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h4cking & s3curity links last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 http://www.insecure.

org � good upcoming security forum � a totally huge security archive � current and archived exploits � 'underground' search engine � default logins for all sorts of devices � one of the top mainstream security sites � teso computer security � asian security group, lotsa advisories � w00w00 security development � ussr a strong security group � good all around security site � sans security institute with articles on everything � a fairly immense www security faq � computer security encylopedia � java security information � help net security � security search engine � freebsd security information � netscape security information � linux security community centre � dutch security information network � a once great site from a white hat hacker � network security library � infamous happy hacker � infosec papers and articles � the biggest security/privacy/crypto software archive

� the info sec bible � government incident advisory service � the ultimate resource for all security tools crack links last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 to win prog..htm (palm) http://fdtd.vze.,com/ apps/ h4cking video last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 ( all milw0rm video ) ( all milw0rm video ) books links last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 warez sites last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 tool$ links last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 download software last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 ==webhosting links== last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 +++upload pics+++ porttitor posuere last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 +++file hosting++++

online hash cracker last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 linux & unix sites last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 news sites last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 online games last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 general programming last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 scripts, source and books programmers heaven loads of tutorials plenty of web development scripts code for everything freshmeat os projects sourceforge! the ultimate thousands of howto's ms development centre excellent programmers tools archive pc programming information 3000+ programming resources java & javascript resources last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05

java & internet glossary the best page for dhtml java homepage absolute java faq thinking in java javascript resource javascripts,tutorials & references c/c++ & unix/linux programming last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 unix programming links unix programming faq unix sockets in c faq mostly c/c++ information c course another good c course php resources last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 php home page php from hotscripts php resource index php faq's php developer resources building dynamic sites with php php developer network php tutorials and more php and mysql tips and tutorials webmonkey php resource zend php tutorials applied oo php phppatterns phparena how do i make skins? phpguru asp resources last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 asptear asp codes and techniques asp, html, sql and more think asp think... asp 101 asp developers site perl resources last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 perl archive perl tutorials old school perl programming databases/sql last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 mysql home postgresql home firebird

various others last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 windows programming tools the art of assembly python homepage object oriented programming xml 101 dev-x xml zone exploitation & secure programming last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 links to lots of papers the ultimate overflow archive secure programming how to ugly site with good content secure unix programming faq writing safe setuid programs nsca secure programming guidelines geras insecure programming (the way to learn how to exploit) more challengs shellcode archive search engines last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 the daddy of all search engines web index pioneer huge numbers of results, relevance questionable c-net's offering pretty good touted as the fast search the wolf-spider, also owns hotbot below parallel scalable searching one of the best also owns entry below easy to use maybe remembered as not as good as it once was popular with beginners paid listing search engine answers your questions *sometimes* imo *the* best place for finding definitions rfc search search the search engines netscape netcenter ftp search shareware/freeware engine another shareware/freeware engine freeware site good freeware site with reviews a piece of software, but excellent for searches want to know what an tech term means? file extension database ==anti-virus==

+++online anti-virus+++ last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 +++anti virus+++ last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 sophos - good cross platform av, updates can be a problem avg anti virus - provides a free av solution, technically strong panda software includes a free online anti-virus scanner for windows mcafee - well it's ok norton - standard av solutions for windows, corporate editions of both (norton and mcafee) are reasonable kaspersky - my preferred av solution, the most technically capable av engine nod32 - small company, but technically strong. slow on updates trend/pccillin - has improved a lot lately, also provides online scanner vet - australian av vendor norman - no experience of this one. f-secure - very technically powerful software with a long history. bitdefender - also has a free av version with online scan. openantivirus - open source av solution. online compiler last update : 1386/10/16 - 2008/1/05 compile c online : this service is being provided as a convenience to users who need to be able to produce a small dos program and do not have access to a dos machine with a compiler on it. there is no guarantee that this service will be available in the future, and i reserve the right to disable it when i need the cpu cycles myself. there is currently a limit of 1000 source bytes and 200,000 executable bytes. only c programs are allowed. the math library will be linked in. symbol information will be stripped. if compilation is successful, all you will get is the binary (exe format), else you will see the results of your compilation. other :

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