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Master of Science
Human Resource Development


com | 866-220-0017 2 .VILLANOVA UNIVERSITY Villanova University. U. . The School of Business. on your schedule. The university also offers a variety of online certificate programs in today’s most in-demand disciplines: Human Resources. Augustine.S. enabling you to enroll in the institution U. Leadership. one of the most important and pivotal career decisions I’ve “[Enrolling in] Villanova’s graduate program in Human Resource Development was. Software Testing. The College of Nursing and The School of Law. Clark. a coeducational Roman Catholic institution founded in 1842 by the priests and brothers of the Order of St.S. comprehensive curriculum and successful graduates. In less than two years (30 credit hours). without question.. which was established more than 30 years ago to meet the growing need for human resources expertise. 100% online. welcomes students of all faiths. +1 813-612-5305 VillanovaU. Proven videobased learning technology eliminates the common barriers of time and location. You can earn the same degree as Villanova’s campus-based students – and may qualify for financial aid once you’re formally accepted into the program. Enroll Today! Î Î Î 866-220-0017 Intl. It is clearly a return on investment – in yourself – that continues to pay dividends!” Virginia A. Project Management. Global Head. Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting HR employment to grow 22% by 2018. you can earn your graduate degree in human resources from Villanova. News & World Report has ranked Villanova as the #1 Regional University in the North for nearly two decades. A Villanova HR Master’s Degree Is Now Within Reach – Online Villanova University is revolutionizing graduate HR education by bringing its acclaimed Master of Science in Human Resource Development (MS in HRD) online. The College of Engineering. Business Analysis. there’s never been a better time to position yourself for professional success in this highdemand field. It is the oldest and largest Catholic university in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Villanova’s online graduate program features the industry-recognized Master of Science in Human Resource Development. AG * Application process required. ROI Methodology.S. Learning and Talent Management SAP. Its outstanding reputation derives from its accomplished faculty. utilizing and conserving human resources • Use data and statistics to make informed business decisions • Leverage technology to enhance the contributions of the human resource function • Develop essential financial management and budgetary skills EARN A VILLANOVA DEgREE ON YOUR SCHEDULE You’re in good company when you enroll in Villanova University’s MS in HRD program. and Finance and Accounting for the Non-Financial Manager. who are leading human resource initiatives at organizations across the country and around the globe. News & World Report has ranked as the #1 Regional University in the North for nearly two decades. IS Security. which allows HR professionals worldwide to earn the same degree as campusbased students. Six Sigma and Lean. Expand your expertise with 10 career-enhancing courses – led by the same professors who teach on campus – as you earn a Villanova HR master’s degree at your pace.. The university consists of five colleges: The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. DISTINgUISH YOURSELF IN THE gROWINg HR FIELD With the U.* Learn How to: • Implement strategic organizational change for increased quality and productivity • Construct an effective training program • Design a compensation system that motivates employees • Structure benefits packages and measure their success • Identify principles for developing. Contract Management. Classes Fill Quickly. The Worldwide Leader in Professional Education – ONLINE! | VillanovaU.

