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north ranch
North Ranch Spotlight with the Einbund Family
Business Beat with Dawn Barnes Karate Kids
Kicking for the Cause at Open Borders with Chris Stevenson
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September North Ranch Living North Ranch Living September
· Low Back Pain
· Knee Pain
· Wrist Pain
· Allergies
· Fatigue
· Headaches
Dr. Alan P. Duben
Chiropractor, Board Certified Kinesiology,
Nutritional Therapy, & Neuro-Emotional Technique
Dr. Lindsay Erickson
Chiropractor, Nutritional Therapy, &
Neuro-Emotional Technique
Mention this ad for a SPECIAL DISCOUNT
on the initial exam.
Duben Chiropractic
& Kinesiology
805-494-1339 DocDuben.com
in Westlake Village
Gayle Barnes
Marvin Steindler
Gary Coon
Christie Joyce Robb Hotchkiss
Erich Nickens Alex Chioini
Amber Rogerson Katie Sneed
Krista DeWitt Marie Nowell
Adrienne Jensen Angelina Garcia
Kylie Martin Amanda Barnette
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Fire Department Non Emergency
Police Department non emergency
Westlake Urgent Care
Poison Control
Westlake Village Animal Hospital
North Ranch Country Club
North Ranch Community Center
Westlake Village City Hall
Thousand Oaks City Hall
24 hour Emergency Tree Service
The Gas Company
Verizon Cable
Time Warner Cable
City of Thousand Oaks Waste Water
California Water Service
Waste Management
Triunfo Sanitation
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the publisher may be held liable or responsible for business practices of these companies. NOTE: When community events
take place, photographers may be present to take photos for that event and they may be used in this publication.
Peace of mind is as
close as the nearest
New York Life agent.
©2009 New York Life Insurance Company,
51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010
SMRU 00397779CV (Exp. 06/11)
Bradley Kraines, CLTC
CA Insurance License #OG57545
New York Life Insurance Company
6320 Canoga Avenue
Suite 900
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
(818) 294-4699
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September North Ranch Living North Ranch Living September
Dear Friends and Neighbors,
After my amazing summer vacation away with the family, we
are relaxed and refueled and we hope you are the same. Te best
thing about a family vacation is that you are away from respon-
sibilities and you can just spend time together having fun. It's
much more fun to go for a swim at the beach, night swimming,
and search for turtles with your kids than to nag them to pick
up their rooms. Te best part is that your kids actually want to
hang out with you when their friends are not around. I would
much rather hunt for seashells with my family than do the dish-
es or work, but alas, reality always comes knocking on my door.
Now summer is over and fall is on its way, and that means the
holidays are right around the corner. Grandparents Day is the
11th, so don't forget about them!
Please send in any vacation photos you would like to share with
your neighbors.
Remember to stay local with all your shopping needs and sup-
port your NRL sponsors!
We are back on Facebook, look us up:
See you next month,
Gayle Barnes
North Ranch Living
N2 Publishing
Beautiful Recessed & Landscape Lighting
$50 OFF ANY JOB OVER $250!
Call Now For Your Free
In-Home Estimate & Design
Lighting Specialist
Conejo Valley Electric
We also Install: Ceiling Fans, Gable Fans, Whole House Fans,
Flat Screen TV's, Speakers & Network Systems
Family Owned and Operated
Lic# 922260
Any House Fan
exp 9/30/11
$100 OFF
Complete Electrical
Services 24/7
Asset Allocation: Making Your Assets Work for You
Date: September 22, 2011
Time: 6:00pm
Place: Cornell Winery & Tasting Room | 29975 Mulholland Highway, Agoura, CA 91301
Speaker: Ralph Lettieri, Goldman Sachs
Please call us at 818-713-4020 to reserve your place. Admission is free but seating is limited.
Investing is the way you put your money to work. Simply put, you
want to aim for important goals--- educating children, retiring
comfortably, caring for others---with an investment strategy that
aligns with your ideas about risk.
Please join us for a free, informative seminar about asset allocation
and a special wine tasting featuring wines fromour local region.
Greg Gutfleisch, CFP ®
Vice President | Financial Advisor
21650 Oxnard St. Ste 2300, Woodland Hills, CA 91367
29008 Agoura Road Agoura Hills, CA. 91031
Dine with us & enjoy our authentic Italian food
or lounge in the sexy atmosphere of our Martini Bar
featuring Multiple Patios, Live Music, DJ & Dancing
Padri Restaurant &
Monday - Friday 5:00 - 7:00 PM
with complimentary tray passed appetizers for our Chef and Drink specials in our Martini Bar.
Happy Hour
Martini Bar
7 6
September North Ranch Living North Ranch Living September
NeighborhoodSponsors NeighborhoodSponsors
This section has been created to give you easier access when searching for a
trusted neighborhood vendor to use. Take a minute to familiarize yourself
with the businesses sponsoring North Ranch Living.
