have to see to be a sorcerer. SORCERY IS A JOURNEY OF RETURN. SORCERY IS MORE THAN BLACK MAGIC. or the flight to the abstract. if that's being a sorcerer. AND FROM HELL WE BRING TROPHIES.viii.. We use our ethereal bodies and defy many of the natural laws of the physical world. HAVING DESCENDED INTO HELL. TSC. And from hell we bring trophies. like the traditional ones who lived in ancient Mexico. Understanding is one of our trophies. myself included and one being: Manfred. TSC. sorcery is a journey of return. to use awareness as an element of the environment in order to enter with the energy body and all our physicality into other worlds. POS. then all of us are sorcerers.53 FREE EXISTING ENERGY IN US BY FOLLOWING THE SORCERER'S WAY. Sorcery is a state of awareness.199. sorcery is cold. first. POS.. POS. IT IS COLD. second. If not. having descended into hell. seek personal power and gratification through increasing their selfimportance.the ordinary world we know. TSC.TAOD ? She went on to elaborate that abstract sorcerers seek freedom through enhancing their capacity to perceive. putting hexes on people.151. TSC.247.161. Sorcery is the ability to perceive something which ordinary perception cannot. then we're not. ABSTRACT. to free the existing energy in us by impeccably following the sorcerers' path. and third. A sorcerer searches and finds the key joint of anything he wants to affect and then he applies his will to it. personal. TSC. the trajectory of sorcery is. SR.8 DJ had taught us sorcery as a pragmatic endeavor by means of which any of us can directly perceive energy.167 ..he also taught me the art of freedom and that means that I learned to see the flow of energy.sorcery is the act of reaching the place of silent knowledge. We are a group consisting of sixteen people. SORCERY IS INTERFERENCE/KEY JOINT WHICH AFFECTS THINGS Sorcery is to apply one's will to a key joint. UNDERSTANDING IS ONE OF OUR TROPHIES. Now.. IMPERSONAL Sorcery is more than black cats and naked people dancing in a graveyard at midnight. DEVELOP THE ENERGY BODY AND ENTER OTHER WORLDS WITH ALL OUR PHYSICALITY in terms of practicalities. all he has to know is how to use his will. sorcery is interference. All of us do the same thing: we have dedicated our lives to developing our double.. while concrete sorcerers. We return victorious to the spirit. to use that energy to develop the energy body by means of dreaming. ten of the people are women. To withstand its awesome pull we have to be strong and determined. it's not for the timid or weak-hearted..248. That's why we call the act of perceiving it the sorcerer's crossing. WE RETURN VICTORIOUS TO THE SPIRIT..

I have called it all along what he himself called it: sorcery. FFW. POS. TAOD. how can man keep the bonds of his humanness and still venture gladly and purposefully into the absolute loneliness of eternity? Whenever you resolve this riddle..65.116.SORCERY TRUTHS THAT HAVE NO RATIONAL FOUNDATIONS AND ARE TRUTHS FOUND ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO PERCEIVE ENERGY DIRECTLY AND SEE THE ESSENCE OF EVERYTHING Sorcery truths. it is never a figure of speech because it stems from seeing and embraces everything that seers can attain.i. these have no rational foundations and no relation whatsoever to the facts of our daily world but which are self evident truths for the sorcerers who perceive energy directly and see the essence of everything.7 IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE WHAT TERMS ARE USED TO DESCRIBE SORCERY AS LONG AS THE TRUTHS HAVE BEEN VERIFIED BY SEEING. TAOD.. however. it does not make any difference what terms are used (to describe sorcery) as long as the truths have been verified by seeing. a category proper to anthropology. I have refrained from using shamanism. FFW.. FFW. to classify his knowledge...66 THE TERMS SORCERER'S USE ARE NEVER A FIGURE OF SPEECH BECAUSE IT STEMS FROM SEEING AND EMBRACES EVERYTHING THAT SEERS CAN ATTAIN if the terms we propose originate in our reason they can only communicate the mundane agreement of everyday life. 5 WHY IS IT CALLED SORCERY? CALLING THE KNOWLEDGE SORCERY OBSCURES EVEN MORE THE ALREADY OBSCURE PHENOMENA PRESENTED IN THE TEACHINGS Following don Juan's suggestion. you'll be ready for the definitive journey.65. When seers propose a term. YOU'LL BE READY FOR THE DEFINITIVE JOURNEY.66 SORCERY CONTRADICTION HOW CAN MAN KEEP THE BONDS OF HIS HUMANNESS AND STILL VENTURE GLADLY AND PURPOSEFULLY INTO THE ABSOLUTE LONELINESS OF ETERNITY? WHENEVER YOU RESOLVE THIS RIDDLE. . On examination. I realized that calling it sorcery obscures even more the already obscure phenomena he presented to me in his teachings.

.... the nagual.161.. the puzzlement sorcerers feel upon beoming aware of two things: first that the world appears to us to be unalterably objective and factual. THE PUZZLEMENT SORCERERS FEEL UPON BEOMING AWARE OF TWO THINGS: FIRST THAT THE WORLD APPEARS TO US TO BE UNALTERABLY OBJECTIVE AND FACTUAL.sorcery is a negative buisness. because of peculiarities of our awareness and perception. that if different peculiarities of perception come into play. all I can tell you is that there are sorcerers who are as concrete as that. If you move the assemblage point your perception changes.... THE RIDDLE OF THE HEART.150.. involving rituals and magic potions.. if your perception changes then your world view changes. Don Juan thought that if you learn to relive or undergo certain experiences that your assemblage point will shift. second. because it connotes beliefs and actions that are not part of what we do. THE VERY THINGS ABOUT THE WORLD THAT SEEM SO UNALTERABLY OBJECTIVE AND FACTUAL CHANGE.. he said (Don Juan). the very things about the world that seem so unalterably objective and factual change.THE RIDDLE OF THE SPIRIT. I don't feel at ease with the word sorcerer.SORCERER'S THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS PROJECTED BEYOND OUR HUMAN CONDITION.In this house are sorcerers. the riddle of the spirit. POS.. ..12. BECAUSE OF PECULIARITIES OF OUR AWARENESS AND PERCEPTION. but for the new seers to be sorcerers would be like entering a dead-end street.17 THE WORD SORCERER CONNOTES BELIEFS AND ACTIONS THAT ARE NOT PART OF WHAT THE NEW SORCERERS DO We are sorcerers interested in power.. If you want to think of sorcery as something concrete. OR THE PARADOX OF THE ABSTRACT .sorcerer's thoughts and actions projected beyond our human condition.for the average man. (DJ is talking about how the old sorcerers became doomed when they became obsessed with the unknown universes..) SORCERY'S NEGATIVE REPUTATION FOR THE AVERAGE MAN SORCERY IS A NEGATIVE BUSINESS . TYPES OF SORCERERS . all abstract beings. SECOND.. 2. or the paradox of the abstract . We are all sorcerer's. POS. Thus art of stalking is just a way to practice moving the assemblage point.. TSC.) the riddle of the heart. Manfred and the fourteen others you haven't met yet.. THAT IF DIFFERENT PECULIARITIES OF PERCEPTION COME INTO PLAY. not losing it. TSC.but it serves to attract interest. in gathering energy.12 ( In other words. myself (Clara). but you won't find them in this house.

He said that some people can shift their awareness to the right or the left side of the double. TSC.150. you'll be a sorceress yourself. A sorcerer to us.237. can break the limits of natural perception.. is someone who. and the only difference between an average man and a sorcerer.199 THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN AVERAGE MAN AND A SORCERER IS WHAT ONE EMPHASIZES: THE SORCERER USES THAT THRESHOLD AS A POINT OF REFERENCE AND AN AVERAGE MAN DOES HIS BEST TO FORGET ALL ABOUT IT.. TSC. CHARACTERISTICS OF SORCERER'S . simply by manipulating the flow of their breath.. is what each emphasizes.WHAT IS A SORCERER? ANYONE WHO SUCCEEDS IN MOVING THEIR ASSEMBLAGE POINT TO A NEW POSITION IS A SORCERER. TSC. A sorcerer emphasizes crossing this threshold and uses the memory of it as a point of reference..237. . in such cases. after they have successfully completed the abstract flight. Anyone who succeeds in moving his assemblage point to a new position is a sorcerer.POS. SRP. WITH A BREATH AND ARE AS EFFICIENT AT SORCERY OR MARTIAL ARTS AS READILY AS THEY CAN MANIPULATE INTRICATE ACADEMIC CONSTRUCTS I asked him if there are some people who can focus their awareness on either side of the double at will.. POS. An average man does not cross the threshold and does his best to forget all about it..94 YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN APPRENTICE OF SORCERY TO MOVE THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT one did not have to be an apprentice of sorcery to reach this threshold (see moving the AP)POS.101. sorcerers can do that..101 ONLY A SORCERER CAN EXPERIENCE THE NAGUAL while the naugal which is in everything manifested itself only to the eye of the sorcerer.. Such people can practice sorcery or martial arts as readily as they can manipulate intricate academic constructs. through discipline and perserverance. the day you can do that. SORCERERS CAN CHANGE THEIR AWARENESS ON EITHER SIDE OF THE DOUBLE AT WILL.

. POS. intensity is an automatic result of the movement of the AP. they don't have the vigour that true nuns and priests have. She pointed out that not only were true nuns and priests complete as a rule..the eyes of a sorcerer are brilliant...IT IS AN ASPECT OF INTENT SO IT IS CONNECTED TO THE SHINE OF A SORCERER'S EYES.. but they did not even weaken themselves with sexual acts.THE MORE THE EYES SHOWN.. POS...SORCERER'S ARE MYSTERIOUS Sorcerer's are extremely mysterious beings. TSC.134.... no matter who tries to exterminate them.. the greater the shine.155. SORCERERS AS STORYTELLER Sorcerers were storytellers.POS.. TSC...the more the eyes is an aspect of intent so it is connected to the shine of a sorcerer's eyes. SRP. to power.134. COMPARING SORCERER'S TO PRIESTS AND NUNS: NO REAL DIFFERENCE IN LIFESTYLES she saw no difference in terms of life-style between sorcerers and true nuns and priests.... those who are after them are always empty. THE GREATER THE SHINE..231... POS.246 it's shown in the eyes of a sorcerer. SHINE OF A SORCERER'S EYE INTENSITY IS AN AUTOMATIC RESULT OF THE MOVEMENT OF THE AP.124 SORCERER'S CREATE ILLUSIONS Sorcerer's create illusions....THIS IS BECAUSE THE FIRMER THE GRIP OF THE AP ON THE PLACE OF NO PITY.212. TYPES OF SORCERER'S .this is because the firmer the grip of the AP on the place of no pity. THE MORE RUTHLESS THE SORCERER.. like a shimmering film over the eyes. we have given up the world and yet we are in the midst of it. storytelling for them was not only the advance runner that probed their perceptual limits but their path to perfection. that is the reason why they will never be exterminated.. to the spirit. because most of the time they act from the energy of their double. the more ruthless the sorcerer.

in comparison.98 LYRIC SORCERER the brujos liricos. an is much better to learn to see. a master sorcerer could take his disciple on a journey with him and could actually pass through the ten layers of the other world.. go through only three layers. She's so far removed from human beings and their concerns that her energy might completely disrupt you. TSC. the sorcerer is a sad fellow. SR. meaning the dilettante sorcerers. and so everything is witchcraft.. SR.99 (SEE OTHER WORLDS)The master provided that he was an eagle.MASTER SORCERER a master sorcerer was an eagle. but that doesn't mean that he is abitrary. his behavior is impeccable. or the night birds.. EVIL SORCERER an evil sorcerer was a "tecolote"... SR. intend a door. TSC... boom!. and boom! SR. lyric sorcerers. could start at the very bottom layer and then go through each successive world until he reached the top.92.98.99 You start at the very bottom and then your teacher takes you with him in his flight and soon.. BETTER TO SEE THAN BE A SORCERER To be a sorcerer is a terrible burden. A man who sees is everything.. SR. SR. an evil sorcerer was a child of the night and for such a man the most useful animals were the mountain lion or other wild cats. especially the owl. SR. TSC. when a consummate sorcerer is ready to leave the world. What I mean to say is that she is a master sorceress. there's no difference between her physical body and her ethereal double.. preferred other animals-a crow for example. or rather could make himself into an eagle. By now. Evil sorcerers and dilettantes could be at best. . SR.98.127. step through it and disappear.. When he manipulates perception with his intent. You go through the second.173. PHONY SORCERER a phony sorcerer tries to explain everything in the world with explanations he is not sure about. all he has to do is manipulate perception.99 He is a being who shapes and molds perception the way you paint a picture with your brushes.92.199.

have found out from firsthand experience that this is an inaccurate portrayal.. We feel it's a better term because that art really leads to an abstract realm where humanness doesn't count... from sages and seers who sought it. But we. but even more difficult to explain.SEERS THERE ARE MANY KINDS OF SEERS Seers .. The art I am going to teach you is called the art of freedom. everything we have heard about this realm..65. they become overwhelmed by the fact that they can see and believe its their genius that counts.70. the ones who practice the art of freedom... we call it the art of freedom.there are scores of imbeciles who become seers.the characteristic of miserable seers is that they forget the wonder of the world. today.. POS.115 A perfect recapitulation could change a warrior as much. in our experience..TSC.. than the total control of the .come in all shapes and sizes.. WHAT ARE SOME OTHER NAMES OF SORCERY? THE ART OF EMPTINESS/THE ART OF FREEDOM The art of emptiness was the technique practiced by Chinese men of wisdom who wanted to go through the dragon's eye. whatever is human in that realm is so unimportant that it is lost in the vastness.. FFW.29) SEERS HAVE A HARD TIME COPING WITH SEEING Seers ordinarily go to pieces on finding out that existence is incomprehensibly complex and that our normal awareness maligns it with its limitations...43.. WHAT IS THE ULTIMATE GOAL OF SORCERY? THE ULTIMATE GOAL OF SORCERY IS TO LIGHT ALL THE EMANATIONS INSIDE THEIR COCOON (LIGHT THE FIRE FROM WITHIN) WHICH MAKES US ENTER INTO THE THIRD ATTENTION/THIRD POINT (COMPLETE FREEDOM FROM PERCEPTION)/THIS MAKES US SLIP BY THE EAGLE WITHOUT BEING CONSUMED IN FULL AWARENESS the final purpose for the impeccability code is that one day their individual connecting link with intent had to set them free to light the fire from within..Description of the two kinds of seers (FFW. . TSC. smacks of human concerns. An art infinitely difficult to practice.. if not more.

the fly off into that infinity out there. to sneak around the Eagle and be free is the ultimate audacity. Freedom. for in the wall that divides the two sides of the double is a hidden door that opens into a third. TAOD. not thinking abstractly POS.. FFW.85. 224.the search for be abstract means to make yourself available to the spirit by being aware of it. without becoming a disembodied awareness moving like a flicker of light up to the Eagle's beak to be devoured. is to attain that level of attention (third) while retaining the life-force.. in which we risk our lives and much more for a few moments of something beyond words.. TSC... dreaming and stalking led to the same end.... TSC. 228. which in spite of being up against the light of a billion stars.132 . FFW. thin..13.81 they were warriors of total freedom.85 THE EAGLE FOR PURPOSES OF ENHANCING AWARENESS ALLOWS BEINGS TO SLIP BY IT WITHOUT BEING CONSUMED .. This state of awareness even implies an alternative way of dying.the supreme accomplishment of human beings.... She revealed in a confiding tone that we die because the possiblity that we could be transformed hasn't entered our conception.of perception.. the act of reaching beyond our boundaries and touching the inconceivable... .but choose the moment and their departure from this world. It was important for a warrior to know and practice both. FFW... All other attainments are transient. the new seers let the mastery of awareness develop to its natural that moment they would be consumed by the fire from within and vanish from the face of the earth. beyond thoughts or feelings. because it never pretended to be more than what it is: a mere candle TAOD..146.The aim of sorcerers is to reach a state of total awareness in order to experience all the possibilities available to man. She stressed that this transformation must be accomplished during our lifetime... TAOD 2.43 Abstract.15... It is more like a reward for an attainment. EG.. the somersault of thought into the miraculous. secret compartment. cannot be an investment. and then they discover that what they are perceiving is an unknown world.296..the third point. which is to extend the glow of awareness beyond the bounds of the luminous cocoon in one single stroke.. (see third attention) FFW. POS. . and that is accomplished by the recapitulation.. they perceive energy directly. since death dissolves them into lift off.237. FFW. the transformantion entails a total change. without obsessions... that their only search is the ultimate liberation that comes when they attain total awareness. In this respect. the entering of the third attention. Sorcerers don't make up the world they are perceiving. but has a different meaning. and that to succeed in this task is the only true purpose a human being can have.. EG..85. the freedom to perceive. He asserted that for the new seers to enter into the third attention is also a gift.288 Warriors have only one thing in mind-their seek freedom is the only driving force. he said touching my forehead and the center of my is intent.79 The new seers aim to be free. FFW..dreaming body. Sorcerers' purpose is to free their perception.the new seers are the warriors of total freedom. POS. remains intact.. all that's humanly adventure with no end.. The real hope for us lies in the center.. to die and be eaten by the Eagle is no challenge..... Only when this door opens can one experience true freedom. On the other hand..not caught by be like a flame of a dissolve.223.. the conerstone of the art of freedom.

214.173. has the power to keep the flame of awareness. A sorcerer. THE HISTORY OF SORCERY HOW DID SORCERY START? A GROUP KNOWN AS THE TOLTECS/SORCERERS OF ANTIQUITY PROBABLY ATE SOME POWER PLANTS FOR SOME REASON AND AFTER SOME TIME BEGAN TO ANALYZE THEIR EXPERINECE . I SHOULD SAY THAT SORCERY HINDERS HIM. There is very little to sorcery once you find out its trick. falls prey to his will. IN FACT. has granted a gift to each of those beings. if it so desires. if it so desires. TO HELP GUIDE BEINGS PAST THE EAGLE. Sorcery does not help him live a better life.214.It is only from the Eagle's actions that a seer can tell what it wants. Every living thing has been granted the power. What helps a sorcerer live a better life is the strength of being a warrior. that the Eagle has granted that gift in order to perpetuate awareness. but nothing in comparison to being touched by an ally. thus he must feel and act like a warrior. SORCERY DOES NOT HELP HIM LIVE A BETTER LIFE. any one of them. in fact. on the other hand the inexplicable and unbending forces that surround every one of us. EG. PRECARIOUS.173 IS SORCERY A BETTER LIFE THAN THE AVERAGE NORMAL ONE? A SORCERER IS ONLY SLIGHTLY BETTER OFF THAN THE AVERAGE MAN. by right of our being alive. by opening himself to knowledge. The Eagle. not intent or will) EG. In its own way and right. To be pierced by a fellow man is indeed painful.SR..(this refers to living beings. IT MAKES HIS LIFE CUMBERSOME. precarious. are for a sorcerer a source of greater danger. THE EAGLE CREATED THE NAGUAL For the purpose of guiding living things to that opening. although it is not moved by the circumstances of any living being. I should say that sorcery hinders him. it is evident to the seer who sees the opening and to the creatures who go through it. A sorcerer is only slightly better off than the average man. BY OPENING HIMSELF TO KNOWLEDGE A SORCERER BECOMES MORE VULNERABLE THAN THE AVERAGE MAN By opening himself to knowledge a sorcerer becomes more vulnerable than the average man. it makes his life cumbersome. On the one hand his fellow men hate him and fear him and will strive to end his life. to seek an opening to freedom and go through it. SR. the power to disobey the summons to die and be consumed. the Eagle created the Naugal. 3.

The way the Toltecs first started on the path of knowledge was by eating power plants.. whether prompted by curiosity, or hunger, or error they ate them. it was only a matter of time before some of them began to analyse their experiences. FFW,17


ANTHROPOLOGICAL IT WAS A CULTURE OF NAHUATL-SPEAKING PEOPLE IN CENTRAL AND SOUTHERN MEXICO WHICH WAS ALREADY EXTINCT BY THE TIME OF THE SPANISH CONQUEST The anthropological meaning was... a culture of Nahuatl-speaking people in central and soutern Mexico which was already extinct at the time of the Spanish conquest. SRP,163.

A TOLTEC IS ONE WHO KNOWS BOTH THE MYSTERIES OF STALKING AND DREAMING A Toltec is the receiver and holder of mysteries. SRP,163. A sorcerer is a Toltec when that sorcerer has received the mysteries of stalking and dreaming. SRP,215.


TOLTEC MEANS "MAN OF KNOWLEDGE" AND DOES NOT REFER TO THE TOLTEC EMPIRE. Toltec means "man of knowledge" and does not refer to the Toltec Empire. FFW,18.


PROBABLY THE LAST LINK IN A CHAIN PERHAPS THOUSANDS OF YEARS BEFORE THE SPANISH CONQUEST Toltecs existed ages (centuries or perhaps even millennia FFW,18) before the Spaniards came to Mexico...last link in a chain of knowledge that extended over thousands of years FFW,16 Sorcerers of antiquity.. men who existed in Mexico perhaps thousands of years before the Spanish Conquest, ( perhaps as far back as ten thousand years ago..ruled from seven thousand to three thousand years ago..from then on, sorcerers have been regrouping, restructuring what was left of the old ones. TAOD,59)


ALL SUCH MEN OF KNOWLEDGE LIVED WITHIN A VAST GEOGRAPHICAL AREA, NORTH AND SOUTH OF THE VALLEY OF MEXICO ..all such men of knowledge lived within a vast geographical area, north and south of the valley of Mexico..FFW,18


CURING, BEWITCHING, STORYTELLING, DANCING, BEING AN ORACLE, PREPARING FOOD AND DRINK. THOSE LINES OF WORK FOSTERED SPECIFIC WISDOM, WISDOM THAT DISTINGUISHED THEM FROM AVERAGE MEN and were employed in specific lines of work: curing, bewitching, storytelling, dancing, being an oracle, preparing food and drink. Those lines of work fostered specific wisdom, wisdom that distinguished them from average men...they were also people who fitted into the structure of everyday life, very much as doctors, artists, teachers, priests and merchants in our time do. They practiced their professions under the strict control of organized brotherhoods and became proficient and influential... FFW,18


THEY KNEW THE ART OF HANDLING AWARENESS/THEY KNEW THOUSANDS OF POSITIONS OF THE SECOND ATTENTION they knew the art of handling awareness. FFW,16 men whose greatest accomplishment had been to build the structures of sorcery, emphasizing practicality and concreteness. He rendered them as men who were brilliant but lacking in wisdom. TAOD, pg The Toltecs had divided their secret knowledge into two sets of five categories each: the earth and the dark regions, fire and water, the above and below, the loud and the silent, the moving and the stationary. ... the old seers secret knowledge of the earth was employed either to groom or to destroy anything that stands on the ground. FFW,98,99 Toltec power stand (description of and turning to the north) SRP,273,274. Holding the images of dreams was a Toltec art. SRP,242. They put all their eggs in one basket: the fixation of the assemblage point on the thousands of positions it can adopt...out of all the marvelous things the old sorcerers learned exploring those thousands of positions, only the art of dreaming and the art of stalking remain. TAOD,69... the old seers aimed at lighting up all the emanations inside their cocoons, one band at a time, They succeeded, but oddly enough the accomplishment of lighting up one

band at a time was instrumental in their becoming imprisoned in the quagmire of the second attention. FFW,85 ...(they were the only ones able to change their energetic shape into a straight line.)..they were trying to bend themselves into circles, which they couldn't quite make..they had also succeeded in stretching the duration of their consciousness. So they are alive and conscious to this day. TAOD, 12,13...they exist today in one of the layers of the universe. TAOD, 171. ..they coined the name allies (inorganic beings) and the allies taught them to move the assemblage point out of the egg's boundaries into the nonhuman universe...into worlds beyond the human domain. TAOD,49. The old sorcerers used to love their allies...more than they loved their own kind. TAOD,52,58 The dreaming emissary became the most vital entity for the (old Sorcerers) TAOD,67 (they could transform themselves into whatever by keeping the uniformity and cohesion of their assemblage point..their AP was very fluid ..they would shift their AP, stalk their perception, rearrange their cohesiveness to fit their new state of awareness..) TAOD,78 They preferred shifts of the AP...and were after the human unknown. TAOD,79


POWERFUL SORCERERS, SOMBER THEY LEANED TOWARD ACTION. THEIR BID IS TO DOMINATE, TO MASTER EVERYBODY AND EVERYTHING. ....powerful sorcerers, somber...they would influence and victimize people by fixating the awareness of their victims whatever they chose. FFW,16. Everything the Toltecs do is very simple. SRP,258. The ancient sorcerers were not given to thought. They leaned toward action. POS,42. Their bid is to dominate, to master everybody and everything. FFW,122 they did not seek order which was a great mistake..and a deadly consequence was their assumption that the unknown and the unknowable are the same thing. FFW,49. they were all action and no real knowledge... when it came time for them to understand what they had seen, they couldn't do it. FFW,70,71

THEY WERE SIMILAR TO THE ANCIENT CHINESE.. THEY WANTED TO UNDERSTAND THE UNIVERSE ETC.. the people of pre-Hispanic Mexico were very similar in many respects to the ancient Chinese. Perhaps because they both may have had the same origins, they shared a similar world view. The ancient Indians of Mexico.. had a slight advantage.. because the world in which they lived was in transition. This made them extremely eclectic and curious about every facet of existence. They wanted to understand the universe, life, death and the range of human possibilities in terms of awareness and perception. Their great drive to know led them to develop practices that enabled them to arrive at unimaginable levels of awareness. They made detailed descriptions of their practices and mapped the realms that those

practices unveiled. This tradition they handed down from generation to generation, always shrouding it in secrecy. TSC,122.


THEY BECAME BOGGED DOWN IN THE SECOND ATTENTION/THE SPANISH CAME AND CONQUERED THEM AND ONLY A FEW SURVIVED The cultural context of DJ's knowledge. He did not know that himself. He viewed it as the product of a sort of Pan-Indianism. His conjecture about its origin was that at one time, in the Indian world prior to the Conquest, the handling of the second attention became vitiated. It was developed without any hinderance over perhaps thousands of years, to the point that it lost its strength. The practioners of that time may have had no need for controls, and thus without restraint, the second attention, instead of becoming stronger, became weaker by virtue of its increased intricacy. Then the Spanish invaders came and destroyed the Indian world.. Only a handful of warriors survived... whatever DJ knew about the second attention was the restructured version, a new version which had built in restraints because it had been forged under the harshest conditions of suppresion..EG,187. ..demise of the Toltecs FFW,19 Just as in China, where there were ancient beliefs so farfetched that they have turned into legends, here in Mexico we also have our share of beliefs and in Mexico, there were two cultures that collided head on: the Spaniards and the Indians... We know everything about ancient Spain but not ancient Mexico simply because the Spaniards were the victors and tried to obliterate Indian traditions. But in spite of their systematic and relentless efforts, they didn't succeed completely. TSC,101. SORCERERS OF TODAY/NEW SEERS

HOW THE NEW SEERS DEVELOPED (how the new seers developed. FFW,20, 21)

HOW THE NEW SEERS TAUGHT THEIR IDEAS (new seers of how they teach their ideas.. FFW,187)



Sorcerers of today.... renowned for their sound minds and their capacity to rectify the course for sorcery if they deemed it necessary.... they were through with description, comparison, and conjecture of any sort. FFW, 61.

THE HARSH CONDITIONS FOR THE OLD SEERS HELPED DEVELOP THE NEW SORCERERS (after the Spanish conquest..the tonal of the Indians were obliterated..except for the sorcerers whose tonal)..took refuge in their nagual....The men of knowledge of today are the product of those conditions and are the ultimate connoisseurs of the nagual since they were left there thoroughly alone. There, the white man has never ventured. In fact, he doesn't even have the idea it exists. TOP,138.

THEY DIDN'T WANT CONCRETE THINGS ...they have no interest in concrete gains. There are no social functions for them, as there were for the sorcerers of the past. So you'll never catch them being the official seers or the sorcerers in residence. TAOD, 2

THEY DIDN'T WANT RITUALS OR THE UNKNOWN Because we are interested in something beyond the aberrant esoteric rituals and incanations of those sorcerers of ancient times. You see, we believe that their bizarre practices and obsessive search for power resulted only in a greater enhancement of the self. TSC,123..This is a dead-end road, for it never leads to total freedom. Which is what we ourselves are after. The danger is that one can easily become swayed by the mood of those sorcerers. TSC,123. We are sorcerers from the same tradition as those of ancient times. We have inherited all their esoteric rituals and incantations, but although we know how to use them we aren't interested in making them work. TSC,154.

THEY ONLY WENT INTO THE INORGANIC WORLDS AS ONLY A TRAINING EXERCISE They (would go into other worlds (inorganic) only as an exercise)..they prefer movements of the AP...they were after the nonhuman unknown. TAOD, 79.

THE WORLD'S PRODUCED ARE OF NO VALUE FOR A WARRIOR ...most of the time the worlds the AP had assembled had been so close to the world of everyday life as to be virtually phantom worlds. Those visions are the product of man's inventory..they are no value for warrior's..because they are produced by a lateral shift of the AP.

THEY MAPPED THE UNKNOWN TO MAKE IT SEPERATE FROM THE UNKNOWABLE through the use of controlled seeing, the new seers began to map the unknown (making it available to our perception) in order to seperate it from the unknowable.FFW,51

THEY DIDN'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT RANDOM CASES OF PEOPLE WHO ENTER THE UNKNOWN the new seers did not consider it worthwhile to discuss the random cases of men and other sentient beings who enter the unknown and the unknowable without being aware of it; he referred to this as the Eagle's gift. FFW,85

THE NEW SEERS WERE PROFOUNDLY DISTURBED BY THE FACT THAT AWARENESS FORESTALLS DEATH AND AT THE SAME TIME INDUCES IT BY BEING FOOD FOR THE EAGLE. SINCE THEY COULD NOT EXPLAIN IT, FOR THERE IS NO RATIONAL WAY TO UNDERSTAND EXISTENCE, SEERS REALIZED THAT THEIR KNOWLEDGE IS COMPOSED OF CONTRADICTORY PROPOSITIONS The new seers were profoundly disturbed by the fact that awareness forestalls death and at the same time induces it by being food for the Eagle. Since they could not explain it, for there is no rational way to understand existence, seers realized that their knowledge is composed of contradictory propositions.... the new seers found unquestionable truths by means of seeing. Those truths are arranged in terms of supossedly blatent contradictions. FFW,91 HOW DO THE NEW SORCERERS ORGANIZE THEIR LINEAGE?

THERE ARE TWO BRANCHES OF THAT LINEAGE, EACH HAS EIGHT MEMBERS. THE MEMBERS OF CLARA'S BRANCH ARE THE GRAUS AND THE MEMBERS OF MY BRANCH ARE THE ABELARS. We are a lineage, but not a family lineage. In this house there are two branches of that lineage, each has eight members. The members of Clara's branch are the Graus and the members of my branch are the Abelars. Our origin is lost in time. We count ourselves by generations. I can teach what my group knows to someone who is like me. In this case, you are an Abelar (Nelida talking to Taisha.) TSC,189.


EG,174-178.... Stop at pg. 174... end of second full paragraph.



SHAMINISM IS DESCRIBED AS A BELIEF SYSTEM... ....WHICH MAINTAINS THAT AN UNSEEN WORLD OF ANCESTRAL SPIRITUAL FORCES, GOOD AND EVIL, IS PERVASIVE AROUND US AND THAT THESE SPIRITUAL FORCES CAN BE SUMMONED OR CONTROLLED THROUGH THE ACTS OF PRACTITIONERS, WHO ARE THE INTERMEDIARIES BETWEEN THE NATURAL AND THE SUPERNATURAL REALMS. DON JUAN CALLED THE SUPERNATURAL THE SECOND ATTENTION. Shaminism is described as a belief system... ....which maintains that an unseen world of ancestral spiritual forces, good and evil, is pervasive around us and that these spiritual forces can be summoned or controlled through the acts of practitioners, who are the intermediaries between the natural and the supernatural realms. don juan called the supernatural the second attention. TAOD i.


1. Native people of northern Asia , TAOD, i 2. Certain North American Indian tribes, TAOD, i 3. Toltecs

OTHER SORCERERS to this day there are scores of sorcerers all over, Mexico, descendents of those conquerors, who follow the Toltec ways but don't know what they are doing, because they are not seers. ..they copied the procedures of the Toltec seers without having the Toltec's inner knowledge...FFW,19



.) SORCERER'S WAY 1. DIABLERA a helper is the aid of a diablero. It helps him kill.REFERENCES Pima Indians. choices much more intelligent than those our progenitors taught us.. These sorcerers' choices are designed to revamp our lives by altering our basic reactions about being alive. POS.. A helper is a spirit that lives on the other side of the world and helps a diablero to cause sickness and pain.dusting the connecting link to intent.a chain of behavioral choices for dealing with the world. 67 . JTI. B. ? . or stalking oneself POS..181.142. (not the same as an ally) To tame an ally is hard work.57 MITOTE a long peyote ceremony for peyoteros and apprentices. RATIONAL FOR THE SORCERER'S WAY HOW DOES SORCERY TEACH US TO REACH THIS ULTIMATE GOAL? Sorcerer's follow a series of guidelines called the sorcerer's way or impeccability WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF THE SORCERER'S WAY? THE SORCERER'S WAY ARE CHOICES WE MAKE IN LIFE THAT ARE DESIGNED TO CHANGE THE WAY WE LOOK AND ACT TOWARDS THINGS.158 . it is easier to get a helper on the other side. the sorcerer's way is a specific sequence of actions. TDJ. TAOD. TDJ..

.267 THE RULE WAS ENDLESS AND COVERED EVERY FACET OF A WARRIOR'S BEHAVIOR .241 impeccability the only thing that counts in the path of knowledge.. leaves us to scrounge energy for is to surrender to it.31..dreamer's do that.. that is. and this in turn leads to the movement of the AP... ? .. Through molding this awareness of being alive (molding one's life situation) we can get enough energy to reach and sustain the energy body and with it we can certainly mold the total direction and consequences of our lives. POS.... The only thing that counts is impeccability.impeccability is to do your best in whatever you're engaged in... FFW..... FFW. . TAOD.195 Impeccability is indeed the only act which is free and thus the true measure of a warrior's spirit..'s particular life situation can be molded to fit one's specification.a life of impeccability by itself leads unavoidably to a sense of sobriety.. be in an impeccable state of being is to be free of rational assumptions and fears.the only thing that stores energy for us is our impeccability...8 .TAOD.Be impeccable and you'll have enough energy to reach the place of silent knowledge. .34 ENERGY CAN BE CULMATIVE . The other is by molding our paticular life situation to fit our own configurations.. POS.. TAOD.232. And this energy will enable you to handle some of the energy fields which are inaccessible to you now. FFW..MOLDING OUR LIFE SITUATION SO THAT WE CAN GET SOME ENERGY There are two ways of facing our being alive.. FFW..8 ..learning to save energy.that action of rechanneling that energy is impeccability.....119 ...(energy tends to be culumative. wherever we can find it. FFW. POS.33 ..138) WHAT ARE THE OTHER NAMES OF THE SORCERER'S WAY? Sorcerer's way/warrior's way/impeccability WHAT IS IMPECCABILITY? IMPECCABILITY IS SIMPLY THE BEST USE OF OUR ENERGY LEVEL impeccability is simply the best use of our energy level POS... either by acquiescing to its demands or by fighting those demands...30..279.232 . 33. POS.191.think of sorcery as learning to save energy. freed energy.

224. that there is much more to it than meets the eye. Your reason is willing to admit that the world is not as the description portrays it.. everything is just perception.225 You now know about the tonal and the nagual which are the core of the sorcerer's explanation. but what they perceive is neither good nor evil.178.215.. The rule was endless and covered every facet of a warrior's behavior. explanations of and examples. EG. TAOD.. 3 AND THAT EVERYTHING AROUND US IS ONLY A PERCEPTION PERCEPTION IS THE UNLTIMATE MYSTERY BECAUSE IT'S TOTALLY UNEXPLAINABLE/ EVERYTHING IS PERCEPTION/EVERYTHING IS AN UNFATHOMABLE MYSTERY Perception is the ultimate mystery because it's totally unexplainable. The social base of our perception should be the physical certainty that energy is all there is. EG. can perceive more than is normally permitted.If we don't start out with the premise that it is a world of energy. TOP.225.. If human beings.178. WHAT IS THE SORCERY'S EXPLANATION? The sorcery's basic premise is that the universe is just energy WE MUST BELIEVE THAT THE UNIVERSE IS ENERGY OR WE WILL NEVER PERCEIVE ENERGY DIRECTLY . TOP.265 The first precept of the rule is that everything that surrounds us is an .4.TOP. TAOD.181. How the seers saw this rule.DJ gives it to CC start. TWO TYPES OF INTERPRETATIONS OF THE RULE: UNIVERSAL AND INDIVIDUAL two types of interpretations of the rule: universal and individual. through discipline. we'll never be able to perceive energy directly. Sorcerers as human beings are perceiving creatures. more power to them. EG.. We'll always be stopped by the physical certainty of what you've just pointed out: the hardness of objects. TSC. WHAT IS THE RATIONALITY BEHIND SORCERY/SORCERER'S WAY? THAT IS PROVIDED BY THE SORCERER'S EXPLANATION sorcerer's explanation.

. to reason out the double. We won't ever understand it. Well. EG.The mystery is outside us. THE WORLD IS A MYSTERY THE WORLD IS INCOMPREHENSIBLE...and it is not at all as you picture it.143 THE WORLD IS WHATEVER WE PERCEIVE IN ANY MANNER WE CHOOSE TO PERCEIVE He was very careful to establish that the world was whatever we perceive. SR. one way or the other. The world is incomprehensible. FFW. Thus we must treat it as it is. It is impossible. the things that people do cannot under any conditions be more important than the world. Not so much what we perceive.220.279 I've told you time and time again that the world is doesn't yield its secrets easily.147. The world is a mystery.49.22. AND THIS PERCEPTION CAN BE MANIPULATED . but that's not all there is to world..death. they get to realize that the mystery is perceiving. we won't ever unravel its secrets.. And thus a warrior treats the world as an endless mystery and what people do as an endless folly.. JTI. and so is every being that exists in this world. WE WON'T EVER UNRAVEL ITS SECRETS. there is much more to it. in any manner we may choose to perceive. A SHEER MYSTERY. THUS WE MUST TREAT IT AS IT IS. WE WON'T EVER UNDERSTAND IT. and everything else that surrounds us. but what makes us perceive. JTI. though.The world around us is very mysterious.. THE MYSTERY OF US IS OUTSIDE US/WHAT MAKES US PERCEIVE .unfathomable mystery. whether we are average men or warriors.219. and that should be more than enough. Only the new seers get around this. And by means of the shifts of their AP. inside us we only have emanations trying to break the cocoon. You've been allowed to witness it. They struggle to see. And this fact aberrates us.. SR... a sheer mystery. A WARRIOR TREATS THE WORLD AS A MYSTERY/PEOPLE AS THE FOLLY A warrior is aware of this confusion and learns to treat things properly... it is also as you picture it. The world is all that is encased here. TOP.and so are we.. therefore.. the allies.

. TAOD. SR.AWARENESS CAN BE MANIPULATED/HANDLED Awareness can be manipulated.the position of the assemblage point. TAOD. singleheartedly.. You'd be surprised what men are capable of especially if they control awareness.214.. FFW. the use of awareness as an energetic element of our environment is the essence of sorcery.xi. he learns to use such forces by redirecting himself and adapting to their direction. via awareness. and vice versa.73.. the position of the AP is everything and that the world it makes us perceive is so real that it does not leave any room for anything except its realness. in the old seers excursion to the depths they found marvels. It was routine for them to encounter allies.16.. on the other hand.awareness can also be used for entering into the energy fields of inanimate matter or of living beings.or rather.121 A SORCERER DOES NOT TRY TO EXPLAIN THESE FORCES BUT USES THESE FORCES BY REDIRECTING HIMSELF AND ADAPTING TO THEIR DIRECTION The sorcerer. PERCEPTION IS CONTROLLED BY WHERE THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT IS FIXED SO MANIPULATING THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT BECOMES THE MOST IMPORTANT GOAL OF A SORCERER THE MANIPULATION OF THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TOPIC OF THE SORCERER'S WORLD . THE USE OF AWARENESS AS AN ENERGETIC ELEMENT OF OUR ENVIRONMENT/WE CAN GO PLACES WITH OUR AWARENESS Through the medium of awareness. instead..172. TAOD. TSC..The sorcerers can hitch their energy body to the (glow of awareness) and go with it. does not think of explaining or changing them. sorcerers go to the ends of the universe. FFW. FFW. everything in sorcery rests on the manipulation of the assemblage point. TAOD. scouts from all over the universe come to us.. That's his trick. 198.. the same goal: breaking the perceptual dispositions and biases that imprison us within the boundaries of the normal everyday world and prevent us from entering other perceivable worlds. There are no depths there is only handling of awareness... To say the depths is a figure of speech. All of them (sorcerers) pursued.the mystery of the AP is everything in sorcery.235.185..the most important topic of the sorcerers' world. THE MASTERY OF AWARENESS IS WHAT GIVES THE AP ITS INITIAL BOOST TO DISLODGE IT FROM ITS ORIGINAL POSITION .

FFW.. thus new perceptions.the mastery of awareness is what gives the AP its initial boost to dislodge it from its original position. POS. it forces new alignments of emanations. WHY DO SORCERER GO TO OTHER WORLDS? SORCERERS GO INTO OTHER WORLDS TO GET ENERGY.. make your inventory and then throw it away.. IT CAN MOVE WITH A RELATIVELY SMALL EFFORT. POWER. our inventory. SOLUTIONS TO GENERAL AND PARTICULAR PROBLEMS. THE NEW SEERS SAY THAT SINCE THE EXACT POSITION OF THE AP IS AN ARBITRARY POSITION CHOSEN FOR US BY OUR ANCESTORS. IT FORCES NEW ALIGNMENTS OF EMANATIONS. ONCE IT MOVES. or to face the unimaginable.our enemy and at the same time our friend is our internal dialogue. it required that the internal dialogue be stopped. the new seers say that since the exact position of the AP is an arbitrary position chosen for us by our ancestors. The explanation behind all these complex procedures was very simple. solutions to general and particular problems.13 WHERE DOES THE ENERGY COME FROM TO MOVE THE AP? THE ENERGY NECESSARY TO MOVE THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT COMES FROM THE REALM OF THE INORGANIC BEINGS . THUS NEW PERCEPTIONS.. moving the AP is complex because it required a tremendous discipline on everybody's part.. it can move with a relatively small effort. shut off your internal dialogue. once it moves. The new seers make accurate inventories and then laugh at them. Be a warrior. which was something like a training ground for reaching the third attention. EG.18.. without the inventory the AP becomes free..277... power. that a state of HA be reached and that someone walk away with one's AP. FFW. .152 WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE SECOND ATTENTION FOR NEW SORCERERS? THE SECOND ATTENTION IS THE TRAINING GROUND FOR WARRIORS WANTING TO REACH THE THIRD ATTENTION the battlefield of warriors was the second attention..Sorcerers go into other worlds to get energy. OR TO FACE THE UNIMAGINABLE.

... he said. not only do we have to covet them but we need to have sufficient energy to sieze them.139. seeing happens to us itself. Thus the problem of making internal energy available to fulfill such a task becomes the key issue for students of sorcery. .. 181.18 YOU MUST EXERCISE YOUR SECOND ATENTION TO GET YOUR DESIRED RESULTS The second attention served the function of a beckoner.viii. The more it is exercised. POS. EG.. but their inaccessibility is entirely a consequence of our energetic conditioning.214. we need internal energy. The trick is in abandoning our fort of self-complacency and false security.depends on increased energy and not instruction. JTI. simply and solely because of that conditioning. Their existence is constant and independent of our awareness. FFW.Sorcerers say that in order to command the spirit..152. 9. It's an effect that happens all by itself. Once one knows that world all one needs to bring it about is to use that extra ring of power. a caller of chances..166.. TSC. and by that they mean to command the movement of the AP. TAOD. one needs energy POS.227. procedure can cause that.. TAOD.. the greater the possibility of getting the desired result. ii. That movement is the completion of the warrior's quest.Sorcerers maintain that moving the AP is all that matters and that movement. BUT TO MANIPULATE THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT MEANS TO HAVE FREED INTERNAL ENERGY IN ORDER TO PERCEIVE THE SECOND ATTENTION WE NEED INTERNAL ENERGY TO MOVE THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT He had maintained that in order to perceive energy in such a fashion. POS.255.. we are compelled to assume that the world of daily life is the one and only possible world. Don Juan explained to me that..232 .. . TSC. the only value of experiences (in the warrior's path) was the movement of the AP and not the content of the vision.the most difficult thing in the warrior's path is to make the AP move.the energy necessary to move the assemblage points of sorcerers comes from the realm of the inorganic beings.. EG. In order to accomplish the feat of heightening our perception. for us to perceive those other realms. the shift of the AP is everything.... we need freedom from our normal capacity to perceive. Once we have energy. In other words..169 and such AP movements were ruled by the amount of energy sorcerers had at their command. . in the warrior's way.. FFW. TAOD.viii The difficulty is in breaking the retaining wall we all have in our mind that holds us in place...the only thing that matters is the movement of the AP.. THE SECOND ATTENTION IS NECESSARY TO PERCEIVE OURSELVES AS LUMINOUS BODIES the SA is the awareness we need in order to perceive our luminous cocoon and to act like luminous beings. To break it all we need is energy.

...42. If one doesn't have it.the sorcerers' way is the best means of energy redeployment . Of course you need to gather energy. only a special manipulation of awareness.. TDJ.sorcerers get extra energy from eradicating unnecessary habits.193. the energy they have and use for perceiving the daily world. the naugal's blow is not the blow of freedom. THE SORCERER'S NEEDED A CODE OR A WAY OF LIFE THAT FREES UP ENERGY AND CAN HANDLE THE DANGERS OF THE SECOND ATTENTION ONLY THE SORCERER'S WAY CAN RESTORE THE ENERGY NEEDED TO REGAIN THE TOTALITY OF OURSELVES She reached inside the cave and touched the left and right sides of my forehead..173. The sorcerers redeployed their energy by cutting down anything they consider superfluous in their lives. right living and celibacy can restore the energy that has drained out. This is what all the great mystics have done and done completely. Without enough energy. in a more intelligent manner. M. Awareness must shift from here to here.. the new seers fortified themselves and aquired the internal strength (sobriety) they needed to guide the shift of the AP in dreams..32. but the blow of death.TAOD. energy needed to make the shift.. FFW.. FFW.Sorcerers get that energy by redeploying.164 SINCE ALL OF OUR ENERGY IS WRAPPED UP IN DEALING WITH OURSELVES.. FFW. TAOD.but right now you must do it by demolishing your indulgence in ... one needs energy.?.195.. as children..138 .97 Eradicating self-will is the means by which we realize the supreme goal of the spiritual life.. through years of strenuous effort.164 You have to have energy to sustain the pressure of alignments which never take place under ordinary circumstances..It was implicit that one could have been capable of such an extraordinary effort only by being frugal with any other activity that did not deal directly with such predetermined actions. TSC. TAOD. FFW.. we can easily do this . THE WARRIOR'S WAY AQUIRED THE INTERNAL STRENGTH THEY NEEDED TO SHIFT THEIR ASSEMBLAGE POINT IN THEIR DREAMS With the warrior's path. the force of alignment is crushing..YOU MUST HAVE ENERGY TO MAKE THE AP MOVE OR THE FORCE OF ALIGNMENT WILL CRUSH YOU For the AP to shift. HOW DOES THE SORCERER'S WAY/IMPECCABILITY FREE OUR EXISTING ENERGY? THE SORCERERS CUT DOWN ANYTHING THEY THINK IS SUPERFLUOUS IN THEIR LIVES AND REDEPLOY THAT ENERGY IN A MORE INTELLIGENT MANNER/LOSE OUR SELF-REFLECTION . EE. but once the seal of the body has been broken through wasteful excesses.

The fight is right here in this chest. you wouldn't have time for petty fights. TSC. it takes all the time and all the energy we have to conquer the idiocy in us.. The idea behind the training is that as soon as the compulsive patterns of old habits. and that they were just as damaging and dangerous as any bandit armed to the teeth that we that we might encounter on the road.154. nurturing energy that will help to balance and heal you.170. simplicity..267 . FFW. SRP. POS. So the guardian was always something you knew you did not see it. innocence and above all it calls for a lack of self-reflection.28.158.self-importance.. unexamined sensuality. It doesn't matter whether you like or dislike the guardian. SR.feeling important makes one heavy.aware that self-importance is the force which keeps the AP fixed.. its size was awesome.. FFW...xiii . Defusing these concerns will give you a positive... TSC. . POS. which keeps your AP rigidly fixed.I personally have initiated you in all kinds of sorcery procedures..232... so that it could be used for the out-of-the-ordinary feats of perception demanded by sorcery training.. POS... clumsy and vain.It doesn't matter what anybody says or does..158.if you are impeccable. You must be an impeccable man yourself. cowardice. or feeling sorry for yourself or worrying about things that can't be changed.. TSC. it had to be there and it had.. unchecked ambition. beautiful or whatever. POS.95 Because the spirit had no perceivable essence.the sorcerer's way . to be nothing. SR. .. she said she had just been trying to illustrate to me that our attitudes and feelings were our real enemy. As long as you have a feeling toward it.170 This crossing of the threshold (moving the assemblage point) happens when the spirit cuts our chains of self-reflection...self-importance figures as the activity that consumes the greatest amount of energy. and you must be relentless in your fight against them.... close the door of self-reflection. POS.97 . is to restrict our involvement with our self-image. at the same time. .30. the guardian will become nothing and will still be there in front of you. is the total struggle against that individual self that has deprived man of his power. FFW. sorcerers deal rather with the specific instances and ways in which they are able to shatter the mirror of self-reflection.. the guardian will remain the same monstrous. hence. whether for sorcerers or average men.37 much of my endeavors with you has been geared to show you that without self-importance we are invulnerable.. And that's what matters. I have told you already. POS.absurdities..165. The rest is of no importance. lack of purpose.138... SR. their effort to eradicate it.. to be a man of knowledge one needs to be light and fluid. For this reason. One must overcome everything..example of shattering self-importance.169.the only worthwhile course of action. letting it turn into nothing. You thought it was ugly (guardian).War.31. thoughts.. expectations and feelings is broken by means of the recapitulation one is indisputably in the position to accumulate enough energy to live by the new rationales provided by the sorcery tradition-and to substantiate those rationales by directly perceiving a different reality. .makes the person . . FFW. for a warrior. You know what all those things are.... And everything sorcerers do is toward is toward accomplishing this goal.171. The goal of everything I was taught was the redistribution of my normal energy. SR. There is plenty of energy you can harness simply by not doing the things you are accustomed to. it was a monster.213. and the enhancement of it. thoughtfulness.. If you have no feeling toward it. FFW. the thrust of the warriors' way is to dethrone selfimportance... TSC.101 eradicating unecessary habits detaches awareness from self-reflection and allows it (I think he means either awareness or glow of awareness) the freedom to focus on something else. calls for frugality. but only for purposes of luring your first attention away from the power of self-absorption..170. POS.. the guardian had to become nothing and yet it had to stand in front of you.153. like complaining..

158-losing self-importance POS.65.GOOD SUMMERIZATIONS POS. which for those ancient seers meant to become one with the dragon's intent.. TSC. TSC. FFW. and energy from infinity can flow through it. by the power of its tail that with the minutest flicker crushes anything in its way. POS. one can become invisible and go through the dragon's eye. Only in quiescence. But they also believed that there is a way to slip by that unapproachable dragon. Warriors prepare themselves to be aware.. she said those sages were convinced that the boundless unknown is guarded by an enormous dragon whose scales shine with a dazzling light.167-why we need to lose self-importance-essence of why everything Don Juan did what he did. Only when they are nothing do they become everything. can we give the seer in us full reign or can the impersonal energy of the universe turn into the very personal force intent. it turns into power. simply to lessen the control that society has over us) WHEN SELF-IMPORTANCE IS CURTAILED. we can become empty of thought and desire.147.. Clara said that they were confident that by merging with the dragon's intent.. Clara reiterated that in order to empty ourselves.When self-importance is curtailed. When we have emptied ourselves sufficiently of our obsolete and encumbering inventory.102 Chinese sages of ancient times used to say that in order to know your worth. and by its burning breath that turns to ashes everything within its reach. you have to slip through the eye of the dragon.. They believed that the courageous seekers who dare to approach the dragon are awed by its blinding glare. . the energy it requires is no longer expended..167 WHEN OUR WAREHOUSE IS EMPTY/INVENTORY IS DISCARDED THEN ENERGY CAN FLOW THROUGH US/WHEN WE BECOME NOTHING If our warhouse is empty. we have to sink into a state of profound recapitulation and let energy flow through us impeded. HOW DOES LOSING YOUR SELF-IMPORTANCE FREE OUR ENERGY? (The lose of self-importance can also be thought of the lose of socialization. THE ENERGY IT REQUIRES IS NO LONGER EXPENDED. and full awareness comes to them only when there is no more self-importance left in them.. the body itself is empty. . therefore invisible. it means that through recapitulation. energy comes to us and gathers itself naturally. when enough of it coalesces.

