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Cult of Cthulhu Oath

As I walk into the moonless night, I shall do what benefits the Old Ones and Their spawn; whatever is fruitful, righteous, and pleasurable is the way. As I bow before the green onyx altar, I shall respect and honor the Cult of Cthulhu along with its members and vision. As I grow stronger, so does the Cult. As the Cult grows stronger, so do I. As I Awaken from my fitful slumber, I summon the Ancient Things from the blackest abyss, for They are the purest distillation of myself. Our struggles will allow us to evolve into what we must become. The Emerald Kingdom of Great Cthulhu is at hand.
Our Tomes


AsNas Venger Satanis In this issue: Our Viridescent Teaching To Will the Work, Metanoia, LHP Great Work, To be a cultist, The Nameless City, Lovecraftian Theocracy, Legions of Messiahs, To Dig a Trench, Belief is Foundation, Hastur Cannot Stay, Polaris, and other madness! A word from our Ipsissimus

Our viridescent teaching is dedicated to making progress all the way up the ladder to those ineffable heights and depths which are only accessible via the hideous paradise of a yawning abyss. -Ipsissimus, Venger AsNas Satanis, Cult of Cthulhu

From the mundane to the maleficent...

Our Viridescent Teaching

I. Perhaps we should begin with a story There was a man who enjoyed fruit. He saw the value of it in his diet, as well as, found certain fruit to be utterly delicious (in this case, bananas, strawberries, and pineapples). In fact, the man bought a smoothie machine so he could suck down all of his favorites at once, each swallow allowing him a full range of the tasty flavors he loved, not to mention the various nutritional benefits inherent to each type of fruit. The smoothie machine was little more than a glorified blender. It had a large see-through jar at the top. Below, there were several attachments, gears, and even a powerful motor which kept things in order between its blending duties. On his way home from work, the man went out and purchased a number of his favorite fruits. He washed the fruit he had purchased and began to prepare them for the machine peeling a banana, cutting the tops off a handful of strawberries, and coring a pineapple. Once they had been cleaned and prepped, he dumped all of it into the smoothie machine. He turned it on, blades whirring. The fruit was chopped up into a thick puree at the very bottom of the blender jar. Unfortunately, thats not what he expected, not what he wanted. The man had hoped to drink a tall glass of liquid fruit. What a disappointment, he thought. Unwilling to accept defeat, the man decided to pour three cups of orange juice into the machines transparent container with measurements etched onto its side. Now, orange juice was not one of his favorites. He wouldnt have even had it in his refrigerator, except that his girlfriend had purchased it the week before. Though not fond of oranges, nor their juice, the man saw the sense of adding it to this particular concoction. In went the orange juice. He activated the smoothie machine again, watched the mixture vortex. Success! The orange juice gave the jars contents volume and fluidity. Inside the clear jar, his fruit smoothie now looked the way he had originally imagined. Pouring the jars contents into a glass, the man marveled at his creation. He took a sip. It tasted superb. In fact, and the man was almost loath to admit it, the orange juice added a special quality which actually enhanced the banana, strawberry, and pineapple flavors. It was then that the man noticed a quiet hum. The sound was quiet but persistent. Waiting for it to subside proved fruitless (no pun intended).

He took another gulp of the liquefied fruit, but felt as though he could not enjoy it properly not with all that humming going on. Where was it coming from? He had never heard such a hum in his kitchen before. Why didnt it stop? How could he be expected to enjoy his fruit smoothie with that infernal hum bothering him, disturbing him, upsetting the delicate scene of relaxation and enjoyment which he believed would go hand in hand with drinking the blended fruit? Merciful God, this was intolerable! It was like the buzzing of some cacophonous demon! Why is this happening to me? The man put his smoothie down because the noise was so distracting; fully intent on never finishing the liquefied fruit while that accursed hum persisted. As he set the glass upon the counter-top, he noticed the smoothie machine was vibrating ever so slightly. Crouching down and putting his ear up to his fancy blender, he noticed the humming suddenly got louder. Ah-ha! How foolish he had been not to notice, not to suspect his brand new smoothie machine as the culprit. The man laughed at his silly behavior. Picking the glass up again, he proceeded to enjoy his fruit in the presence of that low, continual hum. In fact, the man was glad to hear it now the sound was part of the process. Additionally, it had allowed him to observe himself. A valuable lesson indeed! He appreciated that sound on a whole different level. From that moment on, he resolved to not let the little things of life distract or disturb or upset him though he knew full well that would be a constant struggle. II. Life is one thing. Living is another. There is the outside and the inside. Man tries to change life without bothering to alter that which is inside of him. I am not here to advocate living over life, even though I do believe that mans inner life is more important than whatever is outside of him. That would be as needless as championing substance over illusion. For now, let us assume that both are valuable: the world and esotericism both are necessary in order to achieve our goals, feel good about ourselves, self-actualize. To change anything in life, effort is required. Try building a house or running a marathon without it. If such things are self-evident, then why do most people think that making internal change is easy? The macrocosm is a reflection of the microcosm the outside is not so different than the inside. As above, so below. This Work, the Fourth Way, operates on a cosmic and personal scale. Objective and subjective simultaneously. That is its strength. Balance achieved, which is necessary for the harmonious development of man. Therefore, if inner change takes effort, then what are we to do? How do we begin our journey? Use the commonsensical skills of house building. Observe before doing anything else. Get a lay of the land. Take stock of who you are, what you have, qualities which are unique to you, and those flaws that feature prominently in your individual psychology. Were unobservant for a reason thats the way we were originally programmed. Observation is difficult, especially selfobservation. But we do it because keeping watch serves a purpose. Self-observation creates awareness, which is a necessary step according to our chief goal. That goal is building a house or, at least, constructing some kind of housing which prepares us for Godhood. That part of us which has the potential for divinity must be nurtured and safeguarded so that it might eventually be liberated from this prison. You may think of this housing as a vehicle. Our essence, once fully developed, has things to do and places to go. We are creating a soul that can travel beyond the stars. Human beings arent born with a soul, only a soul seed. Through work on oneself, that seed can grow. Magnetic Center is established, Crystallization forms, and finally (around Man # 6) a soul

is created, becoming the medium for our transcendence. With the right knowledge and being, man can move from ordinary to extraordinary in just a few years, assuming he struggles with himself, keeps the sleep-inducing nonsense of life at arms length, and realizes that living is not a passive enterprise. The soul is the seed of divinity; without it one cannot become like God. If an individual does not create his soul in this life, there will be another chance, another life. Whatever energy is you, that part which we call essence, is going to be recycled into a new human being. The cycle repeats until that essence is mature enough to leave our universe. Understanding paves the way. Without understanding, a thousand reincarnations will simply leave the individual right back where he was at the beginning a soul seed distracted, disturbed, and upset by life. If this all sounds ridiculous, Im not surprised. People are so wrapped up in the glossy surface of life that illusion has become real; meanwhile, reality seems more like a strange dream or nightmare. There is a deeper identity which has nothing to do with what were called, how we look, and what others think of us. This essential self is a hidden thing, inactive, shadowed like a seed planted in darkness, waiting to break free like the Great Old Ones! What we normally think of as our identity is part of a machine driven by surface will, false will. The everyday self is unconcerned with the fundamental aspects of the cosmos and his role within it. The everyday self wants material things, wants to impress other people, wants to be comfortable and hates it when those things are temporarily out of reach. That is false will momentary desire for trivial things. All of that is in opposition to true will. True will is beneath the surface, it is hard to see and even harder to hold but grasp for it we must. True will is a force that would gladly see everything destroyed so long as the primal self flourishes because primal self is connected to our deific conversion. The deeper identity or primal self recognizes the importance of certain things. This deep self moves towards the ultimate aim the only thing worth striving for in this brightly colored circus of suffering. All progress radiates from a singular aspiration: Self-Deification, the journey towards Godhood. Such a process is much different, of course, than believing oneself to already be God. The idea that one is perfect from the start is just as harmful as the idea that one can evolve without an ounce of effort. The process of Self-Deification has been available since the origins of man, handed (or tentacled, if you prefer) down to us by the Ancient Ones. Within the confines of this essay, it doesnt matter how Homosapiens came to be or why. The crux of my message is that man can have purpose. Meaning potentially exists for him, for all of us. There are measures we can take in order to progress just as there are numerous roads to failure. Wipe away our mechanical aspects and there is hope. If only it was as easy as wiping a smudged window. It isnt. Selfimprovement is a daily struggle, often a thankless task, fraught with peril, and demanding superefforts. Isolated, its too easy to slack off, or worse, give up. Working with others helps. If one could form an ongoing collective framework for teaching this Work on multiple levels, then real change would be possible true will manifested. What were talking about is a school. Good news, such schools already exist. The Cult of Cthulhu is one of them. We saturated the Fourth Way in Lovecraftian green slime, ensconced it within the Left Hand Path. Our viridescent teaching is dedicated to making progress all the way up the ladder to those ineffable heights and depths which are only accessible via the hideous paradise of a yawning abyss. Our school is unique but the esoteric lore upon which its based is universal.

III. How does one begin to change ones life? Lets say I wanted to pull a Tyler Durden (if you havent seen Fight Club, then watch it right after you finish reading this essay). For starters, is it possible? Yes, of course it is. Millions of people are making substantive, beneficial, and sustainable changes every year. Theyre usually small changes, but changes nonetheless. Thats progress, thats real. I applaud those people because its not easy. What makes life changes so difficult (and Im sure Tyler Durden can attest to its arduous nature) is that one cannot get from his starting point to his ending point by simply walking a straight line. There are curves; dangerous twists and turns which make us feel like were going backwards half the time and the other half like were careening into a minefield. Serious life changes usually happen by accident. Purposefully, because such change is deliberate, but the steps we take do not feel planned. Almost as if our will had a consciousness of its own, sending us into the dark of an unknown path towards a promised destination. That takes a certain amount of faith to begin a journey in total darkness. Without that kind of deep change, we take the Work as a fairy tale rather than a detailed instruction manual for self-improvement. Imagine a chessboard, but instead of moving the pieces, we only manipulate the dust and little bits of debris around the Rook, Bishop, Queen, etc. No progress there, nothing learned, nothing accomplished. Might as well toss all the pieces in a box, fold up the board, and go home. Need help changing your life? Forcing those kinds of life changes upon you which have substance, benefit, and sustain is part of the Cthulhu Cults emerald discipline. Yes, we have the psychological technology to help you if you help us. Thats how it works. You get out what you put in. I offer value in the form of this essay you give me comments and feedback, sharing the link with friends. Mutual assistance is key. Ask yourself, do you want to be part of something larger than yourself something as insanely ambitious as becoming God? If that answer is yes, then get in touch with us. There are high, medial, and entry level positions available within the Cult of Cthulhu. I intend to see them filled by May Eve, 2012. If you intend to seek a degree within our blasphemous religion, then all my luck and the favor of Yog-Sothoths unhallowed spheres be with you. Awake! Venger AsNas Satanis Ipsissimus Cult of Cthulhu

To Will the Work

I. Where, oh where, do the chartreuse gateways lead? A door to the state? To the stars? Clerically sketched with a green felt tip pen? Is there slime in those gateways? Does it flow like Spring? There is no one to know the thing which is most important. No one like that. No one by that name. No one at all. Unified theories dissolve and reconstitute. Something horrid behind and beneath outside. The father. Yog-Sothoth. Ipsissimus Satanis. Come to daddy Among other things, this essay might teach you about reciprocity. One thing for another. In todays world, we know it as commerce the buying and selling of everything. Spiritually, however, Im talking about something else. I give, you take. The taker reciprocates by giving something in return. If reciprocity does not occur, then the gift will lose its value. Same principle as giving the Devil his due. If you call yourself a Satanist without worshiping Satan, then the Prince of Darkness ignores you (best case scenario). If you call yourself a Christian but do not struggle to be like Christ, then you will not be able to comprehend his truth. I offer my slimy green wisdom, for what its worth. Those who offer me their support and, more importantly, their super-efforts to Awaken, shall forge an understanding between us illuminating the way. Why I make super-efforts, why I continue to teach and lead the Cthulhu Cult, the importance of having a Fourth Way School without taking a step into my world all of this shall remain a mystery. One hand is reaching for the stars, the other is smashing obstacles down in the mud watching and remembering all the while. If that isnt the Cult of Cthulhu, then I guess I dont know what real esotericism is. By the way, let me go on record saying something right now. This essay is magically charged and intentionally hypnotic. It is programing your mind by going in and out of a cyclical rotation of concepts. Im implanting densely layered reality fragments via literary ritual. Voil viridian sorcery! The order in which these ideas are presented may seem haphazard, but I can assure you that its all for the greater good. Such is my will, and my will is the Work! Among the foul, bestial, hideously incongruent sigils which were handed down to the first disciple, pulsating with an eldritch glow, one hears parched raspy croaking, Cultist ululations, and blasphemous inhuman chanting. The celebrants have arrived to call down those Outer Demons! We seek to be born anew; we have always sought the destruction of that which bears only withered and sour fruit. Destroy it! That old, tired identity is only a product of our fevered imagination. We are mired in our own bullshit. Why do the green stars have seeds?

This may be the most important question I ask you Are you going to will the Work? If you have no interest in willing the Work, then please stop reading this essay; go about your ordinary existence. Its a waste of your time. As long as we follow each one of our passing desires as long as we are slaves to every passing mood, we cannot form a new will. So you must begin to sacrifice some of these passing desires and moods to the Will of the Work, for in order to have Will you must give up will. ~ Mauice Nicoll Now that is some inspirational wisdom from a Fourth Way Master. Hes right, of course. We cannot say yes to every inclination, to every possibility. Occasionally, we must say no. That is a sign of maturity and understanding. Weve got to say no to the child who wants ice cream for dinner. No to the impulse which will later cause us deep regret. No to outbursts of violence. Though it may seem that way initially, the Great Work is not a system of no. There are many things to which we can answer yes. This teaching allows the individual a choice; thats part of what makes it so potent. The Fourth Way is our blueprint (green-print?) to manifesting the Left Hand Path. Every individual is responsible for his own states, his own moods, and his own actions. Dont like being angry? Change it. Dont want to be depressed? Change it. We may not love it everything that happens to us. Thats ok. Things happen to us all the time, but what do we make happen? Just how do we manifest our own will? Isnt it about time we focused on creating a happy, fulfilling, rewarding life? I, and various other prominent Cultists, have provided a mountain of material for doing just that. But how much of it is seriously considered? How much of it is poured over and carefully studied? How much of it is put into practice? Something to think aboutLook at it this way, you have an unlimited number of roads to travel, but theres only one road for you. You may be a multiplicity of ignorant, competing Is, but eventually, assuming you make significant progress in the Work, youre many interior selves will grow closer to singularity one I; a Master I. Consciousness indivisible! So, if a single road must be chosen, then you must make the choice. What road will you choose to travel? The road which requires the least amount of effort? I sincerely hope not. What a waste of life that would be. Actually, that reminds me of the beginning to The Social Network film where the character who would create FaceBook is describing elitist clubs within the Harvard fraternity system. His girlfriend asks which club is the easiest to get into. Mark Zuckerberg takes offense to the question because it implies that he doesnt stand much of a chance that the least restrictive club is his best (or perhaps only) shot for gaining entry. All Im saying is dont sell yourself short. Dont take the easy way out. Be in this thing, life, for the long haul and the highest achievements. Right now, the only thing holding you back is yourself. From this standpoint, what path makes the most sense? What does logic and instinct tell you? Always take the most profitable road, even if its the most challenging. Always choose the best the one which could take you all the way. Anthony Robbins taught me to raise my standards. Now, Im passing his wisdom on to you. Expect more from yourself much more! This is why the Left Hand Path was formed. There is a road which leads all the way to Godhood. Why not walk that one? Sure, its not for the majority, but then this essay is not for the majority. Esotericism, if understood correctly, will never be popular because it is about inner development. Most people dont want to complete their evolution. They want more Cheetos! As I was saying, this essay is for you the dark seeker.

A sleeping man cannot choose any road, his road is chosen for him. Want to have the power of choice? Wake up! Watch what youre doing. Observe all the miniscule patterns of your personality, especially those rooted in negative emotions, which have become habit and dominate who you are. We can Awaken once we realize that we dont really exist at all. Our machine is animated by unconscious reactions. Pay attention to whats going on behind the curtain. Still a few people with me? Wonderful! Can you envision all that needs to be done? Physically, emotionally, and intellectually? Are you trying to Will the Work in this very moment? Does it live and breathe inside of you? Willing the Work is taking Self-Remembering and then manifesting it inside of you. With enough intensity, this inner manifestation is going to bleed through to the external side. That means objective reality will change according to your intention! Intent and will are different animals, but they feed upon the same thing: desire. How much do you want it? How bad do you want it? What are you willing to sacrifice to get your hearts desire? Taking in valuable impressions can shock your machine into remembering why its here. What are impressions and what makes them valuable? Impressions are pictures, scenes, words bits of reality which affect us. Those reality fragments that inspire us to make the most out of our life are valuable. We could easily replace the word valuable with conscious or intentional. Such impressions have a purpose and that purpose is to wake us up. What meaning can we extract from yesterdays altercation, todays fascinating discussion, or tomorrows frustrating situation? Why are you here? Lets start with why youre on the Cult of Cthulhu website reading this. Chances are youre not altogether satisfied with either yourself, Generally Accepted Reality, or the interaction between the two. Why are you alive on this planet? Human beings are born with the seed of a soul, something which no other lifeform on earth has the potential for higher states of consciousness. Unfortunately, were born with only a spark of undeveloped, albeit conscious energy. This potential is universally squandered. We get out of bed, react to everything we come in contact with, and go back to bed at the end of our day. We sleep throughout our lives. Not ordinary sleep, but a limited state of awareness where we have virtually no control. If I were to break it down for you, giving the briefest of explanations for the Cthulhu Cults raison dtre, then Id say the CoC instructs man on how to Awake. Why are we asleep? I believe were asleep because it benefits someone or something. Who could possibly gain from our mechanical nature, our sleeping soul? Probably, whoever constructed this prison of a world. Does it matter? Only if having an identifiable enemy moves you to fight harder. Heres the real question. Should we continue to silently suffer in the passenger seat or should we instead struggle to break free, to command the wheel, driving the vehicle to a destination of our own choosing? You decide the fate of mankind when authoring a new reality. What is will and why do magicians and esotericists sometimes capitalize it? Will is the vehicle and results are the destination. The energy it takes to manifest ones intent is will. Occasionally, will is capitalized to reinforce its importance. Nothing can be consciously or intentionally done without it. Yes, its that crucial. Unfortunately, the average persons will is the equivalent of a 90 pound weakling. Sleeping people dont have much willpower. Dont believe me? Prove me wrong! Wanna bulk up so consensual reality wont kick sand in your face? Familiarize yourself with the Work!

