Chapter 2: Let Your Heart Be Light Tired.

That's how Arizona felt as the hands on the clock edged closer and closer toward 2 a.m. She was stuck behind her desk, as she had been for the past five hours, reviewing proofs that Callie had sent up to her fifteen minutes ago. Her eyes blurred slightly over the glossy pages, and she blindly reached for her coffee. Wincing as the muddy brown liquid surged down her throat, she shook herself slightly and turned her eyes back to the pages that demanded her attention. Some first week it was turning out to be. For the first dew days, Arizona had familiarized herself with the various accounts the Internet Division of Bailey&Webber was managing. The biggest was a huge Internet ad campaign for a new reality TV show, and the final proofs were supposed to be ready for the company to review by Friday morning. The other accounts were mostly smaller, and she just asked the designers to update Callie every so often on their progress so the infuriating Art Director could keep track of the accounts and update Arizona. Callie. Or, Calliope according to the files Richard had given to her. She was probably the only member of her new team that hadn't warmed up to her over the past few days. They were all a bit hesitant at first but even Alex and Cristina had seemed at least slightly friendly with her over the past few days. And Arizona had gotten the opinion that Cristina wasn't really friendly with anybody. But nope, Callie had remained as distant as possible. She spoke as little as possible to Arizona and gave Arizona the impression she had absolutely no respect for her new boss. Even when Arizona had tried to make conversation and ask the brunette about the annual holiday party that Richard held for the company at the office every year, Callie had just shrugged her off. And, at 2 a.m. after almost a week of that, Arizona was getting incredibly fed up. Startled by a loud knock on her office door, Arizona jumped, knocking the huge stack of proofs off the desk and sending her coffee cup flying toward the ground after them. She watched in horror as the cup clattered to the floor and the lid snapped easily off on impact. A large brown puddle was seeping easily through the papers, ruining the proofs and staining her carpeted floor an unseemly muddy brown color. "Shit." The obscenity escaped her lips as she bent down and plucked the cup off the floor, though her efforts proved ineffective and just a few drops of coffee were left. They rapidly dripped down her hand and onto her desk. "Of all the nights for this to happen…" Arizona muttered, retrieving the stack of proofs from the floor and shaking them off. Drips of coffee flew from the pages and scattered across the floor until she abandoned the effort altogether and tossed the whole soggy mess into the garbage.

" Callie said slowly. not a writer. her eyes flashing toward the huge brown stain on the carpet then back to Arizona's face. "Why on earth would you do that? We've been working on this for seven hours. Arizona tore her gaze from Callie's. so I can fix them myself. As the door flew open. she reached for a spare napkin and used it to dab up most of the caffeinated mess. If she noticed the coffee splattered state of the blonde's office. "Do you have the proofs finished?" Callie walked in to stand a few feet from Arizona's desk. "It's two in the morning. "Arizona?" Arizona sighed. feeling a rush of annoyance course through her veins. "What if I need a section re-written? You're a designer Callie.That would set them back at least another half hour." Callie rolled her eyes. as if explaining something simple to a small child. "You did what-" ." Arizona admitted. In Arizona's opinion. she didn't comment. "But I already sent Cristina and Alex home. "How don't you know?" Callie asked. Arizona. reluctant to give any ground. "I don't know. incredibly unpleasant employee. if I didn't need them I would have sent them home." "You what?" Arizona's blue eyes widened in disbelief. Any copy or design errors would be small. it would better than that constant smirk and backhand insults. The brunette could see anger flashing in Arizona's blue eyes that the blonde was desperately trying to keep in check. Callie turned toward her with a raised eyebrow. Otherwise." "I can re-print them." Arizona called out to the brunette who had already turned to stalk out of her office. as if daring Callie to openly defy her. because that she could deal with. her disbelief rapidly transforming into anger." she snapped." Arizona leaned forward. a smirk on her lips. "I need a re-print of the proofs for the reality show ads. "Yes?" Arizona's eyes narrowed slightly." She said finally." "Well. "I reviewed the proofs. do you need a section rewritten?" Blushing slightly from embarrassment. "You've had the proofs for almost twenty minutes. her eyes traveling to the coffee stain and the mess of papers in the trashcan. she was just stuck with an incredibly beautiful." She replied. "Hey. looking at the brunette with what could only be described as disbelief. "Hello?" An impatient voice called through the door followed by another loud knock." "I spilled coffee on them. "Come in. "You just assumed I would find no errors?" She asked. She knew that voice.

