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AutoSys Basic commands quick reference

Command Event Processor Mgmt autosyslog -e chk_auto_up autoping m <machine> autoping m <machine> -D Job Management autorep G <Global variable> autorep J <job> [-l<x>] autorep J <job> -q sendevent E STARTJOB J <jobn> sendevent E JOB_ON_HOLD -J <job> sendevent E JOB_OFF_HOLD -J <job> sendevent E FORCE_STARTJOB -J <job> sendevent E JOB_ON_ICE -J <job> sendevent E JOB_OFF_ICE -J <job> sendevent E KILLJOB -J <job> sendevent E CHANGE_STATUS s SUCCESS J <job> jr <job> [l<x>] jr <job> q sj <job> onhold <job> offhold <job> fsj <job> onice <job> office <job> killjob <job> success <job> Gives value of Autosys Global Variable Gives a report of Job. X=number of levels to drill down to Gives the job definition Gracefully starts a job, examines dependancies & status Puts a job on hold, dependencies enforced. Self explanatory Forces a Job re-start irrespective of dependencies or status Tells Autosys to 1. Not run the job 2. Act as if the job doesnt exist. Self explanatory Terminates a job Sets job status to SUCCESS Jobs can have following status: INACTIVE, ACTIVATED, STARTING, RUNNING, SUCCESS, FAILURE, TERMINATED, RESTART, QUE_WAIT, ON_HOLD, ON _ICE Assigns value to an AutoSys global variable Deletes an AutoSys global variable Displays Job dependancies Displays job run history, n=run number [0-4]. By default autosys keeps history of 5 runs Look event log ( Ctrl-C to come out ) Checks if Autosys is running Checks remote agent is running Checks DB connectivity of Agent Alias Description

sendevent E SET_GLOBAL G <variable=value> sendevent E SET_GLOBAL G <variable>=DELETE job_depends -d -J <job> autorep -J <job> -l0 -r -n