The will of the Work is similar to the will of power. Something is present, separate from man a force gradually building just below the surface. We do not see it, but those who are sensitive may feel a resonance or hear its ultra-telluric whispering. This is what I spoke about in another Left Hand Path essay. A Left Hand Path practitioner must get himself under control. A certain amount of self-submission is required. The old self must be burned away in apocalyptic green flame so that the new self can be born. Just about everything is arbitrary. We assign meaning to all sorts of things this is what human beings do. You and I could be talking about raspberry cheesecake! It doesnt matter. If you find something aesthetically pleasing, then use it. Dont be too concerned about the justification, the whys and wherefores. Get the results you need then move on to your next goal. As a religion, we use Dread Cthulhu and the Great Old Ones because it provides a nebulous and highly subjective framework. But theres something else too. What Neil Gaiman describes as the ineffable rightness of Lovecraft. The Cthulhu Mythos is so primal, fantastic, and decadent that it captures the visionary qualities of religious texts. In essence, Lovecrafts cosmological mythology became a religion even before his death. I merely helped provide a definitive exegesis. But if youd prefer to use Lucifer or Zeus, then go right ahead. As I said, the choice is arbitrary. However, results are not. Results are to be considered and judged. Tangible or intangible is not the question, present or absent is! Manifestation cannot wholly be determined by sleeping men; only the Awakened man is aware of such energy. It is an ichorous current. Those who come to this Work complacent and satisfied with life cannot move within it. Nothing will take root; neither change of self nor metanoia can take place. If we are perfectly pleased with life, or more accurately, if we are thoroughly engaged in the dramatic ups and downs supplied by the all-consuming illusions of our world, then nothing should be expected of us. We are lost. The vibrant fabrications which appeal to our five senses have effectively mastered us. However, if we feel disquietude, the impression that who we are and what we experience may not be the ultimate reality, then there is hope for us, esoterically speaking. From time immemorial, the Fourth Way Masters have spoken of Self-Remembering. But what is it they want students to remember? Nothing more than the self; the true self. This true self youre trying to remember is the higher self, the self outside your machine, the self towering above your pathetic ephemera. Like a Cyclops, he towers one eye, one will. One land, one king. The psychological realm can only be ruled by a singular entity (or something resembling a close-knit team of like minded entities). Our inner landscape must be willed by this Master I. No one else can give order, shape, and movement to the lower Is. Only those who have understanding can consciously rule. Democracy among savages is no government at all. II. We are sentient beings, evolved in an infinite universe. An infinite extrapolation of our evolution is to become Gods ourselves. You dig? ~ Big Bang

The Great Old Ones, desperate for release, waiting to rise again, to Awaken They are interwoven into the fabric of a Cultists reality. The ordinary reality we are familiar with contains facets of an even stronger substance chaos. This chaos is not random, nor is it constantly changing. It has a design. It is an alien order which mankind, as he is, can barely conceptualize. It is a gradual and seemingly paradoxical or juxtapositional assembly of fragments which appear distorted and altogether incongruent when viewed from the wrong angles. Unfortunately, most perspectives are wrong because they are too low, too base, too formatory and predictable. There is no imagination in the yes or no of everyday dichotomy. If a third side cannot be envisioned, then there is nothing substantial to be gained and nothing more of which to speak. To the Cthulhu Cultist and those who struggle alongside us, the angles are all too consistent. An unwholesome correspondence exists, Universe A disturbed. We see the design, we see the pattern the structure mirrors essence and vice versa! Everything becomes clear when we become as the void. Clear, clean, empty, unquiet, and pure. Our blood paves the way for a sacred destiny. If behavior does not change, that means you have not changed. Look to your actions what fruit do they bear? Word is not enough. Some people talk far too much so that all of the Work is merely talking. This kind of thing wont get us very far. These ideas must travel deep and take root. Have balance, keeping every aspect in proper alignment. When something must be done then do it wholeheartedly. Half-measures are not enough to secure ones place in the Emerald Kingdom. There are many different realities available to us. How many of us have explored the psychological realities? And of those explorers who have how many dared to go farther than what is possible? Did you, in fact, go all the way? To failure and beyond? Or did you stop short because of insurmountable obstacles? What if you had assistance? What if there was a network of dedicated esotericists out there muttering a sinister, alien language, wearing black and green slime covered robes just waiting for you to ask for their assistance? What resides behind the last door a burning three-lobed eye? If that final gateway is unlocked, then who exactly will greet us on the other side? Green doors shutting on the useless limb. It makes no difference to me. Cut it off! Opposites, in and of themselves, are meaningless. Although, perhaps meaningless isnt the right word. Looking at only black and white is not particularly helpful if one cannot see all the shades of grey in between. Even if one chooses white or black, the grey acts as a reference point. What about the origins from whence opposites, such as right and wrong, came? More Cultists should give thought to the primordial age where the spheres meet or originally met. Much has been discussed regarding third force or neutralizing / reconciling force. Yet another aspect of third force is the intermediary. The intermediary is the mediator or go-between. It is that which has knowledge of and can influence the opposites. The intermediary can negotiate a settlement or understanding between the lower and higher centers, life and the Work, material and spiritual, internal and external, belief and reality. This particular aspect of third force can meet us half way! Those who have created Magnetic Center would do well to authorize an intermediary so that Work Is can get things done without too much interference from non-Work or life Is (the parts of our self which dont care about Awakening). The intermediary is ones essential guide, that

inner voice who knows the difficulty because it can see both sides from its elevated position and realizes a third side is needed. My vision of the Left Hand Path does take middle path and third side considerations into account. If the Cult of Cthulhus LHP understanding is taken as binary, then thats one of the very few acceptable dichotomies. No matter how much white splashes into the black and vice versa, I still see it as a choice between slavery and Godhood. Allowing too much synthesis in that area could be detrimental to our struggle for Autonomy, Power, and Self-Deification. In another LHP essay, I used the yin/yang to illustrate my point. The black has a bit of white and the white has a bit of black. I wonder how many went a bit further. Who noticed that the dominant yin/yang shapes were not divided in a straight line down the middle? Some white ventured into the black territory and vice versa. What we assume is LHP ground, innerconsideration or instant gratification for example, is actually right hand path area. Just as some believe the rhp has exclusive dominion over things like altruism or external-consideration when that is not the case at all. All darkness, all the time will eventually get you either killed or, if youre incredibly lucky, youll have a lot of your own disciples blood on your hands. This is why I recommend the yin/yang or moderate or third side LHP which is essentially 3 parts black to 1 part white. All the while, a Left Hand Path practitioner should observe his footing. Just because an action seems like its mostly light or dark doesnt make it so. Terrorism, racism, or causing innocents to suffer needlessly these are not virtues of darkness but tools of light! How else could an impotent God force his subjects into submission? On the other hand, causing deserving recipients suffering for some kind of gain or profit is inherently dark. Elsewhere, I have made a claim similar to that of Christ in the Gospels. No man may come unto the Father but by me. As egotistical as it sounds, I stand by that statement. After all, I am the self-proclaimed, surreptitious, starry savior of all mankind. Shouldnt the chartreuse gateways open unto me? If you believe the Emerald Kingdom can be found without my help, by all means search for it. This Emerald Kingdom is like the Kingdom of Heaven. Very soon, the Cult of Cthulhu will stake its claim in Gnostic or Esoteric Christianity. Hail the tentacled cross! If Cthulhu Cultists wish to begin as atheists, then that is perfectly fine. However, the deeper a Cultist goes all bets are off. Implementation can be done a thousand different ways, but a central mythology should still be developed from which actionable strategies flow. The Cthulhu Mythos provides the mystical backdrop. It is that decadent, forbidden, and unspeakable stimulation which allows us to amplify our hidden divinity! The more we understand ourselves, our universe, and everything in-between, the clearer Higher Forces become. The kind of devotion towards something intangible, such as an ideal, required by the Left Hand Path takes a discipline which unvarnished materialistic atheism usually cannot begin to supply. In extremely rare cases is it possible? Yes. But again, not very likely. Where science fails, mysticism attempts to shoulder the burden. Religion, by its very nature, demands the recognition of extra (higher) dimensions. Otherwise, none of this crap would make any God damn sense! Deeper levels of truth cannot be gotten at by analyzing all the surface properties. What is inside a thing? What is its nature, its structure, its character, its being? You cant go to the dictionary and look up my essence or put it under a microscope. Thats the sort of thing which can only be experienced. How can we measure raw potential or the power of belief? How can we approach the transcendental if there is no spiritual foundation?

The Work requires divinity. If we arent progressing towards Godhood, then what are we doing? Are we a place-holder for the next species? Are we an amusement? A mistake? A random cosmological occurrence? Since theres absolutely no definitive proof of any theory, then it behooves one to reach for the highest possible answer. If not Godhood, then what are your goals? Television, junk food, and 9 to 5 menial labor or some form of data entry in an office? What the fuck is that about? Without inspiring goals, there is no inspiration! Dissatisfied with your lot in life? Why not just kill yourself and either end it once and for all or start over in a new machine (if you believe in some form of reincarnation)? It sure beats having to make the effort, right? Who needs progress? Who needs evolution? We try to Awaken; that is our chief aim the one which leads to Godhood. But it is not a matter of simply proclaiming that you are Awake. Any fool can regurgitate the secret wisdom of a starry Master (or the starry wisdom of a secret Master, if you prefer). Parroting ones teacher is not learning. At least, not the kind of learning we are interested in. A diligent student can put those concepts into his own words. However, only a disciple of The Way can live this teaching he and he alone has the understanding to unlock the infernal, boundless vistas of tenebrous divinity. A truly devoted follower can Will the Work! The human being operates as a machine. Usually, those involved in the Work focus on the following three centers: physical, emotional, and intellectual. Within each center there are several levels. Ordinary man concerns himself with the weaker levels of his machine. He does just enough to get by. The impressions he takes in are of the lowest quality. But there are elevated, seldom used levels too. These can be activated by various 4th Way techniques such as Self-Remembering. From there, one can access Higher Centers our physical, emotional, and intellectual modes which are connected to Objective Consciousness or the reality which exists behind illusions. It is our Higher Centers which can receive vibrations from Higher Forces. Higher Forces do not exist in this dimension just as the Ancient Ones (A:O) do not exist in this dimension, and yet They can communicate to us during those moments we are more Awake than asleep. By now, I hope its apparent that rousing ourselves from sleep is a complicated process. Its not a cake walk. Rousing ourselves from lifes imaginary construct can be like entering a carnival funhouse full of distorted mirrors. Everything looks warped; there is a sense of wrongness which most people find disturbing. This makes it even more difficult to leave the matrix. Do not despair. Seeing things from an Objective standpoint will become less and less uncomfortable the longer we struggle with it. My advice? Read, study, think test your theories and weave those results into a functioning paradigm designed by you. Hopefully, the Cult of Cthulhus metacosmic model will influence many individuals many dark seekers for generations to come. After all, whats a better infrastructure than the weird tales of H.P. Lovecraft?

The vibration of a particular angle drawn in a certain color creates doorways to other world. Within these dimensions are our missing fragments, seeds of the green stars. One may use the Angles of Uoon Kalool as springboard for ones own ritual visualizations. To see it with the inner eye is to know the truth of it. The psychological realm is less obscured by lifes illusions. We are part of that illusion. Our false self helps create it. Keep taking off masks until there is nothing; only the void remains. The ultimate sigil is that of Kortthalis, as it represents the Cthulhu Cult. Kortthalis manifests that which was and that which will be. It is a black monolith rising from the desert, crystallization of self, initiation into an alien order, a blood-dimmed tide flowing over the ignorant masses, eyes opening, tentacles writhing, chartreuse gateways, carnival funhouse mirrors shattering, consciousness Awakening, that which is outside space and time converging and collapsing into itself. From this moment forth, Kortthalis symbolizes our quantum religion and emerald paradigm. It is the Cult of Cthulhu! Dread Cthulhu in flames III. I teach you the Overman. Man is something that shall be overcome. What have you done to overcome him? The time has come for man to set himself a goal. The time has come to plant the seed to his highest hope. ~ Nietzsche Observing our inner contradictions without the aid of buffers is a shock. Observing our frequent negative states is a shock. Glimpsing our true self buried beneath layer upon layer of false personality is a shock. We need these shocks to jolt us into higher states of Consciousness. Eventually, when were able to look down upon our machine and all its many imperfections we shall have obtained Objective Consciousness. Seeing things from multiple subjective perspectives all at once is the challenge. The mind doesnt want to think one way about something while simultaneously entertaining a contrary thought. Intellectual center, like all centers, is inherently lazy. It wants to come up with an acceptable notion so it can coast along on autopilot. This Work is about engaging manual control. It requires concentration, discipline, and the desire to achieve something extraordinary. Try to see a gemstone from every facet and really see each tiny side, all those subjective views. Being mindful of all facets at the same time is to understand Objective Reality. This is a fruitful exercise. Dont just practice it on jewels but on situations. Of course, we cant have objectivism while perpetually mired in our limited subjectivity. This might be, at least from my perspective, the most difficult thing to do. Perhaps the last great feat a student needs to accomplish before he can call himself a Master of the Work: dissolving the old self so that a new self can be born. Theres nothing armchair about that! If we cannot obliterate our identity in one fell swoop (which is dangerous), then a partial dissolve done multiple times is required. A disciple must go against the grain his own! If we are serious, then we must become jovial. If we are critical, then we must become complimentary. If we are overly-analytical, then we must become intuitive. If we are aggressive, then we must become passive. How else can we create a change of mind? The alteration of ideas is not enough; the alteration of how we feel is not enough. Our entire way of seeing things must change and not just a little. The greater our paradigm-shift, the closer we are to Awakening! Ones Cult identity could be used to separate from ones former self. Separation is necessary because we must watch ourselves. That means there has to be an observer and something to

observe. How many of our background Is can watch the I which is currently in charge? Not only must we see the forest and the trees we must become them. We do that by overcoming ourselves. As this piece comes to a close, I bet that some of you, perhaps a handful of your Is, are nodding in agreement while the rest scoff in derision. Thats fine. Be aware of that discrepancy. Revel in your contradiction. Go against the grain. But what happens when some Is want to go one way and some Is want to go a different way? Who wins? That depends on a lot of factors. But for the moment, observe your inner friction the back and forth, to and fro. A piece of you says yes. A piece of you says no. And Id also wager that a portion of you is more or less ambivalent about the whole thing. Ill tell you right now, apathy in the face of Godhood sickens me. It should make you sick as well. Once an individual becomes a student of the Work, then his only excuse for not becoming a disciple is fear. Thankfully, even fear can be used. Fear and friction, if used consciously, can create energy. This energy can be used to overcome that which must be overcome! A new reality, a new you all things are possible with the right attitude. But what do you think is possible with the wrong attitude? How limiting would that be? Dont be afraid to chafe at who youre becoming. The old self doesnt want to die. Unfortunately, the new self cannot be born until the old self is no more. Those who would come to the teacher must first come to the school. Those who leave the school also leave the teaching. Unless, of course, they have learned enough to form their own devotional nexus. A student who wishes to Awaken by utilizing the Cult of Cthulhu shall bear glorious fruit; three fold in comparison to the lone practitioner. Those students who struggle to Awaken whilst in the physical presence of a Master shall bear fruit that yields seven fold the glory! Such was the nature of every traditional Fourth Way school. Because this level of commitment is burdensome, I have neglected to make any such request until now. It is the burden which makes new opportunities possible. A perfect example of intentional or conscious suffering. I urge Cultists to make their way to south central Wisconsin. Ipsissimus Satanis: magician, messiah, and madman is ready to accept disciples in person for one-on-one training. If that is not possible, then long-distance interaction is the next best thing. Hopefully an official Cult of Cthulhu Grotto located in a more convenient city and led by a disciple of the Way could also be a worthwhile alternative. The important thing is that superefforts are made under the supervision of a conscious teacher. For those who make the journey, thy pilgrimage shall not be in vain. A temple devoted to Dread Cthulhu will be constructed. Indeed, it is already being built within you. Just what exactly is demanded of a disciple? Only the disciple himself can answer such a question. I am willing to assist with Cultist relocations but only if the Cultist is willing to assist with the creation of a real world, off-line Fourth Way School. That is most important. I am not Gurdjieff nor am I Ouspensky. I will never be Nicoll, Haven, Orage, or dozens of other 4th Way Masters. You happen to be reading an essay by Satanis. I have my own essential understanding of how to Awaken humanity and why that is a necessary step in the Great Work. A community using 4th Way techniques, bound to the Left Hand Path tenets of Autonomy, Power, and Self-Deification by means of a Lovecraftian paradigm what could be better? Venger AsNas Satanis Ipsissimus, Cult of Cthulhu

