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02: Ada m with the at work on the bonnet English wheel 03: This is has mad the second tim e e it is in th the cover of SM the XC e bare m etal in Ju here ly, 2007

h build ing the Eh I co uld se 01: The be e this with the ginning: Body b front an raced, car in d to give A dam a b floor cut away my h e a lank can to work vass with d

DAM Le Breses XC hard to smas top was h brains always b out in th Yanks ju uil e States st how c is spec , to show t ool Auss tacular, be. But the ie muscle a Pro T on the h that amb ouring-s cars can ardtops ition nea at all un tyle rly didnt Bathurs unveiled function til the 3 t heritag build that draw happen al sculp his mind 8-year-o e to cre s ture tha ld Quee -blowing Street M is street ate a ro t is as m ns achin follow-u machine llin uch spo p to the lander . Our wh e of All Time (se Wanna rt sedan g, Ultimate ole plan e last iss build on as it left-hand for this c e? The u start wit -drive, w first step h the rig ar, the re e) at MotorEx. ht body as to ta , says A ason we Tour in th Falcon ke it on style. dam, is e States made it hardtop the Hot to , says A to have a s are kille matter Rod Pow dam. Th nother b to me, r. Holde er en when just wh aby our n or Ford cool. It d Aussie. we decid atev priorities , it doesn idn There a ed chan t re so m er is nice and Now it lo t seem that imp people any coo preferab 01 ortant an ged, which was oks like choose l Austra ly we are g ymore, y to build they are He won lian ou know oing any America America Australia ? way. n cars ju cars but n. a comp s Most Halfwa st beca etition a Impress y throug use t MotorE ive Cus SE MA a car in m h buildin x and th tom Ca s part of g my E H y head e prize r, the Car C and I kn , I could hardtop An awe was a tr razy Inte ew I wa see this next. I w some re ip to rnati s as set o s metal b a race c n the Pro going to build ack in Ju ult for the car w onal Showcase ar-inspir . -Touring a ed look ly 2007 e feature have it d was bas and left when A d in bare one in ti ically bu hook, bu theme, with dam wa me for S ilt for the A lot h t the wh When A s hopin umme front sus as happ ole car dam pop g to pension tried a c ened sin rnats 21. front su s the bo . ouple o spensio nnet, tha ce then f dif n is , s ays t wild, F decided of atten Adam. 1-inspire tion as th front and centr to strike ferent things w I d ork-wise e, e massiv out on o shop. W lovingly-f , then w ely set-b as much a focu e sold o ur own abricate e ur house s and sta ack eng d wheel of land in The rac rt our o ine and in the b tubs. the bush e theme wn the urbs, bo and buil glitz-free When A c ught a b t a shed dam say Weber-fe ontinues throu lock . s they bu wife Alis ghout, underne d Clevo ha from th ilt a shed ath the e car. Insid , to the diffuse , he mea the work put up a 20x9m roll cag rs ns he an e space b e, Wilw structure d ood ped its a similar sto that run elow an themselv custom With tha d the liv ry, with al box, es, with race b t done, ing qu tall centr the Adam to and got Unlike m uckets. e tunne ok on so arters up top. stuck b l and ost Pro ack into me custo 2011. T high-tec Touring the XC, m he last h feel cars, th deadline er cars six mon instead particula 48 IDA ths in p , MotorE of E FI, w is one avoids rly full-o Webers articular x n, with A a e have ; instead a week gauges, have be a dam spe of a late to get th we have en nding up -model d quartet of e job do old-scho charcoa ash or d to 90 ho ne. The l vinyl trim ol dials igital urs result of is a nod muscle all that e to the cla even the simple cars. An ffort ssic inte d while the real riors of 7 the overa star of th 0s ll theme e show is is the m etal work cohesive, .

g machine hts: sheetmeta ld d and a sa alloy steering co ash, nd-cast lumn tiller The bla ck butto of the sh n to the ifter left Even th is the starter butt on e open g double s love box k create a inned with an in is smooth n look and er to The kn feel ob on th adjusts the brak e roll cage e bias Vast a m into mak ounts of work we in work rig g the suicide d nt o ht. All th e hinges ors latches we and scratch. re made from Th mechan e opening is wholly in ms are containe d the fron t pillar


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uards are pumped r the rea out rs ers are re the rear moved a glass nd Old-sch is flush-fit with the ool bonnet pin s ti 70s race car them e in While e the fron t as norm al, the re glass works ar quart window er sa deal, as re a pull in/pull the hing es and p out for the s o uicide d oors w sts connect hic to the rear the rollcage w h ithin q enough uarters dont leave room