Her gaze collided with the brunette's and to her surprise she found a grudging respect stirring beneath the loathing. "It's two am and I have been doing my job. it wasn't the argument that had Callie so flustered. I'm your boss and you need to get over that. If any copy re-writes are needed. "I've seen your work these past few days. waiting for Arizona to deliver another blow she could deflect." With that. leaving only an icy calm that was. I can page Alex or see if Meredith is still here. but I didn't expect to have to deal with a new boss who sets back deadlines half an hour by spilling fucking coffee all over everything. her exasperation spilling over into her voice. however. I'm your boss and we need to work together if we want to get anything done. right now. After a long pause. "If you would just do your job." "I have been doing my job. Shit. in an attempt to brush away the electricity that seemed to be scorching across her skin. This was going to be a long fifteen minutes. she was gone."That's why I needed you to reprint them in the first place." Arizona exclaimed. and she just wanted to go home. Callie swiped her arms over one another. barely inches from the blonde. Sitting down at her desk. Callie put her head down on the desk. Truthfully. "There's a reason I got this job over you. She resolved to keep her mind focused on work and not on her new. in Callie's opinion." Callie took an angry step forward. Arizona was looking up at her as if she was seeing her for the first time. Arizona Robbins had a lot of nerve. "You've been trying to do my job. Calliope. much more frightening. and that had proven to be difficult. But. and it's good. we would be don't much faster. Callie spoke. I've been in the business longer. Callie let out an exasperated sigh." "I-" Giving Callie no time to defend herself. I have more experience. Who knows. and I have just as much talent for it as you do." Arizona exhaled forcefully and waited with bated breath for Callie to fire back. The anger had evaporated from her sky blue eyes. toned legs." She said evenly. The brunette stood. maybe you'll get promoted quickly and we'll never have to work together again. gorgeous blonde boss." "No. But still she said nothing." A flicker of defiance flared in Callie's eyes. "I'll have the proofs on your desk in fifteen minutes. talking to her that way. Stalking down the hall. Until that day. "But. Very good. ." Arizona said evenly. sitting back in her chair and looking up at Callie calmly. The blonde had been standing inches away from the Latina. It was 2:05 in the morning. with terrifying blue eyes. letting out a long groan. and surely a…. Callie couldn't believe that had just happened. Arizona plowed on.

however. "Calliope…" "Don't. Walking towards the elevator. when Callie's visits became less common. I'm not saying that you were completely right. She'd be lying if she said that she didn't find Callie attractive. The woman was jaw droppingly stunning. She stood with her arms crossed over the jacket she had draped across them. Tonight. They'd had a minor argument. her then girlfriend and also VP at Bailey&Webber left her in the lobby of the building. and I'm sorry for that. I spill coffee on proofs at 2am. I freeze up and call it wrong. "I'm sorry too. She smirked as the doors closed once again. in Callie's opinion. Throwing the bag over her shoulder." the blonde said to interrupt Callie's adorable ramble. about the ethics behind a former employee's work. allowing the blonde to step through them. until a few months ago. and locked the door behind her. but there's this woman who is making my life a living hell." Callie nodded her head in acknowledgment of Arizona's words. She was about to also tell Arizona not to call her Calliope. but something held her back. Erica. "Last night I panicked. but the rest of the downtown crowd as well. I lost it." the brunette said casually. She looked over to Callie who puffed a few strands of hair away from her face in annoyance. There stood Callie with a goofy grin on her face. but then smiled when an arm stuck between the closing steel doors. completely confused. she was going to Joe's for the second time that week. She and her colleagues frequented the bar. I just got my dream job. Sometimes when I'm in a new situation." the Latina interrupted. Arizona grew impatient waiting for the damn elevator. winter air. Arizona wanted to smack her self for not noticing. Callie. but take a minute to understand my perspective. "We don't have to do the thing where we apologize and the world is happy. and I'm perfectly fine doing that for awhile. before heading out the doors into the frigid. the doors dinged open. was wearing boots that happened to also have three inch heels. the Emerald City Bar was the stomping grounds for not only Bailey&Webber execs." "You're not hearing me. she mentally corrected. Then. Calliope. Arizona looked after her. She disconnected the computer and placed it gently in her messenger bag. Six months ago. Arizona cursed under her breath as she heard heels clicking against the linoleum floor. but it was hard not to notice Calliope Torres. determined from that conversation . knowing that if she wanted to patch things up. something she hadn't done in awhile. but to say they weren't getting along was the understatement of the century. Located across the street from Bailey&Webber's building. Exhaling as she felt the brunette step next to her. Arizona hoped that was more of her typical personality than the bitch to whom she'd previously been exposed. Arizona frowned. Calliope. Finally. the blonde exited the office. This is a big advertising firm in an even bigger building with lots of places to hide. Callie. and stepped off the elevator. now would probably be her best chance.Arizona sighed as she finally shut down her laptop for the day.

