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We all walk in the dark and each of us must learn to turn on his or her own light. ~ Earl Nightingale


Michael J. Emerys


The School of Athens Raffaello Sanzio (14831520)


What you need to know about enhancing your self-awareness, building life skills, choosing your personal identity, resolving limiting beliefs and experiences, and uncovering latent talents and abilities.
One of the philosophical fathers of Western culture, Plato, wrote the Allegory of the Cave nearly 2,500 years ago. Ironically, it is perhaps more relevant today than it was when it was written. In The Republic, Socrates describes a group of people who have lived chained to the wall of a cave all of their lives, facing a blank wall. The people watch shadows projected on the wall by things passing in front of a re behind them, and begin to ascribe forms to these shadows. According to Socrates, the shadows are as close as the prisoners get to viewing reality. He then explains how the philosopher is like a prisoner who is freed from the cave and comes to understand that the shadows on the wall do not make up reality at all, as he can perceive the true form of reality rather than the mere shadows seen by the prisoners. At the end of the passage, Plato expresses that education is not a process of putting knowledge into empty minds, but of making people realize that which they already know. In our modern era, perhaps these shadows have changed form; in some cases, becoming clearer than shadows, but more elusive than ever. The mass of humanity suffers an endless barrage of media messages from all sides. The hopes and fears many experience on various levels of consciousness are directly derived from the degree to which a person knows oneself... We are all prisoners who hold the keys to our freedom, when we perceive the forms for what they are... illusions. Be your own philosopher and determine your own path.

Platos Allegory of the Cave Only knowledge of the Forms constitutes real knowledge. Begin recognizing patterns and systems as a key to freedom.



Personal Development is about accepting responsibility and taking control of your life.
It includes the activities, exercises, and learning opportunities that enhance selfawareness and facilitate an empowered identity. Nearly all, but a small fraction of the population are just doing time. By this, I mean going through the motions and repeating what their parents did or striving for the social accolades that media messengers deem as important. Personal development can include the following activities: improving self-awareness / self-knowledge choosing your identity developing internal resources identifying and improving potential enhancing your lifestyle choosing a life path improving social abilities

This is an intangible, qualitative concept that could aptly be described as, you know it when youve got it, and you know it when you dont... My opinion is: unless you pursue a path of creative work, you are no better than an ox chained to a plow wandering across a eld...

Intimate, familial and social relationships all require the ability to communicate effectively. A major challenge in todays relationships is due to media inuences that manufacture dissent and distrust between couples and a lack of empathy for other human beings. It isnt all about you.


For centuries, religion had held the claim to spiritual experience and expression. Even today religious persecution occurs around the world and only a few generations ago witches were burned at the stake for their practices. Oddly enough, my profession would have either landed me a job in a royal court or a turn at the inquisition rack. Spirituality is your connection to the qualitative experiences in life - those things which are beyond words and are often described as a sense of oneness.

Optimizing your physical wellbeing means


understanding the foundational building blocks of health. This includes applying the latest advances in nutrition, exercise, and rest.

What do you talk about...?
Theres no need for extensive case studies just do your own empirical research when it comes to the context of your next conversation. My guess is that the majority of your conversations fall into the contexts of health, wealth, relationships, and spirituality. These are what we fixate upon and harness our resources to experience in life.

"Be here now."

~ Ram Dass



You dont know what you dont know.

A Johari window is a cognitive psychological tool created by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham, used to help people better understand their interpersonal communication and relationships.

to proactively pursue your personal development.

Often pain is the catalyst for change.

Pain comes in many forms: heartbreak in the form of a relationship ending or never beginning; illness, death and dying; nancial distress or loss; change in-or a sudden awareness of-social status; and, undesired circumstances. Typically, the pain is so great or seemingly unbearable that most people will do anything to get away from it. In my opinion, this is directly related to the rampant, widespread usage of symptom-suppressive (pharmaceutical) medicine. Pain is your mind/bodys way of saying, Hey, pay attention. Something is wrong! But if it is only masked and not heeded, then the symptoms will continue indenitely. Embrace pain as your call to the Heros Journey, and in hindsight this will make sense.


As with all models, there are generalizations and margins for error, but what the Johari Window demonstrates is that there are perceptions others have of us of which we are not aware, things that we know but no one else knows, and additionally there is the mysterious individual unconscious part of us of which no one is aware. This is the realm of my Attention Shifting programs - drawing out of you the innate abilities and capabilities you have while sharing with you the resources you need

Pleasure is a different catalyst for change.

A sign of ones personal development is the ability to begin psychologically, physically, and emotionally choosing the actions and behaviors necessary to move you closer to desired experiences. Instead of moving away from what you dont want (the reaction were conditioned to experience), you begin consciously determining exactly what you want. The next step is proactive preparation for those moments youve been waiting to experience.

Where are you going...?

"Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here? [said Alice] That depends a good deal on where you want to get to," said the Cat. "I dont much care where--" said Alice. "Then it doesnt matter which way you go," said the Cat. ~ Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland


20 Personal Development Secrets

1. Your greatest challenge is your biggest opportunity.
The psychologist Carl Jung believed that everybody who seeks therapy has a story. The patient who comes to us has a story that is not told, and which as a rule no one knows of. To my mind, therapy only really begins after the investigation of that wholly personal story. It is the patient's secret, the rock against which he is shattered. If I know his secret story, I have a key to treatment. (Memories, Dreams, Reections, p.117) Jung also stated, what you resist persists. As you move forward to take on the greatest challenge in your life, youll nd that it requires that you surpass the levels of mediocrity that society has laid out for you to follow. We all have an Achilles heel, and like the Greek hero we must move forward toward our purpose regardless of that weak spot. When you accept it, youll likely nd that the more painful and secretive it is, the more people have experienced it also. Accept, integrate, and transcend... This is your biggest opportunity.

towards a specic event. As you realize these subtle distinctions, youll nd that you are actually in control of many more situations than you might have believed. Its all a matter of how you perceive it...

the universe is unexpected change which of course brings along with it a great deal of uncertainty and chaos. Embrace it , realizing that no one gets out of life alive. In the rare occasions you manage to do this, youll look back realizing that you are the calm in the heart of the storm.

3. Live at the edge of your comfort zone.

I believe that weve been misled to pursue balance as a nal resting place in our lives. Many of the experiences we attempt to make happen in during our lifetimes are based upon processes that require leaving the state of equilibrium. Consider tness as an example you break down muscle tissue so that it generates more size and strength. You do this by pushing and pulling it out of balance. From one perspective, balance is what youre experiencing right now in this very second. Regardless of whether or not things are calm or chaotic as this state continues in your life in the form of something that you desire to get away from her move out of, then youre likely in a state of equilibrium now. I believe that there is a point at which we can all nd ourselves at the edge of uncertainty and discomfort, while internally nding the sensation of being alert, relaxed, and leaned back as we move into the future. It is at this edge that we are the most alive. If you dont believe me, consider all the people who are thrill seekers trying to nd adrenaline rushes while staying safe.

6. What youre experiencing is exactly that to which you are the most committed.
A lot of people want to do a lot of things different, or at least thats what theyll say... Ive also heard the highway to hell is paved with good intentions. And, just to t one more maximin in here, an old mentor of mine used to constantly tell me that there are millions of people out there in the world dying of terminal potential. The bottom line is youre getting exactly what you want - on one level or another. So, if its not working for you its time to check your blind spot (unconscious mind) and set a different course for the future.

7. Everyone else is really waiting for you to lead.

The average person makes a big deal about getting his or her way when it comes to minutia (the minor details). This is just an ego-based, narcissistic pissing contest. When it is really time for signicant leadership, the valedictorian, the class president, the quarterback, the head cheerleader, the ofce manager, and the neighborhood bully usually cant be found. When you say youre going to do something, people will go through a variety of stages. First, theyll demonstrate disbelief and say sure whatever. Second, once youve been moderately successful, they will say they supported you from the very beginning. And, lastly, when you become very successful, they will tell everyone they know how they knew you youd be a success from the very beginning. Dont wait for them or their approval, because theyre waiting for you.

2. Fear will always be an option.

For most people living in the West, there isnt much actual fear in the sense of us being physically threatened with pain or the loss of life. Of course, this is always readily available should one want to seek it out, but for the most part we have been pretty sheltered when you contrast our lives by the lifestyles of our ancestors hundreds and thousands of years ago. Modern fear reveals itself in two forms: anxiety and overwhelm. Anxiety is the same ght or ight response that fear creates, but instead, anxiety is based upon hypothetical, imagined scenarios taking place within a persons mind. The mindbody processes this imagined scenario as something that is actually happening and this results in a sympathetic response within the body. Overwhelm, is what occurs when a person tries to maintain a constant too far out in time (often perceived internally as distant in time/ space). The further away an event or experience is, the less control one actually has over it. Overwhelm is bringing too many events to the forefront of ones mind while overlooking the immediate small steps necessary to move

4. No one else really cares.

Period. Not even your closest friends and family, because in many ways theyve decided to accept you as you are... Its harsh, I know, but everybody else is too busy worrying about their problems and how theyre going to get an ahead in life. If you dont change or dont do anything extraordinary in your life it wont really upset them. However, you will nd that tension can exist when you begin to make changes. Theyll test you to see how congruent you are with your endeavors. Take their tests as a compliment and a sign that youre moving forward...

