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of 18 not to read this. I Don t Own Anything! Life s Little Choices (Part 3, The End) Chapter 51 - Getting Ready (Lemon) "Would you like to join me in the shower?" Bella asked, grabbing her clothes from her bag in our closet. "Do you really think that's wise?" I asked, showing her the smile I knew she loved best. "I suppose not," she sighed, standing up and heading into our bathroom. I chuckled softly to myself as I took off my shirt, tossing it on the floor next to me. At least I didn't have to wonder if she'd enjoyed our love making so far. It was clearly evident in her beautiful, brown eyes. I grabbed my shirt, intending to put it in the hamper, when I noticed she had left the door wide open. The last time Bella had left a door open it had not ended well for her. I was shocked she would do it on purpose. Her back was to me as she pulled off her shirt. I wanted to look away, but my feet were glued to the floor. She slowly shimmied out of her jeans. As she reached around her back for her bra strap, my feet remembered how to move. I wrapped my arms around her waist and gently pulled her against my chest. "Isabella," I whispered as I kissed her neck. "Do you have any idea what you're doing to me right now?" "Maybe a little," she said, leaning further into me. Her smile was clear in her voice. "But you don't think it's wise to join me in here so you should leave." No embarrassment this time! The little vixen was taunting me. It was only fair to return it. "You're right," I said. I let her go then spun her around to face me. I grinned wickedly at her before scooping her up and tossing her over my shoulder. She squealed as I brought her out of the bathroom and dropped her onto our bed. I crawled above her and smiled down at her. "This is much better."

"I don't think so, Tutor-boy," she giggled. Her happiness made me feel happy. "You have too many clothes on." "You could always fix that," I said, kissing along her neck and shoulder. "And if I don't want to?" she asked, tugging at my jeans by the belt loops. "You wouldn't have left the bathroom door wide open," I replied, staring into her eyes. "You don't know that for sure," she said, smiling coyly at me. "For all you know, I merely forgot to close it again. It's not like you're a mind reader or anything." "True, but I like to think I've learned a little about reading your eyes and face since I've met you. And since you aren't blushing, it clearly wasn't an accident." "And what are my eyes telling you?" "You love me." "That's certainly true. Anything else?" "You are enjoying teasing me right now." "Possibly. What else?" "It's been far too long since I kissed you and touched you and held you close," I whispered, holding her in my arms. It was certainly true enough for me. I loved her more than I ever thought was possible. "I love you so much, Bella." I kissed her again. While I kissed her, she ran her little hands across my shoulders and down my chest. My breathing hitched a little when her hands moved down and started unbuttoning my jeans. I let her get them open and down my legs, then I stepped out of them, never breaking our kiss. It was still too soon when I had to let her go to breathe. "I love you, Edward," she panted, as I kissed across her shoulders. "I love you, Bella." I smiled against her skin, enjoying the knowledge that I made her feel this way. I lifted my head to kiss her lips again when Emmett's booming voice carried across the house. We both stopped moving, looking at each other warily.

"You locked the door, right?" she asked with a panicked look in her eyes. I ran to our door and grabbed the handle, glad to see it had been locked. I thought about the look on her face just now and the one from last night when she had been crying. "Maybe we should just save this for later," I sighed, leaning against the door. "Yeah, maybe," she said softly. She climbed off the bed and went into our bathroom, not even glancing toward me. I wondered if I had made a mistake. Maybe she hadn't wanted me to stop. The shower turned on as I stood against the door, trying to figure out what the right thing to do would be in this situation. I ran my hand through my hair and realized I had no idea. I would have to ask her. I took a deep breath and headed into our bathroom. Bella was leaning forward, letting the water pound against her back and shoulders. I stepped in behind her and softly kissed the wet skin of her back. "Edward, what are you doing?" she asked, her voice sounding somewhere between anger and pleasure. "I'm sorry for earlier," I whispered as I brushed my lips against the nape of her neck. "I wasn't sure what you wanted. I don't want Emmett and you to argue again. If you want us to wait until tonight, we will, but I just wanted to be close to you right now. I love you so much, Bella. I don't want to do anything that will upset you." She turned and faced me. "Edward, I appreciate the sentiment. It's very sweet of you. But there are only two people in our relationship and Emmett isn't one of them. I may not want him to know we have reached this step in our relationship, but I won't let his presence stop me from experiencing it either." She put her hands against my chest and smiled up at me. I was blown away once again by how beautiful she looked when she smiled. "So if you want to love me then love me. But you better decide before Alice comes looking for us. I have a feeling she could pick your lock if she really wanted to." I crashed my lips to hers, letting the kiss be my answer to her. She wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling herself closer to me. I lifted her up and wrapped her legs around my waist, balancing her between the wall and my chest. I hoped the tile wall wasn't too cold for her.

" She smiled at me one more time as she closed the shower door. Did she think I had a death wish? Emmett would absolutely kill me if he saw a hickie on Bella! Neither of us spoke after that. How had I ended up with such an angel? She was so perfect. witty. Then I washed her body. I started sucking at her neck. Not to mention insanely gorgeous. gently massaging her scalp. being careful to not hurt her in any way. and my own attempts to find air." I chuckled against her skin. I kissed her on the forehead. I had never been happier that I had waited for the right person for her. licking up the droplets of water.The water fell down around us as if we were caught outside in a very warm rainstorm. "You had better go find Alice now. brave. The only sounds around us were the patter of the water. I moved my lips to her neck. love. Bella's shallow breaths. both of us working to calm down from our release. "I love you. I pushed forward into her. Slowly. and so unbelievably loving. She was charming. I felt it had the best chance of passing Alice's fashion standards. As she shivered in my arms. Bella. She was worth every second of it. I chose a pair of jeans and a white button up shirt. but I felt the need to tell her. I didn't know if she even heard any of it. I made sure to rinse away all the soap." she said. enjoying the taste of her skin. I professed my love to her in soft whispers. She fit perfectly into my arms and I was so happy to have her close to me. I finished up my own shower and then quickly dressed. . I grabbed her shampoo and washed her hair for her. sharing in this with me. nudging my head with hers." "I love you. "Don't you dare give me a bruise there. A soft moan escaped her gorgeous lips. I shook my head and chuckled to myself. I kissed her neck one last time before setting her down on her feet. Edward. I thought once again about how lucky I was I had decided to go to dinner with everyone to meet this wonderful woman. giving me a quick hug. stunning." she hissed. just like I had done on the first night in the hotel. "I promise. I won't.

I pressed lightly on a few keys. This was Bella's song. Jasper and Emmett were having another Halo competition between themselves. but I had also missed him growing up. I knew if Bella did decide to marry me. I started off with my mother's favorite piece. I took the stairs two at a time. trying to decide if I had enough time to really play. As I opened my eyes. The girls hadn't come out of Alice's room yet. I sighed as I sat at the bench. she had simply waited for me to come around. I wondered once again what she would think of it if I played it for her. I was too nervous to let her know about it yet. anxious to see my Bella again. I had such a strong desire to hug her and couldn't place why I would feel that way. I would find something else to do. She only wanted to love me and I had refused her touch time and again. I wanted to play. her lullaby. it had hardly done anything to comfort her. it had been the only thing to bring her any sort of relief. This was the final I was keeping from Bella. Hindsight was certainly as clear as everyone claimed. I finished my mother's piece and moved on to my newest. .I threw on my favorite pair of sneakers. But during her span of nightmares. My mother was truly a wonderful woman. but I had no desire to be him. I wondered how Alice and Rose would dress her this time. When I had first met her. I needed to get downstairs and those thoughts would only cause trouble. I realized I was about to find out. I chuckled as I shook my head. I didn't know how she would react to it If she would even like it. Instead of getting aggravated with me. I watched them play for a few minutes before getting bored. Comfortable shoes were a necessity for a long night of dancing and keeping Bella on her feet. Maybe I could teach piano somewhere. Bella had opened my eyes and my heart. They would just have to wait on me. I had been unintentionally cruel to her over the last few years in an attempt to protect her. I closed my eyes and thought about her and my father. I didn't want to see my family as ships passing in the night. I would not go to medical school. I had thought she did when I had first hummed it to her and she had fallen right to sleep. I hated not getting in at least two complete songs. I didn't know her well enough to hug her physically. I knew he saved lives and I was proud of him. I wandered over to my piano. Then again. I remembered her last outfit vividly. My father I held the utmost respect for him. so I'd written her a musical hug.

smiling at her and running a hand down her soft chestnut hair. her arms wrapped around her small frame. "You." I replied." I leaned in and kissed her softly. She was smiling tenderly at me and her eyes held nothing but love and admiration. Bella." "It doesn't even compare to the person who inspired it. wrapping both of her hands around mine. She slowly walked over to me. Edward!" she laughed. taking my hand in hers. It's very beautiful. "What were you just playing?" she asked." "Sometimes?" I smiled sadly at her." "Oh. I kissed her quickly and said." she said.Bella was leaning against the doorway. "It's the composition I wrote for my final. "It's your lullaby. I certainly would have remembered hearing something so beautiful. I smiled my best smile. "You look irresistible." . Edward. Silly Bella. Bella. playfully slapping my chest. wondering if she had any memory of it at all." "I am telling you the truth." "Don't be absurd. "Tell me the truth. "Parts of it sounded familiar." I said." "Don't keep me in suspense. Tutor-boy?" she asked. It sometimes calms you down when you're agitated by your dreams. And you remember parts of it because I often hum it to you while you're sleeping. I'm sure that has more to do with my freaky brain than your song. "How do I look. just for her. opening her arms and showing me her outfit. I put my hands on her hips and scooted her down the bench so I could hug her. "Who inspired it?" I chuckled at her. She truly had no idea. "Do you recognize it?" I questioned. but I think it must be my imagination. "It didn't do much for you when you were having trouble sleeping. straddling my piano bench. Is it something of yours?" The sincerity shining in her eyes gave me the courage I needed to tell her about this piece. "Yes.

That piece was the most beautiful music I've ever heard and I feel very special knowing you wrote it just for me. "I wasn't sure if you would like it. She moved on the bench so she was sitting next to me and resting against my side.She stared up at me. "I'll help you to know. Her observations were always so accurate." "You are so gifted with your music. "That's okay!" she said. I heard her sigh and it made me smile. You can play all of your music for me and I'll tell you how it truly sounds. Play it for me now. "Did you hear the entire piece?" "No. Edward?" "Yes. Edward!" I smiled at her. I had become very familiar with her sounds. . "Maybe slightly. "You said music was the one thing youdesired to be good at. Why do you doubt yourself so much?" "Do you remember what I said to you the first night we stayed up talking on the phone?" She smiled brightly at me. I came in during the middle. I looked up to see Alice and the others in the doorway. I do. Is that why." I chuckled. As I finished her song. "You wrote me a song. her brown eyes wide with disbelief." "I think you'll be a little biased. And it earned me an excellent grade if you'll remember. Edward? Is it hard for you to know if it's good because of your passion for it?" I nodded by head. kissing my palm." "Are you sure?" "Please. I knew that was a sigh of contentment. She really did like it." "Why didn't you ever let me hear it before now?" I shrugged." I kissed her forehead. I set my fingers over the keys and started playing her lullaby again." "Yes. but I would never lie and you know that.

"I think it's for anyone who needs comforting. I could understand where the expression 'earto-ear grin' came from. "Stand up there." Alice said." Rose said." Emmett said. Bella poked her tongue at him. "Bella. . Edward wrote it for me. "I was wondering when you were going to play that for her!" "How did you know about it?" I asked. "I see everything. "You should know that by now." "Was that your top secret final. I was sure his realization would quickly be followed by his fists. Isn't it beautiful?" "Aren't you a little old for lullabies. because I want some baby song written for me. waving his arms at Bella." Emmett shot back. It really does have a comforting feel to it." I replied."Finally!" Alice chirped. Edward. "It's my lullaby. as she stood up." Alice called. winking at me. I quickly turned my head away. poking Alice in the shoulder with one finger." Rose said. I watched as the shirt rose. I was filled with the irrational conviction he would know Bella and I were no longer innocent in that way." Bella laughed. Edward?" Jasper asked." "It's not even bad." "Thank you." "Clue the rest of us in. not wanting Emmett to catch me staring at Bella. Squirt?" Emmett said with a chuckle. "Let me see your outfit now so I can get over the shock of it. Bella sat up straight and smiled brightly. I nodded my head. "You're just jealous!" "Yes. Jasper. Squirt. showing a sliver of her perfectly flat stomach. "I don't think a lullaby is just for a baby. "I can see why you got the grade you did. She was radiant in her happiness. I was certain I had never played it when Alice was paying attention.

" Chapter 52 .Night Out . I believe the one we're going to tonight has sofas. "You're going to hang onto me and make sure I don't end up in another cast. I will hold tightly to you and protect you." Alice said. I nodded my head to her. We were the first out of the house." "Do you think Alice would let me get away with just sitting at first? I'm a little nervous. Bella and I walked to the coat closet together."Oh. "You knew that already. Bella." Emmett said. I pulled out her jacket and helped her put it on. She knew how I liked to play more than one piece. "Perfect. Edward. loving the way the engine barely made noise. love. "Are we ready to head out?" "Edward?" Alice asked. What's it like in a club?" "Most are slightly congested with people. that's not bad at all." "Thank you." "Good. I backed up and waited for Alice to pull ahead of me. I opened her door and she climbed in." "Anything for you." I chuckled." "I will make sure of it. I threw on my own then took her hand in mine. Each couple will take a car in case anyone gets tired early. smiling up at me. "So you like this car?" Bella giggled. right?" "Yes. I got in the car and smiled as it started. There is usually an area with tables and booths for those who prefer to watch or need a break.

"Not very. Why do you seem shocked?" "It's just you're so good at it! I just thought you would have been dancing. There's not much to do when you aren't dancing." "Bella. trying to get you to dance. waving my hand at him. but Alice told me about all the blind dates she used to make you go on." "You tell me that a lot." "This type of dance requires a partner. "You just watched?" I asked. "You really are observant. guessing my plan." "I know that. "Yes. Not to mention all of the girls that must have thrown themselves at you. Sometimes."So how often do you go dancing with everyone?" I asked Edward. I know she didn't tell you what would happen when I arrived to discover it was a date. so I accidentally." . as he followed Alice through the busy streets. on purpose." Edward replied. This sounded like it was going to be good. "What would you do? I know you wouldn't have been rude to the girl seeing as the gentleman in you would know it wasn't her fault." "You prove it a lot. She was quite angry that time. knocked my drink onto my clothing." "Back to the story!" I said." he chuckled. "From your statement. Bella. staring at him. It's one of the more boring activities she forces me to go along with. I would make my phone go off and pretend I had an emergency requiring me to leave immediately." Edward chuckled." I turned in my seat to see his face better. Alice once tried to stop me. "My personal favorite was excusing myself to the restroom and never returning. It's too dark to read and too loud to think.

love." I said. as she bounced between me and Jasper. I waited patiently for Edward to come around and open my door. "It'll be fine. "Emmett's just making sure you're prepared. "I don't think anyone is!" Alice turned into a parking garage and Edward followed right behind her. Squirt. "I have just a few quick rules for you. And if anyone messes with you. smiling at her." I pointed to myself." Emmett pushed his way between Alice and me. the world's most stubborn man!" "Why am I so stubborn?" "You know you are!" "When have I been stubborn with you?" "Just because you haven't shown it to me. looking up at Edward. Rose was behind us. "Sort of. Bella. the little pixie of pushiness and over here. "Observant!" "I'm not nearly as stubborn as you. "You'll have a great time." "Should I be worried?" I asked. stomp their foot." Edward said.I laughed and clapped my hands. love. hugging me tighter against his side." Rose assured me. He held his hand out and I took it." I whispered to him as he wrapped an arm around my waist. "This is only the beginning. "Alice and you are so entertaining! It's like a battle of two steel wills." "I know!" I laughed. knee them. Don't go off on your own." . and yell for me. In this corner. Don't accept drinks from strangers. Edward kissed the tip of my nose. "Not everyone has noble intentions." "Are you excited. Bella?" Alice asked. We have a lifetime ahead for me to spoil and pamper you even more. Don't let any drinks you order out of your sight. "You're really spoiling me with the doors and the chairs and everything. doesn't mean I haven't seen it.

shaking my hand. "Alice is not looking very happy with me at the moment. Edward grabbed it and shook it." Jacob laughed. Edward. "I only did that because you had tricked me with another date." Edward said." Edward nodded to Jacob as he pulled me into the club." I laughed as I wrapped my arms tightly around his waist. calm down. moving me in front of him. I see you finally brought your own date for a change. Jacob. Jasper was trying to talk to her. "Nice to meet you." I whispered to him. The bouncer was really tall and was almost as muscled as Emmett." Edward replied. "Edward's a pretty descent guy. "I was able to avoid Alice's matchmaking attempts long enough to meet this beautiful woman. staring into the dimness of the club. You picked well. Edward. he smiled at me and held his hand out to Edward. . it was a pleasure to meet you. "Say no more. "Good evening. He had dark skin and long black hair that was neatly tied back. Rosalie and Emmett walked right up to the door." "Been too long. Alice was tapping her foot and had her little arms crossed in front of her chest. Bella. "Alice. Jacob. "Bella. I saw the bouncer at the door smile and nod at them as he opened the door wide. His eyes were black and seemed to see everything at once. When we got close. this is Jacob." "You are not spending all night talking to Jacob again!" Alice fumed. this is my lovely Bella. I'm pretty sure your intentions are the only ones I'll need to worry about. Jacob." Jacob said. He nodded again as Jasper and Alice walked in." Jacob joked." he chuckled." Edward argued. He chuckled and kissed my cheek. "Bella." "I'll have to come back later. make sure you see me before you leave."Since you've already promised not to leave my side tonight. "You might be safe then. completely ignoring the long line." I blushed both at the compliment and the way he had made it clear I was his.

"No sitting!" Alice ordered." I remarked. Edward. "It was rather odd of her. they make a point of befriending all of the bouncers. "Come on!" Alice said. Jacob?" "Jacob and I know each other in passing through Alice and Rosalie." Edward said firmly. "But at least you are getting the chance to sit as you requested. "You did something bad enough to get almostarrested?" Edward grinned wickedly." "That sounds more like something Emmett would do." "We will join you in a moment." I said. and Jacob was at the door. "There was a minor incident with a very drunk man who wanted to pick a fight with Jacob. The entire dance floor could be seen from here. "I'll show you where we are sitting and then we can go dance. We'll be right down." Alice said. "I want to talk to Bella about something. Bella." Alice smiled and walked off with Jasper. that was easy." Alice led us up a set of stairs and into a darkened area with a long black leather couch. I may have had my foot out a little too far and the unstable drunk may have fallen over it and met the sidewalk with his face. Once they find a club they like. "So how did you meet. "It's time to dance." "Thank you." I chuckled. I was bored one night and went out for some fresh air. "The last time we came. tugging on Edward's arm. Edward spent all night outside with Jacob and the two of them very nearly got arrested. There's no telling what devious scheme is running through her brain. I promise. "Alice. It gives them free bodyguards and they never have to wait in line. We struck up a conversation about the . "Well. Edward sat on the couch and pulled me down next to him. leaning against his chest." I spun around to look at Edward. relax. wrapping my arms around Edward. I easily spotted Emmett and Rosalie dancing together. Edward was just introducing me." Edward chuckled." "Sorry. pulling me into a quick hug.I stood between them and put a hand on each of their shoulders.

I made it a point to always go out and chat with him. "You were right about this place. I bet he still wouldn't be able to read mine." I assumed the fiery kiss he planted on my lips was his answer. Even if Edward could read minds. "Aren't you supposed to be afraid of Emmett coming up here and catching you?" I chuckled. even with the heel on them. I was barely breathing by the time Edward released me from the kiss. They were the most comfortable pair of shoes I owned. "Definitely too dark to see and too loud to think." I said. kissing along my neck." he added. The jeans were dark blue and hung low on my hips. The shirt was black and tight." he whispered before kissing my lips. Edward gave me a wicked grin before pressing his lips to mine once again. It was hard to see anything beyond the ends of the sofa. His kisses had tickled. I really didn't see how he could possibly make his intentions any clearer. The gap between the shirt and jeans showed off just a little of my flat stomach when I stood. His hands found their way under my shirt as they roamed across my back. We'll have to sneak away from Alice and go talk to him later. "I'm just kissing my beautiful girlfriend. pulling me even closer to him. He softly kissed each of my cheeks. I chuckled in my head at my random thoughts. "Guess you're not worried anymore. No complaints from my end! . I hardly knew what was going on up there half the time. chuckling. Edward placed his finger under my chin and titled my face up to his. I can feel the music in my feet!" I wiggled my boots as I looked down at them. "What are you doing?" I asked." I looked around us. which seemed to be their favorite destination. "Nothing. with the word 'sexy' barely pouring out of the club. "There's no bedroom door to protect you now. but then he slid his tongue into my mouth and it was crystal. looking up at Edward. along with the jeans I was wearing and the shirt." "He seems like an interesting person. noticing just how dark it was up here. His tongue worked its magic against mine as I fought hard to keep breathing. My own hands found their way into his hair." I panted. After that. Rose and Alice had given them to me tonight. They said it was my first true adult outfit. It really did look nice on me.

I nodded my head. I was met with a kiss that made me forget why I was upset in the first place. his own breathing ragged. "Can you dance to this music?" he asked. his hands and his lips. I tried glaring at him. He chuckled at my reaction. watching all of his emotions run through his beautiful." he said as he pulled me closer. "Are you enjoying yourself?" "Too much. until there was no gap between our bodies. green eyes! They flickered with desire every time his lips came close to mine. but I couldn't focus long enough to figure it out. He gently pushed on my hips. I sighed happily as I sat down and took the weight off my feet. I jumped from the contact." I sighed. . or just the exhaustion of dancing for hours. green eyes. The one emotion that was constant was his love for me."Are you ready to try dancing with me. which ended up being fairly often throughout the night! By the time I finally convinced Edward I needed a break. I was no longer sure if my dizzy state was from his kisses. our closeness. right between my jeans and my shirt. Not to mention his dazzling. My mind kept trying to tell me there was something I needed to be concerned about. He led me back up to the private area. he was trailing his fingers just below my belly button. Those hands of his never stopped roaming across my bare skin! If he wasn't holding my hips. There was only Edward. leaning into him. "I know a little. When he wasn't doing those things. Edward led me down the stairs and out onto the floor." He smiled as he put his hands against my hips. but you'll have to help me. helping me to find the correct rhythm for the music. I was close to passing out. Edward loved me. It made me feel like my own heart would burst from happiness. he was rubbing my lower back. love?" he whispered against my ear. That was more than I could have ever asked for. but each time. knowing full well how sensitive my skin was right there. I rested my hands on his shoulders and stared up at him. I didn't have enough breath in my lungs to speak. "You're too far away.

" Alice chuckled. "Yes. Why?" "She's being coy. I felt like I was in the middle of some crazy tennis match. This was that thing I was supposed to be concerned about. Bella. "What are you doing?" I asked. ." "You've been making that perfectly clear. "You're a horrible liar. Her grin was rather wicked." Alice and Rose came up a few minutes later. And I love you. stalking towards me." "Or stupid!" Alice chirped. "Nothing that I know of. I cringed at the use of my full name. "Spill it." I said. "Nope!" I replied. "Isabella Marie Swan!" she scolded. "Bella. They had my arms locked in theirs as they pulled me away from Edward. too. "How cute! Bella." Alice said. I waited until we were in the bathroom before saying anything more. I had a feeling I knew what this was going to be about. "Why don't you come with us to the restroom?" I wanted to protest for the sake of my feet. Alice was closing it and locking it. but I was really hoping I was wrong. placing a kiss on the top of my head. honey. Bella!" Rose demanded. As soon as we were through the door." Alice said. "I love you. trying to look at both of them." Rose chuckled.Edward chuckled. hoping they would believe me. "We need to talk. "I really don't know what you two are talking about. Alice?" "Is there something my brother and you may have forgotten to mention?" Alice asked. we aren't blind. "Do we ever!" Rose added. folding her arms over her chest. but I didn't get a chance to respond.

" "How did we not see this?" Alice chuckled as she hugged me. Alice moved next to me. besides Edward. have fun and be careful. but I still felt a little weird talking about these things with anyone. Emmett does not want or need to know. "Did you have protection? Are you going to tell Edward that we know?" I blushed. "Yes and yes. I wouldn't want to take the chance of him hearing while I'm dreaming. Do you have any questions or need anything?" I looked at them both and I could see they were telling the truth. "Bella. I knew she was only asking out of her concern. the sooner I could get back to Edward." Alice replied. I looked down at the floor." "You are setting a new shade of red. I debated on whether or not I should draw this out and decided against it. "Well. "I'm fine." Rose chuckled. as I admitted my defeat. "So you're completely okay?" Alice asked. "Speaking of which " "Bella. I swear. The sooner I confessed. hugging me once again. I nodded my head. I'm sorry if we gave you that impression. "There is no way my brother would be dancing that way with you if things haven't changed in your relationship. lifting my chin up. "You guys were slightly busy tending to an enraged Emmett." I replied." Alice said. Rose and I just want to make sure you're okay. "None of us are ready to become aunts and uncles and Carlisle would have a massive coronary!" . "The other night after he gave me my ring." Rose said." "When?" Rose asked. we aren't upset. this is strictly between us."How do you even know?" I whined. I'm sure my current level of embarrassment will bring me at least a couple of dreams.

You don't usually stay inside so long. "I'm going to step outside with Bella. How is your night going." . "I am not becoming someone's mother anytime soon! I want to finish college way too much." "Oh. right?" I asked. don't they?" I nodded my head. As we got closer to the door and the cool air outside. "Are you okay? Do you need to get some air?" "I'm fine. Why?" "Bella. you're completely red." Alice said as she waved at us. "There you are!" Jacob laughed as we stepped outside." "Let's get you back to Edward. as Alice unlocked the door and opened it." Edward turned to Alice. Edward leaned down to me and whispered into my ear. He rested his chin on my shoulder. I'd like to keep Edward around a while longer before I leave him at the mercy of my brother. pulling me toward the door. I would let him. I really did not want to deal with him knowing right now. "No drunks yet. "Pretty good so far. I wondered just how much Emmett would find out on his own. "They know. Not to mention Emmett would kill Edward and me. "I was wondering if you left while I was on break." "I've never had the pleasure of Bella's company before. "Just between us. We'll be back shortly. Jacob?" Edward asked."Believe me!" I laughed." Rose and Alice said together. but as long as he wanted to think I was innocent. Edward got up from the sofa and pulled me into a hug as soon as he saw me." "Give my regards to Jacob. I knew he would figure it out eventually. "Absolutely. No need to change his world view anymore than I already had." Rose said. well it is hot in here. Edward hugged me tighter." Jacob said. wrapping his arms around me and pulling me against his chest. scanning the long line of people. As we walked back toward our table. I think some air would be nice.

"I hear you're a bad influence on Edward," I said as I put my hand against Edward's cheek. Jacob smiled, flashing his very white teeth. "What's life without a little danger and a chance of arrest?" I smiled while Edward chuckled low in my ear. Jacob looked up at Edward and smiled even wider. "Look at that!" His arm shot out and my hand was suddenly in his. He was staring at my ring. "It's got you written all over it, Edward. You two are pretty serious then?" Edward took my hand from Jacob and kissed my finger, just below the ring. He stared at me as he answered his friend. "I'm going to make her my wife one day." The conviction and honesty in his eyes nearly knocked me over. I was amazed all over again at my luck at having Edward in my life, loving me this way. I only hoped I made him feel a fraction of how he made me feel.

Chapter 53 - Long Night "I don't think I want to go dancing very often," Bella announced. I was stretched across my sofa, reading over my essay for one of my music classes. I looked up to see her drying her hair in the bathroom doorway. "Why is that, love?" "You have to take a shower before and after. I have too much hair for that." I chuckled at her. "Didn't you have any fun?" "Of course I had fun. You were with me." She walked closer to me, noticing the paper in my hands. "What are doing?" "Going over my essay. It's due Monday." "Why didn't you say something? Just letting me ramble on and interrupt Shame on you, Tutor-boy!" She smiled and gave me a quick kiss. "I'll go finish this in the bathroom. We can talk after you're done."

I started reading my paper again. I got through two more sentences and then was interrupted by a knock at my door. "Come in." Alice poked her head into the room. "Got a minute?" "Sure," I said, smiling at her. "Where's Bella?" Alice asked. "Drying her hair," I replied. "Oh," Alice said as she walked across the room. I sat up, making room for her. She smiled as she sat down and grabbed one of my hands. "We're having a movie marathon tomorrow afternoon. I'm going to do the full range: comedy, drama, action, romance." "Sounds interesting," I said, suddenly getting the feeling my sister was stalling. "Think of it as another excuse to cuddle with Bella," Alice chirped. "So talk to you about something." I wanted to

"I thought I was well-behaved tonight," I said, giving her an innocent smile. "You were," she chuckled. "I am completely amazed at the changes I've seen since you met Bella. It really is wonderful, Edward." "If it's so wonderful, Ali, why are you sad?" I asked, rubbing her shoulder. "I'm not sad, not really. Only slightly. But this is a really good thing and oh, the hell with it!" she cried, throwing her hands in the air. "Jasper found a condo in the city and asked me to move in with him." Her earlier expression made perfect sense now. She was still worried about me. I pulled her into a hug. "I'm very happy for you, Alice. Does Jasper know what he's getting himself into?" "I doubt it," she laughed. "He's given me complete decorating freedom of the entire place."