made up with her in an elevator. the bartender. but her feet carried her to Joe's nevertheless. It had been one hell of a week. "I heard about the throw down between you and Blondie last night. felt the need to be social. or this morning…however you want to put it." Callie confessed. the bigger man placed two shots of tequila in front of her as she slid onto the stool. . As far as Callie was concerned. Knowing her well enough. that had been more of a weekly thing. Apparently she took a job she'd been offered. immediately welcoming the smell of the Seattle bar. and now had to endure the world's most awkward Christmas party ever tomorrow night. which was where Erica wanted to be anyway." "Do you have a point" Callie asked sharply.that she didn't know who Callie was anymore. The Latina didn't know if she was thirsty for alcohol. as she headed over to the bar. Feeling the burn of the liquid as it slid down her throat. She waved to Joe. After wallowing in self-pity for a few months. She started to hang out with her friends and colleagues more. leaving the Latina standing there in confusion. "that maybe you should give her a chance. the brunette took a long sip. arching his eyebrows at his friend's clear admiration for alcohol tonight. "I see you're getting started without me. "That kind of day?" Mark asked. she still planned to hide in the darkest corner of her office for the rest of eternity. She placed both empty shot glasses on the counter. "That kind of week. but it didn't change anything in her mind. the Latina picked up the second shot. Callie grimaced. downing that quickly as well. but until today." Mark replied with a drawn out sigh. Callie took another sip from the bottle. "Just thought I'd get a little head start. sending her back to New York City. "Whoa there tiger. After he handed her the bottle. In addition to being passed over for a promotion." Mark nodded. or both. She pushed open the door to the establishment. "or are you just enjoying rambling about how royally fucked I am?" "My point is. Callie decided to get her life back. You know she's good at her job. punctuating her statement with another sip of beer." Mark Sloan said as he slid onto the stool next to her. she got into an argument with her new boss last night."Callie agreed. She signaled to Joe to bring her a beer. She definitely needed more tequila." "She is. contemplating how her life had become so messed up." Callie smirked at her best friend. She and Arizona had a moment today in the elevator. With that resolution.

but quickly amended his statement upon seeing the brunette about to disagree. "I'm sorry. but that doesn't make her mean. Callie slid off the bar stool. Her friend. She looked over her shoulder as the door opened. She pushed open the door and headed for the sink. I'm nervous. Finally tearing her eyes from the blonde. "Oh yeah she is. the brunette dabbed at the water still on her face. and Callie's resentment. and hoped it would knock some sense into her. I just wanted to make sure everything was ok." she said. but…" "You ramble. stood next to her. Torres?" "I don't know what you're talking about." the Latina blurted before she could stop herself." she said to Mark before she made her way down the hallway to the bathroom." Mark stated with a twinkle in his eye. "You want her don't you." Arizona said slowly. "I need some air. stepping closer. turning around so that her body leaned against the sink. "She's stubborn. You make me nervous. Her brown eyes locked with the entrancing blue of Arizona's." Mark said. Grabbing a paper towel. "Hey. surprised by the blonde's admission. and she actually faced the blonde. "Yeah." Callie replied smoothly. I mean I thought it was after we talked today in the elevator. but the damage had been done. Despite the tension between them." Callie grumbled. Teddy. Why?" "You just came to the bathroom. "Hi." the blonde said softly." Callie interrupted. "Plus she's hot as hell." "Fine. Arizona shifted her weight nervously. and believes she is right all the time. Splashing some cold water on her face." the blonde confessed. frowning as Arizona walked in. and I know you still want my job and everything. "Yes. She tried to cover it up by coughing and drinking more beer. "Everything ok?" Callie nodded. Involuntarily. "You do. the Latina was having a hard time repressing the attraction she felt towards this woman." ." Callie replied. she sucked in a breath at the connection. "right as I came through the door. She turned over her shoulder at the ding of the bar door. but that did nothing to derail her eyes from Arizona's. "I do?" Callie asked."She's not a mean person. she let it drip down her cheeks.

