Supporting locally owned and independent businesses in improving their environmental business practices, reducing their carbon footprint

, and saving money.
A Program of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston

Sustainable Business Leader Program Overview
Launched in 2008 in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and the Boston Redevelopment Authority, the Sustainable Business Leader Program (SBLP) is a practical and a ordable certi cation program that helps businesses “green” their business operations and practices while saving valuable natural resources and money! Through personalized technical assistance and guidance, the SBLP helps business owners and sta identify areas for environmentally sustainable change, connects them to information and resources to help them do so, and provides them with hands-on support throughout the process to make “going green” easy, rewarding, and fun! Businesses who successfully complete the program become certi ed as Sustainable Business Leaders and are widely recognized for their achievements and commitment to environmental sustainability.

The Sustainable Business Leader Program takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability, covering seven key categories:
Energy E ciency Water Conservation Waste Management Pollution Prevention & Safe Alternatives Transportation Local Purchasing & Local Food Sustainability Management

What is good for the planet is now good for business too! The Sustainable Business Leader Program helps busy business owners identify environmental changes & connect to cost e ective solutions.

SBLP showed us the right, organized way to go about greening the store. Having a systematic way to do it saved us time and money. We're already seeing savings with our energy bills and supply orders!
Megan Sullivan Harvard Bookstore

How Do I Become a Sustainable Business Leader?
Contact us! Send us an e-mail at and we’ll set up a time to talk with you about the program and address any questions you may have.

Coordinator in understanding the businesses current operations and areas for improvement. STEP 2 Initial Site Visit. After the assessment is completed, the SBLP Coordinator will schedule a meeting with the business to review the form in detail and answer any and all questions. In addition, the Coordinator will conduct a thorough walk-through of the business space, verifying measures listed in the form and taking additional notes to inform the recommendations. STEP 3 Recommendations & Green Team Meeting. Based on the Sustainability Assessment Form and site visit, the SBLP Coordinator will create a list of recommendations and associated resources for the business to consider. The SBLP Coordinator will then schedule a meeting to review the recommendations in detail and address any questions or concerns. Businesses are encouraged to engage sta members in the development and implementation of the SBLP. STEP 4 Develop a Sustainability Action Plan. The business will use the recommendations provided by the SBLP Coordinator to collaboratively develop a Sustainability Action Plan.

STEP 5 Implementation and Ongoing Assistance. The participating company implements the Sustainability Action Plan, working closely with the SBLP Coordinator who provides guidance and support throughout the process. STEP 6 Sustainable Business Leader Program Certi cation. To be certi ed by the SBLP, a company must meet speci c and quantitative criteria. When a company nishes implementing its Sustainability Action Plan, the SBLP Committee will evaluate and measure the results of the work completed. If 80% or more of the Action Plan has been achieved, the participating business will be certi ed as a Sustainable Business Leader and will be recognized at the SBLP graduation ceremony. At this time the business will be issued a certi cate of graduation, a window decal, and a logo for use on their website and in printed promotional materials. The newly certi ed business will then receive from the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston and the SBLP the bene t of multiple methods of promoting its good work to the public, local government agencies, and fellow businesses!

Tell me more… SBLP’s 6-Steps to Certi cation
The Sustainable Business Leader Program follows a comprehensive six-step process, detailed below. While these steps are standardized and undertaken by every company, the recommendations generated and action plan developed are customized to the needs and situation of each speci c business. Each business is assigned a dedicated SBLP Coordinator to lead them through the program process and provide guidance and support. STEP 1 Complete the Sustainability Assessment Form. The Sustainability Assessment Form is a questionnaire that covers SBLP’s seven key sustainability categories and assists the SBLP

Bene ts of Being a Sustainable Business Leader
The Sustainable Business Leader Program assists participating businesses in reducing their environmental impact and has the following bene ts: Reduce your carbon footprint Save money by reducing energy, water and waste Connect with incentive programs and local green vendors Develop a competitive advantage through enhanced business image Receive public relations bene ts from SBLP graduation and certi cation including recognition for pioneering e orts by City o cials and acknowledgement through SBLP social media platforms Receive 1-year complimentary membership to the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston ($125-$500 value!) and member discounts to all SBN events Get featured as a Sustainable Business Leader on SBN’s Local Green Business Directory and listed on SBLP’s website Access ongoing support and education on sustainable business practices Network with other SBLP participants and graduates Generate a sense of pride and camaraderie among sta

The Sustainable Business Leader Program is a program of the Sustainable Business Network (SBN) of Greater Boston, a local not-for-pro t organization with the mission to build economies that are local, green, and fair. SBN gratefully acknowledges the support of its SBLP partners: Absolute Green Energy ACCION USA Arrow Paper Company Barr Foundation Boston Public Health Commission, Safe Shops & Safe Nail Salon Project Boston Redevelopment Authority Cambridge Energy Alliance Cambridge Local First City of Boston Environment Department LittleFoot Energy MassDEP New Generation Energy SoChange Somerville Local First ThinkLite Worcester SBLP

For more information about SBN, SBN programming, and SBN membership, visit: SBN is a member of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE):


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