5. Youre really not that exible.

Paradoxically, there seem to be only two constants in life (perhaps three if you count death): uncertainty and chaos. We tend to prefer change when its on our terms and we can anticipate a degree of uncertainty. In some cases, the greatest gift we can ever receive from

8. There will always be an excellent excuse.

No matter what you want to do, there will be an equal, if not greater, force pushing you in the opposite direction. The most effective way to stay on track it is to learn how to give yourself double binds. Remove failsafes and establish a


path forward with many options, but destroy the possibilities of retreat. And when it gets tough, as it always will when youre doing something signicant, remind yourself that youre only getting warmed up.

social rejection. On the other hand, I believe there is that thing you do naturally, no matter how marginalized or how great it might be... It is the one thing that has been a marker of personal success and victory. It is up to you to learn how to transmute this thing that you have done throughout your life into a larger spectrum of service and value. Ill tell you mine, trusting that someplace at the core part of you in charge of making your most important decisions, this will spark the re of inspiration. I unked the rst grade. In hindsight, I dont even know how that was possible, but I unked. I could not write and I could not read. I spent more time in the principals ofce suffering from homesickness which is actually a form of anxiety. Yet, oddly enough within the following two years Id become one of the most voracious readers in my peer group; reading anything and everything I could get my hands on, and this hasnt stopped. From the outside, its no big deal; quite insignicant actually if you consider how many people can read, but for me it was a personal victory in something that I have channeled into my unique way of serving and adding value. What is yours?

constant, that I mentioned earlier is that in life no one gets out alive. Death awaits us all. The challenge is that none of us know what our nal moment might be. We can either ignore this, and fear it, or, we can live each day as though its our last while planning to stay alive until our twilight years. There is the often used maxim, carpe diem, yet with all the busyness of life we tend to push that aside. Ultimately, it is not until we face the brevity of life, and not that of someone elses, but our own short, fragile existence that we can draw true power and perspective in the moment. I often say, and do my best to follow through, with the statement: act as if... today, tomorrow, and until the nal day, act as if it is your last and live from your heart. And, to death there on your left shoulder, smile and say, not today.

9. At the end of the day, only you are responsible for your life.
People are being gradually acclimatized to not taking responsibility for their actions behaviors. We live in a litigious society. If you slip on the oor you can sue someone. If someone tries to save you from dying while administering CPR, and you sustain injuries from their attempt to save them, you can sue that person. If a business sells you coffee and you spill it on yourself, you can sue them for selling hot coffee. The system is designed to babysit people so that they give away their sense of personal power and responsibility. It is human nature to try to place the blame on someone or something else, but doing so rarely resolves anything. This is an external locus of control, and people who live by this live in a world of blame and act as the poster children for irresponsibility. When you shift control inwards and assume responsibility for even the strangest or most challenging of circumstances, regardless of its degree of truth, at least youre choosing to participate in a way that gives you power To decide, act, and choose.

12. No one can do it for you.

Nope. Not your doctor; not your psychologist; not your politician; not your favorite athlete; not your favorite entertainer; not your pastor, imam, priest, guru, or any other holy man/woman. And, denitely not me. At best we can serve as guides, inspiring you, and at worst we will distract you from your purpose. This is your life, your fragment of time, you deal with the consequences, and you accept full responsibility for your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions. Thats how its always been, and this is how it will stay when you choose to keep your personal power.

11. Death is waiting.

The author Carlos Castaneda shared that the shaman Don Juan told him that death sitting on his left shoulder is his most powerful teacher. "A detached man, who knows he has no possibility of fencing off his death, has only one thing to back himself with: the power of his decisions. He has to be, so to speak, the master of his choices. He must fully understand that his choice is his responsibility and once he makes it there is no longer time for regrets or recriminations. He decisions are nal, simply because death does not permit him time to cling to anything... The knowledge of his death guides him and makes him detached and silently lusty; the power of his nal decisions makes him able to choose without regrets and what he chooses is always strategically the best; and so he performs everything he has to with gusto and lusty efciency. (A Separate Reality p. 184) For many people this is a morbid thought. theres been so much speculation around death and what might happen after - that many of us have become ingrained with certain belief systems. Or, at least fragments of systems, and usually the perpetual damnation variation. The one

10. Someplace on the spectrum between your greatest fear and most innate talent lies your opportunity for greatness.
Most people dont have a clear understanding of what they fear. In many cases fear is elusive, and spread throughout various contexts in their lives as a generalized sensation that is felt but rarely observed. Observe your fear, treat it like a part of you, and chunk up to its highest intention in your life. Learning how to chunk up from specic fears, to larger and more encompassing meta-fears will give you an idea as to how much fear has been generalized in your life. Often, its highest purpose is just to keep people safe, and now you know this you can establish more effective ways for managing fear. As you read earlier, most of the time this fear is in the form of anxiety or overwhelm. However, the two major fears that exist are: the fear of immediate personal injury and/or death, and the fear of

13. It is okay to be mad at your parents...

There is no manual for raising children. Some parents are downright horrible and some are amazingly inspirational. For whatever reason, and you can think of a multitude of different meanings to assign, from burning off karma to the chaotic luck of the draw in the multiverse. Regardless, you survived childhood in one form or another as is evidenced by the fact that youre reading this now. You learned a lot. And, you can re-learn it all differently if what you learned hasnt served you. Perhaps, you could take it as a personal cause to do your part to ensure that those initial learning experiences will not be repeated on your watch. And going the opposite direction, to promise to uphold the sanctity of the positive learning experience so that future generations will benet from them.