These local businesses are proud to partner with your neighborhood and
make this newsletter possible. Please support these businesses and thank
them for supporting North Ranch!
Westlake Auto Collision
(805) 300-3104
Karate Kids
(818) 225-2226
Duben Holistic Chiropractic Center
(805) 494-1339
Consider It Done
(805) 907-1741
Conejo Valley Electric
(818) 259-4055
Muvico Theatre
(805) 494-4702
MD Wendell Wealth Partners
(805) 230-1908
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
(818) 713-4020
New York Life
(818) 294-4699
West Oak Capital
(805) 230-8282
Stevenson Fitness
(818) 707-0123
Oaks Florist
(818) 991-5444
Asian Furniture
(818) 519-1793
Pacific Rim Home
(818) 338-3386
Vintage Villa
(818) 889-8647
The Showroom
(805) 914-8869
American Vision Garages
(805) 915-1324
(818) 661-8732
Agoura Sash & Door
(805) 449-2840
Plessner Digital & Archive
(818) 601-9974
Farmers Insurance
(805) 444-7119
Lifestyles Interior Design &
(818) 706-8825
Gold Coast Tree Service Inc.
(818) 597-0449
Integrity Realty
(805) 557-0706
(888) 777-2846
Shaggy Chic
(818) 879-9663
Marvin Steindler Photography
(805) 375-4653
Dilbeck Estates
(805) 367-9189
Bogart's Bar & Grill
(805) 494-4702
Padri Cucina Italiana and Martini Bar
(818) 383-0250
The Canyon Salon
(805) 777-1140
The Lakes
(805) 497-9861
The Promenade
(818) 222-3444
Remedy Skin + Body
(805) 244-0244
9 8
September North Ranch Living North Ranch Living September
Can Reiki Help Your Chronic Pain?
By the placement of hands
on specifc parts of your
body or even just position-
ing hands slightly above
your body, a qualifed
Reiki practitioner can help
bring relief to your chron-
ic pain and make you feel
better than you have in
years. It is an ancient Japanese technique and a form of alterna-
tive medicine also sometimes referred to as a “biofeld” therapy.
In alternative medicine, Reiki is a treatment in which heal-
ing energy is channeled from the practitioner to the client to
enhance energy and reduce stress, pain, and fatigue.
During a Reiki session, muscles are relaxed, and energy fow is
unblocked. Tis helps reduce physical tension and pain. Stress
is also reduced, helping to unblock and release emotional pain.
Although you may not be completely pain free, you feel relaxed,
refreshed, and better able to cope with your condition.
Reiki and Chronic Pain: What the Research Shows
Tough Reiki may sound very “new-age,” the efectiveness of
this ancient treatment has been shown in some studies. A recent
issue of the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine reviewed
66 clinical trials on the biofeld therapies. Te authors of the
review concluded that there was strong evidence that the bio-
feld therapies help reduce the intensity of pain in general and
moderate evidence that these therapies help for people who are
hospitalized or who have cancer. Tis review noted that the
studies involving Reiki seemed to have the most success.
When Reiki is reviewed for its impact on more specifc types of
pain, the results seem to hold up equally well.
Another plus about Reiki is that it has very few side efects.
“No serious side efects or risks have been identifed in the
medical literature on Reiki, it is considered to be a very low-risk
If you are interested in fnding a practitioner or have additional
questions or are interested in a class, you can contact us at
Aviante Health and Wellness Center, 778 A/B Greenwich Dr.
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360, call 805-914-9249 or email us at
www.aviantehwc.com and visit us at our website,
The practice of Reiki
sounds almost too good
to be true. This ancient
Japanese touch therapy,
similar to massage, has
shown real results for
managing chronic pain.
Promoting Health & Wellness
One Soul at a Time
818-661-8732 º 805-914-9249
778-A/B Greenwich Drive,
ousand Oaks 91360
Experience Aviante...
erapeutic Services to Replenish Your Body, Mind & Spirit
Many more services available including mobile for individuals and events!
See full menu at www.aviantehwc.com
Gi Certicates available
microdermabrasion treatment
and AHA peel
for $49
expires 9/30/2011
11 10
September North Ranch Living North Ranch Living September
Resident Recipe
Recipe and Photo By Gary Coon
A spicy habanero martini for a hot and cool end of summer
There is nothing diferent between
the Habanero Martini and the Tequi-
ni except for the habanero pepper
garnish, but the experience of each
martini is truly unique. The whole
pepper infuses the cocktail in glass,
much like olives and their favor to
the classic Gin Martini, with its spice. The drink doesn't
get as hot as it sounds, it's actually a very nice spiciness
for those who can appreciate spice, especially if you
use a sweet reposado tequila.
I don't recommend eating the pepper when the drink
is gone, but I do recommend washing your hands after
handling it.