So. In addition to that. there she was. She pulled away slowly. Between the late night deadline and the elevator reconciliation that had put them on shaky common ground. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Chapter Three: Your Troubles Will Be Miles Away The cold winter winds bit through the fabric of Callie's jacket as she stood just outside the entryway to the huge. resigned sigh parted her lips as she tore her gaze away from the fifth floor window and walked toward the sliding glass doors.Callie was in trouble." Arizona whispered before exiting the bathroom. or perhaps it was because something about Calliope Torres captivated her. But. "Um I'm not sure how to respond to that. colorful lights lined the frosted window panes of what Callie knew was Richard's office. But then Arizona had kissed her in the bar bathroom. leaving Callie to contemplate what exactly just happened." Arizona didn't know what came over her. concrete Bailey&Webber building. . She thought she could make out the figures of people inside. A long. fake holiday cheer and everything. So. thought at that distance she couldn't be sure exactly who. and made everything very confusing yet again. It was going to be a long night. she was standing in a very small space with a very attractive woman who happened to be her boss. She searched her eyes. but she stepped towards the brunette. of course. and it was. but pissing off Richard Webber was not something Callie was keen on doing. which seemed to hold some lingering insecurities behind their beautiful brown surface. Maybe it was Christmas. her eyes locking with Callie's. maybe it was because she was lonely. She had been dreading the party since Arizona Robbins had waltzed into her life and made everything so freaking complicated. but Arizona closed the small gap between them. normally she went without complaint. After all. Richard's holiday party was tonight. pressing her lips against Callie's in a sweet kiss. "When the time is right. The alcohol she'd just consumed was starting to affect her. She had been informed that the party facilitated team bonding or something equally ridiculous along those lines. It was snowing and her hands dug deeper into the pockets of her leather jacket as she cast her eyes up the skyscraper toward the fifth floor. she had been looking forward to the Christmas party with a ominous sense of dread coiling in the pit of her stomach. Bright. This year however. no amount of eggnog was going to make Cristina any more of a "team player" or make Alex any less of an asshole. was mandatory for all of the employees. I think you'll know. Callie had been content with the idea that she didn't have to hate Arizona simply because she had gotten the job over her. she had been at the company for almost five years and every year the mandatory Christmas party turned out to be at least mildly entertaining. Callie had considered calling in sick to avoid the entire awkward ordeal.

"Seriously. 'fess up. I'm not even going to try to deny that. "I was wondering if you were going to make it. this was all Richard." he laughed." Mark shrugged. "So this wouldn't have anything to do with Arizona Robbins. "Okay fine. "This entire thing is ridiculous. she also knew Arizona well enough to know that her friend would never ask outright. she pushed the door open and stepped inside. Nope. would it?" He eyed her suspiciously over the rim of his cup as he took a drink." "Hey-" Mark opened his mouth to protest but the brunette just looked at him. draining the last drops of her drink and handing the plastic cup back to Mark. But." Callie grumbled as she accepted the cup he had handed to her. watching you hit on nurses and seeing Meredith and Cristina drunkenly dance doesn't exactly put me in a very festive mood. Reluctantly. "So…" Arizona asked from the passenger seat of the car as Teddy drove them toward the Bailey&Webber building and the infamous Christmas party. I'm totally bonding with my team right now…" Callie just rolled her eyes. You've already admitted she's hot. "Callie!" She was barely inside for a few seconds before Mark had called out her name and was weaving through the crowd toward her. She greeted his enthusiasm with a bored scowl. Seriously. Callie ducked away from her best friend and disappeared back into the crowd before Mark could see the blush that had blossomed across her cheeks. Callie could hear the low murmur of voices from the other side of the door accompanied by the sound of cheerful Christmas music Richard had brought in for the event. She couldn't exactly see Bailey." She muttered. She wanted to know if Callie was going to be there." "I hope you get an STD for Christmas. raising her eyebrows and glancing toward the drinks table where a very intoxicated blonde was eyeing Mark from across the room." she answered vaguely. But seriously Torres. "What are you talking about?" He asked teasingly. pulling her into a quick hug as he stepped up beside her. where's your holiday spirit?" "Contrary to your belief. I doubt you can even name all of the people on your team. "Oh… I don't know. "Who do you think is going to be there?" Teddy saw right through Arizona's flimsy attempt at disguise. "People. "I feel closer to all of these people already. You just like these company parties because all of the secretaries and office assistants get drunk and suddenly forget you're a manwhore.It took her ten minutes to get to the common area just outside of Richard's office where the party was being held. caring much about music selection of team bonding at all really." . Mark looked down at her with eyebrows arched in surprise. With that. Richard's co-CEO. "Mark.

