Gypsum Technology

The GRENZEBACH Gypsum Division offers our customers a comprehensive range of both standard and specialist equipment from rock handling. Sales Contact Centres GRENZEBACH gypsum experts are only an email message or phone call away. USA – Grenzebach Shanghai Ltd. Asia Pacific Pte. milling and calcining through all stages of wallboard manufacture as well as bag plaster processing. Brazil – Grenzebach BSH.B. Singapore – C. Paris. Newnan GA. Our affiliates throughout the world offer design and manufacturing facilities close to your vicinity: – Grenzebach Maschinenbau. As a global supplier. efficient production and maximum yield.. Eggenstein. installation and commissioning. Our theme ”Open to new ideas” provides the catalyst for continuous new development in all aspects of our business and promotes creativity in the development of special purpose machinery. USA – Grenzebach AKI Corporation. Shanghai. GRENZEBACH places special emphasis on maintaining personal contact with our customers and business friends. Maidenhead. ceiling tiles and added value products. Germany – Grenzebach Corporation. 2 The combination of manufacturing lines with good control technology creates an overall concept of high operational safety. P.F. Bad Hersfeld. Eugene OR. Germany – Grenzebach BSH. U. While taking full advantage of modern communications technology. we design.R. Grenzebach is also a principal supplier of cold end technology for the production of flat glass and specialist equipment for cutting and drying of veneers. Our reputation for reliable equipment satisfies the high expectations of our customers. Asbach-Bäumenheim/Hamlar. Germany – Grenzebach Fördertechnik. manufacture and deliver complete lines for the processing of gypsum from raw material to finished plasterboard as well as individual machines and specialist equipment for gypsum and cement fibreboard production.Introduction to Grenzebach Grenzebach – Gypsum Division – Scope of Supply EUGENE NEWNAN MAIDENHEAD PARIS HAMLAR BAD HERSFELD EGGENSTEIN SHANGHAI SINGAPORE SAO PAULO GRENZEBACH has achieved its leading position as an acknowledged specialist in handling and processing technology through our intensive know how and long experience in the Gypsum Industry. Our scope of supply includes: Turn Key Plants – Product and Market assessment – Land procurement – Factory Design + Build. Complete Wallboard Production Lines – to meet customers’ own specification or to meet agreed production targets Individual Machines for Plasterboard Manufacture: – Rock-Handling and Mill – Calcining Systems – Preparation Area – Mixing and Forming – Wet End Technology – Board Drying – Take-off – Cut to Size and Taping – Stacking – Stack Handling Support Services: – Feasability Studies – Raw Material Analysis – Upgrade of existing equipment – After Sales Services – Maintenance Contracts Special Equipment: Ceiling Tile Manufacture Gypsum Fibre Board Manufacture 3 Gypsum Wallblock Production . Operator training and Start-up support. Machinery specification. Civil work. China You can also obtain competent advice from our representative offices: – Grenzebach BSH do Brasil Sao Paulo.K. France – Grenzebach UK. design and manufacture..

Grenzebach – Calcining Systems Grenzebach BSH designs and builds plants for the treatment and conversion of natural and synthetic gypsums. on the desired product quality. With our proven and time-tried systems. who have gained their experience from projects in all parts of the world. We build calcining systems for all product qualities. The calcining process is an important factor in the control of the product characteristics. will assist customers in selecting the most economical system. rotary kilns. rotary tubular calciners and continous autoclaves for wet calcining of dihydrate into alpha-hemihydrate. manning levels. developed and implemented by Grenzebach BSH. Rotary tubular calciner with integrated cooler Different Drying and Calcining Technologies Drying plants – Flash dryer – Paddle dryer – Mill dryer Calcining plants – Ring roller mill (flash calcining) – Hammer mill (flash calcining) – Rotary kiln – Rotary tubular calciner – gas fired – Rotary tubular calciner – steam heated – Gypsum kettle – Autoclave (alpha hemihydrate) Ring-roller mill for drying or mill calcining Hammer mill for drying or mill calcining Based on the raw material and the expected quality of the finished product. the plant size and operating mode as well as the raw material available. Aside from the processing of natural gypsum. The finished products obtained can be used for a variety of applications. the utilisation of synthetic gypsum has become increasingly important throughout the world. such as mill calciners. the cost of fuel and electrical energy. The choice of calciner depends on the one hand. Grenzebach BSH’s specialists. directly or indirectly heated. have set standards in the gypsum industry world-wide. because it substantially affects the plaster’s crystal structure and the phase composition of the final product. and on the other hand by such factors as availability. Production of alpha-hemihydrate 1 Material feeding system 2 Material mixing system 3 Crystalization 4 Additives 5 Hot water storage 6 Dewatering 7 Drying 8 Fine grinding 9 Finished product storage 10 Heat generation 11 Filtrate 4 5 . We are proud of the eighty or more plants built by BSH during the past 50 years. calcining kettles. short or long residence time equipment. we can provide solutions that are tailored to meet customers’ specific needs. New concepts for calcining synthetic gypsum. the degree of automation required. we offer the most suitable technology available. Possible uses of natural and synthetic gypsum Natural Gypsum / Synthetic Gypsum Hemihydrate (stucco) for further processing Wall blocks Hemihydrate (stucco) for further processing Flooring plaster Anhydrite Alpha hemihydrate Dihydrate briquettes for the gypsum and cement industries Soil conditioner for agriculture Hard mold plaster for the ceramics industry Ceiling tiles Fixing and levelling plaster Hand and machine applied wall plaster Hard mold plaster for the foundry industry Self-levelling floor plaster Dental plasters Plasterboards Compound partition panels Gypsum fibreboards Grenzebach BSH’s range of equipment covers all types of equipment and processes used by the industry. who rely on our know-how and competence.

