"Those of the Center, with their mystical bird Quetzal, unite the Eagle of the North with the Condor of the South; we will meet because we are one, like fingers of the hand." - Mayan saying

We are a simulacrum of God. God being the greater universe, encompassing both spirit and matter. We are encapsulated in our own personal universes through the illusions of the ego. From a subjective point of view the universe is made up of multidimentional holograms of experiences; not of atoms, quarks, or would be Higgs bosons in Hadron Colliders. Things and events substantiates our experiences, making these experiences real. Outside our minds, these causative elements did not exist, or are mere potentialities, therefore, not real. What goes on in our consciousness, within the interface, are our experiences, our truth, our reality. Our individual realities are peculiar to us, and uniqueness is the basis out of which we identify with ourselves. We then identify with our family, circle of friends, immediate community, religion, organization, and nationality. And now, we are stuck; two steps short - to identify with the human family and with the One, the Source, the Divine - this is the Problem of Reality. Reality unfolds in a flux of evolutionary cycles where everything is learning. In infancy, all things grows out of the Source and in the ripeness of maturity goes back to that Source. In the dynamic cycle of the spirit of consciousness everything is set in endless stages of birth maturity - rebirth; nothing is destroyed, there are only transformations - this is the natural order of all things.

The present human condition is symptomatic of the perversion of the natural order. Stunted spiritual growth stands in the way in the convergence of the human family under the common reality of Divine consciousness. Humanity is at risk of further atrophy and digression to the point of extinction should the present conditions persist. The problem of reality is the problem of self-responsibility and accountability. Energy is shared among the classes in the hierarchy; it flows both ways in a cycle, cascading in downward and upward motion. The upper down to the lower strata mirror each other such that any condition of a particular class is reflected into the the whole("as above so below, as below so above.."). Self-responsibility and accountabilty is called for in all levels although the uppermost bears the greatest because it is where energy and volition is concentrated. Notice how the masses relinquished thier power by denying this and how its leaders did the same - that explains it. There has been an undesirable breach between individuals and classes which is instigated by greed, which in turn is instigated by a paranoia concerning security and survival. This is a basic conflict humanity have never grown out of. Within the virtual environment of Spiritual Enlightenment this is easily resolved by the loving acts of giving and sharing. If the hierarchy is to heal, then these loving acts has to start somewhere - You, we, and see how this affects the whole. As simple as that can be rendered impractical if certain conditions are not met. Expedient to that, we have to lay down the groundwork where we can resonate with the rest of humanity and ultimately to the Source. Therefore, we have to unlearn a lot of things and transcend beyond what we now. How? - by asking these questions: Is our kind of media enriching the quality of our consciousness? If it subverts us morally, psychologically, and spiritually by sensationalizing violence, shallow entertainment, disinformations, and all, then we stay out of it. It does'nt take much fantasy to know precisely what's going to happen to the collective consciousness of a society fed with overwhelming trash of immorality, brutality, corruption, violence, prejudice, and pride. The fact is that most of it is business and the ones who benefit are a few people without moral considerations of our well-beings other than providing us the pill to our detriment and earn

the big bucks and control. Does our religion instilled in us the qualities of a healthy consciousness and taught us to be tolerant with the others? If it moulded us into bellicose bigots(learn about Religious Wars; The St. Bartolomew's Day Massacre), then we we have let go of it, it will do us no good. In passing, It is not difficult to spot religious organizations that are a power and money spinner for crooks. Whereas religious leaders ought to live in self-sacrifice and humility, there they are, living in luxury and pride.(Are they still out there living in palaces and mansions eating good food while millions of people are sick and starving?) Did our education stunted our evolution of self-actualization and enlightenment? If so, we transcend beyond it by acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to reach that goal. The medias, religions, and learning institutions are agencies of social and cultural engineering. Utmost responsibility must be exercised by the people behind these institutions in order to produce excellent outputs. These are the critical psychosocial factories - we get sucked into the production lines, processed, where we came out as new products. The pots resembles the skillful intentions of the potters, and judging by the pots, we cannot help but feeling a tinge of dubiousness on the merits they uphold. To sharpen our awareness of the pernicious operations that might have been employed on us by these factories, we may hear it from a professional; particularly Before anything, I would like to uncover a psychosocial engineering agency where its insidiousness escaped us - competitions. At first glance this seem normal as we had been used to it; we had been reared to compete since childhood and we grew up in a society where the fundamental framework of activities is based primarily on competitions. The games in sports for example has shortcomings, and to a large degree, does'nt live up to what it is supposed to accomplish. Whereas it ought to foster brotherhood and goodwill among the players and even the nations they represents in larger scales, it evidently became a pretext to sowing prejudice and pride - An environment non-conducive to a healthy conciousness. Prejudice is destructive; history can attest to that, and pride is a pseudofeeling; a pill palatable only to a neurotic society.

In a not so distant future when consciousness shall have been restored, competition is history, and a pacified humanity shall reach for the stars in the spirit of cooperation. Knowing quite well of the subverting factors that robbed us of your evolutionary privilage as human beings, it is imperative that we need to unlearn our perverted conditioning. Unlearning had to commence with the health of the conscious mind by shunning the negative, objective, inputs of the media, religious dogmas, and the educational institutions. These had to be furthered with an intensive unlearning of the pernicious conditioning in our subconscious minds. Our inner, subjective universes, is where we started to differentiate with each other. Subjectivity of experience leads us to define our realities idiosyncratically through filters of biases brought about by the conditioning factors of the subconscious - belief systems maintained by cultural and religious norms and decorum, cliché or family values; education, evolution, etc., or, to sum it up, the aggregate experience – the intrinsic separate consciousness of each individual. Effective unlearning can be achieved by non other than the methodology of meditations. Within deep meditative states each and every individual can resonate with the human family within a realm of commonality; a profound unified field of energy vibrating with love, joy, peace, and a metafeeling of security out of a metaexperience of Oneness. Here we discover that in the deeper levels of our beings we share the same basic attributes - that we're not so different with each other after all. Regular meditations effectively wipes the subconscious mind's slate of perversive conditionings and you wake up everyday having a complete reversion of the way you percieve the world; It is a superconscious state that obliterates all devides and categories such that perception becomes a homogenous experience. Achieving this capacity you transform into what we may call a Universal Man - a man without borders, psychologically and spiritually. Whereas in conscious levels we see ourselves separate from the rest of humanity, in the deepest levels of consciousness we are one; being that the unconscious mind, or the genetic mind, is the repository of all humanity.

Finally, in meditation, reeducation is secure because the basis out of which we formulate our philosophy is the fundamental reality - the Truth; something that cannot be corrupted by any external agency. Indeed, the Truth; the common Reality shall set us free. Citing these matters at hand, by virtue of this understanding, therefore, we gain stunning revelations. Something that will have immensely profound impact on the potential of human consciousness with regard to his present conditions, that which, if directed properly, would lead to world-changing implications.

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