A list of affirmations can help us in manifesting abundance in our lives and are helpful tools for using The

Law of Attraction. They go one step further than simple positive self talk and positive thinking. We know that we attract what we think about but words are even more powerful in this regard, especially when the words evoke positive strong feelings. The trick is to continually repeat a list of affirmations with as much emotion and passion as you can muster. They Really Do Work!

If you repeat something over and over, your subconscious will eventually come to believe it. How long that takes depends on how far away you already are from having that belief. If you say something, but feel that it is a lie, you are still far away from internalising it. However, if you feel joy, you know that it is becoming reality for your subconscious. This is the main reason why affirmations do not work for some people. What they are affirming is so far from the reality of where they are that their subconscious mind just cannot believe it. As an example, let's say that you weight 300lbs and would like to lose half your body weight and reach your ideal weight of 150lbs. If you make the following affirmation, "My body is thin and I am at my ideal weight", your subconscious mind may just see this as a "lie". Get results with a phased approach!

My recommendation is therefore to make them in believable steps or stages. Perhaps your first list of affirmations should be, "I am losing 3 lbs per week and I feel great." Then once you have lost 50lbs, perhaps you could say, "I love my body and exercise reguarly to keep fit and trim." By making them in this phased approach, your subconscious can actually believe them and you will get faster results. Don't forget to add the feeling and emotion! I have a list of affirmations on my website for you to practice, however, it is usually better to create your own. Here are some simple rules for making your own affirmations. First of all, you should always state things in the present tense, "I have more money than I know what to do with" and do not state things in the future (as they might always remain in the future) or in the form of "I want" (as you might always be wanting for them and never receive them). You can make them in many ways. You can write them on cards or small pieces of paper and carry them around with you or post them in places where they are frequently in your sight. Perhaps the most powerful way to use them is to say them out loud while looking in a mirror. Use these free Happiness Affirmations for the positive self talk that is the secret to happiness! Happiness Quotes and Happiness Affirmations can change your life forever!

The following are Positive Self Talk Happiness Affirmations that you can practice regularly for creating happiness in your life:


and be open.

om the moment I wake up until the moment I go to sleep.

Love affirmations - The top affirmations to find love! Make a love affirmation every day to attract the love of your life. The easy way to find love! You can use the following to start manifesting love in your life:


always look for ways to make the other person a winner. As I help others win, I win as well.


The best abundance affirmations guaranteed to secure abundance and prosperity in your life. Here are some of my favourite Abundance Affirmations for manifesting abundance and prosperity:

hat I do.

pay my bills with love as I know abundance flows freely through me.

Manifest a healthy mind and body with these free positive affirmations for health. Repeat these health affirmations daily and you'll notice and immediate improvement in your well-being! Here are some positive affiirmations for health that you can use regularly:

my health and wellness. -being.

y vibrates with energy and health.

The top daily weight loss affirmations! Positive affirmations for weight loss that will start giving you immediate results. Want a slimmer waistline? Try these Weight Loss Inspiration Affirmations:

ideal weight. I know I have the power to create whatever I can imagine.

sform my body.


These Romance Affirmations are bound to make your heart happy:

partner is the most loving and romantic person in the world.

relationships that are in my best interest.

o be romantic every day. Here are some Self Esteem Affirmations to use for manifesting self esteem in your life:

s and feelings.

- special, creative and wonderful.

The following are Peace Affirmations which you can use for manifesting peace daily:

the Universal Divine Truth.

express anger in appropriate ways so that peace and harmony are balanced at all times.

Here are some Spirituality Affirmations that you can use daily: f.

f those who hurt me.

-lasting. ve allowed her to heal.

The Universal Laws Of Attraction - What's It All About?

Everything you need to know about the Law of Attraction and manifestation. The universal laws of attraction work every time. Create abundance, wealth and happiness in your life!

Why has the Law of Attraction recently got so much attention? One reason is because it featured in the movie, "The Secret" , which brought the concept to the masses. You can view the movie's official website, by clicking here.

