He always lets other people walk in front of him, but he will get there first. He is a very careful guy and small obstacles won't make him fall easily even he thinks life is a very serious matter. He is as romantic as any other Zodiac. He could look gentle, but inside he is as strong as steel. Once he is determined to do something, he is serious about doing it well. He will keep any pressure or insult deep down inside without showing emotion. You will never see his emotions neither pleasant nor disappointments and always wonder what he thinks or feels. He will keep his feeling well kept. You will never see a guy in this Zodiac getting involved in other people's business. He is always concerned with his own business. Sometimes he can be talkative, but he will never give anyone advice if he has not been asked for. If you ask for advice, he will certainly give that to you. He respects the elderly and senior, so you will see he is the type who visits his parents steadily or often. He is a slightly shy but also can be quite stubborn. He will find many ways to make you happy when you are with him, till you realize he is the important person for you. Once he is in the "Power Position", he will use his power gently. He is a good leader and "Gentleness" is one of his effective methods for exploiting his power. It is, although he is borne to be a leader. He never hides his ambition, and he is a workaholic. He will not take any position that he does not have any control over. He will work very hard to reach his goal and get satisfaction. A compliment from his boss or superior are never enough for him, he wants his deserved reward. His deep insecurity makes him reach and collect valuable things, and for this you may think he is stingy. Actually, he could easily be spending money to buy things, traveling or pay for things that make him happy and he thinks are necessary for his need. He cares about what other people think of him and want to get good comments or compliments. Outside he looks like stone and steel, but inside he is a fragile person. He will hide and cover up his weak emotions and his sadness in order to maintain and keep up his "Image". One method of covering up you could easily notice is, suddenly if he is quiet, cold, or acts very strongly or very securely. Often, he feels insecure, even he is serious about his life and his own surrounding. This is the man who never hurries to get married, so he hardly sits back and regrets about his marriage later. If he gets married, he needs to be very certain and very sure. It will take a long time for such a decision, so if you tell him that you are "breaking up" for this, you better forget him for good because he is never coming back. He always keeps his promise. If he said he will meet you in your place in 2 hours then he will be there, unless there is a serious accident or unavoidable things happen. He hates people who are late for date or any appointment. He likes to think a woman should be a follower and take care of the family and working is a man's duty. He does not like to compete with his girl friend or his wife at work because competition already exists with himself and other people. He will be very proud if he can afford and care for his family. Do not try to over power him or insult him, he just cannot stand it. He likes to be in control of every things, every situations. He likes a "Classy Woman" and if she also comes from a good family then it is a plus. It will make him feel proud about her status. A flashy type of woman is a total no-no. He likes a perfect or a nearly perfect housewife. He tends to be possessive. He will not tell you if he is mad at you, but will act very moody to show you that instead. He likes to hear compliments and that is one way you can get his interest that way. If he approaches you to ask you out, do not act too stubborn or fool around too much. He will get tired and just disappear. He has to feel confident when he is around you, so knowing this fact you should know what to do, right! If you want him, you have to make him feel like he is the most important person for you. He likes a kind hearted woman, polite and can get along with his family. When he feels sad, do not leave him alone, but be very supportive. Kind words and your smile will win him over, so this strong man will be like a chicken in your palm

She thinks the world is watching her through the eye glasses of rose petal frame. She thinks people think and talk about her and that too only about good things and is often disappointed to know the fact that they are not true and not even real, so she will feel hurt. She thinks her path has to be a beautiful one. She thinks only good things so she prepares and always makes an arrangement for her to be in the right path always, quite systematic indeed. If there is no guy in her life, she will be busy with herself. This

seemingly ordinary woman will push herself to meet her goal. Her face mostly will be slim and long, high cheek bone, Eye brow slightly curve up, slight tall more than short, thin lips and she will have quite a confusing or mixture of character. Sometimes, she will be very careful about the guy she will mingle with. She thinks as if she has a main CPU in her head and she could memorize everything from her childhood. When faced with problems, she will handle them and solve them very well, and at the same time show other people that she has that capability. She can put her mind in solving problems in crisis better than many other Zodiacs. Once she determines to do something, nothing will stop her. Woman in this Zodiac could be totally different from each other. You could see one in the party dancing like flash dance or dirty dancing; as well you could also see her as an old fashion lady or a geek. She could be someone flashy and wanted by many men, or she could be a cold and non-social person. She will have her own way to win you over. Once she chooses you, she will indeed be proud of you. "Love" is not as important to her as "Marriage". Her real goal in life is "Safety" and her position in other people sight need to be "Secure". She plans her life and social life easily and very carefully. She is also very artistic and realistic, so if you are a 'nobody' or nothing, there is no chance because she loves ambition and a good life. She need lots of love, but does not want or believes in occasional or unconventional love. She is a proud in nature type, so if you see a woman in this Zodiac come from a poor family, she will act like a woman from a noble family by birth anyway (certainly there are always exception). She always looks cool even when she is not. She likes to make people see her as "secure and confident" even she is a mixed emotion and mixed character type. If she is mad, you can tell right away and she can stay moody for quite a long time. You never have all her times, for she likes to work hard and also spent some spare times working for charity. You will see woman in this zodiac a "Volunteer" for camp, and if she is in a high society, she will most likely be a president or a V.P. of a "Club". She is a romantic and artistic, but being poor and unstable is certainly not in her dreams. Her beautiful imaginations need to be realistic, for failure is not in her plan. A Goat always climb high, so either she starts from a low point or a high point, she will make sure at the end she will have the best spot. She will not show her ambition, but she will show that she is satisfied with herself now. Once you look back she has already moved up again, quietly but surely. If she is your loved one, be supportive and understand her. She is stubborn, but she will listen. She will act like a gentle fragile person, but in fact she can stick you down like super glue without you even knowing it.

He is a quiet simple man who can do something unexpected just to shock you. Taurus men are mostly medium tall, strong with good health and a good strong body. When he talks, he likes to turn his head to one side on one direction. His body will be quite straight, facial structure tends to be square shaped more often. His eyes sparkle with liveliness. Even when he is in love, he is still a free wild bird. He is like the sand in your palm, the more you want to hold it, the more it will slip out. If you stand and hold it still, it will stay that way. Don't set rules and draw a line for him, he will not stay. When you are with him, he will think only of you. But an hour later he could change his mind. He is very patient with other people, but very impatient with himself. His world is always turning and it will not stop just because he loves you. If he is upset, he will show it right away. If something has gone wrong, he will blame his own carelessness instead of blaming other people. He is sincere to his friends even to some friends he does not like. He likes to do odd things and surprise other people. He could be fully dressed in a nice suit and jump in the pool. He could slap your back so hard just to make you turn around to see he has flowers in his hand. He never wants to get too close with anyone for he thinks living in reality is living alone. He does not care what people think when he behaves weird. He could be walking bare feet and laughing at people who laugh at him and think they are so narrow minded. He does not like to follow conformity, but always wants to search for new ventures, new mysteries. He will have an interest in a life of a millionaire as much as a life of an old man selling newspaper on a sidewalk vendor. He likes to search and analyze people and things. He will analyze his friends or his girl friend, and once the mystery is gone, he will search for new puzzle to solve. He cannot easily understand some things, so he will gradually try to learn about you till he fills up all his questions. He knows so many people but he has a few friends. He looks for quality in friends rather than quantity. He will be close with some friends shortly and move on. He

always feels lonely even surrounded by many people. He could create his own little world, and sometimes no one would understand him. He looks only for the future and he thinks he lives for the future. He may wonder how many people think like he does, but he does not want to be like the others. He is a man with a conflicted personality. He is a cool, understanding, able to work well, and very artistic. Taurus man could be an artist. He could shock you as much as he is able to calm you down when you are upset. He is a free spirit who likes to venture out, but when he wants to be alone, do not touch him but to let him be. He won't disappear from the crowds too long, he will be back. He will give you straight forward opinions or comments, but will never advice on what he thinks you should do. He does not like people telling him what he should do too. He thinks each individual's dreams and thoughts should be very private. He will use his brain not his body strength, so he will let other guys compete. He has a certain satisfaction in life and hates to force himself in competition. He may seem careless, but actually he is a thinker and a stubborn one. He sees anything in details and not easily trusted people till he thinks he knows them well. You can just smile and he will think why and on what are you smiling about, and if you are pretending. Once he trusts you and accepts you as a friend, whatever anyone says otherwise to change that; he will not listen to gossip. He will be honest and sincere to his friends. He hates lies, and does not lie himself. If he finds it is necessary to lie, he will find other ways not to tell you or avoid telling you anything. If he really has to lie, you will never be able to tell that he is lying. He can really keep secrets, so you will hardly know that he is a lonely soul. If you want this kind of guy, you have to be an interesting person. He has to be curious about you. Hell for him is "No Freedom", so if he marries you then you should know it is the biggest decision in his life. Always be interesting. Then you could have him beside you.

She is a slim moderately tall woman. A Taurus woman is a funny and a jolly person. She has square facial bone structure, and a high cheek bone. Her round big eyes sparkle with wit and curiosity. You will not see many round faced Taurus women, and mainly she will have a strong jaw line. She is constantly changing. If she is upset, she will not show it and will keep it to herself for a long time, and will remember them so well. If she gets mad at you, you will suddenly become a total and complete stranger to her. She is a patient person, but always need new excitement. She hates long talk meetings, long and endless conversations. She can be in love with you today, and one day she could act as if she has never loved you before. She has patience with what she wants to do and will never give up until she gets there. She will be very persistent in what she is doing till she has reasons for stopping her project, then she will quit. Money for Taurus woman is not the most important factor in life. She thinks of money as an instrument for assuring of a good living. She has more satisfaction in achieving her goals more than satisfaction in fine clothes and luxuries. If you like a woman who always thinks of love and romance, then you are dating the wrong girl. You cannot tell her to stay at home; she likes to work and prefers not to work at home. She loves animals and likes to surround by animals. Love is in her head, but Freedom is in her soul. She has her own idea about love and is afraid to show her true feelings for the fear of rejection. She is not the type to talk about love, but she sure has a strange way to show it. She is not good in showing when she is in love, but if she loves you she will be honest to you than any other woman. She will be honest to her loved one, but at the same time she seems distant. You will have a good relationship with her, if you allow her freedom. Do not force her to be with you in a poker game which she hates, but let she goes out swinging with her friends if she wants to. She will be different than other girls, and she thinks being different is one of her unique qualities. She is a public figure but belongs to no one. She will not stay with you, if she thinks you are not sincere. She likes you to have a personality, but better not to compete with her. Love her, but not too much for she is afraid it will limit her freedom. She will always stand out of the crowd for something she dares to do. You could see her dress like a poor farmer dining in the fancy restaurant, or dress like a nun in a cocktail dress party. If you are a politician looking for a wife, she will make a good one because she is cleverly smart and she could get along socially with any type of crowds. She is not the jealous types because she has to know you thoroughly before accepting you in her life. She has more curiosity in life than wondering if right now you are flirting with someone else. If you keep distance from her, or go away for a

few days, she will miss you more. Even when she is dating you, she will also able to become fond of someone else, if you do not have something she is looking for. She will never disappoint you or hide behind your back to make you loose face, but she is the type who is just going to tell you to your face that "We're better off breaking up". She always remembers her first love. A Taurus woman holds the best record for divorce for she does not care about how people think of her, but every thing should be done for "Happiness". She has lots of friends and is sure of herself, so you will hardly see she delays any of her thoughts before her action. If she thinks of something, she will go ahead and do it. She has many men wanting her for her constantly changing nature is the challenge. She can be cute and funny, but suddenly cool and tough. She has her own style of dressing up, so you could see her dress like an old mate today, and tomorrow she may dress like she comes from Mars. She will have interesting hair, dress and a look unique from anyone else. She likes to learn about your dreams and your thoughts. She has fun teasing you and making jokes. If she did something wrong, she won't hide it from you, but do not ask when she is not in the mood to talk about it. She hates to owe people money and take promise seriously. If you promise to pay her back, you'd better have paid up. If you want to make it through with a Taurus woman, then do not be jealous or possessive, do not be narrow minded, and do not criticize her about nonsense or small and insignificant matters. Try to like her friends and let her have her privacy. Then she can be very sweet to you.

He is very emotional and always allows himself to be very emotional. He can have a good night sleep and be in a good mood, and less than few hours at work he can be very moody. He does not understand things or try to understand things easily. If you notice him carefully, you will notice what kind of moods he is in. He is a thinker and able to do well at work and always succeed. His normal gestures mean he always looks at other people's faults, but he will not talk about them. He has the ability to know your thoughts and is able to tell you what you are thinking about. He can mostly memorize all his anger and his love. They are his important secrets and he will keep them to himself and will never let you know. He is not a very ambitious man and is careless about his position in society. Wealth does not draw his attention, because he is not too greedy and he thinks money is not something that will last. He could be very careless about his future. He does not like to fight against all odds, but instead following the stream and make life easier. Sometimes because he likes to take an easy path it causes him very unsteady future. He is kind and slightly lazy, but is a cute character. He hates rules and regulations. He will never look down upon people. He is a polite guy and can be very aggressive when he is mad. He loves to think that he lives in a beautiful world and surrounded by nice people, so if he finds this world is cruel and not what he expects, he will live in his world instead. His other charm is that he is a funny guy, and it is his real weapon. He can tease you and yet make it looks like one of his jokes. Even when he is sad, he still has that funny face, so you could hardly tell if he is mad or depressed. He likes to hide his feelings and help other people especially those who need friends or are lonely. He will be everything that you want and everything you do not want. He has a chance to make it as much as a chance to fail. He can determine to make it work and can do it well, except he tends to lose his energy over other important things, that's how he misses many good opportunities. He can be happy and content by himself. What he thinks is important is not "Love", but firm status and stability. He has plenty of love for you. He is a good speaker, as much as he is a good listener. When he is with you, he wants to be happy. He understands his partner's emotional state. He likes to take a long rest and sometimes being alone. If he needs to be alone, try not to disturb him. He is sensitive, quiet, shy and gets easily hurt. He wants to feel worthy. He can be mad and noisy, but once he calm down, he will be that happy person again. He is not a jealous or possessive person, and if he feels jealous, he will hide it. He has many friends of both sex, and he care about his friends. He likes to have lots of friends, so you can not get jealous or else you will loose him. He likes beautiful things, so if a pretty woman walks by he will look, so do not get mad at him knowing this fact. When he is lonely or feeling sad, comfort him. He does not like to take advice, so if you want him to listen or to follow your advice; you have to act as a good sample for him first. He likes a cheery and a smart woman. If you treat him like he is your special person, then he will be that special person

for you. He will trust you if he is in love, but try not over doing it and spoiling him too much. You have to know your self worth all the time too.

