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Become a Sovereign Citizen! Johnny Liberty
Posted By: kbcjedi Date: Sunday, 4-Jul-2004 22:38:50 Strategic Independence for American Citizens By Johnny Liberty On July 4th, 1776, the founding fathers (and mothers) declared independence from the tyrannical rule of England over the colonies in America. On July 4th, 2004, two-hundred and twenty-eight years later, Americans have forgotten the true meaning of “independence.” So on this day, a memorial of our “independence” from England, let’s activate

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Yet we stand by. The American military is being used by the global elite to implement a new world order agenda of one world government. It is still a great country in principle. America as the United States government is the most controlled. This is not America. The American military fights wars of intervention to bolster our weak economy and dependency on oil. feed us lies.Use the Bell of Genesis to Protect the Earth our “independence” from the foreign powers. Our choices for leaders are all from the same school with similar agendas. but are run more like a totalitarian dictatorship with absolute disregard for the rights and property of the people of this country and the people of other countries around the world. And worse is that we the people tolerate it on a daily basis and let the mainstream media manipulate our minds. but we are free no more. there is no America left to celebrate. one world money system. all but a few. Without restoring the popular sovereignty of American Citizenship and the “independence” in the state republics. not subject to law. and has done so for decades. their power. not the America I love and celebrate this July 4th. of course. "Sovereignty itself is. Dewitt Jones' Video THE FRA "Celebrate What's Right With The World" CHRONIC PAIN? Check Out The Energy Cleaner . We the people talk about democracy. the lessers of two evils. America became a great country because it was free. corrupted and codependent nation in the world. America is a country run by the rule of men and women without regard for the state or federal constitutions intended to limit. one world military under the absolute control of a plutocracy. but not in action. and has done so for fifty or more years. one world bank. not expand. Our leaders. and make decisions for us. Our principles and our behaviors are inconsistent and out of integrity. banking interests and federal bureaucrats in the democracy of Washington DC and restore American Citizenship and “independence” in the state republics. We the people talk about being a free country under rule of law. do little or nothing and tolerate this abuse instead of accepting responsibility for our present condition. disinformation and propaganda. Bush or Kerry. But today. are corrupted by power.

9/11) for the explicit purpose of creating a world government system under their absolute control (e. IMF). while the core family unit is broken. while the environment is destroyed by over consumption and excess and while our moral condition is undermined by mass media. but in our system. political crimes against the State. America has the distinction of being the prison capital of the world. we the people have been asleep for decades. Isn’t it time to wake-up America? The tyranny of England in the 1700’s has been replaced with the tyranny of an ever-increasing government presence and control over every aspect of our lives. It’s time to wakeup. NAFTA. While our children and their education has been all but abandoned by schools and parents alike. mostly for nonviolent.e. GATT. Woo Lee Vs. Hopkins 118 US 356 Wake up America The American people have fallen asleep at the wheel of the world’s only superpower. by whom and for whom all government exists and acts. invading any country (starting with the poorer ones like Afghanistan and Iraq who cannot defend themselves) daring to challenge a world authority by PROSPE .for it is the author and source of law. With over 2. Freedom and democracy are but dreams the past.g.1 million people behind bars. while sovereign powers are delegated to the agencies of government. a tyranny of both an unlimited government and the tyranny of the masses of disenfranchised US citizens (i.g. stand up and be counted. economic slaves). While rights and liberties are being sacrificed for the illusory “war on terror. WTO. The emerging tyranny of the federal United States government is beyond compare and has been usurped by the global elite (e." –US Supreme Court Decision.. The American military is the new world army.. while the sick and diseased are left without health care and sold expensive drugs instead.. sovereignty itself remains with the people.” America is drifting down the unholy road of tyranny.

America of the past is gone. sovereign states of America. “American’s will one day wake up homeless in the land of their forefathers. flag waving and hot dogs to restore “independence” in these united states of America." go to: http://w ww. have all but vanished from the political landscape of scarcity-based thinking. as the power structure has found effective ways to structure assets and diversify to minimize liabilities. Well. violence. provide an incentive to empower the producers. America before 9/11 is gone forever.” And so it is happening. if we the people bring them forth and dare to take action before it’s too late. moral degradation. usury and exploitation.com/ICR/Research/RDOI. greed. Over six-hundred types of taxes.ICResource. inflation and devaluation of the US Dollar burden the poor even more than the rich in America. Taxes consume up to 60% of the annual incomes of most Americans. excepting the sovereign Indian nations. were in agreement in making the original AGEN Provided DIANA. The hour is passing and quickly Americans will be on the road of no return and extinction. besides hollow patriotism and blind obedience. but stop much of the corruption. theft of the public trust and wasteful pork in Washington DC Today on this July 4th . We the people are entertaining ourselves to death under the gray sky. stand by and do nothing except turn the channel.asserting national sovereignty. The America of the future will become a totalitarian. Abolishing the personal and corporate income tax would not only provide an annual raise of household income.htm "All thirteen free and independent. For more about "Redeclaring Our Independence. Love for country and a moral conscience. my American friends there are solutions for those with the ears to hear. corruption. QUEEN OF HEAVEN: The New World Religion . police state under the thumb of Orwell’s greatest nightmare. Worse is the majority of the American people don’t care. As Thomas Jefferson once predicted. it will take more than fireworks.