Emotions are energy. Stagnant emotions are stagnant energy. Stagnation in the human body body can, over time, turn into cancer. Likewise, stagnant emotions that are not processed through the body will eat away at you. So, it is up to you to move them out and process them. Be angry, be hurt, be helpless, be whatever you need to be until you fully access those emotions and release them; consciously letting go of hurt. Forgive your parents and anyone else who wronged you. There is a Buddhist saying that holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal and attempting to throw it at another personyou are the one who is burned. In most cases, your parents did the best they could based upon the resources they had while dealing with the situation at hand. Whatever happened then was the past, and reading this now makes you responsible for the present and moving forward.

all have the opportunity to make this our vocation. Any problem in the world is an opportunity for you to hone your skill sets, develop resources, face fears, and champion a cause. Throughout your life, you will encounter the weak and the helpless, you will have countless opportunities to inspire and lead through your actions. You can draw upon the resources left behind by those who go before you, and you can create resources for those who follow your footsteps. Inspire autonomy, independence, and resourcefulness and the cause you champion will one day be won. Sometimes, simply saying no is a revolutionary action, and if youll reect for a moment on history countless men and woman courageously sacriced their lives for you, defending your liberties and freedom, simply by wielding my favorite word. No.

the human body cell tissue is constantly being renewed. Some cells last a few days and others may last years. Research indicates that possibly all cells - except for a select few cell types in the brain and the heart - are recycled. The perception many people have might be to think of their body as a fairly permanent structure, most of it is in a state of constant ux as old cells are discarded and new ones generated in their place. Each kind of tissue has its own turnover time, depending in part on the workload endured by its cells. The cells lining the stomach last only ve days. After traveling nearly 1,000 miles through the maze of the body's circulatory system, red blood cells last only 120 days or so on average before being dispatched to their graveyard in the spleen. As this is a process that is continuing as long as your heart is beating, youre changing in many and all ways... Embrace it and generalize this change systemically through all areas of your life and you learn empowering skill sets, discover metaphors, and enjoy growing.

14. Only you can dene your personal standard for integrity.
A hypocrite is someone who does not take his/ her own advice, or demands that others do what they would not. As is evidenced by current events, integrity is not dependent upon education, social class, or religion. The supposed best and brightest in academia have been caught up in all sorts of corporate nancial scandals. Those who we believe to have concrete philosophical backgrounds, when appointed to political positions have more often than not cheated, lied, and sold out the very citizens they promised to represent. Then, there are those religious leaders who purport to represent the teachings of the specic belief system yet their actions go against the very core message of that religion, and they wield their followers as a weapon bringing death instead of spiritual life. When it comes down to it, all you have is your personal sense of integrity. Understand what it is, be certain about how you developed it, and be exible enough to adapt it to circumstance. You are the measure of your meaning...

16. Youre constantly nominalizing.

In the eld of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), a nominalization is what occurs when a process becomes static. Typically our linguistic representation [nominalization] of experiences [nominalization] deletes, generalizes, and distorts a process [nominalization] in its entirety [nominalization]. In fact, much of what we communicate [nominalization] is being nominalized [nominalization]. nominalization occurs when a verb, adjective, or adverb becomes a noun. This may not seem very important, but many problems occur when people perceive processes as static, non-changing events. For example, think of a relationship. This term actually represents a process of relating to another person. Problems may arise when one or both people involved in a relationship believe it will not change. If there is a challenge youre experiencing, my guess is that it is something that has been nominalized, or perceived as a static event. Linguistically, it is easier to convey and grammatically proper, but dramatically hinders our perceptions of events. Change a problem into a process and youll nd yourself perceiving many options that were previously elusive.

18. All emotions are energy.

As children, we tend to learn that some emotions are good while others are bad. What if, neither is the case. Instead emotions are packets of energy, carrying signals throughout your mind-body. We tend to channel our emotions through external sources. I wont be gender specic since its irrelevant, but someone who is experiencing a lack of passion in his or her life might turn to a romantic movie or book to ll this void. On the other hand, someone who is channeling aggression might take it out at the gym or by watching mixed martial arts competitions. Im personally indifferent about the outlet of these emotions, as long as they do not harm others. Im more so interested in people realizing they are in charge of any emotional experience. The English word emotion is derived from the French word mouvoir. This is based on the Latin emovere, where e- (variant of ex-) means "out" and movere means "move." The related term "motivation" is also derived from the word movere. When perceived this way the best emotions to practice, are the emotions that have the best long-term benets for you and those around you. Every emotion has a residue you carry with you, and it is up to you to decide what you want to associate with your being.

