Can you really discern if they’re telling the truth?

A master class for news managers on evaluating truth and credibility In the office or on the street.
University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK
Have you ever been deceived? In an interview for a new recruit? By a business partner or client? By a colleague? The Truth Telling master class with Cliff Lansley and Dr Dawn Archer will interest all who are concerned about the validity of what we hear read and see.

Thursday, 20th October 2011
Workshop Leaders: Cliff Lansley & Dawn Archer
Cliff Lansley is the Managing Director of Paul Ekman International, which has been established to make emotional skills and deception detection programmes accessible across the world. Cliff has presented programmes to professionals working across many sectors including police, interrogators, negotiators, recruitment staff, investment advisors, venture capitalists, healthcare professionals, psychologists, trainers & sales staff. Dr Dawn Archer is Reader in Corpus Linguistics at the University of Central Lancashire, where her internationallyrated research includes using computer aided linguistic analysis to identify implicit/“hidden” messages.
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Based on extensive research, this interactive workshop is designed to introduce you to the knowledge and skills needed to recognize emotions in others, as a basis for evaluating truth and lies. . 1/25 of a second during an Who should attend the emotional episode, and will be #TruthTelling tested on your ability to spot masterclass? This expressions of emotion these. workshop is suitable for  Identify the 5 We will also explore how professionals from a variety of communication channels linguistic inquiry into both disciplines, including  Outline the emotional speech and written text can managers, investigators and timeline help us to explore implicit as researchers for whom  Identify and evaluate hotwell as explicit meanings – distinguishing between truth spots i.e. what is said and what and lies is not only useful life  Recognise micro-expressions may be behind what is said. skill, but a key business of emotion We will consider how such imperative.  Identify possible language language use can point to indicators of affective emotional involvement and, What will you learn? involvement (or its potentially, credibility or We will cover psychological “performance”) deception. models behind - and  Identify language frames – We will also discuss the effect definitions for - truth and lies, and evaluate their of framing issues – including plus the skills required to consequences issues which are emotionally identify 'Hotspots' - instances loaded for many – in specific when the strain between what When? This masterclass runs ways. we are thinking and what we from 9am to 3pm on Thursday, Our methods of linguistic are feeling produce observable/ 20 October 2011 in Scholars, and investigation will include the audible leakage across the five links into the autumn meeting of use of automatic content channels (facial expressions, DEN and the 14th Journalism analysis tools, using recent body language, voice, verbal Leaders Forum and the News Show important news stories as our style and verbal content). masterclass in multi-platform news design. More on those events at: dataset. As the emphasis is on understanding the skills and This masterclass will knowledge you will need to Fees £75, incl. materials, lunch read and evaluate the degree enable you to: & wireless broadband. 10% of truthfulness and  Evaluate the 7 universal credibility in written and "I strive to improve people's understanding of their spoken communications, the emotional life and aid those responsible for public safety by session will be mostly “hands taking the discoveries I made and translating them into on”. For example, you will see practical tools and training programmes, based on solid how micro-expressions appear research about the nature of our emotions, trust, and and disappear off faces for
deception” – Dr Paul Ekman

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News Show masterclass with Grig Davidovitz on 21 October:

How to enrol? Register at Transport Getting to and around Preston is easy with direct train links from Manchester (40 minutes), Liverpool (58 min) Manchester Airport (60min), London (2h14), Glasgow (2h20). What to bring? Participants may wish to bring their own laptops – as a means of trying out some of the automatic content analysis tools for themselves; wireless broadband and power outlets will be available. Questions? Contact François Nel at or on Twitter @francoisnel .