Title: The Power of Ruki’s Prose Genre: Smut~! Warnings: Sex.

Rating: NC-17 Pairings/Characters: Uruha/Aoi Synopsis: Uruha's modeling gig brings him into the presence of the intriguing and provocative Aoi. What's a model-turned-womanizing-cowboy to do? Comments: Birthday fic for yumikouri! Happy birthday, you! <3 Ruki stood back, hands on his hips and stared at the set with a critical eye. He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. The lights were too bright. “Dim the fucking lights!” he barked. “They’re outside! Not in a fucking ball park!” The set workers scrambled around, pulling wires and adjusting steel frames. For all the fuss, not a whit changed. Ruki muttered under his breath and climbed up a rickety ladder himself to fix the placement on a light. “Fucking philistine miscreants.” He was just climbing down when a tall man with auburn coloured hair wandered in. Sunglasses covered half his face as he looked around, clearly aimless and not caring in the slightest that hectic workers had to scramble and flow around him like water around a giant rock in a busy stream. Ruki grumbled and made his way over. “Fucking tall, bitchass models. Who wears sunglasses indoors?” “Uruha?” he snapped out impatiently, glaring at the oblivious blond. Uruha looked around him, head turning slowly as he tried to find the source of the voice. Seeing Ruki but failing to recognize him he continued to look around confusedly until an indignant huff came from the little shiny man. “Uhh,” he answered, while his mind half-heartedly tried to figure out who this guy was and why he knew his name. He took a step closer in an effort to seem kind of interested and tilted his head

by a fraction. “’Sup?” Ruki snatched the sunglasses from Uruha’s face and grimaced. “I’m your employer, airhead.” He eyed the trail of mud Uruha had tracked onto the set balefully. “You’re late.” Deciding not to allow the model a chance to respond, he turned on his heel curtly and set off in the direction of the hair and makeup station. “Follow me.” They passed a rack of clothing on the way. Ruki stopped abruptly and pulled out a piece, showing it to Uruha. “You’ll be dressed in the role of womanizing cowboy.” He scrutinized Uruha’s thin frame and femininely curled fair hair, frowning before pinching Uruha’s arm invasively. “Can you even play cowboy? You don’t look like you can.” Ruki turned away quickly and continued walking, still muttering vehemently. He didn’t bother lowering his voice for Uruha’s benefit. “Fucking useless modeling agency. Always sending me their castoffs. I’m going to fucking cut one of their fucking model’s balls off and send it to them in a box someday.” Uruha looked only vaguely shocked by Ruki’s foul mouth (and offensive choice in clothing- that much gold stitching was just plain tacky). He instinctively sat down in the chair in front of the makeup artist, giving her a sly grin before she swooped in on his face with a brush. He looked through the mirror at his employer. “So, you like, wrote the book, right?” he asked in a lazy drawl. “They told me this was for some book. What’s it called?” Ruki scattered some of the brushes and powdered foundations around the workspace, revealing a paperback version of his book titled, A Lasso For Her Heart. “That’s if you can, like, read,” he responded, voice slightly mocking as he wandered off to threaten the scene director with unemployment. On his way out he bumped rudely into a pretty girl. She slid past good naturedly though and sat down in a chair two seats away from Uruha. Her slim hips were accentuated by the tight laces of

a corset and the eloquent blossoming of a blouse over her chest. She fiddled with the silk ribbons idly while she waited for the makeup artist. After a few bored moments, she leaned forward, sifting through a bag of pencils and looking up into the mirror when she was done snooping. Her eyes met with Uruha’s, bold and daring. A flirty smile lifted a corner of her mouth. Uruha brightened immediately at the sight of the girl. Or as he liked to think of her, a place to stick his penis. Indeed, he was quite the charmer. “Who are you playing?” he asked smoothly as the makeup girl finished with him and moved over to his new friend. He sat patiently waiting while another woman came to fiddle with his hair, grimacing. He ignored her irritated grumbles and ogled the newcomer shamelessly. She only smiled at him, then parted her full lips obligingly so that the makeup artist could paint on a deep, glossy rouge. It was artfully done, made them seem thicker and luscious, almost forbidden. Paired with the high slit that was barely visible under the layers of her skirt, it transformed her into a picture perfect wench. When the makeup was finished, and she noticed Uruha still watching her expectantly, she pressed a finger up to her lips mysteriously and hopped out of the chair in a swirl of skirts. She turned around until her back was to Uruha and bent over in front of him, pulling out the elastic band that was keeping her hair caught up in a messy bun and tossing the long strands free with her hands. The result was luxuriant tresses, waved and curled in a fresh out of bed type fashion. The makeup artist returned to add a touch of carmine to her cheeks, completing the look. “That's the other woman,” a familiar voice snapped, and once again Uruha had trouble recognizing his employer. After all his eyes were still glued to the curve that started at the girl's waist and ended with the swell of her bottom- he had no moments to spare for looking at people who spoke to him. “She's in the shoot too?” Uruha asked dumbly, all too interested. Ruki nodded and sneered at the blonde model.

“But you can't touch. Your role is the man who falls in love with a single mom and learns to change his dirty, drunkard, womanizing ways out of dedication to her.” explained Ruki with a look of loathing towards his model. Uruha was distracted by the word drunkard and immediately became lost in thoughts about alcohol and how sad he would be if he really did have to change his drunkard ways. “Right.” Ruki frowned at Uruha as if he could tell exactly what the other was thinking and judged him for it. “Well, come along then. We don’t have all day for you to stare at your own pretty reflection in the mirror. We’re already running late.” He led Uruha back to set and introduced Uruha to (as in threw him at) the woman photographing in the role of the single woman. “The two of you hug each other. Act like you’ve just found love, like you’ve never known anything like it. Be dreamy, but not cheesy. Be happy, but not excited.” Ruki rapped a knuckle against Uruha’s jaw. “Close your mouth; you’re not a cow.” Then he kicked the soles of Uruha’s cowboy boots. “Legs farther apart. You’re a man for Christ’s sake. Act like you own a pair.” “Aoi.” Ruki waved the pretty girl from before over. “I want you to stand leaning here against the doorframe. You just…” He sighed and patted Aoi gingerly on the arm. “Do what you do.” They’d taken a dozen or so pictures when someone came rushing up to Ruki and had a heated conversation with the irascible writer involving the words ‘sex,’ ‘sells,’ and ‘the masses’. Aoi straightened up with interest. Finally, Ruki threw up his hands and snarled, “Fine! I’ll take a few of the cowboy and the whore together. Happy, Saito?” Saito looked relieved, if not a bit drained, and nodded. “Thank you, Ruki.” Ruki crossed his arms and huffed. “Doesn’t mean we’ll use them.” His eyes landed on the

“Well?” he snapped.silently waiting models. “It’s perfect. Aoi's chest. and it seemed like Ruki had either been too occupied to notify the blond model or simply not cared to. “What’re you waiting for? You heard me. And then his brain surprised him with a gem of a thought: I can put my penis in a man too. but Uruha was too distracted to look at those.” Uruha nearly jumped out of his skin hearing Aoi the man's response. With that. She was just too innocent. Aoi's voice was too telltale.” Uruha turned around and looked at this Aoi chick with a look of pure anticipation. .to be really specific. Aoi. He held her against him at the waist and allowed her to lean back with a graceful curving of her back. It wasn't that the girl playing the single mom wasn't good-looking. and reached up to Uruha's ear. He took the liberty of adjusting her blouse so that it left an even more skin uncovered before asking. Aoi grinned in anticipation. exuded naughty. And hands should have been a more than big enough hint. His hands pawed incessantly at every bit of Aoi they could reach. and before she had a second to protest he had her supple body against his own. he hoisted one of Aoi's legs up around his waist and pressed him up against the wall of the little log cabin set they were being photographed in front of. She was the type he could picture outside on a sunny Saturday afternoon. too girl next door. Everyone was good-looking in the modeling industry. crushing hip to hip together underneath the raggedy layers of cloth and costume. Aoi stood up on tiptoe. “How's this?” The question was directed more to Aoi than to anyone else. The charade wouldn't go on for much longer. on the other hand. hanging up her underwear on the clothesline without a single suspicion. Uruha still had no idea. His hands made a beeline for her waist as if pulled by a magnetic force. Uruha's hands slid lower automatically. So naïve. as that was precisely what Uruha was currently making eye contact with.