15. Life is meaningless until you champion a cause.

People who say, what is the point, have either lost the connection to their personal cause, or never fully developed it. Participation in something that is greater than oneself, benetting others, is the highest calling, and we

17. Youre continuously changing.

Some people believe they dont change, others insist that they dont want to change, and quite a few agree that we cant help but change. In


19. Youll never be fooled when you follow your gut instinct.
The gut instinct is what kept your ancestors alive long enough to procreate. You are here today because of the instinctual drive to live and create. Your gut instinct is a part of your unconscious mind whose role it is to ensure you stay alive. Of course, this is just my own denition and youre free to make up your own but what is important is to realize that your gut instinct is here to serve and keep you safe. It runs based upon what has been imprinted upon your paradigm. Often, throughout your life will nd that what you desire to do conicts with your gut instinct. This is not a sign that what you are trying to do is wrong, but instead a warning for you to reconsider what you want and if it still seems congruent with your ideals and values then update your paradigm by re-imprinting it. Be forewarned, the your gut instinct may not allow you to do what seems to be okay for others. This may change over time, or quickly if it is reframed with new understandings or information, or it may never change. If it is something you really desire to experience, then gradually acclimatize yourself to the experience by taking precise, effortless steps toward it. Let go of the outcome and focus more upon the inner dialogue of permission and imagery. After all, there is some perceived danger or partsconict occurring in this scenario.

results-oriented might borrow from various systems and create their own. You can probably guess what I do. And, I encourage you to approach all experiences and information with a degree of skepticism and open-mindedness. But dont believe me. Try it for yourself. Do your own research. Be responsible for your own life. Live in a way that inspires you to greatness. Do what moves you. As Joseph Campbell said, follow your bliss. This will take you down the strangest of paths, and create the most rewarding of experiences. It will be tough. You will be challenged. There will be times in which you doubt youll be able to continue. Youll feel the greatest of agonies and the most refreshing joys of fulllment.

But dont believe me, nd out for yourself...

Be Amazing.

20. Dont believe anyone.

Not even me. The majority of people are followers. In practically every situation they are leaking their personal power. Most often, our egos do their best to prevent us from being wrong. In our current society there is an abundance of opinions, information, misinformation, and disinformation. Statistics can be skewed to serve practically any purpose - at least 79% of the time for half the population. There are many truths out there and it is easy to create truisms especially since youre reading this right now, but the objective truth is better left in the halls of philosophy. You are free to create your own belief system. There are many rules in the universe - some of which are even referred to as laws - but ultimately its up to you to choose or not choose how you live your life. Those who are afraid of being wrong will follow somebody elses system, and those who are



Place your attention on the experiences you desire to have in life...

At the rst sign of trouble, we tend to habitually recall the last failed experience or imagine a negative possible outcome. I believe human beings are wired this way as a survival mechanism to keep us alert and aware of potential danger. But, it doesn't necessarily work to our benet in most situations. The "T-Rex is chasing me" (ght or ight ) response to someone cutting us off in trafc, or the notice that our boss wants to speak with us is old programming. That said, we "can't help but learn..." and these default reactions are engrained, hardwired into our DNA. But you can learn to control your emotional states and mindset, and as a result control your behavior. If we can't help but learn, then it's probably in our best interest to reframe our learning behaviors and practice empowering outcomes for old situations. This is the process of creating new neural pathways synapses ring and sending messages along neural tissue resulting in new behavior. This is learning and what you practice, you perfect; imagined or real. And, this is the main purpose behind the Attention Shifting personal development programs. These hypnosis and NLP-based audios give you an opportunity to rehearse and practice specic situations; resulting in the creation of new neural pathways. There will always be surprises and challenges in life. How you [re]act in response to the situation will be congruent with what you have practiced, and if you haven't practiced a specic outcome... Well then, just about anything might happen, but it probably won't be what you want. There a very few opportunities youll have in life to experience an

What you practice in your minds eye you perfect in reality


environment in which you can practice state management and develop emotional resources. This isnt new age, uffy talk about the secret Law of Attraction, nor is it the deep hypnotism of forgetfulness. Instead, this is about reclaiming your personal power, facing fears, and overcoming challenges. All in all, it is about you succeeding, pursuing signicance, and

becoming your own source of inspiration.



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Direct download: 32 minute mp3 audio program What would it be like if you were able to clearly visualize an object or perfectly hold a concept in your mind's eye for as long as you desired? Perhaps, for you, it might be something as complicated as detailed diagrams with thousands of integrated components, or maybe something as seemingly simple as the form of an apple turning and rotating, zooming in and out, changing colors and size as is appropriate. A Zen-like state of "no mind" will allow you to experience clear cognition, allowing fleeting distractions that have captured your attention the past to fade away in order to understand your world with a compelling sense of clarity. Learn more about the Compelling Clarity NLP and Hypnosis audio program...

Direct Download: 30 minute mp3 audio program Confidence is not necessarily related to just social situations or interacting with other people. Your level of confidence is shaped by your feelings - by expanding the sphere of what you believe to be possible for you - you create the flexibility to respond competently and proactively when it is important. Very few people take the time to practice what they ideally want to experience in life, and are often left responding unprepared to the demands of their environment. As always, it's your choice to decide how you will live. I believe you will be amazed with the clarity and confidence you can live with by incorporating this practice into your life. Learn more about the Complete Confidence NLP and hypnosis program...