3 oz Reposado Tequila
1 oz very dry Vermouth
1 small whole habanero pepper for garnish
1. Pour the tequila and dry vermouth into a cocktail
shaker flled with ice
2. Shake Well
3. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass
4. Garnish with a habanero pepper
Oering Insurance
& Financial Services
660 Hampshire Road, Suite 112 Westlake Village • farmersagent.com/bkoors
Birte G. Koors is registered with and securities oered through Farmers Financial Solutions, LLC Member FINRA & SIPC
Auto | Home
Life | Business
Workers Compensation
Birte G Koors, LUTCF
Insurance and Financial
Services Agent
CA Lic.#0735329
Fax: 805.494.6729
Registered Representative
"21 yea Noh Ranch sidence"
31290 La Baya Dr #3
Westlake Village
Call Us Before You Call Your Insurance Company Auto Claims Specialist
818-597-1779 Or 805-300-3104 818-597-1779 Or 805-300-3104
Jim Marko
Have Lunch On Us,
refer a friend for repairs and receive a gift card for two lunches on us
Experience you can trust for over 25 years
2301 Townsgate Rd., Westlake Village
Open 6 Days a Week
(805) 222-4506
Let the SUNLIGHT come through
Just not the heat!
Acocnn Snsn a Doon, INc.
It’s not too late to replace
your inemcient doors
and windows.
13 12
September North Ranch Living North Ranch Living September
NeighborhoodNews NeighborhoodNews
Te family consists of Michael, 22; Dillon, 20; Matt, 17; and
Evan, 8. Tey also have two adorably cute Shitzus, Cody and
Ravyn, plus Lucas the Guinnea Pig completes the family.
Wendy and Larry show so much pride when discussing their
four boys. Te oldest son Michael just graduated from CU in
Boulder. Dillon goes to Cal State Long Beach and just got
back from studying in Barcelona. Matt is a senior at Oak Park
High School, and Evan is going into second grade at Westlake
Hills Elementary. Wendy's mother even moved out here from
the Pacifc Palisades two years ago to be closer to the family.
With the boys in four diferent schools this past year, traveling
as a family has become more complicated. During the summer
though, they were able to ft in a summer family vacation, which
is so important when they can all be together. Tey love going
to bi-yearly trips to Napa with dear friends, or Hawaii or Italy.
Yet they also enjoy spending time at home going to see live
music, reading, wine tasting, being with their family and friends,
working out, and taking long walks on the weekends. Wendy
likes to garden, crochet/knit, shopping at fea markets, photog-
raphy, and decorating. Larry loves music! He plays the guitar
By Irene Marshall • Photographed by Marvin Steindler
North Ranch
Meet the Einbund Family
and enjoys listening to country rock, rock and roll, classic rock
etc. Most of all, they love to watch all their boys play sports
(football, soccer, baseball, basketball, karate).
Wendy is also the co-owner of Circle of Life Removal, which
is a residential content removal service. Tey specialize in sort-
ing, packing, recycling, donating, and disposal of all unwanted
household items. Tis service is so helpful for families that are
downsizing, homes up for sale that want a more spacious look,
seniors that are moving to assisted living homes, and anyone
that wants to clear out their old household items. Wendy
started her business one year ago with her dear friend Andee
Pariser, a friend for over forty one years. Tey were looking to
do something together and Circle of Life evolved. (www.Cir-
cleof LifeRemoval.com) Larry is a partner in a Los Angeles
based business management frm. In their spare time they sup-
port the Bogart Pediatric Cancer Research Program that raises
vital funds to support early stages of pediatric cancer research,
Nordof Robbins music charity, and Wendy can be found vol-
unteering at Evan's school and with his sports teams. Life is
certainly busy for the Einbunds, but their family and friends are
what life is about.
When you are
raising four
boys, life can
be very busy.

Such is the case
with the Einbund
family. In 2005,
the family made
the short move from Oak Park to North Ranch. Wendy and
Larry always loved North Ranch and how the tree lined streets
did not have sidewalks. Tey also were looking for a much
larger backyard for the boys to play in. Tey love the seren-
ity, peacefulness, beautiful homes and the gardens they have all
around them. It is wonderful to have places you can walk, and
you see so many people walking their dogs in North Ranch.
Waking up to all the lush tress and beautifully groomed homes
in a picturesque community is the reason they chose to call
North Ranch home.
Te Einbund Family Wendy with business partner Andee Pariser
Matt, Michael, Dillion, and Evan
Wendy and Larry
15 14
September North Ranch Living North Ranch Living September
Harden - Robert Abbey - Hickory & White - Custom Pieces
Barbara Barry - Kreiss - Oly
Indulge your new style - Redecorate - Move with less - Don't store it...Sell it!
31133 VIA COLINAS #105 - WESTLAKE VILLAGE - 805-914-8869 - www.theeshowroom.com
Now Consigning Fabulous Accessories - Lamps - Pottery - Mirrors - Glass
By Irene Marshall
Photographed By Marvin Steindler
Name: Dawn Barnes Karate Kids
Address: 3675 East Thousand Oaks Blvd.
