We have purposefully compressed 18 months of course work into a fast-paced. As part of this cohort. Our successful candidates will make a difference in the world and are not afraid to push themselves to their highest potential. It will require passion. 2 . commitment and hard work on your part. you will pull your own weight while bringing out the best in others. You invest a year — and reap the rewards for the rest of your life. They recognize that leveraging the various strengths of their team is a crucial part of leadership. so you can return to the workplace as quickly as possible.What are you capable of? The answer is here. 12-month program. We’re looking for a special group of people chosen for their sharp minds and diverse backgrounds. a full year ahead of a traditional two-year MBA. but also understand that no one succeeds on their own.

and corporate responsibility. . provides a foundation in business management balanced by an understanding of ethics. projects and individual research. it’s one that will give you a timely return on your investment by launching your career sooner. finish classes in August. projects. skills and personality. This new kind of MBA. The program immerses you in relevant. Choose to apply what you’ve learned to specific industries or regions through your assignments. a rare value for an MBA today. This MBA was developed to satisfy the needs of a changing world. In addition.You were not born to be a spectator. your life. sustainability.000.000. books and materials will be approximately $2. If you are not sure what to focus on. Even the semester break represents an opportunity to learn. one designed for students whose first degree is in a discipline other than Business. and doing it your own way. and the optional field study trip is estimated to be about $3. This program is unlike anything else available. It’s graduate business education for a new generation. the course work is an excellent time to investigate several options and determine what best suits your interests. You’ll start in September.000. So how much is it going to cost you? Tuition is priced competitively at $27. assignments and study. A total conditioning program. While this is no small expenditure. You have unique interests. and then complete an internship of two to eight months. and this is about your career. It requires a serious commitment. five days per week. You’ll attend class 14 – 16 hours each week. thought provoking subject matter. Actual trip costs will be confirmed as the location and details are confirmed. Plan to commit double that time — an additional 30 hours per week — for reading.

industries or regions in your individual assignments. It’s a new kind of thinking of the world.The Program Build a solid foundation. After 12 months of academic classes. and alternate methods of coming up with answers. 4 . by focusing on specific areas. An optional field study trip exposes you to the cultural differences and challenges of working in an era when businesses span borders. Prepare for a transformation. and a new way of preparing yourself for your next step. But this MBA lets you customize your studies to your own interests and goals. assignments and experiences are melded into a changed perspective. a different set of questions. You’ll explore the entrepreneurial mindset in a new ventures course. Small class sizes and classrooms equipped with multimedia technology enhance the learning experience.to eight-month paid internship. and demonstrate your understanding by completing a capstone strategic management course. Start a journey of exploration. you will put your skills to work in a two. It’s about how your lectures. students progress through the program as a cohort. Education is about more than what happens in the classroom. Discover the role your new skills play in business and the world. The core curriculum immerses you in all aspects of business management. readings.

" Lawrence. I gained a valuable understanding of each business function and how they all work together to implement the organization's overall strategy. lacking the transferable skills needed to accomplish my career goals. However." Andrew. MBA Class of 2009 Spring Semester Ethical Decision Making Finance Managing Information Emerging Markets Negotiation & Conflict Resolution Cross-Cultural Management International Field Study Trip "The SFU MBA program was modern. MBA Class of 2008 Summer Semester Sustainability New Ventures Operations Management Strategic Management "My undergraduate degree is in Psych and Political Science. It gave me the business skillset to refine my technology concept.Fall Semester Marketing Managerial Economics Leadership & Teamwork Accounting Data & Decisions "The MBA was a challenging but rewarding experience. 'hands on' and flexible for an aspiring entrepreneur such as myself. BSc. The challenge resulted from the combination of the diverse range of subjects and large amount of material covered in a short time. BEng(ME). I used to think as an engineer and now I think as a business person!" Wahiba. BA. as well as credibility and confidence to pursue it in the real world. I now have the knowledge and confidence to leverage my past experience with my new skill-set to make an immediate impact in all future career endeavors. I entered the MBA program with minimal business experience. MBA Class of 2009 Fall Semester Internship 5 . BInfTech.

