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In New Zealand every company is subject to a set of strict but easy to follow regulations and requirements regarding the maintenance of financial records and preparation of annual financial statements. It is essential that the company and its Board work in close unison with the accountant in order to ensure that the accounting records are up to standard. As your corporate accountants, we encourage you to provide the documents needed to prepare the companys financial statements and ensure compliance with New Zealand regulations. It is important that the documentation is comprehensive and up to date, offering a full view of the companys financial affairs. Documentation we require: Monthly bank statements. Must be provided at regular intervals, and no less than once per month. Monthly company credit card statements and cheque butts. Must be provided at regular intervals, and no less than once per month. All of the companys purchase agreements and sales contracts. Full set of documents, statements and agreements for all current loans, financial assistance, capital help, etc. Company Minutes, Director Resolutions, Shareholder Resolutions and Trustee Resolutions (if applicable). Full set of documents in regards to purchases of investments with a regularly updated summary of the Investment Portfolio(s). Must be provided at regular intervals, and no less than once per month. Full set documents in regards to all employees wages, salaries, bonuses, fringe benefits, etc., paid in the current period. Full set of supporting documents and statements for expenses made by the company for the current period. Summary and a full set of supporting documents for all out of pocket expenses made by the companys employees, management, etc, for the current period. Monthly summaries of all travel expenses (including accommodation, travel fare, meals, entertainment, etc.) with supporting documentation. Summary of all currently held immovable assets, and regularly updated summaries of immovable assets sold and purchased. An updated Asset Register, with full set of supporting registration documents and all applicable proof of ownership papers. Summary of gifts made and received during the current period, along with a full set of supporting documents.

All current and pending court orders and law enforcement orders that are relevant and applicable to the financial situation of the company. Summary and a full set of supporting documents for all payments made to shareholders, trustees and beneficiary owners. Any other documentation that is relevant or applicable to the financial standing of the company.

If you register a new company with us, please provide all the necessary documents as soon as they are available or relevant. If you are a new client and are ordering our services for an existing company, please arrange the transfer of all relevant documents (as listed above) from your previous accountant, lawyer, or agent. As the companys New Zealand tax agent and accountant, we need to be promptly informed of all changes to shareholdings, directorship, share allocation, the company registered address, the address for service, or address for communication. We do not review or audit the information provided, and will use it on an as presented basis. We recommend that all supporting documents are provided to us as originals, but at your own discretion you may choose to provide copies. We recommend that all documents be sent by a registered courier, but in some cases we can arrange internet uploading of scanned documents. As per our Code of Practice, we act strictly on the written instructions of the Directors, confirmed Ultimate Beneficial Owner, or any other persons authorized by them. Statutory requirements In line with the statutory requirements outlined in the Companies Act 1993, the Board of a company must ensure that the Company must keep the following documents at its registered office: the constitution of the company minutes of all meetings and resolutions of shareholders within the last 7 years an interests register minutes of all meetings and resolutions of directors and directors committees within the last 7 years certificates given by directors under this Act within the last 7 years the full names and addresses of the current directors: copies of all written communications to all shareholders or all holders of the same class of shares during the last 7 years, including annual reports made copies of all financial statements and group financial statements required for the last 7 completed accounting periods of the company: the accounting records for the current accounting period and for the last 7 completed accounting periods of the company: the share register.

The records of a company must be kept in written form or in a form or in a manner that allows the documents and information that comprise the records to be easily accessible and convertible into written form. The board must ensure that adequate measures exist to prevent the records being falsified and detect any falsification of them. If the board fails to comply, every director commits an offence and is liable on conviction to the penalty (s.190). Please note that as your corporate accountants we are neither able nor obliged to enforce any of the above requirements, and it is the sole responsibility of the Directors of the company to ensure the adequate fulfillment of all relevant regulations regarding accounting, taxation and all other statutory obligations.