Arizona was rarely nervous when it came to dating. "I kissed her." "Okay. "I didn't know the two or you were friends. We were at the bar and I saw her go in to the bathroom and I followed her." . her words tumbled out in an almost unintelligible ramble. her motivations were crystal clear. "I was just curious. Maybe Arizona was trying to be inconspicuous. "It's a mandatory party. You know I can't keep you with your warp speed rambles. and turned the windshield wipers on as the snow began to fall heavier over the emerald city. "Sure you don't. "Slow down… way down. and from Teddy's experience. I'm not a stalker or anything but she went to the bathroom the second I walked in the door so I knew something was wrong… So I went in and she was talking… and I said she made nervous and then I kissed her and-" "Woah. I think I heard him mention something about it the other day. "I have no idea what you're talking about." "Sorry. turning to stare out of the window again. another few minutes of silence. It wasn't until they were pulling into the parking lot that Arizona spoke. frankly a bit amusing. She was obviously nervous. Calliope. "Do you think-" "Arizona." "We're not. glancing at Arizona out of the corner of her eye." Again." Came the mumbled reply as Arizona turned her head to peer out the window as they drove by a house with extravagant Christmas decorations." But." The car was silent for a few minutes before Arizona spoke again. she could see a bright red blush appear on Arizona's cheeks.She saw a flash of annoyance in Arizona's blue eyes. I mean. "Yeah. And when she did. but unfortunately for the blonde. "Do you think Mark will be there?" "Mark Sloan?" Arizona nodded. "Probably." "Uh huh." Teddy sighed. Teddy snorted. And." The blonde murmured primly. I mean. she left Arizona alone in silence for the rest of the drive to the party. "So… I kissed Calliope." Teddy put a gentle hand on Arizona's shoulder." Arizona bit her lip nervously and her fingers tapped out an anxious beat against her leg. Teddy figured." Teddy murmured. "So… do you think… Cristina will be there?" She inquired carefully." Even in the darkness of the car. Callie will be there.

. But I have absolutely no idea what she's going to say to me when I get there…" "Well…" Teddy paused thoughtfully. Cristina was standing at her elbow.. Arizona was wearing a black dress and her curls had been straightened so her blonde hair fell just below her shoulders. she'd know how to respond to the fact she makes me nervous…. Then I apologized. as Arizona turned again to look over her shoulder. now it was Callie who couldn't tear her gaze away. She could just tell. but okay. She was stunning. . jabbering away about some new ad with Meredith who was doing the same. she would much rather scan through the crowd as casually as she could to look for Arizona." "Well I guess you'll find out when we get up there. I just told her that when the time is right. when she glanced over her shoulder she was greeted with a glimpse of Arizona's brilliant blue eyes before the blonde quickly turned away and pretended to immerse herself in conversation with Teddy. "It was supposed to be… pithy… a dramatic exit…" Arizona sighed." She grabbed her purse and pushed the car door open. I got that. But now. "Not really what I was hoping for Teddy. Callie barely saw the blonde. "What did she say after you followed her into the bathroom and kissed her?" "She didn't say anything. Teddy replied. "I don't know. instead of Arizona. And." But. Callie had lost any chance she might have had at denying that fact long ago. After that. right?" Callie felt a gaze on her before she actually saw Arizona."' Teddy's eyebrows raised. Then I left." Arizona rolled her eyes. being that Cristina was her roommate and this whole party was centered around the idea of "team bonding. pretty bitchy. "You left?" She asked incredulously. Arizona's lips curved up into a small smile as she caught Callie watching her and she nodded briefly in the brunette's direction. Callie felt herself return the smile and she held Arizona's gaze for perhaps longer than was appropriate until Bailey tugged on the blonde's arm and pulled Arizona away. just slightly less excitedly. But. Callie was really supposed to be listening. a fiery longing stirred in her blue eyes that sent a shiver down the brunette's spine. And now you're freaking out…" "A little. gesturing wildly with her hands for a moment before letting them drop helplessly into her lap. "It's just… I mean she hated me and then at that late deadline we were both." Arizona reluctantly admitted. She apologized. She had never really hated Bailey until that moment. "Yeah. "Richard's office.Shaking her head with a bemused smile.