"He certainly doesn't know then!" I chuckled. "Have you told our parents?" "Not yet," Alice sighed, pulling away from me and looking up into my face. "Jasper just asked me this afternoon and then we all went out, so I haven't had an opportunity yet." "You know mom will expect to see a ring on your finger," I warned. "She'll just have to get over it," she shrugged. "Any particular reason why he hasn't asked you?" I questioned. "He doesn't need to. We both know how we feel about each other. We don't need rings or a piece of paper to tell us," she replied. "We're just not into that. Not that there's anything wrong with it. And I'm sure we'll get around to it one day. But for now, we like things just the way they are. Except for the going home alone part, which the condo will certainly fix." "What will you do without your trusty credit card?" I asked with a grin. "I haven't a clue," she sighed dramatically. She looked up and smiled at me, saying, "But Jasper suggested I look into working at one of the boutiques in the city. He mentioned employee discounts!" "It certainly won't be the same without you here, Ali," I told her. I knew she could see in my eyes that I would really miss her. "I'm sure you'll manage," she said, smiling at me. "I'm leaving you in Bella's very capable hands." My sister paused then looked at me with a hardly ever seen serious expression. "She really does love you, Edward. I hope you know that." "I do and I love her just as deeply," I replied. "Um there's one more thing. But you have to keep it to yourself for the moment," Alice whispered, leaning in close to me. "Emmett and Rose made a decision about where they're going to live." "Is that why Jasper decided to find a condo now?" I whispered back. "Yes. He knows Rose loves the house and he wants her to make it all her own," she replied. "I just wanted to give you fair warning. I'm worried Bella's nightmares will come back."

"I know." Alice warned. as she came out of the bathroom. trying to comfort me. mother will be in here trying to drag you down for breakfast bright and early. If I hadn't seen you dancing." I replied. She put her hand on my arm and rubbed it."God I hope that doesn't happen. If Emmett messed around. "He'll figure it out eventually." I replied." I said." Alice said as she stood. I didn't know how I would handle watching her in that much pain again. Bella will be ready for it. masking her true feelings. "Oh!" Bella nodded as she sat down on my lap and rested against my chest. "Well. "Yes." Alice answered. Bella would give it right back. "Emmett. but hopefully by that time." "When is Emmett going to tell her?" "Tomorrow night sometime. But there's a particular person that needs to be considered. but we aren't trying to let the world know either. "Maybe it won't. "Is there a particular reason you're hiding it?" "We aren't necessarily hiding it. you kids look tired. I hoped he would be careful with his words and not make a bunch of jokes. "You two hide it very well. He's about six-foot-four and has muscles the size of my head. Otherwise. "So I had a rather interesting chat with Bella." I said." she answered. Bella tended to play off of what others said." my sister smirked. you better lock your door if you plan on sleeping in tomorrow morning." I ran a hand through my hair. I nodded my head. She told me. "Ready for what?" Bella asked. "Would you lock it as you go?" . I wouldn't have known. My sister knew what I was thinking. She's having her garden club over." she remarked. You know how they adore your playing!" "Thank you for the warning. "Edward.

Edward?" "Absolutely. no matter what Emmett decides. "Consider it my parting gift to you."I guess I can do that for you. I promise you won't be alone." I turned so I was lying on the couch with Bella on top of me." "Do you prefer 'lovely' to 'beautiful'?" "That wasn't the part I was talking about. They're going to live in a condo in the city. as she hugged me tightly. She also said she plans on having a small movie marathon tomorrow afternoon. "Did you have fun tonight. "Bella. I rubbed her back gently. "Jasper asked Alice to move in with him. "Then what part are you talking about?" ." Bella replied. Her tone was flat and it bothered me. Alice was just telling me about it. I really wanted to hear her say it. hoping to comfort her." she sighed." "I liked how you introduced me to Jacob. "When did that happen?" "Earlier today. I got to hold you close the entire night." "Should be fun. running her fingers down my arm. "What are you thinking?" "Just wondering if Jasper is moving out so Emmett can move in." "Wondering or worrying?" "A bit of both. I lifted her face to mine." I explained." "I know. but for some reason." I laughed as I watched her flick the lock and close the door tightly. I have you." Alice sighed dramatically." I knew what she was referring to. "What did she mean by parting gift?" Bella asked.

But it doesn't mean it's not nice to know you belong to someone. any way you want to possess me is just fine by me. You were telling him I'm all yours. I liked the way the 'my' sounded. "And here I thought you were so independent." "Oh. You can never tell with her. right?" "You're one to talk! You're the one constantly telling me you've never seen anyone more beautiful than me. you'll be asleep right here on top of me. And who wouldn't want to belong to someone as wonderful as you?" "You do know the way you view me is ludicrous. fine." I chuckled at her. my love." "Bella." "You didn't find it to be rather possessive of me?" "Edward. My mother may decide to simply knock on my door until I open it. And I doubt Alice will appreciate it if we fall asleep during her movie marathon." "You make it sound like that would be a bad thing. is nothing but the absolute truth."'My lovely Bella'. "Just a minute." Bella yawned. "And now that you have me." Bella chuckled. Tutor-boy." I groaned. Please get up. you big baby!" She giggled as she got up and jumped onto our bed. Never forget that. "If I give you a minute. "Got you!" Bella smiled her wicked little grin at me." "Okay. I went after her. what are you going to do with me?" ." "That. "You know this sofa is not long enough for me." "I am independent." "We could argue this for hours and still never agree. "I think we should go to sleep instead." I laughed at her as I twirled a strand of her hair around my fingers. knocking her further into the mattress. Edward.

shut up. With all my heart. wrapping her up between the blanket and myself. "Between our earlier escapade and keeping you on your feet all night. "I was looking at the moon. I felt her take a deep breath. thinking of how wonderful she felt in my arms. "What are you doing up. "I love you. love?" I whispered to her. She was deeply asleep within minutes. I got up and grabbed the throw blanket I kept in here for her. I took her little body into my arms and snuggled close with her. "Yes. She was wearing one of my shirts and she had her arms and legs hiding under it. "Edward." "Aren't men your age supposed to be insatiable?" "Aren't you supposed to be blushing by now?" I chuckled as her cheeks turned red. Tutor-boy!" Bella said." I softly hummed to her while stroking her hair. It's very bright tonight. love. I chuckled as I put the pillow back down. I'm exhausted." She moved so her nose was pressed against my neck." she whispered." She kissed the tip of my nose. hitting me with a pillow. I held her to me. I followed soon after. staring up at the moon."Nothing tonight!" I laughed. "I love you. She was more exhausted than she had let on. Edward. kissing her hair. I woke up to find Bella was no longer with me. I sat behind her. I reached out a hand and stroked her cheek. Bella. love?" "Would you hum my lullaby for me?" "Anything for you. I sat up and found her sitting in front of the large window. "There it is! I was beginning to think I'd lost my touch!" "Oh. Sometime later." "What woke you?" .

I thought of what I could and should say to Bella. I thought about calling Emmett and getting him over here to talk to her. waiting for the kettle to whistle. She'd obviously been sitting in that one position for a long while. I wasn't angry with her. I ran into the bathroom and started running a bath for her. I poured it into the cup then dunked the tea bag in the water. I grabbed a cup from the cabinet and put a bag into it." I put my hand under her shirt to rub her legs. I grabbed the tea kettle and filled it with water. I put it on the stove then found my mother's tea bags. I took the cup and went back to the laundry room. "I'll be right back."I wasn't having very nice dreams. "Feeling better?" She nodded her head. I gave her the most disapproving look I could as I helped her out of her clothes and into the tub. The kettle whistled and I pulled it from the stove." I ordered. just the situation. "Stay right here. "Bella! You're freezing! How long have you been sitting here?" She shrugged. I kept reminding myself to be calm. I tossed them into the dryer and slammed the door shut. I leaned against the counter. She was just getting out of the tub when I entered the bathroom. But then I realized that would make things worse because Bella would be too embarrassed to talk. If I started tossing around things down here. Do not get out of that water until you warm up. I stalked back into the bedroom and picked her up. She winced as she tried to stand up. . but I knew Bella would think it was directed at her. pressing on her shoulders to show her how serious I was. I stopped and took a deep breath. but didn't say anything. carrying her to the tub. When I was done with that. I grabbed her pajamas from the dryer and headed back upstairs. I found her flannel pajamas and took them downstairs. I turned the machine on then stomped into the kitchen. I would wake my parents. getting the water as hot as I thought she could stand it." She only nodded at me.

but still returned my smile. "Not very well. if this were the other way around. Especially since the things I see aren't real. I smiled at her. I seem to have awoken and angered someone I care deeply about. . but I doubted if she really knew why. I lost track of time. "You could get really sick from this." "Do you know why I'm angry. shaking her head. "Because I got so cold?" "No. that's all." "What were you thinking about so hard that you didn't notice you were cold?" "I was trying to convince myself it's silly for me to keep having the nightmares. Bella." Bella said. rubbing circles into her hand with my thumb." "I don't understand that at all. though. "It's not healthy to let yourself get that cold. Bella. She wouldn't look at me. I took the mug from her and set it on the bedside table." "It wasn't on purpose. I think she knew I was furious. tucking the covers tightly around her before handing her the mug of tea." She took them from me and put them on without a word. "How did that work out for you?" She sighed. Bella." I said. She just stared into the cup between sips. "Please try to drink it all. Bella?" I asked." I said. "What's not to understand? I love you. I took her hand and led her to the bed. would you be okay with me letting you sleep while something was troubling me?" "Absolutely not!" she cried. When she was done."I made you some tea." I moved my head so she had to look at me. but you should put your pajamas on while they're still warm from the dryer. forcing my voice to be soft for her. I'm upset you left me sleeping instead of letting me help you. I don't want you upset and I want to make everything better for you as best as I can. moving a strand of hair behind her ear. She took the mug in one hand and grabbed my hand with the other.

button-up shirt wide open. It had been a long night though and I lost the battle much sooner than I wanted to. Jasper and Alice kept taking pictures.You guys get 4 chapters since these all go together. it's no longer a valid excuse. but this was her choice. but you don't deserve mine?" "I'm just not used to it. Carlisle and Esme were standing to the side and it looked like Esme was crying. I hummed to her until I knew she was in a deep sleep. "I think I should try sleeping again. Chapter 54 . "Would you like to try sleeping again or would you rather stay up?" From the drowsy look in her eyes. I knew which choice I wanted her to make. Nothing new there! But this time. Bella. I was having a dream about Edward. "I love you so much. we were on a beach." "I promise. I momentarily wondered if I had relocked the door. Please know that and please let me be here for you. Her back rested comfortably against my chest." "I can understand that. I kissed it softly." she whispered. Edward was in a pair of blue jeans with his white. They just kept smiling and nodding at me. We were getting married! Emmett and Rose were there smiling at us." She nodded her head. I want to be here for you. too.Garden Club . I locked my fingers together so I would know if she got up again. . Edward. But the odd thing was that Charlie and Renee were there. I rested my head against hers. But from this point forward."So why would you think I deserve your comfort. As I was pulled under. Bella. I was in a white sundress. Her cheek was still warm from her bath. I'll try." I moved next to her under the covers and pulled her into my arms. lowering her eyes. I forced myself to stay awake for a long while just to make sure she wouldn't have anymore dreams. I lifted her chin up so she was once again looking at me.

"Bella. Are you trying to wake him up?" "I was. "I will give it my best effort. I wondered what he was dreaming about. I ran my finger over his lips and he stirred slightly. especially since it made him tighten his grip. I smiled at her." "In a minute. dear! Are you okay?" I slowly opened my eyes to see Esme peering at me. "You can talk to me about anything. I managed to turn enough to get a hand up to his head. "Nothing to worry about." I replied." "Are you sure you're okay. "Yes. I'll see if I can wake him up for you. I started laughing. I was nowhere near ready to wake up and I couldn't stop the very loud groan from escaping me as I tried to turn in Edward's arms." he mumbled. I quickly held my hands up to get her to hold back her comment. but please don't be upset with him if it doesn't work out. optimism shining in her green eyes. I did it again and watched a grin spread across his lips. burying his face against my neck." I said. unable to get him off of my stomach.I was pulled out of this very strange dream by someone loudly whispering Edward's name and shaking him. . "Edward. you know." Esme said. dear. I'm laughing because your son has me in a death grip. My Garden Club will be here within the hour and I was really hoping he would play. the person was shaking me as well. closing the door behind her. Esme. but he's exhausted. I let my head fall back against Edward's arm. lightly tracing his eyebrows and nose with my index finger. I stared at his beautiful face. We had a rather long night last night because of me. Bella?" Esme asked." Esme said as she left. remembering the last time I had been trapped in bed by my gorgeous boyfriend. It was pretty useless. "Alright. I gently ran by fingers back and forth through his soft hair. I promise. I'd been in a cast. I'm fine. I'll hopefully see you downstairs soon. I need you to wake up for a moment." "I know. but it doesn't seem to be going very well. Since he was holding me so tightly. and you would come down and meet them.

it's morning." I whispered. His tone verified he was awake enough to understand me.I giggled at him. I need to talk to you. Tutor-boy. Esme wants to know if you'll play for her Garden Club. but sound so much more rested?" "Don't know. "You wouldn't!" "You know I would never really do that." "Garden Club!" Edward groaned. Very early morning. "I think I can manage enough energy for that. Would it help you at all if I went downstairs and got you a nice big cup of coffee?" "Is there any way to convince you to go down the road and get me a very strong espresso?" "I think a kiss would more than cover my costs. I'm going to introduce it to the rear end of your Volvo. "Yes. "Close your eyes. I told her I would see what I could do. "No." "Is it really morning all ready?" he sighed. Guilt washed over me. Those green eyes were also very bloodshot. "If only Esme would cancel her club for the day. I'm sorry I kept you up last night." "Not your fault. knowing I had caused his eyes to look that way." Edward mumbled against my neck. "Finding something funny. but warned her that you would probably be too tired. I need you to wake up now. Bella?" "Your breath tickled me!" "Why is it you got less sleep than me. Would you please take the Volvo so I won't worry about you breaking down somewhere?" "If you don't stop making fun of my truck. Edward." I put my hand on his cheek and forced him to lie down again." . His breath against my neck tickled and I giggled again." Edward's head shot up and his eyes were wide as he stared at me.

You stay here and sleep until I get back. I chuckled to myself. I turned the key and almost missed the fact that it had started." I slid out of his arms and tucked the blankets around him. It was amazing to drive something so smooth and have it go over fifty-five." I laughed." I threw on my favorite pair of jeans and Edward's black hooded sweatshirt. I leaned down and whispered softly into his ear. "We'll see about that. I gave my teeth a quick brushing and then ran back into the room. I pressed down on the gas and the car took off. So! I'm going to get dressed and go get your coffee. winking at me. thank you." Esme said. "Do you want anything?" "No. imaging Edward's face when he went to get in the car and saw it. putting my socks and shoes on. too."That's not going to happen. . "I'm off to get him a coffee in an attempt to lure him from the bed. "I love you. I ran into the bathroom and brushed my hair into a quick ponytail. His engine was so quiet and soft compared to the deep rumbling roar of my truck. but I could certainly get used to Edward's car. I was glad we had taken showers last night before bed. "So you obviously have a lot of confidence in me. I loved my truck. "Stay in bed until I get back. get him out of bed and get both of us presentable." "My son is not capable of refusing you. Bella. I ran down the steps and over to the car. I had an idea what it was though. but it was impossible to understand. I chuckled and shook my head. I chuckled at the adrenaline rush it gave me. I had about forty minutes to get Edward a coffee. Esme was setting up chairs near the piano." He mumbled something. I kissed his temple softly. dear. I made my way down the stairs as quickly as I could without falling. I grabbed Edward's car keys from the nightstand and my wallet from my backpack. I had to move the seat up a lot in the Volvo. letting my lips linger for a second. I made my way down the driveway and turned onto the main road." I nodded my head and took off out of the door.

I have your coffee. You better start drinking your coffee." "The biggest they make. I leaned down and kissed the corner of his mouth. not opening his eyes yet. the cup would jump out of the holder and spray his car. I sighed happily as I pulled into the driveway and turned off the car. I was afraid if I wasn't touching it." He took a deep breath and rolled over onto his back. His face was pressed tightly into my pillow with his lips slightly parted. I kept one hand on the coffee and one on the steering wheel. I did not want to have an accident while holding a large. I carefully set it into the cup holder and headed back to his house." "Hopefully.I carefully pulled up to the drive-thru window and ordered Edward the biggest espresso they made. He had fallen back into a deep sleep. "Are you awake?" "Yes. "I hope it's a big coffee. I walked into his room and closed the door quietly behind me." "Time is running short. I had safely accomplished the first part of my mission." Edward opened his arms and I knew what he wanted. I have to go start on my hair so I can look presentable. "We are never going to make it through Alice's movies." "What are you talking about?" . I went into the house and up the stairs. I picked up the coffee and carefully climbed out of the car. "This is nice. both of us sighing happily." "Very. I crawled right on top of him and he wrapped his arms around me. I set the coffee on the night stand and crawled up next to Edward." I agreed." he said softly. "Edward. very hot coffee in my hand." "Maybe we'll be able to sneak off and nap after the club meeting ends.

I went to him and hugged him tightly. Tutor-boy." I leaned up and kissed his cheek before rolling out of the bed. but I'm not Alice. "I haven't seen these in a while. trying to decide what to do with it all. I found a nice jean skirt that looked knee-length. I went to the closet and found some of the newer clothes Alice had given me." Edward just shrugged. Please." "That's most likely how she meant it. "Go. He pulled me close to him and deepened the kiss. I paired it with a dark blue." I laughed. Just give the coffee a chance to kick in. "I really don't think we should wrinkle my clothing. I brushed it out all over again and then stared at my reflection. "I know your vision is probably hazy. I had never been a big fan. falling back onto the bed again. I had planned to make it quick. pressing our lips together tightly. long sleeve shirt. I gasped with surprise. "I'm so sorry! Would you like me to tell Esme you're sick?" "No."I'm being formally introduced or at least that's how it sounded to me." "Pick me something out. it looked really good on me. I decided a braid would be best. "Just find something you've seen me wear that you like." . releasing his hold on me. quickly. resting my forehead against his. you need to get dressed. but not much. before I change my mind. Edward expertly took that as his chance to taste my tongue. "I really don't want to change again! Besides. I changed into the skirt and shirt and had to admit. I could taste the coffee on his breath. I'll be fine. I reached out with my thumbs and gently rubbed the purple splotches under his eyes. I leaned in and kissed him softly. He looked a little more lively. He moved his arms." I sighed. making sure I didn't have a ton of loose pieces hanging all over." Edward chuckled." he sighed. it's not necessary. I took my time. I came out of the bathroom to find Edward sitting on the edge of his bed. I suddenly remembered my clothing and forced myself to pull away. but he had other plans for me." I pulled away slightly and looked at his face. I went into the bathroom and let my hair down. but this was tolerable.

ma'am!" he chuckled." He popped open an eye and surveyed the clothes next to him. but let me pull him up. Don't get used to me picking out your clothes! I hate picking out my own. Bella. He held my hands tightly. I held up a finger. I picked up the essay he had been checking over and started reading it while I waited for him." "Yes."Okay. "It's very good." I kissed his cheek and moved over to his sofa so he wouldn't have anymore excuses for not getting dressed. I was on the last paragraph when he spoke. taking his hands into mine." I said. I went into his closet and found the black jeans and maroon shirt he had worn for Christmas. "Perfect. It happened and we're going to make sure it doesn't happen again together." "I promise." "How do you know I have his CDs?" "You couldn't write this passionately about his musical style if you hadn't heard it first hand. Bella. I was glad to see his eyes weren't as red as before. but only because you're not fully awake yet. "It actually makes me want to find his CDs in your collection and check them out. Thank you. "Isabella. No blame necessary. love. he was sinfully handsome. "There. looking me in the eyes. I took them out and laid them on the bed next to him. "There are no faults here. I hate seeing you so exhausted and knowing it's my fault." He waved his hand at me." I told him." ." "You have to get ready now. Edward. I finished the last few sentences then looked up at him. letting him know I wasn't done. let's never have a night like that again. Even with severe lack of sleep. "Is it any good?" he asked. Edward groaned. He had somehow managed to make himself look extremely presentable.

huh? I hadn't really considered that. Bella. Let's go downstairs and greet the Garden Club. Then you can play for us. Genevieve. rolling my eyes at him." Esme instructed." Esme said in a bubbly voice. Esme looked up and saw us. if you ask me. As soon as the door closed." "Mother. This beautiful young woman on his arm is Bella. kneeling down in front of me. show them your ring." I chuckled. "Come on. I pulled Edward along to the kitchen before he could say anything to his mother. "By that time." he sulked. He took my hand and kissed the back of it. "You always say the perfect thing to make me feel all mushy inside. love. ha." He took my arm and wrapped it around his. "Professor Swan!" "Oh. I blushed harder and stuck out my left hand. take Bella into the kitchen and grab a quick bite to eat. "Edward. "Edward says it's just a promise." "Ha. Edward." He laughed as he stood up. "I love the sound of that. you will be ProfessorCullen. mushy Bella. Shelly. Some of the ladies had arrived already and were huddled around. Edward!" I let him go and kissed the tip of his nose. . I really believe you would be an excellent English teacher. Honey. talking. Esme leaned closer to her friends as if she was going to whisper. I started giggling."You really are extremely observant." Edward said. "Lacy. my beautiful." I smiled brightly and wrapped my arms tightly around his neck. but his tone was fierce. "College level. The rest of the club should be here by then. He led me down the stairs and into the living room. He was smiling. Edward!" I said. "Come here for a moment. shyly. but it's an engagement ring. "There you two are!" Esme waved at us. "Wow! Your mom is something else!" "That's one way to put it." Edward led me over. I started blushing right away. no!" he said. you remember my son. Have you ever considered college level before? The students are more serious and there won't be scissors anywhere close by.

Edward sat down. I'll get us something to eat." "She was embarrassing you. "What?" I laughed." He nodded and walked over to the machine. "With your clumsiness. You make me feel like the luckiest man on Earth." He leaned down and kissed me sweetly. your mom made a pot. "What's wrong? It's not like she didn't say anything that wasn't true. If not. I giggled as I did it to him again." "Well. "Thank you. then allow me to say it again.I wrapped my arms around him and leaned into him as he leaned against the counter." "Just returning the love you give to me. It all amounts to the same thing I love you and only you and will only ever be with you." He smiled and it was breathtaking. it's probably a bad idea to do this." I let him go and pointed at the coffee pot in the corner. Edward! I was embarrassed because everyone was looking at me. He was looking more alert with each sip of his coffee. You know that! Your mom can introduce me anyway she wants." he chuckled as he bumped into me for the second time. you'll probably end up with a broken hip somehow!" "Hey!" I yelled. We ate in silence at the little kitchen table. When we were done. I hate being the center of attention. and please get one for me. putting a soda in front of me." he replied. I suggest soda. He smirked at me and repeated my action. I was surprised to see he'd chosen to have more coffee. "You know. "You thought I was embarrassed being introduced as your possible fiancée? You are so silly. "I don't think I'll ever hear that enough. I was feeling playful so I leaned over and bumped my hip into his." "For what?" "Loving me the way you do." . to wash and dry our dishes. "If you need more caffeine. Bella. we went to the sink together. which occurred because you scared me. I grabbed two plates and served our breakfast. "I haven't had a single accident since the ankle thing. I love you and only you and will only ever be with you.

Edward's started to play!" Esme announced. He leaned down and kissed my cheek. It definitely seemed like more than twenty people to me as we surveyed his piano room and the living room beyond. She's a very bright young woman and shares in Edward's love of music. She's a very important addition to our family. I heard him chuckling under his breath. If you let my mother get you away from me. "Breathe. thanks!" I muttered as we left the kitchen. "Stick with me and it'll be fine. "Time to go back out there." he shrugged. bringing me with him. He was so talented and too modest to realize just how special his musical gift really was. He turned to me and said quietly." He focused on the keys again and started to play." I heard some soft whispers and then Esme spoke again. Edward moved to his piano. "Let's all move over into the other room. I can't vouch for your safety. How many people are in this club anyway?" "Twenty or more."Which occurred because you had an accident and covered yourself in flour!" he replied. "This first piece is something I wrote for my mother. You'll only make it worse if you faint now. "The beautiful young woman at his side is Bella." My hand shot out and grabbed Edward's thigh." "Gee. "Yeah." he chuckled. Bella. Perhaps we can convince her to play for us when he's done. I was enthralled with the way his fingers flew gracefully over the keys. "Oh. I nearly choked! Twenty or more people staring at me! What a morning! I took a deep breath and grabbed Edward's arm for support. I sat down next to him on the bench as he readied himself to play. . waving a hand at him. yeah!" I said.

I don't like to be alone in the night And I don't like to hear I'm wrong when I'm right And I don't like to have the rain on my shoes But I do love you. but I do love you I don't like to see a sky painted gray And I don't like when nothing's going my way And I don't like to be the one with the blues But I do love you. If I concentrated on him. so I grabbed his wrist tightly. Esme was handing me my guitar. I gave him a murderous glare when he started that damn laughing again. The confidence that always flowed through me after the first note was played took hold again. I let go of his wrist. but I do love you Love everything about the way you're loving me The way you lay your head Upon my shoulder when you sleep And I love to kiss you in the rain I love everything you do. He looked like he was going to get up. but didn't move. oh I do And I don't like to turn the radio on Just to find I missed my favorite song And I don't like to be the one with the news But I do love you. what should I play?" "Whatever you like. I turned on the bench. "Stay right there. but I do love you ." I knew I would never make it through this looking at the ladies before me. Tutor-boy!" He lifted an eyebrow at me. I lifted my head and locked my eyes on Edward. I smiled for the guests and hissed to him. I strummed the first note as I took a slow breath. "Edward.Sure enough! As soon as Edward stopped playing. I could block out the crowd around me. My fingers deftly ran over the strings and my voice came out nice and even. holding my guitar in a more comfortable position.

I'm too tired to worry with it. Edward leaned over and kissed my cheek softly. I have changed clothing enough for one day. "Just know that Alice can pick it if she wants. "Edward." "I figured. He chuckled as he flipped the lock. taking off his own clothes." I climbed out of the skirt and shirt and into the big bed. The ladies started clapping and saying how wonderful Edward and I sounded. . We were both deeply asleep within minutes. pointing at his door. "No pajamas?" he asked with a smirk. And God help whoever tries to wake us up!" I told him. He slid under the covers and wrapped me up in his arms. I pulled him close and whispered into his ear. "Lock that door because we are taking a nap." he said. I wasn't asked to perform anything else. We ran upstairs together before she could change her mind. Why? Do you mind?" "Not at all. but Edward ended up playing for about another hour before Esme finally released us." "And I love you." he chuckled. hugging me tightly. "I do love you.Love everything about the way you're loving me The way you lay your head Upon my shoulder when you sleep And I love to kiss you in the rain I love everything you do. oh I do And I don't like to be alone in the night And I don't like to hear I'm wrong when I'm right And I don't like to have the rain on my shoes But I do love you but I do love you But I do love you but I do love you (LeAnn Rimes But I do Love You) I let the last chord echo a little before putting my hand over the strings to still the sound.

" "You're flicking your eyes around. Alice." "It's late afternoon." I shrugged. She ended up waking up with a few nightmares and then deciding to stay up." "We didn't get much sleep last night. flipped the lock. I didn't confirm her suspicions to her. She could practically see everything about me. I ended up having to run her a hot bath to get her body temperature back up to normal. It couldn't possibly have been that long ago that I had closed my eyes.Telling Bella Part 1 A loud pounding woke me. "Hello. She stared at Bella for a long moment before turning her attention back to me. I rolled over and glared at the door. I leaned heavily on the door frame. "What happened?" "She's too observant. but she didn't seem to need it. "Do not make me pick this lock!" I groaned as I pulled my arms from around Bella. and opened it. Sometimes.Chapter 55 . "She got out of bed and stayed in front of the window a little too long." "Is she sick? She could get pneumonia like that!" . "Edward Anthony!" Alice yelled from the other side of the door." "What are you doing in bed still?" she roared. I think you've both slept enough. I trudged over to the door. Ali. "Can you keep it down? Bella is still asleep. Please give us a break. What are you editing?" I sighed. I looked toward the clock and saw it was three in the afternoon. She rolled over." "Why? What happened? Is Bella alright?" Alice pushed past me and stormed into the room. Edward. I waved my hand at her. pressing her face into my pillow. not quite awake yet. "She guessed Jasper was looking for a place so Emmett could move in. At least one of us was still deeply asleep. I really hated that Alice and I were so close.

" Alice watched Bella sleep while she thought over what I had said.. "She's constantly surprising me and amazing me. staring at my sleeping Bella. "Should we plan another all-nighter? If Bella had that bad of a reaction to a suspicion. Maybe he can pick a night for all six of us to always meet up then we can tell her that. Ali! I hardly know anything about her." "Only when she's really tired or after her sleep-talking stops. I bet that will cheer her up!" ." "You poor thing! Bella up with nightmares and then mom descending upon you . She hates not having things decided. little brother?" "You need to go downstairs and talk to Emmett." "No wonder you two were up here napping the day away. She told me when he first went to college he used to visit her every Friday night. "Mom introduced her to the club and made her perform for them." "I'll take her shopping tomorrow after school. I didn't remember to lock it again." I ran my hands through my hair. It's like having a plan of attack gives her strength. I have a feeling no matter how many years we're together. what's she going to do to the real thing?" "I think she might have handled it better knowing the exact circumstances." "But I locked your door!" "And I unlocked it getting Bella some tea and warm pajamas in the middle of the night." Alice chuckled." I said with a small smile." "Bella got her share. She ate a huge breakfast this morning when mom called us down to meet the Garden Club. too. I'm going to wake her up now and get us ready for your movie marathon. "Trust me."She's just fine." "It's cute how you know all about her like that. He needs to tell her immediately and give her the rest of the night to deal with it and accept it while he's here. I'll never completely understand how her mind works." "So what do we do about tonight. "She's a really deep sleeper." Alice grinned..

Everyone else is already downstairs."I doubt it. I'm being very generous here. "Are you awake?" Bella rolled onto her stomach. "You are determined to make me get out of this bed." "You are insane!" Bella chuckled. as she left my room. yeah! Remember what I said!" Alice warned." "Thank you. "You know we must obey. "No. You have half an hour to be downstairs." She stretched and yawned. . She sighed and opened her eyes. "What?" Bella laughed. "I'll go talk to Emmett. "I love you so much that I even love the just-waking-up-grump that you are." "I think I'm insane. I chuckled at her. reminding me of a cat. "Bella's still not much of a shopper!" "She will be! Don't you worry!" Alice said. patting my cheek. Ali. "Yeah." I blurted out." "We have a movie marathon to go watch. hiding her face in my pillow." I chuckled. aren't you. I moved her hair back and kissed her forehead." she mumbled." "Movies. I closed the door and locked it again." "Yeah. A smile spread across her beautiful lips. just in case. Don't take advantage. "You shouldn't be either." I replied. Tutor-boy?" "Alice's orders. Edward. schmovies!" I laughed and gently pulled her into my arms. "Bella. looking up at me. I sat next to Bella. but I sure don't have to be happy about it." I laughed. hugging my sister.

