I looked at my wristwatch. It was already half-past eleven.

Two hours had passed since I stood in front of the building. Earlier this morning ,I received a message on my mobile phone from an unknown sender. The message said, “I have something that might be important to you. Wait for me in front of Saujana Café if you want to know what it is. Come alone.” I did not know why I must believe the message and waited for the unknown sender. But, there was something in my mind that asked me to go. After tTwo hours of making up with my mind, I decided to step into Saujana Café, a quite well-known restaurant at Solido Building. I took a place at the corner of the café. It seemsed like not many people were there at thise time. A waiter who dressed in a fine suit came over and asked for my order. “A cup of coffee . No sugar please,” I said. “Make it two.” A voice came from behind my back. I turned my head and I saw a good looking and well-dressed man walkinged towards me. The waiter asked for if I wanted anything else and went back to do his job. “Hi. This must be Mr. Jason right?,” The man took a seat in front of me. I just nodded my head. I tried to recognize remember this man. I think I had never met him. “Anyway, I’m Ronald.” He greeted me nicewarmly. I can’tcould not stop looking at his face. I Ttryied to remember anysomething about him. After a few seconds, “What is the importancet thing that you wanted to tell me?,” I was being got so curious and got itwent straight to the point. Ronald looked so uncomfortable. Maybe Iit was maybe because of the hot weather outside. He took off his coat and loosened his necktie. I was waiting patiently for his reply. Ronald was about to tell me something when a waiter came and put two cups of coffee on the table. Ronald gulped down the coffee. “Firstly, I’m apologyize for being so late. I was caught in a traffic jammed on my way here. Okay, I will tell you why I want to meet you today.” Ronald picked up his briefcase. Like a private investigator, he took one of the documents from inside the briefcase and put it on the table. “I found this file document in a dustbin at Sunny Park. It seems like someone tried to dump it.” He then asked me to take a look onat the file document. I opened the file. My eyes caught something that familiar to me. That was my company file proposal for a construction contract project! It reminded me about something. Something that makde me have to give up on everything in my life. “ I saw your contact information ion the file so I decided to give it back to you. Come on dude, this proposal is awesome. Why did it happen to be end up in the dustbin?.” Ronald asked me. I took my coffee cup and gulped down a little coffee. Clearing my throat, I and started my story. “ I used to owned a construction company. I built up my company with my own abilityresources. For years, I managed to run my company successfully. My workers always dido the best job on a project. With thatFor this kind of success, many investors were interested to make investment in my company.” Ronald listened to my story carefully. “ I bet something bad had happened to your company right?” Ronald jumped to his own conclusion. I just smiled and continued my story. “Everything was fine uUntil one day, my company had to fight for a million- dollar project tender with the another construction company. Feeling Good Construction was a our competitor. They wanted to win the project tender badly but I’m was very confident with my company’s abilities and good work experience., wWe still got the stand a good chances to win over the tender.”

“Days and night, all of my workers worked very hard to prepare the proposal for the million dollar project. At last, we managed to prepare the proposal perfectly. As a Chief Executive Officer, I must present the proposal to the company that owned the project. That day comes. I was waiting for my secretary in the meeting room. She was the one who responsible to bring the proposal to me. After one hour waiting, my secretary did not appear. I tried to call her but there was no answer. When I asked the other staff, they said that she had left hours ago. I smell a rat there. I know something bad would happen. The presentation meeting was started and it ended without I’m presenting my project proposal.” Ronald suddenly said, “ You must had lost the contract don’t you.” Sighed and I replied “ Yes we had lost the contract. Back from the meeting, I was on rushed went to my office. I got a news from the other staff that my secretary had betrayed our company. It was because she had been paid to destroy my company by Feeling Good Construction. I can’t bring the matter to the court because we don’t have enough prove. After that day, I never saw her.” Ronald seems very interested to my story. I knew he can’t stop himself from listening my story to the end. As I expected, Ronald asked me again “ You said you have to give up your company. Why it happen to be like that. You just lost a project tender. It’s a common thing in construction business dude.” “Because of her betrayal, all of my company investor lost their trust on me. They decided to take back their investment. That’s why I have to close my company and….I left my wife. I don’ want my wife to face a hard life with me now.” I ended my story and finished up the coffee. “ What a sad story,” Ronald said. “ But…”he continued, “I like your proposal. What if I help you making up with your company?” I laughed. “Good jokes Mr.Ronald,” Ronald’s face changed to be serious. “I’m not joking Mr. Jason. I had read your proposal and I have to say that it is very impressive.” I stopped laughing and looked into Ronald’s eyes. He seems serious on his words. Ronald then stood up and said, “Let me introduce myself formally. I’m Ronald Rageant, The Chief Executive Officer of Basic Building Construction.” My jaws dropped. Basic Building Construction was a very well-known company. They have construction project all over the world. Was this a fate or just a coincidence? “If you accept my offer, I will immediately invest in your company and I want you to manage my new project with your brilliant fresh ideas.” Ronald asked for my agreement. . “This is the chance for me to built my company again and show my ability” I spoke to myself. “But Mr. Ronald,why did you asked me to come alone?” I asked Mr. Ronald curiously. Mr. Ronald laughed out loud and told me , “ I just want to make you wondering about our meeting.” I then also laughed. What a naughty joke! I was busy at his project site. The decision that I had took at Saujana Café 5 five months ago had changed everything in my life. I got my company back and also got project to be done. I called back all of my ex-workers to work with me again. Thank Ggod they still want to be with me. My mobile phone rang. “Hello buddy. Enough working. It’s lunch time now. I’ll treat you this time.” I hang up the phone. It was Ronald. He’s my best buddy now. We always had discussion about projects that we ran. He always gave me chance to present my idea. Ronald was also the one that who arranged for make me to get back together again with my wife. He helped me a lot into persuadinge my wife to return to me. And for this after that time, I’d promised

myself that if anything else that gonna happened after this that, I would never give up easily and I will’ll fight for themy rights. Good plot. Very creative. Main problem areas: • Grammar – tense (past tense forms) • Phrasal verbs • Vocabulary (quite good and at most times, suitable but it would be better if you have a bit more high-level words) Good luck for your finals!

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