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Lingua Vista Study Programme

Lingua Vista
Lingua Vista Study Programme was written with help from two leading
universities in Central Europe: Charles‘ University and the Teacher Training
Faculty of the University of Southern Bohemia.

Lingua Vista was written with help from students and staff who saw ways to
make self-study easy.

Pronunciation is an important element.
Students are able to study the
fundamentals of regular and irregular
spelling, and discover for themselves the
patterns, intonation and logic of English
Exercise Programme.

Lingua Vista Exercise Programme

Complementing Lingua Vista Study
Programme is the Exercise Programme.
This is a series of 150 graded exercises
that allow the learner to discover at his
or her own pace, the underlying patterns
that structure English conversation as a
flowing, self-regulating process.

The process of learning English

Of course, it’s not all “easy”.
There are challenges, but we encourage students to learn and progress at
every opportunity at their own pace with a tutor to guide them on the path.
It is important to “skip” areas of difficulty and come back to them later when
more understanding has been assimilated.
Besides pronunciation and conversation
there is of course, the structure of
English to understand. English is such an
unruly language where rules of grammar
barely have much influence that we
hesitate to use the word “grammar”.

Principles of Natural Harmony

Instead, at Study Direct, we prefer
students to focus on the underlying
principles of harmony that allow learners
to make rapid progress once they have
identified the underlying principles or

(Harmonic Principles underlie all

languages and apply to other areas of
learning to understand natural phenomena: science, mathematics and
music, but this is another story!)

What holds this evolving picture together?

English is an evolving language and an essential tool
to all who want to work study, travel or trade
We want to make this process as simple, as natural
as painless and as enjoyable as possible.
This is why we choose to start off by using the
learner’s own language as the medium of instruction.
Language learning is so much easier in your own
language first, rather than being told by a native
speaker “that’s just the way it is”!

Learn at your own pace

You can learn as fast or as slowly as you like: because there are no
classrooms - the World is your classroom!
However, we recommend regular dedicated study for at least 40 minutes a

Regular conversation is also an important component. It is important to learn
at your own pace rather than be expected to understand everything at first.

English as a “living system”

English is an intriguing language.
You will learn about its history, its evolution, its vocabulary, UK and US
discrepancies and above all else, its practical application in the modern

Beginners and experienced learners

Of course, you may have studied English
already, in which case this is a great help.
But do not worry if you are a beginner.
“Beginner’s Mind” free of pre-conceptions is
an ideal way to learn.
Be assured, there is not just one way to
learn English.
There are lots of different ways: listening,
reading, writing and speaking.
Lingua Vista is designed to allow you to
discover the ways that suit you best and
allow you to fit learning around the needs
of your social and professional life.

Enjoy the journey!

Above all else, have fun! Do not think that
sitting in a classroom is the only way to
make progress. Real progress begins when
the lesson ends!
Social and cultural life
The most impressive learners learn by having English-speaking friends and
not being afraid of making mistakes.
Cultural and social life is an important part of language learning.
This is why all our learners have access to regular social events where they
can meet new friends and engage with UK culture.

The future
Lingua Vista has openings for language specialists who want to play a part in
creating the next-generation of language learning materials.
We are interested in speaking to course contributors who can specialise in
any of the following languages:
• Japanese
• Greek
• Russian
• Chinese
• Spanish
• Arabic
• Korean
• Hindi and other languages of

Career openings
For those of you who make progress
we have careers for Lingua Vista
graduates who want to be TEFL
coaches and tutors.
All you need do is demonstrate your dedication and competence and be
invited to attend a TEFL certification course at our Offshore Campus in
Kalamata, Greece.

There is no better way to start an independent career with the opportunity of

living and working in the city and country of your choice, running your own
e-school or English Language Consultancy.

Lingua Vista is in three parts:

· Alpha I and II – for all learners
· Sigma I and II – for those who want to know more
· Sigma Translator Training – in English only.

Sigma I and Sigma II are due to be published in the Autumn term.

Sigma Translator Training will be available on request to students who complete study of:
Alpha I and II and Sigma I and II.

Further options
For those who want to teach English – see:
For those who want to teach other languages - see: