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CAREER OBJECTIVE As a young professional engineer in India, armed with technology, knowledge and love of my nation .I will work and sweat for a great vision, the vision of developed the company powered by economic strength and value system. EDUCATIONAL CREDENTIALS B.E in Electronics &communication Engineering from Thirumalai Engineering college, Kancheepuram, affiliated to ANNA UNIVERSITY, Chennai, in year 2010, with aggregate of 70%. Higher Secondary Education at Sri Sai Jr. College, Anantapur affiliated to Board of Intermediate Education, with a Percentage of 69% during 2004-2006. SSC in Zilla pharshad High School, Somandepalli, with a Percentage of 80.5% during 20032004. TECHNICAL EXPERTISE Languages Data Base Operating System : C, Embedded c . : MS-Access : Windows NT, Windows 7,Basic Linux.

Software tools Keil uversion 3.0 Keil Real View Development 4.0 High performance Embedded Workshop(HEW). Hardware tools Microcontroller (AT89C51) ARM-7(TDMI LPC2148) Basic RENESAS Controller (R8C 24/25). Programming tools Microcontroller AT 89C51 programming in(Keil IDE ) ARM Processors (LPC 2148) in (Keil IDE). Basic Real Time Operating System(Free RTOS). Sango (Renesas). Knowledge in Windows & Networking Environment Installation of all Operating Systems. Configuration of systems in a Local Area Networks Troubleshooting on System related Hardware issues.


RESPONSIBILITIES Ability to learn new technologies and adapt to a new environment. Self motivated with an ability to work independently as well as with the team. Update the technologies through Conferences, Analyzing Product catalogs, Insiders guides. PROJECT

Project Name : Embedded system based Web server using Arm processor. Role : Team Leader, Designer. In this solution we design an Embedded web server by using ARM processor as a case study which covers the major Peripherals study like Communication protocols, Tcp/ip, networking the pcs, configuring the networks and future enhancements like combination of both (n/w based +device based) Embedded system through sensor technology. EXPERIENCE (As a student) Role: As a project coordinator in college . In this period of time I work for our college as a project coordinator to updates my colleague projects to my superiors and play a role while selecting the projects, conducted the reviews, testing of projects. Through this I gain some knowledge of basic technologies in the field of Core Electronics. Role: As a student of Abe technologies. In this period of time I studied Embedded system design and also Iworked as a technician for designing the pcbs ,soldering ,testing and plays a role for designing the projects based on students requirements. PERSONAL PROFILE Fathers Name Address : : Mr. G.Chinnappa. G.R.Kartheek D/No 6-186(2b), Market road, Somandepallil, Anantapur(dist). 29-07-1989 (dd/mm/yyyy) male. Single. English, Tamil, and Telugu, Hindi. DECLARATION I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge. . Place: Date: Yours faithfully, (G.R.KARTHEEK) G.R.Kartheek

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