Phone: 805-418-1888
Email: kkwestlake@Verizon.net
Website: www.karatekids.net
Locations: Westlake Village | Calabasas |Santa Monica | Encino
| Sherman Oaks | Redondo Beach | Manhattan Beach
For over 20 years, Dawn Barnes of
Karate Kids has been teaching chil-
dren about confdence, discipline,
respect, focus, and self-esteem. Te
business started when Dawn and her
two boys were taking karate lessons,
and soon Dawn was assisting classes
and loving it!  After eight years of
teaching for fun, she decided to cre-
ate LA's frst all-children's karate
school for children ages 2-14. It was an instant hit with parents
looking for fun, age-appropriate instruction within a beautiful
facility. As one parent commented, they are the "Four Seasons"
of karate schools. From their professional and courteous staf to
their award-winning curriculum, with the clean, family-friendly
environment, everything at DBKK is top notch! Te mission at
Dawn Barnes Karate Kids is to be the best martial arts school
for children in the world.  Every choice they make is consistent
with that goal from their rigorously trained staf to the equip-
ment they choose, their positive teaching methodology, and
beautifully designed lobby. Families are always welcome to drop
by their schools to see for themselves why they were voted #1 in
LA for children's martial arts.
With Dawn's enormous experience, she founded the world's
frst "child-style" of martial arts, which features movements that
are natural and efective for a child's body. Tis experience has
led to lecturing nationally to other school owners on the health-
iest ways to work physically and emotionally with children.
Dawn Barnes Karate Kids
Mind, body, and spirit ftness for children
17 16
September North Ranch Living North Ranch Living September
19 18
September North Ranch Living North Ranch Living September
DesignE l E ME Nt S
“It only takes a little space
to provide a great home ofce solution!”
By Nikki Pepper
Finding a home ofce solution is easier than you may think. If
you are not blessed with an extra room in the house that can
serve as an interior ofce solution, alternative home ofce ideas
exist to complement your interior style.
A space in almost any room can work as a home ofce.
• Kitchen
• Living Room
• Den
• Basement
• Bedroom
In the most basic sense, you will need a furniture item like a
desk or small table to act as a writing surface and home base
for your computer and necessary peripheral equipment. And,
of course, a comfortable chair that coordinates with the room
decor goes without saying.
If you organize your home ofce area efciently and edit out
extra items, it need not take up much area at all.
A big problem that often pops up (or you might say dangles
down) is that mess of ugly cords that wreaks total havoc on your
decorative Zen. It’s a situation that calls for some creative think-
Tankfully, there are tricks you can employ to reduce the nega-
tive visual impact that your home ofce solution may have on
your interior décor.
If at all possible, choose wireless technology to limit the visual
clutter. Installing a wireless home network is fairly inexpensive
these days and can eliminate a lot of cords when paired with
appropriate wireless devices. Te wireless hub can be located in
an out of the way location where it will not be visible.
Virtually all new laptop computers have built in wireless tech-
nology, and they take up less real estate than desktop models.
Te freedom to roam throughout the house (or even outside)
without restrictions is great! You can fnd the place where you
can work most efectively at any given time.
If you already have equipment with unsightly cords, consider
bundling the many individual cords together inside a piece of
fexible tubing and then attaching the tube to the underside
of your desk, along a wall, or another inconspicuous location
within reach. Alternate solutions for controlling cord clutter
may also be found at your local ofce supply store.
Take advantage of furniture like an ofce armoire or similar fea-
ture to host your computer equipment. You can close it up when
you are not using it. Tis can help to conceal all those nasty
cords and let your home ofce naturally blend with the rest of
your décor.
You really can combine technology and design in your home
without sacrifcing visual harmony by employing a crafty, home
ofce solution.
Westlake Smile Center
·.. .. ··.
(805) 497-9400
Luscious Soul
Twyla K
Karate Kids
3535-3771 Thousand Oaks Blvd
Between Westlake Blvd and Hampshire
Restaurants, Salons, Spas, Karate,
Fashion, Fitness, Dental etc
"Stay local for all your shopping needs"
Canyon Salon
21 20
September North Ranch Living North Ranch Living September
NeighborhoodNews NeighborhoodNews
Kicking for the Cause at Open Borders with Chris Stevenson
Gingerbread Boutique is Back for its 30th Year!