He paused. He felt Uruha’s lips descend on his neck. He smirked when Uruha shivered under his touch. his hips grinding hard against the other’s.” he said dryly. mouth latching on as he sucked and bit at Aoi’s exposed throat. “My novel may be explicit but it is not so indecent.” he mumbled. completely oblivious to the way the camera crews were staring. . “Alright. just as Uruha had Aoi’s second leg up around him and was more or less preparing to start a merciless dry-humping attack on the brunette. curving the arch of his foot downward elegantly as the camera snapped again. turned to look blankly at Ruki and then went right back for another taste of Aoi’s neck. alright. that’s enough!” Ruki called. He barely noticed the flash of the camera and the unmistakable sound of it capturing the scene.” Uruha groaned into the base of Aoi’s throat. his lips barely moving next to Aoi's ear. Aoi responded with a fluid movement of his own hips. a sultry smile on his face. It served as a good excuse to bring himself closer to the blond model. by the way. “Charmed. skirting his fingers lightly along Uruha’s groin. Aoi winked in Ruki’s direction. What had the writer really expected would happen? Ruki had worked with Aoi often enough to know something like this was eventually going to happen. and he rubbed himself up against the cheap leather of the costume chaps. “Maybe. Using their bodies as cover from the watching writer and crew.“I'm Uruha. wrapping his other arm around Uruha’s neck and shoulders to pull out the hair band they’d used to tie Uruha’s honey gold locks into a ponytail under the rim of his cowboy hat. Though the cameras ceased photographing them Uruha had no intention of letting Aoi go.” Aoi laughed and let his head fall back against the faux wood of the wall. it was too late now. he snaked his hidden hand in between them. “we could take this somewhere else?” Aoi looked up and noticed Ruki rolling his eyes. Well. He fingered the bright strands. Maybe that was why he’d been so adamant about keeping Aoi in the background. Aoi curled his raised leg around Uruha’s waist. and he leaned forward.

inviting moan. but the look Aoi gave him told him there was no time for such anal retentiveness. After a few clumsy steps they managed to start off towards a promising-looking hallway. He reached the first button of Uruha’s garishly designed shirt and took the cool plastic into his mouth. Aoi pushed himself up against the wall and rested his palms against his thighs. “I don’t normally do photo shoots for romance novels.his fingers wasted no time in slipping under Aoi’s shirt and stroking his skin. his hands glided up further.” Uruha grinned. and Aoi let out a low. and Uruha was about to head back and try another hall. they found nothing but a faulty fluorescent light and the way their voices echoed when they spoke. one after the other. Aoi just kept getting better and better. over the corded ridges of ribbon that laced up his corset. “Sure. sliding them upwards slowly and dragging his skirts up with them. With a small arch of his back. As he neared his waist. All the doors they tried were locked. Letting the button slide out of his mouth. “I find clothes so constricting. He was pleased to feel Aoi mould to him like press and seal wrap. kissing the pale flesh and leaving a trail of dark crimson lipstick in his wake. Don’t you?” . Usually you can find me in the art school. Trembling fingers stroked at the ties. loosening them and letting it fall to pool around his waist. In it. taking one last moment to grope around his ass and the backs of his thighs. he let go and the heavy fabric fell into place again with a soft rustle. “Nude. he couldn’t deny that.” He arched an eyebrow. sucking on it lightly and manipulating the edges with his tongue until it fell out of the sewn hole easily. He stepped back only slightly from the brunette and looped an arm around his waist again. eying Uruha as his hips rocked back and forth enticingly. Inch after inch of smooth and creamy skin was exposed with each passing second.” Aoi mused.Aoi licked at the hollow just above Uruha’s collarbone. He let Aoi’s legs fall back to the ground gently. only warmer and far more exciting. his hands traveling higher. “You know. I only get called in for Ruki’s.” He undid the stays on his corset with deft fingers. he breathed on the newly exposed skin. glistening with saliva.

He held Aoi by the shoulders and pushed him back. arching his body into Uruha’s and shivering when he felt Uruha’s clothed erection brushing up against his bare skin. gauging Uruha’s reaction and smiling like a cat with crème while the other model groaned. he reached for the skirts.Uruha only nodded as he stepped closer. freeing Uruha’s cock of chaps and boxers in one smooth pull. while he finished with the buttons and pushed the cloth off Aoi’s frame. He reattached his lips to the other model’s neck and sucked hungrily. He pressed his cheek to Uruha’s chest and licked at a bead of sweat that trailed down the blond model’s chest. .” he commanded. the tint of the same colour burning on Aoi’s cheeks. mouth ghosting over Uruha’s crotch. Curious to see what Aoi claimed to display at the art school. he undid Uruha’s belt in record time. and grabbed Aoi’s upper arm to pull him back to his feet. hollowing his cheeks as the wide girth pushed past his reddened lips dirtily. and his own red tongue slipped out to lick his lips. Aoi guided the head into his mouth. Aoi moaned. “Up. hard and throbbing. occasionally forgetting to do so when Aoi did something particularly interesting with his mouth. tugging them down without a trace of finesse. Once again those long legs were all his to enjoy and he pulled one up around his waist again with a cocky smirk. He stared down at Aoi’s red lips. and rubbed the underside with his thumb roughly. the red tip of his cock. His hands cupped the back of the brunette’s neck and he stroked the skin there with his thumbs. reaching for Aoi’s blouse and yanking each button undone impatiently. Without drawing away. Uruha made a series of sounds that managed to express exactly how much he liked what Aoi was doing. his voice surprisingly hoarse so soon. He gripped the thick shaft. forcing the other off his cock. Satisfied that Uruha was paying attention. He followed its trek down Uruha’s body until he was kneeling.

” the blonde drawled with a deep chuckle. rolling his hips and feeling Uruha slide shallowly into him as he did. now. fuck me!” “Uruha will suffice. fuck!” Aoi writhed against Uruha’s body. letting out a whorish moan. struggling to keep his tight hold on Aoi. smearing saliva around his hole and then shifting his fingers deep inside of himself. Aoi squirmed as Uruha laboured under him. Aoi took his own cock in hand and began stroking it slowly. “I’m getting bored. As he listened to the brunette's satisfied whines his nails dug into his ass. fingers lightly tracing the outline of Uruha’s nipple. He pushed two of his fingers past swollen lips. “Now.” Aoi groaned as Uruha hoisted him back up. God. He only allowed himself a few moments to prep himself before a hurried.” He thrust his hips upwards mindlessly. dripping with spit and then disappeared again behind him. needy whisper worked it’s way up his throat. sucking on them and tasting the salt of his skin mix with the flavor or Uruha’s sweat and precum. hands on both his thighs and pressing their cocks flush against each other.“God.” He braced his hands on Uruha’s shoulders and ground himself down. wait. “Ah. They came out of his mouth again quickly. giving sharp and erratic thrusts.” . "No need to call me Godalthough I appreciate it. and Uruha started to just what Aoi had requested. “Harder. “Fuck me. smirking when Uruha let out a strangled groan and gripped him hard enough to leave bruises. Fuck me. single-mindedly headed for that one pleasure point he was so very familiar with.” His lips hovered in front of Uruha’s." Noting Aoi's impatient look. Both men let out a long groan. “Is that the best you can do?” he mocked. then gripped his erection with one hand and guided it carefully to Aoi's hole. He clamped down on the thick length as it pushed into him once again. “Fuck me. pushing in eagerly. He squeezed his eyes against the brief stinging sensation. he smiled cockily.

and laughed breathlessly. He groaned and bucked into Aoi. causing hot. He reached for the black strands falling messily across Aoi’s face. wet-dream-come-to-life that he was. his needs fulfilled. you’re not.” Despite his denial of Aoi’s statement he rammed into the leggy brunette. as Aoi continued to lift himself up. he braced himself against the wall and watched. more expressive than coherent. fascinated. desperate kiss. eyeliner running because of his sweat. “Come for me. The two of them stayed like that panting. the previously provocative brunette now falling silent. Aoi licked his lips and twisted a hand in Uruha’s blond locks. Uruha. he could feel his own body swallowing Uruha’s thick shaft hungrily. . “You lying slut. dragging him in close for a harsh. Uruha liked it. “Oh. Thrusting his tongue into Uruha’s mouth forcefully. baby. Clenching Uruha’s shaft once again. a line of shining saliva stretching thin between them. As he listened to Aoi wail and whine. He listened to Aoi’s response. his body couldn’t hold up Aoi for much longer. he brought one hand to Aoi’s erection and pumped him quickly.” Uruha hissed as he assaulted the other’s neck and shoulder.” Uruha was already a step ahead of Aoi. nearly throwing him into the wall with each jerk of his hips. “Don’t pretend for a moment you don’t love this. Uruha enjoyed the quiet for a while until his legs quivered. he dropped Aoi’s legs back to the floor and let the other man stand on his own. he mimicked the motions being made into his own body before pulling away. moulding their torsos together and licking a line up Aoi’s neck lewdly. changing the dynamic as he angled for Uruha to thrust deeper and deeper inside of him. his nails cutting into the flesh of the brunette’s ass. As soon as he was done. Aoi’s head followed obligingly. and drop himself back onto the blonde’s cock. grabbed a handful and tugged. do you need me to stroke your ego a little more?” He twisted his hips deftly. lipstick smudged around the contours of his lips. Aoi jerked himself faster. tilting to the side and further exposing his neck.“No. One by one. His makeup was smeared. He had done that. and was already spilling into the other when he was told to do so.” Uruha grunted through gritted teeth. sticky fluid to spill onto his fingers and into the spaces between them. he had made Aoi look like the wild. his cock moving up and down in the loose ring of his fist easily with the aid of Uruha’s upward thrusts.

Aoi shimmied into his discarded skirts. “Your place tonight?” Uruha barely had time to nod his assent before Aoi was gone. that he never told Aoi his address. disappearing around the corner. when he was opening the door to admit Aoi in. gathering the rest of his costume in his arms instead of bothering to reassemble it. Uruha decided as he took in the long dark trench coat that clung to Aoi’s body like a second skin and the low V dip that exposed an expanse of warm naked flesh. he really didn’t care. . And. It didn’t occur to him until later.

