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why you should use them (willingly).LAYERSMAGAZINE. 6. NO.COM [ T U T O R I A L S ] 36 ] Digital Photography: Improve Your Photographic Workflow —Chris Orwig 42 ] Adobe Photoshop CS5: Creative Suite Advantages—Dave Cross 48 ] Adobe Illustrator CS5: Movie Poster—Corey Barker 56 ] Adobe InDesign CS5: Creating an Interactive Portfolio—Terry White 62 ] Adobe Dreamweaver CS5: Editing a WordPress Blog with Dreamweaver CS5—Janine Warner 66 ] Adobe Flash CS5 Professional: [ F E A T U R E ] 30 ] Web Standards 18 Custom Video on Cue—Paul Trani RADIM MALINIC www. While Web standards mostly deal with the behind-the-scenes issues. this issue we’ve decided to cater to you. Sue Jenkins expains where Web standards came from. and where you can go for more information about them. coder.layersmagazine. 6 ] WWW. they can also greatly affect a site’s design and how visitors view a webpage. or programmer.[ CONTENTS] ] NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010 ] Whether you’re a Web designer. let’s stick together and follow the rules! —Sue Jenkins 04 Page 30 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . So. These standards are set in place for you to generate the most traffic imaginable.

Dell. Don’t forget to look for his colorful art throughout this issue of Layers. and a few of his clients include Malibu. Stroke—James Felici [ R E V I E W S ] 72 ] Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE—Rod Harlan 73 ] HP ZR30w Monitor—Bruce Bicknell 73 ] HP Z600 Workstation—Bruce Bicknell 74 ] Maya Entertainment Creation Suite 2010 —Bruce Bicknell 76 ] Adobe Captivate 5—David Creamer Whenever you see this symbol at the end of an article. 72 . So be sure to visit the website and check it out. [Radim Malinic] 28 ] Artistic Expressions: Illustrative Text—Bert Monroy 54 ] The Art of Type: Stroke.layersmagazine. and PlayStation. it means there’s either additional material or a download for that story at www.magazines for all 05 LAYERS MAGAZINE ][ NOV / DEC 2010 [ D E P A RT M E N T S ] 8 ] Letter from the Editor 12 ] Layers News 18 ] Designer Spotlight 20 ] The Digital Canvas 78 ] Tips & Tricks 90 ] The Back Page Page 20 [ C O L U M N S ] 22 ] Design Makeover: Monster Ball—Jake Widman [ O N T H E C O V E R ] Radim Malinic is a talented graphic designer who creates intricate. Stroke.storemags & fantamag . innovative designs and illustrations. He’s the creative force behind his company. Brand

Here’s a small sampling of some of the tutorials that you can find at the site now: [PHOTOSHOP] www. two keyboard shortcuts. Parts 1 and 2 (Video): In this two-part Want to stay up to date on everything happening at Layers? Of course you do. 6 ] Photoshop and Illustrator Interaction (Video): Watch how to use Photoshop and Illustrator together to quickly defi ne a graphic as a symbol. [ S O C I A L N E T W O R K ] [AFTER EFFECTS] www.layersmagazine. Layers TV is a weekly video podcast that offers killer tips and tricks to fullblown tutorials.—Corey Barker Senior Portrait Design in Photoshop.— Rafael “RC” Concepcion Hosted by Corey Barker and Rafael “RC” Concepcion www. Jeff talks about the new dash and arrowhead options. the new Profile settings availabe with the Width tool.layersmagazine.COM [TUTORIALS] We’re always adding new tutorials to the Layers website. as well. Watch as he shows different importing options. Just follow @LayersMagazine on Twitter and be sure to join our Facebook fan page. Web.facebook.—Franklin McMahon http://twitter. NO. And don’t forget to sign up for our graphics tip of the day. so be sure to visit often. and how the Flip Along option is a great timesaver.—Jessica Maldonado [ILLUSTRATOR] www. Jessica teaches how to create a simple multilayered senior portrait design with several layer style Everything You Wanted in Illustrator CS5 Artboards (Video): Navigate through the new Artboards panel in Illustrator CS5 with Jeff to learn more about its new features.layersmagazine. and fonts. and the Color Finesse 3 TV ] 18 RADIM MALINIC [INDESIGN] www. photos. Corey even shows how to create a design using various symbol tools and why it’s important to paste your Illustrator graphic as a Vector Smart Object in Photoshop. and a tip about the Auto Fit checkbox in the Control panel. and it covers all of your favorite print. Watch how to improve video color in After Effects CS5 through Levels.—Jeff Witchel [LAYERS www. 06 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag .com/category/aftereffects Color Control in After Effects CS5 (Video): Getting the right color can be tricky. She even shows how to easily place new photos into the already made www.LAYERSMAGAZINE.] NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010 ] VOL.layersmagazine. You can even renumber your artboards now!—Jeff Witchel Adobe Illustrator CS5: Stroke of Genius (Video): Interested in learning about the newly overhauled Stroke panel in Illustrator CS5? Placing Images in InDesign CS5 (Video): Learn a few quick tips from RC about placing images in InDesign to maximize your skills. and video apps from Adobe.layersmagazine. Vibrance.

magazines for all .storemags & fantamag .

you’ll want to read this article. If you’re a . 62). such as FUZE Beverage. In her article. The “Design Makeover” is one of our most popular columns in Layers magazine. and where you can go to find out even more about them. and PlayStation. and it’s critical to learn to use standards from the very beginning (and to keep up with changing standards. Radim pushes himself to new limits with every project he works on. you ask? You’ll have to read the article (p. use Photoshop with the other Creative Suite applications (p. 36). I hope you enjoy the magazine and that when you’ve finished reading it that you’re a little more productive and you have a few more creative ideas than you did before you turned that first page. 22) to find out. then you know that every issue we feature an amazing artist and designer.l ayer smagazine. See. the same idea holds true for the Internet. but they wouldn’t work with any [You should care about other brand. why you should use them. chances are she’ll never return to your site again. And as the designer or developer you want to make sure that your users are never frustrated by things that don’t work because once a user encounters a problem. 28) to create pillow-shaped letters that would quickly put any virtual baby to sleep. 42). giving us some really inviting results. Also in this issue. 48). So we invited Sue Jenkins to tell us about Web standards. What are standards and why should you care about them? You should care about standards because they make sure that most things in your life just work. All my best. but the subject allowed the designers to run free with their artistic visions. Bert uses Photoshop and layer styles in “Artistic Expressions” (p. When a person visits a site. we asked three talented designers to take on a flyer for a Swing Goth event. for example. Coca-Cola. Until next time… standards because they make sure that most things in your life just work. James teaches how to use the Stroke panel in InDesign to really spice up your text.[ FROM THE EDITOR] C H R I S { } M A I N standard procedure FOLLOWING THE RULES CAN MAKE EVERYONE’S LIFE EASIER I want to start out this editor’s note by focusing on one word: and is the author of seven books. you’ll learn where Web standards come from. Under the name Brand Nu. Standards are important. she just wants it to work.] www. their Blu-ray players work with their televisions. create eye-catching movie posters in Illustrator (p. You wouldn’t be very happy. Dell. we’re proud to share the work of Radim Malinic. 54). no matter what platform or browser she’s using. How would you feel if you brought home a brand-new Blu-ray player only to find out it doesn’t work with your HDMI television because the manufacturer decided to use its own specs for HDMI? Sure. would you? Well. build interactive portfolios in InDesign (p. Malibu. and I think you’ll see the results of his determination and drive as you view his artwork throughout the publication. and create cue points in Flash to trigger events in video (p. In “The Art of Type” (p. If you’re a budding Web designer or a photographer who’s just trying to create a presence on the Web. Inc. 56). as well). 66). Sue is the Creative Director of Luckychair. you’ll learn how to streamline your photographic workflow in Photoshop and Bridge (p. including Web Design All-in-One for Dummies by Wiley Publishing. Read our interview with Radim in the “Designer Spotlight” on page 18. edit WordPress themes in Dreamweaver (p. What is Swing Goth. James Felici and Bert Monroy show two very different ways to take your type well beyond simple keystrokes and kerning. Chris Main Editor-at-Large 08 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . This issue. Radim has worked with many big-time clients. This issue. I told you there were a lot. We also have lots of great step-by-step tutorials in this issue.

magazines for all .storemags & fantamag .

SALES ADVERTISING COORDINATOR ADVERTISING DESIGNER DIRECTOR OF CIRCULATION PUBLISHER EXECUTIVE PUBLISHER ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER BUSINESS MANAGER CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER DIRECTOR OF WEB DEVELOPMENT AND PROGRAMMING WEB TEAM PUBLISHED BIMONTHLY BY SUBSCRIPTIONS COVER DESIGN Every day low prices + FREE Shipping* COLOPHON Call us Today! Located in America's Heartland (800) 771-9665 Or Order Online 24/ 7 www. subscribe online at www. or B) you even knew what Greeked text was (you would if you’re over 30 years old). Adobe. pellentesque a tortor. After Effects.. neener.l ay er s mag azi n e. we didn’t. Inc.c o m EDITOR-IN-CHIEF EDITOR-AT-LARGE TRAFFIC DIRECTOR DYNAMIC MEDIA EDITOR CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Scott Kelby Chris Main Kim Gabriel Rod Harlan Corey Barker • Peter Bauer • Bruce Bicknell • Cyndy Cashman • Rafael “RC” Concepcion • David Creamer Dave Cross • James Felici • Sue Jenkins • Bert Monroy • Chris Orwig Paul Trani • Janine Warner • Terry White • Jake Widman Felix Nelson Dave Damstra Taffy Clifford Dave Korman Kevin Agren 813-433-2370 Jeanne Jilleba 877-622-8632 ext. FL 34677-2922 Phone: 813-433-5010 www. InDesign. Body copy is set in Avenir. If you’re not a designer or layout person. Headlines are set in Solex. Quisque vitae sapien info@layersmagazine.print Everything for the Perfect Print.kelbymediagroup. Well no. Sed tempor interdum $29. Vestibulum volutpat congue neque. Adobe Photoshop CS5. Illustrator. vitae scelerisque lacus iaculis nec. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.S. Some of the views expressed by contributors may not be the representative views of the Publisher. venenatis at lacinia eu. you’re probably thinking we inadvertently forgot to remove some Greeked text. Maecenas turpis massa. We just wanted to see if: A) you’d even notice. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. and Adobe Illustrator CS5. Adobe Premiere.If you’re a designer or layout person. 215 Margie Rosenstein Ronni O’Neil Scott Kelby David Moser Mike Mackenzie Jean Kendra Paul Parry Tommy Maloney Justin Finley • Jay Fortner • Karey Johnson • Fred Maya • Leslie Montenegro • Kris Olds • Aaron Westgate Kelby Media Group 333 Douglas Road East Oldsmar. Acrobat.) Call (toll-free) 877-622-8632.itsupplies. ISSN 1554-415X True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . CREATIVE DIRECTOR PRODUCTION MANAGER SENIOR ASSOCIATE DESIGNER PRODUCTION DESIGNER Cover image courtesy of Radim Malinic Produced using Adobe InDesign CS5. Layers magazine is an independent journal not affiliated with Adobe Systems. Lightroom. Neener.95 (U. Any use of the contents of this publication without the express written permission of the publisher is strictly prohibited. the Adobe logo. id porttitor dui laoreet nec.layersmagazine. and Photoshop are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other *on orders over $99 All contents © COPYRIGHT 2010 Kelby Media Group. Morbi aliquam neque ac erat vestibulum et lobortis ipsum porta. VOL UM E 6 • N UM B E R 6 • P RI N T E D I N US A w w w . Inc. then who cares? We weren’t talking to you. All rights reserved. neener.. Suspendisse blandit dapibus suscipit. Dreamweaver. consectetur adipiscing elit. Flash.

magazines for all .storemags & fantamag .

Aimed at designers creating content for mobile devices and the Web (and honestly. The content intelligence now available in the Spot Healing Brush will have users removing telephone poles. Adobe Illustrator www. as well. Photoshop Elements borrows a page from CS5 Adobe recently announced the availability of Photoshop Elements 9.3 updater). such as making elements leap out of the photo in 3D. you’ll quickly be creating cool effects. For more information. SVG generated by Illustrator can be displayed directly in compatible browsers and Illustrator can be used to generate CSS code for styling of HTML content. This new version has a simplified panels interface (think Photoshop) and a new document view mode. And with the new Guided Edit options. visit www. The latest version of their popular consumer image-editing app has adapted one of the “wow” technologies that was originally introduced in Photoshop CS5—Content-Aware Fill. and those bunny ears from behind your head that your best friend thinks are so funny from your photos with ease.adobe. And the new guided actions feature streamlined document workflows and helps users create better.99. or retouching. who doesn’t design for mobile and Web these days). Acrobat X (as in 10) Pro. Adobe has announced the Illustrator CS5 HTML5 Pack. and Android Mobile Reader. Photoshop Elements 9 is available now for $99.adobe.[layers news] graphics design news • new products • digital video news • other stuff Adobe announces Acrobat X On October 18. Creative and Interactive Solutions at Adobe. no matter what the screen. You’ll also find improvements in transparency flattener and in printing RGB-based documents to CMYK-based printers. or $199 for the upgrade. which benefits from the new simplified panels interface. Reader also includes improved browser integration. the HTML5 Pack allows both designers and developers to take advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 and enhances the integration between Illustrator CS5 and Dreamweaver CS5. Acrobat X Pro will be available for $499. PDF Portfolios (which were introduced in Acrobat 9) are better than ever and make it easy to combine many different file types into one handy package that can be shared with anyone. the commenting tools are now always on for Reader—you don’t have to activate them on a per-document basis in Acrobat Pro. In other good news. Senior “The HTML5 Pack for Illustrator CS5 gives designers and developers the power to deliver high-quality graphic content for the Web that can look great. For more information. wires.” The HTML5 Pack for Illustrator CS5 is available for free at Adobe Labs at http://labs.LAYERSMAGAZINE. 12 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . Adobe also announced Adobe Reader X. creating pop art. Another cool new feature is the Photomerge Style Match. If you have a photo in which you really like the contrast and color tone and you’d like to apply that to another photo. According to Lea Hickman.adobe. Acrobat X supports PDF/X-4:2010 and PDF/X-5:2010 (the new version of the PDF/X-4 and X-5 standards). Adobe announced the latest version of their popular PDF solution software. visit stronger PDFs faster.0.COM gets its own HTML5 pack Following up on the Dreamweaver CS5 HTML5 Pack (which is now part of the Dreamweaver 11. protected mode security. Photomerge Style Match will automatically apply those qualities to that other photo. The same content intelligence also fills in missing gaps when creating a panorama from multiple images.

users can now record audio with an external stereo microphone via the microphone input. The P7000 records HD video at 720p at 24 frames-per-second (fps) with optical zoom and autofocus control. The Nikon COOLPIX P7000 will be available for $499.000 images to optimize focus.95).4G ($1.nikonusa. http://lightroomsecrets.699.299.5–5.7" CCD sensor coupled with a 7.049.999. crisp images when shooting in low http://thephotoletariat. Nikon introduced the D7000 DSLR. tutorials.95). It adopts Nikon’s new EXPEED C2 high-performance digital image processing engine to ensure high-quality pictures. and ways to build business in today’s economy light or photographing fast-moving subjects. the new EXPEED 2 image-processing engine fuels the enhanced performance of the D7000.95. Sitting between the Nikon D90 and the D300S.95). along with a new 39-point AF system and groundbreaking 2.95 for the body only and $1. something previously found only in Nikon FX-format territory.600.storemags & fantamag . along with the occasional article on photography and the creative process . Nikon had also announced their new D3100 DSLR ($699. Germany. and Speedlight.8". The P7000 also features 5-Way VR Image Stabilization System to minimize the effect of camera Adobe Photoshop Lightroom tips. the DX-format (APS-C) D7000 camera features a new 16. [more cool sites for creatives] Web Watch www.6G ED VR lens. Using Nikon’s exclusive Scene Recognition System.799. An accessory microphone or Nikon Speedlight can be mounted on the P7000’s hot shoe.2-megapixel CMOS sensor. the D7000 analyzes subject information from a database containing more than 30. According to Nikon. The D7000 DSLR camera will be available throughout the United States beginning mid-October 2010 for $1. exposure.1-megapixel COOLPIX P7000 features a large 1/ Adobe Museum of Digital Media: The world’s first virtual museum dedicated to digital art and innovation Dedicated to helping photographers with artistic advice. and news. The 10. Additionally.5–5. For more information regarding the new DSLRs. and the new AF-S NIKKOR 200mm f/2G ED VR II should be available by the time you read this for $5. The SB-700 Speedlight builds on the success of the popular SB-600 Speedlight and the advanced functionality of the SB-900 Speedlight and is scheduled to be available in mid-November for $329.4G will appear around the same time for $1. Just prior to the show. Nikon also announced a new Speedlight and a couple of new lenses. the D7000 DSLR provides full 1080p HD movie capability with full-time autofocus (AF). Advanced users will also enjoy the benefits of shooting RAW/NRW files for creative freedom. the AF-S NIKKOR 28–300mm f/3. and white balance.95.499. A COOLPIX first.95.1x Wide Angle Optical Zoom-NIKKOR ED Glass Lens.95 for the body and lens outfit that includes the AF-S DX Zoom-NIKKOR 18–105mm f/3. the AF-S NIKKOR 24–120mm f/4G ED VR ($1.adobemuseum. and macro abilities as close as 0.95) and four new lenses: the AF-S NIKKOR DX 55–300mm f/4.magazines for all A ton of new gear from Nikon At Photokina 2010 in Training and resources for Web design and Adobe Dreamweaver from Janine Warner The new Nikon COOLPIX P7000 Nikon also introduced the COOLPIX P7000 at Photokina.016-pixel RGB 3D Matrix Metering System to deliver amazing image quality in a variety of shooting conditions.199. ISO sensitivity ranges from 100–6400 (expandable to ISO 12.6 VR ($399.95). lenses.5–5. please visit www . The new AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f/1.95. The camera has a native ISO range of 100–6400. which can be expanded to a Hi-2 setting of 25.800 in low noise Night Mode) to ensure sharp. technical tips. and the AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.6G ED VR ($1.