She likes to be in a dream world than in reality. She is weak and sensitive when it comes to "Love". She can cry if her best friend is breaking up, and she can be over excited when her friend gets a new boy friend who is good looking and rich even it is nothing concerning her at all. You might be surprised to see that she is shy just because she is in love. More or less it will be in a Pisces woman. She loves small animals and would be gifted in training animals. She has a sixth sense and she can guess what will happen next, it's her nature. Even though she has a good sixth sense, she cannot pick or foresee her own choice of lover. She cannot tell if she would meet a sincere guy or someone for a one night stand. She likes to buy and pick her own clothes. She likes to dress cute and be cute. Pisces woman tends to be a good-looking woman and she has nice skin. Her hands and feet are small and soft. Pisces woman loves to shop for shoes as if she collects them. She is a hot lady and everyone wants her. Whether she has a man in her life or not, she will never try to over power any man. It's not even in her thought. She thinks man can handle things better, and she will make her man feel that way. She is an easy going person, so being with her is easy. She is a confident woman and likes to make people who stay with her happy. She knows how to please and how to comfort a man. If something is wrong, she will try to make other people believe that it must be because of someone else, not because of her loved one. She will not push her man to be ambitious but makes him feel like he should be happy with the way he is now. She is happy with you for what you are now. A Pisces woman, if she has had a bad childhood, she will always remember it and it will make her a very unhappy person. She will pity herself and feel sorry for herself. She tends to hurt herself without knowing it and is vulnerable to drugs (real drugs or just sleeping pills). She has many choices and you can never tell which path she going to take. If you love her, then hold her tight because she never knows why she did what she did or what she will do next. She is a complex character. You may think she is a shy innocent type and cannot hurt anyone, but you are wrong. You might think she is a fragile person who needs protection, wrong again. She has been through a lot, a tough cookie. She is a dreamer and loves the word "Love", so she is the type who will buy gift for anyone for any occasion, especially if it is a gift for a wedding or an anniversary even for someone who she does not know so well. Be very careful if you fall in love with a Pisces woman. She can be a total different person before and after. She can be an angel before and later a witch, but everyone is not perfect, right? She will be soft and gentle most of the time, so not to worry. She is emotional and extremely sensitive when she has frequently got hurt. She is the type who can cry her heart out. She can have a secret fear inside, when she says she does not need anyone. She badly needs someone to protect her, but sometimes she can hide that feeling by being stubborn. She likes to hide her shyness and her weakness from her enemy. She does not like to follow any fixed rules. She can be a good housewife if you know how to handle her. Many men will ask to marry her because she is a 100% woman. If she wants to be sweet, she is a real angel.

He is a hot-headed man who likes to do thing his way. He can suddenly decide to do something without thinking of its outcome. He is the type of guy with an inside energizer, so if you fall in love with this type of guy be "patient", even if you have to follow him a bit. His creative mind could create a fantastic idea any time. If you do not understand or cannot follow him, you won't be with him for long. A man in this Zodiac is less likely to have a pale skin, and if he has a scar, it would be on his face or on his head. He moves very fast and is very energetic, and he is very self confident in himself. He is not the type to sit down and feel sorry or regret anything for long, especially "Love". He loves justice. He dares to show his opinion or even argue about certain subjects that he knows might bring him problems. He is a straight forward type of guy. He hardly lies except if he thinks it is necessary and he is not a good liar anyway. He will not lie to you

about serious matters, but if he lies he will lie only about small little things. He is gifted with the ability to be a very social person. He could talk even about the subjects that he has no knowledge of. He is interested only in the present time and looks at the world positively. Many times he feels hurt because of reality, but he will not run away and he will overcome that difficulty. He is a high and self confident type and thinks of his own thought as the main focus, but at the same time he is a kind, cute and polite guy. He certainly is not a mean person. He likes to help people who are in trouble even when he is not asked to. He is the type who feels sorry if you remember bad things he said to you that he had already forgotten, but you did not. Believe him that he is very sorry and give him another chance. Once he decides to do something, he will put all his mind and energy in it either in his "Work", or "Love". He is the type who gambles anything in the casino, so do not even take him there. He does not like pessimistic, low energy, and depressed people, especially no brains. Strangely he likes to overpower these types of people to assure that he is more superior. He likes to be the first person to do something. You can see sparkling in his eyes, once he meets a new target or a new lover. Once he is in love, he will be sincere and true till his last breath. This minute he could be real sugar sweet, and later he could also be icy cold, but do not blame him, for that will only chase him away. He could really love someone, but is not heart broken for he thinks love is "excitement" and "Love goes on". If you date this kind of guy, do not or avoid showing your face to him with face pack, face mask, always be presentable, nice and cute. If he is quiet it is not because he is shy, but he is only quietly thinking. If you have a chance to ask his X-girlfriend, she will tell you that he is not a shy or quiet type. If he is really and truly in love with you, he will never lie to you at all. How do you know if he loves you, bet on your faith! Love him and treat him steadily and do not try to find anything to argue with him, he will be with you for sure. If you are his lover or girlfriend and need to tell him something, go and say it out loud and straight forward because he hates long and boring stories. He hates to play games, chasing for love or being chased, so let him call you first. He likes a confident woman who also a good follower. If he gets mad at you, let him be for only a short time he will be normal again. You have to like and be able to get along with his friends, but he does not have to do so with all your friends. Don't ever think you could make him jealous by flirting with another man; he will just leave instead of making a scene because he is confident and has to be the first in everything.

If you are in love with a woman in this zodiac be prepared to be very happy or be very sorry. She is very busy with her own matters, similar to a guy in this zodiac. She is able to live by herself without any guy in her life, a very strong person indeed. Not because she does not have a dream guy, but if she cannot find such person, so what? Because she thinks she could do anything that a man can do. She is a leader, a real confident type. She likes to do things by herself, such as serving herself, opening the door herself. Because she thinks waiting for a helping hand is a waste of time, and she is not patient enough to wait around for that. If she starts to ask you out, do not think she is trying to flirt with you; she is doing so because she thinks it is a waste of time to wait for you to be the one who asked. She likes a COOL guy who sometimes acts like he is ignoring her, so he has a chance to show his own confidence. She likes to guess her man's reaction, but at the same time she likes to have many men wanting her. She is a daring type who could just do thing differently from other people in her same society. She dares to fight for what she thinks belonged to her. Even she acts confident she mostly feels lonely and alone. If she breaks up with someone, she won't show any emotion even though deep down inside there may be pain and agony. Not for long though she will come back to be the cheery and merry person again, because she looks at the world positively and has "Faith" in the word "Love". She has more men friends than women friends, so do not be jealous if you date her. She could be slightly jealous, but she hates jealous guys. She loves "Freedom" so before and after marriage, her freedom has to be the same. She likes you to trust her, even if she does not trust you anyhow. She likes to be the one who is "Right", so if you argue with her , let her win if it is not a big deal for you in that subject. She is a straight forward type, so if she does not love you anymore, she will just tell you straight to your face. Her love and relationship are always real, so if she says "It's over" be prepare to leave, she is not testing you. She

is not a vulnerable type, so do not have to worry about her, she will survive by herself. If she is with you when you get sick, she will certainly take care and look after you, even look after your "small loan". Do not have secrets with her, she hates it and really can piss her off badly. When she is sad, be understanding. When she is happy, be happy with her, she likes that. You will not get bored with this type of girl. Someone who is close to her will know that deep down beneath that confident and cold hearted person, she is just as fragile as any woman. She is a fun and talkative person and she likes to tease you. Do not let her talk alone; if you do she will leave. She has many types of jobs because she believes what a man can do, she can do. If you want her to work for you, forget it. When she is in love, she will just leave her job in the day time just to come to see you, but not for long she will go back to work seriously again. Prepare to live and love with a "Working Woman" then you will be OK. If she is mad, find a shelter for the "Hurricane" is here! Her bad temper will last very shortly though. She is not a revenge type and will not think of "pay back" time. Most people might think of her as "One of the guys", but in fact she is a 100% woman. She is easily hurt, so be nice with her. If she really loves you, then you are lucky because she is an honest, truthful and will never bore you. Understand that sometimes she will be over confident and sometimes like to have power or act bossy.

A man in this Zodiac will has a pair of round big beautiful eyes, a nice structured jaw line. He is a good listener and can understand everything easily and clearly. He can guess what you will say before you have even said it. He often shakes his head or touches his hair. He is big built, but he will tend to have a small ear. He tends to have a darker shade of hair and eye color. He is likely to have a short and strong neck, broad shoulder, muscular, strong hands and grips. He has shorter fingers compare to the man of the same size and same height in the other zodiac. His hands can work well and at the same time can protect and care for his woman. His height will be proportional to his weight. He will walk firmly and will always take a big long step. As he walks he will look around in caution with no disturbance from his problems at present or in the past. He likes to watch things built with fascination and wonder about how it was done, so you could see him watching a construction site and not get bored. He is a good dancer. He is careful person in instinct, so even at the dance floor he will already have to know what is in front or behind him before he will take any steps. Green is his favorite color. You will mostly see him wear green, navy, blue, or brown. In all 12 Zodiacs, he is the one who can get the most satisfaction from possession of a beautiful thing, and cherish it as if it is very valuable to him even it is just a crystal ball made in France. It is his luck that he hardly has to chase woman. They always come themselves without his invitation. He likes to treat his guest in his house than visiting his guest at their house. He does not like to be a center of attention, so if you need his help, you have to look up for him. He lives his life in stability and simplicity. Every decision made is already "Sure" and carefully thought out. He will not do what he has been asked to do if he is not interested in doing it. He acts casually but in reality, he is always doing things seriously. He loves a peaceful and quiet environment so in his free time, he will stay at home instead of going out and look for adventure. He loves nature and dreams of a nice and quiet house with lots of trees, or he may dream of a house in a beautiful countryside. He will let you have your freedom and watching you in a distance. If you are over doing something, he will let you know by his icy cold look. He is the perfect lover in the entire Zodiac for nothing he will not do for his loved one. He won't allow people to laugh at him or think he is a joker, so he will spend for his luxury for what it's worth. He likes a neat and well dressed woman, so do not be sloppy if you are dating this guy. If you do that he will loose his face. He is the romantic type who would dance with you under the moon light. Love will make him shine and you will see it in his face. He will not say it out loud; you have to know it yourself.


She is a tall slim, cool and quiet woman. Once she is mad she can be very fierce. She can work better than some men and she is very high confident woman. In her opinion, a woman is not just a flower or decoration at home or at an office and certainly not a weak sex who needs protection. She likes to control and hide her weak emotions. She will never try to change anyone, but she will learn to accept them as they are. If she does not like someone, she will not comment or criticize but she will completely ignore that person. She hates plastic and artificial flowers because they make her feel that you are not being sincere. She loves real flowers and the scent. She loves a guy who wears after shave cologne. If you are a type of a guy who wears your Jeans one month before washing, or wear an old sneaker, then you can forget about her. She loves music and nature even there is a rare case otherwise. She loves to go picnic in nature, so if you don't have so much time for her, you can take her fishing too. She is not as jealous as Aquarius or Leo woman, but do not cross the line O.K. Better not to see her getting mad, especially in public when she feels like loosing face. She loves to make up and dress perfectly and very neat, so never rush her for this matter. She has her own goal in life and does not care if you have a doctorate degree or not, if she thinks you are not bright then she will not care about you at all. She likes smart people by character not by certificate shown. If you cannot show her this quality, go and take a bus and go to the next stop. She does not like a dreamer who talks about his dream but never put his hands in action to make it happen. Don't bother to tell her "everyone is doing it, you should do it too", or "I think you should do it, it's good for you", because she will do what she wants to do only. She is a neat and tidy person, so if your apartment is a pigsty, do not take her there. If you go out on a date with her, try to be presentable such as nice and clean dress, clean nails or else it will be your last date. She is a cool type and will not nag, so easy on your ears. She is a slow but sure type. She will always respect and honor you and will never try to make you loose your face. If she loves you, she will help you in anything you do. She likes to help people and expect nothing in return. If she asks you for a favor and does not get one, she will feel very disappointed. She has high hopes and a high faith and believes in her own self than believing in "Luck". If she is your wife, you will have nice and clean home and a gourmet cooking. If your parents visit your house, they will be pleased. She is a 3 in 1 means, a perfect mother, a perfect housewife, a perfect wife or you could say "happily ever after".

A man in this Zodiac has a thin long and proportional face. He has a high forehead and is very clever. He looks like he cannot stand or sit still, a very fast person. His nose is just right in size, thin lips, talks fast and a lot. He can think faster than he talks, but once he starts talking, he will talk non stop as if god has gifted him with that special talk machine mouth. He likes to cut his hair short and is very athletic. He is tall, slim and every movement of his is "Fast" or near to "Hyperactive". He has long fingers and always tapping on the table or moving his finger as if he is trying to grab something. He is the type who will write or scribble on paper, he never stays still. His hair is always well combed or neat. He will spend a long time to comb his hair. He will do his manicure and pedicure regularly. He is a well dressed and clean guy, so if you like cleanliness, you will love him. He will keep all his clothes in big closet, and never throw away even shirts he never wears any more, but yet he still keep buying new clothes and make sure he is in style. He knows how to dress well even with a low budget. He gets bored easily with his favorite clothes & colognes. He is very picky, so soap and his cologne even have to be in the same trend or have the same scent. If you date this kind of a guy, you might think you are dating 2 guys, you will have to guess his feeling and emotions. Is he doing something because it is a duty, or is it because he wants to? He changes his mind as fast as he changes a new pairs of shoes. He can pick up a book and roughly read through and understand its contents, so if you see a Gemini man who reads the whole book, then he must be influenced by some other Zodiac. He hates to set a fix schedule, and dislikes a boring same routine job. He could hardly be on time, and can only keep time if it is complete important and necessary. He does not come in late because he forgets, but because he always finds other attractions along the way. He likes to act opposite to what he wants to do. He is a very good speaker and makes a very good politician. He can easily persuade other people and be well presented in public, a real charmer. If he is a writer, he will write the best seller. He always searches for the truth and constantly

studies himself. He is never satisfied with his fame, his reputation or money; because he thinks he deserves more. He will keep searching even though he is not sure what will ultimately satisfy him. Woman in love normally want to feel secure and stable, but if you fall in love with this guy be prepared to be alone. He will come to see you when he feels like it. He won't even know how he spent his day everyday, so adjust yourself if you love him. Dating him is like dating 2 guys, so today he can tell you how much he loves you, but tomorrow he might call you to cancel your date. When he is upset, he could tell you he hates your dress, even if is the same dress he used to tell you make you look very sexy. Do not ask him why he is that way for he won't have any explanations too. When he is back to the normal mode he will take you out again and forget what just happened. You can not expect him to be the same person now, and forever. His changes will depend on you, for better or for worse. If you like to take risks and dare for challenges, you will get along with him fine. He keeps his emotions secretly as if hiding it, so you will not be able to see if he is crazily in love with you, or does not give a damn at all, but be calm and patient. He will never leave you if he thinks you are a puzzle, and then he will spend times solving this puzzle.