Their bandmates seemed utterly surprised as well. you know. He clicks play. we go pretty far in my fantasies.” Aoi glances at the other guitarrist as the younger drives with used hands to his own appartment. and Aoi sees that it’s an interwiev.” the younger says as he finds what he’s looking for. but as he saw . otherwise than that time when they make music together. Comments: - “Once I casually touched Uruha’s thigh. the younger doesn’t usually pay so much attention to the older. Uruha’s invite came rather sudden. Uruha turns on the tv with the remote. He opens a drawer and looks for a dvd. He can’t for everything in the world understand why Uruha invited him either. “I think you want to see this. a very familiar interwiev. and goes back to sit beside Aoi. He puts the dvd-disk in his new bought dvd-player. Aoi thought it was a joke. when he had those shorts with the legcovers. and ever since I’ve had fantasies about touching them…” “Only touching them or…?” “Oh. when Uruha approached the older and asked him. As he sees himself he freezes.Title: Fantasies about Uruha Chapter: 1/1 oneshot Author: Yumikouri Genre: smut Rating: NC-17 Warnings: sex Disclaimer: I do not own the including charachters Pairing: AoixUruha Summary: The younger turns around and approaches the tv-table.

and Aoi sees that it’s an interwiev. Uruha smiles back and nods. As Uruha comes back Aoi sits with legs pressed together and his hands on his knees. . a slight crimson color covering his cheeks. The wall between the hallway and the kitchen is gone.” Aoi replies with a slight smile. waits for Uruha to park the car. “Me neither. Uruha was serious with his invite.” The younger turns around and approaches the tv-table. and decides that he probably should. and goes back to sit beside Aoi. He opens a drawer and looks for a dvd. the soft couch is replaced by a black leather one. leaves Aoi to go to the kitchen.the other’s face expressions he got that it wasn’t. “Feel like home. the wooden table in the livingroom replaced by a table made of glass.” the older says shyly. Aoi keeps his hands on his lap. He puts the dvddisk in his new bought dvd-player. “You seem very uncomfortable. his usual concentration face. touches the leather with his fingertips. Aoi have always thought it’s cute. Aoi looks up and smiles. The way to Uruha’s apartment is spent in silence. “I can’t remember the last time I was here. He wonders if he should sit down.” Uruha says as they enter the apartment. making Uruha chuckle. it’s passed a long time since he entered Uruha’s home.” the younger says as he finds what he’s looking for. “Want something to drink?” “Eh…Just water I guess.” Uruha says and puts the two glasses on the table. Aoi looks around. “I think you want to see this. the way the younger tries not to do that but fails. Aoi moves his way to the couch. the way Uruha moves his lips when he plays guitar. He clicks play. Uruha nods and smiles. a very familiar interwiev. his lips pressed together. Uruha turns on the tv with the remote. As he sees himself he freezes. Uruha is concentrated on the road.

The older expects a slap when Uruha lifts up his hand. with his big eyes and his pouty lips. Aoi winces at the touch and pulls his legs together again. The cloth falls to the floor and Uruha steps out of them. stop.” Aoi replies. when he had those shorts with the legcovers. unbuttoning and unzipping. but insteed the younger moves his finger’s to his jeans. wondering what Uruha is up to.“Uruha?” “Mh…Just watch.” Uruha says innocently. “What? Uruha. parted them as Uruha started to look for that dvd. Aoi shakes his head immediately. Uruha turns to him and leans forward. “You sounded so…demanding…horny…” “Oh. “But I like it. Aoi takes deep inhales.” the younger says. his body shaking. “Do you remember what you answered?” “Yes. Aoi looks up. “Once I casually touched Uruha’s thigh.” the younger says and claps a little on Aoi’s thigh. Uruha . Uruha moves closer to the elder. The younger stands up and infront of Aoi. his thighs exposed to the older. his crotch in level with Aoi’s face. you know.” the elder says. and ever since I’ve had fantasies about touching them…” Uruha stops the dvd when the interwiever had asked his question.” Aoi’s words reaches them both and Uruha presses stop again. “Do you want me to press play?” the younger asks as he moves his hand to the remote. Aoi stares as Uruha slowly pulls his jeans down. “Touch them. we go pretty far in my fantasies. feeling embaressed. Aoi hears his own voice and closes his eyes. if this is some kind of sick joke.

squeezing them as much as he can. staring at the other’s legs while biting his lower lip. and underneath them wonderful flesh. Uruha’s tongue curls around his own. making it seem like he didn’t mean to do it. “Like it?” the younger suddenly asks. Soon he feels how Aoi relaxes. and he’s very aware of that fact. He takes a step forward. Their lips doesn’t lose contact though. making the fabric wet. and he parts his. making Uruha sit with his knees on each side of Aoi’s hips. Aoi’s skin touching Uruha’s boxers. The darkhaired looks up and sees Uruha’s smirk. Why does it feel so good? . making Aoi’s nose touch his clothed cock. He presses his lips to Uruha’s length.sighs and leans forward. letting the darkhaired do as he wants. that he has wondered how it would feel touching them. “I like it a lot. Aoi still holds Uruha’s ass when he pushes the other down to his lap. He takes a better grip on Uruha’s thighs.” Uruha smirks and lets go of Aoi’s hands again. Aoi wonders for a second what the other’s ass feels like. moving his hands. then down. “Yes. the younger’s slick muscle licking over Aoi’s bottom lip. and he lets go of the elder’s hands. He pulls the elder’s head back. grabs Aoi’s hands and moves them to his own thighs. his fingers trailing underneath the younger’s boxer. Aoi gasps as his skin connects with the smooth silky skin. only a bit. and now here he is.” Aoi breathes out. Uruha moves his hands up. the skin seems so much softer there. His hands moves to the backside of Uruha’s legs. It doesn’t seem like Uruha thinks it’s wrong. and grips some of the dark strands that belongs to Aoi’s hair. Uruha looks at him. but it would feel wrong touching Uruha in that way. the younger gripping Aoi’s wrists and moving the elder’s hands to his ass. The skin there makes Aoi excited for some strange reason. touching them. Aoi seems concentrated. The younger lets out a quiet moan as the wet reaches his skin. leans forward and presses his plump lips to the other’s shaped.

The younger grabs Aoi’s hair again. Aoi’s head tilted back as Uruha kisses him roughly. and that the younger wants Aoi to fuck him makes the darkhaired excited. just like his own is. Uruha lifts his hips so Aoi can remove the cloth. As Aoi faces Uruha’s erection. He moves back to Uruha. But he has always been weak when it comes to Uruha. the younger wraps his arms around the darkhaired’s neck. Aoi grinds his hips against Uruha’s. Aoi thinks. What the fuck am I doing? . lies with parted legs with the other man over him. The elder pulls at the boxers. touching the smooth skin. The younger pulls the darkhaired down for another kiss. Aoi. “Suck me. and soon he pulls the elder over himself. “Take them off. “You’re going to fuck me”. “What are we doing?” Aoi asks lowly as the younger pulls at Aoi’s pants. Soon Aoi feels that Uruha’s cock is hard. searching through Aoi’s mouth with force. with his bandmate that barely pays attention to him. It’s so wrong doing this. while the older man holds his thighs. with a man.” the younger says and pushes the darkhaired’s face down. who points at the boxers. The younger keeps pulling until Aoi stands up and removes his pants completely. Uruha moans into the other’s mouth.” When naked Aoi moves back to Uruha he settles between the other‘s legs. he hesitates.Uruha pushes the elder’s back to the couch. Uruha replies as he manages to take out the button from the buttonhole on the cloth that covers Aoi’s legs.” “Uruha-” “We’re doing this. and you have nothing to say about it. immediately prodding his tongue past those shaped lips.

“Fuck…” Uruha moans. To have some sort of support. making the elder cover half the length with his mouth. “Uruha-” “Ngh. When he’s done he moves the hand to his own cock. knowing that the other will release soon. forced to taste it. doesn’t let him get out of it when he pushes his hips up and grabs Aoi’s hair. all because of himself. as he sucks on the head. Aoi grabs the younger’s thighs. experimentally. Uruha moans again. feels how his fingers slides against Uruha’s inside. He stops. He moves the other’s hand to his own mouth. Soon the younger groans loudly. Aoi can’t help but wonder how it would feel if Uruha gave him a blowjob. While sucking he makes small noises. Aoi gasps. not for everything in the world. Uruha moans as he moves the elder’s fingers in and out. Aoi almost lets out a whimper as he sees the younger writhe and pant underneath him. immediately pushing in the elder’s both finger through the entrance. forcing Aoi to take in more of his own cock. He doesn’t wanna taste his bandmates cum.” The younger pushes Aoi’s head down. I’m so hard right now.But Uruha doesn’t let him think. letting go of Aoi’s hair. What the fuck does he mean with that? Suck…harder? Aoi imagines Uruha’s cock to be some lollipop. Aoi’s fingers digs deeper and deeper within Uruha. all sweaty and hot. a spot within him is hit. controling Aoi with a hold on the elder’s wrist. making Aoi blush. this time a bit needy. a shiver running down along Aoi’s spine at the sound. “Mh…Suck harder Aoi!” The elder almost frowns. but soon Uruha seems to get it as well. surely pleasuring himself. sucking on it until he feels how the younger’s leg muscles tenses. damn Aoi. “Take in more. . holds them tightly. The younger lets out a small controlled moan. earns a few painful pullings from the younger. taking two fingers into the hot cavern and making them wet.” Uruha says and takes hold of Aoi’s wrist. The elder is forced to take in the other’s length.