OR (December 15.sigmaphoto.[ n e ws ] Upcoming Events MAXIMUM PHOTOSHOP CS5 TOUR Washington. And as with previous cameras from this series. visit www . MI (November 12. Canon’s DIGIC 4 Image Processor combined with the PowerShot G12’s 10-megapixel High Sensitivity CCD sensor.8 EX DG OS HSM.8L IS II USM ($11. It offers a full range of shooting and recording modes with new features such as High Dynamic Range (HDR) scene Just prior to Photokina. the new EF 70–300mm f/4–5. and can capture full HD video.. Photographers can now generate optimized JPEG files from their RAW files for immediate sharing. IL (November 9.000. CO (December 13. announced the PowerShot G12 digital camera.macworldexpo.400.S. the G12 supports RAW capture. 2010 Washington State Convention & Trade Center Seattle. and flashes PHOTOSHOP WORLD CONFERENCE & EXPO March 30–April New Sigma 2010) www. Inc. WA PHOTOSHOP CS5 DOWN & DIRTY TRICKS TOUR Livonia. available in October). 2010) www. and a couple of new flash units at Photokina. The PowerShot G12 includes the Canon HS SYSTEM. DC (November 8. With the use of a tripod. High-ISO Noise Reduction.kelbytraininglive.6L IS USM ($1. Canon’s proprietary DIGIC 4 Imaging The Canon PowerShot G12 LOCATION LIGHTING TECHNIQUES FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS TOUR Ft. The Canon PowerShot G12 has a 2. Lauderdale. and the Canon EF 400mm f/2. 2011 Orange County Convention Center Orlando. visit www. MA (November 10.usa. lenses. For pricing and availability.99. The EOS 60D has an 18-megapixel Canon CMOS sensor. For more information on both the EOS 60D and L-series lenses.kelbytraininglive. White Balance. 2010) Sacramento. For more information. 2010) Denver.099 (body only). and more. FL (December 3. visit www. 2010) www.kelbytraininglive. Color Space. TX (December 10. The 60D can process RAW files right in the camera with features that include Picture Style. AZ (December 7. 2010) New York. two new lenses. 2011 Moscone Center San Francisco. The estimated selling price of the PowerShot G12 is $499. CA and then combines them into a single optimized image. Canon also introduced four new L-series lenses: the Canon EF 8–15mm f/4L Fisheye USM ($1.. CA (December 9.kelbytraininglive. 2010) www.8L IS II USM ($7.8" vari-angle LCD and a 5x optical zoom lens with Optical Image Stabilization and wide-angle capabilities starting at 28mm.8 EX DG OS HSM and the Sigma APO MACRO 150mm f/2. available in December). The two new lenses include the Sigma APO 120–300mm f/2. The two new flash units include the Electronic Flash EF-610 DG ST and the EF-610 DG Super. available in January). CA (December 6.photoshopworld. CA (November NY (November 22. 2010) South San Francisco.usa.kelbytraininglive. Canon U. make up Canon’s HS SYSTEM to enhance image quality and help reduce noise at high ISO PHOTOSHOP CS5 CREATIVITY TOUR Sigma announced the Sigma SD1 DSLR.500. The PowerShot G12 is also the first PowerShot G-series model to record 720p HD video. 2010) In more Photokina news.kelbytraininglive. 2010) Boston. SCOTT KELBY’S PHOTOSHOP FOR DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHERS TOUR November 18. Sigma claims the SD1 quickly processes high-resolution images with high definition and a smooth and subtle graduation of color. the EF 300mm f/2. True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . available in December). Along with the Dual TRUE (Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine) II image processing engines. Canon announced the EOS 60D DSLR. The Sigma SD1 is a whopping 46 megapixels with a 24x16mm APCS-C X3 sensor. The vari-angle 3" Clear View LCD screen allows users to position the screen just about anywhere they need to capture overhead or low-angle 2010) www. one push of the shutter button yields three sequential images with various exposures. FL Canon makes headlines at Photokina PHOTOSHOP CS5 FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS TOUR Chicago. 2010) San Diego. The 60D will be available for an estimated price of $1. MACWORLD 2011 January 26–29. 2010) Portland.

storemags & fantamag .magazines for all .

True PDF release: storemags & fantamag .

storemags & fantamag .magazines for all .

Layers: You seem to enjoy your freedom as a freelance designer and illustrator. such as FUZE Beverage. Radim didn’t start out as a designer. He treats every project as a brand-new (i. It’s a simple rule because the ad agency has a back up of the agent’s talent roster. Coca-Cola. but I’m a lot happier to be at the forefront of the creative tasks in a Layers: You use agents to help promote your work and find new clients. Like many successful artists. and it wasn’t until he was 24 that he turned to full-time design and illustration. and graphic designer based in London. I decide when to take it and when to work. I opted for a freelance career for many reasons—mainly so I can choose what I do and when I do it. brand nu) challenge.. and bold use of color has helped boost the visibility of many household brand names. innovative designs. and Web solutions. product branding. and PlayStation. Politics and extra people are involved in agencies.LAYERSMAGAZINE. and never approaches a brief the same way twice. Malibu. being represented sometimes makes you a better pick for the job. therefore. I learned a lot from my previous day jobs and I knew I could successfully freelance. Dell. magazine covers. He has a degree in business management. I started thinking about getting an agent when I was ready to take the work up a notch. Obviously. it’s not a fairy tale scenario. Sometimes you have to work 18-hour days. What are the advantages of using an agent. Malinic: The biggest advantage is the opportunity to create interesting and innovative work. If I need to take time off. editorial illustrations. His cutting-edge. His passion to make each project better than the last and his attention to intricate detail shines through in his work. award-winning art director.e. I didn’t have a dream client list. which can overtake the joy of each project.[r a d i m ma l i nic ] [ DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT] C H R I S { } M A I N Radim Malinic is a self-taught. illustrator. you’re part of a team and the work gets diluted. England. What are the advantages of working for yourself compared to working for an agency or running your own agency? www. If you work for an agency. and at what point in a designer’s career should he start thinking about using an agent? Malinic: A good agent can help you reach clients that can be hard to get. Radim has applied his vast skill set to advertising campaigns. 18 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . Under the name Brand Nu. Corporations often prefer to deal with an illustrator who has an agent. but I had the right skill set.

For me. I always say that a freelancer is a boss during the day and a creative at night. But I have the opportunity to do anything I want. which always carry my signature style. I chose to study for a business degree. How have these books helped your career? Have they helped in ways that you never even imagined? Malinic: They have helped because I did something different than my contemporaries.magazines for all 19 lAYERS MAGAZINE ][ nov / dec 2010 Layers: We’ve interviewed many designers in the past who have a college degree in a subject totally unrelated to design. every day. Having a business management background is handy. each book has opened a new set of doors and helped me grow. and hard work.storemags & fantamag .co.brandnu. Has your degree in business helped you succeed as an artist? Malinic: My first encounter with the subjects of economics and marketing was simply enchanting. Although I dabbled with graphic design before economics. Can you tell us a little about your style and how you strive to create something new and unique each time? Malinic: I admire illustrators who have one style that they do all day. You can change the content of your online portfolio as often as you like. So I work to find new ways of applying the creative ideas. [CONTACT] Radim Malinic www. but successful design practice is a combination of common sense. It’s as if they’re on a diet eating just apples and never try anything different. good manners. I understand they’re comfortable that way and most are very successful. We’ll always have nice relationship with physical objects like books and magazines. Layers: You’ve self-published three limited-edition showcase books of your All imAges BY RADim mAliNiC . but they’ve always found a way to use that degree to their advantage in the design industry. This way my clients are open to new ideas and let me explore the unexpected. but the book stays the same forever. Layers: Your work is more about setting trends instead of following them. It took me a while to get to the point where I am right now. any time I want. but I’m enjoying it.

applications 20 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag .com The staff at Layers magazine appreciates the time and effort involved in the creative process. we offer you the opportunity to display your work on The Digital Canvas.bc. no matter how large or small the project. Design: Craigslist Casual Encounters Book Cover ] [ Client: HaHa Publishing ] [ Designer: Tara Lynn Price ] [ Cover Illustration: Anthony Walton ] [ Software: Adobe InDesign CS3 and Adobe Photoshop CS3 ] [ www.l ayer smagazine. Please submit your print. client name (if applicable). or packaging design (jpeg or eps format) to: letters@layersmagazine. Please include name of piece. and any website where our readers can view more of your work. With this in Design: ARTrageous Poster ] [ Client: Whistler Arts Council ] [ Designer: Ruth Johnson ] [ Software: Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Adobe Illustrator CS4 ] [ www.[ gallery] [ showcasing the design work of our readers the digital canvas ] Design: Louis Armstrong ] [ Client: Personal Work ] [ Designer: Wayne Rose ] [ Software: Adobe Illustrator CS ] [ http://waynerose.

com .magazines for all 21 l AY E R S M A G A Z I N E ][ no v / de c 2010 Design: Jungle Birds ] [ Client: Personal Work ] [ Designer: Yuval Hoshen ] [ Software: Adobe Photoshop CS4 ] [ www.storemags & fantamag .com Design: Spring Float ] [ Client: Personal Work ] [ Designer: Doug Gilbert ] [ Software: Adobe Photoshop CS4 ] [ Design: ialmostknewyou ] [ Client: Personal Work ] [ Designer: Andre Villanueva ] [ Model: Elissa Villanueva ] [ Photographers: Amanda Childress & April Garzarek ] [ Software: Adobe Photoshop ] [ www.

” feature steampunk bands. before S He’d like a flyer that covered the event details but still gave a feeling of “gentle. like Swing Goth.” said Brian Gardner. 22 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag .” drop us a line at letters@layersmagazine. print advertisements. www. populating the cemetery with ghouls drawn by a friend or images from the public domain. originator and promoter of Swing Goth. He’s been covering the intersection of computers and graphic design for about 20 years now—since back when it was all called “desktop publishing.” For the ball flyer.” So if you or someone you know has a design that you’d like us to consider making over. Some of Swing Goth’s events. He’d like a flyer that covered the event details but still gave a feeling of “gentle. and as 8. Think of floating airships or computers with keyboards made out of typewriters.5x11" posters to be hung in appropriate neighborhoods. and the like.[ DESIGN MAKEOVER] J A K E { } W I D M A N client:[www. “Aesthetically. Gardner hosts biweekly dance parties and occasional live-music events in San Francisco—Swing Goth’s home—and the activity has spread to New York. “I think of it as what would happen if the combustion engine and mass production were never invented. “We teach partner dancing based on upper body connection. Steampunk is a visual aesthetic and literary genre that. but he worries that it looks too wordy and doesn’t like the way the text breaks down into horizontal bars that interrupt the eye’s flow. but we’re unlike other partner dancing clubs in that we dance to modern music.” ] makeover submissions We’re looking for product packaging or [ Jake Widman is a writer and editor who lives in San Francisco. Gardner likes some aspects of the flyer. dark seduction” between elegant ladies and gentlemen. Gardner took it from there. We asked three designers to create an appropriately seductive—but appropriately spooky—monster mash flyer. combines old and new. The flyer will be printed as a 4x6" postcard to be distributed in clubs.” Gardner Swing Goth] monster ball wing Goth was born out of an attempt to marry partner dancing with modern music. such as the tentacles wrapping around the band. it is said that steampunk is what happens when goths discover brown.” explains Gardner.swinggoth. and magazine covers that are currently in the marketplace for future “Design Makeovers. or if you’re a designer and you’d like to be considered for a future “Design Makeover. “We dream of a future where dancing with each other is once again the norm. such as this October’s “Ball of C’thulhu. dark seduction” between elegant ladies and gentlemen. record stores. and we focus on developing a personal style and flair rather than on perfecting cookiecutter footwork. one of the participating bands came up with the tentacles-and-cemetery theme.

and dark mysterious vibe. Overall. With a Masters Degree in Graphic Communication. elegant take on a subject matter (Halloween) that can often be cliché and cheesy. in 2008. Betty Crocker. I then looked at what elements were necessary to the fl yer and reordered them in terms of size and location to create a more structured hierarchy. the final design is a classy. Adobe Illustrator CS4. Maria Stephens has spent the last five years honing her expertise on the streets of London. stylish. Tigerlilly nurtured a flourishing relationship with Razor Research. Maria realized that she could have more fun and greater creative freedom working for herself and founded Tigerlilly Designs. All the band logos have been displayed using white text in the style of their logos—this will ensure that they stand out in nightclub lighting while complementing the central image rather than detracting from it. central image. and Häagen-Dazs. green. stylized ethereal tentacles were added crawling out from under a headstone. an award-winning research agency based in London. and classy individuals on both sides of the pond. blue-chip businesses. Recently. Lovecraft). as well as being a perfectly fitting theme for this monster mash. Since its founding. and therefore concentrated the design on these areas. I considered the main focal point of this poster to be the M y immediate impressions of the original design were that it was busy. and lacking impact. To reinforce the event theme of C’thulhu (a fictional cosmic entity created by horror author H. and yellow text can really pop in the ultraviolet lighting common in clubs. charities. as well as conveniently creating the perfect frame with which to emphasize the main details of the [ A B O U T T H E D E S I G N E R ] Maria Stephens] [ www. The tentacles provide a sense of horror and mystery. The tentacles provide a sense of horror and mystery. The overall colors of the poster remain dark so that the Originally from the beautiful valleys of South Wales. and date. working her way up through the ranks of design teams and enjoying both agency and client side projects.tigerlillydesigns. The event name and date appear on the headstone.magazines for all 23 lAYERS MAGAZINE ][ nov / dec 2010 after DESIGNER: Maria Stephens www. I wanted to give it a more professional touch that would complement the reputation of the promoter and musicians. a boutique design agency with big ambitions. as well as conveniently creating the perfect frame with which to emphasize the main details of the event. I liked the cemetery theme as it has a link with the headline act Abney Park (also a cemetery here in London). almost as though they were carved there. theme. Maria lives in Central London with her boyfriend and her basil plant named Fred. absent of any real focal This partnership has led to work for well-known brands such as Green Giant. Tigerlilly has worked with start-up entrepreneurs.storemags & fantamag . and Adobe InDesign CS4 . I began by stripping the poster down to its basics and identifying what the client liked about the current design: colors. APPLICATIONs USED: Adobe Photoshop CS4.