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RIGHT: T h much cu e bootlid has alm sto and featu m work as the ost as bo res matc hinges. hing cus nnet Th to done by e metal boot lin m A in houses dam and Rod Co g was th ll suspens e compressor fo is and io r and 80-l n system, fuel p the air it u baffles a re fuel cell with mp in n filler by d custom cover. ternal James Fo Billet den


street machine

street machine


, says r p at 7am w h o port cove iator sup en get u mates Neat rad om sheet metal leep, th s 04: er, s roller of Adam bed fr m, show get the was fab ad roller, metal a group rk at 4a lidays to to wo . The we was er all their ho ing a be ade dimple dies us ged noth nd in d-m e and a Adam n mass a r work a and han has bee Melbourn iden of iCandy d front out afte op A ing from p shape ills, flare helped steel sco hardto ened s hile ne com coln and custom weet even in e, o ssic ody, w nt, Lin h length rs. 05: The The cla job don to the b ys opy, wit t look s erth. Bre rked mega hou o ne y piece , s a ssed in ave all from P and bon the little allo cowl extra-sw r myself lso wo t area h ers rece the way t make it t the ca e bump sprays a and boo ndercoa e guard and the dle do and u ain Re ld tlid and th th an ed to p oys cou Custom net, boo y guards between exterior door h s intend at the iCandy b bay, bon e t, th e . to iCand e I alway wh e bonn e engine sive fabrication ar went cts as th w a c th e o n th ssive as hen I s a g it. The exten ge of th t in a ma e r s k in t metal w is Adam. T hould be doin front ed copped th e in n Brent pu ll oot shee ow and 6: The b am and Rod Co rk on g on the got a stainless n I d id they s 0 in e sh ew Wh e Ad wo st catch ouse and own a s kn before th e. made by t more of Rods outs r was ju h get his e weeks and it w on t u distributo I went into the ell. aged to ry thre to get the job d ut it up (check o and features cu tanks, as w und man n, c ir so 4) on our la on effort MotorEx rize a e kitche nt even page 15 l cell, battery, a ssor scoop, p ow, Bre e SX to l from th t that the curve ss re bow t rece e best Someh an 200 for the fu s and air comp mixing und ou edal s the inle ]. much th ge ed Niss flam ape a old M pretty I later fo boot hin car a s ame sh r a G [laughs d with n perfect! the h fo wo arde for then exactly ould wis ategory. Adam was rew s in time o late by tub was c jockey c standard r the last He it was to Adams perstars m spray net, but fo e Su custo a week the bon ished to th. ork in th e car fin 0 hours last mon r Paintw To get th orked near-on 9 er in the ish fo fin he w en hard ay. Wed MotorEx, , ramping up ev 05 ours a d s as 20 h r month fou on, it w en From th



p, e scoo d of th o nt e n the fr ing on a tc h s just c to r wa istribu Th e d ion

pens f the sus impact o ced the ck redu m ba ole med the PlentY ine bay: from d the wh t and trim informe n bAY oF ng -car style ymmetrical, I did nt ual XC e r a metre ur us Race Its all as I we Not yo ngine is just ove ing behind : quare nt set up e dead s rything ff differe grille to hole engine fall w want eve way to make stu e air tank with the xle line s ke th f my is out o ther, li ta e world to the o so the radiator the fron ed for th located one side re nt the ne s side To preve tor hose, Adam ht hand e driver says on th e rig er, radia Adam 3ci strok longest ump to th off-set, lf is a 39 t water p gine itse built by KVs the bille is rail The en ng motor ss placed lo side cha ardware is was re per with the d the exterior h mate ry chass p n he facto truction. The u rails, d T r Restos a Craig Rose (goo Z ute we ns lowe e co H y with tub outboard of the n longer set up b r of a very tough Its a nice ru e tubes are nt Adam could and own ack in Oct 04). ig. Id say inducing ea d for b ra which m trol arms goo ering featured t motor, says C we could n rn ee p lower co mber while co little str ore than 450h tappet s ca m sion wa t negative t suspen rly in the it has no more with a fla ted in the a tire fron s ne have do dam isnt intere ebers is The enricated by Adam esuspension tA W b r cam, bu ce. Tuning the hand-fa ired by the rea re bags little mo an sp ard air mainten e interesting, a Demon on build, in race cars. Inbo nsion arms ype old to b spe good going on F1-t cted to the su than the e involved ck! are conn ds blo hro vered my big by pus ginally co lt they tubs ori fe Wheels wheel, but Adam re the enti


fe c t as per d it w t up an , cut i g b owl dges are ixin Brese ba s and Neat Le BELOW: n the front guard dges te e l m o ba ss s situated right tail light; re a e s ta i n l e above th ed steel, which n also in sig are mach to place. The de es and I g ot a tr in heel cen welded
on the w features l shelf e rear parc


street machine

street machine





s were m, start tube and ing wit suspens a io wing pro dding flat shee h round Foden a n were created t to get th file. Bra nd by kes are spots on e Alcon six back ed feature a taper James 389mm ge o Detailin rotors a without that crushes a n the ll around g is all b t th squashin usin . paint, bla g the pa e centre ck anod ess, with black int braided ised fittin 09: Here lin g w and hea e, zinc-plated b s, black diffuser e see how the t-wrapp ellmouth sh ed exha w s ust of the sh raps into the un eet-metal d e 08: Ant four-link et-metal back s erside of s eye vie ea w p sway ba exhaust ick-up points a ts, the r, which of the heavy du nd o features ty rose-join through utlets exiting sid the ad te the sills eways tube low d connectors to justable er contr the aero o anodise MAIN: S d alumin l arms. Numero us eth, Alis ium was ha, Adam all ve hers in th ry a e is finally glad the monu nd Jensen m over... u ntil the n ental build ext one!

