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«Peace Ship 2011»
About “Earth is Our Common Home: Peace Ship 2011” expedition
Altai, Baikal – Olkhon Island, Ulan-Ude, Alkhanai – Zabaykalye SIBERIA – RUSSIA 30 June -26 July 2011 Nina Goncharova

Altai Rodniki celebration, Ust-Koksa, Altai Republic

Olkhon, Shaman Rock, Baikal Zabaykalye 1

Alkhanai, Gates Temple,

The prologue of the “Earth is Our Common Home: Peace Ship 2011” expedition was visiting Altai Mountains to take part in the “ Altai Rodniki” Republic celebration devoted to the Russian culture that took place in Ust-Koksa (30 June– 3 July 2011). This is the event for the people from all over Altai to meet and see each other. So, we had a wonderful opportunity to meet our Altai – Planet team and to personally invite them to the Baikal Peace Ship. We found out that much changes happened in everybody’s fate and projects focused at creating an interconnected network of ethno cultural communities at Altai. The construction takes place in Nizhniy Uymon (Michail Petrov), Chendek (Galina and Sergey Nickolayevs), Ust-Kan (Leonid Maikov, Svetlana Matina). The community of Roerich’s groups has been growing in Ust-Koksa and other Altai villages (Nadezhda Chipacheva, Nataly Ivanova) and others. Close friendship with Altai and star believers people had been also growing (Raisa Chinchiyakova, Nadezgda Openisheva and others) Everybody was given a call for the Peace Ship at Baikal.

With Michail Petrov team, Nizhniy Uymon - Ust-Koksa, 30 June 2011

With S. And G. Nickolaevs from Chendek, S. Matina from Ust-Kan, Verhniy Uymon, 2 July


Music party in Nadezhda Chipacheva home, Ust-Koksa, 3 July

The Peace Ship expedition (10 – 26 July 2011) on Olkhon Island (Baikal) and Alkhanai (Zabaykalye) in the framework of the Earth is Our Common Home project has become one of the steps in the preparation process for the great transition from an old mechanical world to a new living world. This transition can be done only together as the earth is our common home, and one and the same ship in the ocean of the Universe. We, people of the earth is one and the same crew on board of this small cosmic ship. The key idea of the expedition has been considering our planet as one Peace Village and creating a network of Peace Villages all over the planet, tuned into Highest Worlds, each other, the nature and capable to create a sacred space and an attractive new reality.

The Peace Ship has become a nomadic school of life, the one of awakening senses and inner fire of a human being. It has been a school opening new horizons of life in cooperation with people, the Earth and Heaven. During the expedition all participants – grownups and children communicated with the nature and collectively created an image of a new society and the program of coordinated actions for development of the Earth is Our Common Home project. The nature itself has been demonstrating how the conscious presence of men in the nature created harmonious resonance. We also have been proved that we are all interconnected, united and co tuned, as during the entire trip we have been feeling the invisible presence of our friends from all over the world – those who was with us in their hearts and actions as many of them sent their virtual presentations devoted to creating peace communities of New Time in different parts of the world. It has been a deep entering another dimension of eternity either…
You are welcome to feel the legend that has been created through all of us here and now. You are welcome to live your own trip to yourselves new, to a living nature, and to reunite with the Highest Power. How did it happen? What are the results of this event? What can we do together to make a transition to a new world? How did it happen? On the 10 of July we arrived at Olkhon Island to be hosted by our friends - Olga and Andrey Vlasovs, with whom we met first in 2007 during the first expedition to Olkhon. Their daughter Svetlana and Galina Misyurina who arrived earlier, prepared a surprise - Bread and Salt meeting.

Bread and salt meeting in Vlasovs’ house, Olkhon Island, 10 July 2011


On the 11 of July the Earth is Our Common Home was the symbol of the day. We entered the day with swimming in Baikal and tuning into the day. Unbelievable pure water, fragment air and invisible presence of the nature spirits and the divine heart connection filled the heart with joy. We all went for the Shaman Rock to greet the Baikal spirits. It was right the same place, where together with the Olkhon shaman Valenting Hagdaev our joint ritual of the unity of Olkhon, Alkhanai, Arshan and the Earth was created. The Shaman Rock is the place where a Spirit of Olkhon shaped as an eagle lives. Like in May the sun was shining brightly and our souls were full of awesomeness for the magnificent beauty of Olhon – the heart of the Baikal Lake.

