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UXLabs Certified Information Architect (UCIA) Summary

UXLabs Certified Information Architect is a complete IA training and certification program. Professionals who are interested in Information Architecture certification to kick-of their career or enhance their existing skills can apply for this training. If you are a professional already working on the Information Architect front and want to enhance your career move with a UCIA certification, then you are at the right place.

Training Overview
The course will introduce students to the core principles, process and methodologies of Information Architecture including conducting user research, content assessment and organization, documenting technical processes within systems, defining organizational structures, and developing interactive prototypes. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to design organizational systems that facilitate efficient retrieval of information.

Upon satisfactory completion of the course, students will be able to: Identify what information architecture is and how it relates to other user experience disciplines Define core IA theories and principles and their context of use- classification, categorization, navigation, labeling and metadata Define and implement core IA techniques and methodology - content analysis, ethnographic research, user research, persona, card sorting and more Identify various IA patterns and when to use them - structures for different types of sites Information Architecture ethics IA best practices Identify and provide key IA deliverables Work on various IA tools and templates Understand present Information Architecture challenges Understand Enterprise Information Architecture and its challenges Implement Enterprise Information Architecture methodologies Align IA with other enterprise architectures

We follow a very interactive approach for all our trainings with examples, practical and lab based exercises. We use the following aids for training Presentations Audio Video

Flash Cards

For assessment purpose, quiz, multiple choice and true & false questions will be used throughout each module.

Training Delivery Mode

We provide various modes of training for the flexibility of the candidates Lab based Training Online Training Onsite Training Scheduled Training and Workshops

Cost and Registration

Please contact us at for information on pricing and registration details

Training Giveaway
Handout/Materials Certificate (Printed) - On successfully passing the examination Access to our learning management system(LMS) which includes access to: Lecture notes Lecture slides Lecture videos Information Architecture Book Templates and forms Required Softwares Test Material A student exercise book Information Architect resources and glossary booklet CD with training material