The design of the delivery plenum with matching nozzles coupled with easy adjustment devices. Whether the goal is to increase production.Grenzebach – Board Dryers Longitudinal Dryer The Grenzebach longitudinal dryer sets the standard for the gypsum wallboard industry. Propane or Light Oil heating systems (including combination fuel) – Steam or Thermal Oil heating systems. The Grenzebach team can formulate a design that is customized to your process needs. 3 or multiple zones – 6 to 14 decks – Conveying widths as necessary for 2 or 3 board streams to 1372 mm (54") – Single-Side or Double-Side delivery plenums – Hot or cold circulation fans – Natural Gas. Grenzebach is uniquely qualified to provide expertise and appropriate equipment. gypsum fiber or other products having low strength when wet. The flow pattern from the individual jet tubes has been carefully designed and tested to provide uniform drying conditions across the width of the board decks. or indirectly via a steam or thermal-oil heat exchanger with oval finned tubes. As the standard workhorse of the plasterboard industry the Longitudinal Design dryer is available from a basic two zone version to a high-efficiency “2-Stage” model with large-scale heat recovery. The drying air can be heated either directly by means of gas or light fuel oil. Features such as large. improve board quality. This dryer concept is particularly suited for factories planning future expansion. The drying air flows vertically onto the boards from above and below through hole-type nozzles in the jet box. Screen Dryer 6 The Grenzebach BSH Screen Belt dryer provides speciality drying for mineral fiber. This arrangement protects the cut board edge from being burnt in the dryer. Several options are available to customize the Grenzebach dryer to your process needs: – 2. market demand and your operational philosophy. All Grenzebach dryer designs result from years of industry experience combined with extensive testing in our laboratories and the application of the latest numeric analytical methodology. – Exhaust energy optimization system – Heat recovery system The jet-type dryer can have 6 to 12 decks and a useful width of 2900 to 4100 mm. The dryer’s functional principle is based on ultra efficient heat transfer through impinged air. to 161 in. thus providing better quality through a uniform drying profile. Propane or Light Oil heating systems (including combination fuel) – Steam or Thermal Oil heating systems. The modular design allows the jet-type dryer to be optimally adjusted to the required capacity. Additional features such as adjustable tube height and damper sections allow further adjustments based on measured drying uniformity. easyopening doors and bearings mounted outside the drive sprockets make for easy maintenance of the Grenzebach dryer. The combined experience of the Grenzebach Group brings decades of thermal and mechanical experience to the industry.) – Natural Gas. 7 . – Exhaust energy optimization system – Heat recovery system Rebuilds and Upgrades Grenzebach has many years’ experience with rebuilds and upgrades for dryers from all manufacturers and of all configurations. ensure that optimum board quality is achieved in the shortest possible drying time. With this know-how comes a well-tested array of standard design features and up to the minute innovation. We are uniquely positioned to provide the best solution for your drying needs based on the nature of your raw materials. Options: – Multiple zones – 6 to 12 decks – Conveying widths from 2900 mm to 4100 mm (115 in. Multiple delivery deck dampers easily adjusted during normal dryer operation allow for uniform drying. The cross-flow configuration allows multiple airflow zones with short flow paths allowing airflow and temperature characteristics that can be optimized for the best drying schedule for each individual product type. reduce energy consumption or to correct the ravages of time. Cross-Flow Jet Dryer Drying gypsum plasterboard with Grenzebach BSH jet-type dryers has been common practice in the industry for over 20 years. thermal energy efficiency and ease of maintenance. and it can be easily extended by adding further sections if necessary. Standard Grenzebach design features are included to provide uniform drying profiles. The Screen Dryer provides the operational advantages of the Cross Ventilated Jet dryer with the unique carrying capabilities of the screen belt conveyor.