i wa l k e d back in and s aw t h 07: Aero e bum -tube su spensio made by n arm Ada

another Gold Me da limb he had gon l for Overall Inno e out on vation, ju rather th stifying in taking an follow the W the circ in Althoug uit car ro ow, look h he very g the conventio at ute nal show nearly d It was While th that, thats my idnt win car them pretty ti car!. at and anything e. en ght, say the traile the Mo ough fo at all. s Adam rh torE r most p . On th side of th ad two blowou keen to eople, th x accolades w e way d ts and w e road in get the o e perfec own, e were s the rain. car bac if we go tionist in uld be round o tuck on k into th t held up This wa f tinkerin Adam is the e works s at abo , it would g befo Luckily hop for ut 10pm I have be we were another and T cant wait to bu re the car is off en all ov parents near Po to SE M tton it up he E H w er. live. His rt Macq A. a little ti as supe uarie, w dad has and with ghter, A r straigh of the pa he a mate in 30 m t, this dam s ay nels who has re Brents a inutes h s. Once w bit funny need a bit more is straight too b a tyre s e had fi e had th ut some hop, alignme until I ge xed our e car at windscre nt, so th t it right. spares With th the show en and fi at will fe for us. at done , we still nish off el was a b custome , Adam had to fi some of it nervou r cars. will be t the the trim. s, but w getting I was p Owen W With m e weren back in retty tire y focus t worrie ebb w to d thoug Then I ra on the X d. ork in m h and w n outsid C, I hav onths, as pretty e to gra in and s ent don s ays Ad without much ov b someth aw the b e any p am. I c Alishas er it in um of th aid ouldnt support e car fro g then walked b . my mates have do and lo m a dista ack but now ne it ts of am its time nce and If youd azing he for me to went like Ada lp from m to wo get back out at le rk on yo bresecu to work! ur proje stomdiv ct, chec k him m. s

Owen Web b, H and patien oK for his advice ce; Showwhee Chris Morris, ls for the aw es rims; Bren t, Lincoln an ome d Aiden, iCandy Cust om Respra ys (0487 3 260); Mich 47 ael Rocket Ind and Chris Palazzo, ustries; Jam es Foden, Foden Des igns Adam Laird (0414 874 571), (0412 253 274) who did an amaz in Craig Rose; g job on the, trim; Steve Malco McGrath; M lm; Chris ar Collis; Anth k Rimon; Rodney ony Carmod y; and of cou rse Alisha an Aeroflow d Seth


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llcage is around sheeted th smoothe e C-pillar to crea in te r look. A n additio a sheet be tween th nal and the e glass co parcel shelf ve and tidie s things rs the cage up The in terior ha doors is ndle for ju b drivers st visible on th oth e side of th and ope e trans tu rates via a bell cr nnel The s ank racing b eats are just dra uckets, which w g re-shap e ed Adam. and cleaned up Ad , them an am Laird trimm says d e for the a left a recessed d ed llo tricky, b y inserts. That ge ut he go t it spot- s really on

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e and w e nt , W ow,

l o o k at t h at . t h at s m y car!
AdAm L 1978 XC E BrESE Colour: H GS FALCon oK S EnGInE
ilver Satin

Springs & s airbags (f hocks: Shockwave Type: 393 ), a Cleveland Steering: ir cylinders (r) Induction To :Q Mods: Ca rana rack Intake: R uad 48 IDA Webers ntilevered edline pushrods (f&r), Hilu Heads: E x sp delb Brakes: A indles & hubs (f) Crank: SC rock Performer RP lco M AT 6-piston c n 389mm discs an Rods: S C d alli AT I-beam adjustmen pers (f&r), w/bias Cam: Com t p cams hyd Master c Rockers: raulic ylinder a Ye nd pedal Wilwood Ignition: lla Terra box: MSD Pro B illet, 6AL Cooling: Alloy PWR roLLIn radia Oil: Moroso G StoCK baffled su tor Wheels: mp Intr 22x10 (r) o Vista II 5 20x8.5 trAnSm (f), ISSIon Tyres: 24 Gearbox: 5 /35 (f), Tremec si 285 /35 (r x-speed Clutch: M ) al Diff: Nine Wood single plate -inch LSD . 4.1:1s, 28-spline axles

on Silver



street machine

street machine