Olkhon Island, near the Shaman Rock, 11 July
At that day we had our international Earth is Our Common devoted to consciously taking responsibility for our planet expressed in actions. The Earth is Our Common Home project essence, the models of collective actions and perspectives of the planetary cooperation were presented by Nina Goncharova who also presented the Rainbow Earth: Vision from the Future book written in collaboration with the planetary team of the transition from 15 countries; “Earth is the Planet of Education” was the topic of Galina

Musyurina from Kolcovo science town near Novosibirsk – she was an enthusiastic director of a nomadic New Siberia school in Novosibirsk in 1994 that prepared hundreds of masters of conscious evolution and new education. She herself is now 74 – healthy, happy and full of inspiration.
The Earth is Our Common Home meeting vision was based on the ideas of the Issyk-Kul forum (1986) and the Manifesto for the Noosphere: The Next Stage in the Evolution of Human Consciousness”, written by Jose Arguelles, Foundation of the Law of Time; As the practical proof of the New Time and the noosphere theory, practical collective actions on the way to a new world were presented. A network of eco communities’ presentations from all over the world took place. Some of

them are: “Exemplar Zero Initiative: Leading the world on a race toward a carbonzero sustainable energy revolution” by Sacha Stone, Founder of Humanitad Foundation, Executive-Director: Exemplar Zero Initiative. Executive Producer: MDG Awards. http://www.humanitad.org/ http://www.exemplarzero.org/ http://www.mdgawards.org/ Great Britain/ Indonesia; “CREST13: Noosphere II, Planetary Engineering Project. Centers for the Restitution Investigation and Education of the Natural Mind” – Foundation of the Law of Time, presented by Annibal Lissandro Liporini, coordinator of CRET 13 project in Brazil, Argentina; Tamera project: healing biotope – a self-sufficient community in Portugal – created by Boris Petrovic, Serbia / Brazil; “Auroville – an international Peace City” (founded by the Mother and Shri Aurobindo), “Peace Village” – presented by Jose David, India A network of eco communities’ presentations from all over Siberia and Russia took place: 4

They were: “Spiritual – creative “Abode of Dawn” ecological community in Krasnoyarsk region as a model of a new civilization” (founded by Vissarion –a spiritual teacher) – virtually presented by an initiative group from Petropavlovka village, Krasnoyarsk region; Patrimonial community “Ladoga” (following the vision of Anastasiya and Vladimir Megre) – Valentina Sedletckaya, a citizen of Ladoga community, Irkutsk region; “Altai Community as an educational community (founded by Talgat Akbashev – initiator of international Education for Life Movement, cofounder of eleven “Education for World Citizens» congresses in Russia, Akutiha village, Altai Republic) - presented by Galina Misyurina; “Altai Mountains community (envisioned by N. Roerich)” – virtually presented by Michail Petrov, Nizhny Uimon village, Altai Republic In the evening circle at the fire Valentina Taisaeva – a director general of the Solar Energy institute shared her visions and actions on the “Eco community of the Olkhon Island” project. Valentin Hagdaev recited an epic story about Gesser. Then during dances new spaces were born…

An ancient friendship – Nina and Valentin reciting, Olkhon, 11 of July

Valentin Hagdaev

On the 12 th of July we had our Peace ship trip from Olkhon to Agoy Island. The sun was shining brightly as if approving the motto of the day: “Peace inside, peace outside”. We boarded in a very symbolic way – passing through an old ship… During the entire trip we all felt awesome connection with the Highest Will, the nature and each other – also feeling those who were not present physically on the ship. All participants had a wonderful opportunity to feel how all waters, all living beings, all people had been closely connected and that all that happens in one part of the world influences the entire planet. Children and grownups expressed gratitude to water giving it the feeling of love and then observed how the nature responded also with gratitude and both people and the nature were filled with something delicate, powerful and new. Approving the experience of many cultural – educational expeditions in many parts of Siberia, Eurasia and the world, based on harmonious relationships between people and he nature, we again saw that the nature gratefully reacts on the conscious presence and especially feelings and inner state of people.


