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Marlane Drake 1333 Burdette Street New Orleans LA 70118

Ms. Nicole Hobson-Morris Executive Director Louisiana State Office of Historic Preservation 1051 North Third Street Baton Rouge, LA 70802 September 21, 2011

Dear Ms. Hobson-Morris, My family and I have been deeply affected and are far from recovered yet due to the damage caused us by six feet of water after the failure of the levees from MRGO affecting New Orleans East. I support the research and activities done, and, to-be-done by Levees.Org towards documenting the catastrophe of flooding starting August 29, 2005. I participate in commemorative activities because I heartily believe we should not forget this terrible tragedy, just as we strive not to forget the victims and veterans of wars. If Levees.Org wishes to establish historical markers where they think fit, I am all for it. Sincerely,

Marlane Drake Now at 1333 Burdette St. New Orleans 70118 Previously at 4782 Citrus Dr. 70127