When the last chord of the song faded into the air and a murmur of conversation resumed. along with a long sip of the nearest alcoholic beverage she could find. the across-the-room staring contest continued. but after that she had been trapped by a flood of introductions. leaning over Richard's arm and giggling as they scanned a crumbled sheet of paper. But. But. Disheartened. Callie had heard a noise. Arizona was greeted with a sea of unfamiliar faces as Richard walked around. Callie could see Arizona' sneak glances at her out of the corner of her eye. the brunette had disappeared. Owen slowly strummed his guitar as Arizona calmed her giggles and opened her mouth to softly sing along with Richard. Arizona walked cautiously over toward Callie. after she hadn't seen Arizona in a while. at that moment she couldn't tear her mind away from the brunette in the next room so her replies were decidedly distracted. Callie watched. Arizona was perched on the end of the sofa. bobbing her head to the beat. That had resulted in some extremely awkward short conversation about different types of crackers and cheese until Callie had made her escape. Arizona loved meeting new people. The strumming of a guitar had replaced the corny Christmas songs playing though the stereo and she slowly followed Cristina into the next room. Arizona blushed a bright red and accidentally messed up her next line. and the same lights sent streaks of color through her blonde hair. Bailey had dragged her away to talk to someone who had worked very briefly at her old company. So. About halfway through the song. as Arizona cheerfully sang. Once over the small buffet table when Arizona had been reaching for a cracker at the same time she had. She honestly didn't remember much of the actual party since all of the conversations she had been "participating" in had simply gone in one ear and out the other. eventually catching sight of her talking to Lexie and Mark by the drink table.Being brand new at the company. The blonde didn't look up again. She could feel Arizona watching her. Normally. a smile forming on her lips. Upon seeing the brunette obviously watching her. Summoning up some shaky courage. Next to the Christmas tree. Her fact was cast with a bright golden glow from the colorful lights on the Christmas tree. Then. Arizona glanced around the room. She was naturally cheerful and made friends easily. As the evening wore on Callie saw Arizona a few times. even when the blonde did look actually interested in the conversation she was having. Arizona let her gaze drift momentarily from the lyrics page during the chorus and as she did so her eyes locked with Callie's. her eyes hurriedly scanning the lyrics sheet as she did so. . introducing her to people. Arizona allowed herself to look up at the spot where Callie had been standing just moments before.

Reaching out her hand. and in that moment she was thankful for the darkness."Hey. The white light illuminated Arizona's face. She looked to Arizona. "Look at the news!" "The snow has been falling heavily over the city since around noon today." Lexie squeaked as Mark practically dragged her away. "Yeah." Callie replied with a remarkably composed exterior. A blush spread across Arizona's cheeks. The blonde still stood very close to Callie since she planned to talk to the Latina right before the power went out. -KB and Skones Chapter 4: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Now Oh Shit. to be near her." "So you're afraid of the dark?" the Latina asked cheekily. and the noise was giving the Latina a headache. if this staring continued. she pulled out her cell phone to provide some light. "Can I um… talk to you?" "Sure. It was that closeness which currently tormented the brunette. now shrouded in nearly complete darkness. "What's up?" "Um… bye Arizona. her dark eyes flicked up and down Arizona's body. "I just wanted to tell you-" "Guys. Arizona immediately wished she had thought this thought more clearly." She said quietly as she reached Callie and her friends. Callie looked around the room." Alex brandished the TV remote urgently in one hand. but she had been so fed up with the scorching gazes and longing glances that she just wanted to talk to the brunette. Everyone else was sort of running around. just a little freaked out. she was almost positive she was going to explode from the sheer tension between them. Callie was able to make out the form of the blonde in front of her. Immediately digging around in her pockets. She could almost feel Arizona's breath on her skin. Callie brushed against Arizona's arm. but in the past few hours what began as a simple storm has escalated into what some are calling a blizzard… " As if on cue. it was absolute torture." Her eyes adjusting to the dark. Otherwise. I hate not being able to see anything. "You ok?" Arizona nodded. "That's not what I meant. She smirked as she heard the blonde take a breath at the contact. as if the brunette hadn't been checking her out the entire night. all the lights flickered off. "You wanna find some place quiet and you can tell me what you wanted to earlier?" . hurriedly getting everyone's attention. screaming in the dark.

"Well. Aria. in a dirty bar bathroom by someone whom they don't know very well." Callie said." "Ok. hoping Arizona wouldn't pursue the last statement. "So where did you grow up?" Callie asked." "Ok. though now she plans various charity and social events in Miami. smiling. yeah. I guess I did most of my maturing there. so that's where our income comes from. Arizona laughed. flashing her dimples." Arizona replied with a shrug. I went to college on the East Coast. and tried to figure out what she was going to say without being too awkward." Callie's trademark megawatt smile spread across her lips. my father is a soon-to-be retired colonel in the marine corps. "Oh really? Which chain?" the blonde asked. . "Arizona. "So…" "You had something to say?" "Um. that sounds like a plan. "Yeah." the brunette answered simply. cautiously walking down the hall with Arizona behind her." She pushed open the door to her office. and stayed out there after graduation." Callie said cautiously. What about you?" "I grew up in Miami. "That's all I get?" "What do you want to know?" "I don't know. she stayed home and raised us. My mother doesn't work.Arizona nodded nervously. though. so I didn't grow up in one place. Knox in Kentucky. "What do your parents do? Do you have any siblings?" "I have one sister." The Latina shook her head. :"I just wanted to apologize for what happened at Joe's last night. so I suppose that has been my 'home'. "Yeah. The blonde joined her coworker in relaxing against the soft leather of the couch." Arizona said with a smile. "I figured not everyone enjoys being kissed randomly. "I'd like to get to know you. She sat down on the couch with Callie. eager to learn as much as she could about the gorgeous Latina next to her. Arizona nodded and smiled. why on earth would you apologize for that?" The blonde shrugged." Arizona said blushing. allowing Callie to enter the space. "Your office?" the brunette asked as they approached the end of the hall. relaxing into the couch. My father is the CEO and founder of a hotel chain. The longest we stayed anywhere was five years at Ft.