clenching everytime Aoi makes a thrust. Lifting his hips to meet Aoi’s every thrust. the younger’s shirt almost soaked in sweat. Uruha moaning in pain. “Oh Aoi…” Uruha moans while getting eyecontact. and slowly thrustes into the younger. the younger manages to control Aoi’s movements. “Harder! Harder!” Uruha shouts. The sweat from his forehead drops down to Uruha’s lips. Uruha’s moans becomes louder and the heat between them becomes more intense. so close to climax. “Now?” Aoi asks after half a minute of Uruha’s adjusting. Uruha breathes out. Uruha moves his hands to Aoi’s arms. his thrust becoming more desperate. puts his hands on each side of the other’s sides. Without pulling out Aoi collapses onto Uruha. removing Aoi’s hand in a movement Aoi doesn’t quite catch. his grip on Aoi’s shoulder tightens as the elder pulls out halfway. . A cry echoes through Uruha’s livingroom as his prostate is hit. before they both are releasing. pushing the elder’s shaft further in. The elder leans over Uruha. but only a groan leaves him as soon as he parts his lips. With closed eyes and parted lips Uruha nods. more demanding. embracing the elder. A last cry is heard. Uruha spreads his legs even more. The elder tries to say something. which makes him thrust in his whole length quickly. and the younger’s moans becomes even louder. hard and right on. bringing his legs up to Aoi’s waist. and his prostate is hit again and again. Aoi can feel he’s close too. and immediately grips Aoi’s shoulders. making himself and Uruha used to the feeling by moving slowly. but keeps the sound in with a bite on his lower lip. A vague thought enters Aoi’s mind as a purring sound escapes Uruha’s mouth.“Fuck me now”. He does that a couple of times. Has Uruha done this before? Has Uruha been under another man? A spark of jealousy runs through the elder. and as Aoi speeds up. to thrust in again. his voice nothing but moans. Aoi almost moans at hearing the younger. The younger moves his arms to Aoi’s back. “Faster…” Uruha suddenly pants out. if possible.

“…I never thought I would say this but. it was.” he says simply into Aoi’s ear.” .“That was good.

before looking away. Never has he seen the other with a girl. and hears how they’re planning a kiss between the two guitarrists during following evening. Comments: for doralice_29. and when he glances at Uruha. Pairing: UruhaxAoi Summary: He also wonders why Uruha never has a girlfriend. the vocalist and the bassist sits on the couch and discusses the live they just had. He asks if it’s okey with Uruha. He’s wondering what the other is thinking about. Aoi just smiles when Kai asks him. and fixes his eyes on the drummer. his eyebrows narrowed and his lips forming a slight pout. Kai smiles widely and gives Uruha one key. He suddenly pays attention to Ruki’s and Reita’s conversation. his frown dissapearing and his lips forming a smile. he sees a big smirk ment for him. what he hates about the other. it’s more than okey. and the guitarrist answers that yes. and what they should do to make it even better until the next day. not daring to look at the other. The frowning guitarrist. that now holds the keys to their hotel rooms. The darkhaired smiles back. never has Uruha spoken about a girl.Title: (Not so) Gentle Lie Chapter: 1/1 oneshot Author: Yumikouri Genre: Smut. his hair falling over his beautiful face. the younger and taller one. telling him that he and Aoi will share room. His cheeks burns immediately. aka my dork/candy-chan © Hope this doesn’t dissapoint you honey * He looks at the other. as he gazes up on Aoi. Their drummer stretches. but no. of course . He wishes hardly that Kai has noticed what Uruha does to him. suddenly looks up. He looks away again. slight angst Rating: NC-17 Warnings: sex Disclaimer: I do not own the including characters.

his glasses on. Typical elevator music reaches his ears. and it makes the “trip” up seem so much longer. Aoi walks the short way to the hotel. his sunglasses on despite it’s night. Uruha turns page and continues reading. remembering last time he didn’t show up. the door goes up easily. But it’s not. and reads a book. and Aoi isn’t able to do something about it. He sounded very worried”. then Ruki and at last Kai. and he doesn’t want them to know. carried by Uruha. The lights are on. gripping it tightly. Aoi smiles and nods. The younger guitarrist gives Aoi a grin. When he passes Aoi he puts his hand on the older’s shoulder. but the older doesn’t get more attention than that. Uruha hugs first Reita. and he can step out. and he shudders at knowing Uruha waits for him. and Ruki must notice. making Aoi gaze into his eyes. He smiles as he sees Aoi. ‘cause he stands up and hugs Aoi. Aoi wonders what the other is . and then he takes the elevator to the forth floor. But he’s not wondering for long. To the others it must look like something extremly nice. asking on which floor their room is. Maybe he should tell the other’s. snakes perhaps. But the elevator’s doors opens. He reaches for the door handle. wondering where Uruha is.the drummer takes that as a yes. He tells him that “A man told you to hurry up. He continues walking though. only a man in a suit behind the desk greets him with a big smile. He thanks them for caring and hurries to leave. His hands in his pockets. but Aoi wonders what the other has put in his bags. the scars on his back is still there. wishing that it’s locked so that he can ask Kai for an own room. his bags already there. Maybe some kind of animal. Aoi shudders at that. maybe he should do something about it. His footsteps isn’t heard in the hallway. that he whispers in Aoi’s ear. He sees the hotel sign. asking if he’s cold. with his last word “hurry”. Uruha leaves. for some reason it feels like they’re going to ask questions. he knows it. what scares him is what Uruha might do to him. his eyes telling Aoi that he’ll get what he wants. the blond haired guitarrist lays on the bed. Aoi steps in and closes after himself. The hotel is almost empty. But it doesn’t really scare him at the moment. Reita wonders the same. a dark red carpet eating up the sounds. offering Aoi is black hoodie.

never waited. Something like this has never happened. Aoi takes off his sunglasses. Aoi not making any resistance at all. Why would he. it would only make things worse. Aoi stares at the other. his lips moving like he’s trying not to look sad. and looks for his bags. his nose moving like when you cry. Uruha immediately biting on Aoi’s lower. But then he sees them. far away from the door. The younger gets off Aoi. Aoi bends over the bag and opens it. He sees the bag where he keeps his pj:s. wondering what would happen if he disturbs Uruha. Soon Uruha stops. on the other side of the room. Uruha always being the stronger. He finds his pants fastly. and glances on the older. . from escape. but his chin shakes to much. leaving him to go back to his book. on Uruha’s side of the bed. and he sits down infront of his bag. He moves faster. Uruha’s eyes seems red. Aoi scrutinizes Uruha’s face as he‘s once again lying on the bed.up to. still quiet. and sighs in relief. his hands on Uruha’s chest. the younger says and grips Aoi’s shoulder in a harsher grip. Maybe Uruha finally has stopped all this. keeping himself up by holding the bag. and takes them up and puts them beside him. but can’t see them among Uruha’s. as if he has cried. he can’t manage to say a single word. Aoi tries to push the taller away. He feels angry. He slowly approaches his bags. turns the elder around and pushes him so he lies over his bag. puts them on a table. searching for his grey baggy pants he uses as pj:s. Uruha grins and puts a hand on Aoi’s neck. why he hasn’t dressed off and fucked Aoi already. never even tried to wait. but fails. and now he is over Aoi. short breathings. the way he’s used to have it. upset. He opens his mouth to say something to the other. Uruha hovers over the darkhaired. While looking for the t-shirt. It feels like someone splashes him with ice-cold water. making him hiss in pain. he hears Uruha move on the bed. Uruha kissing the older hungrily. his white t-shirt and a new pair of boxers. “You wont need those”. maybe he gets what it does to Aoi. pushing the older up so that their lips meets. and he freezes as a hand lands on his shoulder. Uruha’s tongue slips into Aoi’s mouth easily. something Aoi didn’t expect. The younger’s tongue rubbing against Aoi’s. Uruha turns page again. Uruha must have throwed them out. Uruha has always hurried to fuck Aoi.

why would Uruha read that kind of book? But sadly it reminds Aoi about other things he doesn’t want to think about. never has Uruha spoken about a girl. but Yuna never cared. and glances at Aoi. and when Uruha fucked him. Uruha turns page again. it only felt so good being seme. One day he came to Aoi. He also wonders why Uruha never has a girlfriend. Uruha must have noticed that. The darkhaired himself didn’t notice he stared. then pack her things and leave. Aoi always cried out at that moment. Aoi wonders what that means. The younger always came to his house when his at the time girlfriend was out. Yuna. Uruha looks up. even if Aoi maybe hadn’t. and he let Aoi be on top. Never has he seen the other with a girl. like nothing had been said. He just continues his reading. he couldn’t see what was happening. he left. Yuna came home and saw Aoi on top. and his girlfriend would rush into the room. a crimson colour covering his cheeks. and she never forgave him for that. Uruha lets out a sound. Aoi couldn’t understand it. and without intending to he sees the book title. “Friends and Girlfriends”. a negative sound. but Uruha doesn’t seem to bother explaining. to Aoi’s surprise. She. actually. depended on where Uruha decided to fuck him. His previous girlfriends. and stands up. Aoi sits up straight. When Uruha had released. He frowns. fucked him harshly and always made sure to hit Aoi’s prostate when his girlfriend entered the apartment. Of course it was only Uruha’s plan. found new places where he’d fuck Aoi. then cry. Aoi can’t remember one relationship where Uruha hasn’t destroyed everything. and now he looks away. understood. she didn’t care.“Uruha? Are you okey?” Aoi asks worriedly. and he wore a dress. A maidsdress. His girlfriend would at first yell. Uruha leaves his glasses and his book on the nigthttable beside him. Once again Uruha won. like Aoi is a dissapointment. Uruha came over more often because of that. She knew. what Uruha always did. his face expression changes fastly. all he ever had since the Gazette started. In his last relationship he told his girlfriend. He takes a step forward and grips . once again he destroyed Aoi’s relationship. he let Aoi fuck him. He grins and shakes his head to a no. because he suddenly made a change. and Aoi was grateful for that. and Aoi could never understand why.