Just like the Law of Gravity, the Universal Laws of Attraction are one of "The Universal Laws". It exists and is always in operation regardless of whether you believe it or not. The Universal Laws of Attraction state that like energy attracts like energy.

Quantum Physics tells us that everything in the universe is comprised of energy, which vibrates at different levels. The level of vibration will determine what form the energy will take. We have attracted everything that we have in our lives because on some level, we were in vibrational harmony with it, even if we weren't aware of it.

The book and movie "What The Bleep Do We Know?" does a good job of explaining the role that Quantum Physics plays in the Universal Laws of Attraction. You can view the movie's official website by clicking here.

The Universal Laws of Attraction came into the public eye with the New Thought movement of the mid to late 1800's and the many books that were published in the early 1900's.

So what implications does the knowledge of the Law of Attraction have for us? If you are aware of it and consciously think about the energy you are putting out into the universe through your thought patterns, you can put the law to good use and even control it. You can change your thoughts and vibrations and be in harmony with what you want.

These are the 4 steps necessary to get the Universal Laws of Attraction to work for you:

1. Know what you want 2. Ask for it

3. Allow it 4. Have gratitude

Know What You Want

Though this may seem very simple and straight forward, most people don't really know what they want. You should give this a lot of thought and be pure in your conviction about what it is exactly that you do want. You are less likely to attract what you want when you only have a vague idea of what it is. If you know exactly what you want, you are more likely to attract that thing into your life.

More importantly, one of the reasons that people fail to attract into their lives that which they want, is because they are really not focusing on what they want, but the LACK of that thing in their lives. If you would like to attract more money into your life, are you really thinking about having money, spending the money, what it feels like to be rich, etc.? Or are you spending more time worrying about your lack of money, how will you pay the bills, what you can't afford, feeling sorry for yourself, etc.? For more information and some exercises to help you clarify what you want, click here.

Ask For It

By asking for it, we mean giving your attention and thoughts to the object of your desire. You can meditate on it, pray for it, or visualize it. With the Law of Attraction, you must focus on what you want and you should pretend that you already have it.

Imagine how you would feel, what it would look like, or how it would taste. Surround yourself with pictures of that object or pretend that it has already arrived. The Law of Attraction brings you more of whatever you put your focus and energy on.

One little trick to speed up the process is to use as much "feeling" as possible when thinking about your desires. Positive feelings help to raise your vibrational frequency and this in turn will act to attract the object of your desire even more quickly. Think about what you want, feel excited and happy about it, and it will appear in your life even faster.

Allow It

By allow it we mean "expect it" and know without a doubt that the object of your desire is on its way. Doubt is the one thing that will block you from manifesting that which you desire. You need to be in a state of "knowing" that whatever you want is on its way to you.

Have Gratitude

Finally, you must have gratitude . Have gratitude for what you "know" you will shortly receive as well as have gratitude for the many good things in your life that you already have. Realize that you have so much to be thankful for and that your life would be complete even if you didn't get the object of your desire.

Having gratitude puts us on a very high energy level where you will be in harmony with your desires. If you are ever experiencing negative emotions, just stop and have gratitude. Think of all that you can be thankful for -- nature's beauty, your health, your children, etc. You will see that once you start to have gratitude, you can no longer feel any negative emotions. You have switched your vibrations to a much higher level that is in harmony with the objects of your desire. For more information, click here on gratitude.

Universal Laws - The Power to Manifest Abundance and Happiness in Your Life

The most famous of the Universal Laws is the Law of Attraction as portrayed in the movie The Secret. Use the Law of Abundance and the Law of Vibration to create a wonderful life.

What are the Universal Laws? They are, in effect, the laws of life and are based on the fact that the entire universe is comprised of energy. Therefore everything is connected. Nothing or no one is isolated or separate.

•The Law of Attraction • - We attract what we think about and therefore our words, actions and feelings all attract similar energies. Positive energies attract more positive energies and negative energies attract more of the same.