500 to $4.Make a difference in your career. you’ll be in a position to start immediately. You apply classroom theory to real situations. 6 . practicing the knowledge you’ve acquired and testing your problem-solving abilities. If you receive an offer of full time employment. act and implement. Internships usually range from two to eight months and typically you’ll be compensated at market rates. and an internship is a great way to demonstrate your ability to think. Expect about $2. Internships are at the end of the 12 month program. Students will have access to the Career Management Centre resources to help secure an internship.000 per month on average. when course work is finished. The InTernShIP Experience is essential.

Career management is built into the framework of this MBA. assess and capitalize on new opportunities.. an integral component of your training. Later.. we’ll show you how to map out future possibilities.” Andrew rae SFU MBA 1997 7 . and as a director of Liponex. You’ll have access to extensive research data about industries. You’ll have to earn your way there but the MBA prepares you to climb higher. build a professional resume. businesses and positions along with self-assessment tools to uncover your strengths. My undergraduate degree was in Biology and the History of Medicine. Initially. Our goal is to provide you with the research. tap into the hidden job market. This is a path I could not have predicted. not an afterthought. What you learn in these 12 months will sustain you throughout your career. The MBA program gave me core skills in all areas of business. In workshops. our dedicated career management professionals can help you create a plan. You’ll meet with the Career Management staff in your first week. I now serve as President and CEO of iCo Therapeutics Inc. I was interested in Management. a TSE-listed Biotechnology firm. then a brief tenure at a venture capital firm focusing on the biotech industry. and through personalized coaching. “I studied my MBA at SFU in the mid-90’s. We’ll help you direct that passion toward the career you deserve. But it’s a path that was enabled by the broad training I received in the SFU MBA program. classes. The MBA is a key that unlocks doors to business but it is not an elevator that takes you straight to the executive suite. faster. and throughout the year. resources and skills you’ll need to prepare for your internship and your first position. improve your interview skills and learn how to negotiate a better salary. allowing you to generate. You have the passion to succeed.Make a difference in your life. CAreer MAnAGeMenT CenTre Manage your career. But I found a job as a biotechnology equities analyst at an investment bank. I became Vice President of Finance for a biotech firm here in Vancouver and have been an executive at three Biotechnology companies in total — the second sold to a billion dollar NASDAQ-listed firm. Inc. Whether you have a clear goal or a general idea about a career direction.

Developments that enable organizations to reduce their firms’ negative environmental and social impacts while increasing profits and competitive advantage will be discussed. financial markets. 8 . Managing Information Introduces students to the theories and practices concerning the management and application of Information Technology (IT) in organizations. The use of accounting information for managerial decisions. The importance of economic models and quantitative applications will be explained. negotiation & Conflict resolution Students will learn about interest-based negotiation and conflict resolution theory. persuading. Data & Decisions The use of quantitative or statistical techniques in marketing research and managerial decision making. channel selection and product planning to marketing decisions. strategize and plan for various negotiations and conflict situations and be able to put into practice a practical. negotiating and managing conflict will be refined. Skills in analyzing complex situations in a holistic manner will be reinforced through the use of case studies. Students will also learn about management systems and initiatives for improving the environmental and social performance of organizations and the business system as a whole. ethical Decision Making An examination and review of contemporary thinking on the changing role of business and business persons in the operations of society. The strategic considerations of marketing management and its impact on the firm will be discussed. dividend and financial policy. capital expenditures. and regulatory environments of business. cost and productivity analysis and firm strategy. efficient. and the analysis of risk. emerging Markets Focuses on managerial challenges facing firms that operate.The Curriculum Marketing An introduction to the application of pricing. promotion. or intend to operate. in emerging markets in China. It explores ways in which these challenges refer to interfaces between firms and elements in their internal and external environments. Sustainability Students will explore how businesses are realigning or reinventing toward more sustainable business models. uncertainty and information. Concepts and principles in financial accounting from a user perspective. Topics include demand. ethical. coaching. Explore the changing legal. Skills such as leadership. Eastern Europe and Brazil. and productive process for negotiating agreements and resolving conflict. India. Managerial economics Applications of economic theory to business problems. Emphasis will be placed on the management of people and groups in international organizations. Accounting The analysis of financial statements and their role in organizational life. Finance An overview of investment and financing decisions of the firm. Cross-Cultural Management Exposure to the dilemmas and opportunities that arise within international and multicultural work environments needed when dealing with a global business environment. team building. including valuation. Technical aspects of information technology will be discussed. Leadership & Teamwork Provides students with personalized feedback and coaching on interpersonal skills.