. they lose their self-compassion.... POS.. their self-importance crumbles. 3 If you want to find your life. POS.. POS. It was therefore safe to say that any movement of the AP away from its customary position resulted in a movement away from man's self-reflection and its concomitant: selfimportance. automatically and without premeditation. TAOD. I want to make myself zero. However.167 By seperating the social part of perception.. his contact with the abstract causes him to overcome his feeling of selfimportance. sorcerers knew by means of their practical actions. you'll perceive the essence of everything.37 A WARRIOR ACTS FOR HIMSELF BUT HIS CONTACT WITH THE SPIRIT HELPS HIS SELF BECOME ABSTRACT AND IMPERSONAL In a way. the movement itself entails moving from self-reflection.. that as soon as their assemblage points move.. TOP.the internal dialogue is what grounds us. I have the greatest ambition imaginable.159 It was therefore safe to say that any movement of the AP away from its customary position resulted in a movement away from man's self-reflection and its concomitant: selfimportance. the world is such and such or so and so.. Once the assemblage point has moved. ANY MOVEMENT OF THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT AWAY FROM ITS HABITUAL SPOT MEANS A MOVEMENT FROM SELF-REFLECTION/SELF-IMPORTANCE He explained that sorcerers had discovered that any movement of the AP means movement away from the excessive concern with that individual self which was the mark of modern man.M.19.WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE FREE OUR ENERGY? IT AUTOMATICALLY MOVES THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT AND THIS SERVES AS THE BASIS FOR A CLEAR CONNECTING LINK WITH THE NAGUAL That increased energy then serves as the springboard that launches the assemblage point. (Jesus). . (Gandhi)..158.. assures a clear connecting link with the spirit. Without the customary position of their AP. a warrior is all for himself for a warrior everything begins and ends with himself. 47 . And without the heavy focus on that self-image. EE. POS... their self image can no longer be sustained. Then the self becomes abstract and impersonal. and this in turn.. you have to lose it. into an inconceivable journey. THE MOVEMENT OF THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT INCREASES THE PERCEPTION OF THE WARRIOR ... only because we talk to ourselves about its being such and such or so and so.. TAOD. and with it their self-importance.173.

165. FFW. as a consequence of new habits.. Seeing must be direct.142. FFW. This is the equivalent of saying that our command becomes the Eagle's command..137. the AP can move almost at will.148. allows their senses a greater range of perception. one must become aware that the world we perceive is the result of our AP's being located on a specific spot on the cocoon. the capacity to perceive the energetic essence of things.248 OUR NEW COMMAND OF THE AP BECOMES THE EAGLE'S NEW COMMAND The new seers say that realization is the technique. by repetitious acts. It goes without saying that when our awareness develops into first attention the command is so strong that to break that circle and make the AP shift is a genuine triumph..34. because the Eagle commands it. because you've freed enough energy to expand your perception. for a warrior can't ... The AP of man appears around a definite area of the cocoon. Our command becomes the Eagle's command. Anyone can perceive it. WHEN SORCERERS MOVE THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT ENOUGH. any thought that one holds in mind in a state of silence is properly a command. provided he has enough energy.50 SEEING IS THE ACT OF DEALING DIRECTLY WITH THE NAGUAL seeing was the act of dealing directly with the nagual. first of all.. the more stable the AP gets to be. TSC. the greater your capacity to perceive extraordinary things. Once that is understood. ..141. POS. derived from the curtailment of their self-reflection.10).(fields of energy. Seeing is not a force. The greater your energy. SORCERERS LEARN TO "SEE" WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO "SEE"? SEEING IS THE CAPACITY TO PERCEIVE ENERGY DIRECTLY Seeing. it enters into a vicious circle. The recapitulation is the key. TSC. it releases that trapped energy and voila! You see infinity right in front of your eyes. The tragedy is that most of our energy is trapped in nonsensical concerns. but rather getting through things. TAOD.once the glow of awareness focuses on man's band of emanations and selects some for emphasis.232.137. TOP. FFW.. TOP..FFW.. SR. First we learn that it can be placed there and then we ourselves command it to be there. The more it emphasizes certain emanations.. an act that was an unavoidable end result of the teachings but an unattainable task as a task per se. 3.The sorcerer's increased energy. then you must bring up the image of the person that you want to see. since there are no other thoughts to compete with it.. to perceive energy directly. First you must stop your internal dialogue. But the precise spot is determined by habit..215 this is sorcery! You can perceive it now.

.. since seeing had nothing to do with manipulatory techniques of sorcery.use his time to unravel what he himself is seeing.. FFW.167..had no effect on men. TOP.. when such an alignment occurs one sees.seeing is a euphemism for moving the who sees knows that to believe that is to be pinned down in the realm of sorcerers. Clara said that this moment of direct knowing was called the seer by the people who first formulated the recapitulation.254..SR. Seeing...134.242. He felt there was nor reason why not. SEEING HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SORCERY He spoke about seeing as a process independent of the allies and the techniques of sorcery. EG. They could act upon you. A sorcerer was a person who command an ally and thus manipulate an ally's power to his advantage. By the same token... and one doesn't know how it happened. but the fact that he commanded an ally did not mean that he could see.. to .99 HOW DOES SEEING COME ABOUT? SEEING IS A RESULT OF MOVING THE AP.the logical conclusion for my intellect would be to say that seeing is a bodily knowledge.seeing is a peculiar feeling of knowing something without a shadow of a doubt.71. Statements are made with great certainity... therefore being produced by alignment out of the ordinary cannot be something one could merely look at.167.. The techniques of seeing. because it allows us to directly see into things with unclouded eyes.72 SEEING HAPPENS BETWEEN THE WORLDS OF ORDINARY PEOPLE AND THE WORLD OF SORCERERS Perhaps you know now that seeing happens only when one sneaks between the worlds. because a man who sees can learn.. seeing is alignment. Don Juan very calmly replied that he had come to the conclusion it was possible to see and yet not command an ally. in no time at all. Seeing is seeing because it cuts through all that nonsense TOP. the alignment of emanations used routinely is the perception of the day-to-day world. SR.Seeing is not sorcery.. but the alignment of emanations that are never used ordinarily is seeing.37. the world of ordinary people and the world of sorcerers. which served only to act upon our fellow men.151 SEEING IS A FEELING/DIRECT KNOWING/BODILY KNOWLEDGE . They are real worlds. TSC. JTI. FFW.18. not to believe that coyotes talk is to be pinned down in the realm of ordinary men.Seeing is like that.. yet one may easily confuse them. seeing is not a matter of the eyes. USING NEW ALIGNMENTS .. I reminded him that he had told me before that it was impossible to see unless one had an ally. FFW.

SR..256. to train the eyes to look was.. a man may learn certain techniques in order to command an ally and thus become a sorcerer.therefore. SWITCHING BETWEEN LOOKING AND SEEING/FUNCTION OF THE EYES you must do it yourself (seeing) once you learn..manipulate an ally and may become a sorcerer. or awed by them. for a sorcerer to say that looking consisted in viewing the tonal which is in everything and seeing .. everything is so equal that nothing is funny. or be indifferent to them.. you can see every single thing in the world in a different way.. A sight of the naugal.37. we need to look with our eyes to laugh because only when we look at things can we catch the funny edge of the world. and yet he may never learn to see. and the only other fashion I know is the way of a sorcerer.He said that the eyes of man could perform both functions (seeing and looking) but neither of them was better than the other. if a warrior viewed observed the world as a human being.168 WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LOOKING AND SEEING? SEEING IS NOT USING THE EYES ALONE I never said that seeing is a matter of the eyes alone. because all of us could view those sights. On the other hand. needed the specialized senses of a sorcerer in order to be seen at all. SR. when our eyes see.. or cry.. on the other hand. On the other hand.252 LOOKING CONSISTED IN VIEWING THE TONAL WHICH IS IN EVERYTHING AND SEEING . JTI. CONSISTED IN VIEWING THE NAUGAL WHICH ALSO IS IN EVERYTHING She added that we could stumble upon the most outlandish sights of the tonal and be scared of them. SRP. he was looking. and what he was seeing was properly called the nagual. or rejoice. in his opinion.83 In order to see one must learn to look at the world in some other fashion....199. or be happy. When I want to look at the world I see it the way you do.. however. DO THINGS CHANGE WHEN YOU SEE? . both the tonal and naugal were present in everything at all times.I see both ways. It was appropriate. SR. SR. Accordingly.. our eyes may look so we may laugh. And yet. he was seeing. consisted in viewing the naugal which also is in everything. but if he observed it as a sorcerer. Then when I want to see it I look at it the way I know and I perceive it in a different way. an unnecessary loss. ON THE OTHER HAND.

. Once a man learns to see he finds himself alone in the world with nothing but folly. ULTIMATE REALITY SEEING THE ULTIMATE NATURE OF THINGS . AND YET IT IS THE SAME When you learn to see. not a single thing he knows prevails.. and yet it is the same. the old seers actually saw the indescribable force which is the source of all sentient beings. I told you.the capacity of human beings to enlarge their perceptual field until they are capable of assessing not only the outer appearances but the essence of everything. YOU JUST CHANGE YOUR WAY OF LOOKING AT THEM things don't change.a thing is never the same every time you see it. WHEN YOU LEARN TO SEE.. When a man learns to see. Once we see. SR.55 EVERYTHING UNIMPORTANT WHEN YOU LEARN TO SEE. SR. to witness the unknown and to glimpse into the unknowable. Seeing makes one realize the importance of it all. You can see them for what they really are.. SR. FFW..8. nothing remains as we used to know it when we didn't see.81..seeing as a special capacity that one could develop and which would allow one to apprehand the ultimate nature of things. FFW. perhaps the Tibetans really see... FFW. If the Tibetans could see they could tell right away that not a single thing is no longer the same. When one learns to see.THINGS DON'T CHANGE WHEN YOU SEE. TOP.37. for instance. the unimportance of everything.54. that's all.... and if he cannot think about what he looks at everything becomes unimportant. in which case what they wrote isn't crap at can tell things apart. You change your way of looking. SR. he realizes that he can no longer think about the things he looks at.194. your acts as well as the acts of your fellow men in general appear to be important to you because you . SR..168.seeing entailed a very complex process by virtue of which a man of knowledge allegedly perceives the essence of the things of the world.A THING IS NEVER THE SAME EVERY TIME YOU SEE lay bare the core of everything. yet it is not the same egg. not a single thing is the same.10. in which case they must have realized that what they see makes no sense at all and they wrote that bunch of crap because it doesn't make any difference to them.70. Not a single thing... SR.27. Every time I see the same man I see an egg. But then when a man learns to see. nothing is known..37. EVERYTHING BECOMES UNIMPORTANT/EQUAL Besides seeing is contrary to sorcery. that a man is like an egg...

The thing that should give you chills is not to have anything to look forward to but a lifetime of doing that which you have always done. SR.122 Then power becomes a serious matter. SR. Seeing is very difficult and is not a matter of talk. TOP. Everything a man does hinges on his personal're thinking about're not seeing.81.. yet one knows that something is there..IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PIN IT DOWN AND SAY WHAT IT IS REALLY IS power is a very peculiar affair. A man who sees has no longer an active interest in his fellow men. but he desires nothing. your impeccability and personal power are such that you are capable of fulfilling your is impossible to pin it down and say what it is really is. TOP.106. therefore. JTI. while his fellow men can't. you believe that (nothing matters is bad) because you're thinking.. or one may not even fully realize that it exists. Next power is manifested as something uncontrollable that comes to oneself.80 AFTER SEEING/ UPON LEARNING TO SEE A MAN BECOMES EVERYTHING BY BECOMING NOTHING. Each warrior has a different fate. for one who doesn't have any. the only difference between them is that a man who sees controls his folly...have learned to think they are important. he meets them in the midst of their folly. If. so there is no way of telling what that promise will be for either of you. you will then achieve the promise of power. He so to speak vanishes and yet he's there. one may not have it.105. the deeds of a powerful man are incredible. SR. it is not possible for me to . And what's that promise?. Seeing has already detached him from absolutely everything he knew before... WHAT IS POWER? POWER IS A VERY PECULIAR AFFAIR. personal power is the only thing that is a promise that power makes to men as luminous beings. and instead of playing with his fellow men like they were toys. OUR NEW ENERGY THEN BECOMES POWER PERSONAL POWER PERSONAL POWER IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IN THE DOINGS AND NOT-DOINGS OF WARRIORS As is always the in the doings and not doings of warriors.277. It is not possible for me to say how it comes to oneself.164.. HE SO TO SPEAK VANISHES AND YET HE'S THERE/DEALING WITH PEOPLE Upon learning to see a man becomes everything by becoming nothing. I would say that this is the time when a man can be or can get anything he desires. something which was not noticeable before. JTI.

it commands you and yet it obeys you.... something that controls one's acts and yet obeys one's command. JTI. That is the rule. you would've stored enough personal power to find a benefactor. And finally power is something in oneself. it belongs to oneself alone. It is a feeling that one has about certain things.say how it comes or what it really is. JTI. was a bridge. Power does not belong to anyone... JTI. JTI.164... IT TAKES POWER TO EVEN CONCEIVE WHAT POWER IS It takes power to even conceive what power is. I don't know why a bridge. Power is a very weird affair... JTI. power is like that. but I know you don't understand. Or one may call it a mood.JTI. PERSONAL POWER IS SOMETHING THAT ONE ACQUIRES REGARDLESS OF ONE'S ORIGIN.135.122 Personal power is a feeling. POWER IS PERSONAL....157.97. IT IS A FEELING THAT ONE HAS ABOUT CERTAIN THINGS.. .. this time. IT BELONGS TO ONESELF ALONE..power.. Power is personal. POWER CAN BE ANYTHING I just saw power. It is nothing and yet it makes marvels appear before your very eyes. JTI..134.if you had seriously used those four techniques.. It may have been anything.. Power for you. it commands you and yet it is at your command. TOP.164. JTI. JTI.. not because you don't want to but because you have very little personal power.236. POWER DOES NOT BELONG TO ANYONE.something like being lucky.122.power provides according to your impeccabiltiy.134. In order to have it and command it one must have power to begin with... JTI.. We are most mysterious creatures. You would've been impeccable and power would have opened all the necessary avenues.122 POWER PROVIDES ACCORDING TO YOUR IMPECCABILTIY .

it was useless unless that person utilized it for his own search of personal power. WITH SUFFICIENT STORED PERSONAL POWER YOU CAN USE YOUR WILL AS A FUNCTIONING UNIT that you have stored sufficient personal power to enable you to turn your will into a functioning unit..132 . EITHER BY ITSELF OR UNDER SOMEONE'S COMMAND. is to be convinced. I already have told you that a warrior is a hunter of power. TOP. .. because sorcerers know that only by boosting the tonal can the nagual emerge. and thus one of the balancing arts of the warrior is to make the nagual emerge in order to prop up the tonal. TOP.that boosting is called personal power. You need to believe that personal power can be used and that it is possible to store it.164. either by itself or under someone's command. AND EVERYTHING TELLS HIM A SECRET A hunter of power watches everything.Power is when energy gathers. Some of us may gather it and then it could be given directly to someone else.158.. in anything he himself wanted.... A HUNTER OF POWER WATCHES EVERYTHING. JTI. You see. and that I am teaching you how to hunt and store it. but when it came to giving it directly to another person.164..Personal power is something that one acquires regardless of one's origin.157. I say its an art.82. and everything tells him a secret.. the difficulty with you. . but you haven't been convinced so far. WE NEED PERSONAL POWER TO BOOST THE TONAL Because of its inherent weakness the tonal is easily destroyed.. the key to stored power is that it can be used only to help someone else store power. POWER IS WHEN ENERGY GATHERS.. which is the difficulty with all of us.106 SOME OF US MAY GATHER IT AND THEN IT COULD BE GIVEN DIRECTLY TO SOMEONE ELSE. THE KEY TO STORED POWER IS THAT IT CAN BE USED ONLY TO HELP SOMEONE ELSE STORE POWER. JTI..DJ said he could use his personal power however he pleased.. JTI. TSC. JTI.

she explained that this unimaginable flight was symbolized by moving from the right side of the forhead to the left. WINGS OF PERCEPTION/JUMPING INTO THE ABYSS DESCRIPTION OF THE EXPERIENCE description of experience. as you continue to recapitulate.43 But remember this..last night your bubble of perception opened and its wings unfolded.xii.xi.260. It is impossible to explain what happened to you.. it actually entails crossing a vast chasm into a realm that cannot be described because man isn't a measure of it. TOP. the double. or every task she might ask me to perform. the abstract flight.62.. and the means to achieve it we call the recapitulation. Sometimes they refer to it as the abstract flight.. the moment our physical body becomes totally conscious of its energetic ethereal counterpart.6 the abstract flight takes place when we bring our double to bear on our daily lives. To draw the double gently and harmoniously and shift to it our awareness of daily life is something without parallel. for it entails soaring from the side of the concrete to the physical.the day before they jump into the abyss..224. that will be your invitation for you to go through the dragon's eye.121 For sorcerers to break such perceptual dispositions enables one to cross a barrier and leap into the unimaginable.248.259.66 You were supposed to cross the chasm gently and harmoniously and wake up with your double to full awareness in the left hallway. into our daily awareness.. This is what we call the abstract flight. a completely different realm of awareness. to the double... wings of perception... Theres nothing else to say about it. they call such a leap the sorcerers crossing. A SORCERER CAN ACCOMPLISH THEIR GOAL OF REGAINING THE TOTALITY OF OURSELVES TO COMPLETE THE ABSTRACT FLIGHT/SORCERER'S CROSSING (MAKING THE TONAL AWARE OF THE DOUBLE)/ REGAINING THE TOTALITY OF OURSELVES / EVERY PROCEDURE WAS A STEP TOWARD FULFILLING THE GOAL OF THE ABSTRACT FLIGHT every procedure she was going to teach me.. to the side of expanded perception and impersonal abstract forms. TSC. TSC. TSC. TSC. TSC. regardless of whether you are learning martial arts or the discipline I have been teaching you. which the double possesses. so I'm not going to attempt to and you shouldn't try either.. the awareness of daily life is what we want to shift from the body to the double. TSC.223. In other words.224. It should be enough to say that the wings of your .. TSC.. The apex of the special art I want to teach called the abstract flight.WITH THAT POWER.the mystery or the secret of the sorcerers explanation is that it deals with unfolding the wings of perception. TSC. the goal of your training is to perfect your inner being so that it can transcend its outer form in order to accomplish the abstract flight. no matter how ordinary it might seem to me. but what it really meant was bringing of the ethereal part of us.225. TOP. TSC. TSC.261. was a step toward fulfilling the ultimate goal of the art of freedom..42. The sorcerer's crossing consists of shifting the awareness of daily life. we have crossed over into the abstract.first time that he saw???TOP. the entrance of the realm where humanness doesn't count will appear to you.

vivid dreams or even hallucinations does not say anything to clarify their nature. i could not think or feel in the coherent.. so there is no way of knowing the outcome of it beforehand. but our will.a coyote's. In my jump my perception went through seventeen elastic bounces between the tonal and the naugal. ETC THAT ARE BINDED BY LIFE You are a cluster. TOP.he couldn't bring back a bag of rocks though). peaceful.274.. I was going to become pure perception and move back and forth between the two inherent realms of all creation.. but because the nagual is enticing beyond any statement.(a sorcerer can go to the moon. You will enter into the nagual and the tonal by the force of your personal power alone.273.. but I somehow thought and ventured only on the band of human perception.perception were made to touch your totality. unaltered.. JUMP INTO THE ABYSS jumping into the abyss.268.263 . In my moves into the tonal I burst into unity.the wings of perception can take us to the most recondite confines of the nagual or to inconceivable worlds of the tonal... I was whole. To say that they were visions. OVERALL SORCERER'S EXPLANATION FOR THE ABSTRACT FLIGHT (REVIEW) WE ARE A CLUSTER OF FEELINGS. My perception had coherence.. TOP.. TOP. i had vision of order..273.few warriors survive the encounter with the unknown that you are about to have. their vividness so real and their complexity so vast that i have not been capable of explaining them to my satisfaction. This is the sorcerers explanation..263 Last night was the first time you flew on the wings of your perception. . The nagual is the unspeakable. unifying sense that i ordinarily do. SRP.. and warriors who are journeying into it find that to return to the tonal or to the world of order and noise and pain.your perception unfolded its wings when something in you realized your true nature. Their compelling force was so intense.other planets. Then the glue of life binds some of them togetherTOP.a sorcerer can use those wings to touch other sensibilities. the tonal and the naugal. not so much because it is hard.. a cricket's or the order of other worlds in that infinite space...TOP. All the possible feelings and beings and selves float in it like barges.7. In my moves into the naugal I perceived my body disintegrating. The decision to stay or return is done by something in us which is neither our reason nor our desire. forever. a crows. . last night you went back and forth from the nagual to the tonal time and time again. is a most appealing affair.

TOP.THE CLUSTER IS CALLED THE BUBBLE OF PERCEPTION I have called that cluster the bubble of perception. TOP. barriers that seperate the physical body from the double..263 . TOP.. The tonal is where all the unified organization exists..264 AFTER WE ARE BINDED WE LOSE THE SENSE OF OUR TRUE NATURE AND ARE BLINDED BY THE TONAL .264 THE ABSTRACT FLIGHT MEANS TO SHIFT YOUR AWARENESS BACK AND FORTH BETWEEN YOUR BODY AND YOUR DOUBLE WHICH WOULD RESULT IN ERASING ALL THE NATURAL BARRIERS DEVELOPED THROUGH LIFE. A being pops into the tonal once the force of life has bound all the needed feelings together. Sorcerer's have obviously learned that secret.At death however.. the nagual. TOP.. I said to you once that the tonal begins at birth and ends at death.263 THE BUBBLE OF PERCEPTION IS USUALLY SEALED AND CLOSED AND DOES NOT OPEN UNTIL THE MOMENT OF OUR DEATH I have also said that it is sealed.264 AT DEATH ALL OF THOSE SINGLE AWARENESSES DISINTEGRATE AND GO BACK AGAIN TO THE NAGUAL I said that because I know that as soon as the force of life leaves the body all those single awarenesses disintegrate and go back again to where they came from.. BARRIERS THAT SEPERATE THE PHYSICAL BODY AND THE DOUBLE under Nelida's direction I was supposed to shift my awareness back and forth between my body and my double.. TOP.when the glue of life binds those feelings together a being is created. and although not all of them arrive at the totality of themselves. this shifting was to have erased all the natural barriers developed through life. closed tightly and that it never opens until the moment of our death.TOP. a being that loses the sense of its true nature and becomes blinded by the glare and clamour of the area where beings hover. they sink deeply and move independently as if they had never been a unit. the tonal..... The sorcerer's .264 SORCERER'S HAVE LEARNED HOW TO OPEN THAT BUBBLE Yet it could be made to open. they know about the possibility of it.

264 ONCE THE FORCE OF LIFE IS EXHAUSTED THE CLUSTER CANNOT BE REASSEMBLED Once the force of life is exhausted there is no way to reassemble that cluster. IT'S UP TO THE WARRIOR TO DIRECT HOW THE CLUSTER WILL BE ARRANGED I've said to you that the expression of the nagual is a personal matter. since my double already knew them. Yesterday I gave you a recapitulation of all the steps that you have followed to arrive at that point. although one can never explain it.. Your reason at this point might even admit that there is another center of assemblage.264 . can only witness it. I meant that it is up to the individual warrior himself to direct the arrangement and rearrangement of that cluster. TOP. perhaps the sweetest form of them all to us.266. Thus. It has finally dawned on your reason that one can reflect the nagual through the will. TOP.264 THE WILL ALLOWS A WARRIOR TO GO INTO THE NAGUAL AND BE REARRANGED There is no way to refer to the unknown. WHEN THE BUBBLE IS OPENED WE PLUNGE INTO THE NAGUAL They know that the bubble opens only when one plunges into the nagual.263 THE FORCE AND BINDING OF LIFE MAKES ALL THAT SHUFFLING POSSIBLE The force of life is what makes all that shuffling possible. The sorcerers explanation says that each of us has a center from which the nagual can be witnessed. except that his cluster of single feelings do not disintegrate but expand a bit without losing their togetherness..TSC. HIS CLUSTER DOES NOT DISINTEGRATE BUT EXPAND A BIT WITHOUT LOSING THEIR TOGETHERNESS What a warrior does in journeying into the unknown is very much like dying. The human form of human feeling is the original one..224. a warrior can venture into the nagual and let his cluster arrange and rearrange itself in any way possible. through which it is possible to judge or assess and use the extraordinary effects of the nagual.264 Your reason cannot fight the physical knowledge that you are a nameless cluster of feelings.was to allow me to get acquainted with all of them in person. TOP. TOP.TOP.plan. the will. WHEN A WARRIOR GOES INTO THE NAGUAL. TOP. the will.264.

. endless number of alternative forms which the cluster may adopt. . means for removing the impracticality of having a double in the ordinary world. A warrior must be taught to be impeccable and thoroughly empty before he could even conceive witnessing the nagual. it is my personal commitment to make you a warrior so you won't crumble. but to prepare his tonal not to crap out. TOP. and routines. your body would decay because you would become indifferent. The goal of a warrior's training then is not to teach him to hex or to charm.265. AND IRRATIONAL THINGS BEGIN TO HAPPEN. TOP. TOP. he must have also succeeded in erasing personal history.the cluster of feelings can be made to assemble instantly anywhere.214. because only under their terrifying impact can one become a warrior. TOP. and by placing them outside the bounds of prediction. in essence. WHAT ELSE DOES THE SORCERER'S WAY ACCOMPLISH? TO TRAIN OUR RATIONAL SIDE TO NOT GO CRAZY WHEN THE IRRATIONAL SIDE BEGINS TO AWAKEN.what a apprentice needs to buffer him is temperance and strength. one can perceive the here and the there at once.The secret of the double is in the bubble of perception which in your case that night was at the top of the cliff and at the bottom of the gorge at the same time. it would give you a false meekness.176.49.215 he said the effects of those two techniques were ultimately devastating if they were exercised in their totality..... He said that all the techniques which he had taught me and which I had considered empty talk were.. A sorcerer who is in the possession of the totality of himself can direct the parts of his cluster to join in any conceivable way. A most difficult accomplishment. In other words.171 One of the aims of the warrior's training was to cut the bewilderment of the tonal until the warrior was so fluid that he could admit everything without admitting anything.erasing personal history and dreaming should only be help..without the sturdiness and level-headedness of the warrior's way there is no possibility of withstanding the path of knowledge TOP. I have endeavored to show you those forces as a sorcerer perceives them. by making the self and world fluid.bit by bit a teacher must forge and develop it. That is why a teacher introduces the warrior's way. a desire to retreat.. by the time a warrior had conquered dreaming and seeing and he had developed a double. TOP... or living like a warrior. To see without first being a warrior would make you weak.THERE ARE AN ENDLESS NUMBER OF FORMS THAT THE CLUSTER MAY ADOPT there are.. self-importance. This is the glue that joins together everything in sorcerer's world.233 TO TRAIN THE DOUBLE TO BE OF SOME PRACTICALITY IN THE ORDINARY WORLD..264 THE CLUSTER OF FEELINGS CAN BE MADE TO ASSEMBLE INSTANTLY ANYWHERE .

TOP. perhaps a routine as empty as any other routine.TO BE UNBIASED WITNESSES TO WHAT THEY EXPERIENCE WHICH ALLOWS THE SORCERER TO FIND OUT WHAT WE REALLY ARE. Today. FFW. so as to understand the mystery of ourselves and relish the exultation of finding what we really are. CONTINUE TO #2 AND #3 TEACHING AND TEACHERS OF THE SORCERER'S WAY . without presumptuousness and without piousness. to be unbiased witnesses incapable of passing judgement..77. no final step to anything.167 seers aim to be free. And since there is no final step to anything.79 GOAL OF THE TEACHINGS WAS TO SHOW HOW TO BECOME A MAN OF KNOWLEDGE The goal of his teachings was to show how to become a man of knowledge. Follow it and your acts cannot be criticized by the matter of secrecy about the sorcerer's explanation boils down to a routine. The new cycle. we begin by understanding that the fixation of the movement of the AP is all there is to us and the world we witness. FLAWS IN THE WARRIOR'S WAY THERE IS NO FLAW IN THE WARRIOR'S WAY There is no flaw in the warrior's way. or draining yourself.. the warrior's way would assemble what you've learned. TDJ. FFW. FFW.Take yesterday for example. whatever that world might be. otherwise they would have to assume the responsibility for bringing about a more adjusted cycle. there shouldn't be any secrecy about any part of our lot as luminous beings.190. if it is to come.167 In order to be unbiased witnesses. NO FINAL STEP TO THE SORCERER'S EXPLANATION NO FINAL STEP TO ANYTHING In my opinion there is no final crossroad. the warrior's way would have been.. And not every warrior attains it. No one can do that. must come of itself. Do that and no one can flaws in it.225. warriors are in the world to train themselves to be unbiased witnesses. This is the highest of the new seers' goals. TOP.. first. without fighting him. to ask questions without fear and without suspicion and then let Genaro show you the mystery of the dreamer.

please refer to: http://www.This document is created from a CHM file automatically by an unregistered copy of C. For registration information.macrobject. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS ENTERING THE SECOND ATTENTION . please register CHM-2-Word to get full features. The content of this chapter is skipped.) ENTERING THE SECOND ATTENTION 1.

COMPLETENESS YOU MUST BE COMPLETE IN YOUR LUMINOSITY TO ENTER INTO THE SECOND ATTENTION To enter into the other world one has to be complete. or maybe its madness. love or hate could do it and also unbending intent.moving the AP is very difficult and yet it's the simplest thing in the world.119. meaning that edge goes back to the parents. The Nagual said that the edge of the spirit of a person who dies goes back to the givers. Now whatever is gathering that person's attention might be anything. TSC. POS. ENTERING THE SECOND ATTENTION WHAT ARE SOME GENERAL WAYS THAT GET US TO THE SECOND ATTENTION? THE SECOND ATTENTION CAN BE BROUGHT ON BY MANY THINGS/THERE ARE NO HALLUCINATIONS There are no hallucinations. fatigue. power plants . SRP. all our power. POS. to be complete is only for us Toltecs. maybe its liquor... SRP. such as war. And if all the children are complete. If the givers are dead and the person has children.Sometimes. deprivation.282. our completeness in order to enter into that other world.211.232. which is the preferred method of sorcerers. men's AP undergo profound movements. SRP. To be a sorcerer one has to have all of one's luminosity: no holes.. stress. no patches and all the edge of the spirit.There are plenty of good sorcerers who see and are incomplete. fear.if anybody suddenly sees something different. so that awareness can be keen and fluid in order to jump from one side of the abyss to the other in the blink of an eye. SRP.. it is because that person's second attention has been gathered and that person is focusing it on something.. The other world is the world of our second attention. mysticism. the edge goes to the child who is complete. sorrow.. The value is that we all need our edge.. .212 PHYSICAL BODY THE BODY MUST BE STRONG SO THAT AWARENESS CAN BE KEEN AND FLUID WHEN IT FOCUSES ON THE DOUBLE (ABSTRACT FLIGHT) The body must be tremendously strong. SRP. or maybe its the Nagual's smoking mixture. due to natural although dramatic circumstances. that edge goes to the one with power and not necessarily to the best or diligent. something that was not there before.. I used power plants in order to make your AP move.224..211.42.. high fever. helplessness.. hunger. Only sorcerers who want to enter into the other world (must be complete).

. THERE IS A GUARDIAN FOR THE OTHER WORLDS the keeper of the other world. unless it is brought forth through deliberate training or accidental trauma. and that it encompasses the awareness of the luminous body. that point (AP) can be moved from within. WHAT IS INTENDING? THE MOST SOPHISTICATED CONTROL OF THE FORCE OF ALIGNMENT . FFW..84. FFW.The AP is displaced through intending and fixate them through intending.. but hunger.. The flaw of the average man is that he thinks the result of a shift is purely mental. being the keeper. fever.18 IS IT DIFFICULT TO ENTER THE SECOND ATTENTION? THE ENTRANCE TO THE SECOND ATTENTION IS EASY AND ITS LURE IS NEARLY IRRESISTABLE The great difficulty is that the entrance into the second attention is utterly easy and its lure nearly irresistable.132. SR.152 THE SECOND ATTENTION IS NEVER USED UNLESS THROUGH DELIBERATE TRAINING OR ACCIDENTAL TRAUMA The SA remains in the background for the duration of our lives. SR. SR.136 THE AP IS DISPLACED THROUGH INTENDING AND FIXATE THEM THROUGH INTENDING .. EG. TAOD.114. It's just another world... knew many secrets that brujo was entitled to share.the most sophisticated control of the force of alignment. the watchman of that world. FFW. the guardian. tiredness..have that effect.200 . FFW.161 HOW DOES ONE INTEND? .and other things like that can have a similar effect.114 It's not the world of the dead or the world of anything.

(this statement pertains only to the realm of energy) sorceres believe that if one would intend that statement for the energy body (luminous egg) .20. For that you need energy. being a by-product of a displacement of the assemblage point.. TAOD..54.NEVERTHELESS.23 .. sorcerers meet the abstract without thinking about it or seeing it or touching it or feeling its presence .. to fail to understand it had brought generations of sorcerers unimaginable pain and sorrow.. Sorcerers intend anything they set themselves to intend. .(understanding the statement in terms of a bodily feeling) TAOD.. FFW.257 For a sorcerer. OR MOVE IT AS ONE DESIRES Intent is not something one might use or command or move in anyway.115 to intend is to wish without wishing... One intends through usage. It's an abstract because he can't conceive what the spirit is.. it focused automatically on that connecting link. .. POS... had developed a code of behavior called the warrior's way or the impeccable action.161. becomes familiar with it. THE ONLY WAY TO INTEND IS BY FOCUSING YOUR INTENT ON WHATEVER YOU WANT TO INTEND the only way to intend is by focusing your intent on whatever you want to intend TAOD. one could use it. Modern-day naugals.21 INTENDING OCCURS WITH USAGE BUT THERE ARE NO SPECIFIC TECHNIQUES there is no technique for intending.... beckons it. turning into something that can only be felt.100.20. could only beckon it. FFW.. The trick is to reach the energy body. in an effort to avoid paying this exorbitant price in pain. It happens and yet it seems not to have happened at all. Yet without the slightest chance or desire to understand it.21 . and expresses it with his acts. He recognizes it... or move it as one desires.26.. simply by intending it. command it. the energy body would understand it in terms entirely different from those of the mind. or a preeminent force that opens for us worlds beyond our wildest fantasies.nevertheless. the spirit is an abstract simply because he knows it without words or even thoughts. COMMAND IT...UNDERSTANDING INTENT'S CONTRADICTION: INTENT IS NOT SOMETHING ONE MIGHT USE OR COMMAND OR MOVE IN ANYWAY. which prepared sorcerers by enhancing their sobriety and thoughtfulness. happen by themselves. POS.26 .. the energy that was ordinarily used to maintain the fixed position of the AP became liberated.. This contradiction.a progression: beginning as an idea that comes to us more like a curiosity than an actual possibility. the second attention does not happen naturally but must be intended. or a realm of practicalities. as a sensation is felt.. and finally evolving into a state of being... is the essence of sorcery.. the spirit's descent is always shrouded.. 53.most of the really unusual things that happen to seers. TAOD.25.. beginning with intending it as an idea and ending up with intending it as a steady and controlled awareness of the assemblage point's displacement. ONE COULD USE IT. a sorcerer handles the spirit.. entices it. to do without doing TAOD. or to the average man for that acknowledging its existence POS.257 .235..there are no techniques to do this but rather it was a . with only the intervention of move the AP first by setting up an unbending intent to move it and second by letting the context of the situation dictate where it should move.. TAOD.

61. The intent of all sorcery acts has already been set. All we have to do is hook our awareness to it.170 TO KNOW INTENT IS TO KNOW IT DIRECTLY THROUGH OUR CONNECTING LINK . DJ said this level was pure understanding. POS.a clear connection with intent. POS. we must know what we're doing when we intend the result-not the purpose. TSC. set up your intent as a customs house... 28 INTENDING RESULTS BY HOOKING OUR AWARENESS TO SOMETHING ALREADY THERE To make sorcery work. Emilito. Therefore the most important thing I had to do now was to set up a new intent. explained that the intent of sorcerers differs from that of average people in that sorcerers have learned to focus their attention with infinitely more force and precision..for the warrior.212..The only way to know intent. mind you. and you and I don't have that much power. He explained that this new intent was called sorcerer's intent because it isn't just the intent of doing something new. and all we would have would be an indefinite sense of needing something. but the intent of joining something already established.. NOT PROCEDURES The edifice that intent flaunts before us is. POS.106. TSC. a clearinghouse. an intent that reaches out to us through thousands of years of human toil.. 124.. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO CONNECT WITH INTENT? IT TAKES A LONG TIME . Without the silent knowledge no process would work. then... but the result of the sorcery act. he (Emilito) said that everything I (Taisha) did was tainted by defeat. If we intended the purpose of our sorcery actions.209. TOP. THE INTENT OF SORCERERS DIFFERS FROM THAT OF AVERAGE PEOPLE IN THAT SORCERERS HAVE LEARNED TO FOCUS THEIR ATTENTION WITH INFINITELY MORE FORCE AND PRECISION. we would be creating sorcery. within which we find not so much the procedures to clear our connecting link as the silent knowledge that allows the clearing process to take place.107. SILENT KNOWLEDGE IS NEEDED TO MAKE ANY PROCESS WORK. TSC.matter of an instantaneous shift taking place once a certain level of proficiency had been attained. is to know it directly through a living connection that exists between intent and all sentient beings. TSC.

WHAT CAN SORCERER'S DO WITH THEIR INTENT? ONLY SORCERERS CAN TURN THEIR FEELINGS INTO INTENT . not even even at the worst moments of doubt. allow the word to burst out from your midsection loud and clear.186. at times it even comes to us.187. is to catch the attention not of the visible reality. EG.227 WHEN WE BECOME WARRIORS. .it will be a long time before you can apply the principle that your command is the Eagle's command.187. but bring it out from the depths of you..... TSC.this means putting someones AP in the position of silent knowledge POS. but rather the attention of the unseen.?. In fact..148 WAKING UP INTENT this was called waking up intent. you should shout the word intent with all your strength.make a command now not to fret. FFW. intent becomes our friend. a force that we hope will carry you across the chasm...187 What you and I want to do with all this shouting. POS.. THOUGH..279. STALKERS CALLED INTENT LOUDLY. What did you make me shout for.. it lets us be free for a moment. though.when we become warriors.. We were trying to catch the attention of your double TSC.. the force that is the source of your existence.241 TECHNIQUES FOR INTENDING SHOUTING OUT INTENT I want you to say intent three of four times or even more.. That's the essence of the mystery of intent. it will be a slow process until that command is heard and obeyed as if it were the Eagle's command.... shout as loud and as many times as it's needed. THE INDISPENSIBLE PART OF THE ACT OF CALLING INTENT WAS A TOTAL CONCENTRATION ON WHAT WAS INTENDED . You stop when something happens or when I tell you to stop because nothing has happened. TSC.only sorcerers can turn their feelings into intent. TSC... INTENT BECOMES OUR FRIEND. as if it had been waiting for us..

EG.... EG.. I could...133. USING THE SHINE OF THEIR EYES TO MOVE THEIR AP Naturally..133. the indispensible part of the act of calling intent was a total concentration on what was intended. align the emanations that made me see Genaro as a blob of light.. Since eyes have their own memory. the average man knows the same thing about eyes but has no energy to explain it.133.. POS. POS. especially if their eyes are focused on intent revert to the physical level all I had to do was to focus my eyes on my body. FFW..174 . with my intent... The pitch of the voice rose or fell without any thought..133. isolated room. the glance is the secret..... Usually intent was called from within a small..292 using the eyes to beckon intent was how to expedite letting go of that intent. enunciated clearly and deliberately as many times as one felt was needed. INTENT IS BECKONED WITH THE EYES .228 the eyes are only superficially connected to the world of everyday life. Their deeper connection is to the abstract..EG.because eyes are directly connected with intent .stalkers called intent loudly..309 . A candle was placed on a black table with the flame just a few inches before the eyes then the word intent was voiced slowly.. his eyes turned for an instant to focus on the point of the second attention.I knew automatically that I had to move my eyes in order to make my AP shift. 136.228 NATURALLY..intent is beckoned with the eyes (not with the reason POS. POS.. or I could align the emanations that made me see him as merely odd......139 WHY IS INTENT BECKONED WITH THE EYES? BECAUSE EYES ARE DIRECTLY CONNECTED WITH INTENT .EG.135.228 EACH SPOT TO WHICH THE AP MOVES IS INDICATED BY A SPECIFIC SHINE OF A SORCERER'S EYES. IT ALSO MEANS THEY CAN RECOLLECT AT WILL. POS. dark. using the shine of their eyes to move their AP. it also means they can recollect at will.308... each spot to which the AP moves is indicated by a specific shine of a sorcerer's eyes....308 ...the eyes of all living beings can move someone else's AP.264. the eyes beckon intent. unknown..174) .. they can call up the recollection of any spot by calling up the specific shine associated with that spot. must focus one's attention on the luminous shell.A warrior must evoke intent.

one grabs something that is behind the eye. an itching. JTI... It works only when the warrior learns to focus his will. numbed me to the point that I could not think coherently..there's no way of exactly describing what one does. only a way of talking.. SR. my benefactor..136. the catchers of intent.could make a person mortally ill by merely looking at him.The reason why seeing seems to be visual is because we need the eyes to focus on intent. he was looking in the distance.308 USING YOUR EYES AS A WAY TO MOVE THE AP EVIL EYE It was at that moment that he lifted his head and looked me squarely in the eyes. It was a look that went through me.. he had fixed his gaze on me and I had an inexplicable feeling of vacuity.. that something has direction and can be focused on anything. I became tongue-tied at once and continue with the harangues about myself.there's no way of practicing it. One has the actual physical sensation that one is holding something with the will. I could not speak coherently any more and i mumbled. SR. I numbed it by focusing my will. his eyes were foggy..something snaps forward from someplace below the stomach.. I became aware of my abdominal region.the warrior's gaze is placed on the right eye of the other person. a pleasant despair in the area of my solar plexus. naturally.DJ made me feel that his eyes were actually touching me.122 It was a penetrating glance.228.2.and what it does is to stop the internal dialogue.a way of explaining weird sensations. however. EG...this is... EG. . I sensed its heat.. The gaze on the right eye is not a stare. sometimes it .as a warrior progresses on the path of knowledge his left eye can clasp anything. past me. THE CATCHERS OF INTENT's rather a forceful grabbing that one does through the eye of the other person.. then stopped talking altogether. then the nagual takes over.WHAT SILVIO MANUEL HAD SHOWN ME WAS THE TRUE FUNCTION OF THE EYES. Yet it was not menacing or awesome in any was a direct blow to your tonal. I felt he had actually grabbed me with his eyes. JTI..308 THEY KNEW HOW TO USE THEIR EYES TO CATCH ANOTHER ASPECT OF INTENT AND CALLED THIS ACT SEEING.134. Yet he did not make people sick all the time but only when his personal power was a given moment in the life of a warrior it simply happens.THE REASON WHY SEEING SEEMS TO BE VISUAL IS BECAUSE WE NEED THE EYES TO FOCUS ON INTENT ..thus the danger of that manoeuvre. out of focus.they knew how to use their eyes to catch another aspect of intent and called this act seeing. women would wane away after he had set eyes on them. in a physical sense...what Silvio manuel had shown me was the true function of the eyes. It was a formidable look. No one knows how....DJ's look. Usually the left eye of a warrior has a strange appearance..... or numbness..TOP. The secret is in the left eye. I had the sensation of two fingers gently clasping me and I acknowleged a weird agitation.

10.. I felt like I was going to get ill.. to soothe myself by reflecting a beam of light on the cornea of my eyes. FFW.... a fiber that he can direct at any conceivable can soothe yourself. HOW DOES A WARRIOR GET TO THE NAGUAL THROUGH HIS WILL? A WARRIOR LEARNS TO FOCUS HIS WILL AS ONE SINGLE LUMINOUS FIBER FROM HIS BELLY AND CONNECTS TO THE NAGUAL Let's say the warrior learns to tune his will.. It was as if he were using the light to create a mirror reflection..52.becomes permanently crossed. but then he turned his head to the side and I regained my original feeling of well-being. TOP. or different in some way..175 WHAT CONDITIONS ALLOW FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF WILL? . Any direction will do. in that movement you will find relief. TOP. shaking his head almost imperceptibly every time he focused his eyes on me. which comes from the midsection of his body. to direct it to a pinpoint. or anger or sadness comes a warrior's way. it is as if his will. That fiber is the road to the nagual. or it becomes smaller than the other.. to avoid being dragged with him. The movement of the eyes makes the AP shift momentarily. roll eyes in a counterclockwise direction. is one single luminous fiber. It was as if he were pushing my middle section with a soft object. Or I could also say that the warrior sinks into the nagual through that single fiber TOP. TOP. This is what makes the head shake.235.24.279.roll your eyes. or larger. SOOTHING WITH THE EYES his eyes were like two slits. When he looked at me he would open them a bit and the moistness of the corneas reflected the light of the latern.. FFW. you won't soothe yourself bobbing your head like that. I prefer to roll mine clockwise. or despair. the secret is not in the head shake but in the feeling that comes to the eyes from the area below the stomach. to focus it wherever he wants.. The effect was a fascinating quiver of light.229 he gave me a long. strange look that produced an itching in the pit of my stomach.the steady flicker in his eyes were not menacing.. he played with it. TOP. ROLLING THE EYES when impatience.

or his eyes. except that the results of using the will are astounding. SR. SR.THE WILL DEVELOPS IN A WARRIOR REGARDLESS OF REASON The will develops in a warrior in spite of every opposition of reason. or his ears. There is no real way of telling how one uses it. or profound sadness. WHEN DOES WILL COME OUT? FOLLOWING A MOMENT OF THE ABSOLUTE SILENCE.147 For example. TOP. or at a moment of sheer terror. TOP. HOW DOES THE WILL WORK? NO ONE KNOWS HOW THE WILL WORKS/PERCEIVING WITH YOUR WILL Will is something very special. it happens mysteriously.EG. your will is already opening your gap. OR PROFOUND SADNESS It is experienced as a force that radiates out of the middle part of the body following a moment of the absolute silence. THE WILL WORKS REGARDLESS OF OUR INDULGENCE Our will operates in spite of our indulgence.142. but a sorcerer .142.83. TOO DISRUPTIVE FOR THE WARRIOR'S CONCENTRATION but not after a moment of happiness. EG.83.148 An average man can grab the things of the world only with his hands. because happiness is too disruptive to afford the warrior the concentration needed to use the luminosity of the body and turn it into silence.147 Watch carefully everything you do. little by little. the very thing that could help you develop your will is admist all the little things that you do. OR AT A MOMENT OF SHEER TERROR.. SR. THE BODY MUST BE PERFECT FOR WILL TO WORK The body must be perfection before the will is a functioning unit. WHEN DOES WILL NOT COME OUT? NO.

When we perceive the world with our will we know that it is not as out there or as real as we think. for instance cannot describe to me how you hear. STOPPING THE WORLD .198. His arms shivered with the strain. and when he is flat and begins to expand. however. he opened his hands like two fans. is not like hearing.can grab them also with his nose. A fine power is always heralded by great pain. SR. 2. we have the impression that it is out there and that it is real. but you yourself. HOW DOES A SORCERER USE DEATH TO TUNE HIS/HER WILL? A SORCERER TUNES HIS WILL BY LETTING HIS DEATH OVERTAKE HIM. he notices that he can touch actually touch anything he wants with a feeling that comes out of his body from a spot right below or right above his navel. lifted them to the level of his elbows.198. I cannot really describe how it is done. especially with his will. his impeccable will takes over and assembles the fog into one person again. It happens that I am also capable of hearing.152. so we can talk about what we hear. SR. a great discomfort. Sometimes the pain and discomfort are so great that the warrior has convulsions for months. then it becomes a pain.. A power that comes out of his body as he progresses on the path of knowledge. but not about how we hear. or as impossible things keep on happening to him. or his will. SR.152 When the convulsions cease the warrior notices he has strange feelings about things. or his tongue. turned them until his thumbs were touching the sides. SR. and when he is capable of grabbing with it.. he becomes aware that a sort of power is emerging. and that he has acquired will. He kept them there for a moment. SR.148 DESCRIPTION OF THE ACQUIREMENT OF A WARRIOR'S WILL/ A FINE POWER IS ALWAYS HERALDED BY GREAT PAIN and one day he succeeds in performing something ordinarily quite impossible to accomplish. Then he brought them up until the tips of his middle fingers touched his forehead. A sorcerer tunes his will by letting his death overtake him. one can rightfully say that the warrior is a sorcerer. AND WHEN HE IS FLAT AND BEGINS TO EXPAND. and then brought them slowly together at the center of his body over his navel. That perceiving. At first it is like an itching on the belly. the more severe the better for him. or a warm spot that cannot be soothed. and then pulled them down in the same position to the center of his body. But as he keeps on performing impossible acts.197. he may not even notice his extraordinarily deed. HIS IMPECCABLE WILL TAKES OVER AND ASSEMBLES THE FOG INTO ONE PERSON AGAIN. A sorcerer uses his will to perceive the will. When we look at the world or when we hear it. That feeling is the will.

JTI.172 A FEW OF THE NAGUAL'S ONSLAUGHTS SHOULD BE ENOUGH TO DISMANTLE ONE'S VIEW A few of the nagual's onslaughts should be enough to dismantle one's view.172 Don Juan's task. a technique by virtue of which the world as we know it was made to collapse.. SR. people tell us from the time we are born that the world is such and such and so and ss.xiii. as a practitioner making his system accessible to me. What stopped inside you yesterday was what people have been telling you the world is like. OUR WORLD OF SELF-REFLECTION IS VERY FLIMSY AND WHEN OUR FEW KEY IDEAS FAILED OUR REASONING AND OUR WORLD CEASES TO FUNCTION the world of our self-reflection or of our mind was very flimsy and was held together by a few key ideas that served as its underlying order. was not my reason as the capacity for rational thought. the certainity that our commen-sense views of the world are final. of the easiest things one can do is to fall into it (man's band of awareness) but any person can reach that warehouse by simply stopping his internal dialogue. You see.xiv. consequently. and naturally we have no choice but to see the world the way people have been telling us it is. which ordinarily runs uninterruptedly. has been stopped by a set of circumstances alien to that flow.?? IT CONSISTED OF INTRODUCING A DISSONANT ELEMENT INTO OUR CONTINUITY TO STOP OUR FLOW OF ORDINARY EVENTS It consisted of introducing a dissonant element into the fabric of everyday behavior for purposes of halting the otherwise smooth flow of ordinary events-events that we catalogued in our minds by our reason..254. In my case the set of circumstances alien to my normal flow of interpretations was the sorcery description of the world. when this happens the world of reason stops.. JTI.was because that the daily world exists because we know how to hold its images.TOP.. POS. but my attention of the tonal. Stopping the world was indeed an appropriate rendition of certain states of awareness in which the reality of everyday life is altered because the flow of interpretation... What DJ had struggled to vanquish. or rather suppress in me. if one drops the attention needed to maintain those images the world collapses. the underlying order ceased to function... or my awareness of the world of common sense. When those ideas failed.10.WHAT IS STOPPING THE WORLD? STOPPING THE WORLD MEANS TO DESTROY THE CONTINUITY OF OUR WORLD stopping the world was a technique practiced by those who were hunting for power.243 . POS. was to dissarange a particular certainty which I share with everyone else.240.241.. JTI. FFW. his motive for doing so.