his body following until his and Aoi’s chests are right before each other. His tongue darts out and licks from Aoi’s cheek to his lips. feeling a bit dizzy. wondering what the younger will do. down to his thighs. The younger feels over Aoi’s chest. gazing into Aoi’s eyes. why he is so gentle. Aoi leans against Uruha so that he wont fall down. making him look up. Uruha keeps on pushing until Aoi’s back hits the bed. . their gazes locked. his arms searching up Aoi’s sides. then he moves his other hand to Aoi’s crotch. Aoi can not for everything in the world understand why Uruha is so kind. Uruha parts them. down to the other’s stomach. The older shudders as Uruha leans forward. and what that might be terrifies him. trails up Uruha’s arms. Aoi notices. but Uruha just hums the melody of Gentle Lie. and Uruha playes with them. making Uruha chuckle. and Uruha holds him tightly. The younger leans forward and places his lips on Aoi’s cheek. He slaps one. The older lets out a small gasp. Aoi parts his lips slightly. cupping the rhythm guitarist’s cock. but now he takes them up. Uruha leans down and his lips meets Aoi’s. the bed nudging at the hollows of his knees. nibbling softly. Aoi getting prickles from the warm breath. and looks into Aoi’s eyes again. a long breath leaving Uruha’s nose. his whole weight on Aoi. licking on them. Aoi’s arms lied lifelessly beside him. Uruha whispers. he whispers against the other’s neck. Once again the younger seems sad. and grips the younger’s shoulders tightly. Aoi wonders again why Uruha hasn’t fucked him yet. “Uruha?” Aoi asks against the tallers shoulder. The taller makes Aoi go further up on the bed. a small smile on his lips.Aoi’s chin. He leans forward and places a kiss on Aoi’s clothed length. Uruha gets up on his elbows. the elder wondering why it feels so good having Uruha over him like this. kissing it softly. He continues to Aoi’s other cheek. Suddenly Uruha turns them around and pushes Aoi backwards. “Don’t be scared”. not letting him move. tickling on the older’s skin. making Aoi hiss. The lead guitarist grips Aoi’s arms. Uruha presses down. Uruha continues with his gentleness. “My Aoi”. pulling him up. until his feet lies on the madrass too. even though he knows the younger normally would hurt him. Uruha presses his plump lips to Aoi’s skin.

‘cause he knows that is exactly what he did when he had the chance. and pulls him down for one more kiss. dropping down to Aoi’s. I wanted to be kind. I needed it. Suddenly it all becomes so clear to Aoi. I can’t stand that Ruki touches you on stage. the supposed hate. Aoi nods slowly. I had to hit you. the strong Uruha that hurt Aoi easily. Aoi says calmly. to know you wouldn‘t run away”. . Aoi can tell. moving his hands to Uruha’s neck. You’re my drug Aoi. The rhythm guitarist cups Uruha’s cheeks. Aoi pulls Uruha away. “I want you for myself”. Uruha showing himself so weak. The girlfriends. Uruha looks away. and that makes the younger whimper. For some reason it makes Aoi excited. the rapings. it really did. it’s real. another tear falling down. I just can’t”. my own kind of heroine. Uruha continues. What else could I do to keep you in place. “I had to do something. For the first time Aoi is the one who rubs his tongue against the other’s. Uruha says with a deep voice. he repeats. it felt so good being burried within you. “It hurted to see you in pain. and you know it”. It’s not some kind of joke.“I want you for myself”. “But you didn’t want me”. Uruha’s lips parts themselves when Aoi licks on the younger’s lower. Uruha says lowly. Aoi says simply. I had to use handcuffs”. The darkhaired pulls Uruha down to a kiss where Aoi is the one who controls. I can’t stand seeing you with a girl. A single tear falls down the younger’s cheek. but everytime I didn’t use violence you would run away”. but I had to Aoi. making Uruha let out a small moan. “It hurts indeed”. “Uru…” “And it felt so good Aoi. near to breaking. “That’s only for the fans. “Why didn’t you tell-” “I love you Aoi. I had to do it again. “It still hurts”.

and it’s obvious why. He looks up at Uruha. nibbles. licks. like he normally would. and takes the darkhaired’s arms above his head. but that only seems to make Uruha scared.He bites on Uruha’s lower lip. his legs slightly parted infront if the younger. throwing it somewhere near the door. Uruha says and pats the bed. and Aoi is completly lost in his mind. Aoi crawls up to lie before Uruha. but the younger seems to be content with the position he has. his hand searches for something under the pillow next to Aoi’s head. Aoi can’t escape. “I wont run away”. The older whimpers and arches his back. but explain that to the younger. . playes with it until it’s red and swollen. Aoi pulls his legs together as he opens his eyes and sees Uruha’s horny expression. and spreads his legs again. Uruha gets on all four over Aoi. “I can’t trust you”. letting Uruha settle between them. “Come here”. not that he would run away if he could. Aoi does the same with his shirt. He grips Aoi’s wrists. Uruha rolls his eyes. Aoi whispers. hovering over Aoi. The elder relaxes fully. “Uruha…” “Do you trust me?” Uruha asks. but he’s not feeling scared. he says. the cold metal digging into the skin of his wrists. He doesn’t even notice when Uruha locks his wrists to the beds headboard. slapping Aoi’s thigh. Uruha moans. Uruha gets up on his knees and throws off his light colored t-shirt. the feeling awfully familiar. Surprisingly he trusts Uruha. even if he wants to. The elder feels Uruha’s growing erection. He notices it first when he wants to pull Uruha down as the younger pulls away. While pressing his lips against Aoi’s. crawling up. The kiss ends up somewhat open mothed and sloppy. and starts to grind his hips against Aoi’s. He whines immediately. even though he doesn’t like the handcuffs. Aoi closes his eyes and waits for Uruha to do something. the younger standing on his knees and gazing down at Aoi. showing Aoi he should lie with his head to the pillows.

exposing the milky skin. Uruha lets the elder’s cock slip out from his hot cavern. before quickly dressing off. Uruha keeps the eyecontact as he takes in more of Aoi. he says. A moan leaves Aoi’s parted lips as Uruha’s mouth takes in the head of Aoi’s cock. Aoi wonders for a moment if this is right. unbuttoning. The younger’s tounge darts out as he finds a nipple. the darkhaired’s eyes closed. and the slick muscle circles around it. a moan escaping Aoi’s until now closed mouth. Uruha smirks around the nipple. pumps his length before Aoi.“I trust you”. usually the younger only thrusted his hard cock into Aoi’s mouth. making fans scream. Uruha leans forward and places a kiss on Aoi’s flat stomach. neither of them wanting to look at the clothes. He pulls the cloth down Aoi’s legs. tilting his head back and exhaling eroticly. That thought dissapears as fast as Uruha pulls off Aoi’s boxers. Uruha says as he starts to remove Aoi’s pants. His hand moves faster . Uruha smiles widely. The older gets reminded of the handcuffs as he tries to reach for Uruha. Uruha has never sucked him. “Want to touch me?” Uruha asks innocently and leans forward. “Uruha…” Aoi breathes out. letting Uruha do as he wants. Uruha stands on his knees and moves his hand over his own cock. “Yes?” “I want you”. He touches himself. Aoi feels Uruha’s hard clothed cock rub against his own naked. Uruha presses down his lips and starts to suck. the eyecontact their having making Aoi excited. the older staring as his breath comes out in short pants. “I love your body”. kissing Uruha back as the younger playes with his tongue. Uruha looks down at the other. unzipping. slightly slapping Aoi’s side. throwing his jeans and his boxers away. wanting to tangle his fingers in the other’s hair. the cute smile he always smiles at interwievs. but fails. making him whine. making the elder hot and bothered. even though the younger has hurt him so many times before. Soon he feels how the younger leaves his lips before attacking his chest with kisses.

how he should be happy that the younger wants him. Aoi pushes his hips up. making Uruha’s index finger enter. but he also can’t say that he doesn’t want this. The younger’s eyes stares back at Aoi. He pushes in a third finger. the darkhaired feeling empty. “Uruha!” he yells. Aoi can’t say it doesn’t hurt. Aoi hates the fact that his wrists are locked. trying not to make any sound but fails as he hears Aoi’s voice saying his name in pure pleasure. Uruha changes the angle of his hand. The elder pushes his hips further up. but that doesn’t matter now. Uruha looks up at that. though he knows he wont have this feeling for long. his cock probably swollen only by looking at Uruha. a groan escaping him. Uruha thrustes in another finger without even making Aoi used to the first. . almost hitting the elder’s prostate.and faster. as Uruha starts to move. his lips parted too. Moan after moan leaves Uruha’s parted lips and soon Aoi can’t take it anymore. trying to keep himself up on his arms. “Fuck Aoi”. because his cock is enveloped by a heat he only can get from Aoi’s inside. Uruha’s cock slips into Aoi easily. making the angle somewhat strange. and Aoi doesn’t hesitate when he pushes his hips up. “You’re so hot like that”. Aoi hasn’t noticed until now how hot Uruha really is. ‘cause it feels so good this time. surely wanting pleasure as well. just like before. his fingers digging deeper within Aoi. and moves two fingers to his own mouth. The younger spreads Aoi’s legs as much as he knows the elder can. Aoi’s muscles trying to get rid of the intruder. “Please Uruha”. The darkharied gives him small moans for every thrust and it makes the younger go faster. sucking on them before circling them around Aoi’s entrance. nodding slightly before taking out his fingers. Aoi’s lips are parted. Every thrust becomes even harder. Aoi’s cock aching at seeing Uruha in such pleasure. Aoi‘s breath coming out in short pants. not being able to touch Uruha drives him crazy. Aoi whines. Aoi can lay back. making Uruha’s finger slip in deeper. Uruha now moves his two digits in and out of Aoi’s wanting body. but he knows he’s going to get what he wants. Uruha breathes out. and Aoi wants it. the ringfinger receiving resistance. He forgets everything Uruha has ever done to him just for a moment. What matters is pleasure. driving him crazy. staring up on the other as he moans the other’s name.