I started by coming up with an element to focus the piece around. www. after which he attended the University of Illinois-Chicago for his MFA. and Light Italic. Once I had a good understanding of the scene. Kwasi has now moved into the freelance world and started his own company. While he spends most of his time working on graphic design. The illustration was a composite of all the characters I saw in my research—the female guest. There he earned his BFA in graphic design. and the line drawing of a graveyard silhouette added a texture to the background. His diverse background and his love and interest in all different styles of art gives him a unique approach to his design projects. and before I started any designs I spent time learning about the his project was very interesting to me because it covered a topic that I truly knew nothing about. The blue used was sampled from the original APPLICATIONs USED: Adobe Illustrator CS3 and Adobe InDesign CS3 continued on p. The logos and information were manipulated so that they appear to fit into the same 3D space as the illustration’s people. The figures and the background were colored in Adobe Illustrator. At Nine Design. Changing logo one into a spatial element allows the different fonts to act as a unit while being so different from each other. 26 24 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . he moved to Chicago to attend the Art Institute of Chicago. for example. It’s a simple font. I set the ampersand in Angelic War. After getting his Bachelor’s Degree in Art History at the University of Illinois. T The toughest part about this project was incorporating all of the different band logos. Kwasi resides in Chicago with his wife and dog. Kwasi spent several years on an in-house graphic design team and teaching graphic design at a local college. After school. I decided that a dramatic angle would allow me to incorporate the logos as party information more Kwasi started as an illustrator and moved into graphic design after gaining a background in Adobe Photoshop.kwasi.[ des i gn make ov e r ] after DESIGNER: Kwasi Amankwah www. and belongs to a screen print studio. I used Helvetica Neue Bold. I created a drawing that depicted two people heading to the party. For the rest of the copy. paints. with each of them using a different font. was an homage to one of the band members. Swing Goth was a whole new world. which I thought looked like a nice blend between the fonts used in the Swing Goth logo and the Clockwork logo. The illustration was a composite of all the characters I saw in my research… [ A B O U T T H E D E S I G N E R ] Kwasi Amankwah] [ www.LAYERSMAGAZINE.kwasi. but with the complexity of all of the other fonts used I wanted to keep the other information as simple and clean as possible. he also draws. Light.

storemags & fantamag .magazines for all .

while allowing me to keep the poster bright. I’ve always loved the look of screen-printed posters. With a broad range of experience ranging from corporate rebranding to creative marketing and interactive design. and impact their neighborhoods. The leaves echo the warmth and fall feel of the wood. While the “Ball of C’thulhu” bears the creature’s name. Looking at the original poster. Logos were strategically placed so as not to take attention away from the overall design of the APPLICATIONs USED: Adobe Illustrator CS3 and Adobe Photoshop CS3 26 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . nonprofits have always had a soft spot in Matt’s heart. it’s an event filled with fun and fantasy. this poster doesn’t reflect the vibrance and quality of this event. and inviting. There’s so much text and so many line breaks that it’s virtually impossible to notice the design. After graduating from Marshall University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Design. Ohio. www. aving no knowledge of Swing Goth.[ des i gn make ov e r ] after H DESIGNER: Matt Holley www. as his dad and brother are both ministers.mattholleydesign. or H. I drew my interpretation of C’thulhu as if he were going to a costume party… [ A B O U T T H E D E S I G N E R ] Matt Holley] [ www. This creature was created as a symbol of extreme horror and evil. which was the perfect thickness for me to apply the wood grain texture to. Krista. He is recently engaged and looking forward to being married to his fiancée. Matt also enjoys playing music and is part of the Jared Mahone band.mattholleydesign. Matt moved to Columbus to pursue his design career. The name C’thulhu had little meaning to me until doing the research. warm.P. Browns and greens gave me the fall feel I wanted. Reprise Stamp was used as the informational text because it’s eroded yet remains as legible as Helvetica. He’s positioned on the hardwood floor and is holding a mystical scepter as if he’s the dancing disco ball of the party. I was jumping into a completely different world blindfolded. Lovecraft. His plaid suit and paisley tie is what he grabbed from Goodwill the night before the ball. The header text is Oliver’s Barney. While he enjoys corporate design.LAYERSMAGAZINE. I drew my interpretation of C’thulhu as if he were going to a costume party (on paper. and wanted to give this poster a similar vintage look and feel. Matt brings a clean approach to design and focuses on getting rid of unnecessary clutter. Clean lines. a groove-driven soulful pop band in Columbus. and symmetry are at the forefront of Matt’s design profile. He loves using his talents to glorify God and help local churches grow. The header and footer text are both set in a triangular shape and give a nice sense of balance to the page. there are several elements that are distracting. From the cartoon characters to the poorly beveled Matt Holley is a passionate freelance designer out of Columbus. balance. then redrawn in Adobe Illustrator).

magazines for all .storemags & fantamag .

we need to make the text sharp again with a Levels adjustment. would you use an Old English typeface to illustrate it? No! You want something cute. 72-ppi Photoshop document. the original text that was entered can be STEP THREE: Command-click (PC: Ctrl-click) on the text layer thumbnail in the Layers panel to make it a selection. 28 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . Take a baby announcement. You want something that says “baby” and not “the Knights of the Round Table. ] www.[ t h e d i g i t a l s t u dio ] [ ARTISTIC EXPRESSIONS] B E R T { } M O N R O Y illustrative text The written word has always been considered to possess great power. Note: Make sure to add plenty of spacing or kerning between the letters using the Character panel (Window>Character). There are thousands of different fonts available that can give what you’re saying an additional emotional edge. select the Type tool (T). Click-and-drag the middle bottom handle of the bounding box to scale the text vertically to make it taller. the outcome of the text will look best if the letters aren’t so close together. Next. When you illustrate text. [ This is what Photoshop is for—making your imagination come to life. but what if you don’t have a font that looks like pillows? This is what Photoshop is for—making your imagination come to life.4 pixels in this example). and type a message. you can give it impact that tells the story without even reading the words. That’s a great idea. At this point. choose Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur and change the Radius to blur the channel until the text receives rounded edges (6.LAYERSMAGAZINE. Choose Select>Save Selection to save it as an alpha channel (just click OK in the Save Selection dialog). STEP TWO: Choose Edit>Transform>Scale to modify the shape of the text. I M A GE S: © I STO C K PH OTO I LLU STR ATI O N : TA F F Y C LI F F O R D STEP ONE: To start. as shown here. choose Helvetica in the Options Bar. First.” or the baby’s name. In a new. Press Return (PC: Enter) when finished. Click on the Commit icon (checkmark) in the Options Bar when finished. STEP FOUR: Navigate to the Channels panel (Window>Channels) and click on the Alpha 1 channel.” A good suggestion would be little pillows that spell out the word “baby. Click-and-drag the text layer onto the Delete Layer icon (trash can) at the bottom of the Layers panel and press Command-D (PC: Ctrl-D) to deselect. you need to choose a simple font such as Helvetica Bold. This becomes the basis for the rounded. pillow-like text. for instance.

in the next step. and click OK. choose Edit>Fill to fill it with color. His work has been seen in many magazines and scores of books. Deselect. deep blue goes with the powder blue of the letters being shown in this example. STEP TEN: Click on the words “Bevel and Emboss” in the Styles list to give the text the feeling of being rounded and soft. we chose a bright yellow (R:251. Click on the RGB channel in the Channels panel to activate it and then go back into the Layers panel and click on the Create a New Layer icon to create a new layer. Change the Highlight Mode Opacity to 99%. Set the Angle to 120°. Click OK again. He has served on the faculty of many well-known institutions. STEP ELEVEN: Double-click on Layer 2 in the Layers panel to open the Layer Style dialog again and click on the words “Bevel and Emboss” to add a slight adjustment to the settings to make the stroke look more natural. This will make the text look like it has the rounded edging usually found on these types of pillows. Don’t deselect just yet. create another new layer and click on the Foreground color swatch in the Toolbox to select a trim color.magazines for all 29 ing on a surface. the further the white is moved. The opposite is true by moving the white Input Levels slider. Click OK. G:207. Don’t click OK just yet. G:63. Adjust the Size to 16 px to give the text a full. and click OK. navigate back to the Channels panel and make the Alpha 1 channel a selection by simply Command-clicking (PC: Ctrl-clicking) on it (or you can go to Select>Load Selection and select Alpha 1 from the Channel drop-down menu). select Outside for Location. STEP SEVEN: With the Alpha 1 channel selected. A suggestion might be the use of a pattern showing various toys to fill the letters rather than a single color. Increase the Soften amount to 7 px to soften the edges of the tones. Note: The STEP SIX: Now we’re going to create the little pillows. In the Levels dialog. rounded effect. B:175). The result is a rounded-edged typeface. G:58. Choose Edit>Stroke to open the Stroke dialog. we chose a deep blue (R:46. we’ll give the little pillows some character by adding trim to the edges. enter 10 px for Width. Change the Highlight Mode Opacity to 100%. the further you move the black Input Levels slider. In our example. STEP EIGHT: Back in the Layers panel. Click OK to apply the two layer styles. You’re only limited by your imagination. Click OK. Play with the Distance and Size sliders until you achieve the exact drop shadow you want. G:246. B:21). but not the pillows we’re trying to achieve. B:33). and appeared on hundreds of TV shows around the world. fluffy letters that tell the story. Increase the Depth to 251% to add more contrast. Have fun! STEP NINE: Double-click on Layer 1 in the Layers panel to open the Layer Style dialog. B:246) from the Color Picker.storemags & fantamag . Move the black Input Levels slider to 70 and the white Input Levels slider to 96. A few variations along the way can add some excitement. We need to add dimension to make the text seem like fluffy pillows. your color choices depend on what you’re illustrating. ] . Click on the words “Drop Shadow” in the Styles list on the left side of the dialog to make the text appear to be rest- [ Bert Monroy is considered one of the pioneers of digital art. and click on the Shadow Mode color swatch to change the default color to make the pillows seem more baby like. Then. select a powder blue color (R:122. the thinner the text will become. Photoshop provides you with the tools to create whatever you can come up with. The end result is big. the thicker the resulting text. written many books. and click on the Shadow Mode color swatch to change the color to brown (R:100. Dimension comes with the use of some lighting effects achieved through layer styles. lAYERS MAGAZINE ][ nov / dec 2010 STEP FIVE: Choose Image>Adjustments>Levels. Select Color from the Use drop-down menu. Cute. Layout Design: Taffy Clifford True PDF release: storemags & fantamag .With Web Standards By Sue Jenkins Web standards. and where you can go to find out more about them. simply put. why you should use them. and programmers should understand and follow when designing and building webpages. Images: iStockphoto. In this article. While these standards mostly deal with coding and other behind-the-scenes issues. or operating system. you’ll learn where Web standards came from. standards help ensure that everyone (including nonhuman Web robots and spiders) can access every webpage on the Internet—regardless of their browser. are the basic rules that all Web designers. they can also greatly affect a site’s design and influence how visitors access the content on different sites. Above all. coders.

XML technology. The W3C’s mission is “to lead the World Wide Web to its full potential by developing protocols and guidelines that ensure long-term growth of the Web. On one hand. mobile Web. if you don’t know. However. the browser can interpret a webpage as an application in the XML programming language and thereby present that data within the Internet-capable device as it was coded. operating systems (Mac. PC. chat with friends. the Internet did start as more of an information sharing space rather than a place to sell and buy stuff. URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers). link tags to have descriptive title and target attributes. • Use of DOCTYPEs: By adding a DOCTYPE tag at the top of the code of all HTML and XHTML pages. before there were things like search engines. Safari. printers. and programmers to simplify their code and consolidate their presentation markup in one place. According to the W3C. standards to HTML and XHTML now follow stricter coding rules to improve the accessibility of pages across browsers (Internet Explorer [IE]. and other devices (screen readers. more than 100 W3C recommendations for Web design and applications. some websites were composed entirely of graphic images placed snugly inside cells of a table and others were made using a combination of graphics. handhelds. and form elements to use tab order and hot keys to assist with navigation through a site without a mouse or standard keyboard. and social networking. Chrome. Over the next several years. On the other hand.magazines for all 31 The birth of Web standards In the early days of the Internet (back in 1989). Linux. • Use of CSS: Separating content (HTML) from presentation (CSS) and user interaction (JavaScript. his specs for HTTP. while other coders used “camelCase” for their tags. • Uniform . developing economies. and authoring tools have been published on the W3C website. BernersLee founded the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as an international vendor-neutral group committed to creating Web standards that allowed for device-independent Web access. To be fair. Berners-Lee. in 2009 Berners-Lee launched a new organization called the World Wide Web Foundation to help support and coordinate further development of the Web to benefit humanity. such as requiring image tags to include alternate text attributes. architecture. Opera. and tables. For example. that’s what Tim Berners-Lee did. some HTML coders used all caps for their tags to help easily see the difference between tags and content. which often made Internet users frustrated and confused about how they should navigate through a site to find the information they were looking for. Here are some specific examples of each early Web standard: HTML and XHTML Coding: To improve the presentation of webpages on Internet-capable devices. and eGovernment.) that access the Internet. recommending the inclusion of a DOCTYPE in the head of the code. text. Web services and browsers. etc. In addition. this do-it-yourself coding environment allowed for unlimited freedom and creativity. and express yourself. blogs. and other programming languages) allows designers. etc. and still others used all lowercase letters. A few of the early. is the University of Oxford-educated mastermind who created the Internet as a global information sharing initiative while working at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) in 1989.). Semantic Web. having no rules to follow frequently resulted in an “anything goes” policy. when many middle-class families owned at least one computer and many businesses had a Web presence. coders. Unix). it became clear that certain coding rules and standards would need to be established to help control all the chaos. Firefox.” The W3C homepage The World Wide Web Consortium Since the W3C’s founding. This standard is especially important because XML lets programmers create their own proprietary markup languages through which additional information can be exchanged on the Web. PHP. In fact. and more kinds of devices (such as handhelds and screen readers for the visually impaired) were being used to access the Web. people with disabilities make up roughly 10% of the Internet’s population. internationalization. jQuery.storemags & fantamag . as more people and companies began using the Web to market and sell their products and services. and HTML were refined and improved upon as this new technology spread quickly around the world. and the promotion of using cascading style sheets (CSS) to separate webpage form (presentation) from webpage content. Other important standards focus on accessibility issues geared toward making all Web content accessible to the widest possible audience across the widest array of devices. So in 1994. more monumental W3C Web standards included things such as making uniform HTML/XHTML coding rules. e-commerce. the World Wide Web was a bit of a free for all where each website followed the coding whims of the person who made it. Simple coding changes can often make the biggest impact. There have also been standards proposed for accessibility. By the early ’90s.

the newest and most popular browsers (with the exception of IE) now render properly coded webpages near identically. when building webpages. By contrast. CSS. www. ARIA. that same change today would only mean editing a few lines in your external CSS file. it would have meant opening and editing every single page. In all likelihood. In fact. you can quickly create site-wide styles for the tags used to mark up your content. Working with Web standards Web standards have really helped make the job of building websites easier. With the old method. The more you understand about Web standards. check out the Adobe CSS Advisor (http://bit. D weaver and E ream xpression W eb write standards-com iant code pl Unfortunately. you get your content on the page and then you mark it up with proper semantic HTML (semantic means that you use the right tags to match the meaning of your content. This is especially true when you learn the right way to do things from the start. DHTML. every graphic. Web graphic formats. The good news is you’re not the only one out there doing it. IE-only features. jQuery.g. Not only does CSS separate your presentation markup from your content. Ajax. each working hard (and competitively) to help provide Web designers. you add any JavaScript and other programming languages as needed to create page interactivity and present dynamic data. Thankfully. One of the earliest and most important Web standards recommended by the W3C is the use of CSS instead of the heavy HTML formatting tags that designers. line by line. as well as more obscure documentation on developing technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 that have yet to be fully implemented across the Web. You’ll even find details on browser compatibility. For CSS-related issues. e. and programmers used before. First. XML. JavaScript. define custom styles to selectively style elements. document formats. Definitely spend some time exploring this site. thereby making your pages load faster in a browser. the W3C website is chock full of detailed information about HTML. and browser-specific coding issues. the top HTML and WYSIWYG code editors—for example. Ruby on the Rails. “<h1> for Heading 1s”). the better you’ll be at designing and building standards-compliant websites. and Internet users with the best experience they can. formatting markup had to be wrapped around every block of text. With CSS. and each object or element displayed on the page. for several years now. and lastly. After E ly link your webpages asi to one or m externalC files ore SS A C A sor provides solutions to com on dobe SS dvi m C and browser-com bility issues SS pati 32 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . and more. and CSS. nearly all the popular browsers and Web editing software manufacturers are on board with Web standards. and create styles that will automatically be applied to an element’s ID. For example. Dreamweaver and Expression Web—have supported Web standards by automatically writing standards-compliant code. (Imagine managing a 30-page website and having to change all the fonts from Arial to Verdana!) Back then. programmers. coders. The sad truth is that you’ll still have to deal with things like display and compatibility problems with CSS and various scripts.In addition to laying out Web standards. it also centralizes all the style information into one discrete location (an external CSS file that is linked in the “<head>” to all the pages in your site) and drastically reduces the file size of your webpages..LAYERSMAGAZINE. someone on the Internet has already figured out the solution to your very problem and is willing to share it. XHTML. What’s more. you add your CSS to style the content. this does not mean that if you use a good HTML or WYSIWYG software program that you’ll be immune from coding errors. it’s useful to follow a particular logical workflow.