proven processes and best practices across a range of key topics. You’ll learn from accomplished Villanova faculty members. Ideal candidates include HR generalists. You’ll do everything online in your own time. And you’ll be able to attend class when and where it’s convenient for you – 24 hours a day. compensation. interactive and multimedia-driven. staffing specialists. Graduates of the program are well-prepared to succeed in positions such as: • Human Resources. 7 days a week. who embrace a hands-on instructional approach that leads to | 866-220-0017 3 . with a focus on developmental. organizational training and project management for HR professionals. real-time interaction with professors and students alike • Ability to study anytime. corporate trainers and others who want to develop the comprehensive knowledge and skills required to excel within the HR function. strategic and global The Worldwide Leader in Professional Education – ONLINE! | VillanovaU. Instant messaging and shared virtual whiteboards allow you to interact with classmates and faculty in real time. so you can work full time while continuing your education. Enroll Today! Î Î Î 866-220-0017 Intl. including organizational change.MASTER OF SCIENCE IN HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT As a student in Villanova University’s HR master’s degree program. UNPARALLELED FEATURES • Virtual classroom provides two-way voice over IP with instant messaging and shared whiteboard features • Professor-led classes through online streaming video • Lectures also available on CD-ROM and as downloadable MP3 files • Chat rooms and message boards for rich. Villanova’s MS in HRD helps pave the way to senior management and executive-level roles. Labor Relations or Training Manager • Director of Human Resources. Engaging online courses empower you with the latest tools. everyday solutions. human resource planning. Communicating with professors during virtual office hours and viewing leading industry experts via streaming video make learning faster than in the traditional classroom setting. international human resources. Compensation and Benefits or Corporate Training • Vice President of Human Resources. go-it-alone program Career Paths Designed for professionals who aspire to advance within a corporate human resource department or human resource consulting firm. Program Benefits • Increase your earning potential • Develop skills you can use immediately on the job – or to land a new job • Enjoy greater job security • Open doors to coveted senior management and executive positions • Achieve personal and professional satisfaction • Connect with a broad network of successful Villanova HRD alumni Who Should Apply? Applicants to Villanova’s Master of Science in Human Resource Development program must hold a bachelor’s degree and have relevant work experience. And two-way voice over IP is a great personal touch for students who prefer to communicate via voice to ask questions or discuss weekly assignments. ExPERIENCE AN UNMATCHED ONLINE CLASSROOM Our online classroom is second to none! It’s dynamic. Talent Management or Organizational Development • Business Owner/Entrepreneur Classes Fill Quickly. benefits analysts. you’ll gain a solid foundation in core human resource competencies. +1 813-612-5305 VillanovaU. anywhere • No required login times – 24/7 access • Multimedia access – not a book-in-a-box.

risk and return. including employment-at-will. the Professional in Human Resources (PHR®) certification exam or Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR®) certification exam. EEO. cash flows. Students will explore the changing nature of HR. PSY 8875 – Organizational Change Management This course is designed to introduce students to the major approaches for managing both planned and unplanned organizational changes. assess their organization’s training program and develop the skills to successfully design and present training information. In addition to completing the 10 required courses that make up the curriculum. Students will review the scope of managerial finance. HRD 8212 – Compensation A review of current human resource approaches to compensation. Students will explore such topics as online recruiting. health insurance. e-learning. operating budgets and more. HRD 8003 – Financial Management for Profit This course examines financial management and budgetary skills for profit-making organizations. It explores the diversity of benefits programs used by companies today and reviews the concept of “total | 866-220-0017 4 .gAIN THE ExPERTISE YOU NEED TO ADVANCE YOUR HR CAREER – ONLINE Villanova University’s online Master of Science in Human Resource Development program prepares you to excel in the field of human resources and organizational development with a comprehensive review of key topics every HR leader must know. Students will learn how to construct an effective training session. skills and abilities) of a human resource professional and develop an understanding of the employee lifecycle. capital budgeting. emphasizing the motivational/productivity implications. financial statements and analysis. productivity and employee satisfaction. Students will gain a strategic overview of the compensation field and the issues facing today’s HR practitioners. sexual harassment and Supreme Court decisions. The course analyzes how reward systems motivate employees and explores the key elements to consider when designing a compensation system. HR service centers and HR outsourcing. social and psychological systems impacting organizations and essential principles for developing. career development. from both the employer and employee perspectives. HRD 8319 – Introduction to Human Resources An introduction to all components of human resources and a review of the roles talent management plays in producing successful outcomes for any organization. quantitative planning techniques and statistical analysis using state-of-the-art software. Those who have already earned PHR or SPHR certification may bypass this requirement. HRD 8215 – Employment Law A review of current legal issues affecting the human resource function. Students will review the objectives of the HRD program. budgeting and more. HRD 8210 – Workforce Planning An examination of the political. Students will explore the application of these and other laws to human resource situations. PSY 8475 – Organizational Training This course reviews key theories and practices for the development of training programs. They will also analyze incentive and reward systems. Students will learn how to use data and statistics to make informed business decisions. The Worldwide Leader in Professional Education – ONLINE! | VillanovaU. flexible spending accounts. recruitment and performance management. HRD 8214 – Human Resource Technology Solutions This course is designed to introduce students to the advantages of using technology to enhance the contributions of the human resource function to an organization. organizational training and succession planning. Each course is 3 credits. all students must pass either the SHRM Assurance of Learning assessment. for a total of 30 credit hours. Social Security. ERISA and other benefits legislation. cash flow and financial planning. They will also develop a toolkit for implementing HR research and answering practical questions in the future. utilizing and conserving human resources. develop strategic thinking skills and learn best practices for staffing/forecasting. HRD 8006 – Human Resource Metrics and Statistical Research A review of the development of HR metrics.” Key topics include pension plans. It reviews diagnostic techniques for identifying organizational problems and examines how strategic organizational change can achieve increased quality. performance management systems. Curriculum and Course Descriptions Villanova’s online MS in HRD program consists of 10 required courses. identify the basic functions and KSAs (knowledge. HRD 8213 – Benefits This course examines modern approaches to employee benefits and the motivational and productivity implications of these practices.

