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List of SAP Controlling Tcodes:

Business Area Acct. Pay. Sub-Grouping MK03 FK10 FBL1 FB03 MR3M ME23 MR02 ZMRXRR055 VF03 Transaction Code Display Vendor Master Display Vendor Account Display Vendor Account Invoice Retrieval FI Invoice Retrieval MM Display Purchase Order View Blocked Invoices GR/IR Reconciliation Balance Line Irems History Material Account

Acct. Rec.

Display an Invoice v45b

Cost Accounting Cost Accounting - CCA/PCA Master/Date KSH1 KSH2 FSP3 FSS3 KS03 KSH3 KA03 KAH3 KE53 KCH3 KK03 KBH3 Create Cost Center Group Delete/Change Cost Center Group Display G/L Account Posting COA Display Account in Company Code Display Cost Center Display Cost Center Group Display Cost Element Display Cost Element Group Display Profit Center Display Profit Standard Hierarchy Display Stat Key Figure Stat Key Figure Group

Cost Accounting - Cost & Profit Center Planning KP06 KP46 KP26 KSU7 KSU8 KSU9 KSUA KSUB KSV7 KSV8 KSV9 KSVA KSVB KP97 KPMN KSMN KSMN 7KE1 7KE5 Cost Accounting CC-Input/Change Budget Plan(Cost Element Planning CC-Input/Change Budget Plan(Cost Element Planning Input or Chg Activity Type or Price Planning CC-Create Plan Assessment Cycle CC Planned Assessment Cycle/ Change CC Planned Assessment Cycle/ Display CC Planned Assessment Cycle Delete CC Execute/Reverse Plan Assessment Cycle CC Planned Distribution Cycle - Create CC Planned Distribution Cycle - Change CC Planned Distribution Cycle - Display CC Planned Distribution Cycle - Delete CC Planned Dist. Cycle - Execute/Reverse. CC Copy Plan Version CC Set Planner Profile Define Report Currency Define Selection Criteria for Cost Center Reports CC Input/Change Budget Plans(Acctg. Planning.) CC Stat Key Figure Planning.

Period End Accounting. Create various types of Journals. Display/Complete/Post a Parked or Held Doc

F-02 FB11

FB08 FB04 FB02 FB09 FBS1 F.81 F.80 FB03 FS10 FYLS FBL3 KSH1 KSH2 KSV1 KSV2 KSV3 KSV4 KSV5 KSU1 KSU2 KSU3 KSU4 KSU5 4KE1 4KE2 4KE3 4KE4 4KE5 3KE1 3KE2 3KE5 KB31 3KED F.5D 1KEK KE5T ZFAF KOK5 K086 CO88 KOB1 Oreders KSB1 Centers KE5Z SARP Variance Report SART Report

Reverse an Incividual GL Posted Document Display Changes to a Document Change Document Header Change Document Line Iems Create Accrual/Deferral w/out a Reference Doc. Create an Accrual Reversal Entry Mass Reversal of Documents. Display a Document Create Worklist and/or Display Gen Ledger Bal """" Display General Ledger Line Items "CC Create a ""Local"" Cost Center Group" "CC Change a :Local"" Cost Center Group" CC Create an Actual Distribution Cycle CC Change Actual Distribution Cycle Display Actual Cost Center Distribution cycle Delete Actual Distribution Cycle CC Execute or Reverse Actual Dist. Cycle CC Create an Actual Assessment Cycle CC Change Actual Assessment cycle CC Display Actual Assessment Cycle CC Delete cost Center Actual Assessment Cycle CC Execute/Reverse Actual Assessment Cycles PC Create Actual Distribution Cycle PC Change Actual Distribution Assessment Cycle PC Display Actual Distribution Cycle PC Delete Actual Distribution Cycle PC Actual distribution Cycle Execute PC Create Actual Assessment Cycle PC Change Actual Assessment Cycle PC Execute Actual Assessment Cycle CC Post Actual Statistical Key Figures PC Post Actual Statistical Key Figures Calculate BS Readjustment for PCA Transfer Payables & Receivables. Reconcile FI to PCA Create Affiliate Invoice Create/Maintain Storeroom & Maint. Order Group Settle Maint. Orders Settle Process Order - Collective Process Report-Generate Actual Cost Line Item Rpt. Report-Generate Actual Cost Line Item Rpt. Cost Report-Genrate an Actual Line Item Rpt. for PCA Generate Transit Maqterials from Custom Reports Generate a Purchase Price & Exchange Rate Generate Generate Generate Generate Production Order variance Report a COPS Reclassification Report a FPLC Mix-Adjustment Report a COC Cost Element Actual vs. Budget