. that's the point.. THE ENTRANCE TO THE NAGUAL IS IN FRONT OF US ALL THE TIME BUT ONLY TO THOSE WHOSE MINDS ARE STILL AND WHOSE HEARTS ARE AT EASE WILL SEE OR FEEL ITS PRESCENCE the truth of the matter is that the entrance is in front of us all the time. JTI.xiii. or our reality of the world. which we all share. TSC.66.... And once you know what it is like to stop the world you realize there is a reason for it.. JTI..xiv. that the validity of our perceptions. .x.STOPPING THE WORLD JUST HAPPENS Nobody (wishes to stop the world). You see.. for the purpose of pitting it against the old one. it just had to learn the new description in a total sense. but only those whose minds are still and whose hearts are at ease can see or feel its presence. one of the arts of the warrior is to collapse the world for a specific reason and then restore it again in order to keep on living.172 HOW DO WE STOP THE WORLD? A PRECONDITION FOR STOPPING THE WORLD WAS TO LEARN THE NEW DESCRIPTION IN ORDER TO BREAK THE DOGMATIC CERTAINITY WHICH WE ALL SHARE DJ's precondition for stopping the world was that one had to be convinced. as necessary for sorcerers as reading and writing. IN ORDER TO SEE ONE FIRST HAD TO STOP THE WORLD . POS. JTI. IT IS AS NECESSARY FOR SORCERERS AS READING AND WRITING Stopping the world.xiv.. WHAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OF STOPPING THE WORLD? IT IS ONE OF THE MAIN PROPOSITIONS OF THE SORCERER'S KNOWLEDGE .its scope and importance as one of the main propositions of don Juan's knowledge. and in that way break the dogmatic certainty.DJ stated that in order to arrive at seeing one first had to stop the world..xiii... is not to be questioned.136. JTI.

however.. terrifying.the crux of sorcery is the internal dialogue. stopping the internal dialogue was an operational way of describing the act of disengaging the attention of the tonal... The difficulty for the average man is the internal dialogue. in La Gorda's terms. all they do is accelerate the effect of stopping the internal dialogue.SHUTTING OFF THE INTERNAL DIALOGUE IS THE KEY TO STOPPING THE WORLD Sorcerers call it stopping the internal dialogue.. He had said that some part of us is always kept under lock and key because we are afraid of it. The moment when the second attention hooks onto something is called stopping the world. FFW. perforce.38. TOP. the key to the sorcerers' world. although I could not visualize (the nagual) and that my problem was merely one of not being capable of completely shutting off my internal dialogue... that part of us was like an insane relative that we kept locked in a dungeon. and when it finally could focus on something the world stopped. that is the key to everything. of course that the change should not be deranged. with the exception of stopping the internal dialogue. know only the attention of the tonal. That part..93... A FEELING OF BEING SUSPENDED.20. or in your idea of the world. SRP.. My entire thought processes had .once we stop our internal dialogue we also stop the world.268. TOP. the provision is. the world indeed has to stop. that is why a teacher doesn't clamp down on his apprentice... That would only breed obsession and morbidity.209.. and stopping the internal dialogue is the only way to accomplish it. our second attention.. it is not too farfetched to say that once that attention is cancelled. TOP. The focusing of our wild. on that occasion I also became cognizant that stopping the internal dialogue involved more than merely curtailing the words I said to myself.nothing of what you've seen or done. as average men.the rest of the activities are only props.. That was an operational description of the inconceivable process of focusing our second attention.As you know.Stopping the internal dialogue is.. DJ was right in saying that the only way to keep that insane relative from bursting in on us was by shielding ourselves with our endless internal dialogue. TOP. Only when a state of total silence is attained can one use the (earth) boost. the rest is just padding. TOP..229 . SRP. Since we. could by itself have changed anything in you. and that to our reason..231 . untrained second attention has to be. and they are convinced that it is the single most important technique that an apprentice can learn. FLOATING ..257 SHUTTING OFF THE INTERNAL DIALOGUE INVOLVED MORE THAN CURTAILING WORDS BUT WHERE THE ENTIRE THOUGHT PROCESSES HAVE STOPPED.232 WHAT IS SHUTTING OFF OUR INTERNAL DIALOGUE? THIS IS AN OPERATIONAL WAY OF DESCRIBING THE ACT OF DISENGAGING THE ATTENTION OF THE TONAL/THE WORLD STOPS WHEN OUR SECOND ATTENTION BECOMES ENGAGED DJ had asserted time and time again that the essential feature of his sorcery was shutting off the internal dialogue. TOP. . the passageway into the world of sorcerers opens up after the warrior has learned to shut off his internal dialogue. to change our idea of the world is the crux of sorcery.

. Genaro's double. the dreamer and the dreamed. TOP. The Naugal said that it is a moment of blackness. . (continuation of description of feelings. he commanded me to turn off my internal dialogue and enter into inner silence. everything is possible. Once silence is attained. TOP.whenever I silenced my mind.19.then something in me turned off.) I could see every individual bush as if I were looking at them in a dark twilight.. FFW.stopped and I felt I was practically suspended. witnessed the ally. You are like you are. everything becomes possible. FFW. you have.34. 150 one of the most mystery aspects of the seers knowledge is the incredible effects of inner silence. 150 My thoughts diminished in number until my mind was perfectly blank. EG. TAOD...143. the passageway to all the weird and eerie experiences that you have had recently was the fact that you could stop talking to yourself. a seemingly independent force immediately plunged me into a most detailed memory of some event in my life. I felt I was suspended . He repeated over and over that the trick was not to think at all. and today you almost learned about the totality of yourself.309. I felt I was falling asleep and then all at once something caught my attention.. because you tell yourself that you are that way. in complete sobriety.21. the world collapses and extraordinary facets of ourselves surface. When a warrior learns to stop it. a moment still more silent than the moment of shutting off the internal dialogue. the most far-fetched schemes become attainable.93. Once inner silence is attained... TOP.106. DESCRIPTION OF STOPPING THE INTERNAL DIALOGUE . the bonds that tie the AP to the particular spot where it was placed begin to break and the AP is free to move. TOP. He commanded me to empty myself of thoughts and stare at the surface of the mirror. A sense of panic had ensued from that awareness and I had to resume my internal dialogue as an antidote. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE SHUT OFF OUR INTERNAL DIALOGUE? THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT THAT WAS FIXED IS NOW FREE TO MOVE He stressed over and over that the internal dialogue is what keeps the AP fixed to its internal position.38. FFW. FFW.. floating. as though they had been kept heavily guarded by our words. ..155 THE WORLD COLLAPSES AND EVERYTHING BECOMES POSSIBLE Whenever the dialogue stops. TOP. My ears seemed to unplug and a myraid of noises in the chaparral became audible.

... roaming around the desert and the mountains. but which human beings have forgotten. we must intend it. but don't allow your mind to follow them...TOP.. In this unbending manner she intends the chicks to hatch. TSC. EG. 150. we learned to put increasingly more emphasis on the physical side and less on our ethereal being. As infants..173. SR.learning the warrior's way was an instance when the apprentice's attention had to be trapped rather than deviated and that he had trapped my attention by pushing me out of my ordinary circumstances every time I had gone to see him. The internal dialogue stops in the same way it begins: by an act of will FFW.. saying that it is not that the physical body dissolves. ... This realization is the exact reversal of what took place as we matured. FFW. he corrected himself..136. WE MUST FIRST WILL IT. when I had succeeded in controlling my attention and could work for hours at a chore without distraction.context disarrangement meant that I did not know the ropes and my attention had to be focused on everything DJ did. ethereal part is left. She listens and never lets her concentration hikes and hunting... and therefore must cultivate. but that by changing the fixation of our awareness we begin to realize that it was never solid in the first place. Once one knows that world all one needs to bring it about is to use that extra ring of power. As adults we are completely unaware that our soft side exists. Concentrate on the warmth in your womb and don't let your attention wander.133.. By concentrating on your breathing.. JTI.233 Later on. It's quiet listening that animals do naturally.218 THE WAY TO FORGET ABOUT YOUR SELF AND FREE YOUR ENERGY IS TO LEARN HOW TO FIX YOUR ATTENTION. but that only the soft. The way to stop talking to ourselves is to use exactly the same method: we must will it.151. TSC. a new command. Be aware of the sounds around you.. THEN YOUR COMMAND BECOMES THE EAGLE'S COMMAND. Genaro keep you busy turning over rocks in order to distract your thoughts and allow your body to see. (maybe a hint to the sorcerers' blow?) .. Then your command became the Eagle's command. as we grew up.INTEND IT TO HAPPEN You willed to stop your internal dialogue and thus you set a new intent. Now. directing all her attention to them. A hen remains still and listens to her eggs underneath her. doze like a hen does and listen with your inner ear while I talk.. you can make the solid body dissolve.255 HOW DOES FIXING OUR ATTENTION MAKE US LOSE OUR SELF-REFLECTION? WHEN WE USE OUR FULL ATTENTION OUR INTERNAL DIALOGUE STOPS AND OUR AWARENESS IS REMOVED FROM OUR BODIES.. we were totally aware of our double..HOW DO WE SHUT OFF OUR INTERNAL DIALOGUE? WHEN YOU WILL TO STOP YOUR INTERNAL DIALOGUE YOU SET A NEW INTENT. A warrior is aware of this (internal dialogue) and strives to stop his talking. . A NEW COMMAND.

You fool it.I let go of my physical body and allowed my double to take get rid of the self-importance that is rotten requires a masterpiece of strategy. POS..The more it (attention) is exercised.egomania is a real tyrant. POS.29. The first way was to sever each head one at a is very difficult to make the self give up its strongholds except through practice. POS. TSC.139 WHAT ARE SOME WAYS TO HELP LOSE OUR SELF-IMPORTANCE? GENERAL ONE CAN DESTROY SELF-IMPORTANCE THREE WAYS self-importance was a monster that had three thousand heads..137...175.. FFW. TSC. rather.. . we must work ceaselessly to dethrone it... and the third was to pay for the instantaneous annihilation of the three-thousand-headed monster with one's symbolic death. One could face up to it and destroy it in any of three ways.. we are governed by ethereal forces. we are not affected by the laws of the physical world.83 .30 WE MUST WORK CEASELESSLY TO OVERCOME OUR SELF-IMPORTANCE . the second was to reach that mysterious state of being called the place of no pity. POS. the difficulty is that the mirror of self-reflection is extremely powerful and only lets its victims go after a ferocious struggle.. not principle..178... which destroyed self-importance by slowly starving it.(second attention) EG... you let your body feel as if it were sound asleep. When your body and mind are at rest. FFW. our movements are limited by gravity and other constraints... you deliberately quiet it by removing your awareness from it.140.252 TO GET RID OF SELF-IMPORTANCE WE MUST HAVE A GREAT STRATEGY self-importance can't be fought with niceties. . the greater the possibility of getting the desired result.85 .. But as long as awareness is tied to the physical body.. TAOD.. your double wakes up and takes over. IF ATTENTION IS EXERCISED ENOUGH WE REACH THE SECOND ATTENTION.we both have to sweat blood before we let go of our self-reflection.. warriors fight self-importance as a matter of strategy. If our awareness is tied to the double....

..two days before her period a woman can open that crack and step through it into another world. or by gazing at the clouds. The difficulty lies in convincing our physical body to cooperate.A female. the world will stop being so-and-so.When a women menstruates she cannot focus her attention.46... SRP. that was the door for them.. it falls away and women are bare.216. it is right in front of all of us women. is always open because most of the time she is not focusing her attention on anything. SRP. That's the crack the Nagual told me about.... TSC. In order to facilitate this shift. if she wants to.219. power and death. little by little or all at once. Instead of fighting to focus. SR. for it rarely wants to give up its control.... awareness begins to shift to our soft side.104.. .AWE.140 FEAR.... the world is such-and-such and so-and-so only because we tell ourselves that that is the way it is.START SLOWLY TO UNDO THE WORLD A warrior is aware that the world will change as soon as he stops talking to himself.145 SEEING THE ORIGIN OF MAN HELPS FREE US FROM OUR SELF-CONCEPTIONS .combined in that state were fear. At this moment I don't think you're ready for such a momentous blow. our physical side must remain absolutely still' suspended as if it were in deep sleep.. by gazing fixidly at distant hills.and he must be prepared for that monumental jolt. CONVINCE OUR PHYSICAL BODY TO GIVE UP ITS CONTROL As we let go of our ideas of the physical body.. SRP. like a river..... therefore you must start slowly to undo the world. Especially during her menstrual period. during our menstrual periods dreaming becomes power. can let go of the images of the world. a woman should let go of the images. he said that such a state would be pretty hard to repeat JTI..POWER AND DEATH I was in a perfect state for stopping the world. That's the crack between the worlds . or by gazing at matter how well-made the disguise is. During their period they become something else. DURING THE MENSTRUAL PERIOD IT IS MORE DIFFICULT FOR A WOMAN TO FOCUS HER VIEW ON THE WORLD AND THUS EASIER FOR IT TO COLLAPSE Women have their own abyss. with her left hand she followed the contour of an invisible line that seemed to run vertically in front of her at arm's length. If I don't focus my attention on the world the world collapses. if we stop telling ourselves that the world is so-and-so. During that time a woman. during that time I could actually let my attention go from the images of the world.... SRP. Women menstruate. a crack opens in front of us during those days..awe. I become more daring.216.. I get a little crazy for one thing.

.135.88 WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE NOT-DO? THE SECOND ATTENTION WAS BROUGHT INTO ACTION OR WAS HARNESSED.TSC.. such as the shadows of things. not-doing as an unfamiliar act which engages our total being by forcing it to become conscious of its luminous segment.242.18 Not-doing is a term that comes to us from our own sorcerery tradition.. TECHNIQUE/METHODS FOR SHUTTING OFF THE INTERNAL DIALOGUE NOT-DOINGS WHAT ARE NOT-DOINGS? WHEN YOU FOCUS ON FEATURES ON SOMETHING THAT WERE ORDINARILY OVERLOOKED (ANYTHING THAT IS NOT IN OUR INVENTORY) . is a very important technique but it was not the main issue. that practical task is called the right way of walking.279 HAVING A PRACTICAL TASK IS NEEDED TO STOP THE WORLD In order to stop the view of the world which one has held since the cradle.a perceptual game of focusing attention on features of the world that were ordinarily overlooked.there were two major activities or techniques used to accelerate the stopping of the internal dialogue. . THROUGH EXERCISES OF NON-DOING. It seems harmless and nonsensical.TOP. it is not enough to just wish or make a resolution.229. through exercises of nondoing. unaided by anyone. TOP. to see it on my own. FFW. EG.not-doing. FFW. like everything else. As everything else which has power in itself or by itself. was an important step. The second attention was brought into action or was obligatory step in order to release all ties from my AP. because all of us have certain ideas that must be broken before we are free. erasing personal history and dreaming.231. One needs a practical task. EG....277. . the right way of walking does not attract attention. TOP... it refers to everything that is not included in the inventory that was forced upon us.

I call that doing. NOT-DOING IS ANYTHING THAT IS NOT PART OF OUT INVENTORY When we engage any item of our forced inventory we are doing. JTI. ONE OF THE MOST DIFFICULT PART ABOUT THE WARRIOR'S WAY IS TO REALIZE THAT THE WORLD IS A FEELING. PROVIDING THAT IT FORCES THE ATTENTION TO REMAIN FIXED ..88. Not-doing is very simple but very difficult. The world is the world because you know the doing involved in making it so... EG..anything may suffice as a not-doing to help dreaming..DOING IS ENGAGING ANY ITEM OF OUR FORCED INVENTORY.189. Not-doing. 'Doing' was anything part of a whole for which we had a cognitive account.without that certain doing there would be nothing familiar in the surroundings.Not-doing was an element that did not belong to the charted whole.. is not a matter of understanding but of mastering it. JTI.194.189. knows that the rock is a rock only because of doing. To look at it is doing but to see it is not-doing. JTI. the world would be different. Doing is what makes you yourself and me myself.... POS. if one starts talking about doing. JTI. TSC.. if that's what you'd want to do..188. The most difficult part about the warrior's way is to realize that the world is a feeling. if you didn't know its doing. ANYTHING MAY BE USED AS A NOT-DOING.. it is better to just act..JTI... only then can you talk about it freely.JTI.. one always ends up talking about something else.there is no way to talk about it. because it is the body that does it.137 NOT-DOING IS DIFFICULT TO DO something that is very simple but very difficult to perform.not until you have stopped the world. the dissonant element (see stopping the world) or the opposite of doing. so if he doesn't want the rock to be a rock all he has to do is not-doing.. anything that is not part of that inventory is not-doing. not-doing is so difficult and so powerful that you should not mention it..172 DOING IS THE PROBLEM/TALKING Doing is what makes a rock a rock and that bush a bush. A man of knowledge..188 That rock is a rock because of all the things you know how to do to always confuses the issues.that's the problem with talking....193 WHEN ONE IS NOT-DOING ONE IS FEELING THE WORLD AND ONE FEELS THE WORLD THROUGH ITS LINES .. providing that it forces the attention to remain fixed.

In the case of the exercise. not-doing would be to change that pebble into a power object. Not-doing is only for very strong warriors and you don't have the power to deal with it yet.190. Then he turned my hand until the palm was facing the front. Now you will only trap horrendous things with your hand. because the lines formed by the hand were not durable enough to be of real value in a practical situation.193 TALKING AS DOING/EXERCISE OF NOT-DOING TO FEEL THE LINES OF THE WORLD Talking is doing for you. you cannot leave it lying around but must bury it. by not-doing.DOING Now in order to stop the world you must stop doing. JTI.JTI. Not-doing would be to proceed with that pebble as if it were something far beyond a mere rock. STOPPING THE WORLD BY NOT.189...if you want to learn not-doing.192. something like a disease or an unwelcoming feeling.When one is not-doing. In this case. in the case of this little rock. Doing would be to leave the pebble lying around because it is merely a small rock. which a warrior does if he wants to stop the world is to enlarge a little rock. JTI.. not-doing consisted in repeating it until one felt the heavy body with the hand. he curved my fingers so my hand looked as if I were holding a doorknob. JTI. He made me lie down and took my right arm and bent it at my elbow. however. He said that if I could pick out the detail. DJ said that a warrior executed that movement every time he wanted to push something out of his body. lets say you have to join them.the first thing which doing does to it is to shrink it to this size.. . but talking is not appropriate and if you want to know what I mean by not-doing you have to do a simple exercise.190 He placed the pebble on the boulder and then asked me to come closer and examine it. He told me to look at the holes and depressions in the pebble and try to pick out the minute detail in them. one is feeling the world. the holes and depressions would disappear and I would understand what not-doing meant. and as such. and one feels the world through its lines. that pebble has soaked in you for a long time and now it is you. and then he began to move my arm back and forth with a circular motion that resembled the act of pushing and pulling a lever attached to a wheel. until your hand doesn't get cold any more. Doing makes you seperate the pebble from the larger boulder. Since we are concerned with not-doing it doesn't matter whether you do the exercise now or ten years from now. JTI. If you would have personal power.193.189. So do it little by little.190.. I had begun to feel a sort of mushiness around my hand. JTI. So the proper thing to do. (see lines of the world) DJ said that this was only an exercise. a solid body. The idea was to push and pull an imaginary opposing force until one felt a heavy object. in spite of the fact that one could never believe it was possible to feel it. stopping the free movements of the hand. JTI. Whenever your hand remains warm you can actually feel the lines of the world with it. A WARRIOR ALWAYS TRIES TO NOT-DO A warrior always tries to affect the force of doing by changing it into not-doing. I began moving my arm and in a short while my hand became ice cold. It was as if I were paddling through some heavy viscous liquid matter. Your life is not tight enough to do that. if you . or any other thing.

. and that by indulging myself in it I had almost turned not-doing into my familiar doing. But if things are said to be untrue. on the other hand. A warrior. and in a different way with things he knows are not true. DON'T SUCCUMB TO IT He added that it was a natural tendency for all of us to indulge ourselves when feelings of that nature occurred (getting lost in a feeling). A WARRIOR DOES NOT CARE WHETHER OR NOT SOMETHING IS TRUE OR FALSE To say no or yes to your question is doing. because the only thing that is real is the being in you that is going to die. JTI.191. because in a way doing was a manner of succumbing. If things are said to be untrue.would see.200. JTI. acts in both instances. you would know that your heavy concern has changed that pebble into something quite unappealing. Everything I have taught you so far has been an aspect of not-doing. JTI. But since you are learning not-doing I have to tell you that it really doesn't matter whether or not all this is true.unreal and that to hinge yourself to either one is a waste of time. he would act in order to do doing. if things are said to be true. he doesn't care to act. An average man cares that things are either true or false. and yet I can't tell you more about it than what I have said today. LOSING PERSONAL HISTORY WHY DO WE NEED TO LOSE OUR PERSONAL HISTORY? .197. a warrior applies not-doing to everything in the world. EXAMPLES OF NOT-DOING 1. or he doesn't believe in what he does. To arrive at that being is the not-doing of the self. but a warrior doesn't.191.199. You must let your own body discover the power and the feeling of not-doing. therefore the best thing you can do is to dig a hole and bury it and let the earth absorb its heaviness. DOING AND NOT-DOING ARE LIES/DEATH IS THE ONLY REAL THING It may hook you to another doing and then you may realize that both doings are lies. JTI. An average man proceeds in a specific way with things he knows are true. he still would act in order to do not-doing. he said that what I should have done was to maintain the view without succumbing to it. JTI. he acts and believes in what he does. If things are said to be true. it is here that a warrior has a point of advantage over the average man. INDULGING IN FEELINGS FROM NOT-DOING.

EG... or we don't.... your relatives..... a very exciting and mysterious state in which nobody knows where the rabbit will pop out. and your friends everything you do..we only have two alternatives: we either take everything for sure and real. HOW DO YOU ERASE YOUR PERSONAL HISTORY? THE NOT-DOING OF YOUR PERSONAL LIFE IS TO TELL ENDLESS STORIES. YOU MUST ERASE EVERYTHING AROUND YOU UNTIL NOTHING CAN BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED. . or real. perennially on our toes.little by little you must create a fog around yourself. Don't take things so for granted. must erase everything around you until nothing can be taken for granted. not even ourselves.. After a lifetime struggle . NO PERSONAL HISTORY. THEN NO ONE IS DISILLUSIONED WITH YOUR ACTS if you have no personal history. The not-doing of your personal life is to tell endless stories.WE MUST LOSE OUR PERSONAL HISTORY BECAUSE IT IS AN ENCUMBERING FORCE a warrior has to erase can I know who I am when I am all of this. when nothing is for sure we remain alert.AND THEN ONE MUST PROCEED HARMONIOUSLY TO CHOP IT OFF. BUT NOT A SINGLE ONE ABOUT YOUR REAL SELF... Your problem now is that you're too real. but not a single one about your real self... And above all no one pins you down with their thoughts.269. DJ said that everybody that knew me had an idea about me..12. it is an encumbering force. no explanations are must renew your personal history by telling your parents. we create a fog around us.JTI.. JTI. OR REAL. and that I kept feeding the idea with everything I did. When the Naugal trained you to keep your mouth shut about your personal life.. your moods are too real. UNTIL NOTHING IS ANY LONGER FOR SURE.. EG.. If we follow the second and erase personal history.. Your endeavors are too real.15.269. until nothing is any longer for sure.17.12. IT'S MORE FUN NOT HAVING A PERSONAL HISTORY .it is more exciting not to know which bush the rabbit is hiding behind than to behave as though we know everything. LITTLE BY LITTLE. JTI. . ONE FIRST HAVE THE DESIRE TO DROP IT. If we follow the first we end up bored to death with ourselves and the world. nobody is angry or disillusioned with your acts... he intended to help you overcome your feeling of having done wrong to your family and friends who were counting on you one way or another. You must begin to erase yourself.he said sweeping the surroundings with a gesture of his head.

you lie in order to keep on going.. the daughters arscarded very early.16. you have family.. forever on guard on himself. you are an affair taken for granted and from that moment on you won't be able to break the tie of their thoughts.270. EG. the way people know you. In order to erase yourself. because they resent erasing themselves and would find curious ways to pop up somewhere.15. little by little. for instance.EG.... but that struggle takes its toll on the man.we mislead everybody anyway. JTI.. the newness of what you do. EG.. must simply show people whatever you care to show them. but without ever telling exactly how you've done it. JTI. Then you must leave everyone who knows you well.. a woman isn't compelled to secrecy..11. in a family with lots of children.. from now on.. No one knows me with steadfast certainty.I'm not concerned with truths or lies.270...14.. EG. A woman belongs to her husband. somehow.Begin with simple things. Their disappearance is easily accepted. JTI.. compulsively. EG.. Your trouble is that you have to explain everything to everybody. A woman doesn't have to contend with that hardship. and every one has a definite idea of you.269.because that would make us free from the encumbering thoughts of other people. and at the same time you want to keep the freshness..269.. since you can't be excited after explaining everything you've done.the male warrior ends up erasing himself. such as not revealing what you really do.16 THE PRICE OF ERASING PERSONAL HISTORY IS SECRECY secrecy is the price you pay for being important to society.nothing that one says can be taken for a lie.when one does not have personal history. This way you'll build up a fog around yourself... IS LOSING OUR PERSONAL HISTORY EASIER FOR MEN OR WOMEN? LOSING PERSONAL HISTORY APPLIES ONLY TO MEN BECAUSE MEN HAVE SOLID HISTORY BEHIND THEM That only applies to men. EG. Being a man means that you're accountable.once people know you.. you needed a lot of work. IT IS EASY FOR WOMEN TO ERASE THEIR HISTORY BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO SOLID HISTORY Women are not accountable. a woman can easily disappear. Well. It is best to erase all personal history first have the desire to drop it.lies are only lies if you have personal history. The struggle is only for men... friends. JTI.One day I found out that personal history was no longer necessary for me and like drinking I dropped it.15. A daughter does not.270. Being a man means that you have a solid history behind you. he becomes secretive.. You cannot disappear that easily. A son feels guilty for disappearing. a woman can get married.270. I personally like the ultimate freedom of the unknown..269. JTI. ... No one counts them and chances are that some will vanish without a trace. EG.and then one must proceed harmoniously to chop it off.

to will it to move.THREE TECHNIQUES TO BE USED ALONG WITH ERASING PERSONAL HISTORY: LOSING SELFIMPORTANCE.200. They want desperately to arrive at new usages. a habit needed all its component actions in order to be a live activity.233.219 TO TURN NEW CONCEPTS INTO A VIABLE WAY OF LIFE WE MUST HAVE REPETITION. to help erase personal history three other techniques were taught: They were: losing selfimportance.. NEW HABITS TO FREE THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT The spot where that point is located on the cocoon of all living creatures is not a permanent feature.136 .. THAT IS THE WAY WE WERE SOCIALIZED TO FUNCTION IN THE DAILY WORLD . SRP. in essence. ASSUMING RESPONSIBILITY. If some parts were missing. erasing personal history would involve the apprentice in being shifty.the way to move that point is to establish new habits. 33. RITUALS AND HABITS ALL OF OUR ACTIONS AS NORMAL HUMANS ARE DOINGS ALL HABITS ARE DOINGS any habit was.turn his concepts into a viable way of life by a process of repetition. new habits. and that a doing needed all its parts in order to function. The idea was that. but is established on that specific spot by habit.. in other words. he meant any coherent and meaningful series of actions. evasive and unnecessarily dubious about himself and his actions.. FFW. and using death as an adviser. HOW DO WE ESTABLISH NEW ROUTINES? SORCERERS PUT STRESS ON NEW ACTIONS. By doing. on new practicalities.anything new in our lives must be repeated to us to the point of exhaustion before we open ourselves to it.34 . TAOD. repetition was the way in which our progenitors socialized us to function in the daily world. without the beneficial effect of those three techniques. Hence the tremendous stress the new seers put on new actions. a doing. a doing was disassembled. 2. assuming responsibility. CHANGING ROUTINES.. AND USING DEATH AS AN ADVISER. FFW. TOP.

.. forces the FA to free some energy from watching the inventory. and that ritual behavior because it is repetitive.265 WHAT IS MORBIDITY? MORBIDITY WAS THE ANTITHESIS OF THE SURGE OF ENERGY AWARENESS NEEDED TO REACH FREEDOM. That price is morbidity.he tried to scare me out my wits with the heaviness of his unexpected behavior because I myself was driving him up the walls with the heaviness of my expected behavior... JTI.. morbidity was the antithesis of the surge of energy awareness needed to reach freedom.73 .I don't do things out of routine.266.....ritual also forced sorcerers to construct edifices of morbidity and obsession.138 The best way to make a hit on the second attention is through ritual acts.. JTI.HOW DO WE ESTABLISH REPETITION IN OUR DAILY WORLD? USE RITUAL BEHAVIOR The obsessive entanglement of the first attention in self-absorption or reason is a powerful binding force. dark byways of the unknown (reference to the inorganic's world). . monotonous chanting. FFW. . RITUAL WORKS WELL TO TRAP OUR ATTENTION BUT DEMANDS A VERY HIGH PRICE.265.ritual forced the average man to construct huge churches that were monuments to selfimportance. and morbidity could have the highest liens and mortgages on our awareness... intricate repetitious movements..but it also demands a very high price.your spirit is trained to work with a signal...strangeness is not morbidity.74. as a consequence of which the AP loses its rigidity.. DISRUPTING ROUTINES REALIZING THE INSANITY OF ROUTINES . POS. morbidity made sorcerers lose their way and become trapped in the intricate. POS. he added that my routines were as insane as blowing his whistle. MORBIDITY IS WHEN WE CREATE HUGE MONUMENTS TO OUR OBSESSION: CHURCHES ETC.. EG. IT CAN CREATE MORBIDITY IN A SORCERER ritual can trap our attention better than anything I can think of..250. POS..

he had planted in me the idea of acting without really expecting anything in return..22 THE GAIT OF POWER ACTIVATES EMANATIONS INSIDE THE COCOON ..272. a technique.. he is free. JTI. he could activate or make dormant the emanations inside his cocoon in order to look young or old. TOP.DJ said that he had no routines. WITHOUT EXPECTING REWARDS together with the right way of walking. .. the manner... where they nest. sweeping debris from one place to another. These are the routines I am pointing out to you so you can become aware of them in your own being.. .. I wouldn't be exaggerating if I told you that the success of a teacher's enterprise depends on how well and how harmoniously he guides his apprentice in this specific respect. and so forth. which is even more subtle: the possibility of acting without beliving. JTI. TOP.absurd chores such as arranging firewood in patterns. encircling his house with an unbroken chain of concentric circles drawn in the dirt with my fingers.wearing a black cap... TOP. without expecting rewards..with the gait of power...A WARRIOR DOESN'T HAVE ROUTINES a hunter is not at all like the animals he is after.231 3.a teacher must teach his apprentice another possibility. consisting of running in the darkness without tripping or hurting oneself in any way. FFW...230 EXAMPLES OF ACTING FOR THE HELL OF IT . or fastening my belt from right to left. or tying my left shoe first. the places they eat..acting just for the hell of it .. fluid.... unpredictable. the time they sleep. CONSISTING OF RUNNING IN THE DARKNESS WITHOUT TRIPPING OR HURTING ONESELF IN ANY WAY. the place..9 ACTING FOR THE HELL OF IT...75.I am concerned with the things animals do. fixed by heavy routines and predictable quirks... how they walk. GAIT OF POWER WHAT IS THE GAIT OF POWER? A TECHNIQUE.

. FFW.153. you weren't making a project out of walking (she could walk in the dark when she wasn't concentrating on it. JTI....82.). The rhythm of the muffled steps instantly catches the alignment force of the emanations inside the cocoon.(man's band) FFW. you were consciously trying to replicate last night's walking. or perhaps you weren't listening to the voice of the spirit that could have guided you safely. only when your positive and negative forces are in perfect accord will you be capable of either feeling or seeing the opening in the energy around you or walking with your eyes closed and be assured of success. TSC...THE GAIT OF POWER IS TO LET ONE'S PERSONAL POWER FLOW OUT FREELY AND MERGE WITH THE POWER OF THE NIGHT the gait of power is for running at night. and that once that power took over there was no chance for a slip-up. .... DESCRIPTION OF ENTERING A HA/SA STATE USING THE GAIT OF POWER Description of entering a HA/SA state using the gait of power. TSC. THE SOUND OF THE MUFFLED STEPS INSTANTLY CATCHES THE ALIGNMENT FORCE OF THE EMANATIONS INSIDE THE COCOON. FFW. I thought that perhaps there might also be room for the voice of the spirit. Now that its dark. This afternoon. at night the world was different. but you failed miserably because your mind got in the way.. and that his ability to run in the darkness had nothing to do with his knowledge of those hills. the sound of the gait of power.. you were determined to get to the cave so your feet automatically took you there.. WALKING THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT: HOW THE GAIT OF POWER WORKS ONCE INNER SILENCE HAS BEEN once warriors have attained inner silence by stopping their internal dialogue.150.154. So. such as walking in the darkness. but as a sorcerery not-doing.89. WHICH HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED BY INNER SILENCE walking the assemblage point. Now there is room for something new. is what traps their AP. try walking without looking at the ground. which has been disconnected by inner silence. he said that the key to it was to let one's personal power flow out freely. TSC. more than the sight of it. by emptying your wherehouse. not as a conscious exercise. so it could merge with the power of the night.149. That force hooks itself immediately to the edges of the band. you are changing your inventory.. Don't just pretend to trust while secretly harboring doubts.88 not-doing at this particular moment would be for example to force myself to trust the spirit implicitly by letting go of my calculating mind.169 CONSCIOUSLY WALKING IN THE DARKNESS last night.

. the darkness was encumbering only because I relied on my sight for everything I did. He explained that bending the trunk forward was necessary in order to lower the eyes. . FFW.257.. not knowing that another way to move was to let power be the guide. and the reason for lifting the knees up to the chest was because the steps had to be very short and safe... SRP..171.170. GAZING WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF GAZING? GAZING IS A WAY TO GET US TO ENGAGE OUR SECOND ATTENTION Gazing was the way to trap our second attention. SRP. they taught us dreaming and to teach us how to do dreaming.The gait of power was similar to finding a place to rest..... it's called the gait of power.. JTI.226.. and a sense of trust. the Nagual taught us gazing...170 4.. FFW.he began to walk around the corridor. He walked slowly in front of me so I could take notice that he raised his knees almost to his chest every time he took a step. dreamers have to be gazers before they can trap their second attention. JTI. but his spine was straight. DJ's trunk was bent slightly forward..171.. Both entailed a sense of abandon.he insisted I should first curl my fingers against my palms streching out the thumb and index of each hand.. The attention under the table is the key to everything sorcerers do. JTI.148...JTI. JTI.169. because even a glance to either side would produce an alteration in the flow of movement..if I did not focus on anything but kept scanning the ground right in front of me.171.. His knees were also slightly bent. THE GAIT OF POWER IS DIFFICULT BECAUSE WE RELY ON SIGHT FOR EVERYTHING WE DO INSTEAD OF LETTING POWER BE OUR GUIDE . he knows several gaits of order to reach that attention.he said. arching his back and lifting his thighs to his chest.the gait of power required that one keep the eyes on the ground directly in front.try to hear the movement of his thighs as they went up against his chest every time he stepped......JTI. The degree of concentration needed to keep scanning the area directly in front had to be total.DOING THE GAIT OF POWER HOW TO DO THE GAIT OF POWER . he warned that I was going to stumble a great deal at first but he assured me that with practice I could run as swiftly and as safely as I could in the daytime...

HE COMBINED GAZING AT DRY LEAVES AND LOOKING FOR OUR HANDS IN DREAMING. ONCE DREAMERS KNOW HOW TO STOP THE WORLD. THEY CAN GAZE AT OTHER THINGS. .. SRP.. and finally when the dreamers lose their form altogether. FFW. simply by gazing at objects of their predilection (what they liked) TAOD. AND FOUR YEARS TO STOP THE WORLD..THE OLD SORCERER'S COULD GET TO THEIR ENERGY BODIES BY SIMPLY GAZING AT OBJECTS THEY LIKED.. (leaf gazing was used because leaves are easy to get) but anything else would do the same job. IT TOOK ME ABOUT A YEAR TO FIND MY HANDS. They were able to get to their energy bodies in the blink of an eye.120 IN EL GORDA'S OPINION GAZING IS ONE OF THE BEST WAYS TO REACH THE SECOND ATTENTION BECAUSE IT STOPS THE WORLD Once you can stop the world you are a gazer.124 THE OLD SEERS DEVELOPED COMPLEX TECHNIQUES OF GAZING IN ORDER TO DESCEND INTO THE DEPTHS OF THE INORGANIC WORLDS.gazing was the old sorcerers' technique. THERE SHOULD ALWAYS BE SOMEONE AROUND YOU WHEN YOU GAZE . the Nagual made all of us gaze at dry leaves for years and years. AND FINALLY WHEN THE DREAMERS LOSE THEIR FORM ALTOGETHER. they can gaze at anything. THEY CAN GAZE AT ANYTHING. Once dreamers know how to stop the world. and four years to stop the world. SRP.258. SRP. And since the only way of stopping the world is by trying. THE DIFFICULTY IN GAZING IS TO LEARN TO QUIET DOWN THE THOUGHTS The difficulty in gazing is to learn to quiet down the thoughts.257. (El Gorda's opinion) SRP.257..258.120 The old seers developed complex techniques of gazing in order to descend into the depths of the inorganic worlds. they can gaze at other things. I think its the best way to reach our second attention.. FFW. It took me about a year to find my hands. He combined gazing at dry leaves and looking for our hands in dreaming.

USING FLUFFY. you can look for hours.217. you get dizzy and the eyes get tired. or from cloud to cloud.. sometimes for days. we have to become familiar with it before we could venture into gazing alone. or on a cushion made out of natural fibers.257. SRP.263 GAZE WITH YOUR EYES HALF-CLOSED AND BLINK THEM ALOT AND MOVE THEM FROM ONE THING TO ANOTHER If you gaze with your eyes open. going counterclockwise but without moving the head.. or days if necessary.. We never know about the quirks of our second attention. for this reason there should always be someone around when you gaze.) The back had to be propped up against a tree. thick.) The body had to be thoroughly relaxed. SRP. SRP.217... HOW LONG DO PEOPLE GAZE? SOMETIMES FOR HOURS. COTTON BAGS TO GAZE IN THE DARK TO ACQUIRE A HUE .(the Nagual had made me plant those thick poles so they could use them to prop themselves. HOW DO YOU GAZE? POSITION OF THE BODY WHILE GAZING the position of the body was of great importance while one was gazing. SOMETIMES FOR DAYS they used to sit.. SRP.178. or a stump or a flat rock. and stare in the distance with half-closed eyes for hours. the gaze consisted in scanning very slowly the object gazed at. one had to sit on the ground on a soft mat of leaves. but if you half-close them and blink alot and move them from mountain to mountain.263 HOW TO USE THE EYES WHILE GAZING the eyes were never fixed on the object.sometimes we used to sit there for days until the crack would open. SRP. (she came back with a small. Since we have never used it. in order to avoid tiring them. round cushion made out of the same natural fibre used in making nets. SRP. the Nagual used to make us sit by the door and gaze at those little round hills on the other side of the valley.

some poncholike garments. She ordered them to sit back to back on a mat. EG.. and that their task was to gaze in the darkness until it began to acquire a hue. I tipped my hat until I had blocked off most of the glare with the one instant I was drawn into a vortex-like sensation. as soon as I half closed my eyes..also DJ activity of using a cloth in front of canyon for perceptual changes. and the fourth step was to distinguish the water canyon in the background through the mesh of light fibers on my eyelashes.72 . the third step was to sustain the opening of my eyelids in order to maintain a uniform flow of light. extremely like the vortexes in my dreams. SRP.On the subjective level..) covered them from neck to toes. (she directed me to feel its fluffiness with my naked skin..264. I believed I was dreaming because I employed dreaming techniques to perceive energy.79 Description of gazing at the lava mountains. There was a row of five such poles planted about two feet apart. especially with the skin of my calves. a bit of light appeared as if it were coming from the tip of my hat literally exploded on my eyelashes. DESCRIPTION OF GAZING .. After many sessions. DESCRIPTION OF GAZING AT TWO HILLS IN THE DISTANCE she told me to keep my eyelids half closed and stare at the place where two enormous round hills converged. SRP. which were acting as a fliter that created a web of light..what had begun as gazing at the foilage of the mesquite tree had turned into a dream. SRP...She made them undress and crawl inside thick fluffy cotton bags.. I kept my eyelids closed and played with the web of light for a moment. then to half-close my eyelids. however...255... If you gaze at a pile of leaves for . ( seeing a dark spot in a canyon ex. JTI. that particular gazing consisted of four seperate actions.) SRP... SRP.. The first one was to use the brim of my hat as a visor to shade off the excessive glare from the sun and allow only a minimal amount of light to come to my eyes. TAOD.264.265..248. She made me sit on the hard-packed ground with my back against a thick pole about one and a half feet high that looked like a tree stump which had been planted in the ground almost against the wall of the house... your thoughts get quiet.. SRP.265. The sun was high on the horizon and I had to tilt my head dreaming attention was multisensorial.257 . TAOD. they indeed began to see colors in the darkness. of distance gazing).201 TYPES OF GAZING GAZING AT LEAVES Gazing at leaves fortifies the second attention.71. Without thoughts the attention of the tonal wanes and suddenly your second attention hooks on to the leaves and the leaves become second else.

trees and rocks were quiet and sad... GAZING AT TREES Next we gazed at trees. Then he put stacks of dry leaves in front of me. GAZING AT SMALL PLANTS First we gazed at small plants. you do gazing and dreaming to enlarge it. both of us are eucalyptus gazers.. Their power is concentrated. A dreamer moves the leaves in spirals. and my cohesion would make me perceive in terms of the second attention. SRP. Dreamers also have a particular kind of tree to gaze at. I would accomplish a minute displacement of my assemblage point. He told me to scramble them with my left hand and fell them as I gazed at them. and gazing at that time was done for borrowing their light and power.257. they have a very intense light and they feel when dreamers are gazing at them. Around noon was when they were at their best. they immediately move their light and shoot it at the gazer. EG.. small plants are very dangerous.. At first I thought that it was the same leaf that he saved from day to day. Then.259. In the late afternoon and early evening. SRP..SRP. Everyday he brought a leaf and put it in front of me. The Nagual said that when I realize that. La Gorda said at that hour trees gave the feeling that they were gazing back at the gazer.257. Dreamers have to choose one kind of plant to gaze at.258. description of gazing at leaves and rocks.260. but then I noticed that leaves are different. especially trees.staring at the foilage. . gazes at them and then dreams of the designs that the leaves make. trees and rocks were stiff and their light was faint.71 Once you have trapped your second attention with dry leaves. we are not looking anymore but gazing. I would actually fixate that minute displacement.137 GAZING AT LIVING CREATURES . A GOOD TIME TO DO GAZING FOR TREE AND ROCKS: NOON WAS WHEN THEY WERE AT THEIR BEST The time of the day was an important factor in tree and rock gazing. SRP.258. Dreamers can consider themselves as having leaf gazing when they dream the designs of the leaves first and then find those same designs the next day in their pile of dry leaves. SRP. TAOD. by summoning my dreaming attention through staring at individual leaves. The first thing the Nagual did was to put a dry leaf on the ground and made me look at it for hours.258. And that's all there is to gazing. SRP. In the early morning.

. small insects were by far the best subject... they covered great distances or rode on clouds. smoke and shadow gazing... the fog was used to uncover the ghosts of things that were no longer there and that the true feat of fog gazers was to let their second attention go into whatever their gazing as revealing to them. in the case of cloud gazing. SR..I did not have to stare at the flames. The nagual never permitted them to gaze at thunderheads. SRP. that I should only watch in the direction of the fire.. living beings. the opposite of plants which drew their light directly from the earth.259. GAZING AT FIRE AND SMOKE The last series was fire. She said that gazers can focus their second attention on the rain itself and move with it. secrets that could aid sorcerers in their dreaming. In both.. SRP.. but it did not easily yield to women. and so is smoke. SRP.. I always catch a whiff of a special scent proper to that rock. Places of power or places to be avoided are found by gazing through rain. Places of power are yellowish and places to be avoided are green. GAZING AT RAIN AND FOG A second series in the order of gazing was to gaze at cyclic phenomena: rain and fog. rocks were very old and powerful and had a specific light which was rather greenish in contrast with the white light of plants and the yellowish light of mobile. Their mobility made them innocuous to the gazer. but on a thunderbolt itself...231. SRP. SRP. he told them that they had to be formless before they could attempt that feat. Rocks did not open up easily to gazers. fire is not bright but black. Thus..260 . when I gaze into the very core of a rock.259 GAZING AT ROCKS The next step was to gaze at rocks.fog was unquestionably the most mysterious thing on earth for a gazer and that it could be used in the same two ways that rain was used.another series was distance and cloud gazing. GAZING AT DISTANCE OR CLOUDS we gazed at moving living creatures..260. but it was worthwhile for gazers to persist because rocks had special secrets concealed in their core.262 (looking at the fire for an ally). and that they could not only ride on a thunderhead. She said that for a gazer. SRP...261.. the effort of the gazers was to let their second attention go to the place they were gazing at.. or focus it on the background and use the rain as a magnifying glass of sorts to reveal hidden features.

JTI. JTI.88. Dreamers must gaze in order to do dreaming and then they must look for their dreams in their gazing. TOP. SRP. SRP. i lost the notion that I was looking at a rock. He clarified his directions by saying that when searching for a resting place one had to look without focusing but in observing shadows one had to cross the eyes and yet keep a sharp image in focus.197.GAZING AT SHADOWS Shadows. SRP. Around six in the morning the shadows wake up... GAZING AT STARS There were two more things that were kept seperate.199 . SRP. and they are best around five in the afternoon. Gazing and dreaming go together.269. And then it took me a lot of dreaming and gazing to get the two together and really see in the shadows what I was seeing in my dreaming... or because they move. or you may say that the lines of the world are shown in them. So it's useless to gaze very early in the day. for example. JTI. It took me a lot of gazing at shadows to get my dreaming of shadows going. are brilliant and have colour and movement in them. I had correctly used the shadow of the rocks as a door into notdoing.268. so I looked for the light in the shadows from then on until I found it. Then. For example. or cold.195.262. is doing.. everything is a shadow. I felt that I was handing in a world.. A man of knowledge. for an instant. He said that I should watch them and cross my eyes in the same manner I ordinarily crossed them when scanning the ground for a place to rest. During the day the shadows are the doors of not-doing. . He explained that through that process one could ascertain a certain feeling which emanated from shadows. and then in my dreaming I found out that those shadows had light. Shadows are like doors. JTI. you may say that there is movement in them. Then they are fully awake.. (I learned what they mean) in my dreaming. JTI.but at night since very little doing prevails in the dark.73. The shadows in the early morning don't tell much.196. including the allies.196 I noticed that the act of looking without converging the images gave the single shadow I had formed an unbelievable depth and a sort of transparency.181. TSC.what makes them shadows is merely our doing.. or because they have colors.198. Stargazing was done by sorcerers who have lost their human form.. JTI.262. The idea was to let one shadow be superimposed on the other by crossing the eyes. JTI. vast beyond anything I had ever conceived.. To see the movement of shadows means that you have obviously freed a huge portion of energy with your recapitulation. can tell the innermost feelings of men by watching their shadows. To observe the boulder in order to know what the boulder is. star and water gazing.. The nagual made me gaze at the shadows of rocks. The shadows tell me everything I want to know. He marked a spot for me to stand on and told me to look at the shadows of the believe that shadows are just shadows is doing. the doors of not-doing. or you may say that feelings come from them. They tell me things because they have heat. The shadows rest at that time. JTI. but to observe its shadow is not-doing.had me gaze at the shadows of leaves and plants and trees and rocks. Description of shadow gazing.180..

DJ reinforced my capacity to concentrate for long periods of time on one single activity. so there was no great accomplishment in perceiving it.GAZING AT WATER (water) especially running water. It allowed me to stop my internal dialogue after years of trying.262. or fluorescence. He said it was difficult to stare at the moving water and that one had to keep on trying. TDJ.172.87. or perhaps I entered into a perceptual state for which I had no parallel. I was sound asleep. SR.166 5. He told me not to gaze into the water. TOP. All of us are terrified of water. leaving only a stream of ordinary water. EG.. TOP. By forcing me to concentrate on the peripheral view..164. Description of watergazing experience.135.. Look at the water in front of you. round objects that came into my field of vision and moved out of it with a floating quality. IT ALSO TRAINS YOUR ATTENTION His method was effective on two counts.but don't let its sound carry you anywhere. THE RIGHT WAY OF WALKING WHAT IS THE RIGHT WAY OF WALKING? THE RIGHT WAY OF WALKING IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO STOP THE INTERNAL DIALOGUE (the right way of walking) is the most effective way to stop your internal dialogue. SR. and it trained my attention.163. which soon dissolved. He said that anyone can perceive the green fog because it was like the guardian.a river gathers the second attention and takes it away and there is no way of stopping. TOP. but to focus my eyes on the surface and keep them fixed until the water turned into a green fog. DJ ordered me again to gaze only at the water and not think at all.136 WHY IS THE RIGHT WAY OF WALKING SO EFFECTIVE? .87. SR.171 The foglike phenomenon was composed of tiny bubbles. SRP.168. Description of bubbles SR. which was used by formless sorcerers to gather their second attention and transport it to any place they needed to go.230. At first the water had a bright green halo. the closest way of describing it would be to say that I went to sleep and had a portentous dream. If you let the sound of the water carry you I may never be able to find you and bring you back. something that was unavoidably there.

instead of teaching to focus my view. to flood my awareness by not focusing my sight on anything. it was obvious to me that the effect DJ had been after in making them gaze was to teach them to stop the internal dialogue. He added that the eyes in that state were capable of picking out details which were too fleeting for normal vision. TOP. JTI. although he had made me follow the opposite path.IT SATURATES THE TONAL WITH SO MUCH INFORMATION IT CANNOT MAINTAIN A WORLD AND THUS BECOMES SILENT Walking in that specific manner saturates the tonal.230. DESCRIPTION OF HOW TO DO THE TECHNIQUE To teach me how to master it.La Gorda had expressed it as quieting down the thoughts.. at once.230.his idea was that by forcing the hands into a specific position one was capable of greater stamina and greater awareness. The tonal without its one-to-one relation with the elements of its description..135. He assured me that that exercise was the only way of shutting off the internal dialogue TOP. JTI. to keep a peripheral view of everything that presented itself to my eyes.. EG. while I kept my eyes unfocused just above the line of the horizon. uphold the view of the world as internal dialogue. SRP. TOP..267. so.19. everything in almost the 180 degree range in front of one's eyes. TOP. His recommendation had been to not look at anything directly but. by slightly crossing the eyes. above all. floods it.. if one kept one's unfocused eyes at a point just above the horizon.230.19 .it is the attention that creates the order of the world in the first place. he taught me to open it. and then by looking. the tonal must be attentive to the elements of its world in order to maintain it. without focusing his eyes.. I had to sort of feel with my eyes everything in the 180-degree range in front of me.136.the position of the fingers did not matter at all. he used to make me walk for miles with my eyes held fixed and out of focus at a level just above the horizon so as to emphasize the periphereal view.the attention of the tonal has to be placed on its creations. at any point directly in front of him on the arc that started at the tip of his feet and ended above the horizon. one day I had just walked for about ten minutes without having said a single word to myself.. The warrior..19. appropriate form of walking.. I told DJ that I had practised the technique for years without noticing any change. he literally flooded his tonal with information. and that the important thing was the manner in which the eyes by being kept unfocused. drew attention to the arms. He claimed that my ordinary way of walking was debilitating and that one should never carry anything in the hands.. The right way of walking was a subterfuge.. DJ had taught me to do the very same thing. detected an enormous number of features of the world without being clear about them.. it was possible to notice.I had to curl my fingers gently as I walked so I would keep my attention on the trail and the surroundings. was incapable of talking to itself and thus one became silent. .19.. that the only consideration was to draw attention to the arms by clasping the fingers in various unaccustomed ways. first by curling his fingers. and must. as gazers did..