•The Law of Growth • - All physical things are the result of consciousness and this law says that the seed of consciousness will grow things.

•The Law of Abundance • - The universe is capable of producing unlimited abundance.

•The Law of Cause and Effect • - For every action there is a reaction or consequence.

•The Law of Reciprocity • - Whatever is sent out into the universe by way of vibration will manifest outcomes in the physical world.

•The Law of Correspondence •- The laws of physics, which explain the physical world, have corresponding laws in the universe.

•The Law of Resonance • - All energy resonates at a specific frequency which allows only harmonious frequencies to come together.

•The Law of Polarity • - There is a full range of possibilities from the very dark (trials and tribulations) to the very light (happiness and bliss). Live in on a continuum and everything has an opposite. We can transform negative thoughts by thinking the opposite.

•The Law of Vibration • - Everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration and travels in circular patterns, even though different objects and things are vibrating at different rates.

•The Law of Compensation • - This universal law says that our deeds earn us "payment" in the form of blessings, money, gifts and love.

•The Law of Relativity • - This universal law states that we will all be given some problems and tests in our lives and that it will be a challenge to remain connected to the universe when dealing with them. This law suggests that we compare our problems to those of others and remember that they are all relative.

•The Law of Tenfold Return • - Whatever you give comes back to you tenfold. When you release energy, it gathers more energy as it travels around the universe. Then as all energy travels in circles, it eventually comes back to you in a greater form than when you gave it away.

•The Law of Divine Oneness • - Everything in the universe is interconnected, therefore all of your actions, thoughts and words affect others.

•The Law of Action

• - This law states that we must have some action behind our thoughts, emotions, dreams and words in order to manifest things here in the physical world.

•The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy • - Higher energies and can consume and transform lower energies. Therefore everyone has the power to change their lives for by focusing on good, high energy thoughts, feelings and emotions.

•The Law of Rhythm • - Everything in the universe vibrates and moves in rhythms or cycles. Vibrations themselves are waves that have their ups and downs. Each cycle reflects the regularity of the universe.

•The Law of Gender • - Everything in the universe has a masculine and feminine side, which is the basis for all creation Quantum Physics - Where The Spirit Meets With Science

I know that the mere mention of Quantum Physics can be quite daunting for some of us. I will be the first to admit that it is a very technical field that most certainly goes over my head. However, it is a

field that we should take some the time to study, even if only on the periphery, because it is truly very exciting for the Law of Attraction.

It is here that the scientific begins to merge with the spiritual. Finally we realise that it is not an "either/or" but that both can exist side by side.

As is the case with any science, it involves a set of rules which work in a universal way. It explains the Law of Attraction and the role that energy and vibration play in forming our reality. It proves that there is a connection between mind and matter.

The movie, "What the Bleep Do We Know?" gives us a taste of it in an entertaining way.

Imagine it and it is yours! The Universal Law of Attraction - Step 1 - Know What You Really Want

Universal Law of Attraction. What is the secret? Law of Attraction experts say that it is to get very clear about what you desire using the Universals Law of Attraction. It is effortless!

It sounds like it would be easy to know what you really want, but it is amazing how many people have trouble with this step. In fact, when you ask someone what they want, you will be surprised to hear many people answer by telling you what they DON'T want.

The thing about the Universal Law of Attraction is that you get exactly what you are thinking about. So if you spend your day thinking about what you don't want or worrying about bad things happening, you will actually be attracting these very things to you. Once you realise this, you should stop all such thoughts dead in their tracks every time you have them and instead focus on that which you DO want. Therefore it is important that you know what you really want.

Perhaps your relationship with your partner is going through bad patch. If this is the case, how much time do you spend thinking about all the things your partner does that irritate you?

Or if finances are the problem, I bet that you are constantly focusing on your "lack", worrying about how to pay the mounting bills and fretting because you can't afford this or that.

This is exactly what you should NOT be doing. In fact, the word WANT is a bad word to use in the first place. If you are "wanting" for something, it reeks of lack and desperation. You should instead be focusing on having whatever it is that you aspire to have. Just focus on the positive and on what you want.