If you do volunteer work or are involved with a charity, please let us know
at gayle.barnes@n2pub.com
Chris Stevenson, the rock star of kickboxing and martial arts
instruction and owner of Stevenson Fitness in Oak Park, taught
a two hour Cardio-Kickboxing class at Open Borders Tousand
Oaks on July 31st.  All profts will support multiple 501(c)3
nonproft organizations and charitable causes such as teen sui-
cide and car crash prevention. (www.regenerate.org)
Open Borders Festival is a broad, eclectic, and exciting suite of
presentations suited for all tastes, representing the highest cali-
ber of music, art, and cultural oferings. Te festival took place
in the former home of the Borders bookstore on Tousand Oaks
“Stevenson Fitness is dedicated to serving the community, and
I was honored to have been invited to be a part of such a great
event for such a great cause.  Tanks to everyone who came
Sunday and got their sweat on for a great charity!" adds Steven-
son.  "I feel so fortunate to get to work with great bands such as
Jeferson Starship and Ozomalti and entertainers such as Brad
Garrett and Fritz Coleman and all for such a good cause!"
Jump-start the holiday season
with shopping and festivities
while raising money for Conejo
Valley charities. Te Westlake
Village Junior Women’s Club
(WVJWC) will be hosting their
30th Annual Gingerbread Fun-
draising Boutique. Te funds
raised this year will be dispersed to charities that the Club sup-
ports, including Hospice of the Conejo, Senior Concerns, Camp
Keepsake, and Lighthouse Mission for Women and Children.
Tis year’s event includes the ever-popular VIP evening on
Tursday, November 3rd as well as general shopping on Friday,
November 4th. Over 40 carefully-selected vendors will be sell-
ing their latest boutique items, and featuring unique gifts, jewel-
ry, apparel, and home goods. Many long-time favorites are back,
as well as some of the new, hottest vendors from the community.
Shoppers will also have a chance to win rafes and purchase
traditional WVJWC baked goods, such as the WVJWC famous
pumpkin pie bars and Neiman Marcus brownies.
Tursday night’s VIP event from 5:00pm-9:00pm is a chance
to relax in an adult atmosphere with delicious appetizers spon-
sored by Merlin’s Kitchen, wine donated by local wineries, and
a specialty featured drink by a local vendor. Tere will be rafes
and door prizes throughout the evening. Prizes include a stay at
the Westlake Four Seasons, a $100 certifcate for dinner at Te
Grill on the Alley, Westlake Village, and items from other local
hot spots. Additional rafe baskets will be ofered from donors
in our community. Shoppers will also receive a reusable canvas
shopping bag. Ticket price for the night is $30.
Friday November 4th, general shopping is open to the public
from 10:00am-6:00pm. Tere will be food for sale and a few
additional vendors outside in the courtyard. Both days’ events
will be held at St. Maximillian Kolbe Church at 5801 N. Kanan
Road, Westlake Village. For more information about the event,
e-mail gingerbread@westlakejuniors.org or visit www.westlake-
Te members of WVJWC continue to work actively by serving
the people living in the Conejo Valley and surrounding areas.
We are daughters, mothers, and sisters, and we are united by a
desire to be deeply involved in our community, ignite motiva-
tion, and inspire change. In addition to providing fnancial sup-
port to local charities, we also provide volunteer service through
hosting events like the annual Santa Comes to Westlake Vil-
lage/ Agoura and Beyond Food Drive, Meals on Wheels, and
Feed the Hungry. For more information on membership,
e-mail membership@westlakejuniors.org.
Happy Shopping!
Office: (805) 222-5459
Cell: (805) 630-3758
Email: bernard@mediationbybernard.com www.mediationbybernard.com
R. E. LIC. # 00693084 Pepperdine Certified Mediator
Mediation by Bernard Goodman
Bernard Goodman
R. E. Broker Mediator
Taking disputes to court can be
grueling and expensive. Resolving
disputes through mediation presents
a fast, fair and cost effective alternative
to litigation. Bernard Goodman has
experience in business to business,
neighbor to neighbor, family disputes,
divorce, real estate, plus a myraid
of other issues.
Successfully building bridges that resolve disputes
23 22
September North Ranch Living North Ranch Living September
Masters of Economics, Part II
Representative registered with securities and advisory services offered through
PlanMember Securities Corporation, a registeredbroker/dealer, investment advisor and
member FINRA/SIPC Carpenteria Avenue, Carpenteria , California 93012. (800) 874-6910
*MD Wendell Wealth Partners and PlanMember Securities Corporation are independently
owned and operated. Ancillary services mentioned are not available through
PlanMember Securities Corp. They are available exclusively through MD Wendell Partners,
PlanMember disclaims all responsibility and liability for such services.
2945 Townsgate Road • Suite 200 • Westlake Village, CA 91361
phone: (805) 230-1908
email: mark@mdwendell.com
web: www.mdwendell.com
CA Insurance Lic #0B68140
"He that is good for making
excuses is seldom good for
anything else."
– Benjamin Franklin
A Personal Wealth Boutique for Select Clients
By Mark Wendell
NeighborhoodNews NeighborhoodNews
he economic system in the United States is a system evolv-
ing within the context of an ageless debate of alternative
theories about how the world works. Witness: the recent politi-
cal and economic controversy in Washington. “Economics is
a study of mankind in the ordinary business of life,” wrote the
preeminent economist Alfred Marshall in the 1800s, whose
writings still apply today and provide evidence that the basic
principles of economics have changed little.