" "Like I said." Bella sighed." "I think she'll understand. I assure you. huh?" I nodded my head. "Thank you for being so cooperative. no it's not I just don't want it getting back to Emmett. "No more late night dancing for you! You sleep the day away afterwards!" . I'll get out of bed now. she's an expert confidant. She's the one who convinced me to talk to you about it. True to her word." "She never let on that she knew." I laughed as I set her on the floor.We were quiet for a few minutes. love. sitting up and staring at me. she won't tell Emmett. "I didn't know I wasn't supposed to. too?" Bella asked as she crawled into my lap. love. "So everyone's here. "There's the Squirt!" Emmett called as we entered the living room. "Let's get dressed." "You told her!" Bella yelled. Bella put her hair up in a ponytail and we headed downstairs together." Bella chuckled. "Alice has been my confidant for a long time. I threw on a pair of loose jeans and my grey t-shirt. as she walked to our closet. you win." "She knows about that. just looking at each other and holding each other." "Don't get used to it. "I've never worn so many outfits in one day. I bet Alice has pizza downstairs. But this time! I'm putting on my sweats and one of your t-shirts and I don't care what dirty looks Alice gives me." "Well. she threw on a pair of light blue sweatpants and paired it with one of my white t-shirts. She didn't tell him the last time. "Yes. Bella. Okay." I kissed the top of Bella's head and hugged her tightly." "That does sound good.

putting her arm around Bella's shoulders. "Oh. "And Rose should come. Alice!" Bella replied. moving closer to Bella and Alice. "Are you trying to give me a heart-attack here?" "Esme did it." "Why's that?" Rose asked." Bella let go of her brother and stared up at him with wide eyes." Alice chuckled. "Just household items." "How exactly did she introduce you?" Alice asked. you got added to the bunch. Emmett!" Bella replied with her hands on her hips."Ha. And today. Bella. too. "Esme made me perform for them. Bella smirked at them." Bella said. . Bella!" Emmett groaned." "Jeez." "Thank you. "I didn't. "You got introduced. Alice. "Esme introduces all of her children." Alice said. right?" Bella asked with a wary look. "You're special on the inside. Edward told me about the condo. I wanted to say congratulations to Jasper and you. "Rose and I just had to stand there looking pretty. mimicking quotation marks. I swear!" "I'd love to. "No clothes. too?" "Yep!" Emmett chuckled. Will you come shopping with me tomorrow afternoon? I have a few things I'm thinking about getting and I'd love your opinion on them. giving Emmett a hug." "Don't worry!" Jasper chuckled. ha. Emmett and I have all been introduced. not me!" Bella laughed. "No clothes. Emmett." Rose said. "I hear you got introduced to the Garden Club! How'd you enjoy that?" Emmett asked." Emmett said with a huge smile. She had me show off my ring and called it an engagement ring." "That's why I'm glad I don't have any special talents. "Jasper. "As an important addition to the family.

" "You know Rosie's door is always open to you. Jasper's already renting a truck and it just seemed smart to get everything done with at once and not have to rent another one later on. "What?" Bella and I asked loudly. as she came through the front door." Jasper replied. with Jasper moving out. "We'll need to talk about what you want to do with the house."Well. I really don't understand why you children get yourselves so worked up the few times you decide to be adults. . Rose and Emmett will have Rose's house and Bella will be here with us. "We're just letting Bella know about the new living arrangements." "How soon are you moving out?" Bella asked. I'm sure you'll want to fix up your place and make room for Emmett. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her. I wanted her to know I was right here for her. "But I'm right." my mother chided." Bella replied. "I was figuring next weekend. right?" Emmett asked." "I know. "Bella. holding Bella's face in his big hands." "But I thought " Rose stuttered. kid. Em. "Nobody told me. "You know you can call me anytime of the day if you need anything?" Bella nodded her head slowly. But I'm not a kid anymore and neither are you. children?" my mother asked. Jasper and Alice will have the condo. "Why the long faces. "I don't see why that calls for long faces. I doubt much of his furniture will be salvageable enough to take from his room at our house." Emmett explained. waving her hand. aren't I?" Emmett walked over and pulled Bella into another hug. you know I love you so much.

Bella was happy to just stick with her sausage and pineapple monstrosity. "Have a good night then. Bella pulled away from me and hugged my mother tightly. "Thank you so much. yeah. You and Carlisle are just too great to me. crowding around the living room table.My mother chuckled. my club adored you and your lovely voice. Esme. look at that. "I forgot you two were napping while Alice and I chatted earlier. So! You will move in here with us. you would do the same for someone else. Bella. That is. Bella!" We all sat on the floor. Alice brought out sodas for everyone. trading pizza boxes until everyone had a couple slices. I chuckled as Jasper and Emmett grimaced while watching Bella eat a slice. "You deserve every bit of kindness. I'm quite sure if the situation were reversed. "Yes!" Alice chirped. shaking her head. Jasper smiled. Enjoy your movie marathon. "Edward mentioned there might be pizza. "Now you don't even need an excuse to crawl up in Eddie's bed." Emmett said. ." Bella said hopefully." my mother called as she made her way up the stairs. "And a special one just for you. Bella and I exchanged smirks. Squirt." Bella said." "Um okay. You appreciate every little thing that's done for you where others would merely expect it." My mother smiled as she stroked Bella's hair." Emmett chuckled." "I'm are you sure?" Bella asked. And before I forget. dear!" my mother chuckled." "Yes." Alice and Rose snickered. "Children. And honestly. "But can we go back to that first part again?" My mother laughed as she walked over to Bella. Bella. ruffling her hair. "Carlisle and I had a little chat and we don't want you staying home alone. if you want to. I hope you will join Edward again next month. scrunching up her nose. "Well. we're not quite ready to part with Edward yet. I expect the house to still be in one piece when I return. Emmett. Esme." My mother released Bella and looked at all of us. your father is taking me out for dinner. "Positive.

lowering her head to stare at the floor." I told them when they kept staring at Bella. "What are we going to do with the house. What would we do with all the stuff in it?" Emmett asked." "I don't know. never taking his eyes from his sister. They looked at me and I shrugged." Bella whispered. Emmett pretended to be thinking about it while drinking nearly all of his soda down in one gulp. Isabella. . So maybe we should find out about selling it." "No. "Do you even have to ask?" Jasper joked. We've always talked about cleaning out mom and dad's room and donating the stuff." Bella said. Squirt. He slowly put the can down. "Stop acting like you two don't do what Alice and I ask of you. Emmett?" Bella asked." Rose chided." Bella said. especially with you having a truck. "And I kind of like not working right now so I don't really have the money for the bills. crossing his arms in front of his chest. "Bella. "It's all falling apart and too old to worry about fixing. still staring at Bella. I don't think you need the headache of renters."It's actually not that bad. Come outside with me. "Bella asked me to try it once. Now. all the furniture and stuff should just be tossed. We could actually do that. "Well." "Do you do everything she asks of you?" Emmett asked with a smug smile. did you sleep at all last night?" Emmett asked. Bella didn't speak or move." Emmett said. "I didn't ask if you wanted to. Emmett. "Well " "You shouldn't have to pay the bills for it if you're not living there. "Outside. His anger was clear in his tone. "I don't want to talk right now." "Bella. The pictures and albums can be split between us and then we just have our own personal items. still keeping her face hidden." Bella interrupted." Emmett uncrossed his legs and got up from the floor.

Why are you so reluctant now?" "Because " "Bella. Don't make me talk about it in front of everyone. then it happens. I was not about to let this get out of hand. After that." "And?" "And I don't want to talk to him about them. "Bella. I got up from the floor at that point. I'll be waiting You have five minutes to convince her to come outside. or whatever her reason for not talking to me is. come in the kitchen with me. making sure the swinging door shut behind us." she mumbled." Emmett warned. "Of what. She took it and got up. I took her into my arms and hugged her tightly." she chuckled. We are talking about this. why don't you want to talk to Emmett?" "He wants to talk about my dreams. pressing her face further against my shirt." . if she doesn't want to talk " "Edward. I led her into the kitchen. have I mentioned that I can't stand it when you stop talking?" "No." I held my hand out to her. I'm coming in and if she gets embarrassed. "Emmett. slamming the door closed behind him." Emmett said."I didn't ask what you wanted. They both had bad tempers and would say things they didn't mean." "Why not. love?" "What if he convinces himself he has to stay with me? I could never forgive myself if his relationship with Rose gets messed up over my dreams. He walked out of the house. "Bella. "Why are you refusing to talk to your brother then?" "I'm scared. Bella? You told me he already knows and that you used to go and sleep in his room when you had them. never lifting her head up. Edward.

"You worry too much." "Look at how he's reacted so far to the little things, like the club clothes! And then the other night!" "He's just feeling a little overprotective of you, Bella. He loves you." "I know that, Edward. And that's what I'm afraid of. He's not rational when he's acting that way." "Is there anything I can say or do to convince you to talk to him?" "Come with me," she pleaded, as much with her eyes as her voice. I pulled her away slightly so she was looking at my face. "Don't you think it should be just the two of you?" "No. You had to put up with my dreams for nearly six weeks straight. This concerns you, too. Besides, if I have to talk about my dreams when I don't want to, then I should at least get to talk about them the way I want." "Bella " I sighed. "I'm not asking you to talk for me, Edward. I'm just asking you to be there for me." It was a simple request but what was the right choice? Send her out there alone and hope for the best or stand aside and support her silently? What kind of reaction would Emmett have to my presence? I shook my head, realizing I was about to make the same mistake I had yesterday. Bella's words came into my mind, showing me exactly what my choice would be There were only two people in our relationship and Emmett wasn't one of them. "For the record, love, I really believe you're working yourself up over nothing. But I will go with you." "Thank you, Edward," she sighed, hugging me tightly. She pulled away and smiled at me. She took my hand and we walked to the front door together. I opened it up, but stopped her from stepping outside. I leaned down and whispered into her ear. "Keep your temper, Isabella."

She nodded her head. We stepped out onto the porch together as I closed the door behind us. I was slightly apprehensive as I walked out the door, still unsure if my choice had been the right one But as I'd found on many occasions, I couldn't deny Bella anything ... ever.

Chapter 56 - Telling Bella Part 2 "Keep your temper, Isabella," Edward whispered before we walked out of the door. I nodded my head, hoping I really would. I looked up and found Emmett sitting on the porch swing. Edward squeezed my hand and kissed my cheek before letting me go. He went and stood on the opposite end of the porch, and leaned against the railing. I bit my lip as I slowly walked toward Emmett. He scooted over, leaving me room to sit. I sat down and stared out over the driveway. I wasn't ready to look at him yet. "I want to talk to you alone, Bella," Emmett said. "You and I are the only ones that will be talking, Emmett," I told him. "Then send Edward inside," he ordered. "No. I want him to be here. He knows all about my dreams and what I'm going through." "Bella." "Emmett, I love you. I appreciate what you are trying to do, however misguided it may be." "Isabella " Emmett started. "Emmett," Edward interrupted. "I'm not moving from this spot. But I also won't interrupt you unless it is absolutely necessary." "Why would it be necessary?" Emmett growled. "Because you don't think very clearly when you're in your overprotective mode," I told my brother. "Bruised rib the other night ring any bells for you?"

"Fine," Emmett relented. "Edward can stay as long as you are completely honest with me, Bella. That being said, I'm guessing from your appearance and your refusal to answer me earlier, you didn't get any sleep last night," he said, forcing his voice to be calm with me. "I got some," I replied, shooting a quick glance at Edward. He was looking off into the trees, but I knew he was paying attention to the conversation. I didn't want to lie to my brother, but I also didn't want to make him worry about me. This was my problem. It was my fault for thinking I still had months left with my brother. It made sense for him to move in with Rosalie. I wasn't even sure why I had thought it wouldn't be until after the wedding. I wasn't going to mess up his relationship with Rose. I owed him too much. "How much is some?" he barked. "I don't know, Emmett!" I snapped. "I wasn't watching the clock," I said, rolling my eyes. I immediately shut up, biting my tongue. I looked at Edward again. He was shaking his head the slightest bit, warning me about my temper. "Edward must have been up with you. He doesn't look much better than you," Emmett said, pointing his thumb at Edward. "For some of it, yeah," I answered. "What do you mean for some of it?" "I didn't wake him up at first," I shrugged. "He sort of lectured me about it." "Good," he sighed. "Saves me the trouble. You are too stubborn for your own good, Isabella. You have all these people loving you and wanting to be your friend and you never ask for help. In fact, you pretty much try to run away from it." "I just don't feel right about it. It feels like I'm being selfish." "It's not selfish if you accept when they offer, and only ask when you need it." "But they're always offering." "Because you never ask!" he roared.

" he chuckled." "I love you." I told him. And we'll both be over here just as much as we always have been. hiding my face in his shirt." He laughed and hugged me tightly.I saw Edward make a slight movement and I quickly shook my head at him. And you aren't going far. I'll be okay. too. I knew it was a silly question. It's just been really nice with Rose and Edward and you and me all being at the house together. just angry. But you had to know they would both need to go back to their own homes. Emmett?" I asked. but I really needed to hear him answer it. I'm starting to learn it isn't possible to make definite plans when you have more than one person actually involved in your life. "You gave up a lot to come home and take care of me. I know how to get to Rose's." "Bella. I should have talked to you last night before I left. We knew you'd be more comfortable at home. Bella. I know how your nightmares come back when things change. Can I ask you what in particular you're freaking out about?" I shrugged. well. "Sorry." "That's right. Maybe it wouldn't have been such a rough night if you'd had some answers. Bella. I don't want to keep you from Rose. "Are you going to miss me. I know how you like to have everything mapped out. Emmett was fine. taking his big paw into my little hands." "No." "I know. especially if one of those people is Alice. My brother clinched his fists and took a deep breath." "Yeah. Bella. if this is too much if you need me to stay home with you for awhile to keep your nightmares away. I'm angry with myself. ." "I knew that I just didn't think you'd be leaving with Rose. Emmett! You've put your life on hold enough for me. Squirt. though. You love her and you should get to be with her. I'm not angry with you. "You're learning quick. "I didn't think it would be so soon." "You were in a cast. Edward and Rose's houses have a lot of stairs. I'm trying not to yell. I'll do it. Sunday dinner and all.

You're honest. with you there." he chuckled. confident of my answer. "No. wiping at my eyes. "I'll always need you." "But how can you mean that?" "Bella. How could he really feel that way? I was just his kid sister. You always blush and turn away and ignore it when other people try to tell you what they see. Bella. I don't think you're going to need your big brother anymore now that you have Edward. I'll just be hanging out at Rosie's house. bravest. You also happen to be the coolest little sister a guy could ever hope to have. Do you know why I never brought any girls to the house in the last five years?" "You were being considerate. "Have you lost your mind? What the hell kind of question is that? Am I going to miss you? Jeez." "I'll always be here. Emmett noticed and said." I replied immediately. "To be perfectly honest. and you earn everything that comes your way. she can get some first hand experience with child-rearing!" I joked. kindest." I chuckled. "Come on. "Edward's right.Emmett pulled me away and held me by my shoulders. Em. You are absurd! You are the smartest. You know I don't do well with the water works. most loyal person I have ever met in my twenty-five years on this planet. Isabella. Squirt." I started crying hard and Emmett pulled me to his chest. You never wait around for hand-outs or praise. ." I snorted. I feel like I'm the one that should be worried. I looked up to see Edward grinning at me. Bella!" My brother shook his head at me. "You never have seen yourself clearly. I hadn't met anyone worthy of meeting you! Rose is the first and only girl I felt was good enough to meet you. you work hard." I hugged my brother tightly." "I'm sure that will be a great learning experience for her. "What are you talking about?" "Well.

He opened his arms and I crawled into his lap. The front door closed and Edward came and sat next to me. "It sounded like you were killing her. we could hear other people laughing. as he jumped up. brother bear. I wouldn't know what to do without her. as well. but I'm relieved he really listened to what I said. I tried to get up. trying to wiggle out of his grasp. "Are you okay?" he whispered. I screamed and laughed at the same time. "Funny. not only allowing him to comfort me. "Can we please watch some movies now?" Alice cried. trying to slip out from under his arm. This was being loved." . I nodded my head." I chuckled. "Action first!" Emmett yelled. "I don't exactly understand the way he sees me. "Bears before Squirts!" he laughed as he jogged to the front door. hugging me around the neck and ruffling my hair. but allowing myself to enjoy it for once."Think you're funny do you?" Emmett questioned as he grabbed my sides and started tickling me." "Right back at you. It's right for him. Em!" I screamed. Emmett was right this wasn't selfish. I'm glad he's going to move in with Rose. "What?" Emmett asked. We turned and saw the others crowded in the doorway watching us. little Bella!" "Stop. but he knocked me back down onto the swing. "I could never kill the Squirt. I watched as they scrambled out of his way. "I give! Uncle! Uncle!" He stopped tickling me and without my noise. And no one deserves it more." Rose said with a big grin. "Aw!" Emmett said.

He was trying to spare me from talking about them in front of everyone. He can't hear or speak!" They both chuckled." I told her. They started the night my parents died.The front door opened and Rose stepped out. smiling at her. Rose. Rose?" I asked. . winking. Then Rose nodded her head." "You're going to be my little sister-in-law. if you can believe it." "All the time?" "No." I said." "Have you been having nightmares this whole time? Since you met us?" "No. But I want you to know it means an awful lot that you would ask. "Why did Emmett have you come outside?" she asked. "Pretend Tutor-boy is a marble statue of a Greek god. "Speak. is there anything I can do to help keep you from having nightmares?" "No. smiling sweetly. Bella. She leaned up against the railing and seemed to be searching for what she wanted to say. It hasn't been that bad. "He was actually being nice. trying to ease her apprehension. I have nightmares." I chuckled. I had a bad spell after Christmas. Edward and I talked about them and they cleared up again. Just when there's a lot of stress or changes going on. "Don't worry about him." "Bella." "That's got a certain ring to it. coming to some internal agreement. She smiled at Edward as she walked over to us. I just have to get over my fear. She glanced at Edward and I waved my hand at her. "What brings you out here. But then last night " "So that's why Emmett asked if you'd gotten any sleep?" "Yeah." she replied. "I was hoping to talk with you.

" he chuckled as we both got to our feet. He wrapped an arm around my waist and we walked into the house together. I was going to have to accept that and stop being afraid of it. "Oh.." Rose said. I'm thinking I love you very much. "Thanks. "I'm thinking I need to accept that Emmett moving in with Rose does not mean I'm loosing him in any way. Alice put in the DVD and started up the surround sound. if there is ever anything I can do." She kissed my forehead and went back into the house. Life had changed so much in such a short time. our first movie of the night is The Transporter. my. Life was constantly changing ." "I think you're right." Emmett announced. By some miracle. I turned bright red and Edward noticed right away. Edward held me against his chest with an arm wrapped around my waist. "I thought you said you only had a crush on me. please come to me. "In honor of the Squirt. Alice was going to be living with Jasper. I was going to be with Edward. smiling at him. fanning herself when she saw the main character sitting in the car. And I'm thinking as much as I would love to just stay right here in your arms. "I can see why Bella likes this movie." he whispered in my ear. I turned my face back into Edward's shirt and took a deep breath. . my. Em!" I said.. Don't hesitate for a second. His tone was playful. "What are you thinking about. we had better go inside before Alice comes out to get us." Alice chuckled. "Thanks. Rose." Rose said. Emmett was engaged and moving out. We claimed the empty loveseat for ourselves."Bella. love?" Edward whispered.

"Is that another one of those things you would like chocolate-covered. my God!" I screamed. I already heard too much!" I cried. raising my voice." Emmett huffed. I just stared at them. I forget we have Edward's and your virgin ears around us." I chuckled. I'm not sure what expression Edward had on his face." "I don't care. wondering if they wanted me dead. I really didn't think this was the time for Emmett to be finding out any new information about me. I promise. "We are sitting right here!" Jasper yelled." I whispered back." "Oh. Rose. "TMI! TMI! TMI!" "Bella. Bella. Forgot to keep it PG. I looked over at Alice. "Oh. "I'm sure he'll want to stay after seeing you. I just like to toy with my prey before enjoying them. ." Rose said." I winked at Alice. laughing like loons. Rose and Alice fell onto each other. "Give me a few ropes. waving his hand between Emmett and Edward. "Sorry." Rose replied. Rosie. "He stopped speaking. "Forget the chocolate. Squirt. but it must have been priceless because Alice immediately started playing along."I meant it. trying to pull my hands from my ears." Emmett said. But that doesn't mean he's not nice to look at. it's okay. Alice?" I asked. I'm not worried about him leaving." "I doubt you'll need to worry about him leaving. "I can't believe you'd say you wanted to do that to someone else. My hands flew to my ears. "Possibly." Alice smirked." Edward said. "I can picture him shirtless right now and it does appear pretty yummy!" Alice said with a wicked grin. "You haven't seen anything yet! Wait until he starts fighting people without a shirt. maybe a pair of handcuffs and we'll see what we can make of it.

"I love you. I had a surprise for her something I'd been wanting to show her for awhile now. Like for you and me." "You have to admit. I wanted her to be awake later. that's very good. but had never found the right time. smiling at him.Choices Bella fell asleep against me before the first movie even got started. Edward shrugged." "I love you. It was as soothing and as calming as it always was. though."Getting back to the movie!" Jasper said loudly. "Watch it. I pressed my face against his neck and breathed him in. Maybe she's just sure Emmett won't figure it out. she is right a lot of the time. Alice and Rose hushed each other while winking at me." I punched him in his shoulder. I turned onto my back so I could see Edward's face. Tutor-boy!" Edward chuckled as he wrapped me up in a warm embrace. I rolled my eyes at them. He leaned down and kissed me sweetly." "Too often!" "Sometimes it's good she's right. "I really don't know what's gotten into her." "Yes. . I let her sleep." I agreed. Chapter 57 . Edward. Even if you have a crush on the movie guy. I drifted off to sleep before I even realized I was still tired. Bella. "Expert confidant?" I questioned." "Yes. let's just hang everything on what Alice thinks may or may not happen in the future.

I knew she would be fine. But I knew that no matter what she did. I doubted Bella felt truly ready. They would have a good life together. Part of me wanted to run upstairs and start making room for her right away. as well. he would say he loved it. He had no idea what he was in for. at least for a few months. It would certainly never be dull with their personalities. I would never be able to explain to her how much her choice meant to me how much she meant to me. choosing to leave her in charge of decorating their home. wondering how often this would happen now that they were going to be living as couples. I pried Bella's fingers from my shirt and slid away from her. He was telling her he felt she was ready to be an adult now. And that left Bella. but I couldn't have loved her more. Rose and Alice couldn't help but laugh at the two of them arguing over the plot and the special effects of the movies. I hoped he would make time for her. I quickly made it across the living room . Alice was going to be in the middle of the city and that kind of excitement would probably keep her pretty busy for a while. I knew she'd considered it a lot. pressing her cheek against my chest.She was in a deep sleep. She'd probably just threaten all of our vehicles to get us to behave. Jasper had gotten tired of leaving without Alice at his side. But she had made the choice to move in with Jasper. Jasper loved her and was willing to do anything for her. telling me what to do and what to wear. All those video game competitions that flustered my mother would now probably be held at Rose's. I saw my mother heading to the kitchen out of the corner of my eye. Rosalie was in for a lot of changes with her choice to have Emmett move in. Emmett had made the choice to have his own life separate from Bella's. She had made the choice to live here with my parents and me. I tried to picture her dealing with the noise we usually ended up making. She was a royal pain. too. I watched them interacting with each other. That was just the way he was with Alice. Her face was so peaceful as she clung to my shirt. Emmett and Jasper weren't even attempting to be quiet. I looked down at her. just to help her get used to him not being around. He was so excited at the idea of being with Rose all the time I wondered if he'd given any thought to how much he would miss Bella. or eat a lot of takeout. Neither of them cooked so either they'd have to learn. It would be strange not to have her around.

" "She was ten years old and it was your first day of school." "She knows." "Regardless. mom. I never dreamed she would make it one of her mission's in life. She loves you an awful lot." "You can always talk to me. Is everything okay?" "I was wondering if I could talk to you. Edward." "She does get that from my side of the family. letting her go out first. you know." I said. you should tell her. Edward. Edward. "Mom?" She spun around. Edward. Why don't we step out onto the back porch?" I nodded my head and walked towards the door. I opened it up. My mother was looking through her junk drawers when I walked in. You of all people should know that.and into the kitchen. "I hope you told her just how much you'll really miss her." . isn't it?" "I told Alice I didn't think the day would ever come when she would give up her credit card and move out." "That's completely your fault." "Alice never does anything half-way. surprised at my voice as much as she was by my greeting. I'm sure she'd appreciate hearing it." I chuckled. I think she cares more about your happiness than her own." my mother chuckled. She put her hand on my knee and patted it. "Big day around here." "She's very special. "What did you want to talk to me about?" "Bella. bumping her shoulder with mine. "You were the one who told her it was her job to watch out for me. I closed it behind us and took a seat next to her on the porch steps. Some days. "Edward.

"She is," I agreed, smiling goofily. "But I'm surprised you would offer for her to live here. You never made that offer to Jasper." "Rose and Jasper needed each other much more than your sister needed to spend all of her free time with her boyfriend. When siblings are in the position of only having each other, it greatly affects their relationship. It's a very complex bond, Edward. They aren't just sister and brother. They've had to be mother and father to each other as well. The same with Emmett and Bella. If Emmett wasn't moving in with Rose, I wouldn't have offered. But he has decided to do it and Bella needs to be surrounded by people who love her to help with the transition. To her, in a lot of ways, she's loosing her brother, her friend, her father, and her caregiver." I nodded my head. Bella had mentioned on a few occasions that she felt like she was loosing Emmett. "I know you, Edward. You're going to want to talk to her and find out every little thing that she's feeling and thinking. But I hope you will listen to me. Don't do that. Whatever she reveals to you, be thankful for it. It may be awhile before she even realizes everything she's thinking and feeling about the situation. Her natural instinct will be to make sure Emmett goes through with his choice, no matter how that affects her." "But shouldn't they talk more about it and find out if they're both ready?" "They will never really be ready for it. As I said, it's a complex bond. For the rest of their lives, no matter how old Bella gets, Emmett will always feel the need to be protective of her, and Bella will always look to him as a father figure. His opinion will only ever be second to yours." I nodded my head, letting her words sink into my brain. "Would you tell me what happened last night?" "Bella has a particular nightmare that started after her parents died. She imagines that she's there, watching her parents as the crash happens. It's very vivid and it scares her as much now as it did when she had the very first one. Stress and change trigger the dream for her. She had a few bad dreams last night because she had figured out Emmett was going to move." "And you both were up all night?"

"She was up at first and then I woke up and found her just sitting on the floor, looking out the window." "It was awfully cold last night, Edward." "I know," I said with a rueful smile. "I had to run a bath for her to get her body temperature back up. Guess we shouldn't leave the heat so low when we have guests over." "You know you're father likes to keep the house cold. Anything higher than sixty and he swears he's melting." We laughed together, both remembering all the times my father had fussed about the temperature in the house. It was why we didn't have a fireplace. There was no point since he never would have let anyone light it. "So then I got her to go back to sleep and I waited up, making sure she didn't have any more nightmares." "And I came in and woke you, bright and early." "You are rather cruel, mother," I said, winking at her. She put an arm around my shoulders and kissed my head. "Only because I love you and because I'm very proud of you, Edward. And you know my Garden Club adores you." "Bella was horrified when she realized she was going to have to play," I chuckled. "She never showed it. She did an excellent job." "That's what bothers me about her. She's so good at hiding how she really feels." "All you can do is comfort her and let her know that you are there for her. You have to let her come to you, Edward. You can't force her." "I hope I'm not reading too far into it, but I think her wanting me outside when she talked to Emmett was a big step. It made me feel like she finally believes I'm going to be here for her."

"I would say that's a very good possibility, but don't be discouraged if Bella seems to regress a little in the next week. She may push you away to help herself deal with Emmett's leaving." I knew my mother was right, but I didn't know if I could just stand aside and watch Bella hurt. Maybe I wouldn't have to find out. Maybe Bella would let me into her heart further instead of pushing me away. "And dad's really okay with this?" I asked my mother. "Not that he has much of a choice, but yes. He loves Bella. He knows how happy she makes you. Your father cares a great deal about your happiness." "Except where my career is concerned," I muttered. "He cares about that, too, Edward. He just has a different opinion." She hugged me again. "You leave your father to me. I will help him come around and understand." "How do you do that?" "Do what?" "You seem to already know my choice." She smiled and kissed my cheek. "I was young and in love once, too, son. And I made many choices, all of them leading me to and keeping me with your father. Speaking of him, he's probably looking for me. We have a date tonight." I stood and helped my mother up. She held onto my arm as we walked back into the house and through the kitchen. "There you are!" my father called. "I was beginning to think I'd been stood up." I handed her off to my father. "She's all yours." "Yes, she certainly is," he replied, kissing her cheek. "Shall we, my lady?" "I thought you'd never ask," she said, pretending to swoon. I laughed at my parents as the walked out of the kitchen. I could hear them saying their good-nights to the others. I went over to the refrigerator and grabbed a soda. I

leaning over the kitchen island. What does it look like?" "It looked like you were having a heart to heart with our dear mother. "I was just kidding. The effect was ruined by her smile. "She was hugging you!" I shook my head." "You spied?" I accused. I would have invited you outside. Then she narrowed her eyes to slits. It was never a good idea to anger my sister. "And just what do you think you can do to torture me Shorty?" Alice gasped. sauntering around the island and standing in front of me. Ali? I'm a slow learner. I looked up and smiled at her." she said. put her hands on her hips and took a step forward so that we were barely an inch apart. "So what?" "So nothing. I would need to give her information on my own free will to smooth this over. that's all. "It's just about time. Edward Anthony?" I slumped back against the counter. Don't you want to fill our final days with lots of wonderful chatter without me torturing the information from you?" I took a step forward. .leaned against the counter and opened it." "What can I say." Alice wiggled her finger at me and sang. I'm moving out soon. grinning at my sister. little brother. She didn't move. "So what were you talking about with mom?" "If I wanted you to know. speak or let up on her intense glare. standing tall and looking down at her on purpose. "Whatcha doin'?" Alice giggled. "Drinking a soda." I prayed the use of her nickname would calm her. "Nope! But I did look out the window on my way upstairs and saw the two of you on the porch. Ali. Is Bella still asleep?" "Out like a light." "Don't be that way. "Do you really want to find out. And no talking!" Alice pouted. thinking about my conversation with my mother.