Flash movies are single objects that are embedded into a webpage. As for CSS3. Code example of CSS3 used to create multiple background images HTML5 semantic tags from www. HTML5 introduces a bunch of new semantic elements like “<nav>” and “<footer> . as long as (for now) it’s used with proprietary code (e.” and adds sweet JavaScript-like interactive functionality through DOM scripting for things like Example of CSS3 showing four separate images within a single div tag What’s more. They also can’t contain any meta tag information like keywords or descriptions—which means that search engines can’t index any of the content to help visitors find that content.magazines for all 33 With Web Standards Besides presentation consistency and device independence.css3. For details and information about working with html5/html4-differences. For an interesting read on Flash Web standards. copied. Standards-compliant sites provide a more consistent experience to the widest audience of users across the widest variety of devices and platforms.sitepoint .w3.html5rocks. another really smart reason to build standards-compliant websites is better search engine optimization (SEO). visit www. both of which are easy enough to learn.. HTML5 drag-and-drop demo at all the major non-IE browsers now support many useful CSS3 properties. selected. according to the good folks over at www. some developers have begun shifting to including Flash modules inside of regular sites and using JavaScript. or saved the way you can with content in a regular webpage. audio and video playback. You can read about all the differences between HTML4 and HTML5 at http://dev. HTML5. HTML5—which is the new and smarter version of HTML—is now starting to be supported by the newest and most popular browsers. Web standards for Flash. “-moz” or “-webkit”). which means that none of the content contained within them can be bookmarked. and search engine friendly. which can both help improve search engine results page rankings and make the content within the site easier to find for Web visitors. One amazing thing you can do right now with CSS3 is set multiple backgrounds for a single div element. visit www. new CSS3 properties are being introduced with each browser update so that eventually CSS3 can be used without proprietary code. As a workaround to building entire sites from Flash. As for IE browsers (for now). IE8 renders CSS2 predictably. and drag-and-drop. and HTML5 to create page & fantamag . jQuery. standards-compliant. and CSS3 As cool and interactive as they can be.html5demos.g. and there are whispers that IE9 might get in the game.

www.With Web Standards Where can I learn more? There are dozens of sites on the Web to help designers. There are also plenty of books and free online tutorials such as Designing with Web Standards by Jeffrey www.contentquality.webstandards.w3.fonttester.sxsw.html W3C Code & Accessibility Validators ■ 34 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag .org www. such as www.webfoundation. and developers learn the rules of the Internet Web conferences and Web design events An Event Apart South By Southwest Mix10 as well as object models and other markup languages.jsp SortSite Testing Tool www. Each is dedicated in some form to helping create standards for structural http://browsershots. http://live.html CSS code validators W3C CSS Validator WDG CSS Check http://jigsaw.webaim.w3schools.aneventapart. and programming Spoon Browser Sandbox www. www. statistics. http://webaim.html www.w3c.section508.javascriptkit. She is also an award-winning Adobe software instructor appearing in six training DVDs and author of seven instructional books including Web Design All-in-One for Dummies.htmlvalidator. and creative director at www. If you’d like to learn more about Web and accessibility www.html5reset. references. HTML/XHTML code validators W3C Markup Validator W3C Link Checker W3C Log Validator WDG HTML Validator CSE HTML Validator Adobe BrowserLab which can guide you toward using a valid and accessible markup style with CSS to create websites that are accessible.w3. check out the following sites: Web standards and accessibility resources World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) World Wide Web Foundation Web Standards Project Web Standards Group Web Accessibility Initiative Equality & Human Rights Commission Section 508 Web Accessibility in Mind www. Accessibility validators Web Accessibility Evaluation (WAVE) Too www. and search engine Browser compatibility verification The Max Design Web standards checklist Sue Jenkins is a professional Web and graphic designer. and forums W3Schools JavaScript Kit The jQuery Project HTML5 HTML5 Demos HTML5 Reset CSS-Tricks (HTML5 Innershiv) Introduction to CSS3 Web Safe Font Tester DebugBar Web Style Guide 960 Grid System Another useful resource is the Max Design’s Web standards checklist ( HiSoftware Cynthia Says Portal

storemags & fantamag .magazines for all .

To create a contact sheet in Bridge. select PDF. A watermark gives you the ability to protect your image or to reinforce your brand. and Insert Text. enable Add Watermark. [CREATE CONTACT SHEETS] www. and Color.layersmagazine. In Bridge CS5. The remedy is to create contact sheets for a quick visual [ADD WATERMARKS] In the current digital age. Size. One of the pitfalls of digital photography is that we tend to capture too many photos. they can be protected from unfair use.RADIM MALINIC [DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY TUTORIAL] C H R I S { } O R W I G improve your photographic workflow Here we’re going to discuss how to improve your photographic workflow with some new timesaving features in Bridge and Photoshop CS5. to help you reach new horizons in your own photographic workflow. (Note: The contact sheet option is in a new location in Photoshop CS5. first choose Window>Workspace>Output. and then in the Watermark section. For a basic text-based copyright. read on. Enter text in the text field and then choose a Font. When satisfied. Becoming a better photographer is an adventure and lifelong pursuit. 36 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . Therefore. As a result. Place on Each Image. you can add watermarks in the Output module to either create single or multiple image layouts. when you deliver or send your files digitally.) Customize the panel settings on the right and after making changes click the Refresh Preview button to see an updated layout. This way. watermarks are more important than ever. click Save. or Web galleries. most of them will end up being lost or buried on a hard drive.

and reuse common renaming conventions. or brand identity element on top of the image. and assign Browse in Mini Bridge a shortcut.) Then. and click on the Preview button for a quick visual of how the file names will actually appear. (Hint: Use PNG when you want to have transparency. in order to be even more effective. these are great timesavers. [BECOMING FAMILIAR WITH MINI BRIDGE] The Mini Bridge panel can be relocated or resized just like any of the other panels. filter. and choose Batch Rename. While these are simple improvements. select a graphic. you can quickly (and efficiently) access and use Mini Bridge whenever you need it. First create a graphic in Photoshop and save it as TIF or PNG. [OPENING MINI BRIDGE] If you haven’t used Mini Bridge. The good news is that you can now batch rename files with more ease than ever while in Bridge CS5. You can press the Spacebar to enter Full Screen mode and doubleclick on a file to open an image. Select one or more images. logo. the Sort icon to access options to change the order of files. and Insert Image. twirl open the File options. select Add Watermark. and open images from directly inside of Photoshop. and use the sliders below to customize the size. Mini Bridge provides you with the ability to browse. . This way.magazines for all 37 LAYERS MAGAZINE ][ nov / dec 2010 [CUSTOM GRAPHIC WATERMARKS] Another effective way to use a watermark is to use a graphic. sort. Right-click on a selected image. and the Tools icon for image placing options. you’ll definitely want to start using it. Choose Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts. Yet. Click on the icon to the right of the Path field. opacity. [BATCH RENAMING] A common need for photographers is the ability to change the name of their images. Use the Presets drop-down menu to save. preview. This way you have precise control over how and where the watermark is displayed. and the interface is relatively intuitive except for a few new icons. in the Watermark section. click on the Launch Mini Bridge icon (circled) in the Application Bar or choose File>Browse in Mini Bridge. To open Mini Bridge. store. notice the two new options: Presets and Preview. you’ll want to set up a custom keyboard shortcut. Place on Each Image. and position of the watermark. The View icon (located at the bottom of the panel) allows you to change the interface layout and the Preview icon has various preview options. In the Batch Rename dialog. Use the Filter icon to choose a range of filtering options.storemags & fantamag .

Working with layers and layer style effects in CS5 has been improved. or create a mask. Now this process is easier than ever. Yet. Then. Right-click on the mask in the Layers panel. Make changes in the workspace in regards to panel sizes. To increase the selection. Then press Shift-F5 to open the Fill dialog and choose Content-Aware from the Use menu in the Contents section. make a selection of an object with the selection just outside the area of the object—if the selection is too close. selection and then click the Refine Edge button in the Options Bar. The good news is that you can quickly and easily customize a workspace to suit your needs. To set a default. use the Adjust Edge sliders to dial in the exact selection parameters. this action will open a Refine dialog. apply a layer style effect and click on the Make Default button in the Layer Style dialog.layersmagazine. and select the Refine Mask option. 38 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . etc. it won’t work well. First. click-and-drag the handles (circled) to the left. To reset the settings. Click OK. Note: To access more workspaces in the Application Bar. stroke. 8 [EXPANDED LAYER FUNCTIONALITY] One of the most significant features in Photoshop CS5 is the ability to refine and improve selections and masks. positions. In addition. make a www. Now you can select one or more layers and then change the opacity of all of those layers at one time. the layer style effects settings (drop shadow. First.) are capable of being saved with customized default settings. To create a custom workspace. the downside is that many features aren’t relevant to your own workflow. choose Window>Workspace>Essentials (or whatever workspace you want to use) or click on the Essentials button in the Application Bar. or visibility and Photoshop will automatically save the changes. In the Edge Detection section. Simply Command-click (PC: Ctrl-click) on multiple layers and change the Opacity in the Layers panel. choose Select> Modify>Expand and use the Expand dialog. Click OK when finished. click on the Reset to Default button.[EFFECTIVE WORKSPACE CONTROL] Photoshop is a strong program jammed-packed with features. enable the Smart Radius checkbox and increase the Radius to work on a larger edge area. In both 9 [MAKING SMARTER SELECTIONS] 10 [CONTENT-AWARE FILL] Being able to delete or remove unwanted items in a frame has long been the desire of photographers.

To use HDR Pro. Curves. Tone and Detail. In the HDR Toning dialog.magazines for all 39 LAYERS MAGAZINE ][ nov / dec 2010 11 [CONTENT-AWARE HEALING] In the previous version of Photoshop. select the images in Bridge and choose Tools>Photoshop>Merge to HDR Pro. This way. 14 [TARGETED ADJUSTMENT TOOL] The Targeted Adjustment Tool (TAT) allows you to make precise adjustments. (Hint: Make sure the brush size is slightly larger than the blemish. More and more photographers are beginning to experiment with how they can use these effects to improve their images. capture multiple frames of the same subject at different exposure settings. Tone and Detail. which are on top of complex content—think telephone wires in front of a tree. . Now it can be used to content-aware fill larger areas. select the Spot Healing Brush tool (J). and then click-and-drag over the element that needs to be removed. For example. the Spot Healing Brush was primarily relegated to removing small blemishes in a frame. here the garment strap was removed with a single brush stroke.) 12 [HDR TONING] HDR and HDR type of effects have taken the photographic community by storm. HDR toning provides a set of powerful controls that can be used to quickly make subtle or dramatic HDR-like effects. use the Edge Glow. I recommend you choose Auto-Select Targeted Adjustment Tool from the flyout menu. To use HDR Toning. and I completely agree. To use this tool. Next. choose Image>Adjustments>HDR Toning. HDR is a valid and powerful tool for both creative and corrective purposes. 13 [HDR PRO] Many argue that true HDR has finally come of age in Photoshop CS5. and Color/Curve sections to create the desired effect. and click-and-drag. position the cursor over the area of the image you wish to adjust. Simply create one of the aforementioned adjustment layers. select the TAT (circled) from the Adjustments panel. and is something you’ll use frequently. This is one of the most powerful tools in Photoshop. You can use the TAT with Black & White.storemags & fantamag . and Hue/Saturation adjustment layers. HDR Pro is now stronger than ever giving you controls to deal with common HDR problems (like ghosting) and more precise controls over tonal blending. or simply create a custom effect by modifying the Edge Glow. each time you open one of the supported adjustment layers. It’s especially good at removing items that are distractions. and Color controls. In the Merge to HDR Pro dialog. choose Content-Aware in the Options Bar. experiment with the various presets from the Preset drop-down menu. the TAT will be selected by default.

Choose Preferences (PC: Edit)>General to select the HUD you like best.15 [LAB BLACK-AND-WHITE ACTION] Photoshop CS5 comes preinstalled with a few features that you have to dig around in order to find. training. visit www. open an image and click on the Photo Toner Technique action. click on the flyout menu. ALL IMAGES BY CHRIS ORWIG UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED ] True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . 16 [HUD COLOR PICKER] In Photoshop CS5 there’s a new way to work with color. To access this action. you can see how even an image captured with a fisheye lens (above) can be relatively corrected (below). it does illustrate the power and potential of this new feature. 17 www. smooth and clean masks. This will load the action into the Actions panel. press ControlOption-Command-click (PC: Shift-Alt-Right-click). The bristle tips provide the ability to specify precise brush bristle characteristics. 18 [LENS CORRECTION] 40 [ Chris Orwig. the filter will select a profile for your camera and lens combination. masking provides you with the ability to selectively paint various types of adjustments. To open this display. which will help you to create a potentially more compelling black-and-white image. you’ll see a new tab titled Auto Correction. Surrounding the selected color is a 50% neutral gray where you can find out information about his latest books. These brushes in addition with the other brushes improve how you create masks. which helps create natural-looking brush strokes. Note: While typically you won’t be using this filter to remove such dramatic fisheye distortion.chrisorwig. and creative [BRUSHES AND MASKING] As a photographer seeking to create more powerful images. and choose LAB . Select the various types of auto corrections you’d like to have applied and click OK. For more information and inspiration.layersmagazine. Click on the Play icon and the action will run through the various steps. you’ll find a heads-up display (HUD) color picker. digital guru. is on the professional photography faculty at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara. open the Actions panel (Window>Actions). In addition.Black & White Technique. which visually isolates and sets apart the color being sampled. which helps create more realistic. In the example shown here. In Photoshop. California. Next. New to CS5 is a set of brushes called bristle tips located in the Brush panel (Window>Brush). photographer. learning how to work with masking is key. The Eyedropper tool (I) now features a color-sampling ring that acts as a visual aid to help determine the correct color. In the Lens Correction dialog (Filter>Lens Correction). which allows you to quickly choose colors while painting. One of those features is the incredibly helpful LAB Black & White conversion action. and author. There are also two options for the HUD: the Hue Strip or Hue Wheel. If your camera profile is available.

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RADIM MALINIC [P HOTOSHOP TUTORIAL] D A V E { } C R O S S Creative Suite advantages Needless to say.layersmagazine. Click OK. Photoshop is an extremely powerful tool. set the Format to Photoshop. 42 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . double-click the A-Master page and choose File>Place to add the layered PSD to InDesign. Deselect the Facing Pages checkbox. We combined images. filters. create a new 11x8. and enable the Layers checkbox to save the document as a layered PSD. and then show you six ways to use Photoshop and Illustrator together. To place the file. and set the Right Margins field to 2 in (this is where the contact information will go).5" document at 300 ppi and make a background design for the contact sheet using textures. Bridge. Choose File>Save As. [CREATE A BACKGROUND] In Photoshop. select Landscape for the Orientation. click the chain-link icon in the Margins section to disable the default settings. [SWITCH TO INDESIGN] Open InDesign and choose File>New>Document. Add in the other Creative Suite programs and there’s even more amazing possibilities. When you release the mouse button. and whatever else you’d like. Here we’ll look at how to combine Photoshop. In the Pages panel (Window>Pages). Click Save. turned the design into a vector smart object (to allow for easy edits after the document has been placed in InDesign). and added a Vibrance adjustment layer. and InDesign to create easily updated contact sheets. hold down the Shift key and click-and-drag to draw a box the size of the document. the file will be placed inside. added a shaded area to enter contact information in InDesign (we set the blend mode to Multiply and Opacity to 50% in the Layers panel).