professors who are active in industry and our focus on new trends in this dynamic field prepare our students for success. Bush. The Worldwide Leader in Professional Education – ONLINE! | VillanovaU. Villanova’s instructors are actively involved with leading industry organizations. They bring real-world expertise into the online classroom – thereby bridging the gap between academic theory and practical applications. Your tuition cost may be tax deductible. They are also widely published in leading industry journals such as the Journal of Business and Psychology and Journal of Systems Software. Villanova is widely recognized as a leader in graduate human resources education – a reputation we’ve held more than 30 years.790/course ($930/credit hour) Credits 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 30 Note: A | 866-220-0017 5 . Safety and Security Committee. and the American Psychological Association. so don’t let finances hinder your goals. Villanova University TUITION Villanova University believes there should be no barriers to a quality education. DIRECTOR’S MESSAgE As you consider earning your HR master’s degree. Refer to page 6 for financial aid and payment options. Philadelphia Society of Clinical Psychologists. they helped set the standards by contributing to the Body of Knowledge content for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM®) and other leading organizations. including SHRM Area I Board of Directors. SHRM local chapters. SHRM Workplace Health. No matter where you live. Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology (SIOP). PhD. Our balance of theory and practicum. David P. and 90% hold the highest degree in their field. non-refundable $85 application fee is due when applying to Villanova University. Prices are subject to change without notice or obligation. Many graduates of our program have enjoyed tremendous career success and are now themselves leaders in the field. Books and materials are additional. SPHR® Director of Graduate Programs in Human Resource Development. among others. you’ll discover that Villanova’s online Master of Science in Human Resource Development program is an excellent choice. All Villanova instructors are practicing professionals. and I hope to soon welcome you as a student. We are excited to bring our graduate HR degree to professionals around the world through our partnership with University Alliance. Master of Science in Human Resource Development Introduction to Human Resources Organizational Change Management Human Resource Metrics and Statistical Research Benefits Organizational Training Compensation Employment Law Human Resource Technology Solutions Financial Management for Profit Workforce Planning Total $2. Shipping charges for course materials are not included. Contact your tax advisor for more information. I invite you to explore our program further.VILLANOVA UNIVERSITY FACULTY Villanova’s Human Resource Development courses are taught by the university’s acclaimed graduate program faculty. you can now access a quality Villanova education through proven state-of-the-art online learning technology. These noted experts don’t just know HR.