with a challenging amount of work to be done. Students will explore the management of operating systems. time and information performance. Operations Management Students will examine the processes and methods that enable organizations to achieve better productivity.new Ventures Teaches students the basic skills of venturing— how to translate an entrepreneurial vision into action. The course also provides an opportunity for participants to explore their personal situation and assess the desirability of an entrepreneurial career. It really taught me a lot about how to prioritize. Strategic Management focuses on the development and implementation of organizational-level strategies. MBA Class of 2008 9 . quality. how to manage what’s on my ‘to do’ list and how important it is to keep everything in balance.” Judy. Strategic Management A capstone course that integrates material learned in the program's more micro-focused courses. “It’s a very demanding program.

a private consulting and investment firm focused on the IT. PhD (Queen's) Associate Professor. McCarthy is the Canada Research Chair in Management of Technology at SFU. modeling decision-making in new product development. Management and Organization Studies. Entrepreneurship MIChAeL PArenT. Hand is President of Northwest Strategies. Pitt is an internationally renowned marketing expert. He teaches Leadership and Teamwork.” He teaches Ethical Decision Making. PhD (Alberta) Professor. He teaches Financial and Managerial Accounting. MBA (SFU) Adjunct Professor. Management and Organization Studies Dr. His work considers technology and operations management issues such as managing operational complexity. LeYLAnD PITT. He teaches Managing Information and Strategic Management. Parent comes to academia from more than 10 years in the high technology industry. He teaches New Ventures. the world’s largest academic marketing association. numerous grants and research funds and was PricewaterhouseCooper’s 2004 “Leader in Management Education.” His research focuses on the marketingtechnology interface. PhD (York) IAn P. Management and Organization Studies CrAIG eMBY. Professor Emby’s research interests focus on audit judgment and audit decision making. He has taught on five continents and has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals. They are top researchers with extensive teaching experience. WeXLer. Bushe is an internationally recognized scholar in organizational development. and classifying drug discovery strategies. This world-class group has won numerous teaching awards and is recognized internationally for strengths in a range of disciplines. he has also received several grant awards including a three-year SSHRC “Initiative on the New Economy” grant to examine the process firms use to make decisions about adopting technology infrastructure. Management Information Systems Dr. He teaches Marketing. He has been awarded eight teaching awards. Business Ethics. An award-winning teacher. His work appears in over 110 refereed journals and he is the author of four books. IAn hAnD. Accounting DAVID hAnnAh. Professor. He has extensive experience in venture capital. Wexler is President of the Perimeter Group of Consultants and Trainers. BUShe. and the interaction between marketing and information systems. Assistant Professor. Hannah’s research focuses on employee behaviour and leadership that goes against organizational rules and policies. communications. His research examines organizational change and learning. teams and team building. Marketing MArK n. 10 . the Academy of Marketing Science. He is an active consultant to business and contributes to editorial boards in his field. leadership development. business planning.Award-Winning Faculty The faculty will challenge you while offering support and stability. GerVASe r. PhD (Texas) Dr. He teaches Negotiation and Conflict Resolution. Dr. Technology & Operations Management Dr. and many consult to organizations around the world. healthcare and industrial sectors. PhD (Pretoria) Professor. PhD (Sheffield) Associate Professor. PhD (Case Western reserve) Professor. He has published in numerous books and journals and was the recipient of the 2005 TD Canada Trust Distinguished Teaching Award. mass customization. Mr. He teaches Operations Management. recipient of the TD Canada Trust Distinguished Teaching Award. and Strategy Dr. named him “Outstanding Marketing Teacher. media. MCCArThY. development and corporate finance. In 2002. and he has authored or co-authored articles in numerous accounting and auditing journals.