or an sovereignty individual. There is no federal US citizenship except for those born in the District of Columbia and the territories of the United States. Herein lies the solution of strategic withdrawal from US citizenship and restoring your American Citizenship. as the people now. US citizenship has only civil rights as granted by the US Congress. This is such an explanation.” When in the course of human events. not “constitutional rights. But US citizenship is NOT American Citizenship with unalienable. American Citizenship is based in the states and their respective constitutions. voter registration and other adhesion contracts. have once again gathered the courage to liberate themselves from the bondage of foreign “rule. State-issued birth certificates." -From the Redeclaration of Independence Restoring American Citizenship American Citizenship in a republican form of government has been effectively altered over many generations to US Citizenship in a democratic form of government centralized in Washington DC instead of a guaranteed "republican form of government" in the states where it was originally intended. The people then. or a Front Sigh Ignatius P Ignatius P Ignatius P Ignatius P Front Sigh Ignatius P Front Sigh Ignatius P Ignatius P . a band or tribe of people.” For constitutional government to exist at all in the republic requires American Citizens and a separation of powers between the state and the federal. For American Citizens to exist at all requires an effective rebuttal of all presumptions of US citizenship including “residency” in any of the 50 federal States. then it is common decency to explain the reasons or grounds for the declaration. it becomes necessary for a nation.Declaration of Independence on July 4. implementing a comprehensive asset protection strategy for business. driver’s licenses. sovereign rights. SSN’s. For more information. TIN’s. to declare themselves free from the imposed “rule” of another. 1776. real estate and estate planning. investments. not the federal.

audio course and leadership training programs for those committed to restoring American Citizenship and the republic. "There is no such thing as a power of inherent sovereignty in the government of the United States. call (800) 299-4497. Liberty is an expert on popular sovereignty. Money.com Without American Citizens properly rooted in the state republics. Love and Power: . Leadership Training and Special Events John David Van Hove (aka Johnny Liberty) will be offering seminars and consultations across America this Fall 2004. only a façade of a nation.If you'd like to sponsor a program in your area..e.. This powerful information goes to the root of where a sovereign individual stands in right relationship to the state and federal constitutions." –Supreme Court Justice Field Seminars. TOPICS: American Citizenship: Mr. unless one accepts America is nothing more than a “democracy” of US citizens (i. and Congress can exercise no power which they entrusted to it: All else is withheld. particularly as it relates to the history of the united states of America. ICR offers books. contact ICR at: INFO@ICResource. this is unacceptable and intolerable. Restoring accountability in government can only be implemented by lawful American Citizens having restored their judicial powers. Individual sovereignty is the foundation and source of all law in these united states of America! The Taboo of Sovereignty. This is not the America I celebrate this July 4th.ICResource.free evaluation. the organic law free and independent nations have been founded upon. In this country sovereignty resides in the people.com or visit the ICR website at: http://www. resident aliens foreign to America the republic) run by an foreign powers in Washington DC To me. there is no America.

Liberty will be available for private consultations at selected times during or before these events. 2004.pdf For additional news. the power and significance of individual and national sovereignty as a keystone for restoring and enhancing our liberties and freedom. These are the leaders of today. free enterprise. sovereignty. Waking Giant News Service WGNS is featuring news about extraordinary leaders. estate planning and company formation for those desiring both asset protection and tax-planning during uncertain economic and political times. You have the power to change! Practical Asset Protection: Mr. register now for the upcoming "Leadership Training Program" in Marin County. those courageous individuals willing to step into building an enlightened planetary civilization based on sovereignty principles. money as a control system.. project and business development and global opportunities for change. His reputation and integrity is unsurpassed in the freedom movement and continues to inspire thousands of people to make a change in their lives. information.Addressing the taboos never talked about in polite conversation. empowering and heartfelt solutions. Liberty is an expert on international business structuring. Phone appointments must be made and confirmed in advance by calling (800) 299-4497.com To create an experience of freedom and sovereignty. trusts.IC Resource. go to: http://www. go to: http://www. education and client services related to freedom. .com/ICR/PDF/LTPInformatio nPacket. Private Consultations: Mr. Mr.8th. California on November 5th . Liberty will reveal the nature of global power structures. private-interest foundations. both men and women who are making a difference in America and the world.ICResource.html For the leaders of the future.com/WGNS/index2.ICResource. For an index of news departments. go to ICR's website at: http://www. consciousness. For more information on the training program.. The "Success Education Course" is a prerequisite.

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