Direct Download: 27 minute mp3 audio program Creativity is a mind/body process resulting in the generation of new ideas, concepts, and associations. Or, perceptions between previously unrelated elements and elements sharing similarity. Divergent thought is both original and appropriate for the challenge, need, or opportunity at hand. The Latin root creatus literally means to have grown. And, during this time, you will have many opportunities to see beyond limitations and capture original thoughts. The purpose for this program is to create a white room, a specific space in your mind, or a place that only you will know about... Here you will be able to store all thoughts, ideas and plans that are relevant to your needs. This space is specifically reserved for your creative process. Learn more about the Creative Space NLP and hypnosis program...



Direct Download: 22 minute mp3 audio program Deep Sleep is designed with soothing sounds and ambient dimensions to bring even the most restless of minds to slow down and relax into restful REM sleep. Specific sound frequencies scientifically shown to slow the brain's activity are used in this program to create an environment for deep sleep. If you suffer from insomnia, anxiety, or random thoughts running through your mind when you are trying to sleep, then try a natural way to safely fall asleep. This program is specifically designed to train your body how to enter a state of restful sleep. Learn more about the Deep Sleep NLP and hypnosis audio program...

Direct Download: 51 minute mp3 audio program This program will affect the way a person faced with the challenges of cancer interacts with their friends and family, and how they can move into well-being. It doesn't matter if you pay close attention to what is being said, or if you quickly doze off to the ambient music - you will wake refreshed and hopeful. Don't be too surprised if forgiveness occurs; old, broken relationships are mended; and you find a sense of peace beyond words with the situation at hand. Learn more about the Disappearing Cancer NLP and hypnosis audio program...

Direct Download: 16 minute mp3 audio program This NLP program is designed to empower you to take the necessary steps toward what you want to experience. By building upon the small steps, you can quickly move toward success in what you want. Many people have big picture wishes or hopes, but they have not identified the little steps in-between, which when linked together will absolutely contribute to success. Perfect for mental and emotional rehearsal before important events. Learn more about the Dynamic Determination NLP and hypnosis audio program...



Direct Download: 20 minute mp3 audio program Communication with your unconscious mind is by definition hypnosis. When you use your own internal imagery, create your own imagined scenarios, visualize, and experience emotions as a result of your internal imagery - this is self-hypnosis. I've personally found that the best way to access my unconscious mind is through the use of guided visualization prior to falling asleep. Imagine this to be like planting seeds in the field of your unconscious. When you pay attention to will permeate throughout your mind and body; resulting in the emotions, mindsets, and the actions that you experience in the future. Learn more about the End Your Day Perfectly NLP and hypnosis audio program...

Direct Download: 47 minute mp3 audio program Have you ever felt a little stuck when it comes to expressing yourself? Perhaps there are certain emotions that you just don't know how to convey to other people? Expressive Personality is a great way to learn how to try on those emotions and create flexibility with you capability to communicate with others. This program is about you becoming the full embodiment of what you want to share with others. It will help your interactions professionally and personally, and can be used in the context of various situations. Learn more about the Expressive Personality NLP and hypnosis audio program...

Direct Download: 26 minute mp3 audio program Many people experience depression in life, and it's all for various reasons... For some, it seems never-ending and for others it may be circumstantial. There is a way out of depression - when your entire world seems to be collapsing upon you - you can experience change. From Depression to Hope will show you powerful ways to reframe previously depressing experiences and this program will hold a space for you to create the changes you want and resolve old challenges now. If you have ever experienced a time when you felt completely overwhelmed or pushed to the brink of depression, make one subtle, small change today. Learn more about the From Depression to Hope NLP and hypnosis audio program...



Direct Download: 37 minute mp3 audio program Twenty-five centuries ago, a man by the name of Siddhrtha Gautama, known to most of us as The Buddha is recorded as having said, Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. Full Forgiveness empowers you to drop the hot coal that has been burning you. It cuts out, eradicates, cancels, and makes the wrong as if it had never been. Some people may have learned or perceived forgiveness equals weakness. Learn more about the Full Forgiveness NLP and hypnosis audio program...

Direct Download: 30 minute mp3 audio program So many people despondently wish that their childhood was different - that their parents were different, the environment was better, other people treated them differently, or that they had more resources like food, money, or social status. What is often overlooked is the process that all of your past experiences share: they formed your beliefs about what is or is not possible for you today. Even at an unconscious level, you are reacting to your environment based upon the patterns that were likely formed during your earliest years. Learn more about the Healing the Inner Child NLP and hypnosis audio program...