"It's just because you forget to pay attention to the world around you. smiling happily. Why?" "I was hoping you would take a walk with me."I was talking to mom about Bella. Ali. I had meant for it to be much more subtle and not quite so childish. rolling my eyes. "You are my one and only big sister." "That's easy! Jasper and Rose needed each other. I love you. I'll have to talk to Bella and make sure she keeps you from doing that too often." she said." "Look! How cute!" Bella and Rose squealed from the kitchen doorway. I wrapped her up in my arms and hugged her tightly. wrapping her little arms around my sides. "Sleep well?" I whispered." "I'll miss you." Bella pulled away and looked up at me. "My little brother loves me! He said so!" Rose and Bella started laughing at Alice." I blurted out. We'll need warmer clothes. "Until I woke up alone. I gently pried the little pixie off of me and made my way over to the love of my life. putting her arms around me. Her smile spread from ear to ear as she launched herself at me. "I knew you loved me!" "Of course." I said. Alice relaxed and smiled at me. I bent down and kissed her spiky hair." . "But that's okay. I was curious as to why she and dad invited her to stay when they hadn't invited Jasper. you goof." "Am I always the last to know?" I asked." "Are you feeling rested?" "Yes. but there it was. It was worth it to see you hugging Alice. "Sure!" "Let's go up and change. Alice turned her face towards them.

He said it would make the boy be nice to me. He said it was to help ward off the rude little boys. "I snagged it this morning to get your coffee." "He looks like he bought it in his size instead of yours. I went into our closet and grabbed my hoodie. He brought it home for me on his first day of college. your shirts smell better when you've been wearing them anyway. It's like strawberries and freesia."Okay!" She took my hand in hers and pulled me toward the stairs. why does my sweater smell like you?" "Oh." . I really hoped she would decide to stay and really make this our room." "You sound as if you mind. He said one look at this shirt would get the boy to imagine the size of the person needed to fill it." she giggled." "I love your smell. "I'm not scared of Emmett. don't get me wrong. I laughed at her exuberance as we made our way up to our room. "Where did you get that thing?" I asked." she laughed. "You brought up this particular topic." "Fine! I'll limit my scent to your t-shirts." she said. Besides. But I'm a guy! I'm not supposed to smell so sweet. "Bella. Bella. "Are you still scared of Emmett?" "Are you?" I shot back. putting on a big gray sweatshirt. pointing at the shirt." "How'd that work out for you?" "You tell me. "It's Emmett's." I chuckled. but stopped halfway through. I started putting it on. you big baby." "More and more of my clothing smells like you. young lady." "You're absurd. I just don't want to change his world view of me anymore than it already has been." "He did.

keeping her off the cold ground. And the biggest reason for staying right here is you. pushing me toward the door." she whispered. I sat down and pulled her into my lap." she told me. "What are you nervous about now?" "I just want to know if you're sure about moving in with me." I said." I whispered. At the top. I'd been to this spot many times. We walked down the stairs and over to the coat closet. The nighttime wind was colder than the actual temperature at this time of year. Edward. I want to be wherever you are." "Let's start out with some closet space and a few dresser drawers and work our way from there. a huge grin sitting on my face. It's hard enough to get to that point in the first place so I'm not about to second guess it. too. and the trees. Alice had shut off all the lights and they were all huddled together watching some cheesy horror movie. Bella. the mountains. once I make a decision. They're going to be married and I'm not their child. "This is beautiful. I'm sure Emmett and Rose wouldn't mind if you wanted to live with them. The hill provided us a perfect view of the moon. Secondly. Isabella. I spread the blanket out. I love you. I led her through the trees and into the woods a little. "Let's go take that walk. Edward." "Oh. illuminating the world below. "And I'm here for you if you want to talk or if you just want to be held. We came across a steep hill and I helped her climb up it. leaning her head against my shoulder. Just let me know." "I love you. Tonight. drawing the word out and rolling my eyes at her." "First of all. ." she chuckled. I would never impose on Emmett and Rose. Whatever you need. I made sure Bella grabbed gloves as well. We headed through the kitchen and out the back door." "It's not nearly as beautiful as you. I put my jacket on and grabbed a pair of gloves."Sure. it's made. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the stars looked more like diamonds than ever. no!" she giggled. I grabbed the old blanket off the closet floor and stuck it under my arm. watching sunrises and sunsets color the sky. "It almost seems like you could reach out and touch the moon. it was especially perfect.

"You'll always be my Tutorboy. "Welcome to our room. But now it was Saturday and Moving Day was upon us." I wondered if she knew just how much I meant what I'd just told her.Moving Day The week flew by." "Any chance we can let that nickname drop now that you are going to be living with me?" "Not a chance in hell!" she laughed. and made our way up to our room. my Bella. Between school and Edward."Anything for you. I'd made the choice to always have her at my side. She was taking full advantage of her final days with her trusty credit card! . smiling at her. Actually." I laughed. And while things seemed to be changing pretty quickly." I got into bed and pulled her into my arms. I really didn't have time to dwell on the changes that were coming during the weekend. "You're something else. enjoying the clear night and the beautiful view until Bella started to shiver." I said. and I knew it was one I would never regret. The choices and changes had completely enriched my life. both of us smiling. Edward. She looked up at me. deep into another cheesy horror flick. She chuckled and walked past me. Alice had been a complete terror all week as she decided what would stay and what would go to the condo. We passed by our family. Life was full of choices and choices brought about change. kissing her cheek. "And you'll always be my Bella. Lying in my arms was the best change that had ever happened to me my love. climbing onto the bed. I had no complaints. Tutorboy. shaking her head. We sat quietly together. she pretty much decided everything was staying and forced me to go to the mall numerous times to help her pick out her wardrobe for the condo. We walked back to the house together. my life. one eyebrow lifted and a grin at the corner of her mouth. I stopped Bella outside of the door. Bella. Chapter 58 .

I knelt down in front of the bookcase and ran a hand across the spines of my books. I don't want to take over your room. I wasn't sure if I would get through the entire weekend nightmare free. He nibbled at my ear and I sighed happily.I did not leave without outfits of my own. "I don't know where to start. She said I could be taken anywhere to be introduced at anytime. not really. Emmett and Rose were tackling his room. Alice warned me I would need them with Esme so close. I kept catching him studying me. "Why don't we start with something you absolutely want to bring to our home?" "I don't want to bring much. So I had nightmares. I would sit him down and set him straight. Edward was helping me with my room. It was actually getting a little irritating. Alice and Jasper were clearing out our parent's room. as if he was trying to peek into my head to see if the dreams were lurking there." Edward said with a mischievous grin. Edward put a box next to me." "Do you think this is all moving too fast?" "Considering I wanted to keep you with me forever the second week I knew you. I knew Edward was hoping. He had been extra sweet and careful with me all week. However. I would remind myself he was only doing it because he loved me so much. But before my tongue could lash out. Emmett and I couldn't bring ourselves to do it." Edward wrapped his arms around me and pulled me against his chest. too. if he continued this past the weekend." I shrugged." "Edward. you're such a tease!" I pulled myself away from him and headed toward my book collection. but I was hoping. it's our room and there's plenty of space. "Bella. Then she had the nerve to say she wasn't trying to scare me to death! I was happy to note my dreams had not returned. I wasn't some porcelain doll. "I'm not sure how much packing you expect to get done if you just keep staring at the room. no. big deal! Lots of people had it worse off than me. .

leaning against the short dresser and flipping through the CDs stacked there. He took the case from me and unwrapped it." "Edward."Why don't you work on your books and I'll handle your CDs?" "I don't want all of the CDs. never taking his eyes from mine." Edward sighed heavily and got up. It was an interesting combination. holding up the CD case. filled with amazement that he always seemed to know the right thing to say or do. too?" I asked." I giggled as he took my hand in his and wrapped an arm around my waist. took out the CD and put it into the player. Bella! Don't let it anywhere near me!" "Ha! I found a fear of Edward Cullen's! Better watch yourself. I realized this was exactly how I had described my parents dancing that final time. "My parents bought them as gifts. I rested my head against his chest. You handle those and I'll go through my CDs for the ones I really want." "Burn it. There's a Pat Boone one in the stack that I'm sure you'd love to have. Boone might be hiding out in your closet and jump out and torture you with song one day!" "Very funny. "This is called "Let's Fall in Love". He skipped tracks until he found the song he wanted. And I would be very honored if you would allow me this dance. "No. ." "Why do you have CDs you don't want?" I laughed." "How about Sinatra? Are you afraid of him. Tutor-boy! Mr. He popped open the case. He actually has a few songs I like. giving me a dirty look while smirking at me." "Really?" "You never listened to the CD?" "I never unwrapped the CD. He held our twined hands against his shoulder as we moved around the small room. not having any clue what they were doing. Edward. Isabella. Why don't we switch? I do want all of my books.

I followed after him. I think you need yours checked. I could have spoken louder." Emmett replied solemnly. This isn't bad at all. I love him and only him and will only ever be with him. Emmett had already headed down the stairs. I guess I never thought past the two of you going out on a few dates together. I appreciate your concern. but prettier. You will be a great dad when you and Rose decide to have kids. I love him with my entire heart and soul. But Emmett. "So what's up. I don't want either of you to be hurt. you need to listen to me and believe me when I say to you that I love Edward. "Why don't Emmett and you take a walk while we keep packing?" Edward offered." I blushed and hid myself against Edward. kissing his cheek. "You looked like mom." "No."You're right. And I can even understand where it's coming from. "Can I get a moment alone with Bella?" Emmett asked. you are so sweet. Not because he's the first boy I took interest in or because he was the first to really care to get to know the real me. But because that is ." I whispered. Together we went through the kitchen and out the back door." "You looked just like mom. Edward hugged me tightly. but the moment felt magical and I didn't want to chance breaking the spell. "Good idea!" I replied. But all songs come to an end and this one did. too. I looked up to see him standing in the doorway with Rose. I just figured you two were being all goofy with it being your first boyfriend ever and his first girlfriend in a long while. but I'm concerned." "Emmett." Emmett said. but I guess I didn't think it was as serious as what I have with Rosie. "I think you need your eyes checked. Squirt. I know Edward gave you the ring and the promise and all. I really do. Bella. You've never dated anyone else and I'd hate for you to get too serious with Edward and then discover it was just hormones or a crush and not the lasting thing. brother bear?" "I wanted to ask you that. I like Edward and I know he makes you happy. "You are getting better and better every time we dance.

" "So what are we going to do about the house?" "For now. Emmett. Keep all the utilities on. poking him in the side with a finger. it feels like my other half is missing. I guess when I looked at you I saw the memory of the gangly I truly feel about him. "All jokes aside. instead of the beautiful Bella before me." "I'm sorry for treating you like a little kid. Emmett and I went down to our parent's room. When I'm not with him. Let's just give our new living arrangements a chance and if for any reason things don't work out. I'm going to just keep it like it is. "It looks so different. not quite ready to part with it. except for a few boxes on the stripped down mattress. I don't see any day in my future that doesn't include Edward in some way. preparing myself for the memories that would come. Bella?" Emmett asked with a wink. Emmett and I both ended up leaving a lot in the house. but not wanting to take it with us either. I really do love Edward. The room was empty. I plan on spending my entire life with him. "Hot body." "We should probably get back in there and help pack. and that somewhere along the way I developed a hot body " I waited for my sentence to catch up with my brother. It is our stuff. "You're the one who bruised me trying to cover me up. I think about what I'll be doing with him or for him. what with figuring out I'm twenty and not twelve. we still have this place. I want to marry him after college." I joked." "I'm sure Rose and you will be just fine. I don't ever want to. I bit my lip with anticipation and he rewarded me with his wonderful booming laugh echoing across the back yard. Our family was very understanding. When I think about the days ahead. . I stepped in first." "And I'm starting to see Edward and you will be. Emmett slowly pushed the door open. Emmett. too. But none came." It took us a few hours to get everything finished." I said softly. Alice had told me the boxes contained pictures and my mother's jewelry box. And between you and me. huh. after all. I know this has been rough on you. Alice and Jasper had let us know the room was cleared.

you know!" I laughed and shook my head at my brother. "You are the best big brother ever. Between you and me. my muscles were getting a little soft. But it's time to be happy about the times you did have with them instead of mourning the ones you'll never get. It sucks that they didn't get to stick around. You get so caught up in missing them that it makes you dense. ha! So how do I not mourn them when I think about them?" "Well. I was crashed out on Edward's couch from sheer exhaustion." "When did you become so deep and smart?" I asked with a grin. I would have to start running again. too." "You are so wrong. They're watching you." "All the love they had between the two of them all those years they were together There's nothing to show for it. I laughed and hugged my big brother tightly. They're dead and gone and no one even knows they lived. I can't remember what this room looked like with them in it. you make them sad. Emmett Swan!" "Can I get that in trophy form? I do have a birthday coming up. I miss them a lot. . Edward was going through my CDs and adding them to his wall. too. I closed my eyes and tried to ignore the ache in my feet. you know. "Come on! Let's go get your stuff over to Rose's house!" Six hours later. every time you get sad. that crease is ug-ly!" Emmett said. the good people that surround us That's the proof they were good parents. Now that I wasn't working. I smiled at how happy he was to include me in his life. you could start with smiling when you think of them instead of getting that little crease in your forehead. And as proud as you make them. It's been years since I've come in here. The way we live our lives. Jasper and Emmett were returning the truck with Rose and Alice following to take them to their new homes."Without their stuff. You and I are the proof that they lived. Maybe you should be stupid more often. Isabella Marie. "It usually happens when you start being stupid. Be happy so they can be happy with you." "Ha. with mock disgust.

" "It worked."Did I ever thank you for the brilliant way you changed around my CDs during that dare?" Edward asked suddenly. too. He likes to practice that dance from that OK Go group. "Wow!" I sighed. "Have you ever run on a treadmill?" "Sure! Emmett keeps a bunch down in the basement at the old homestead. "My feet hurt. hoping he would pick up on my sarcasm. As long as I don't think too hard about my feet." "Where did that come from?" Edward chuckled. playing guitar and stringing lights are beyond me. "I'm sure you'll learn those in time. He took my feet into his hands and started massaging them. "Is there anything you don't know how to do?" "According to you. I'm not working anymore and my legs and feet are getting soft. It's the walking that gets me." I said." "You're welcome. "I think I want to start running again. "Get your laptop out. I popped open one eye to see Edward pulling off my shoes and socks. Not that you need to." I laughed as I opened my eyes to look at him. I'm actually a pretty good runner. "I don't think so. So about this running thing?" "I used to run in the early morning." Edward laughed." ." I heard some cases clatter against each other and then I felt my legs being lifted. I'll show you." Edward laughed at that. I thought hard for a second. Thank you. "What?" he laughed. I knew your CDs were a big deal to you so I just figured that was a good way to win the dare and show you I was a good friend at the same time.

I brought up the internet and went to My favorite site for finding stupid human tricks! I typed in OK Go and pulled up the video for their song "Here it Goes Again". "Oh! That requires walking!" I moaned. It would be fun to see Emmett lifting weights again. Before he even opened his mouth. I knew what he was going to say and decided to beat him to it. "How did you find that?" "Angela's boyfriend Ben was looking for some ninja stuff and somehow came across it. He showed it to her and she knew I would love it so she showed it to me. my very absurd Bella. Edward." "I'll think about it. snickering and snorting throughout the entire thing. having already turned it on for me. we both started laughing uncontrollably." "That's probably a very smart idea. Bella. "You are so absurd." "I love you." I chuckled." Edward laughed at me and I smiled at him. I was just thinking you could use the machines at the gym on the days when Emmett.He got up and went into his messenger bag. wiping at the tears streaming down his cheeks." he laughed. He laughed harder then pulled me into a tight hug." "Edward! Bella! Dinner!" Esme called out. We watched the video together. . I haven't seen that in a while. He brought me his laptop. What did you think of it?" "Emmett would kill himself trying to do that!" "Bears don't fit well on treadmills. But getting back to the treadmill topic. I scooted over to Edward so he could see the screen with me. I'm smart enough to know when not to show things to Emmett. "Besides. "Oh. Jasper and I go there. At the end. He's never seen this as far as I know. mimicking his voice. "I love you. And I am curious about what you do there to keep yourself looking so darn cute." I said.

Esme swatted his shoulder with her dishtowel as he passed her on the way to the kitchen. He put his arms under my legs and walked out of the room. I jumped up from my seat and surprised Carlisle with a hug around his neck. what are you doing?" "Bella's feet hurt. "Get on." I laughed. "No need to say it. "I can see it in your face and feel it in your hug." "Edward. I squealed and buried my face against his neck. that was not my idea. She saw us and started laughing."Stand up on the sofa. Esme was waiting at the bottom to find out what all the noise was about. wrapping my arms and legs tightly around him." I let her go and smiled at her. as he set me down in a chair. He stopped a little ways before the stairs started and jumped up with me. I let him and go and went over to Esme. "Do you need any help?" . as he stood on the floor in front of me. He laughed and started down the stairs. "If you break your back. hugging her around her waist. patting my hand. "Loosen your grip on my neck before I faint. Bella." Carlisle replied." Esme whispered. Bella. "Are you insane?" "Just get on!" he said." Edward instructed." I said to Carlisle. it'll be all your fault. I did as he asked with a million butterflies invading my stomach." "You are welcome for both. Carlisle looked up from the table and started laughing at the sight of us. "Thank you for my gift and thank you for taking me in." he chuckled. She returned the hug and kissed the top of my head. Edward somehow managed to shrug while holding me. I did as he said. "Edward. leaving his back facing me." I replied. He turned around. "Just so we're clear." he chuckled.

And she had smiled more today than she had in weeks. Emmett. Edward. Bella was here with me. I hoped he was right and my parents were looking down on me." I replied. It was now so easy to get him to laugh. Chapter 59 . . but she was taking it all so well. I saw Edward watching me and smiling at me. I pulled her into my arms. "You." "And just what were you thinking about me?" "I was thinking you are extremely beautiful and that I love your smile."Would you carry the salad bowl over for me?" Esme asked. Through Edward. I smiled. I winked at him and he started chuckling. I took the bowl in both hands and carefully walked it over to the table. Carlisle. thinking back to my earlier conversation with Emmett. pulling her in for a quick kiss. Angela. putting my face against her neck and taking a deep breath.A Quiet Night at Home Part 1 I found myself smiling goofily once again. She was so beautiful." "And you can leave it all in the bathroom this time. How did I get this lucky? I watched her as she sorted her clothing. living here with me. I'd discovered that family isn't just the people who gave birth to you or raised you It's the people who love you. putting it on the shelves I had cleared out for her in our closet. Jasper. Esme. "What are you thinking about?" Bella asked. She was sitting right next to me on our bed. "Absolutely. I had been so worried today would be rough on her. Rosalie. Everything about my life had become pretty amazing lately. Ben. pulling me out of my thoughts. and Edward they were my family and I couldn't have dreamed up a better one if I had tried. I was also thinking we've done enough work for one day. You run the bath water and I'll get my stuff. never having to leave me except for school." I said. it was pretty amazing. seeing how truly happy I was. Is there any chance of convincing you to call it a night and join me in a hot bath?" "That is the best idea you've had all day. Alice.

it would have been impossible to let you stay at my house. trying to appear nonchalant. brown eyes was unmistakable."This is so amazing. "Like what?" "My name. "Why don't you just tell me about your dream and I'll tell you if I've heard any part of it?" I offered. running her hands across my forehead and down my cheeks. but without the wall. you probably watch me a lot more with the talking. And that you love me. Actually." She traced my lips with her thumb." "You have no idea how happy I am you chose to stay here with me." "Why is that?" "There are only two times when this brow of yours is perfectly smooth and your face is peaceful. we should make sure it's has a big open living room like the one here. "A few things. trying to draw her out. You can't be without your piano and it could never fit in there. if we ever end up getting a house of our own." she said. I wondered why she was asking me this. Edward. . You know. I can't believe I'm really getting to be with you all the time now. "When you are sleeping and when you are playing." "You watch me sleep?" "No more than you watch me. "I'm pretty sure the smile that's been plastered on your face all day has given me some idea. It was becoming clear what dream she was referring to and I wanted her to mention it." "Not at all. Have you heard anything good lately?" The curiosity in her deep." "That's not bad." "So anything else interesting come up lately?" Bella asked. I knew she would blush and I loved seeing her cheeks turn red. Bella. Besides. I love watching you play too much." I replied.

Tutor-boy." "And I think you forced me to take a very cold shower just so I would leave you sleeping." "Really well so far." . Edward." She was going to be stubborn. sister dear?" "I want Bella and you to come shopping with me tomorrow afternoon." "It's your fault. "You're too darn cute. enjoying the little ways in which she was imprinting herself into my life. I went back into our room and grabbed my clothing for after. then I'm not spilling it. but that's not why I'm calling. I leaned up and whispered into her ear. My cell phone rang. getting it nice and steamy. Time for a different tactic. "I think you're just guessing. I turned the water on." "What else do you want." Bella blushed." "I'm really happy to hear that." I chuckled as I got up and went into our bathroom."I don't think so. I thought about bubbles. "Do you mean the other night when you were moaning my name?" Bella stopped breathing and I chuckled. moving off the bed." "Where are you going?" "To get my stuff. but I wanted to see my Bella tonight. She walked in and started putting away her bathroom items." Alice replied. I smiled. Who would call at this hour? I picked it up and looked at the name. silly. She slapped my shoulder. "I just wanted to see how Bella was doing. If you didn't hear it. "Do you miss me already?" "Yes. I smiled and flipped it open. She's been smiling more today than she has all week. Aren't you supposed to be running a bath?" "Yeah. I turned and stared at it for a moment.

" "She does. little brother! See you tomorrow!" Alice chirped before hanging up. Ali." "Guilt trip delivered. "Alice. Edward Anthony!" I laughed again. I also have something I want to get for Jazz and I would like your opinion on that item. I walked into the bathroom and lost my train of thought as I caught sight of the gorgeous woman sitting in our bathtub." "How did she guilt you?" "She told me she missed me and sniffled. I'll pick you both up at two sharp!" "I haven't asked Bella if she wants to go."Why?" "I want Bella's opinion on a few items for the condo. I tell you something nice and you call me horrible. "Yes. We'll be going shopping with her tomorrow afternoon. "Sneaky little pixie. holding her tightly to me. She took one my hands and started playing with my fingers." I admitted as I took off my clothing. Are you okay?" "I didn't think I would actually miss you and the parents so much." I laughed. received and accepted." "Thank you. I climbed into the tub and wrapped my arms around Bella. . I closed my phone and shook my head at it. "You are horrible." Bella chuckled. Edward! Love you." "Love you too. Bella opened her eyes and turned her head toward me. "Was that Alice on the phone?" I forced myself to remember how to speak. "I was fine until you did that!" Alice cried with a sniffle. Bella and I will be ready to go at two. Now get back to whatever you were doing. Trust me.

her parents don't deserve to be shunned for her mistake. I pushed her up into a sitting position and started washing her back for her. If I had not put that distance between us. My mother will see that differently." "But why?" "Mostly because the exact circumstances are not something anyone wants to tell their mother. She was always surprising me with her statements. I just don't want my mother to waste time or energy on people who don't deserve it. No matter what Jessica did. And then there are the things I believe my mother would do if she knew. Some of it is shame from being so easily fooled. but she and Alice are alike in many respects. I like seeing that. but I assure you it still occurs. But why is it? I mean. Bella." I chuckled at my beautiful Bella. "It is a better topic." "Carlisle and Esme are very loving people. Shunning people may sound rather oldfashioned. You have to admit you've been doing much better this semester." "Esme and you are much closer now. you were very devoted to her." "How can you care so much about someone who hurt you?" "I don't care about her." "Well why didn't you say that to start with? That actually makes sense. I know it's not something a lot of parents would allow. I would have explained about Jessica and I never want my mother to know about that." "I love my mother very much. Just the two of us. "Why don't we move onto a better topic?" "Like what?" "Do you feel prepared for your math exam on Tuesday?" "I thought you said we were moving on to better topics. relaxing."This was a good idea. It hurt me to keep her away from me." . Bella." I grabbed the washcloth out of the water and put Bella's bodywash on it. It would be a nice way to thank them for letting us live together like this. I was thinking maybe you and I should make dinner for Carlisle and Esme tomorrow night. I could tell the first time we talked about her. Not to mention that my mother was being perfectly serious when she said she wasn't ready for me to move out.

Some of them you'll have time to prepare for and others will be decided at the beginning of class. She especially liked how I pointed out that the monster was only driven to dark ways because he succumbed to the peer pressure of the evil townsfolk." "And to you for slowing down and believing in your capabilities. She says it's early enough in my academic career to switch to the higher level and only add two extra classes next semester to catch up. But the other class would be a speech class." "Yeah. She said every student she's ever had has either written about the doctor or the monster. The water was starting to get cold." "Do you think you can handle that workload?" I asked with concern. She said if I changed my major now. then I wouldn't have to worry about adding classes to catch up. and then started cupping water into my hand and washed the soap from her back. "What class is your current favorite?" "Same one from the beginning of the year and I expect it will be the same at the end of the year." she chuckled. "My literature class. but with the . Sounds like she considers you to be brilliant." she chuckled as she washed her feet." I said as I kissed her back." "She may have mentioned the words 'absolutely most talented' or something to that effect." "Do tell." she replied. You know my Frankenstein paper was a huge hit with the teacher. "She also asked me about something you asked me about. that too. All of the presentations in the class will be oral." "Really?" "Yes. I was going to put the class off for another year."All thanks to you and your tutoring." "And here I was worrying your teacher would think you slightly insane. "My teacher said no one had ever argued that the townsfolk were the monsters in the story. I can just imagine myself stuttering and turning red in front of everyone. "Well one class would be a higher level psychology class and I'm not worried about that at all. She asked me if I had thought of teaching at the college level. I handed her the towel. Bella had given me the towel back and I quickly washed myself.

I listened as the music started out with an acoustic guitar and drums." I said. "And I love that about you. I could tell from the rhythm and tempo it was country. but she was rarely too scared to take on a challenge. She smiled at me and went back into the bathroom to dress. letting her know I was teasing her. Bella might hate attention." I tossed her a towel. walking over to her and hugging her tightly. What was Bella thinking? She knew I hated country music. are you?" I asked as I stood up. I'd heard Angela call her the 'Fearless Bella Swan' a few times and I had to agree with Angela about that. Any requests?" "Whatever you choose will be fine." "You aren't going to let your fear of attention get in the way of you becoming Professor Cullen. You got someone here wants to make it alright Someone that loves you more than life right here You got willing arms that'll hold you tight A hand to lead you on through the night right here I know your heart can get all tangled up inside But don't you keep it to yourself When your long day is over And you can barely drag your feet The weight of the world is on your shoulders . I dried off and dressed quickly. "I told you I'm not like most people." She shrugged as she wrapped the towel around her." "I know. She was just closing the CD drawer on the stereo when I walked into our room." "I'm going to play some music. letting her go. "Probably not.higher level requirements. Bella snorted as she took my hand and got out of the tub. "So I've learned. But you never know with me. I'll end up taking three different speech classes and I can't put off the first one any longer." I replied. I grinned at her.

hugging me tightly." "I kind of like it. She ran to our bed and crawled into my arms. "It was tolerable. Oh. You know my feelings on country music. She went to the stereo and put on one of the classical music CDs." "And why is that?" "Were you listening to the words?" .I know what you need Bring it on home to me You know I know you like the back of my hand Did you know I'm gonna do all that I can. She held up one finger. right here I'm gonna lie with you till you fall asleep When the morning comes I'm still gonna be right here. yes I am So take your worries and just drop them at the door Baby leave it all behind When your long day is over And you can barely drag your feet The weight of the world is on your shoulders I know what you need Bring it on home to me Baby let me be your safe harbor Don't let the water come and carry you away When your long day is over And you can barely drag your feet The weight of the world is on your shoulders I know what you need Bring it on home to me You got someone here wants to make it alright Someone who loves you more than life right here (Bring it on home Little Big Town) I looked up to see Bella peaking at me from the bathroom door. I smiled at her and opened my arms. "Did you like it?" she asked.

finishing our kiss. I hate country. I promise to limit your exposure to country. Bella responded by wrapping her arms around my neck." she whispered before leaning in and kissing me. I'll ease you into it. but there are some very good songs out there. "I love you." "Is that so?" I asked. big brown eyes. Thank you for not throwing a fit."Yes. love shining in her beautiful. the easier I'll go on you." "Bella. "I think it was about trusting the person in your life to help you with all of life's troubles. yes. I cupped her neck and head in my hand and wrapped my other arm around her waist." she chuckled. I pulled her back to me. turning her around to face me. "Oh. "Absolutely. Edward. My entire body reacted to her lips pressing against mine." "Good to know I'm not the only observant one in this relationship. I won't break out the hard core stuff just yet. I felt her smile. I don't like all of it. it had been so long since we'd had time to ourselves for anything more than a few kisses. too." No words in the English language had ever sounded sweeter to me. Besides. She looked up at me." "So what do you think the song was about?" I grabbed her hands and twined our fingers together. "I just thought it said everything you were trying to tell me last week when I couldn't sleep. pulling her tighter against me. She moaned softly and I smiled. I let us fall back onto the bed with her on top of me." "Edward.A Quiet Night at Home Part 2 (Lemon) . I will show you the benefits of country music. Chapter 60 . the less you fuss. With the craziness of the week and the move." "Limit?" I laughed. She pulled away and looked down at me. I slid the hand lying on her back under her shirt and rubbed it across her silky soft skin.

hoping he had been listening. I leaned toward him and kissed him softly. the easier I'll go on you. He smiled against my lips. trying to keep my hands out of his hair for just a little while. It had been entirely too long since we'd had enough time alone to kiss this way. "Absolutely. the less you fuss. Besides." "Limit?" he laughed. "Oh." His green eyes were full of love and tenderness. It was supposed to be a little kiss." "Edward." "Bella. He moved his hand under my shirt and rubbed back and forth across my skin. He pulled me back to him and started kissing me again. Edward. He moved my hands from behind him and locked our fingers together. This time he licked at my ." "Is that so?" He turned me around so I was facing him. but Edward put one of his hands at my neck and wrapped his arm around my waist. I'll ease you into it. willing him to see how much I loved him. yes. I wrapped my arms around his neck. pulling me down on top of him. I doubt air could have passed between us. to touch this way." "Good to know I'm not the only observant one in this relationship. Thank you for not throwing a fit. letting me know he had heard me moan and had felt me blush. I will show you the benefits of country music."So what do you think the song was about?" I asked Edward. I won't break out the hard core stuff just yet. "I think it was about trusting the person in your life to help you with all of life's troubles." I whispered. I pulled away and looked down at my wonderful. He laid down on the bed. mixed quite thoroughly with desire. I promise to limit your exposure to country. "I just thought it said everything you were trying to tell me last week when I couldn't sleep. I hate country." I chuckled. I couldn't stop myself from moaning as my body flushed with the heat of his touch. I looked up at him. wondering how he could affect me so much. perfect boyfriend. I smiled too. but there are some very good songs out there. His touch was as electrifying as ever. "I love you. I don't like all of it.