wanting Uruha to hit his prostate again. . He can’t control himself at the moment. “Can you forgive me?” “Lets say like this. strangely aware of how Uruha’s cock slides against his insides. shouts the other’s name. his moves almost desperate. now he likes it. “No”.” Aoi starts as he playes with Uruha’s locks. Uruha pulls out to fall down onto Aoi. Aoi feels how close he is. Aoi writhes. his prostate hit again. Aoi replies. Aoi adjusts. but instead he tilts his head back and cries out. Soon enough the darkhaired feels Uruha’s hot seed filling him. moans. He manages to undo the catch on the lock. The younger lets out a small moan and leans forward and pulls at the handcuffs that holds Aoi’s wrists. Aoi begs Uruha to go faster. making the younger hit that sweet spot again. exhausted.but not unpleasent as he hits Aoi’s prostate. pants. Aoi meets Uruha’s thrusts by lifting his hips. coating both his and Uruha’s stomachs with his fluid. nudging at the edge but not quite there yet. “Do you hate me?” Uruha asks against Aoi’s neck. wanting to connect their lips. He feels the scent of sex filling the room. a loud cry echoing through the room. Aoi‘s voice filling the room. normally he would hate it. and that makes Aoi reach his climax. The elder pulls at Uruha’s hair immediately. Aoi’s hands free to do whatever they want. “It was only a gentle lie”. harder. Uruha is closing up too. anything to just get his release.

knowing how much Uruha likes it. “Maybe”. How horny is my Aoi today?” Uruha asks and raises an eyebrow. taking the ice-cream away from Aoi’s lips. sex.. Uruha runs his hand over Aoi’s clothed cock. The wonderful taste lingers in his mouth.ice-cream. Disclaimer:If I owned them. Uruha continues on his ice-cream. Uruha grins.. something unusual. “Very horny…Mm…” Aoi says and leans forward. “I want ice-cream Uru…” Aoi says and licks his lips. making the flavour last in his mouth. I wouldn’t write fanfics about them..Title: Starts with ice-cream Chapter: 1/1 Genre: smut Rating:NC-17 Warnings:blowjob. Aoi bought him the ice-cream before coming. on his tongue. licking his ice-cream. Pairing: uruha x aoi SummaryWho am I to refuse? I do anything for my master” Comments: This is for aoispet ^^ actually she helped me A LOT XD And you know how hun <3 but I wont write Aoi-chan in this fic…It just sounds wrong (a) hope it’s slutty enough xD Uruha eyes his lover while licking on his vanilla ice-cream. . They don’t have the right personality. Aoi pouts. “Would you let me have some?” Aoi suddenly asks.. He presses his lips on Uruha’s. “Maybe. tasting the vanilla. Aoi sits quiet. He watches hungrily as Uruha licks and “bites” his ice-cream.

There he pushes his hips into Uruha’s. the bulge growing and his pants getting tighter. Uruha says with a smirk. until he sits on Uruhas lap. pushes his crotch up against Uruha's hand and tilting his head back. what” Aoi says and pushes his hips up. “Is that so?” Uruha says. He exposes his throat while moaning. Uruha grins.Aoi pushes up his hips and gives Uruha a moan. Uruha comes closer. right?” Aoi says. Uruha grins. when Aoi stands up infront of him. leans forward. And what little Aoi-kun wants. and takes a bite from the icecream. “do you want me to do? I’m here all offering”. Uruha sits up straight. “Yes…” Aoi says and licks his lips again. He eats up his ice-cream in hast. and then he wiggles his hips down. while wiggling his them. Uru-sama?” Aoi says with an innocent smile. “I’d like that…So. he gets. “Pink and fluffy…” Aoi grins. “I want a lap dance”. “Mm…Suck me”. licking his ice-cream just infront of Aoi. “My horny Aoi…Want some ice-cream?” Uruha teases the elder. . He dances some kind of bellydance infront of Uruha. and Aoi puts Uruha’s hands on his hips. Aoi’s hard clothed cock rubbing against the youngers. making Aoi snap his eyes open. “And now. “Of course he does…Do my Aoi like handcuffs?” Uruha asks with a smirk. while sneaking his hand between them and grabbing Uruhas cock. “I like your needy behavior…You know that. “Horny Aoi-kun wants Uru-sama’s ice-cream. “That’s why I act like this…” Aoi grins and closes his eyes. Aoi…” “I know…” Aoi says.

pushing Aoi’s face to his clothed erection. now naked. and nods. “Like this?” he asks. He steps out .” Aoi says and licks the head of Uruha’s cock. kissing the elder with his tongue in the others mouth. and he takes in as much as he can from Uruha. He presses his lips on Aoi’s. Aoi-kun”. Uruha grins. I don’t know if you deserve it…I mean. and so does Uruha. and closes the door. handcuffs…” “If you suck me I’ll fuck you against a wall”. Aoi continues with his pants. Uruha says. “Well. so the pants falls off. Uruha moans and grabs Aoi’s hair. if I do as I’m told. “Continue”.” Uruha says and leans forward. he stares into Uruha’s deep eyes. “I want you to strip off your clothes. and pushes the other down to his knees. “Maybe…If you say it like this…Who am I to refuse? I do anything for my master” Aoi says with a smirk. swaying his hips at the same time. He doesn’t loose eyecontact though. and throws off his tshirt in one quick movement. he says. and he wiggles his hips smoothly. “Hm. but licks Uruha’s other head again. sucks like this was his last day alive. Aoi hallows his cheeks. Uruha pulls away Aoi from his own cock. After tangling his fingers in Aoi’s hair. Uruha grins when Aoi moans. moaning and panting. grabs Aoi’s arms. “I dunno…” Aoi pouts. and pushes Uruha to the wall. First his belt gets throwed away. my slutty. He pulls down his boxers. Aoi moans and pushes himself up as best as he can with his arms around Uruha’s neck. Aoi unbuttons Uruha’s jeans. Then he unzips his pants. needy Aoi-kun”. and puts down his hand in his boxers. And don’t disappoint me. “You’d like that huh? I know you would. pulls them down along with the boxers. slightly bending down. and Aoi does as he’s told. Uruha brakes the kiss to breath a sentence on Aoi’s lips. He unbuttons and wiggles a bit. “I mean. Aoi gets up on his feet.Aoi stands up. “Enough. what do I get?” he says while unzipping Uruha’s jeans. There he stands against a wall. He steps out from the cloth. He pushes the elder to his bedroom.

and pushes Aoi against the wall. “Mm…I liked it…” Uruha says. Aoi’s grip tightens. he puts up his right. he waits. when Uruha pushes him harder against the wall. Uruha sneaks his arms around Aoi’s waist. “Keep going”. and approaches Aoi. surely in pain. As Uruha is fully burried within Aoi. making them rub together. and it makes Aoi moan.” and then he leans forward and nibbles on Uruha’s earlobe. Aoi says with closed eyes. can you feel it?” Uruha pushes against Aoi a bit harder. and does as he’s told. “Hold on to me tightly”. “Tell me. to thrust in again. “But I can’t wait anymore”. “Can you just fuck me already? If you start with you’re teasing I swear I’ll fuck myself”. Aoi says with a face that looks both irritated and pleasured. Aoi moans as his cock gets squeezed by Uruha. and he pulls apart. but…I’m already so hard. while the other keeps Aoi in place. Uruha throws off his t-shirt. and pushes Aoi further into the wall. when the sexiest man ever is just infront of me?” Aoi says. Aoi moans. and instead he pushes his hard cock against Aoi’s. Uruha speaks with a horny voice now. “Can’t you wait?” he says. Uruha moans at the small sucky noices. “I’d like to see you fuck yourself. and whispers lowly “I’m sorry I can’t. The elder nods impatiently. and from Aoi’s whimpers Uruha knows it hurts. and kisses Aoi’s neck. taking up his left first. Aoi-kun. Uruha takes away his hand. Aoi looks into Uruhas eyes. one that Aoi rarely hears. “Get your legs up around my waist then”. and a rather painful face. . do you deserve this? Do you deserve feeling pleasure?” He grabs Aoi’s cock and holds it tightly with one hand. He slides in fast. so he can thrust into the other. “Do you expect me to wait. He holds Uruha’s shoulders tightly.from the boxers as well. “Sexiest man ever huh? I like that”. and Uruha pulls out halfway. and then.