Here are some exercises that I find useful to help me know what I really want and get the Universal Law of Attraction working for me.

Commit Your Desires to Paper

How much money do you wish to have?

______________Annual Salary


______________Savings in the Bank

At this point, do not concern yourself with how you will get the money. Just be crystal clear regarding exactly how much money you want to have.

Now do a similar exercise with other areas of your life: * Health and Well-Being * Personal Relationships * Career Aspirations * Spiritual Objectives

With the Universal Law of Attraction, the key is to know what you really want and to be very specific about it. It is not good to say that you want a partner. What kind of partner are you looking for? Just as you did in the financial exercise above, be very specific about everything from his or her height to the personality traits you wish them to have. Write all of your wishes in a notebook that you can easily refer to.


Another exercise that I find very useful is to daydream about that which I desire. Just close your eyes and imagine having whatever is it that you want. Imagine how you feel now that you have it. Imagine touching it, seeing it, hearing it, feeling it and knowing that you have it. The more positive emotions you can evoke when doing this, the better.

Treasure Chest

Get a small (or large, depending on how many wishes you have) cardboard box. Now collect some old magazines and spend half a day looking through them for pictures of the objects you wish to have. If you see an idyllic picture of a Caribbean beach and this is where you'd like to spend you next vacation, cut it out and put it in the box. If you find a picture of your ideal home, put it in the box as well. Or perhaps you can clip out a picture of that new set of wheels you've been dying to have. Just

keep snipping and putting the objects of your desire into the box. There are not limits to what you can wish for as the universe and the Law of Attraction knows no boundaries.

Life Coaching

As a Universal Law of Attraction Life Coach, I can help you in manifesting whatever you desire. If you don't know what you really want in life or you have issues with other aspects of the Law of Attraction, I can work with you to get results. For personal online advice, refer to the Life Coaching page of this website. Law Of Attraction And Manifestation: Ask And It Is Given

The perfect way to ask for something using the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction and manifestation are one in the same. Just ASK and it is GIVEN!

You certainly won't get what you want if you don't ask for it. But what is the correct way to ask for something using the Law of Attraction?

Matthew 7:7 “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: 8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” !

Though it may seem very obvious, we may want many things but we may never really solicit them. With the Law of Attraction, there is also a correct way to request things and an incorrect way too. For the Law of Attraction and Manifestation to work, yu need to follow some rules.

The incorrect way is to say that you would like to have something in the future. If you use the future tense and say that you wish to have an abundant life or you would like to find your perfect soul mate, this is exactly what will happen. You hope to get what you are asking for, which is to have an abundant life or a perfect soul mate, at some time in the future, however in the present, this will never materialise.

Use the Present Tense!

With the Law of Attraction and manifestation, the trick is to request what you want in the present tense as if you already have it. Remember, "Ask and It is Given."

- I live a happy and abundant life.

- I have the perfect soul mate for a partner.

Keep it Positive!

Perhaps this sounds familiar to you, because these are otherwise known as “affirmations”. You should solicit what you want in the form of these positive affirmations - in other words, "Ask and It is Given".

This is the second requirement for putting your request out in the correct manner. The affirmation must always be positive. You should never say:

- I don’t want to be sick.

But instead you should say:

- I am very healthy and my body functions perfectly.

Put these requests out in the positive and not in negative terms of what it is that you don't want.

Emotion is Essential!

And finally, you should repeat these affirmations with as much emotion as possible. These are not just words, but these are your dreams and they represent everything that you want. You must feel as if you already have them and evoke as much emotion as possible.

Write your own affirmations and repeat them often. Sometimes it helps to look in the mirror as you say them out loud. Or you might write them down on notes cards that you carry around with you or post in prominent places around your house. Ask and It is Given! The Law of Allowing

The Law of Allowing is crucial to using the Law of Attraction successfully, however it is also the most difficult step in process.

You now know what you want and you have asked for it. So how do you get it?