Institutional and individual investors alike count on economists
to guide their investment strategies and portfolio design, from
specifc asset selections and
allocations to the application
of complex economic models.
Expert opinions and research
fndings of economists are also
used to design a wide variety of
government policies: interest rates, tax laws, entitlement and
employment programs, defcit policy, international trade, and
defense spending. One such economics expert and icon of the
past century was Milton Friedman.
Milton Friedman (1912-2006) “Te 20th century’s most prom-
inent advocate of free markets,” said the Econlib.org, a popular
economics resource library. Te Economist described him as
"…the most infuential economist of the second half of the 20th
century…possibly of all of it."
Notable quotes from Mr. Friedman:
1. “Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government
2. “Most of the energy of political work is devoted to correcting
the efects of mismanagement of government.”
3. “Only government can take perfectly good paper, cover it
with perfectly good ink, and make the combination
4. “If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara
Desert, in fve years there'd be a shortage of sand.”
5. “Te greatest advances of civilization, whether in architecture
or painting, in science and literature, in industry or
agriculture, have never come from centralized government.”
Milton Friedman was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in
Economics in 1976, was an advisor to Presidents Nixon and
Reagan, and was a fellow at the Hoover Institute at Stanford
University. His landmark 1957 work, A Teory of the Consump-
tion Function, debated the Keynesian view that individuals and
households adjust their expenditures on consumption to refect
their current income. Friedman showed that people’s annual
consumption is a function of their “permanent income,” a term
he introduced as a measure of the average income people expect
over a few years. In the 1960s, Friedman wrote, Capitalism and
Freedom, making a case for relatively free markets to a general
audience. He argued for, among other things, a volunteer army,
freely foating exchange rates, abolition of licensing of doctors,
a negative income tax, and education vouchers. Because he had
substantial international infuence, some of his laissez-faire ideas
concerning monetary policy, taxation, privatization and deregu-
lation were used by governments, especially during the 1980s.
His monetary theory infuenced economists such as Ben Ber-
nanke and the Federal Reserve's response to the fnancial crisis
of 2007–2010.
DIY Back-to-School Supplies
By Marsha Webster, The@Home Groupie
It’s back to early morning wake up calls
and late night studying - it’s back to
school time; but the initial back-to-
school regimen can be quite an adjust-
ment, especially if your kids are unorga-
nized from day one.
While you look forward to them getting
back on a regular schedule, you dread
the long school supply lines that come
along with getting organized. When it
comes to school supply items, there are
some things you can scratch of your list
if you re-purpose what you already have
at home.
So enlist the kids’ help with these DIY
back-to-school projects.
Bear Bookend. What to do with an old
stufed animal that’s seen better days?
He can become a handsome bookend.
Use a seam ripper to open the fabric at
the animal's seat. Stuf his bottom with
rocks, and then re-sew the seam carefully
so no rocks can spill out. Prop him on the
shelf to hold books in place – it’s Build-
a-Bear with a twist.
Cereal Box Holders. Make use of all the
empty boxes by turning them into handy-
dandy holders. Cut the boxes with a util-
ity knife at a desired angle and height.
Cover them with wrapping or contact
paper, secure edges with packing tape and
store folders, notebooks, or binders.
Paint Can Cubbies. Line up as many tin,
quart-sized cans that will ft on your kid’s
desk shelf. Cut velcro strips and attach
them to the side of the cans. Remove
backing from the other side and afx it to
the shelf in the desired spots, then attach
the cans. Store pencils, pens, paper clips,
glue, staples…whatever will ft.
Join me next month for more quick ideas to
“create the home you’re a fan of.” Have any
home-living tips to share? Send them to
via Martha Stewart
Sources: Principles of Economics by N. Gregory Mankiw; brainyquotes.com;
wikipedia.com; econlib.org.
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September North Ranch Living North Ranch Living September
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It’s the Internet - Do You Know Where Your Child Is?
Security News
By Scott Nelson
Te Internet has opened up a world of possibilities to our chil-
dren, but it has also made them vulnerable to online predators
and others who may seek to exploit or harass them. As a parent,
it can sometimes seem impossible to fght back. However, there
are a few key steps that you can take to help mitigate these risks
and ensure that your child’s experience in cyberspace is a
positive one.
• Take steps to shield your child from potentially disturbing or
unsuitable content. Many internet service providers (ISPs)
ofer parental controls and other security features to their
customers. Several third-party tools are also available.
• Keep the family computer in a common area in your home.
Review the privacy settings for your child’s social media
accounts, and set up flters for his or her e-mail accounts.
• Monitor your child’s online activity, including his or her
e-mail accounts, instant messaging (IM) activity, social
media profles, and browser usage.