A symbolic boarding - a “passage to a new world”, 12 of July, Olkhon Island…

Lyubamira – the youngest participant, 12 of July

Земля – Корабль Мира Baikal, 12 of July

Ступа Просветления на о-ве Огой Ogoy Island, 1 of July Peace Ship at

The end of the trip with handmade Peace boats - thoughts, 12 of July
At the end of the day a collective “Peace Ship – Earth is Our Common Home” project work conducted according to the educational Technologies of Developing Cooperation was done. There was one thing that united all – that is that we all are responsible for our planet Earth as our common home. Everybody shared one and the same vision that Education should be placed as a foundation of a new society. So, one of the main tasks is to create a new humane education that is Education for World Citizens. Then all sang together a song that had been born there spontaneously as an Olkhon gift. “We enter a tender world, where the heaven ring; where gardens blossom and the hearts create and sing”…


Painting our Peace Ship – Nastya Bahaeva

Creating together

Fragments from a collective work: “Peace Ship is a creation of a new way of life” (Tatyana Skiba) “Living Humane relationships are possible. Deep and transparent waters of Baikal tune the “instrument” for high notes (of relationships) “(Vitaly Guryev) “In case such kind of a meeting takes place on water, then the latter absorbs this information and transfers it to everybody who comes in contact with it” (Helen Kotova) “I have the feeling of total love inside me now to all people - without any criticism, anger, or not acceptance. I have a new feeling of being capable to accept everybody! I feel calm and happy after visiting the Ogoy Island” (Dmitry Bahaev) “Thank you for the Ship!” (Sergey Bahaev, 9 years) “We can bring closer the day when people’s actions and thoughts will become as pure as the sacred waters of a saint Baikal” (Nataly Bokova)

“It has been a simple, living, spontaneous, full of creativity, spirit taking event (Ivan Todorov)
On the 13 of July 2011 the symbol of the day was “Earth is a Peace Community”. We had the motto: “Every human is co creator”. At that day we traveled to the north of Olkhon Island – Cape of Hoboy. This is a very special place as there are many

mysterious things that happen all over the Cape, one of them is mirages. There is a legend that a buryat woman, who envied his husband by asking the same palace as he was given as a reward, was turned into a stone with the following words: “Unless people on the earth will have envy you will be a stone”. So, some people see the silhouette of this stone woman… By looking at the unbelievably pure water, people can not but think about their life becoming more conscious and seeing new horizons literally and inviting the vision that all people could be pure and happy co-creators. When we returned we expressed our feelings and impressions by painting.

Cape of Hoboy, 13 of July


Painting Baikal and Life, 13 of July

Unusual “Human is an Artist of Life” exhibition, 13 of July Some impressions: “There are many beautiful faces on the clouds and rocks. It seems that the spirits and the entire nature is here supporting us and creates conditions for me to become new and enlightened. My hearts is full of love, all people are my friends. It could be and should be always” (Galina Misyurina). “I liked the nature: the rocks, seals and mirages” (Artyom Goncharov) On the 14 of July 2011 the symbol of the day was “Life is a way”. The motto “We have ment to create a new world”. During our last day at Baikal we again made a collective creative work “Vision of an international community of the future”. During this work invisible spaces were put together and a new space of love and co creation was born. It was a celebration of Heaven and Earth, where people, the nature and the highest worlds co create together joyfully, easy and with humor.