She is a good looking woman with brains, a very interesting person. She has a fast movement and she could not sit still or stand still long. She is able to do many things at the same time and do it fast. If you date her, you will feel like dating many women at the same time. You cannot tie her down with the word "Love" because she cares about love but is it not a major factor of her life. You have to be able to adjust yourself to get along with her many different characters. She is a dreamer and has many dreams. She is eager to learn something new all the time. Even she is the 2 in 1 mixed character type, she is quite lucky in love. You have to put all your efforts to win her affection. Even when she likes you and wonders about your wit, she will also see and inspect your bad side at the same time, because it is in her nature. She is able to keep all kinds of mixed emotions without annoying you or letting you know at all. She can cheer you up by acting like a free little bird. Her conversation will not bore you. She is able to talk to you about any subjects. She can make you feel like you are the luckiest man alive. She can make you feel like she needs all your care, but once she needs to stand alone, she can stand alone firmly and comfortably. She can be your best buddy and talk to you about anything. She can join all your activities with the same energy that you have. She is a quick wit person and learns new things very fast. She can see your projects and she can give you good advice. If she thinks you are not sure that you want her for yourself, she will act like your best friend only, a cool woman. She can easily make a guy fall in love with her. Her multiple changes and many moods is a "Charm" for many men. She can be laughing for 2 minutes and later suddenly quiet. She wants to find only 1 true love and she wants to meet her dream guy. She expects a lot and nearly too much. She is constantly waiting for her knight in shining armor even when she has a steady boy friend. She can fall in love or be fond of someone else while she is with you. If you break up with her, she will forget you quite fast, because change is in her nature. The Gemini woman breaks more hearts than women in other Zodiac. Because she is a dreamer and always waiting for her perfect love, so her love life can be complex or a mess. She hates to write a long letter, so if you write her a letter and expect a prompt reply, forget it. Because she has a multiple personality and multiple ideas, so she hates to put them down in written proof. Because she knows what she believes today can be different tomorrow. She could communicate in more than 1 language, a real gifted linguistic. If she wants to tell you any bad comment, she won't say it straight away, but she will talk to you about many other things and accidentally come to that subject without offending you. Normally she will not lie. She will work hard and once a while take a long rest. She can get bored and tired with her own surrounding more than at work. She never feel content with her present work, money, or reputations, she will drive to have more. Don't ask her what is her ultimate contentment for she will not have an answer. Once you get to know her, she will be a supportive person and always be beside you. She has a beautiful dream and she loves to have someone walk side by side with her, together and equally.


He is the most sensitive man and the weakest emotional type in all Zodiacs. Most Artists are Cancers. Cancer is controlled by the "Moon" and the moon changes its shape daily, so Cancer man's emotional and moods change all the time too. You will be confused with him, yet it is this constantly changing behavior that would "Charm" you. He never goes to get what he wants directly, but he will wait for a chance and opportunity to do so. Once he gets what he wants, he will not loose it, except if he gets tired of it by himself. (This happens often in the initial years) He is the most sensitive man who cannot stand rejection. He cares what other people feel or think of him. He hates loosing face and he tends to over protect himself, so sometimes people might think he is a cold and arrogant person. Gifted, creative, imaginative are some traits associated with Cancers. Mystery and complexity play a major role in a life of a Cancer man. He could be very funny, very quiet, and suddenly very sad. Living with him could be much unexpected, for you will not know what his next mood is. If you like excitement and surprise, you have the right guy and never have a chance to get bored. He thinks of his home as "nest" and it is the safest place for him. If he feels hurt or depressed he will stay at home alone quietly. Once he feels better, he will come out of his retreat and lives normally again. Being a loser is not him. It is so easy to fall in love with this guy because he is gentle and a very polite guy and is generally quite chivalrous. His wit and creative mind could win your affection. He will come out from his nest to protect you even if he is not opening himself up to other people much. Not many people will win his heart. His security is only when he has money in his pocket. Once he feels secure then he might think of having a happy family. Even he likes to make and keep money, he is not stingy. Spending money is part of his good image, so he will be happy to spent money to take you out to a very expensive restaurant or buy jewelry for you. Certainly when he has money he is OK. He is possessive about everything that he thinks belongs to him. Don't try to talk to another cute guy in front of him; he will get suspicious because he is not very secure or confident in himself for this kind of competition. Once you know each other too much, he will start to look for new excitement, but don't worry for he will always think of you. If he thinks you are the true love for him, and even if you try to disappear, you can be sure he will come and look for you. He is a shy guy at times. But if he likes you, you can get up in the morning and see that he is in front of your house everyday till you go out with him, Kudos to the persistence!! He likes a secure, cheerful and lively woman, confident but at the same time always acts proper and appropriate. He likes a secure woman, but able to adjust to his rapid changes. She is a very difficult type to find woman indeed. In the beginning, you and he will be so sugary sweet together and he will only think of you. This "super romanticism" will not last forever, so don't slip this chance. If you are the one who wants his interest, then act and make yourself interesting. Be a supportive person and give him compliments sometimes, but not too much till he thinks you are not sincere. Unlike many other signs, if he is mad then you better get out of that room. He will calm down by himself. Giving him a slight touch on his shoulders or concerned facial __expression are enough. He loves his mother, so try to be his mother favorite, but do not act like his mother!

When she is in love, she will act both ways. First, she is shy and polite, trembling to be near you. Second, Attached to you like glue and trying to be with you all the times. She will try to go home with you after work, or have every lunch with you. It is O.K. if you like her too, but if that's not the case, you will feel very uncomfortable. She hates to be talked about or gossiped by someone else. If she gets to know that she will be very hurt. In nature she is a shy type, except she has been influenced by some other Zodiac. She is not the brave or daring type, so if you like her, then you better be the one who starts first. She will not accept her true feeling, so if you like her you better tell her first. She is like a musical note always changing tunes, so one minute she can be funny and cheerful, and one minute she can be sad and depressed. Other people may think of her as "Over-acting", or "Over-reacting". When she is depressed, she will go out and look for things to make up. She loves money, and thinks of having "Money" as "happy", not as "God". She will not look down at you if you do not have a lot of money, but she will help you make money, save money. She is not an extravagant person and sometimes will tell you not to buy her expensive and not useful gift. She is the type who enjoys a long and quiet walk. Cancer woman is also influenced by the "moon", so under the moon light she

will be a fascinating woman. She has a constant fear for many things. She fears not being smart enough, not pretty enough. Even if she is not fat, she will not be satisfied. Assuring her of her look would help, because she can change her mood 4 times a day. She is not stingy, but you will not surprise if you see her collecting old or broken junks. She sees that everything is useful to her. She will find a way to re-use it again some day. She is not the jealous type, but possessive. The best part of her is that she will sacrifice everything for her loved one with no limit. Don't leave her in times of troubles, she will never forget it. She is not the weak type, even if she looks like one, Example if you argue with her, she might cry her heart out. Once you've left, she will wipe her tears and start cleaning up her apartment normally. She is a very careful mother and will look after her kids every step of the way. If she is a mother of your children, you are at ease, but if she is your mother in law, you are in pain. Not to worry, this type of mother in law will not let her own daughter being an "Old mate". She could be moody and argue with you in many little things like many women, but she always waits and wants to take care of you. If you argue with her and disappear a few days, she will be waiting for you, but not for long O.K. This kind of testing is risky, try not to do it. The Cancer women need 2 things to be happy which are "Work" and "Love". She can be living in a dusty house, but she cannot live in that same house with no Love.

He likes to comb his hair backward, open his forehead showing a dignified facial __expression. His eyes sparkle, but slightly showing laziness. He walks firmly and slowly like a lion, confident and ego proud. Outside, you may think he is kind and gentle person, but inside he is a strong and secure person. If he is frightened, he will re-act and respond right away. His words always seem normal but mostly imply "order and demanding". He will not talk fast, or cannot talk fast, neither walk fast. In a crowd or at work he will act normally, but not for long you will see him standing out of the crowd and be a center of attention with his words, or his action. You might think he is a shy guy, but deep down inside he wants to power over his family and his friends. He just waits for that right moment. Do not take what is his, and do not order him, or else you will see a fierce lion. He respects elderly and senior, but will never bow down and accept like a loser for he will rather die than lose his dignity. He talks bluntly even on an occasion that he should not saying such things. He is a compassionate guy and always looks at other people on a bright side. He likes people to listen to him. Even he has such a blunt and bold personality; he could easily reach his goal without making any enemy. Once you disagree with him on something, he can be very upset like a rainy storm on a summer day. It will only last a short time, and then he will be back a cheery merry person again. He is a bright and witty guy, and he will not put any efforts on something that he thinks will not work and waste his energy. He is a good planner and can well manage his job assigned. When he gives order, he expects them to be carried out exactly. He is the leader type that the followers love. He can give other people advice and solve problems for other people well, except his own mess. He can be easily hurt by other people especially if they do not trust or respect his ability. You could compliment him sometimes and make this lion be your kitty with no difficulty. He is not a good judge for he listens to many people and tends to believe all sides. You can hardly see a Leo man with no woman by his side. If you see him alone, he could already have a loved one in his heart, or just broken up with one. Because he is very proud, he can change many girl friends. He will do many things for the woman he loves, but loosing his face is not one of them. Leo man can not live without love, because for him Love is a ray of Light. He likes people to rely on him; it makes him feels "in power". He may complain if he is asked for a favor, but deep inside he is happy that you asked him. If you offer to help him, he will refuse you right away. When he is broke, he can find money still. He is not careful with his way of spending for he has fun with spending money and is happy to buy what he likes. He lets other people borrow money from him easily even if he has no money, he will run to his friend to borrow money for you. He likes first class, first quality of everything. He can work hard like a mad dog, and sometimes can be lazy like a lazy sleepy cat. When he works, he is very serious. When he parties, he can be a party animal. If he asks you out, you will surely have a fun and jolly time. He will take a chance with his love life, so if you know how to handle him, you will win. If he is your loved one, it won't be a romance novel. You have to be ready to calm him down when he over reacts to small matters

because your cool stability will control and ease his mood. If you can not handle or understand him, your relationship will be like a demolition zone, a on and off relationship till all your friends tired to hear about your breaking up and making up. Beauty is always in the eyes of the lion. You have to be dignified to walk with the lion king. Your looks are part of his image and ego and he is very proud about it too. If you want his attention the first time you meet, you better be astoundingly attractive. If you have a first conversation with him, you have to show him how much you adore his thinking. He likes to talk and not knowing that he likes to talk about himself.

She will stand out of the crowd on the street. Leo women are normally tall or rather tall. You will hardly see a short thick woman. When she walks she walks like a queen, confident and does not look around, as though there is no one around her. She will dress in her own style not according to fashion. She is confident of what she chooses to wear. Do not buy cheap cloths where they sell in dozen for her as a gift, she will hate it. Also do not buy clothes that do not reflect her confident personality. She likes unique and strange clothes and accessories. Being different is what she loves. If you want to know her, take time and be patient because she is selective about people she mingles with. She's open minded, yet she does not let people get to close to her easily. She likes sweet words and compliments, but not too much. She smiles with anyone, but inside she thinks she is borne to be a leader. She likes to be in control because it is in her natural instinct. She is a graceful woman, and she has a magnetic charisma, so expect tough competition. She is a very proud person, so do not do anything to challenge her confidence. She can be mad and act like a hurricane, and later can be like an innocent kitten, but do not fall for that O.K. She remembers everything and likes to cherish her sweet memory, so if you find her old photo albums with her ex-boyfriend or love letters that will make you puke, take it easy. She is keeping her sweet memory which does not mean she is still in love with the old fool, so you do not have to panic. She will have many guys run after her, so if you have advantage of a good x-underground family, or a famous last name, a successful career then it's a plus. She hates to be poor and she thinks love will not pay bills. She is a sport type and love sports. If you want to date her, prepare to spend big bucks, for your first dinner with her can not be a hot dog stand, but better be the best place in town. She is a generous person, so do not be surprised if she gives you a gift more expensive than what you gave her. She likes extravaganza, no cheap gift, no cheap dinner please. Being poor or broke make her depressed. If you do not have lots of money, be creative and make your own gift for her. It's unique quality and times spending making it for her is a big deal. You can think economical, but do not be cheap.