• Educate your child about the potential dangers and pitfalls of
the Internet. Talk to him or her about online predators.
Discuss the possible implications of sharing personal or
inappropriate information, images, videos, etc., online.
• Keep the lines of communication open. Encourage your
child to come to you if he or she is bullied or harassed online
or approached in a manner that makes him or her
Scott Nelson is the president of Security & Risk Management Group, LLC (SRMG) in
Westlake Village, California, and an adjunct professor at the George Herbert Walker
School of Business & Technology (SBT) at Webster University. He was previously a U.S.
Marine Corps (USMC) ofcer; a senior executive in the Federal Bureau of Investiga-
tion (FBI); and the vice president of security for
both Warner Bros. Studios and Time War-
ner Inc. For more information, visit
www.srmg-link.com or contact him
directly at scottnelson@srmg-link.
com or 818-482-0540.
27 26
September North Ranch Living North Ranch Living September
Address Neighborhood List Price Sale Price Sold Date DOM Beds Baths SqFt
4659 Tam Oshanter Dr. Ben Johnson Fairway $842,000 $775,000 06/02/11 4 4 3 2,651
725 Cedar Point Pl. Braemar $899,000 $825,000 06/10/11 160 5 5 3,560
5557 Eagle Point Cir Braemar $895,000 $828,000 06/30/11 63 4 3 2,977
4864 Coyote Wells Cir Master Series $1,099,000 $967,500 07/27/11 299 4 3 3,346
5665 Brookmont Terrace Crescent Oaks $1,199,000 $1,100,000 07/15/11 87 5 3 3,330
5601 Hidden Glen Ct. Cresent Oaks $1,249,000 $1,200,000 06/30/11 94 5 3 3,330
1490 Falling Star Ave. Whitehawk $1,325,000 $1,295,000 06/23/11 35 5 4 3,924
1030 Deep Wood Dr. Custom $1,499,000 $1,358,000 07/06/11 137 4 4 4,016
1707 Schoolhouse Cir. Custom $1,499,000 $1,485,000 06/16/11 29 5 5 3,654
1564 Larkfield Ave. Custom $1,550,000 $1,535,000 07/26/11 54 5 4 4,510
5163 Lakeview Canyon Rd. Custom $1,999,000 $1,800,000 06/14/11 321 5 6 7,300
1327 Falling Star Ave. Custom $2,195,000 $2,025,000 07/08/11 37 5 6 5,620
3933 Cresthaven Dr. Custom $2,200,000 $2,150,000 07/01/11 55 5 5 5,118
900 Country Valley Rd. Country Club Estates $2,395,000 $2,195,000 07/28/11 216 5 6 6,078
4931 Summit View Dr. Country Club Estates $3,299,000 $2,675,000 06/08/11 150 5 7 6,606
3880 Brunston Ct. Custom $3,125,000 $2,706,000 06/29/11 80 4 6 7,090
1144 Candlecrest Dr. Country Club Estates $3,699,000 $3,400,000 07/12/11 108 5 6 7,130
3985 Brunston Ct. Custom $3,995,000 $3,600,000 07/22/11 33 6 8 8,113
3970 Brunston Ct. Custom $21,000,000 $19,200,000 07/04/11 700 6 15 24,995
Featured properties may not be listed by the office/agent presenting this brochure.
Source Multiple Listing Service. All information herein has not been verified and is not guaranteed.
Supplied by Tim Freund Dilbeck Estates * REO ** Short Sales
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Apple Picking Farms
Reaching into the fragrant, scraggly branches, tugging the apples free as the sun starts to burn of the chill…could there be a more per-
fect autumnal ritual? Even for those of us who grew up far from the countryside, the frst nip of crisp fall air and hint of color in the trees
seem to awaken some primal urge to harvest. And so we head to the felds and orchards to do what comes naturally: pick apples.
Americans’ newfound interest in all things local-food-related has been good news for growers and has, in turn, created even more var-
ied opportunities for would-be pickers. Some PYO orchards—such as Dwight Miller and Bear Swamp Orchard in Massachusetts—have
gone organic in recent years, allowing eco-conscious pickers and foodies alike to indulge in pesticide- and hormone-free apples. Other
orchards, like Jones Creek Farms in Washington, Weston’s Antique Apples in Wisconsin, and Minnesota’s Deardorf Orchards, grow heir-
loom and specialty apple varieties not easily found in stores.
Liberty ViewFarm, Clintondale, NY
Liberty View’s growers are devoted to
sustainable farming practices at their site
amid the breathtaking hills and dales
of the Hudson Valley. Te orchard is
Certifed Naturally Grown—a designa-
tion many smaller farms consider a more
transparent, less-expensive alternative to
organic certifcation.
What to Pick: Orchardist Billiam van
Roestenberg grows only Empire and
Cortland apples and makes sure the fruit
you pick is at its prime. He insists, for
example, that his Empires be picked only
after the frst frost—which converts the
apples’ starch to sugar and gives them a
shocking burst of sweetness.