"The Law of Allowing" means that you are ready to receive that which you have asked the Universe for. You prepare yourself to receive by believing!

You must not have even the slightest inkling of doubt that you will not receive what you have asked for.

In fact, this is the step that is most likely to cause the Law of Attraction not to work for many people. You know what you want, you ask for it, but then in the back of your mind, some part of you doubts that you will actually receive it.

It helps tremendously if you act as if you have already achieved it, even if you don't quite believe. If you act long enough, your mind will eventually start to believe it as well.

At the time of writing this, my website on "The Secrets of the Law of Attraction" was still "under construction". I have been playing around with websites of all types for the past 5 years and have never been successful at it. Finally I realised what was holding me back. Deep down, I didn't believe that I could do it, that I could create an interesting website that people would enjoy.

This time, I KNOW that I will be successful, because I have no doubts whatsoever. This website will succeed! At the moment, I don't know when or where I'll find the time to work on it, or how I will make it stand out from the many other websites on this topic, but I just know that I will somehow make it happen.

Everything you have in your life is there because you believed in it. So how do we get this deepseeded belief? Even if you don't initially have it, try tricking your brain:

* Act as if it is going to happen!

* Affirmations - use them often and with emotion!
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Mind Movies

What do you do when positive thinking, affirmations, reading books, and listening to interviews just aren't working for you? Check out this Law of Attraction product, the ultimate visualization tool

Mind Movies allow you to create a vision of what you want, together with your Favorite song… the one that makes you feel good, the one that makes you want to dance, the one that makes you smile and sing along. Yes, a Mind Movie is an impressive multi-media tool that completely allows you to make your DREAMS and DESIRES a big, big part of what you SEE and HEAR every day. It's like a 3 minute slide show/movie of your perfect life.


Build your personal vision board

visionboard.tv offers you functions to define and visualize your goals and dreams. Choose between more than 1000 fantastic pictures that represent the most important areas of life, e.g. career, relations and health. Combine the pictures with your own written goals. mymasterboard™ helps you find, visualize and be more specific about what you desire.
You may have heard a visionboard called by another name such as a Vision Board, a Goal Board, a DreamBoard, a masterboard™ a Treasure Map or a StoryBoard. Whatever name you choose to call it, know that they are one and the same, and all serve the same function – to help you achieve your dreams! So, what exactly is a vision board? In a nutshell, it’s your dream in pictures. visionboard.tv is a pictorial representation of what you would like to have, to be or to do in your life. It shows – in beautiful, vivid photos – you living the ideal life that You are in the process of creating! Walt Disney said "If you can DREAM it, you can DO it". We know that the mind is a powerful engine. Having clear goals is a sure way of boosting your mind power and adopting thought patterns that will steer you towards achievements you might even have thought impossible… until now! visionboard.tv offers you to choose between more than one thousand photos from our library of digital pictures, or simply upload your own pictures. It is easy! Just click on the picture you like, write your statement and click on the save button. If a genie gave you the opportunity to design your ideal life, what would it look like? The truth is you don’t need the genie. All you need is you and the dedication to make your dreams a reality. And with the assistance of visionboard, you can design your life according to the aspirations you set forth. For instance, health may be your primary interest at this time so you might have a couple of pictures that reflect your attention on this aspect of your life. Ask yourself, “What is my ideal objective in relation to health? Do I want a firm, toned body?” If this is your goal, what would that look like? Perhaps it means to exercise more. You then select a picture that translates your goal to represent your objective. For example, getting fit might be depicted as a person lifting a barbell. You may also choose to exemplify health by displaying nutritious foods on your masterboard™. Go ahead and choose another picture that signifies this aim. Now, instead of having only one photo and one affirmation related to health, you have a couple of pictures and will hold that vision until you are on your way to mastering the body and lifestyle you desire. The last step before completing the process is to write an affirmation related to your health. For instance, you can say “I am healthy and love to eat nutritious food.” Now you can follow the same process for the other areas, for example Career and your Social life – until your masterboard™ and the life you aspire to – is described in photos and words. After completing your visionboard you are ready to visualize! Visualizing seeing what you desire - is an important step in order to achieve what you desire. Click on the top menues "Screen saver", "Wallpaper", "Print" and "Send" to read more about this.
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"If you want your life to be more rewarding, you have to change the way you think." - Oprah Winfrey, Actress, Producer and Television Host