Time is precious for a Virgo man and if you make him wait, he will consider that as an insult. He hates to hear criticism and hates to be criticized. If he is criticizing other people, then he must be influenced by other Zodiac. He is and he likes to be a perfectionist. He is always thinking he is doing the right and appropriate thing, and often he thinks he makes no mistake. He is a bright guy and could accept comments if he thinks it can improve him. He is the type who is well adjusted to make changes. He will spent money carefully and spends it on worthwhile things. He will only be extravagant for his personal pleasure. He is quite romantic; a type of guy who can drive 100 miles just to tell you how much he misses you. If he does not care about you, he will not even spend a dime to call you locally. Long distance special low rate call is also out of the question. He hates rough and crude people. His woman has to be clean and dress well. He inspects any thing in details besides being a perfectionist, so you could be lying in your bikini with a perfect figure and he can suddenly comment on you about your big feet. If you gain 2 pounds, he may comments you are getting too fat. Before going out with this kind of guy, look at yourself head to toe in the mirror and ask yourself if you are really and entirely ready. Unless he dates a model, then he will have fewer comments. He is neat and tidy, so his life always in a schedule, a fixed time to have

lunch, the same time to go home. He has good knowledge about food and is conscious about nutrition, so you won't see this guy eating junk food, or strange and exotic food for sure. You will see him in social events or parties if only necessary. He is gifted with acting, so if he says he cannot go out with you because he is sick, then you will believe him. He is a hard to please when it comes to what to eat, how to work, what kind of a woman to date. He is always neat and tidy, even if he is in the army, he will be the cleanest soldier in the camp. He likes to speak properly with no slang. He hates laziness and lazy people. He always acts like boring mature adults, but getting to know him, you will know he has his own charm. He always sees things clearly, so he is not the type to be blinded by love. He is a kind and cool guy, but if constantly irritated with rudeness, ignorance, or stupidity then he will show you that he is annoyed. You may see a guy in this Zodiac dressed up in an old shirt and old Jeans, but if you look carefully, you will see that his hair is neat and unconsciously he will touch his hair a lot. His desk is always neat and if he sees small scrap paper on the floor, he will pick it up or put it in the basket. People may think he is selfish, because when he says "No", he really means it. Any favor asked, he will help but always in his own limit. The more he sees faults in others, the less he wants people to see his. If you want him to change his faults, try to tell him gently or he could take it as an insult. He wants love that comes with quality, so he only has a few loves in his life. Woman's trick will not work with him. If he breaks up with a woman, he will also try to avoid all her friends and her environments too. He is very picky and every breaking up, he will be double careful next time. He can sweep woman with his charm, but he likes to keep his relationship like a friend. He likes a sincere self confident woman, neat and clean, perfect and tidy. He is a real two "P", picky and perfectionist Zodiac.

She will be similar to Leo woman in appearance. She is a slim woman who walks with confidence and pride. She has an egg shape facial structure, high and round forehead. She likes to look straight in the eye as if she is searching. She is not a pretentious type and will always say what she thinks. You will see a Virgo woman walks fast. She will try her best to be perfect, to look perfect and to feel perfect even though there is no such perfection. She is very delicate in the way she dresses up. She is bright and easily despaired with obstacles. She likes a smart guy who will be compatible with her, so if you are a rich dumb guy, you can forget about her right now. She is not a very possessive or jealous person for she expects respect from her loved one. She does not like a part time lover, or a temporary mate. If she finds her dream man, she will not go away. If she does not like you, she will always keep a certain distance. Act proper and appropriate is her discipline. She does not like and cannot stand bad language, cursing words or phrases. She likes a gentleman who opens the doors for her. She wants to feel protected and when a man taking care of her, she will feel like a complete woman. She memorizes everything about other people and about herself very well. She can really keep a secret; you can trust her on this. She likes a refreshing and a mild scent. She is very delicate in maintaining her beauty, so you could see she is seriously picking soap which matches and most suits her skin. Do not comment on her very picky habits, it is her happiness in working full time as a self beautifier. She is not an innocent angel only, for sometimes she can be as tough as steel. Even though she easily despairs, she is not the type to cry over it. She is a shy type, so making a speech in front of the room can make her nervous even though she walks and talks confidently. She only searches for true love, not just any love. Her love is an ideal one. She likes to think no one is neater than and as effective as her, which can irritate you sometimes for there is no such thing. She likes sweet talk, but she can slip and say something unpredictable and unbearable to you too. When she stops getting mad, she will totally forget what she just said and be an angel again. If you have a date with her, you'd better be there on time. Flowers and sweet words can calm her down. If you want to say sorry, make it brief and straight forward. Do not drag your apologetic words into a long making it up events; it could lead you to another world war. She likes her man to dress nice and clean. She is good in details especially with money. Do not make her that she is a clown or funny. In the beginning of knowing her, please try not to glance at other pretty woman so much. Early period of dating her, try not to hold her so much in public, it would not be a proper thing to do. She loves books, stage play and music and likes to criticize them too. Criticism

may be her best bet and she may find faults in everything including big and small things in life starting from your hair, your dress, and the way you talk. If you are in love with her, be as almost perfect as your can.

A man who has no balance like his Zodiac symbol. He is not the gentle, cool, calm and charming guy like what you see. He has another dark side of aggression, stubborn and he likes to start an argument the most. Sometimes he can be so depressed and unstable. Up and down like he is trying to balance himself most of the time. To many people, he is a friendly guy and always smiles even when he is mad or upset. His voice is always gentle and calm. He always sets and combs his hair as if he comes out from a shampoo advertisement. Mostly Libra men are good looking, even the ugly one is charming. When he smiles, it is so bright that the whole world is smiling with him too. When he is in a balanced mood, he is the type of person you want to be with. In other unbalancing moods, he likes to make people argue about something and watching it with fascination and fun. He will wait to be the one who compromise and clear things up. He likes to be in a conflicting conversation. A Libra man is lazy by nature. After his tired day at work, he likes to sit still and just look out of the window or read quietly. He likes to be in his own world. After recharging his battery, he will be very energetic again and may even take you out that night. A Libra man normally will not do any shocking or abnormal things to be noticed. He likes to be conformed to his crowd, but if you watch him carefully, you will see the difference. If he wears a shirt, it will have to be a zipper front instead of buttons, or a special tie bar. There is always something in him that he will not allow totally conformity to take him over. He is a straight forward, no non-sense guy. He is careful and delicate in details. He will spent extra time to doing it right, than comes back to correct them later. He hates people who boast, or exaggerate. He does not like a woman to be over dressed or make herself a center of attention. He loves to read. He loves poems and loves art. When he works he can work like crazy, but after work he can turn on romantic jazzy music and treat you so gently. He loves to give people advice and normally give a good advice. If you fall for him, you will stay like being trapped in a spider web. If you want to break up with him, he will persuade you a zillion ways to stay and you can not stop him anyway. After he persuades you to stay, or after a big fight, he will be so sweet to you as if he has never hurt your feelings ever before. He has his own way to win a girl's love and affection. Once she says yes, he will lay back and wonder if he should go on or if he should back out. In his teen, he changed many girl friends because he can not clearly separate loving a friend and loving a girl friend. He will check and re-check if his match is suitable and compatible with him. Even though he is a romantic man, he can hardly understand the emotions of the one he loves. He is a generous guy even though he sets his life so systematically. He will never know when he made you unhappy. He will never know how he upset you. He will never know what he said wrong. If he is your lover, be prepared for this. A not so pretty girl without a brain is not his type of woman. If you are not pretty enough, he will not mind talking to you but he does not care enough to get to know you. Any girls, pretty or ugly can ask for his help, he will be happy to help. He hates to argue by yelling at each other, so you tend to see he argue with his girl friend seriously but try at best to be very quiet. He likes to have a girl friend by getting to know each other like a friend first. If you want him, you have to like the same thing he does. He prefers a pretty and gentle woman than a smart and ugly woman. You have to understand his moods especially since he can have many different moods. He is a private person, so when he needs to be alone better let him be.

Libra woman mostly has an egg oval facial shape. She has a nice smooth skin and a good figure. She will make so many efforts to keep her skin clean and pretty. She can be easily allergic to cosmetics and make up, but taking care of her face and avoiding wrinkles is her hobby. She is good at it and tends to look younger than her age. She can be very naughty like a little boy, but yet fully 100% woman. She looks nice in either Jeans or a night gown. Sometimes she can think faster than you, but she will not leave you far behind. She will try not to make you feel like you are competed or defeated in any games she plays with you even she is winning. She is a little flirt even when she has no idea

what she wants. She cannot decide what to do, and what not to do, so she can not set her schedule very well in all cases. She is gifted with how to dress, and how to match her dress. She likes to dress in black and wear perfume. She likes a mild flowery scent. In any argument, she can really argue. She can argue for hours, and mostly win the argument. If it is not a serious argument, she could argue and once a while give you a smile also. She will make a good politician, because she can tell which party will win the election. She always has good reasons, and likes to contradict herself. She cannot decide what is right and wrong for her, because everything has a good side and a bad side. Women in other Zodiac might not care what other people think, but Libra woman cares about what other people especially you think ,or what you feel as much as her own feeling. She can adjust to her environment very well, so at work she will be at the ladder up. She likes team work in doing things. If you ask her for help or advice, she will help you except if she does not like your guts. She can change you and make you think you changed by yourself without her influence. Good side of being with Libra woman are she never interferes with your privacy. She will not make you loose face in front of your friends. Even she cares about how much money she has left in her bank account. She will never forget to let you know how much she cares for you. She thinks taking care of the house is a woman's job and she can do it well. But if you expect a Libra woman to fear you, then you are wrong. She is a strong woman even she looks at you with that sweet innocent pairs of baby's looks and may loose you (let you win) in a few poker games. If she is the one you are after, then go step by step. The best way is using her friends introducing you to her. Do not make her feel or treat her like a bubble head. You have to move forward toward her with confident and secure. Show her that you are a kind, polite and a real gentleman. Be a slow hand or else you might get smacked!

He is a man with foggy clouds over him. He is sensitive and easily hurt and always feels lonely. He does not trust anyone but himself. Sounds so negative, but he has an amazingly charisma. He is a compassionate man. He absorbs other people's sentiments, feeling and pain. He is a good psychiatrist and he could understand complex and confused feelings. He has a hidden power that he could use to make things happen and do things well. He does not like people who never try to help themselves before asking other people for favors. He is the type of guy who mostly achieves his goals in life. Once he sets his mind for something, he will put all his energy and efforts in it, whether or not it is a small matter or a big project. He is one of the most successful men in the entire Zodiac. He is a very patient man and can waits for years to reach his goal. He hates thin feelings and weak determinations. He cannot retreat or rest for long, for he thinks life has more questions and more answers to be searched. If he is in love, you will get plenty of love from him, sometimes may be too much than you have asked for. He is serious about love and relationships and will not waste time with someone he does not love whether how pretty she is. He hardly makes mistakes. He could tell if you have any bad thought, and will not hesitate to tell you so. If you do not like straight forward sincere man, then pack your bag now. If you are an over sensitive person, try not to ask for his comments. He will tell you the truth; even you might not be able to take it. Example, if you ask him if you are fat (and you are fat), he will say "yes, as big as a balloon". He makes such comments because he cares for you, so do something about your weight and do not get up set with him. If he says "you look pretty today", you can be proud because he will not say such think just to please you if he does not really mean it. There will be both kind of people, those who like him and those who hate him. If you are in love this guy, be strong and belief in your decision, do not be vulnerable. He remembers all his anger and will wait for his pay back time. He is very serious about your promises; do not promise something you could not keep. He loves his friends and will do anything for his close friends. He likes you to take care of him, but not in front of his friends. He is a complex man and you will never understand what he means if you do not really know him. He is happy to know he is a complex figure. When he is thinking or when he needs his privacy, you should give him some space. He memorizes everything well. You may say something that you have already forgotten, but he will remember every word. He wants to be respected and admired and at the same time he does not like people to have power over him. When he falls in love, he really falls deep. A man in this Zodiac once in love, he will be sweeter than sugar. He does not like a plain and simple

woman. A complex woman's mind is his venture. Always be interesting and able to talk to him about every thing in any subjects. He does not like a woman who sits around waiting for his call.

A simple woman who always shows what kind of a mood she is in. You can tell right way if she is upset, or if she is flirting with you. She displays herself with her act much more than trying to say it for it's in her character. A Scorpio woman has her own mysterious personality. She is confident and deep down inside she is quite proud of herself. She hates to think she is borne a woman, limiting her with a certain social acceptable rules. She is a real woman and despite her innocent and childish looks, she has a spirit of free soul. Many men will make a mistake if they think she is a good follower, they are wrong. She thinks being a plain simple housewife is boring. She likes to have power and control over other people, but this will be only her secret, so you will only see a cute woman. Every thing she does will look good, and she has the woman's entire trick you can think of. She can manipulate men without them knowing it. If you think she is going to do everything you say because she loves you, then you will be disappointed. She could be a little tomboyish and she can understand you by just looking in your eyes. You may say sweet words which could sweep any woman, but not with the Scorpio woman. She will use her X-ray eyes reading your thought of what you just said or what you are going to say. She always smiles and she can really hide her feeling. She will constantly show you that she loves freedom. If she has freedom, she will not leave you, but will even love you more. If she wants something, she will do everything to get it. She has her own sixth sense of people and you can feel that energy feed back when you around her. She likes a man who can earn her respect, and she will also respect and feel proud of that man. A man with power over her should not threat or challenge her confident. She likes to have a good looking, strong and healthy man especially if she starts to compare with her friends' boyfriends. It is a plus if he hold a degree or a good career. She is a hot lady. She likes heavy music. She either loves or hates, there are no "fond of", or "like" for her. Love has no "may be", or "perhaps". If she is real mad, she will trash and throw things. Her wind storm can sweep all her dishes and you could get accidentally hit on your head for this matter. Be calm, it is just your grand mother favorite china for she has good quality as much as her bad tempered. Sometimes she shows her weakness, but it won't be long. She will put herself together and back to be that hot chili again. If she loves you, it will be no matter what other people may say. Her relationship will be more important than what is right or wrong. Because of this reason, you may know some Scorpio woman become a second wife, a mistress. She is spoil, but she allows her love one to over power her. Dating this woman, you should not keep old love letters in your pocket or in your house. It could be a love letter 2 years ago, but never mind she will argue about this since this is a big deal for a suspicious woman. Remember she has a temper of the shrew. If you play a cold war with her, she will treat you likewise and double it. If you stood her up once, she will stood you up 2-3 times. She is quite fair in justice, so she can accept your apologies as much as she can pretend to accept things for now and wait for a pay back revenge in the future. If you are nice to her, she will double that to you as well. She is a real fair woman. She likes to make and spend money. She likes to have fame and reputations, and never left her broke and has no name at the same time. She is too proud and will not accept status of being "Poor". She loves to show face, so if you are a manager with small salary, she will be proud more than more money being a truck driver. She hates to think and she can not stand a feeling of being a "Nobody". If you like her, play a little hard to get. This will excite her a bit. When you go out on a date, set your schedule, but do not let she knows that you have planned this for weeks. Always go to pick her up on time or better to go 5-10 minutes early.