Generate a COC Cost Center Actual vs. Budget Report Generate a Cost Center Actual/Plan/Variqnce Report

GR55 SART Sales Report SA38

Generate Generate Generate Generate

an EC-PCA Actual Line Items Report a TDC PCA Analysis Report a PCA Actuals Report a COPS Reclassification for Carrier

Generate a FPLC Mix Adjusted Report


AGKO ANAR ANAT ANEK ANEP ANEV ANKT ANLA ANLB ANLC ANLH AT02A AT02T AT10 AT10T AVIK AVIP AVIR AVIT BKDF BKORM BKPF BLPK BLPP BLPR BNKA BP000 BPBK BPEG BPEJ BPEP BPGE BPJA BSAD BSAK BSAS BSBM BSBW BSEC BSED BSEG BSES BSET BSID BSIK BSIM Compensadas Types Asset type text Asset Document header Asset document Items Asset downpymt settlement Asset text Asset mster Asset Depreciation terms Asset values Main asset number Transaction Code for Menu TIMN Transaction Activity Category: Description Transaction type Name of Transaction Type Cabecera de Aviso Posicin de Aviso Subposicin de Aviso Cabecera de Aviso: texte de libre definicin maestros Document header supplement for recurring entry Accounting correspondence requests Cabecera de documento para contabilidad Document log header Document log item Document log index and planned order (backflush) Maestro de Bancos Business Partner mster (General Data) Budget revision text Budget revision header Budget revision header Line Item Period Values Overall/annual budget Overall/annual budget Contabilidad: Indice secundario para deudores (compensadas) Contabilidad: Indice secundario para acreedores (compensadas) Contabilidad: Indice secundario para ctas de mayor (compensadas) Campos de Valoracin del Documento Campos de Valoracin del Documento Segmento del Documento para datos CPD Segmento del Documento Campos de Efectos Segmento del Documento de Contabilidad Datos de Control del Documento Datos de Control de segmento de Documento Contabilidad: Indice secundario de deudores Contabilidad: Indice secundario de acreedores Contabilidad: Indice secundario documentos de material Cuentas Asset

BSIP Indice para verificacin de documentos dobles de acreedores BSIS Contabilidad: Indice secundario de cuentas de mayor BSIW Contabilidad: Indice secundario para efectos de deudores BSIX Contabilidad: Indice secundario para efectos de deudores BVOR Operaciones Contables Multisociedades CEPC Profit center mster data table CEPCT Texts for Profit Center mster Data CKHS Cabecera clculo de costes unitario (control + sums) CKIS Posiciones del CCU/Vis. Detallada costes del producto COBK Objeto CO: Cabecera del Documento COBRA Settlement rule for orders COBRB Distribution settlement rules COEJ Objeto CO: Partida Individual por ao COEP Objeto CO: Partida Individual por Perodo COKA CO Object: Cost Element Control Data COKP Objeto CO: Cabecera del Documento COSP Objeto CO: Totales de Costes Contabilizaciones Externas COSS Internal actual costs COST Costes de una clase de actividad por periodo CRCO Assignment of Work Center to Cost Center CSKA Clases de Coste (datos dependientes del plan de cuentas) CSKB Clases de Coste (datos dependientes de la sociedad CO) CSKS Maestro de Centro de Costos CSLA Activity mster FEBEP Electronic Bank Statement Line Items FPLA Billing Plan FPLT Billing Plan: Dates GLPCT EC-PCA: Totals Table KEKO Cabecera: calc. de costes de productos KEPH Elementos de costes de produccin de clculos KNA1 General Data in Customer mster KOMK Pricing communications MAHNV Management records for the dunning program PAYR Fichero de Medio de Pago PCEC Cheques Prenumerados PNBK Notificacin Preia nuevos datos bancarios de regs. REGUH Datos de Pago del programa de Pagos REGUP Posiciones Tratadas del Programa de Pagos REGUT TemSe administration data SKA1 G/L accounts mster (chart of accounts) SKAT Cuentas de Mayor (Plan de Cuentas) SKB1 Cuentas de Mayor (Sociedad) T003T Document type texts T007S Tax Code Names T087J Text (Investments) TAPRFT Text tab. for investment profile TKA01 Controlling areas TKA09 Basic settings for versions TKVS CO versions TZB0T Flow types text table TZPAT Financial Assets Management product type texts VBSEGS Preliminary posting doc.segment for G/L accts VTBFHA Transaction VTBFHAPO Transaction Flow VTBFHAZU Transaction Activity VTBFINKO Transaction Condition VTIDERI mster Data Listed Options and Futures VTIFHA Underlying transaction VTIFHAPO Underlying transaction flows VTIFHAZU Underlying transaction status table VTIOF Futures and Options VWPANLA Asset mster