[PLACE PDF IN INDESIGN] Back in InDesign. use labels. Save your InDesign file. use the same method as Step Two to place the layered PSD. (Note: To remove the filename. but draw a box around the margins. Also. enter the information shown here. If necessary. If you added an embellishment. click Approved in the Filter panel to show only the labeled images. nudge the PDF into position. [OUTPUT IN BRIDGE TO PDF] Choose Window>Workspace>Output. Note: Choose portrait or landscape orientations—rather than mixing them together—for contact sheets (for our example. uncheck the Filename box in the Overlays section. and click the Save Template icon beside the Template drop-down menu to save as a template. and in the Document section. as shown here.) Click Save at the bottom of the panel to save as a PDF. Select the PDF option in the Output panel. choose Object>Arrange>Send to Back to position the PDF behind it. Command-click (PC: Ctrl-click) 12 images you wish to use for the contact sheet.magazines for all 43 LAYERS MAGAZINE ][ nov / dec 2010 [ADD CONTACT INFO] Still on the master page. we chose landscape only). viewable in the Links panel (Window>Links). After the labels are applied. you can click the Refresh Preview button to experiment with the settings. In the Layout section. such as an embellishment. Don’t worry about getting it right the first time. [CHOOSE IMAGES IN BRIDGE] Open Bridge and navigate to a folder of images.storemags & fantamag . place any logos or other design elements that you want behind the placed images. Tip: Even the embellishment can be a layered PSD file with a different choice on each layer—choose Object>Object Layer Options to choose a different layer to display in InDesign. enter the same settings as the InDesign document. press Command-8 (PC: Ctrl-8) to apply labels to the chosen files. Note: The PDF is a “live” link now. To place the PDF. . choose the Type tool (T) and draw a text box in the right margin to enter your contact information. Double-click on Page 1 in the Pages panel and add any elements that you want to overlay on the placed images. To make things easy. choose File>Place to bring in the PDF you just created.

go back into Bridge and select a new set of images. and still have the same embellishment (if one was added). create a new document. Choose Edit>Define Custom Shape and name the shape. Repeat Step Four to isolate the new photos you selected. Save this InDesign file using a different name. open Illustrator. you can repeat this operation: Create a new PDF using the Bridge Output options and then use the Relink icon to connect to the new file in InDesign. choose Compound Shape (fully editable) and click OK. In Photoshop. Hold down the Shift key and click-and-drag to create a path. Copyand-paste the artwork into Photoshop. Then save the PDF using a different name than the first set of images. The file should update with the new images. 2 [TURN A LOGO INTO A CUSTOM SHAPE] the Custom Shape tool (nested under the Rectangle tool [U]) and select a shape from the Custom Shape Picker in the Options Bar. Now any time you want a new contact sheet. and click OK. Use the template you previously saved to quickly apply the same settings and then click the Refresh Preview button to make sure everything looks good.layersmagazine. In the Paste Options dialog. choose Path in the Paste dialog. Click the Relink icon (chain-link) at the bottom of the Links panel. Back in InDesign. Now you can access the logo at any time from the Custom Shape Picker in the Options Bar and scale the logo to any size. select 1 [COPY-AND-PASTE BASIC SHAPES] An Illustrator logo can be built in Photoshop so that it’s always available as a custom shape. and click Open. but Photoshop does. be scaled correctly. go to the Links panel and highlight the previously placed PDF file. 46 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . navigate to the new (replacement) PDF file. Press Command-C (PC: Ctrl-C) to copy the path. and press Command-V (PC: Ctrl-V) to paste the path. only holes). Remember to enable the Paths icon (middle icon) in the Options Bar. 44 continued on p. The only catch is that the Illustrator artwork must be one color and must be made into a compound path (which means there cannot be white areas.[NEW CONTACT SHEET IMAGES] To create a new contact sheet with new images. Click OK. 8 [UPDATE LINKED PDF] [six ways] ©ISTOCKPHOTO/DMITRY ERSLER Illustrator doesn’t come with basic shapes that you can use as the basis of your artwork.

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Photoshop CS5 Extended has Repoussé, but if you don’t have that version or haven’t mastered it yet, try this alternative. In Illustrator, create some type and choose Effect>3D>Extrude & Bevel. Enter the desired settings and click OK. Copy-and-paste the results into a Photoshop document and choose Smart Object in the Paste dialog. If you need to tweak or change the type, double-click the Vector Smart Object thumbnail in the Layers panel to return to Illustrator and use the Appearance panel (Window>Appearance) to edit the 3D settings. Once the Illustrator file is saved, it will update automatically in Photoshop.



When you need to use a number of specific colors in various applications, use this example. After creating artwork containing swatches in Illustrator, deselect all swatches in the Swatches panel (Window>Swatches) and choose Add Selected Colors from the panel’s flyout menu. Choose Select All Unused from the flyout menu to highlight the unused swatches, then choose Delete Swatches, and click Yes. Finally, choose Save Swatch Library as ASE (Adobe Swatch Exchange) and save the swatches. Then, in Photoshop, choose Replace Swatches from the Swatches panel’s flyout menu to replace the default swatches with the new ones.



This example is a bit of a cheat because you can’t copy or export the perspective grid from Illustrator CS5. In Illustrator, click on the



Illustrator contains extra sets of brushes and symbols that contain some pretty cool—and completely scaleable—graphics we can use in Photoshop. For example, look under Window>Brush Libraries>Vector Packs and you’ll find Grunge Brushes Vector Pack and Hand Drawn Brushes Vector Pack. These options were designed for paths in Illustrator, but you can also drag them from their panels onto the artboard where they become vector shapes that you can copy-and-paste into a Photoshop document. Here, we used several Illustrator brush shapes to create an interesting border.



Perspective Grid tool or press Command-Shift-I (PC: Ctrl-Shift-I) to display the grid. Then use the controls to set up the grid the way you want and take a screen capture of it. For Macs, press Command-Shift-4 and click-and-drag over the grid. For PCs, hold down the Alt key and click on the Print Screen button. Locate the screen capture, open it in Photoshop, and use it as a reference for your work.



Dave Cross is Senior Developer, Education and Curriculum, for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. He is the author of Photoshop Finishing Touches and The Photoshop CS2 Help Desk Book, and is featured on a series of Photoshop training DVDs and on Photoshop User TV.


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C O R E Y { } B A R K E R

movie poster
As you may know, I’m a big fan of movie posters and I realized that I always create them in Photoshop. Recently, I was asked if it’s possible to do them in Illustrator as well. The answer is a resounding yes, and there’s a real advantage of doing something like this in Illustrator.




In Illustrator, choose File>New to create a new document, click OK to use the default settings, and then choose View>Hide Artboards. Select the Rectangle tool (M) and click once where the artboard was to open the Rectangle dialog. Enter 8 in for Width and 12 in for Height, then click OK. This is a proportional size to an actual movie poster.

In this design, we’ll incorporate two photos processed in Photoshop into our Illustrator movie poster. Select two photos where the subjects are facing opposite directions and open them in Photoshop. Next, convert the images to black and white, boost the contrast for a more dramatic effect, add black-to-transparent gradients all around to hide the backgrounds in the photos for easier placement, and save the photos as PSD files.


True PDF release: storemags & fantamag

set the Width to 8 in. Set the Length to 8 in. and click OK. Scale and rotate the image to better fit the composition. Remember to use the Direct Selection tool to reposition the photo inside the sheared rectangle. Now choose the Direct Selection tool (A). [GRAPHIC ACCENTS] Let’s add some graphic accents to the images. Once the image is clipped inside the rectangle. and click Place. In the Rectangle dialog. locate the first image. Double-click on the Shear tool in the Toolbox to open the Shear dialog. set Angle to 90º.storemags & fantamag . the Angle to 0º. Choose the Line Segment tool (\) and click on the artboard to open the Line Segment Tool Options dialog. Select the rectangle path and repeat the same process we used in Step Three to clip the image to the rectangle shape. This shape is going to be another clipping shape for the second image. Click on the Chalk – Scribble brush to apply it to the selected path. the Height to 3 in.magazines for all 49 LAYERS MAGAZINE ][ nov / dec 2010 [PLACE FIRST IMAGE] Choose File>Place. click the Fill color swatch in the Toolbox. This will make the image blend with the background. Before placing the second image. [CREATE A CLIPPING SHAPE] Select the Rectangle tool and click on the artboard again. select the Shear tool (nested under the Scale tool [S]). click on the path of the rectangle. Choose the Selection tool (V) and position the image in the upper-left corner of the rectangle. Choose the Selection tool and scale and rotate the image to best fit in the sheared rectangle. and click Place. in the Axis section. navigate to the second image. Enter –20º for Shear Angle. place it in the poster layout as shown here. if necessary. Shift-click to select the image and press Command-7 (PC: Ctrl-7) to clip the image into the rectangle shape. and click OK. and click OK. and set the color to black. Click to select the rectangle alone and choose Object>Arrange>Bring to Front. . Choose Window>Brushes to open the Brushes panel. [PLACE SECOND IMAGE] Choose File>Place.

5 pt. continued on p. place the text in the poster layout just below the bottom image in the approximate center. Shear this stroked path to the same angle that we used in Step Four using the Shear tool. Using the Selection tool. 8 [INSERT TEXT] Using the Selection tool. more duplicates of the stroked paths and add them to the top and bottom of the text to continue the theme. Also apply the same shear angle that we’ve been using on the other elements. and choose a red color (R:200. Because it’s still editable text and has already been formatted to the proper angle. G:0. scale and position the text in the upper-right corner of the layout.[ADD A STROKE] Open the Stroke panel (Window>Stroke) and set the Weight to 0. Select the Type tool (T) and click on the artboard to set a text object. In the Control panel. set the Font to Impact and the Font Size to 100 pt. move this path on top of the second image. Type the words “REVENGE-OPS.” highlight the text. duplicate the movie title text using the same method as duplicating the stroke in Step Seven.” Using the Selection tool once more. GET EVEN. B:0). Note: We’re going to keep all the elements the same angle for a uniform layout. We’ll use the tagline “DON’T GET 9 [ADD ADDITIONAL STROKES] 10 [ADD ADDITIONAL TEXT] Next. Choose Window>Color. click on the Stroke color swatch. it’s easier to duplicate and enter new text. 52 50 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . Be sure to vary the position and length to add more interest to the text. Hold down the Option (PC: Alt) key and click-and-drag a duplicate stroke to the lower edge of the image. Make some www.layersmagazine. Scale the width to give these lines some variation. and set the Fill color to the same red color we used in Step Seven.

magazines for all .storemags & fantamag .

indicated by the bold line around the thumbnail. and photography.©FOTOLIA/W14A 11 [INSERT A TEXTURED EFFECT] With all the graphic elements in place. navigate to a textured file of your choice. Note: If you need to reposition any part of the design. then press Command-G (PC: Ctrl-G) to group them. and click Place. Choose File>Place. Note: You’ll see the text disappear but only because the texture (or mask) file is off to the side. Shift-click to select all the red elements (the stroked paths and the text).layersmagazine. you’ll see two thumbnails: one for the art and one for the mask. ] True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . and then click on the mask thumbnail to work in mask mode. 14 [FINISH MOVIE POSTER LOOK] Remember to click on the art thumbnail to get out of mask mode. Select the texture on the artboard and click-and-drag it over the layout. His expertise in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator has earned him numerous awards in illustration. and choose Make Opacity Mask. Click the chain link icon between the thumbnails to unlink the mask and the art. click on the panel’s flyout menu. hold down the Shift key and click on the texture. This makes it easier to select the objects and the texture without selecting the background shape. When you release the mouse button. you’ll need to use the Direct Selection tool (the Selection tool will select the entire group and texture as a whole).com [SLIDE TEXTURE TO SEE EFFECT] In the Transparency panel. you’ll see the texture show through all the red elements. With the group selected. graphic design. Experiment with different textures. 13 www. 12 [MAKE OPACITY MASK] Choose Window>Transparency. 52 [ Corey Barker is an Education and Curriculum Developer for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. Finally. add the all-too-familiar credits at the bottom of the layout to finish the movie poster look. we can now add texture to give the text a grungy look.

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If you add a white stroke to a character. Veteran readers of this column know that I generally take a dim view of electronically manipulated type. Adding a black stroke to a character creates a fake bold—it’s usually not very pretty. its fill color (usually black). you make it thinner. In InDesign though. But electronically manipulated. When type is electronically oblique or expanded. We’ll just focus on tampering with the last of these. it doesn’t look as though it came from another typeface. Stroke panel The appearance of every character you typeset is a product of three I M A GE S: © I STO C K PH OTO I LLU STR ATI O N : TA F F Y C LI F F O R D things: its outline shape (as described in its font). Inside. stroke. now that’s another story. Most of the rest of the action takes place in the Stroke panel (Window>Stroke).[ t y p o g r a phy ] [ THE ART OF TYPE] J A M E S { } F E L I C I stroke. which turns the text into an independent graphic object— a compound path—no longer associated with any font. dashes. you can also apply various types of strokes to characters— The three hard-to-decipher icons in the Stroke panel under the Align Stroke section define where a stroke will set relative to the character outline path: Center. and the stroke weight of its outline (usually zero). stroke The InDesign Stroke panel can spice up your type in surprising ways. especially when carried to extremes. The key to making it work is to convert the type to outlines. [The appearance of every character you typeset is a product of three things… ] www. or Outside. hash marks—and here’s where the fun really starts.LAYERSMAGAZINE. you can alter the stroke of a character by simply selecting it and changing its weight in the Stroke panel and its color in the Color or Swatches panel. 54 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . In Illustrator and InDesign. we’ll take a look at how one simple trick—altering a character’s stroke—can create some effects that are very special indeed. In this issue. which is even less pretty. intentionally outrageous type. it simply looks fake—ill proportioned and just wrong.

Now follow the More variations This next set of examples follows another pattern. and Gap Tint to you lose the ability to use your normal manual kerning controls for adjusting the spaces between characters. and the stroke Type to Right Slant Hash. you can conjure effects as yet undreamed of. ] . choose the Selection tool (V). The first example is good old 72-point Cooper Black. but I have no idea which one. PDFZone. and the Gap Color to None. Now use your Left and Right Arrow keys to nudge the selected character one way or the other. and Publish. such as the exclamation point. and the Fill color to yellow. whatever color paper the type is printed on. former managing editor of Publish magazine. select the first using Option-click (PC: Alt-click). Macworld magazine. Select the text and choose Type>Create Outlines to convert it to a graphic object. [ James Felici is the author of The Complete Manual of Typography (Adobe Press). Kerning controls One last and important thing: When you convert type to outlines. A two-story lowercase “g” (as in the Cooper Black font example) has two counters. but change the Stroke color to green and the Fill color to None. Now open the Swatches panel (Window>Color>Swatches). in the Keyboard Increments section. set the Weight to 2 pt. the Stroke color to Paper.” so the inline rule will take on For the second example. Set the stroke Weight to 4 pt.magazines for all 55 LAYERS MAGAZINE ][ nov / dec 2010 Various examples Let’s run through a couple of sequential manipulations for a sampler of what’s possible. click the Stroke icon at the top-left to apply the color to the stroke. first deselect everything. come in two pieces. Finally. The third example has the same Stroke panel properties as the second. something completely different: a classic inline effect. you can adjust them. set Gap Color to red. If the nudge increments are too coarse.001). Choose InDesign (PC: Edit)>Preferences>Units & Increments. which selects its entire path. click the Align Stroke to Center icon. In the second example. This creates type with razor stubble. (Note: The gaps are the spaces between the whiskers. set the Weight to 2 pt. set the Weight to 4 pt. open the Stroke panel. Once again. and choose yellow. as in an “o” or “p”—consist of two paths: one for the outer outline of the character and another for the counter. Under the Align Stroke section. This looks like holiday type to me. and Type to Japanese Dots to give the text a perforated edge. The final example shows a 3 pt stroke Weight. Notice that the text still looks like its old self. reduce the Cursor Key value from its default value of 0p1 to whatever suits you. Note: The Paper swatch in the Swatches panel translates to “see-through. Using the InDesign tools for creating your own custom stroke types (just choose Stroke Styles>New from the Stroke panel’s flyout menu). To select multiple paths. Then choose the Direct Selection tool (A) and Option-click (PC: Alt-click) inside the character. Note that characters with counters—open spaces. in the Align Stroke section. and the Fill color set to None in the Swatches panel.storemags & fantamag . For the third example. Yet other characters. These examples are just jumping-off points.) The net effect is type surrounded by an orange and yellow zipper. in the fifth example. which makes the type itself disappear. Then. click on the Align Stroke to Center icon so the whiskers overlap the filled portions of the characters. the Gap Color to red. make sure the text is selected and change the stroke Type to Straight Hash. You can specify decimal values down to one thousandth of a point (0p0. and then the successive by using Shift-Option-click (PC: Shift-Alt-click). and contributor to The Seybold Report. a White Diamond stroke Type. the Stroke color to white. In the fourth example. Return to the Stroke panel. click on the text to select it. the Fill color to black. The first example shows a simple word in its native condition set in 72-point Verdana. To manually kern these outlines. the Type to Thin-Thin.