A man who loves social life and curious about every new progress, new development to make sure he is in the era and always have all up date information. He likes to know what the latest trend of fashion is and make sure he is not out of style. You

can easily spot him at the grand opening of new pub, new restaurant for he loves to participate in social activity. There are a few Sagittarians who are private persons as well, but you could see that he will be ahead of his friends. He will know what the best seller book is or what the top 10 hot hit of the week are. The hottest movies showing now, he must have already seen it. He hates routine, it makes him bored. He likes to get to his goals and succeeding in doing so is his true reward. Money making is O.K. but it is not his true joy, for he can easily spend them in a short while. They say if you want the truth, go and ask Sagittarius. They are right, you can ask him and he will tell you all the truth and very straight forward. Even though he may speak bluntly, his friends love him. If you have problems, all your friends may feel sorry for you, but


Aries: 2006: Aries Overview As the year begins, Aries, your focus will quickly shift from play to work -hard work. After the 10th of January, in fact, it will be tough to talk you into doing anything other than putting your nose to the grindstone. You'll be able to reach your goals more easily, though, so it will be well worth your time and energy to put everything else aside -- for now, at least. Once March arrives, however, you'll be far more interested in taking care of your health and appearance -- and you'll do a great job of it, too. A solar eclipse in early April will make this a birthday month to remember, and if you're single, this astral equation could also indicate a new relationship. Keep your eyes open after the 14th of April for someone who's extremely sensual and quite focused -- on you! Be sure they're not too focused, though. You know how you get when you feel smothered. Summer will be an entirely different story. By July, you'll be enjoying lots of freedom, travel and new experiences. Keep your passport current and your suitcases handy. The full Moon of August 19th will also bring along a chance for you to start a new hobby -- the kind that could put you in touch with someone new, exciting and just fiery enough to keep you interested. Don't pass this one up! Both the hobby and the new person could be exactly what you've been waiting for. By fall, you may be thinking of making a major career move -- one that's entirely possible. After the 17th of October, you may also be making your way along a whole new relationship path. Either way -- or both ways, perhaps -- you'll enjoy this new start, and so will those who choose to accompany you. The holidays look just wonderful, full of lots of good feelings and lots of surprises under the mistletoe. A new Moon on New Year's Eve will put you in the mood to get back to business after weeks of festivities. Go for it! 2006: Aries Career There's no need for New Year's resolutions this time around -you'll be totally driven to get the job done as soon as 2005 kicks in. Friends might have a hard time pulling you away from your job (or your job search, if that's where you're at), but it will all be worth it as you make unbelievably swift progress. The cycle draws to a close on March 4th -- schedule a vacation soon after, or people might start to think you're a robot. Your reputation will actually soar if you take time off. Lunar madness may strike around your birthday, so be ready for some serious rethinking about your feelings vis-a-vis work and your place in the world. It's an excellent time to jump ship and cast in your lot with a new boss -- or go freelance, if that's your

dream. Immediately after Tax Day is the best time to start something new, but you'll do fine at just about any point. You may have felt somewhat constricted early in the year, but as July rolls around you'll start to stretch out and explore your new territory. Business travel is a definite possibility through the summer, as is a sudden increase in responsibilities. The middle of August will bring you a new opportunity that will be exciting, but not completely unexpected. Jump on it, no matter how happy you are -- the ride will be exhausting but fulfilling, and your resume will suddenly look ten times more appealing to employers. You might feel like settling into a routine for the autumn, but that's not likely to happen. Your dynamic style will attract attention from on high during the week before Halloween, and you might shift career tracks within the same business or industry. Don't worry -- you'll have plenty of say in the matter. The winter holidays will treat you well, and you should expect a good bonus for the year's efforts. You might feel a little restless and itching for a return to a normal schedule by the end of the year, though. 2006: Aries Romantic Your personal New Year brings a renewed sense of purpose and lots of high energy after a minor bump on the 13th. Take all those sparks and translate them directly into romance around January 15th. Couples make interesting new sparks now, while singletons can find someone to warm their heart for the rest of the winter. Your perseverance in the love department pays off in a lovely way right around Valentine's Day, with something (or is it someone?) you've longed for landing right in your lap. A completely stellar weekend's in store for you beginning March 11th, so plan hot dates with new prospects or weekend getaways with your sweetheart. Relationships you begin or reinvest in now have especially high chances of blooming amazingly this spring. But between March 19th and April 12th, Mercury's retrograde in your very own sign, meaning (like everyone else) you'll need to watch your tongue (and email and text messages) with love interests. But what's it mean especially for you? You'll be afforded an unusual opportunity for introspection -- your true inner self and heartfelt desires are revealed, if you just take the time to look within. From mid-April and through the summer, you can take your love life pretty much anywhere you want it to go. Be bold and you'll be rewarded. Singles who risk a big romantic move around May 5th or 6th can hardly go wrong, and the coupled up can take their relationship to the next level. If you miss this opportunity, your passionate powers of persuasion are on fire again the weekend of June 10th. July promises singles a rollicking good time, while those romantically entangled will enjoy leading their significant (or not-so-significant) other into all sorts of new adventures. And the hot days of August bring hot romance -- particularly right around the middle of the month. The falling leaves bring a re-evaluation of your romantic path, and that's not at all a bad thing. Mid-September's the right time to either plant deeper emotional roots or pull up and move on; let intuition be your guide. Then someone entirely, spectacularly new can surprise you after October 17th, or you can surprise yourself with fresh inspiration in an existing bond. November's sprinkled with romantic goodies hidden in the burgeoning holiday bustle, and the weekend of December 9th is all about you (and whomever else you choose to include). End the year with your romantic karma in mind -- what you do from December 24th into 2006 will influence your love life dramatically.

Taurus: 2006: Taurus Overview After months of what feels like treading water, Taurus, you'll be able to make some very definite changes this year -- but you may need to use that world-famous patience of yours for a few months. Winter will be full of interesting changes, especially after January 10th. If you're due to make a career change, wait until then. The best part is that once you set your determined little mind to something, there's just no way you won't have it.

So when you decide who and what you want, you have only to focus your considerable energies on it, and you can rest assured that you'll reach all those goals -- and more. Spring will be fun and sociable, and your worst problem may be deciding which wonderful offer to accept, and which to reject. A relationship could change quite suddenly at the end of April, thanks to the lunar eclipse of the 24th. This bright event will spark up your relationship axis, asking that you turn your attention to one-to-one encounters. But it's summer that will bring you the most exciting changes. Right up until the very end of July, fiery Mars will keep things passionate, but urge you to keep quiet, too. Once August arrives, however, Mars will take all that passion and aggression into your own sign, turning up the volume on your level of assertion. That means this summer definitely won't go by without you making a stand -- a serious stand -- on behalf of someone or something that you want. Come fall, you'll make some changes, and they'll all be positive. If they don't feel that way at the time, think about this: There's a silver thread that connects everything that's every happened to us to where we are right now. If you're happy with yourself, you should be grateful for every little thing that's come your way -- whether you thought of it as positive or negative at the time. If there are things you want to change, make new choices and get your new show on the road. 'Tis the season for new beginnings, after all! 2006: Taurus Career You're a machine early in the year -- take a week or two to get yourself into gear, and then you'll be unstoppable. If you've set your sights on a new job or even a promotion, it should come to you before the ice starts melting. The events that seem like setbacks in the second week of February will quickly turn around and become advantageous. Stay focused and you'll have no serious problems getting where you want to go. The Ides of March should be especially good to you, too. Springtime is all about cultivating new relationships. Your new status should have people seeking you out, but you might want to go out of your way to attract even more attention. A spot of lunacy around the 24th of April could shake up some long-standing client or colleague relationships, but you'll have a sizable safety net if you play things right. Working on your own or as part of a twoperson team will be most rewarding after that. Mars is all about work, and this summer is all about Mars. June and July will be whisper-quiet as long as you keep your task list up-to-date and your in-box clean, but come August you'll find yourself restless and eager to take on new responsibilities. It could be that you throw yourself into volunteer work, or that you demand a more palatable workload. In either case, you've got the strong red planet backing you up. You might not like it at first, but the change in weather come September will also bring changes in the way you relate to your career. That doesn't necessarily mean you'll drop everything and write the Great American Novel, but you're definitely in for some serious choices in the months leading up to winter. The very end of October will be the best time to start putting those new plans into action, but take your time. You'll see the start of some very real changes around the holidays. 2006: Taurus Romantic You're nothing if not patient, and in 2005 your calm, cool and collected style gets rewarded in the realm of romance in just the ways you've been waiting for. Your underlying smoldering sexiness sets something very much on fire around the 22nd of January -- fan the flames by speaking your feelings in a way that seems scary but will have splendid results. Keep the communication coming; you'll need it to ward off a little jealousy (on your part or theirs) at the outset of February. March 18th marks the beginning of your personal spring; you're a hot number and a perfect package, so don't be afraid to sing your own praises a little. If you do, suitors will flock -- or if you're coupled up, you can take your relationship down a sweet garden path at the end of April. Your combination of rock-steady loyalty and alluring appeal gets recognized big-time; then it's your decision from there. Summer starts out simmering -- the weekend of June 3rd's already hot to the touch -- and sizzles onward from there. Your passion nearly explodes in mid-July, but your innate caution makes you barely (just barely) keep the lid on it until August, that is. By then, you'll know what you want and

you'll know how to get it, and you'll characteristically take a back seat to no one. If anyone tries to play games with you now, they'll be the loser, as you demand all the respect and honesty you deserve. Autumn's the time to take your love life back to school, learning some lessons (some challenging and some fun, of course) and looking toward the future. The middle of September offers a different perspective on romance that makes a great deal of sense, as well as enlightenment about a partnership (potential or otherwise). As you incorporate your revelations in October, you're able to finally let something go -- and embrace something (or is it someone?) new. Thanksgiving finds you with lots to be thankful for in the realm of romance, and the weekend of December 16th holds gifts for your heart, providing you're not afraid to actively snoop around for them. At New Year's, your love karma's looking very good indeed. Gemini: 2006: Gemini Overview As a joint financial matter finally draws to a close in winter, you're finally feeling able to turn your attention toward enjoying life -- and there'll be plenty of opportunities to do just that in February and March. From the 9th through the 15th of January, though, you may need to tie up a few loose ends, but if you can buckle down and do it, you'll reap the rewards of hard work. The full Moon of January 25th will also provide you with the inspiration to keep on going, no matter how hard your work-oriented challenges are -- and to finish up, too! For the rest of the season, you'll be able to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labors. Your friendships and group connections may change during April, or you may be put in charge of a previously recreational situation -- but you'll just love it. Being in charge will come easily to you during May and June as well, and you'll gain new admirers and lots of new friends who can't believe you're not too good to be true. Abrupt and sudden changes during summer may not seem to be of the long-term variety when they occur, but if you take a step back and look around, you'll realize that you're really at the beginning of a metamorphosis -- and at the end, you'll be glad for each and every event that contributed to making you 'the new you.' The full Moon of August 19th will give you a chance to express yourself in a whole new way, too. Don't let it go by without taking advantage of it. During fall, once again, your focus will turn to relationships -- and what to do about them. Money that's owed to you may be repaid, however, and a favor you'd long forgotten about will be returned -- further proof that the good we do comes back to us tenfold. You'll also have the chance to make some extra cash and have some fun, too, so if a hobby suddenly turns into a part-time job around the holidays, make time for it. 2006: Gemini Career If you can push yourself hard through January, the rest of the winter will be a snap. Close out any pressing financial issues as early as possible -- definitely by the 15th. It won't be the easiest time you've ever had on the job, but the rewards will be worth it. The 25th of January brings a full Moon and eleventh-hour inspiration; you should be able to push the rest of your big deals through by the end of that week at the latest and enjoy a few months of comparative relaxation. Leadership will be important through the spring. April might bring a transfer -- probably not across the globe, but definitely bringing new responsibilities. It might seem almost silly to be in charge at first, but you'll find that it grows on you as you gain confidence quickly. Those working most closely with you will appreciate your new style. Change is good, right? If you're down with that, then you'll love the summer. You might be lucky enough to be party to an industry-wide paradigm shift; on the other hand, you might just see yourself take a sharp left turn careerwise and end up somewhere you'd never have expected. July 21st brings a time of radical new ideas -- follow them up diligently and you'll be exactly where you're supposed to be.