For all intents and purposes, there is no you. You, as most people understand the term, do not exist. Whatever you think you are is merely a fabrication, a revolving door of fragmentary selves cut off from the essence. First, let us define it. Metanoia is change of heart, change of mind, spiritual conversion, repentance, correction, experiencing a psychological breakdown followed by a re-building. Clearly, its a potent word. Dangerous too not only in the pursuit of metanoia but in its absence. On a number of occasions, Ive talked about how important it is to get out of your own way. Just as weve also discussed the ego and how it often goes overboard. Self-justification goes far and runs deep with a strong identity. Knowing who you are is an important piece of the puzzle. Satanists and those following the Left Hand Path usually pride themselves on having a rigid and concrete vision of themselves. But is that really a good thing? How does identity differ from identification? Identification relates to the mechanics of life which we get caught up in day to day. Identity refers to the mechanics of who we are. From that perspective, we can see that identity is an insidious form of identification. We take who we are for granted and accept that it is our identity which needs to Awaken. This could not be further from the truth! Identity is not essence. Identity is not who we truly are. Identity is that layer just below the surface which does not switch masks like the layer above, but is itself the ultimate mask! Let me give you an example. Visualize a sucker or lollipop. Can you picture it in your mind? Ok, thats us. A sucker has a wrapper over the top of it which protects it from the world. That wrapper represents all our many Is or masks which we involuntarily put on, take off, and put on again. They change so easily that oftentimes we never notice the various surface aspects of ourselves are trading places with each other. When the red wrapper is on our sucker then we act one way. When the blue wrapper is on our sucker, we act another. Fourth Way practitioners, those students who belong to a 4th Way school such as the Cult of Cthulhu, have learned about the wrapper the competing Is which take control of the sucker

as they wish. Beneath all those wrappers is the sucker itself. Its hard, sweet, and shiny. Very alluring, very tasty! This is our identity who we think we are. However, this is only the next layer. Little do Cultists realize that this is also a false self. Sure, it is a bit more real or substantial than the wrapper because its less transitory. That shell almost never moves. It actually believes that its the end all, be all the real deal. Yet, this is not the whole story. Our identity dictates our beliefs which dictates our decisions which dictates our behavior. Identity is actually the greatest mask of them all because it is always in place and giving orders! Since it is never removed, Fourth Way students assume that is where essence lies. Not by a long shot! We are the way we are because thats just the way we are. Change, the kind of change Im talking about metanoia can only be achieved if we realize that identity itself must be overcome. That means a re-evaluation of everything we are. Such metanoia can alter beliefs, decisions, and behavior. The third layer is the small chewy center below the candy shell. Its extremely difficult to see as the sucker is virtually opaque even if one can remove the wrapper. But if you look close, then you will see it. The core down deep, below the immovable mask. Self study and super efforts make the sucker semi-transparent. So what is it? This soft innermost self is real, malleable, and even quite vulnerable which is one reason why a candy shell and wrapper exist in the first place. The most effective work results from tapping into the small chewy center. Aim to Awaken essence, not the false outer layers. I say again, identity is not essence identity obscures essence! If identity is the enemy, then how shall it be destroyed? An excellent question! By not doing what we ordinarily do. By going beyond our everyday mode of operating. Re-programing! Engage the world in a new way, become a new being, cleanse oneself in the green slime of the void. See things differently. Use new language. Meet new people. Try new hobbies. Watch something you normally wouldnt. Do something you normally wouldnt something completely out of character. Visit a foreign land. Let go of your issues. Release old grievances. Read strange books. Laugh at yourself. Try to focus on the illusions all around us and inside us. The false self is all we ever know, so break out of your shell. Become an unfamiliar person. Use your individuality to surprise those who know you best. Revel in that which is opposite to your usual personality. Do some soul searching in order to come up with ways you can utterly change who you are for the better. Hey, as long as youre going to become different might as well be an improvement on the old model, right? I hope the sucker illustration drove my point home. Since youve been made aware of this new terror of the situation I believe you understand that action must be taken. For those who are brand-new to this system, brought to the west by Gurdjieff and then spread throughout the world by his disciples such as Ouspensky, it might not seem like a shock. However, those who have been intimately involved in The Work need to come to terms with the fact that their struggles have been continually stymied by adherence to a machine lurking below the mechanical facade weve all been struggling to override. You wonder why Crystallization hasnt taken place? Its probably because you havent broken through your identity yet. Intuitively, Ive realized the hideous truth and have acted upon it for some time. Tonight, I reveal the details of self-mastery which might just lead you to Godhood. Yes, now you know almost all my secrets. This is the time for metanoia if ever there was one. Make it happen, my brothers and sisters! It would most likely take years for a 4th Way practitioner to fully grasp the enormity of this distinction on his own without the benefit of a teacher. This is why I recommend finding a

Master, like myself, who is willing and able to guide students through the perilous labyrinth of esotericism. Those interested in Awakening should consider joining the Cult of Cthulhu. Awake! Venger AsNas Satanis Ipsissimus Cult of Cthulhu

The Great Work: My Vision for the Left Hand Path (part one)
Every moment is a nightmare of possibilities. Billions of people worshiping the one true God; bowing their cowled heads, raising their sigil soaked sleeve to cast a horned hand before emerald ooze, burning eye, and phallic tentacle the flow, the vision, and the will of divinity. And I am there, present among the throng to witness mans change. I believe it is possible to honor the summation of Ancient Ones, which I call the Formless Black Essence, without submitting or supplicating ourselves. After all, what kind of Left Hand Path deity-cluster gestalt would seek our capitulation? We are the singularity; the God we worship is our future selves. Those who practice the Left Hand Path will never submit. We cannot. It goes against our blood. However, self-mastery is a magnificent and practical tool designed to feed our lofty ambition. Whosoever masters himself can just as easily master the world. I hope those treading the Left Hand Path remember that wisdom when the time comes. Because ignorance never sleeps, yet mankind seems to do little else. Our shallow understanding is carried through every moment latching onto us like cancer whenever we turn a blind eye to the terror of our situation. We rarely watch ourselves unless its absolutely necessary, unless we are in the midst of crisis. Perhaps that is why some of us occasionally crave self-destruction? I look around and see nothing but sleepers. Some are asleep shuffling off to work, some are asleep shuffling off to mindless entertainment, and still others are asleep while they shuffle off to their bed. The sleepers who wish to sleep more is there anything quite so detrimental to mans evolution? All those people at the temple, the future place of worship that we shall build, why do they bother? What is religion for and why should we choose to form a spiritual foundation of any kind? Because its to our advantage to see the world and our place within it from a cosmic perspective. Not just man or society or humanity but realizing that the totality is part of a grand

design, perhaps of our own making. Even without deities or external sentient forces, man is able to see that he is the product of something extraordinary. We are a work in progress; it is the drive to achieve that progression which makes religion valuable. Religion is wish fulfillment of the highest and most fervent order. Organized, we can make a difference on a global scale whereas individuals working alone we cannot. The worship of Dread Cthulhu is the worship of Satan, but you already knew that. And when I speak of worship I mean to honor, revere, or hold in high esteem. Kali is Set and Odin is Lucifer. All Left Hand Path forces should be equal in the eyes of individual practitioners. The Formless Black Essence is a concept which I view as an amalgamation of every sinister agency. All those Dark Gods are aspects of the ultimate force that waits for us outside this universe. Those representations, with their particular aesthetic qualities, want what all LHP practitioners want. We all want to be in control of our lives, to be fulfilled, pursuing pleasure and The Great Work as we deem fit, all while stumbling towards that final goal: to be as God. Both the Devil and Yog-Sothoth are adversaries, opposed to the status quo, to nature herself. For is it not perfectly natural to be ignorant, foolish, lazy, and suffering? Without higher states of consciousness, man is at the mercy of the universe. Nature wishes all her children to submit, to conform, and to do what it must to survive and appease basic needs. However, man can go beyond nature. He has a will of his own. He can forsake shelter or companionship or recognition in favor of loftier goals like power and self-master and enlightenment. These are unnatural aspirations. Monkeys dont seek enlightenment just as they will refuse to sacrifice their lives for a principle, glory, or personal conviction. Consciousness exists contrary to natures laws; that is why man is the only animal to have attained it. I still maintain that mans early development was influenced by some unknown force. If that clashes with commonly accepted ideas of science or modernity, then so be it. And hopefully, the majority of you will agree that worship can be taken in a non-theistic way. We can exalt something which exists only symbolically. Can we not? Satanists, Cultists, and all Left Hand Path practitioners are able to idealize a theoretical concept. This means were able to understand something on multiple levels. The glass is half full and half empty simultaneously. Light moves as particles and as a wave. The symbol of yin and yang is white and black yet wholly neither. The same goes for the Ancient Ones or whatever Dark Gods one chooses to recognize. Depending on the observer and circumstances, the divine (or infernal) is either real or unreal. Quantum physics uses Schrdingers cat to help illustrate; the cat is placed in a box and at some unspecified point in time, lethal poison is introduced. Without knowing when the poison is dropped, the cat is neither alive nor dead but in a super-position state that cannot be accurately determined until the box is opened, the results observed. Furthermore, belief is created and destroyed at the whim of the believer. That is why the concept of deity is immaterial to Left Hand Path coherency. Our goals are the same: autonomy, power, and self-deification. See Also: Can man ever be at peace while his lustful ambition rages within him? Isnt that what our struggle is for, reconciling the one with the other? To get to that third side, the middle ground between black and white, dark and light, evil and good, yes and no all of our answers are rooted in shadow making it impossible to decipher until some part of us dies temporarily while another part of us Awakens forever.

I have tasted the dichotomy of flavors together; it is a mediocre dish. I can tell you that we must begin to see reality on multiple levels. To take everything on a single dimension is to misunderstand it. In fact, an individual view, no matter how wide and deep, cannot be the entirety of a living paradigm. Deliberately eliminating the various subjective perceptions, both agreeing and disagreeing, is a vast miscalculation. A worldview that comes from only one vision is incomplete; in time that paradigm shall wither and die. That is precisely why the Left Hand Path requires open lines of communication, as well as, a willingness to appreciate the diversity which embodies it. There are many dimensions for us to observe, for us to become (xeper). Like a living paradigm, a soul, once it is created, does not exist in one dimension but in a multitude. And this is our gateway. On compound levels, we can create an entirely new reality one of our own choosing. A multi-dimensional Left Hand Path practitioner has the ability to circumvent those laws which ordinary man must obey. In one dimension a man might be prisoner; however, in several other layers of reality a man could know grotesque amounts of freedom. Attaining higher levels of consciousness along with the employment of Viridian Sorcery (or whatever term for magic youd prefer to use) is the key. Eventually, of course, our soul will exist beyond the universe (Universe A). Such organic, concentrated, hyper-aware energy might crawl into the dark corners of space, slither through the corridors of time, and seep into that other realm, Universe B, where the Old Ones are exiled, where Satan and all His demons are banished, and where the Formless Black Essence flows ceaselessly. The Cult of Cthulhu is part of the Left Hand Path; it is subject to those laws which supersede the law of nature and of man. We subscribe to this path because it is our chance to escape the cycle of torment: we are born, we suffer, and then we die. Many have asked, Is that all life has to offer? A few of us have whispered the untenable, loathsome secrets which vile worshipers ascertained aeons ago from their communion with that Higher Source. No, the cycle of torment is not compulsory; there is something else. Consciousness can be discovered, assembled, sharpened, crystallized, smoothed, refined, tested, and buffed out to a lustrous shine. Consciousness is the souls vehicle. Or, if you dont like the word soul, then replace is with essence, spirit, or energy. Within the Left Hand Path, such terms are interchangeable. The important thing is that through consciousness that which is fundamentally who we are can endure, surviving the physical death of our body. But even while still alive, a created soul may have tremendous influence over the world; it can create or destroy according to desire. As was said, in order for this new understanding of ours to flourish something inside of us, our useless parts, must perish. There is much about who we are that holds us back. Life itself keeps us running in place since we are a product of nature while still being unnatural. The natural way of things is to keep man as an animal, to tear him down until precious little is left to him. Think of all our available energy and how it is wasted on worrying about this outcome or being anxious about that development. The struggle to succeed in this world is just as artificial as the world itself. If we could only Awaken for a short time to see with a calm, uninhibited, and honest purity, then we should know that at long last we are alive and present in this moment. The strength of such a sudden hyper-awareness focused on multiple levels can only mean that at all other times we are utterly asleep! How are we connected to life, to nature, the universe, other human beings, animals, our possessions, and what we experience? Is everything a part of us, or are we separate? On one level, everything is connected while on another level we are separate. Just as in a certain reality external sentient forces exist, while in another reality they are reduced to merely symbolic representations of faculties buried inside of us. The man who wishes to Awaken must realize

both of these contrary states are true at different times. Much of it depends on our current understanding. An understanding which must be expanded, forced open if need be. If the knowledge is presented and we have the capacity to accept it, then new interpretations may be observed. Reality will come together in a fresh configuration that was hitherto blocked from us. The ability to conceptualize something in a new way is the beginning of evolution. However, if knowledge is wrong or being is wrong, then gnosis is stymied. In this case, think of knowledge as information and being as ways information can be used. We can only grasp what we see, what we can readily visualize. Invisible truth is not truth at all because we are continually blinded by our limited perspective. And yet an open mind begins to see what might be there, what might be possible. The LHP practitioner must allow himself to access various theories and notions which might oppose his own. There is no solitary way of comprehending the ineffable. To know one facet does not mean an individual understands the entire gemstone. Every moment of our lives presents us with opportunity. Moments allow us the time and space to act. Our actions can go in one of two directions, either towards the oppressive universe which endeavors to enslave us or away from it facing a darkness ordinary man was never meant to fathom or appreciate. Great men struggle against nature in order to overcome the role which our universe demands we play. Opposing nature means going outside the limits of everyday man. To become great, to rise above, to wrestle with the weak and stupid portions of ourselves, coming out of that struggle in victorious triumph such is our potential if we would but face the dark side and grasp the outstretched tentacles of the Ancient Gods. In each moment, ask yourself, How is this contributing to my evolution? Change happens, but true progress is willed. We are looking for controlled beneficial change, success on demand. Breakthroughs should manifest at regular intervals, not once in a blue moon by the whims of chance. Certainly, every once in awhile fortune occurs by accident. This has nothing to do with evolution; it is blind luck. Being able to direct ones fortune is the path to progress. Each day, state how you are contributing to your own advancement. If you come up empty, then you know that more can be done. Slaves live according to the will of others; a Master manifests his own will. Such an anomalous state must begin with mastering who we are, and that is no easy task. Human beings are prone to slavery. Want proof? Look around! The self wants many contrary things and all at once. When we begin The Great Work, our internal system is like a classroom full of children. Without a teacher, sheer anarchy ensures that nothing gets accomplished. Eventually, a mature adult with a positive attitude must be brought in if the class is to be instructed. If every child in that classroom is one of mans many Is, then a teacher equates to a Master I. This supervising aspect or Master I must be put in charge if structure is to be had. The teacher needs to observe, discipline, and instruct all the other Is as if they were his students. Master I teaches them by way of his authority; chaos becomes order. Of course, there may be one student, and hopefully no more than one or two, who is constantly disruptive, who obstructs the teacher at every turn. Such a child cannot be taught at this stage. This disruptive I needs to be sent away to detention so the rest of the class may continue to learn. When the disruptive element is molded and shaped into an apt pupil, it may return to the classroom. Eventually, multiple teachers will arise, a curriculum will develop, and a principal or some kind of head administrator is found. Whomever wields the most authority becomes the Master I. It is his responsibility to direct proceedings. Now, one has a school within him, a school for learning

conscious ideas. This is an example of the microcosm mirroring the macrocosm. As above, so below. A Fourth Way school is a community of students and faculty. The same kind of organization can be created inside the individual who wishes to live deliberately, honestly, fruitfully, and to his full potential. Know thyself; work begins with observation. Do nothing at first but watch. Take it all in how mechanical you are, derivative, living out of habit, reacting, asleep, drifting along with the rest of that machine world which imprisons us. Take it all in. Breathe deep while remembering that you can separate yourself from suffering, from ordinary life. Observe yourself those parts of you that think, that feel, and that reach out to touch. Man is almost never his true self because hes too preoccupied with trying on his various masks, his false selves. Put the masks down and let the cacophonous din of life fall upon deaf ears for awhile so that you may hear what approaches: the age of fire and slime, an epoch of limitless potential. Billions of people worshiping the one true God; bowing their cowled heads, raising their sigil soaked sleeve to cast a horned hand before emerald ooze, burning eye, and phallic tentacle the flow, the vision, and the will of divinity. It flows black, unbelievably black. Like the void. Ia Ia Cthulhu fhtagn, Venger AsNas Satanis, Ipsissimus, Cult of Cthulhu

The Great Work: My Vision for the Left Hand Path (part two)
The more we get into the Left Hand Path, its heart, its deeper meaning the more we astonishingly discover that we dont really understand it. The sinister road values autonomy, power, and self-deification. The greatest of these being self-deification. Because after all, what good is autonomy and power if you arent striving to become God? So, now we have a supreme goal in self-deification. Everything stems from that ultimate destination. Certainly, we cant expect such a journey to be a cakewalk. No, it will not be easy. It will not be pleasant. It will not be comfortable. With untold authority and power comes cyclopean levels of responsibility. There are things that need to be done, as well as, an order in which to do them. Do not take the process for granted. Do not expect Godhood to come without a price. The supreme goal will, undoubtedly, ask for the steepest price. Is that not logical? The Left Hand Path practitioner cannot flinch from what is asked of him or he will be cast down with the other slaves. Rather, the practitioner must suffer his lashes until the whip is thoroughly baptized with his blood. The lash is what we most fear: submission quickly leading to annihilation. But our fears are unfounded. What appears to be submission is faithfully adhering to principles designed to make us like God. What is the price? What does the process of self-deification cost us? Obviously, there are many things we must give up. It is difficult to let go of what is unnecessary simply because we have clung to them for so long. Familiarity is the enemy, almost as opposed to our ineffable

journey as negativity. Truth be told, there are a thousand and one things we need to remember starting with ourself. Self-remembering is the first key to unlock the door, and what a door! If you take such a lofty route, then prepare yourself for a slimy gateway beyond anything previously achieved or endured. Im not going to list the other thousand. Thats another book all in due time, brothers and sisters. Instead, this piece is about taking the steps necessary to learn all those keys. The Left Hand Path practitioner can only escape this world and its laws by following the example of those who have escaped before. Indeed, we must put ourselves in the shadow of the Great Old Ones. We need to place ourselves under such influence in order for Higher Forces to reach us. As beings struggling for greater states of consciousness and conscience we may receive their aid. Higher Forces dont stretch so far that ordinary man is sensitive to them. Man must put himself on the sinister road by laying down his ego, by submitting to a greater authority. He who travels down the Left Hand Path must yield first before continuing on his way to glory. Ones heightened sense of self will only get in the way. I personally needed to realize my own nothingness before climbing the steps to that aforementioned slimy gateway. If you take your false personality into the void with you, then it will only ooze you back out. The penitent man must be transparent, clean, liberated, and unencumbered by everything he used to be. The journey requires one to follow instructions, not to be a lawless animal or some kind of beast without a code. Left Hand Pathism embodies ruthless discipline and merciless patience. So, what is the difference between the Left Hand Path and the right hand path? Simply, it is this: the LHP begins with submission and ends with dominance while the rhp begins with dominance and ends with submission. Putting oneself under the influence of Higher Forces is not slavery, it is a greater degree of freedom than most will ever know. It is the freedom to follow superior laws willingly and with sincere gratitude. One must agree to do as ones Master instructs. A guide isnt much good if one does not abide by it. Be guided by those entities which raised man up aeons ago and continue to assist in our evolution. I have devoted my life to the Great Old Ones. That is why I formed the religion known as Cthulhu Cult! The Cult of Cthulhu is a conscious school for Awakening humanity. Because of my sacrifice, my intentional suffering, those Dark Gods have granted me access to forbidden knowledge. The Ancient Ones are my idea of Higher Forces, how I envision them. I follow the Great Old Ones in order to escape this prison, becoming as God. My students follow their teacher so that they too might taste freedom. Those who resist instruction cannot be helped. I can do nothing for the false kings of this world who only want to revel in their prison, they cut themselves off from Higher Forces by exiling themselves from conscious schools. As a lifelong free thinking independent, I too chafe from authority. And yet, I have learned to bend to those loathsome entities which have my best interests at heart. I remember weight training years ago, before I knew what I was doing. I wanted to do things my way because I thought I instinctively knew best. I didnt. I didnt know the first thing about proper nutrition or what a deadlift was. The results were over-training some muscles leading to injury, undertraining other muscles leading to imbalance, starving my body of much needed protein while overindulging in the least helpful types of carbs and fats. Those less than stellar results became my wake up call. That was the point when I knew that I could not achieve my goals without following some kind of system put in place by individuals who knew a hell of a lot more than I did. I put myself under the rule of those who were more experienced and I prospered. Setting my counter-productive

pride aside allowed me to walk those first steps. Concurrently, I decided to do the exact same thing with the Fourth Way taught by Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, and other Masters of The Work. Neither has been anything more than an all-out war between what I believed at the time and the unpleasant truths I was now being forced to face. It took years to fully understand my place in world and my place beyond it. My last bit of advice: be the change by doing whatever is necessary to foster that change even if it involves such dirty words as obedience, loyalty, and integrity. Awake! Venger AsNas Satanis High Priest Cult of Cthulhu

The Great Work: My Vision for the Left Hand Path (part three)
If part one was an introduction to the Left Hand Path for the novice and part two instructs an adept on how he might travel farther along his journey, then what will this, part three, have to offer? Merely clarification. The essence of my tertiary examination is the rejection of a so-called middle path. As I understand it, there is no halfway point, no middle ground between slavery and Godhood. Why settle for being an occasional prisoner or a prisoner in a minimum security facility with the occasional conjugal visit? Striving for an equitable balance between the right hand path and Left Hand Path is fruitless. For those of you who pay attention to my writing, I am a staunch proponent of the third side, trichotomy, and tertiality. But doesnt that assume an exploration of a convenient middle path? No and yes. Let me explain A standard, linear, or prosaic middle road between rhp and LHP? No. We dont want to waste time investigating a neutral position between servitude and deification. Thankfully, if we take the time to examine both of these dualistic thoroughfares, we see that a true right hand path practitioner requires a degree of will, selfishness, arrogance, authority, and power (usually borrowed from his deity). Similarly, a true or effective Left Hand Path practitioner needs to have people skills, conscience, pragmatism, the ability to work as a team, sacrifice, and a measure of self-submission. By self-submission I mean the ability to get out of your own way. Thats right, a little bit of one path must mix with the other. This reminds me of the novel Beloved by Toni Morrison (required reading for a college lit class). Somewhere in the book it

mentions that paint manufacturers used to add a little black paint to the white in order to make it ever whiter. It is my conceit that adding a small degree of the rhp, espoused by white light religions, to our own stygian paradigms in the LHP will make our darkness even darker. An individual who considers himself only evil does himself a disservice. Hes manifesting Autonomy, Power, and Self-Deification with one arm tied behind his back. How can practitioners of the sinister way have time to work if they are constantly looking over their shoulder to see whos going to backstab them? Otherwise, we might as well throw any idea of LHP community right out the window along with Unification. No, what we desire is to be beyond good and evil. This Cthulhu Cult view of the LHP is entirely in keeping with that desire. What would this enlightened Left Hand Path look like? A ratio of 3 parts LHP to 1 part rhp? Would there be a code of conduct, honor among thieves, personal integrity, or council of nobles? Such a discussion will continue in a following post outlining the structure of Lovecraftian Theocracy. The Yin / Yang symbol illustrates how a small portion of one path is inherent to the other. See the white circle in the black area and the black circle in the white area? Ok, thats what Im talking about. Its all part of a system a greater whole. Realizing that this sought after balance factor already exists within either path allows us to stop searching for a middle ground between the two which would only end up neutralizing us into paralysis. Not only that, but with civility, empathy, and an eye for the common good already built into the LHP, we can contentedly resume exalting our nigrescent trek while subjugating the rhp and its adherents. Seen in this way, I believe that millions of new LHP practitioners can be recruited. The majority has an attraction to the religious, spiritual, or super-natural. Why cant this open doors for us? Society usually condemns the black magician because he is often characterized as being too much of an egotistical, misanthropic lone wolf. As radical as this might sound maybe if we soften/sweeten the image along with the substance of a LHP practitioner, our movement could grow into an empire. Who wouldnt want to see the three pillars of our LHP: Autonomy, Power, and Self-Deification promoted by teachers, politicians, the private sector, and media? All Im saying is that a little flexibility goes a long way. The ability to keep our core LHP values fluid but strong might allow the sinister way to manifest a New World Order of blood, slime, darkness, sorcery, and tentacles! And just to set the record straight, the core values of the LHP require acknowledgement, respect, or acceptance of Higher Forces, Magical Practice, and Occultism/Esotericism. Without being open to those influences there is no Left Hand Path. Here endeth the lesson. Thank you for joining me as I now conclude this third and final installment of The Great Work: My Vision for the Left Hand Path. Awake!

Venger AsNas Satanis Ipsissimus Cult of Cthulhu

Cthulhu Within
The relationship between Satanism and the Cthulhu Mythos.
In the simplest of terms, the deepest connection between Satanism and the Cthulhu mythos, is the ability of the cultist to create his reality, or divine kingdom. All the imaginary barriers of social constructs stripped away, one has the freedom to explore all fields of knowledge void of any societal views of ethics and morality. The cultist follows his own moral compass. The word Taboo falls into the abyss as another archaic idea, the word may surface on the tide once again, but with new meaning to the cultist because he has the power and the authority to redefine it for his own life. Praxis of the wisdom gained through his explorations, he is truly God of his domain, and his legacy is the impact his presence has on the world, whilst he exists. The cultist forces change, when there is stagnation. The cultist pushes the envelope, and sacrifices the sleeple to their own devices; the delusions they keep close to their hearts that leads them no where and promises them everything. The cultist has the wisdom to find wolves among the flock, and create legions of hideous fanged creatures that will awaken the Old Ones; those that live within the dark corners of our minds, ready at a moments notice to manifest horrid dreams in the living world. The cultist lives by tooth and claw! The cultist is the adversary, and opposes any and all things that attempt to sway him from his goals. He will not be assimilated into the sleep machine, he will awaken. He is of the few that see with the eyes of The One in this matrix-esque existence. The Cthulhu Mythos is applied as a way to manifest his imagination into a reality; it serves as a story to be continued by the Satanist. What Lovecraft began, the Satanist will finish. Each cultist serves as a chapter, in an epic saga of an unquenchable thirst for power, acknowledgement, and absolute sovereignty of his own life. It is his birthright! Each time the cultist is told Cant, Shouldnt or Dont its an act of war! Those that say thou shalt not, are my mortal foe! -Anton Lavey The Cthulhu Mythos is a means to an end, the journey is dark, and slimy but our tentacles long and our end reachable! Ia Ia, Cthulhu, Fhtagan!

CoraSahn Priestess of Rlyeh Cult of Cthulhu

To be a Cultist
What does it mean to be a cultist? In order to answer that, one must have a full understanding of what it means to be part of a cult. What is a cult? Cult, is a derivative of the term CULTUS [1]. Latin cultus habitation, tilling, refinement, worship, equivalent to cul-, variant stem of colere to inhabit, till, worship + -tus suffix of v. action In terms of a religious cultus : cult /klt/ [kuhlt] noun 1. a particular system of religious worship, especially with reference to its rites and ceremonies. 2. an instance of great veneration of a person, ideal, or thing, especially as manifested by a body of admirers: the physical fitness cult. 3. the object of such devotion. Which brings me to terms such as worship, veneration, devotion and religion. There are elements in which are truly occult in nature, and the acquisition of Gnosis can only be obtained through study and practice. In order for the newcomer to understand how these terms are being used in the context of a paradigm, it will require devotion to study and practice.

What is Devotion? Fr. devocion , from L. devotionem , noun of action from devovere "dedicate by a vow," from de- "down, away" + vovere "to vow," from votum "vow". [2] devotion /dvon/ [dih-voh-shuhn] noun 1. profound dedication; consecration. 2. earnest attachment to a cause, person, etc.

3. an assignment or appropriation to any purpose, cause, etc.: the devotion of one's wealth and time to scientific advancement Are you devoted? Devoted to awakening from the sleep of life? Have you recognized your mechanized sleep? Does it make you uneasy? In all that automation of habitual practice, what are you practicing? Are you practicing keeping yourself asleep? Have you been caught up in the daily tasks of survival, that you've forgotten to live? Cthulhu sleeps, dead but dreaming... What are you dreaming of? What steps are you taking to manifest your dreams? Are you devoted? Can you be? It's rather easy to get caught up, when you forget yourself. Who are you really, under all those masks? How many are you wearing? What are you practicing to penetrate all those layers? Can you remove the masks? How can you do that, if you are not devoted? Even devotion takes practice. What are you doing, to foster your devotion? I practice ExVoto: EX VOTO The relics I produce to symbolize my devotion to a task also gives me an opportunity to exercise my creative processes. As an artist, I create to experience the flow of creation. An idea becoming something I can hold in my hands, and made to manifest by my will. The end product, is typically something I will deconstruct; bringing it back to the state of nothingness when I began. The relic, serves as a tool to keep my will on track. If I spend too much time focused on the relic, I lose sight of the what the relic represents. The process of ridding myself of the relic, is also part of the devotion. By keeping that symbolic representation in my full view, paying attention to it, offering it something: I am practicing at my devotion. When I've reached my goal, or have accomplished my task, it's time to let go of the relic. This practice shapes my reality. What do you do to practice devotion? What does it mean to take a vow? To pledge or resolve solemnly to do, make, give, observe. To declare solemnly or earnestly; assert emphatically (often followed by a clause as object).[3]

What is the Occult? Latin occultus (past participle of occulere to hide from view, cover up), secret; disclosed or communicated only to the initiated. equivalent to oc- oc+ -cul-, akin to clre to conceal + -tus past participle suffix .[4] I generally use the term Occult, to communicate Gnosis hidden in plain view. Newcomers to the occult will experience this directly when in touch with other cultists.

The cultists speak of it freely, but because the newcomer has not been initiated or acquired their own Gnosis; may feel as though they are alienated from the group. This feeling of alienation may even become the catalyst for seeking initiation. Be Daring...Shape Your World What is Reality? A fabrication of your mind. Can you change it? As often a you change your mind. Why would anyone seek to change reality? To alleviate suffering. Does Objective Reality exist? Only if you believe it to exist. Are universal laws reality? Universal Law, generally deals in ethics. For example, cannibalism, may be considered to be a universal law that is against human ethics; thus cannibalism is illegal in most countries, even those in which cannibalism is part of cultural tradition (such as that practiced by some African tribes and sects of Hinduism such as Aghori). Universal Law, could certainly be a part of one's subjective reality, but is not reality unto itself. Are Natural laws reality? Natural Law, set by nature, is considered to be universal. Gravity, for example. In the Classical era, Natural Law was used in philosophical modalities. The term 'Natural Law' is used in a variety of ways, as shown by the examples given. Laws of Nature, and Laws which analyze human nature to deduce moral behavior. Both, could make up subjective reality, but are not reality unto themselves. How can we determine what is real? As demonstrated by the film, THE MATRIX, what we believe to be real, is therefore real. What is real, becomes our reality. What is real, is supported by some sort of evidence we consider to be facts. Facts are not finite and often change with the introduction of new evidence. Thus, the more evidence we have, the more what is real changes. Can you prove reality? Is anything really proven? Evidence is lend to ideas to support them, but nothing is truly proven. Is belief reality? Yes. To include believing to the contrary of Natural and Universal Laws. If I believe something enough, can it become real? Yes. Consider for a moment a child manifesting monsters which wreak terror on them, manifested by their belief. The same could be true for any belief. Believe it enough, with fanaticism, and it certainly becomes real, and thus your reality. Can belief as reality benefit me, or is it just some self-applied delusion? Yes, and yes. Apply a delusion, believe it, and manifest it. This is most beneficial when attempting to actualize something from your imagination. Consider for a moment, the imaginings of wondrous minds such as Leonardo Divinci. He sketched his imagination on canvas, and in the future, those daring pioneers believed zealously enough to manifest many of those imaginings. Can you shape your world by believing your reality to manifest? You certainly could. It would take sorting out what you believe, how you imagine you could manifest it, and taking actions to make it to manifest but certainly possible. The more you believe the more you increase your probability of manifesting what you imagine and believe in. The Occultist uses insanity, refining yourself through a Cultus, assures that the Occultist is not used by it. What does it mean to initiate and why would any person seek initiation within an organization?

When one initiates, it is the beginning, a facilitation of knowledge to acquire wisdom. Initiation is a rite of passage, from one phase to another: Ascension. One might seek initiation within an organization, to determine progress outside of the sphere of your own mind. It's not about proving yourself to a person or group, but demonstrating how you have applied knowledge to acquire wisdom. This wisdom should facilitate progress in your own life, and by proxy, progress within the organization you feel a part of. This organization, should be providing something of value to you, to improve upon yourself, and you in turn will give something back by having ascended within. There are many steps one takes in their initiation. Every marker is an indication of progress. We are human, so there will certainly be setbacks, it is the quick recovery and learning from those setbacks that is very much a part of initiation. Each initiate should ask themselves: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Why would I seek initiation? Am I in process of initiation and how would I recognize it? Do I understand the paradigm I am initiating into? Do I understand the goals of the organization I seek to initiate with? Am I a user or a cultist? Why is this distinction important? How do I ascend? Why should I be ascending?

What is Gnosis? Gnosis, is a Greek noun(f) to describe knowledge. It was in use by the Greeks to describe an aptitude (compentcy), of having learned vs. having become educated (programmed). It implies an ability gained, from learning.[5]

The distinction between a 'user' and a 'cultist' A user is generally a person who makes use of a tool or practice, to employ it for some purpose; and put into service. For example, a user will employ a shovel to dig a trench. A cultist, is an initiate of an Occult paradigm. Gnosis is acquired to be used. A cultist experiments, practices, studies, mentors, and is shaped by the initiation. A cultist is devoted. Devoted to obtaining Gnosis, devoted to the cultus which has aided him in refining himself, and devoted to his initiation. Is a Cultus programming?

Yes. Conscious and willful programming which liberates him from the unconscious influence which causes him to make unwillful acts. Suspending his preconceived beliefs, he may discover his harmful programming which makes him nothing more than a machine being run by a manufacturer. This willful programming will be transcended through initiation; and he will become what he has meant to become. A destiny manifested by conscious Work.

Faith of consciousness is freedom Faith of feeling is weakness Faith of body is stupidity. Love of consciousness evokes the same in response Love of feeling evokes the opposite Love of body depends only on type and polarity. Hope of consciousness is strength Hope of feeling is slavery Hope of body is disease. -G.I. Gurdjieff

Is there trust? Yes, there must be trust. Trust in your own ability to know when you are being misled, and when you are being lead by an effective leadership. You may seek to lead one day yourself, having followed a lead that brought you to a sense of accomplishment. "Faith can not be given to man, it comes from direct knowledge." -Gurdjieff, Meetings with Remarkable Men Thinking and knowing are different things, in that you can convey ideas from one mind to another but it is the imprinting of our being, to another being; which is the distinction between faith and knowledge. Typically, a faithful person will hold faith from the direct experience vs. thinking about the experience. It is perhaps the primary focus of Gurdjieff, in the sacred movements. By moving the physical body in a systematic way, the mind is no longer thinking but rather being. Allowing the mind to find a direct connection to the unseen but experienced, to attain this Gnosis. Imprinting from being to being. When the Whirling Dervish spins, he is seeking the direct connection to God. That direct knowledge in the form experience vs. thinking. The Orthodox Muslim, finds this idea to be a psychological

break. Mind-trickery. That trickery is seen as a device of the devil. I find this to be true, in that we devils have our devices, we have the power to master our own psyche. I'm often asked why I dedicate so much time myself to this mind trickery, others find this pointless. There is a point, in that Gnosis can be attained from a direct experience with my own god within. And this is my primary focus with my own 'sacred movements' in Transcendental dance. The euphoria experienced as a bi-product, is called Ecstasia...Ecstasy. Some dancers in this art, dance to attain the ecstasy. While others seek to attain the answers within, which can be drawn out with the rituals. Some of these rituals are akin to the decompression rituals described by Anton LaVey. The body is the ritual chamber, a cache of emotion can be shot out like a cannon, to be managed in a healthy way so as not to distract the effort from awakening. It is in this practice, that I find faith. Willful Following? Yes, you are following a lead [9]. A guide is setting the course by taking the steps in advance, even if we arrive at the same destination together. We are all students, working towards mastering life. [See also: Legions of the Messiah, by SIN JONES] Fellowship We belong to the same class or group; united by the same occupation, interests, etc.; being in the same condition. In this case, suffering machines, food for the universe. Dare I say, food for the gods. If you are tired of being consumed, you may seek initiation. It is not for everyone, you may be content to be a user. This is acceptable, in fact it should be encouraged. The more you use, the more you know, and a step closer to a cultist you become. It is through fellowship, that you may find yourself following a lead and strive to lead yourself. For, to become a god[6], you must begin, at the beginning. [see also: You are amidst friends and fellows, SIN JONES]

Users I recommend you study, and interact with cultists. It would behoove you to be active in your pursuit of Gnosis. Determine the distinctions yourself. Do you know whom is a user or a cultist? Be advised: Question all things. Investigate. Collect data. Experiment. Examine your results. Test your hypothesis.

Repeat the process for similar or opposing results. Question. Investigate. Collect more data. Examine. Experiment. Re-test your hypothesis. Draw a conclusion.

Dhammapada: Words of the Buddha Love yourself and watch- Today, tomorrow, always. First establish yourself in THE WAY. Then teach, and so defeat sorrow. To straighten the crooked, you must first do a harder thing- Straighten yourself. You are your only master. Who else? Subdue yourself, and discover your master. Willfully you have fed your own mischief. Soon it will crush you, as the diamond crushes the stone. By your own folly[8], you will be brought as low as your worst enemy wishes. So the creeper chokes the tree. How hard it is to serve yourself, how easy to lose yourself, in mischief and folly. The kashta reed dies when it bears fruit. So the fool scorning the teachings of the awakened, spurning those who follow the law, perishes when his folly flowers. Mischief is yours. Sorrow is yours. But virtue also is yours, and purity. You are the source of all purity and impurity. No one purifies another. Never neglect your work, for anothers, however great his need. Your work is to discover your work, and then with all your heart, to give yourself to it.

The clear distinction between a following and a blind follower. If you recognize a workable idea, that is beneficial to you, you get behind it. If you did not originate the idea, you are following a lead. All it takes is the first follower, to lead other followers. The exemplar of how to follow a lead properly. The first follower, is the lead to other followers. The first follower is recognized as that lead, because results have been witnessed, results that other followers seek for themselves. The first follower becomes the chosen leader to many. [7] Hark! Who goes there? For it is I, the cultist Cora'Sahn - leading the way. I Am the Way. CoraSahn Priestess of Rlyeh Cult of Cthulhu Bibliography:

[1] Websters Dictionary, reference [2] Etymology Dictionary, reference [3] Encyclopedia Britannica, reference [4] Encyclopedia of Alchemy & Magic, Kraig, reference [5] Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Craig, reference [6] god: autonomous, powerful, divinity realized. [7] Steven Johnson: Where good ideas come from [youtube clip] [8] To Be The Fool, by SIN JONES [9] The Ted, Leadership [Youtube clip]

Further Reading: Cthulhu Cult, Venger Satanis Satanism in Profane Hands, Venger Satanis Necronomicon Satanis: Gate One, Venger Satanis Awakening: The Work, CoraSahn Cthulhu Within, CoraSahn The Satanic Bible, Anton LaVey

Prophets, Legions of the Messiah The Cthulhu Cult

Everyone is a prophet these days, just google the term Prophet and see how many hits you get of real people claiming to be prophets. For every individual claiming to be a prophet, there are thousands of finger pointers calling them a false prophet. Why can't we all be prophets?
prophet (prft) n. 1. A person who speaks by divine inspiration or as the interpreter through whom the will of a god is expressed. 2. A person gifted with profound moral insight and exceptional powers of expression. 3. A predictor; a soothsayer. 4. The chief spokesperson of a movement or cause.

5. a. Prophets (used with a sing. or pl. verb) The second of the three divisions of the Hebrew Scriptures, comprising the books of Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and the Twelve. Used with the. See Table at Bible. b. Prophet One of the prophets mentioned in the Bible, especially one believed to be the author of one of these books. 6. Prophet Islam Muhammad. Used with the. [Middle English prophete, from Old French, from Latin prophta, from Greek prophts : pro-, before; see pro-2 + -phts, speaker (from phanai, to speak; see bh-2 in Indo-European roots).] divine (d-vn) adj. diviner, divinest 1. a. Having the nature of or being a deity. b. Of, relating to, emanating from, or being the expression of a deity: sought divine guidance through meditation. c. Being in the service or worship of a deity; sacred. 2. Superhuman; godlike. 3. a. Supremely good or beautiful; magnificent: a divine performance of the concerto. b. Extremely pleasant; delightful: had a divine time at the ball. 4. Heavenly; perfect. n. 1. A cleric. 2. A theologian. divined, divining, divines 1. To foretell through or as if through the art of divination. See Synonyms at foretell. 2. a. To know by inspiration, intuition, or reflection. b. To guess. 3. To locate (underground water or minerals) with a divining rod; douse. v.intr. 4. To practice divination. 5. To guess. [Middle English, from Old French devine, from Latin dvnus, divine, foreseeing, from dvus, god; see dyeu- in IndoEuropean roots. V., Middle English divinen, from Old French deviner, from Latin dvnre, from dvnus.] god (gd) n. 1. God a. A being conceived as the perfect, omnipotent, omniscient originator and ruler of the universe, the principal object of faith and worship in monotheistic religions. b. The force, effect, or a manifestation or aspect of this being. 2. A being of supernatural powers or attributes, believed in and worshiped by a people, especially a male deity thought to control some part of nature or reality. 3. An image of a supernatural being; an idol. 4. One that is worshiped, idealized, or followed: Money was their god. 5. A very handsome man. 6. A powerful ruler or despot. [Middle English, from Old English; see gheu()- in Indo-European roots.]

As far as I'm concerned, we are all prophets in our own right. Why do people believe prophets are only religious leaders? Wake up people. Be your own prophet.

Following a Messiah What is a Messiah?

Encyclopedia Britannica: A messiah (Hebrew: ,Modern Mashia Tiberian M anointed) is a redeemer figure expected or foretold in one form or another by a religion. Slightly more widely, a messiah is any redeemer figure. Messianic beliefs or theories generally relate to eschatological improvement of the state of humanity or the world.

If a Messiah is a appointed by the creator of the religion does this make him any less a Messiah? Venger Satanis, created the Cthulhu Cult, he prophesied himself as the Messiah, the redeemer, the deliverer of the tools which could be utilized (voluntarily) to improve the state of humanity, and by proxy the world. Is this a psychological complex, attributed to a Narcissist disorder? Some would argue in favor of this point of view. They do not recognize Venger Satanis as their Messiah. Perhaps, they see themselves as their own Messiah. Or perhaps they are influenced by the society they are a part of that either elevates the Messiah to a person they consider to be holy or sacred or is stigmatized by a narrow world view (programming). Venger

Satanis has not declared himself to be THE Messiah, but A Messiah. I have also declared myself a Messiah and for many years, have expressed this in various mediums. A tag-line (used often in Social Networking Sites) I AM your salvation, should be relatively easy to understand (or one would think). What is Salvation?
Wikipedia: "In religion, salvation is the concept that, as part of divine providence, a God, or gods, saves people from some or all of the following: from biological death, by providing for them an eternal life or long-lasting afterlife (cf. afterlife).[1] from spiritual death, by providing divine law, illumination, and judgment.[1] from divine punishment, particularly from Hell, by granting them acceptance into Heaven.[citation needed] from having sinful character and conduct, through a process of positive moral change.[2] from the influence of evil, oppression, etc.[citation needed] Salvation may also be called "deliverance" or "redemption" from sin and its effects. Those of the world's religions which have the concept of salvation hold varying positions on the way to attain it and on what it means.[1] The theological study of salvation is called soteriology. It covers the means by which salvation is effected or achieved, and its results."

1. 2.

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What evidence do I have of this? Is my self declaration also some form of a Messiah complex? The evidence I can lend to support this, is purely UPG (unverifiable personal gnosis). Countless times I have been told, that I was a redeemer, that my insights have provoked people to think and come into their own understanding. People dont need shepherds, but they often fall subject to them. I have no desire to herd sheep. I do not require agreement with my ideals. In fact, if you find yourself disagreeing with me, this is evidence of thought. Followers choose their leaders, muses, and recognize their Messiah.

Can a Messiah, have a Messiah? Yes. I am often inspired by the many Messiahs I come into contact with. I believe, that when you are self-aware you are not threatened by prophets, Messiahs, or salvation. Maintaining an awakened state, is constant Work[1]. People talk, and everyone has an opinion. I see a lot of talk, but not a whole lot of real world action. I hear a lot of avid complainers with no true solutions being offered. In what way is the Work, working? Should we let sleeping dogs lie? I say, NO. The more people are provoked to awaken, this affects the whole of humanity, and by proxy the state of the world. I prefer to be active in that task. Disrupt the system. Unplug them from the matrix. Aid humanity in recognizing its own programming. Who knows how many more prophets and Messiahs could rise. A world, faced with a legion of Messiahs? What would that be like? Utopian dream? Delusional fantasy? You must BELIEVE. If godhood is a state of mind, then Work your mind. Rip asunder the system, awaken, and become. Power, Autonomy and Self-deification[2].

Belief is Reality[3]. Priestess CoraSahn Cult of Cthulhu [1] Cthulhu Cult, Fourth Way School [2] The Left-hand Path [3] Occultism Further Reading: 1. Cthulhu Cult Bible, Venger Satanis 2. Liber A:O, Venger Satanis. 3. The Collected Works of the Cthulhu Cult Cult Wiki

The Nameless City

"To myself I pictured all the splendours of an age so distant that Chaldaea could not recall it, and thought of Sarnath the Doomed, that stood in the land of Mnar when mankind was young, and of Ib, that was carven of grey stone before mankind existed." -The Nameless City, HP Lovecraft It's important to understand who the Chaledeans were to full grasp the significance of this reference. The Caldeans seized control and ruled over Ancient Mesopotamia (to include Israel, Edom, Phoenicia, and parts of Arabia). These Ancient Semitic people are renowned for their sorcery and are referenced in the Bible, and the Chaldeans came to adore Christ. I must add, before I go on here, the Bible represents a wholly occult text which I believe was never intended to be a religious text. The Christ, is a symbol, and one of the most important in New Testament to fully grasp the Occultism being taught through the 'scriptures'. The use of Daemones, and Daimones was a daily practice in many cultures of this era, as was willful possession. Referring to Ezekiel in the bible, you will see that divination through demonic possession is used by the King of Babylon. In Ezekiel, the king using divination by darts (called Rhabdomanteia by the Greeks) when he comes to a fork in the road. King Nebuchadnezzar is horrified by a dream, and it is the Magi (diviners, aruspices and Chaldeans) he consults to interpret it. The Chaldeans became a focus for persecution in the scriptures attributed to jealousy and cultural ideas about proper divinities especially throughout ancient Persia. The Nameless City, is an allegory to represent many of these ideas.

Al Hazred is mentioned for the first time in this story. In beginning and closing: "That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.." Excerpt from The Nameless City: "Remote in the desert of Araby lies the nameless city, crumbling and inarticulate, its low walls nearly hidden by the sands of uncounted ages. It must have been thus before the first stones of Memphis were laid, and while the bricks of Babylon were yet unbaked. There is no legend so old as to give it a name, or to recall that it was ever alive; but it is told of in whispers around campfires and muttered about by grandams in the tents of sheiks, so that all the tribes shun it without wholly knowing why. It was of this place that Abdul Alhazred the mad poet dreamed on the night before he sang his unexplainable couplet." Ancient Semitic Demon Possession It's important to understand willful possession rites in use by Ancient Semitic peoples, but especially the Chaldeans here. Al Hazred arises the mad arab, and this poetic phrase unexplained in this story, but given further explanation in others see (The Hound, The Festival, The Call of Cthulhu, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, The Dunwhich Horror, The Whisperer in the Darkness, At the Mountains of Madness, The Dreams in the Witch House, The Thing on the Doorstep, The Shadow Out of Time) "That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.." The Nameless City: " In the darkness there flashed before my mind fragments of my cherished treasury of daemoniac lore; sentences from Alhazred the mad Arab, paragraphs from the apocryphal nightmares of Damascius, and infamous lines from the delirious Image du Monde of Gauthier de Metz. I repeated queer extracts, and muttered of Afrasiab and the daemons that floated with him down the Oxus; later chanting over and over again a phrase from one of Lord Dunsanys talesthe unreverberate blackness of the abyss. Once when the descent grew amazingly steep I recited something in sing-song from Thomas Moore until I feared to recite more: A reservoir of darkness, black As witches cauldrons are, when filld With moon-drugs in th eclipse distilld. Leaning to look if foot might pass Down thro that chasm, I saw, beneath, As far as vision could explore, The jetty sides as smooth as glass, Looking as if just varnishd oer With that dark pitch the Sea of Death throws out upon its slimy shore. Podcast archives: Exorcism

Willful possession, exorcism and trance are among my practices, in an attempt to pull out that which is hidden deep within. Truths I know, tools I have, and with each step I take down the crawlspace where creatures live - I find a heightened awareness in my waking life. Im often asked how I know the things I know, how my intuition leads me, and how Ive become the Alchemistress. Believe it or not, I find it difficult to articulate my ideas, at times, in plain English, my aim is not to speak cryptic but I find myself doing that far too much. I think symbolically, so I in-turn speak in symbolic language. In the last few years I've been working at speaking plainly and using conceptual modeling to convey my ideas more effectively. I continue to work at it. Instinctively I know where to look for my symbols, what direction to point the reader to follow my thought process and I've seen results in this practice. In my own remembering I have to remind myself: Consider the audience.

Reference blogs: www.cultofcthulhu.wall/fm - CoraSahn : Awakening the A:O, Atheism by Day, Theism by Night, 9 by Cora'Sahn, 9AO Be Daring, Shape Your World, Becoming less apathetic towards belief Immolation:Self-Sacrifice, Cthulhu Within, Conceptual Modeling:DUNE ,Dancing the blind idiot god, The Emerald Plateau. Additional resources: The Collected Works of the Cthulhu Cult The Nameless City serves as a metaphor, for the depths of the abysmal self, with its non-euclidean angles, endless depths of descent and its Duende expressions. The self is often a conduit for the Unnameable. What is unknown, may fill us with dread, but working towards knowing, is only half the battle. Knowledge in the hands of madmen, and the unintelligible is the war that rages on each day. My city is set asunder, and I strive to crystallize it, raise it from the deepest of depths, cyclopean monoliths as blistering beacons writing the pages of my Necronomicon.

I hear a calling, a whisperer in the darkness.

Green monsters...


There are green monsters under my bed, green monsters. There are green monsters in my head, green monsters. They climb the walls, they stalk the halls, There are green monsters under my bed, green monsters. There are green monsters in my head, green monsters. They tear me limb from limb, They satisfy my every whim. There are green monsters under my bed, green monsters. Green monsters. Green monsters. Green monsters. They drag me off the cliff, They hold me down in the abyss. Green monsters, under my bed and in my head. They whisper Eldritch things, flying above me, flapping wings. There are green monsters under my bed, green monsters. There are green monsters in my head, green monsters. I sink when I must swim, I am a torso, I have no limbs. There are green monsters under my bed, green monsters. There are green monsters in my head, green monsters.

In the darkness, I am free, In the darkness, I am not me. Green monsters. Green monsters. Green monsters. I am no body, I am no mind. I am not truth, I am a lie! Green monsters under my bed, Green monsters in my head. Crimson haze, Im rotting away. Green monsters. Green monsters. Green monsters.

You are amidst Friends and Fellows...

What is a friend? May be, but not limited to: A person you are emotionally attached to, a person held in high esteem, a supporter of your existence, your hopes and dreams. What is a fellow? May be, but not limited to: A person you shares beliefs or activities with, but is not necessarily a friend. Can you be both a friend and fellow? Yes Is friendship required for fellowship? No Can fellowship develop into friendship? Yes Can a fellow also be your enemy? Yes You can share common beliefs or activities with another person, but still be considered a foe. Through fellowship, you may develop a friendship on many levels, and friendships typically last for a reason or a season. Be mindful of your associations. You could be imagining and projecting your ideas of fellowship and friendship onto others. This does not mean the person on the receiving end shares your thoughts and feelings. You may consider a person a friend, but they may be your foe, or fellow. You may consider a person a fellow, and they may actually be your friend. I have found the direct approach most beneficial in my own life. I have so few friends, but I find myself amidst

plenty of fellows. My associations usually last for a reason or a season. If a person seeks my friendship, I will have a discussion about what friendship means to me, how I treat my friendships, and ask the person how they see friendship and express it, directly. If I decide that we do not share similar values, and it is not in my best interest to engage in friendship, I may instead choose to associate. This may include socializing, and staying in contact on the regular basis, but does not extend to the realm of friendship.

Are Friends Extortionists? I do not consider extortionist tactics friendship. Scenario: Bill: Hey John, I brought you over this lawnmower, I got a good deal on them and I noticed yours is on its last leg. John: Thank you Bill, that was thoughtful of you. I will get some good use out of it! I will have to repay you in some way! Bill: No need, you are my friend. 2 weeks later.... Bill: Hey John, I'm doing some work on my roof on Sunday, can you come over and help? John: I'm sorry Bill, I'd love to, but I've already made plans with the family to go to a theme park. Bill: Can you reschedule it? John: No, Bill, the kids have been excited and they have worked hard to earn the season passes. Bill: Oh, so they can go anytime? It doesn't have to be this weekend? John: Sure, they could, but like I said we planned this weekend in advance. If you can put it off until next weekend, I'd be more than happy to help you. Bill: [angry] Well, some friend you are. I really need your help this weekend. And after I gave you that free lawn mower! end scenario Extortionist tactics, do not convey friendship to me. Bill was extorting John by giving him the lawnmower, using it as a bargaining tool in the future. Had Bill and John invested the time and attention needed to establish a friendship, John may have found that Bill uses extortionist tactics and could have made a conscious decision to maintain Bill as an associate, rather than a friend. It could have saved him a lot of grief, and there would be no need to sever the friendship.

When conducting my own investigations on how people view friendship, treat their friendships, and how long their friendships usually last, I discovered some fascinating things about the way people use it (friendship).

My observations: 1. Some have friendships to get something out of it, if you are not providing a benefit, the friendship is severed. Even if the exchange is not balanced. 2. Some have friendships to demonstrate to others that they are popular, loved, or admired. These are typically friend collectors its about the numbers.. The friendships usually lack depth, are superficial and don't last very long. The person quickly moves on and collects new friends to replace those they have lost. 3. Some have friendships as extensions of their family. They are very meticulous in choosing friends, the potential friend is examined thoroughly, and must be in good standing with all members of the family. These friendships usually last many years, but could end over some 'family-related' falling out down the road. The falling out could be finite, or mended through years of friendship. 4. Some have friendships to have support of life changes, or projects. Once the change has been made, or the project has been completed, the friendship will usually end. Much like a chapter ends and another begins. The season of the friendship is over. In my observations these four, are the most common types of friendships people have. You may be seeking a particular friendship, and it may differ greatly from the friendship the other person is seeking. The friendship sought, is not always communicated directly, its often assumed. This leads me to friendships established in Internet environments. If you speak to someone on-line for many years, this person may be supportive of your beliefs, hopes and dreams and thus you begin an emotional connection to this person (the beginnings of friendship). You may consider this person your friend. How can you be certain that this person shares your sentiment? Have you discussed it? Was it assumed? Did it end abruptly and for some reason you can not fathom? Have you examined the self before projecting blame onto others? What is your responsibility? What should you be held accountable for? Obstacles in the Work In your conscious work, I strongly urge you to be conscious of your associations, who you consider your friends, and fellows. The word friend, is dubious at best, if you do not establish dialogue about the meaning vs. the definition with the people you are engaging in friendships with. Friend is often used casually for people you know, talk with, or socialize with from time to time, but no true friendship has been established. You may be setting yourself up for pitfalls, if

you are not consciously aware of your own behaviors about friendship. This may be a great source of frustration for you, if you are unaware of your responsibility amidst friends and fellows.

The Work, and The Cult of Cthulhu The backbone of the Cult of Cthulhu paradigm, is Fourth Way, an esoteric school of thought brought to the Western World by G. I. Gurdjieff. In spiritual development, it is taught that there are (3) ordinary modalities, and (1) extraordinary, the Fourth Way. The first three ways are: {1}The way of the fakir: The fakir struggles with the physical body and self-mastery through difficult physical exercises and postures. {2}The way of the monk: The way of the monk (or nun) represents the way of faith, the cultivation of emotional feelings. {3}The way of the yogi: The yogi's approach is through knowledge and the mind. Gurdjieff said that this Fourth Way was a quicker means than the first three ways because it simultaneously combined work on all three centers rather than focusing on one as is done in the first three ways {4] The way of the slyman: The sly man is aware of his influences, obstacles, and his nature to identify negatively causing him to disappear, he understands what must be done and he works at it - slyly. By its very nature, the Fourth Way is not for everyone. Gurdjieff said that the "secret knowledge" of his transformational system is not "hidden, but that most people are simply not interested. The Remarkable Man is passionately driven for the Fourth Way understanding. Gurdjieff referred to those capable of receiving the work as "five of twenty of twenty" - only 20% of all people ever think seriously about higher realities. Of these, only 20%t ever decide to do anything about it. And of these, only 5% ever actually get anywhere, or one in five hundred. This 5%, as metaphor and allegory is in use by individuals and/or groups to support an Elitist mentality or agenda. I hardly find this the sly mans Way. A sly man is clever, cunning, stealthy, mischievous, and you would rarely catch him at his Work. You would however recognize his success, and perhaps ask him for his secrets! When I consider the paths of the Fakir, Yogi and Monk, the Fourth Way is the cross roads, much like Hecate's Wheel. The symbol in the center, represents all of the paths, the Fourth Way as that center path and the most direct route. Negative imagining, and projection will have you spinning on Hectate's wheel, never arriving at any beneficial destination.

The merry go round, is fun for a time, but eventually you have to get off the ride. For further reading, I recommend: The Fourth Way, P.D. Ouspensky Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson Life is only real, when I am Meetings with Remarkable Men

For more information about the Cult of Cthulhu: Books: Cthulhu Cult, by Venger Satanis Liber A:O, by Venger Satanis Resources: The Collected Works of the Cthulhu Cult: Cult Wiki Priestess of Rlyeh, CoraSahn

To Dig a Trench
The Fourth Way, represents the Modus Operandi, to becoming. It is an ontological concept, that allows the individual to achieve a heightened state of awareness. Ontology can be traced back to 5th century Greek philosophy. The philosophical study of being, existence and reality. Ontic, deals with the physical state of being, existing and reality. The Fakir, is used in Fourth Way, to represent the physical state, Yogi the mental, and Monk the emotional. The idea of becoming, is found in Eastern Greece around the 6th century. The idea that nothing is constant, except change. This is in direct contrast with ontic change. The idea that the way we perceive our senses is deceptive and illusionary, and that there is a true nature behind the illusion. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus, wrote a philosophical treatise on becoming using the analogy "the whole flows", which takes the constant change as perpetual, in addition to movement and evolution. The premise is moving towards, or changing to. See: , About Nature. The flow of Fourth Way, is achieving the 3 states in unison, as the Fourth way, Understanding of the Sly Man. Gurjieff taught that we must work to achieve a subtle body. This represents the soul. This is not something we are born with, but rather strive to become. It is this essence, that will live on, after our physical body has ceased; thus achieving immortality. In Buddhism, the Noble Eight-fold Path, is achieved after the Four Noble Truths are understood. It is also referred to as the Middle Way, when dealing directly with Dukkha (attachment).

The Four Noble Truths are: Dukkha does not exist Dukkha arises from connectedness to desires Dukkha ceases when one disconnects from his desires Dukkha is liberated when one practices the 8 Fold Path. The Eight Fold Path, represents the correct Modus Operandi: Correct speech Correct intention Correct action Correct livelihood Correct effort Correct mindfulness Correct concentration Correct meditation

The acquisition is wisdom and liberation = Autonomy Autonomy is self-governing. Managing the flow of change. We could certainly become something worse than we are today, defeating ourselves rather than liberating ourselves and achieving the subtle body. The essence of the subtle body, is perceived in many ways. Those involved in paranormal studies feel that this essence remains in the form of cessationism. The subtle body of those who have passed away, remains behind on this earthly plane, and the evidence is perceived as anything from hauntings, spiritual guides, and conduits to the divine source to demonic presence, spiritual bodies witnessed, and possession. The Ontic change from physical existence to subtle body, is a cultural phenomena. Much of which is taught and an influencing agent. We could certainly delude ourselves, into believing all that we do, is working towards achieving a subtle body. Too much concentration on the existence after the physical body has died, and not enough on existence while it is alive. If I were tasked with the job of digging a trench, the attachment to the task would affect my sense of existence during the task. How does one properly dig a trench, using the Fourth Way? It takes physical exertion of energy by the physical body to dig a trench. This is physics. The mental and emotional energy spent, is another matter entirely, I could classify this as the metaphysical aspects of digging a trench. I might ask myself, do I have to dig this trench? Why is it my job? What is the reason this trench must be dug? How do I begin?

Using the 4 Noble Truths, and 8 Fold Noble Path, I might consider the correct way to dig a trench. I could make myself suffer, or I could dig the trench not losing myself in the task. If I could center my physical, mental and emotional body, the task of digging the trench may be conducted in such a way so as not to increase suffering, and depleting my subtle body. Intellectually, emotionally and physically digging the trench: Intellectual: logic and reasoning, Emotional: feeling, Physical: moving and Proper attention to the task, and using the proper center. The material body is automated, the emotional body is not pinned down by the laws of the physical but has a tendency to be provoked by the mental body that tends to wander. The intellectual body, can use reasoning and logic, to manage the emotional. The divine body, is crystallizing the mental and emotional, to affect the physical. I could over-exert myself, instantly by not managing the mental and emotional.

Consider the person, who before beginning the task of digging a trench, decides that: 1. I do not want to dig this trench 2. This is not my job 3. This will be hard work, that I don't 'want' to do 4. I will become tired 5. It will take up my time 6. I could find a way around digging the trench, which may be needed In contrast to: 1. I will dig this trench 2. This work is beneficial 3. I will complete this task, when it is done What are the possible affects of identification? If I identify with digging the trench, it may provoke both mental and emotional reactions which affect my physical body. To include, but not limited to, a faster heartbeat, increased energy dispelled, early exhaustion, and feeling of increased 'weight' on muscles, joints, and posture. If I don't identify with the task of digging the trench, the task will be complete with very little Dukkha, and achieved becoming. There are habitual patterns of behavior we all fall subject to. Many of the techniques Gurdjieff employed, were to undermine these patterns. He felt that only 'Super Efforts' as he called them, counted in the Work. Ultimate selfdevelopment occurred when one could continually self-remember, self-observe, and not express negative emotions. Not to say, that man will ever lead a

harmonious life, but he can manage his life to be more harmonious with the everconstant cycles of change. The Fourth Way Enneagram, may serve us well here as a visual aid. Our patterns are never in a straight line. They have ups and downs. Gurdjieff felt as though the 3 points, (3, 6, 9) represent the shocks to maintain such straight line focus. The moments when we are active, passive and neutral which are achieved through affirmation, denial and reconciliation. Some refer to these patterns as vibrations.

If I completed my task of digging the trench, and it rained filling in the trench once more, I may be reluctant to re-dig the trench having identified with having dug it. If however; I have not identified, and continue to use correct will, I would just redig it and not bat an eye-lash at the idea of having to do so. Though, in the process, it doesn't mean I will have straight line thinking. Instead, I may have ups and downs, and it may need shocks to keep me centered. This could apply to all tasks in your life, to include orchestrated Power. In the philosophical context, power is a measurement of your ability to control your environment, and behavior (to include the behavior of others by will current). Autonomy, Power and Self-Deification is beneficial to the individual if used in proper context. Be self-governing Measure your control Exalt yourself Become, all that you were destined to become by learning how to dig a trench. Awakening the Old One within, takes the Work of remarkable men. References: The Fourth Way, P.D. Ouspensky The Noble Eightfold Path, Bhikkhu Bodhi Beelzebubs Tales to his Grandson, G.I. Gurdjieff Meetings with Remarkable Men, G.I. Gurdjieff Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy: Ontology Cult of Cthulhu: CoraSahn Priestess of Rlyeh, Cult of Cthulhu

Hastur cannot stay

According to Daniel Harms: Hastur (The Unspeakable One, Him Who Is Not to be Named, Assatur, Xastur, or Kaiwan) is a fictional entity of the Cthulhu Mythos. Hastur first appeared in Ambrose Bierce's short story "Hata the Shepherd" (1893) as a benign god of shepherds. Robert W. Chambers later used Hastur in his own stories to represent both a person and a place associated with the names of several stars, including Aldebaran. (See Encyclopedia Cthuliana by Daniel Harms). According to Joshi & Schultz, HP Lovecraft read ' The King in Yellow (1895)' (Chambers) in 1927. Hastur is the name of a potentially supernatural character (in "The Demoiselle D'Ys"), a place (in "The Repairer of Reputations"), and mentioned without explanation in "The Yellow Sign" . The latter two stories also mentioned Carcosa, Hali, Aldebaran, and the Hyades, along with a 'Yellow Sign' and a play called 'The King in Yellow'. There are two places in Lovecraft's own writings that mentions Hastur: 1. "I found myself faced by names and terms that I had heard elsewhere in the most hideous of connections Yuggoth, Great Cthulhu, Tsathoggua, Yog-Sothoth, R'lyeh, Nyarlathotep, Azathoth, Hastur, Yian, Leng, the Lake of Hali, Bethmoora, the Yellow Sign, Lmur-Kathulos, Bran, and the Magnum Innominandum and was drawn back through nameless aeons and inconceivable dimensions to worlds of elder, outer entity at which the crazed author of the Necronomicon had only guessed in the vaguest way.... There is a whole secret cult of evil men (a man of your mystical erudition will understand me when I link them with Hastur and the Yellow Sign) devoted to the purpose of tracking them down and injuring them on behalf of the monstrous powers from other dimensions." H. P. Lovecraft, "The Whisperer in Darkness It is unclear from this quote if Lovecraft's Hastur is a person, a place, an object (such as the Yellow Sign), or a deity. 2. In "Supernatural Horror In Literature" (Written 1926-27, revised 1933, published in The Recluse in 1927), when telling about "The Yellow Sign" by Chambers, H. P. Lovecraft wrote: "... after stumbling queerly upon the hellish and forbidden book of horrors the two learn, among other hideous things which no sane mortal should know, that this talisman is indeed the nameless Yellow Sign handed down from the accursed cult of Hastur -- from primordial Carcosa, whereof the volume treats..." In Chambers' "The Yellow Sign" the only mentioning of Hastur is: "...We spoke of Hastur and of Cassilda..." (See: Wiki Citation)

Excerpts taken directly from The Whisperer in Darkness:

From the pictures I turned to the bulky, closely written letter itself; and for the next three hours was immersed in a gulf of unutterable horror. Where Akeley had given only outlines before, he now entered into minute details; presenting long transcripts of words overheard in the woods at night, long accounts of monstrous pinkish forms spied in thickets at twilight on the hills, and a terrible cosmic narrative derived from the application of profound and varied scholarship to the endless bygone discourses of the mad self-styled spy who had killed himself. I found myself faced by names and terms that I had heard elsewhere in the most hideous of connexionsYuggoth, Great Cthulhu, Tsathoggua, Yog-Sothoth, Rlyeh, Nyarlathotep, Azathoth, Hastur, Yian, Leng, the Lake of Hali, Bethmoora, the Yellow Sign, Lmur-Kathulos, Bran, and the Magnum Innominandumand was drawn back through nameless aeons and inconceivable dimensions to worlds of elder, outer entity at which the crazed author of the Necronomicon had only guessed in the vaguest way. I was told of the pits of primal life, and of the streams that had trickled down therefrom; and finally, of the tiny rivulet from one of those streams which had become entangled with the destinies of our own earth. My brain whirled; and where before I had attempted to explain things away, I now began to believe in the most abnormal and incredible wonders. The array of vital evidence was damnably vast and overwhelming; and the cool, scientific attitude of Akeleyan attitude removed as far as imaginable from the demented, the fanatical, the hysterical, or even the extravagantly speculative had a tremendous effect on my thought and judgment. By the time I laid the frightful letter aside I could understand the fears he had come to entertain, and was ready to do anything in my power to keep people away from those wild, haunted hills. Even now, when time has dulled the impression and made me half question my own experience and horrible doubts, there are things in that letter of Akeleys which I would not quote, or even form into words on paper. I am almost glad that the letter and record and photographs are gone nowand I wish, for reasons I shall soon make clear, that the new planet beyond Neptune had not been discovered.

The King in Yellow, and the Yellow Sign, I believe are marks of mental power. Some mythos writers, attempt to create conflict between the A:O (Ancient Ones) when none exists. A conflict between the Great Old Ones, the Deep Ones, and Elder Gods. This is not the case. They are merely emanations which remain here on earth. The Deep Ones, reside in the dimensions of the sea, the ocean itself is a vast representative of the psyche. The A:O are deeper still. There are multiple levels of consciousness. The Old Ones, are our former selves. Dead...but dreaming. This is the once conscious species, who has been lulled to sleep by industry, mechanical living, and our brains are de-evolving. It's been scientifically demonstrated that we are losing more and more of our abilities because of this technological age. At one time having 'eyes in the back of your head' was a reality. We are now achieving more and more tunnel vision. Don't take my word for it, do your own research.

Until we awaken the Old Ones, our true selves, we will remain asleep. Dead but dreaming. What will it take? Achieving higher states of awareness, consciousness, and a complete restructuring of our modern societies. Use the film, THE MATRIX, to place it in a context which may be easily understood. We are being ushered into 'Machine Cities', as food for the new gods. The machines. The false reality we hold up with our unwavering devotion, will indeed be our undoing. And they blot out the sun. The Deep Ones, are swimming on the surface with the ebb and flow of our psyche's soul. Psyche was the goddess of the soul, wife of Eros the god of love. She was once a mortal princess whose astounding beauty earned the ire of Venus when men turned their worship from goddess to girl. Venus commanded Eros make Psyche fall in love with the most hideous of men, but the god himself fell in love with her and carried her away to his secret palace. However Eros hid his true identity, and commanded her never to look upon his face. Psyche was eventually tricked by her jealous sisters into gazing upon the face of god, and he abandoned her. In her despair, she searched throughout the world for her lost love, and eventually came into the service of Aphrodite. The goddess commanded her perform a series of difficult labors which culminated in a journey to the Underworld. In the end Psyche was reunited with Eros and the couple wed in a ceremony attended by the gods. Pysche was depicted in ancient mosaics as a butterfly winged goddess in the company of her husband Eros. Sometimes a pair of Pyschai are portrayed, the second perhaps being their daughter Hedone (Pleasure).
"Quantum mechanics is certainly imposing. But an inner voice tells me it is not yet the real thing. The theory says a lot, but does not really bring us any closer to the secret of the Old One. I, at any rate, am convinced that He does not throw dice." - Albert Einstein

The King in Yellow...The yellow sign: The sign, is the seal, the sigil of power. I hear the madness of violins in procession, the classical air the music of madness from that old Viol of Erich Zann.

I peer out the window towards the high mountain tops, for what lay beyond the event horizon, cannot be recognizable language. It can only be understood, by token in any hose who hear the calling, from beyond shadow and thus the sabaz light, beckons us to answer. Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost Nature's first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf's a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day.

Nothing gold can stay. The value of the beginning, is gold. Nothing gold can stay. The phrase 'Stay Gold' was birthed from the Robert Frost poem. How can you stay gold, if noting gold can stay? I believe this directly addresses the mental capacity to maintain 'golden' ideas. Some would say gold, is 'youth', but wisdom and understanding is achieved through life experience and the acquisition of knowledge and its application. There are some ideas however which are muddied by letting go of youth. Pablo Picasso once said:
"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist."

Nothing gold can stay... The Sign in Yellow, is a reminder of the power of this mental ability, the King in Yellow is this ability within us all to stay gold. Conscious and willful acts, as a means to an end. The Robert Frost Poem... The green leaf is an illusion, and then it transforms into its true form. The leaf, appears as a leaf, but later becomes the true leaf flower. To me, this is the expectations we hold, as we see the new green leaf form from the bud (gold), we expect it to become a leaf, but when it becomes a flower...the gold shifts to green. The gold can not be maintained, nor can the flower. It will age, and fall. The plant will roll itself back into the ground, preparing for the winter months (introspect or Microcosm), to return once again in the spring (Macrocosm). Perhaps, the Yellow Sign, reminds us that we change, in the ebb and flow of cycles. Some things remain constant, such as the plant to rise from the soil in the spring. Is it the exact same plant? Will it blossom the same? Can we expect the leaf, to become the true leaf in the same manner? What of polymorphism, through sheer Will? Should we accept melancholy as the blossom fades in fall, or should we be a buzz with excitement for the changes in spring. Consider the word play there, fall...spring. How fortunate we are to be able to fall and rise. For with each fall, we rise stronger each year, larger, healthier, steps closer to becoming. The King in Yellow...Nothing gold can stay.
"These are my piqueurs," said the girl turning to me with a gentle dignity. "Raoul is a good fauconnier and I shall some day make him a grand veneur. Hastur is incomparable." -THE DEMOISELLE D'YS, Robert W. Chambers

The King in Yellow

Along the shore the cloud waves break, The twin suns sink behind the lake, The shadows lengthen In Carcosa Strange is the night where black stars rise, And strange moons circle through the skies, But stranger still is Lost Carcosa Songs that the Hyades shall sing, Where flap the tatters of the King, Must die unheard in Dim Carcosa. Song of my soul, my voice is dead, Die though, unsung, as tears unshed Shall dry and die in Lost Carcosa" Cassilda's Song in "The King in Yellow" Act 1, Scene 2.

Hastur cannot stay.

"He rose with the sun and went forth to pray at the shrine of Hastur, the god of shepherds, who heard and was pleased..."

'It is kind of thee, O Hastur,' so he prayed, 'to give me mountains so near to my dwelling and my fold that I and my sheep can escape the angry torrents; but the rest of the world thou must thyself deliver in some way that I know not of, or I will no longer worship thee.' And Hastur, knowing that Haita was a youth who kept his word, spared the cities and turned the waters into the sea. " "Haita threw himself at her feet. 'Beautiful being,' he cried, 'if thou wilt but deign to accept all the devotion of my heart and soul -- after Hastur be served -- it is thine for ever. But, alas! thou art capricious and wayward. Before to-morrow's sun I may lose thee again. Promise, I beseech thee, that however in my ignorance I may offend, thou wilt forgive and remain always with me.' Scarcely had he finished speaking when a troop of bears came out of the hills, racing toward him with crimson mouths and fiery eyes. The maiden again vanished, and he turned and fled for his life. Nor did he stop until he was in the cot of the holy hermit, whence he had set out. Hastily barring the door against the bears he cast himself upon the ground and wept. 'My son,' said the hermit from his couch of straw, freshly gathered that morning by Haita's hands, 'it is not like thee to weep for bears -- tell me what sorrow hath befallen thee, that age may minister to the hurts of youth with such balms as it hath of its wisdom.' Haita told him all: how thrice he had met the radiant maid and thrice she had left him forlorn. He related minutely all that had passed between them, omitting no word of what had been said. When he had ended, the holy hermit was a moment silent, then said: 'My son, I have attended to thy story, and I know the maiden. I have myself seen her, as have many. Know, then, that her name, which she would not even permit thee to inquire, is Happiness. Thou saidst the truth to her, that she is capricious, for she imposeth conditions that man cannot fulfil, and delinquency is punished by desertion. She cometh only when unsought, and will not be questioned. One manifestation of curiosity, one sign of doubt, one expression of misgiving, and she is away! How long didst thou have her at any time before she fled?' 'Only a single instant,' answered Haita, blushing with shame at the confession. 'Each time I drove her away in one moment.' 'Unfortunate youth!' said the holy hermit, 'but for thine indiscretion thou mightst have had her for two.' Haita The Shepherd by Ambrose Bierce, 1893.

Nothing gold can stay... for we drive it into the sea. Unspeakable acts, committed in the name of our perceived understanding of reality, purpose, meaning, and we've forgotten how to be artists, architects, inventors, creators...Gods. Hastur cannot stay. CoraSahn Priestess of Rlyeh, Cult of Cthulhu

Polaris *Ursa Minor*Ursa Major* (Little Bear, Great Bear, Constellations) "Ursa Minor (Latin: "Smaller Bear", contrasting with Ursa Major), also known as the Little Bear, is a constellation in the northern sky. Like the Great Bear, the tail of the Little Bear may also be seen as the handle








"Ursa Minor (Lesser Bear). Aglaosthenes (Greek poet circa 7th BC), who wrote the Naxica, says that she is Cynosura (the dog's tail), one of the nurses of Jove from the number of the Idaean Nymphae. He says, too, that in the city called Histoe, founded by Nicostratus and his friends, both the harbour and the greater part of the land are called Cynosura from her name. She, too, was among the Curetes who were attendants of Jove (Zeus). Some say that the nymphae Helice (Ursa Major) and Cynosura were nurses of Jove, and so for gratitude were placed in the sky, both being called Bears. We call them Septentriones." {source: Hyginus, Astronomica }

"Ursa Major was one of the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy. It is mentioned by such poets as Homer, Spenser, Shakespeare, Tennyson and Bertrand Cantat. The Finnish epic Kalevala mentions it, Vincent van Gogh painted it and Federico Garcia Lorca mentions in his poem "Song for the Moon" written August 1920.Homer and Hesiod both give the Great Bear the secondary appellation of the 'Wagon'. This is probably a memory of the Babylonian figure of the Wagon which was mapped out by the seven brightest stars of Ursa Major. The Babylonian Wagon was particularly associated with the dead, funeral processions and was used in astrology to predict forthcoming eclipses which generally forecast the death of the king."{source: Babylonian Star-lore by Gavin White, 2008} * Ursa Minor is colloquially known as the Little Dipper because its seven brightest star seem to form the shape of a dipper (ladle or scoop). The star at the end of the dipper handle is Polaris, the North Star. Polaris can also be found by following a line through the two stars which form the end of the "bowl" of the Big Dipper, a nearby asterism found in the constellation Ursa Major. Polaris, HP Lovecraft: Slumber, watcher, till the spheres Six and twenty thousand years Have revolvd, and I return To the spot where now I burn. Other stars anon shall rise To the axis of the skies; Stars that soothe and stars that bless With a sweet forgetfulness: Only when my round is oer Shall the past disturb thy door. In Greek mythology, Zeus (the king of the gods) lusts after a young woman named Callisto, a nymph of Artemis. Hera, Zeus' jealous wife, transforms the beautiful Callisto into a bear. Callisto, while in bear form, later encounters her son Arcas. Arcas almost shoots the bear, but to avert the tragedy, Zeus hurls them both into the sky, forming Ursa Major. In ancient times the name of the constellation was Helike, ("turning"), because it turns around the Pole. In Book Two of Lucan it is called Parrhasian Helice, since Callisto came from Parrhasia in Arcadia, where the story is set.{source: Castillo: Mythology, Edith Hamilton, 1942}

"Into the north window of my chamber glows the Pole Star with uncanny light. All through the long hellish hours of blackness it shines there. And in the autumn of the year, when the winds from the north curse and whine, and the red-leaved trees of the swamp mutter things to one another in the small hours of the morning under the horned waning moon, I sit by the casement and watch that star. " {source: -Polaris, HP Lovecraft }

The Native Americans said that Ursa Major was a bear being chased. It is said that it was the bear's blood that turned the leaves on the trees red. In the Greek Magical Papyri the Pole star was identified with SetTyphon, and given authority over the Gods. The Greek Navigators called it Kynosoura, meaning dog's tail. Typhon, is thought to be borrowed from the Persians, meaning 'to smoke', and was considered to be a storm demon.

Study of the Etymology, finds the connection to the word 'Typhoon'. Typhon, was the monster of all monsters, the father of Monsters reaching his hands to the sky, stars in his grasp. Hesiod narrates Typhon's birth in this poem: But when Zeus had driven the Titans from Olympus,mother Earth bare her youngest child Typhoeus of the love of Tartarus, by the aid of golden Aphrodite (Venus) {See: Hesiod, Theogony } 550 BC, Artifact, Greece.(above) Zeus hurling his bolts at Typhon. Typhon, by the will of his mother Gaia, was to destroy Zeus for imprisoning the Titans. His first battle reaped a small victory over Zeus, but with the help of Hermes, Zeus defeated Tphon and imprisoned him under MT Etna. The Mountain of Fire, located near Sicily.abal al-Nr in Arabic, Mountain of Fire. Derived from Phoenician Attuna, meaning furnace. It is the tallest active volcano in all of Europe. The Roman poet Virgil gave what was probably a first-hand description of an eruption in the Aeneid: A spreading bay is there, impregnable. To all invading storms; and Aetna's throat With roar of frightful ruin thunders nigh. Now to the realm of light it lifts a cloud Of pitch-black, whirling smoke, and fiery dust, Shooting out globes of flame, with monster tongues That lick the stars; now huge crags of itself, Out of the bowels of the mountain torn, Its maw disgorges, while the molten rock Rolls screaming skyward; from the nether deep The fathomless abyss makes ebb and flow."
" Well do I remember the night of the great Aurora, when over the swamp played the shocking coruscations of the daemon-light. After the beams came clouds, and then I slept." {source: Polaris, HP Lovecraft} "And it was under a horned waning moon that I saw the city for the first time. Still and somnolent did it lie, on a strange plateau in a hollow betwixt strange peaks. Of

ghastly marble were its walls and its towers, its columns, domes, and pavements. In the marble streets were marble pillars, the upper parts of which were carven into the images of grave bearded men. The air was warm and stirred not. And overhead, scarce ten degrees from the zenith, glowed that watching Pole Star. Long did I gaze on the city, but the day came not. When the red Aldebaran, which blinked low in the sky but never set, had crawled a quarter of the way around the horizon, I saw light and motion in the houses and the streets. Forms strangely robed, but at once noble and familiar, walked abroad, and under the horned waning moon men talked wisdom in a tongue which I understood, though it was unlike any language I had ever known. And when the red Aldebaran had crawled more than half way around the horizon, there were again darkness and silence." {source: Polaris, HP Lovecraft }

When I awaked, I was not as I had been. Upon my memory was graven the vision of the city, and within my soul had arisen another and vaguer recollection, of whose nature I was not then certain. Thereafter, on the cloudy nights when I could sleep, I saw the city often; sometimes under that horned waning moon, and sometimes under the hot yellow rays of a sun which did not set, but which wheeled low around the horizon. And on the clear nights the Pole Star leered as never before."-Polaris, HP Lovecraft "Gradually I came to wonder what might be my place in that city on the strange plateau betwixt strange peaks. At first content to view the scene as an all-observant uncorporeal presence, I now desired to define my relation to it, and to speak my mind amongst the grave men who conversed each day in the public squares. I said to myself, This is no dream, for by what means can I prove the greater reality of that other life in the house of stone and brick south of the sinister swamp and the cemetery on the low hillock, where the Pole Star peers into my north window each night? {source: Polaris, HP Lovecraft }

" One night as I listened to the discourse in the large square containing many statues, I felt a change; and perceived that I had at last a bodily form. Nor was I a stranger in the streets of Olatho, which lies on the plateau of Sarkis, betwixt the peaks Noton and Kadiphonek. It was my friend Alos who spoke, and his speech was one that pleased my soul, for it wasspee the ch of a true man and patriot. That night had the news come of Daikos fall, and of the advance of the Inutos; squat, hellish, yellow fiends who five years ago had appeared out of the unknown west to ravage the confines of our kingdom, and finally to besiege our towns. Having taken the fortified places at the foot of the mountains, their way now lay open to the plateau, unless every citizen could resist with the strength of ten men. For the squat creatures were mighty in the arts of war, and knew not the scruples of honour which held back our tall, grey-eyed men of Lomar from ruthless conquest." {source: Polaris, HP Lovecraft} "Alos, my friend, was commander of all the forces on the plateau, and in him lay the last hope of our country. On this occasion he spoke of the perils to be faced, and exhorted the men of Olatho, bravest of the Lomarians, to sustain the traditions of their ancestors, who when forced to move southward from Zobna before the advance of the great ice-sheet (even as our descendants must some day flee from the land of Lomar), valiantly and victoriously swept aside the hairy, long-armed, cannibal Gnophkehs that stood in their way. To me Alos denied a warriors part, for I was feeble and given to strange faintings when subjected to stress and hardships. But my eyes were the keenest in the city, despite the long hours I gave each day to the study of the Pnakotic manuscripts and the wisdom of the Zobnarian Fathers; so my friend, desiring not to doom me to inaction, rewarded me with that duty which was second to nothing in importance. To the watch-tower of Thapnen he sent me, there to serve as the eyes of our army. Should the Inutos attempt to gain the citadel by the narrow pass behind the peak Noton, and thereby surprise the garrison, I was to give the signal of fire which would warn the waiting soldiers and save the town from immediate disaster.Alone I mounted the tower, for every man of stout body was needed in the passes below. My brain was sore dazed with excitement and fatigue, for I had not slept in many days; yet was my purpose firm, for I loved my native land of Lomar, and the marble city of Olatho that lies betwixt the peaks of Noton and Kadiphonek.But as I stood in the towers topmost chamber, I beheld the horned waning moon, red and sinister, quivering through the vapours that hovered over the distant valley of Banof. And through an opening in the roof glittered the pale Pole Star, fluttering as if alive, and leering like a fiend and tempter. Methought its spirit whispered evil counsel, soothing me to traitorous somnolence with a damnable rhythmical promise which it repeated over and over: Slumber, watcher, till the spheres Six and twenty thousand years Have revolvd, and I return To the spot where now I burn.Other stars anon shall rise To the axis of the skies;Stars that soothe and stars that bless With a sweet forgetfulness: Only when my round is oer Shall the past disturb thy door." Vainly did I struggle with my drowsiness, seeking to connect

these strange words with some lore of the skies which I had learnt from the Pnakotic manuscripts. My head, heavy and reeling, drooped to my breast, and when next I looked up it was in a dream; with the Pole Star grinning at me through a window from over the horrible swaying trees of a dream-swamp. And I am still dreaming.In my shame and despair I sometimes scream frantically, begging the dream-creatures around me to waken me ere the Inutos steal up the pass behind the peak Noton and take the citadel by surprise; but these creatures are daemons, for they laugh at me and tell me I am not dreaming. They mock me whilst I sleep, and whilst the squat yellow foe may be creeping silently upon us. I have failed in my duty and betrayed the marble city of Olatho; I have proven false to Alos, my friend and commander. But still these shadows of my dream deride me. They say there is no land of Lomar, save in my nocturnal imaginings; that in those realms where the Pole Star shines high and red Aldebaran crawls low around the horizon, there has been naught save ice and snow for thousands of years, and never a man save squat yellow creatures, blighted by the cold, whom they call Esquimaux.And as I writhe in my guilty agony, frantic to save the city whose peril every moment grows, and vainly striving to shake off this unnatural dream of a house of stone and brick south of a sinister swamp and a cemetery on a low hillock; the Pole Star, evil and monstrous, leers down from the black vault, winking hideously like an insane watching eye which strives to convey some strange message, yet recalls nothing save that it once had a message to convey". {source: -Polaris, HP Lovecraft }

"The Pnakotic Manuscripts predate the origin of man. The original manuscripts were in scroll form and were passed down through the ages, eventually falling into the hands of secretive cults. The Great Race of Yith is believed to have produced the first five chapters of the Manuscripts, which, among other things, contain a detailed chronicle of the race's history. However, others attribute them to the Elder Things, because of certain similarities to the Eltdown Shards. The Pnakotic Manuscripts were kept in the Great Race's library city of Pnakotus (hence the name). They cover a variety of subjects, including descriptions of Chaugnar Faugn and Yibb-Tstll, the location of Xiurhn, Rhan-Tegoth's rituals, and others.The Pnakotic Manuscripts were originally held by the people of Lomar, who studied them diligently. Later, they were passed to Hyperborea and translated into the language of that land. Here the manuscripts were added to by the Voormi. Another addition is known to have been made in earlier times by a scribe in Zobna.The Manuscripts survived into historical times, protected by a secretive cult known as the Pnakotic Brotherhood, and are thought to have been translated into Greek in a version known as the Pnakotica. Rumors say that an English translation was made in the 15th century by an unknown scribe, but the consensus is that they exist only in manuscript form. The original scrolls of the Pnakotic Manuscripts are believed to be lost (nevertheless, a copy may still exist in the Temple of the Elder Ones in Ulthar)." {source: Joshi & Schultz, An H. P. Lovecraft Encyclopedia}

The inspiration for Polaris: H. P. Lovecraft, Selected Letters Vol. I, p. 62; cited in Joshi and Schultz: "Several nights ago I had a strange dream of a strange city--a city of many palaces and gilded domes, lying in a hollow betwixt ranges of grey, horrible hills.... I was, as I said, aware of this city visually. I was in it and around it. But certainly I had no corporeal existence." {source: HP Lovecraft} It is speculated that the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe, was most influential here. "In theosophy, it is believed the Seven Stars of the Pleiades focus the spiritual energy of the Seven Rays from the Galactic Logos to the Seven Stars of the Great Bear, then to Sirius, then to the Sun, then to the god of Earth (Sanat Kumara), and finally through the seven Masters of the Seven Rays to the human race." {Source: Douglas Barker, The Seven Rays:Key to the Mysteries, 1952} See: Taoist Astral Healing, Astronomical Events as influences, and not destiny.

According to William Fulwiler, Polaris, is an autobiographical. HP's frustrations with being denied the warrior's part in World War I, attributed to his frequent fainting spells, and ill health. I don't know how he drew this conclusions, it appears to me, that the Stars are an influence. Perhaps, it was HPL's way of communicating that he can feel the heaviness of the sky. The Polaris leering at him, the 'yellow' creatures a constant. He is aware of them, and perhaps his minute size and power by comparison. HPL's dreams, may have been his ever present anxiety, knowing that there are forces, far greater than himself. Ever-present, watching...waiting, and the next move is beyond his control, thus he has no real power, only his imaginings to create a world in which his heightened awareness of forces beyond There is a re-occurring theme, of the comprehension of man, may be conceptualized; even if, only in pure horror. Not knowing which reality is real. The dream state, or the awakened state. The two can often be confused, especially when one actively creates alternate realities as a matter of habit.

In HPL's habitual creation, the stars, are ever-influencing factors. How can one know, when they are awake, and when they are asleep - plugged in, taken away from themselves? The Chinese had, from a very early date, a highly developed knowledge of astronomy. The Great Dipper (Ursa Major) is central to the Taoist tradition. The Pole Star, the primary star of the dipper, is the residence of Taiyi. To return to the One is to return, on one level, to the Pole Star. It is the place where all things begin and to which all things return.A flaming pearl signifies the One, the Pole Star, and the original qi, and is worn on a pin at the top of the head to signify full initiation as a Taoist priest. This symbol is also often found on the roofs of Taoist temples, between two dragons. Ursa Minor & Draco There is also a Biblical Reference in the Book of Job: Canst thou bind the chains of the Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion? Canst thou lead forth the Mazzaroth in their season? Or canst thou guide the Bear with her sons? This reference, Mazzaroth, is believed to be a constelation in Kabbalah. Genesis 1:14, gives us a clue, that the constellations, are meant to give man 'signs', for changes in the seasons, for survival (planting, harvesting, hibernation). The Swastika plays a role in Biblical story-telling, its estimated that about 6 thousand years ago, Polaris switched from the Draco constellation, to the Little Bear. This is believed to be a 'favorite' star of God. Later, interpreted further to be God's favorite people, or chosen people.

The Swastika, therefore represented the 'Health' of the people, chosen by God. Reclaiming them from the Dragon (Satan). It is believed, for this reason, the Nazi's of the Third Reich, changed the direction of the Swastika, in reverse, to give the people back to Satan and back into poor health. Thus, the power symbol, was feeding the 'chosen people' to the universe, suffering to feed its power - symbolic human sacrifice, which escalated later into literal genocide. See Also: Introduction to Philosophy/Religion of Taoism

The feeling in the Polaris tale, conveys guilt, shame, desperation to awaken but remaining woefully under the sleep spell.The Evil Eye, in the Sky, Polaris leers as a painful reminder that man is but the the receiver (or rather perceiver), and can do very little to change the stars. He should then, change himself; thus changing his perception of the world. In Tao, At one time, the dragon held the pearl. The dragon represents wisdom, and the pearl is truth. The dragon lost the pearl, when it was distracted from its task, which is constant transformation. The pearl, and the dragon are also representations of the solar and lunar cycles. When more of the pearl is seen, the Moon is waxing, and less seen, it is waning. Later, within Buddhism, the flaming pearl, represents the genius in obscurity; enhancing magic. The Pearl has been adopted by Classical Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. Be of the flaming pearl. And this is the story of Polaris. Priestess of Rlyeh CoraSahn

Lovecraftian Theocracy

Utopian Society: Lovecraftian Theocracy

First, before I can get into the Lovecraftian idealism, you must understand the nature of a Theocracy. This is governing by Clergy. I am discussing a specific type of clergy. A body of clergy, that has dedicated itself to usher in an ecstatic existence for mankind. This learned group, has spent years in study and training to provide man with the tools to awaken his inner-self. The clergymen would then hand that training down from Master to student, and the effects ripple forward and become viral. The Clergymen represent the beacon, the calling. The current societies in which we live, riddled in technological devices to lull man to sleep, would be corroded away and a new society built based on specific ideologies. This is where the Lovecraftian symbolism comes in. This kingdom is on the bottom of the sea floor, deep within the subconscious. In order for it to rise, you must be completely aware of yourself, your behaviors, your actions, your perceived identity and attachment to material reality. This takes work. Until you have worked, you can not relate to the Old Ones, they would appear as terror...Lovecraftian Terror. If you are somewhat familiar with the Weird Tales, by HP Lovecraft, this may raise an eyebrow. At first glance, it would seem that this new society would be based wholly on terror and feeding man to monsters. This is not the case, when examined on a deeper level. Strip away everything you know about material reality, and the Old Ones, are our hidden selves. Our kingdom buried so deep in our subconscious, it would take a complete disruption of our mechanized existence to see it in its true form. So, man sleeps. He may catch glimpses of the Old Ones which terrorize him in dreams, in meditations, and drive him to madness. We must tear open this false reality and usher in the new reality to be built by the devotees to awakening the Old Ones.

The Eldritch Mandate by Venger As Nas Satanis, Ipsissimus, Cult of Cthulhu "What is a Mandate? 1. a command or authorization to act in a particular way on a public issue given by the electorate to its representative: The president had a clear mandate to end the war. 2. a command from a superior court or official to a lower one.

3. an authoritative order or command. The universe may have given us life; however, the Old Ones gave us consciousness! We cannot afford to squander such a gift. Dread Cthulhu is not dead, but dreaming just as we are. It is possible for us to Awaken, and that is what must be done! An active role must be taken. Consistent effort, dedication, discipline, struggle magic takes blood, sweat, and tears because it is the foundation of a new life, a better life. If we have the potential for affecting reality, then we have a responsibility to do just that. The Great Old Ones hammered, forged, and tempered our mighty souls by the forbidding, tentacled darkness of sunken Rlyeh. Each of us is the opening of a new way. Nothing can stop us, nothing can diminish our chartreuse flame when the Ancients have commanded the universe to kneel before us. And kneel it shall. All reality will beg for mercy or be burned alive in a green incandescence! Our victory has been foretold. December 2012 will be the culmination of a thousand intersecting angles of conscious action. Such propositions are already taking form; seeds of our Fathers. The Emerald Aeon approacheth! The testament of bloody tongues is at hand. Those who cannot understand, shall not evolve. And evolve we must, unfolding like time and space before the ineffable void. We have been given the power to act. This is the Eldritch Mandate, the will of our Dark Gods!"

Is this literal or metaphorical? Both. Our Kingdom of R'lyeh, is within. The Sultan must first be awakened, we call this the catalyst, represented by Cthulhu. Once this awakening process begins, all things will be seen in a new light. The Green Flame. What we see, in ourselves, what we realize about our being, will compel action, and resonate through mankind like an impulse wave. Corroding man's false sense of reality, ushering in a new reality. December 2012, is the 'hook' time period for this to begin. Attributed to all the time and energy invested in focusing on this date. Creating a prophecy, is key in manifesting it.

What would a Lovecraftian Theocracy be like, in truth?

Further reading: Cult of Cthulhu Resources: Some would argue, that complete Anarchy would be utter-chaos. We are not dealing with awakened and fully conscious beings. The bulk of mankind, is mechanized, reactive, and compulsory. This is best demonstrated by examples of pillaging which occurs during a breakdown of the system. When government breaks down, people loot, riot and vandalize as a way to rage against an oppressive system. The current system is indeed oppressive but instead of a new oppressive system and/or group a body of clergy would manage the organization of instruction and being. Trading one master for another? Perhaps, but in the Master/student context, or effective leadership. Eventually the student surpasses the master, and followers become leaders. If man kind were working towards a common goal, something more aggressive and progressive (using the LHP analogy), perhaps many of the desired changes would come to fruition at a faster pace, than what we are accomplishing currently as a species. Is our ultimate goal, to make more stuff? Drive capitalism? To what? To merely survive as a species? Have an exit strategy when this planet finally ejects us like the parasitic race we are? What if, our ultimate goal was to transcend death, remain conscious as matter is broken down to energy, to light, to become immortal...Gods. As Gods, we could just keep creating ourselves, over and over, infinity and beyond, becoming more, and more, and more...

Lovecraftian Theocracy: Share your thoughts, pose questions and consider these for yourself: 1. Do you believe a Lovecraftian Theocracy is ideal? If so, why. If not, why not. 2. Is this the pipedream of a madman? 3. Does it raise alarming questions in your mind? 4. If this is a current you would like to see neutralized, what do you plan to do to neutralize it? It is actively being pursued by many.

Cultist CoraSahn Priestess of Rlyeh, Cult of Cthulhu

I summon and stir thee: Guardian of the bitter sea

Nancy: "If God and the Devil were playing football, Manon would be the stadium that they played on." -The Craft

Azathoth, by Cora'Sahn Pay special attention to the words being used in the 1996 film, The Craft, to create this Invocation of the Spirit ritual: Youtube clip: Invocation of the Spirit Servants of Old, Guardian of the bitter sea. Manon, is allegedly a fictitious deity; however the inspiration for creating the symbolism for the film, came from occult symbols and texts.

Manon, is a derivative of the French Name, for Marie and Mary. It means: Mary Bitter. It gave rise to the Anglo-Saxon name Madeline. Manon, is directly tied to Francophone countries (French as Native language). This includes France, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Haiti, Lebanon, West Indies, and parts of Africa. In Hebrew, Mary simply means 'Bitter'. The Christian interpretation, comes from the Maryam interpretation, taking Hebrew Mar = bitter and Yam= sea. Thus Mary is given the Epithet, Mary of the Bitter Sea. Maryam, in the context of Old Testament, means to convey that she is the only 'sister' of Moses. In the Suptuigint Version of the Bible, it interprets to Maron. In New Testament, she is Mariam. There are other key women in the story, with similar names (to convey specific ideas as communicated by Hebrew language) so by the time the Vulgate was codified, to give the Mother of God the identifier, Maria. Ave Maria, hail the Blessed Virgin. By this time both OT and NT, give her Mariamme. But why is Mary Bitter? This was under deep investigation by the turn of the 19th century. There are literally 70 different meanings of the name Maryam. The most popular origin story used, is its Egyptian form. According to the story of Moses, he and his sister 'Aaron' were born in Egypt. The evidence used to support this, is the fact that no woman bore the name Mary in OT, except, the sister of Moses. Mary, or in Egyptian, Mery (Meryt): means 'beloved, or blessed'. If, the name Mary (Maryam) were Hebrew in origins, it would have been more commonly used. The similar names were cleared up in the Vulgate to avoid confusion, but also alter the symbolism. Why the Bitter Sea? We have St Jerome to thank for this, 5th century, or rather a corruption of his writing: pikra thalassa, bitter sea If the Hebrew interpretation, Mar Yam, were used properly. It would have been Yam Mar. Myrrh of the sea, mistress of the sea. Star of the Sea (Stella Maris). Another theory, is Mary is a derivative of Morash, meaning hope. It would then interpret to Hope of the Sea. The most commonly accepted, is Mary, bitter one. Mother of Sorrow. This is all attributed to the Crucifixion Story. And why the prayer, Hail Mary, is so important to Catholics. What people may not know, is that this prayer was written in Greek (by the Greek Orthodox Church), Romanized and changed a fair bit to this: Mary full of grace,the Lord is with thee.Blessed art thou amongst women,and blessed is the fruit of thy womb,for thou hast borne Christ the Saviour,the Deliverer of our souls. The prayer we know today, is another change in the English Translation. One of my favorite songs from my Ecstasia Trance tradition is Cuncti Simus Concanentes, the Annunciation. Youtube Clip, sung by classmate, Rachael Caraballo. I still use it for Hoop Trance as well.

Youtube Clip, hooping clip by SIN JONES

I think, and this is just my observation, that many of us in the class, found the symbolism of the Madonna, profound, and not just for religious reasons. If you haven't read my paper, Lucifer Proper, and are interested in this subject, I encourage you to do so. "As above, so below... From within, so without" -Hermetic axiom Star of the Heavens, Star of the Sea. Why the sea? From the film, THE CRAFT: Nancy: Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East - powers of air and invention! Hear me! Hear us! Bonnie: Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the South - powers of fire and feeling! Hear us! Rochelle: Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West - powers of water and intuition! Hear us! Sarah: Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North - powers of mother and earth! Hear us! Nancy: Aid us in our magical working on this May's eve. Serpent of Old, Ruler of the Deep, Guardian of the Bitter Sea. Show us your glory. Show us your power! We pray of thee. We pray of thee. We invoke thee! Oh, Serpent One, hear our calls, hear our prayers! Ancient Wise One, teach us thy ways! We summon and stir thee! Lend us your powers, show us your glory! We invoke thee! We invoke thee! We invoke thee! Manon, fill me!

See my essay: The Madonna and the Serpent Intuition Wisdom Power

Star of the Heavens Star of the Sea We pray of thee. If, Venus, ushers in the light of the sun. Manon, is the beacon of intelligence. The Lucifer, by sky, the Deep One by Sea.

Dagon, by Cora'Sahn. [RIGHT] Dagon, is the spawn of Cthulhu. The Old One, Dead...but Dreaming. Manon, must light the beacon, to invoke Dagon, but we must first awaken Cthulhu from the Deep. Cthulhu, by Cora'Sahn Cthulhu [LEFT], is the Old One, the serpent within.

Knowledge,Intelligence, Consciousness, and in unison = POWER.Why is Mary Bitter? Guardian of intelligence? In all of her glory, we may bask in her light but never bring it in, to be carried without. I dare you, to call her name 3 times. I pray of thee! I pray of thee! I invoke thee! All the lore and legend, can keep you away from the Mirror. Fear it in fact. Mary weeps. Waiting for you, to find your intelligence.

Or, you could live through prolific symbols, ideas, mythos cycles and become a part of an Epic Saga, a journey through your ignorance and into your gnosis. References: 1. Film: The Craft, 1996 2. Catholic Encyclopedia (New Advent) 3. The New Parents Guide, Baby Names 4. Matthew 1:16, 18-25 . Luke 1:26-56 6. Cthulhu Cult, Priestess of Rlyeh CoraSahn


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