Direct Download: 140+ minutes of audio / 3 mp3 audio files The How to Visualize Series includes the following audio files: How to Visualize - Self Awareness and the Fives Senses Visualization techniques designed to awaken and vivify your perceptions through all of your sensory faculties. How to Visualize - The Visual Submodalities of Perception Visualization techniques drawing specifically upon NLP perception models designed to encompass a full spectrum of information processing and how this affects physiological and emotional states. How to Visualize - Time and Space Imagery Experience how perceptions of time and space affect the ways that information is coded into your mind / body while understanding how linguistically this also occurs unconsciously during communication. Learn more about the How to Visualize NLP and hypnosis audio programs...



Direct Download: 49 minutes of audio, 1 mp3 audio file How to Visualize - Self Awareness and the Fives Senses Visualization techniques designed to awaken and vivify your perceptions through all of your sensory faculties. Learn more about the How to Visualize - Self-Awareness and the Five Senses NLP and hypnosis audio program...

Direct Download: 45 minutes of audio, 1 mp3 audio files How to Visualize - The Visual Submodalities of Perception Visualization techniques drawing specifically upon NLP perception models designed to encompass a full spectrum of information processing and how this affects physiological and emotional states. Learn more about the How to Visualize - The Visual Submodalities of Perception NLP and hypnosis audio program...

Direct Download: 48+ minutes of audio, 1 mp3 audio files zipped How to Visualize - Time and Space Imagery - Experience how perceptions of time and space affect the ways that information is coded into your mind / body while understanding how linguistically this also occurs unconsciously during communication. Learn more about the How to Visualize - Time and Space Imagery NLP and hypnosis audio program...



Direct Download: 46 minute mp3 audio program This is quite possibly one of my most playful audio programs to date. Just Your Luck is really about you, and people all over the world, reclaiming your self-autonomy and choosing to live in an empowering way. Trusting... that more people are joining you every day; sharing similar values that promote individual and collective well-being.One of my points in this program is that you always have a choice as to how you are going to process and perceive information, events, circumstances and the way your life unfolds. Learn more about the Just Your Luck NLP and hypnosis audio program...

Direct Download: 24 minute mp3 audio program What if you could harness the power that your habits have been exhibiting in your life and redirect this force into a state of pure focus that you can aim at any goal or challenge in order to achieve your desired outcome in a way that is nearly effortless Its been said before that your habits will determine your future and when observed it has been found that successful people typically have successful habits that compound and grow permeating into all areas of their lives in a way that you will similarly experience. This is making it impossible for you to not experience pure focus automatically. Learn more about the Pure Focus NLP and hypnosis audio program...

Direct Download: 39 minute mp3 audio program It doesn't matter to me if your reason for wanting to end procrastination now are for your personal good, for the good of the world, or both. I think that it will all happen as you begin to bring more of what you want into your life by taking the necessary steps to move ahead. Perhaps it's your health that motivates you. It might be money. Maybe it's in the realm of relationships. You know best what it is and you'll know when it is time to make a change. Remember my friend, you can get back to procrastinating later. Aren't there things that benefit your life and the lives of those around you that you really want to be Learn more about the Put Off Procrastination NLP and hypnosis audio program...



Direct Download: 43 minute mp3 audio program This program is specifically designed to cause previously unconscious imagery and thoughts to become conscious. And, portions of it will require you to actively change your thinking. Most people will experience that it does not happen easily or automatically at first, but on the other hand, some people do find he opposite to be true.... The changes they really desire to have happen, happen of their own accord when ones attention is shifted to what is desired and, this might very well be for you. If you follow the instructions, then with each successful completion of the exercise you may find that the active participation happens more and more effortlessly until it is automatic.Learn more about the Re-imprinting Yourself NLP and hypnosis audio program...

Direct Download: 49 minute mp3 audio program This program is specifically designed for soldiers, veterans, first responders, law enforcement and all individuals who have experienced a traumatic event that, until now, had impeded your quality of life. I use the catch phrase posttraumatic stress because of its popularity in society but I do not intend to imply that it is a disorder my feeling is that it is no ones responsibility but your responsibility to control your mind. And, when you have discovered the appropriate resources you will have authority to reclaim control over the way you process information past, present, and future. Learn more about the Reclaim Your Life From Posttraumatic Stress NLP and hypnosis program...

Direct Download: 20 minute mp3 audio program I have also realized the importance of hitting the "restart" button on my mind, body and emotions. We all have goals in life that are important to us and if we don't routinely take timeout's for ourselves, then we are actually limiting the successful achievement of our goals by being overstressed or under-rested. This 20 minute program is designed to create an environment in which you can allow any stressful situation to just fade away. Nearly every person experiences times when things seem too overwhelming and often we don't take the time needed to allow our nervous system the downtime it needs to recharge and heal. Learn more about the Release Stress NLP and hypnosis audio program...



Direct Download: 40 minute mp3 audio program Burn the ships behind you... There are some things in life which require more than just a little motivation and effort. Very few people live with a burning sense of conviction that they must do something specific; something compelling that constantly runs through their minds. As you apply Sheer Resolve to Do What It Takes to a specific outcome the encouragement you receive will come from those who are seeking the value you have to offer. They will get what you are about and they will perceive you under a totally different light. A light that most of those who know you cant see yet. Learn more about the Sheer Resolve NLP and hypnosis audio program...

