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Make certain there is no pellet in barrel. (See instructions below.) Fire rifle in a safe direction to exhaust residual CO2. Alternate method of exhausting residual CO2: Unlock Breech Bolt, push Safety Lever forward and up 180 degrees, hold rifle in left hand, squeeze and hold trigger to rear. With right hand work Breech Bolt Knob back and forth with a short quick motion. Push Safety Lever down and back 180 degrees to "S" Safe Position. Unscrew and remove knurled Tube Cap. (If unable to turn by hand, DO NOT attempt to remove with pliers or other tools as this denotes the gun is under pressure.) Hold muzzle end down and used Powerlets will drop out. Insert first Powerlet into Tube, neck end down. Insert second Powerlet into Tube, neck end up. Screw Tube Cap firmly into place by hand, then back off cap quickly 1/8 turn only, to pierce front Powerlet and release gas into Tube. If Powerlet does not pierce, retighten cap and repeat operation. Lift bolt knob, pull bolt to rear to cock. Push forward and lock bolt to right. Push safety lever up and forward 180 degrees to "F" Fire Position. Pull trigger to puncture rear Powerlet and to release gas into chamber. Pellgun is now ready for loading. (If slight C02 escape is noted, RECOCK RIFLE IMMEDIATELY TO ALLOW VALVE TO CLOSE, PREVENTING LOSS OF C02.)

NOTICE: The valve in this gun is designed for use with the Crosman Golden Powerlet only. Other type C02 cylinders will not function in this gun. IMPORTANT: Proper oiling of Pellguns will eliminate most sealing failures. USE SPARINGLY. Excessive oiling is harmful to gun action. Three or four drops is sufficient for each seal or oiling point. Apply every 250 shots or when parts appear dry. Be sure "O" Ring on knurled tube cap is clean and free of foreign matter. Never use penetrating, detergent type or regular gun oils, as they may be harmful to valve washers and seals. USE SPECIAL CROSMAN PELLGUNOIL FOR BEST RESULTS.


Push Safety Lever down and back 180 degrees to "S" Safe Position. Open bolt, pull to rear. Place Pellet (nose forward) in loading chamber. Push bolt forward, lock to right. Select target, push safety lever forward and up 180 degrees to "F" Fire Position, take aim, squeeze trigger and shoot.


Push safety lever down and back 180 degrees to "S" Safe Position. Unlock and pull breech bolt to rear. Insert 3/16" ramrod in muzzle end of barrel and push pellet out into loading channel. DO NOT attempt to shoot a lodged pell out with another pell.

TRIGGER ADJUSTMENT: This rifle is equipped with internal trigger and sear adjustment. Adjustments should be made only by authorized service stations or a competent gunsmith. A trigger which is adjusted extremely fine (so-called hairtrigger) can be dangerous if gun is dropped or bolt operated roughly. TO ADJUST REAR SIGHT: Windage: Turning adjustment screw clockwise moves target group to left. Turning adjustment counterclockwise moves group to right. Elevation: Turning adjustment screw clockwise lowers target group. Turning adjustment counterclockwise raises group. TO REMOVE STOCK: Push safety lever down and back 180 degrees to "S" Safe Position, push safety assembly out of trigger guard casting from left side. Unscrew and remove knurled locating nut on underside of stock. Lift gun assembly out of stock. TO REPLACE STOCK: Press gun assembly firmly into stock. Attach knurled nut on bottom of stock. Nut must be kept tight. With a blunt instrument depress the safety rod assembly from the left side and with the safety lever pointing towards trigger, press safety assembly into hole in the trigger guard casting from the right side. Safety can be changed to left hand by inserting safety lever assembly from left side.

CARE OF RIFLE: The Model 160 Series Crosman CO2 Pellgun Rifle is a precision built gun of the most modern design and construction. Materials have been carefully selected for quality and long life. Before it is released for shipment, it has passed numerous rigid inspections and has been test fired for performance. Treat it with the same fine care that you give your other valued possessions and it will give you many years of carefree pleasure and enjoyment. Never use steel darts or other hard missiles. Use only Crosman Super Pells for accuracy and long barrel life. The design and materials used in other brands can cause feeding failure and plugged barrels. It is not necessary to clean the barrel, but an occasional light coat of oil is recommended to prevent rusting. CAUTION: Do NOT expose charged gun or Powerlets to excessive heat or cold. REPAIR SERVICE: Refer to the attached Service Station list for service, including warranty repair work, or see your dealer where purchased. Disassembly will void warranty. Replacement Powerlets in a convenient pocket size pack, Crosman Super Pells, and Crosman Targets can be obtained at Sporting Goods Dealers everywhere.

IMPORTANT. To properly maintain validity of guarantee, fill in this card and mail to Crosman Arms Company. No postage required. Your record of warranty and guarantee are in the attached instructions.

Your Name:...Age: Occupation:.. Address, City and State Gun Model:Date Purchased:........... Dealers name:. Address, City and State Your answer to the following questions will be helpful to us in our endeavors to further the shooting enjoyment of our customers. 1. What or who prompted you to buy your Crosman: 2. What kind of shooting will the gun be used for:.. Where will you shoot:. 3. In what magazines do you read about guns?.............................................. ......................................................................................................................... 4. What features of you gun do you like best:. . 5. Additional features or changes you would like in your gun:.. ..

6. If you own other guns, please note: Brand:. Brand:. Brand: Type:... Type:.. Type:.. We are pleased to welcome you to America's fastest growing shooting sport with the purchase of your Crosman. We would like to send you and three of your friends a copy of our new "Shooting Fun Booklet" if you will furnish their names and addresses. (SEAL OR STAPLE HERE) Please send these friends you: Shooting Fun Booklet: Name: Address. City and State Name: Address. City and State Name: Address. City and State

Crosman Arms Co., Inc., Fairport, N. Y.



Ref. Part No. No. Part Name 1 160-28 Front Sight Screw 2 160-22 Front Sight 3 160-2 Barrel 4 160-33 Barrel Set Screw 5 160-32 Hold Down Screw 6 160-37 Lock Washer 7 160-4 Breech 8 130-33 O Ring 9 160-3 Breech Bolt 10 160-14 Bolt Knob 11 160-14 Breech Bolt Set Screw 12 160-8 Breech Plug 13 600-73 Tube Cap Assembly 14 150-54 No. 11 O Ring 15 160-81 Valve Assembly 16 160-11A Strap 17 180-22 Strap Screw 18 130-29 Breech Gasket 19 160-26 Valve Set Screw Minimum parts order $.50 Price $ .10 .30 7.65 .20 .10 .10 4.15 .15 1.20 .45 .30 .20 1.15 .40 3.50 .45 .15 .10 .10 Ref. No. 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 Part No. 160-1 160-7 160-15 160-44 160-13 160-6 160-36A 160-23A 160-10 140-62 160-47 140-47 160-9A 140-54 140-94 160-50 108-32 108-57 Part Name Tube Inside Plug Hammer Pin Hammer Hammer Spring Cocking Block Cocking Pin Tube Plug Locating Screw Casing Screw Front Trigger Casing Assembly Washer Rear Screw Safety Assembly Locating Screw Nut Stock Butt Plate Butt Plate Screw Price $ 2.50 .40 .15 1.40 .20 .70 .10 1.00 .20 .10 5.65 .10 .20 .80 .20 12.65 .60 .10

Prices subject to change without notice. Check or money order in amount of total purchase must accompany parts order. Parts will be shipped prepaid.

(Includes Model 167) Mechanism: Bolt ActionSingle Shot Caliber: .22 Crosman Super Pell (.177 Crosman Super PellModel 167) Sights: Micrometer Peep Sights Safety: Turning bar lockinter-changeable for right-left hand. Barrel: 10 LandsRH Twist Button Rifled Weight: 5 Ib. 6 ozs. O/A Length: 40" Power: Two Crosman Giant C02 Powerlets Stock: Monte Carlo Walnut Finish Hardwood Finish: Gun Blue


Model 410 fits this gun and all other Crosman Rifles Model 499 fits 99 Rifle 4 powernitrogen filled, adjustable reticles, focusing eye-piece. Requires only a screwdriver to mount. Both Models Only $9.98 Suggested Retail

CROSMAN C02 GAS POWERLETS Model 231/5 Giant 12.5 Gram. Exclusive for all Crosman Gas Guns. 5 Pack Sugg. Retail .98 Exclusive Patented Cap Seal Pierces clean no chips Copper finish no rust. No cylinder leakagemoney back guarantee.

Don't forget to send in your Warranty Registration Card and receive this booklet which helps make shooting all year round an exciting sport.

CROSMAN SUPER PELLS Best for any pellet gun; precision swaged of 100% soft, virgin lead. No shattering, minimum ricochet. Flat head and hollow skirt flatten on impact for greater safety. Specially designed skirt fits Tru-Flyte buttonrifled barrel for top accuracy. Factory sealed in self-dispenser boxes of 250. $1.15 Sugg. Retail, .22 Cal. Also in 500 containers.

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Best for all BB Guns
Perfect-round, copper-clad steel shot. Top accuracy. Trouble-free shooting. New Handy Pack. Features Spill Proof Dispenser. 6.3 oz. 25c GIANT PACK .. Model 225 2.1 oz. lOc STANDARD PACK .Model 210

Just lift tab to open Tuck in to close

IMPORTANT: Read Warranty and fill out Guarantee Certificate below at time of purchase. Have dealer

Crosman Arms Co., Inc. guarantees this product for (90) days from date of purchase against defective material and workmanship, providing that the gun has not been subject to abuse or misuse. Warranty is void if gun has been disassembled, abused or misused. TO QUALIFY FOR WARRANTY SERVICE (WITHIN THE 90 DAY PERIOD), THIS CERTIFICATE MUST BE FORWARDED WITH THE GUN TO THE WARRANTY STATION. DO NOT RETURN THIS GUN TO FACTORY WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION


FAIRPORT, N.Y., U.S.A. (In Canada, Dunnville, Ont.)