Uruha cleans his throat. and he pants loudly. When Aoi pushes his hips against Uruha’s. breathing heavily. “Oh my god! You’re so tight!” Uruha leans forward and kisses Aoi’s neck. Aoi has his eyes closed. “So close”. and pulls out and thrustes in.but when Uruha stops. he knows he hit that spot that sends Aoi pleasure through his body. He does that in a slow pace a couple of times. He leans against Uruha. “I’m so close”. grins. and the feeling makes Aoi release too. both men hot and sweaty. “Touch me. keep going”. Uruha keeps going. with a loud groan. “God!” Aoi shouts as Uruha adjusts so he knows he hits that spot over and over again. holding on to Uruha tightly. Aoi suddenly screams in pleasure. Uruha moves down one hand to Aoi’s cock. Uruha throws his head back and lets out a loud groan. with Aoi’s legs still around his waist. Aoi kisses back. and when Aoi cries out. Uru-sama”. and he pumps it with the same pace as his thrust comes. Uruha nods. Somehow Uruha manages to sit down. and as Uruha continues thrusting. Uruha breaths out. a loud cry escapes him. he moans into Uruhas mouth. Uruha feels his orgasm building up as he slams into Aoi harder and harder. “I said. his thrusts becoming more desperate. Uruha falls over the edge. quick and harsh. “That’s it Uruha! Right there! God don’t stop!” Aoi shouts. he tries to push against the other. . Aoi tiltes his head back. He fills Aoi with his seed. couting in both their stomachs. Uruha feels how Aoi gets tighter for every time he hits the others prostate. Uruha takes his arms up and he grabs Aoi’s hair to pull the other closer into a heated kiss. Aoi says between the kiss.

“So…Wanna get some ice-cream?” .

Comments: Hope you guys like this one!:) “I’m starving!” Aoi complains from the backseat of the car. Reita on his left.” Uruha exclaims from the middle seat. usually he would stop at closest MC-Donalds or something. hasn’t opend his mouth sighs. Kai is to concentrated to care at the moment.Title: Just do it Author: Yumikouri Genre: smutty comedy? dunno xD Raiting: NC-17 Warnings: handjob Disclaimer: Not owning anything here. Aoi is on his right side. He leans over and kisses Kais cheek.” Ruki turns around to the guitarrist. before the fucking last live!” Aoi says. Uruha teases Aoi in the car. Uruha grins too. . “’Cause he looks hot while driving. besides Kai. Aoi. “Can someone tell me why Kai is the one driving?” Ruki chukles at Reita's irritation. the other on Aoi's. who doesn’t even react. the one who.” he says with a grin. resting his one of his hands on Reita's thig. “You’re always hungry. loving Aoi's need for food. where Kai sits. from his seat next to the driver seat. exept for the fic Pairing: Uruha x Aoi(top pairing) Summary: Heading for the hotel. “We will get to the hotel any time. “We haven’t eaten since breakfast. He leans against the window and mutters something about bad service. Reita. Aoi-kun.

small pants escaping his throat. “Uruha…?” Aoi slowly breathes out. “Doesn’t that make one of us outside?” Ruki smirks at him. But this is not so manly Aoi. and tries to talk.” Ruki says with a smirk. Aoi gasps once more. turns to them. Ruki took Kai. What Aoi said is true. turns back. not at all. who still in depression.” Uruha says. Ruki. which irritates Aoi. Uruha and Ruki has been together almost every night. or something. Aoi breathes faster. He licks his bottom lip and shakes his head. You get hard pretty fast. Aoi stiffens. Aoi. well.” Ruki grins. every one of them knows that. He rubs his hand against the growing erection. my dear Aoi. “We’ll just draw lots.” Reita grins to the older. and when Uruha took Reita. during the whole month of the live. when Uruhas hand gets extremly close to his crotch. “What…Did…You…Expect?” he breathes. Aoi gasps. “Nope. “Well. who turned so he faced the road. He frowns. that makes a threesome. Uruha and Reita at most seven times. so he cups Aoi's cock through his jeans. but then he looks down at Uruha's hand. and Uruha notices that. while pressing his plump lips on Aoi's cheek. . and feels how he gets hard. and understands why Aoi let out that sound.“Can someone tell me who will share room with who?” Uruha asks. “Whi-while you guys fucked after every live…I … I was alone…” “And we know Aoi is to manly to touch himself.But that gets of his mind. Aoi-kun. Kai and Reita was together. Uruha takes away his hand from Reitas thig and shifts position so he can touch Aoi with more comfort. Ruki turns around completely.

He almost moans for himself when he sees hot Aoi with closed eyes and opened mouth. Uruha moves his hand from the base to the tip. He wants to see Aois cock. knowing that Ruki and Reitas stares doesn’t make it any better. every breath. and Kai gets concetrated at the road again. Back to the car. Ruki looks pretty amused too. wanting him to hurry up. teasing Aoi. but then he gets everything. So the whole not touching himself ‘cause he feels to manly can’t be true right? Not so manly being the uke. Uruha likes touching Aoi. baring his throat and a groan leaves him. not missing a bit of Aoi's cock. He grins too at the vid. and hearing Aoi moan is gold worth. For a moment he looks confused. which makes Aoi sigh in relief. but then he grabs Aois cock and starts to pump it. with two people staring at him. Kai stops and turns to Aoi and Uruha. give him what he wants. Exposing Aois full length. At red light. already lent forward so that he can see what’s happening. Uruha smiles up to Ruki. like he used to.Who are uke and who are seme? Well. “Uruha!” Aoi yells. At first he just scratches his nails against the seneitive skin. “Don’t be so rude Uru. Aoi tiltes his head back. Aoi breathes heavily. but he doesn’t say anything. who is uke full time. He unzips slowly. but more to the horny side. the jeans becoming far too tight. Aoi lifts his hips up so Uruha can drag the clothes down just a bit.” Ruki says with a grin. Except for Aoi. and he loves having it his way. Reita looks amused. depends on with who the person spend the night with. He unbuttons Aois pants. And he enjoys it. Aoi gasps and moans. but but. Uruha smiles and licks the olders cheek. Red switches to yellow. Ruki wants Uruha to hurry up too. but he can’t deny that he wants to be the one touching Aoi. that Aoi makes. His eyebrows narrows and he tries to spread his legs more. along with the boxers. liking every sound. Aoi presses his hips up against Uruhas hand. Uruha sighs and grips the waistband of Aois jeans. It’s Aoi. wanting to feel more. But does it really . Aoi gasps and presses up against Uruhas hand. yellow to green. which he hasn’t for a long time.

He was right. baring more from his skin. and he wants pleasure. Aoi snaps his eyes open. Aoi looks so hot while touching himself! Aoi arches his back. Reita leans forward over Uruha now. moving his hand up and down his own cock. Uruha just grins and shakes his head to a clearly no. He feels close. Aoi gives up. too close. He wants to punish Uruha. a visible bulge is on his jeans. Ruki gave him a good fuck on his birthday. Reita almost lets out a moan at that moment. Ruki stares at Aoi. His leg muscles tenses and Uruha moves his hand faster. both Ruki and Reita wondering if he said something at all. . Soon Aoi speeds up. but non is escaping. Aoi gets aware of the three men watching him. “Uruha!” Aoi cries out. not knowing what else to do. He does just like Uruha did before. but tries not to. making it just a bit worse. He slowly moves his hand to his cock. feeling uncomfortable with it. He has his eyes closed. His hand moves slowly.matter? They all have fucked him several times. Uruha looking at the action with big attention. He gives them glances. Aoi forms his lips to a moan. and looks at Aoi. “Ngh…Reita…” Aoi moans. since Rukis face is the one in front of him. But then Uruha stops. knowing now how to pleasure himself. so whatever. Aoi almost releases. wanting Uruha to touch him. He imagines that it’s Rukis cock. He closes his eyes even harder. God. “I’m not touching myself! I haven’t done that since…since…I’ve never done that!” That only makes Uruha grin more evil than before. Reita looks down. “Uruha! Finish this!” he says impatiently. All of them waiting for him to do something.” he says low. “Hell. He takes away his hand. Uruha once again presses his lips on Aoi's cheek.

Kai almost hit’s a car when he hears Aoi. . who makes him loose focus. “Ka…Kai!” Aoi cries out. The older pushes his hips up. leaning his head back. “But fucking release already!” he growls. And then there’s Ruki.“Goood Uruha…” Aoi says after that. Uruha winces. What a hell? He looks at Aoi. seeing how Aoi must enjoy this.

No one has turned on the lights. His clothes are spreaded on the floor. and it thunders.Title: Be with me Author:Yumikouri Genre: angst… Raiting: NC-17 Warnings: Sex. The house makes noices when the other enters downstairs. The lightning lights up the almost empty room.” “I’m here now. Comments: I like the idea of fics when the characters are teenagers. It pours outside. When the one he’s waiting for goes up the stairs the house’s still dark. “I’ve been waiting for you.” The only light comes from the weak lamp on the nightable beside the bed. . blowjobs… Disclaimer: Do not own the guys(wish I did xD) Uhm…I guess grams and spellings can be wrong since I’m not reading ot through… Pairing: Aoi x Uruha Summary: Just two teenagers loving each other. and that’s how the one who’s waiting knows that it’s the right person. The one on the bed turns and sees that the one who came hasn’t undressed yet. so damtadam! here it is! Oh. and I probably wont read it through before uploading… He has his back to the open door. he didn’t even care to take them up. very clean and not touched. The one who came drops his jacket to the floor. It even shines. while sitting on the bed. with the key he secretly got.