.234.. in that order. DARKNESS JOLTS OUR PERCEPTION BECAUSE THE EYES ARE SUBSIDIARY TO THE EARS that perception suffers a profound jolt when we are placed in states of quietude in darkness. it was excruciating at first to listen and not look.235.. A sorcerer's ally would reveal complicated affairs through the holes in the sounds. We talk to others and to ourselves mainly about what we see. SR.235 TO LIE ON THE GROUND LIKE CURLED-UP DOGS. EG.. A FEW MORE OTHER TECHNIQUES OF NOT DOING.226.(check.225.6.1969. ordinarily a man does not have the speed to catch the holes.First of all you must use your ears to take some of the burden from your eyes. but even more excruciating was not to talk to myself..137.220 . SR. and thus he goes through life without protection.. and the signals from all the living and existing entities around us can be detected-not with our hearing only.. WALKING BACKWARDS EG. the eyes become subsidiary to the ears. in darkness. SOUNDS USING SOUNDS TO STOP THE WORLD I began the exercise of listening to the sounds of the world and kept at it for two months. EG. a little late to just start learning how to shut off the internal dialogue) SR. . Everything is meaningful for a sorcerer. USING SOUNDS TO FIND OUT THINGS he said that the holes in the sounds were used by sorcerers to find out specific things.236. but with a combination of the auditory and visual senses. especially while one is suspended.listening to the sounds of the world has to be done harmoniously and with great patience. he listens to the sounds of the world. SR..219. The sounds have holes in them and so does everything around you.226. A warrior is aware of that and listens to the world. By the end of the two months I was capable of shutting off my internal dialogue for short periods of time and I was capable of paying attention to sounds. We have been using our eyes to judge the world since the time we were born.. SR.219.. SITTING IN A WOODEN CRATE. Our hearing takes the lead then. EG.

TOP. the better the possibilities of a true cleansing effect.235.LEATHER HARNESS the leather harness is a superb device for curing maladies that are not physical. STRINGING ROCKS Description at CC's favorite place. WORTHY OPPONENT description of.165. dangling in midair.262. it tunes the body. EG.239 3.37. POWER PLANTS .166 CHANGING DIRECTION OF LOOKING description of. The idea is that the higher a person is suspended and the longer that person is kept from touching the ground. EG. Suspended in a tree inside a tree inside a leather harness. EG.184. JTI. SRP. EG.236.147 TASK OF REMEMBERING Purpose of remembering.

The smoke gives the necessary speed to grasp the fleeting movement of the world and at the same time it keeps the body and its strength intact.124. (the power plants helped CC) by stopping your view of the world.286 You gathered your second attention with power plants.236. That's also how one can go through things.. one never suffers from exhaustion. In this respect power plants have the same effect on the tonal as the right way of walking. One can talk and not notice it. Those plants lead the apprentice directly to the nagual. but power plants manage the shift on a greater and engulfing scale.75. Nothing to it..9. but it won't do any good. With the smoke . TOP.. SR. if you try to see the guardian without the aid of the smoke. and that's the shape that came out of your head. You could also see it (the guardian) without it (little smoke). because the body decay with stress. if they don't die.6 Only the smoke can give you the necessary speed to catch a glimpse of that fleeting world. SR. and the ally is an aspect of it. but it was still my face. the plants as being vehicles that would conduct or lead a man to certain impersonal forces or powers and the states they produced as being the meetings that a sorcerer had to have with those powers in order to gain control over them...132. Both flood it with information and force the internal dialogue to come to a stop. That's what the little smoke does.WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF HALLUCINOGENIC PLANTS? IT MOVES THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT . dreams make it move.249. but very shake my assemblage point and allow it to have a minimal margin of fluidity. There are scores of people who could do that. One may perhaps learn to apprehend that fleeting world by oneself. The effect of power plants on the AP is in principle very much like that of dreams. that's what happens to sorcerers when they are given power plants... A teacher then uses the diorienting effects of such a shift to reinforce the notion that the perception of the world is never final. Your movements would have been too slow. They knew by experience and by seeing that power plants shake the AP way out of its normal setting. SR.his urge to give me portions of hallucinogenic plants was but an effort. The little smoke removes the body and one is free. TAOD. SR.112. Seeing is not so simple and only the smoke can give you the speed you need to catch a glimpse of that fleeting world. or one can move thousands of miles and not notice that either. FFW.237. TOP.159. SR.. The nagual said that his power plants gathered the menacing side of your second attention in one clump.. the plants are excellent for that. It just happens that the little smoke makes one gaze like that. the power plants spin their second attention into that awful shape that comes out of their heads. You were gazing at my face and saw it shining. To survive in that world you need to be fast as lightning. SRP. SR. It's rather a fleeting world that moves and changes. I prefer the smoke because it is more effective and less dangerous to oneself.DJ said that he had used power plants at the beginning of my apprenticeship in accordance with a recommendation of the new seers. WHO ARE POWER PLANTS GIVEN TO? . chances are that you may delay in getting out of its way..

You could of used those four techniques to clean and reorder your island of the tonal.'re rather slow. The drawback in taking power plants had been the toll they took on my physical well-being and the impossibility of controlling their're plugged up and only the smoke can help you. they had made you cut through your attention of the tonal and had put you directly in the realm of the second attention. needed something else to shake us.. to make use of such a world. however . SRP.. SRP... the most impecaable attention was needed on the part of the sorcerer. Power plants had made you lopsided. actual visions or hallucinations of places and people I would be staring at as if they really existed. The world they plunged me into was unamenable and chaotic..235 POWER PLANTS WERE USED ONLY BY SORCERERS WHO HAD MASTERED THEIR ART.250. I could not help thinking that I was losing my mind. but without any mystery over that attention. They cause untold damage to the body. Those plants were such a powerful affair that in order to be properly handled. I lacked the control. SR.and there was no other way to jolt you. SRP.139. DESCRIPTION OF DISASSOCIATION I had told him many times before. (CC asks DJ why he gave him power plants) . that do not seem to need them.111.232.. very annoying lapses of mental concentration..10. power plants were given to us because the Nagual was putting a patch on our bodies. Power plants were used only by sorcerers who had mastered their art. TOP. FFW.but not all of us are capable of reacting to simple recommendations.with his power plants you learned to go very far into that other world. I went through states of total space and time discordance. TOP.but they would use them to get a final and total boost (to get into the other world) SRP.. SRP. Power plants are given only to empty people... There are other types of people. WHAT ARE THE DANGERS OF POWER PLANTS? THE DRAWBACK IN TAKING POWER PLANTS HAD BEEN THE TOLL THEY TOOK ON MY PHYSICAL WELL-BEING AND THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF CONTROLLING THEIR EFFECT.. especially with the devil's weed.they would've led you to the nagual. .281.. It took a lifetime to train one's attention to the degree needed. This is their drawback. You and I for that matter.. the power.232..231.because your dumb.. that what made me think I was ill was a series of disruptive sensorial experience that I had had as after effects of ingesting hallucinogenic plants.236. complete people do not need power plants. we needed those power plants.POWER PLANTS ARE GIVEN ONLY TO EMPTY PEOPLE.

131. but were only an aid to cement. Therefore.237 they are the allies of the man of knowledge. Only then is one capable of knowing that the world world we look at every day is only a description.the smoke takes you to where the ally is and when you become one with the ally you don't ever have to smoke again. WHICH WAS STOPPING THE INTERNAL DIALOGUE. I. (or) that he rarely had to smoke. because the smoke is my ally. . any place. he replied that that was a prescribed means for deviating the apprentice's attention away from the real issue...256. TDJ. parts of the description which I had been incapable of perceiving otherwise. go to him ally is the little smoke but that doesn't mean that my ally is in the smoking mixture or in the mushrooms or in my pipe. it was simply my lack of sensitivity which had fostered their use.. My insistence on holding on to my standard version of reality rendered me almost deaf and blind to DJ's aims.DID DON JUAN NEED TO SMOKE THE POWER PLANTS? HE HIMSELF (DJ) DID NOT NEED TO SMOKE ANYMORE. From then on you can summon your ally at will and make him do anything you want. They were not the essential feature of the sorcerers' description of the world.. I don't need to smoke anymore. TOP. WHY DID DON JUAN USE ANTHROPOMORPHIC QUALITIES WHEN DESCRIBING THE PLANT? A PRESCRIBED MEANS FOR DEVIATING THE APPRENTICE'S ATTENTION AWAY FROM THE REAL ISSUE..xiii THE POWER PLANTS CAN ONLY AID Power plants are only an aid.. my intent has been to show you that. so to speak. I call him any time. they all have to be put together to get me to the ally and that ally I call little smoke for reasons of my own SR.. his references to them were always as if the plants had personalities. JTI. which was stopping the internal dialogue. the real thing is when the body realizes that it can see.131. I brought up the fact that he had described and discussed those plants in terms of anthropomorphic qualities. THE POWER PLANTS ARE NOT AN ESSENTIAL FEATURE TO THE SORCERER'S KNOWLEDGE It became evident to me that my original assumption about the role of psychotropic plants was erroneous.40.... TDJ..39 The ally is not in the smoke. (OR) THAT HE RARELY HAD TO SMOKE He himself (DJ) did not need to smoke anymore. SR. JTI..

Anyone can partake of Mescalito.IT IS ANOTHER KIND OF POWER. When a man . I sat up. but that does not mean you can make fun of him. a teacher. Not everybody likes Mescalito. Naturally their encounter is always horrifying. he appears to him as a is another kind of power.. scintillating light.. A protector. A PROTECTOR.. you can keep him with you at all times and he will see that nothing bad happens to you. Something emerged from a strange. One plant had a cery bright light. He chooses to show himself in many forms to whoever stands in front of him. TDJ.. starlike light on a peyote plant. I was everywhere.a stick of light the size of a man. and yet everything was so simple. A TEACHER He advises. Mescalito is a teacher. A unique power. Mescalito is a protector because he is available to anyone who seeks him. Mescalito is gentle. Of course he is terrifying. but once you get to know him. TDJ.. A UNIQUE POWER. TDJ. It was a long shiny object.45 Mescalito is not an ally. then it lit up the whole sky above.. Everything had exquisite and intricate detail. like a baby.89. (he protects). not a power to be used for personal reasons. he is gentle and kind. creating a portentous. TDJ.88.DESCRIPTION AFTER INGESTING POWER PLANTS Each of the peyote plants on the field shone with a bluish..145. TYPES OF POWER PLANTS MESCALITO WHAT IS IT? MESCALITO IS NOT AN ALLY. when Mescalito accepts a man completely.147. Mescalito can't be tamed (like an ally) it is outside oneself. I could see up and down and all around. or as a light. because he is a kind protector he can also be a horror itself with those he does not like. all at the same time. yet they all seek him with the idea of profiting without doing any work. and before I could move my eyes the long light entered again. TDJ.. For a moment it illuminated the whole field with an intense yellowish or amber light. TDJ. everything was alive..69.53... He answers whatever questions you ask. I walked through the peyote field calling the name that mescalito had given me. and then rolled away out of sight.. The light touched my whole body with quiet strength.. it hovered over me. The peyote plant in front of me began to light up again. TDJ. regardless of whether that person is a brujo or a farm boy. marvellous sight. TDJ.

TDJ. TDJ. and your life has to be truthful. like us. And you can see him because he is outside of you. And then. to my knowledge. such as when it takes your body away.145. his lessons are as mysterious as he is himself.. It is difficult to explain to people who know nothing about him and want to know everything about him all at once. Mescalito is not the same (form) for everybody. or the trees.91. To be a protector meant that it was accessible to anyone. but to those who know him well. And because it was available without any training.103.he talks differently to every man... He never changes after that. Mescalito is constant.. that whatever is contained in the cactus Lophophora williamsii had nothing to do with me in order to exist as an entity.. He said that the smoke was an ally was unique. but at the same time he is not at all like one. It transforms you and gives you power without ever showing its presence.. TDJ.90. The smoke. Mescalito was said to be a protector. he appears in any form to those who know him a little.. he is always have to be a strong man. A conjecture I had played with for three years turned then into a certainty.138.. TDJ. (he is not God)..Mescalito talks to you but not in words... TDJ.Songs and naming Mescalito description. he has many ways of showing it. it existed by itself out there. It had taken me three years to realize. it is a teaching in front of you. He argued that each was unique... sometimes he shows it on his hand. and I reminded him that he had also said the Mescalito was unique.53. is an ally. TDJ. He appears to them someimtes as a man. . a good. I knew it then. Yet you never see it. DJ believed mescalito taught simplification of behavior. or just in front of you.138 He is like nothing you have ever seen.217. can predict his acts. A truthful life is a life lived with deliberateness. TDJ. Mescalito takes you out of yourself to teach you.has won this kind of acceptance.. TDJ. There are no common forms (for Mescalito. or as a light. He is just a protector and a teacher. or rather to find out. Mescalito has nothing to do with ourselves. TDJ. strong showing things and tells you what is what. He is a power. TDJ.89 Mescalito is a protector because he talks to you and can guide your acts.54 (he teaches). or on the rocks. But it is there giving you power to accomplish unimaginable things. No man. At that moment I felt a great surge of wisdom engulfing me. TDJ. You ask him a question and he shows you the way.91.217. at large. He is like a man... to arrive at that point. WHAT IS ITS PURPOSE? MESCALITO SHOWED HOW TO LIVE Mescalito showed how to live. He is outside us.TDJ. Mescalito teaches the right way to live.). but the differed in quality. TDJ. You can't talk to it.149. But you know it exists because it takes your body away and makes you as light as air. but he does not tell you about it in the same manner you and I talk to each other. TDJ.

148. twice.149. TWICE.the protector had accepted me and had made sure I knew that he had accepted me by showing himself to me as a light.90.89. This quality made him a unique power.. TDJ... You know his name now. You won't have to tell me anything any more. You have to be taught his ways as a child is taught how to walk . there were no exact steps to knowing Mescalito. You are on your own now.HOW DO YOU GET TO KNOW MESCALITO? THERE WERE NO EXACT STEPS TO KNOWING MESCALITO. TDJ.148. he was not the same for every man. . the protector has accepted you. until he himself begins to make sense to you. You will probably talk about him up to a certain point. I will be of very little help from now on. You don't have to tell me anything more about your relationship with him. should ever be mentioned to a living being. and neither his name. TDJ. THEREFORE NO ONE COULD TEACH ABOUT HIM EXCEPT MESCALITO HIMSELF.. and from then on you will never discuss him.53.. nor his dealings with you..... TDJ. therefore no one could teach about him except Mescalito himself. and then you will understand by yourself. HOW DO YOU KNOW MESCALITO ACCEPTS YOU? HE HAD ACCEPTED ME BY SHOWING HIMSELF TO ME AS A LIGHT. YOU CAN'T TALK ABOUT MESCALITO The opinion of those who care to talk about him (Mescalito) is not worth much. TDJ. DEVIL'S WEED (JIMSON WEED) . WHAT WERE THE SONGS OF MESCILITO FOR? THE SONGS (OF MESCALITO) PURPOSE WERE FOR CALLING THE PROTECTOR AND THAT I SHOULD ALWAYS USE THEM IN CONJUNCTION WITH HIS NAME TO CALL HIM the songs (of Mescalito) purpose were for calling the protector and that I should always use them in conjunction with his name to call him. TDJ.

(CC tells DJ everything) now. The devil's weed has never protected anyone. the devil's weed is only one path to the secrets of a man of knowledge. there was reason to seek power. There is a way to overcome it.127. My benefactor never told me what he had learned.later you will not.56.. but never what he saw.56 She distorts men.WHAT IS IT? SHE GIVES THEM A TASTE OF POWER TOO SOON WITHOUT FORTIFYING THEIR HEARTS AND MAKES THEM DOMINEERING AND UNPREDICTABLE. With it a. She never became one with me. or to deliver a fatal blow to your enemies far away. He told me how to proceed. and take it often in order to fly. TDJ. TDJ. were admired for their strength and feared and respected for their knowledge. You can soar through the air for hundreds of miles to see what is happening at any place you want. Description of the parts of the devil's weed and what they do. Very few humans have done this in the past and nobody has done it today. especially if that path has no heart. I don't like its power! There is no use for it anymore.. As you learn more.. more potent and more dangerous to handle as the root goes deeper into the ground. The weed is only used for power.they all desire power. TDJ. men performed phenomenal deeds. the young people who seek to endure fatigue and hunger. the man who wants to kill another man.105. When one arrives to a depth of four yards. she will teach you unimaginable things. But her trap is to make you believe that hers is the only way.160. Whoever becomes the weed's ally must pay that price.. She makes them weak in the middle of their great power. she makes you feel good. the devil's weed was my benefactor's ally (Julian) TDJ. but of a different kind. She serves only to give power.127.67. TDJ. The second portion of the devil's weed is used to fly. power without end. TDJ. perhaps because I was never fond of her. LITTLE SMOKE ..158.57 (1st and 2nd paragraphs) to tame the devil's weed into an ally is one of the most difficult tasks I know. you will begin to see everything with great clarity. She gives them a taste of power too soon without fortifying their hearts and makes them domineering and unpredictable.. TDJ. My benefactor told me stories of truly phenomenal deeds.. a power that acts like a magnet.88 The second portion of the devil's weed is used for seeing. TDJ. The strength required by the smoke is strength of the heart. The devil's weed also requires strength. and the devil's weed flatters you.. You like flattery. long ago. that were performed long.. I say it is useless to waste your life on one path... In other times. a man can soar through the air to see what is going on at any place he chooses. they do not seek its power..and they some people have. like those my benefactor told me about. but not to avoid it. the Indians.57. TDJ. TDJ. There are other paths. Like a woman. That is only for oneself.(for) every man is different. finds the seat of permanent power. TDJ. a woman who wants to be in heat. But now we. The man who wants his vigour back..65. do not seek that power any more. It is closer to being virile with women.

TDJ. but every new puff makes things more precise. The smoke is like everything else. one has to live a strong life. the pipe and the smoke mixture. He needs them because he has to intend and will his return. it wasn't made for all of us. The idea of a strong life not only [ertains to the preparation period.WHAT IS IT? THE SMOKE IS FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO WATCH AND SEE the little smoke only tells me what to do. SR. The smoke teaches but not as Mescalito does.140.all that was needed with the smoke was the proper attitude. Everything is terrifying and confusing at the outset. how to move around. or the smoke will not let him come back. I call the smoke a true ally! TDJ. it takes years alone to become aquainted with its two vital parts. And it performs its function without hurting in the least. And suddenly the world opens up anew! Unimaginable! When this happens the smoke has become one's ally and will resolve any question by allowing one to enter into inconceivable worlds. but also entails the attitude of the man after the experience. CLEANING OUR WAREHOUSE/TONAL WHAT IS CLEANING YOUR WAREHOUSE? CLEANING AND REORDERING THE ISLAND MEANS REGROUPING ALL ITS ELEMENTS ON THE SIDE OF REASON .140. TDJ.70. (it is) the smoke of diviners. and how to return.. it is a matchless ally. The smoke will come.140. It shows you how to handle its power. 4. and to learn that you must take it as many times as you can.82. Properly speaking. It's not the same for everybody. TDJ. otherwise. the smoke is for those who want to watch and see.. I like the little smoke as an ally because it doesn't demand much of me..139 it does not show the same things. It will set you free to see anything you want to see. he must intend and will to remember whatever the smoke allowed him to see. many fear it and won't touch it or even get close to it..141. And to handle that power. otherwise it will be nothing more than a piece of fog in his mind. its effect are so dreadful that only a strong man can stand the smallest puff. Once a man enters into its field. . of course it takes a lifetime.40. . TDJ.69.. one's life would be shattered to bits.. it's magnificent.. its greatest gift. every other power is at his command. He said it produced a transformation. He said the smoke is so strong one can match it only with strength. But whoever seeks it must have an intent and a will beyond reproach. And in my opinion. TDJ. TDJ. You will feel it. the only secrets never to be revealed (about the smoke) were how to make the mixture. other matters concerning the subject were of no importance. I asked him if the smoke had the same effect on everyone. TDJ. TDJ. This is the smoke's greatest property.70. but not in everyone. TDJ. Second.70.. the smoke is peerless.what I felt was its unimaginable power. TDJ. The pipe was given to me by my benefactor.141.71. DJ told CC he had never seen anyone smoking before.

TOP. I must appeal to the part of your tonal which understands this dilemma and you must make an effort to free your eyes. the day it does. TOP.169 . TOP. A clean island offers no resistence. The stronger it gets the less it clings to its doings. That's what a sorcerer needs before anything else.76. Your obsession or. The island of the tonal has to be swept clean and maintained clean.. and the easier it is to shrink.111 after the tonal shrinks.All are views that seem to be unchallengable..251. a strong.245 WHY DO WE HAVE TO CLEAN OUR WAREHOUSE? THE SECOND ATTENTION WAS REACHED ONLY AFTER WE HAVE CLEANED OUR TONAL That attention was reached only after warriors had swept the top of their tables clean. that leaping was simply an exercise in perception. THE TONAL MUST TEMPER THE NAGUAL the nagual by itself was of no use it had to be tempered by the tonal. what was at the bottom of the ravine. there is no way for us to be what we really are. the warrior is closing the gate from the other. just like when you saw the shadows moving. She explained that by storing energy. tonal. thus making room in our wherehouse for other possibilities. HOW DO SORCERER'S CLEAN THEIR TONAL? (CALLED SHRINKING THE TONAL) . TOP. your nagual will have won a great battle. and as long as you three persist in using them. so everytime we are confronted with the nagual. it is as if nothing were there. as a perfect tonal. TSC. One of the sources of your bafflement and discomfort is that your tonal doesn't let go of your eyes.153.By now you must have realized that cleaning and reordering the island of the tonal means regrouping all its elements on the side of reason. THE MORE ITEMS YOU DISCARD THE MORE YOU MAKE ROOM FOR OTHER THINGS It proves to me.. that you're freeing your energy.74. You are beginning to empty your warehouse. That's the only alternative a warrior has. and that it would end only after I succeeded in perceiving.the sorcerers' secret in using the nagual was in our perception.247 She stressed that unless this storehouse is cleared out. TOP.256. SRP. the more you make room for other things. TSC.171. we can dissolve our preconceptions about the world and the body. everyone's obsession is to arrange the world according to the tonal's rules.. we go out of our way to make our eyes stiff and intransigent. your bubbles of perception have not been cleared and the sorcerers explanation will have no meaning. They said I had to leap willingly and be aware of my act. TSC.TOP. better yet..173. the more items of your inventory you discard.

245. or because you . you would have shifted its place of prominence.the right half is the tonal. If you then change the facade of self-pity. TOP. The teacher sees to that by hammering him mercilessly until all of his view of the world is on one half of the bubble.. and strength of character and body. TOP..246. The delicate manoeuvre of leading a luminous being into the totality of himself requires that the teacher work from inside the bubble and the benefactor from outside. the job of a changes the facade by altering the use of elements of the island. The other half of the bubble which has been cleared. not to destroy it. because it goes against our nature. or because you were unwilling to assume responsibility for the acts that brought you to the state that elicited. The art of the teacher was to force his disciple to group his view of the world on the right half of the bubble.self-pity was useful to you because you either felt important important and deserving of better conditions. He then has the command of his totality.246 We can better explain this by saying that the task of the teacher is to wipe clean one half of the bubble and to reorder everything on the other half. can only cover a small area... That is the order that should prevail..245 SORCERER'S DO NOT OBLITERATE ANYTHING FROM THE TONAL BUT ALTERS THE USE ASSIGNED TO THOSE ELEMENTS the sorcerers' world called for a drastic transformation. to prepare the luminous being for the time when the benefactor opens the bubble from the outside.).244.with unthinkable but real situations which the apprentice cannot cope with.245 My task has been to disarrange your ordinary view. it robs us of our magical heritage and reduces us to nothing..245 The teacher's task is to rearrange the view. did not mean obliterating anything but altering the use assigned to those elements. although it is a most wonderful affair.with the warrior's way he forces him into reasonableness and sobriety.. the sorcerers explanation said that the island of the tonal was complete and not a single elment could be removed. Half of the bubble is the ultimate center of reason.TOP. insofar as the apprentice's perception is replacing self-pity with death as what you think about when you start stressing. the tonal. better treatment. The teacher always addresses himself to that side and by presenting his apprentice. consists of reordering all the elements of the island on one half of the bubble. TOP.234. and to that effect he will rally everything he's got around it. TOP... .. he will go out of his way to bolster and defend his defeated reason. can then be claimed by something sorcerers call will. but to force it to rally on the side of reason. Once the warrior is confronted with his incapacity to reason everything out. TOP.. Change then..(this means that you can't get rid of things on the island but since all things are equal you can change one for the other.the teacher reorders the view of the world. TOP. any other arrangement is nonsensial and petty.. the nagual. The benefactor's task then is to open the bubble on the side that has been cleaned. and by presenting him. The other half is the ultimate center of will.THE TEACHER TRIES TO GET THE APPRENTICE TO GROUP HIS VIEW OF THE WORLD ON ONE HALF OF OUR BUBBLE OF PERCEPTION (TONAL) AND THE BENEFACTOR OPENS THE BUBBLE ON THE SIDE THAT HAS BEEN CLEANED(NAGUAL) AND THE APPRENTICE CAN EXPERIENCE THE TOTALITY OF THEMSELF . Once the seal is broken. the warrior is never the same. he forces him to realize that his reason.

but changing facades means only that one has assigned a secondary place to a formerly important element.were incapable of bringing the idea of your impending death to witness your acts and advise you.170 A SHOVE BY THE NAGUAL IS ONE TECHNIQUE TO SHRINK THE TONAL AND ENTER INTO THE NAGUAL A shove is then the technique for shrinking the tonal. TOP. TOP. it has a definite place and character in your island...for instance. TOP. no matter how small this motion . When those feelings were altered in some way. the totality of you would be dead by now. if it is already in motion. or your humbleness. The whole trouble is that the tonal clings to those things when it should be glad to rid itself of that crap. TOP. TOP. by erasing personal history. In the beginning. one has to talk to the tonal. once the man has been shoved and his tonal has been shrunk.. let them be true windows.234. the task then is to convince the tonal to become free and fluid. ONE HAS TO TALK TO THE TONAL..235 Without using those four techniques you never could've succeeded in changing them. TOP. IT IS THE TONAL THAT HAS TO RELINQUISH CONTROL. BUT IT SHOULD BE MADE TO DO SO GLADLY.. your tonal has relinquished some controls without much struggle. self-pity becomes active. because it became clear to it that.235 YOU MUST TALK TO THE TONAL TO GIVE UP CONTROL IN THE BEGINNING.the same was true with all the other elements which you've changed on your island. a definite facade which is recognizable. So let your eyes be free. One must shove at the precise instant. it will be there in the back in the same way that the idea of your impending death. Your self-pity is still a feature of your island. irresponsible and immortal. TOP. or your responsibility for your acts were there.. It is the tonal that has to relinquish control. one must know how to see.erasing personal history and its three companion techniques are the sorcerers means for changing the facade of the elements of the island.In other words. you have denied use to self-pity.The eyes can be the windows to peer into boredom or to peak into that infinity.153.235 there is no way to get rid of self-pity for good. without ever being used. had it remained the way it was.234.. Thus every time the occasion arises.174.TOP... For example.. it was no longer possible to feel sorry for yourself. the nagual showed you this morning. But it should be made to do so gladly.235 in order for self-pity to work you had to feel important. of course. ERASING PERSONAL HISTORY AND ITS THREE COMPANION TECHNIQUES ARE THE SORCERERS MEANS FOR CHANGING THE FACADE OF THE ELEMENTS OF THE ISLAND . It has history. his nagual. The point is to convince the tonal that there are other worlds that can pass in front of the same windows..235 The only important matter is that the tonal of a warrior must be acquainted with other alternatives. for that. the tonal is made to give up unnecessary things like self-importance and boredom.

is. This is a great art.171. YOU MUST GET PERSPECTIVE ON YOUR TONAL. Ordinarily..(to change).255. I call it a sterile and boring insistence of the tonal to have everything under its control... IS CLEANING YOUR TONAL EASY? THE TONAL WOULD RATHER KILL ITSELF THAN RELINQUISH CONTROL What you were doing this morning was absurd.. WARRIORS KNOW WHEN TO SHRINK THE TONAL AND TO STOP IT A grave issue for a warrior is to know exactly when to allow his tonal to shrink and stop it.He told them that sorcerers were obligated to watch their tonals from a distance in order to have a better grasp of what was really around them... SRP..your nagual took over this morning and you ended up in the market.. DANGERS OF HURTING OUR TONAL ONE SHOULD GET TO THE NAGUAL WITHOUT MALIGNING THE TONAL AND ABOVE ALL WITHOUT INJURING ONE'S BODY.173. average men does not have the grasp that a sorcerer has because an average man is right on top of his table.171. IT TAKES A LONG TRAINING TO TEACH THE TONAL NOT TO GO CRAZY WHEN THE NAGUAL COMES OUT No one is capable of surviving a deliberate encounter with the nagual without a long training. A warrior must struggle like a demon to shrink his tonal.. will take over and achieve extraordinary deeds.. TOP. . TOP. It takes years to prepare the tonal for such an encounter.TOP.. Whenever it doesn't succeed. You call it explaining.. if an average man comes face to face with the nagual the shock would be so great that he would die. WATCH IT FROM A DISTANCE ...It would rather kill itself than relinquish control. the warrior must reverse all that struggle to immediately halt that shrinking.. and yet at the very moment the tonal shrinks. there is a moment of bafflement and then the tonal opens itself to death.. holding on to every item on it. TOP.154.. And yet there is very little we can do to change that condition.

TOP. not because the evidence has convinced it..267 . TO MAKE YOUR TONAL FEEL SAFE IS ALWAYS THE TASK OF THE TEACHER At this point your reason admits that the nagual is indescribable.TOP..the problem here is not to let the tonal shrink itself out of the picture..189 WHEN THE TONAL SHRINKS THE OPENING OF THE SECOND ATTENTION IS OPEN AND HE MIGHT BE SWEPT AWAY BY A REAL WIND IF HE DOESN'T SHUT IT IMMEDIATELY But when his tonal shrinks. but because it is safe to admit that. No metaphor.. And this is not just a way of talking. One should get to the nagual without maligning the tonal and above all without injuring one's body..238 A SORCERER MUST TRY TO BREAK THE UNITY OF BEING ON THE TONAL WITHOUT ENDANGERING HIS BEING a sorcerer. In fact. I mean a real wind. has to break that unity. YOU SHOULD NOT LET THE TONAL SHRINK ITSELF OUT OF THE PICTURE ... or he would be swept away.173.he doesn't take unnecessary risks. and that opening must be shut tight immediately. A sorcerer's goal is to last.. TOP.. however.173. that is the wind that blows all living things on this earth TOP. Your reason is on safe ground. but without endangering his being. TOP.. he is on the windy side. TOP.. A wind that can blow one's life away.173. sneak off it. all the elements of the tonal are on its side. Beyond the gate of the tonal's eyes the wind rages.I know that what matters is not to learn a new description but to arrive at the totality of oneself. To make your reason feel safe is always the task of the teacher. therefore he spends years sweeping his island until a moment when he could in a manner of speaking..

The content of this chapter is skipped.This document is created from a CHM file automatically by an unregistered copy of CHM-2-Word. please register CHM-2-Word to get full features. please refer to: 7. DREAMING WHAT HAPPENS IN NORMAL DREAMING? THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT SHIFTS SLIGHTLY TO THE LEFT IN A NATURAL MANNER . For registration information.

19 WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE ARE IN NORMAL SLEEP? DURING NORMAL SLEEP. FFW. THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT SHIFTS ALONG EITHER SIDE OF MAN'S BAND ACCOMPANIED BY SLUMBER During normal sleep.270.18. the shift of the AP runs along either edge of man's band. 50) in the course of ordinary dreams.. Such shifts are always coupled with slumber. the assemblage point becomes easily displaced by itself to another position on the surface or in the interior of the luminous egg... The old seers became aware that in dreams the AP shifts slightly to the left in a most natural manner. neither is it daydreaming or wishing or imagining. PRACTICES TO RECONDITION OUR ENERGY SO THAT WE CAN INCREASE OUR PERCEPTION (MOVE THE AP) DREAMING SYSTEMATICALLY MOVES OUR AP . WHAT DREAMING IS NOT DREAMING IS NOT JUST HAVING DREAMS.270.Dreaming began with a simple observation. yet a dreamer is asleep. TAOD. YET THE DREAMER IS ASLEEP Shifts that are induced by practice occur along the midsection of man's band and are not coupled with slumber. That point indeed relaxes when man sleeps and all kinds of unused emanations begin to glow. SHIFTS INDUCED BY PRACTICE OCCUR ALONG THE MIDSECTION OF MAN'S BAND AND IS NOT COUPLED WITH SLUMBER.192 the assemblage point becomes very easily displaced during sleep (gently and naturally POS..29 WHAT IS DREAMING? 1.TAOD. NEITHER IS IT DAYDREAMING OR WISHING OR IMAGINING Dreaming is not just having dreams. FFW. FFW.

ii Dreaming seems to be a sensation-a process in our bodies. TAOD ix. 2.we do that but we don't know how..SRP.101 A warrior seeks power and one of the avenues to power is dreaming.. with our attention we can hold the images of a dream in the same way we hold the images of the world.The awareness of sorcerers grows when they do dreaming. the only thing that dictates that shift is the inner strength or weakness of dreamers. TAOD... any dream that one can remember is no longer a dream.18... SRP. Dreamers.14 the purpose of dreaming. which control and dreaming... but the effect of dreaming seems to be an increase of waking time.. FFW.40 . JTI. The dreamers do not lack sleep.. our bodies do it. but to keep the AP fixed at the position where it naturally moves in sleep... we have to struggle not to look but to merely glance and yet hold the image.23. We just do it.Only through immobilizing our attention can one turn an ordinary dream into dreaming.139.. the art of the dreamer is the art of attention.As soon as one learns to do dreaming.161. .. POS.FFW.Our art as ordinary people is that we know how to hold the image of what we are looking at. FFW.... SRP.112. Fortified inner strength in turn makes the AP shift into dreaming positions which are more and more suitable for fostering sobriety. but you must exercise adequate control and not wake up in the world we know.. dreams by themselves become more and more manageable.239... You can have as many dreams as you want or as many as you are capable of..140. In dreaming we have to do the same thing. EG. owing to the use of an alleged extra body. JTI.69. 19 dreaming is concerned with the displacement of the assemblage point TAOD.23. it's control that shift does not mean in any way to direct it... that is. Cc.everytime this control of your dream is exercised the inner strength gets fortified.191. TAOD. except in dreaming we have to learn how to do it.. in the course of sleep and ordinary dreams.through discipline it is possible to cultivate and perform. EG.199. TAOD.. EG. dreaming is the not-doing of sleep. even orderly.. BEING AWARE IN OUR DREAMS AND HAVING CONTROL IN DREAMING THE PERSON HAS VOLITION AND CONTROL ..91Dreaming is the art of displacing the assemblage point at will from its habitual position in order to enhance and enlarge the scope of what can be perceived..242..they called this control of the the natural AP shift during sleep "control dreaming" or "the art of handling the dreaming body. .". change those dreams into dreaming. don Juan stated that sorcerers of ancient times developed a set of practices designed to recondition our energetic capabilities to perceive.Believing that our energetic conditioning is correctable.Dreaming is the most effective way to move the AP..194 .. They called this set of practices the art of dreaming.The control and utilization of dreams. by engaging their attention of the nagual and focusing it on the items and events of their ordinary dreams. a systematic displacement of the assemblage point.. EG.. an awareness in our minds..19..144 Dreaming was in essence the transformation of ordinary dreams into affairs involving volition.FFW. TAOD. the dreaming body. in other words. TAOD.192 in dreaming there is really no way of directing the movement of the AP.

..128 DREAMS CANNOT BE INTERFERED WITH/DREAMS MUST FOLLOW THEIR OWN COURSE dreams cannot be interfered with.. the farther they could project their second attention into the unknown and the longer their dreaming projection would incomprehensible facet of awareness that exists by itself... nor can they be commanded by the conscious effort of the dreamer. in order to utilize those unused emanations.35 the control one acquires over one's dreams upon fixating the assemblage point on any new position to which it has been displaced during dreams... waiting for a moment when we would entice it. (a matter of energy). FFW.It has to do with the unknown. elaborate tactics that require supreme discipline and concentration. it is a veiled faculty that everyone of us has in reserve but never has the opportunity to use in everyday life.IN DREAMING WE EXERCISE OUR ABILITY TO BE AWARE IN OUR DREAMS/DREAMING ATTENTION the dreaming attention is the condition of being aware of the items in our dream. CC. The stronger and the more impeccable the dreamers were.193..FFW.. EG. (TAOD....127.. when dreams are consciously or semiconsciously manipulated.. (FFW.. TAOD.. on the elements. a moment when we would give it purpose.any new position to which the assemblage point has been displaced during sleep.265..(not a process which leads to an end result) It is rather an awakening... It is the key to every movement in the sorcerers' world... 34 dreaming seemed to begin as a unique state of awareness arrived at by focusing the residue of consciousness (second attention). . .TAOD. which one still has when asleep.. TAOD.135. Let the dream follow its own course.. of one's dream.22. the AP immediately returns to its usual place.194) THE FARTHER THE SHIFT OF THE AP INTO THE LEFT SIDE. Something suddenly becomes suddenly functional. 29 Exercising the dreaming attention is the essential point in dreaming TAOD... we tighten the mastery over our dreaming attention. DREAMING POSITION IS ANY NEW POSITION TO WHICH THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT HAS BEEN DISPLACED DURING SLEEP.??). when it is given a purpose. .as we tighten the control over our dreams.21.. THE MORE VIVID AND BIZARRE THE DREAM..interfering with dreams was interfering with the natural shift of the AP... That concentration is a form of consciousness that is not in the same category as the consciousness needed to deal with the daily world.a contradiction that cannot be rationalized but must be resolved in practice. the concentration needed to be aware that one is having a dream is the forerunner of the second attention. and yet the shift of the AP must obey the dreamer's command... Dreaming position is... It comes about when unused emanations inside man's cocoon are utilized.the dreaming attention comes into play when it is called. or the features.EG... one needs uncommon.

. TAOD.through your dreaming practices you are really exercising your capacity to be cohesive. the more vivid and bizarre the dream.. THE DREAMING EMISSARY.. A DREAMER IS BY DEFINITION OUTSIDE THE BOUNDARIES OF THE CONCERNS OF EVERYDAY LIFE . THE SECOND ATTENTION. THEY ARE ALL BY-PRODUCTS OF FIXATING THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT ON A NUMBER OF DREAMING POSITIONS. the only thing they can do is keep the line anchored at the place it sinks.. the greater the cohesion. THE DREAMING ATTENTION.141. that is to say. The clearer the view of our dreams.. THEY ARE ALL BYPRODUCTS OF ACQUIRING COHESION. to wake up while dreaming while the AP is fixed in a new position..69.18.. Both are accomplishments attained after years of practice. the energy body. they are all by-products of acquiring cohesion.70Those exercises were designed to keep my AP fixed at the place where it had moved in my sleep. (We fixate it by practicing the techniques of dreaming. The dreaming attention..Dreaming does it by forcing dreams to fixate the assemblage point. sustaining the view in a dream (this means you are holding the dreaming position of your assemblage point TAOD. THE ENERGY BODY. TAOD. FFW. (These are tasks to train the second attention. IN OTHER WORDS. the dreaming emissary. That the only thing that counts in making that shift (into the dreaming body) is anchoring the second attention.. in other words. dreams are totally associated with that displacement the greater the displacement.194.. and that knowledge is as vital to seers as knowing how to read and write is to modern man. All dreamers can direct is the fixation of their AP... TAOD. ...70) or changing dreams at will) .(we maintain cohesiveness) by the clarity of our perception.. FFW..193. )EG. THE DREAMING BODY AND THE BARRIER OF PERCEPTION ARE POSITIONS OF THE AP AND ARE ACCOMPLISHED AFTER YEARS OF PRACTICE the dreaming body and the barrier of perception are positions of the AP. the relationship with inorganic beings... FFW.70. the second attention. you are exercising your capacity to maintain a new energy shape by holding the assemblage point fixed on the position of any particular dream you are having .194. they are all by-products of fixating the assemblage point on a number of dreaming positions. EG..19 TO CONTROL THE DREAM MEANS TO FIXATE THE AP ON A CERTAIN SPOT/COHESIVENESS Dreaming practices is a way to learn how to have cohesion. the more unusual the dream.194.The farther the shift of the AP into the left side. THE RELATIONSHIP WITH INORGANIC BEINGS. Seers are like fisherman equipped with a line that casts itself wherever it may..141.FFW.290.. FFW..

you can control whatever you want. JTI. EG. a neophyte's attempts were merely a stepping stone to building the second attention.14 Dreaming is the art of tempering the energy body. Dreaming is a way of arriving at the energy body... (first and second gates is to forge the EB and the third gate is to let it out) TAOD. but all this is real..262 DREAMING CAN BE AS REAL AS EVERYDAY LIFE . TSC.42. dreaming entailed a peculiar control over one's dream to the extent that the experiences undergone in them and those lived in one's waking hours acquired the same pragmatic valence. I had to pay extraordinary attention to it. they jump into the reality of the world or into the reality of dreams TSC. TAOD. Dreaming is real for a warrior because in it he can act deliberately.. of making it supple and coherent by gradually exercising it.31 A DREAMER CAN CREATE AND PROJECT THE DREAMING BODY AND BE IN TWO DISTANT PLACES AT THE SAME TIME . while in an ordinary dream he cannot act deliberately.. 3.231 you are dreaming. if I should have the vision three times.JTI. otherwise. a man hunting for power has almost no limits in his dreaming. The sorcerers allegation was that under th impact of dreaming the ordinary criteria to differentiate a dream from reality became inoperative.16.what you call dreams are real for a warrior. you may find out countless concealed facts.248 Dreaming is real when one has succeeded in bringing everything into focus. So real that it can kill us by disintegrating us.99 HAVING A DREAM THREE TIMES IS A RULE OF THUMB TO INDICATE TRUE DREAMING For true dreaming.. Dreamers move onward without plan or thought..50.What she meant by that was that a dreamer by definition is outside the boundaries of the concerns of everyday life. JTI. he gave me a rule of thumb.. you can change things. he can choose and reject.. In dreaming you have power. through dreaming we condense the energy body until its capable of perceiving. DREAMING IS USED TO DEVELOP THE DOUBLE THE TRUE GOAL OF DREAMING WAS TO PERFECT THE DOUBLE the true goal of dreaming is to perfect the energy body.. EG. and then he can manipulate them and use them. TAOD.. TOP..92. he can select from a variety of items those which lead to power..98. Then there is no difference between what you do when you sleep and what you do when you are sleeping.

a hatch into other worlds...the door to the second attention. but which only sorcerers take.29 Dreaming practices in the world of everyday life.dreaming is naturally a way to store the second attention. instead of totally chaotic. That's why the Nagual taught us dreaming (to not injure the luminous layers) Dreaming tightens the layers.254 Dreaming is a practical aid devised by sorcerers. the depressed center of the second attention.79 dreaming gives us the fluidity to enter into other worlds by destroying our sense of knowing this world. Dreaming. SRP. . EG. training yourself to let go without losing all of your marbles. if not a door.. the feeling of being rolled up like a cigar and placed inside the dent of the second attention was the result of merging my right and left awareness into one in which the order of predominance has been switched and the left has gained supremacy.. This statement doesn't make sense to you. EG. DREAMING IS A WAY TO GET TO THE NAGUAL.(freedom to perceive worlds beyond the imagination..81). TAOD. But that's what you've been doing all along.Dreaming is the only way to gather the second attention without injuring it.249..the dreaming attention is like a river feeding into the second attention (ocean). 4. (see luminous ball.. You were asleep and yet aware at the same time. POS... however. ??. there is a pathway to reach it..73 ..made perceiving energy directly dreamlike.209... Dreams are.. which is available to every one of us..?? . you must have used your double. TOP... TAOD. Both of them come to rest in one single bundle in the dent... SRP. dreams are a two way street. is wrapped up inside the left side awareness in order to give the dreamer a sense of sobriety and rationality.they sought the usefulness of the nagual by training their tonal to let go for a moment. the ultimate use of the nagual. A warrior's greatest accomplishment in the second attention is dreaming. 48 DESCRIPTION OF WHAT HAPPENS TO OUR LUMINOUS BALL DURING DREAMING What takes place in dreaming is that the right and left side awareness are wrapped up together. Our awareness goes through that hatch into other realms.SAFELY DREAMING IS A DOOR TO THE NAGUAL Through dreaming we can perceive other worlds. Dreaming was in fact a rational state .242.. TAOD.. without making it menacing and awesome. EG. so to speak. the crown of the sorcerers' efforts.258.. until a moment when something rearranged perception and the sorcerer found himself facing a new world.. and those other realms send scouts into our dreams. the rational awareness. In order to have perceived the nagual.140. When sorcerers learn dreaming they tie together their two attentions and there is no more need for that center to push out.. massaging the SA)..259..261.a dreamer can create and project the dreaming body and be in two distant places at the same time. and then grab again. TSC. but that the influence of rationality has to be minimal and used only as an inhibiting mechanism to protect the dreamer the dreamer from excesses and bizarre undertakings. dreaming. TAOD.a hatch into other realms of perception.

46. 5...ordinary dreams are the honing devices used to train the assemblage point to reach the position that creates this energy-generating condition we call dreaming.47 AVERAGE PEOPLE HAVE MANY SCOUTS ....and that pathway is through dreaming.. THEY ARE BURSTS OF FOREIGN ENERGY THAT COME INTO OUR DREAMS.. and we interpret them as items familiar or unfamiliar to us. 29...when the dreams are normal) . It is the condition of being aware of total worlds. TAOD.dreaming brings down the barriers that surround and insulate the second attention. TAOD. total like our world is total.average people have stupendously strong barriers (worries about self) to protect themselves. by an alien force..85 . . charges that get mixed with the items of our normal dreams.the mind takes those currents and turns them into parts of our dreams. TAOD. the stronger the attack. TAOD. The stronger the barrier. TAOD. They are bursts of foreign energy that come into our dreams... AND WE INTERPRET THEM AS ITEMS FAMILIAR OR UNFAMILIAR TO US Scouts. WE ARE TRYING TO FIND ENERGY-GENERATING ITEMS IN OUR DREAMS BY FINDING ADEQUATE POSITIONS OF THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT ENERGY GENERATING ITEMS BECOME AVAILABLE TO US .242.. SRP.the second attention is available to all of us.. positions that permit us to percieve energy-generating items in dreamlike states. dreaming is `an energy-generating condition. TAOD..we intend to find adequate positions of the assemblage point.ENERGY CHARGES THAT GET MIXED WITH THE ITEMS OF OUR NORMAL DREAMS.. there exist real energetic interferences.. things that have been put in our dreams extraneously.51 The second attention is like an ocean.. and the dreaming attention is like a river feeding into it..164 a process by which dreamers isolate dream conditions in which they can find energy-generating elements.173 LOOKING FOR INORGANIC BEINGS/SCOUTS IN OUR DREAMS WHAT ARE SCOUTS? SCOUTS.29 He said that among the multitude of items in our dreams..average people are subject to (more energy scouts.

TAOD.(BY THE ACT ITSELF) .they notice them and strive to isolate them from the normal items of their dreams... Inorganic beings can be worse than a pest..32 Avoid at any cost .. our dreaming attention discovers them among the items of a dream and focuses on them..TAOD.sustaining the assemblage point's shift creates a distinctive energy charge which attracts their attention by going through the two gates you have made your bidding known to them.(by the act itself) . compelled to interact with us.49) they serve us as guides into areas of such mystery that sorcerers shiver at the mention of such a possibility. TAOD..consists of a mutual exchange of energy. they might imbue us with fear beyond measure.. (however).or better yet.. Through fear they can easily drive us raving mad.. sorcereres entice them in dreaming. and sorcerers supply their heightened awareness and high energy.. TAOD. then the total dream collapses... (with the organic beings' superb consciousness. (energy bodies isolate the dream scouts) TAOD.47 But it isn't desirable for dreamers to indulge in searching for scouts. TAOD.52 HOW DO WE FIND SCOUTS? SORCERERES ENTICE THEM IN DREAMING.WE WANT TO FIND AND FOLLOW THOSE FOREIGN ELEMENTS To able to find them (foreign energy elements) and follow them is sorcery. Through the channel of fear.either an appearance or some interference in your dreams (energy jolt maybe) TAOD...46..(but this forms a dependency) TAOD..Fear can settle down in our lives.29 WHY DO WE WANT TO FOLLOW THE SCOUTS? THE INORGANIC BEINGS SUPPLY THEIR HIGH AWARENESS.32 At one moment.SUSTAINING THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT'S SHIFT CREATES A DISTINCTIVE ENERGY CHARGE WHICH ATTRACTS THEIR ATTENTION .32 (the friendship) . AND SORCERERS SUPPLY THEIR HEIGHTENED AWARENESS AND HIGH ENERGY If we follow them to their source. That is a real danger to us..(followed) by a sign.. The inorganic beings supply their high awareness..46.47 Sorcerers are aware of those currents of foreign energy.extraordinary friendships TAOD.30 AT FIRST THE INORGANIC BEINGS MAY CAUSE GREAT FEAR Since at the begining of dreaming we have no experience whatsoever with them. (sorcerers) turn them into allies.. leaving only the foreign enemy. TAOD... with disastrous results for us. they can follow us to the daily world.those beings are enticed by us.form associations.47 They isolate scouts by the exercise and control of their dreaming attention... and we would have to be mavericks to deal with it.

and then I was swayed by the external itch. I witnesses its entire metamorphosis from plain darkness to a precisely outlined blotch of intense brightness. on which I focused my attention.129 I had stared at the darkness throughout many sessions and was ready to visualize the spot of coloration. The intent one has to send out to them has to be of power and abandon.). EG. until I ended up entering into a state of restful vigil.. ..47. the tingling stopped. It was like an electric current that I could switch on and off. RESTFUL STATE RESTFUL VIGIL IS THE PRELIMINARY STATE.136. (dreaming color)EG. I had a sensation of bodily pleasure.179 STAGES OF DREAMING STAGES ARE BLURRED UNDER NORMAL AWARENESS Under normal awareness that transition is blurred. a tingling radiating from my solar plexus.In order for me to start dreaming or to stop it all I have to do is place my attention on my womb.177. EG..252.256... In fact. It was then that I first became immersed in an orange-red coloration.151. but different from (experience of transition states from HA. I see the reddish glow for an instant and then I'm off.) OTHER SCOUTS TAOD. I easily entered into the first state. which was transformed into the thought that we were going to have great results. a light exactly like what one sees facing the sun with the eyelids tightly closed.EG. 1. The secret is not to fear them. I had always perceived in this state a flood of reddish light. That thought turned into a nervous anticipation. After ten to fifteen minutes of restlessness I finally succeeded in going into a state of restful vigil. ch #6.. a state in which the senses become dormant and yet one is aware.sending a feeling of fear or morbidity.150. A STATE IN WHICH THE SENSES BECOME DORMANT AND YET ONE IS AWARE..129.48 (see also water and FFW. TAOD.178. this only takes a few seconds. I became aware of that my thoughts were emanating from the tingling in the middle of my chest. however.. Restful vigil is the preliminary state. In my case. EG. The instant I turned my attention to it. I've learned to feel the inside of it. EG.