Mr. He has extensive teaching experience in financial analysis and planning. PhD (Western) Associate Professor. PhD (haskayne) Assistant Professor. she co-authored the book CEO of Me. She teaches Sustainability. and he is also investigating the consequences of privatizing the Canadian National Railway. Dr. and international organizational theory. operations. DAVID C. He teaches Data and Decisions. Dr. He is the author of numerous books and journal articles on cross-cultural interactions in organizational settings.T. a leadership development company.) Associate Professor. Sustainability Dr. Strategy Sessional Instructor. PhD (M. PhD 11 . direct investment flows and options pricing methods for the Bank of Canada. and has published in Industrial Relations and Human Relations journals. and the Journal of Management. Management and Organization Studies MArK A. Thomas serves as Academic Director of the PhD Program. Data & Decisions Dr.Be inspired by business' best minds and biggest thinkers. Lautsch’s research focuses on the human aspects of work. employment relationships. MBA (SFU) neIL ABrAMSOn. Carolina) Professor. PhD (Columbia) Senior Lecturer. and resilience and reliability. He teaches Emerging Markets. Southeast Asia and the US. He teaches Cross-Cultural Management. In 2008. Thomas. He is currently the Associate Editor of the Journal of Cross-Cultural Management and serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of World Business. DAVID GIBBOnS. David C. Bertels’ research interests focuses on innovations related to sustainability. Moore has conducted research on monetary policy. She teaches Negotiation and Conflict Resolution.I. Dr. cross-cultural management and decision making. PhD (S. Lautsch has received teaching and research honour roll acknowledgement for her work. International Management STePhAnIe BerTeLS. Abramson’s research and specialization interests include strategies for international business. institutional change. doing business in China. business statistics and strategic decisionmaking. His current research is on further analysis of the softwood lumber dispute. PhD Mark Wexler. inter-organizational collaboration. BrenDA LAUTSCh. MOOre. Economics Dr. He teaches Managerial Economics. ThOMAS. Her current research bridges organization theory and the issues surrounding sustainable development to explore how organizations can develop and implement innovative strategies for a more sustainable future. alternative dispute resolution and the effects of flexible work arrangements. Gibbons is the Director of Business Development at The Refinery Leadership Parnters. international portfolios.

Its Pacific Rim location ideally positions Vancouver to serve as the connection point to and from the world’s emerging economic powers. new technology and sustainable systems. Playing host to the 2010 Winter Olympics revealed Vancouver’s beauty and prosperity to the world. 12 . Vancouver is developing a reputation for its fresh perspective on business. British Columbia Consistently ranked as the best place in the world to live.Vancouver. More than just a desirable place to live and work. The city is fast becoming a hot spot for innovative thinking.

13 . Seabus Terminal. Coffee shops and food outlets in the surrounding five-block radius are too numerous to count. Access to Pacific Centre shopping is steps away. and Vancouver’s new Canada Line is only a half block away. the Segal Graduate School is easily accessible from all parts of the Lower Mainland: just two blocks from the SkyTrain.Segal Graduate School easily Accessible. Centrally Located. nightclubs and theatres are also in the immediate neighbourhood. buses stop right outside the building. and fine dining. Richmond and the Vancouver International Airport. distinctive programs and a heritage of innovation in progressive education • Accreditation by the two leading governing bodies for management education in North America (AACSB) and Europe (EQUIS) places SFU’s Beedie School of Business among the top business schools in the world • SFU launched Canada’s first Executive MBA in 1968 and continues to lead the development of distinctive graduate business programs today. Downtown Vancouver Located in the heart of Vancouver’s business district at the corner of Granville & Pender Streets. Why SFU? • One of Canada’s leading universities • An international reputation for academic rigor. a fitting location for SFU’s graduate business programs. The award-winning heritage building that is home to the Segal Graduate School was donated by philanthropist Joseph Segal and his family in 2005. Extensive renovations created a magnificent yet contemporary learning environment within the walls of this 1923 heritage bank building. excellence in research. providing rapid transit to central and south Vancouver. and the WestCoast Express.