For Intent select Web and for Page Size select [CREATE A NEW WEB DOCUMENT] We’re pretty used to creating InDesign documents for print in standard sizes such as Letter and A4. we’re going to the Web. Choose File>New>Document to create a new document.RADIM MALINIC [ INDESIGN TUTORIAL T E R R Y { } W H I T E ] creating an interactive portfolio Whenever I mention creating an interactive document with InDesign.layersmagazine. Click OK. [CHANGE PAPER COLOR TO BLACK] I almost never change the paper color in InDesign because it doesn’t really affect the printed page. and Blue sliders to 0 to change the swatch to Black. “He must be talking about making a PDF. Now that we can create documents for the Web. In this case. the paper color does matter as it can be used as the background color for your interactive document. however. www.” While you can certainly still make interactive PDFs from InDesign. Click OK. Green. the first thing most people think is. Change the Color Mode to RGB and move the Red. you can do so much more using the InDesign CS5 interactive features. It’s more for visualizing how the printed job will look on paper. so it’s best to start out with a document size that makes sense for a computer display. 56 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . Choose Window> Color>Swatches to bring up the Swatches panel and double-click the Paper swatch.

[CREATE THUMBNAIL FRAMES] Next we’ll create 20 frames to hold our image thumbnails. press Command-C (PC: Ctrl-C) to copy the frames and then Command-V (PC: Ctrl-V) to paste them. Now we’re going to create a frame for the large images. This will take you back to InDesign with a loaded cursor. Position these new frames directly above the previously placed frames (leave some space between the two sets of ten)—you should now have 20 frames total. [PLACE 20 IMAGES] It’s time to place your 20 best images for the interactive portfolio into the 20 button frames. and for Align From click the center box in the grid. Choose Window>Pages to open the Pages panel and select New Master from the flyout menu. enter 1024x615 px in the Rectangle dialog.23x58. create one 84. and then turn them into buttons to allow the viewer to click on the image they want to see in the big frame above. let’s create a new master page. I usually use Adobe Bridge CS5 for this task. Use the Move tool (V) to position the frames and then the Align panel (Window>Object & Layout> Align) to align them—we selected all ten frames and clicked the Distribute Left Edges icon and then the Align Bottom Edges icon. Position the frame at the top of the page.storemags & fantamag . you have all 20 images in one folder—as it will make placing them easier—but if not. Enable Auto-Fit. Open Bridge. make sure the Fitting is set to Fill Frame Proportionally. choose Object> Fitting>Frame Fitting Options. With the frame selected. Click once with the Rectangle Frame tool (F). and click OK. and press Shift-Option-Command-D (PC: Shift-Alt-Ctrl-D) to duplicate the frame nine times. Now its time to convert these 20 frames into buttons so our viewers can click on them. Enter “Landscape” in the Name field and click OK. Click OK. select the 20 images. [COPY FRAMES AND CONVERT TO BUTTONS] With all ten frames still selected. Select all 20 frames and choose Object> Interactive>Covert to Button. Hopefully.5 px frame. set its Fitting options to the same as Step Three. and choose File>Place>In InDesign. First.magazines for all 57 LAYERS MAGAZINE ][ nov / dec 2010 [CREATE NEW MASTER PAGE AND FRAME] To speed up production. . gather together the 20 best images for your portfolio. Click to place each image in the appropriate frame.

Continue placing each large image on the subsequent pages. With a button selected. master page and click the first button to select it. Click on the Pages panel flyout menu and choose Insert Pages.[INSERT 20 ADDITIONAL PAGES] When we created this document. select the same 20 images as before and choose File> Place>In InDesign. Go to page 2 (the first of your 20 new pages) and click on the large frame to place your first large image. With the Event set to On Release by default. In our example. However. we started with one page. Repeat this step for each button. Open the Effects panel (Window>Effects) and lower the Opacity to 30%. go to the Buttons panel and click on the Rollover thumbnail in the Appearance section to activate it. 60 58 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . we now need to create 20 additional portfolio pages. you can set up rollovers for the buttons. we want the buttons to be dim until someone rolls over them. In the Buttons panel (Window>Interactive>Buttons). click on the plus sign icon (circled) and select Go to Page. In the Pages panel. For Zoom choose Fit in Window and enter the corresponding Page number (2). double-click on the B-Landscape page to go back to your www. the document will navigate to the correct page when a user clicks and releases. This will bring you back into InDesign with a loaded cursor as before.layersmagazine. In Bridge. but you couldn’t really do it until the images were placed. It’s probably a good idea to name your buttons. Then. For Pages enter 20 and for Master select B-Landscape. That one page will be our intro page. it’s now time to place those same 20 images that we used for the thumbnails into their perspective pages in the large frames. click on the Normal thumbnail to activate it. Click OK. It would have been nice to do this ahead of time. 8 [PLACE LARGE IMAGES] Now we need to wire the buttons to the right pages. too. continued on p. We’ve got our thumbnails and we’ve got 20 new pages to navigate 9 [CONNECT BUTTONS TO PAGES] 10 [SET UP ROLLOVERS FOR BUTTONS] Optionally. Repeat this step for each button.

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and type in the URL. 12 [ANIMATE TEXT LOGO] It’s InDesign CS5—we can animate! In our example. select Go to URL for the action. change the Page Transitions to Page Turn (this allows the user to manually turn the pages in addition to using the navigation buttons) and enable the Include Interactive Page Curl checkbox. Once it’s in place on the page. Once exported you can update the SWF/HTML to your website and link to it or embed the SWF on an existing page. 4th edition. this is the first page that viewers will see when they visit your portfolio. 14 [EXPORT TO SWF] Use the Preview panel (Window>Interactive>Preview) to test everything at this point. so you probably want a description and possibly an opening photo. Note: Click the Preview Spread icon (circled) at the bottom of the Animation panel to test the animation. At this point the navigation of the portfolio is ready to go. as [CREATE ANOTHER BUTTON] At this point.layersmagazine. Fix anything that you want to tweak and then choose File>Export. we want our text to fly onto the page (this will work with an image. Terry White evangelizes the Creative Suite to customers around the world. go to Object> Interactive>Convert to Button.” which we’ve already typed on the page). 13 www. we have no way to get from the intro page to the first page of the portfolio. too).com/techblog.11 SCOTT KELBY [INTRO PAGE] We’ve done all the hard work now. Check out his tech blog at http://terrywhite. and click Save. Then. bring up the Animation panel (Window>Interactive>Animation) and choose a Preset for how you want the logo to animate onto the page (we chose Fly In From Top). we’re using the word “Portfolio. Tip: You can have this button fly in using the Animation panel.. In the Export SWF dialog. Create an object that can be turned into a button (in our example. [ In his current role as Worldwide Creative Suite Design Evangelist for Adobe Systems. Click OK. Use the Buttons panel to set the action to go to page 2 (as we did with the previous buttons). All we need to do is go back to page 1 and design the intro page the way we want. First place the text or your logo on the page where you want it to be at the end of the animation. go to Object>Interactive>Convert to Button. change the Format to Flash Player (SWF). Keep in mind. Name your file. ALL IMAGES BY TERRY WHITE UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED ] 60 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . He’s also the author of Secrets of Adobe Bridge and co-author of InDesign CS/CS2 Killer Tips and The iPhone Book. You may also want to consider providing a link back to your main site—just select the frame you want to use. We need another button—this can either be text or an image. Inc.

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click on the Open Start Page button. you’ll need to set up your computer as a Web server. you’ll be able to use all of the great design tools in Dreamweaver. Because of the limited space in this column. [LAUNCH MAMP] After you download. but before you can get WordPress (or Joomla! or Drupal) to so be sure to install it if you haven’t already. a little window opens with controls to turn the Apache server and MySQL database on and off. you can get everything you need in one nifty package at www. but the process is similar for both platforms (and you’ll find special instructions for Windows users in the Dreamweaver Help Center on my site at you need a Web server. these steps are specific to the Mac. Give them a second to get going and MAMP will launch the Firefox Web browser. install.RADIM MALINIC [ DREAMWEAVER TUTORIAL J A N I N E { } W A R N E R ] editing a WordPress blog with Dreamweaver CS5 One of the most dramatic improvements to Dreamweaver CS5 is the ability to edit WordPress themes. and launch MAMP.layersmagazine. go to wampserver. but once you get all this set a MySQL database. It’s also best to have the Firefox Web browser. 62 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . You’ll know that the server is working on your Mac when you see the Welcome to MAMP screen in your browser window and http://localhost/8888/ MAMP in the address bar. On a Mac. [WEB SERVER AND DATABASE SOFTWARE] To run WordPress. If the browser doesn’t open automatically. It’s a lot of technical steps. If you’re on Windows. and PHP installed on your local computer.

) Unzip the WordPress folder and you’ll find all of the files and subfolders for a new blog. This way you can work on them together in the same root folder in Dreamweaver. the htdocs folder inside the MAMP folder inside the Applications folder is the root folder of your local server. Anytime you make a change to the server setup. and click the Set to Default Apache and MySQL Ports button. it’s not as hard as you may imagine because WordPress builds all of the tables for you.magazines for all 63 LAYERS MAGAZINE ][ nov / dec 2010 [SET SERVER PREFERENCES] This is an optional step to remove the 8888 from the local URL: In the small. If you’re working on multiple blogs. simply copy all of the files in the WordPress folder you unzipped into the htdocs folder (inside the MAMP folder). you need to create a database. There’s really nothing to install but you’ll need to copy these files into the root folder of your local Apache Web server. Click the Create button and you’ve created a database (WordPress takes care of the rest). and then click the Start Servers button to restart the server. go to WordPress. or if things just don’t seem to be working right. In the Create New Database Field. This changes the port from 8888 to 80.storemags & fantamag . copy it so you can just paste it into WordPress when you get to Step Eight (you’ll need to enter it exactly). Better yet. or if your blog is part of an existing Dreamweaver site and you want to work on all of the files together. enter a name (don’t use spaces or special characters). then click the Ports and download WordPress (it’s free and it’s a quick download. Click the Open Start Page button to refresh the browser with the simplified URL. Click the Stop Servers button. (More on copying these files into the htdocs folder in the next step. you can create subfolders in the htdocs folder. Click (not WordPress. Don’t worry. . With MAMP open in Firefox. [DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL WORDPRESS] Next. On a Mac. [CREATE A MYSQL DATABASE] Next. restarting the server often fixes the problem. floating MAMP window. click on the phpMyAdmin tab at the top. Make note of the name. wait a minute.) [COPY FILES INTO THE HTDOCS FOLDER] If you’re creating a single blog. click Preferences. Then copy the entire WordPress folder into the subfolder within htdocs as well as any Dreamweaver site files.

com 9 [INSTALL AND SET UP WORDPRESS] 10 [SET UP YOUR BLOG IN DREAMWEAVER] Once you have the Apache server and MySQL database working and you’ve installed WordPress.” Unless you’re worried about someone hacking your blog on your local computer. Click the Create a Configuration File button and follow the WordPress instructions. adding plug-ins. On the screen where you have to enter the name of the database. Don’t panic when WordPress returns an error.layersmagazine. including creating and editing posts.” Note: All MySQL databases come with the user name and password “root. enter the URL: http://localhost/ followed by any subfolder names you added to the htdocs folder. In Firefox. Leave the last two fields in the WordPress setup page as they are and click Submit. you’ll still need the 8888. enter the exact name you entered when you created the database in Step Four. select that folder. In both the MySQL User Name field and the Password field enter “root. Also note: If you didn’t change the preferences in Step Three. you can set up your blog so that you can edit it in Dreamweaver. Note: The http:// isn’t optional. If you created a subfolder for your site. 64 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . Choose Site>New Site. Follow the rest of the WordPress instructions and you’ll soon find yourself at the WordPress Dashboard. Make sure that the Apache server and MySQL database are still running in the background (you can always check the floating MAMP dialog). Give the site a name (this name is just for your reference). so your URL would be something like this: http://locahost/ 8888/foldername. You set up a blog much as you would set up any site in Dreamweaver. From here you can do all the things on your local computer that you can do on a remote server with a WordPress install. that you take note of your user name and password because you’ll need them to access your blog even on your local computer.[OPEN WORDPRESS IN FIREFOX] Now it’s time to open the blog in a Web browser on your computer. I recommend you don’t use “admin” as the Username and www. etc. Click on the Browse for Folder icon at the far right of the Local Site Folder field and browse to find the htdocs folder in your MAMP folder in the Applications folder. there’s no reason to change them. Don’t click Save yet. and you don’t use www. 8 [CREATE A CONFIGURATION FILE] Click Run the Install button and fill in the WordPress Welcome screen. downloading and changing themes.

videos.DigitalFamily. click the Servers category on the left. ] .) When you get the theme design the way you want it. visit www. look for the message: This page may have dynamically-related files that can only be discovered by the server. The dialog closes and the server is added to the Servers list in the Site Setup and speaking engagements.magazines for all 65 LAYERS MAGAZINE ][ nov / dec 2010 11 [SET UP THE TESTING SERVER] With the Site Setup dialog still open. but you only have to get it right once. it should be Applications/MAMP/htdocs. With Local/Network selected. you can copy just the CSS file to your remote Web server.PHP PAGE] Choose File>Open and select the index. Click on the small plus sign (+) near the bottom of the servers dialog to add a new server (just as if you were setting up a remote server connection). 12 [SAVE SERVER SETTINGS] In the Web URL field at the bottom of the Server Setup dialog. adjust this name to include any subfolder names you may have added to the htdocs folder). click the Live View button at the top of the workspace to make Dreamweaver act like a Web browser and display the dynamic WordPress page. Uncheck Remote and check Testing. From the Connect Using drop-down list. including Dreamweaver CS5 for Dummies. then click Yes. choose Local/Network (not FTP). She’s also the host of a growing collection of training videos on Dreamweaver and CSS at KelbyTraining. the rest of the options will change. Finally. Expect a blank screen—this doesn’t mean you’ve made a mistake (necessarily). type http://localhost/ (again. (Note: You still want to create and edit posts in the WordPress Dashboard. Important: Next to the server name are two checkboxes for Remote and Testing. Click Save. In tiny text at the top of the workspace.storemags & fantamag . such as “Testing Server” (again this name is just for your reference). use the Browse icon (folder) to find the site folder. If you didn’t create a subfolder. Enter a name. Note: You’ll need to add 8888 if you didn’t change the preferences in MAMP in Step Three. 14 [EDIT YOUR BLOG IN DREAMWEAVER] If you got through all those steps. Click the Discover link. or use the WordPress export/import features to move the entire blog from your local server to a remote server.php page in the Files panel). 13 [OPEN THE To learn more about Janine’s books.php file in your WordPress blog folder (you can also open it by double-clicking on the index. congrats! Setting all that up is complicated. Dreamweaver saves your server settings and you can now take advantage of all of the wonderful CSS and PHP features in Dreamweaver to edit your blog theme. [ Janine Warner has authored more than a dozen books about the Internet. Again. Then click Save to complete the setup.

then select FLV – Match Source Attributes (High Quality) from the Preset column.] True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . and then select Open. launch Adobe Media Encoder CS5 (found in the Applications folder on a and navigate to the Magazine section.layersmagazine. locate the intro. Notice that in the Library panel (Window>Library) there are already graphics created that will be used in this tutorial.fla in Flash CS5. visit www. To convert a video file to FLV. Download the exercise file for this tutorial at www. 66 [If you’d like to download the file used in this tutorial to practice these techniques. Then you’ll learn how to add cue points. All files are for personal use only. making synchronization between video and graphics a snap. Inside of the ZIP file you’ll find files named video. Click the Add button on the right.layersmagazine . the Program Files folder on a PC).com [CONVERT VIDEO FOR USE IN FLASH] The most common video file format used in Flash is the FLV format. custom experience using Flash Professional file that you and unzip it onto your desktop or another location of your You’ll learn how to import video. [OPEN STARTER FILES] www. as well as a final folder that contains the completed files for reference. Select FLV | F4V from the Format column. apply a custom skin.fla and intro. and create your own video buttons without writing any ActionScript code. Let’s take a tour of these capabilities.RADIM MALINIC [F LASH PROFESSIONAL TUTORIAL] P A U L { } T R A N I custom video on cue In this tutorial you’ll see how easy it is to bring video and graphics together for a seamless. Open the video.

and click Open. With the video selected. which you just selected in the Preset column. Close the playback window after watching the video. Notice how you can trim the video. .storemags & fantamag .mov (set by default). Choose File>Import>Import Video. you need to ensure that the alpha channel from the original video gets encoded into the exported video. Click Finish and the video with the selected skin will appear on the Stage. click Browse.flv” in the same location as the original intro. than both the intro. Confirm that autoPlay is selected. If you’re going to upload this project to a Web server. open the Properties panel (Window>Properties) and notice how you can modify various video parameters.flv into the video. Lastly. which is 100% in Flash. VIDEO COMPLIMENTS OF ADOBE TV [IMPORT VIDEO INTO FLASH] Now it’s time to import the intro. Test the movie (Control>Test Movie> Test) to watch the video.magazines for all 67 LAYERS MAGAZINE ][ nov / dec 2010 [CUSTOMIZE FLV EXPORT SETTINGS] To customize the export settings for a video. then select OK. [FINISH IMPORTING VIDEO] The final import screen notes that a Flash Video component will be created on the Stage while an SWF file for the skin will be placed in the same location as the FLA file once you publish the SWF. MinimaFlatCustomColorAll. Under the Video tab on the right.flv and the skin SWF need to be uploaded once the project is published.flv. In this case. in the Output File column. and even adjust the bitrate settings for both audio and video. When you’re asked where the video file is. select Encode Alpha Channel. Click the play button (or press the Spacebar) to play the video.fla.swf.5 so it will be set to 50%. save the file as “intro. Click Continue. keeping the video external will keep the SWF that loads it small in file size. Select Load External Video with Playback Component. and note that both skinBackgroundAlpha and Volume are set to 1. click FLV – Match Source Attributes (High Quality). [EDIT VIDEO PARAMETERS] All of the video controls for the imported video are active on the Stage. select On Your Computer. locate the intro. Choose the second skin. and then click the Color swatch to open the Color Picker and select a red to tint the skin. Change the volume to 0. resize it. and then click Start Queue. Click Continue and you’ll then be able to select a custom skin for the video.

