Makati Medical Center College of Nursing HOME VISIT PLAN

Name of Family: Address: Date/Time:

Name of Student: Year/Section: Phase of Relationship: Rotation/Area:

General Objective: To establish rapport with the family; to recognize actual and potential problems; to provide health teaching on the problem identify.

The client will establish a good working relationship with the researcher.  Inform family about the purpose of the home visit.  Perform initial database.the family will able to: Nursing Activities Evaluation 1.Objective At the end of 30-45 minutes of student nurse interaction .  Allow the client to choose a comfortable area either inside or outside the house.  Greet the family and introduce self politely.  Prepare the materials needed for the interview.  Identify health problems  Provide health teachings for the problems that were identified  Document the actual and potential health problems . Verbalize their feelings and share their thoughts and experiences and tell a complaint concerning their health status. 3. 2. give full attention and listen attentively to what the family is saying while maintaining an eye contact. health history taking and physical examination.  Set a contract with the family regarding the next home visit.  Speak in a wellmodulated voice and use simple language adapted to the family’s level of understanding.  Perform ocular survey of the family’s home environment and nursing health history and physical examination. Assess the family’s health condition by observation.

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