the government will pay the interest on your loan while you are in school. visit VillanovaU. the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business.500 Unsubsidized $12. Villanova University is committed to helping students from all financial backgrounds achieve their educational goals. Your program representative will work with you to identify the finance option that best suits your needs. Alternately. your representative will guide you from start to finish. Technical support personnel are available 24 hours a day and other professionals are also easily accessible every step of the Classes Fill Quickly.WHAT TYPES OF FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE ARE AVAILAbLE? The University Alliance (UA) facilitates the promotion and online delivery of degree and professional certificate programs from the nation’s leading traditional universities and institutions. the University of South Florida.500 a Year Toward Your Degree Federal student aid programs are the largest source of student aid in America. you can apply for a commercial private education loan from one of Villanova’s preferred | 866-220-0017 6 . Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business. You will be assigned a program representative who serves as your contact for nonacademic issues – answering questions about financing options. Corporate Tuition Assistance Many companies recognize the need for their employees to enhance their skill base and advance their education. Benefits vary by company.000 Total $20. the University of Vermont. Jacksonville University and Dominican University. University partners include Villanova University. Villanova offers several interest-free payment options that divide tuition and other fees into multiple payments over the course of each term. Take advantage of this opportunity by determining your eligibility with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Check with your bank or credit union to see if it has a student loan The Worldwide Leader in Professional Education – ONLINE! | VillanovaU. For more information. +1 813-612-5305 VillanovaU. Florida Institute of Technology. Graduate students are eligible to borrow up to $20. our university partners have surpassed 450. To help minimize finance charges. Corporate tuition assistance may cover all or a portion of your tuition. Powered by UA’s technology and support services.000 online enrollments – making UA the largest facilitator of e-learning in the country. Enroll Today! Î Î Î 866-220-0017 Intl.500 Alternative Loans Villanova University understands that a graduate degree entails a significant financial commitment. Many financial institutions offer student loans that can supplement your other sources of financial aid and make it easier to manage your education expenses. grant or scholarship to finding and filling out the correct forms. Your program representative can provide more details. For additional information. and may even pay for books and materials. Federal Student Aid – You Could Qualify for Up to $20. The University of Scranton. the University of San Francisco. One simple call connects you to a broad range of From choosing the right loan.500 per year: Class Standing Graduate Subsidized $8. so check with your employer for more details on your organization’s tuition assistance program. Direct Stafford Loans If you qualify for a subsidized Stafford loan. Convenient Payment Options All major credit cards are accepted for tuition payments and related expenses. visit VillanovaU. helping you to enroll in the next class and more.

It repays a portion of eligible student loans for non-prior service enlisted personnel.S. Reserve Educational Assistance Program. military spouses. as well as the Army and Navy Reserves. of Defense • U. Bill. Military’s tuition assistance program pays up to 100% of tuition fees and expenses for full-time. and dependents of deceased or disabled veterans are eligible to receive 10% off the regular online graduate course tuition.I. College Fund Programs The Department of Defense offers a College Fund program – also referred to as a G. Bill. Military while pursuing higher education. A DIVERSE NETWORk Join the growing number of companies nationwide who have experienced the University Alliance difference: • All Children’s Hospital • Ashley Furniture • Booz Allen Hamilton • BP • CACI • Ciena • Cigna • Coca-Cola Enterprises • CompuCom • EdLink • Farmers Insurance • FedEx Express • General Dynamics • Hallmark Health System • Hewlett-Packard • Highmark • Imperial Sugar • Independence Blue Cross • Johnson & Johnson • KPMG • Lockheed Martin • McAfee • Memorial Health • North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System • Pitney Bowes • Primavera Systems • Ryder • Smith & Nephew • State Farm • U. For current information. Each service branch determines eligibility and benefit amounts for its College Fund. Military and The Worldwide Leader in Professional Education – ONLINE! | VillanovaU.I. Corporate Rates Are Available Î Î 800-280-9895 corp@VillanovaU. Exclusive Military Savings Active-duty | 866-220-0017 7 . College Loan Repayment Program The College Loan Repayment Program is an enlistment incentive offered by several branches of the U.S. veterans. guardsmen.I. Advance your career with an online master’s degree from top-ranked Villanova University! Call a program representative today for more details or to apply for the next term. Bill payments.S.500 per fiscal year for each student. Villanova’s online graduate program is approved for the use of VA benefits. Villanova is committed to helping those servicemembers achieve their education goals. Bill and disbursed with an individual’s monthly G.I. Bill. Dept. of Labor • U. Post-Vietnam-Era Veteran’s Educational Assistance Program and Contact a program representative for details. This benefit is an addon to the G. reservists.S. offering exclusive military savings and an online classroom that’s accessible from virtually anywhere in the world. Dept.I. Montgomery G. Bill Kicker – that can increase a servicemember’s basic monthly education benefit. up to a maximum of $250 per credit hour and a personal maximum of $4.I. Post-9/11 G. Montgomery G. including the Post-9/11 G.S.I.S. Information is subject to change without notice or obligation. Military • Verizon Wireless • Wyeth Pharmaceuticals • Xerox Military Tuition Assistance The U. Dept. Bill and Educational Assistance Programs Military servicemembers and veterans may be eligible for various education benefit programs.S. The program is currently offered by the of Homeland Security • U. Navy and Air Force.PROUD TO EDUCATE OUR NATION’S FINEST Villanova University salutes the outstanding individuals who are serving in the U. refer to gibill. active-duty servicemembers in any branch of the military.

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