) Click on Scene 1 at the top-left to go back to the Stage. and Disabled Play button appear. double-click a button twice. click the green outline to select it. Open the Components panel (Window>Components) and expand the Video folder.” add a cue point. Each one of these buttons can be customized to your liking. Rename this one as “nonprofit. Notice that “Cue Point 1” was added at about one second. With the video selected.” Your cue points should look like the image above. and then change the Fill color to red.” Around 15 seconds in. Double-click it again to enter the PlayButton symbol.layersmagazine. (To change the color.” add another cue point. 70 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . when the presenter says “nonprofit. Double-click the Play/Pause button on the Stage to enter its symbol. 68 continued on p. Over. click the pencil icon next to the name of the Skin to modify 9 [ADD A CUE POINT] 10 [ADD MULTIPLE CUE POINTS] Next. go to the Properties www. Notice how a Normal. In the Timeline panel (Window>Timeline) select the video controls layer.” Notice you can also edit the cue point time if needed. Click on the name of the cue point and rename it “john. Rename “Cue Point 2” to “agencies. Click-and-drag the PlayPauseButton and the VolumeBar to the lower-left corner of the Stage. Select None for the skin and click OK. panel and near the bottom you’ll find the Cue Points section.[ADD specific VIDEO CONTROLS] In the Properties panel. play the video and when the presenter says “agencies” (about nine seconds in) add another cue point. 8 [CUSTOMIZE VIDEO CONTROLS] In order to sync up graphics with video. Down. Play the video. Change the green outline to red in the Over and Down buttons. plus sign) you’re able to add cue points to the video at certain times. you’ll need to add cue points in the video. and when the presenter says “John. Using the Add ActionScript Cue Point icon (+.

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courseware developer.” the appropriate movie clip will become visible and the animation will play. 70 [ Paul Trani is a Flash Platform Evangelist at Adobe as well as an award-winning interactive designer. open the Code Snippets panel (Window>Code Snippets) and expand the Audio and Video folder. In order to control the movie clips with ActionScript. Select the john movie clip and in the Properties panel give it an instance name of “john. ] True PDF release: storemags & fantamag .” Select the first frame of the Actions layer and open the Actions panel (Window>Actions). Select the john layer in the Timeline and then click-and-drag the john movie clip to the Stage. Using those instance names. Open the Library panel and notice the john. they first need instance names. drag the agencies and nonprofit movie clips to their appropriate layers and make sure their x and y position are set to 0. 13 www. and Lynda. Type in the ActionScript shown above and test your movie. double-click on the On Cue Point Event. you need to add the graphics that will be displayed based on the three cue points. Adobe Certified Instructor. Change the trace statement to a conditional statement that will listen for a cue point. This will add the ActionScript shown above which will basically show the names of the cue points in the Output panel. agencies. Use the Properties panel to set both the x and y position to 0. and nonprofit movie clips. 12 [ADD GRAPHICS] Next. name the video “intro. But first you need to give the video an instance name. Select the video and at the top of the Properties panel.” Now. Next.11 [ADD A CUE POINT EVENT] Now you need to have Flash “listen” for these cue points that were [SET UP GRAPHICS] Since you don’t want all the movie clips to appear at the beginning of the movie.” Give the agencies movie clip an instance name of “agencies” and the nonprofit movie clip an instance name of “nonprofit. you need to set their visibility to false using ActionScript. Test the movie and note that all the movie clips have animation and play at the same time. He also runs a Flash-related blog at and can be followed on Twitter @paultrani. If a cue point is “heard. Test the video to see it in action. set the visibility of each movie clip to false as shown above. 14 [DISPLAY GRAPHICS BASED ON CUE POINTS] Now you can modify the cue point event listener. With the video still selected.

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Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE (BCC) for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro brings more than 200 filters to Macintosh and Windows versions of Adobe’s CS5, CS4, and CS3 suites. This latest version features 11 new filters, including an audio-driven keyframe generator, a new OpenGL particle engine, a 3-way color grade filter (with built-in keying and masking tools), a new video noise reduction tool, a spline-based warp filter, and still and video morph technology. More importantly, each BCC filter has been reengineered for 64-bit operating systems and OpenGL acceleration. While many reviews of software plug-ins oftentimes focus on listing a bunch of the effects found in the package (which are all found on the manufacturer’s website anyway), I want to focus on the underlying technology improvements found in version 7 of BCC. Graphic software manufacturers are moving away from coding their applications to run on the CPU (central processing unit) in favor of having them run on the GPU (graphics processing unit) of your video card. OpenGL is an industry standard for defining 2D and 3D images and it works well on all graphics cards from both NVIDIA and ATI. In particular, OpenGL excels in rendering a large number of polygons and supports 3D cameras, lights, textures, and bump features. So it’s best suited for 3D extrusions as well as composites and geometric image distortions like those found in 3D text, lens flares, and particle systems. These are the exact types of filters and effects found in BCC 7. In fact, each BCC effect found in version 7 has been reengineered for the new and faster 64-bit operating systems and includes optimization for OpenGL acceleration. It is this new underlying technology acceleration that I believe is the biggest selling point for BCC 7 for both new and existing users. The results are noticeable and very much appreciated by anyone using effects as part of their everyday workflow. If you’re interested in learning more about OpenGL accelerated effects and graphics in Boris FX products, you can download the white paper at There are also a lot of nice little touches throughout the plug-in set that any working motion graphics designer will really appreci-

ate. These include the ability to Generate 3D extruded shapes from imported AE spline path mask shapes, full support for the camera and lighting system in After Effects, spline-based still and video morph technology, and filters such as Smooth Tone, DV Fixer, and Pixel Fixer that help “repair” digital artifacts that are becoming all too common. There are also complimentary 3D particle effects (to those already found in AE), including Particle Array 3D and Pin Art 3D, and automated optical image stabilization that works without the use of point trackers. When you add in video noise reduction that uses video clip spatial and temporal information and more than 3,500 presets across all of the filters, you have quite a complete and powerful package! The complaint from some users of previous versions has been the slow rendering of effects and the overall value of the package. With rewritten code for 64-bit operating systems and optimized OpenGL acceleration, Boris has certainly improved its overall speed of the product. (You can see speed gains at bccae/upgrade_reasons.php#gains.) At $995 retail for more than 200 filters you’re paying less than $5 per filter in the BCC 7 package and upgrades are only $295 from any older version of BCC. While you can certainly find more specialized packages of plug-ins that add even more advanced customization parameters (at a much higher price), I believe Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE gives you the most effects for the best value available in today’s market.—Rod Harlan

Company: Boris FX Web: Hot: 64-bit; OpenGL optimization

Price: $995 (Upgrade: $295) Rating: ● ● ● ●

Not: Complicated activation process


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LAYERS MAGAZINE ][ nov / dec 2010

HP Z600 Workstation
There are only a few words to describe this new box from HP: The Z600 is smoking hot! HP is taking the challenge of more power in a smaller footprint to the next level with the Z600. I’ve tested many larger boxes and have to say that with the Z600 loaded for review, it gave those other boxes more than they could handle in performance and function. As with previous boxes I have reviewed, I expected something more the size of a mini fridge, but I got a box that actually fit under my desk without turning it sideways so it wouldn’t hang out. And, surprisingly enough, the heat displacement was about half the output of my workstation because it’s liquid cooled (which is very impressive and annoying at the same time). The specs for the HP Z600 came through as a midlevel box that includes Windows 7 Professional 64-bit OS; Xeon 2.66 GHz QuadCore CPUs (12 MB cache/1333 MHz); the awesome NVIDIA Quadro FX3800; 12 GB of DDR3 1333 ECC RAM; a 160-GB SATA 10K with two 500-GB drives running RAID 0; a Creative X-Fi Titanium audio card; and a slot-loading DVD+/-RW drive (something that all boxes and laptops should have). Needless to say, this machine was up to every task I threw at it. I exported a 5-minute, high-quality render in record time while trying to tax the system by creating website mockups in Flash and Photoshop. The Z600 breathed a little heavy but came through with flying colors. Simply put, I obviously was much more impressed with this box than even I thought I could be. The features included didn’t fail to impress and considering this is a midlevel box, the series can handle whatever your professional needs may be.—Bruce Bicknell

HP ZR30w Monitor

What gets a creative person (designer, animator, photographer, etc.) drooling when you’re talking about hardware? A monitor with enough real estate to block the sun, and HP has just given us another reason to spend more time inside with the new 30" HP ZR30w Monitor. Not only has HP given us a sweet monitor, they’ve done it at a reasonable price compared to other monitors in the market. The ZR30w incorporates the S-IPS (Super In-Plane Switching) panel that offers significantly better color reproduction and wider viewing angles than cheaper monitors. It’s capable of delivering more than 4 million pixels and 1 billion displayable colors. What can it do? Right out of the box this was pretty amazing and the difference was very noticeable in my various tests using Lightroom, Photoshop, Maya, a bit of Dead Red, and some HD trailers. The colors were vibrant and the blacks looked great. There were no lags while playing the video games, which is quite impressive in itself. I could go on and on about the great features, but I need to give a quick rundown on some of the important specs, as well. The ZR30w has 2560x1600 resolution, 16:10 aspect ratio, and a 1000:1 contrast ratio with a 7 ms response time. It has connectors for DisplayPort and DVI-D, as well as an onboard 4-port USB hub. This is one impressive monitor that I would pick over one with the fruit logo, even if they were the same price (they’re not). Its performance on the applications that I use daily was unsurpassed by any monitor that I’ve tested, worked on, or owned. Any professional who wants a great monitor at a reasonable price should definitely take a long, hard look at this one. You won’t be disappointed.—Bruce Bicknell

Company: Hewlett-Packard Web: Hot: Design; price; S-IPS panel; flexible stand

Price: $1,300 Rating: ● ● ● ●

Company: Hewlett-Packard Web: Not:

Price: $5,521 as tested Rating: ● ● ● ● ●

Not: No OSD; only two connectors (DVI and DisplayPort)

Hot: Form factor; video card; configuration; speed

Maya Entertainment Creation Suite 2011 doesn’t disappoint and takes another step forward in creating a more seamless workflow for artists. —Bruce Bicknell There are some performance enhancements that are sure to get your attention as well. and Maya with their weighted skeletons that remain fully intact with complete control in Mudbox’s posing system. Web: http://usa. and with this release Autodesk has made it even better! This will help with those large scenes and characters that have slowed down the process in the past. new brushes/tools Not: 74 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . the introduction of 64-bit support should get your attention. 3ds Max. so users will be familiar with them.LAYERSMAGAZINE. This will lead to a significant bump in performance for sure! A new interactive viewpoint makes frame rates several times faster.[ reviews] Maya Entertainment Creation Suite 2011 3D MODELING AND ANIMATION SOFTWARE You have to love the way Autodesk assembled all of the essential software in your creative pipeline into one package. there’s not enough space on the page to really explore the vast new features of the Maya Creation Suite 2011. and nParticle shows an improved speed as well. the Creation Suite includes Maya 2011. and you can purchase 3ds Max individually to fulfill all of your animation needs. and special effects. Autodesk really stepped up the game with some great new features. The first thing that users will notice in this release is the new interface that includes new menus. For you Mac users. There’s also a version of the suite that comes with Autodesk 3ds Max in place of Maya 2011. Maya 2011 There are a ton of new features and enhancements in all of the programs. This feature was previously only available in MotionBuilder and you had to jump to it in order to map or retarget animations between characters. MotionBuilder and Mudbox 2011 Mudbox has to be one of my all-time favorite programs because it’s the ultimate sculpting tool. Other new features include an improved File Browser which makes navigating much easier when trying to find files on your computer. This creates a more user-friendly workspace and is a much-needed Price: $4. plus a ton of new paint brushes and tools to help expand your creativity. as well as dockable windows that can be customized and moved to fi t your workflow. The overall icon and tool placement is consistent with previous versions. Packed with everything you need to create amazing animation. It allows artists to create amazing results Company: Autodesk.995 Rating: ● ● ● ● ● Hot: Integration between apps. interface. Inc. While we can’t hit them all.autodesk. MotionBuilder has received its fair share of enhancements as well. with the only obstacle being their imagination. With this release. One of my favorite additions is the HumanIK retargeting solver that’s brand new to Maya 2011. Mudbox 2011. character models. The new features are another great step forward for Autodesk and you definitely owe it to yourself to check it out as it’s more than worth the upgrade. Other features include increased speed with the posing toolset. 64-bit for Mac. Now you can do it in the program and increase speed and productivity. You can now import models from Softimage. What really stands out on the new version is the ability to integrate other Autodesk programs effortlessly into Mudbox. It has always been a strong tool to have in your arsenal for providing real-time animation. Once again. I’ll touch on a few of them. www. and MotionBuilder 2011.

storemags & fantamag . Photoshop and Lightroom are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated.PhotoshopWorld.April Photoshop World is the official conference of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. as well as attend an electrifying industry expo and after-hours events that will help you raise your game and advance your career! Sign Up Early & Save $ 100 To register.photoshopworld. 2011 . March 30 . the Adobe logo. Adobe. For pricing and scheduling information. visit www. 2011 Orange County Convention Center Orlando. Florida Early Registration Deadline: Friday. Lightroom® and photography training anywhere: Photoshop World Orlando 2011! We’re taking Central Florida by storm this spring! Here’s your chance to experience three days of intense training from the industry’s best and brightest instructors.magazines for all There’s one way to thaw out and get the most comprehensive Photoshop®. Feb. Call 800-738-8513 or visit www.

click boxes. (Of course. In the past. New to version 5 is the ability to also upload the presentations to Acrobat. Soundbooth. Soundbooth. Whether you’re upgrading a Windows version or purchasing the first Macintosh version. Other programs that allow round-tripping include Photoshop. The Master Slide feature allows the creating of masters that can be applied to individual slides as required. and Flash. and Flash (from the CS5 Master Collection. The SWF file can include custom skins and a table of contents (ToC). My biggest complaint with version 5 is that the round-tripping doesn’t work if you already own Photoshop. These quizzes can create branches in the presentation allowing the user to continue viewing the Captivate project or review a section all over again based on the quiz score. of course. The slides can then be customized with text captions. Output is normally as a SWF file.—David Creamer www. plus you can link to the PowerPoint file so edits in PowerPoint can be updated back in Captivate. Creating scored quizzes has always been one of the useful features of Captivate. PowerPoint presentations can be imported into Captivate with almost all of the PowerPoint animation intact. Captivate creates screen captures then adds mouse animations and captions. for example). Captivate now includes Adobe Media Rating: ● ● ● ● Hot: Powerful demonstration & interactive training program Not: Round-tripping only available with eLearning Suite 76 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . When you simply click the mouse.adobe. Although Captivate has been around for a quite some time. Once you get used to the new interface. this is the first version available for both Macintosh and Windows. too. one could argue that Captivate should be part of the Master Collection. audio files can be edited with Soundbooth (or directly in Captivate). Speaking of PowerPoint. and more. The same principle applies for Object Styles—these styles are for the individual objects on the slides and update globally. That makes no sense to me and I hope this is addressed in a future update. the quiz scores could be sent to a Learning Management System (LMS) or to an email address. plus multiple Captivate SWFs can be combined together into a single SWF presentation with Aggregator. buttons. Other new features include Master Slides and Object Styles—the former is similar to PowerPoint Master Slides and the latter is similar to InDesign Object Styles. when the masters are updated.) Flash video can be imported. This feature is very useful for small groups that don’t have the need for an expensive LMS. Captivate 5 sports a new Adobe interface with new panel workspaces. and to make the importing of other formats easier. Photoshop files can be imported with layer support. If you don’t like recording your own and collect the data with the new Quiz Results Analyzer. Captivate is a powerful program that does more than just record a video of your onscreen actions. you have to have the full eLearning Suite to round-trip with these programs (all of these programs are included in the eLearning Suite). although interactive PDF and noninteractive Flash video file formats are available.LAYERSMAGAZINE. but unfortunately. rollover captions. too. usually of other software programs. but it can be used for presentations. it’s much more productive than in older versions. it can do full motion recording (FMR) either automatically when required or be set to FMR all the Company: Adobe Systems Incorporated Price: $799 (Upgrade: $299) Web: www. you can turn your slide notes into spoken text with the text-to-speech converter.[ reviews] Adobe Captivate 5 E-LEARNING SOFTWARE NOW CROSS-PLATFORM Adobe Captivate is a program that allows the creation of online demonstrations and interactive assessments. too. and Flash-created SWF files can be imported. the individual slides update.

magazines for all .storemags & fantamag .