allowing it to flow smoothly between them. but in this moment Callie completely appreciated the fact that Richard Webber was a total workaholic. the two women began to drift towards one another. much less one she cared about. the brunette gently pushed open the door. It was 3:00am. She was awake. She'd been burned on it in the past. That tidbit of information just intrigued her a little more. Callie decided to take a shower. Callie would have told them they were insane. They were able to just talk. unfortunately. "That's really cool. cursing at the blinking lights. here she was. Pulling open the door to the bathroom. She had no idea. A lot. pushing the device off the cushion. the brunette grabbed the towel . After getting into the office. ********************************** Tossing and turning in her makeshift bed. but she was fairly confident Arizona wouldn't come after her for her money. It landed on the floor with a thud. Callie finally threw the covers to the ground. Furiously looking for her phone. As they became more comfortable. She was happy Arizona didn't launch into a flurry of questions about her family's obvious wealth. leaving the blonde still asleep on her couch. Callie Torres was Torres as in 'Torres Embassy' Torres. saying a prayer that it was at least seven or some other respectable hour in the morning. Soon the darkness of the room got to them and they fell asleep on the couch. Callie rushed around the piece of furniture. She turned it on. She didn't know what was going on out in the lobby of the firm. Running a frustrated hand through her raven locks." The Latina arched her eyebrow at her boss's response. The Latina had no idea where everyone was. but decided to let it go. How had she only been asleep for 2 hours? She left Arizona's office just two hours prior. trying not to let on how impressed and dumbfounded she was. If someone told her a week ago that she would be spending the night of the holiday party chatting with her new boss. Her fingers just grazed it. The Latina had to resist the urge to throw the offending phone across the room. "Torres Embassy. and picked up her blackberry. but honestly she could have cared less. In truth. She needed space and time to process what exactly was occurring." Arizona nodded coolly. she was just floored that someone with that much money even had a job. so she might as well get some of the grime off her body. or resent her for it either. She had woken up to find herself wrapped around her boss. she just loved that kiss at Joe's. and just needed to get out of there. It relieved a lot of pressure from the conversation. and Callie truly felt like she could be herself. but she assumed they all managed to fend for themselves. She was known to poke fun at her boss for having a full bath attached to his office. She checked to make sure no one was around before slipping through the door. The one thing Callie Torres knew for sure was that she wasn't in love with Arizona.Callie let out a sigh. She checked the clock. the brunette swept her arm over the chaise lounge. Callie continued towards the bathroom. Her father's business ventures wasn't exactly something she discussed for fear of how others would react to the fact that her family was wealthy. limbs entangled and draped over one another. Apparently the clock had reset when the power went out. Tiptoeing towards Richard's office. And yet.