Direct Download: 17 minute mp3 audio program This personal development program creates an excellent opportunity for you to reframe each morning. Wake up, roll over, and put on your headset. You have another 20 minutes to doze and a wonderful opportunity to program your unconscious mind in preparation for the day ahead of you. Never knowing what day might be your last, seize this opportunity by finding the energy that propels you forward looking for opportunities to live life to its fullest. Learn more about the Start Your Day Right NLP and hypnosis audio program...

Direct Download: 37 minute mp3 audio program This program was originally based off of work I did in grad school around men finding purpose in life by experiencing the monomyth - or what Joseph Campbell referred to as the "Hero's Journey". (It is readily applicable to either gender.) The Call is an NLP and self-hypnosis audio program for men to discover their life purpose. It is a tribute to Joseph Campbell and his monumental work, The Hero's Journey. I'm reminded of a quote by Thoreau written over 150 years ago, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." It seems that more and more men are becoming disillusioned with the life that is most readily available to them today. Instead of boldly championing a cause and pursuing something purposeful, how often do we shrink in the face of mediocrity? Learn more about The Call - an NLP and hypnosis personal development audio program...



Direct Download: 3 hours, 20 minutes of mp3 audio from the workshop; a colorful and detailed 66 page PDF manual with scripts; 50 minutes of mp3 audio with binaural beat frequencies: Out of Body and The Illusion of Time by Michael J. Emery - used as the background music of the workshop Taught in the style of a personal breakthrough session, this workshop will train you how to linguistically guide people through Timeline Imagery in a way that will free them from limiting beliefs and experiences. Learn more about the Timeline Imagery NLP and hypnosis training program...

Direct Download: 41 minute mp3 audio program Psychologist, Carl Jung, first used the phrase transpersonal unconscious as another way to describe the theory of the collective unconscious (the shared, intuitive knowledge shared by human beings). The term transpersonal means going beyond or transcending the bounds of ego. It can describe a state of oneness or nothingness as in the absence of preconception or senses. Often, individuals who have these experiences recount that the experience was simply and profoundly beyond words as language serves only to limit an experience that is timeless, spaceless, and outside of ego function (the perception of the personal "I"). That was their experience, and whatever is waiting to happen next for you will be your when you listen to this meditation / visualization mp3. Learn more about the Transpersonal Meditation NLP and Hypnosis audio program...



Personal Development Coach and Trainer.
Michael J. Emery uses NLP and Hypnosis to focus upon changing conditioned responses think Pavlov's dog. The bell rings and the dog salivates. Everyone has unconscious reactions to their environments: the way a loved one looks at you, hearing your boss's voice, seeing an email from someone important, these examples all create a specic response that either causes you to feel good or bad in your body. How you feel almost always determines your actions and outcomes in specic situations. What most people do not realize is that they are in control of those reactions, and they can create a response that benets them. This is called state management in the eld of neurolinguistic programming (NLP). What separates highly successful people in any eld from those who are not considered successful, is the individual's ability to manage his or her emotions, mindset, and actions in a seemingly unpredictable environment. Salespeople can learn how to overcome cold call reluctance and as a result earn more money. People in a relationship can learn how to rekindle the passion even though it seems to have dwindled over time. On the other hand, people wanting to get out of limiting relationships can learn how to break those attachments that have been holding them back. Someone needing to lose weight or make health Ultimately, my approach to personal development coaching results in you becoming aware of the ways that your body is processing the information that comes in through your ve senses, and how this information is ltered to create meaning which results in your response to it. You will learn how the various ways you represent this information to yourself diminishes or increases your perceptions of an experience so that you can take control of yourself in any situation. improvements can learn how to avoid unhealthy foods, and in it's place, create cravings for healthy food and exercise. You can learn how to control your inner dialogue (self talk), manage the internal imagery (mental pictures and movies) that seem to play automatically, and grab a hold of your emotions and the feelings in your body so that you feel great about yourself and what you're doing with your life. specic situations (Pavlovian conditioned response). The Coaching Gym uses Skype video-conferencing technology for live conversations anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. My Coaching Gym is based upon research that shows people have conditioned responses for specic situations and that these responses become generalized and associated with other experiences that are perceived as similar. By changing the default reactions to planned, by-design responses you become empowered in a specic situation to control your actions, emotions, and mindset in order to create your desired outcome. Hence, the Coaching Gym just like attending the gym to see physical results only you can do the exercises. You will be expected to work and you will notice the results!

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The Coaching Gym is an innovative approach to personal development coaching because of several factors: worldwide access, coaching precision, and focus completely upon NLP synesthesias the unconscious reactions to

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Michael J. Emery, M.A.

Michael J. Emery has a masters degree from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and a bachelors degree in marketing and advertising from Portland State University. Michael is a certied hypnotherapist and a certied trainer of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).