Your flair for wit and charm will serve you well in the fall, as you'll need to acquire new contacts and massage old ones to keep ahead of the game. Financial problems will work themselves out as if by magic, and you might find a way to make money from an unexpected source. Someone from your past will contact you in the second week of November, possibly seeking a recommendation or renewed partnership. Follow up on the opportunity and continue working on other alternate revenue sources through the holidays. 2006: Gemini Romantic Your New Year begins with you all over the place in the realm of romance, with the kinds of ups and downs that make other people crazy but actually manage to keep your interest high. Be prepared to make a decision about your love life in mid-January, though; keeping a particular option open is no longer, well, an option. After some brief but informative deep thoughts at the outset of February, you enjoy the many sweet treats the rest of the winter sets out for you with your trademark wit and liveliness. Mercury goes retrograde for almost a month beginning March 19th, which may bring misunderstandings worthy of a romantic comedy into your life, but with your quick thinking you can turn potential crises into sudden kisses. But you should also look beyond the physical to deeper aspects of people now -- including yourself. You get special access to this new level at the end of March and beginning of April, and your powerful intellect sees how sexy it can be. May and June find you in charge, with your sweetheart or any number of potential ones following along happily. Matters of the heart require your focus the first weekend of July, rewarding you with the kinds of conversations and flirtations that have you practically falling in love every other minute. You'll enjoy summer's rapid-fire romantic activity, with something new always on the horizon, whether you're single or conducting a raging romance. Even a little oddness in August just adds more color to the overall picture. As for the weekend of August 26th -- well, watch out, world, here you come. Come autumn, your bewitching variety of talents ensnares you in something that could be serious -- if you let it be. The 10th and 11th of September offer insight to help you decide. It's spooky how sexy you are on Halloween, and the attention you get may even be (almost!) too much for you. But beware of another Mercury retrograde from November 13th to December 3rd -- say what you mean and mean what you say. Then get yourself under the mistletoe the weekend of December 23rd and kiss the year good-bye -- and someone sweet hello. Cancer: 2006: Cancer Overview You're going to be very busy for the first few weeks of the New Year, Cancer -- but rewards will come along before you know it. Keep your goals in sight, and don't quit. All during winter, you'll feel the need to expand your horizons, either through travel, moving or connecting with like-minded others. Basically, the universe is giving you the chance to break out of your rut and learn something new. Take advantage of it. Sign up for classes or attend a seminar around the 21st of January. Spring looks to be quite the hard working season for you, starting as soon as the solar eclipse on the 8th of April. This energizing event will affect your career and public reputation, urging you to take professional matters into your own hands. Just be sure not to ignore your family or partner while you're climbing the corporate ladder. The lunar eclipse on the 24th will shed its light on your friendships and group relationships. At that time, you may be asked to take more responsibility and prove your leadership abilities -- and you'll do a fine job. During May and June, a bit of intrigue may enter your life. Be careful not to become involved in anything that's not completely on the up-and-up. Once summer rolls around, your focus will shift to your appearance -- possibly because there's someone new in your life who's inspiring you. You'll be tempted to spend more than you know you should once August 17th arrives. If you have to make a major purchase, shop around carefully. Career and family will once again keep you busy during fall, especially around the 3rd and the 17th of October, when a pair of eclipses will activate these areas of your life. If you've been thinking of making a new career start, this would be a fine time to do it. By the end of November,

you should be settled in comfortably -- like you'd been there all along. Money matters may be tight during the holiday season, but don't panic. You'll enjoy the season more if you concentrate on warm feelings, comfort food (your specialty) and mistletoe. 2006: Cancer Career The New Year starts with a whirlwind of activity that should keep you too busy to think very far ahead, but the bluster won't last too long. By the 21st of January, you should be able to take a breather -- it's a good time to develop new skills or improve old ones. Throughout the winter, you'll feel a vague restlessness that will move you to consider new career options. You won't be tempted to chuck it all away, but you'll definitely want to make a move of some kind. Spring will present challenges, but you'll be able to meet every one. The solar eclipse of April 8th will change the way your coworkers and supervisors see you -- so get to work beforehand to make sure that the change is in your favor. Keeping a balance between your personal life and your career track might be tough. Leadership becomes an issue on the last week of the month, so make sure you step up and show what you've got. Workplace struggles simmer through May and June -- try to keep above the fray if at all possible. Your reputation will continue to be important through the summer, especially if you have new clients or bosses to worry about. Don't let them keep you from your responsibilities, though. Toward the end of August, a series of financial mini-crises will come and go; in each case, sensible spending will be the key. October will see you thinking much more seriously about big career moves. The 17th is a time of big change for you in one way or another, but you'll absorb it quickly. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, you should be used to your new scene and ready for the holiday rush. Put off any fiscal issues until the New Year, if possible -- they shouldn't be too urgent for the time being. 2006: Cancer Romantic If your love life at the end of 2004 was a little too snug even for cozy you, prepare to change things up for the better. If you're coupled up, caring may have shifted to feeling a little confined; if you're single, the winter doldrums may have left you uninspired. The New Year's your wake-up call; boldly reenvision your love life now, then set about making it happen with your usual tenacity. January 22nd through the 29th is an excellent time to begin, and February 19th and the week that follows are all about expanding romantic horizons. Speaking of expanding, your trademark generosity increases exponentially in March; just make sure anyone who's enjoying your lovely nurturing is worthy. Your sentimental nature requires much consideration, and you won't accept being taken for granted now (or ever, really). As other's thoughts turn with spring to love, you may become deeply involved in work. It'll prove rewarding, but take time out (especially in mid-April) for your love life. And take time out to deal with indecision surrounding a relationship or a potential one around May 19th; given a little space, your heart will tell you what to do, loud and clear. Passion in June could rock your world, with the weekend of June 17th bringing an unusual intensity -- but wait to interpret your wild emotional responses further before committing to anything long-term. July kicks off with the cosmos smiling directly on you; you'll charm the socks off anyone you choose, and social events seem made for you to be the centerpiece. And with your high energy at the end of August, you can initiate something very sweet, whether it's with your longtime love or someone brand-new. With the onset of autumn, you realize your personal philosophy of love needs updating to incorporate some new understanding. The weekend of September 16th is the perfect time to listen to your inner voice and explore the unknown -- whether it's unknown ideas or unknown people. Family matters are highlighted in the first half of October, and how you define your family may even change. Thanksgiving may find you busily making romantic plans along with a lovely dinner, and your December holidays are merry, bright and generally gorgeous, especially in the arena of love.

Leo: 2006: Leo Overview As the year begins, you may feel torn between putting in more time at work and giving yourself some quality time alone. You can find the right balance if you manage your time wisely, and if you remember to 'measure twice and cut once.' Do it right the first time. During February, your primary relationship will keep you busy. If you're not attached as the season begins, get yourself out there and look around. The new Moon of the 8th could bring someone along who's just different and unusual enough to keep you interested. During spring, an urge to learn something new will tempt you into taking classes or taking off for parts unknown with your partner. A proposal or a lovely invitation could come your way after the 23rd of May, too. Be prepared to make some changes for nothing but the most delightful of reasons. Summer will be a fun, sociable season for you -- but expect some delays while traveling or attempting to keep your appointments between July 23rd and August 16th, when communicative, travel-loving Mercury will throw his engine into reverse -- in your own sign. During this time, always have a Plan B ready to go, and expect everything to take longer than you'd anticipated. This doesn't mean you won't enjoy yourself. In fact, you'll probably meet someone you never would have crossed paths with if you'd been where you were supposed to be. Your natural talent for charming chitchat will be even more lethal during October. You may even be able to have a positive impact on a tough family situation. Take advantage of the good, warm feelings the holiday season inspires, and see if you can't remind loved ones of the importance of staying close. You may have some extra work heaped on your plate during mid-November, but it's nothing you can't handle. Travel plans will come together nicely during December, so make your arrangements and rest assured that all will be well. 2006: Leo Career Your job might feel just a touch too demanding as the New Year starts. Cultivate efficiency and you'll have plenty of time for other pursuits, but expect to stay busy until at least February 8th. At that point you might find a new job opening or project interesting enough to take you away from your routine. March, especially, will be a time of transition. Spring is all about new opportunities and directions. If you freelance, expect a new client that brings a different set of expectations. If you're on the clock, you'll see a creeping change in the way you relate to your industry. The last week in May will bring an offer or promotion that might be too good to pass up. After all that change, summer will come as something of a relief to you -- slow and steady as she goes. In fact, from late July through mid-August, things will slow down so precipitously that you might stall out, especially if you work with communications, computers or education. You'll do well to have another project ready to move forward, preferably one on which progress can be made slowly. October will pose a set of interesting problems for you, but each one can be settled without stretching too far from your normal mode. There might be tensions simmering in the workplace, but you won't have to get involved with any of that ugliness. November will be busy, especially mid-month, but you'll actually be glad to have the distraction. The holiday season will go well for you, but might be over too soon. 2006: Leo Romantic Make time for some you-time as you kick off your brand-new year. The demands on your time are many, and a little maintenance on the ol' heart by way of some peace and quiet will stand you in good stead. Start your Valentine's festivities early on February 11th; you can sweep anyone off their feet, regardless of whether it's your longtime sweetheart or someone brand-new. March 15th may find you uncharacteristically indecisive about some matter of the heart. Give it a few days and your intuition will kick in; then you'll create some fabulous excitement around the 21st.

Spring brings the reawakening of love (or is that lust?) and the blooming of everything around you, which always makes you want to roar. However, the 11th of April begins a week in which singles on the prowl might want to tone it down a little, while long-term relationships go suddenly from a state of hibernation to spring fever. Look for more action in your love life from May 23rd to 25th, when your generous spirit is rewarded very sweetly indeed -- perhaps you're the one being swept off your feet now. For a good time in June, you need look no further than the weekend of the 10th, when your always indisputable magnificence is virtually blinding. Issue sunglasses to your crowd of admirers, then see which one looks best in your lovely glow. If you're coupled up, let your intuition guide you around July 5th; after the fireworks fade, you can spark something special indeed. From July 23rd through August 16th, you'll want to be extra-super-cautious in communications with those you're romancing, as Mercury's in retrograde in your very own sign. Handle the inevitable mix-ups by dishing out some of your trademark generosity. The very beginning of September's got your name written on it, so take that first weekend and have your way with it. The 10th and 11th, too, have you-plus-romance all over them. October finds your natural charm turned way, way up; the coupled up can enjoy some extra autumnal coziness, while singletons can attract someone as loving and loyal as they themselves. Holiday socializing heats up in mid-November, with you as always at the center of every party (holding the mistletoe over your own head, of course). Plan a getaway in December; it'll be romantic, whether you're traveling with your sweetie or going solo. Virgo: 2006: Virgo Overview You'll probably find the first half of 2005 to be quite different from the second, Virgo. During winter and spring, you'll be thinking over money matters, and trying to get things settled. In summer and fall, you may feel the need to hibernate for a while to get your energy level back to where it was before all the excitement started -- and these seasons will be exciting, for several reasons. Still, you'll have nothing but success when it comes to finances, especially if you're working with a partner. Jupiter, the benevolent king of the gods, will spend most of the year helping you to make sound financial decisions and choose the right partners. Listen carefully to the advice of elders around the end of January. A relationship will heat up and turn quite passionate around the end of February -- and it will stay that way through March. A pair of eclipses during April will get your spring off to an amazing start -- especially when it comes to intimate matters and joint finances. Someone from out of town may also make a rather stunning entrance into your life. Tend to your career responsibilities during May and June, and expect to be rewarded by authority figures as early as June 4th. Secrets and whispers will be on the agenda at the end of June, so expect to be spending some time behind closed doors -- but not necessarily alone. Summer will arrive with the chance to join forces with a whole new group, either for spiritual or metaphysical reasons. You'll get an awful lot out of their company and their influence, so don't hesitate to get totally involved. Your birthday will be extra fun this year, thanks to a new Moon and a full Moon, bringing along surprises and lots of fast-paced change. If you're in need of the advice of a professional during fall, rest assured that you'll find someone who can help during October or November. Look around carefully, do your homework and be sure to investigate all your options before you sign on the dotted line. Expect long-distance friends and family to come along during the holidays, making them especially merry. Enjoy! 2006: Virgo Career You might fret and worry, but money won't be a problem for you this year. Work closely with supervisors or long-term clients through January and you'll meet all your milestones with ease. Work starts to get exciting in February as Jupiter enters the picture, and you'll find plenty to keep yourself occupied through the end of March.

April brings two eclipses that will mark a close to the latest round of financial struggles. You might also find it a good time to ask about raises and promotions. Toward the end of the month, you might make a valuable connection with someone outside your industry. Big rewards start to roll in for you, starting in early June. By the end of the month, you could find yourself stuck in the middle of a workplace battle, but make sure to give as good as you get. As the summer slides into focus, you might feel drawn to new volunteer work, or perhaps even a shift in focus for your career as a whole thanks to a wider view of the world. New people in your life might pull you in different directions. The Moon will take an interest in you during late August and September, and probably will step on the accelerator a little as you go through some new and exciting changes. It might be beneficial for you to seek the advice of a career counselor or coach in the autumn. Friends mean well, but they're inevitably biased. Your work and/or job search will progress smoothly, but will lack the zing that the early part of the year gave you. There might be a nice holiday surprise waiting for you at the end of this long year. 2006: Virgo Romantic With the brand-spanking New Year, your urge to find a place for everything and get everything in its place kicks in, especially as you think about realizing your sweet little romantic resolutions. But you're also well aware that love often refuses to fit into tidy niches, preferring to act gorgeously unruly and surprise you when you least expect it. The end of January and the beginning of February are the perfect time to delve deeper into your personal romantic philosophy -- and to realize giving up a little control and keeping your expectations flexible can bring unexpectedly fabulous results. Watch for someone who perceives your bountiful passion through your external reserve around February 23rd -- and watch for things to progress beautifully for the next month. Those already coupled up may find their relationship rather suddenly at an entirely new level. Watch what you say, and double-check email and text message from mid-March to mid-April as your ruling planet, Mercury, goes retrograde, bringing the possibility of your love interest misunderstanding you entirely. But spring showers you with more romance, with April a month of hearts and flowers. June may bring the kind of affair that has your usually level head up in the clouds -- but do keep your practical feet on the ground, as things may not be quite what they seem. The first weekend in July offers clarity (if you're keeping your eyes and your heart open). The rest of summer gives you opportunities in the realm of romance you can really sink your teeth into -- the juicy kind that please both your emotional side and your intellect. The weekend of September 2nd gets autumn off to a fun and flirtatious start, with both your wit and charm nearly off the charts -- and for you, that's saying something. Watch for more of the same on September 30 and the following days. October or November finds you in your trademark caregiving mode, but you'll want to make sure the recipient is absolutely worthy of your attentions before moving forward. At Thanksgiving, you're thanking your lucky romantic stars for where you are now, and the December holidays bring new sparkling joy to your heart. Libra: 2006: Libra Overview With mighty, merry Jupiter in your sign for most of this year, Libra, there's really not much you can't accomplish. All you really have to do is show up! Your luck will be amazing. More often than not, you'll end up in the right place at the perfect time. If your best-laid plans need to be canceled or adjusted during winter, don't be upset about it. By the end of February, you'll see the reason for it all. The full Moon of March 25th will shift your focus from work to your primary relationships. Take care of dear ones -and know that they'll be happy to return the favor. The solar eclipse of April 8th could bring about a major change, due to a brand-new attitude -yours. If you're feeling overwhelmed or excessively burdened, you won't put up with it any longer. The lunar eclipse of the 24th will turn up the thermostat on all your relationships, and could mean you'll be willing to risk becoming a lot more intimate with a certain person. Those feelings will continue throughout May and most of June. Just watch out for a bit of jealousy.