Fragment of the collective work, 14 of July, Olkhon

On the 15 of July 2011 we again greeted the day by swimming in Baikal. We
expressed gratitude to each other, to Baikal and Life and left for Irkutsk to be ready to again travel by train to Ulan-Ude to meet with Eternity…


Before leaving Olkhon, 15 July 2011 Early in the morning on the 16 of July we arrived to the capital of Buryatia – Ulan-Ude city. We were hosted in the Odon hotel, and at 9 o’clock Michail and a mini bus were waiting for us to trabel to the Ivolginsky datcan (Buddhist temple). We tuned our hearts for this very meaningful meeting with an immortal body of Hambo lama Dashi Dordzho Itigelov to happen. We felt blessed that in advance our delegation was allowed to meet him. So, we left for datcan with a presentiment of this very unusual meeting literally meeting the eternity as Hambo Lama showed up from the last century. With gratitude to Did Hambo lama Dagba Dorzhibalovitch Ochirov to whome we sent a special letter asking for this opportunity for our delegation, and feeling gratitude to life we stepped in the territory of datcan. Immidiatly I recollected how during our meeting with Hambo Lama on the 2 of February we asked for blessing of the Peace Ship to happen. And here we were – eleven people as a final Peace Ship team, who specially arrived to Ulan-Ude and the datcan. Tatyana Skiba – a teacher of history, who started her new free flight path, from Ordinskoye; Vitaly Guryev – a doctor, a man who heard the inner call and suddenly joined us, also from Ordinskoye; Olga Talovskaya - a woman who is capable to see with the eyes of her heart, from Kirza village; Anna talovskaya her daughter, a pianist, young and wise, from Verh-Tula village – she happened to play piano in the “Himalaya” ensemble at the time when we were in Himalaya at the “Sacred Network of the Planet” expedition; Nataly Bokova – a journalist from Novosibirsk, who courageously presented on radio our Planet 3000: Visions from Siberia project activity in the 90tees; Ivan Todorov - a programmer, who moved to Siberia from Saint Petersburg by hearing the call of Novosibirsk; Irina Serbulenko – an inspired woman ready to move forward, also from Novosibirsk; Svetlana Mizeva – an organizer of youth camps in Vidrino village on the south shore of Baikal lake, lives in Irkutsk. Since our may meeting, she bravely moves forward to her own new life path; Galina Misyurina – a legendary woman as she brought Education for Life Movement into official educational structures and sacrificed her job in order to bring a real new and humane education to life. She also has been conducting lots of seminars with children and grownups all over Baikal during 14 years, though lives in Koltcovo in Novosibirsk region. Artyom Goncharov – my son, a historic and a master of sculpting, from Novosibirsk, where he moved together with his mother in 1982; Nina Goncharova – an artist, poet and wanderer, born in Zabaykalye to bring a new life to her homeland too.


In the datcan we were met by Erdeni Lama who told us a short story about the meaning of meeting the Hambo lama Itigelov. He said that people should visit him with pure thoughts and that all the requests would be heard and fulfilled. We bought hadags (a kind of a special scarf usually presented as a gift) and followed Erdeni lama for a specially constructed datcan for Hambo lama Dashi Dordzho Itigelov.

Before meeting Hambo lama Dashi Dordzho Itigelov, Ivolginsky datcan, 16 July 2011 The lama silently invited us to follow him. In the center of the hall we saw Hambo Lama sitting in the lotus position and the mystery touched each of us. With his appearance and presence he was giving a message that the time for awakening was there. That it was time for people to be aware of their life and realize how we use our life. Each of us approached the Hambo lama and presented the hodag we had in our hands. It was a moment of a real meeting… Then we stood in silence, each having his feelings. While looking at his sunburn forehead and feeling his straight back hold by his great spirit, and sensing awesome radiance steaming in all directions, I again felt how his presence ennobled the space of not only Zabaykalye, but the entire Earth. I also felt huge responsibility for life and realized what is to be done to awaken as much people as possible to become who they truly are – Gods. I expressed gratitude to Hambo lama for his heroic life as he had been working a lot inside him in order to bring himself - his presence as a gift and to devote his life for service to all people... I also felt that the fact that our “not only Buddhist” delegation of the Peace Ship was allowed to meet the Hambo lama (according to the rules his body is shown only on some special days – nine times a year) spoke of our responsibility to live righteous life and to create conditions for the world to be transformed into a united creative human family. When we went out we were different. We met such a spiritual phenomena that can not but awaken a Human being. We stood in a circle to exchange feelings and express gratitude for the fact what happened. A dog happened to enter our circle to take a “free” space. Humans, animals, the nature were together. The sun was again shining brightly. We left for an ethnographic museum of Zabaikalye people, placed in the open air in Verhnyaya Beryezovka. Our driver told us that usually he brings the president 10