He made me feel like he was staring into my heart and soul when he looked at me in that way." I leaned down and kissed him. "I see soft red lips that constantly chase away my thoughts and make me want to kiss you forever. I kept my lips tightly closed. We both started laughing. "I see a heart and soul filled with love and goodwill." I said. don't pretend! You know my sense of humor is what ensnared you to begin with!" "How do you figure that?" . I see a heart-shaped face that's usually pale." Edward said. "Edward. tracing the defined lines along his abs. smiling at him. "I love you so much. He chuckled against my mouth as he slipped his tongue in.bottom lip. but takes on the most beautiful shades of red or pink when you get embarrassed." "I most certainly was." he chuckled as he pulled me into a hug. what do you see when you look at me?" He reached out a hand and stroked my hair." Edward ran his finger across my bottom lip. "You are so beautiful. Those eyes let me know what you're feeling and sometimes thinking. "You were teasing. I decided to tease him a little. but all of that works." He moved his hand down and placed it over my beating heart. I teasingly bit his tongue." "Oh. And when you see it in the sunlight. Even your quirky sense of humor. I see brown hair that's silky and soft." "Wow! I was just figuring you'd say beautiful. too!" "Bella. behaving and letting him in this time. staring into my eyes. I let him take mine off in return. "I see a beautiful young woman. "What was that?" he asked. Edward moved his hand from my back to the side of my breast and I gasped. there are little red flecks in it. tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. I see the beauty of those two things outshines any physical beauty in this wide world. "You were cheating. I see warm brown eyes that look deeper than should be possible. I moved my hands under shirt and rubbed his stomach muscles. I pulled away and tugged at his shirt. He sat up and let me take it off.

You aren't the same.I leaned back and looked at him. loving how he was more concerned about me than what he might want. I kissed up his neck and along his jaw. "Are you?" "Could you give me an answer for once and not another question? I want to know what you want. I smiled. I felt his warm breath against my cheek. I've missed you this week." I pushed on his shoulder until he was lying down on the bed. "I love you. He moved his lips to the hollow behind my ear. knowing it was a very sensitive spot for me. He smirked at me before leaning down and kissing me. near his temple. I was underneath him. running his fingers down my sides. "Is that so?" He wrapped his arms around my back and before I could protest. watching his desire flicker there as he patiently waited for my answer. I shivered from the sensation. It's one of the many things I love about you. "Are you feeling up to this tonight?" he whispered. "I'm sure I could get you to repeat a few of those sounds. I nibbled his ear lightly. I could also see the longing he felt for me." he chuckled as he tried to breathe." he whispered." "Did you know no one had gotten me to laugh that way in nearly three years?" "Really? But you hung out with Emmett so much?" "It's not the same." I laughed as I sat up to look at him. Bella." "You made that clear with your little dream." I stared into his eyes for a long moment. I touched my hand to his cheek. I think he . was that first night when I told you about scissors and missing appendages. "I think it would be easier to show you. It took me a moment to remember to breathe. "The first time I saw you laugh. Everything you say is so refreshing and different from what others would say in the same circumstances. a true one that reached your beautiful eyes. once again enjoying seeing his love for me in his sparkling emerald eyes. "Just what did you hear from that dream?" I moved down and started trailing kisses across his chest.

"I don't think I'll ever stop being amazed by how perfect and beautiful you are. it feels like my heart is going to burst from it. And I don't ever plan on going where you aren't. I want to feel your hands all over me. and . holding him tightly against me. I wasn't going anywhere. loving him. And when we've made love and we're as close as we can get. It would kill me if you weren't here with me. I needed him to know I meant what I said. I just love you so much and sometimes. I want us to hold each other and for you to hum to me. I couldn't even imagine what was to come. He must have noticed how much clothing we still had on because he stopped doing all the wonderful things that had been driving me crazy and started pulling down my pajama pants and underwear. just below my belly button. but still filled with emotion." I smiled at his words." "Where did that come from?" I whispered. being loved by him. "I feel that way. Isabella. over my breasts. They roamed up and down my sides. "I love you so much." I replied. It was absolutely amazing and we were still mostly dressed.had missed me this week as much as I had missed him. I lifted myself to make it easier for him. never taking his eyes from me. too. Isabella. I want to have your lips on mine. "Do want that in any particular order?" "Whatever order you choose is just fine with me. The kiss started out soft and gentle. His lips found mine once again as he let his weight down on me. and across my stomach. He stopped and hugged me suddenly. As long as Edward was sure I was the one he wanted." "That's very specific. I was going to be there for him. "I don't know. He slowly deepened it until the only way we were able to breathe was through the exchanged breaths we blew into each others mouths." he whispered as he kissed along my jaw. Edward. "I want you. He closed the distance between our lips. I chuckled as he threw my clothes over his shoulder. He quickly took off the rest of his clothing and got back on the bed with me. Every single part of me seemed to be overheated as his hands and lips moved over my body." he whispered as he moved his lips closer to mine. keeping most of it on his arms." I pulled his face to mine and pressed our lips together again. His hands were everywhere at once.

Edward. as I kissed him softly. I settled for gripping his sides and holding on tightly to him." I moaned. but I couldn't get my brain to work properly. I moved my lips to the area where his neck and shoulder met and repeated my little kiss. He moved across my shoulder and started his way down my arm. How could I not? This was more perfect than any fairytale could ever be! He started up with his wonderful multi-tasking abilities again. How the hell was he so good at this? I wasn't complaining or anything. I smiled wickedly and kissed him there again. Isabella. I love you. I fought my brain and forced it to work. His green eyes were darkened with passion. but I didn't think this was fair at all! It was his turn to get tortured for a while. "Edward. and across all my fingertips. I pressed my hand to his heart and closed my eyes. There couldn't possibly have been a single inch of skin on my chest his lips had not covered. too. I followed my hands with my lips. to the inside of my wrist. moving my lips to his jaw. "You make my heart fly.enjoying every minute of it all. pulling me closer to him. my turn. His hands flew to my hips and he pulled me away slightly. I sat up and traced patterns into his chest." "I love you. I wanted to do the same for him. I pulled away. I kissed him at the base of his throat and smiled when his breathing hitched. And when I thought I couldn't stand a single second more. making sure to put extra pressure and slightly sucking at the skin. feeling very satisfied with my work. . he started at the fingertips on my other hand and worked his way up that arm. He ignored me and continued his wonderful torture. He went down my arm. "Do you have any idea how that affects me?" he panted. He moaned again. By the time I got near his hips. forgetting what words I had wanted to say after that. he whispered." I whispered. I planned to do to him exactly what he had done to me. "Edward. Edward let out a deep moan and I smiled. he was shivering with anticipation." He locked our lips together again as he rolled us across our bed so I could be on top of him. I let him make his way up my shoulder and over to my neck. enjoying the feeling of his pounding heart against the palm of my hand. I did that! I made him feel this way! As if he could read my mind.

I closed my eyes and rested my forehead against his." He must have taken my words as a personal challenge. He smiled at me as he started moving us again.He wrapped his hands around my hips and helped me lower myself onto him. I grabbed his bottom lip between my teeth to keep my scream in. as he stopped me from moving. If you want to scream. "Edward. Everything you are doing is giving me so much pleasure that I don't know what to do." . love. Isn't going to happen. Bella. we're on the third floor and the stereo is on. I'd hate to alert your parents to what we're doing in here. Far from cold. Tutor-boy. He started lowering me again until he was completely inside of me." I panted. Bella?" I managed a hoarse laugh. He gently rocked my hips to see if I was ready for more. but Edward soon quickened our pace. letting his hands determine the rhythm for us. I had to put my hands on his shoulders to brace myself against the wave of pleasure that hit me as he slowly entered me." "Then I suggest you don't do that again. I quickly let him go. we are never going to get any sleep tonight. "Any harder and you would have bit through my skin. He was chuckling at me and running his tongue over his lip. go right ahead." "Yeah. "I just don't want you hurt. I gasped from the pleasure of it and he stopped moving. Edward." "Bella. It's enough just trying not to scream. I chuckled at him. We moved together slowly at first. we are past the stage of where I can be hurt." He tilted his face and captured my lips into another fevered kiss." "Edward. "No. I started moving. I bet you'd like that. I shivered from the sensations running through me. he jerked his hips up and drove himself even deeper into me. "Are you cold. I could only nod my head. if you keep stopping us. "You okay?" he panted. hoping I hadn't hurt him. As soon as I leaned forward and started kissing him.

I could hear his heart pounding as he worked to catch his breath. "I love you. I hope you know I would tell you that even if we hadn't just shared that. He kept whispering he loved me and that I was beautiful. raking my nails over his shoulders. as he pressed me harder against him. I couldn't breathe right with him kissing me this way. I moved my head to his shoulder and tried to pull in air as Edward kept us moving together. My back arched as we called out to each other as we reached our release together." "Please. "Bella. I couldn't tell what part of me was moving faster. smirking at me. I felt him move us and then I felt the blanket slide over my skin. shivering and shaking. but he was doing that hip thrust thing again and I was screaming his name once again. they were young once. "Edward!" I cried. He somehow managed to pull my lips into another kiss with his. He rubbed my back and kissed the side of my head again and again. He held me tightly. my head resting against his chest. I could feel him throbbing inside me and that alone was enough to push me over the edge. They aren't stupid. I fell against him. I leaned down and whispered angrily. His chest rose and fell rapidly from our activities." I pleaded. kissing his cheek tenderly." "Bella." . He smiled back. Bella. feeling too dizzy to open them." Edward said. My stomach started twisting and tightening as I struggled more and more to get air into my lungs." he moaned. I kept my eyes closed." I tried to focus on his words and comprehend them. I was getting ready to inform him when he jerked his hips again. "That was not cute! I do not want to make things weird with your parents. "Carlisle took Esme on another date night. my tongue or my hips. "We can save this for sometime when they aren't home. Edward. I put my hands over my mouth and glared at him. You are so beautiful." "I guess I did forget to mention that."Do what?" he asked innocently. They don't expect either of us to wait two entire years to be together.

" "I love how you can take delight in the most mundane activities." he chuckled. Guess again. just trying to slow our breathing and enjoying the closeness we were feeling." We were quiet for a long time. I suppose we would have if I hadn't been in that cast for so long. it's true now." "Okay." I whispered back. "It will be another first with you. That statement I made last week." "This would be so much easier if I could just read your mind. I ran my hand back and forth above his heart."I know. Edward." ." "Take a guess. love. "Any thoughts on what we should make for Carlisle and Esme tomorrow night?" he whispered. "I was thinking it might be a good time for you to teach me how to make pizza. Edward stroked my hair tenderly." "You want flattery? Okay. "You make an awful lot of statements. Was it you telling me how good of a kisser I am? Have I improved on that?" "Not even close." he chuckled softly." "Good!" "You're very enthusiastic about the grocery store. Tutor-boy. Bella." "I'm flattered. I love you. "We'll need to go to the store to get the proper ingredients. Bella. Try this on for size." "Any activity with you is far from mundane. Let me think a minute." "You are going to have to be a lot more specific than that. too. We've never actually gone shopping together.

she would catch herself and smile at me. This was my little piece of Heaven on Earth. but superhero ain't one of them. rolling my eyes. I finally had to promise another shopping trip just to get her to release us. I could live this way forever. Everytime she would almost get loud enough for me to hear what it was." he chuckled. If only Chapter 61 . hugging me tighter. but she had resisted all my attempts. My brain still isn't functioning normally yet. I closed my eyes and relaxed completely." He started humming my lullaby and any arguments I may have had disappeared. He pressed me firmly against him with his hands against my back. though. "Go to sleep my Bella." I told him. the way you screamed out for me that was what I heard from your dream. Right! Just like pigs fly and vampires roam the Earth with their werewolf buddies. Alice had just wanted to have me around."You're a lot of things. I was not surprised at all to find out there really wasn't anything my expertise was needed for. Are you ready to be flattered?" "Why not?" he shrugged. "Those sounds you made. She had nearly driven me crazy and Alice's added laughter had not helped matters. "But I'll tell you anyway. We were forced to help my sister shop for three hours straight. "I give. It's still dazzled by you and your perfect body. loving the way his arms fit securely around me." I gasped and Edward laughed." I chuckled. I had tried dazzling her into telling me a few times." "Sure it is. Edward. We've given your poor heart enough of a workout for today.Pizza Pie Bella had been dancing around all day singing under her breath. the way you just loved me that was mind-blowing. . "You really are absurd. Edward's breathing hitched and I started laughing." I said. He kissed the top of my head. "What you just did. Bella was in such a good mood she completely forgot to be worried about attention as she danced around and had me twirling her in the middle of the stores Alice drug us into. She was happy to know we were cooking for the parents.

you are simply absurd. I quickly grabbed what I needed and took off to find her. "How could I not with you here?" She turned and checked over the vegetables I had picked out. It was by her feet. I nodded my head. "Is that what you've been singing all day?" "Yep!" she chuckled. ." "Is that right?" she asked. She crinkled her nose slightly. yeah! But I'm not seeing this sauce you spoke of. but she was looking at the top shelves. leaving me to pick out the fresh vegetables. "When the moon hits your eye . "Oh! There it is!" She pulled away from me and grabbed the jar." "Bella. When the moon hits your eye . brushing her lips over mine. I pushed the cart over to the sauce aisle and found her hopping from one foot to the other while looking for the sauce.Like a big-a pizza pie . wrapping her arms around my neck." "Look down. I snuck up behind her. I couldn't stand not having her at my side for even a minute. hoping to finally find out what she was singing. "Can you leave mushrooms off a few slices?" "I think we can arrange that. love. "And just what will it cost?" she asked. "Having fun yet." "Yeah. "What is it. She set it carefully in the basket and grinned at me. It'll cost you. Edward?" I laughed as I pulled her back into my arms." She did and started giggling." I grabbed her from behind and started laughing. She'd run off to find the sauce I wanted before I could stop her.Bella and I were picking up all of our ingredients for the pizza. though. love?" She smiled sheepishly at me.Like a big-a pizza pie . leaning into my embrace. "Those are the only words I remember.That's amore.That's amore.

I slowly set her back down. I think we've got everything." I laughed and spun her around. I didn't want to chance her running off again. resting my forehead against hers. I loved the way her body fit into my hands." I chuckled. We started pushing it together. remembering what happened the last time Bella was allowed near a bag of flour." I said. making our way over to the baking aisle. "Three kinds of cheese. "Yes. cheese " "Three kinds of cheese!" she interrupted happily. keeping her between my body and the cart. we certainly don't want you in another cast. "I told you the trip to the grocery store would be good. "We need some flour." "But Edward. "We've got vegetables. Esme was running pretty low on it." "What were you thinking of?" "Tiramasu! It's Italian and in the frozen food section so all we have to do is defrost it and viola!" "You know pizza isn't truly Italian. "I think you should be in charge of the flour. "I think that covers it." she chuckled. right?" "Shut it." I told her. flour." I set the flour into the cart and surveyed our items. it's the first time we're cooking together." "Bella. I don't think anyone will have room. Tutor-boy. Can we please get a dessert? If no one eats it tonight. pulling her closer by her hips. It was as if she was made just for me. "Yes. sauce. Let me have my moment!" "And to think you kiss me with that mouth!" I smiled." "Nope! You're forgetting the dessert. dough. I smiled.I lifted her off her feet and kissed her deeply. pepperoni. She opened her eyes and smiled at me. we can have it some other time. . I want it to be special.

"Jeez. I've never seen you flustered before. wrapping her arms around my back. I've never gotten to meet her yet since I only ever see Jacob at work. She was almost as short as Alice. but one look at her told you she could hold her own with Jacob. Samantha's got a temper. "Stocking up for the end of the world?" "Nah!" Jacob laughed. It's not a good look on you. I chuckled under my breath. trying to hide my smile. "Holy hell!" Jacob said. Her hair was shoulder length and the color was somewhere between a very dark brown and a black." she giggled." Jacob chuckled. She hates it when girls look at me!" "Jacob! You were supposed to meet me over by the beer!" a young woman with shiny black eyes said as she stalked towards Jacob." "How do you know it wasn't the other way around?" Bella shot back. "But don't feel too bad. I glanced at Jacob's overflowing cart. you'll finally get to meet her. Bella and I turned our heads to see Jacob smiling at us. You should see her with Alice. "Someone's in trouble." "Then I'll have to be on my best behavior because there are few things I enjoy more than kissing these lips of yours. Bella enjoys catching people off guard. I'm actually here with Samantha so if you can stick around on this aisle. staring at Bella with awe. "She's too likely to beat up the clientele if I let her near the club." I said. looking shocked. "I've got some friends staying with me from La Push and the guys eat like their mothers never feed them. grinning wickedly and pulling me forward by the loops on my jeans. "You can't even do some grocery shopping without attacking the poor girl." "You've caught Alice?" Jacob asked. "Jacob. keeping my lips just inches from hers. Edward!" a booming voice said. "Samantha is Jacob's girlfriend. Her bangs framed her delicate eyebrows and thick lashes perfectly." I looked down into Bella's curious brown eyes. "Once or twice. ."Keep teasing me and it will be quite a while before you get any more kisses." I whispered." "Yeah." Bella sang softly.

" "I'd say she was poking fun." Bella whispered. "Anyways. It's nice to finally meet you. looking up at me." Samantha said." "Jake always speaks highly of you. But for now." Jacob said. Hi. I'm sure it takes enough just to keep Jacob well fed on a daily basis. "Catch you later. But a little scary. "Jake." Samantha said. Edward." Jacob chuckled. giving him an exasperated look." I told him." "You aren't kidding. any plans to come out to the club soon?" "It's hard to know with school."Shut up. Samantha took a deep breath then smiled at us. And Alice finally moved in with Jasper." I told him. I'm usually not rude. "Let's start over. "See you around. honey! Look who I ran into it! You remember me telling you all about Edward?" "Edward? Is that the guy with the crazy sister who wanted to beat you up for almost getting him arrested?" Samantha asked. "We should get together sometime. Jacob has hisfriends over this weekend and they are eating us out of our house and home. we have to get back home before Paul. watching Samantha and him walk off down the aisle. "It's about time. Jacob." She put her hand out." Samantha sighed. And to meet a friend of Jake's who doesn't want to clean out my fridge. but yes. "Bella. but with those guys " Jacob chuckled." Bella shook her hand quickly. "I didn't say it like that." Jacob replied." Jacob hissed through his fake smile. "Edward. "Samantha." I shook her hand first. giving Jacob a little glare. I'm Samantha. Embry and Quill start eating the furniture. Jake's girlfriend. Edward. "Sorry. "She was really cute. glancing at Bella and me. "I am sorry you are being so taxed. I chuckled. with a little salute. .

" Bella nodded and we made our way over to the frozen food section. "Not to worry." "You are the one who knows what he's doing. "Sure. I would have protected you if necessary. "I normally clean and cut the vegetables first. "Can you slice the pepperoni?" I asked. Edward. love. "What should I do?" Bella asked." I turned on the water and started rinsing the vegetables off. We checked out and got everything back to our house. "You can't have two Alphas in the kitchen at the same time." "The cutting board is right under the sink. black olives. poking me in the stomach." "And just who would have protected you?" Bella laughed." "The last time I tried this.I leaned down and kissed her quickly. Bella. She found what she considered to be the most authentic box of frozen Italian dessert and placed it into the cart." I said." "Okay. She wrapped me in her arms and said. Bella opened the dessert and set it on the counter to defrost. "Let's get your dessert and get home." "I love you more. and green peppers. putting the bowls down onto the island. mushrooms. kissing the tip of her nose. Go ahead and cut it here at the island. Alice was the student and she was far from cooperative. "That was your first mistake!" she laughed. I flinched and she smiled wider." "You take direction really well." . I'll need a bowl for each. so I can use the sink for the vegetables. Onions." I turned to the cabinet next to the sink and pulled out the bowls I needed. I laid the ingredients out on the kitchen island. "I love you.

" I started cutting up the vegetables as the music filled the kitchen. I gave country a try last night. "Give it a try." she conceded. the Beta and the Omega. I finished cutting up the vegetables and took the cutting board over to the island." "You did. I scooped the vegetables into their bowls. "Oh. I looked over my shoulder to see Bella. She was gently swaying to the song as she carefully cut the slices. trying not to laugh." Bella wrinkled her nose at me. Bella?" I asked. I smiled. I turned back to the sink. Would you mind washing the boards while I get the flour and dough ready?" . I finished washing the vegetables and pulled out the extra cutting board. I know. shaking my head." I dropped the onion I had been holding and spun around to look at her. "Got you!" she sang. is there a radio down here? We need some music!" I dried off my hands and went to the little radio hidden under the cabinet next to the refrigerator. I am the Alpha. "This should blend nicely with our Italian theme. feeling happy to have introduced her to something new. "I promise to give your music a try. I found an oldies station I knew played Sinatra and Dean Martin. but I'm letting you have your moment to shine. Edward. It was 'Tenderly' by Ella Fitzgerald. no. "Is this enough?" I looked down at the slices on her board. "Bella " " you are absurd. Bella smiled up at me. "Edward. love. I get it!" She chuckled as she unwrapped the pepperoni. I recognized the song by the low saxophone sound. "Perfect. She clapped her hands together and laughed at me."So you are the Beta.

waiting for her to continue. Edward." I grabbed a plate and put it onto the island. "Stick your hand in the bag and grab the flour. She chuckled. "See? That wasn't so bad. I chuckled to myself as I pulled out the dough for the pizza crust. watching me closely. She scooped the slices onto the plate then took the boards from me." She giggled and clapped her hands together." I took the ball of dough and pressed it into the flour. "You have to put flour on the roller and the dough so they won't stick to each other or the island. I set the bag of flour in the middle of the island to be sure it wouldn't get knocked over by accident. I opened the bag of flour and took a handful." I explained." she said suddenly. you've been sprinkling away and you only have flour on your hands and a little on your shirt. sprinkling it over the countertop. lifting an eyebrow at her." I said. I doubt I would do that well. I stared at her. "Well. "I'm impressed. but it was a busy tune." "Get over here before I go and collect you. "It's easier to get it on the dough this way." "We want to feed them sometime tonight. I pressed the pin against the dough and started to flatten it out. I looked up at her. I moved the plate and bowls further down the island. The song on the radio changed." Bella did as I asked and managed to keep the flour on the counter. I looked over to see Bella dancing at the sink."Not at all. I wasn't sure yet what it was. I sprinkled flour on the rolling pin while I turned it with my other hand. I reached under the island and pulled out my mother's rolling pin. sending a cloud of flower over her face and shirt. The farther away I am from the flour the better off we both are." "Come over here with me and let's find out. You better do it. I stopped a few times to sprinkle more flour on the rolling pin. Her brown eyes widened and she . Bella came over and leaned down on her elbows. rolling it until the entire ball was covered. You're going to sprinkle it over the pin while I turn it. but came around the counter. trying hard not to laugh.

I'll be right back. "I was teaching Bella how to make pizza. Bella stared up at me. When she was done. she gave me a little kiss on the lips.looked down at herself and then up at me. "Is she mad?" "No. I held her arms at her sides and rubbed my cheeks against hers. giving back some of the flour. I took the towel from her and cleaned her cheeks off." . I started laughing at her. I returned her wicked grin as I strode forward. She laughed and tried to get her wrists away from me. brushing a few strands away from my forehead. cocking her arm back. This time." my mother chuckled. you stay away from the flour. locking her between my body and the counter." I replied with a smile. unsure of what I was planning. She softly wiped away all the flour from my face and neck. "It looks like you were teaching her how to make a mess. clutching at my side as I shook hard from it. "Don't forget to wash your hands. She squealed. I tried to stop myself from laughing so I could apologize. "Be Bel Bella. I blinked my eyes open to see her smiling wickedly at me. She turned back to me. She's up to something. I instinctively closed my eyes and felt something hit my face and neck. I kissed her forehead. I couldn't hold it in any longer. Let's get this mess cleaned so we can finish making the pizza." She left the room. "What on Earth?" my mother yelled from the doorway. I looked up to see her trying not to smile." I finally managed. "You two start cleaning up the extra flour. She turned toward the counter. "You'll have to shower the rest out of your hair tonight. She had pelted me with flour." she said." "Deal!" She wet the end of the dishcloth and turned to me. I wiped a finger against my cheek and held it out before me.

My mother came back into the room. carrying the sauce jar. "Thank you for showing me that. She told me she was positive Carlisle and I would have a lasting marriage. dear." "I bet your aunt is very proud of you. I was trying to help him and he kept trying to tell me he knew what he was doing. It took me nearly a week to get it all out. They appeared to be covered in flour. I went back to the island and finished up with the crust. "Stop for just a second. Your father used to save up and once a month." . Your father decided home-made pizza would be our special dinner. she left everything to me with instructions to live a good life with Carlisle and raise a loving family. We ended up coating each other and every possible surface with flour. We didn't have much money and we could never afford to eat out. She slowly poured the sauce onto the crust while I spread it out. the dough was sticking to everything but itself. It was a young couple laughing and hugging." Bella stood and walked over to the counter. We followed my mother over to the kitchen table. he would buy expensive ingredients and make a special dinner for us. Now! No more dilly-dallying! If you get the pizza in the oven in the next ten minutes." Bella said softly. "Just as your parents are of you. we lived in a very tiny apartment near the college campus. kissing her cheek. We sat down and she pushed a photo towards us." Bella put down the sauce jar and I laid the spreader on the edge of the crust. When she passed away a few years later. My mother smiled brightly and put her hand on Bella's cheek. On this night. My Aunt snapped this picture. Bella came back over. I retaliated. I pulled out a tray and set the crust on it. it will be ready just as your father gets home. I have something I want to show you. I moved toward my mother and leaned down. Well. I turned and pulled out a spreader from the utensil drawer. my Aunt Elizabeth was visiting. Mind you.She smiled at me and turned toward the sink. "What is this?" "When your father and I were first together. I chuckled. when I pointed out that he hadn't used enough flour he tossed a handful at me. She said she'd never seen two people who could take such a mundane moment and turn it into a beautiful memory.

of course! But cleaning wasn't the thrilling thing. What you have with Bella is very special and will last forever if you take good care of it. We would be graduating right before Christmas. son. And when school started back up in the fall. My life felt complete and it could all be traced back to choosing to go to dinner with Alice. it would be the final semester for both of us. Three months of nothing but time with Edward. I was learning to play his piano in secret so I could play for his birthday. we would be free to set a date for our wedding! Alice and I were making plans for Edward's birthday next month. Go and help Bella now. No need to speak of it. For the first time in years. I walked over to Bella and kissed her cheek. Edward and I had been living together in his parents home for a little over a year now. after graduation. I felt completely happy and free. "I love you and I'm sorry for the last few years. I stopped and sighed happily at that thought.She patted my shoulder. doing whatever we wanted.Conversations I was dancing with excitement as I cleaned up our room. I was the messy one. Alice was in charge of the venue and decorations and she was as thrilled as she had been planning Emmett and Rosalie's wedding! My brother and sister-in-law had gotten married the previous summer and Rose was now four months pregnant." "I know." I smiled at how easily my mother had forgiven me. warming my heart even more. We would have the entire summer together this year! I wouldn't be working and I wouldn't need summer school for math this time. Edward. I really would have to get her something special for her birthday. He was going to be so blown away! We were planning a huge surprise party for him. They had an appointment next week that would tell us if it was a girl or a boy! I was going to be someone's aunt! . Chapter 62 . She smiled brightly at me. Be happy." I hugged her and kissed her again. It was that today was the last day of classes for Edward! I'd had my last final yesterday. Even more thrilling. "Bella and you remind me so much of your father and I.