During summer, you may need to invest more time and energy then you feel you've got in your career and your group affiliations. You'll reap the rewards as soon as August, via a public display of gratitude. Whatever you're working on, keep at it, even if authority figures seem to be doing their best to make your job more difficult during September. They may simply be trying to see what you're made of. A pair of eclipses in your sign during October will make fall very interesting. . If sudden changes come along, take them in stride and be adaptable. The harder you try to resist going along with the universe's plan, the more urgently it will pull you along. Besides, by the time the holidays arrive, you'll be happily involved in family matters, possibly because of a wedding or the birth of a child. 2006: Libra Career Jupiter likes you this year, and that's good for business. Good luck will flow your way naturally, and if anything doesn't seem absolutely perfect in January, it'll be resolved by the end of the following month. Work will take care of itself for a while starting the last week in March, as the Moon sees to it that you start checking in with your personal life and reestablishing a balance. Don't look directly at the solar eclipse on April 8th, but do look deeply into your beliefs and attitudes toward your career. The bright light will help you focus on what you need to change in order to move forward at the right pace. The light will go out on the 24th as the lunar eclipse helps you settle back into your comfort zone in the workplace. Your successes in May and June might spark a bit of a competitive frenzy among your peers, but you'll end up ahead. There ain't no cure for the summertime blues, and this year is no exception. You might feel drained by all the demands placed on you throughout July. At some point in August you'll find a nice point to take a break and might even get some recognition for all your hard work. As autumn approaches, you can expect some conflict with supervisors or maybe an intractably difficult client. Ride it out, but don't give in. After all of that, you'd like for the fall to be gentle and easygoing. Instead, more eclipses -- in Libra, no less -- make you the star attraction. You'll need to show off how flexible you are as big changes try to sweep you away. If you bend in the wind, you won't break, and you'll ride out the rest of the holiday season in high style. 2006: Libra Romantic If your New Year gets off to a bit of a slow start in the love department, work on your romantic karma by doing some of your trademark matchmaking. Your perceptiveness and natural knack for connections, along with your subtlety and diplomacy, mean that in January and February you can easily assist those who tend more toward floundering in the realm of romance. They'll thank you, and by March you'll reap some intense rewards. The fabulousness of the weekend of March 25th is practically overwhelming, as you're showered with attention and dishing it right back out to someone wonderful. Around April 8th, spring blossoms for you, and it's all about relationships -- and it's all up to you. Get clarity surrounding what you truly want, and then all you have to do is communicate to obtain it. The weekend of April 22nd and the following days find you sitting pretty in the realm of romance, perhaps with the perfect someone to share your throne. Things develop at an exponential rate from there, with May and June sprinkled liberally with happy days and increasingly hot nights. You're not prone to jealousy, but if something offends your sense of fair play in the love arena at summer's outset, you could find yourself suddenly cozy with the green-eyed monster. Don't hold it in; with your natural grace, you can express your feelings (perhaps around mid-July) and come out feeling better and stronger. Your relationship or a potential one will benefit as well, with some sweet results to be found toward the end of August. If a romantic test comes your way in September, you'll pass with flying colors, and the beginning of October invites fresh, exciting new energy into your love life. Be open and let it in no matter what unusual form it may take, and be ready for almost anything to happen. November offers several days of particular sweetness beginning on the 12th, while your December holidays are

happily family-oriented -- and your notion of family may suddenly, beautifully expand. And from December 24th through January 2006, you have a stellar opportunity to examine and reshape the role of love in your life. Scorpio: 2006: Scorpio Overview Your own planet, Pluto, will continue on his path through Sagittarius during 2005, putting laws, education and politics at the forefront of everyone's minds -- but yours in particular. You'll be even more likely than usual to get involved this year, but try not to get carried away. Remember, others do have a right to their opinion -- even if they're wrong! Your urge to lecture -- and to go on at length, truth be told -- will be especially strong during January, when several planets in Capricorn will join forces with the new Moon to make it next to impossible for you to keep quiet. The first half of this season will seem to rush by you, but late February and March are times you'll want to remember. Slow down and enjoy this time to its fullest. The pace of life will pick up dramatically during spring, especially when it comes to relationships. In particular, during April the lunar eclipse of the 24th will illuminate this area of your life, bringing with it the chance to either become closer to your current partner or to find someone new who'll be in your life for some time to come. If you've recently come out of a relationship, go slow. During summer, your focus will turn to an emotional matter you were sure had long since been resolved. If this issue comes around again, don't be upset. Use the energy of the full Moon of July 21st to talk it all out and get it settled, once and for all. You can reach a happy compromise if you're willing to let go and let the universe drive. The full Moon of September 18th will bring you a chance to become friends with a whole new peer group. Go ahead and get involved. Expand your horizons. The solar eclipse of October 3rd and the lunar eclipse of the 17th will both affect your subconscious desires. You've always been an expert in that department, but now -- well, now, you'll want more than just physical intimacy. You'll be after true intimacy on all levels, and you won't stop until you have it. That goes double for your encounters with family members around the holidays. 2006: Scorpio Career January is a big crazy month for you, as Capricorn gets up in your business and creates more new projects than you know what to do with. Fortunately, you'll find that keeping your bosses happy is as easy as smiling, and you'll maintain the good feelings through the rest of the winter. Things will settle down in February, and you'll get into a good groove through the end of March. You'll feel like shaking things up as spring starts blossoming. You might want to switch workgroups or office mates -- or go nuts and start fishing around for an entirely new job. Whatever happens, it'll be the interpersonal connections that matter most to you. As your ruling planet Pluto makes its pokey way through Sagittarius, you might find yourself drawn toward advanced education. Expect a blast from the past this summer. You might get an intense feeling of nostalgia around the full Moon on July 21st -- it could be that you start thinking about the path not taken. Take time to think it all out and you'll find a great way to synthesize the passions of youth with today's practical necessities. Collaborations become big news in late September, and you might get involved with a new team. A quiet lunar eclipse slips under almost everyone's radar on October 17th, but you'll pick up on the deep vibrations and find yourself reenergized. You'll have a new attitude toward your coworkers and will find ways to squeeze extra work out of anyone. Your management style will be well regarded throughout the fall and beyond. The holiday season will give you a chance to recalibrate the balance between your work life and personal life.

2006: Scorpio Romantic The New Year finds you in a philosophical mode, investigating and questioning anew things you may have accepted or taken for granted for some time. Naturally, you're probing the realm of romance as well -- and in January you're having amazing realizations. There are practically cartoon light bulbs popping on over your head, illuminating your love life in most interesting ways. Share your revelations (especially on the weekend of February 18th) -- and watch as the power of your intellect heats things up (particularly at the end of March). April brings a little less conversation and a lot more action -- call it the power of spring. Love is in the air and life is all about relationships, and you're well aware of your power to make your fantasies into reality. Don't miss an especially spectacular opportunity to do so around April 24th and again around May 23rd. If you're coupled up, you can transform and reintensify your relationship now -- and if you're single, the world had better watch out. Some new ideas are brought into your personal romantic arena in early summertime, as well as some inspiring new people. At the same time, an old issue in your love life could revive itself, to your consternation. Don't forget to learn from the experiences of those around you, and don't forget to maintain forward motion. Your natural passion regains momentum the weekend of July 15th -- then your intuition guides you to exactly where you want to be at the beginning of August. The summer heat sizzles long into fall for you. In mid-September, you're deeply involved in investigating some of the many mysteries of love, while October sees your desires really fired up (and for you, that's saying something). You won't accept anything halfway, nor should you. November 1st looks intense -- take advantage of it. Watch your communication, especially in romance, from November 13th through December 3rd, when Mercury retrogrades through your very own sign; little mix-ups are inevitable, but you can prevent full-blown breakdowns. Get what you want the weekend of December 16th (and don't be surprised if it comes in a strange package). Sagittarius: 2006: Sagittarius Overview During 2005, you'll have a chance to cash in on the solid reputation you've created for yourself over past years. You've probably become almost famous in your chosen profession -- so obviously all that hard work was worth it. As soon as January, however, you'll be able to resume your favorite activities: leisure, pleasure and fun. You may be doing it in private, but that won't be a problem. You definitely won't be alone unless you want to be. Money matters may be less than fun to deal with, so be sure you have someone to talk to -- someone you trust. Then let it go, and concentrate on the full Moon of March 25th, which is due to turn up the volume and intensity in your love life. You may be uncharacteristically concerned with settling down during spring, but don't panic. Remember, you really can have a life and a relationship at the same time. You just have to choose the right partner -- someone who's as freedom-oriented as yourself. An individual who answers that description could be along as soon as May 23rd, by the way, so be ready. Summer's astrological highlights will inspire you to learn some new skills and study subjects you've always been interested in. You're a lifelong student, always at home in a classroom. Make the most of it now. The full Moon of August 19th will inspire you to begin or resume the study of something you really enjoy. By the end of September, you should be up and ready to run. The eclipses due in October will turn up the electricity in all your friendships, and could herald a change with regard to one in particular. So if someone you've only thought of platonically suddenly makes noises like they're interested in much more from you, think carefully about whether you're ready for this -- and if you can go back to being friends again if it doesn't work out. The holidays look just wonderful. Don't forget to spend some quality time with the elders in your life. 2006: Sagittarius Career You've taken things pretty far up until this point, so why not take a break? Ease up on the career focus in January. Keep up the good work, but try to reclaim some personal time while you're at

it. You might need to take the lead if a financial problem pops up, but otherwise you've got smooth sailing ahead. The full Moon of March 25th signals a return to the hustle and bustle; you won't be able to help yourself as you jump back into the swing of things. You'll feel settled in wherever you are throughout the spring, though it might feel a little weird to not be as restless as usual. Embrace the calm while it lasts! The first week of May will be especially good for you -- you'll feel grounded and really able to tackle any level of work. You're definitely making a name for yourself, probably far beyond the walls of the workplace. You'll develop an itch for new skills and knowledge as summer rolls around, and it might be a good time to take a class or involve yourself in some pro bono work that expands your horizons. By mid-August at the latest you should know what you want to tackle next and be ready to move toward it full throttle. Business starts picking up dramatically in late September, so be ready to take on more and more work. As all that work piles up through the fall, you'll need to polish up your work relationships to make sure everyone helps you get it all done. October eclipses will help push you over the edge from friendly to charismatic, so it shouldn't be too hard to keep people happy and attract new business (maybe even poaching from your rivals). The holidays should exceed your expectations and then some! 2006: Sagittarius Romantic You're in a fabulous mood as the New Year commences, and the whole world's ready to eat you up with a fork and spoon. You're having fun mixing it up a bit in your love life, whether you're single or coupled up; mid-January finds you especially irresistible. Then, with your usual stellar timing, both your creativity and your powers of communication sizzle right around Valentine's Day. The weekend of March 25th heats things up further, with the chance to add your hopes and dreams right into your romantic reality. While you're certainly susceptible to spring fever, it'll be accompanied by feverish activity in your ever-busy brain. In the love department, this means expanding your explorations and even rethinking some of your ideals. Growth and happiness will result, especially in mid-April. In the days leading up to May 23rd, someone's very interested in learning more about your philosophy of love -- up close and personal. You share generously, as always, whether it's with a tried-andtrue sweetie or somebody new. Summer means incorporating spring's bountiful intellectual activity into your everyday love life, and you're just the person to make it all work out beautifully. You may also be incorporating a new person into your day-to-day schedule, and for your liberty-loving self, this always involves some compromises. A good sense of humor is your best ally, and singles and the coupled up alike enjoy a good laugh (and possibly a good romp) the weekend of July 8th. Then the days surrounding August 6th are fiery indeed. In September, inspiration for your love life is available right, left and sideways, so get yourself out there -- singles should try an entirely different mode of meeting people for sweet results. Some unexpected admiration takes things to another level in October, so be ready to respond in whatever way you choose. From November 13th through December 3rd, Mercury's in retrograde, partially in your very own sign -- so caution in romantic communiques is essential. Meanwhile, though, December 1st gives you a stellar chance to spark something new -- or renew something sparkling. The days just before the end of the year are all about you, so celebrate yourself in fine style. Capricorn: 2006: Capricorn Overview Your own planet, serious Saturn, will spend the first half of the year influencing you with regard to relationships, Capricorn, and the second urging you to get up close and personal with someone you've just recently learned to trust. But during the whole of 2005, you'll be just as concerned as ever with your career. The good news is that you'll be amply rewarded for your efforts in all departments, and the kudos will start pouring in as soon as the 9th of January. For the rest of winter, you'll focus on your personality and appearance. You may be in the mood to start a diet or quit a bad habit during January. In February, you'll want to tend to money matters -which may be a bit tricky to navigate. Keep an open mind, and don't hesitate to explore

unconventional possibilities. The full Moon of March 25th will bring attention to a family situation -one you've been worried about for some time. Let go and let your emotions show. The solar eclipse in April will help to bring closure to the matter. For the rest of spring, you'll be intent on getting closer to someone you've only been thinking of casually for some time now. It's time to put intimacy on the front burner. Whether it's emotional, physical or intellectual doesn't matter. Bare your soul with confidence. In particular, the full Moon of June 22nd will arrive just in time to help you be brave and bold, personally speaking. Take advantage of it. The urge to get close won't be going anywhere soon, either. All during summer, you'll be focused on a certain person -- but fortunately, they'll be just as focused on you! This could mean -- once again -- that you're due to either end a relationship or take a casual encounter to a whole new level. Just don't let your work slide. You have your reputation to think of. A voice from the past could arrive early in fall. Before you allow them back into your life, be sure you're ready for a committed relationship -- because that's exactly what they'll have in mind. During October, two eclipses will help you to turn toward career matters and think less about personal things. By the time the holidays roll around, you'll be quite ready to relax -- and you'll certainly have earned it. Some new family members may be along to help you enjoy your time together -- but don't forget about that mistletoe! 2006: Capricorn Career Saturn, your ruling planet, is telling you to brush up on your interpersonal skills this year, but you needn't worry -- you'll get better without trying too hard. Communication skills will be vital in all areas of work throughout the year. Your first lesson will come early (around January 9th), when you'll need to take praise well. You'll start to see the fruits of last year's efforts pay off, and you'll need to keep from getting a swollen ego. Pay attention to budget issues in February and make sure you've wrapped up any office squabbles by the time of the full Moon on March 25th. Focus on the people you work closest with throughout the spring. It might be your boss, your peers or particular customers -- whoever it is, make sure to devote your attention to their needs. A time will come, probably around the end of June, when you'll need to take a stand for something you believe in that might run counter to workplace culture. Don't worry: You'll have Saturn on your side. As fall arrives, start to build out from those close relationships until you've got a strong network centered on you. It could be that you find a golden opportunity to cement your reputation as a can-do worker -- seize it and the rest of the year (and maybe the next several years) will go smoothly. You might have the chance to work on a side project that could become quite lucrative over time. An old employer might come calling in the autumn, or nostalgia might coax you to look them up. If they make an offer that seems tempting, consider it thoroughly before moving; you don't want to end up sliding backward. October's two eclipses will steer your thinking toward the future and where you want to be in several years. Make a plan and stick with it. Once you've made up your mind, the holidays should be surprisingly relaxing. 2006: Capricorn Romantic Your New Year starts off with a bang indeed -- while you may be seriously chipping away at your list of resolutions in other areas, your reserve is blown away in the love department directly after the first week in January. You surprise the heck out of yourself, and whether you're carousing with somebody new or just anew with your steady, they're pleasantly shocked as well. Then your trademark perseverance in some matter of the heart can pay off the weekend of February 4th -and the weekend starting March 4th can be whatever you want to make it, lovewise. Spring's all about relationships. If you're coupled up, you're as protective of your privacy as ever to outsiders, yet you slowly see that letting your true tenderness show is a risk very much worth taking -- perhaps beginning April 1st (no fooling). Similarly, singletons amp up their love lives by getting a little deeper, realizing there's not much to lose and a great deal to gain. May 7th and 8th

