Wednesday, September 21

“Always gonna keep in touch/Never want to use a crutch”, -Minor Threat “God bless President, and God bless America” and “Punk rock is right wing” -Johnny Ramone (RnR Hall of Fame induction and unknown interview)

1. Shana’s song analyses. 2. In-class writing: Why is it called punk? What makes punk radical? Please label “in-class”. 3. Discuss today’s readings. Sinker’s piece is especially interesting as his writing is a bit more associational than the others. Essentially, he’s a bit sneaky in what he is trying to say as he does not always make a clear claim. A few pages in, however, he seems to take a libertarian few of punk. Close reading of “five years/that’s all we got” (a lyric from Bowie’s “Five Years”). 4. Let’s look at some ‘zines and draft what one might look like. How would you turn either of the pieces we read for today into a 2-page ‘zine?

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