Edward kept them all away. I hadn't had any nightmares since right before Emmett moved out of the house. "He's so bright. We spent every Saturday night meeting up with everyone. but I heard his parents' voices coming from the open door to his father's study. you're being silly. "No matter what path Edward chooses. It's a waste. I love Bella as if she were my own daughter. I shook my head to clear my mind." Esme said. And I found I loved him a little more each day. I'm sorry. She really was much nicer outside of the grocery store." "Carlisle!" Esme fussed. We alternated between the movies and going to the club where Jacob worked. my darling husband. "Don't get me wrong. He can't stand to leave her side even for school as it is. I wanted him to have the best life possible. he will be using one of his many talents and he will go above and beyond to be the best at it.I let my mind drift back over the last year and a half with Edward. But he'll never choose that path with Bella in his life." Carlisle replied. Esme. I could ponder my happy life later. but I can't help but feel Edward will be settling if he chooses to become a music instructor at his college." "You are wrong. I thought I was alone in the house. "Carlisle. but then my ear picked up what they were talking about. But I don't see how she can let him toss it all away. If he's constantly being paged or going to seminars he'll never do it. He was still just as wonderful and perfect as he had been when I met him. And think of the lives our son would touch with his . even though I couldn't understand how it could be possible. I truly do. Esme. I repositioned my bundle so I could knock. "How can you say that? You know that Edward's choice not to attend medical school is his own. "He can be ten times the doctor I could ever be." Carlisle insisted. Edward and I had even gone on a few double-dates with Jacob and Samantha. I grabbed up our dirty clothes and headed downstairs to do a load of laundry." "Esme." Esme countered. He was as much of a gentleman and as concerned for my happiness as he ever had been. Edward meant everything to me and I loved him more than I could ever say. I needed to get this work done.

he refused to even discuss it with his father. every kindness he'd ever shown me I had just been thinking of how I wanted him to have the best possible life I just hadn't realized it didn't include me. Have you ever watched his face when he talks about his music or plays? He may be smart enough to be a brilliant surgeon." "We did. Edward. I found a pen and sat down to decide how to say goodbye in a way he would understand. I couldn't let him throw away medical school for me. Please don't go back to being distant. This was going to be his room again. but it's not his passion. it hurt. But. I wouldn't be the thing that held him of music. Love. He had been at least considering it when I met him. As quietly and as quickly as possible. In the back of my mind. I found my book bag and tore out a sheet of paper. too. It would be too selfish of me. Edward. I thought we agreed we would let them make the choices that allowed them the best life possible. "I just think the best life for Edward would be medical school. Bella I ." I couldn't listen anymore. you'll be able to be my friend. I was doing this for him loved him enough to walk away. I had always wondered just how long this amazing life with him would last. I'll send Em over for the rest of my stuff to make it easier for you. I loved him so much. Our futures lay down different roads and we can't reach them together like we once hoped. I looked around the room. Maybe one day. Now. Please know I will always love you. I made my way back up to our room. You have to stay your same loving self for Alice and your parents and our friends. Esme. I couldn't let Edward pass up medical school. Carlisle was right. I'll always love you. I thought we always said we wanted our children to be passionate about every part of their lives. I had always known that possibility existed. I closed the door and cried out. He deserved better. I never want to hurt you and I'm sorry if this does that in any way. It was only temporarily ours." Carlisle sighed. After everything Edward had ever done for me. You'll always be my best friend. You know the number if you want to talk. I was in danger of sobbing at any moment.

. I was lucky enough to not be seen by his parents. At some point. It hurt my foot more than the truck. I locked the door. He always took off his watch and laid it on the dresser as soon as he came into his room. I grabbed a bag and packed as many clothes as I could fit. I pushed the engine as hard as it would go. I climbed into my truck and started it up. I fell into a fitful sleep. It wouldn't be right to keep it since I was still on his plan. He was begging me to let him in. It ended up being a CD case. stomped up the stairs and threw my bags into my room. I slammed the door shut and kicked it hard with my foot. I put my cell phone right on top. I angrily wiped away my tears with the back of my hands. Anger was much better than hurt. The tears and sobs shook me as I made my way to the house I had grown up in. I looked at the items on his dresser. Loosing my parents hadn't even hurt this much. It shattered on impact. I grabbed the first thing I could touch and threw it hard against the far wall. I slammed my door shut and locked it. I knew this was the first place he would go when he got home. As I pulled into the driveway. but every happy memory I'd shared with Edward over the past year and half went through my mind. tossing little plastic shards everywhere. I put the ring inside the paper and laid it on his dresser. I was lying on my bed and crying in my sleep while Edward was banging on my door. I limped over to the house. I took my bag and backpack and made my way out of the house. trying to run away from the pain that was quickly clenching my heart. I didn't want them to feel bad for watching out for their son. The dream was wonderful and I knew it would hurt all the more when I woke up. I threw myself on my bed and cried into my pillow. I screamed again. I slammed my fists into the roof of the old truck. I laughed ruefully then screamed angrily. my truck made a loud groaning noise and died. The very idea of Edward not being at my side made me feel like I was being ripped in two. I tried not to think. This was probably the single worst day of my life.I took the page and folded it in half. telling me how much he loved me. Emmett had never gotten around to selling it so it would thankfully be empty. I took off the promise ring he had given me. Then I yanked my bags and myself out of the truck. In this dream. I used the key under the eave and let myself in. I kept it going until my throat started to hurt. I was pretty sure it was for the last time.

He would go onto medical school and become as accomplished as his father. I am here." "Why not?" "You won't be here when I do. Edward was not coming here. "Bella! Damn it! Open this door or I'm kicking it in!" this dream version of him yelled. but he would never really kick in a door. I chuckled again as I heard the crash of the door as it flew open and slammed into the wall. My mind wouldn't even leave me in peace! "Bella. It was such an absurd dream. if he ever talked to me again. and too wrong. This was a really funny dream." Even his chuckle was perfect in this dream.. That only happened in movies. He's probably going over medical school choices with his dad. I chuckled in my sleep. This is just a really crazy dream. he would know medical school was his true path." "Bella. They'd probably sit together at the big oak desk in Carlisle's study. Sure. "Bella. I tried to tear myself away from it. I couldn't help it. Edward is at his house. It was too much . I smiled as I heard Edward's angry growl in my sleep.." "Bella. I could feel him and smell his breath.. He was going to stay at his house and go over medical schools with is father.. It was all wrong. As soon as he read my letter and talked to his parents. "I can't wake up right now.I knew this would never really happen. too vivid . I suddenly felt his arms around me." he sighed." my dream Edward said. pressing his face against mine. . Esme would be standing there. I knew I had vivid dreams but this was ridiculous. proud of both of them. I didn't want this dream anymore. Edward had muscles and he was quite strong. He would probably even thank me someday. please wake up. I giggled." "Nope. He sounded like a lion when he did that. And then I realized how stupid it was to think that and I started sobbing in my dream all over again. I could just picture the doorknob sticking in the wall. Humor was even better than anger or hurt.

they're not. Bella. but he refused to let me go." I made myself be completely still. His eyes were full of love as he stared into mine. You would choose the one that gave you time with me. I don't belong there. "Bella. You need to go to medical school. green ones. which means we both make equal choices and have equal responsibilities for our decisions. That being said " His eyes darkened to reveal his anger. what are you doing here?" "I came to get you and take you back home. Edward." "They're the same thing. my only love. "I can't believe you would think you have the right to choose my path all by yourself! This is supposed to be our life. stop thinking and listen to me!" His yelling made me pause." "Bella. I appreciate what you are trying to do. "What about my parents?" he asked as he kissed my cheek. Please open your eyes and look at me. "But your parents " I started. I only care that at the end of the day. I tried to sit up. I thought about how my face felt wet from real tears. "Bella. you aren't dreaming. I opened my puffy eyes and stared right into his sad. you are the only future that matters to me. That's what you were supposed to do before I came along. I don't care about what job I have when I finish school. and very real. You're delirious from getting yourself so upset. The sun had set and the moon was up." He moved me so I was sitting up and facing him. Edward never yelled at me." "But you would never choose the right path. . I looked around the room to the window." "No.How dare he laugh at me! Dream version or not! "Why are you laughing at me?" "Because. Edward. I thought about how the arms around me were snug and warm. where you belong. "Edward. I am going home to you. I thought about his words." "No." He reached out and wiped my tears away as he smiled at me. I must have been asleep for hours. You do.

I took a deep breath. Bella. It didn't matter where we were in a house. I am happy with them. a boat. And nothing that hurts you could ever be right for me. I have been happy. I feel like I'm being extremely selfish to be so happy and to not think of your future." "Bella. My heart ached for putting him through this. I don't care if my father isn't happy with my choices. Jones today. just as your happiness is my happiness. I could only nod my head. Your pain is my pain. This was the only place I ever cared to be. Do you want to be with me?" "Of course! With everything in me. you are the only thing that matters to me. I was getting ready to do our laundry and noticed they were home. I thought you were happy with them. "Bella. it didn't matter." I wrapped my arms around him and pressed my face against his neck. looking carefully at me. "About that whole instructor thing I talked to Mr. but then I heard them fussing about you. then it doesn't matter how much it hurts me. filling my nose and lungs with his wonderful smell." "And that's what brought all this on?" he asked. I was going to say hello to them." His voice was so full of sadness with that last sentence. Edward!" "I want to be with you in the same way." . "I accidentally overheard him talking to your mom. his eyes growing dark with anger again. too." I mumbled. "Edward. You've done so much for me. I pulled back and looked into his face. I'm providing myself with a way to have normal hours to get home to you all the sooner. "How do you know that?" he asked. I'm not settling by choosing to be a college instructor." I admitted. So happy I couldn't even believe it most days! Don't you see! That's why I feel so awful your dad is upset! Edward. "I didn't mean to eavesdrop. I decided now would be a good time to tell him about the rest of my day."Your dad sounds so upset about you not going to medical school. And if this is what I need to do for you. or a box! As long as Edward was holding tightly to me. He pulled me into a tight hug and kissed the top of my head. this is our future for us to decide.

not Vegas!" "Bella. "How could I want anything else? You are the most beautiful woman. "Bella! That's the best news I've gotten all day!" "Are you sure this is what you want." I chuckled. and spirit. Right now! Tonight!" "Edward." I was trying to keep him from making a choice we would regret. come away with me. Sims from my school set up a meeting with him for me." He reached into his pocket and pulled out my ring. There were no doubts or possible regrets on my end. And for some reason. Mr. Bella?" he asked. Jones has a position opening up right after graduation. He put it back on my finger and kissed it. I couldn't help but smile at him. It'll only take a few hours to get there. Please! Say you'll come away with me and be my wife. "This is Seattle." Edward lifted my face up by my chin. his eyes sad again. let's get married. he'll offer me a contract for the job. How could you ever think this wouldn't be enough for me?" He looked away for a second. you love me with your whole heart." he sighed. in mind. His eyes were dancing with playfulness. Jones head of the English department at my school?" I nodded my head. my favorite crooked smile on his face. I don't want to wait until we finish school. I get a semester to prove myself and if he likes me. do you trust me?" "From the moment I met you. Let's fly out tonight. And everyone will be so upset if we leave them out."Mr. then turned his attention back to me. . The thought of becoming his wife tonight filled me with butterflies and joy. "Mrs. He smiled up at me." He held me gently at my elbows." "We only have the one semester left. "Don't you want to marry me. His green eyes were sparkling with excitement and love. "What are you thinking?" "Bella. He looked over my papers and grades and said he'll give me a shot at the job. "Bella. Edward? Are you sure you want to live on teacher salaries? With me?" "Bella. "Bella. body.

All of our little and big choices were just that ours! We each had equal say-so. Edward released me from the kiss and took my hand tightly. . I would be his wife! "Isabella. He was right. We had just enough time to make it through security and board the plane. He set me down in the living room and we stared at each other for a long moment. Edward negotiated with the attendant and got us on a flight to Vegas that was leaving shortly. They can be a part of that. He would be my husband for the rest of our lives. "Edward!" I giggled." He scooped up my legs and carried me bridal style down the stairs. "Please! You know I'm clumsy. nearly causing me to tumble over. Edward." "We can have a party when we get back. Right now. I needed to remember that. I'm sure we wore matching goofy grins. "Tonight you will be my wife. but you might regret not involving our family and friends. it was staggering." I nodded happily. He returned the smile as he took my hand and led me out to the Volvo. We would be married tonight."Of course I want to marry you! It's all I've been thinking about for months now! Edward. I was stupid to ever think of walking away from this man. "Bella. "I would never regret becoming your wife." he sighed as he ran his hand from my cheek to my neck. will you marry me?" I smiled up at him. We sat in first class." I put a hand against his cheek. "Yes. Bella. I would never try it again. He was so happy and in such a hurry I had to laugh at him as he pulled me from the bed. We made it to the airport quickly." He pulled me against him and kissed me with so much love and desire. staring deeply into each other's eyes. I just don't want us to make a rash decision and then regret it." he whispered against my lips. I just want it to be you and me. We need to be careful on the stairs.

You got sick that day. "When did you decide you wanted us to get married one day?" "I don't know if I should tell you. "Do you remember Frank and Cecile from your job?" he asked. she told me you were a special girl and I should marry you quick before someone else scooped you up. I closed the distance and kissed my soon-to-be husband. Edward Anthony Cullen. And in just a few hours. He was the only person who could call me that without me minding." "I've always felt just as deeply for you.I smiled. too soon. "The couple with the ship and horseshoes? They were so cute and old. And then. the way you saved all of your questions for intermission and after the play. at the Opera." I smiled happily at him. He slowly pulled me close and kissed me deeply. cupping his hand against my neck." "Why then?" "Well. I was already worried I liked you too much." he admitted. weren't you?" "Completely!" he agreed. I'll prove it to you by becoming Mrs. I was already thinking about all the trips we could take and how they would all be great because of how you see the world so differently. I didn't know what I was more afraid of my feelings for you or the idea that someone else would be with you. It let me know just how much you cared for me. looking shyly at me. "Even then you were falling for me. And then when she came over with her husband." . I knew I would never find anyone else who loved me the way you do. Cecile said something to me. "I was more spooked." "Why not?" "I'm not sure how you'll take it." "Edward!" "During the Opera." "I wasn't exactly sick. I was pretty sure no one could love you more than I could.

He kissed the back of my hand. Here is your key card. "Any particular requests for your room?" the man questioned." I replied. "We have one of our 750GR rooms available. Let me just see what we have available. There was a man in a very expensive looking suit behind the counter. How may I assist you?" "I would like to get a room for the night. "Just the one night?" the man asked. Every mode of transportation we took seemed to be moving too slow the Volvo. Edward." I explained. We will be flying out in the morning. I was squealing on the inside! I was about to become Edward's wife! Emmett would kill us both for sneaking off. love." I handed him my credit card. "Mrs. I believe you will find it fits your needs perfectly. "No need to tell me the total." "Thank you." He pulled me in for another remarkable kiss." "Bella Cullen!" I chuckled.Vegas Bella was finally going to be my wife. "Yes." I nodded toward Bella and the man immediately understood. Isabella Cullen. "I really like the sound of that. the plane this taxi! Our taxi finally pulled up in front of the hotel. but I couldn't bring myself to care! Bella Cullen! That was soon to be me! Chapter 63 . I paid for our ride and escorted Bella inside. she didn't bother arguing about the money I spent on her. "A view of the bay would be nice. I kept leaning over and kissing some part of her face or hand. Please be sure to return it when you check out tomorrow. "Certainly." "So do I." The man stared at his computer for a few moments. I'd learned over the last year and a half that as long as she didn't see or hear the total." I replied. . "Welcome to Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. I couldn't contain my excitement.

setting my chin on her shoulder. pointing at the areas. Edward?" . Have a pleasant night. "Hello." I flipped the phone open. "Alice. then let's just go tonight. She really did want this as much as me." "What do you mean you're away together? Away where?" "Alice." "Edward Anthony! Where the hell are you? Where is Bella? What happened? Mom is freaking out! She says she heard you yelling and then you took off out of the house without a word! She says she hasn't seen Bella all day and that she was supposed to be at home today." I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her. I signed his form and shook his hand. Which date sounds better to you?" "I really don't care as long as at the end of one of them." Alice yelled. "What are you thinking?" "I was trying to decide if we should get married tonight or tomorrow morning. we are fine. you are my wife. The excitement in her voice thrilled me. We were quiet as we made our way up to the floor and into the room." the man said. She'll just keep calling if you don't. I pulled it out to see my sister's name flashing. My phone started ringing." "Well." I wrapped an arm around Bella's waist and led her over to the elevators. We'll be home tomorrow night."If you'll just sign here and here. We're away together. "Thank you for choosing to stay with us." "What's going on." she said. "Bella is fine." "You better answer it. "Bella. Bella walked over to the large windows and looked out on the night. you can go up and enjoy your room.

I will tell you everything when we get home." "Ouch! Um Guess that explains why you didn't tell them where you were going. She says you need to call Emmett. We'll be home tomorrow night. She was biting at her lip. "You know I'm not going to say anything. but it was late so we just decided to stay the night where we were. No. "Everything is fine. Edward came and found me and we talked things over. he was only doing what he thought was best for me. if you would just let me talk! There was a misunderstanding and I went out for awhile."Our parents were having another conversation about medical school and Bella overheard it." "Oh. we'll all be at the house when you get back. Ali. no! Is Bella okay?" "She is now. "Hi." "Have Bella call Emmett." "Considering they ran off the love of my life and made her feel selfish " I stopped talking." I closed the phone and looked up at Bella. Rose! Is Emmett around?" Bella looked up at me and gave me a small smile. I pulled her to me and hugged her tightly. However misguided my father was." "I expected as much. Just to warn you. "Hi." Bella sighed as she took my phone. "Okay. trying to reign in my temper. No. I'm fine. Be safe and get home quickly. Well. Wait! Yeah. after I retrieved her and put her ring back on her finger. Alice just wanted to make sure you and I were okay. I love you both. She dialed Emmett's number as she sat on the edge of the bed. aren't you?" Alice asked. I promise. No. Em. so please tell me where you are. I can attempt to wait until you get home. I didn't respond." "Alice." "You're doing something very un-Edward of you." "We will. you don't need to break . Night.

She said our room looked like a tornado hit it. "Isabella. Esme called him in a panic saying she'd heard you screaming and that you'd run out of the house. You threw our laundry all over the floor. Bella. you ran away?" "I love you enough to walk away if that's what's best for you. taking her hands into mine." "Let's find the phone book and see what chapel we would like to go to. I couldn't sit still! I was too excited! Bella was finally going to be my wife and have my name. "With every beat of my heart and every fiber in my soul." I laughed as I hugged her tightly to me. Love you too." She smiled at me and it was absolutely breathtaking." ." "I was on my way to do the laundry when I heard your parents talking. Edward." I told her. "Then let's go get married. standing up and pulling her with me.anyone's face. Edward. "This one looks nice. Yes. I love you and I could never have any kind of life if you weren't in it. She handed a brochure to me." "He was convinced you had done something to hurt me. I went through the phone book while she checked the brochures." "That didn't sound very nice. you will always be what's best for me. Give Rose a hug and kiss her belly for me." "You really mean that?" I took her hand and put it over my heart. Em. I know you love me. "I love you. It was a misunderstanding. love." I knelt down in front of her." "And instead of waiting to speak with me." "I love you." "That's your fault. We found the book and a bunch of brochures with it.

they had several openings. "Let's go see what we can find to wear. A black strip of cloth ran just under her breasts and tied into a bow just before her side. She even kept herself from looking at the price tag. studying my face closely." "And you are sure you aren't going to regret not having our family and friends here?" she asked. I still didn't have an answer. We went into the men's clothing store and found pants and a shirt for me fairly quickly. We headed back up to our room to change. I was just getting my shoes on when Bella stepped out of the bathroom. I will be too busy screaming to the world that you are my wife to care about anything else. The chapel was called Mon Bel Ami and offered a large variety of wedding packages. I couldn't wait to see her in the dress. . I chose a time slot that would give us an hour and a half to get ready and get there. I'd asked myself a million times how I'd gotten so lucky to be with an angel. My shirt was an ivory button-up. There are some shops here in the hotel. "This does look nice. I had found a nice pair of black slacks and a jacket to match. The dress she was wearing was ivory colored and strapless. showing the slip underneath at the very bottom. We went across the hotel and over to the shops. Do you want a dress?" "Not a wedding dress. The skirt was feminine and flowing. I think we should dress up. Since it was in the middle of the week. We went through three stores before she found the dress she wanted. complete with pictures.I took the brochure from her and scanned it. I decided Bella should find her dress first and then I would find something to match it. She was breathtaking and all mine. and looking at this vision in white. "Bella. Bella took the bathroom and I changed by the bed. She was a vision. I hung up the phone and smiled at my beautiful Bella. but only as if we're going to a really nice restaurant. Let me make the reservation with the chapel and then we can go find the clothing." "I think I know just where to go. absolutely stunning. She had pulled her hair away from her face with the clip she had purchased. Since I wasn't going to wear a tie I left a few buttons open at the top." She smiled and nodded as she took my hand." I pulled out my phone and dialed the chapel.

I've already agreed to marry you." Bella turned to me with wide eyes. I will take them over to Eleazar. I think you two are definitely in that category. Carmen. will film and photograph the ceremony. If you'll hand me the rings. You are not required to purchase anything. "Here you are. will handle the music." We gathered our things together and headed downstairs. Now. "I am Tanya and I thank you for choosing our chapel for your special day. Lovely names by the way." I replied. It's just a service provided as part of the package. I walked over to her and kissed her cheek." I chuckled as I finished with my shoe. Tanya checked her book. I flagged a taxi for us and we made our way over to the chapel. His wife. My sisters. My heart swelled at her happiness. Kate and Irina. but I refused to let Bella marry me in a drive-thru or in front of Elvis. It's the absolute truth. "Edward! We forgot about rings!" . I've seen many couples come in here and I have a knack for knowing the ones that will truly stay together. I see we have just enough time to go over the ceremony package you've chosen. Are you guests or a happy couple?" "Happy couple!" Bella answered with a large smile." the woman chuckled. I don't have a word to explain to you just how wonderful you look right now. "It's not flattery. Bella and I sat on one and Tanya sat across from us. Under the name Cullen. Edward and Isabella. "Welcome to Mon Bel Ami. love. The marriage will be legally binding. One of the staff members met us at the door. "Very happy indeed. Tanya smiled at us."You look beautiful. Do you have a slot reserved?" "Yes. She was very tall with wavy blonde hair and pale blue eyes." We followed Tanya through a door and into a little room with two sofas facing each other. The chapel was slightly tacky with all of the gold drapery and coloring everywhere. "You two look just perfect together. onto the specifics! Eleazar is our ordained minister and he will perform the service. Bella. Kate and Irina will also serve as your witnesses." "No need to flatter me. You can decide for yourselves what you would like to purchase after the ceremony. Please step over here with me and I will explain everything. but more than that. Edward.

" "How long have you had these?" Bella asked." Bella replied. squeezing Bella's hand." I replied. It's safer if Edward just walks with me. "You two will certainly make it. I didn't want to take the chance of the design being retired before we set a date." Tanya chuckled. I opened the box and showed her the rings inside. staring intently at our wedding bands. we will start. She took the box from me. "Ready?" "Very. I watched them talking and smiling as I helped Bella down the aisle. "I am honored to be uniting the two of you in holy matrimony. As soon as Kate and Irina join us. "No.I smiled at her and pulled a box out of my jacket. "Oh. An older gentleman with long white hair was standing at the altar. thank you. "Yes. I'm not very steady in heels. Edward and Isabella. "Just a few months. smiling at us. May I have the rings now?" Bella laughed as she wiped at her eyes. Tanya smiled and nodded. Tanya approached him and handed him the box with the rings. Is that okay?" "Perfect. She handed the box over and we stood to follow Tanya out. her eyes moist." she giggled. "Alice. Alice had actually dragged me out the very next day after Bella had pointed them out. hugging me tightly around the neck. "But that's the exact one I was going to get you! How did you know?" I shrugged and smiled. I leaned over and kissed her cheek." I explained. "Welcome. We followed her into the chapel. Edward!" she cried." the man said. "Do you want processional music?" Tanya asked. .

I could see her love for me in her deep. That would be the short girl. . Her gaze was so intense.She looked up at me and smiled warmly. "The one with the video camera is Kate. "Our photographer is Irina. and grows with compromise and understanding." Eleazar explained. cemented by trust. Bella squeezed my hand. There was no fear. One woman looked no taller than Alice. Bella and I turned around to see who Eleazar was talking to. It is not easy. Edward." I replied." Eleazar said suddenly. and no doubt. I looked into her eyes and lost myself in them. "Let's get started then. Bella squeezed my hand and smiled at me." The tall one nodded at us. "Let's try that again. The ways this woman affects me I shook my head slightly. Edward Anthony Cullen." Eleazar chuckled. do you take Bella to be your wife. She turned toward Eleazar. no regret. We turned to Eleazar and nodded our heads. "Perfect!" he laughed. "Of course. do you take Isabella Marie Swan to be your wife. now and forever?" "I do. We are gathered here in the Mon Bel Ami chapel to permanently unite two souls in holy matrimony. I didn't know how. now and forever?" "Wait!" Bella cried. I hoped the horror I felt inside didn't show too much on my face. they looked black. it was her right." My heart finally started beating again and I let out a sigh of relief. it made me feel weak. forgetting everything but the knowledge that she loved me. smiling brightly at Bella. trying to clear out the panic that had flooded my system. Marriage is founded in love. I would deal with it. but it has so many rewards for those willing to make the most of it. "Are you ready to begin?" Bella and I looked at each other and smiled. but I couldn't look away. "Ah! There you two are. The other woman had shoulder length black hair and eyes that were so brown. with light brown hair and the same pale blue eyes as Tanya. "Can we please just use Edward and Bella? We don't use our formal names. but I would find some way. It was maddening to keep myself from leaning down and kissing her. brown eyes. If Bella was changing her mind.

"With this ring. Edward. by the state of Nevada. Kate and Irina took us into a little office and showed us the video and pictures. Bella's hand was shaking as she took my ring from the book. keeping her eyes on mine. I now pronounce you husband and wife. Bella. "These rings are a symbol of your commitment to each other and to your marriage. "Edward." "With the power vested in me. smiling brighter than any sun or star ever had." Eleazar instructed. The only pictures she wanted were of us kissing each other's rings and our first kiss as husband and wife. When she grabbed the side of my hand. Edward. She slid the ring on. ." She blushed and lowered her face and hand slowly. her face and neck were bright red and her smile was glorious. Bella decided we should get a copy of the video for the family. "I love you. We made our way to the front of the building. calling her attention to him. I wrapped my arms around Bella and kissed her with as much passion as I could get away with in front of witnesses. I thee wed. the shake left hers completely. I thee wed. "With this ring. I thee wed'." Eleazar said. "I love you. "Do you take Edward to be your husband. Eleazar took out our rings and placed them on the book he was holding. May you be blessed with love. it's your turn. Edward. We kept getting stopped so people could congratulate us."Bella. now and forever?" "I do. kiss your bride. "Bella. When I let Bella go. Bella and I had both been smiling like idiots all the way back. slide the ring onto Bella's finger and say 'With this ring." Eleazar stated. We made it back to the hotel about an hour later." Bella said." She kissed my ring and smiled up at me as she said. will you take Bella's ring?" I took the ring from the book and held it at the tip of Bella's finger. happiness and family for all the days of your life together. repeat those same words." I lifted her hand and kissed her ring. Take Edward's ring and as you put it on." I held Bella's gaze and started sliding the ring down her finger.

This first is your mind. I love you so much. They matched. the second is your spirit. wrapping her arms around my neck. Bella lifted our hands and stared at our wedding bands. my life. this wedding band is amazing." I replied. and the final is your heart and soul." I started at the outside of the band. "Edward." I said. the third is your smile. "I couldn't agree more. but I promise to never take it for granted. she ran to me and jumped into my arms. I don't even want to know how much money you spent to get this made." "I love you. Cullen. my wife. Hers was styled the same. I still can't believe any of this is real. "You are Bella Cullen. . but she had two small emeralds on each side of her diamond. "Each of these emeralds represents something I love about you." "You are my love. leaning my forehead against hers. holding tightly to my neck. So much so." "Once Alice showed me the band you had picked out for me." she said. brushing my lips against hers. but I have to say. I knew I wanted yours to match. "Edward. Once they were off. Mrs. but they are so intertwined that I felt one would do. I wrapped my arms around her back and leaned down to kiss my wife. I spun her around once as she laughed. "Yes." "I love you. Cullen. now and forever. we're married!" she cried.I closed the door to our room and turned to see Bella taking off her shoes." Bella giggled. Husband. Mr." "That's two. My band was thick with a single diamond in the middle." I whispered. Wife!" "I think now would be an excellent time for you to show me just how much you love me. "You know how much I love my promise ring.

keeping her from hitting Edward any further. Edward Anthony?" I quickly grabbed Alice into an awkward hug. Cullen! Bella Cullen! Those words just kept ringing through my head as I held and kissed her. Alice. Jasper and Carlisle were watching TV while the ladies were talking quietly. once again making my cheeks hurt. "It's going to be a long night!" I laughed. "It appears so. "OH MY GOD! I'm so happy for you!" She pulled away and started slapping Edward's arms and chest. "Bella and I have a little something we'd like to tell you all. Everyone was in the living room. I looked up at Edward and he was still smiling as goofily as he had been last night when we left the chapel. Cullen?" The sound of my new name caused a giant grin to break across my face. "We're married. He kissed my forehead and pulled me further into the house. Chapter 64 . "Relax. knocking us back a few steps." He kissed my hand before holding our wedding bands out toward our family. And now that I had it. Mrs. dumb dolt! You didn't even let me be there for it or plan it! What's wrong with you. giving them all a small wave.Telling the Family Edward parked the Volvo in the driveway. he turned off the TV.My wife! Mrs. When Emmett looked up and saw us. "You big. "Absolutely. My wife! I'd never known this kind of love and joy could exist." I said." Alice squealed and attacked us. It was very spontaneous. putting her hands on her hips. We looked at each other and started laughing. We got out of the car and he took my hand as we walked up the steps and entered the house." . "So which one of you wants to explain?" Alice asked." he chuckled. I would protect it with everything in me. Not that I had room to talk! I could feel the same grin on my face. "Hi. We stared at Emmett's Jeep and Alice's Porsche for a moment. Emmett. "Are you ready. Cullen!" I leaned over and quickly kissed Edward. Mr.

too! And since you two snuck off without me. If I had wanted a big wedding. then I'm okay with it. "Alice. Squirt." "Thank you. "I'll say. As long as this is really what you want. He could tell we were very happy and we could tell he was happy for us. I would have had you give me away. I was hoping you could whip together an announcement party for us in the next couple of weeks. Please understand. "I'm glad you're happy. Emmett." "I know." I said. Edward and I sat on the small couch in the room." he replied. you both have to keep quiet and enjoy the party I put together for you. "Thank you. "Are you going to say something?" I asked. We didn't seem to need words. Bella. "What brought this on?" "I couldn't wait any longer for Bella to be my wife." "We wouldn't dream of interrupting your fun. "Emmett?" I called. Emmett." Emmett released us and kissed my cheek. but we wanted a very small and simple ceremony. "I would love to! I can't wait! I already have a million ideas for it. He just nodded at Edward and kissed my cheek. But you know how I hate attention.Alice nodded and I let her go. I love you guys. wiping away my tears." I started crying as I hugged him back." Alice hugged us both again. "Edward." Esme said softly. Bella." Rose said as she came over and hugged me." Edward replied. Squirt. "I'm disappointed I wasn't there. but I'm happy you're happy. "We just wanted to make it official. we love you all very much. smiling at her. Carlisle sat at his desk and Esme stood next to him. Jasper came over and hugged us next. He pulled us into a tight hug. My big brother was just staring at us." He turned toward his sister. Emmett slowly stood up and walked over to Edward and me. pulling me back into his arms. . "Can we speak with you upstairs?" We followed his parents into Carlisle's study.