Dry End Transfer Dry End Transfers will be sized according to specified board lengths and the cut-to size and stacking arrangements for the line. Preparation Area Feeding hoppers for additives. 8 We will be pleased to discuss special customer needs and any particular applications you may have. Paper Handling Systems Our systems incorporate web loading devices. acceleration conveyor. The Knife Controlled by the PLC according to production demand. Board Dryers Further information on the range of Dryers available from Grenzebach can be found on pages 6 & 11. reliable equipment and start-up support. 24 hours each day. Our forming plate may be adjusted manually or automatically for accurate calibration of board thickness. the knife can cut single board lengths or longer boards as required. Ease of maintenance and access are given a high priority. Board Booker Boards may be paired face up or booked face to face in multiple widths according to production requirements. drying. walker wheels and edge conditioning are also available options. milling and calcining is an integral part of Grenzebach technology. tensioning and edge creasing or scoring. easy maintenance features. often developed in partnership with our customers. Particular care is taken to protect the board edges. Calibration monitoring. Pre-heating and pre-coating units are available options. Bundler Boards may be cut to exact length and divided using a centre cut saw. Grenzebach offers their customers all possible options for the production of Gypsum Plasterboard from a low cost solution for producers entering the market. Grenzebach are expert in achieving successful dryer upgrades for additional capacity. . Bundlers incorporate automatic taping equipment to bind the ends of each pair of boards. The Mill and Calcining Plant Handling of raw gypsum whether natural or synthetic. you can be sure of expert advice. A moveable stop-bar and covered rollers ensure exact board positioning and quiet transfer. optional cleaning. weighing and dosing equipment and screw feeders are supplied from proven manufacturers according to customer preference. Board Stacking and Stack Handling Further details of Grenzebach handling systems with available options will be found on pages 12 and 13 of this brochure. The optimum system will be designed following extensive material testing in our laboratories. Web Handling and Paper Splicing Paper rolls can be mounted on the paper feed equipment using a dedicated lifting system. required capacities. Automatic splicing is a standard option. to reduce energy consumption or to repair the ravages of time. are available. world-wide. Grenzebach specialists are available for consultation at any time. Whether your need is for a single item of equipment. Setting Belt Designed with board quality as a priority. each with optional heat recovery systems are designed to match production Emergency Reject-Refeed Boards may be rejected prior to the bundler. A hot-line teleservice enables us to solve many problems on-line. Mixing and Forming Grenzebach Pin Mixers and/or Pinless mixers have been developed for varying types of natural and synthetic Gypsum. Total control and complete mezzanine additive packages. Drying and Calcining options can be found on page 4. The board groups are then transferred at 90 degrees by belt conveyor prior to inversion. Multi-deck Longitudinal Dryers with two or more zones and Cross-flow Jet Dryers. capacities and related evaporative loads. based on proven technology. Grenzebach setting belts incorporate good tensioning. All our systems have been proven through many years of experience in the Gypsum Industry. a full production line or a turnkey plant. Actual plants may vary in a number of ways. to highly sophisticated automated plants with very large capacity and high yield. when required. inverter and board re-grouping prior to the Dryer infeed tipple. excellent technology. providing technical support. product differences and individual preferences. automatic paper splicing. spare parts and advice. This schematic drawing provides an example of a typical plasterboard production facility. 11 Paper Creasing or Scoring – Pre-heater A Creasing or Scoring unit is incorporated as part of paper handling.Production Line for Gypsum Plasterboard Wet End Transfer A typical example incorporating sample board lifter. and can subsequently be fed back into the line. and reflecting industry standards in motor and control technology. Technology is constantly updated by the introduction of practical solutions. depending on the type of gypsum used. Acceleration Conveyor Receives cut boards from the knife and accelerates them to form complete groups on the “A” Table. wet end reject. Our aftersales team are at your service. A pre-heater is available as an option.

Multiple stacking enables Fork Lift Operators to collect 2 or 3 stacks in one visit. Stack changing is accomplished effortlessly using a rake system which enables stacking to continue while the preceding stack is cleared from the stack table. can also be supplied. Stack handling can be managed directly in line on an endless chain plate or stacks can be transferred through 90 degrees on rollers or using a shuttle system. prior to drying and at the take-off has been a key element in the Grenzebach programme for over 30 years. Automatic Pallet Feeders to inject a new pallet during each stack changeover. may be installed behind the saw system.Grenzebach – Handling Systems Double length boards will need to be cut into singles and end trimmed to size prior to taping and/or stacking. Options include: Edge Printing. and drying of the board is carefully considered to ensure optimum board quality. Boards requiring taping will be trimmed and taped in a Bundler. including automatic tape slicing and roll change. By choosing handling equipment specially designed to ensure the board quality is maintained from the setting belt to the warehouse. 12 13 . A separate taping machine. Grenzebach customers can achieve the highest possible yield. Grenzebach offers a range of stacking options ranging from single stacks when boards are taped. Automatic Cull Application and Multi-stack building using a fully automatic static fork lift system to place 2 or 3 stacks one above the other. Our automatic multi-stacking device is positioned just prior to the Fork Lift take-off point. The investment in Gypsum processing. The development of even faster lines has required special cutting equipment and multi-stacking systems to match the higher capacities. Accurate saw systems designed and manufactured by Grenzebach can also be provided with scoring and end chamfering. during setting. to stackers creating stacks side by side directly after the saw station. Handling of Plasterboard after the extruder.