Finally. release the mouse button. These presets will be available for future use under their respective categories (One. press CommandReturn (PC: Ctrl-Enter) to exit Compact Mode. and click to add anchor points. Keep in mind that Bridge must be running in the background for Mini Bridge to function. Wish Illustrator had a Create Grid feature like InDesign? Use the Rectangle tool (M) and draw a box to the desired margin size. If you close Mini Bridge and want to reopen it. move the cursor. When you want to switch back to the Lasso tool. LAYER UPON LAYER Ever wonder what that little circle to the right of each layer in the Layers panel was for? It’s for applying effects to an entire layer rather than a single object at a time.COM OFF THE GRID THE OTHER MINI BRIDGE You have an alternative to Mini Bridge. Use the Object>Path>Split into Grid feature to set the number of rows and columns along with the desired gutter (it’s a good idea to turn on Preview).) KEEPING IT IN PERSPECTIVE If you spend any time customizing a perspective grid. remember that you won’t fi nd it listed with the other panels in the Window menu. Use the Edit>Perspective Grid Presets menu. select the desired preset and click Edit or Delete (as usual. release the Option key (PC: Alt key). Bridge will float on top. click OK when satisfied. (To switch from the Magnetic Lasso to the Polygonal Lasso on the fly. and Bridge jumps to Compact Mode. When an object is created or moved to the layer. MINI-ME FOR BRIDGE Mini Bridge is a great way to view a folder of images without having to leave Photoshop. too. it will have the effect automatically applied. conversely. press-and-hold Option [PC: Alt]. the effect is removed. convert the grid to guides using the View>Guides>Make Guides menu. don’t use the View>Perspective Grid>Define Grid menu—that just makes a one-time change. With Bridge active. be sure to save it as a preset by using the View>Perspective Grid>Save Grid as Preset menu. press-and-hold the Option key (PC: Alt key). Open Bridge. press Command-Return (PC: Ctrl-Enter). www. then click to add anchor points. it’s found in Window>Extensions. when an object is moved from the layer. Just click it to target the entire layer. you can’t edit or delete the bracketed presets). If you need to edit the settings. release the mouse button. press-and-hold down the mouse button. Two. or Three Point Perspective).LAYERSMAGAZINE. and between the Magnetic Lasso and the Lasso. The Option (PC: Alt) key also toggles between the Polygonal Lasso and the Lasso. and drag. (There’s an 78 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . enabling you to view a folder’s content while working in Photoshop (or any other program).R ADIM MALINIC [ TIPS & TRICKS] more hot tips for the coolest applications [Adobe Photoshop CS5] B Y P E T E R B A U E R [Adobe Illustrator CS5] B Y D A V I D C R E A M E R POLYGoNAL QUICK SWITCH To temporarily switch to the Polygonal Lasso tool while working with the Lasso tool (L).

but it makes larger guides than necessary—I prefer the neater Make Guides option. This can be useful when you need to run some text in multiple columns inside the main column and don’t want to bother inserting a table (and having to cut-and-paste all the text). P H . Any bone linked to it is called the child. the Properties panel displays the properties of each bone or node. click on the plus sign in the Behaviors panel (Window>Behaviors) and select Jump Menu from the list. If you make changes in a text file’s content. you can change the style color to a spot color. SPLITSVILLE Although the Span Columns feature in CS5 requires the use of a master text frame or at least a single text box set to 2 columns (Object>Text Frame Options). then use the Separations Preview panel (Window>Output>Separations Preview) to locate the styles (you may have to make a custom spot color and edit the style if the color is used elsewhere). This will give you a way to tailor the experience for a user based on what device they’re using. the changes will not be displayed. It’s set to None by default. Create Open the Motion Editor by clicking the Motion Editor tab to the right of the Timeline tab (or by choosing Window>Motion Editor). finally. ROLL THE BONES Use the Properties panel to navigate the hierarchy of an armature. Once your list is set. First. [Adobe Flash CS5 Professional] B Y C Y N D Y C A S H M A N .magazines for all 79 LAYERS MAGAZINE ][ nov / dec 2010 option to create guides in the Split into Grid dialog. This is a new free feature in CS5 that allows you to send a connection request to someone—offering you a virtual meeting.storemags & fantamag . This will convert the drop-down list into a menu that will take you to a new area. you can use Cross-References (Window>Types & Tables>Cross References) to show all paragraphs in a style (you should create a temporary text frame to see the actual page number). INDENT TO NOWHERE When creating a bulleted or numbered list. Instead. The best way to accomplish this will be with a jump menu. Although the amounts will vary depending on many factors. don’t use the Indent to Here command (Type>Insert Special Character> Other>Indent to Here) to indent multiline lists. . [Adobe InDesign CS5] B Y D A V I D C R E A M E R a list as you normally would but instead of selecting the List option in the Properties panel. second. including font size. [Adobe Dreamweaver CS5] B Y R A F A E L “ R C ” C O N C E P C I O N APPLY A FILTER IN THE MOTION EDITOR CREATE A JUMP MENU FOR NAVIGATION There will be times when you’ll need a compact navigation for a specific site. Select a bone in an armature then click the arrows in the Properties panel to move through the hierarchy and select a child. there are a few ways to hunt it down.375 in and the First Line Indent to –0. DON’T CONFUSE FLASH WHEN LOADING EXTERNAL TEXT Avoid using Microsoft Word when creating and saving a textonly file (. and you’ll be brought to a dialog that lets you assign individual CSS files to the size of the screen they’ll be viewed on. use TextEdit (Macintosh) or Notepad (Windows) to create the file.txt) for loading. In addition to making it easy to select a bone. USE ADD MEDIA QUERIES If you’re working on a Web layout that will be seen on various types of screens. you can use the Find Format section in the Find/Change dialog (Edit>Find/Change). be sure to save the file before testing it in Flash.) You may want to lock the guides (View>Guides>Lock Guides) or put the guides on their own locked layer to prevent movement.) SHARE MY SCREEN If you get stuck with anything in Dreamweaver CS5 and you know someone that may be able to help you out. the Split Column feature can work on any text box. WHERE’S WALDO If you need to find out where a style has been used in a document.25 in (that’s a negative number). Go into your Forms section in the Insert panel and click on the Select (List/Menu) button. It adds additional information to the file that interferes with the file correctly loading. (Note: The Span and Split options can be found in a drop-down menu near the center of the Paragraph Formatting Control panel. D . learn to use paragraph styles to control your indents— mainly the Left and First Line Indent. select Menu. The tab setting will automatically resolve itself. Otherwise. The filter will be applied to the instance throughout the tween. Click on the Add Media Queries button in the panel. That user can even take control of your application and help you sort out whatever problem you may have. check out the Multiscreen Preview panel (Window>Multiscreen Preview) in Dreamweaver. Click the plus sign next to Filters and select a filter from the menu (you may need to scroll down to find Filters). The first bone of an armature is the parent. set up your Item Labels to be the sections of the website you want to navigate to. select Window>Extensions>Share My Screen. try setting the Left Indent to 0. and the Value to an HTTP address. Instead. In the List Values dialog.

True PDF release: storemags & fantamag .

. . . . . . . . . . .com Kelby TV. .T. .com Nik Software. . . . . . . . . . .com [S] Shutterstock. . . . . . .59 www.51 www. . .77 www. . . . . .com Media Graphix. . . . . . . . .com [D] Dahle North America . . 82–84 www. . IFC–3 www. . . . . . . . .bosslogo. . . . . . . .71 www. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .epson.7 www. . . . . . . .com Overnight Prints. . . . VP. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .bhphotovideo. . . . . . .com PrintRunner . .digimarc. . . . . . .4over. . .10 www. . . . . . . . .com Berthold Direct . .magazines for all 81 For advertising information. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16–17 www. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .com/passion Mpix .itsupplies. 75 www. . . .printrunner. . . 9 www.88 www. . . . . .61 www.85 [O] onOne Software . . . .bertholdtypes. . . . . . . . . Sales at 813-433-2370 Fax: 813-433-5013 Email: kagren@kelbymediagroup.mediagraphix. . . . . Inc. . . . .com [N] National Association of Photoshop Professionals . . . . . .11 www. . its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. . . .photoshopworld. .com [R] Really Right Stuff . . . . . . . . 15 www. . . . . . . . . . . Inc . . . . . . . . . .wacom. . . . . . 35 www. . . . . . . . . . .corel. .88 www. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Artistic Photo Canvas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Supplies . .com Photoshop World Conference & Expo. . . . . . . . .shutterstock.69 www. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .88 http://kelbytv. . . . .storemags & fantamag . . .com [F] Fotolia . . . . . . . . . . .adorama. .87 www.peachpit. . . . . . .com Boss Logo . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41 www. . . . . .overnightprints. . . . . . .artisticphotocanvas. . . .com Every attempt has been made to make this listing as complete as possible. . . . . . . .com Media Lab. . . . [A] Adorama Camera. . . . . . . . . . . . .dahle. . . . . . . . . . . . . .com Corel. . . . . . .com [K] Kelby Training . . . . . . . . . . . .mpix. . . . . . . . . . .medialab. . . . . . . . . . .com [E] Epson .25 www. . . . . .niksoftware. . .istockphoto. . . .kelbytraining. . . . .89 www. . . . . . . . . . . .27 www. . . . . . . . . .com [Z] Zoo Printing . . . . . . . . .com/americas Digimarc. . . . . . . .com I. . . . .com [W] Wacom. . . .53 www. . . .com LAYERS MAGAZINE ][ nov / dec 2010 I N D E X O F A D V E R T I S E R S 4 . . . . . . . . . . . 80.macmall. . . . . . However. . . .carfreshner. . .com [M] MacMall . . . . . . . . . . . Inc. . .47 www. BC www. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .com [I] iStockphoto. . . . . . . . . .fotolia. . .com [P] Peachpit Publishing Group . . Inc. . . . . . . . . . . .com [B] B&H Photo. . . . . . .. . . please contact Kevin Agren. . . . . . ..ononesoftware. . . .photoshopuser. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .86 www. . . . .com [C] CAR-FRESHNER Corporation . . . . . . . . . .45 www. . . IBC www. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

99 KT Price $17.99 NAPP Price $14. KT Price $43.The Adobe Photoshop CS5 Book for Digital Photographers ® ® Captured: Lessons from Behind the Lens of a Legendary Wildlife Photographer Moose Peterson The ultimate guide to wildlife photography from the man who has devoted his entire career to capturing nature’s finest and most rare moments.201.99 NAPP Price $33. The fourth edition covers both the iPhone 3GS and iPhone NAPP Member Price True PDF release: storemags & fantamag .99 To Order.7323 or visit www. call 800.99 KT Price $43.KelbyTraining.99 NAPP Price $32. The iPhone Book 4th Edition ® Scott Kelby All new for CS5! Bonus: Order from Kelby Training and get Scott Kelby’s Adobe Photoshop CS5 7-Point System for Camera Raw DVD absolutely FREE! Scott Kelby and Terry White “The book that should be shipped with the iPhone” is all new.

com.99 NAPP Price $29. is produced by Kelby Training. Bonus: Order from Kelby Training and get Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Killer Presets CD with Matt Kloskowski absolutely FREE! KT Price $39. Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 3 Killer Presets.99 NAPP Price $26. – all rights reserved.99 All prices in U. and Layers: The Complete Guide to Photoshop’s Most Powerful Feature. Adobe. www. Photoshop.S. 333 Douglas Road East. Revised book.99 KT Price $35. Lightroom and Camera Raw are registered trademarks of Adobe Incorporated.storemags & fantamag . Copyright © 2010 Kelby Training. Volume 2. same low price! Scott Kelby Layers: The Complete Guide to Photoshop’s Most Powerful Feature Matt Kloskowski Matt’s first ground-breaking book on Photoshop’s most powerful feature is now revised with new graphics and a brand new chapter. Volume 2 Scott Kelby The second volume of Scott’s best-selling series has been completely updated to reflect the latest camera gear. The Digital Photography Book. Adobe®Photoshop® CS5 7-Point System for Camera Raw®.kelbytraining.magazines for all The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Book for Digital Photographers ® ® ® The Digital Photography Book. FL 34677. Includes Scott’s “7-Point System” for Lightroom 3.99 NAPP Price $14. The Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 Book for Digital Photographers.99 KT Price $19. . Inc. Inc. Content in Captured: Lessons from Behind the Lens of a Legendary Wildlife Photographer. NAPP Special Price applies only to members of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. The iPhone® Book 4th Edition. iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.. Oldsmar. dollars. The Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 3 Book for Digital Photographers.

True PDF release: storemags & fantamag .

storemags & fantamag .magazines for all .

True PDF release: storemags & fantamag .

magazines for all .storemags & fantamag .

True PDF release: storemags & fantamag .

storemags & fantamag .magazines for all .

and we know our readers love seeing their work in print. send with a subject of “Digital Canvas. and the list goes on and on. And if we think it’s cool too. So whether it was work for a client. we ask three designers to create a fresh new look for a design currently in the marketplace. magazine and book covers. This is our most popular column. [ SUBMIT YOUR WORK TO LETTERS@LAYERSMAGAZINE. So if you want a chance to show your skills to the world.” www. Web designs. We’ve redesigned everything from logos to webpages to magazine covers to product labels.” For each piece you submit. As you know. we love showcasing the work of our readers.COM ] THE DESIGN MAKEOVER By the way. brochures. all the applications you used (including version numbers). That’s right—just attach your favorite piece to an email and click Send. it only takes a few minutes to send us an email.layersmagazine. Just send everything to letters@layersmagazine.[THE BACK PAGE] HERE’S YOUR CHANCE TO BE PUBLISHED IN THE PAGES OF LAYERS MAGAZINE! Would you like the chance to get published in the pages of Layers magazine? You would? Then all you have to do is send us your artwork. we’re also always on the lookout for talented designers for the “Design Makeover. We like illustrations. and it’s the first page most of our readers turn to when they receive their latest copy of the magazine. As we’ve mentioned before here on the back page. client’s name (or personal work). just drop us a line at letters@layersmagazine. product designs.” Every issue. Turn to page 20 of this issue to see exactly what we need and to admire the work of other readers. it would be impossible for us to publish everyone’s 90 True PDF release: storemags & fantamag . we’ll publish it in our “Digital Canvas” section. posters. and a website where readers can see more of your with a subject of “Design Makeover. let us know the title. but that shouldn’t stop you from taking the chance. or something you did in your spare time. And even though we can’t publish everything. we still appreciate viewing the incredible illustrations and designs that are being created by our readers.

magazines for all .storemags & fantamag .

True PDF release: storemags & fantamag .

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