If you have a weight problem, your mind likely already sees your body as beyond its control. They key to every weight loss success story is there was one "magic cure" that users truly believed in. Are all these "magic cures" real but only for a select few? No. The common thread in them all is self determination. The key is not finding the magic cure, but creating it within yourself. You can quite literally think yourself thin. Just in the same way Yogis are able to walk on hot coals without being damaged or slow down their own metabolisms to heal from within, you can lose weight based on brain patterns. Think it and you will be it. But thinking it isn't easy for some who have lived with the difficulty of an uncooperative metabolism for so many years. And unfair standards in the media only make it more difficult to appreciate yourself and feel healthy so you can be happy. The ABSOLUTE most important aspect of weight maintenance is your mindset. If weight loss is something you go into as a battle, looking to defeat your own body through starvation and torturous unnatural dietary supplements (which often damage your digestive system), your body will rebel against you. If you think of weight loss as a burden, and exercise as a chore, you will be dissatisfied and tired before you even start. The only way to get your body to do what you want is to cooperate with it. No one's body wants to be unhealthy and lethargic. Our system teaches you how to love physical activity and keep loving it. A temporary diet yields temporary (if any) results. Don't gain the weight back. Get a new body AND a new mindset! Are you self conscious and afraid to exercise? Our program helps with that by maintaining motivation. Reaffirmation reduces the seeds of self consciousness and creates a mentality conducive to self-discipline. Do you find yourself eating even when you're not hungry? Our program helps you reduce compulsive eating. Break the cycle by declaring this program a symbolic shift from your old ways. The entrainment program will do the rest. Are you one of those people who is just hungry all the time? Our program bends your brainwaves to reduce hunger. What would you do with a chance like this? What would you do if you had less hunger, less compulsive eating, less stress, and more compulsion to exercise and be active? You know you won't let yourself down. Act thinner and you'll be thinner. This is the one. This is the one that will change it all. Order now and live a better life starting today!

How Is This Possible?
Binaural Beats- Sine wave generators were used to create two separate frequency waves which were introduced to each ear independently. The brain reacted by creating a third tone which was the difference between the two. This allowed the brain to directly tune into a frequency that the ear can not hear! Using this technology, the entire range of Alpha and Theta frequencies between 5-12 Hz were tested extensively in several studies. It was concluded that a specific combination of frequencies consistently caused a Shift In Consciousness and many users reported Decreased Hunger Levels! Isochronic Tones- If you are looking for the most effective type of brainwave entrainment, Isochronic Tones are the way to go. Isochronic Tones also use equal intensity tones, but the pulse speed is greater, causing the brain to synchronize with the rhythm. In 1999, Thomas Budzynski Ph.D. published a case in the Journal of Neurotherapy which showed that a group of 8 college students increased their GPA with the use of audio brainwave stimulation, and their GPA continued to increase even after the brainwave entrainment was finished.... Using these recordings is easy. Do not focus on your weight, or any negative feelings you may have about your body. Instead, imagine yourself having a healthy body. What would that be like? Don't focus on the negative, but rather use your imagination to think about all the things you'd love to do with your new body. Don't think of words such as "Weight," "Heavy," "Fat," or anything "Negative." Use positive terms such as "Now I have a healthy body," and "I look and feel great." Think in positive terms about your future, and your new lifestyle. These recordings are made to assist you with the psychological aspects of weight loss. The distinct array of frequencies helps the brain obtain and maintain both motivation and satisfaction without the need to eat. It helps you cancel out the association of "food" being used as an unhealthy emotional fixation. Our recordings do work, and as such you will be able to feel this programmable state within minutes of the very first use.

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