Level 3 2011-12

Reading List

The list comprises specific reading material in preparation for the Edinburgh Urban Project, related to the four subject areas (a, b, c and d) to be studied, followed by an eclectic list of books and websites (in no particular order) drawn up by the Year 3 tutors for general reference during the academic year. EDINBURGH URBAN PROJECT Cullen, G. ‘The Concise Townscape’, Oxford: Butterworth Architecture, 1996. Tschumi, B. ‘The Manhattan Transcripts: Theoretical Projects’, Academy Editions, 1995. and at Bunschoten, R. ‘Urban Flotsam: Chora’, 010 Publishers, 2001. Sadler, S. ‘The Situationist City’, MIT Press, 1998. Kevin Lynch, ‘The Image of the City’ MIT Press, 1960. Hillier B, ‘Space is the Machine: a Configurational Theory of Architecture’ available at Sitte, C. ‘The Art of Building Cities’, Hyperion Press, 1979. Rossi, A, ‘The Architecture of the City’, MIT Press, 1999. Gehl, J. ‘Life Between Buildings: Using Public Space’, VNR, 1987. Gehl, J & Gemzoe, L. ‘Public Spaces, Public Life, Copenhagen’, DAP, 2004. Gehl, J. et al, ‘New City Life’, The Danish Architectural Press, 2006. Abrams, J and Hall, P ‘Else/Where: Mapping New Cartographies of Networks and Territories, Minneapolis, 2006 Gausa, M. ‘HiperCatalunya Research Territories’ , Barcelona: Actar, 2003. GENERAL Edmund Bacon, 'Design of Cities', Thames and Hudson, 1967. Geoffrey Broadbent, ‘Deconstruction: A Student Guide’, Academy, 1991. Henk Van Blerk, ‘9+1 Young Dutch Landscape Architects’, NAi, 2002. Italo Calvino, ‘Invisible Cities’, Picador, 1972. Rem Koolhaas, ‘Content’, Taschen, 2004. Pamela Johnston (ed), ‘Architecture is not made with the brain: The labour of Alison + Peter Smithson’, AA Publications, 2005 Peter Cook, ‘The Primer’, Academy, 1996. Roger Connan, ‘How architecture got its hump’, MIT, 2001. Matilda McQuaid, ‘Shigeru Ban’ Phaidon, 2006. Norman Crowe, 'Nature and the Idea of a Man-Made World: An Investigation into the Evolutionary Roots of Form and Order in the Built Environment', MIT, 1995. Norman Potter, ‘What is a designer: things.places.messages’, Hyphen Press, 2003. (a) (a) (a) (a) (b) (b) (c) (c) (c) (c) (c) (d) (d) (d)

Neil The work of Renzo Detailed international architecture database. John Wiley.detail. www. 1991. 1997. www.arcspace.fat. Architectural Press. www. The body responsible for regional regeneration and with whom the school has collaborated on student projects in the past. 1993. 1997. www. 'Rethinking Architecture: A Reader in Cultural Theory'. Robert D Romanshyn. ‘The Death of Architecture’ Prestel.M.XL’. Prestel. ‘Translations from Drawing to Building and Other Essays’. ‘Peter Smithson: Conversations with Students’. Salem Uddin. 1998. 1983. A vast array of published articles in one place. www. AA. MIT. ‘Hybrid Drawing techniques by Contemporary Architects & Designers’. Why Architects draw’. Routledge.archinform. ‘London: Bread and Circuses’. Charles Site of Hugh Pearman.presidentsmedals. Mark Emms August 2011 . Princeton. Paul Davies + Tortsten Schmiedeknecht ‘An Architects Guide to Fame’. Jun’ichiro International resource with excellent links to architectural practice websites www. ‘Architecture and the crisis of Modern Science’ MIT. Princeton. architecture and design critic. 1999.brucemau. Excellent site related to detail magazine. ‘Stirling: Writings on Architecture’. Alberto Perez Gomez. 2001. Daniel Willis.hughpearman. Knopf. Much of his ‘Incomplete Manifesto’ for working in creative fields is very applicable to Architecture. 1996. 1997. http://architects. Verso.Cape. R Maxwell (ed). Peter Noever.L.Simon Sadler. Routledge. Monacelli A quirky site for Fashion Architecture Taste. 1997. Rem Koolhaas ‘S. General overview with basic introduction to worldwide architects. Peter Noever. 2005. Edward Robbins. ‘Technology as Symptom and Dream’. 1995. ‘In praise of shadows’. An excellent array of projects. ‘Theorising a New Agenda for Architectural Theory’. Princeton. Bruce Mau is the leading graphic designer who has worked with Rem Koolhaas. ‘Archgram: Archtecture without Architecture’. Leading student projects from various architecture schools. ‘The Emerald City and other Essays on the Architectural Imagination’. Catherine Spellman + Karl Unglaub. ‘Thirteen Ways’ MIT. www. ‘Architecture in Transition’. www. Robert Harbison. Robin Evans.rpbw. Kate Nesbitt. J. ‘Theories and Manifestos of Contemporary Architecture’. 2004. Jonathan Glancey. 1989.yorkshireforward. www. 1997. useful for looking at different ways of communicating projects.

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