He pulls the pants down and then the boxers. Uru…” “Do you mind?” Uruha asks. and the fact they need to hurry. “Are you sure we should do it here? It’s your new guest room. he has always been ready. Ever since he started the new school with Aoi as his classmate. I know. Both knowing it’s their first time together . right Aoi?” “No. Uru. then the zipper stucks and he gets as frustrated as usual when something irritates him. But Uruha is ready. he spreads his legs so Aoi can settle between them. which goes down easily in his hands. Since non of them are hard at the moment. “Damn! Hell!” he swears loudly. and he drops it on his jacket. makes it all a bit uncomfortable for them both. He wants to remember this. but he didn’t mind knowing that. getting small kisses all over his face. messy.” “I know. Uruha waits impatiently for the other to get done. “We don’t have much time. Uruha gets up and stands infront of his boyfriend. He has always known that everything would end up like this.“What are you waiting for?” he asks. He unbuttons his pants with rather shaky hands. his head on one of perfect fluffed pillows. Aoi steps out of his clothes and then he pushes Uruha down on the bed. or at least make sure Aoi isn’t there when Uruhas foster-parents comes home. When Uruha lays perfectly under Aoi. Not even Aoi is bothered by that(the fact that they have to hide with the . always wanting Aoi to lay over him. But he hasn’t any plans of just fucking Uruha and leave. you know it.” He takes of his white shirt. He helps him with the zipper. I don’t” Aoi answers him. But the way the other pushes him down makes it pretty obvious that he wouldn’t care if they would do this outside in the rain. Uruha puts his arms around the others neck. “You don’t. Aoi bends down and places his lips around Uruhas nipple. Uruha sighs and pushes up against Aois mouth. and with all he hiding from his foster-parents.

Uruha is forbidden to meet his boyfriend. which Uruha likes. then he nods and moves down his hand to his own cock. He smiles and moves one of his hands to Aois neck. liking how the other sounds too much. then bites down and after that licking his bitemarks. while he parts his lips so he can take in Uruha. but never had sex. . when they have done this before. Aoi crawls back. his hands pulling Aois hair. feeling how he becomes hard. making the other letting out a small moan. not anywhere else.relationship). Uruha pulls Aoi away though. His hands caresses Uruhas thigs. but moans when Uruhas thumb rolls over his nipple. Uruha gasps at Aois action. Uruhas breathing is still normal. not wanting to come now. where he kisses up to Uruhas ear. to once again take him in. so his mouth is perfectly over Uruhas cock. then letting Uruha slip out. but Aoi doesn’t complain. He knows his foster-parents will be home any time. (Why aren’t they at Aois then? Well. he loves Uruha. Aoi feels Uruhas erection rubbing against him.” he whispers to the other. Aois hands are still between Uruhas legs. Uruha leans his head back against the pillows. And yes. He lifts himself up to look down at Uruhas length. who’s eyes first widens. so he better be home. Aois tongue making the head of Uruhas cock wet. Aoi soon takes a bite on Uruhas nipple. Aoi snaps his eyes open. and he is willing to hide their relationship if that is what it takes to later on have Uruha all by himself. knowing what Aoi is asking for. not wanting to loose contact from the other. but Uruha doesn’t let him.) “Fuck me. Aoi. almost so much so it hurts. when Uruha pulls him up so they can kiss. Uruha pushes up against Aoi with a small moan. Uruha just watches when Aoi tiltes his head back with closed eyes and his lips are parted so a soft moan escapes when he pleasures himself. Aoi almost moves his mouth back to Uruhas cock. Uruhas breath comes out in short pants. when Aoi takes in as much as possible. bringing himself to full hardness when he strokes himself gently. and know they sure wants to grab Uruhas cock. the other touching Aois chest. Uruha keeps Aoi close. He looks up again with a smile on his face. His lips trails up to Uruhas neck. but not for so long.

feeling pleasure at Uruhas small action. making Uruha moan louder. Uruha prepares himself for whats coming.it burns. but Uruha doesn’t give Aoi time to wait. but he wants Aoi now. Aoi moves his hand to his own cock. Aoi shifts position so his cock touches Uruhas. his hands on each side of Uruha. pleasuring himself once again. Uruha moans loudly. Aoi didn’t expect Uruha do be like this. Aoi knows what the other wants. waiting for Aoi to take the lube on his fingers. Uruha moans and grips the sheat that is under them. where he hide the lube in the drawer. He takes the lube and pulls in the drawer again. Uruha takes away Aois hand so he can’t touch himself. then moving in his fingers in Uruha. Indeed . but he isn’t so sure he can do that. while his legs are spreaded under the other. Uruha grips Aois hand. He bites his lower lip. and Aoi feels nerves coming. but gets it when the other reaches out for the nighttable. not Aoi either. his cock rubbing over Uruhas stomach. He moves down. not wanting any sound to escape at the moment. (Both boys desided not having a condom involved months ago) Aoi swallows when his cock moves through Uruhas entrance for the first time. He knows it burns badly in Uruha. not ashamed at all. He doesn’t know why he feels so insecure now. being two years older and having his own appartment. When he is fully burried in Uruha. but it’s their first time. Uruhas hands grips Aois arms. gripping the sheats even harder when Aois fingers finds that spot that makes Uruha shiver in pleasure. Uruha isn’t a virgin or something.“Ah…” he moans out. makes a last thrust with it and then he takes Aois fingers out. Uruha moans and Aoi tries not to. He almost throws the lube away. He takes in two this time. Aoi resting on one hand while moving out his finger. so not even now he complains. He does that. just wanting Aoi do fuck him as soon as possible. then he presses in one finger through Uruhas entrance. Aoi helps him. Okey. his fingers still moving in and out. straddling Uruha so he can open the drawer. leaning on his elbows. Uruha gets up just a bit. he waits. He wants to pleasure Uruha the best he can. when he wants to put it on the bed beside them. in hast. Aoi wonders for a moment what Uruha is doing. .

Uruha cries out as Aoi hits his prostate. most of all.“Please. The pleasure blinds him from everything else. Aoi leans over Uruha for a kiss. Aoi groans loudly as Uruha pushes up one last time. the other moving down to his crotch. then he takes in Aois cock gently. he wants himself to come good. adjusts. Aoi already so close. Uruha so tight. Uruha moans in just pleasure. and Aoi likes the sound so much. Aoi moans like there’s no tomorrow. his body trying to recover. also Uruha feels it better. so he hit’s that spot again. It still hurts. Aoi gets a small wonder of how many times Uruha has done this. “I love you. when he tries to get his weight to one hand. Uruha liking it so much. Aoi lets out a surprised moan. Aois thrusts in harder when he is more comfortable. Aoi gasps and before stopping himslef he thrustes up into Uruhas mouth. Uru…”Aoi whispers to the other. He pushes himself up to meet with Aoi each time Aoi thrustes into. liking how the other frowns and opens his mouth to protest. He grins at Aois surprised face. “Uhn…”Uruha moans. But Uruha doesn’t give him time for that. Aoi. Uruha sees Aois hand trailing down. and he sure likes it. He breathes heavily. more erotic than Uruhas at the moment. Uruha arches his back.showing him he can move. Aois breathing is . He coats both their stomachs with the liquid. but the pleasure gets the advantage. When Aoi makes his third trust. so he changes their positions. but it’s a really small thought that disappears as soon as Uruha cries out again. Now Uruha is the one on top. makes the angle better for them both. He pushes his hips up against Aois. Aoi!” Uruha cries out. So he wants Uruha to come good. . Aoi feels close. this time calling the others name. before releasing.if possible. “I can’t…I can’t…!Oh.” he says to the other. Uruha sucks harshly. that you can call his. but pulls out and thrustes in again. too close. but he is aware of Uruhas foster-parents coming home any minute now. Uruhas grip on Aois arms tightens. He lowers his head between Aois legs. Soon Aoi releases in Uruhas mouth while groaning out the others name. Aoi gently pulls out. He wants it to never stop.

Uruha sees how Aoi disappears.Uruha comes up to his face. “I love you. . a not so long. As soon as he enters the room he walks to the window.” he says to Uruha. before climbing out the window and putting one of his feets on the ladder.” they both say at the same time. When Aoi is fully dressed. so he takes it up and puts it quickly into his pocket. looks at Uruha with loving eyes. Then they both hears the car outside. Before Uruha gets time to say “hurry”. As he finds his boxers Uruha also hurries to dress. Aoi leans in for a kiss. Aoi waits. Aoi smiles and opens the window. Uruha nods. Uruha sighs and sits down on the bed. “Uruha! What are you doing in the guestroom?! And look at the sheats! God! Get your ass out of here!” she growls to him. When Uruhas foster-parents has shut the door. they hear the door open downstairs. and he hears his foster-mums footsteps on the stairs. “You can move in with me as soon as you get 18. He opens it and looks out. He forms the words I love you. like always. hun. and almost pushes Aoi away to the window. He notices that Aoi dropped the key Uruha gave him. Aoi already jumped out of bed searching for his clothes that is in a clothe-heap. that’s why Uruha chose the guest room. giving his lover a kiss. Uruha glances at the window. not wanting his fosterparents to walk in and see him naked. but a very loving kiss. before nodding and getting up from the bed. Aoi decides to climb out completely. They hear Uruhas foster-parents speak loudly downstairs. He hears his foster-mum mutter when he leaves the room and heads for his own. which has a ladder right outside.

What can you call this? It’s just two teenagers loving each other. Uruha smiles back. Uruha shows the key to Aoi. knew Uruha would come and see if he still was there. with a serious face. He looks up again and smiles.Aoi stands there. watching him. just two years away. only one of them has a hinder to climb over before they can truly be together. . He looks up. Uruha leans against the windowsill. who frowns and looks through his pockets. And he’s going to get there.

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