You are so far from it. "She had packed her clothing and left me a note with her ring and phone. He frowned deeply." Esme clutched her throat and turned to stare at Carlisle for a moment." Carlisle said as he kissed my cheek. The tears came and started falling silently from my eyes. "Edward. I am the one who has been selfish. But as for why we did this now " Edward looked down at me and smiled. "Allow me to officially welcome you to our family. moving over and sitting next to us." Edward explained. He hugged us both tightly." Esme mused. "We see it everyday in the way you two look at each other. As my wife pointed out to me during that conversation." "That explains the scream. Esme turned back to us and looked at me closely. "You heard. "I needed some way to show Bella and everyone else that she is and will always be the most important thing in my life. "If that were true. She took my hand and lifted my face." Carlisle stood up and walked over to us. holding me even tighter."Why did you run off and get married like that?" Esme asked." "Bella thought she was being selfish so she tried to leave me. just as his music is. She was obviously upset about not being there to see us get married." "Bella." She turned and looked at her husband." "Edward. we know that. Bella. then the discussions about medical school would have ended long ago. we only get this one shot at living. We love you. I am sorry for what you heard. "Bella. I was so wrapped up in what I thought Edward should be doing with his life that I didn't notice what Edward wanted to do with his life. Mrs. didn't you?" I dropped my eyes and nodded my head. It should be filled with the things that make us feel complete and happy. He pulled me against his side. I promise you that no one thinks you're selfish. Cullen. but then I heard what you were saying. He motioned for us to stand. "I was on my way downstairs and I heard you talking." "Bella has never wanted a big wedding and I only want to make her happy. You are those things for Edward. "Carlisle." Esme said. I am sorry you heard anything that would make you think you're selfish." He shook his head slowly. . I wanted to say 'hi' to you both. you know how much we were all looking forward to planning a wedding after graduation.

"Edward. just not when. "I think we need to go back down." "And you kept your word." he chuckled as he led me past the mess and into our bathroom. "Where did you go?" "Vegas. "How totally Bella of you!" Alice smirked. "We are going to have a busy day tomorrow cleaning all of this up. "They knew the day would come. bouncing around on the sofa. Mr." He held me for a long while." Esme said. He kissed my forehead and wrapped an arm around my waist. I love you. "Me!" Alice sang. We went down to the living room and sat on the floor together so we could face everyone." I giggled. both of us just enjoying the fact that we were together and married."Thank you. I told you long ago I would make you my wife." "Probably. Mrs." "I love you. He wet a washcloth and wiped down my face and neck for me. Edward nodded and led me up to our room. Cullen? You are everything my heart desires and more. "Who has the first question?" I joked. "I am so happy to be your wife." "How could I not." I sniffled. I laughed when he opened the door and revealed the mess behind it." I wrapped my arms around Edward's neck and rested my head on his shoulder. "Did Angela teach you that?" I laughed. Cullen. love." "It would appear so. "They took it much better than I thought they would. Edward." I said. take Bella upstairs so she can clean up a bit before you two come down and answer more questions." I sighed. . Bella.

" I said. "Maybe it's best she didn't have a full audience. though. ." Edward chuckled against my ear. "You suck." "She's very convincing when she's confident. dear. thank God!" Esme sighed. "But we keep getting pulled in." Jasper announced. he would swing his hips around to whomever he was talking to! It was hilarious! We have video of it. They were in for a big surprise." Rose added. because he told Edward he was a 'hunka." Everyone stared at us while Edward laughed quietly in my hair. Edward." Alice chuckled."She certainly did. Edward came back in and put the DVD into the player. I just sat there and smiled innocently at our family. Emmett leaned over and punched me in the shoulder. "And during the ceremony. hunka burnin' love. why don't you put it on for us?" He moved me off of him and ran out to the car to get the DVD. Eddie! You're supposed to be the romantic one! At least tell me you were smart enough not to let Elvis marry you!" "Of course Elvis married us!" I said. "You took my baby sister to Vegas to marry her!" Emmett groaned. Bella. "Come on. trying to be serious. "Elvis will be out in just a second. "And our Elvis was the pre-fat one. too! Want to see it?" I waggled my eyebrows at Emmett. Emmett was on the edge of the sofa waiting for Elvis to pop out. "Isabella. "We should know better than to believe her by now. He moved us over to lean against the side of the sofa. "Bella. I think he may have liked guys." Alice giggled. pretending to be shocked. The video started off with Edward and me talking to Eleazar." "Oh. you are evil. When Eleazar started his little welcoming speech. "A video " Esme managed " sounds lovely. you are too wicked." Carlisle chuckled.

Esme was giggling behind her hand." Alice said. smiling at him. I told him I was sure it was very un-Edward of him. the entire room started laughing. "I've never seen you so flustered. Tutor-boy!" "It was a beautiful ceremony. No matter what you're wearing or what time of day it is." "That much I knew myself. trying not to laugh out right. "I wish you would have waited for us to be there. "Why is that?" "Because I don't think they'll be too happy if I attack you right here in the living room.When the part came up where I had stopped the ceremony." Esme said." I whispered. "I knew he was up to something. "Poor Eddie!" Rose chuckled. that is how you always look to me." Edward chuckled. "He's panicking!" Jasper laughing." Carlisle said. You look radiant. "Look at how beautiful you are. Edward." I laughed. . Edward held me tightly and whispered into my ear. "Bella makes me forget all reason. hugging me tightly." Emmett told me. "I didn't even scare him that much!" Emmett laughed. as she wiped at her eyes. son." "I won't mind. but you looked beautiful and I'm glad you're happy." "You need to stop telling me things like that. "I think he's got it the other way around. Squirt. refusing to comment at all. love. "Look at his face!" Alice cried. shaking her head.

but if you make me an uncle. Bella. moving closer to Alice and Rose. "When was the first time?" "Do you remember the second night you had your cast? When you made that casserole?" "Yes. "How could you find that funny?" I asked him. Wife."Your announcement party is going to be spectacular. "Before they try to drag me into the circle of evil. We turned to look at my brother. "Anything for you. "He loves you. Edward kissed my forehead and started pulling me up the stairs." he chuckled." "Emmett!" I yelled. "We're going to head up to bed now. "Because it's not the first time he's told me that." Emmett called." "Do not forget about tomorrow morning's breakfast. "Rose and I are going to make it the event of the year!" "I can't wait to tell the girls in the Garden Club." Alice warned. bouncing around on the sofa. "Edward. I'll kill you. I looked between the two of them." Edward stood and pulled me up with him. He wants what's best for you." "He told me that night!" "That big ugh! I can't believe he actually told you that! We weren't even doing anything back then!" He shrugged. "I'm glad you married her. as we moved toward the stairs." . Edward and Emmett just laughed together. Husband?" I whispered." Esme said. can you whisk me away upstairs." Alice chirped.

Cullen." I let out a big breath and started to hug him back.. staring into my eyes and rubbing my cheeks with his thumbs." I said. "What's going on? You never get this upset with Emmett. "It must not have been that great if you don't have a word for it. it was you who bewitched me from the moment we met. hugging me and stroking my hair." "And to think it all came from you deciding to go to dinner to see if I would bite." .. a little. "But he should understand I know better than to get pregnant at this point in my life! I'm only twentyone and a half! I have one more semester of college left!" "Calm yourself. "Why don't we repeat it and see if we can find a word together?" "Why. my dead truck." "Laying it on a little thick. But even that counts. The only sounds I care to hear from this point forward are the ones that let me know you are enjoying the slow torture I am about to perform on your heavenly body. Mrs." he soothed." "But enough talk." "I will always be grateful to Alice for making me go." "You did. aren't we?" "How so?" he asked. The fact that you could annoy me proves I was under your spell right away. I do believe you are trying to seduce me!" "Mrs. "I got the impression I annoyed you that first night." "Last night was pretty amazing. Bella. and the excitement from last night. And that was just getting to marry you." Edward laughed darkly. kissing my neck. all the stress from yesterday." "Me too. Cullen. I don't have a word for what went on after. Mr." he chuckled."I understand that. as he closed the door to our room. "I think it's all just catching up onto me . Cullen.

" "As long as it takes. "I should go wish her luck. grabbing my arm. I think she tired herself out with that fit she threw over that math test she's taking tomorrow." Rose told me."Jeez. "She's probably asleep by now! She always passes out once Edward hums that lullaby to her." "Besides. Edward! Are you trying to make me faint before you even touch me?" He laughed and picked me up. you don't want to disturb her." Jasper offered. as I plopped down next to her on the sofa. let's race. "As long as what takes?" He ran his nose along my jaw and kissed my chin. "I won't mention a thing! You said you wanted to wait until you were further along and I agreed." Rose said. "She went up to bed." Alice interjected. "Just how long do you plan on torturing me tonight? I saw you hit that repeat button. "I'm sure she knows." he replied as he crawled over me. "Emmett. "For you to let go and forget anyone else exists in this world except the two of us. He put on one of the rock CDs and set it to repeat." I reassured her. "Yeah.EMMETT'S POV: "Where's the Squirt?" I asked Rose. you'll probably let something slip about the pregnancy and I'll be very angry with you. getting up from the sofa once again." Rose warned. . if you go up there now." I sighed. He tossed me on our bed and went over to the stereo." It was going to be a long night with my wonderful husband happier! and I couldn't have been Chapter 65 .

I knocked on the door. "He's like an ostrich with its head in the sand. I thought I heard one of them whispering something about 'dead meat'." said a small voice. but I must have misheard." "Emmett's going to freak!" I said." I kissed my Rosie's forehead and headed up the stairs. I knocked again. I'll be right back. I knew Edward had done it enough times. anxious to wish Bella luck. "Not as much as he will when this little one goes out on her first date." Jasper snickered. he's so going to find out!" I cried. listening for any sign of them talking. rubbing my stomach. I also wanted to wish my little sister luck. I had to yell at him to keep him from buying a bunch of baby footballs and soccer balls the other day. "No. ROSALIE'S POV: "Edward is Dead Meat.As much as I wanted to beat the snot out of him. They've been together for over a year now. And he wants a little boy so bad. GOD! Alice." I explained. shaking her head. I hadn't really had much time with her since my wedding and everything. I whistled as I made my way up the stairs. getting a little impatient. But then I thought she might have fallen asleep with the music on. I knew she'd be happy that I hadn't forgotten. MY." "Should we call Edward's phone to warn him?" Jasper asked. taking them two at a time. "Alice! OH. "My baby sister. I pressed my ear to the door. ." "Alice." Alice replied. Alice sat next to me. It sucked to only see her once or twice a week. I still can't believe he's never caught on. I heard music coming from the room and was happy to know she was still up." Alice said. "It's time for this little secret to come out in the open. "What are we going to do?" "It had to happen someday. please don't say that out loud! You know how much it freaks Emmett out. rubbing my stomach too. "I always wish her luck before big exams.

He sat on the bottom step." I said. "Would you like me to stop?" "Do it and die. practically falling on the bottom step. it was all in that book I told you about. how are you so good at this?" I asked. This was her fault! "What's wrong?" I roared. He chuckled again. Edward!" I moaned. feeling the tension float away from his magic touch. He moved his hands and massaged my shoulders. Tutor-boy. rubbing my back. "Oh. "What's wrong." I sighed. Emmie?" BELLA'S POV: "Edward." I grunted." I muttered. loving the way his hands were kneading into my aching back muscles. "What's wrong. "I just I never thought " I muttered." EMMETT'S POV: "My baby sister. rubbing and massaging all the way. "Everything you do feels nice. "What's going on?" Alice asked in that damn chirpy voice of hers. "What's wrong? Your damn brother has corrupted my little sister! That's what's wrong!" . His hands traveled down the middle of my spine. "Does this feel nice?" he chuckled. digging his thumbs into the space below my neck. "Did you take a class or something?" "No. holding his head in his big hands. I went over to him and rubbed his back. "God. Emmie?" Rose asked.We all looked up to see Emmett slowly making his way down the stairs.

" Jasper said. He was telling her about his book. "Them." I sighed. moving her hair away from her delicate face." Alice offered. like he is almost all of the time. smiling wide."Emmett." I replied. please go and get me something to drink?" "What would you like?" I asked." My irrational anger pulsed through me once again. "Fine. "Have I done a good job?" I asked. . She still didn't hear me so I put my ear to the door. He was all calm. what happened upstairs?" Jasper asked. "Beth was moaning Edwin's name. "I went upstairs to wish Bella luck. Let's call her Beth." "Heard what?" Rose asked. EDWARD'S POV: "Is that the Bella Swan handbook you told me about in New York?" Bella laughed. "And if I find out any of you bought him that damn Kama Sutra book. And that's when I heard it. I bet he wouldn't be so calm if oh! He probably had gone through that Rosie is his sister. I'll rip your arms off!" "And what if he borrowed your copy?" Alice chuckled. "I really do not want to say this right now. "Pretend you're talking about a fictional character. climbing off of her." I groaned. "Anything else I can do for you before bed?" "Could you please." I chuckled. I told them my disturbing story. so I knocked again. honey. "The one and only. "Is all the tension gone from your back and shoulders?" "Yes. so I figured she was awake." she replied. I knocked and she didn't hear me. trying to see if she was really still awake. I heard the stereo on. I leaned down and kissed the corner of her mouth. She was telling him how good he is and asking him how he learned it. "You're going to have to be a little more forth-coming for us to help.

I heard Alice ask." "Alright. "What's going on?" I asked. I was suddenly afraid of Emmett and I didn't understand why. I saw Emmett sitting on the bottom step. "You stay right here and I'll be back with your tea. You aced all of your homework on the first try this evening." I said. . "Bella said to say goodnight to you for her." "You shouldn't be so nervous about your math test tomorrow. "And what if he borrowed your copy?" The way she was laughing worried me. Rose. Not that I need help once you start humming my super secret composition. I love you."Could you make me some of that tea I like?" "Warm?" "Yes. please. As I got to the last landing. surrounded by our family. It helps me get sleepy. "Edward." I blurted out. but Bella wanted it. kissing her forehead. staring hard at me." "Okay. He was in the bathroom earlier. loving how her voice sounded when she was relaxed and drowsy. I saw the tendons straining in Emmett's neck and arms as he stood up and turned to face me. Alice and Jasper snickered as they backed away from Emmett. I'll be right back. too!" I chuckled. Emmett grunted." I was walking out the door when she called me back. But I would like all the help I can get." he said. I doubted she would drink much of the tea. his tone gruff. "Edward! Tell Em I said goodnight." "I can't help it." "Love you.

I kept grunting. "I thought it wouldn't enter her mind until after they were married. "Yeah. "I thought she was a late bloomer. "In family hierarchy only. I scooted past Emmett and headed into the kitchen." Rose replied. Emmett Swan." I said. Did you really think she wouldn't want to be physical with him?" Rose questioned. I guess she would need to calm down after that. "They have nearly a year before they graduate and can even set a date for the wedding! How could you expect them to wait like that?" ." I sputtered. like it's nothing! I was going to kill him! I turned to follow him into the kitchen. EMMETT'S POV: I was having trouble forming actual words. but Rose stepped in my way. Emmett grunted again." Alice pointed out."Um I'm just heading to the kitchen to make her some tea to relax her. They have never been your business. Did he really? But he Did he not? Did the man have no shame or decency? He just admitted he'd been upstairs doing things with my sister! And he walks right past me." "You know how Bella gets all worked up." "You know how Bella gets all worked up. I guess she would need to calm down after that. Rosie?" "Because I knew you would overreact. Just like you're doing right now. thinking he was talking about Bella's earlier episode." Edward said. She's not a baby or a little girl. "Yeah. She'd gotten herself really worked up about her math exam in front of everyone. "Why didn't you say something." Her word choice struck a chord with me. But then I found my voice." "Emmett!" Alice laughed. "Stop right there." I muttered. "She's twenty-one." I said. Emmett. The things that happen in the privacy of Bella's bedroom are not your business. "How long has this been going on? Am I the last to know? Was anyone ever going to tell me?" I asked. She's a young woman and she's very much in love with Edward. "But she's my little sister.

then. "Okay. That math test didn't seem so big anymore. would you?" He looked confused. we've all had to make the choice between waiting for marriage or doing what we felt was right in our hearts. but he nodded his head. Just be careful. holding a steaming cup in his hands. The man was truly a miracle worker when it came to getting rid of my tension and worries. Emmett. "No. "Yes. I let him walk up to the first landing then called for him. Emmett?" "I know what's going on with Bella and you. shaking my head." . I'm not going to overreact or anything. "Emmett just gave me permission for something. isn't that all that should matter. "Edward. "Is everything okay. giving us all a questioning look."Emmett. Emmett." "What?" I laughed. holding my tea and looking very confused. slowly shaking his head. The door opened and Edward came in. He sat next to me on the bed. He walked past us." Jasper stated." He turned and looked at me. At the end of the day." BELLA'S POV: I sat up in the bed. but I don't know what it is. "I was on my way up and he said something about knowing what was going on with us and that he wasn't going to overreact and that I should be careful. "None of us have waited because we all know we are going to end up married. Bella's happy. "Sure. pulling Edward's t-shirt back on. honey?" I asked. Edward came out of the kitchen. I was still enjoying the euphoria of Edward's massage." I said." "Do I even want to know how long this has been going on?" I sighed in defeat." he chuckled." Rose and Alice said together. "I don't know. taking the cup from him. You and Rose are just the first to officially do it.

wondering how he could find this funny. Edward must have noticed because his free hand was holding the cup for me. He thinks what he heard was us making love! He doesn't know it was just a massage. Edward was still lightly snickering as he helped me under the covers." "I love you. Edward started rubbing my neck with his thumb and index finger. wondering exactly what my face looked like. The panic in Edward's eyes told me it wasn't good. Edward!" Edward stared at me for a second then started roaring with laughter. He started to hum my lullaby and I immediately began to fall asleep. "What's wrong. He must have come up here earlier. I snuggled close to him. He'd found out on his own. Realization slammed into me.I took a sip of my tea. Wife!" ." I croaked. accidents were a wonderful thing. nearly making me drop my cup. letting him wrap me up in his arms. causing me to moan slightly. I thought about dinner with everyone and then my little fit over my test. we'd both had quite a few tears to wipe up. "What?" "Emmett.Bonus Chapter Wedding Night (Edward's POV) "I love you. I stared at him for a second. I couldn't see anything that had happened that would cause Emmett to say such a cryptic thing. Husband. "He misunderstood. thinking about what Emmett had said to Edward. Chapter 66 . He turned out the lights and then joined me in the bed. Sometimes. Bella?" I turned to him. even if he'd done it by accident and misunderstanding. My last thought for the night was of how glad I was that I wouldn't ever need to have the talk with Emmett. And then I realized why it was we'd been so careful around Emmett for over a year now and the one time we weren't doing anything was when he figured it out! I started laughing right along with Edward. By the time we calmed down.

She pushed aside the cloth and attacked my neck with her lips. "I don't think Emmett's going to be able to pretend you and I are innocent anymore. "I couldn't agree more. "Edward. . She did to me the exact thing I had just done to her." I replied. She bent her head and started kissing my neck as she worked to undo the buttons of my shirt." Bella said. earning small moans from my lovely wife. wrapping her arms around my neck. I kissed out to her arm and back toward her neck. And I doubted she had any idea of just how she affected me. marking me as her own. "Edward. I smiled against her lips and felt her do the same. flipping us so that she was beneath me. I lifted my head and find myself lost in those fathomless. grinning wickedly. brown eyes of hers." "I don't care. I sucked at the skin of her neck. She sat straddling my waist. I let her skin go and gently licked over the spot. Cullen. Mr. down her neck. I wrapped my arms around her back and leaned down to kiss my wife. her voice low and seductive. but Bella twisted my shirt into her hands and pulled me closer. It started out sweet and tender. She was my wife now I sucked harder and she gasped. deepening the kiss. but she didn't stop me. It aroused me even more. surprised by her actions. Cullen." she chuckled softly. I moved my lips across her jaw. smiling devilishly. "Put a ring on my finger and you're suddenly over your fear of my brother?" she giggled. It was already starting to change color." That one little word caused every inch of me to spark." she said." I growled. and to her bare shoulder. She giggled against my neck. "You really shouldn't have done that."I think now would be an excellent time for you to show me just how much you love me. She knew what I was doing. She suddenly pushed me and I fell onto the bed. Mrs. drowning me in my desire to have every inch of the goddess in my arms.

I shook my head. Bella was just to damn enticing some days. I hung the pants as well. illuminating the room enough so lights weren't required. then went back over to the bed. giving me a quick kiss on my cheek.I placed butterfly kisses all across her soft." "I love you. thinking of all the cold nights she'd begged me to do this for her and all of the times she'd pressed her cold. Her laughter was her only reply. "Thank you. I pulled down the blankets and sheet and crawled beneath." "Why?" I groaned. I'll be back. Oh. "I need a moment. but later. I groaned. "I love you. Bella. closing the door. As if she'd heard my silent plea." "I lost my virtue to you a long time ago. But you need to stop kissing me and get up. "I'm listening." I groaned. "Edward. running my fingertips across her collarbone. "Patience is a virtue. little feet against my calf muscles. I removed my jacket and shirt. Edward." she said. why don't you warm up the bed for me?" I grinned at her. letting her side of the bed warm up. I thought of the first time I'd taken Bella to see the moon from the hill near our home. I moved and rested on my side. too. but forced myself to move. there was no longer any light spilling from the beneath the bathroom . willing her to come out and join me. There was a half moon in the sky." She jumped up and went into the bathroom. In the meantime. putting them back on their hangers." I replied. making me jump. how I loved that sound! I stared at the bathroom door." Her tone was final. but I wouldn't have her any other way. I got my pants open and sighed. She laughed again. "Why don't you help me?" "I will. The way the light had reflected from her pale skin "Bel-la." I sighed. trying to distract her by nibbling on her ear. silky smooth face.

She had a playful smile on her lips as she watched my reaction." ." "It's always so amazing to leave you speechless. She pulled back and sat there. Cullen. smirking at me. getting her to laugh again. Cullen?" she whispered." I sighed. She put her hands on the bed. "I think I know of a way to warm you up. I scooted close to her. "Ready to lose that virtue again. making it impossible for me to look anywhere other than right at her chest. This beautiful. "You are beyond words. "I love you. I growled at her. My breath rushed out of me as if I'd just been hit in the stomach. But it Sometimes. amazing woman was my wife! Bella pressed her hand to my cheek and looked longingly at me. She opened the door and stood there. It had tiny straps on her shoulders and barely reached the middle of her thighs. Bella was dressed okay. maybe dressed wouldn't be the proper word Bella was scantily clad in a deep blue negligee. Mr. I'm I don't know why I reacted so badly. "It's chilly in here. Bella. I smiled. I'm sorry for earlier. I laughed as she snuggled under the blanket and sighed happily. Her lips twitched as she tried not to laugh. but smiled at her." I sighed. leaning against the frame. Mr. She pulled away and I pouted my lip out at her. And you did warm up the bed for me. I moved over and let her have the warm side of the bed." she giggled. loving. but the only sound I managed was a deep groan. pulling her into my arms." "You don't sound very sure of yourself. "Do you like your wedding gift. "Do I Oh. draped over one shoulder. She seemed satisfied with that as she slowly made her way over to me. wrapping her in my arms. Mrs." she chuckled. Edward. bending down low. I tried to speak. I get so scared. She laughed and kissed it quickly. I started kissing her neck again. amazed at my luck. Edward. especially when everything is going so perfectly right. She crawled across the bed and gave me a chaste kiss on the lips. Her hair was down.door. Cullen?" she asked.

She was everything I could have ever dreamed of if I'd known what I wanted. you'll find it a little easier to believe that." "I can only promise to try. I guess it made more sense to leave you on my terms than for you to leave any other way. I'm much too selfish and you are too vital to my existence. She still didn't understand just how breathtakingly beautiful she really was. She moaned loudly and pressed herself against me once again. both of us wanting control of the kiss. brown eyes of hers. "We've had a lot of talks about you feeling that way. pulling me face tighter against her." I whispered. Our tongues clashed. I pressed my lips to hers." "What?" she asked."I know. I ran my hands up and down her silky skin. I pulled away. was giving to me. tender kiss on her beautiful lips." "Once again. She was watching me closely. you've completely missed something very important. I groaned. The moonlight glancing off of her skin made her glow. My eyes traveled down her body and then back up again. She parted her lips as she moved her hands into my hair. the less I can stand the idea of not having you. to not get scared and to not worry about losing you." "I just I guess I thought it should be easier by now. I relented to her and she took immediate control. pressing her hips against mine. I deepened her kiss. smiling. my love. licking at the purple spot I'd left earlier. She wiggled in my arms. She was completely naked now. needing air." I lifted her hand and kissed her wedding band. I reached down and pulled the negligee off roughly. "Maybe now that you are my wife. taking her hand and kissing the palm. as I'm sure she did. giving a preview of what was to come. as amazing as your powers of observation are. I moaned from the extreme pleasure this woman. my wife. . begging her to open her mouth for me. confusion and curiosity evident in those deep. pushing my tongue back into my mouth. She was my other half and I would always be incomplete without her. thrusting my tongue into her mouth. But it only seems to get worse because the more I love you. my arousal for her returning full force." I leaned down and gave her a soft. "And I promise to keep reminding you. wanting to memorize every single curve of her sumptuous body. I kissed up and down her neck. as she always did. "I will never leave you." she said.

"Tell me how you really feel. Her back arched and she screamed my name." She grabbed my face in her hands. I pulled away from her lips. Suddenly."Edward. threatening to rip my hair out. The love and lust in her eyes was her own. but not enough to break the skin. holding her tightly to me. It's okay. her grip tightened. refusing to let her move a single inch. but her moan of pleasure erased my worries. I wasn't going to last much longer and I doubted she would either. I collapsed. Our lips crashed together at the same time I entered her." ." I stopped breathing for a second. I smiled. passion and urgency. too. I thought about stopping to ask if she was okay." She giggled. "I love you. both of us panting and sweating from our exertions." "I know. knowing she was being silly to mask her other emotions. I kissed her ear and whispered to her." she said. "So show me already. We worked together to get rid of the only clothing standing between us. pulling me in deeper. You know I'll understand. "Wow." "I don't know where to start. trying to reconcile my eyes and my brain. I rested my head against the side of her neck and she ran her hands through my hair. She met my every thrust. wife. She shivered as my breath touched her face. Her body pulsing around mine pushed me into my own release. somewhere between a moan and a sigh." "The beginning is usually a good spot. hugging my neck tighter." she whispered. "Yes. too. Isabella. "You must be really happy I'm your wife now. I love you. pulling me up to look at her." she giggled." "I love you. not mine being reflected back by those brown pools. "I love you. Her nails dug into my backside just enough to hurt. She wrapped her legs around me. sharing in my desire. my love?" I whispered into her ear.

I moved down her neck. And she loves me more than I'll ever deserve. They've been married for a year and a half now. Accidents Happen "What time is your doctor's appointment?" Edward asked. but she stopped me. I think if I was standing right now. Chapter 67 . It was perfect. wearing my ring. I'm feeling a little guilty that I got the wedding I really wanted. stopping the arguments that invariably followed after I told her my feelings about her. I'd be bouncing around like Alice. What about you? How are you feeling?" "Content." she whispered. keeping her eyes locked with mine. Bella Cullen. "I love you. I figured it was just a side-effect of the depth of our love. fulfilling my earlier wish and tasting every inch of her."I'm happy. Her chest and stomach came next while her gasps and moans filled the otherwise silent night. once against smiling at the mark I'd left." I replied." I kissed her. I started with her slightly swollen lips. staring at his reflection in our bathroom mirror. knowing how disappointed everyone else will be that they weren't with us. There was only my wife and I." Every touch and kiss that followed was slow and gentle. Thank you for loving me enough to be my wife. no responsibilities no reason to hurry. I took my time. "Ten. This is Bella and Edward's fourth Christmas together. We had no worries. I have the one thing I wanted in this life right here in my arms. "Do you want me to go with you?" . We'd never come to agreement on the way we saw each other and I doubted we ever would. I'd had plans to continue.We are once again jumping ahead in time. Thank you for making me your wife. sharing our love for each other. Bella kissed me softly. I'm actually ecstatic. having my last name. "I love you. I worked my way down both of her arms and to her fingertips. pulling my face back up to hers.

Bella. I should be home a little after lunch by the time I get the prescription. I knew we went out dancing too soon after. in her lap." "Would you like me to cook for you?" "We better wait and see how my appetite is. I slapped his arm playfully." "That's really gross. I know your parents heard us!" "My mom may have mentioned something about wanting to soundproof our room."No. You're probably right. Lily was a year and three months old now. Right now. "You keep that up and it'll be a very long time before those hands of yours get anywhere near me. "I'm taking the Volvo since you're staying in with Emmett and Jasper." he said. Bella Cullen. "I'm off to the doctor." "You can complain when you're the one puking first thing in the morning. Lily. "I love you. but with Emmett's hair and eyes. as he kissed me bye." Edward said. I leaned down over the back of the sofa." "I hope so. Rose was holding my niece." I got on my tip-toes and kissed his nose. Edward Cullen. "How are my favorite flowers today?" . He'll write me a prescription for more antibiotics and I'll be back to my normal self in no time." I replied." He wrapped me up into a tender hug. as evidenced by the way we stayed up all night making love when we got home. "Don't get into too much trouble with those two while I'm out. I couldn't possibly think of eating." I quipped. trying to get her to smile." "How do you know I'm staying in?" "They're home and the Xbox is hooked up. She had Rose's facial features. a big goofy grin on his face. It's fine." "Wouldn't dream of it." "I love you. seeing as it would just reappear." "Don't start that again! I felt perfectly fine that night. It's probably just a relapse of the flu I had a few weeks ago. love. I made my way down the stairs.

her little baby giggles filling the room." . With the holidays. I drove down to the doctor's office and signed myself in. But thanks for the warning." Emmett chuckled. Dr." Alice said with a grin. Jensen walked into the room and smiled at me. The nurse led me into the room and had me sit. Be good for your mommy. I kissed her cheek. Thankfully. as I walked out the front door. people!" I yelled. this was prime flu season and I had been worried it would take all morning. "He's convinced himself I went out into the world too early after my bad case of the flu and I'm having a relapse. "Shush it!" I joked. Lilly started laughing. Edward's worried I'm having a relapse of the flu." I told him. "Thanks." "Where are you off to so early?" Alice asked. He would just run out and buy me one just like it. I climbed up into the Volvo and adjusted the seat for myself. Squirt. "Bella! What has you back so soon? You certainly look much healthier this time. I turned back to her and kissed her little cheek. Lily Bear. "Bye. I didn't have to wait long. It had taken me two weeks of arguments to get him to agree to a used car when my truck had died the day we got married. have I told you that's lame yet today?" Rose asked with a smile. I'm off to see the doc for another round of antibiotics. Lily Bear? You gonna smile at your most favorite aunt?" "I'm not there for her to smile at." "It cracks me up that you still call him that."Bella. "Edward made me an appointment with the doctor." I leaned forward and smiled at Lily. "You stop calling me Squirt and I'll retire Tutor-boy. poking my tongue at Alice." "My nausea and headaches are back." I replied. "Nope. "How are you today. I loved this damn car even if I refused to admit it to Edward. "Not a chance!" Emmett laughed. So to appease the infamous Tutor-boy.