Grenzebach offers state-of-the-art control technology with an intelligent operation structure characterised by fast reaction. based on established industry standards with graphics and information clearly displayed on strategically placed monitors on a control deck and along the line. PPC Production BDE Mode / PDA Production Data Acquisition / Feed Back of Production and Statistics PPC Production Plant Computer Interfacing / Direct Customer Order Input and Delivery Details PPC Production Process Computer – Production Planning Product Management. For complex building panel production lines.Controls Technology for each level of Automation Depending on line concept and the required degree of automation Grenzebach turnkey sytems are offered on the following basis. mouse or touch screen. Our systems are user friendly. – Process control systems – Simulation – Visualisation – Operation with high user acceptance – Line control systems – CNC controls with CAD application – Inspection systems – Administration systems – Order management – Stock management – Quality management to ISO 9002 – Optimization – Training – Teleservice/hotline – 24 hour service Controls Technology A combination of highly sophisticated software and highly developed host computer software is available from Grenzebach. Operation of individual stations and of the full production line can be made via push-buttons. Batch Formation PPC Production Process – Computer Stack and Pattern Optimization Calcining Preparing Station Dryer Customer Benefit PPC Production Process Computer Product Flow Synoptic PPC Production Process Computer – Plant Synoptic HMI and Visualization PLC Programming Line Control NC/CNC Numeric Control MC Motion Control Decentralized I/O / Field Bus Machine Wiring / Instrumentation / Sensors Low Voltage Power Distribution Medium Voltage Power Distribution TeleService Ethernet Server 1 Print Server Server 2 Engineering OLM Siemens P1 D A P2 C D LS 1 LS 2 LS 3 Industrial Ethernet Dryer Outlet Dryer Inlet Degree of Automation Calcining Siemens Siemens P1 D A P2 C D LS 1 LS 2 LS 3 P1 D A P2 C D LS 1 LS 2 LS 3 Dryer Inlet Siemens P1 D A P2 C D LS 1 LS 2 LS 3 Preparing Station Optical Ring Calcining and Boardline Keyboard Keyboard Dryer Siemens P1 D A P2 C D LS 1 LS 2 LS 3 Industrial Ethernet Dryer Outlet Siemens P1 D A P2 C D LS 1 LS 2 LS 3 MS 3124-4 4TX1 PLC-LINE 2FXM2 4TX1 14 to customer over DP-DP-coupler 1 D Drives n D 15 Low voltage power distribution Medium voltage power distribution . You gain the advantage of our years of experience in developing systems specifically for the Gypsum Wallboard Industry. Users can read the actual state of production in real time. locally or from the network. reliability and user friendly application. Varying levels of access may be granted through a password system.

USA Phone: +1 (770) 253-4980 Fax: +1 (770) 253-5189 e-mail: Shanghai GRENZEBACH BSH GmbH August-Gottlieb-Straße 5 36251 Bad GRENZEBACH Machinery (Shanghai) Ltd. Minshen Industrial Garden Zone Songjiang GRENZEBACH Fördertechnik GmbH Hauptstraße 135 76344 Eggenstein. Hamlar 86663 Asbach-Bäumenheim. Georgia 30265. Oregon GRENZEBACH Corporation 10 Herring Road GRENZEBACH AKI Corporation 29345 Airport Road Eugene. Germany Phone: +49 (0)66 21/81-0 Fax: +49 (0)66 21/81-613 e-mail: info@bsh.R. Germany Phone: +49 (0)7 21/62 73 69-1 Fax: +49 (0)7 21/62 73 69-9 e-mail: info.grenzebach. China Phone: +86 (21) 5768 4982 Fax: +86 (21) 5768 4984 e-mail: info@grenzebach. P.Other Building Materials technologies Cement Fibreboard Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Composite Sandwich Panels Thermal Insulation Boards (Mineral Wool) GRENZEBACH Maschinenbau GmbH Albanusstraße 1–3. Guanghua . USA Phone: +1 (541) 688-4117 Fax: +1 (541) 688-3508 e-mail: info. Germany Phone: +49 (0)9 06/9 82-0 Fax: +49 (0)9 06/9 82-108 e-mail: info@grenzebach.