Deardorf Orchards, Waconia, MN
Orchardist Lin Deardorf is a cold-
weather apple specialist. Te location of
his farm (in USDA Zone 4a) means that
each of his 4,000 apple trees must be able
to withstand temperatures of up to 35
degrees below zero. His nine hybrid vari-
eties were propagated by the University of
Michigan Horticultural Research Center
with that goal—plus tastiness—in mind.
What to Pick: Honeycrisps—crunchy,
sweet, and perfect for snacking—are
Deardorf’s most popular variety. Tis
year he’s also ofering PYO Sweet Tango
apples, a brand-new cross between Hon-
eycrisps and Zestars that’s ultra-juicy and
a mix of sweet and tart.
.Jones Creek Farms, Sedro Woolley, WA
Orchardist Les Price grows an incred-
ibly diverse crop in this “backyard region”
of Seattle—some 150 varieties on just
four acres. Price attributes his success to
equal parts curiosity (he once worked as an
experimental researcher at the University
of Washington’s School of Agriculture) and
generosity (he and his wife, Talea, insist that
visitors sample unusual apple varieties—
which they often then develop a taste for).
What to Pick: Among the best heirlooms
are the Sunrise—a cross between McIntosh
and Golden Delicious—and the Calville
Blanc d’Hiver, a 17th-century French vari-
ety that’s perfect for tarte aux pommes.
No matter where you end up, you’ll likely
fnd it well worth the trip just to be able
to eat an apple straight of the tree.
Article Source: www.travelandleisure.com
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September North Ranch Living North Ranch Living September
Send any calendar submissions 2 months in advance to
Thursday, Sept. 15
Handel and Fireworks
Where: Hollywood Bowl, 2301 North Highland Avenue, Holly-
wood, CA 90068
When: 8pm
Three fresh faces join the ebullient Nic McGegan for Beethoven’s
Triple Concerto. Brilliant freworks in the sky are aptly matched by
Handel’s exhilarating music.
For more information: 323-850-2000
Saturday, Sept. 17 & 18
Thousand Oaks Arts Festival
Where: Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza & The Lakes at Thousand
When: 10am-5pm
International wildlife artist, Wyland, is Honorary Chair and will be in
attendance on Saturday from 12-2 p.m. The 2-Day festival features
more than 60 local professional artists; continuous live perfor-
mances; children's hands-on art exhibits; FREE admission and park-
ing; wine tasting at THE LAKES & gourmet food trucks.
For more information: www.toartsfestival.com
Tuesday, Sept. 20
Opening Night Gala
Where: Walt Disney Concert Hall, 111 South Grand Avenue, Los
Angeles, CA 9001
When: 7pm
The Opening Night Gala features keyboard legend Herbie Hancock
who joins Gustavo Dudamel and the Los Angeles Philharmonic for
a high-spirited celebration of quintessential American composer
George Gershwin.
For more information: 323-850-2000
Saturday, Sept. 24
ConejoValley Quilters Presents: AGathering Under The Oaks
Quilt Show 2011
Where:  California Lutheran University, Gilbert Sports Arena
When: 10am-5pm
Over 200 traditional and contemporary quilts, guest artists Sylvia
Q. Davis and Rita Verroca, quilt auction on Saturday at 2 p.m., kids'
treasure hunt, vendor mall, Yurt quilt challenge, Hofman chal-
lenge, and more.
For more information: 805-818-0389
Friday, Sept. 30
BB King
Where: The Canyon Club, 28912 Roadside Drive, Agoura Hills, CA
When: 9am
Legendary music master BB King and his beloved guitar, Lucille,
take the stage for what promises to be a mind-boggling, blues-
rockin' event!
For more information: www.canyonclub.net
Monday, Oct. 10
Memoirs of a Geisha
Where: Grant R. Brimhall Library Community Room, 1401 E. Janss
Road, Thousand Oak
When: 1pm
This sweeping romantic epic explores the mysterious and exotic
world of the geisha. A young girl, sold to a geisha house, becomes
the most famous geisha in Japan.
For more information:  805-449-2660
Professionally Preserving Your Family's Memories
We help you organize all those old home
movies & photos and put them on DVD.
A one-of-a-kind keepsake for you
and your loved ones.
Before you lose
your family memories
archive them on DVD
818-601-9974 | www.plessnerdigital.com
VINTAGE VILLA 818-889-8647
OAKS FLORIST 818-991-5444
31 30
September North Ranch Living North Ranch Living September
north ranch
642 Li ndero Canyon Road, Oak Park, CA 91377
Designer Doggie Wear • Collars • Leashes • Beds • Pet Carriers • Strollers • Healthy Treats
Anesthesia-free teeth cleaning
spooktacular costumes in September
818-879 WOOF (9663)
spooktacular costumes in September

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