of Buryatia by this very minibus and with gratitude I recollected our meeting the V. Nagovitchin who accepted the idea of the Peace Ship and they now were taking part in
some organizing issues with the help of Tatyana Dumnova – a ministry of economical development. I could not but recollect the 7th Call of Baikal forum co sponsored by the government of Buryatia. So, we were approaching the place where in 1997 together with Danzan Samayev and the lamas we started the first Call of Baikal forum during the Buddha Maytreya clebration in Verhnyaya Beryezovka and then went for the Shumak pick. In 1997 I felt how my Zabaykalye homeland was waiting for a new life but that was not the time... Waves of collective activity all over Baikal cleaned and awakened souls of thousands of people caressed the nature and created a scared space of the future. And here we were – to realize what is to be done next for all people to become one blossoming garden in one and the same kingdom of God. We were met by Bair Tzirimpilovitch who brought us to the Buryat yurt and we tasted their national cooking “buzi”. We asked to pass our gratitude to Svetlana Shobolova – a director of the museum who supported the idea of our meeting at her place. During our final coordination meeting we created a big picture of our collective activity for a new future and the participants met our planetary team of the transition. Bair said that the space of Zabaykalye was now ready to accept this new energy. We had time to see what can be done together in 2011. The first step is to create a delegation from Siberia – Russia for the 12 th Education for World Citizens events in the framework of the 8th Global Symposium in India in December 2011.

In the buryat Yurt, 16 of July museum, 16 of July

Final meeting in ethno

National ritual performed by Bair, 16 of July In the evening of the same day the six of us left Ulan-Ude by train for Chita – the capital of Zabaykalye for the sacred part of our expedition – for Alkhanai Mountains and Krasnoyarovo Lake. Alkhanai is considered to be an abode of gods and spirits of the nature. It is a healing and inspiring place. Our aim was to “shot the arrow” for connecting the divine, nature and human energies through conscious presence of people, collective co creation with each other and the nature. Unexpected meetings with people on the road, with the native people and travelers from other regions opened new opportunities for collaboration. Our Alkhanai part of the expedition (17-25 of July) consisted of two parts. First we went trekking on one side of the Alkhanai Mountains to reach the Gates 11

Temple close to the pick and then we went by minibus to find ourselves at Krasnoyarovo Lake so that we could approach the other side of the Alkhanai Mountains to reach Nine Sources with radon cold water.

Camping, 17 July, Alhanai On the road, 18 July

On the way to Gates Temple, 18 July

On the 19 July we arrived to Krasnoyarovo to “nowhere” and landed on a empty shore of the lake that after some eight years had just showed up before our arrival. All happened like in a fairy tale Все - soon we were unpacking in a cozy “Forest house” situated right near the lake. It was the family of Pavel and Tatyana Gurulevs who invited us to stay there for free. It was a real gift from my homeland. Soom we met a buryat family – Lubsan and Shura who happened to be relatives of my shaman friend Sodnom Gomboyeb who “sent” us to that very place… Lubsan agreed to bring us to the Nine Sources by his tractor as it was quite impossible to reach that place neither by foot nor by any other car. This trip was really a new experience of total trust to life, the nature and Lubsan who managed to drive along an unwalkable and unridable road.

Tractor drive for Alkhanai, 23 July Nina, Tanya, 23 July

Olga, Anna, Lubsan,

At the Nine Sources we happened to meet native people from all parts of Baikal and Zabaykalye. Wasn’t it a coincidence that two of them met Hambo lama Itigelov and even touched him? I asked what they felt. One of them answered that he was afraid. The other said: “I felt that he could see everything though his eyes were closed”. One more group of native people was all from Aginsk. Wasn’t it other coincidence as Aginsk was the place from that we created the first ascending trip to “Nowhere” Alkhanai in 1997 with my students.