Dynamic initiative in this state I was drawn to act. It is as if the primacy of the visual and auditory senses makes this state of dreaming mainly an affair of the eyes and ears only. as fog dissipates. WHICH IS STATIC. TO MAKE THE MOST OF ONE'S TIME. EG. which is static.251. ENERGY IS NECESSARY TO DO DREAMING A PERSON MUST REDEPLOY ENERGY TO DO DREAMING . a tableau of sorts. eyewitnessing. EYEWITNESSING. AND ONE IS LEFT LOOKING AT A SCENE. EG. 4. and that this point was going to turn from darkness to a bright and pleasing orange-red. In it one is compelled to enterprise. a street. WHAT'S ESSENTIAL FOR DREAMING? 1. One sees a three-dimensional picture. AN EVENT AS IT OCCURS Passive witnessing in this state the dreamer is no longer viewing a frozen bit of the world but is observing.She told me to keep my eyes open and fixed on a point right in front of me. IN IT ONE IS COMPELLED TO ENTERPRISE. a frozen bit of something-a landscape. A TABLEAU OF SORTS. 2. at my eye level. a person. 3. AS FOG DISSIPATES. to make the most of one's time. TO TAKE STEPS. DYNAMIC INITIATIVE DYNAMIC INITIATIVE IN THIS STATE I WAS DRAWN TO ACT. PASSIVE WITNESSING PASSIVE WITNESSING IN THIS STATE THE DREAMER IS NO LONGER VIEWING A FROZEN BIT OF THE WORLD BUT IS OBSERVING. anything. a face. a house. EG. and one is left looking at a scene. Dynamic vigil in this state the reddish light dissipates. an event as it occurs. to take steps.129. DYNAMIC VIGIL DYNAMIC VIGIL IN THIS STATE THE REDDISH LIGHT DISSIPATES.129.

dreaming is something one performs EG.18. JTI. 26 THE ACTIVE ELEMENT IS PERSISTENCE the active element of such training (being aware of your dreams) is persistence. consisted of a deadly game that one's mind played with itself.the mind's barrier's fall.practice is what counts. setting up dreaming... 150. YOU MUST CONVINCE YOURSELF YOU ARE A DREAMER/ WHICH DEVELOPS INTO UNBENDING INTENT/PERSISTENCE CONVINCE YOURSELF YOU ARE A DREAMER . without a single thought.if there is a deep preoccupation in our life. (preoccupation means that all your energy sources are taken on) TAOD. FFW. TAOD. TAOD.Dreaming requires every bit of our available get an unquestionable bodily knowledge that you are a dreamer. Unbending intent leads to internal silence. which DJ had called stopping the internal dialogue or the not-doing of talking to oneself. discipline and purpose. TAOD.289 . 2. it requires imagination. Every one of us is different. Sooner or later.... TOP...every dreamer is different.once you get your attention on the images of your dream.26 it starts with an initial act... put your silent determination. melancholy...the emergence of our dreaming attention is a direct corollary of revamping our lives. The only thing we all have in common is that we play tricks in order to force ourselves to abandon the quest..199 .25... but that redefining is valid only to have the necessary energy to set up dreaming.... there is no possibility of dreaming. and that the mind and all its rational defenses cannot cope with persistence.. 37..36.The redeployment of energy is necessary to do dreaming to start dreaming sorcerers need to redefine their premises and save their energy.. SRP. TAOD. and that some part of myself was going to do everything it could to prevent the fulfillment of my task. Each way is different.98. EG..129.. plunging me into a loss of meaning... That could include.. into convincing yourself that you have reached your energy body and that you are a dreamer....Intending the first gate of dreaming was one of the means discovered by the sorcereres of antiquity for reaching the second attention and the energy body.. or even suicidal depression... We are not the same.under its impact and the dreaming attention blooms.what you call pointers would only be what I did myself did when I was learning. TOP.135.the act of convincing yourself you are indeed a dreamer. and internal silence to the inner strength needed to make the AP shift in dreams to suitable purpose..doing this will automatically put you in the position to be aware that you are falling asleep TAOD.. The countermeasure is to persist in spite of all the barriers and disappointments..17. Every warrior has his own way of dreaming.the energy needed to release our dreaming attention from its socialization prision comes from redeploying our existing energy .. which by the fact of being sustained breeds unbending intent.You feel that you are a dreamer with all cells of your body.241. although you have never dreamt before. we aren't even vaguely alike.182 . and the act of being convinced. your attention is hooked for good. EG.. We thought that the essential aid to dreaming was a state of mental quietness.181.

.dreaming is as serious as seeing or dying or any other thing in this awesome. providing that I could be aware of the sequence of physical events. orange-red...what we badly need is sobriety. Colors such as purple or light green or rich yellow are. A DREAMER MUST START FROM A POINT OF COLOR DREAMERS MUST START FROM A POINT OF COLOR A dreamer must start from a point of color: intense light or unmitigated darkness are useless to a dreamer in the initial onslaught.251. Our dreaming attention must be systematically exercised. She assured me that once I had succeeded in entering into the orange-red color I would have rallied my second attention permanently. DREAMING MUST BE DONE WITH SOBRIETY DREAMING MUST BE SOBER Dreaming has to be a very sober affair. TAOD 21. In our normal state of awareness. DREAMING SHOULD BE TAUGHT WHILE IN NORMAL AWARENESS BECAUSE IT IS SAFER DREAMING SHOULD BE TAUGHT WHILE IN NORMAL AWARENESS Dreaming must be taught while warriors are in their normal state of awareness. however.3. on the other hand. FFW. for it is the door to the second attention. Dreaming is a process of awakening..28. stupendous starting points.192 5.22. of gaining control. but in the midst of laughter and with the confidence of someone who doesn't have a worry in the world. and no one can give it to us or help us get it except ourselves. it makes dreamers vulnerable because it leaves them at the mercy of the incomprehensible force of alignment. we have countless defenses that can safeguard us against the force of unused emanations that suddenly become aligned in dreaming. because through experience it had proven to be the one that gave her the greatest sensation of rest... FFW. JTI. mysterious world.. as our ordinary dreams are chaotic. the shift of the AP is chaotic. TAOD. EG. . because dreaming is so dangerous and dreamers so vulnerable.. 4. She preferred. No false movement can be afforded. It is dangerous because it has inconceivable power. Without it.98.200.Dreaming has to be performed with integrity and seriousness.

or sucked in from within by the dreamer. EG. doemant.. and that they gave a warrior an inkling of incredible possibilities of actions.. Then the sensation of being bundled takes place and automatically the second attention takes over. First. aware of everything. NOT-DOING AND RECAPITULATION Three techniques to help dreaming: disrupting the routines of life. making believe that the important problem was not doing. 8. the gait of power and notdoing were avenues for learning new ways of perceiving the world..he had driven my attention away. THE GAIT OF POWER. 7. from the moment that the body learns to make a dent. secure..6. suspended without tactile sense and at the same time fully awake.254. the center of assembling for the second attention has to be made accessible by being pushed in from the outside by someone else. and not-doing. Second in order to dislodge the first attention. the gait of power.. it is easier to enter into dreaming. TO DO DREAMING ONE NEEDS TO MANIPULATE BOTH THE LUMINOUS AND PHYSICAL BODIES BOTH THE PHYSICAL BODY AND THE LUMINOUS BODY NEEDS TO BE MANIPULATED To do dreaming one needs to manipulate both the luminous body and the physical body. DJ's idea was that the knowledge of a .254. have to be stimulated and placed as close to one another as possible until they seem to join. WE MUST FOCUS ON DREAM ITEMS THE SAME WAY WE DO IN EVERYDAY LIFE In dreaming one has to use the same mechanisms of attention as in everyday life. TECHNIQUES TO HELP DREAMING: DISRUPTING ROUTINES THE GAIT OF POWER. that our first attention had been taught to focus on the items of the world with great force in order to turn the amphorous and chaotic realm of perception into the orderly world of awareness.139. EG. EG. NOT-DOING AND RECAPITULATION TECHNIQUES TO HELP DREAMING: DISRUPTING ROUTINES. a sensation that my body had instantly learned to reproduce. he explained that disrupting routines. I had acquired a strange impulse. then the luminous shell changes back to its original shape. It was a mixture of feeling at ease. WE MUST FOCUS ON DREAM ITEMS THE SAME WAY WE DO IN EVERYDAY LIFE IN DREAMING. the centers of the physical body located in the midsection and the calves. ordinarily the dent is created on the spur of the moment by the dreamer when it is needed.242. especially the right one. TOP.259. IN DREAMING. EG.

EG. sorcerers.80.. EG. and not their physical prescence. we get more and more airborne. fears etc... or better yet. he said that since one has to do dreaming within a social milieu.she said it was where she did her meditation. His reason for favoring those hours was because. Only locally. TOP. It is at those times that the first attention around us is dormant. TSC. 147. deserted place. . it is best to do it in total darkness. hopes. TAOD. in the sandy areas of water holes. never on the flat floor of a valley. one has to seek the best possible of conditionds of solitude and lack of interference. WHERE TO DO DREAMING? INDOORS if dreaming is going to be done indoors. binding emotions.she called it dreaming..seperate and pragmatic world of dreaming was made possible through the use of those three techniques. WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO DO DREAMING? EARLY MORNING OR LATE NIGHT BECAUSE OF INTERFERENCE BY PEOPLE DJ had told us that the late night or the early morning hours were by far the best. for even if one were alone in an isolated. EG. the interference of our fellow man is prevalent because the fixation of their first attention cannot be shut off. For DJ it was meaningless to retreat from the world and hide. while sitting down inside a coffinlike crib. in contrast.242 .Recapitulation and dreaming go hand in hand..148.. while lying down or sitting up on a narrow bed. can one avert part of that fixation for a short period of time.249. Along the wall opposite the door was a raised platform covered with straw mats. because of their recapitulation. OUTDOORS Outdoors.. are relatively free from heavy. at the hours when most people are asleep.138. or the sea. or next to rivers..249..79. because flat areas were antithetical to the second attention. The interference he was referring to had to do with the attention of people. or sitting against a rock in the mountains. dreaming should be done in the protection of a cave. or lakes. As we regurgitate our lives.the reason average people lack volition in their dreams is that they never recapitulated and their lives are filled to capacity with heavily loaded emotions like memories.

EG. He said that what one experiences in dreaming has to be congruous with the time of day when dreaming was taking place. he pointed out that. he added that if I were to enter into dreaming in that sitting position. as it may do once the attention is on dreaming. EG.138. at the top of the belly. my body would not slide or fall to either side. If I were dreaming at night. He called that energy will. or the power to select.136. otherwise the visions one might have were not dreaming but ordinary dreams. PROTECTING THE BELLY BUTTON TO HELP HOLD OUR IMAGES . He said that the attention needed for dreaming stems from that area. EG.138. to assemble. but my trunk would bend forward and my forehead would rest on my feet. JTI. The energy needed in order to move and seek in dreaming stems from the area an inch or two below the belly button.. WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO ENTER DREAMING? PLACE ATTENTION ON YOUR WILL AT THE TIP OF THE STERNUM AT THE TOP OF THE BELLY The best way to enter into dreaming was to concentrate on the area just at the tip of the sternum. with the soles of my feet placed together and my thighs touching the mat. WHAT ARE THE POSITIONS OF DREAMING? FOR A WOMAN that the best position for a woman to start from is to sit with her legs crossed and then let the body fall. until one day when DJ told me that for the best results I should sit up on a soft thin mat.152. aiming at having my thighs completely flat against the mat.I had done it while lying on my back. In a woman both the attention and the energy for dreaming originate from the womb. my visions of the locale should be of nighttime.TRY DREAMING AS A NAP DURING THE DAYTIME TO TEST CONTROL he suggested that I should try dreaming while I took a nap during the daytime and find out if I could actually visualize the chosen place as it was at the time I was dreaming. since I had elastic hip joints. LEGS IN A GROIN STRETCH SITTING UP In the beginning. I should exercise them to the fullest.

Falling asleep at the moment of total silence guarantees a perfect entrance into dreaming.the use of using the reservoir of attention located behind the roof of our mouths...use of skin. such as watching the flight of birds. The procedure consisited of pressing at least three items between the fingers of each hand and creating. . thoughtless.. or I could hold onto that control and remain passive.. after getting into a state of total inner silence. In that state I could either let go of some control I had and enter into dreaming.the use of energy exchange..this has the strange property of shutting off the internal dialogue. You could wear your hat or put on a cowl.crystals are best. .. and go to sleep. OTHER THINGS USED IN DREAMING (use of ring on finger. therefore it has to be protected. Dreaming easier when one wears a power object on top of the head.187 from doing dreaming I had learned to enter into a state of total quietness. getting a headband is a tricky maneuver.46.... Or it may very well be like a tight cap. and without desires. (ex. I cannot give you one.put between your fingers some two-or-three inch-long crystals or a couple of smooth.144. thin river pebbles. WEARING A HEADBAND DURING DREAMING You must wear a headband to sleep.132. Bend your fingers slightly and press the crystals or pebbles with them.. JTI. with her I had to slip gently into dreaming. the movement of water..although with practice anything was suitable. the headband has to be made according to the specific vision... We need a little warmth or a feeling that something is pressing the belly button in order to hold the images in our dreams.TAOD...and it also guarantees the enhancing of one's dreaming attention. skin automatically screens energy..the vision of the headband did not have to occur only in dreaming but could happen in states of wakefulness and as a result of any far-fetched and totally unrelated event. an almost painful pressure in the hands.. I was able to turn off my internal dialogue and remain as if I were inside a cocoon peeking out of a hole.. the first thing you have to do is shut off your internal dialogue. SRP. TAOD. And it must have a strip across it that fits tightly on top of the head..94.93.In dreaming we pay attention with the belly button. . but you cannot make one until you have had a vision of it in dreaming.. metal pins (are effective also) if they were the size and width of ones fingers. like a friar. because you yourself have to make it from scratch.145.. SRP. the clouds and so on.. EG. TAOD. USING CRYSTALS/PEBBLES TO HELP TURN OFF THE INTERNAL DIALOGUE FOR PERFECT DREAMING For perfect dreaming.94) SETTING UP DREAMING .. but those items would only cause intense dreams not dreaming. pebble belt for the bb).

You don't have to look at your hands. or your belly or your pecker for that matter..don't let the dream slip into something else. comparable to the control one has over any choice in the desert... WE PRACTICE SUSTAINING IMAGES BY FIRST LOOKING FOR OUR HANDS OR ANY IMAGE IN OUR DREAM . (the idea is to be able to engage your dreaming attention like looking for a specific object like your hands in the dream) TAOD.. JTI. pick anything at all.. In other words if he is not capable of not talking to himself for a moment and then holds the image or the thought of what he wants in dreaming. JTI. ...JTI.18. look at whatever you goddamn please-your toes. it had become evident to me that I had succeeded only after I had gained a degree of control over the world of my everyday life.everytime you look at anything in your dreams it changes shape. SUSTAIN THE IMAGE OF SOMETHING IN YOUR DREAM SUSTAIN THE IMAGE IN YOUR DREAM .. But pick one thing in advance and find it in your dreams.21 .100.21 had to deliberately dream that one was looking for and could find one's hands in a dream by simply dreaming that one lifted one's hands to the levels of the eyes. even if only for an instant. JTI..16 LOOKING AT OBJECTS IN THE DREAM SHOULD BE DONE IN GLANCES/OR WE LOSE CONTROL .... I finally accomplished the task.description of looking for hands TOP.. To have a precise and practical command over the general situation of a dream TAOD....after years of unsuccessful attempts (to find his hands). of course. TOP.. Looking at it in retrospect. I've said.99 SELECTING WHAT YOU WANT TO DREAM ABOUT a warrior chooses the topic by deliberately holding an image in his mind while he shuts off his internal dialogue.16.17... TOP. I said your hands because they'll always be there. then the desired topic will come to him.CONTROLLING YOUR DREAM to set up dreaming meant to have a concise and pragmatic control over the general situation of a can.97.the trick in learning to set up dreaming is obviously not just to look at things but to sustain the sight of them.

.. I could arrange my perception. It takes a long time to perfect this technique... EG.change shape you must move your sight away from them and pick something else.. From the specific object you recall.112 The most serious problem the dreamer has in this respect is the unbending fixation of the second attention on detail that would be thoroughly undetected by the attention of everyday life. JTI. so in the beginning don't look at too many things. If they focus their dreaming attention on something specific.. one has to fight the inconcivable pull of the second attention and give only cursory glances at everything.after finding my hands he recommended that I should choose a locale...take quick. TRAVELING TO CERTAIN PLACES WHILE DREAMING TRAVELING TO CERTAIN PLACES OF YOUR OWN VOLITION The next step in setting up dreaming is to learn to travel. 112.. to go places.. After that. I could use the perceptual biases of my everyday life. or a park. ..52.go back to your starting point and start all over again. and then do daytime dreaming and find out if I could really go there. when you feel you can gaze at things indefinitely you will be ready for a new technique.30. in order to do two things..this technique is very difficult. if not completely familiar.. it is easier to travel in dreaming when one can focus on a place of power. . TAOD. He suggested that I should place someone I knew at the site. What one seeks in dreaming is not what one would pay attention to in everyday life. 30.142. JTI. You must perform two tasks. As soon as one focuses on anything. will yourself to go there.152..31 Remember that if you glance only briefly. just as we do in our daily world... Every time you isolate it (starting point item) and look at it. you have to learn to control the exact time of your traveling. If I took my dreaming for granted.when they (object in dreams).142..JTI.One only strives to immobilize the second attention only in the learning period.I realized that if I did not stare at things but only glanced at them. creating in this manner a nearly insurmountable obstacle to validation.. it is only as a point of departure. and then look at your hands again.. first to check subtle changes that might indicate that I was there in dreaming and second to isolate unobtrusive detail.. you must go back to your hands and then to another object and so on. the images don't shift. preferably a woman.153. TAOD. a friend's house-then.. focus my attention on it. one loses control.. every time you look at your hands you renew the power needed for dreaming. EG.. EG. EG. so the beginning don't look at too many things in your dreams. Pick a well-known spot-perhaps your scholl. focus your attention on any object there and find it in dreaming. In dreaming one has to be satisfied with the briefest possible views of everything. controllable.. JTI. Four items will suffice. You must will yourself to go to the specific locale. In order to help yourself you should pick a specific object that belongs to the place you want to go and focus your attention on it. JTI. After a few moments the scenery became. when you have mastered that technique. the same way you have learned to look at your hands you can will yourself to move.. From there. which would be precisely what my second attention would zero in on.. returning to the point of departure as many times as possible. deliberate glances at everything present in a dream. dreamers move on to look at other items in the dream's soon as the images begin to shift. First you have to establish a place you want to go to.. and then. 2. . you get a surge of energy. TAOD.

.. JTI. a division of sorts in the otherwise unified personality.. an identical being as oneself.41. ordinary dreams get very vivid as soon as you begin to set up dreaming.. there are no defintie standard steps for teaching that double. SRP..was the other self. but made in dreaming.TAOD. SRP.. as there are no steps for us to reach our daily awareness. The final stage was drawing the attention of the nagual to focus on the total self... then the exercise of paying attention was elongated to finding which one is looking at oneself sleeping in bed. one at a time... From there the jump was to dreaming about specific places at specific times of the day.112..3.he turns on his heels and engages himself in activity.. (dreaming) SRP. the result..that vividness and clarity is a formidable barrier . such as buildings.243.243 VIVIDNESS AND DETAILS ARE UNIMPORTANT IN DREAMING He said that to follow them (details of the dream) was a waste of time. GATES OF DREAMING THERE ARE SEVEN GATES OF DREAMING There are seven gates. looking for specific features.112.and dreamers have to open all seven of them. because details and vividness were in no way important. as if he were in the world of everyday life. streets and so on.he contended that in the act of engaging our attention of the nagual we would find the steps. JTI. GETTING THE DOUBLE TO FOCUS ON ITSELF/SEEING ONESELF IN BED/DREAMING THE DOUBLE DREAMING THE DOUBLE Finding my hands in my dreams was the first pointer.243. .Don't indulge) don't cling to things or situations.. ..this final stage was usually ushered in by a dream. from that moment on there is a breakage. We simply do it by practising.22 (these are entrances into the energy flow of the universe) TWO PHASES AT EACH GATE ... DON'T INDULGE IN YOUR DREAMING (During the dream. By the time a sorcerer has had such a dream. There are no procedures to arrive at the attention of the nagual. TAOD. he urged me to practice dreaming without letting my fears make it into an encumbering production. his attention has been developed to such a degree that instead of walking himself up.

this tunnel opens up. Most people do not perceive this subtle state..27.22 . is the door into the . .111... TAOD 35 To ask a dreamer to find a determined item in his dreams is a subterfuge. and three.waking up in another dream or changing dreams is the drill devised by the old sorcerers to exercise a dreamer's capacity to isolate and follow a scout. into convincing yourself that you have reached your energy body and that you are a dreamer.A sensation like a pleasant heaviness that doesn't let us open our eyes.142 FIRST GATE OF DREAMING: BEING AWARE WHEN YOU ARE FALLING ASLEEP AND DURING DREAMING In essence.31 to maintain (the gain of reaching the first gate) is predicated on energy alone...a threshold we must cross by becoming aware of a particular sensation before deep sleep... At that instant.144.the real issue is to become aware that one is falling asleep.22 . a tunnel streches down deep into consciousness.. dreamers find out.26 Once we reach the gate... by following the scouts.. without a single do this.the second gate is reached and crossed only when a dreamer learns to isolate and follow the energy scouts. in that universe. Let your energy body do it. dreamers find out about scouts.there are two phases to each of the gates of dreaming.. they enter into another veritable universe.. put your silent determination. His subterfuge (trick) was to say that the only way to be aware of falling asleep is to examine the element's of one's dreams.. on their own.the art of the dreamer is to hold the image of his dreams. TAOD. TAOD. EE. just intends to become aware of falling asleep. TAOD. they also reach the energy body. indeed. We reach that gate the instant we become aware that we're falling asleep. SRP..M.. when you are neither awake nor asleep....powerful and aggressive TAOD. TAOD.. what don Juan wanted with my first task was to exercise my dreaming attention by focusing it on the items of my dreams. TAOD.. by means of their actions.. suspended in darkness and heaviness. TAOD. we must cross it by being able to sustain the sight of any items of our dreams. To this effect he used as a spearhead the idea of being aware of falling asleep...although it might seem that finding hands in a dream might be aimed at teaching me to command my dreams.the first is to arrive at the gate. the governing laws and regulations of that universe..107. two.108...77.between the last waking moment and the first sleeping moment.on reaching the first gate.the universe behind the second gate is the closest to our own. TAOD.110.this happens by sustaining the sight of whatever one is looking at in a dream.. you cannot be aware of it with your everyday mind.. TAOD..doing this will automatically put you in the position to be aware that you are falling asleep.27..... through practicing the drill of changing dreams..the goal of dreaming is to intend that your energy body becomes aware that you are falling asleep...32 SECOND GATE OF DREAMING rule of the second gate. Don't try to force yourself to be aware of falling asleep... TAOD. the second is to cross it...

the corporeality of the body has no significance. TAOD.the alternative is to use the items of the dreams to trigger another dream.. TAOD. TAOD. 44 . staring at someone else (yourself) who is asleep. this maneuver is really a very complex affair. the alignment of whatever emanations have been lit up by the movement of the AP. The energy body can now move like energy.Description of this. TAOD........42 THIRD GATE OF DREAMING (arriving at the gate).FFW..51.200.the last task of the third gate of deliberately draw energy from the inorganic being's realm in order to use awareness to go on a journey through the universe. move around once you've seen yourself asleep.141..the real task of the third gate.on crossing the second gate you must intend a greater and more sober control over your dreaming attention: the only safety valve for dreamers...151 (to cross the gate) . stalking the stalker. ..53. There must be irrational fluidity...the drill is essential.. to travel to concrete places out of this world.52. because intent is what maintains the dreamer's sobriety..143. EG. and three.185 THE FOURTH GATE OF DREAMING the energy body travels to specific concrete places and that there are three ways of using the fourth gate: one. to travel to concrete places in this world. seeing energy with your energy body.52..44. TAOD.. You were learning to . voice your intent to transfer normal awareness (of the daily world) to our energy bodies. TAOD.. (completing the energy body). in this complex that it not only requires sobriety but all the attributes of warriorship as well. To be successful the entire energy body must be engaged. two. .169. fast and directly.163 . It is simply a memory that slows down the dreamer.inorganic being's world.. TAOD.. to travel to places that exist only in the intent of others... actually see your body asleep.. TAOD. EG.. .142... to make the energy body move on its reached when you find yourself in a dream.what I meant is that one has to change dreams in an orderly and precise manner.while in the inorganic realm. especially intent.. 200.You reach the second gate of dreaming when you wake up from a dream into another dream. .. what is really going through the second gate .my mistake .50.. .that is to say that one is having a dream and then dream that one wakes up from it.. TAOD.(the safety valve is a perfect energy body (which is the goal of dreaming) it has such a control over the dreaming attention that it makes it stop when needed. to wake up at any dreaming position.40.. TAOD.. .. TAOD. .you begin to deliberately merge your dreaming reality with the reality of the daily world..hopping from dream to dream is the energy body.108.the energy body is ready to come out (ready to act).163 .

.79... I remained in a waking state. or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I had to be convinced that I needed to move.the dream in which one was watching oneself sleep. Then it took me years to teach myself to shift from my regular body. that is... EG. I could fly like a kite while I was awake.261) THE DOUBLE DREAMS THE SELF The self dreams the double. but that doesn't mean that the self is a sitting position. TOP.139...was the time of the double.54.257.get to your dreaming body when you dreamed that you got out of your body. The Naugal gave me the task of learning to fly in dreaming. EG.257.EG. MOVING WHILE DREAMING to place my awareness on the midpoint of my body. . (description of how to direct the dreaming body. EG. EG..No one knows how it happens. to my dreaming body.. and to sweep the floor with it.. . EG.141. Once it has learned to dream the double. that your double is dreaming you... in the same fashion that you dreamed him last night. you could have known then that you yourself are a dream. making a rocking motion with my belly as if a broom were attached to it.. in order for me to move I had to intend my moving at a very deep level. It was only a voice telling me what to do. Example of EG.. All I needed to shift into my dreaming body was to focus my attention on flying.258) ..140... whoever does ghost dreaming is marked by fate to have ghost helpers and allies.141..141.perhaps the ordinary dreams of the self are simple. the one you can touch. I had to be utterly convinced that I wanted to move. and the voice taught me how to do it.. TOP.. EG. in other words.78.. the self arrives at this weird cross road and a moment comes when one realizes that it is the double who dreams the self. The intent of flying produces the effect of flying. in order to shift into your dreaming body when awake you have to practice dreaming until it is coming out of your ears... she directed me to open my eyes while I was in a state of restful vigil.. EXPERIENCES WHILE DREAMING FLYING IN DREAMING DJ taught me on this earth and in dreaming someone I could never see taught me. EG. We only know that it does happen.. By shifting my attention to my dreaming body. none of us has has ever done ghost dreaming because we are not violent or destructive.. (experiences from this. EG. EG. TOP.260 GHOST DREAMING (dreaming about something that doesn't exist anymore)...139..67.143.

.DREAMING TOGETHER WITH OTHER PEOPLE a group of seers who activate the same unused emanations. What happens is that our human conditions makes us focus the glow of awareness automatically on the same emanations that other human beings are using. and then we draw the inferences ourselves. something in us takes the lead and suddenly we find ourselves sharing the same view with other dreamers. TAOD. very few see it or feel it. in our ordinary perception..the nagging voice you heard. dreamers reach a threshold of energy and begin to see things or to hear voices.65. It only tells us what's what. TAOD.. reminding you to fix your dreaming attention on the items of your dreams.66..the DE is a force (impersonal and constant TAOD. was the voice of an inorganic being... THE SAME POSITION OF THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT. a tingling outside myself was localized. but a singular voice.the voice can't lie TAOD. (it tells you things)... All of them are baffling to me.alien energy that purports to aid dreamers by telling them things... TAOD.64. there is no technique to follow.. EG. I've always felt it was a woman's voice. the more intense our experience of the emissary.. TAOD. What you hear as the voice of the dreaming emissary is equally their projection. while dreaming together..87. I knew my toes were ... and we also do it on the left side. We do that on our right side. was the voice of an inorganic being.59. cc. we adjust the position of our AP to fit the others around us. taod.everyone hears the emissary. EG.what you see in dreaming as bright or dark sticks are their projections.180 .59 is this a reference to the dreaming emmisary??? DESCRIPTION OF CC DREAMS None of the sensory experiences involved in dreaming are part of our normal inventory of sensory data.140.....249.. reminding you to fix your dreaming attention on the items of your dreams.. the same position of the assemblage point. Her voice was the woman's voice that la Gorda thought she heard in dreaming.we see it or hear it because we maintain our assemblage points fixed on a specific new position.the nagging voice you heard.. UNIFORMITY IS TO HOLD. Uniformity is to hold...77 DREAMING EMISSARY/THE VOICE OF DREAMING Upon crossing the first or second gate of dreaming. .. That was when some voice began to tell me what to do. it just happens. the more intense this fixation. FFW.It is an alien energy that has conciseness (abruptness) impersonal force that we turn into a very personal one because it has a voice. in unison. Not really plural voices... The sensation of an itch. IN UNISON.there are no known steps.201.anything I focus my intent on. the sensation of being rolled up on myself. in dreaming together.they can only tell what the sorcerers already know or should know.75) that comes from the realm of inorganic beings.It cannot be advice.

TAOD. Finally I gave up my resistance and was pulled into the deepest. (my dreams) . Yet. listening to the tune. and waking up from that world was like swimming up to reach the surface. but) whenever they happened a strange calmness always trailed behind.. Ths were examining alien energy for the first time in your life. I could feel the thick blackness around me.135 I was like a diver.259. TAOD. pulled me through the window to the outside. then glaring white.deep slumber. I was not totally asleep.71.. TAOD.39 . on a physical plane I was sitting down and my thighs were against my chest..118 . until I would lose control and would become immersed in ordinary predictable dreams.117.. At a given moment I would remember that I had to look at my hands and then at the surroundings.... TAOD.. would last a seemingly long time.. My mind was curious..some windlike force. POS.your energy body hooked onto the foreign energy of that place and had the time of its life.the more we walked.49 It had been relatively easy for me to learn to sustain the image of my hands after I had learned to command myself to look at them.. TAOD. It seemed as if I were entering into a state of dreaming-a complete and detailed dreaming scene appeared in front of my unusual itching on my solar plexus kept my breaths short and painful TAOD. TAOD.. I had begun to dream about specific places. the greater my sensation of visceral anxiety. a bodily sense.the only disturbance I had was a particular interference..115. a jolt of fear or discomfort. like a terribly strong neon light.touching my forehead. then orange.. it would just happen..117. I was actually sound asleep yet I was totally aware of myself through my second attention. but my body was dreaming practices always ended by my running out of dreaming attention and finally waking up or by my falling into a dark.( DJ says) . such as the school and the houses of a few friends.49 It seemed at that time that every breakthrough in dreaming happened to me suddenly without warning. POS. JTI. My feet began to hurt. EG.. POS.. EG. TAOD.. I experienced a fear and revulsion impossible to forget.we were in a reality beyond what I know to be real.. which I felt as a buzzing in my ears.. I could feel that things were absurdly hard.more real than a moment before... 50. JTI..I was so aware of everything. or to look at other items of the dreams. a calmness that took control of me and let me proceed as if I had no fear at all.112...111. It was rather.24.28 Watching those people in that dream. I remained half awake.the light in the dreamed changed. it was like a punch.. 25 I felt a sizable jolt of nervousness in the pit of my stomach (solar plexus). Images became sharper. I had no volition whatsoever over when I would give myself the command to look at my hands.. TAOD.116... that I tried to orient myself by reading signs and looking at people. My visions.116. I had an entirely physical feeling of wading through blackness... TAOD.when I could not recall having done it at all.... (after awakening) I was numb..110 . an immense fatigue had begun to make my eyes sore and itchy.45.solely visual TAOD.. then it suddenly became reddish. There were nights ..vivid dream..112.113.152 description of the greyish bugs of matter. blackest sleep I have ever had. . or to look at my hands.. although not always of my own hands. (the jolts continued.pulled me into another dream through a buzzing vortex. I knew that I was dreaming.108 I realized that seeing DJ was not a consequence of light on my retina.42 ..

119. something one performs.stalking is a procedure.. POS.53. POS.. an art applicable to everything..dreaming EG.289 ..... . ... POS.the systematic control of behavior.263.. behavior with people.264.94. EG.the ability to understand human behavior to perfection..Saber toothed tiger TAOD. FFW. POS.... POS... another world. EG. EG..the foundation on which everything else sorcerers did was built... 8.160..a specific kind of behavior with people. STALKING WHAT IS THE ART OF STALKING? THE CONTROL OF BEHAVIOR The control of behavior..94 ...80...172... bright light.also called the art of stealth or the art of controlled folly.188.14 .

..93.94. POS. And their AP shift in a mild. TAOD.. Normal human behavior in the world of everyday life was routine. deceptive behavior designed to deliver a jolt.stalking started from an observation the new seers made that when warriors steadily behaved in ways not customary to them.231. The art of stalking deals with the fixation of the assemblage point on any location to which it is displaced.. because it was cumulative ..188 THE FOUR FOUNDATIONS OF STALKING . That unusual effect was what sorcerers sought. Any behavior that broke from routine caused an unusual effect on our total being.a set of procedures and attitudes that enabled one to get the best out of any conceivable situation. POS.77 by continual practice they moved their AP move steadily. her power is so unique that she can not only transport herself but bring things with her. It is secretive.. the unused emanations inside their cocoons begin to glow... POS.a special behavior that follows certain principles. POS... developed the art of stalking. TSC.188 STALKING ALLOWS VERY SMALL SHIFTS OF THE AP PROTECTING THE WARRIOR FROM AN ABRUPT CHANGE INTO THE SECOND ATTENTION sorcerers in an effort to protect themselves from the overwhelming effect of silent knowledge..248 HOW DOES STALKING MOVE THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT? UNUSUAL BEHAVIOR PRODUCED A TREMOR IN THE AP..unusual behavior produced a tremor in the AP. 93. barely noticeable fashion. IT EVENTUALLY FORCED THE AP TO MOVE..FFW.. TAOD. FFW.69... TAOD.IF UNUSUAL BEHAVIOR IS PRACTICED SYSTEMATICALLY AND DIRECTED WISELY.... FFW..4 WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF STALKING? TO MOVE AND FIX THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT the purpose of stalking is to move the AP as steadily and safely as possible. The art of stalking deals with the fixation of the assemblage point on any location to which it is with the fixation of the assemblage point.. She stalks in dreams. harmonious.119 . thus giving sorcerers time and therefore the possibility of buttressing themselves.stalking moves the AP minutely but steadily.... it eventually forced the AP to move..204.if unusual behavior is practiced systematically and directed wisely.... furtive.. EG.69 Nelida is a great stalker.16.the art of using behavior in novel ways for specific purposes.

POS242..THEY ARE POSITIONS OF THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT The art of stalking is learning all the quirks of your disguise. its the sight of the older side of man. . 78.127)or self-importance (POS.154....79..286.ruthlessness the basic premise of sorcery. and to learn them so well no one will know you are disguised. 1.. leading up to the major issues of her life.162) but charming. every sorcerer's every action is deliberate in thought and realization..162).it is sobriety.....162.... and has the specific blend of the four foundations of stalking.every act performed by any sorcerer was by definition governed by these four principles.... IT IS THE SECOND POINT.. So. RUTHLESSNESS:THE PLACE OF NO PITY/THE SECOND POINT WHAT IS RUTHLESSNESS? THE BASIC PREMISE OF SORCERY . small things at first... .POS.these four bases are inextricably bound together.a total lack of pity. (POS.the antecedents of reason. POS. These four bases are positions of the AP and sorcerers cultivate them by intending is the second point. POS.158 THE OPPOSITE OF SELF-PITY . 80. ... POS. POS. He made her apply the principles of stalking to the things she did daily....247 YOU APPLY THESE FOUR PRINCIPLES TO THE THINGS YOU DO DAILY....142) (not harshness)(not cruelty.. ITS THE SIGHT OF THE OLDER SIDE OF MAN. EG.. LEADING UP TO THE MAJOR ISSUES OF YOUR LIFE . For that you need the four steps to learning it: POS..... the opposite of self pity (POS.204.THE ANTECEDENTS OF REASON. SMALL THINGS AT FIRST.81..

(not cruelty) but's a state of being. CUNNING. POS.. 2.. POS... 80.. POS. it has many aspects. 80. a state of superb indifference.. no fear or concern.called the place of no pity.. (NOT CRUELTY) BUT NICE cunning..193.. DESCRIPTION OF FEELING RUTHLESS I felt a sudden uncontrollable urge..79.81 . unguarded and showing no pity. not this position rationality and common sense become weak. TSC. a frightening lack of pity.CONTROLLED BY MY EYES a level of intent.. not resignation or patience..not kindness but a cold indifference. POS. It was as if something inside me had been turned off.. POS. SWEETNESS (NOT FOOLISHNESS) BUT LETHAL sweetness (not foolishness) but lethal.81 3.154.. the spirit let its presence by itself move the man's assemblage point to a specific posititon. 150.IT HAS MANY ASPECTS.not hatred or anger..... it was as if my body were disconnected from my brain. . 78. 78.128.173.... PATIENT (NOT NEGLIGANCE) BUT ACTIVE patient (not negligance) but active POS. POS.260.79.IT'S A STATE OF BEING.. making me indifferent and incapable of expressing my familiar emotions... POS.uncharacteristic coldness.controlled by my eyes. WHEN DO YOU EXPERIENCE RUTHLESSNESS? WHEN A WARRIOR WAS DISTRACTED AND SHOWING NO PITY the spirit chose a moment when the man was distracted.81 4.'s like a tool that adapts itself to many uses. A LEVEL OF INTENT.. 78..IT'S LIKE A TOOL THAT ADAPTS ITSELF TO MANY USES. (this is the moment when a person loses their sense of self) POS...

when you stalk yourself you jolt yourself...he stalks himself ruthlessly. SRP.120. a warrior never goes into battle without knowing what the surroundings are. WHY DO SORCERERS STALK THEMSELVES? SORCERERS STALK THEMSELVES IN ORDER TO BREAK THE POWER OF THEIR OBSESSIONS.POS.. using your own behavior in a ruthless cunning way.119 HOW DO STALKERS STALK THEMSELVES? FIGURE OUT YOUR ROUTINES UNTIL YOU KNOW ALL THE DOING OF YOUR WEAKNESSES AND THEN CHANGE THEM You figure out your routines until you know all the doing of your weaknesses and then you come upon them and pick them up like rabbits inside a cage. can stalk them now to doomsday and it won't make a bit of difference. WARRIORS STALK THEMSELVES The very first principle of stalking is that a warrior stalks himself.THE SEVEN PRINCIPLE'S OF THE ART OF STALKING 1.278.sorcerers stalk themselves in order to break the power of their obsessions. SRP.. sorcerers relieve it by stalking themselves..when the pressure of the sorcerers connecting link is too great. an impeccable stalker can turn anything into prey. ... BUT STALKING YOUR WEAKNESS IS NOT ENOUGH TO DROP THEM. SRP.201 ..119 A stalker stalks anything. cunningly.. EG..200. the nagual told me that we even can stalk our own weaknesses. POS. But stalking your weakness is not enough to drop them.YOU CAN STALK THEM NOW TO DOOMSDAY AND IT WON'T MAKE A BIT OF DIFFERENCE. SRP.93. WARRIORS CHOOSE THEIR BATTLEGROUND The first principle of the art of stalking is that warriors choose their battleground. patiently and sweetly.199.200.. 1. including himself. POS..

EG..POS.there are many ways of stalking oneself. The trick for me was to pull my personal power away from food to my warrior's purpose. ABANDON YOURSELF AND LET THE POWERS GUIDE US The fourth principle of the art of stalking is to relax. Then the combination of the poem and the silence delivers the jolt.. OCCUPY THEIR MINDS The fifth principle of the art of stalking is when faced with odds that cannot be dealt with.. RETREAT FOR A MOMENT.. EG. 4. as you read. to put your life on the line. ..for example poems.A STALKER MUST HAVE A PURPOSE TO REALLY CHANGE THEIR WEAKNESSES What a warrior really needs in order to be an impeccable stalker is to have a purpose.121 USE THE IDEA OF DEATH TO DELIVER THAT STALKING JOLT the best remedy for when a sorcerers awareness is bogged down with the weight of perceptual input is to use the idea of death to deliver that stalking jolt.202 LISTENING TO POEMS .. Anything would do. DISCARD EVERYTHING THAT IS UNNECESSARY The second principle of the art of stalking is to discard everything that is unnecessary. A warrior must be willing and ready to make his last stand here and now.280 5.. abandon yourself. Don't complicate things. for any battle is a battle for one's life. they let their minds meander. RELAX. A warrior's purpose is to enter into the other world. POS 120.281. SRP.119 2. fear nothing..282. The third principle of the art of stalking is applying all the concentration you have to decide whether or not to enter into battle. WHEN ODDS ARE BAD.. only then will the powers that guide us open the road and aid us. Everybody has enough personal power for something.201. EG.280. USE ALL YOUR CONCENTRATION TO DECIDE WHETHER OR NOT TO ENTER INTO BATTLE. They occupy their time with something else.. EG. I listen and I shut off my internal dialogue and let my inner silence gain momentum. aim at being simple. SRP. warriors retreat for a moment. But not in a helter-skelter way.278 3. EG..

SRP.291 because of this he was capable of avoiding or parrying conflicts. 7.291. STALKERS LEARN TO HAVE AN ENDLESS CAPACITY TO SURVIVE and the third is that stalkers learn to have an endless capacity to survive.291. Warriors aim at succeeding. In a battle for your life. Applying the seven principles brings about three results.291 3.6. a second is an eternity. WARRIORS COMPRESS TIME EVEN FOR AN INSTANT The sixth principle of the art of stalking is that warriors compress time. EG. SRP. The Naugal taught us to baffle people so they wouldn't notice us.EG. even an instant counts. STALKERS LEARN TO HAVE ENDLESS PATIENCE The second is that stalkers learn to have endless patience. SRP.290.they learned to be unnoticeable in the middle of all this. . the art of a sorcerer was to be inconspicuous even in the midst of people.291 1. they never fret. if they're not afraid of being a fool. The art of sorcerers is to be outside everything and be unnoticeable. EG. they can fool anyone.281. EG.180.. WARRIOR NEVER PUSHES HIMSELF TO THE FRONT The seventh principle of the art of stalking is that a stalker never pushes himself to the front. STALKERS LEARN TO NEVER TAKE THEMSELVES SERIOUSLY The first is that stalkers learn never to take themselves seriously. EG. EG. they learn to laugh at themselves. EG. Warriors don't waste an instant. therefore they compress time.93 RESULTS OF STALKING APPLYING THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES BRINGS ABOUT THREE RESULTS.291 2. Stalkers are never in a hurry. an eternity that may decide the outcome. In order to apply the seventh principle.216. he demanded that I concentrate totally on trying not to be obvious. EG. one has to apply the other six.

POS. it flowed . WOMEN ARE NATURAL STALKERS Women are natural stalkers.81 SOME TYPES OF STALKING STALKING WITH THE DOUBLE it wouldn't be wise to talk about it because stalking means doing. stalkers were able to create on the part of the onlooker as unchallengeable conviction as to what their eyes had perceived. POS.POS. they connive and invent and change things whether they are awake or in dreams...HOW DO STALKERS STALK? GENERAL STALKERS ALWAYS USE STRATEGY WHEN DOING ANYTHING Stalkers plan and act out their plans. when you were about to die of fright.. not talking about doing. features they knew the eyes of the onlooker were bound to notice (the human eye was trained to focus only on the most salient features of anything.. had to state their aim before attempting to achieve it. On that occassion your reason was at a loss as to how to handle the situation. Words were used by them as keys to open anything that was closed.. Props created artificial appearances that looked false to the eye. the stalkers created appearances by intending them.. It was your double that came to your rescue. Stalkers. so circumstances forced you to depend on the double.231.263. POS... so they had to word things carefully to conceal the main thrust (waking up intent).241 STALKER CREATES IMPRESSIONS The stalker's art was to create an impression by presenting the features they chose. therefore. TSC... But they could not reveal their true aim at the outset. rather than producing them with the aids of props. TSC.263.By artfully reinforcing certain impressions...228 The first night you slept in the tree house. and those salient features were known beforehand). USING WORDS AND SOUNDS TO OPEN ANYTHING THAT WAS CLOSED the sound and meaning of words were of supreme importance to stalkers.

TAOD. AND THE STALKER'S BREATH-TO BE ABOUT THE MOST IMPORTANT TASKS A WARRIOR CAN FULFILL her benefactor considered the three basic techniques of stalking-the crate.290. STALKING THE STALKER .77.. I call that stalking with the double.t. EG.breaking the boundries of the normal world and using awareness as an energetic element.FIXING YOUR AP INTO A NEW SPOT The old sorcerers called the entire act of acquiring uniformity and cohesion outside the normal world stalking perception. deliberately draw energy from the inorganic being's realm in order to use awareness to go on a journey through the universe. the list of events to be recapitulated.out of the gates that your fear had thrown wide open. THE LIST OF EVENTS TO BE RECAPITULATED. .DRAWING ENERGY FROM THE INORGANIC BEINGS WORLD Stalking the stalker..using awareness as an element of the environment bypasses the influence of the inorganic beings.. and the stalker's breath-to be about the most important tasks a warrior can fulfill. TSC. TAOD. even though no sorcerers knows what freedom really is.190 Stalking the stalker and ultimate stalking are probably the same thing SPECIFIC TECHNIQUES FOR STALKING THE THREE BASIC TECHNIQUES OF STALKING-THE CRATE.the last task of the third gate of dreaming.s.187 (Don Juan also calls this s. as ultimate stalking) TAOD.. STALKING PERCEPTION . ULTIMATE STALKING: SUSTAINING THE UNBENDING INTENT OF FREEDOM Ultimate stalking.181. WHAT IS THE MAIN BEHAVIORAL SITUATION THAT STALKERS WANT? Dealing with petty tyrants ... enter into another.185. is done by sustaining the unbending intent of freedom.228.. but it still uses their energy.

188 Petty tyrants forced seers to use the principles of stalking and. FFW.. someone who either holds the power of life and death over warriors or simply annoys them to distraction. HELPED SEERS TO MOVE THEIR AP . petty tyrant is a tormentor. FFW.FFW. dealing with petty tyrants helps seers to move their AP. we have to close the distance between us and those we do not like if we really want to grow spiritually. What restrains their self-importance is that they have understood that reality is an interpretation we make.. in doing so.However hard it may be. WHAT TURNS PEOPLE INTO PETTY TYRANTS WHAT TURNS HUMAN BEINGS INTO PETTY TYRANTS IS PRECISELY THE OBSESSIVE MANIPULATION OF THE KNOWN..and gradually you learn to master your mind. stalking needed an ideal setting. helped seers to move their AP.32. the fatal flaw is that average men take themselves too seriously.40.FFW.188.. their actions and feelings.. . FFW. for maximum effect.. are all important.WHAT IS A PETTY TYRANT? PETTY TYRANT IS A TORMENTOR.40 the mistake average men make in confronting petty tyrants is not to have a strategy to fall back on. EE.186.34 WHAT IS THE PURPOSE FOR THE SORCERER'S USE OF A PETTY TYRANT? PETTY TYRANTS FORCED SEERS TO USE THE PRINCIPLES OF STALKING AND. FFW. warriors.M..191 shifting the AP was the reason why the new seers placed such a high value on the interaction with petty tyrants. which means that you can transform antipathy into sympathy at will.stalking only moved the AP minimally. FFW.. SOMEONE WHO EITHER HOLDS THE POWER OF LIFE AND DEATH OVER WARRIORS OR SIMPLY ANNOYS THEM TO DISTRACTION... FFW. it needed petty tyrants in positions of great authority and power.126 TO DEAL WITH A PETTY TYRANT WE MUST BE FREE OF SELF-IMPORTANCE in dealing with petty tyrants.. IN DOING SO. what turns human beings into petty tyrants is precisely the obsessive manipulation of the known. as well as those of the petty tyrants. not only have a well thought out strategy but are free from self-importance.

. ONLY THE EAGLE IS REAL AND WHAT PEOPLE DO IS FOLLY...211 I didn't say (your acts are) worthless. they reached the incontestable conlusion that if seers can hold their own in facing petty tyrants.....IF SEERS CAN HOLD THEIR OWN IN FACING PETTY TYRANTS. THEY CAN CERTAINLY FACE THE UNKNOWN WITH IMPUNITY. FFW. they can certainly face the unknown with impunity... The perfect ingredient for the making of a superb seer is a petty tyrant with unlimited prerogatives.35.138.. Don Juans' relationship with CC where DJ tells CC how much he despises him but DJ used the relationship as a chance to develop his stalking skills. which is the only bridge between the folly of people and the finality of the Eagle's dictums... and then they can even stand the presence of the unknowable. EG.209. FFW. the one we cannot control and probably the most important one. there is no way for me to say that my acts are more .139 HOW DO STALKERS HANDLE THEMSELVES AFTER THEY HAVE MOVED THEIR ASSEMBLAGE POINT? With Controlled Folly WHAT IS CONTROLLED FOLLY? IT IS THE BASIS FOR STALKING controlled folly is the basis for stalking. Everything is equal and unimportant. EG. I said unimportant. POS. The two together give rise to controlled folly.34... by understanding the nature of man. example of stalking. AND THEN THEY CAN EVEN STAND THE PRESENCE OF THE is a rare opportunity for a warrior to be given a genuine chance to be impeccable in spite of his basic feelings. it is an outside element. DESCRIPTION OF HOW DON JUAN USED CC'S RELATIONSHIP AS A CHANCE TO DEVELOP HIS STALKING SKILLS EVEN THOUGH HE DESPISED CC. For example. that the Eagle is real and final and what people do is utter folly.. nothing can temper the spirit of a warrior as much as the challenge of dealing with impossible people in positions of power Only under those conditions can warriors acquire the sobriety and serenity to stand the pressure of the unknownable..

but they are only the acts of an actor.that would mean that nothing matters to you and you really don't care about anything or anybody.he had always given me his undivided attention during every moment I had spent with him.248 .. therefore all things are equal and by being equal they are unimportant. SR.78 .. even though we know that what we're doing is useless. .. artistic way of being seperated from everything while remaining an integral part of everything.77. SR.82.209.. from the most trivial acts to life and death situations. POS. SR. that you asked as if it would matter that I care..... EG...80.... SR. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE FOR CONTROLLED FOLLY? IT HELPS PEOPLE DEAL WITH THE EVERYDAY WORLD AND THE COMMANDS OF THE EAGLE The stalkers are the ones who take the brunt of the daily world. IT HELPS SORCERERS LOOK LIKE THEY CARE IN DAY TO DAY LIFE .every single time I act. or that one thing is more essential than another... not an outright deception but a sophisticated. because nothing matters.291.248 . EG. That is controlled folly.210. my acts are sincere..80.I practice my contolled folly with everyone..pretending so well no one could tell it from the real thing. certain things in your life matter to you because they're important. SR.. They are the buisness managers. that helps a sorcerer deal with themselves . and yet it wouldn't have mattered to me in the least if you had never asked.controlled deception or the art of pretending to be thoroughly immersed in the action at hand ..therefore you have to believe your acts are as important as you think they are.. That's a sorcerer's controlled folly. EG. when in reality nothing of what one does is important.. your acts are certainly important to you.86. to properly insist.important than yours.You think about your acts... I am happy that you finally asked me about my controlled folly after so many years.and with everybody and everything in the world of daily their state of expanded awareness and perception .. A warrior's greatest accomplishment in the first attention is stalking.. yet I have chosen to feel happy.79.. everything I do in regard to myself and my fellow men is folly.True I don't. but we must know first that our acts are useless and yet we must proceed as if we didn't know it. things matter to you. a warrior's only way of dealing with the social milieu is in terms of controlled folly.. the ones who deal with people. in the absence of self-importance. it means that warriors apply the seven basic principles of the art of stalking to whatever they do.POS.. but for me not a single thing is important any longer. SR.. neither my acts nor the acts of any of my fellow men. Nothing! SR. as if I cared..SO CONTROLLED FOLLY MEANS TO ACT AS IF YOUR ACTS ARE IMPORTANT WHEN YOU KNOW THEY ARE NOT It's possible to insist.

.controlled folly doesn't mean to con people. a man of knowledge chooses any act.. I interpreted what he said as meaning that crying was inferior to laughter. he asserted that there was no intrinsic difference and that both were unimportant. nor by thinking about what he will think when he has finished acting. he knows. because he sees. he knows that his life will be over altogether too soon. EG.. and yet he knows that it doesn't. One must always choose the path with heart in order to be at one's best. for good or bad. For me nothing matters but perhaps for you everything will.291 They were consumate artists in bending people to their wishes... one has to be capable of laughing at oneself. whether his acts were good or bad. he will be rightfully true at that too. no family. and acts it out as if it mattered to him. you should know by now that a man of knowledge lives by acting. in other words. except that the folly of his life is under control. or worked or didn't. In order to practice controlled folly.85. BUT DOES CONTOL FOLLY MEAN WARRIOR'S ACTS ARE INSINCERE? IT DOESN'T MEAN TO CON PEOPLE . he knows that he. and behave as if to be impassive really matters to him. is in no way part of his concern. and I insisted that our . is not going any where. His controlled folly makes him say that what he does matters and makes him act as if it did. no dignity. because laughter made his body feel better than crying. because that would also be his controlled folly.248. or at least perhaps an act that weakened us.but it also is controlled folly because it is useless.. EG. that nothing is more important than anything else. and then he looks and rejoices and laughs.84 WHY SOMEONE CAN LAUGH INSTEAD OF CRY UNDER CONTROLLED FOLLY I am happy because I choose to look at things that make me happy and then my eyes catch their funny edge and I laugh. no country.. SR... as well as everybody else. Thus a man of knowledge endeavors and sweats and puffs and if one looks at him he is just like an ordinary man. perhaps so one can always laugh. it changes nothing and yet I still do it. A man of knowledge chooses a path with heart and follows it.. only life to be lived. so when he fulfills his acts he retreats in peace.DESCRIPTION OF HOW A MAN OF KNOWLEDGE ACTS UNDER CONTROLLED FOLLY l told you once that our lot as men is to learn. nothing being more important than anything else.he maintained that his preference did not mean they were remain totally impassive and never act. and under these circumstances his only tie to his fellow men is his controlled folly. SR. however. a man of knowledge has no honor.84.. since it is not a way to fool or chastise people or feel superior to them. EMOTIONS ARE STILL REAL UNDER CONTROLLED FOLLY My laughter as well as everything I do is real. and then he sees and knows.289.. not by thinking about acting. that his preference was laughter. SR.. A man of knowledge may choose. EG. no name.

SR. but it isn't that I choose to live.. I can only tell you that controlled folly is very much like seeing.. so how could I control my folly if I don't see through it?. not because it matters... and to laugh. SR.I cannot see through my ally and that makes it incomprehensible to me. it is something you cannot think about.SR. SR. because you're thinking about life.. The reason I say I choose is because I see.. RECAPITULATION WHAT IS THE RECAPITULATION? .91. SR.84. a man who knows that he'll never understand all that is around him.91. I am only a man who knows how to see and finds he is baffled by what he sees... CONTROLLED FOLLY OVER THE DEATH OF SOMEONE Description of how a man of knowledge exercises control folly over the death of a love one. one day they may simply disappear.86. just as you're thinking now what seeing would be like.84. My will controls the folly of my life.80... my will makes me go on living in spite of anything I may see. but then if nothing really matters. (see death) SR.. SR.90 WHY DOES A SORCERER GO ON LIVING IF NOTHING MATTERS? A SORCERER HAS HIS WILL I go on living though because I have my will.. because that choice is the bent of my nature.I choose to live.argument could be logically stretched to saying that if things are supposed to be equal why not also choose death. my controlled folly applies only to myself and to the acts I perform while in the company of my fellow men. many men of knowledge do that (choose death). THE ACTS WHICH ARE NEVER CONTROLLED FOLLY: MEETING WITH THE ALLY the only acts in the life of a man of knowledge which are not controlled folly are those he performs with his ally or with mescalito. my ally and Mescalito are not on a par with us human can I go on living? It would be simple to die. they choose to die because it doesn't matter to them. that's what you say and believe. because I have tempered my will throughout my life until it's neat and wholesome and now it doesn't matter to me that nothing matters..

. the energy spent in living is gone forever from us. TSC. you are pulling back all that you dispersed over twenty years and in thousands of places. TAOD.the world is a huge screen of memories. TSC.73. if we have no thoughts on what we are dealing with then it can become anything because we don't do anything to it..) as you grew up.TAOD. and this process begins with a breath..46 Theoretically. with the sweeping breath. normally. and only remember what you think is permissible to remember. She assured me that while recapitulating.xiii The intent of its end result.. and so you forgot you had seen them moving. TSC. going back to the earliest memories-then sweeping them clean. if certain assumptions are broken. EG. And because it was set up independently from us. You are retrieving filaments of your energy from your ethereal net that have become lost or entangled as a result of your daily living. In order to recuperate our strength and unity. stalkers. To recapitulate entails recalling all the people we have met. but even cancelled out. TSC. we have to release our energy trapped in the world and pull it back to us. we would never have the chance to renew ourselves.99.RECAPITULATION IS RELIVING THE TOTALITY OF ONE'S LIFE EXPERIENCES BY REMEMBERING EVERY POSSIBLE MINUTE LIFE DETAIL Recapitulation is reliving the totality of one's life experiences by remembering every possible minute detail of them.148 it consisted of recollecting one's life down to the most insignificant detail.. unless they are broken. it is an invaluable gift. By focusing on that interaction. we .. the essential factor in a dreamer's redefinition and redeployment of energy. was established by those seers of ancient times.. EG. EG.288.148 The purpose of the recapitulation is to break basic assumptions we have accepted throughout our lives. the power of remembering is not only held in check.46.. and without this liberated energy dreaming is not possible. your energy was harnessed by social restraints. They are conduits (energy fibers) that will bring back the energy that you've left behind.74. one by one. In order to live and interact we need energy. behaving and feeling by means of a traditional sorcery undertaking.. TSC.. we can't prevent the power of remembering from clouding our awareness.. but what happened to you just now is that your normal ability to remember was held in check for an instant and you saw my shadow move. TSC. Recapitulation sets free energy imprisoned within us.287.134. the recapitulation is the forte of stalkers as the dreaming body is the forte of dreamers. were it not for the recapitulation. which is total freedom. (so the whole purpose of meditation is to forget those memories that our upbringing told us about something.. all the places we have seen and all feelings we have had in our entire lives-starting from the present..287 WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF RECAPITULATION? RECAPITULATION IS THE ACT OF CALLING BACK THE ENERGY (ENERGY FIBERS) WE HAVE USED IN PAST SITUATIONS TO BE USED TO MOVE THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT She explained that the act of the recapitulation is the act of calling back the energy we have already spent in past actions. This is what you've been doing for the past few months with your recapitulation. TSC.46 This phase (initial stages of sorcery training for a stalker) involves the cleansing of one's habitual ways of thinking. Recapitulating our lives and sweeping our past with the sweeping breath work as a unit. TSC. have to remember every feeling that they have had in their lives. one which all neophytes need to perform called the recapitulation.

Therefore. TSC. which are projected out of the luminous mass.the people who first devised the recapitulation lived hundreds. every situation of interaction. EG. there is no possibility of handling controlled folly because those foreign filaments are the basis of one's limitless capacity for self-importance. of years ago. propelled by emotions of any sort. The function of this breathing is to restore energy. EG. THOSE FOREIGN FILAMENTS ARE THE BASIS FOR OUR SELF-IMPORTANCE Unless stalkers have gone through the preliminaries in order to retrieve the filaments they have left in the world. She stressed that recapitulation is a magical act in which intent and the breath play indispensible roles. isn't recapitulating a kind of psychotherapy?. Breathing gathers energy and makes it circulate... By breathing from right to left while remembering a feeling. EG. WHAT IS THE KEY TO THE RECAPITULATION? BREATHING IS THE KEY TO GATHERING UP LOST ENERGY The key element in recapitulation was breathing.98. HOW DOES BREATHING GET BACK THE LOST ENERGY? DESCRIPTION OF HOW ENERGY FILAMENTS ARE REJECTED OR GAINED The luminous body is constantly creating cobweblike filaments. if not thousands.176.. TSC. places and events we are examining.98. including your dreams.288. not at all.. TSC. .289 The cleansing breath you do while recapitulating will eventually allow you to remember everything you have ever done.47... so you shouldn't think of this ancient renewing process in terms of modern psychoanalysis.. stalkers. it is then guided by the preestablished intent of the recapitulation which is to free ourselves from our biological and social ties..extend those stretchy fibers of energy across space and time to the persons.or every situation where feelings are involved is potentially draining to the luminous body. The result is that we can return to every moment of our lives and act as if we were actually there.. TSC.. and particulary in order to reject those that others have left in them.289 HOW OLD IS THE RECAPITULATION? THE RECAPITULATION IS A VERY OLD TECHNIQUE Although.

the assemblage point... recapitulation is the key to moving the AP..245. 150 THE RECAPITULATION MOVES YOUR ASSEMBLAGE POINT MINUTELY BUT STEADILY (GOING FROM ITS PRESENT SITE TO THE SITE IT WAS AT WHEN THE RECAPITULATED EVENT TOOK PLACE) .149. (it induces) a minute but steady displacement of the assemblage point. THE RECAPITULATION DEVELOPS OUR CONTACT WITH DIRECT KNOWLEDGE . to eject the foreign energy left in them during the interaction being recapitulated and the inhalation to pull back the energy that they themselves left behind during the interaction.. Sorcerers start by thinking.96. life-giving act and used it. TAOD. I began forming new ones..139. while exhaling permits us to expel foreign.46.. TSC. if only for an instant. TAOD. with it stalkers eject filaments left in them by other luminous bodies involved in the event being collected. TSC. accordingly. past links. I still an crazy..... The proof of it is that I'm here and I can't tell if I'm awake or dreaming.241.. and during the past months of intensive recapitulating. although I was painfully aware of them. POS 134 The reason I'm talking to you now is because by means of it (recapitulation) you have stored enough energy to break certain physical boundaries. the exhalation. There were dozen of things. the next immediate breath is from left to right and it is an exhalation. pick up filaments they left behind. .(sorcerers of antiquity) breathing as a magical. TAOD. they have successfully shifted their AP to the precise spot it was when the event took place. as a magical vehicle.My normal inventory is pretty weird. under the impact of reviewing past actions and feelings. when they can do that.. EG.through the magic of breathing. TSC... In fact. a seemingly independent force immediately plunged me into a most detailed memory of some event in my life. (to Emilito for instance) TSC.289 She said that this is a mysterious way of breathing and the key to the recapitulation. As I broke off old. goes back and forth between its present site and the site it occupied when the event being recapitulated took place..149 WHAT ARE THE RESULTS FROM THE RECAPITULATION? YOU CAN REMEMBER MINUTE DETAILS OF YOUR LIFE VIVIDLY WITHOUT FEAR OF EMOTIONAL INVOLVEMENT I could remember the minutest details of my life experiences without fear of any coarse emotional involvement.. TSC. inconceivable things that are not part of your normal inventory. by remembering the most important acts in their lives.traumatic events that stood out.more than (an intellectual psychoanalysis).whenever I silenced my mind. From merely thinking about them they then move on to actually being at the site of the event. You have perceived. I'm beginning to see from recapitulating the past that I was crazy. undesirable energy that has accumulated in us through interacting with our fellow men. because inhaling allows to pull back energy that we lost. . many of them had become even more poignant and vivid.

. But they also assured us that by means of the recapitulation.EG.. EG. we can deliberately turn the seer into a force that is both terious and effective.290 .EG. if such a surrogate be a perfect replica. TSC. after recapitulating their lives.287. losing selfimportance. Since awareness is the Eagle's food. The reason why stalkers must recapitulate their lives in such a thorough manner is that the Eagle's gift to man includes its willingness to accept a surrogate instead of genuine awareness. a force that will eventually guide us to freedom instead of killing us.. TAOD.. by giving it range.228. IT MAKES YOU LOSE THE HUMAN FORM FASTER Her benefactor thought that a profound recapitulation is the most expedient means to lose the human form. . such as erasing personal history. This is the reason why I always insist that you tell me what you find out through your recapitulation.. BREATHING REPAIRS OUR ETHEREAL NET Breathing works on both the physical and ethereal levels.thus it is easier for stalkers. TSC.. the dissolving force then lets sorcerers go. TSC. IT PREPARES OUR PHYSICAL BODY FOR THE EMERGING OF THE DOUBLE Clara prepared your physical side by teaching you to recapitulate.. TSC. the Eagle can be satisfied with a perfect recapitulation in place of consciousness. TSC. that the Eagle had accepted her recapitulation in place of her awareness and had let her go free. breaking routines and so forth. to make use of all the not-doings of the self.. free to expand their capacity to perceive and reach with it the confines of time and space. Florinda said that Soledad had been inside a recapitulation crate for five years.290 TO MAKE A FACSCIMILE OF OUR AWARENESS FOR THE EAGLE (the purpose of the recapitulation is to make a facsimile of our life experience for the food of the Eagle). TSC.292.134.112. we can allow the seer to grow and unfold as it was meant to do. you must bring the seer to the surface and give it the chance to speak and tell what it sees..99. EG.100.having had what it seeks. Now I needed to use that energy (from recapitulating) to strengthen my bond with the abstract force called the spirit. it repairs any damage in the ethereal net and keeps it strong and pliant. 149.99. my job is to help solidify your double and then teach it stalking.the purpose of the recapitulation is to grant the seer the freedom to see... and loosened you gates with the sorcery passes.

TSC.For example. the fact that for an instant. HOW LONG DO YOU RECAPITULATE? IT IS SOMETHING THAT NEVER ENDS BUT THE FIRST TIME IN ABSOLUTE SOLITUDE IT SHOULD TAKE EIGHT MONTHS Weeks went by.240 if after a month... TSC... which is at the core of all human interaction. TSC. She told me to keep my back erect and to concentrate on my breathing until it was soft and rhythmic. when our breathing is even. just before we plunge into any act. it gives us a moment's pause in which we can choose to accept our usual behavior or to change it by intending it away. our minds are still. EG. your mind becomes restless.. IT KEEPS YOUR INNER BEING IN BALANCE the way to (keep the inner being) in balance is the unique exercise: the recapitulation. you don't notice any increase in energy. or any improvement in how you feel toward yourself or . IT ALLOWS US TO ASSESS A SITUATION IN AN INSTANT BECAUSE THE RECAPITULATION CAN LET US SEE OUR LIVES WITHOUT DELUSION SO THAT WE CAN CHOOSE TO ACCEPT OUR USUAL BEHAVIOR OR TO CHANGE IT BEFORE IT ENTRAPS US. it's best to begin by quieting your breathing.62..99. she assured me that a deep and complete recapitulation enables us to be aware of what we want to change by allowing us to see our lives without delusion.BREATHING CALMS OUR MIND THUS GAINING MORE ENERGY The mind is like these shadows. we are capable of accurately assessing its outcome. This knowledge is never to our convenience or satisfaction. the mind quivers like stirred leaves. TSC. If it is erratic. TSC. if your breath is agitated. like that of an infant. TSC..289. to quiet the mind. TSC. our chances.69. I spent all my time recapitulating and practicing kung fu. a good way to calm ourselves is to regulate our breathing. Most of my time was devoted to recapitulating. then months. IT MAKES YOU LAUGH One of the results of a detailed recapitulation is genuine laughter upon coming face to face with the boring repetition of one's self-esteem. TSC. Since emotions are directly linked to the breath.41.. Clara explained that the recapitulation reveals to us a crucial facet of our being. before it fully entraps us..71.157. motives and expectations.71. so we immediately suppress it. we can train ourselves to absorb more energy by deliberately elongating each breath we take.

no matter how well we've done it once TAOD. I couldn't concentrate on it..she had to fulfill the task of recapitulating and for that she needed quiet and solitude. WHAT DO YOU NEED WHILE RECAPITULATING OR NEED TO DO? TO DO THE RECAPITULATION ONLY OUR NEED OR DESIRE IS NEEDED Each person performing it has to add his or her own intent to it.287. TSC. I even began to be more objective about experiences I had always considered to be taboo. TSC. YOU NEED SILENCE AND SOLITUDE WHEN RECAPITULATING she had to remain hiding in his house for years. Surprisingly.148 After more than eight months of faithfully practicing the recapitulation. 147. I also felt stronger and more optimistic. But after awhile...toward life in general..the recapitulation of our lives never ends. or I would simply rest or daydream.95... My mind would wander from what I considered to be one traumatic event to the next.57.57. I became intrigued with the clarity and detail that my recollections were acquiring.. TSC.. during those long days I worked in absolute solitude and silence. for I dreaded dredging up the past. Every day you sit for hours alone in a cave recapitulating your life away. .131 REACHING A STANDSTILL IN THE RECAPITUALTION I knew that the demands of the self were really outrageous. .... I became so involved in my recapitulation task that I didn't need a whole month to prove its worth. EG.57.56 Armed with the list. recapitulating was painstaking work. I went to the cave everyday. TSC. TSC. it was as if energy were oozing back into my body causing my muscles to become warm and to bulge. At first. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO MAKE THE RECAPITULATION LIST? IT TAKES WEEKS OF BRAIN RACKING WORK TO COMPILE THE LIST IN ABSOLUTE SILENCE AND SOLITUDE it took weeks of brain racking work to compile the list. You need absolute solitude to concentrate on your recapitulation. TSC. you be free to go back home. I told her (Clara) what bothered me the most was that I seemed to have reached a standstill in my recapitulation.. TSC.116.58.172. That takes courage. Sometimes as I breathed. TSC.. I was able to do it all day long without fretting or becoming distracted. but that intent is merely the desire or need to do the recapitulation.98.TSC.

Early morning and late afternoon were the most propitious times to begin such a vast undertaking.. TSC. moroseness. WHEN AND WHERE DO YOU RECAPITULATE? EARLY MORNING.57. and from to her blows to. TSC. TSC.) I relished being outdoor.. TSC.91 I was tempted to explain away the entire event as a dream. (With my added energy. You're to wrap your stomach with it and tie one end of it to the stake I planted in the ground inside the cave.. After about three months of recapitulating in the afternoons. TSC.172. Everything was more vivid and pronounced. . I hope you're using it properly. they impede the circulation of energy. DO NOT WEAR SHOES WHILE RECAPITULATING Clara had advised me to never wear shoes while recapitulating because. copper-colored leaves..241.. Emilito changed my schedule(living in the trees).91. the time I set aside for this particual task. and less charged with the self-pity. A SASH IS NEEDED TO SUPPORT YOU DURING THE RECAPITULATION AND TO KEEP YOU FROM FALLING IF YOU FALL ASLEEP handing me a bunch of dry. That way. TSC. LATE AFTERNOON IN A CRATE. especially in the late afternoons.. TSC.240.. the sash supports us while we recapitulate. you won't fall over and bang your head if you doze off or in case your double decides to wake up.DON'T TALK TO YOURSELF DURING RECAPITULATION If you talk to yourself (during the recapitulation). by constricting the feet.. I had recapitulated before. A CAVE OR A TREE The caretaker had instructed me to go over the same events and people. TSC. these leaves and this sash will buffer you from the woman's onslaughts (Nelida). fear or regret that had characterized my previous recapitulation.. TSC.135. except this time I was to do it in the tree house.240.170. you can't breath correctly. I was able to remember infinitely more detail. for I often dozed off during my recapitulation. or the influence of being off the ground. put these over your navel and tie them with your recapitulation sash. TSC.131 DO NOT FALL ASLEEP DURING THE RECAPITULATION I warned you not to fall asleep during your recapitulation.. TSC.240.

it was a tool that would permit her to learn concentration. etc EG. EG.285. This was the reason for the crate. he had given her the crate as a tool and a symbol. and theoretically could extend to the moment of birth. until all of her life had passed in front of her eyes.287.. she would break the crate to symbolize that she no longer abided by the limitations of her person.284. Her benefactor told her that whenever she had finished her recapitulation..288. EG.which starts systematically at a point that could be the moment prior to the stalker sitting in the crate.... Second stage: a more detailed recollection. difficult but not impossible. And it was a symbol of the narrow boundries of our person. The list . stalkers use crates or earth coffins in order to seal themselves while they are reliving. EG. EG. EG. it's a necessary part of the recapitulation.288 HOW DO YOU RECAPITULATE? TWO STAGES OF RECAPITULATING: FIRST A BRIEF RECOUNTING OF ALL INCIDENTS IN OUR LIVES THAT STAND OUT FOR EXAMINATION. every moment of their lives. EG..288 I should begin making a list of all the people I had met. SECOND A MORE DETAILED RECOLLECTION WHICH STARTS SYSTEMATICALLY FROM THE MOMENT THE STALKER STARTS AND GOES THEORETICALLY UNTIL BIRTH First stage: a brief recounting of all the incidents in our lives that in an obvious manner stand out for examination. MAKING THE LIST OF THE PEOPLE AND EVENTS YOU WILL RECOLLECT Make a list of all people you had met in your life.288 Write down a list of the events to be relived.THE RECAPITULATION CRATE building of..287 WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE CRATE? THE PURPOSE OF THE CRATE IS TO REDUCE THE AREA OF STIMULATION AROUND THE BODY Recollecting was easy if one could reduce the area of stimulation around the body. then breathing would foster deeper and deeper memories. EG. schools.287. more than merely recollecting. EG. for she would have to sit there for years. he put her inside the crate daily for at least six hours. starting from the present and going back to my earliest memories. starting at the present Areas: jobs.

you can work backward. Go through the list without deviation.. from the moment you two met to the last time you interacted. or if you prefer.forms a matrix for the mind to hook on to. reliving every one of my interactions with them. TSC. (do not let your pettiness decide the events) TAOD... EG. TSC.117 RECAPITULATE DIFFERENT EVENTS OF YOUR LIFE WITHOUT ANY APPARENT ORDER.EG. GO THROUGH THE LIST WITHOUT DEVIATION Take the first person on your list and work your memory to recall everything you experienced with that person..288 .. all the promises I had ever made in my lifetime. the second is setting up the scene.47. that's why we must free those memories first. BE SILENT AND LET THE SPIRIT POINT THEM OUT Recapitulate different events of your life without any apparent order . TSC. She said that the important point is to re-experience the events and feelings in as much detail as possible and to touch them with the sweeping breath.150 I asked her if the order in which one recollects the past matters. For unless I deliberately retrieved my intent from them.288 RECALLING EVENTS ON THE LIST: TAKE THE FIRST EVENT ON THE LIST AND REMAIN WITH IT UNTIL ALL THE FEELINGS EXPENDED HAVE BEEN RECOUNTED The stalker then takes the event at the top of the list and remains with it until all the feelings expended in it have been recounted. from the first person on the list. especially the ones made in haste or ignorance or faulty judegement. from the last time you had dealings with that person to your first encounter.. that's where the bulk of our energy is caught.. She said that the initial stage of the recapitulation consists of two things.. thereby releasing one's trapped energy. it would never rise freely to be expressed in the present. TSC. RECAPITULATE ALL THE PROMISES EVER MADE IN YOUR LIFE She advised me to review. The first is the list. during the silent and then get to the event the spirit points out. WE SHOULD START THE RECAPITULATION FOCUSING OUR ATTENTION ON OUR PAST SEXUAL ACTIVITY Clara explained that we must start the recapitulation by first focusing our attention on our past sexual activity.51 RECALLING THE PEOPLE ON THE LIST: TAKE THE FIRST PERSON ON THE LIST AND WORK YOUR MEMORY TO RECALL EVERYTHING YOU EXPERIENCED WITH THAT PERSON EITHER BACKWARDS OR FORWARDS.

Each of the matchsticks represented the husk of the person whose name had been written on the dry leaf that had been disintegrated by that particular match.240. and going to oneself. then erase it with my hand after I had breathed in the memories associated with that person. piece by piece.As I glazed at the flames consuming each leaf. would put it in a special basket he always used for that purpose. handling the bag with a pair of tongs. Once you have all the elements in place. Your body will tell you when you've had enough. THE HEAD GOES BACK TO A RELAXED POSITION AND EXHALES LOOKING STRAIGHT AHEAD The procedure starts with an initial breath. to the examination of one's feelings. ONCE ALL THE ELEMENTS ARE IN PLACE USE THE SWEEPING BREATH AND BREATH IN THE SCENE Arranging means reconstructing the event. the movement of your head is like a fan that stirs everything in that scene..148 And setting up the scene consists of visualizing all the details pertinent to the events that one is going to recall.. TSC. starting by recollecting the physical details of the surroundings . Stalkers begin with their chin on the right shoulder and slowly inhale as they move their head over a hundred and eighty degree arc.. use the sweeping breath. then going to the person with whom one shared the interaction. THEN GO TO THE PERSON YOUR INTERACTING WITH AND THEN TO YOURSELF EXAMINING YOUR OWN FEELINGS. ... When the urn was full. I was to empty it from the top of the tree...had me write the names of people on dry leaves and then light a match to them after I had finished breathing in everything I had recollected about them. RECONSTRUCTING THE EVENTS/SETTING THE SCENE: START BY REMEMBERING THE PHYSICAL DETAILS OF THE SURROUNDING... TAOD.WRITING NAMES OF PEOPLE YOU ARE RECAPITULATING Clara had asked me to write on the ground the names of each person I had encountered in my life. TSC. Emilito . And don't stop until you have absorbed every last bit of energy you left behind.. was the final act in the process of breaking the ties with the world.241. letting the wind scatter the ashes in all directions.240. TSC.50. He instructed me to put the ashes from the leaves into a metal urn and the used matches into a paper sack. the ceiling. If you're remembering a room. he was careful never to touch the matches or the bag. I was to draw in the energy of the fire with my eyes. I was instructed to lower the pile of burnt matches in a paper bag on a seperate rope and Emilito. the people you see. for example breathe in the walls. the furniture.. disposing of the matches.. TSC. Description of the box. always being careful not to inhale the smoke. DOING THE SWEEPING BREATH/FANNING THE EVENT START WITH AN INITIAL BREATH WITH THEIR CHIN ON THEIR RIGHT SHOULDER AND SLOWLY INHALE AS THEY MOVE THEIR HEAD TO THEIR LEFT SHOULDER..240. TSC.

I moved my head repeatedly. And don't just turn your head with your neck muscles. and to intend to exhale the extraneous energy into you by others. TSC. intend to inhale energy that you left in the scene you're recapitulating. . TSC. EG. moving their heads from the right shoulder to the left. EG. That's more like it. when exhaling. they inhale slowly. doing one sweeping breath after the other until all my emotional turmoil was released.148 INHALE THROUGH THE NOSE AS YOU TURN YOUR HEAD TO THE LEFT AND EXHALE AS YOU TURN IT TO THE RIGHT..288 FANNING THE EVENT: LONG INHALATIONS LEFT TO RIGHT AND LONG EXHALATIONS FROM RIGHT TO LEFT This is coupled with a natural. I was to turn my head to the left and right in a single movement without breathing.50. They exhale looking straight ahead. EG.. the head goes back to a relaxed position.long exhalations are performed as the head moves gently and slowly from right to left. ( called fanning the event) TAOD.97. Guide it with the invisible energy lines from your midsection. THEN TURN YOUR HEAD TO THE LEFT AND TO THE RIGHT IN A SINGLE MOVEMENT WITHOUT BREATHING She firmly took my chin in her hands and instructed me to inhale through the nose as she turned my head to the left and then exhale as she turned it to the right. I exhaled all the embarassment and self-pity that had enveloped me.132 WHEN YOU WANT TO BREAK WITH THAT MOMENT DO THE SWEEPING MOTION BUT WITH NO BREATH Then I moved my head from right to left and back again without breathing. rhythmical breathing. thereby severing all ties with particular moment of my past. and long inhalations are taken as the head moves back from left to right. TSC. Enticing those lines to come out is one of the accomplishments of the recapitulation.288 The breath terminates on the left shoulder.288 Once the inhalations ends.288 As stalkers remember the feelings they invested in whatever it is that they are remembering.46 AS YOU INHALE THE SCENE.Remember. throw out all the thoughts and feelings you are reviewing.EG. YOU INHALE LOST ENERGY AND WHEN YOU EXHALE YOU LOSE THE EXTRANEOUS FOREIGN ENERGY I moved my head from right to left. TSC. Next.97. breathing in the energy that was still hopelessly caught in the exhibition hall. TSC. As I brought my head back to the right again.

.47. he suggested I synchronize the rhythm of my breathing with the turning of my head. 9. I copied his movements inhaling and exhaling as completely as I could. WHAT ARE THE DANGERS OF RECAPITULATION? YOU CAN BECOME TOO SELF-CENTERED/FILLED WITH SELF-PITY She also pointed out that for more than six months I had been doing nothing but focusing on incidents of my life. Although not very well at that.... try to feel some long stretchy fibers that extend out from your midsection. then align the turning motion of your head with the movement of these elusive fibers. he inhaled deeply as he gently turned his head to the left. breath like this.132. then back to the center.. Finally.BE SMOOTH WITH YOUR HEAD MOVEMENTS Your movements are too jerky.132 WHILE YOU RECAPITULATE YOU SHOULD BE FEELING FOR FIBERS THAT EXTEND OUT FROM YOUR MIDSECTION AND THEY SHOULD BE SYNCHRONIZED WITH YOUR BREATHING AND THE MOVEMENT OF YOUR HEAD she warned me that recapitulating is not an arbitrary or capricious exercise... TSC. When you recapitulate. TSC.153.Because of this overwhelming emphasis. full of outrageous demands.110. he moved his head from his right shoulder to the left and back to the right again without breathing. the self becomes distorted.. TSC. for all I had done was to reminisce nostalgically about my marvelous self or wallow in pity remembering my not-so-marvelous moments. But what hurt me most we when she told me that my months of recapitulating were meaningless. TSC. (gives her the gardening task) Most people only know how to care for themselves. SORCERY PASSES (TENSGRITY) WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE SORCERY PASSES? . so that together they would entice the invisible energy lines from my abdomen to extend outward into infinity. Caring for something outside of myself would prevent me from becoming more self-centered. they were nothing but shallow reveries.. TSC.. Then he exhaled thoroughly as he smoothly turned his head to the right.

. instead of becoming depleted from stress. more energetically charged. The movements she was teaching me whether you called them sorcery passes or breaths. perfect. As she performed her sorcery pass. TSC. TSC. her features were symmetrical. IT PASSES ENERGY FROM THE BEATH TO THE AREA WHERE WE PLACE OUR ATTENTION. This is sorcery. were important because they operate directly on the reserve system. her hands seemed to penetrate deeply into the skin of her face. TSC. That's why we call these movements and breaths sorcery passes. threatening and yet at the same time a pleasure to watch. we certainly need a different intent if we are going to relax the muscles and tone the centers located there. TSC. nelida's passes were ominous. and kept stumbling because I desperately wanted to succeed. TO ALLEVIATE STRESS These are sorcery passes.. TSC. DESCRIPTION OF THE MOVEMENTS OF A SORCERY PASS I saw her repeat the movements she had shown me. lighter.125. It was like the time I had tried walking with my eyes shut. What is important is that energy is transmitted. TSC. thus fulfilling the intent established beforehand. It could be an organ in our body or an energy channel or even a thought or a memory. I knew it was because I was trying too hard to do the movements correctly. TSC. Whenever energy gathers. they were graceful and filled with internal strength. As we kept on moving. but it was different too. Therefore we have to release accumulated stress using the sorcery passes and their accompanying intent.after I finished the pass.SORCERY PASSES ARE DESIGNED TO GATHER ENERGY FOR A SPECIFIC PURPOSE.108. TSC. While she executed her pass. TSC. because it appears as if it had a sprung out of nowhere. I remembered what Clara had said about Nelida having no pity. Then when we are summoned to action. when your eyes are closed it's easier to use energy lines that are already there to keep your balance. Close your eyes. moving so rapidly that they seemed to disappear. the result is sheer magic. more than on any other part of our body. (they are called breathing passes) because the preset intent of these passes is to pass energy from the breath to the area where we place our attention. It requires an intent different from the intent of the daily world.. TSC. and that the reason they can be called indispensible passes is because they allow added energy to pass into and through pathways. at the other times. we become stronger and have surplus energy for extraordinary tasks.. Clara's sorcery passes were like martial art movements.. But gradually my desire to excel diminished and my body became more limber and subtle. This way of stroking was never in your inventory. movements of the hand that sre designed to gather energy for a specific purpose. smoother.106.105.109. as in the case of these sorcery passes we call it power.. (I had no trouble following her cues for changing positions. except that this time she was making her fingers and hands dance.185.109. I felt strong and bursting with energy. I recognized it to be a movement of the same nature as the ones Clara had shown me. as in the case of the recapitulation. they passed over lightly as if gliding on the skin's surface.185. I became so relaxed that I felt I had no more . Nelida's face was like a beautiful mask.185. Clara said that all our emotions leave traces on our face. Watching her exquisite movements mesmerized me..112 To complement the recapitualation I was taught a series of practices called sorcery passes involving movement and breathing.. TSC. Watching her exquisite movements done with utter aloofness and detachment. . yet I had difficulty). they radiated a nervous energy but they were not agitated.xiii With all the tension that rises to the face.

. At one point.108 I can't urge you enough to practice all the passes i've shown you.124. you must perform (these) every day of your life from now on. I couldn't decide if it was rose-tinted. You wouldn't think of going without eating or drinking water. do them every day and you not only won't get tired or sick but you'll have plenty of surplus energy for your intending. I became aware that the light wasn't really inside me at all. TYPES OF PASSES . it seemed to change its glare depending on where I looked. TSC. They have to be practiced every day or else they're worthless.. TSC. TSC. I felt I had grown roots. the strangest thing yet happened.129. The light had the strangest hue. Lines were extending from the soles of my feet deep into the earth. And its intensity fluctuated depending on how hard I stared at it..125.. TSC. or like pale terra-cotta.129. would you? The exercises I've taught you are even more important than food or water. In places.. I felt a light turning on inside my forehead.114.112. If I raised my arms overhead. TSC. illuminating an outdoor stadium.. HOW OFTEN DO YOU DO THE PASSES? YOU MUST DO THEM DAILY What I'm going to show you first are simple movements that you must do daily. must be practiced daily until they cease to be massagelike movements and become what they really are: sorcery passes. for it seemed to change with every movement of my head. and what was around it.. TSC.bones or joints..130. I became so involved with the glow around me that I lost the rhythm of the breaths. and lowered my weight.. TSC.129.. it switched off again and I was left in total darkness. TSC. TSC. a surge of energy rushed downward through my feet. It came from the top of the trees as if a huge panel of electric lights had been turned on at night.and continue keeping your eyes closed.. they are indispensible companions of the recapitulation. regard them always as an indispensable part of your life. Don't move your head. pinkish or peach. Then as suddenly as the light had turned on. giving me an unprecedented stability. TSC. With every pass I did. it seemed I could stretch them all the way to the tops of the trees. my body seemed to melt and merge with the darkness until it began to move and breath all by itself. I had no trouble seeing Clara and everything on the patio. I was trying to determine the coloration of the light. If I bent my knees.106. HOW LONG DO YOU DO THE PASSES? NEVER DO THE PASSES LONGER THAN A FEW MINUTES She warned me never to do any of the breathing passes she was about to show me for more than a few minutes at a time. Gradually the boundry between my body and its surroundings dissolved.just concentrate on your breathing.

even strokes over her eyebrows to the temples... TSC. a lifetime of feeling sorry for yourself certainly has taken its toll on your lungs.125.126. . TSC. TSC.125.106 She brought her left palm to her forehead and stroked it in a circular fashion..MOVEMENTS FOR KEEPING A YOUNG APPEARANCE LOOKING YOUNG IS A MATTER OF KEEPING INNER BALANCE The way I look is a matter of keeping my inner being in balance with the surroundings. PREVENTING WRINKLES The purpose of these sorcery passes is to keep one looking youthful by preventing wrinkles from forming. TSC. not by me or by you.your lungs are weakened from excessive weeping. she slid them up each cheek to her temples. after which she flicked her wrists and fingers in the air. TSC. it's up to us. This circular stroking prevents wrinkles from forming on the forehead.41. TSC.105.. or old and omnious like the lava mountains in Arizona.. and with long. The purpose has been decided beforehand. TO PREVENT THE CHEEKS FROM SAGGING She briskly rubbed her palms together. TO PREVENT FURROWS FROM DEVELOPING BETWEEN YOUR EYEBROWS. but it isn't.. She vigorously rubbed each thumb on the palm of the opposite hand and placed them on the bridge of her nose.. it may appear like a facial massage to you. She repeated this stroking and flicking sequence several more times. She repeated this movement six or seven times. upward strokes. everything we do hinges on that balance. firm strokes.. TSC.. even.105... but by power itself. Then she moved her hand over the top of her head and down the back of her neck. TSC. We can be young like this stream.107.107 MOVEMENTS TO HELP THE PHYSICAL BODY INCREASING STRENGTH IN LUNGS Description of. always using slow. She moved them outward with light.

it left me with the sensation that I was just about to uncover something that was veiled. one on top of the other.107 TO STOP BEING DROWSY I noticed her face was flushed. stimulates energy to flow in mild. you must intend it. Tensing and relaxing the fists... entered my head and my breathing became deeper and more rhythmic. If you get drowsy in the cave while recapitulating.TO CLEAR THE SINUS CAVITIES After quickly rubbing together her index fingers.. above her upper lip and rubbed back and forth with a vigorous sawlike motion.108.. deliberately constricting her nasal passages.. but she didn't stop yet. if one did the exercise in bed. She placed the inner edge of her hand. She explained that the spot where the nose and upper lip join..I also experienced a slight numbing sensation on the roof of my palate.. She added that we can also activate this point by resting the chin on a low table while sitting on the floor.. one would have to use the imagination to visualize a running stream.. She . Clara moved her index fingers sideways under her chin. she brought them vertically to each side of her nose and gently moved them sideways over her cheeks several times. underneath the upper lip and below the nose septum. they could be obtained by pricking the point at the center of the upper gum...40.. TSC. illness and every other unwanted thing.. It lasted for a few seconds but took my breath away. TSC.. let the running water draw away your fatigue.. under the chin. TO PRODUCE A CALM ALERTNESS Next. She recommended that when doing the exercise with the fists we should tense them to create pressure under the chin and then relax then to release the pressure. a prickling sensation rose up my back... rub this point briskly and it will temporarily revive you. coldness. but in order for this to happen. But if greater bursts of energy were needed. After a few moments. she said. FLOWING WATER TO TAKE AWAY UNWANTED THINGS Move your feet at the ankles in a clockwise circle. when briskly rubbed. then throw it out with a sideward snap of your ankles. that's to clear the sinus cavities. otherwise you can flick your feet until the stream runs dry with no results.108.. Now try to feel all your tension flow down to your feet. again using a quick back and forth sawlike motion.. like two sticks starting a fire. with her thumb folded over her palm.. another way to awake the center under the chin is by lying on the stomach with the hands in fists. even bursts.. flowing water takes away tiredness.stimulating the point under the chin produces a calm alertness. produces a pulsating movement that sends small bursts of energy to a vital center directly connected with the base of the tongue. I rubbed my upper lip and felt my nose and ears clear. TSC. I felt my body settle down.. TSC..

While keeping my feet on the ground.. she explained that to gaze fixedly in that manner places our awareness outside of us onto the ground. taking each foot at a time.. of being and not-being. She wanted me to continue the shallow breaths for at least ten minutes.75. TSC.44 sit with my spine curved forward and to bring my knees to my chest as high as I could. or. A TECHNIQUE TO DIMINISH OUR INNER AGITATION Description of may knock you out or put you to sleep. TECHNIQUE TO REVIVE THE WEAK OR TO CREATE A STATE OF UNIQUE ATTENTION Clara picked up a hard-pointed stick and poked my feet in between the big and the second toe. the breaths seemed to soften my inside and dissolve them. all the while taking shallow breaths as she had instructed. because the emphasis on materialism has led man to move away from esoteric pursuits. Then she made me kneel on all fours and. thus diminishing our inner agitation.. She said that even if I only partially released the arm pressure I was creating with my hands. After the initial cramping in my stomach and legs subsided.39 MOVEMENTS FOR BALANCING OUR INTERNAL ENERGY A BREATH TO BALANCE OUR INTERNAL ENERGY I'll show you a breath that has been a secret for generations. TSC. if I wished. My neck made a cracking sound as I tucked my chin in. I could clasp each elbow. I yelled with pain. I was to wrap my arms around my calves and firmly clasp my hands in front of my knees. . Classical Chinese doctors used to apply that technique that jolt and revive the weak or to create a state of unique attention. Something like a mild current of electricity shot up my calves and ran along my inner thighs. turned my soles up and poked me at the point just below the protuberance of my big toe. I told her that. But this wasn't what she was after..108. was the only way I could breathe in that position.this is a powerful breath. TSC. She gently eased my head down until my chin touched my chest.Clara instructed me to take short..stressed that this exercise should be done cautiously otherwise one might develop a sore throat. My chest was constricted and so was my abdomen. of light and darkness. But today such classical knowledge is dying out. shallow breaths.75.. my breath would return to normal.. TSC... I stayed in that position for perhaps half an hour. This breath mirrors the dual forces of creation and destruction. I had to strain the muscles of my arms to keep my knees from pushing out sideways.

try making a hole and reach behind the facade of visible forms and grasp the energy that sustains us.185. I become so drowsy that I crawled back inside the cave and fell asleep. going to sit here doing the power breath and gazing at the light behind the eyes.44 Clara said that if this breath is performed regularly. until you're no longer frightened. Turning the head massages the glands in the neck and also opens energy passageways to the back of the head. Clara gave me a push that made me roll backward so I was lying on the ground.. I felt warmth spreading through out my midsection. Even though I stood in the same position every day while practicing kung fu.. these centers could unravel mysteries beyond anything we can imagine..126.The after an excruciatingly long time. A PASS FOR GATHERING ENERGY BY MAKING A HOLE Description of. TSC. I felt a moment of relief when my back touched the ground. but she didn't permit me to release the pressure of my arms. TSC. As Clara predicted. rotating and pushing the arms up in conjunction with breathing moves energy to the organs and vitalizes them. I imitated her and after twenty or so breaths..75. It massages deep. it gradually balances our internal energy.126. I watched Clara do a series of short inhalations and exhalations through her nose in rapid succession. TSC.127. I felt a burning in my thigh muscles from standing with my knees and ankles bent. If you need a quick surge of energy. TSC..Clara emphasized that in this sorcery pass. OPENING ENERGY PASSAGEWAYS IN THE BODY (COULD BE RELATED TO INCREASING LUNG STRENGTH) After performing the movement with my right arm.. TSC. contracting and relaxing my diaphragm. vibrating her diaphragm. She explained that if awakened and nourished by the energy from breathing. underlying centers that rarely are activated. Clara suggested I stand up and shake my legs a few times to release the tension. with calmness and deliberation. This pass is for gathering energy from the vastness that lies just behind all that we see... TSC. The only way of describing what I felt is to say that something inside me had been unlocked by that breath and had been dissolved or released. my legs seemed to vibrate as if an electric current were running through them. but it was only when she instructed me to unclasp my hands and stretch out my legs that I felt complete release in my abdomen and my the power breath.. TSC. FOR QUICK ENERGY she moved her hand and gently pressed my solar plexus.185 .45 MOVEMENTS FOR GATHERING ENERGY POWER BREATH.

. TSC. we create a bridge.. the energy of the sun automatically spreads throughout the body.. we can intend them to join.. The twilight helps you to become calm and gives you an added boost of energy. TSC. apprehension or fear. you can just visualize the sun's rays oozing directly into a specific part of your body. I was completely perplexed by what i saw.114.114.115. I had had enough energy to suspend my common sense expectations and allow another possibility to enter in..115. a light appears on the dark screen behind closed eyes. TSC. BODY MANEUVER CRUCIAL FOR ERASING OUR FALSE DUALISM (PREPARING THE DOUBLE) ..TSC.. with strength.114.75. If the transfer is accomplished. TSC. LIGHT BEHIND THE EYES Desc.75.. you don't need to use your hands anymore. TSC. Description of more of the technique. and since the body and the double are like two ends of the rainbow...MOVEMENTS FOR DIRECTING ENERGY DIRECTING THE ENERGY OF THE SUN FOR HEALING A PART OF THE BODY Description of.she explained that in this exercise. this sorcery pass enables the body to unite with its double in the realm of not-being. but you have to have lots of energy and be extremely calm in order to do it. You have enough energy to intend with me the result of this sorcery pass. but without straining. disease..that it had to be executed in one single motion. or simply by using the mind to direct energy to it...115.. TSC. I knew that my eyes had seen something inconceivable.. TSC. TSC. of.another powerful sorcery pass.. precision and grace.115 this is a sorcery pass of the twilight.. she said that we can send this luminous spot of energy to any part of our body to counteract pain. which when I thought about it. But we could deliberately send the sun's healing rays to any area by touching the spot where we want the energy to go.113. By bending backward with the arms outstreched.112. whose entrance hovers above the head and slightly behind it. TSC. I could explain as being an optical illusion created by her speed.113. But at a bodily level. Actually when you've practiced this breath long enough... That's why the end of the day is the best time of the day to practice it.. TSC. MOVEMENTS TO BRING OUT THE DOUBLE CATCHING THE DOUBLE Description of...

your body has to feel rooted. first to the right. provided of course that we have stored a surplus of internal energy and are able to realize the intent of the pass. TSC. Imagine those lines as rigid vertical cords that make a big screen in front of you.127... it also keeps vital energy from dispersing outwardly..127.which normally is always directed to the front-to the side. She stressed that the inhalation and exhalation should be audible. Description of the breath.127. But once you are inside and have turned around. and this was one of the mysteries she and her cohorts had discovered.she wanted to show me one other body manuver crucial for erasing our false dualism. MOVEMENTS FOR GETTING TO THE NAGUAL EXERCISE FOR STOPPING THOUGHTS AND FOR FEELING ENERGY LINES she was going to show me another exercise for stopping thoughts and for feeling energy lines. the line didn't sway with the motion of one's body but remained perfectly horizontal. Pull them apart until the opening is big enough for you to step through. surprisingly.45Clara said that circulating the breath in such a fashion creates an impenetrable shield that prevents outside disruptive influences from piercing the body's field of energy. sitting. with it we can open doors to different worlds. you should feel light and airy.. so that I would be gazing at the tip of my nose. moves our awareness ... TSC.45. or lying down. the chewing and swallowing brings some of the energy lodged in the head down to the stomach. TSC.. When you step in.87 Clara told me to sit in a cross-legged position and lean sideways as I inhaled. and to feel how I was being pulled by a horizontal line extending out of the opening of my ears. TSC.87S CRACKING AN OPENING IN THE ENERGY LINES Description of. as if you were floating around.127. full of tension. TSC. she ordered me to loosen my jaw muscles by chewing and swallowing my saliva three times.. heavy. What you are going to open is a crack in the energy lines of the world. TSC. .. She asked me to sit with my back straight and my eyes slightly lowered. TSC.. Otherwise I would be doing what I had always done: be enthralled with myself. although in the beginning it is easier to do it while sitting on a cushion or on a chair...46. TSC. and that the breathing exercise could be done while one is standing. leaning in this manner. Now grab a bunch of the fibers and pull them apart with all your might. She said that. TSC. lessening the load on the brain. this is one of the most powerful and mysterious of all the sorcery passes. then to the left..

. When I removed my hands I noticed I could distinctly hear the faintest sounds in the surrounding vegetation.. TSC. your double. As I flicked my fingers. at the back of my head.. You're not pulling the door open hard enough. the made a circle by touching her thumb to the tips of the two remaining fingers.. but be on the alert.. fix your attention on the openings of your ears and use your intent and your concentration to direct the flow. I was to repeatedly tap behind each ear by snapping my index fingers in unison. when you exhale.. while before everything had been undifferentiated and muffled. Then the energy is trapped and held in the circle made by the other three fingers. this is a form of communication.. Then she instructed me to rub the palms of my hands together until they were hot and to place them over my ears with my fingers almost touching. USING ENERGY LINES TO STRENGTHEN THE DOUBLE those invisible lines are a part of your soft body. use your internal energy. Remember you have to be cautious and at the same time bold.. breathe as many times as you can. When you breathe. I heard a sound like a muffled bell reverberating inside my head. not just your arm muscles. She told me that this was a signal to trap the attention of that force and to allow it to enter the body through the energy lines that end or originate in the fingertips.after a few attempts.128. For it is with the inner ear. the stronger your double will become. TSC. COMMUNICATION WITH INTENT she began curling her fingers as if she were making shadow pictures on the table cloth. Clara suggested I massage my ears using a gentle circular pressure. Expel the stale air and pull in your stomach as you lunge forward.128. not with people but with that force we call intent. allow the energy to flow out of your ears.. Energy comes through the index and little finger as if they are extended like antennae. EXERCISING INNER HEARING FOR COMMUNICATION WITH THE NAGUAL she told me to relax and to take deep breaths because she was going to show me how to exercise my inner hearing.instantly I felt as if some sliding doors had opened..... Once inside.83. TSC.84. then. . I repeated the tapping sound eighteen times as she had instructed. TSC. all sorts of things can happen once you go through that opening.. The more energy you entice out by manipulating those lines. TSC. filling your lungs completely with the energy from behind that screen.. Don't stay longer than you need to.. exhale through your nose with your mouth closed and the tip of your tongue touching your palate.. I could feel my ears pop and my sinuses clear. or to change our moods and habits.132. TSC. She said that with this specific hand position. then inhale slowly and deeply.63. TSC.exhales noiselessly.Exhale sharply as you lunge forward through the opening. she extended her little and index fingers.. TSC.. with my ears still covered and my index fingers crossed over the middle fingers...128.. that one is able to discern the spirit's biddings. we can draw sufficient energy into our body to heal or strengthen it.128.

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PATH WITH A HEART DESTINY OF A WARRIOR THE FORCE THAT RULES OUR DESTINIES IS OUTSIDE OF OURSELVES AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR ACTS OF VOLITION. please refer to: did not matter what our specific fate was as long as we faced it with ultimate E. THE COURSE OF A WARRIOR'S DESTINY IS UNALTERABLE.macrobject. POS.248. If he finds unbearable hardship and pain on his path. POS. the warrior strives impeccably to overcome them. SRP.For registration information. .. Power comes only after we accept our fate without recriminations. HOW IMPECCABLE HE CAN BE WITHIN THOSE RIGID BOUNDS. view of my total lack of control over the forces which decide my destiny.In the life of a warrior there is only one thing.. . . because there is no destiny. CC .248) consisted in tying my shoelaces impeccably. I won't say that you're about to fulfill your destiny. That is an issue which is open and no one can predict its outcome. BECAUSE THERE IS NO DESTINY.our connecting link with intent . how impeccable he can be within those rigid bounds. but all his tears put together could not move the line of his destiny the breadth of one average men we would never know that it was something utterely real and functional . the challenge is how far he can go within those rigid bounds. he weeps.. The course of a warrior's destiny is unalterable..241.. .) A WARRIOR'S LIFE 1.85.which gave us our hereditary preoccupation with fate.116 . 63 I WON'T SAY THAT YOU'RE ABOUT TO FULFILL YOUR DESTINY. TOP. I once told you that the freedom of a warrior has is either to act impeccably or to act like a nincompoop. SRP. one issue alone which is really undecided: how far one can go on the path of knowledge and power. If there are obstacles in his path.. The force that rules our destinies is outside of ourselves and has nothing to do with our acts of volition.. THE CHALLENGE IS HOW FAR HE CAN GO WITHIN THOSE RIGID BOUNDS.. EG. my only possible freedom in that ravine (story of ravine SRP.106.143.

.. They are paths going through the bush. Oppressors and oppressed meet at the end. The things a warrior selects to make his shields are the items of a path with heart. SRP. SR.161 A warrior could not possibly leave anything to chance. or into the bush.we choose to be warriors or to be ordinary men. We choose only once.. SR. TDJ. TDJ. SRP. It is always up to us individually to fulfill or to flub our fate. THE THINGS A WARRIOR SELECTS TO MAKE HIS SHIELDS ARE THE ITEMS OF A PATH WITH HEART.. Anything is one of a million paths.218. it is the consistent choice of the path with heart which makes a warrior different from the average man. and the only thing that prevails is that life was altogether too short for both.I have learned that the countless paths one traverses in one's life are all equal. In my own life I could say I have traversed long.218.106 .217.106 ALL PATHS ARE THE SAME.110.245 CHOOSING A PATH THERE ARE MILLIONS OF PATH AND THAT EACH ONE IS ONLY A PATH The devil's weed is only one of a million paths.143 CHOOSING A PATH WITH HEART A WARRIOR MUST CHOOSE TO FOLLOW A PATH WITH HEART in his day-to-day life a warrior chooses to follow the path with heart. THEY LEAD NOWHERE: TO YOUR DEATH All paths are the same: they lead nowhere. but I am not anywhere. that a warrior actually affected the outcome of events by the force of his awareness and his unbending intent. A second choice does not exist. HOW DO YOU KNOW IT IS A PATH WITH HEART? . SR. Therefore you must always keep in mind a path is only a path.long paths.217.IT IS ALWAYS UP TO US INDIVIDUALLY TO FULFILL OR TO FLUB OUR FATE. TSC. Not on this earth..