hold much promise, romantically speaking, and June 22nd is a perfect time to say what you mean and mean what you say. Your heart continues to occupy your mind through a sizzling summer, with the weekend of July 15th presenting a decision that you're very much ready for. Those who think of you in a businesslike way make some major adjustments at the beginning of August, as your love life takes you through some extremes that you ultimately find thrilling. Who knew you were so wild at heart? With your innate practicality, you're never one to dwell on your romantic past; but in the fall, someone from your romantic past may be dwelling on you. Your old loyalty may be sparked, but is the connection still there? Let your intuition guide your, especially the weekend of September 16th. In October and November, your mind's on your money and your money's on your mind, but don't exclude the nourishment of a sweet little something in the romance department. Look for a hot holiday party on December 16th or 17th, and as far as New Year's Eve weekend, it's got your name (plus someone else's) written all over it. Aquarius: 2006: Aquarius Overview You've been dealing with intensity and passion in all your communications for years now, Aquarius, which means you're probably quite skilled in that department now. Still, as 2005 rolls around, you may find that you're even more prone to speak your mind and let your opinions be known. That goes double for the first nine months of the year, which outgoing Jupiter will spend in easygoing but assertive Libra and your solar house of

Is your birthday day 1 of the month?
Your Life
You are very curious and dedicative. When you are interested in something, everything else has to wait. This is your quality. But if you learn to Be more patient and complete what you have started, you will be successful in life.

Your Love

You believe in love at first sight. You won't wait to learn more about the person. Vise versa, people who fail to impress you will hardly get a chance to be your friend. Your emotion is on the extreme. You can only love or hate, nothing in between and this often shows in your _________expression. Try not to end a relationship in a quarrel. -----------------------------------------------------------

Is your birthday day 2 of the month?
Your Life
You have great common sense but usually fail to follow through. This might happens because you are too busy with your mission and shut yourself from the outside world. You are clever and profound so there's a slight chance for self-control problem.

Your Love

Your love progress slowly, and quietly. You seem to be contented with your unrequited love. Your are a romantic and loyal lover.


Is your birthday day 3 of the month?
Your Life
Although you are innocent and romantic but your _________expression often mislead others that you are an active, fun loving kid. Because of your double personality, it's hard for others to really know the real you. You are careful and patient.

Your Love

Your love is the greatest which often surprises others. No one can bring you to light when you are in love. Your confidence might lead you to the track your parents disagree . -----------------------------------------------------------

Is your birthday day 4 of the month?
Your Life
You usually think before acting which makes your life quite easy. But you often are the one who give yourself a hard time by being paranoid. People might not truly understand you but you are really nice to be around. You are cheerful and friendly.

Your Love

Still water runs deep, that's what you are. You always surprise others with your new character when you are in love. Your love trap often comes unexpectedly and your love life is full of surprises. -----------------------------------------------------------

Is your birthday day 5 of the month? Your Life

Although you are on the quiet side, but you enjoy excitement and changes. Routine is something you cannot stand. Because of your extreme confidence, you hardly ask others for opinion. You believe in leading your own life, and you have got the gift in doing so.

Your Love

Nothing can stop you from making progress in your love life. Once you are in love, you feel the ownership of your lover. A third party can only makes your jealousy becomes worse. -----------------------------------------------------------

Is your birthday day 6 of the month?
Your Life
You are generous with people in need, sometimes to an extreme that people find you nosey. Your hidden courage and dedication often surprise others. Your imagination is extremely unique.

Your Love

Your love life is on the smooth track because it grows from friendship.Although you may not make a sweet lover but your sincerity bring happiness to your couple.


Is your birthday day 7 of the month?
Your Life
You are sensitive to changes around you but your feeling is hardly expressed. You hate exaggerations. Under your quiet personality, you are rather stubborn and selfcentered. These qualities are the force behind your extreme persistence.

Your Love

You have enormous courage to please your lover. Your relationship often progress quickly. -----------------------------------------------------------

Is your birthday day 8 of the month?
Your Life
You have pleasant and friendly personality. People look u to your wit and imagination. You are unpredictable and hardly complete what you started, which sometimes create negative impact to people around you.

Your Love

Falling in love becomes your routine. Most of the time you are lucky. You fascinate people with good taste but you never have enough with one. Although your love progresses very fast, it never lasts. -----------------------------------------------------------

Is your birthday day 9 of the month?
your Life
You often have problem in promoting yourself, just because you don't know how to express your true self. On the other hand, you don't really care what they think. This is why people misunderstand you until they really get a chance to learn about your pleasant personality. Opposite sex find you mysterious and worth searching. Your wit is remarkable but sometimes you are too fast to follow.

Your Love

You won't reveal your feeling even after dreaming about the same guy over and over. Your first love lasts forever. You are responsible to the feeling of your lover. The chance to betray your lover is none. You have luck with children. You Will be Happy Always with u r Love Marraige. and she -----------------------------------------------------------

Is your birthday day 10 of the month?
Your Life
You are very capable. If you are a woman, you have high chance to be a renowned workingwoman. If you are a man, your path to fame and honor is near. As an innovator, you are not a good follower. You are good in implementing your imagination and share it with others. You are always well dressed.

Your Love

You often lose your love ones from being too jealous. You always feel like you own the person you fall in love with and that often blows your relationship. -----------------------------------------------------------

Is your birthday day 11 of the month?
Your Life
You are gracious, elegant and prudent. People admire your qualities and some even become jealous of you. You are realistic, flexible and adaptable. You are remarkably kind and moral person.

Your Love

You are willing to sacrifice yourself for the one you love. Your lover will always have your gentleness, care and loyalty. You will always be happy to hand around the one you love.


Is your birthday day 12 of the month?
Your Life

You are friendly, humorous and full of energy. You are open-minded and do not care for minor details. Your weak point is your hot temper.

Your Love

You are willing to start off in one-sided love affairs because you strongly believe that you will eventually win his/her heart. On the other hand, once you are together, you always want to do things your way, which is often the fire starter. You usually run in and out of love quickly.


Is your birthday day 13 of the month?
Your Life

You are sincere and easy going. Flattering and charming around are not your style. You care so much for freedom that often leads you to the difficult path. Because of your sincerity, most people find you easy to be around although you are sometimes too straightforward.

Your Love

Your gentleness, care and sincerity make you an attractive person. Eventhough you don't intend to be charming, but you naturally are, especially in the eyes of opposite sex.


Is your birthday day 14 of the month?

Your Life

You are so confident that sometimes you forget about the people around you. If you have to be in one of the two teams, you will choose to be in the winning team. On the other hand, you are kind and caring but above all, you care for your own benefits. Your imagination is unique and often gets implemented shortly after it comes across.

Your Love

You will not get soft with the one you don't really like, no matter how hard he/she tries. But once you feel for someone you have chosen, there's no getting back.


Is your birthday day 15 of the month?
Your Life

You are outgoing and love to be at the center of attention. From the outside, you may seem flashy, flirty, and tricky but your true self is strong, full of hope to be the leader. When you fail to convince someone, you will get frustrated, and perhaps let your temper shows.

Your Love

You are emotional. Many can win your heart at once, but not for long. This is why you hardly win a decent relationship.


Is your birthday day 16 of the month?
Your Life

You always follow the good and the right instead of listening to your heart. Another word, you are a perfectionist. You care for every word people say about you. You often seen isolated while you are, by nature, curious and a dreamer who is ready to get over the edge to make your dream comes true.

Your Love

You often fall in love with a person who is much different from you, in age and other aspects. Your relationship grows on friendship. Love at fist sight is not your style.


Is your birthday day 17 of the month?
Your Life
You neither want to be interfered nor have the desire to mess with others' life. But you are friendly and occasionally a party animal. You are always in a circle of friends. You often do things in your own way that occasionally go beyond the

acceptable limit. People may sense.

find you childish and not very attractive in that

Your Love

Your fun-loving character attracts opposite sex. Many of those are great. You often find yourself trapped among a few great guys while you have to choose only one.


Is your birthday day 18 of the month?
Your Life

At first glance, people think you are quiet type of person. Actually you are cheerful, but conditionally. You will show your joyful character only in good mood. One the other hand, when you are moody, no one would dare to be around. Because of your emotion fluctuation and frank character, some find you hard to be around.

Your Love

You hardly show your feeling towards opposite sex no matter how much you like him/her. Your partner also has similar character so your love affairs often take quite a while to flourish. Time tells it all. Your sincerity makes you very attractive.


Is your birthday day 19 of the month?
Your Life
You are great in managing everything in your life and this is how you gain respect from others. Because of this quality, you sometimes feel that you are better than the rest. Extreme confidence might lead you to the wrong path. You are a free bird and want to lead your own life.

Your Love

You love life is rather different from others'. When you are in love, nothing can stop you. You may often fight with your partner but, soon after that, you will make up in a way that surprises others.


Is your birthday day 20 of the month?
Your Life

You are prudent, circumspect and take things seriously. Before you make any move, you will think of a few alternatives that might take a while. You are patient, imaginative and target oriented. You value friendship more than anything else.

Your Love

You usually study your partner carefully before making any move. You never demand

anything beyond the natural quality of that person. Your sincerity doesn't bring excitement in your love life but it brings deeply grown relationship.


Is your birthday day 21 of the month?
Your Life
You are curious and a true follower. You can please someone so much that it seem like you are trying to charm that person. You hide your disagreement under your smiling face. This is a charming quality of yours.

Your Love

You are quite unlucky in love. You are loved by someone you don't like while your dream man is so far away. Your love life is occasionally under turbulence. Sometimes you don't have the clear view of the guy in your heart.


Is your birthday day 22 of the month?
Your Life
You have the boss character, but not a leader. Most people look up to you for your capability and confidence although they find you quite stubborn. You should listen more to others. You are a unique and charming individual.

Your Love

You hardly take the moderate track. You either love or hate someone. Whom you call friends are the chosen ones. If any of them betray you, you won't let them get away without having hard time.


Is your birthday day 23 of the month?
Your Life
You never live your life in the way others want you to. You are an independent individual who loves challenges and excitement. You are ready to face with the result of your decision. You are usually the one your friends count on.

Your Love

Because you love excitements, you occasionally get involved in forbidden love affairs. You may fall in love with a married person and no one can stop you from making progress. You are very charming, although you might not realize it.


Is your birthday day 24 of the month?

Your Life

You are very optimistic and that's why you always enjoy life. You are gifted in entertaining others. Your friends love and trust you. You'll be the first they come to when they are in need of someone to speak their heart out.

Your Love

Sometimes you fall in love just because you want to be in love, not that you really like that person. You always be seen as a sweet couple but you can't really get over your love ones from past. Your partner is usually crazy about you because you are remarkably charming and romantic. -----------------------------------------------------------

Is your birthday day 25 of the month?
Your Life
You are a warrior. No obstacle can stop you from reaching your goal. You always keep yourself busy. This quality plus your responsibility will eventually bring you success.

Your Love

You adore your partner as the number one priority. You value your love one more than yourself. Your love is the greatest of all and your have potential to get married young. -----------------------------------------------------------

Is your birthday day 26 of the month?
Your Life
You are always curious and responsive to changes. Routine life is not the way you choose to live. Travelling is your favorite hobby because excitement is what you are after.

Your Love

You will not stand being around the one you dislike. Your love comes and goes quickly. You can be deeply in love but soon after you will be looking around for the next one. -----------------------------------------------------------

Is your birthday day 27 of the month?
Your Life
You are sensitive and vulnerable. Tears often run down your cheeks even when the matter is not that bad. This might be the result from being to pessimistic. You might seem cold on the shell, but your inner self is a kind loving person.

Your Love

You will be elegantly dressed, no matter how casually dressed your date may be. You are emanding in love and sometimes to an unacceptable extend. -----------------------------------------------------------

Is your birthday day 28 of the month?

Your Life

You are a capable person but you usually underestimate your own ability. This is the cause of missing numbers of opportunity to step forward. If you try to give yourself a chance, you can be successful in life. Try to see things on the bright side and you will be happier than ever.

Your Love

You are quite unlucky in love. The one in your arm is not the one in your heart. Your love has so many ups and downs. You often chicken out before seeing any progress in love. -----------------------------------------------------------

Is your birthday day 29 of the month?
Your Life
You can trust your sixth sense. Life is exciting so routine job is not your interest. You have great ideas and fantastic imagination. You often feel tired of things and people around you.

Your Love

You can tell what's in the mind of another person just from looking into his/her eyes. You are paranoid and jealous and these are the cause of fights between you and your lover. Sometimes the thing you believe in is just your imagination. -----------------------------------------------------------

Is your birthday day 30 of the month?
Your Life
You are always surrounded by a circle of friends. You are friendly and fun to be with. Though you occasionally disappoint them by being stubborn, but over all, they love your qualities.

Your Love

You want to have full control of your love and that's not a nice way to treat your partner. You take your time in saying yes to his wedding proposal or if you are a man, you will not propose anyone until you are certainly confident which might take ages. ----------------------------------------------------------

Is your birthday day 31 of the month?
Your Life
Your emotion is hard to predict. You can be sad this minute and happy in the next. People might find it difficult to follow your emotion and understand you. You tend to take things seriously. Your Love You take your time to study a person before falling in love. Once you decide that he or she is the one, no one can stop you from making progress, even your partner.

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