Our team with the native people from Aginsk, 24 July 25 of July

Alkhanai Beauty,

On the 25 of July - Day Out of Time – all the native people left and we were alone at Alkhanai. We climbed again for the Nine Sources to be under its cold radon waters of the healing Alkanai. In the evening everybody answered for himself one and the same question: “What is Alkhanai for me?” Lubsan arrived and brought us back to Krasnoyarovo safely. We were happy to again breathe the fragrant sweet smelling air of our beloved garden of the Krasnoyarovo forest house that became a real home for us all. The six of us created four legends about Krasnoyarovo Lake still enlightened by the fact that the lake after 8 years of absence again appeared right before our arrival… These legends and also our proposals for cooperation were passed for the Gurulevs family – Pavel, Tanya and their daughter Yana. We felt that a Peace Village is being born here in my Zabaykalye. During our final gratitude party a big radiant rainbow circle appeared around the Sun.

Our gift to Tanya Guruleva, Krasnoyarovo, 26 July 2011

With Gurulev’s family at the Forest house, 26 July Sun, 26 July 2011

Rainbow circle around the

On the 29 th of July when we came back from Chita by train to Novosibirsk we met Jackie Stratton who arrived from USA – she was a part of our international “Earth is a Garden of Peoples” expedition at Altai in 2007. “I am pleased to know that our work together has only just begun” - she wrote in her note before leaving for Altai again. Soon we will meet the delegation from Sweden to go to the Abode of Dawn community in Siberia together to unite our visions and actions for creating a network of new time communities tuned to the Highest Will, to each other and the nature. What are the results of this event? - Becoming aware of the fact that in case we have total trust to Life and move forward to the Unknown, and if the steps are resonant to


the Highest Will, then Life gives everything the very best way. – Creating a new wave team ready to step to the Unknown and co create a Different world.

Some impressions and thoughts of the participants of the expedition: “International Village is the planet Earth. In order to be happy one should do good things for others. This is what we should l learn. I want to learn to live this way” (Svetlana Mizeva) “I my soul – enlightenment” (Natalie Piskaryeva) “I have escaped a closed circle and become aware of my life. I have now wings!” (Tatyana Skiba) “I simply love everybody now” (Dmitry Bahaev) “We are very resonant to each other. I will arrange songs for a Theatre of New Time” (Sergey Vostrov) “It has been creating a new way of life” (Valentina Sedletckaya) “The Peace Ship goes with its expedition to the future. Start with yourself as a center of the Universe –you are responsible for ITS future” (Vitally Guryev) “I again believe in my dream” (Nataly Bichihanova) “It is a complete big circle of our collective waves of activity on the way to a new world. It is giving birth to a New Wave team for creating a network of communities of the future” (Nina Goncharova)

What can we do together to make a transition to a new world? We can create a network of resonant communities of the future. To make it happen we

should: - Conducting international expedition (Sweden and Russia) for a spiritual – creative ecological community “Abode of Dawn” to take part in the Good Fruits celebration in the Sun City on the mountain - 14 - 22 August 2011; - Preparing short ideological texts for Rio – Conference in 2012 - Organizing an international meeting for preparing the 12th Education for World Citizens event in India in December 2011 – 23 August 2011; - Forming a delegation from Siberia – Russia for this event – up till December 2011; - Creating a “Theatre of New Time: A New World though Arts” program at the 12 Global Leadership Forum, Egypt, September 2011; - Examining experience of the Autryville community in India – December 2011 - Visiting the land for the future Peace Village in India - December 2011 - Creating a team for conducting the “earth is Our Common Home” event at the day Out Of Time - 25 July 2012.
With gratitude to my homeland Zabaykalye, to God and to Life, I realize that a New Time wandering path was initiated from Highest Worlds at Alkhanai in 1997, when we together with students of the Pedagogical college were “lost” at Alkhanai to create a total “GORO” circle all over Alkhanai to enter a new path to the Unknown. Coming back with my son and a New Time team is a new “GORO” all over the planet to awaken a united enlightened humanity on our beautiful living New Earth.


Nina Goncharova *GORO – Circle of Blessing in a scared place gong3000@ngs.ru © Siberian Center for Eurasian Projects, GONG3000 www.gong3000.org


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