Does this path have a heart? If it does.182. and my blood was too vigorous for me to understand it. THE OTHER WILL MAKE YOU CURSE YOUR LIFE. when he experiences a great peace and pleasure traversing its length. Now I do understand it.LOOK AT EVERY PATH CLOSELY AND DELIBERATELY. One makes you strong. There are enough people who are both. TDJ. and there is no affront(insult). or a man can be both. IT WEAKENS YOU My benefactor's question has meaning now. one question. For me there is only the traveling on the paths that have a heart. A PATH WITHOUT HEART IS NEVER EASY. on any path that may have a heart. there I travel.106 A diablero is a diablero and a warrior is a warrior. the path is good.106 WHEN THE WARRIOR IS AT ONE WITH THE PATH. .106 A PATH WITH HEART IS EASY. My benefactor told me about it once when I was young. Today I am neither a warrior nor a diablero. This question is one that only a very old man asks. IT MAKES YOU STRONG. TRY IT AS MANY TIMES AS YOU THINK NECESSARY I warn you.106 ASK YOURSELF" DOES THIS PATH HAVE A HEART?" Then ask yourself and yourself alone. in dropping it if that is what your heart tells you what to do. you are one with it. to oneself or to others. as long as you follow it. IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU WORK AT LIKING IT. Both paths lead nowhere. Only then will you know that any path is only a path. if it doesn't. But a man who only traverses the paths of life is everything. Try it as many times as you thing necessary.217. the other weakens you. TO KNOW IF IT HAS A PATH WITH HEART YOU MUST HAVE CLARITY WHICH COMES FROM A DISCIPLINED LIFE To have such clarity you must lead a disciplined life. the other doesn't. looking. he knows that a path has heart when he is one with it. TDJ. HE EXPERIENCES A GREAT PEACE AND PLEASURE TRAVERSING ITS LENGTH.218 IF THE PATH HAS HEART THEN IT MAKES FOR A JOYFUL JOURNEY. breathlessly. and the only worthwhile challenge for me is to traverse its full length. but one has heart. it is of no use. TDJ. SR. And there I travellooking. Look at every path closely and deliberately. TDJ. I will tell you what it is: Does this path have a heart?TDJ. The other will make you curse your life. YOU HAVE TO WORK HARD EVEN TO TAKE IT. One makes for a joyful journey.

and to seek death is to seek nothing. You think there are two worlds for you . you will know it. because you are not bidding to know. You have the vanity to believe you live in two worlds. . The only world available to you is the world of men. but to seek the devil's weed is to bid for power. You are a man! TDJ. and when a man finally realizes that he has taken a path without a heart.158. it does not take much to die.159. the desire to learn is not ambition. and that world you cannot choose to leave. the path is ready to kill him.. But that is not the world of men. the path without a heart will turn against men and destroy them... and then you must choose another path. LEAVING A PATH IF YOU FEEL YOU SHOULD NOT BE ON A PATH. But the smoke blinds you with fear. TDJ. the trouble is nobody asks the question.. TDJ. But there is only one. It is our lot as men to want to know. TDJ. and the next thing.Does this path have a heart? If the answer is no. That is the world of man! TDJ. TDJ. And to be a man is to be condemned to that world.150 The protector showed you the world of happiness where there is no difference between things because there is no one there to ask about the difference. TDJ. and leave the path. At that point very few men can stop to deliberate.150. The protector shook you out of it and showed you how a man thinks and fights. YOU MUST NOT STAY WITH IT UNDER ANY CONDITIONS if you feel you should not follow it. you must not stay with it under any conditions. There is but one single world for us.106 YOUR DECISION TO KEEP ON THE PATH OR TO LEAVE IT MUST BE FREE OF FEAR OR AMBITION But your decision to keep on the path or to leave it must be free of fear or ambition. and the devil's weed blinds you with ambition. it does not make you work at liking it. THE WORLD OF DAY-TO-DAY LIFE THE WORLD OF MEN IS THE ONLY WORLD WE CAN CHOOSE. but that is only your vanity.106 I have told you that to choose a path you must be free from fear and ambition. The protector showed you this with unbelievable clarity.. A path without a heart is never enjoyable..151. a path with heart is easy. We are men and must follow the world of men contentedly.two paths. You have to work hard even to take it. and that is ambition.

All that proves is that one's tonal is involved in an internal battle.THERE IS NO WAY TO ESCAPE THE DOING OF OUR WORLD. TDJ. You are a man of that world. THE MIND/RATIONAL WHAT IS THE MIND? THE MIND IS NOTHING BUT THE SELF-REFLECTION OF THE INVENTORY OF MAN The mind. This is your world you can't renounce it. SO WHAT A WARRIOR DOES IS TO TURN HIS WORLD INTO HIS HUNTING GROUND. This is your world. The tight life of a warrior is designed to end that struggle.56. There is no way to escape the doing of our world. I have tried to teach you that the real experience is to be a man. is your hunting ground. TOP. The journey by itself was sufficient.pointing to the busy street outside the window. A WARRIOR DOESN'T EVER LEAVE THE ISLAND OF THE TONAL. so what a warrior does is to turn his world into his hunting ground. FFW.139. meaning that the identification with the amenable alternative was enough for him.. It is useless to get angry and feel disappointed with oneself. A warrior doesn't ever leave the island of the tonal. LIVING ITSELF IS SUFFICIENT IN THE JOURNEY You have everything needed for the extravagent journey that is your life.153. and that what counts is being alive. He uses it.. Life in itself is sufficient. a warrior knows that the world is made to be used. So he uses every bit of it.. If you lose that self-reflection.153. for a seer. As a hunter. DJ synthesized the rationale of his whole knowledge in the metaphor that the most important thing for him was to find a path with heart and then travel its length. but don't lose your underpinnings. HE USES IT. not as it used to be.214. JTI. you actually live an infinitely stronger life than if you had kept it. From the beginning I have taught you to avoid wear and tear. a battle within one's tonal is one of the most inane contests I can think of. Now there is no longer a war within you. TOP. . JTI.198. is nothing but the self-reflection of the inventory of man. self-explanatory and complete. A warrior is like a pirate that has no qualms in taking and using anything he wants.214. except that the warrior doesn't mind or he doesn't feel insulted when he is used and taken himself. TOP. in that world. life is the little detour that we are taking now. 2. and out there. any hope of arriving at a permanent position was outside the boundaries of his knowledge.

ceaselessly moving through sensations. POS. THINKING BY THINKING HE MEANT THE CONSTANT IDEA THAT WE HAVE OF EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD. hopes.84 THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF THINKING . impulses...regrets.never rests.184. EE. simply because we do not know how to keep it quiet or profitably engaged. thoughts..193.. 210.243. This concept did not imply common sense. M. Bear in mind... there is no risk we should not run. 8.. SR. This desire for attention not only leads us into affections of dress.sorcerers have to cultivate their minds.Since all acts were predetermined and obligatory. however. images.. a man of knowledge needed soundness of judgement.. only a human being who was a paragon of reason could move his AP easily and be a paragon of silent knowledge. but most of the time it wanders at large. it also divides our consciousness.. no means we should refuse. EE.. HOPES. ONLY WITH SOUNDNESS OF MIND CAN AWARENESS BE ENHANCED In order to enhance awareness. by thinking he meant the constant idea that we have of everything in the world. IMAGES. goes here. TDJ. MOST OF THE TIME IT WANDERS The human mind. speech and gesture. that only soundness of mind can awareness be enhanced. REGRETS.WHAT DOES THE MIND DO? THE HUMAN MIND NEVER RESTS..M... TAOD.. in whatever form they can.171. there. M. but did imply the capacity to assess the circumstances surrounding any need to act. Occasionally it does solve a problem or make necessary plans....IMPULSES. HOW DO SORCERERS USE/CONTROL THEIR MINDS? SORCERER'S HAVE TO CULTIVAT THE MIND IN WHATEVER FORM THEY CAN . TAOD.peace of mind cannot depend on external circumstances.

133 The other was precise thinking. it was muddled thinking that did not really answer his needs and left great murkiness in his head. WOMEN SHOULD DEVELOP THEIR INTELLECT They (the sorcerers) felt it is indispensable that women develop their intellects and enhance their capacity for analysis and abstraction in order to have a better grasp of the world around them. today you are all acceptance.. sorcerers are free to explore.. PURPOSE OF TRAINING THE INTELLECT AS A WAY TO KEEP THE MIND OCCUPIED SO THAT GETTING TO THE DOUBLE BECOMES EASIER. Thoughts are like scouts.133 One was average day-to-day thinking which was ruled by the normal position of his AP.133 the only way to think clearly is to not think at all.72. our energy moves in the direction of that thought.. it was the intellect is a bona-fide sorcerers subterfuge. . other areas of perception. FFW.xii REALIZATIONS/UNDERSTANDING NEW THINGS THERE ARE TWO KINDS OF REALIZATIONS 1) EMOTIONAL OUTBURSTS Realizations are of two kinds. unimpeded.there are two types of thinking.. great outbursts of emotion and nothing more.203 . which was really no contradiction at all. Don Juan remarked that for this type of thinking to prevail the AP had to move.don't count on emotional realizations. economical and left very few things unexplained. TOP. Let your AP move first.219. In other words. POS. they go wild both ways.. POS. while the rational side is busy with the formality of academic pursuits. TSC..xii.. by deliberately keeping the mind occupied in analysis and reasoning. One is just pep talk.TSC. the energetic or nonrational side. That's the trouble with people that go wild. POS.. Thus the apparent contridiction. the suspicious and analytic mind is less likely to interfere or even notice what is going on at the nonrational level. TSC.133 OUR THOUGHTS CAUSE OUR BODY TO MOVE ALONG A CERTAIN PATH whenever we have a thought. in this way. then years later have the realization. they cause the body to move along a certain path.76 . FFW.. which sorcerers call the double is kept occupied with the fulfillment of sorcery tasks. Or at least the day-to-day type thinking had to stop to allow the AP to shift..POS. Yesterday you were all questions.

because you don't have enough personal power to utilize my revelation. my experiences with my fellow men have proven to me that very... they don't amount to anything in the life of warriors. but only if you mount that moment and use it to take the totality of yourself forever in any direction.and for a luminous being only personal power matters. yet if you did have enough power. I have revealed it to you.. my words alone would serve as the means for you to round up the totality of yourself and to get the crucial part of it out of the boundaries in which it is contained.. Now you do.. for they have realized nothing. The emotional realizations come years later after warriors have solidified..85.14.. very few of them would be willing to listen..everything we do.71 TO HAVE A TRUE REALIZATION (I. not emotionality. because they are cancelled out as the AP shifts. PERSONAL POWER DECIDES WHO CAN OR WHO CANNOT PROFIT BY A REVELATION Personal power decides who can or who cannot profit by a revelation.. FFW. There are untold dangers in the path of knowledge for those without sober understanding FFW. and of those willing to act even fewer have enough personal power to profit by their acts.realizations are a dime a dozen.I'm going to utter perhaps the greatest piece of knowledge anyone can voice. ONE NEEDS SOBRIETY.225. TO MOVE THE AP) ONE NEEDS PERSONAL POWER it doesn't matter what one reveals or what one keeps to oneself.E.. the new position of their AP. JTI.265.It'll take years for you to convince yourself and then it'll take years for you to act accordingly. JTI.Do you know that one moment can be eternity? This is not a riddle. TOP. let me see what you can do with it.. everything we are. NOT EMOTIONALITY the new seers placed the highest value on deep unemotional realizations. But if we don't have enough personal power. TOP. you didn't have this knowledge before... TOP.. the most magnificent piece of wisdom can be revealed to us and that revelation won't make a damn bit of difference. Beware of those who weep with realization. We are luminous beings . LEARNING .. Do you know at this moment you are surrounded by eternity? And do you know that you can use that eternity. it's a fact. rests on our personal power.2) AS A RESULT OF A SHIFT OF THE AP The other is a product of a shift of the AP.157. to understand one needs sobriety. if you so desire? Do you know that you extend yourself forever in any of the directions I have pointed to?. FFW.219 . by usage.To be convinced means that you can act by yourself. it is not coupled with an emotional outburst but with action.. and of those few who listen even fewer would be willing to act on what they listened to. one word uttered to us might be sufficient to change the course of our lives.. THE NEED FOR UNEMOTIONAL REALIZATIONS.15. but it doesn't make a bit of difference. If we have enough of it.

with fear. he is never clear about his objectives. In order to learn we must be spurred. avoiding something. not me. or suffers a defeat. and whoever makes it will live to regret his steps. and that something is always inexplicable. SR. He slowly begins to learn-bit by bit at first.. or imagined. and with absolute confidence in oneself. more powerful than us.213.84. His purpose is faulty. SR. wide-awake.. with respect. LEARNING IS LIKE GOING TO WAR. A man goes to knowledge as he goes to war. and there will be no pitiful regrets over that.. LEARNING IS NEVER WHAT ONE EXPECTS What he learns is never what he pictured.. WITH ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE . he will have lost only a battle. TDJ. and so he begins to be afraid.. with respect. Now it is the spirit of the water hole. for he knows nothing of the hardships of learning. His purpose becomes a battlefield. later on it'll be your own ally.52. aware that one is going to war. And his thoughts soon clash. Going to knowledge or going to war in any other manner is a mistake.52. Only as a warrior can one survive the path of knowledge. and the fear the man is experiencing begins to mount mercilessly. his intent is vague. and with absolute assurance. so there is nothing you can do now but to prepare yourself for the struggle. TDJ. prepared for something.214. TDJ.. The path of knowledge is a forced one.. Put your trust in yourself.One goes to knowledge or to war with fear. TDJ.LEARNING AT THE BEGINNING THE PERSON IS NEVER CLEAR ABOUT THEIR OBJECTIVES FOR HE DOES NOT KNOW THE HARDSHIPS OF LEARNING When a man starts to learn.88.84. I asked him why this was so and he said that when a man has fulfilled those four requisites there are no mistakes for which he will have to account. SR. TO LEARN SOMETHING WE MUST BE CHALLENGED CONTINOUSLY. If such a man fails. greater. DRASTIC THINGS HAVE TO HAPPEN FOR YOUR BODY TO LEARN Very drastic things have to happen to you in order for you to allow your body to profit from all you have learned. He hopes for rewards that will never materialize... The inexplicable forces will come to you. under such conditions his acts lose the blundering quality of a fool's acts.. In the path of knowledge we are always fighting something. then in big chunks. JTI. Learning is never what one expects. Every step of learning is a new task. unyieldingly.214 .

if you insist on understanding you're not considering your entire lot as a human being. explanations that fit you and your world. but he's not as stiff as you. Warriors do not win victories by beating their heads against walls but overtaking the walls. There's nothing to understand. RATIONALIZING SOMETHING DOES NOT VERIFY IT NOR WILL IT ALTER OUR LIVES I was merely intuiting a truth.. You're chained! You're chained to your reason. Therefore.. What I object to is your reasonableness.53 Hence.. FFW.RATIONALIZING/SEEKING EXPLANATIONS TRYING TO UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING AT ONCE IS NOT POSSIBLE Your problem is that you want to understand everything and that is not possible.. FFW. SR. Your flaw is to seek convenient explanations.260 . so very small.55..he went on to say that conclusions arrived at through reasoning had very little or no influence in altering the course of our lives. you have done almost nothing in all these years. Warriors jump over the walls. they don't demolish them.267.53 our rationality alone cannot come up with an answer about the reason for our existence. understanding is only a small affair.. true but that could have been accomplished anyway by other circumstances.285 The act of dwelling on explanations will put us right back where we don't want to be. In both cases there is no's your duty to put your mind at ease.268.12. TOP. and that to reason it out was not to verify it... this is .. FFW. hence his recommendation was to keep incomprehensible things incomprehensible rather than making them part of the inventory of the first attention. TOP. SR. We're creatures of thought. ever... the answer turns into a matter of beliefs.259. We seek clarifications. this time a much larger view. to understand or to explain what we are're after the reflection of your own idea. SR.55 (Real and true changes in the person comes only from experiences with the spirit. FFW....53 . TOP.54.there is no way to speed up understanding and that to dislodge the AP is not enough. A sorcerer explains things in his world too. EVERYONE SHOULD SEEK EXPLANATIONS BUT NOT NECESSARILY CONVENIENT ONES Sorcereres are men. and have as the only explanation for their behavior is the idea that to err is human. TOP. (sorcerers should look for explanations). Every time it tries. WARRIORS SHOULD NOT MAKE THINGS INCOMPREHENSIBLE INTO AN INVENTORY OF THE FIRST ATTENTION but there is a danger of turning something incomprehensible into something somber and foreboding.276. .260. the countless examples of people who have the clearest convictions and yet act diametrically against them again and again.. that is. not intellectual discussions.238. FFW.258. You have been shaken out of your total slumber. Your stumbling block is intact. we'll be thrown back into a view of the world. FFW.

was called pure understanding. KNOWLEDGE GATHERS ENERGY AND THEREFORE KNOWLEDGE IS POWER Knowledge gathers energy. Wisdom without kindness and knowledge without sobriety are useless. from reason to silent knowledge. 72. especially for a warrior. Power rests on the kind of knowledge one holds. TDJ. JTI. no kindness. rallies its knowledge without the invervention of desire. That is. Knowledge is a most peculiar affair. Faith moves mountains. the recognition that told the man of reason that reason was only one island in an endless sea of islands. Knowledge for a warrior is something that comes at once. therefore knowledge is power. the body. thus the spirit is more available to them). 244 WISDOM WISDOM ALWAYS COMES TO US PAINFULLY AND SLOWLY wisdom always comes to us painfully and in driblets.. for a warrior.33. TOP.. EG.. the vital force that made both positions possible. .106. engulfs him and passes on.any human being who had both one-waybridges working was a sorcerer in direct contact with the spirit. and why people turn to religion. for with out them there is no sobriety.273.why twelve step programs are effective (person is at the end of their rope. POS. TSC. 243.. It takes a long time to harness enough power to even talk about it.POS. the same dust that covers the wings of moths. KINDNESS IS NEEDED WITH WISDOM there is no completeness without sadness and longing.24. THE BODY RALLIES ITS KNOWLEDGE IN A SLOW AFFAIR.. What is the sense of knowing things that are useless. at the right time and under the proper circumstances of impeccabiltiy.12.. REGARDLESS OF OUR DESIRE there is no way on earth that we can order anyone or ourselves to rally knowledge. or being rained in by specks of dark gold dust. it is rather a slow affair... FFW. Knowledge comes floating like specks of gold dust.152.. Knowledge is power. THE ONE WAY BRIDGE FROM REASON TO SILENT KNOWLEDGE IS CALLED PURE UNDERSTANDING And the other one-way bridge. So.. knowledge is like taking a shower.

but if a warrior accepts this frightening nature of knowledge he cancels out its awesomeness. One cannot change one iota as long as one holds on to the human form.. EG. that's all (good thought.. THE ABILITY TO CONCENTRATE IS CONSIDERED INTELLIGENCE IN THE SORCERER'S WORLD In order to be intelligent in my world. otherwise there is only talk about change.141.... CHANGES ARE DIFFICULT AND HAPPEN VERY SLOWLY SLOW Unfortunately.. but that had taken place on an intellectual plane. 5/31/97 KNOWLEDGE IS FRIGHTENING Knowledge is frightening.JTI.. TOP.. During the years with DJ I had certainly experienced a steady lessening of personal ties with the world. it is useless to think or hope that one can change one's reading or writing. sometimes it takes years for a man to become convinced of the need to change. its a skill to be learned.) 6/20/94 Shouldn't it be action is power? because even if you know how to do it but you do not have the strength/ability then all is for took me years.88.needs to be reworded though.79 WE CAN GIVE UP THINGS JUST LIKE THAT . in my everyday life I was unchanged until the moment I lost my human form. MAKING CHANGES MAKING CHANGES IN OUR LIVES WE CAN NEVER REALLY CHANGE UNTIL WE DROP OUR HUMAN FORM A warrior must drop the human form in order to change. 3. SRP.141. TSC.33. to really change. you must be able to concentrate. changes are difficult and happen very slowly.....113. SRP. to fix your attention on any concrete thing as well as on any abstract manifestation..The reason why people can't use any knowledge given to them is because they first need to learn to do it.

204 .141 Follow these three steps and you can change any unwanted feelings and desires in you.but you want to find the meaning of life..204 . first we must announce out loud our decision to change so that intent will hear us.Life for a warrior is an exercise in strategy..62.. And you are not preparing yourself for that sudden act that will bring a total change.A warrior proceeds strategically. JTI. TSC.82.. SR.62. SRP..79 ..A warrior lives strategically.People hardly ever relize that we can cut anything from our lives.the more stubborn you are the better it'll be when you finally succeed in changing yourself. I mean sublime designs. JTI.. TSC. TSC. THE WARRIOR IS NEVER DISAPPOINTED WHEN HE FAILS TO CHANGE The warrior is never disappointed when he fails to change.8. (I think for me the most difficult thing was to really want to change.. we must engage our awareness over a period of time: We can't just start something and give it up as soon as we become discouraged.. SRP.181 When I speak of designs.62. JTI... we have to view the outcome of our actions with a sense of complete detachment. even though he won't be able to. That's the only advantage a warrior has over the average man. it happens suddenly. JTI. SR. WHEN A CHANGE DOES HAPPENS IT HAPPENS FAST The changing I'm talking about never takes place by degrees. STRATEGY HOW DOES A WARRIOR LIVE? A WARRIOR PROCEEDS STRATEGICALLY .62. This means we can't get involved with idea of succeeding or failing.(a warrior knows that he cannot change. A WARRIOR NEVER CARRIES LOADS HE CANNOT HANDLE a warrior never carries loads he cannot handle.. just like that...xi. TSC.95. Second. SR. JTI. Third. A warrior doesn't care about meanings..a good hunter changes his ways as often as he needs... any time.80.62. manuvers for a daring spirit. and yet he makes it his business to try to change. TO CHANGE WE MUST MEET THREE CONDITIONS To change we need to meet three conditions. TSC. TSC.141 4.

SR. JTI. but I assure it is. SR. To be unavailable means that you deliberately avoid exhausting yourself and others. a warrior follows the doing of strategy and in that doing there are no victories or defeats.66. JTI.180... very easy to avoid. TO BE AVAILABLE DID NOT MEAN TO HIDE OR TO BE SECRETIVE BUT TO BE INACCESSIBLE. You never had any control and thus you had to run away from them.If a hunter wants to travel at night or if he wants to kept awake he must make himself available to the wind. It makes no difference to hide if everybody knows that you are hiding...70 TO BE INACCESSIBLE MEANS TO TOUCH THE WORLD AROUND YOU SPARINGLY.JTI..227 THE DOING OF STRATEGY ENTAILS THAT ONE IS NOT AT THE MERCY OF PEOPLE the doing of strategy entails that one is not at the mercy of people.. Thus he cuts to a minimum his chance for the unforeseen.227 AVAILABILITY OF A WARRIOR A WARRIOR IS NOT AVAILABLE A warrior is not a willing partner. therein lies the secret of great hunters... you stayed with her day after day. that to be available did not mean to hide or to be secretive but to be inaccessible. JTI. not because it served your purposes to be a clown but because you placed yourself at the mercy of those people. Your whole being is there. JTI. made myself available over and over again until there was nothing of me left for anything except perhaps must retrieve yourself from the middle of a trafficked way. at that party you were a clown. To be available and unavailable at the precise turn of the road.. you would only image you are hidden. Being in the middle of the road means that eveyone passing by watches your comings and must take yourself away. JTI. What you call accidents one time in my life I. like was an unusual routine and that gives you the impression that it is not a routine. a warrior is not available. JTI... thus it is no use to hide. never is he standing on the road waiting to be clobbered.182..JTI. .66..67. you were always within her reach and your life was a routine one.66.. except for fools who are living helterskelter. until the only feeling that remained was boredom.. a warrior is never available. or else go there to perform a specific act.69. you lost her because you were accessible. in doing there are only actions. You should have not gone there at all. most of the time.WHEN WE ACT WITH OUR FELLOW HUMANS WE MUST FOLLOW THE DOING OF STRATEGY When he has to act with his fellow man..

70 INVENTORIES USED AS STRATEGY WE ARE REQUIRED TO TAKE INVENTORY OF OURSELVES BUT WE ARE NOT REQUIRED TO WORSHIP IT The Eagle doesn't command us to worship our inventory. FFW. 5. unwittingly accessible. and then swiftly moves away leaving hardly a mark.69 .because he is not squeezing his world out of shape. then they decide which of those things can be changed in order to allow themselves a respite.. JTI.31. that's all. FFW. or people or power. TO WORRY IS TO BECOME ACCESSIBLE . And once you worry you cling to anything out of desperation. you eat one.. In the case of the inventory of the first attention. DEATHAS AN ADVISER/AID WHAT IS WRONG WITH THINKING YOU ARE GOING TO LIVE FOREVER? . for they can't be inaccessible means to touch the world around you sparingly.that to be inaccessible does not mean to hide or to be secretive. stays as long as he needs to... A hunter deals intimately with his world and yet he is inaccessible to that same doesn't mean that you cannot deal with people either.92 Yet the way out of obeying the commands (the Eagle's emanations) is in obeying them. But once they have it they throw it away.....FFW. or plants. you don't damage the plants to make a barbecue pit. JTI.. they list everything they do. it commands us to take it. seers take it... A hunter uses the world sparingly and with tenderness.JTI. or animal. You don't expose yourself to power of the wind unless its mandatory.92 WARRIORS TAKE STRATEGIC INVENTORIES OF ESSENTIAL BEHAVIORAL PATTERNS TO CONSERVE ENERGY warriors take strategic inventories... You don't eat five quail. in terms of expending their energy. You don't use and squeeze people until they have shriveled to nothing. this inventory only covered behavioral patterns that were not essential to our survival and well-being. especially the people you love..he is inaccessible (even though he is in the world every day)... he taps it lightly.To worry is to become accessible... and once you cling you are bound to get exhausted or to exhaust whoever or whatever you are clinging to.. regardless of whether the world might be things....70.

your continuity does not make you happy or powerful. the complelling force of the acts performed by a man who knows he is fighting his last battle on earth.114. Power is showing you that death is the indispensible ingredient in having to believe.your acts cannot possibly have the flair. Thus to be a warrior a man has to be.. . Power has shown you that.POS.. . but then the awesome... and then you will realize that your sure ways were not sure at all. It is only because death is stalking us that the world is an unfathomable mystery. no mystery. Without it he had nothing. Without the awareness of death everything is ordinary. simply because timidity makes you cling to something that exists only in your thoughts. and unavoidably he becomes keenly aware of his death. In other words. mysterious world will open its mouth for you.150..115. the necessary concentration that transforms one's ordinary time on earth into magical power. Death lends the ultimate touch.. trivial. He would lack the necessary potency..120 .without an awareness of the presence of our death there is no power. it soothes you while everything is at a lull.. as it will open for every one of us. .. become keenly aware of his own death. JTI. A man who follows the paths of sorcery is confronted with imminent annihilation every turn of the way.85 OUR ACTS ARE BORING/LIFE IS BORING Without the awareness of death he would be only an ordinary man involved in ordinary acts.. Every bit of knowledge that becomes power has death as its central force. It is as though we believe that if we don't think about death we can protect ourselves from it.150.. JTI. being timid prevents us from examining and exploiting our lot as men. TOP.84. SR... and whatever is touched by death indeed becomes power. Having to believe that the world is mysterious and unfathomable was the expression of a warrior's innermost predilection. WE BECOME TIMID .WE DON'T THINK ABOUT OUR ACTS Our most costly mistake as average men is indulging in a sense of immortality. TOP. HOW IS DEATH RELATED TO A WARRIOR? DEATH FOLLOWS A SORCERER ALONG THE PATH By the time knowledge becomes a frightening affair the man also realizes that death is the irreplaceable partner that sits next to him on the mat. first of all.Most people move from act to act without any struggle or thought.. the power.Your continuity only makes you timid.if you are going to die there is no time for timidity.85. SR. JTI. and rightfully so.

SR. life is the process by means of which death challenges us. self-pity is nothing in comparison with death.but you can also learn in the same way to feel your impending end. I had to make up my mind to bring that awareness to bear witness to my acts.. which can also be brought to bear witness on everything one is the arena and in that arena there are only two contenders at any time: oneself and death.after an untold struggle you had to learn to fell sorry for your self..POS..death is our challenger. or wrath...122 WARRIORS CHOOSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR EVENTUAL DEATH to bring that awareness to the foreground.. TOP. death is the active force. I know it because my ally has guided me to that stage. that my volition alone was the deciding factor. I have my ally.194 DEATH IS A MUCH BETTER ADVISOR THAN SELF-PITY Death is considered by a warrior to be a more amenable adviser. and thus you can learn to have the idea of your death at your fingertips. HOW DO WARRIORS MAKE THEMSELVES ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR MORTALITY? SYMBOLIC DEATH .. The little smoke has shown me my unmistakable death with great clarity.DEATH IS A WARRIORS ONLY WORTHY OPPONENT Sorcerers say that death is the only worthy opponent we have. (when death enters you luminous gap) SR.198 DON JUAN'S COMMENT ON THE TIBETAN BOOK OF THE DEAD I don't understand why those people talk about death as if death were like life (refferring to the Tibetan Book of the Dead) SR. DON JUAN'S ALLY HAS SHOWN HIM (CC asks how DJ knows all of this).we are passive. SRP.197. As an adviser.205.we are born to take that challenge..234. just like self-pity......196. That is why I can only talk about personal death.. in other words.

when you feel and act like an immortal being that has all the time in the world you are not impeccable. Whenever you feel. For a sorcerer ther is only the here and now. at those times you should turn around.modern sorcerers call this process of invalidation... or to be capable of utilizing intelligently his new continuity. POS.254.203 The thing to do when you're impatient. the ticket to impeccability. You see. one would never suspect that he has witnessed everything. a sorcerers' ticket to freedom was his death. judging him by his acts or by his words.. we can only really change if we die.the key to all these matters of impeccability is the sense of having or not having time. TOP.the sorcerers' grand trick is to be aware of being to turn to your left and ask advice from your death. TOP. Your death will tell you. so really you have no time for crappy thoughts and moods. None of us have time for that.. or if you just have the feeling that your companion is there watching you..201. Your death will tell you that you're wrong....34. Think of your death now. therefore he's clear and calm. he must invalidate the continuity of his old life.cannot cling to the meanings made under the tonal's order. As a rule of thumb.....39.. There's no future. (???) An immortal being has all the time in the world for doubts and bewilderment and fears. or about his position in the sorcerer's world. because he knows for a fact that the totality of himself has but a little time on this earth.the future is only a way of talking. A warrior.191. POS. or the sorcerer's symbolic but final death.SYMBOLIC DEATH/REBIRTH/TICKET TO IMPECCABILITY: YOU MUST INVALIDATE THE CONTINUITY OF YOUR OLD LIFE for any sorcerer to have complete certainty about his actions. . Only then can his actions have the necessary assuredness to fortify and balance the tenuousness and instability of his new continuity.. One of us here has to ask death's . there are no survivors on this earth.198.32... so there is nothing for him to lose. and now we are equals in our condition of being immense amount of pettiness is dropped if your death makes a gesture to is at arm's length.that everything is going wrong and you're about to be annihilated. JTI. the worst has already happened to him. that nothing really matters outside its touch. There is nothing in this world that a warrior cannot account for. Death is the only wise advisor we have..34. and then you will realize that your feeling of having time is idiocy. TOP. It may tap you any moment.. JTI. or if you catch a glimpse of it. a warrior considers himself already dead. POS. HOW DO WARRIORS USE DEATH AS THEIR ADVISORS? DEATH REMINDS A WARRIOR THAT LIFE IS SHORT SO THERE IS NO TIME TO GET CAUGHT UP IN THE PETTINESS OF LIFE. "I haven't touched you yet". turn to your death and ask if that is so. look around. JTI..

and impeccability cannot be threatened. JTI. nor is it geared to winning or losing. If this were your last battle on earth.82 How can anyone feel so important when we know that death is stalking us. FFW. the only deterrent to our despair was the awareness of our death. the key to the sorcerer's scheme of things. man is adventurous. a warrior laughs and are wasting your last act on earth in some stupid mood..81. To be under siege implies that one has personal possessions that could be blockaded. in the face of the unknown. DEATH ALLOWS US TO HAVE COURAGE TO FACE ANYTHING BECAUSE WE HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE warriors live with death at their side. JTI. whatever you are doing now...... and every struggle is a warrior's last battle on earth. EG. man is at his best in the face of the unknown. DEATH BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN PEOPLE I would say that the best of us always comes out when we are against the wall. .. and from the knowledge that death is with them they draw the courage to face anything.96. The spirit of a warrior is not geared to indulging and complaining.. Even the apprehension that it arouses is very fulfilling. a warrior is never under siege.. what are you waiting for? Why the hesitation to change.. when we feel that sword dangling overhead.. the spirit of a warrior is geared only to the struggle.. I insisted that to be bored with the world or to be at odds with it was a human condition.if you don't think your life is going to last forever. This.. When one has nothing to lose. One is better off with nothing except one's purpose and freedom.260. JTI. TOP...143.the worst thing that could happen to us is that we have to die..FFW. I would say that you are an idiot.50 DEATH MAKES PEOPLE CHANGE . JTI. exhilarated. In his last battle on earth a warrior lets his spirit flow free and clear.advice and drop the cursed pettiness that belongs to men that live their lives as if death will never tap them.261.if you do not respond to that challenge you are as good as dead. And as he wages his battle. She has nothing to lose any more. SR.. Thus the outcome matters very little to him..205. it is a quality of the unknown that give us a sense of hope and happiness.. His idea was that the awareness of our death was the only thing that could give us the strength to withstand the duress and pain of our lives and our fears of the unknown. We are timid only when there is something we can still cling to.change it... those who have lost everything no longer have anything to fear..34.215.. A warrior has nothing in the world except his impeccability. may be the last act on earth. man feels robust.35. knowing that his will is impeccable.49. She's lost everything already. JTI. and since that is already our unalterable fate. SRP. SRP.DJ says. it may very well be your last battle. one becomes courageous.215. we are free.

he proceeds judiciously.because the idea of death is the only thing that tempers our spirit..85 There are some people who are very careful about the nature of their acts.. I wanted to convince you that you must learn to make every act count. JTI.. and since he has intimate knowledge of his death..85. it dulls the edge of his fright. JTI. it's only when we feel the pressure of death. A hunter.. SR. . or any unwelcome surprises. That realization gives sorcerers the courage to be patient and yet take action. A warrior should be prepared only to battle. Let each of your acts be your last battle on earth. the acts of a timid man. and then do quite alot more than your best to realize those decisions. or any unnecessary acts. no sobriety.. what else can a man have.. TOP. except his life and his death? SR. JTI. Only a fool would fail to notice the advantage a hunter has over his fellow men.215.. I have heard you say time and time again that you are always prepared to die.120 DEATH KEEPS A WARRIOR SHARP/CLEAR A warrior thinks of his death when things are unclear. I think it is a useless indulgence.. It's only natural that his last act on earth should be the best of himself. if I did not think of my death. as if every act were his last battle. no beauty.96.81. for as long as you live.. there is no order. POS.POS.SRP..assesses every act. therefore their acts have a peculiar power.152. especially when the person acting knows that those acts are his last battle.47. I don't regard that feeling as necessary. It's pleasurable that way.120 without a clear view of death.84.. TAOD.122 Focus your attention on the link between you and your death. since you are going to be here for only a short while. SR..if you come here ready to die. to put your life on the line in order to back up your decisions.... Their happiness is to act with the full knowledge that they don't have time.136. THE IDEA OF DEATH GIVES US SOBRIETY The idea of death is of monumental importance in the life of a sorcerer. POS. A hunter gives his last battle its due respect. the knowledge of our impending and unavoidable end is what gives us sobriety.. Death sets the pace for our actions and feelings and pushes us relentlessly until it breaks us and wins the bout or else we rise above all possibilities and defeat death.acts have power. DEATH MAKES A WARRIOR TAKE ACTION LIKE IT WAS THEIR LAST ACT ON EARTH if we move. my entire life would be only a personal chaos.lets say that a rule of thumb for you should be that when you come to see me you should come prepared to die. otherwise they will be.155. Focus your attention on the fact that you don't have time and let your acts flow accordingly. there shouldn't be any pitfalls. There is a strange consuming happiness in acting with the full knowledge that .JTI. Sorcerers struggle to gain this crucial insight in order to help them realize at the deepest possible level that they have no assurance whatsoever their lives will continue beyond the moment. courage to be acquiescent without being stupid... Everything should fall gently into place because you're expecting nothing.only under those conditions will your acts have their rightful power... without remorse or sadness or worrying.

in mysterious ways. becomes an indifference. SR. the knowledge of his death guides him and makes him detached and silently lusty. SR. the idea of imminent death.151. SR. the power of his final decisions makes him able to choose without regrets and what he chooses is always strategically the best. and with the power of his decisions a warrior sets his life in a strategical manner.. for he has acquired a silent lust for life and for all things of life. So the next thing one needs to be a warrior is detachment. the master of his choices. His decisions are final. so he tries.152. however. has only one thing to back himself with: the power of his decisions. all of everything. A man of that sort. without craving.83 DEATH FORCES US TO MAKE DECISIONS WITH FULL RESPONSIBILITY AND NO REGRETS he must fully understand that his choice is his responsibilty and once he makes it there is no longer time for regrets or recriminations. SR. I recommend that you reconsider your life and bring your acts into that light. how to live strategically. In a battle for one's life. he knows how to wait. JTI.a warrior should use strategically use ever means available. with his detachment.151 When a warrior has acquired patience he is on his way to will. SR. SR. He knows his death is stalking him and won't give him time to cling to anything. so to speak. DEATH MAKES A WARRIOR BECOME SUFFICIENTLY DETACHED THAT HE/SHE BECOMES A MASTER OF HIS CHOICES But to be concerned with death would force any one of us to focus on the self and that would be debilitating. how to choose. simply because his death does not permit him time to cling to anything. DEATH MAKES A WARRIOR DO THINGS DELIBERATELY AND WITH ENTHUSIASM And thus with an awareness of his death. EG. who knows he has no possibility of fencing off his death. he has to be. Only the idea of death makes a man sufficiently detached so he is incapable of abandoning himself to anything. they are friends. does not crave. his death advises him. his death sits with him on his mat. instead of becoming an obsession.150.whatever one is doing may very well be one's last act on earth. Only the idea of death makes a man sufficiently detached so he can't deny himself anything. and so he performs everything he has to with gusto and lusty effciency.151 WHAT FINALLY HAPPENS BETWEEN SORCERERS AND DEATH? SORCERERS DEFEAT DEATH AND GO FREE .216.151 A detached man.

by then. SR.. invincible enemy. and almost without warning he will come upon the last of his enemies. TDJ. here.POS.sorcerers defeat death and death acknowledges the defeat by letting the sorcerers go free. and his knowledge. TOP. when we have no more strength left to turn our preoccupation into a pragmatic and positive discovery. What a wretched price to pay for our shields. because since time immemorial the lull of daily affairs has made us drowsy. But if a man sloughs off his tiredness. The man.a time when all his power is in check. no more impatient clarity of mind . It is only when our lives are nearly over that our hereditary preoccupation with fate begins to take on a different character. That moment of clarity. he will have lost his last round. This is the time when a man has no more fears. It begins to make us see through the fog of daily affairs. and lives his fate through. a longing for something indescribable. To engage in reducing it to a manageable nonsense is petty and outright disastrous.87. .122 OLD AGE: THE FINAL STRUGGLE OF A WARRIOR AVEARAGE OLD MEN THINK THE WORLD HAS NO MORE MYSTERY an average man doesn't do this though. At this point . he has only exhausted only what people do. 63 FOURTH NATURAL ENEMY OF MAN: OLD AGE.87. if he soothes himself in tiredness. the one he won't be able to defeat completely..220 An old man has not exhausted the world. if only for a brief moment when he succeeds in fighting off his last. and simple anger at having missed out. he can then be called a man of knowledge. and his enemy will cut him down into a feeble old creature. but also the time when he has an unyielding desire to rest. Unfortunately. But in his stupid confusion he believes that the world has no more mysteries for him. WHEN YOU BECOME OLD SOME PEOPLE BEGIN TO SUSPECT THEIR TRUE NATURE BUT IT IS TOO LATE Don Juan asserted that during our active lives we never have the chance to go beyond the level of mere preoccupation. never to be challenged again. power and knowledge is enough. his power. this awakening always comes in hand in hand with loss of energy caused by aging. at the end of his journey of learning. To turn that magnificence out there into reasonableness doesn't do anything for you.37. all there is left is an amphourous. but only fight away. (treat the world as a mystery) The world is never a mystery for him and when he arrives at old age he is convinced he has nothing more to live for. will be.SR. piercing anguish. His desire to retreat will overule all his clarity. Old age! This enemy is the cruelest of all. POS.220.surrounding us. If he gives in totally to his desire to lie down and forget.. is eternity itself. TDJ.

. But his impeccable spirit. SOMETIMES A WARRIOR CAN ACTUALLY ESCAPE DEATH ESCAPING ACCIDENTAL DEATH sorcerers when faced with an accidental death can move their AP with such speed that they can go to other universes or burn within (ultimate freedom). where secrets have been revealed to him. sorcerers commanded their death.WARRIORS FIGHT THEIR DEATH A warrior does not abandon himself to anything. death must stop to witness his last stand on earth.228.154. He said that the rabbit thumping he had taught me was the first movement of the dance that a warrior groomed and enlarged throughout his life. which has stored power after stupendous hardships. Every new one must be obtained during a struggle of power.172. a place where he has witnessed marvels. a dance that grows as he grows in personal power.if his power is grandiose. POS. and then executed in his last stand on earth. a specific posture of power. Death cannot overtake the warrior who is recounting the toil of his life for the last time until he has finished his dance. You must add the other movements yourself as you go on living. which he develops throughout his life. A humble man. which is always ready.. PLACE TO DIE/TIME OF YOUR DEATH/DEATH DANCE Every warrior has a place to die. It is a sort of dance. A warrior dies the hard way. He either goes there by means of walking or by means of dreaming. And finally.To die with elation is a crappy way to die. a moment long enough to let him rejoice for the last time in recalling his power. We may say that that is a gesture which death has with those who have an impeccable spirit. his dance is magnificent. his spirit..153. a place where he has stored personal power. where powerful events left their mark.. the posture. JTI. Any man that hunts power has to learn that dance. Every warrior has a specific form. If a dying warrior has limited power. He cannot change the designs of his death. the form of the warrior. .213.. A warrior does not give himself to it. one day when his time on earth is up and he feels the tap of death on his left shoulder. can certainly hold his death for a moment. But regardless of whether his power is small or magnificent. IMMORTALITY THERE IS NO WAY TO ASPIRE TO IMMORTALITY AS LONG AS MAN HAS A COCOON. A warrior has an obligation to go back to that place of his predilection every time he taps power in order to store it there. They died only when they had to. not even his death. TOP.JTI. A place of his predilection which is soaked with unforgettable memories. properly speaking. is the story of his life. His death must struggle to take him. JTI. SR. A movement that he does under the influence of his personal power.. his dance is short. A warrior is only a man. So. flies to the place of his predilection and there the warrior dances to his death..76.

OUR PERSONAL AWARENESS DOES NOT DISPERSE BUT EXPANDS AND UNITES WITH THE WHOLE A chance not to die was one of these possibilities (when our wherehouse is empty).103. like all things. THROUGH AWARENESS.. TSC. one's individual awareness is not dispersed in ordinary dying. TSC..but moments.249.) .. FFW. if we would empty our wherehouses-we would be able to slip out of the world to roam elsewhere... BEING AWARE OF TIME IS A SPECIAL STATE OF AWARENESS THAT PREVENTS US FROM AGING QUICKLY AND DYING IN A FEW DECADES. Then when death comes.. the best explanation of this extravagant alternative was offered by the sages of Ancient China. there is a belief handed from the ancient sorcerers.103. it is believed that once our warehouse is empty. put in modern terms.. to the shadow's world. Being aware of time is a special state of awareness that prevents us from aging quickly and dying in a few decades. For a seer... TSC. to link up knowingly with the all-encompassing awareness or Tao.91 WHERE DID DJ GO?: DESCRIPTION OF LITTLE RED BUGS.. TSC.111 They claimed that it is feasible for one's personal awareness. or te.. TSC. but expands and unites with the greater whole. are known to this moment it is just a belief. the truth is that all living beings are struggling to die. Where did DJ go? (description of little red bugs.. what stops death is awareness. SRP. (we would go to) the realm of not-being. that if we would be able to use our bodies as a weapon-or.. FFW. we would become so light that we could soar through the void and nothing would hinder our flight.284. Then we could return to this world youthful and renewed.there is no way to aspire to immortality as long as man has a cocoon.112.103.

fierce purpose . POS.. positions which in turn generated unbending intent.166.E. an extremely well-defined purpose not countermanded by any conflicting interests or desires.a sort of single-mindedness human beings exhibit.224 ALONG WITH SUSTAINED EFFORT IT IS A BASIC QUALITY FOR WARRIORS two basic qualities of warriors: sustained effort and unbending intent. POS. FIERCE PURPOSE a rigourous.225.212 THE FORCE CREATED WHEN THE AP WAS IN ANOTHER FIXED POSITION the force engendered when the AP was maintained fixed in a position which was not the usual one.214. WHY IS UNBENDING INTENT IMPORTANT FOR SORCERERS? .POS. POS.. FFW.224 the catalyst to trigger a sorcerers unchangeable decisions or as a converse: their unchangeable decisions were the catalyst that propelled their AP to new positions..) A WARRIOR'S LIFE 6...a special state of mind called unbending intent. POS. UNBENDING INTENT WHAT IS UNBENDING INTENT? A SPECIAL STATE OF MIND REQUIRING A RIGOUROUS.

for he was capable of controlling them. SR.182. without flinching.TO REVIVE THE CONNECTING LINK WITH INTENT The average man's connecting link with intent is practically dead. TDJ.. POS. has no problems. only to realize then that nothing matters. but when a man had a clear. and the crack between the worlds appears right in front of his eyes.110 WAITING FOR YOUR WILL SORCERER MUST WAIT FOR HIS WILL Perhaps the first thing that one should do is to know that one can develop the will. We are waiting. All of us stopped the world by gazing at dry leaves. A warrior knows that and proceeds to wait for it. You . When the convulsions do not stop the man is ready to go.43 We go day to day doing nothing.. like a monumental door. Your mistake is not to know that you are waiting for your will. did it with power plants. SR.145. without a complaint. In order to revive the link sorcerers needed (unbending intent) Error! Not a valid link. and the sorcerers begin with a link that is useless. TDJ. he knows that he is waiting for his will. SR.126 . 57. Right there is the great joy of warriorship. The man by himself must ponder and wish up to a moment in which his body is ready to undergo the journey. for the average man to know what he is waiting for. that moment is announced by prolonged shaking of the limbs and violent vomiting.. one must strive without giving up.258. required for learning. The man usually cannot sleep or eat.. a single-minded dedication. when the crack opens the man has to slide through it.. SR. SRP. the purpose. and wanes away. because it does not respond voluntarily..You have to have an unbending intent in order to become a man of knowledge.146 I knew I was waiting and I knew what I was waiting for. WITH UNBENDING INTENT A SORCERER WAS CAPABLE OF CONTROLLING HIS FEELINGS .all we needed to do in order to trap our second attention was to try and try. develop an indomitable desire for it. a crack that goes up and down. YOU MUST HAVE UNBENDING INTENT TO GET TO THE CRACK IN THE WORLD To get there a man must exercise his will. he must. there were lots of things that could drive a man mad. especially if he did not have the resolution. FFW. unbending intent. I will not tire of . A warrior. TO BECOME A MAN OF KNOWLEDGE WE MUST NOT GIVE UP .It is very difficult if not impossible. feelings were in no way a order to become a man of knowledge one must be a warrior not a whimpering child. But he must do it without the help of any power or any man. until one sees.

To be hungry or to be in pain means that the man has abandoned himself and is no longer a warrior. If he needs to eat he finds a way.277.142. It is up to us as single individuals to oppose the forces of our lives.145. SR. SR. in fact.If you don't act impeccably. a warrior has only his will and his patience and with them he builds anything he wants.. SHOULD KNOW THE NEED FOR WAITING FOR THE MOST APPROPRIATE TIME TO LET GO OF SOMETHING THAT WE HOLD DJ used to stress the need for waiting for the most appropriate time to let go of something that we hold.repeating this: we know that we are waiting and we know what we are waiting for.59 6. and the forces of his hunger and pain will destroy him. EG. SR. knowing that you're waiting. I have said this to you countless times. MAKING DECISIONS HOW DOES A WARRIOR MAKE THE RIGHT DECISIONS? YOUR BODY KNOWS IF YOU MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE OR NOT . A WARRIOR LEARNS WITHOUT ANY HURRY BECAUSE HE KNOWS HE IS WAITING FOR HIS WILL I would say that the warrior learns without any hurry because he knows he is waiting for his will have to wait like true warriors until your tasks are fulfilled. SR.. TOP. That is the warrior's way. only a warrior can survive. And you must aim all of your personal power at fulfilling your tasks. and while he waits he wants nothing and thus whatever little thing he gets is more than he can take. if you begin to fret and get impatient and desperate. You must wait without expecting rewards. TOP.142 If you two decide to return to this earth. FFW.133 you must wait patiently.152 HAVING WILL AND PATIENCE TO BUILD WHATEVER YOU WANT A warrior has to use his will and his patience to forget. A warrior knows that he is waiting and what he is waiting for .276 You must wait without looking back.. and knowing what you're waiting for. We are waiting for freedom. you'll be cut down mercilessly by the sharpshooters from the unknown. if something hurts his body he finds a way to stop it because he is not in pain. because he is not hungry..

A RULE OF THUMB FOR A WARRIOR. and then. . for the next choice. warriors don't do anything just to amuse themselves. IS THAT HE MAKES HIS DECISIONS SO CAREFULLY THAT NOTHING THAT MAY HAPPEN AS A RESULT OF THEM CAN SURPRISE HIM.212. they relaxed and let the spirit decide the outcome.. it doesn't work. POS. TOP.. You reload your body.247.71..183. and so does the body of everyone else.. POS. ONCE YOU MAKE YOUR DECISION LEAVE IT BEHIND Worry and think before you make any careful and deliberate in my actions so as not to exhaust my life force in vain. SR. BEING WIDE-AWAKE: ALWAYS KNOWING WHAT YOU ARE DOING ..the reason why there is no way to do that (imagining what your choice would have been instead of someone else's) is because there are only right and wrong choices. JTI. EG. WARRIORS DON'T DO ANYTHING JUST TO AMUSE THEMSELVES. there will be a million other decisions still awaiting you. JTI. WARRIORS NEED TO BE AWARE OF EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS ON THE PATH. If you want to use your body again for making the same choice. without any remorse or regrets. but if you make the right choice the body knows that and relaxes and forgets right away that there was a choice. A WARRIOR IS IMPECCABLE WHEN HE TRUSTS HIS PERSONAL POWER REGARDLESS OF WHETHER IT IS SMALL OR ENORMOUS. Warriors do their utmost...14. a warrior is impeccable when he trusts his personal power regardless of whether it is small or enormous. because to isolate one's acts as being mean. TOP. is that he makes his decisions so carefully that nothing that may happen as a result of them can surprise him.if you make a wrong choice your body knows it. or evil was to place an unwarranted importance on the self. like a gun. much less drain his power.152 BE CAREFUL AND DELIBERATE IN MY ACTIONS SO AS NOT TO EXHAUST MY LIFE FORCE IN VAIN. MUCH LESS DRAIN HIS POWER A rule of thumb for a warrior. His recommendation was that I should not have remorse for anything I had done. but once you make be a warrior means to be humble and alert. TOP.47. or ugly..168.. be on your way free from worries or thoughts.200 In this affair the only possible course that a warrior has is to act consistently and without reservations.

Understanding comes from recapitulating their lives. . the condition of a warrior. TSC. that is he needed to be capable at all times of matching the definite purpose of every obligatory act with the definite reason that he had in mind for desiring to act... TOP... AFTER A LIFETIME OF PRACTICE..After a lifetime of practice. The warrior cleans it. BEING AWARE AND KEEPING CONTACT WITH INNER VOICE You yourself know that something in the warrior is always aware of everything. a warrior must notice everything. because what it tells me is usually contrary to what I expect or want to hear. and power gathers from their impeccable acts.177. shines it. a man of knowledge had to be wide awake. TOP.100.184. SR.. THAT DELIBERATE AWARENESS OF CHANGES ACCOUNTED FOR THE RECOGNITION AND INTERPRETATIONS OF OMENS AND OF OTHER UN-ORDINARY EVENT.197.67 I knew perfectly well that there is something inside me that always knows what's what. you can be sure that he is aware of what he is doing.You are aware of everything only when you think you should be. TSC. is to be aware of everything at all times... ALWAYS KNOW WHAT THE SPIRIT HAS IN STORE FOR THEM.56 Sorcerer's always took a first event of any series as the blueprint or the map of what was going to develop subsequently.180 HAVING CLARITY But in order to have such a powerful and clear view. however. . TDJ..67 It's an inner voice that tells you what's what. SORCERERS KNOW IF THE SPIRIT IS INVITING THEM TO ENTER THE EDIFICE BEING FLAUNTED BEFORE THEM. that deliberate awareness of changes accounted for the recognition and interpretations of omens and of other un-ordinary event. and keeps it running.. SO THEY ARE ALWAYS FOREWARNED.212. It is precisely the aim of the warrior's way to foster and maintain that awareness.197. sorcerers know if the spirit is inviting them to enter the edifice being flaunted before them.. and that takes both understanding and power. I also knew that I supress its capacity to advise.190. sorcerers have to reset their total being.Since all the obligatory acts had a definite purpose. TOP. there lies his advantage. SRP. so they are always forewarned. and if he involves himself with something. POS.. SRP. USE OMENS TO GUIDE YOU BY BEING AWARE OF THE EXPECTED FLUX ONE WAS SUPPOSED TO DETECT THE MOST SUBTLE CHANGES. By being aware of the expected flux one was supposed to detect the most subtle changes. TDJ. . always know what the spirit has in store for them.

but only sorcerers.HOW SURE THEY WERE DEPENDED ON THE STRENGTH AND CLARITY OF THEIR CONNECTING LINK. knowledge without words..... sorcerers must be always looking for manifestations of the spirit.29 . .indications or omens. Every act performed by sorcerers. starting from the first day you came to see me.133. 43 .how sure they were depended on the strength and clarity of their connecting link. STARTING FROM THE FIRST DAY YOU CAME TO SEE ME. are attuned to such revelations. THE ONLY WAY TO BE SURE (OF INTERPRETING OMENS CORRECTLY)IS BY FOLLOWING ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS I HAVE BEEN GIVING YOU. Everything that happened to a warrior could be interpreted as an omen...45. WHEN A SORCERER INTERPRETED AN OMEN HE KNEW ITS EXACT MEANING WITHOUT HAVING ANY NOTION OF HOW HE KNEW IT.Intent creates edifices (silent voice of intent or the ulterior arrangement of the abstract. 31.. JTI.IN ORDER TO HAVE POWER ONE MUST LIVE POWER. was either performed as a way to strengthen their link with intent or as a response triggered by the link itself. THERE IS ALWAYS A CUBIC CENTIMETER OF CHANCE. to know the abstract directly without the intervention of language.INTERPRETATING OMENS EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED TO A WARRIOR COULD BE INTERPRETED AS AN OMEN....the spirit reveals itself to everyone with the same intensity and consistency... (How do you make the correct interpretations?) the only way to be sure is by following all the instructions I have been giving you..152. SRP. POS.31 MISTAKES HAPPEN FOR SORCERERS WHEN READING OMENS ONLY WHEN PERSONAL FEELINGS INTERVENE AND CLOUD THE SORCERERS' CONNECTING LINK WITH INTENT.when a sorcerer interpreted an omen he knew its exact meaning without having any notion of how he knew it. mistakes happen for sorcerers when reading omens only when personal feelings intervene and cloud the sorcerers' connecting link with intent. outside our immediate comprehension.. Crows flying or cawing are never an agreement.. 31 WHEN EVERYTHING LOOKS BAD.. JTI.. SORCERERS HAD A SENSE OF KNOWING THINGS order to have power one must live power..POS. POS. POS.. sorcerers had a sense of knowing things directly.20..46) before us and invites us to enter them POS...

.234 Chance. or too preoccupied. The difference between an average man and a warrior is that a warrior is aware of this. He made me see that I was a warrior myself and that I shouldn't hinder Pablito with my thoughts. SRP. the prowess to pick it up. personal power or whatever you may call it.. He said I should turn them off and let Pablito be. always alert and tight and has the spring. and one of his tasks is to be alert. the warrior's art is to be perennially fluid in order to pluck it.153.234. good luck. TOP. It is like a very small stick that comes out in front of us and invites us to pluck it. the gumption necessary to grab it. that the impeccable thing for me to do was to help Pablito in spite of what I knew about him. WARRIORS ALWAYS HAVE A CHANCE/THEY DO NOT HINDER OTHER PEOPLE Warriors always have a chance.TOP. A warrior must always be ready. Usually we are too busy. ALL OF US HAVE A CUBIC CENTIMETER OF CHANCE AND ONLY A WARRIOR WHO IS ALERT PICKS IT UP All of us. it is a peculiar state of affairs.CENTIMETER OF CHANCE A WARRIOR MUST ALWAYS BE READY. A warrior. . or just too stupid and lazy to realize that that is our cubic centimeter of luck. whether or not we are warriors.114. deliberately waiting.277. so that when his cubic centimeter pops out he has the necessary speed. no matter how slim. JTI. BEING FLUID FOR THE CUBIC CENTIMETER OF CHANCE That dying man is one of the cubic centimeters of chance that power always makes available to a warrior. have a cubic centimeter of chance that pops out in front of our eyes from time to time.

one needs the mood of a warrior for every single act.. JTI. please register CHM-2-Word to get full features. believing that someone is always doing something to us.) A WARRIOR'S LIFE 9. Nobody is doing anything to anybody. much less to a warrior. it's convenient to always to act in such a mood. measure. it means that we are after sobriety.. For registration information.macrobject.119.otherwise one becomes distorted and ugly. control.. You indulged in your excesses and didn't shift your awareness of daily life to your double. SOBRIETY SORCERERS ARE NOT INTERESTED IN CRAZINESS BUT IN SOBRIETY The awareness of daily life. ... uncontrollable awareness. TSC. We are not interested in craziness and helter-skelter results..!...The hardest thing in the world is to assume the mood of a warrior. anything will serve you to get into is of no use to be sad and complain and feel justified in doing so.224.110. MOOD OF A WARRIOR MOOD OF A WARRIOR A WARRIOR CONTROLS HIS/HER MOOD A warrior makes his own mood. please refer to: http://www.. JTI. it is a cuts through the crap and leaves one purified. The content of this chapter is skipped..This document is created from a CHM file automatically by an unregistered copy of CHM-2-Word. but now that you know about it..121.. JTI.fear got you into the mood of a warrior.. there is no power in a life that lacks this mood.. DIFFICULT TO GET INTO THE WARRIOR MOOD To achieve the mood of a warrior is not a simple matter. you imbued your double with an unknown. E..

FFW. seers have to be methodical. 72. POS. but it means nothing if it's not a sober. sobriety was crucial to dealing with the moving of the assemblage point.234... above all. alignment has to be a very peaceful. unnoticeable act.. controlled movement. BUT IT MEANS NOTHING IF IT'S NOT A SOBER. it meant a natural and profound bent for examination.. you may call that bridge between contradictions anything you want. love or even kindness. All of these traits are called sobriety. rational beings.. affection... POS. no great fuss. FFW. for understanding.. but. FFW.91.236. ALMOST INDIFFERENCE. I held on to the conviction and it was only in the later years of my apprenticeship that I realized that the meaningful transformations and findings of sorcerers were always done in states of sober consciousness.moving the AP is everything. CONTROLLED MOVEMENT.WHAT IS SOBRIETY? HAVING A SENSE OF COMPOSURE. MOVING THE AP IS EVERYTHING..194. A NATURAL BENT FOR EXAMINATION internal strength meant a sense of equanimity (composure). the sobriety needed to let the AP assemble other worlds is something that cannot be improvised. paragons of sobriety and at the same time they must shy away from all those qualities in order to be completely free and open to the wonders and mysteries of existence. SOBRIETY MUST BE CULTIVATED Sobriety has to mature and become a force in itself before warriors can break the barrier of perception with impunity. WHY IS SOBRIETY IMPORTANT TO SORCERY? SORCERY IS DONE IN COMPLETE SOBERNESS/DRUGS NOT THE KEY The extraordinary effect that psychotropic plants had on me was what gave me the bias that their use was the key feature of the teachings. a feeling of being at ease. SOBRIETY WILL BRIDGE THE CONTRADICTIONS FOUND IN SORCERY only a feeling of supreme sobriety can bridge the contradictions found in sorcery. FFW. No flying away.. TOP.91 .267. FFW.. almost of indifference. .235.

.121. RESPECTING OTHER THINGS A warrior treats everything with respect and does not trample on anything unless he has to..... and my worth is absolutely zero.64. TOP.. whether being means being a pebble.. takes his rightful place among mysteries and regards himself as one.. In snubbing them. or an ant. aware of the unfathomable mystery that surrounds him and aware of his duty to unravel it. EG.55. nor can I be pleased when someone praises me. WARRIORS AREN'T MASTERS I now know that the humbleness of a warrior is not the humbleness of a beggar. SR. you may become more humble. This attitude is called knowing your worth. The beggar. he demands that someone lower than him scrape the floor for him. it takes power to do that. they cancel each other out and that means that my worth is be victorious and to be defeated are equal. JTI. . It takes time for every one of us to understand that point and fully live it.88. Consequently. SR.. as long as the positive and negative forces are in balance. You have learned that the backbone of a warrior is to be humble and efficient. falls to his knees at the drop of a hat and scrapes the floor for anyone he deems to be higher. but at the same time. To regard the lion and the water rats and our fellow men as equals is a magnificent act of the warrior's spirit.that's why I told you earlier today that I didn't understand what . That is a warrior's humbleness. He accepts it in humbleness what he is. humbleness entails being impeccable in one's actions and feelings.24. but not defended.. not even one's person. that a warrior. TSC. but at the same time.that wouldn't affect my inner serenity. The warrior lowers his head to no one. not as grounds for regret but as a living challenge. WE SHOULD BE HUMBLE AND PROTECT OUR PERSON NOT DEFEND IT one has to be utterly humble and carry nothing to defend. JTI.279. TOP. that one's person should be protected. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A WARRIOR AND A BEGGAR. or oneself.277. A warrior takes his lot. EG. he doesn't permit anyone to lower his head to him. One is equal to everything. whatever it may be.180..... for a warrior there is no end to the mystery of being.. it also means that I cannot be possibly upset when someone criticizes me.. I (CC) was not protecting but merely defending myself. and accepts it in ultimate humbleness.HUMBLENESS A WARRIOR SHOULD BE HUMBLE BECAUSE HE IS EQUAL TO EVERYTHING The third precept of the rule. (???)If you don't have a clear picture of what you want.195.

and so is to hate.142 NEED IS FELT AS ATTACHMENT TO OUR SELF-REFLECTION Each of us has a different degree of attachment to his self-reflection.166 CONTROL . while the warrior is hooked only to himself.56.110. the average man is hooked to his fellow learning to reduce his wants to nothing. TOP.CONFIDENCE The self-confidence of the warrior is not the self-confidence of the average man. SR. TOP. Yet if we could learn to cut our wants to nothing. .. must cultivate the feeling that a warrior needs nothing. the smallest thing we'd get would be a true gift.In my stupidity. or to be hungry.. And as long as you think the same your promise will be valid.13. and that will never permit me to be anyone's master.POS. and that attachment is felt as need. To be poor or wanting is only a thought.. without that power we are dregs. Thus.142. . the warrior seeks impeccabilty in his own eyes and calls that humbleness.. his life will be hell. (???) WANTING/NEED HE SAID THAT NOT WANTING ANYTHING WAS A WARRIOR'S FINEST ACHIEVEMENT He said that not wanting anything was a warrior's finest achievement.. dust in the wind. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A WARRIOR AND AN AVERAGE MAN IN SELF..25. TOP. A warrior doesn't seek anything for his solace. Selfconfidence entails knowing something for sure. my life was boring and empty. The power to do that is all we have (thinking hunger and thirst are thoughts) to oppose the forces of our lives. TOP. The average man seeks certainty in the eyes of the onlooker and calls that self-confidence. SRP. or to be in pain. What makes us unhappy is to want.240.142. SR..142 WHAT MAKES US UNHAPPY IS TO WANT. Only he(CC's little boy) could cancel that act (refers to CC making promise to a little boy).. As long as he thinks that he was a victim. I know only the humbleness of a warrior.I had enlarged the sensation of not wanting anything and made it lapse into not liking anything.. SR.masters felt like.

but he won't let anyone know that.One of the acts of a warrior is never to let anything affect him. JTI.Sorcerers live exclusively in the twilight of a feeling best described by the words "and yet.A warrior must be fluid and must shift harmoniously with the world around him.. Thus. A warrior.104. a warrior has to believe.33. JTI. TOP.. BEING FLUID BEING CONTROLLED IS ALSO BEING FLUID. JTI. As a warrior you have to believe in that (Cats story) if you have to believe....119.A WARRIOR IS IN CONTROL WITHOUT CONTROLLING ANYTHING A controlled outburst and a controlled quietness were the mark of a warrior. The most dangerous aspect of that shifting comes forth every time the warrior finds that the world is neither one nor the other.You had a degree of abandon... EG. I was told that the only way to succeed in that crucial shifting was by proceding in one's actions as if one believed. TOP. But he could not hate or fight the river.. however. they had been taught to be fluid. at ease in whatever situation they found themselves. JTI. however.. JTI.. a warrior always made sure that everything was in proper order. POS... was something that only a warrior could do. not because he believed that he was going to survive the ordeal he was about to undertake. you must use all the event..110.140... which were the ways he normally behaved with everything and everybody in his life. TOP. when in effect he knew nothing.108. impeccability replenishes it. In fact. to just believe would exonerate him from examining his situation.. or the world of will. . to sustain it.42.. whenever he has to involve himself with believing... or fret. Having to believe means that you must consider everything. not under any circumstances. You did not let go and wet your pants.He said it was not so difficult to let the spirit of man flow and take over... everything else drains his other words. .to climb well in darkness required that you had to hold on to yourself and let go of yourself at the same time. That's what I call the mood of a warrior. and then immediately escape to the twilight of "and yet. he knew how to let go. For a warrior there is time only for his impeccability.. BELIEVING BUT NOT BELIEVING. A warrior must be calm and collected and must never lose his grip.. the secret of a warrior is that he believes without believing...or bewildered or frightened. a warrior may be seeing the devil himself. and at the same time you had a degree of control over yourself.. A warrior cannot be helpless.a warrior acted as if he knew what he was doing.199. TOP. as I have told you before. sorceres accept that the situation is terrible. and yet you let go and climbed that wall in complete darkness. or be impatient with it. The control of a warrior has to be impeccable....111.a man of knowledge is in control without controlling anything." POS..191. TOP." When everything is crumbling down around them.29.237.. A warrior considers all those possibilities and then chooses to believe in accordance with his innermost predilection..168. and that I had been taught the same.. does it as a choice. but because that was part of his impeccable behavior. whether it is the world of reason. as an expression of his innermost predilection.. SRP.167. TOP. a warrior doesn't need to believe because as long as he keeps on acting without believing he is not-doing.61. All he could do with the river was follow its flow. A warrior doesn't believe. TOP.199.

TOP.FOUR REACTIONS TO DIFFICULT SITUATIONS There are three kinds of bad habits which we use over and over when confronted with unusual life situations..55.. neither does he feel as if nothing had ever happened.First. confident that his spirit is impeccable and above all fully aware of his efficiency. we may become obsessed with an event because either we cannot disregard it or cannot accept it wholeheartedly. the warrior's way.84 A warriors joyfulness comes from having accepted his fate. To act in such a manner dissipates obsession. 10. TOP.64.he's joyful because he feels humbled by his great fortune. . the correct one.. yet he accepts everything at its face value. He acts as if he is in control. we may disregard what's happening or has happened and feel as if it has never occurred.. He accepts without accepting and disregards without disregarding.TOP. TOP. He never feels as if he knows.55 third. and while he waits he feasts his eyes on the world. TOP. we may accept everything at its face value and feel as if we know what's going on.55. and from having truthfully assessed what lies ahead of him. because he doesn't believe in anything.. EMOTIONS OF A WARRIOR EMOTIONS OF A WARRIOR ENTERING THE UNKNOWN the mood of a warrior who enters into the unknown is not one of sadness. Second. That's the fool's way.55.TOP. For him the ultimate accomplishment of a warrior was joy. even though he might be shaking in his boots. That's the pious man's way.55.279 HAPPINESS HAPPINESS COMES FROM DOING THINGS DELIBERATELY you don't know the happiness that comes from doing things deliberately.. TOP. There is a fourth. SR. That one is the bigot's way.279 FULFILLMENT THERE IS NO EMPTINESS IN THE LIFE OF A MAN OF KNOWLEDGE . A warrior acts as if nothing had ever happened. EG.

He will be clear as long as he lives... his second enemy has just stopped him cold from trying to become a man of knowledge.86.. Their laughter is not roaring. Clarity. He can do with it whatever he pleases. It forces the man to never doubt himself. anything. Their bodies jerk a little with the ripple of laughter.TDJ. His ally is at his command. SR. (to defeat it). It will be true power..There's no emptiness in the life of a man of knowledge . he has succumbed to his second enemy and will fumble with learning.86. which is so hard to obtain. And he will fumble with learning until he winds up incapable of learning anything more. but he will no longer learn. SR.89. And thus he will overcome his second enemy. and wait patiently and measure carefully before taking new steps.He will know at this point that the power he has been pursuing for so long is finally his. has loomed upon you. he must think. or he will be patient when he should rush. the man may turn into a buoyant warrior or even a clown. And he is courageous because he is clear.. and will arrive at a position where nothing can harm him anymore.115 DOUBT .. Blind men don't laugh.32. the only way to counteract the devasting effect of the sorcerer's world was to laugh at it. His wish is the rule.everything is filled to the brim.88 HUMOR HUMOR WAS ONE WAY TO COUNTERACT THE EFFECTS OF THE SORCERER'S WORLD humor was the only means of counteracting the compulsion of human awareness to take inventories and to make cumbersome classification. TOP. They have never looked at the funny edge of the world and have to imagine it. FFW. CLARITY MAN'S SECOND NATURAL ENEMY (a man's) second enemy.85. This will not be a mistake.54. He sees all that is around him. the second enemy of a man of knowledge. Yet the clarity for which he has paid so dearly will never change to darkness and fear again. if the man yields to this make-believe power. or yearn for. TDJ.. he must do what he did with fear: he must defy his clarity and use it only to see.. instead. that his clarity is almost a mistake. it will not be only a point before his eyes. He will rush when he should be patient. for he sees clearly into everything. above all. It gives him the assurance he can do anything he pleases. He doesn't die. it is like something incomplete. but also blinds. And a moment will come when he will understand that his clarity was only a point before his eyes. dispels fear. SR. Clarity! That clarity of mind..and everything is equal and my struggle was worth my while.. and he stops at nothing because he is clear But all that is a mistake.

or without knowledge.49. FEAR IS NATURAL AND SHOULDN'T BE CONTROLLED DJ said that it was natural to be scared. And if the man.126 BEING AFRAID IS OKAY/FIRST NATURAL ENEMY There is nothing wrong with being afraid. TDJ. that all of us experience them and there is nothing we can do about it. that's the rule.Fears are natural. POS. and that to control fear was wrong and senseless.. . FFW. runs away. his enemy will put an end to his quest. because you don't know anything.the first of his natural enemies: Fear!.. you see things in a different way.55. no matter how frightening learning is.. anything is possible.. once doubts are banished. prowling. you are curious. It remains concealed at every turn of the way. A terrible enemy-treacherous.. Besides. EG.130. FFW. TDJ. terrified in its presence.. When you fear...111. TDJ.DOUBT COMES FROM WHERE YOUR AP IS POSITIONED I moved your AP beyond the position where there are no more doubts.300.Fear is the first natural enemy a man must overcome on his path to knowledge. WORRYING FRETTING WAS PROPER ONLY IN THE FIRST ATTENTION fretting was proper only in the first attention. waiting. The ancient seers got trapped by suppressing their terror when they should have been scared out of their wits.. it is more terrible to think of a man without an ally. In one you have no more doubts because you know everything..51..84.125. and difficult to overcome. There are two such positions for warriors.. What we need to do to allow magic to get hold of us is to banish doubt from our minds.... In the other. TDJ.And you will learn in spite of yourself.260 FEAR FEAR IS A PRODUCT OF THE AP fear did not exist as soon as the glow of awareness moved beyond a certain threshold inside man's cocoon. FFW. That evens up the score..

FFW. when a warrior is caught in such a tight spot he would simply turn his back to the ally without thinking twice.If he gives in to fear he will never conquer it. (so).. but first one had to be conscious of being afraid and duly to evaluate that sensation.. scared man. A warrior cannot indulge.251 IT'S OKAY TO BE AFRAID BUT NOT PARALYZED be afraid without being terrified.. TDJ.197 .FRIGHT WILL ALWAYS BE THERE fright is something one can never get over. He must be fully afraid and yet he must not stop. and yet the fear is vanquished suddenly and fast.. he will be a defeated man. SR..84..fear was supposed to be conquered and there was an alleged time life of a man of knowledge when it was vanquished. That is the rule! And a moment will come when his first enemy retreats..xii. It happens little by little.JTI. He will never become a man of knowledge. TDJ. FEAR MAKES YOU LEARN One of the greatest forces in the lives of warriors is fear. and the next. thus he cannot die of fright. and the next... nothing happens to him except he will never learn. he will eventually conquer it because he will never have really abandoned himself to it. TDJ. His intent becomes stronger. DJ asserted that one was capable of conquering fear only by facing it. The man begins to feel sure of himself.But if he tries to learn for years in the midst of his fear.125. put all your concentration on the midpoint of your body.84. He must defy his fear.. TDJ.. Learning is no longer a terrifying task. he must not run away..251 FRIGHT CAN'T INJURE YOU Fright never injures anyone. because he will shy away from learning and never try again. at any rate. FFW. the man can say without hesitation that he has defeated his first natural enemy.. RUNNING AWAY FROM FEAR MEANS NO MORE LEARNING/BEING DEFEATED (if the man runs away in fear). SR.. and in spite of it he must take the next step in learning..196.. DEFEATING FEAR . He will perhaps be a bully or a harmless. TDJ.87.. When this joyful moment comes.61.87. it spurs them to learn. His first enemy will have put an end to his cravings.

FEAR OF LOSING YOUR SOUL I said I could not figure out logically what had caused my panic. and he replied that it was not the fear of dying. By then a man knows his desires.115 . Seers say that the luminous egg.163.ONCE FEAR IS GONE. WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU ARE AFRAID/UPSET when you have been afraid or upset.if I wanted to give my body healing rest I should take long naps. SADNESS AND MELANCHOLY BEING SAD FOR NO REASON in the life of warriors it was extremely natural to be sad for no overt reason. he knows how to satisfy those desires. senses its final destination whenever the boundaries of the known are broken. followed by four deep inhalations and exhalations through the nose. instead of fear. lying on my stomach with my face turned to the left and my feet over the foot of the bed. covering the navel. Once a man has vanquished fear.. don't lie down to sleep. The exhalations were done twice throught the nose and twice through the mouth in a slow or accelerated fashion. the man feels that nothing is concealed.. put a pillow over the shoulders away from the neck to keep warm and wear heavy socks or keep shoes on. but rather the fear of losing my soul. A mere glimpse of the eternity outside the cocoon is enough to disrupt the coziness of our inventory. he has acquired clarity .185. sleep sitting up on a sofa chair. gave strength to the midsection and helped to control the gasps and the deep inhalations.a clarity of mind which erases fear. depending on one's preference. TDJ. as a field of energy.. a fear common among men who do not have unbending intent.. . TOP.85. and that keeping the hands tightly clasped. he is free from it for the rest of his life because. The resulting melancholy is sometimes so intense that it can bring about death. fear or stress.. FFW. to use in moments of great danger. THE PERSON IS FREE FROM IT. TDJ. He can anticipate the new steps of learning. POS. which had to be held for a count of eight as one pressed the diaphragm down. He had explained that the gasps of air had to be felt as jolts in the middle part of the body.41 PUSHING THE BELLY DOWN/FOR MOMENTS OF GREAT FEAR AND STRESS it was a technique he had taught me years before. It consisted of pushing the diaphragm down while taking four sharp gasps of air through the mouth. and a sharp clarity surrounds everything.

Sadness makes a warrior shed tears of blood. EG.... ANGER ANGER IS A NATURAL REACTION TO THE AP NOT MOVING ON COMMAND anger was a natural reaction to the hesitation of the AP to move on command. everything a warrior does is dictated by impeccability. FFW.with no thoughts of personal gain. That is.. DJ told me I should feel the same way about the onslaughts of my fellow men.168. the warrior is not seeking to be understood or helped.. POS.SADNESS AS A WAY TO BECOME SILENT The Naugal told me that for a human being sadness is as powerful as terror.. providing that the warrior is given to talking. no human being can do anything . because the warrior tries for it throughout his life... I should protect myself or get out of their way. Or the silence comes of itself. TOP. TOP. Both can bring the moment of silence.278 WARRIORS CAN'T BE ANGRY . TSC.56..278..223. 92. CAN'T AVOID PAIN/GRIEF a warrior could not avoid pain and grief but only the indulging in them. GETTING RID OF MELANCHOLY The best way to get rid of melancholy is to make fun of it.115 GETTING OUT OF A SAD MOOD the way to get you out of this sad mood is to make you angry or to make you think. if he's not.. they can't be angry or disillusioned with was absurd to be offended by an animals actions.No I'm never angry at anybody. by talking he's merely relieving himself of his pressure. After all.he simply chooses anyone and expresses to that person in every detail of his turmoil. POS. he tells no one.143 EXPRESSING YOUR SADNESS If a warrior needs solace. but without feeling morally wronged.

PLANTS . whereas moving beings are filled to the brim with it. There is no sense of strife in a tree.288. assuming responsibility for my acts. TDJ.. erasing personal history and had finally arrived at a point which years before I had dreaded.278. while the awareness of mobile creatures draws it from the surface.184. PLANTS AND TREES ORGANIC LIFE COMPARING TREE VS MOVING BEINGS ON WHERE THEY GET THEIR NOURISHMENT the awareness of a tree draws its nourishment from the depths of the earth. I don't feel that way any longer. TOP. FFW. Plants have it on the lower part of their cocoon. You get angry at people when you feel their acts are important..inportant enough for that.. while other organic beings have it on the upper part of their cocoon. FFW. EG. DEALING WITH THE WORLD A. 11.but to die alone is not to die in loneliness.57 AFFECTION AFFECTION real affection cannot be an investment.. LONELINESS BEING ALONE we are all alone that is our condition.236 AP LOCATION FOR PLANTS LOWER PART OF COCOON WHILE ORGANIC BEINGS UPPER PART But the real difference between plants and other organic beings is the location of their AP.73.and I had partially succeeded in disrupting daily routines. TOP. I was capable of being alone without disrupting my physical or emotinal wellbeing.

.. because their awareness is pink. very large trees and very small plants have their AP extremely low in their cocoon.25. If a little plant is generous with us we must thank her.94 The world around us is a mystery. JTI. Those are power plants.. POISONOUS PLANTS Poisonous plants are a pale yellow pink and medicinal plants are a bright violet pink. the easier for plants to break the barrier of perception. In order to see the plants you must talk to them personally. PLANTS COMMUNICATE WITH INORGANIC BEINGS Old seers were convinced that plants have the most intense communication with inorganic beings. then the plants can tell you anything you care to know about them. FFW.184..PLANTS IN GENERAL Plants have pinkish luminosities in general.6... what's important is the feeling of liking it and treating it as an can just as well make up words.184.. or perhaps she will not let us go. others are brilliant white. JTI. Plants are very peculiar things. but other emanations in general.184.It doesn't matter what you say to a plant. FFW.185. Because of this.they are alive and they feel. FFW. The only ones that are white pink are power plants.and men are no better than anything else. FFW. SR. not the emanations of awareness. YOU MUST TALK TO PLANTS BEFORE YOU PICK THEM AND THANK THEM you must talk to the plants before you pick them.. You must get to know them individually. SORCERER'S USE PLANTS/TREES AS GUIDES TO THE DARK REGIONS They believed the lower the AP. FFW.a man who gathers plants must apologize . POWER PLANTS The interesting part is that some tiny plants have a cocoon almost as big as a man's body and three times its width. a great number of the old seer's sorcery techniques were means to harness the awareness of trees and small plants in order to use them as guides to descend to what they called the deepest levels of the dark regions. some are murky white.185. They share the largest amount of emanations with man.

and affection that came out of me always unexpectedly and unsolicited... the plants and ourselves are even.. or what it felt like to feel heat. otherwise the plants and the animals and the worms we have killed would turn against us and cause us disease and misfortune.23. . We should take only enough for our needs. I learned what it was like never to be able to move off one's destined spot. the same thing must be done with the animals we are going to hunt.. But we must be on good terms with all the living things of this world. intending it. I could communicate with a tree directly through a sensation that came out from the inside of my body. TSC.everytime for taking them and must assure them that someday his own body will serve as food for them.. A warrior is aware of this and strives to appease them. the birds.245 . so he peers through the holes(sounds).TREES AND MAN CAN DEVELOP A GREAT RELATIONSHIP. their insights and what they sensed. FFW. The smoke can give us that grasping speed. SR. To be silent. all of them can tell us unimaginable things if only one could have the speed to grasp their message. that's so because they share emanations. to sense through the bark. often. i knew whether they neede water and which roots were extending toward the underground water source. almost as intense as what i felt for Manfred. Then I could feel their roots descending into the earth. TSC.184 FEELINGS FOR A TREE The feeling I had developed for the trees was beyond words.. the roots and intake light through the leaves.. communication began with a spilling forth of pure affection. This is the reason why we must talk to plants we are about to kill and apologize for hurting them. JTI. i knew.184.244 I could tell what it felt like to live seeking light. all in all.trees are closer to man than ants.the cocoon of a giant tree is not much bigger than the tree itself. anticipating it. TREES TREES ARE CLOSER TO MAN THAN ANTS. beyond the shadow of a doubt.trees and man can develop a great relationship.36. the trees and birds and the worms give him truthful messages..226. . that trees feel pain. I had the certainity that I was able to absorb their moods. trees poured themselves out in affection. neither we nor they are more or less important.. and I also knew that once communication is engaged. cold or be ravaged by lightening and storms... ALSO SAME GOES FOR ANIMALS WE HUNT The worms. There is no need to talk to plants unless you want to know their secrets and for that you need the most unbending intent. THAT'S SO BECAUSE THEY SHARE EMANATIONS.. FFW. the trees. know their age. .

it is possible to become a lion or a bear.. Things that are alive. and that is what a crow likes to see. move inside.172.254. Such questions make no sense. (would anyone seeing me have thought I was an ordinary crow) You can't think that way when dealing with the power of the allies. That is why crows hang around dead bodies. and yet to become a crow is the simplest of all matters. It is your fate not to have a dependable animal companion. because the movement has stopped or is slowing down to a stop. it is pleasing sight and a crow will seek it.172. it means it is about to explode violently. It is a truly an unforgetable sight. and a crow will avoid it.. A crow is safe. the smoke is not for those who seek power. because large animals prey on small creatures. . or a lizard. It is only for those who crave to see. and by the same token a crow can tell when something is moving just right. a crow can also tell when something is moving too fast. It is almost like frolicking. it takes too much energy to become one. CROWS SEEING LIKE A CROW I brought up the issue of the difference I had detected in the movement of light. one can also become a cricket. JTI. No light moves inside them. or to leap forward. they are tricksters. TDJ. As I have already told you. you could have asked that coyote about anything you wanted to know and it would have been compelled to give you an answer. but that is rather dangerous. it has little usefulness. When something is moving too fast inside. the only sad part is that coyotes are not reliable. TDJ. or about to die.. When a crow sees then is millions of things moving inside the flesh with a light of their own.173. They like to look at them. Such a creature is too large. TDJ. TDJ. but that is even more dangerous. it is ideal in size and nature. Rocks or dead animals or dead trees (do not move inside) but they are beautiful to look at. (flesh rotting) moves but that is a different movement.. ANIMALS COYOTES COYOTES ARE TRICKSTERS For example. It can go safely into any place without attracting attention. or even an ant. and a crow can easily see when something is dead.It means a crow can tell actually what to avoid and what to seek. When it moves inside just right.173.B.

organic and inorganic for that matter. FFW. FFW. it is an impulse that comes from the awareness of the earth itself at the instant in which the emanations inside warrior's cocoons are aligned with the appropriate emanations inside the earth's cocoon. FFW.The secret knowledge of the earth had to do with everything that stands on the ground. When a moment of alignment takes place.the earth itself is a living being. FFW.... animals. the boost will come at the moment you see the glitter on the top of that mountain. FFW..224. POS. It is a boost that heightens awareness to unthinkable degrees.223. which they called total freedom..FFW. The magic key that opens earth's door is made of internal silence plus anything else that shines.. the earth can give the warrior a tremendous boost... FFW. the earth has all the emanations present in man and all the emanations that are present in all sentient beings. or rather. insects. EARTH AND SUN EARTH THE EARTH HAS A COCOON THAT TRAPS THE EAGLE'S EMANATIONS . The earth is a gigantic sentient being subjected to the same forces we are. sentient beings use that alignment in a limited way and perceive their world. a luminous cocoon that traps the Eagle's emanations. the earth has a cocoon..225.the earth is the ultimate source of everything we are. FFW..111 THE EARTH CAN GIVES US A BOOST OF ENERGY TO MOVE OUR ASSEMBLAGE POINTS .. go with the boost wherever it takes you. rocks. FFW.everything on the earth is encased.... Warriors can use that alignment either to perceive..222 THE EARTH IS THE ULTIMATE SOURCE OF EVERYTHING WE ARE: IT HAS ALL THE EMANATIONS PRESENT IN MAN'S COCOON .. there is enough glitter in those mountains to jolt your AP. To the new seers it is a blast of unlimited will have a few key moments to catch all the glitter you need.....268.there is a ball encasing the earth.there was . people.229. soil.. small plants.just before the sun goes down....... like everyone else or as a boost that allows them to enter unimaginable worlds..C...trees.223 Since both the earth and man are sentient beings.182.224 the earth's boost is the force of alignment of only the amber emanations..99 THE EARTH WAS SENTIENT AND THAT ITS AWARENESS COULD AFFECT THE AWARENESS OF HUMANS... sorcerers became aware that the earth was sentient and that its awareness could affect the awareness of humans. FFW. their emanations coincide..

.the earth is the predilection of two warriors. You feel at ease because you know that the earth is the mother of all things.the supreme awareness of the earth is what makes it possible for us to change into other great bands of emanations.. and when we die. EG.51 The energy of the earth is nurturing. Speed and the sense of individual existence don't go together. TSC. and finally when I had fully understood my love for it. TOP. For instance..12.(is a special kind of energy)..The speed of that boost will dissolve everything about you. DJ made me roll on the ground until I regained my calmness. the energy of the earth..There is no better healer than the earth. unless of course we succeed in the great crossing. this world.OLD SEERS USED TO BURY THEMSELVES FOR PERIODS OF TIME.the dirt is a screen... TOP... IN ORDER TO GET ENERGY FROM THE EARTH.111. but also select specific directions for that movement...281... The Sonoran desert there is a particular confluence of the Eagle's emanations here. IN ORDER TO BE FREE WE MUST LOVE THE EARTH Genaro roams on the paths of his love (earth) and wherever he is. The sadness belongs only to those who hate the very thing that gives shelter to their beings..which helps the AP move. it complements the energy of the sun.. FFW.. You're empty enough from your recapitulation that some of it is already creeping into your body.this earth. FFW. The earth sustains and nourishes us. . which is alive to its last recesses and understands every feeling. he is complete. the longer their burial period.. to the place of the beast.a point of intense brilliance on the highest peak in the range. embraces him and bestows upon him inconceivable gifts.. or it may start to flow into your legs as you squat on the ground.. alignment is the secret passageway and the earth's boost is the key.. everything comes from the earth. THE EARTH IS A HEALER: THE DIRT IS A SCREEN . it cured me of my pains. This lovely being. Perhaps you'll feel it entering through your hands as you work the soil. our bodies return to it..110. depending on what they wanted to accomplish.255..166.. soothed me. 233. DEPENDING ON WHAT THEY WANTED TO ACCOMPLISH in order to get energy from the earth. TSC.. For a warrior there can be no greater love.. FFW. GEOGRAPHICAL PLACES HELP OUR ASSEMBLAGE POINTS MOVE certain geographical areas not only help that precarious movement of the AP.160..old seers used to bury themselves for periods of time.. The more difficult the task.under its impact you will become nothing.. FFW.230... it doesn't allow anything to go through. the earth. it taught me freedom.. Only if one loves this earth with unbending passion can one release one's sadness..232. the Sonoran desert helps the AP move downward from its customary position.. FFW. FFW.a warrior is always joyful because his love is unalterable and his beloved.

efficiency and abandon in the face of any odds.. TOO.The new seers discovered that flames.102.TOP. aloneness is loneliness. FFW... the sun bestows its energy on the earth and causes things to grow. YOUR ENERGY.112. it is always left for the very last moment..134 . that's why you have to cultivate the garden and absorb its energy and also the energy of the sun. WILL FLOURISH.. ELEMENTS FIRE PURE FLAME CAN TAKE YOU TO THE DEPTHS OF THE UNKNOWN. for the moment of ultimate solitude when a man faces his death and his aloneness.only the love for this splendorous being can give freedom to a warrior's spirit. FFW.101 Pure flame can take you to the depths of the unknown.. That's why the crown of the head must always be protected.114. If you allow the sun's light to enter your body. will flourish. property than heat and they used them (flame and fluidity) as a means of bodily transportation to the realm of nonorganic life. (see breathing pass for the sun) TSC... That is the last lesson.. TSC. SHOULD ALWAYS WEAR A HAT IN THE SUN she said I should always wear a wide brimmed hat in order to shield my head and face.. and freedom is joy. your energy.114.. FFW.. Flame is a higher magical. THE SUN IF YOU ALLOW THE SUN'S LIGHT TO ENTER YOUR BODY.112.134 The new seers divided fire into heat and flame. TOP.282..because without an unwavering love for the being that gives you shelter.The light of the sun is pure power. can transport man bodily.. too. D.the sorcerers explanation cannot at all liberate the spirit..101.. it's the most intensely gathered energy there is. TSC. just as water does.. TSC. The sun if used properly charges this line (invisible line that runs from the top of the head) and causes it to spring into action. FFW.283.after all. Only then does it make sense.

who is capricious and difficult. a road to the other levels below... The Nagual said that the smoke takes everything out of you. FFW.. SRP.. along the watercourse of a river in either direction. 103-122. You saw the lights that mark a man's face.190. The old seers thought that the reflecting surface of a shiny object submerged in water enlarges the power of the water. Whatever they're hiding comes out in the smoke.. SRP. by gazing into water.. that way I could breathe without choking.SMOKE/SMOKING SOMEONE He pulled your luminosity and dried it with the smoke from a fire he had made..101. Fog is better of course. SRP.. running water to be transported on this level of ours and the water of deep lakes or that of waterholes to be transported to the .108..234.. FFW. You smoked me. it makes you clear and direct.Mirror and the stream and the inorganic being.105. The eyes of men are not all alike. SRP. and the reflecting surface served as an aid to accelerate the process. They used. What they used to do was gaze into bodies of the water. but it's too hard to handle. FFW. they believed that our eyes are the keys to entering into the unknown. SR.. you saw that in my eyes. they surmised. So if a sorcerer wants to see and know someone who is always hiding..108 the old seers observed that the wetness of water only dampens or soaks. but also as a link. the old seers were convinced that it was humanly possible to be transported bodily by the fluidity of water anywhere between this level of ours and the seven others below.235.234 The smoke used to irritate my throat and eyes to such a degree.. they were allowing the eyes to open the way. the sorcerer makes a fire and lets the smoke envelop the person. WATER WATER CAN HELP US ENTER INTO THE SECOND ATTENTION The new seers divided water into wetness and fluidity. Smoke is very important for sorcerers. You gazed into my face. I am a sorcerer. Smoke is like fog... into my eyes. it's not as handy as smoke is. or to be transported in essence anywhere on this level. .he said that I had to learn to control my breathing and feel the smoke while I kept my eyes closed.. FFW. FOG YOU CAN USE FOG TO SMOKE PEOPLE OR PLACES The nagual told us once that you smoked a whole place in the mountains and saw what was hiding behind in the scenery. It runs.234. They believed that water had been given to us not only for life. FFW. but that the fluidity of water moves. in search of other levels underneath us.the idea is to let the fluidity of the water exert pressure on us and transport us away.

the old seers surmised that the seven levels below ours were levels of the fluidity of water. I should follow the sound and look in the direction where I thought it came from. They took that to be the means whereby creatures from other levels.109. SRP. FFW.111 to gaze directly into the reflection of a deep. the new seers agreed and said that allies do appear around water holes. WIND A WOMAN HAS HER OWN PARTICULAR DIRECTION Each women has a particular direction. The size of the body of water is not relevent. her wind will pick her up just like that.110..41 THERE ARE FOUR WINDS There are four winds. FFW. SRP..129. The old seers would have said that you were being pulled by the power of the water and the power of the first level. SRP..120. Men don't. these other forms of life. clear pond or lake is infinitely more overwhelming and dangerous than what we did with the mirror.. because they thought that in such a case the fluidity of water is reversed and goes from the depth to the surface. (DJ and CC using a mirror to draw out an ally) FFW. come to our plane to peer at us.... if the woman quiets down and is not talking to herself.. The old seers found out the surest way to meet an inorganic creature is through a body of water.33. JTI..40.. WEATHER THUNDER FOLLOW THE SOUND OF THOUGHT I had to focus my attention on the sound of thought. an ocean or a pond serves the same purpose. a particular wind. to observe us. FFW. For them a spring had untold significance.depths. plus the magnetic influence of the creature at the window. .

64.. the breeze is the east..41 THIRD WIND IS COLD WIND. that it is more than worthwhile to seek it. SRP..41.. JTI. it is energetic and commandeering and impatient.61. It will chill you and make you cry. it is moody and melancholy and always pensive. it is the hearld of the day.. Its power goes together with the darkness. Sad and trying.what I was calling the wind was not wind at all but something that had a volition of its own and could actually recognize us. It is a night wind for sorcerers. because wind is all you know. SRP.41. it is happy and abandoned and bouncy. JTI.. SOUTH And at last there is the hot wind. A sorcerer must be very strong to tackle the hard wind. It comes and goes and gets into everything.64. A wind that would never leave you in peace. SRP. The hard wind is the north. EAST the first wind is the breeze.that is why female warriors seek them.. the morning. SRP.THE FOUR WINDS ARE FEMALE the four winds are women..64.41. SECOND WIND IS THE HARD WIND..41. a face that twirls around.. can make us tired or it might even kill us. it brings hope and brightness... THE MORNING.. it is gay and sleek and shifty. JTI..41 THE FOURTH WIND IS HOT WIND. either tumbles or twirls.. SRP. though.40.. other times it is nagging and bothersome. THE NAGUAL'S WIND it may seem to be wind to you.something that hides in the wind and looks like a whorl. AFTERNOON. a cloud. SRP. NIGHT. It breaks through doors and brings down walls. NORTH Another wind is the hard moves in a specific direction. Blasting full of energy but also full of blindness.. FIRST WIND IS THE BREEZE.WEST Then there is the cold wind of the afternoon. either hot or cold or both. SRP.62. The Naugal said that there is such depth to it.. A midday wind. Sometimes it is mild and unnoticeable. It warms and protects and envelops everything. OPPOSITES . The hot wind is the south. a mist. JTI. SRP... MIDDAY. this can follow us..41.40.the cold wind is the west.

FFW. rain. DAYLIGHT.102 PLACES POWER SPOT POWER SPOT FOR SORCERER'S HOUSE . RAIN. clouds.ABOVE SECRET KNOWLEDGE ABOUT WIND. sheets of lightening. THUNDER. swamps.102 MOVING AND STATIONARY ASPECTS OF MOTION AND MOTIONLESS this has to do with mysterious aspects of motion and motionless. moonlight and the moon. CLOUDS. the night. lightening bolts.102 BELOW SECRET KNOWLEDGE ABOUT FOG. AND THE SUN This deals with secret knowledge about wind. WATER OF UNDERGROUND SPRINGS.102 LOUD AND SILENT MANIPULATION OF SOUND AND QUIET this has to do with the manipulation of sound and quiet. daylight. and the sun. LIGHTENING BOLTS. earthquakes. thunder. EARTHQUAKES. SWAMPS. SHEETS OF LIGHTENING. MOONLIGHT AND THE MOON This has to do with fog. THE NIGHT. FFW. FFW. FFW. water of underground springs.

EG. TSC.105. JTI. one is being acquainted with time. THE FUTURE DOESN'T EXIST. .65. and air are in perfect harmony.a place a power.305... The future doesn't exist.. monks and scholars used to retreat to caves?.. all that will be left is the present.94. The twilight is the best time to listen for the voice of the spirit. nothing more. The world is a mysterious place.283. SRP. TDJ. the practitioners of feng-shui. the Eagle's emanations are made out of is the door to the unknown.41. Didn't you know that in the ancient Orient. DIRECTIONS. and that that spirit had to be approached with respect.41 CAVE INHERENT SPIRIT TO CAVES There was an inherent spirit to this time of the day. NOTHING MORE.64... TIME. energy circulates in abundance. Crawling was the only way of showing that respect... here. in the twilight. And then you will know that the present is but an instant. Here the elements of water. Especially in the twilight. a spot the ancient geomancers from China. At this time there is only power.83. JTI. TOP. TSC. TIME IS THE ESSENCE OF ATTENTION When she or her peers talked about time they were not referring to something which is measured by the movement of a clock. THAT THE PRESENT IS BUT AN INSTANT. E. Time is the essence of attention.JTI. being surrounded by the earth helped them to meditate.64. there is no wind. would have undoubtedly picked as a temple site. It's time you realized this. and properly. TSC..179. NUMBERS TIME SUNSET/TWILIGHT:THE TIME FOR THE CRACK BETWEEN THE WORLDS the twilight is the crack between the worlds.. when one enters into any aspect of the other self.during the twilight the wind becomes power. whether they were natural or man-made. TSC. And when you have finished recapitulating and have completely erased the past. wood.

The only opening to a Naugals world was through the south. WEST the west is naturally approached at dusk. . EG. friendly.192.294. a time of day which is difficult just in itself.. EG.. but to face time in a different way. THE DIRECTIONS SOUTH the south is the direction that power follows in its ceaseless flux.189.. NORTH the north is the midday. EG.205. YET INCOMPREHENSIBLE. EG.196.192. EG. normally we face time as it recedes from us. Florinda explained that turning the head did not mean seeing into the future. cozy night.294. I had understood it as a metaphor that depicted change in attitude.TURNING A WARRIORS HEAD When Don Juan had described the concept of turning a warrior's head to face a new direction. the light. The south was really the night-a warm. EG. BUT THAT SEES TIME AS SOMETHING CONCRETE. only stalkers can change that and face time as it advances on them.. it was true that stalkers turn their heads. and leaves us flowing toward the north. EG. Florinda said that that description was true. yet incomprehensible. but it was no metaphor. Stalkers face the oncoming time. EG. but that sees time as something concrete. FLORINDA EXPLAINED THAT TURNING THE HEAD DID NOT MEAN SEEING INTO THE FUTURE.189.however.. EAST the east was the morning. Life force flows to us from the south. they do not turn to face them to face a new direction.

and above all.40. fourty-eight is our number.I don't know why. EG.231. TSC...that's what makes us men. TSC.. NUMBERS NUMBER THREE the number three is a symbol of dynamics. for gathering energy for any enterprise.94. NUMBER FOUR the number four is a power number for them. TOP. SRP... STRENGTHENING OUR NEW CONTINUITY DEALING WITH A SHIFT IN THE AP/KEEPING SANE FEELING OF GOING INSANE . 12..157. a symbol of revitalization. TWO WAYS TO DEAL WITH THE NEW CONTINUITY . change.while Clara maintained that my energy was unmistakably on the rise because I could now have conversations with Manfred. I believed the opposite was true: I was slowly going over the deep end.40.CLOCKWISE A clockwise movement is for charging things. that the number of corn kernels that a sorcerer possessed was 48. TSC.227. NUMBER FOURTY-EIGHT while discussing corn sorcery and divination. movement. Sorcerer's always count events in sets of three.

. There is a drawback from time to time as the AP returns to its original position. DEPENDS ON OUR OWN TEMPERMENT And what any of us does with that increased perception. A result of having saved energy had been the disruption of their cozy but utterly limiting and boring nest in the world of everyday life. If the warrior is funny the nagual is funny. will have the command over the totality of themselves.138. FFW..and for him. WITH THAT SILENT KNOWLEDGE. TOP. but the double. reacting emotionally to the strange worlds that their shifts force them to witness.232 DEALING WITH A NEW WORLD VIEW the naugal Julian used to tell them that they had been evicted from the homes where they had lived all their lives. because their AP could never assemble the world as we know it. .274.. but the annoyance of having to look for new quarters.173 BEGINNING TO ACT AS A FLUID BEING IN A LUMINOUS WORLD A fluid warrior can no longer make the world chronological.. the nagual is morbid. WHAT ANY OF US DOES WITH THAT INCREASED PERCEPTION.229 If the AP never returns to its original position then those people are lost. depending on what kind of persons we are.138. with that silent knowledge.. FFW... (his AP has shifted to a new permanaent position) FFW.the new quarters are not as cozy.was not so much the sadness of having lost their nest. TSC. or kind. TOP. one can tell what each warrior would do with it. knowing that the AP always returns to its original position. or perhaps notorious. they are either incurable crazy.. either in success or defeat. Impeccable warriors don't lose their marbles..175. . perhaps you two will roam peacefully and unnoticed on the face of the earth.There are two options opened to warriors whose AP has shifted. or perhaps you will turn out to be hateful men. Since our minds are our rationality. If the warrior is mean the nagual is mean.50. untouched. anything beyond our self-reflection either appalls us or attracts us. depends on our own temperment.9 once a warrior finishes his task. TOP. the expression of the nagual is a matter of his personal temperment. he's a luminous being existing in a luminous world. They remain untouched. the world and himself are no longer objects.. or they are peerless seers who have begun their movement toward the unknown.. if the warrior is morbid. and our rationality is our self-reflection. Their depression.but they are definitely more roomy. Your new level of energy will create a spot to house your AP. POS. FFW.. we have to work like demons at balancing. not the body or the mind. POS.172. All that depends on the impeccability and the freedom of your spirit.139 in order for you and me to be sane. One is to acknowledge being ill and to behave in deranged means that a warrior has finally encountered power. the other is to remain impassive.once he has sunk... means that a warrior has finally encountered power. he's a luminous being existing in a luminous world. TOP.191 BEGINNING TO ACT AS A FLUID BEING IN A LUMINOUS WORLD A fluid warrior can no longer make the world chronological.these are sorcerers options.and for him..175.. or kind. or perhaps notorious.. If the warrior is mean the nagual is mean. All that depends on the impeccability and the freedom of your strengthen his new one can tell what each warrior would do with it.9 once a warrior finishes his task. the nagual is morbid. will have the command over the totality of themselves. if the warrior is morbid.50. or perhaps you will turn out to be hateful men. WHAT ANY OF US DOES WITH THAT INCREASED PERCEPTION....191 The End.. .. POS.which are positions of the AP.... WITH THAT SILENT KNOWLEDGE. TOP. the expression of the nagual is a matter of his personal temperment. If the warrior is funny the nagual is funny.274.once he has sunk.which are positions of the AP. with that silent knowledge. the world and himself are no longer objects.SILENT PROTECTOR HELPS STRENGTHEN THE NEW CONTINUITY silent protector is a surge of inexplicable energy that comes to a warrior when nothing else works. SILENT PROTECTOR HELPS STRENGTHEN THE NEW CONTINUITY silent protector is a surge of inexplicable energy that comes to a warrior when nothing else works.these are sorcerers options. strengthen his new continuity. perhaps you two will roam peacefully and unnoticed on the face of the earth.. DEPENDS ON OUR OWN TEMPERMENT And what any of us does with that increased perception. TOP. .. either in success or defeat. depends on our own temperment.

.D.. IS IT DANGEROUS TO SEE THE ROLLING FORCE? .246.. FFW.18. FFW. the AP moves to new unpredictable positions.) THE THIRD ATTENTION ENTERING INTO THE THIRD ATTENTION IS THE THIRD ATTENTION EASY TO ENTER? IT IS DIFFICULT TO ENTER BUT WORTH IT . The final result is their total and instantaneous disintegration...OPEN UP THEIR COCOONS AND THE ROLLING FORCE FLOODS THEM RATHER THAN ROLLING THEM UP. HOW DO WE ENTER THE THIRD ATTENTION? THE NEW SEERS BY USING up their cocoons and the rolling force floods them rather than rolling them up..245.. the new seers by using intent. USING THE TUMBLER TO MOVE THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT it is the force of death. EG. but very fruitful once it was attained... THE FINAL RESULT IS THEIR TOTAL AND INSTANTANEOUS DISINTEGRATION. HOW DO WE SEE THE FORCE OR EXPERIENCE IT? TO SEE THE ROLLING FORCE YOU NEED A SHIFT OF THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT A shift of the AP is all that is needed to open oneself to the rolling force.268...The third attention was a state rather difficult to arrive at.. FFW. under the impact of the tumbler.

is an involuntary shift of the AP owing perhaps to physical fatigue. or simply a minor emotional or physical crisis.245. emotional exhaustion. THE DANGER IS MINIMAL BUT TO SEE IT IN AN INVOLUNTARY MANNER DUE TO EMOTIONAL OR PHYSICAL CRISIS IT IS VERY DANGEROUS He added that if the force is seen in a deliberate manner. FFW.IF SEEN IN A DELIBERATE MANNER. there is minimal danger. disease. however. A situation that is extremely dangerous. such as being frightened or being drunk. .

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