I'm going to have to send you to another doctor. Dr. smiling at me. She was here to stab me! She took my blood and I managed to keep from looking. I was happy to not be sick! I read through three magazines before the doctor came back into the room. the nurse came in." He closed the door and I let out a big sigh. Jensen said." He took out his stethoscope. I hated needles! I'd already been sick once today and I knew the smell and sight of my blood would make me sick again! I walked over and grabbed a magazine from the rack. too!" "I don't doubt it. Jensen started feeling around my neck. Let's just get a quick blood test done. Just as I sat down. your lymph nodes are fine. "Let's hear your lungs. "Your lungs sound fine. deep breath. "How's the job at the college coming along?" "My students seem to like me." Dr. Jensen. Jensen laughed. he would do that. Bella. I'll have a nurse come and draw the blood and I'll be back as soon as I have some answers for you. "Yeah." I shivered slightly as the cold metal hit my skin. And probably have Carlisle call you." I did as he said until he had listened to all the areas he wanted." "Thanks." Dr. doc! Can't we skip this?" "And have Edward show up here? I don't think so. I laughed with him. but I was in no mood to return it. ." Dr. She smiled at me." "I really hate blood and needles. "Big."Have you been tired as well?" "Hard to tell with the holidays. "Bella. Can't ask for more than that!" "Well.

Bella. doc! I was a little sick at the time." "You've misplaced my test with someone else's. "Go on and hide behind that. I knew the exact night this had happened. This is good news. I'm sure he'll be over the moon for his only son to make him a grandpa! Quit worrying and go home!" I got into the Volvo and just sat behind the wheel. Jensen chuckled." I started laughing hysterically. "Give Carlisle my best. "I'm sure he'll be real happy about this. staring at the people walking through the hospital parking lot. How was Edward going to react to this? Which one of us would Emmett kill first? . I had been joking about it just this morning." I said." Dr." Dr. He'll want to run a few tests and get you on vitamins. Have been for years." Dr. You're pregnant. That sort of thing." "Were you intimate with Edward while you were taking your prescriptions for the flu?" "Not really.Why was he smiling at me if he had bad news? Was he loopy? What kind of doctor did I need to go see? Oh. Jensen said as he ushered me out of the room." I sighed. "Bella. I'm on the pill. You need to stop taking it right away and make an appointment to see your OB/GYN. grinning at him. "Only if you're going to be the one to tell my big brother and Edward!" "Doctor patient privilege. My face and neck burned a furious red as I remembered the night in question. you'll need to make an appointment with your OB/GYN. "Why?" "Antibiotics can render some forms of birth control ineffective. God! Please don't let it be cancer! "What? Why?" I asked." "As proud as he is of Lily. "How soon after you felt better?" "Pretty soon. Jensen smirked. Bella. doc! I'll remember this.

you were just here two months ago. On Accident! Not that this would make me regret that night because it had absolutely been one of the hottest." "Oh. "Dr. Jensen. Bella. I'm pregnant. A baby? How did I feel about a baby? I loved Edward. God!" I groaned. I waited patiently for someone to pick up. a new college professor and I'm pregnant." "How does next Friday at eleven sound?" "Perfect. dear. I pulled out my phone and scrolled through the numbers until I found the one I needed. I rubbed a hand across my stomach and hoped with everything in me that Edward would be happy. Was this hormonal? Was it starting already? "Oh. too. but with Edward's math skills. Hold just one minute. resting my head against the steering wheel. steamiest nights I'd ever had with Edward." "This is Bella Cullen." I hung up the phone and stared at it. I realized then that I was happy about this baby. Now. Unfortunately. I smiled as I pictured a little head of bronze hair. ." "Do you have any questions in the meantime?" "Can my husband come back with me?" "Of course he can.Twenty-three years old. My face turned red all over. Is something wrong?" "According to Dr. I need to make an appointment to see Dr. Bella! Is this your first?" "Yes. Johnson as soon as possible. That makes two people who were really cheery about this baby. neither of them was in my family. I just had to drive home and figure out how to tell him. Johnson's office. that's wonderful. We'll see you next Friday. I had always assumed we would one day have a baby a little piece of the both of us with his looks and my love of reading." "Thanks." "Cullen.

Let me finish this paragraph and you will have my undivided attention. I need to talk to you. reading a paper." "Did something happen with the Volvo today?" "Not exactly." "Why the sudden interest in a new car?" Edward asked. He was sitting on the sofa. "I know!" I cried. I didn't want to take the chance of blurting it out before I talked to Edward. "Edward. "Bella?" "I'm not sick. I was thankful as I made my way up the stairs.When I got home." "It's about the car thing. He put the paper down and smiled. I shrugged. "Go ahead. I opened the door to our room. pointing at his face." "Okay. Bella?" "I just think it might be time to let you get me a new car instead of the used one we replaced my truck with. it was oddly quiet. as I sat on his lap facing him. though." He stopped breathing as my sentence caught up with him. I closed the door and walked over to him. I'm pregnant. Seems that antibiotics knock out the 'control' part of birth control." "What does not exactly mean. His jaw was hanging open and his eyes were wide. leaving the 'birth' part behind." I waited patiently for him. "I just thought you might want to have your child riding in a safer car. So that lovely night of dancing we were joking about just this morning was the culprit." Edward was clearly shocked. I think we're going to need to get another one. I'll keep the old one if you want. "That's the look I gave the doctor. Edward. He was probably checking over an essay from one of his students. I asked him how this was possible." I stopped rambling and waited to see if .

I smiled at my two favorite flowers. "Oh. "You're pregnant. There was a little something Renee forgot to mention and I never knew to ask about. Edward pulled me away from the edge of the stairs in anticipation of Alice's attack. She hugged me tightly around the shoulders. "BELLA'S PREGNANT!" As soon as the echo of his scream died down. but kept away from my stomach. Bella!" Alice shrieked. "I'm going to be an aunt!" she squealed. as she took Lily from Emmett. holding my little niece in his arms. beating everyone else. I nodded my head. A smile slowly crept across his lips and into his eyes. You haven't been out of college that long. He sat down hard on the stairs. "The antibiotics they give you for the flu can make your birth control ineffective." he repeated with conviction in his voice. I lifted my head to see him smiling the goofy grin he had smiled when we got married. smiling at him. "It was an accident. I leaned forward and kissed my niece's forehead. but could you say something before I scream?" "You're pregnant?" Edward questioned." "Well. "I thought you two were being careful. but how did this happen?" Emmett asked. He pulled me into his arms and ran out of our room. as she ran up the stairs. I smiled up at my!" I started. I could see in his eyes he was trying to wrap his mind around my news. I clung to him as I heard the footsteps running up the stairs.Edward would speak. "I know this is a lot to process. He stopped at the top of the stairs and yelled." "Which was?" Rose asked. doors started opening across the house. "Not that I'm not excited. "That's just Oh!" . as he started laughing." "Oh!" Jasper cried. I nodded again.

marry a beautiful woman and bring a baby into the world?" Alice giggled." "Fine! But we will talk about it. Alice. I hope the kid has better sense than you." Edward said softly. Let's just be happy for the moment and enjoy Christmas."What's with him?" Edward asked. "Just so long as the baby has her sense of humor. Bella. "So then everyone is happy about this?" I asked nervously. "No slippers for me." "Carlisle. Better break out your old man slippers. "I'm going to be Auntie Ali!" She sat in Jasper's lap." "We have so much to decide and plan!" Alice said. We can talk about all of this after. "Our baby. "I will be the youngest. throwing her arms around him. Esme. I remember! I'm just excited! We all knew Rose would have a family. "Lily." Rose added. pulling me into a hug." Emmett joked. "That's how he and Rose came to be. "But the baby has to be musically inclined like Edward." Alice said. "You're going to freak Bella out unnecessarily." . "How's that sound." Jasper chuckled. Alice smiled. hippest grandpa. stop." "Alice. They all screamed my name together." Esme teased. "There's clothing and accessories and where you're going to live so we can get a nursery underway as soon as possible. "Stop!" I chuckled." Carlisle quipped." Alice warned. taking my hand in hers. But who would have thought little Eddie would grow up. prying my hand from my sister-in-law's. Uncle Jazzy?" "We already have those names. remember?" "Of course. "Can I just be pregnant for a whole day before you all map out our baby's life?" Edward spun me around and smiled at me. we're going to be grandparents again. "Bella!" "God. She quickly started smiling again.

I'm sure I look awful. I've also called Alice and Jasper. You are glowing. He and Rose are on their way over with little Lily." "I brought the camera. I was sitting next to her. They're vacationing in Hawaii with Ben's parents. She insisted on coming." "Alice won't be comfortable in the hospital. Carlisle is on his way down from surgery and Esme is on her way from the Garden Club meeting.8 months later Birth This was it! Months of waiting! It was finally happening! By the end of today. Edward! She needs to be pampered. wrapping my arms around his neck." "Just leave me out of them. Bella and I would be parents." she pouted." "Did you want me to call Angela and Ben as well?" "No. They should be here shortly." "She's having twins. "Yes." "I agree. but I could tell she was also hurting. Edward. Is there anything I can do for you?" "No. love. They won't be home until next week. She'll be so upset she missed it though. We'll have lots of pictures. She was smiling. I'm okay right now. rubbing her lower back. "Did you call Em?" she asked for the third time." . She'll be fine. Jasper is bringing pillows just like you instructed." I said. honey." Chapter 68 . But Alice has a few months to go."Yes. We had just gotten her settled into the bed. she'll be fine. love. "You look beautiful. "Our baby. You are going to give birth to our son today." I leaned over and kissed her temple. "Bella.

you were nearly eight months pregnant. I also brought you some comfy pajamas for after you're all done. "My favorite flowers!" Bella chuckled. as she entered with our niece. And we won't have an insanely huge belly in our way like the last time!" "Bella." "Know what my favorite part of not being pregnant anymore will be?" she whispered. giving her a gentle hug and a kiss on her cheek. He bent low. Lily. Besides. The love of my life was giving me a son today. I have loved your belly. bursting into the room with a large bag in her hands. but leaned closer to hear her. "How are you. We just have to go along. It's been perfectly round and beautiful." I leaned further over and kissed her deeply. "What." I chuckled. She had said it every time since she had first seen Rose holding Lily as a baby. "He's decided that's he's ready."Do you think we're ready?" "I think it doesn't matter. Eddie!" Emmett chuckled. And I found the perfect outfit for you to go . "I'm here!" Alice squealed." "I know! You certainly kissed it enough!" "But I've always saved my best kisses for your lips. wiggling her hands at him. I had an idea. his eyes misting slightly. "Really good. Rose leaned down and kissed her cheek then let Lily do the same. I was filled with love for her and excitement for the changes that were coming to meet us. "Jeez. as he burst into the room. "She's giving birth today! Cut her some slack and stop trying to sleep with her!" "Emmett!" Bella laughed. "I've got you five outfits to choose from to take him home in. "He better be. Edward is taking great care of me." Bella replied. love?" "Getting to make love to you again." Rosalie grinned. little sis?" he asked.

She still loved it . "Bella suggested Brandon would be a good name for a boy. "I have gotten Jasper to agree Elizabeth is the perfect name for our daughter. Bella grabbed my hand and gritted her teeth. We both knew their twins would be named as Alice saw fit. Alice!" Bella laughed. I know it hurts." Alice said. "I'm here. trying to comfort her. for our son." Alice said with a wink. Jasper pretended to wipe his brow. I felt Bella's grip on me starting to tighten." Jasper said. I'm not going anywhere. "With pillows as you ordered. Alice kissed her cheek and stared intently at her. her hazel eyes sparkling with mischief. I'm right here with you. She was so wonderful. The salesperson assured me it was perfect for new mothers to help with soreness. "Bella suggested a name and I wanted to see what all of you thought about it. I rubbed her back a little harder. "Are you doing okay so far?" "Yes." "What is it?" Emmett asked. love. Where's Jazz?" Bella asked. but try to breathe. would you move that chair over here so Jasper can set Alice up?" While the others made Alice comfortable." "Breathe. "I've decided to stop torturing him and let him know I was only teasing about Jazzy Jr. I leaned down to her and hummed a little of her lullaby." "Good!" Bella sighed." Alice informed us." "That's good to know!" I laughed. "So have you come up with any new ideas for names?" she asked Alice. as he walked in carrying four thick pillows.home in." The contraction passed and Bella found her smile again. "Em. as Lily crawled across his large arms. "Relax. I promise. Bella. I leaned down and whispered into to her ear. "Actually.

you know my sister Alice. It melted my heart once again that this woman loved me so much. I need to see how dilated you are. "Hello. "Of course." "Where are Carlisle and Esme?" the doctor asked. That last one must have been more painful than the others." Alice said. Johnson said. "On their way. We watched them all leave. "Edward will be with you the entire time. I helped Bella as best I could and she smiled warmly at me. "It's fine." she said softly. Bella's brother. Doctor. kissing her cheek." Dr. A nurse came in moments later. "Okay. Bella. Lily." the doctor assured her. Johnson stepped in. please introduce everyone. Emmett. . but looked a little drawn." the doctor chuckled. this is Dr. The door opened and Dr. I need you to turn on your back and open your legs wide." she apologized. Bella. "All my first time mothers are nervous. Next to her is her husband. poor Jasper struggling with the pillows once again. She lovingly referred to it as her super secret composition. "Everyone. "Edward. "Let's just see if they'll make it on time." the doctor instructed. remember?" "I'm just nervous. Bella. family. Bella opened her eyes." I answered. Her beautiful. "Could I get everyone to step outside?" "Except Edward!" Bella announced loudly." "We'll be right outside. his wife." the doctor said softly. We talked about that.just as much as the first time I played it for her. brown eyes were closed as she took deep breaths to calm herself. I kissed her temple. Johnson. Jasper. Rosalie and their daughter.

"Okay. excitement and love. . And then we'll know just what to name him." "I can't wait to see his face. love. The other nurses put her feet in the stirrups. Bella and I looked at it and then at each other. When she stops counting. Very soon. She was sweating in earnest now. four. six. I need you to scoot down some. when the next contraction comes. The doctor and nurse stepped out. you can rest until the next contraction. Her brown eyes held fear. I want you to push while the nurse counts to ten. "Just think Bella. You can do this. "Bella it's almost time to start pushing. Bella. five. I wished I could feel this pain in her place. They also pushed in a large cart. Here comes the first one." One of the nurses went to her right side and together. removing his gloves." The doctor came back in with three nurses this time. She gave me a sad smile. Bella pulled my hand tightly against her. We'll be right back and then we'll begin. Bella. "Again. Bella. three. ten. we'll be holding him for the first time. The doctor noticed. I don't expect there to be any problems. "Alright. "One. I grabbed the towel from her bedside tray and wiped her brow." Bella nodded her head once. Lean forward a little and push hard. Do you understand?" the doctor asked. "Everything will be fine." The doctor sat at the end of Bella's bed and lifted up the stirrups. two. panting." Bella relaxed against her pillows. I'm going to step out and get the rest of my staff ready. I took her hand tightly in mine and kissed the back of it." "Bella." The nurse counted. nine. I leaned close to her. seven. we helped Bella get into position. eight." the doctor instructed. Bella nodded her head. "It's just for cleaning him up and weighing him after he's born."Excellent!" the doctor said.

But you're getting so close. I don't know where she found the strength. The other nurses took the baby and moved him over to the table." Bella whispered. he's crowning. love. but she squeezed my hands even tighter. "What's going on?" . Her whole body was shaking from the effort. Johnson said suddenly. I nodded and gently laid Bella against her pillows. but it was hard with holding Bella this way. "I can't." Bella nodded her head and took a shaky breath." I told her. "Edward.This went on for nearly thirty minutes. You did it!" "Edward. would you like to cut the cord?" the doctor asked. trying to smile for her." the doctor said. She gritted her teeth and pushed hard. As the contraction ended. smiling at me. I was a little concerned that things weren't moving along faster. "Bella. can you sit behind her? It'll give her some more leverage. She watched me closely. The room was quiet for a moment and then it was filled with a loud cry. looking at my son. we can get him out. Edward. One of the nurses had taken our camera and took some pictures for us. I had her sitting up and resting against my chest." Dr. I followed them. Then I would know whether or not I should be concerned." "I know. I tried to see. "Hear that. I turned to face him and noticed his face was strained. "It's a boy!" the doctor announced. It was the first time I had ever wished I had gone to medical school. "I'm tired. The doctor handed me the scissors and showed me what to do. please step outside. I moved behind her and grabbed both of her hands. I laughed and kissed the top of Bella's head. she screamed and fell back against me. I was watching as they weighed him when it happened "Edward. If you can give us one more really great push. Bella? That's our baby.

refusing to believe this was really happening. Isabella Cullen! Don't you dare!" She murmured my name as a nurse pushed me out of the room. why do you look like you're about to crumble?" Jasper asked. They made me leave.Birth 2 I shook my head. separating us." "I heard the cry. not looking up at him. This had to be some insane dream." I answered. but it really would be best if you left the room right now."I'm having a little trouble with Bella's bleeding. patting me on the back. Jazz. I need you to step outside so the nurses and I can get it under control. "I'll stay right here. His tone let me know I had no choice but to leave. "Please be safe. "How big is he?" I turned to face him and he saw the haunted look on my face. please don't make me leave her side. They made me leave. Chapter 69 . "There's a complication with Bella." I said quickly. "Don't you dare leave me. I couldn't hide it." His voice demanded an answer. She wouldn't leave me." I replied. Bella's brown eyes were locked on mine as the door slowly closed." the doctor replied. They moved me away from her door and into the waiting area where the rest of our family was sitting." I whispered to myself. "Edward. Edward." the doctor explained. "I understand how you feel." Emmett said. Bella was in trouble and there was nothing I could do about it. running over to me. I walked quickly to Bella's side and kissed her sweaty forehead. "She's bleeding badly. "Edward. Please don't leave me. choking back my tears. . I love you too much to lose you. She couldn't! She promised! "Bella.

My mother ran up to me, all smiles. "Are we late? Is he here yet?" I couldn't keep it in any longer. I sobbed loudly and fell to the floor. "Edward!" Alice and my mother screamed. "Give him a minute," Emmett demanded, putting a hand on my shoulder. "There's a problem with Bella and they made him leave the room." "What kind of problem?" Alice screamed. "Alice," Jasper soothed, making her sit. "You have to be calm. Think of the twins." "That's my sister in there!" Alice cried. "And she would be very mad at you if you let anything happen to our babies," Jasper said. Alice buried her face in his chest and cried. I watched all of this from my spot on the floor, clutching at my heart, wondering why it was hurting so much. I was vaguely aware of Carlisle and Emmett moving me to a chair. Rosalie and my mother sat on either side of me, rubbing my arms and whispering to me, telling me Bella would be fine. I wanted to believe them. I really did. But only seeing her smiling face would convince me. The next two hours were the longest of my entire life. No one came out to talk to us. There were no sounds coming from her room. What was I going to do if I lost her? My parents tried to get me to go down to the nursery to see the baby, but I couldn't do it. I had to stay here. What if the doctor came out and Bella needed me? We sat quietly, except for Lily's occasional peals of laughter as someone entertained her. I ran my hands through my hair for the millionth time, trying to keep my brain from thinking the worst. "Edward." I looked up to see Dr. Johnson had called my name. I stood up slowly as he approached me. This man was about to either ruin my life or make me very happy. "Edward, there was a lot of bleeding," the doctor continued. "We tried to stop it as quickly as we could. I'm sorry, son. I did all I could."

Chapter 70 - After I pushed the door open slowly. I had asked our family to stay in the waiting area for now. I wanted to be alone with her. I didn't want to have to deal with anymore of their sorrowful looks. Pity was the last thing I needed right now. They had moved Bella onto her side, facing the window. I wanted to see her face, but I was scared to go any closer. The pregnancy had been unplanned. It had been an accident, really. But we had both been so excited about it, just like the rest of the family. But if I had known it would end this way How could this have happened? And especially to her? She was so warm and loving to everyone in our life. She was as much of an angel as anyone could ever hope to be. I knew better than most that life wasn't fair, but this was far beyond that. I forced my feet to move across the floor. I watched her still form as I crossed the end of the bed and moved toward the window. It was killing me to see her this way. I sat in the chair Alice had used earlier. My hand shook as I reached out to touch her forehead. She felt so cold. I smoothed her hair back, tucking a lock behind her ear as I'd done so many times in our short life together. I leaned my head against hers and cried silently for the angel before me. "Edward." It was a small whisper from a hoarse voice, but it was all my heart needed to hear. I quickly wiped my eyes and smiled down at her. I hoped she wouldn't blame me or herself for this. If we had known to use protection that night, she wouldn't be in this pain. But we also wouldn't have a son, the selfish part of me noted. I hoped she would still be happy about the baby. "Bella. I was so scared." "Me, too." Tears fell from her brown eyes and her body shook with sobs. I climbed into the bed and held her tightly against my chest. I stroked her hair and back. "You're safe now, Bella. Everything will be okay. I promise you." I doubted I

would ever be able to let her out of my sight after this. I had come so close to loosing her. It was unbearable to think of life without her. "Did did did he tell you?" she sobbed.

"Yes, love." "And?" "And what?" "Aren't you upset?" "No, Bella. I don't care. You're alive and safe. That's all that matters." "But you we can't have anymore children."

"I didn't know we wanted more than the one," I chuckled, trying to ease her worries. "We never really talked about it. He was such a surprise." "I've told you this nearly every day since we met, Bella. I hope you'll believe me when I tell you now. You are all I need in this life. I'm very happy we have a son, but Bella, I need you." "I need you, too. It would have been so easy to just let go of the pain I didn't think I could take it anymore, every part of me was aching so badly, Edward. But then I thought of the night I moved into your parents' house You crushed me against you, telling me you loved me and that it would kill you if I wasn't with you. That's why I wouldn't let myself give up It would have hurt you and I love you too much to ever hurt you." We held tightly to each other, taking comfort in the words we'd spoken. She'd almost I couldn't even speak the word in my own mind. I could only keep thanking God, again and again, that Bella was alive and in my arms right now. "Is the baby okay?" she asked. "He's fine. He's in the nursery now. Dr. Johnson wants you to rest for a while before they bring the baby." "What if he gets hungry?"

" "I had no plans to leave. "The doctor said it's going to be a few weeks before she can really move around and help with the baby." I whispered. My shoulder was being shaken. At least this way. I sighed deeply. Her light snores were beautiful. Our family was in the room with us." I sighed." "It's a good thing we're still living at home. love."They'll give him a bottle. "How is she?" my mother asked." "You have to stay with me. I looked down at Bella to see she was still sleeping. running my hand through my hair." "Is the family still here?" "Yes." "You should try to sleep now. I kissed her cheek and moved off the bed." Bella sighed heavily. "Eddie!" I knew that voice. relieved she was safe and in my arms. love." my mother replied. Maybe in a few days. "She's very tired. she knows." my mother said." I sighed." I kissed her head and hugged her just a little tighter. "You need to let her handle this the best way she can. "She is just trying to be strong for you. "She needs it. pulling me into a hug." "I don't need her to be strong for me. I opened my eyes and turned my head. I don't have to tell them myself." . "I guess that's for the best. I don't think she realizes just how close she came to loosing her life today. I closed my eyes and said some silent prayers of thanks. "Trust me. It belonged to Emmett. You're too weak to feed him right now." "Do they know?" "Yes. I hummed to her and she fell into a peaceful sleep. son.

kissing her lips gently. Johnson. I was hoping to see the baby. I turned to her." We all turned to Bella. I went to her. "I'm rested. smiling up at me. "Edward. A blue bundle rested inside of it. helping her to sit up and letting her lean against me. Bella kissed his forehead and held his little hand in hers. . "Let me check with Dr. He had my nose. A nurse stepped in a moment later." the nurse said. "I'm sure it won't be a problem. "What do you think about Charles Edward Cullen? We could call him Charlie for short. sister dear. I hugged them both against me. My family started oohing and aahing and whispering to each other as the nurse came around to the window side of the room. He had the faintest hint of bronze hair and wide brown eyes. Edward. "Bella! You're awake." Bella replied." "Edward's right. He was beautiful. the nurse returned." "Don't forget about Auntie Alice!" Alice chirped. "You. putting a hand on my shoulder. but her lips." Emmett said solemnly. Are you feeling any pain right now?" "No. I'm fine. Bella. Bella. Can I see the baby now?" I pressed the call button next to her bed. "Works for me!" Alice chirped." I replied. I nodded for her to go on. "Did you sleep well?" She nodded her head. She gently lifted the baby out and put him in Bella's waiting arms."It'll all work out." my father said. as her soft voice floated across the room." she said. "Your mother and I will be more than happy to be the spoiling grandparents. I have an idea for a name." A few minutes later." "I think it's beautiful. pushing a small cart. We are not going to be in the position of having to worry about you. are going to stay rested like your doctor told you to. "Dad would be very happy about that.

we must go to the décor store when we leave. Bella and I looked toward his voice. He took one look at me and his de-clothed son and started laughing. I know just what style lettering I want to get for him. "Carlisle." I walked over and hugged my two favorite men in the all the world. no matter what I washed him with. The bedroom door opened to reveal my perfectly wonderful husband. I turned my attention to the little browneyed devil that was my baby boy. Edward gave me a wonderful kiss while Charlie laughed at us. Edward bent down and scooped him up in one fluid motion. . tossing his arms around my neck." Rose offered. into Charlie's bedroom. "Mommy doesn't look too happy with you. as he followed me across the hall. The first of many! Two Years Later Bella's POV: "Charles Edward Cullen! You get your little naked booty back over here right now!" I fussed. What did you do?" "I splash Mommy!" Charlie said happily. as I chased after my giggling son. Charlie ran for Edward screaming 'Daddy' all the way. Charlie always seemed to smell of baby powder and Edward." I explained. Charlie. He took a picture of us our first picture as our own complete little family. "Are they really coming over?" Edward asked. "Now we can finish his room!" my mother beamed."He looks like a Charlie. He was holding our camera. Rose insisted they come here instead of us going there. Momma!" Charlie shouted. "I ran. I kissed his hair and took a deep breath. "Yes. Do you want your girl cousin to see your nakey-body?" "No." "Look up you two!" my father called. She is so tired of being pregnant and Emmett is too afraid to fight with her. "Lily will be here soon. I smiled at my victory as I took my baby into my arms.

Charlie certainly seems to be more and more like you everyday." "Love." "I know that. Edward." I said with a small sigh. "Bella. you are absurd." "Please listen to me and stop working. "That is what I'm talking about. Charlie is only going to be a baby for a few more years. but without dimples. Just because Charlie looks like me and can smile like me doesn't mean he no longer has traits from you." Edward laughed as he pulled Charlie and me into his arms. And you have to know that his sense of humor is all yours. He loved it when Charlie had something new to show him. you can see yourself in him every time you look at these eyes of his. I still can't believe Carlisle and Esme put up the rest of the money to get us this home." I worked with Edward to get Charlie's pull-ups and pants on. Lily is pretty much right down the line between the two of them. making Charlie giggle. "He has something new to show you today. He's just getting so big so fast. show Daddy what you learned to do today all by yourself!" Charlie smiled and it was the exact same crooked grin of Edward's. "I can't wait to see who their son is going to take after." . "Charlie.Edward chuckled. I hardly see myself in him at all anymore. my salary is more than enough to cover everything. Bella." "Only time will tell." "Really?" he asked with excitement clear in his voice and face. He tilted our baby's face. He took Charlie from me and put him into his shirt. Please stay home with him and enjoy them. especially since we own this home. I pointed at our little boy." "But you shouldn't have to carry all the expenses on your own." "True. They're nearly as deep as yours. "Bella.

huh?" Edward chuckled. Bella Cullen. This wonderful life had been brought to us by one little choice to go to dinner years ago. I want you to stay home with our wonderful baby boy." "I love it when you get all bossy." "All of those things you just said right back at you. You are staying home. He looked at me for a moment. THE END The second story of human Edward and Bella will be up and it's called "Our Little Man". He kissed our son's forehead sweetly then leaned over and kissed me on the lips. Thank you for loving me." Edward lay down on his back and lifted Charlie up into the air. He rolled over and put Charlie on my stomach. making him squeal. completely serious. Edward finally stopped tickling us. You are my life and you make everyday worthwhile." Edward said with a shrug. "More. He started to tickle us both. "More. "Bella. "And that's final. lying down next to him. ." I chuckled. Daddy!" Charlie squealed. "I love you. When Charlie started to hiccup. Charlie squirmed around on me while I tried to keep him in place through my own laughter. Thank you for being my wife. And thank you for the beautiful little boy in your arms. He pulled away just a little and smiled at me. I'm no longer going to accept 'no' for an answer."They love us. In the last five years of my life. Tutor-boy!" Edward smiled and started kissing me all over again while Charlie giggled between us. Hope you like it. I'd learned life's little choices often had the world's biggest impacts.

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