Malaysia.000 additional for textbooks.MBA at a Glance What This MBA program provides a foundation in business theory and practice and adds relevant courses in ethics.000.5 or better will have their GMAT requirement waived. consider taking the online GDBA program. France. Kinesiology.000. Australia. and final application deadline is April 1. at which time you’ll do an internship for two to eight months. Science Average GMAT: 620 Average age: Women: Average work experience: Countries represented: 27 50% 3. Turkey. Indonesia. U. Students who successfully complete the GDBA and are accepted into the MBA (subject to grades. Sweden. Scholarships Entrance scholarships are available and will be awarded competitively to students with high academic performance. sustainability. Where All classes take place at the Segal Graduate School. Tuition Tuition is competitively priced at $27. Algeria. Allow approximately $2. Ecuador When Start in September and enter an intensive accelerated full-time program. Saudi Arabia. Psychology. Slovenia. for September start. Sports Management. and new ventures.. Engineering. located at 500 Granville Street in the heart of Vancouver’s business district. China.K. Course work is completed by the following August. Greece. 14 . negotiations. Physics. part-time. India. course materials and student fees. Music. Germany. An optional international field study trip is estimated at approximately $3. USA. The COMPAnY YOU'LL KeeP Degrees held: Arts. Communication. experience and GMAT qualifications) may complete the MBA in two semesters. Taiwan. It provides graduate level courses in core business fundamentals. Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (GDBA) If you’re unsure about an MBA.5 years Canada. Political Science. English. Who Individuals with undergraduate degrees in areas other than business and two or more years of work experience. Early application deadline for priority consideration is February 15. Iran. Those with a GPA of 3. Classroom learning is complemented with experience in the workplace by means of an internship at the end of the academic program. Pakistan. We encourage you to apply early as this year’s program had a waiting list of candidates. Archeology. or don’t quite meet the qualifications. and can be completed in as little as 8 months. Mathematics. Russia. Economics.

ca/mba/apply In addition to applying online. 600 GMAT or higher TOEFL 100 IELTS 8 GMAT english Profeciency how to Apply Apply online at: beedie. (Exceptional candidates with fewer than two experience years of experience may be considered when they have demonstrated excellent community service and leadership skills. you will be required to submit the following: • GMAT score report from the Educational Testing Service • official transcripts of credit courses from all post-secondary institutions attended • three letters of reference from professors.3 GPA Professional experience 3.0 cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is acceptable.ca/mba/apply Maturity and Fit Applicants’ readiness to succeed in the program will be assessed by means of a face-to-face interview. must complete a standardized English test with a minimum of: • TOEFL 88 (minimum of 20 in each category) • IELTS with a 7.0 (B) or better is required. An undergraduate degree and the graduate diploma in business administration (GDBA) with a minimum 3.5 years of work Two or more years of full-time work experience.reADY TO APPLY? entry Qualifications Criteria Academic Achievement Application requirements Detailed application guidelines are available at: beedie. and written submissions.sfu. Competitive B+ or 76% or 3.sfu.) Minimum 550 Applicants whose primary language is not English.sfu. as well as a review of professional and personal experience. supervisors or colleagues • a complete resume showing education. extracurricular and volunteer activities. employment. 15 . volunteer activities and other relevant information • TOEFL or IELTS where applicable • self-evaluation providing educational objectives and personal goals Want to know if your education and background are a fit for the MBA you are interested in? Fill in the form at beedie. Minimum requirements A Bachelor's degree or recognized equivalent in a non-business field from a recognized University.ca/assessment and we’ll get back to you within 10 days with feedback. or whose previous education was conducted in another language.0 overall band score. A GPA of 3.

ca/mba For the most current program information.782.3552 778.MASTer OF BUSIneSS ADMInISTrATIOn Beedie School of Business Simon Fraser University Segal Graduate School 500 Granville Street Vancouver. Canada V6C 1W6 Tel Fax E-mail 778. MBA0311 . Beedie School of Business is signatory to the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME).782. Only 50 business schools worldwide carry both EQUIS and AACSB accreditation. beedie.5153 mba@sfu.sfu. BC. please check our website.ca SFU’s Beedie School of Business is accredited by both AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System).

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