Last night there was some…I'm gonna go. the Latina had been giving her the cold shoulder. "Yes?" The Latina asked. it was a whole new ballgame. to say the least. but Arizona was caught checking her out.. Arizona was pretty sure some of that tension was due to their attraction to one another. She dipped her head into the shower. unable to believe that she had walked in on a very naked Calliope Torres in the shower. a flirty tone replacing her previous annoyance. Turning over her shoulder. She meandered back to her own office." "Ok. Instead of sleeping at home in her comfortable bed. staring at her through the glass of the shower. bolting for the safety of her boss's office. She felt like she had woken up after a crazy night out with Mark. which. The flirting. mouth hanging open in shock.. The very transparent glass." the blonde sputtered as she backed towards the door. Arizona wasn't sure exactly where they stood. Last night had been trying. Not only did she see her naked. There stood Arizona Robbins. shampoo. though. indicating she consumed a little too much alcohol. Talk about embarrassing. "Can I bring it to you later?" the Latina asked. it was all muddying the waters.folded on the counter. Throughout this entire week. allowing the warm spray to soothe her body. but mostly they just got to know one another. She was too old for this shit. "I'm kind of busy at the moment. however. "Um…" Arizona stammered. the stolen glances. was not made for sleepovers. a blush coloring her cheeks "That's my shampoo…and stuff." Callie raised her eyebrows at the blonde's obvious gawking and ensuing embarrassment. which was down the hall. finding soap. A smile on her face. Arizona exhaled and shook her head in disbelief. tilting her head playfully at Arizona. The blonde wanted nothing more than to climb on top of Latina as they sat on that couch. and conditioner. Quickly. but she had resisted that urge. Her body was angry with her this morning. Now. Arizona pointed to the shampoo in the brunette's hand. she determined. Her head pounded in her ears. she stepped into the shower. she curled up on the chaise in her office. Truth be told. Ever since their lips . Callie realized. the Latina let out a squeal. especially after their tiff over proofs a couple nights prior. The attraction she felt was insane. After everything that had happened between them. After peeling off her clothes. She still blushed from embarrassment. the kiss they shared at Joe's. Her back muscles screamed in protest as she turned in the shower. opting more for a first date atmosphere and generally keeping her hormones in check. The only times she had been this sore were from nights of multiple sessions of non-bed sex. she pulled it open. She still couldn't believe that she didn't pay attention to the weather last night.

but definitely don't have anything substantial going." "Smartass. "I think I'm going to go home." The blonde looked up as Callie requested. but on another it was hopeful and exciting. No one should be alone on Christmas. the power was out in the building. "Good. "Well. "Did you see there's power?" Arizona motioned to her lamp. "I'm. She thought maybe the Christmas spirit was corrupting her. "We'll do something exciting and Seattle…y" They rode the elevator to the ground floor. she wanted nothing more than to do it again. though under completely different circumstances. me too. startling the blonde completely. nodding her head in the direction opposite of where Callie looked to be about to walk." Callie all but whispered. I didn't want to be travelling so much. "look up. but Callie could feel her heart melting in the blonde's presence. Last she checked. where my parents are. um. Callie found it ironic that they were once again waiting for the elevator together. Sitting down at her desk. so I chose not to fly to Maine. The light actually came on. we don't have work in the morning. It was hard to ignore the electricity beginning to spark between them." "Yeah. Though the re-emergence of power does explain why the office seemed to be completely deserted.touched at Joe's. nothing really. I imagine I'll curl up on my couch and have a Christmas special marathon. There's really no reason to stay here. Her eyes landed on the mistletoe hanging from the door to the building." Callie frowned. and with the new job. they stopped just outside. "So what are you doing for Christmas?" Arizona asked to break the silence." Callie responded honestly. Hands in her pockets. On one level it was disconcerting. the brunette looked up at the night sky. this way. something the brunette needed in her life. The blonde looked up as Callie walked into her office toweling her hair." Arizona said. and my parents typically fly in over New Years." the Latina said with a smirk." Callie agreed. She smirked. "Mark and I will probably do something." "I'd like that. "You should come over and join me and Mark or something. but she had been sleeping for the past few hours. "Oh. Calliope. The two women walked to the elevator in darkness because the lights were still off in the lobby of the firm. "Arizona. thanking God she was afforded this wonderful opportunity. What about you?" "I just moved. each mulling over what just happened." ." the blonde replied as she stepped onto the elevator. It'll be fun." the brunette said with a shrug. Walking through the doors. Arizona flipped on her lamp out of habit. "Yeah I did.

her own tongue dancing a sensuous tango with Callie's. proved to Callie that the feeling she had at Joe's wasn't a fluke. "Yeah. capturing Arizona's lips in a passionate kiss. smiles plastered on both their faces. the Latina stepped forward. their foreheads rested against each other. The End. Arizona eagerly allowed the brunette's tongue into her mouth. It was going to be a merry Christmas.Without another word." Callie murmured. and hopefully the start of something wonderful and new." she whispered." They walked down the sidewalk hand in hand. . "you want to come over for some coffee and Christmas breakfast?" "Definitely. The warm feeling of Arizona's lips electrified the brunette from head to toe. her lips slanting over Arizona's. "Hey. licking her lips and savoring the unique taste that was Callie. "Wow. That kiss." Arizona agreed. She definitely didn't want this to end. Callie's tongue outlined the bottom lip of the blonde. desperately seeking permission to enter the warm cavern of her mouth. Finally pulling away. Her fingers threaded through the blonde locks.

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